RainCTserialorder: Do you want to modify the file or just rename it?00:23
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lfaraoneHow would I add a man page to a package that uses CDBS?02:20
voriancreate a file in your debian dir called manpages, and put the path to the manpage in that file02:21
vorianthen, just place the manpage in the debian dir, or you can create a manpage dir02:22
lfaraonevorian: ah, thanks.02:23
vorianno problemo02:23
lfaraonevorian: how should I adress AUTHORS, should it list the program authors or the manpage author? :)02:23
vorianthe authors section is for the application authors, then you can say you wrote it at the end02:24
lfaraonevorian: under COPYING?02:25
vorianna, hold on a second02:25
vorianlfaraone: like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/99354/02:26
lfaraonevorian: ah, OK.02:27
nhandlerI'm working on a personal package that is *NOT* for the Ubuntu/Debian repositories. Is it possible to have it install files in the user's home folder?03:57
copproyes. It's not recommended though, since there are multiple users. And you will need to do it with a script (to install to each user's home folder, run through each non-system user in a post-installation script to copy files from a central copy)04:10
copproand also copy into the skeleton home directory, probably04:10
nhandlercoppro: Is there any way to find what user is installing the package?04:26
copprono, since installations are run as root04:27
nhandlercoppro: That is what I thought.04:28
hyperairhi how do i fix the lintian warning "debian-changelog-file-is-a-symlink"?05:26
coppromake the changelog no longer a symlink05:29
hyperaircoppro: but how do i do that? this part is not within my power is it?05:29
hyperairdebuild does the installing of the changlelog and copyright file into /usr/share/doc05:29
hyperairif debuild chooses to make it a symlink, what can i do?05:30
copprohyperair: well, you are packaging it, right? so why is your changelog file a symlink? (btw, try running lintian with -I05:30
copprodebuild shouldn't. If it does, you are doing it wrong05:30
hyperaircoppro: i think the reason is that codelite-plugins is depending on codelite05:31
hyperairand since they both come from the same source package, codelite-plugin's changelog somehow got symlinked to codelite's05:31
copprocould be05:31
copproseems like bad practice05:31
copprono MOTUs here by any chance?05:31
hyperairgues not05:34
hyperairah. cdbs bug?05:38
ScottKhyperair: It's a CDBS design feature in Ubuntu to keep the CD size down.05:42
hyperairScottK: then i shouldn't bother about that lintian warning right?05:43
ScottKhyperair: You don't need to worry about it as it's not an actual problem, but something Ubuntu chooses to differently than Debian.05:43
ScottKhyperair: Right.05:43
ScottKNo problem.05:43
copproshouldn't there be an override then?05:44
hyperairif there should be, then shouldn't cdbs doing the overriding?05:44
ScottKNot really, since it's almost universally something you see in Ubuntu.05:44
ScottKI suppose one could, but I don't think people generally bother.05:45
hyperairhow does one do lintian overrides?05:47
jmarsdenWhere can I find out more about packaging CPAN modules?  Archive::Any to be specific... I can't seem to find an existing libarchive-any-perl package...05:47
ScottK-desktopjmarsden: I'd look in the Debian Perl team's docs.  They are pretty thorough.  Also they are open to Ubuntu contributors, so you could package it for them and then sync it to Ubuntu.05:53
ScottK-desktopThat'd give you easy access to people who know about such things.05:53
jmarsdenOK, thanks.05:53
serialorderquestion: I want to replace pt.po with pt_PT.po and get rid of pt.gmo and the package uses a quilt patchsystem. Should I delete pt.{po,gmo} and add pt_PT.po all in one diff file? Or is there another way to go about this?05:59
x1250hi guys, could someone take a look to this dependency problem? gnome-subtitles is not installable: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99496/09:32
hyperairhmm jaunty?09:37
x1250hyperair, yes09:39
hyperairfigures. i heard that there's some refactoring of mono packages going on09:40
hyperairwait until it's done, then that issue should be fixed09:40
x1250ok, didn't know that, thanks09:41
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hyperairdoes anyone feel like revu'ing a package? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=codelite11:27
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Paddy_EIREHey guys I wonder if this is to be included in Jaunty's repositories http://divfixpp.sourceforge.net/13:32
Paddy_EIREIf not I would not mind trying my hand at packaging it13:33
bddebianHeya gang13:33
perseiI've compiled a prg and make it available on my ubuntu repository. I run Hardy, but is there a way to create archives available for Intrepid users ? the program compiled is a "standalone java" program, so a version of it can run on all platform as long as a user run java. Someone told me to change a line in the file "programxxx_i386.changes. is it true, and what do I have to change in it, before running debarchiver?14:00
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pmjdebruijnpersei: for PPA you need to upload sources packages...14:17
