jdugganhey guys00:23
jduggani've been using 7.10 since it was released... i've not had any reason to update because its worked flawlessly, i was just wondering what the upgrade path was (if its at all possible)00:24
foxbuntujduggan, $ sudo update-manager -c00:30
jdugganwell well00:31
jdugganthat was great00:31
jdugganuntil it causes segfault00:31
foxbuntuhowever you need to make sure to upgrade all your machines if you have more than one00:31
jdugganweird, i get my gdm login just fine00:32
foxbuntujduggan, yea, now I recall the update manager bug00:32
jdugganwhen it tries to auto login it faults00:32
jdugganno no, its updated00:32
jduggani just rebooted00:32
jdugganit'll load X to gdm, but when it tries to auto login i get a segfault00:32
jdugganand go back to GDM00:32
jduggan(II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "1920x1080+0+0"00:32
jdugganFatal server error:00:33
jdugganCaught signal 11.  Server aborting00:33
foxbuntujduggan, so what is your issue, you are talking about several things00:34
jdugganheh ok... after i asked about the best way to upgrade... i thought meh, i may aswell atleast update... i've updated and rebooted00:35
jduggannow it loads to GDM00:35
jdugganwhen it tries to autologin i get my xfce desktop, but i get a segfault, and it reverts back to GDM00:36
jdugganwait for it to try autologging in again and it does the same thing00:36
jdugganonly since i updated though =]00:36
foxbuntujduggan, updated how?00:36
jdugganusing the update software in the system menu00:37
foxbuntuwell run this first before doing anything else: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:37
jduggani just dist-upgraded00:38
jdugganits updated my kernel00:38
jdugganawaiting reboot =]00:38
foxbuntuthere were several bugs around update-manager and gdm back in the generation of software you are talking about00:39
jduggani was using weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org00:40
jdugganbut i havent updated for about 10months00:41
jduggansince it worked *tm*00:41
foxbuntuthats a looooong time in our release cycles00:41
jdugganbut you know the saying00:41
jdugganwhy update if it aint broke?00:41
foxbuntuwhy fix what aint broke ;)00:41
jdugganwhat's the best approach to get updated00:41
jduggancan i s/gutsy/hardy/ in sources.list00:42
jdugganand update?00:42
jdugganor is that not safe00:42
foxbuntuI have had that break stuffs before00:42
foxbuntuupdate-manager is the best way to go for the most part00:43
jduggankernel update and updated my nvidia from 169 to 17300:52
jduggani got the myth menu it seems00:52
jdugganlets hope everything still works :)00:52
foxbuntuwhich kernel?00:52
foxbuntuthats still a long ways back00:53
jdugganyea im running 7.10..00:53
jdugganone step at a time00:53
foxbuntuwell, as I said before00:53
foxbuntusudo update-manager -c00:54
foxbuntunow that you have that other issue resolved00:54
jdugganand on a complete tangent, i've read (and also seen for myself on their site), that IMDB have been making it more difficult for scrapers to grab information, do the scripts still work in latest (stable) mythtbuntu? I've been slowly transcoding all my DVD's and at some point need to import them into mythvideo =]00:57
jdugganit would be a pain to manually insert all the metadata =]00:58
foxbuntujduggan, yes, at this point they do still work00:58
jduggani hope i havent made a mistake00:59
jdugganits updating to 8.04 LTS00:59
jduggani guess after thats done i can go to 8.10?00:59
foxbuntujust run the same thing again after the reboot01:00
jduggani bought a dvb-s card like 4 months ago01:00
jduggankept meaning to install it but wanted to wait till i updated01:00
jduggannever had the nerve01:01
jdugganbut oh well =]01:01
jdugganguess now i need to buy a dish to go with it :P01:01
foxbuntuit should be alright01:01
jduggan(thanks for your assistance btw)01:01
