dolskeI'd be happy to. Oh, wait, is this a failure on linux? meh, don't care.00:01
dolskeIt would be helpful if you could post you mozconfig and detailed output from the failure.00:06
ftai have several like those00:08
ftawe don't use a mozconfig. our configure line looks like this: --enable-system-cairo --disable-system-sqlite --with-system-nspr --with-system-nss --disable-system-hunspell --enable-application=xulrunner --enable-extensions=default --with-default-mozilla-five-home=/usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.2a1pre --enable-startup-notification --with-user-appdir=.mozilla --without-system-jpeg --with-system-zlib=/usr --with-system-bz2=/usr --disable-javaxpcom --disable-00:11
ftacrashreporter --disable-elf-dynstr-gc --disable-installer --disable-strip --disable-strip-libs --disable-install-strip --disable-updater --enable-optimize --with-distribution-id=com.ubuntu00:11
ftawith --enable-tests --enable-mochitest now00:11
asacfta: strange ... i get something else ,)00:12
asaci get that error for both: outr package ... and pristine mozilla-central build (3.2pre)00:12
ftamaybe i have this one too. I didn't capture everything yet00:12
asacfta: make check bails out on first error00:12
asacthats the idea of unit testing00:12
ftai do. I have a flag now00:13
asacmine is definitly a regression. it does exactly what it shouldnt do00:14
ftaremember i fixed a bashism00:14
asacfta: thats a javascript testcase00:14
asacalso it happens with 1.9.1.head branch too00:15
ftathe bashism was in the caller, not in the test itself00:15
asacso you didnt commit that to branch?00:15
ftai did00:17
ftaline 77-79, it's a broken symlink00:19
ftaand i'm testing xul right now, not browser (yet)00:20
dolske"httpd.js:406: ReferenceError: dumpn is not defined" is something you should ask Walso about. not sure why that would be happening, since dumpn() is used all over that code.00:21
asacme too00:21
dolskeerr, Waldo00:21
ftain http://paste.ubuntu.com/99264/, it froze after the last line, waiting for something. i let it run for ~1h, nada00:22
ftathe corresponding log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99261/00:23
asacfta: i am testing xul too ... do you run that in a chroot?00:23
asace.g. because my test gets further than you (and both branches fail on the same)00:23
asacfta: maybe you are missing some package then00:23
dolskethe first failure in 99221 would appear to be at http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla1.9.1/source/uriloader/exthandler/tests/unit/test_handlerService.js#15500:24
dolskeheh, I think I wrote that part of the test but have blocked that memory. content handling can be a bit ugly to work with. :/00:25
asacwe already saw that00:25
asacmy idea was that maybe it uses/not uses gconf to get http handler?00:25
asacare we sure its actually running mozilla builds?00:25
asaci mean is make check what is run on tinderboxes00:26
asacs/running/ running on/00:26
asacmy configure flags are really really close to official flags i think and still it fails00:26
dolsketest_bug407303.js | 2152398922 == 2152398878.... the 2152398922 is the unexpected value, which is NS_ERROR_UNSAFE_CONTENT_TYPE00:41
asacinteresting as its exactly the value the bug tried to "not"-get00:41
dolskeare you sure your source tree has the patch that was applied to nsJARChannel.cpp? oh, you said you get that failure with a stock mozilla tree too?00:44
asacdolske: what i pasted is with stock mozilla-central00:45
asacand i get the same in our package build tree (which is why i tried mozilla-central)00:45
asacdolske: and yes. its definitly in ;) i checked the nsJARChannel.cpp code00:45
dolskehmm. I don't really know that code.00:46
asaci backed out the last patch that touched nsJARChannel.cpp now00:46
asac(there was just one commit00:46
asaclets see00:46
asacdoesnt really look promissing00:47
asacfrom the diff i see there00:47
asacdolske: all fine ... i think my provider is too dump and returns an IP for anything00:49
asacprobably should setup a chroot for tests00:49
dolskeoh, heh, it's resolving test.invalid? nice.00:50
asacyeah i hate them ;)00:51
asac ping test.invalid00:51
asacPING test.invalid ( 56(84) bytes of data.00:51
ftahm,i doubt that will work in our builders00:51