perseipmjdebruijn: I've placed the five files created in my incoming subdirectory. then run debbarchiver -so. I do not understand what files I could placed there. Sorry, but I'm newbie at this14:21
pmjdebruijnpersei: are you talking about PPA or not?14:21
perseino, I was not aware of that.14:24
perseiI'm reading right now something about launchpadhelp14:24
pmjdebruijnpersei: for PPA you need to use dput14:27
perseipmjdebruijn: yes,14:31
pmjdebruijnpersei: dput ppa blah_sources.changes14:32
pmjdebruijnpersei: the sources file needs to be signed14:32
perseipmjdebruijn: maybe a stupid question : but using ppa, my package will be available in another repository , not mine ?14:33
pmjdebruijnpersei: ppa=personal package archive14:40
AdamDHhey, here is part of my rule files, can any one tell me why my source is not extracted when I call configure? http://www.pastebin.ca/129965515:54
AdamDHconfigure calls apply-patch and that calls extract source so in order it should go extract source patch configure thats what I am trying to do any way15:55
fabrice_spAdamDH, how do you call configure? What command are you using?15:57
AdamDHsame simular way from buildso i have build: configure build-time-stamp etc16:00
fabrice_spif you call debian/rules configure16:00
fabrice_spdoes it works?16:00
rippsHi, I'm back, and I need some more help getting a package to compile in my PPA16:03
rippsI'm trying to get Mayanna to build, but I think I'm missing a dependecy, but I'm not sure what. Can someone help me figure out?16:03
AdamDHit runs configure but nothing above configiure so I get errors16:03
AdamDHso it does not extract or patches the source16:04
fabrice_spAdamDH, and what about debian/rules apply-patch ?16:05
AdamDHthe apply-patch works when it gets called but nothing seems to call it, i tried it standalone16:06
AdamDHnoting seems to be calling anything else16:06
fabrice_spAdamDH, and if you rename it to something else?16:10
fabrice_spripps, there are some strange messages: package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64). Can you check it appears in a correct build16:10
AdamDHit all works if I wack it all inside configure but not when its seperated out16:12
rippsI have no idea why Launchpad would do that, but here's the amd64 build data, it failed as well:16:14
rippsI think some of the problems might be because there is no python-evolution package in intrepid. How do I get remedy this dependency?16:15
fabrice_spripps, are you trying to backport a jaunty package?16:17
rippsfabrice_sp: no, I'm just trying to compile mayanna from source in PPA16:17
fabrice_spripps, so why are you speaking about python-evolution?16:18
fabrice_spAdamDH, maybe apply-patch is a reserved word. Even if you try with another one, it fails?16:18
rippsfabrice_sp: python-evolution is listed as one of the dependecies of mayanna in it's BUILDING text file.16:18
rippsThat being said, I managed to build mayanna without it locally, but not on Launchpad.16:19
fabrice_spripps, if you manage to build it locally, is it because you installed python-evolution?16:20
fabrice_spif it's the case, you should build it also in your ppa16:20
anakronsomeone here use gnome-dictionary in Spanish, with a spanish dictionary server, and it works?16:21
rippsfavrice_sp: no, I don't have python-evolution installed, but I guess some other package that I might have installed might be making up for it, I just don't know what it is.16:21
anakronHi RainCT16:21
RainCThi anakron16:22
rippsfabrice_sp: *16:22
fabrice_spripps, you can have a look at run dependencies16:26
fabrice_spif you succeed in building a package locally16:26
fabrice_sp(inside the deb package)16:26
rippsfabrice_sp: I didn't build using deb package, that always failed. I just built it the manual "make install" method.16:27
fabrice_spripps, did you try with python-gnome2-desktop ? It seems to include python-evolution16:29
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rippsfabrice_sp: I'm trying a new build, with some edit build-dependencies. I think I had python-gnome2-desktop before, but I'm trying again.16:30
fabrice_spripps, ok16:31
rippsOkay, after looking at the build logs, it looks like the problem is in python-gtk2-dev.16:33
rippsfabrice_sp: I'm missing /usr/include/pygtk-2.0/pygobject.h16:33
fabrice_spripps, you can check at packages.ubuntu.com. It gives me python-gobject-dev16:34
anakronsomeone have ever use gnome-dictionary in  Spanish?16:35
rippsfabrice_sp: Adding to build-depends, now starting rebuild.16:35
fabrice_spanakron, no, but if you explain me what to do, I can try16:35
anakronor someone can test now gnome-dictionary with a spanish server looking for  aspanish word?16:36
anakronthe problem is that es.dict.org doesn't work16:36
anakronand i want to patch it16:36
anakronbut i can't find any spanish dict server out there16:36
anakroneven in dict.org16:37
anakronso, im looking for a spanish dict server to patch it and report it to upstream16:37
anakronbut it seems that noone works16:38
anakronno one16:38
fabrice_spanakron, did you try with vocabulary.aioe.org ?16:39
anakronand it doesn't work16:39
Laneypochu: I don't really mind16:43
anakronit contains in his dicts "spanish-english freedict dictionary "16:43