jdugganjust backed up my lircd.conf... it took me a lifetime to find the codes for my cable STB.. don't want to risk losing them :P01:06
foxbuntugood idea01:07
foxbuntujust to make things easy, if anything with lirc pops up during the upgrades just select Custom01:07
foxbuntuthat should keep it from changing things01:07
jdugganseems it didnt like me hitting 'cancel' on setting my lirc device type01:20
jduggani didnt wanna change it01:20
jdugganfoxbuntu: here?01:36
jduggannm :)01:48
MythbuntuGuest67Hello. I would like to know if there is some way to give the network manager permanent access to the "key ring", which it ask permission for when mythbuntu loads up. The NM holds my whole computer up until I either give it a password or cancel the dialog.02:56
MythbuntuGuest67!network manager02:59
ZinnSorry I don't know about network manager02:59
ZinnSorry I don't know about keyring02:59
MythbuntuGuest67anyone with a better reference for this, than I get from the channel bot? heh.. :)03:02
phunyguyhello folks, just installed the 9.04 alpha2 release, and i cannot figure out how to get X working correctly.  It loads up the liveCD just fine, but after install, all I get on my TV is a stretched version of the desktop background, and I cannot do a ctrl-alt-f1 to get to a TTY and troubleshoot.03:31
phunyguyit is nvidia video via HDMI.03:32
phunyguy(The only reason for the 9.04 attempt was to get the HDMI audio... since there was no kernel support for it in 8.10)03:32
jdugganguys in the key settings menu, if i try and create add a remote button under the escape action and it says 'Add key 'S'?' is that S coming from my lircrc somewhere?03:33
htpchi all03:48
Nixon<all> Hello htpc!03:48
htpcI just installed mythbuntu03:48
ZinnHi $nick, how are you?  Something we can help you with today?03:48
htpcbut wireless seems to not have been detected03:48
htpcalso, bluetooth has been detetcted, even though I don't (think) i have bluetooth in this comp03:49
htpc(same issue?)03:49
htpcsomeone want to help me get wireless going?03:50
phunyguykernel issue?03:52
phunyguybut you have to know for sure whether or not you have bluetooth03:53
phunyguyan lspci would help immensley03:53
phunyguyEthernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88w8335 [Libertas] 802.11b/g Wireless (rev 03)03:55
phunyguyis that it?03:55
htpcphunyguy, ok, I do not have bluetooth, I do have a pan0 device, and dmesg shows various bluetoothy things03:55
htpcphunyguy, yes, thats the wireless pci card I want to get working03:55
phunyguyok that is odd about the bluetooth03:55
phunyguywell there you go.03:56
phunyguysome good info there even though ndiswrapper can be a pain.03:56
phunyguyin fact, wireless in general can be a pain in linux.03:56
htpcin the past I've luckily had no issues03:57
hadsNa, supported chips are easy these days03:57
htpcand everything has seemed to work with wireless03:57
phunyguyI gave up a couple years back on wireless03:57
htpci think I've just been lucky with hardware03:57
hadsIntel is pretty safe, boot up and network manager asks what network you want to connect to.03:57
hadsAs with Atheros03:58
phunyguyjust ran an ethernet cord to the bathroom becasue the only reason i would need wireless is if i had to unplug and keep chatting while on the john03:58
hadsDoing a locate libertas on my Interpis system here shows a driver which I believe is native for that Marvell chip03:58
htpcomg. the link for the windows drivers is downloading at a whole 1KB/s03:58
hadsThat info could be out of date though I know nothing about it.03:59
phunyguydon't burn out your network card!03:59
htpcI'm really hoping I don't have issues with my tv card03:59
htpcI always do though :(03:59
phunyguywhich card?03:59
hadshads@sodium:~$ aptitude search libertas04:00
hadsp   libertas-firmware                                                - Firmware for Marvell's 8388 (libertas) wireless chips04:00
htpcseems to have been picked up well this time around though04:00