dolskeWe can probably fix that in the test suite, though. I think all the network requests are proxied through httpd.js00:53
dolskeThat should be able to enfore a never-resolves hostname.00:53
dolske(We've had similar problems in the past, with tests that relied on external URLs to load something. Same fix should probably just disable all external requests?)00:54
asacyes. i think that makes most sense. not really sure though if builders allow to open ports at all though ;)00:55
asacbut we will see00:55
asaclets see how far i get now00:56
dolskethe tests shouldn't requite that, and if there are any tests doing that it's a bug.00:56
asachmm ... but httpd.js opens a port doesnt it?00:57
dolskeon localhost.00:58
asacyeah thats what i wondered about ;)00:58
crimsunfta: ok, i think i have a test case + fix for that error, but i need to test01:04
crimsunfta: ^ RE: pulseaudio01:04
crimsunthese locking issues are nasty :/01:05
asacyay. so make check finished here ;)01:05
ftacrimsun, it seems luke updated pa in jaunty01:05
ftaasac, what did you change? and does it work with our package?01:06
asacnot yet with our package. in pristine tree i dumped the testcase from above01:06
asacthat was everything that failed01:06
asacbtw, i also ended up with a httpd.js bug01:06
asaci think that happens if the port is in use01:06
asacfor me that happened when i ran two testsuites at the same time01:07
asacso now it failsin autocomplete ... quite late in build (e.g. toolkit/)01:08
crimsunfta: hmm, really? i only see my update that i asked jordan (laserjock) to upload.01:09
ftalet me recheck01:09
ftasorry, my bad. i have 0.9.13-2ubuntu401:10
crimsunyou keep hitting a race; i think i have worked around it01:11
crimsunneed to take a break for a few hours, will return to it01:11
ftaasac, i just pushed xul 1.9.1 to my ppa with all the new stuff in. we'll see from the logs.01:12
asacfta: fails right in xpcom01:45
asacbuild seems not to fail when tests fail01:46
asacso we cannot write to TEMP dirs ;)01:51
asacfta: setup a tmp/ dir in build trree and set TEMP env before running test i guess01:51
ftagrrr, missing files.01:55
ftai wanted the build to continue even if check failed01:55
asacfta: heh01:56
asaci can reproduce that error01:56
asacif i unset LANG01:56
asacso maybe set LANG=en_US01:56
asachmmm only export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 works01:57
asacis that a testrunner issue?01:57
fta/usr/bin/make -C build-tree/mozilla  check || exit 001:57
asaci mean xul shouldnt have issues with utf if ystem doesnt have utf01:58
ftayou mean here http://paste.ubuntu.com/99346/ ?01:59
asacyes thats the issue02:00
asaclooks a bit like the second string has a whitespace02:00
asacCAA:89 ==  CAA:8902:00
asacbut well02:00
asacmy guess is that the .js file goes through shell and that mangels utf?02:00
asaccan that be?02:01
asacunlikely i guess02:01
ftastrange, only amd64 failed02:09
ftaasac, can't reproduce locally02:25
ftaeven with no env at all02:26
ftafor some reason, TraceTreeDrawer.h is not installed on amd6403:23
ftahm, no ENABLE_JIT on 64bit???03:25
wikzfta: Hi, I upped the spicebird pkg to revu. If you have some spare time, could you just glance over it and see if I have done everything right?, before I ask someone to review it. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=spicebird10:45
=== asac_ is now known as asac
=== asac_ is now known as asac
* asac yawns12:41
wikzasac: my source build fails but binary builds fine. http://paste.ubuntu.com/99609/ what could be wrong?13:15
wikzthis is my first release, so I used  dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -S -kABE512E913:15
asacfta: http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19086 (for Bug 312353)13:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312353 in xorg-server "improper mouse hover behavior with links" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31235313:28
ubottuFreedesktop bug 19086 in Input/Core "Enter/Leave model sends wrong events" [Normal,Assigned]13:28
asacthere is a patch13:28
asacwikz: dpkg-source: unrepresentable changes to source13:29
asacwikz: you should ahve used bzr so you can run bzr clean-tree13:29
