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[NikO]warning : * AgentUbuntu (n=misterio@unaffiliated/agentubuntu)12:30
PATXer can i get an irc cloak.. an ubuntu one18:51
jussi01PATX: you can only get an ubuntu cloak if you are an ubuntu member.18:55
jussi01!member | PATX18:55
ubottuPATX: Want to become an Ubuntu member? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember18:55
jussi01PATX: you can get an unaffiliated cloak just by setting your nick up correctly and asking in #freenode18:56
PATXi have a launchpad....18:58
remix_tjit isn't enough :-)19:00
PATXwait how do u contribute to ubuntu?19:00
jussi01PATX: please read the link19:00
PATXthat mean money????19:00
PATXthey mean contribute to the wiki19:01
remix_tjPATX: read the link, please19:01
remix_tjeverything is explained19:01
remix_tjmoney are always accepted, but it's the "contribute" needed :-)19:02
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