phunyguywhich card?04:00
htpchave to wait to get the wireless working before I can bring my comp near an aerial though04:00
htpcphunyguy, aavermedia 76104:00
phunyguyyeah i have a dvb based card as well04:00
phunyguydvico fusion04:00
hadsYou use DVB and call the toilet a john?04:01
phunyguyi was being polite.04:01
phunyguyits my first time in here04:01
phunyguynot sure of the etiquette04:01
hadsYeah, polite is good.04:02
hadsToilet isn't impolite though :)04:03
phunyguylol ok04:03
phunyguydid you see my question above?04:03
htpcfor reference: card support page is here: http://kbserver.netgear.com/products/WG311v3.asp04:03
htpc(for the wireless I have)04:03
phunyguycan't for the life of me get 9.04 working.04:03
phunyguylivecd boots fine in a proper resolution.04:03
htpchads, what do I do with that firmware package?04:04
phunyguybut as soon as it installs, i get a stretched background top to bottom, and thats all it is.04:04
phunyguyhave to load it with that04:04
hadshtpc: No idea, I've never used a Marvell chipset but you may need it.04:04
phunyguyi think?04:04
hadsphunyguy: Talking about a native driver.04:04
phunyguya lot of wireless manufacturers put the firmware in teh driver04:04
phunyguyis it?04:04
phunyguybut that thing just says firmware04:05
phunyguywhich is what had me guessing.04:05
hadsYeah, there is a libertas kernel module though.04:05
hadsYou're right though the firmware could be either.04:05
phunyguywell i obviously know nothing about it so i will shut up04:05
htpcmmm., well, the new firmware is in exe form04:06
htpchow would I extract it?04:06
phunyguyahh that you are on your own04:06
phunyguyi can't remember although there are utils for it04:06
hadsI assume you're talking about somehting you randomly downloaded not the package.04:06
phunyguybut all you should need from the exe is the firmware04:06
phunyguy(which is in the package)04:06
phunyguyhads that was one of the things to do back in the day04:07
htpchads, I grabbed the latest driver from the netgear site04:07
phunyguydownload the windows driver and pull the firmware out04:07
phunyguyits been a few years though04:07
hadsYes though I'm suggesting to try the native driver.04:07
phunyguyas would i04:08
phunyguydo you folks know anything about HDMI audio not working in mythbuntu for some newer nvidia chipsets?04:09
* hads doesn't use HDMI sorry04:10
phunyguythe bleeding edge i guess.04:10
hadsDSUB is easy :)04:10
foxbuntuphunyguy, most chipsets don't play nice via HDMI yet04:10
phunyguywas trying to keep it simple because my surround reciever has hdmi in and out to make it liek a passthrough04:11
phunyguywhen the reciever is off it passes the HDMI audio to the TV04:11
phunyguywhen on it puts it out the speakers and silences the HDMI to the TV04:11
phunyguythat would be so sweet to get working.04:11
phunyguybut i can't even get my SPDIF working so i have nothing to the reciever.04:11
foxbuntuphunyguy, I have own www.foxmediasystems.com, working on the HDMI issue and have been testing with Intel, nVidia, and ATI04:11
hadsI don't think I've turned off my receiver for a year or so04:11
hadsHaven't seen that link for a while foxbuntu you must be slacking ;)04:12
phunyguyi had stability issues with a prior ATI motherboard but the HDMI worked great  :(04:12
phunyguysweet foxbuntu!04:12
phunyguywell you have a fan04:12
phunyguybecause i hate wasting money - lol04:12
foxbuntuhads, well I have been in Europe ;)04:13
phunyguyso is there any new progress?  I know with my chipset the kernel didnt even support it until 2.6.2804:14
phunyguyso yeah i can understand it is very new.04:14
foxbuntuphunyguy, well, though I whore my website out allot (as hads will mention), other than that I generally just try to contribute to the project as I can04:14
phunyguyi guess I can deal with tv sound for now  :(04:14
phunyguyive had this reciever for like 6 months and watched one movie with it04:14