asacusually this means that you accumulated either binary or other cruft (like links etc.) during build that are not cleaned on debian/rules clean13:29
asaccould also be a "vi" .swp file if you still have it open13:30
asacto build source your tree must be 100% clean13:30
asacof course debian/rules clean should be fixed to make that happen13:30
asac(so its in your hands :))13:30
wikzasac: I dload the original tarball from upstream, untar the contents in spicebird-0.7/mozilla alongside debian and do a source build. I checked the tarball and it contains .exes, zips and .cvsignore and still get the same error. All this before I try to build it.13:34
wikzso I guess debian/rules would have no role in this, right?13:34
asacwikz: your paste isnt complete13:35
asacwikz: it spits out which files it cannot represent in diff.gz13:35
asacjust look carefully at what it prints13:35
asacwikz: not sure what you mean. what file is it that causes the troubles?13:36
wikzIt's an enormous list. more than 15000 lines. Should I paste the whole thing13:36
asacwikz: warning: arent a problem13:37
asaclook for errors (non-warnings)13:37
asac(well, warnings arent nice either, but should break the source build)13:37
wikzyes there were lots of errors. I will paste them now.13:38
asacwikz: just paste a bunch of them13:39
asacmost likely they show the problem quite nice13:40
wikzsure, also It tried importing into lp but https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-cscvs/+bug/31028313:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 310283 in launchpad-cscvs "svn import fails due to unsigned cert" [Undecided,New]13:40
asaclet me know if nobody triages that in lets say 1-2 weeks13:41
wikzit's been so for months13:41
wikzasac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99622/13:42
wikzas you can see, there are .exes in the orig13:42
asacdpkg-source: error: cannot represent change to spicebird-0.7/mozilla/js/src/js.mdp: binary file contents changed13:57
asacerror: cannot represent change to spicebird-0.7/mozilla/js/src/fdlibm/fdlibm.mdp: binary file contents changed13:57
asacwhat the heck are mbp files?`13:57
asacerr mdp13:57
wikzlol no idea!13:57
asacwikz: so lets focus on something we know:;13:58
asacwhy has that content changed?13:58
asacwikz: how does your orig tarball look like?13:58
wikzI untarred the tar and put it in spicebird-0.713:58
asacplease paste the output of tar tzf ORIG.tar.gz | head -n 10013:58
asacwikz: did you use any of our packages as a blueprint `13:59
wikzyes I used fta's tbea build13:59
asacwikz: i think that is "embedded" tarball layout14:00
asactry to put just the tar.bz2 in the orig.tar.gz14:00
wikzI used dh_make -f14:00
asacno thats bogus14:00
wikzand it created a tar.gz14:00
asacthat will unpack stuff for your14:00
asacwhich is not embedded tarball layout14:00
wikzyou mean I rename the bz2 to tar.gz14:00
asacmkdir spicebird-0.7; cd spicebird-0.7; wget http://files.spicebird.org/pub/spicebird.org/spicebird/releases/0.7/source/spicebird-beta-0.7.full_source.tar.bz2; cd ..; tar cvzf spicebird_0.7.orig.tar.gz spicebird-0.7/14:01
asaclike that14:01
wikzNafallo: yes14:01
Nafallohaha. kewl! what is it? :-)14:02
asacyet another mozilla based app ;)14:04
Nafallodoes it replace thunderbird and add the extra hotness I can see on their homepage? :-)14:04
wikzNafallo: TB+telepathy+gstreamer14:04
* Nafallo looks suspiously at it14:05
asacwikz: are you working for synovel?14:05
wikzasac: yes14:05
asaccool ;)14:05
wikzI took up packaging as we are short of manpower14:05
asacyeah ;)14:05
asacthats definitly good14:05
asacwikz: do you have anyone who knows about inner gecko guts?14:06
wikzactually 2 of them14:06
wikzprasad and sunil14:06
asacdo they know about layout/content/javascript engine stuff?14:06
asacor more about the lower-middletier apis in side xul/gecko?14:06
wikzwell prasad is well known in mozilla circle14:07
wikzI am sure he know14:07
asacwikz: is spicebird based on 1.9 branch?14:07
asacor 1.8`14:07
wikzasac: TB3a14:07
wikzasac: sunil has ported enigmail to spicebird14:07
asacso 1.9.114:07
wikzhe has submitted patches for review14:08
asacwikz: please try to get that upstreawm to enigmail14:08
asacah cool14:08
wikzalso he has a fix for the intrepid fortify issue14:08
wikzthe gcc4.3 workaround14:08