anakronbut it doen't translate even or give an spanish meaning16:44
fabrice_spanakron, yes. I was trying all the serves16:47
anakroncan you look for a spanish dict server?16:47
fabrice_spthey all time out ... :-(16:48
anakronbut vocabulary.aioe.org works with enlighs words16:49
fabrice_spanyway, I checked with chico en www.dict.org, and the definition is not so good ;-)16:50
fabrice_spchico = Var. of Chica.16:50
fabrice_spanakron, translations seems to work in www.dict.org16:51
fabrice_spso, why not using dict.org?16:52
anakronlet me see16:54
anakronit doesn't work for me16:55
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anakroni want an spanish server that no need to write the word in english to get his translations16:56
anakroni need meanings16:56
anakronbut i cant find anything16:56
lfaraoneHi, I've got a package in debian sid that didn't make the import freeze IIRC, how hard is it to get it in jaunty?17:38
Laneylfaraone: just file a sync request if it works on Jaunty17:40
lfaraoneLaney: what version of python is Jaunty based on?17:40
Laney2.5 iirc17:42
lfaraoneLaney: how long should I wait for the sync request to be processed before trying it again? (I'm on a dynamic range and might be killed by a spam filter)17:45
LaneyI don't use the email interface17:45
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lfaraoneLaney: who approves those requests?18:10
Laneylfaraone: MOTUs, then an archive admin has to manually process it18:11
Laneysubscribe the sponsors18:11
AdamDHhttp://www.pastebin.ca/1299733 can any one tell me why extract-source is not been ran? been looking over it for an hour and cannot see why not. I wrote the shell for apply path and remove patch and tried it standalone first so I know that works18:27
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Laneyjames_w: u-uk meeting in 10 mins if you're interested19:20
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james_wthanks Laney19:57
AdamDHi got my rules to run in order now but I get: dh_testdir for i in `cat urrent_directory/series | grep -v "#"` do20:16
AdamDH/bin/sh: Syntax error: end of file unexpected any ideas why? do I have to escape the shell script at all?20:16
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copproanyone for REVU?20:31
directhexonly for mono packages20:31
wikzI have uploaded a new package for spicebird, would someone like to revu it? spicebird is a collaboration client and it's based on TB3a2. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=spicebird21:08
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AdamDHdo shell vairbles work the normal way inside rules? as patches=`cat CURRENT_DIRECTORY/series | grep -v "#"` cat: /series: No such file or directory so its not finding CURRENT_DIRECTORY even tho it was declared21:30
TheMusoAdamDH: If you wish to perform nested shell commands in a rules file, you need to do something like $(shell cat blah)21:32
AdamDHwhat about if I want to run a chunk of shell code?21:32
AdamDHdo loops work the same way in the rules file?21:33
TheMusoAdamDH: No, you can do loops in a rules file, but you need to put a backslash at the end of each line. I suggest having a look at the rules file for the espeak source package, as it is done there.21:34
AdamDHso doing CURRENT_DIRECTORY=`pwd` I need to do CURRENT_DIRECTORY=$(shell pwd)?21:34
TheMusoAdamDH: There is already a variable for the current directory, $(CURDIR)21:38
AdamDHas an example is CURRENT_DIRECTORY=$(cat example) correct as I get missing separator. Stop.21:42
TheMusoAdamDH: Again, I suggest you look at the rules file for the espeak source package, as that has most shell examples present in it.21:45
AdamDHwhy is there nothing documented about running shell inside rules? that example looks ideal as it shows some simular stuff to what I am doing21:45
TheMusoAdamDH: Because rules are makefiles.21:47
TheMusoi.e the rules file is a makefile.21:47
AdamDHright so trying to do what I am trying to do at the moment is going to be a headache, running some shell code inside the makefile21:50
AdamDHexample if I do current_directory=$(shell pwd), i know there is a var for it just an example how do I use current_directory then inside $(shell) ? do it as normal $shell(cat current_directory/series) etc?21:52
TheMusoAdamDH: I think you have to use 2 $ signs.22:01
TheMusoAdamDH: I haven't done it in a while, so can't exactly remember.22:02
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AdamDHim getting the hang of this, how do I use If then else in a makefile then?22:14
TheMusoAdamDH: There are special makefile directives for if etc. Unfortunately I can'22:15
TheMusoUnfortunately I can't remember what packages use them currently.22:15
AdamDHi will see if google brings anything up for it22:18
broonieThe GNU Make manual is pretty good.22:19
pochuLaney: well, it will block your glom upload... but it's up to you :)22:22
Laneypochu: Will none of the packages get published until -doc clears?22:23
LaneyI guess that makes sense22:23
Laney'tisn't such a big deal22:23
pochuLaney: it won't, nope22:26
Laneyah well22:26
Laneyas long as it doesn't take 6 weeks22:26
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