foxbuntuphunyguy, yes, there has been lots of progress04:14
phunyguynow its a $300 FM radio04:15
foxbuntuphunyguy, stuff has been coming in from upstream all the time, but as you mentioned, its bleeding edge04:15
phunyguyit will get better04:15
hadsphunyguy: Just get a 3.5mm to RCA jack and run with it 'til you get digital going.04:15
phunyguyit always does.04:15
phunyguyi have04:15
phunyguy...to the TV04:15
foxbuntumove it to the receiver04:16
phunyguybut its a plasma....with crappy speakers.04:16
phunyguywell thats the other thing04:16
phunyguyi dont want the reciever going all the time04:16
hadsOr if your TV has outputs run it back from there.04:16
phunyguyi know you have it like that, but its not for me - my house is too small.04:16
phunyguythat also isnt as easy04:16
phunyguymy wires run in the wall.04:16
phunyguythe wall will fall apart soon if i keep pullin wires.04:16
phunyguybut if that is what I have to do...   man I even ran surround speakers.04:17
phunyguy(had to crawl through vaulted ceilings in the attic  :(04:17
hadsYeah, not much fun.04:18
hadsI have to go terminate 60 cat5's next week, at least I got out of pulling them.04:19
phunyguymy reciever also doesn't have RCA in for 5.104:19
phunyguywell it does but that is SPDIF04:19
phunyguylucky you!04:19
foxbuntuhads, thats too bad, its been many years since I have done that04:19
phunyguyim lucky if i can remember the wire order.04:19
phunyguymissed CCNA by two points.04:19
foxbuntuhads, my bill rate is far more than an electrician so i refer that off to my clients04:20
phunyguyneeded 849 - got 847.04:20
hadsYeah, I don't do it often, friends built a new office/yard so am doing them a favour.04:20
phunyguybut that was 3 years ago, i would have to retake it by now anyway - lol04:20
foxbuntuhads, ah...friends/family always bring out the fun stuff04:20
hadsSure do, even the occasional Windows cleaning session. I usually get out of that though :)04:21
phunyguyok so i am out of luck with the HDMI thing.  no big deal  I can get video working in 8.10 again, so I will let 9.04 be an alpha.04:22
phunyguywas worth a shot.04:22
foxbuntuhads, yea...lol, I generally just say,"hmm, hard to say, could be many things" promptly followed by me changing the subject04:22
hadsI usually use the "I haven't used Windows for years, try Pete he uses it all the time" :)04:23
phunyguyand hads - lol @ windows cleaning session.  I do that for a living.04:23
phunyguywell not so much that anymore...04:23
phunyguyi got promoted to a deskjob involving some server management that directly relates do windows desktop stuff.04:23
phunyguymainly software deployments, and remote installations of Windows04:24
phunyguyyou know... the fun stuff.04:24
foxbuntuphunyguy, yea...fun04:24
phunyguyyou know what was funny?  I was at a meeting with a Microsoft developer.04:24
phunyguywe were talking about PVRs04:25
* hads hasn't had to do that "fun" stuff for several years04:25
phunyguyHE USES MYTHTV04:25
phunyguyi chuckled.04:25
foxbuntuphunyguy, many do04:25
foxbuntuhads, I didnt want to say it ;)04:25
phunyguyhe said it like he was telling me about something i never heard before...04:25
phunyguyso i chuckled alot.04:25
phunyguyyeah yeah04:26
phunyguywell, i got into the IT stuff a tad late.04:26
phunyguyjoined the military and picked the wrong job like a doofus.04:26
phunyguywasted 4 years, then went into IT04:26
phunyguy5 years later... im doing OK!04:26
foxbuntuphunyguy, yea...takes a long time, im 10+ in04:27
foxbuntu...although im tired of people asking me questions and being so relied on04:27
phunyguyvery true.04:28
hadsI only went in to IT in about '99, I like to think I learn quick though.04:28
phunyguywell I have been a lifetime in the hobby...04:28
hadsUsed to drive for a living.04:28
hadsYeah that too.04:28
phunyguybut you dont really learn anything until it becomes a career04:28