asacwikz: we have a fix for that ;)14:09
asacwikz: no. we use a real code fix in multiple places14:09
asacnot sure why fta hasnt added that to tb3a14:09
asaci guess he added it to tb3b114:09
asacbut cool14:09
asacunfortunately you are not on 1.8 ;)=14:10
wikzeven sunil said disabling fortify is bad and has submitted a patch to mozilla for review14:10
asaci am currently trying to get more folks involved in security maintenance for that branch ... hence looking for groups that would get a benefit ;)14:10
asacwikz: the patch definitly has landed upstream14:10
asaci think they disapproved landing on 1.9.0 branch14:11
wikzasac: prasad and sunil are trying to get spicebird officially on addons.mozilla site14:11
asacaddons? as an addon or as a featured app?14:11
wikzfetaured app on addons.mozilla.org14:12
wikzdunno if they would approve of it14:12
wikzasac: sunil has extensive knowledge on gstreamer and dbus if you need any14:13
asacmozilla bug 41261014:14
ubottuMozilla bug 412610 in Startup and Profile System "MAXPATHLEN too small for glibc's realpath()" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41261014:14
asacso it was your patch ;)14:14
asacoh it wasnt14:14
asacyou added more?14:14
wikzwell it didn't help spicebird, I guess he added more14:15
wikzasac: you package enigmal also right?14:16
asacenigmail needs a severe face-lifting ;) ... but yes.14:17
ubottuwww.mozdev.org bug 20397 in GUI "Support Spicebird Collaboration Suite" [Normal,Assigned]14:17
wikzasac: sunil said the same :)14:17
asacwell ... it was high-hack-art because i supported rotten old mozilla suite too in the beginning14:18
asacbut when i decided to drop that it now is complete crap ;)14:18
asacwikz: seems like patch requires one more round, but then should be ready to go14:20
asacwikz: so did the tarball-in-tarball thing work out for you?14:21
asacdid you use a bzr branch for that packaging work?=14:21
asacwikz: does spicebird provide twitter/identi.ca integration?14:21
asacis that plannedß14:22
wikzasac: I did what you said http://paste.ubuntu.com/99637/14:28
wikzasac: metablog api14:28
wikzfor integrating with blogs14:28
asacwikz: well thats the _new_ tarball right?14:28
asacthat should work i guess14:28
asacwikz: are you using bzr?14:29
wikzno svn14:29
asacprobably a bad idea as we have all the packaging in bztr14:29
wikzis there a svn to bzr import other than lp14:29
asac(i asked for packaging not sources)14:29
asacis a package14:30
asacyou can just say bzr branch http://path/to/svn/trunk14:30
asacwikz: but what i asked for is the branch you use for packaging14:30
asacyou say you based it on tbird 3a14:30
asacanyway ...debian/ dir in there should work14:31
wikzasac: bz2 has better compression than gz, so why does debian ask for tar.gz14:32
asacwikz: thats probably unrelated ;)14:34
wikzasac: ok :)14:34
asacno reason ... historic i think14:34
wikzfta's pkg tb3a2 has standards version set to 3.7.3. can I change it to 3.8.0 ?14:35
wikzdo I need to check or run some tool14:36
asacif you have used bzr you could have regularly bzr merged from our packaging branch ;)14:36
asaci think he already bumped it to 3.8.014:36
asaci never really care much about standards version ;)14:36
wikzas you say :)14:38
asacso does the package build now?14:39
wikzit created the diff.gz and .dsc files fine and I could create it back using dpkg-source -x14:41
wikzit was always building properly14:42
asactry to upload to PPA14:44
wikzI will up to revu now. Just glance through it14:46
asacwikz: na ... push to PPA ;)14:46
wikzasac: ok14:46
asacwelcome fta14:52
ftaasac, any idea how i can make my *.install arch specific?14:52
ftayesterday, i came across some .h files that are not installed on amd64, hence my ftbfs14:52
asacfta: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99647/14:53
ftahm, reading dh_install source, there's nothing to support that14:54
asacfta: its probably in a more general file shared amongst debhelper tools14:55
asaci think there was also a syntax to include "non-arch" stuff14:56
asace.g. @include package.install.indep14:56
asacor something14:56
asaci claim to remember that i saw that in some of doko's packages (jdk, etc.)14:56
ftafor the lib symbols files, i used #include "blabla.symbol"14:57
asacthe arch stuff is in Dh_Lib.pm15:00
ftaasac, btw, i still have no idea why that test is failing in my ppa15:00
asacdontsee anything about include though15:00
asacprobably not available then15:00
asacfta: GetTempDir obviously is the crux there15:01
asacwell not obviously, but i thought its a problem ;)15:01
ftaif it's #include, maybe they pre-process the files15:01
asacfta: i dont see any preprocesssing ... but you are the perl master here ;)15:01
ftanope, no include :(15:07
asacfta: do you have a list of files that are not on amd64?15:15
asacsmells a bit like a bug that there are missing files imo15:16
fta<fta> for some reason, TraceTreeDrawer.h is not installed on amd6415:16
fta<fta> hm, no ENABLE_JIT on 64bit???15:16
asacfta: did you ever had any issues with the re-SONAMed nss?15:16
ftai'm unsure which nss is used today15:17
asacfta: in your ppa?15:17
* asac checks15:17
asacseems like you are using it ;)15:18
asacyeah makes sense15:19
asacfta: move those to a i386 only package xulrunner-1.9-jit-dev or something ;)15:19
ftagod no, not another package15:20
asaci really think its the right thing to do here ;)15:21
asacbut well i understand the package burden15:21
asacfor me keeping two .install files in sync is more evil ;)15:21
asacor we need to generate the .i386 on the fly15:21
ftathat's what i'm doing.15:23
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/99676/16:06
asacheh ;)16:10
asacso preprocessor should be punched into debhelper ;)16:11
ftaa lot of stuff should be in debhelper16:15
asacfta: pushed to ppa?17:03
ftai just found some dups in res/, fixing17:04
asacnow just the tests would have to work ;)17:06
asaci have the feeling there is a bunch of work left ;)17:06
ftayep, that's why i didn't want the pkg to ftbfs because of those tests, it's too early17:08
asacok ... on the bus for a while17:10
ftai think i need to package _tests and _profile too. they contain logs and useful data to troubleshoot test failures17:11
ftanot sure *where* i should store them17:11
ftaasac, ^^17:40
asacinteresting point18:07
asaccant we make all logs dump in the build log? isnt that happening anyway?18:07
asacoh he isnt here18:07
Nafalloasac: now he is18:18
ftadid i miss something?18:20
Nafallo18:06 < asac> hmm18:24
Nafallo18:07 < asac> interesting point18:24
Nafallo18:07 < asac> cant we make all logs dump in the build log? isnt that happening anyway?18:24
Nafallo18:07 < asac> oh he isnt here18:24
ftaasac, for now, i went with /usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9.1b3pre/test-results.tar.gz18:25
ftain the -testsuite package18:25
ftaasac, pushed to my ppa18:26
ftajaunty only, my stats are already bad :(18:26
asac_fta: i dont feel really good about putting logs there ... but well ;)18:42
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ftawhere then?18:45
asacdebian bug 51076418:46
asacdebian bug 51076518:46
ubottuDebian bug 510764 in liferea-xulrunner "epiphany-webkit: Crashes at startup whenever I go to a site." [Grave,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/51076418:46
asacdebian bug 51076618:46
ubottuDebian bug 510765 in liferea-xulrunner "epiphany-webkit: Crashes at startup whenever I go to a site." [Grave,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/51076518:46
ubottuDebian bug 510766 in liferea-xulrunner "epiphany-webkit: Crashes at startup whenever I go to a site." [Grave,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/51076618:46
asacretitle didnt work apparently ;)18:47
asacliferea-webkit: Liferea should not provide webkit in a stable release18:47
asacRemoving libwebkit-1.0-1 from lenny is also somewhat reasonable, if18:48
asacsomewhat tragic.18:48
asacAnyways, I think libwebkit-1.0-1 is one of these few packages that it18:49
asacwould be good to have in the release, yet we can't guarantee it works18:49
asacproperly. Maybe we should have a special "unsupported" section for18:49
asacstable, or we should allow packages to ship with some of their18:49
asacdependencies only fulfilled from unstable, which would state their18:50
asacunsupported status.18:50
asacsounds like universe ;)18:50
asaci have the feeling that this is the result of upstream abandoning epiphany completely18:50