phunyguymy dad is a computer junkie04:29
phunyguybut he never had a career in IT04:29
phunyguyi still learned a lot from him growing up though04:29
hadsAny of you guys heading to linux.conf.au?04:29
foxbuntuhads, yea, I am a quick study too04:29
foxbuntuhads, I would love to04:29
phunyguy...about that....04:29
foxbuntubut alsa no04:29
hadsThere's a myth miniconf too.04:29
phunyguylol @ the alsa typo04:30
phunyguyyou HAVE been working the issue  ;)04:30
foxbuntuI did put alsa where i needed alas04:30
phunyguyyes you did!04:31
phunyguythought it was comical.04:31
foxbuntuphunyguy, I have motherboards all the over the place and have installed and compiled alsa so many times and different ways its sickening04:32
phunyguyi bet!04:33
phunyguyi suppose I should have come in here for suggestions before I dropped some money on hardware, huh...04:33
foxbuntuphunyguy, meh, most hardware works in time04:34
phunyguyi have my wife breathing down my neck threatening to sell the paperweight04:34
phunyguy...and this is the second motherboard.  the first was a Gigabyte ATi that worked better but performed worse (if that makes sense)04:35
phunyguythe video performance stunk, and it crashed at various times while i was hitting the down arrow on remote or keyboard04:35
foxbuntuafter dealing with multiple types of boards, no04:35
foxbuntuI mean I understand04:35
phunyguybut everything worked as advertised.04:36
phunyguywell good luck with the HDMI stuff, we are counting on you  ;)04:37
foxbuntuI am a mere drop in the great alsa pond04:38
phunyguyis there an ETA?04:38
phunyguyjust curoius.04:38
foxbuntu<10 years04:38
phunyguyoh comon thats not nice :(04:38
phunyguywill there be any way for me to follow along with progress?04:39
foxbuntukeep track of the alsa project04:39
phunyguyhow did i know you would say that  ;)04:40
phunyguyis there any way at all to get it working temp?04:40
phunyguyi did find some interesting posts about /etc/asound.conf04:40
phunyguybut that is all greek to me.04:40
foxbuntuphunyguy, well there is no temp to it, it either works or doesnt atm04:41
foxbuntuphunyguy, you can run: aplay -L04:42
foxbuntupost the output04:42
phunyguywant aplay -l as well?04:42
foxbuntuI might be able to give you some hope04:42
phunyguythey both produce different resultsd04:42
foxbuntui know04:42
phunyguyaplay -L doesnt have any digital devices in there04:42
phunyguyso need i not bother?04:42
foxbuntuaplay -L doesnt list HDMI?04:42
phunyguyaplay -l does04:42
phunyguyaplay -L doesnt04:43
phunyguyso im hosed?04:43
foxbuntuthen you prob wont get it working from what I have seen04:43
phunyguylaff - ok04:43
phunyguyI will stick with 8.10 then04:43
phunyguy(and the 2.2.27 kernel tree)04:43
foxbuntu9.04 is still early for a live system04:44
phunyguyi see that04:44
phunyguyX worked like a champ  (not)04:44
phunyguyat least on 8.10 i got vesa  :P04:44
phunyguyand 1080p after a quick xorg.conf update04:44
phunyguyoption "TVStandard" "1080p"04:45
phunyguyor something04:45
phunyguyi have it written down04:45
phunyguydo you know of any known-working chipsets?04:45
phunyguyi could always sell off this mobo04:46
phunyguybuy a new one04:46
foxbuntuI know several that claim to be, and I own several of them04:46
phunyguyany mATX?04:46
foxbuntuall are mATX04:46
phunyguyany recommendations?04:46
foxbuntuphunyguy, Intel G45, the same Audio issue atm, but Intel has the best set of drivers of the bunch and will prob be the first with the HDMI audio working04:48
foxbuntuand the video has the best performance04:48
phunyguyi guess i should have been more specific04:48
phunyguyI'm not an intel fan.04:49
hadsIntel rocks04:49
phunyguyi have always been a supported or AMD04:49
phunyguyfor years.04:49
hadsThough Nvidia has VD POW now04:49
phunyguylet me try that again04:49
phunyguyI have always been a supporter of AMD04:49
foxbuntuphunyguy, I used to be until I started this business and my testing04:50
phunyguyVD?  Venerial Disease?04:50
hadsVDPAU :)04:50
phunyguyi guess I am just doomed to wait then04:50
hadsBut yeah, Intel rocks. Graphics, Network and CPU's04:50
phunyguyI do have an intel system at work running kubuntu 8.1004:51
phunyguyand the sound sucks04:51
phunyguycant do more than one thing at a time04:51
phunyguyno music + game04:51
phunyguygraphics / sound / etc are all intel04:52
phunyguy(Dell GX620)04:52
phunyguypulled the ATi card out in favor of teh onboard intel video - lol04:52
phunyguyATi has a LOONNNGGGGG way to go.04:53
foxbuntuphunyguy, Intel is the only one providing FOSS drivers for their hardware04:53
phunyguynot sure what FOSS is04:53
hadsWhich makes them rock.04:53
phunyguybut it sounds mean!04:53
hadsFree Open Source Software.04:53
phunyguyi guess I have something to learn about intel... including paying the price for the better hardware04:54
phunyguyuntil then, I just want to get my hardware working!  lawl.04:54
hadsFOSS == anyone who figures it out can fix a problem.04:54
phunyguywell thats the beauty of OS04:55
phunyguyit's open...04:55
phunyguy...and easy.04:55
phunyguythats the argument they use at work when i bring up linux04:55
phunyguy"There is no money in free software"04:55
foxbuntuphunyguy, Open-Source does not = Free, it is Freedom04:56
phunyguythat much I understand.04:56
phunyguybut like linux for instance...04:56
foxbuntuphunyguy, I have invested allot of $$ into time and resources related to FOSS04:56
phunyguyyou dont have to pay for teh OS.04:56
phunyguyso where does the money come from>04:57
hadsSupport or products04:57
phunyguyi guess the common misconception is the not-for-profit thing>04:57
foxbuntuthere ya go04:57
foxbuntu(my response was to hads04:57
phunyguy(i know04:57
phunyguyand that was my argument04:58
phunyguy"Save your money on the MS products, and give me a raise to run it all"04:58
phunyguyhe had nothing to say.04:58
hadsI have an online store. The stuff we sell is tested to work with Linux so people come to us before others. We make money from that.04:58
phunyguythey pay hundreds of thousands to microsoft per year for SA agreements04:59
phunyguyAKA SUPPORT04:59
hads(and do consulting on FOSS VoIP etc.)04:59
foxbuntuphunyguy, Ubuntu support is far more than that04:59
phunyguywell thats not the support i intended04:59
phunyguyi meant, save your money on the easy point and click stuff05:00
phunyguythat works half the time05:00
phunyguygive me the money to make it work in linux05:00
phunyguyyou will be happy with stability05:00
foxbuntuphunyguy, but paying to retrain staff on a new system is part of that equation05:00
phunyguyi will be happy with the paycheck05:00
phunyguywhat staff.05:00
phunyguyjob security!05:00
phunyguyif done right, i would be the only person required.05:01
phunyguybut that is also far fetched05:01
phunyguy(This is all from a desktop perspective)05:01
phunyguy(not server)05:01
phunyguy(we have red hat servers)05:01
hadsDesktop is more difficult05:02
phunyguybut put it this way05:02
phunyguyour MAIN app (hospital) is a piece of software that creates a telnet session with a unix server05:02
foxbuntuphunyguy, lets put it this way, I an a core dev for this project, and a very high level network admin/engineer consultant, switching systems of any kind is far more expensive than most people see05:02
phunyguyi can almost guarantee that the rest will work in wine.05:02
phunyguyi understand that05:03
foxbuntuphunyguy, but as well? as compatible?05:03
phunyguybut nobody ever said it would be an immediate switch05:03
phunyguythrough attrition05:03
phunyguylol our apps are very simple.05:03
foxbuntuphunyguy, what about new apps in the future?05:04
phunyguygood point...05:04
phunyguynew apps in the future will just have to work with linux or they dont get purchased!05:04
phunyguywe use all vendors.05:04
phunyguydont have any of our own05:04