asaci mean: they announced EOL of gecko without having a viable replacement18:50
asacso as a matter of fact the gnome desktop is without a browser atm18:51
asacnot sure if that changes in this cycle18:51
asaclets hope ;)18:51
ftai never liked epiphany. or several years, i preferred galeon over firefox18:57
ftaFailed  30519:01
ftaSucceeded  228619:01
ftabad ratio :(19:02
fta"Novell's openSUSE 11.1 Linux distribution" ... "and Novell's edition of OpenOffice.org 3.0 which contains numerous enhancements over its parent product from Sun."  do we have that? i mean, the enhancements19:13
whiteasac: got back from my weekend trip, was the make code snippet any useful?19:32
wikzfta: running lintian gives me this warning http://paste.ubuntu.com/99760/ The first one is obviuos as I'm doing it for revu but is the other fine with debian QA?19:37
ftawikz, what are the changes not using patches?19:38
ftawikz, usually, you do either but not both19:39
wikzok, my updstream tarball is a compressed tarball .tar.bz2. so asac suggested that I put it in a tar, which I did.19:40
wikzhow do I figure out what these changes are ?19:40
wikzI mean which changes are not using patches!19:41
ftagzip -dc *.orig.gz | diffstat should give you the 1st clue19:41
ftai mean, *diff.gz19:41
ftaideally, you should see only debian/* files19:42
fta(make it diffstat -p 1)19:43
wikzfta:  I think It meant the last one19:44
wikzit was created by cdbs19:44
ftaoh, hm19:44
wikzdo I need to clear it in rules/clean19:44
wikzicedove has the same warning19:45
ftashould not matter much.19:45
wikzfta: super cool19:46
ftayou can add that to the clean:: rule, see if it helps19:46
wikzI can finally up to revu once it builds fine in my ppa19:46
wikzfta: how long before jaunty is frozen19:47
wikzcan I make it before that19:47
wikzapril 1st week19:50
whitehmm on a sid system I am getting "nsNSSCertificate.cpp:913: error: ‘PK11_GetAllSlotsForCert’ was not declared in this scope". How did you guys fix it for ubuntu?19:50
ftawikz, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UniverseFreeze19:51
ftawhite, i don't think we ever hit that19:51
whitefta: hmm, i was sure I quickly read through some IRC logs from this channel, where it was mentioned that building icedove against some wrong nspr version was the issue19:52
whitei am not sure though :/19:52
ftawhich version are you building?19:55
ftaNov 28 19:03:48 <fta>     nsNSSCertificate.cpp:913: error: 'PK11_GetAllSlotsForCert' was not declared in this scope19:55
ftaindeed :)19:55
whitei think it was a checkout from last week19:55
whitei can create a new one with get-orig-source and then my make stuff for icedove19:55
ftai remember. my nss was too old. i bumped the req to nspr >= 4.7.3, nss >= 3.12.219:57
whitelibnspr4-0d: Candidate: 4.7.1-419:57
whitei see19:58
whiteasac: btw I remember when I looked at your patches last week that the one you mentioned as "needs to be enabled" was a FF3 patch according to the comment20:00
whiteasac: and one patch didn't apply, but I didn't investigate20:01
asacwhat patch was that?20:01
asac(sorry cant really remember)20:01
whitehold on20:01
asacwikz: spicebird-beta-0.7.full_source.tar.bz2.cdbs-config_list isnt a problem in diff.gz20:02
whiteasac: looks like it was 441120_attachment_328852x.patch20:03
whiteasac: there are quite a few open issues on http://security-tracker.debian.net/tracker/status/release/stable , but probably many minor issues20:04
wikzasac: :)20:06
asacwikz: for icedove its a skipped and now 1920:09
asacwhich will happen tomorr20:09
asaciceape needs .17 as well20:10
asacmozilla bug 44112020:10
ubottuMozilla bug 441120 in Startup and Profile System "command-line URLs launch multi-tabs if Firefox not running, exploitable with Safari Carpet bombing" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44112020:10
ftaasac, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/20901872/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-i386.xulrunner-1.9.1_1.9.1~b3~hg20090103r22626%2Bnobinonly-0ubuntu1~fta2_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz20:11
whiteasac: ok, so you are building the icedove etch packages? Do you want me to run them on my system and test a bit?20:11
asacwhite: where did i say that 441120 applies for mail?20:11
ftaasac, all problems introduced by the testsuite solved, now, testsuite itself needs work20:11
asacfta: good. so do we see the output in build log?20:12
ftaasac, part of it, yes.20:12
whiteasac: afaik you mentioned that all patches are needed and therefore I was wondering, because it looks like browser stuff20:12
asacwhite: sorry. if you started go ahead ;)20:12
ftaasac, look for TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL20:12
whiteasac: i much rather prefer you building them20:12
asacwhite: no. not all patches. some are browser only, but if you diff the series of the current icedove orig with the series file in the new patchset20:13
whiteit will be enough fun to write the advisory text :/20:13
asacyou will see which were disabled20:13
whiteok that explains a lot :)20:13
whiteasac: for lenny, do you prefer a direct upload to testing-security or do you prefer to address the remaining issues via sid (given that it migrates)?20:14
asacwhite: its addressed in sid already ... will sink down (we have a freeze exception)20:15
whiteok, then i guess http://security-tracker.debian.net/tracker/status/release/unstable needs to be updated20:15
whiteI'll do that now20:17
asaci will prepare tarballs for iceape, icedove and xul20:19
asacwould be cool if you could help building and testing any of those for etch20:20
asacwill ping you later tonight ... once done20:20
whiteasac: ok, i might be going to bed, but will be looking into it tomorrow morning20:20
whitealso have to catch up on the iceape thread on team@20:21
ftaasac, use m-d :)20:24
asacfta: well ... not cvs checkout, but take existing; add more patches, quilt push them20:33
asacproblem is that not all patches are used everywhere so its not really simple to identify "which" patches to add20:33
wikzasac: our trunk is 0.8 which is not so stable but has some important fixes for 0.7 bugs. do you recommend I go for 0.8 or 0.7? We have planned 0.8 for ~jan30th,200920:36
ftamozilla bug 44262720:36
ubottuMozilla bug 442627 in XPCOM "xpcom/tests/unit/test_bug364285-1.js fails when locale charset is not UTF-8" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44262720:36
ftamozilla bug 44652721:06
ubottuMozilla bug 446527 in Application Update "major update not offered when some language packs are installed" [Blocker,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44652721:06
ftamozilla bug 37370121:29
ubottuMozilla bug 373701 in ImageLib "[FIX]Connection for pushed content (e.g. WebCam) not broken if tab is out of sight but still in bfcache" [Major,Verified: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=37370121:30
asacwikz: the tarball contains all debian/ stuff?21:42
ftaasac, i don't know what to do except skip the failing test. Seems Mike has/had the same issue (442627)21:47
ftaasac, what about /var/cache/xulrunner-1.9.1-testsuite?23:01
ftai'd prefer it to be unpacked by default23:01
ftathe thing is, scripts will want this writable, for logs, profile and stuff.23:03
asacfta: yeah ... saw the bug. we could ensure that UTF charset is set23:07
ftaasac, how? install & configure the locale mess?23:08
asaci am not exactly sure what is required package wise23:10
asacwhen does a system have UTF-8 support?23:11
ftalocale + dpkg-reconfigure iirc23:11
ftalocales + locale-gen en_US.UTF-8 should do23:12
ftai mean, buildep on "locales" and run "locale-gen en_US.UTF-8", but i'm not sure we can do that23:13
asacfta: if we build dep on locales ... doesnt that automatically do the geN?23:14
ftait needs to be configured somehow23:15
asacwhat does locale-gen do?23:15
asacok seems to gen /usr/lib/locale/en_US.utf8/LC_CTYPE23:16
asacand the like23:16
asacwhat lib uses those?23:17
ftaeverything, starting to glibc23:18
asacfta: so its a glibc thing?23:19
ftalocales, yes23:19
ftai'll disable some of the tests in this unit for now23:25
ftalet's see how farther it goes.23:25
asacfta: cant we just test that with pbuilder?23:27
ftabut ppa are not based on pbuilder23:28
ftamore like sbuild23:28
asacyes. but i think env should be similar23:28
ftaeven more strict23:29
asac1.8.1 still building ... finally :/23:55
asaclets hope it works now ;)23:56
asacotherwise this becomes unproductive ;)23:56

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