foxbuntuwhich limits your choices05:04
foxbuntubasically in most sectors that means you write your own05:05
phunyguyi got nuthin...05:05
phunyguybut thats the type of crap that makes me mad05:05
phunyguyeveryone is so tied to microsoft.05:05
phunyguywhat a monopoly.05:05
hadsIt amuses me when I see major installations where the only used app is a telnet session on a Windows client.05:06
foxbuntuthat is the case, but its what makes us money05:06
phunyguyyea hads05:07
phunyguyfamilliar with McKesson?05:07
phunyguyhealthcare app vendor05:07
RobertLaptopQuestion is there a way to run mythback with a dummy setup.  I want to run mythnetnews on a separate box as it seems to be killing my current backends when run.05:08
hadsphunyguy: Na, not my industry.05:08
phunyguybut yeah05:09
phunyguythats it.05:10
phunyguyit is used to do anything related to a patient05:10
hadsSo many millions in Windows licenses wasted.05:11
hadsRobertLaptop: "a dummy setup"?05:11
phunyguywell they love outlook05:11
RobertLaptopyea.  No real turner in the box.05:11
foxbuntuphunyguy, from my work with Hospitals its usually common because most of them are running Windows PC's and interfacing with AX/400 servers because the best apps for the requirements were wrote in the 80's05:11
phunyguyand exchange05:11
phunyguyyeah - lol05:12
phunyguyyou nailed it foxbuntu05:12
hadsRobertLaptop: You don't need a tuner to run mythbackend05:12
RobertLaptopOk.  I though mythbackend didn't like running without a backend defined.05:12
hadsThat's a confusing sentance :)05:13
phunyguymaybe he meant "without a tuner defined"05:14
phunyguythats my guess.05:14
hadsI run a backend on my desktop with no tuners, it does commflagging to take load off the main backend.05:14
foxbuntuhads, I do something similar05:14
hadsBeing a decent quad core it can do quite a bit without worrying.05:15
foxbuntuphunyguy, commercial flagging05:15
phunyguywhy would that take up a lot of CPU?05:15
foxbuntuhads, yeah, I used to only have a 3200+ and 3400+ systems running all my myth stuff so I had to split it out05:16
phunyguyi must be really behind05:16
hadsphunyguy: It processes every frame.05:16
foxbuntuphunyguy, it eats tons of CPU05:16
phunyguyi didnt realize it was that intensive05:16
foxbuntuI have a system that all it does is commflagging05:16
hadsSo if you're recording a couple of channels and watching one and you want instant commflag then you need some CPU grunt.05:17
phunyguyhow does it read the video on a remote system?05:17
hadsThe backend knows how to stream05:17
foxbuntuyellow magic05:17
hadsThat's how the frontend gets it's video.05:17
phunyguyso it just grabs the same stream from teh backend...05:17
phunyguyok i see.05:17
phunyguypretty reasonable.05:17
phunyguyand you need commercial flagging to keep it from being recorded?05:18
hadsGo do some reading ;)05:18
phunyguy(I am a noob with mythtv)05:18
phunyguyoh comon05:18
phunyguylike you folks have anything better to talk about  ;)05:18
htpcwireless isn't picking up my ap05:20
RobertLaptopThanks hads.  Yea that is one ugly sentence.05:20
htpcand channels aren't being f ound/detected05:20
hadsRobertLaptop: :) No probs05:20
htpcanyone able to help with either prob?05:23
htpcpreferably the tv card first05:23
hadsIs your card supported?05:24
hadsOkay, what's the problem?05:25
phunyguywow, it seems as though Alsa has been pretty much working on ATi issues based on the version history.05:25
phunyguy(For HDMI that is)05:25
phunyguywhich makes sense05:26
htpchmmm, ok, dmesg shows:05:26
htpc[ 2073.391604] sp887x: waiting for firmware upload (dvb-fe-sp887x.fw)...05:26
htpc[ 2073.391627] firmware: requesting dvb-fe-sp887x.fw05:26
phunyguymy HDMI board worked.05:26
htpchads: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/AVerTV_DVB-T_(A761)05:27
phunyguyer ATi HDMI board05:29
htpchooray for: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_Feisty_hardware_list#Avermedia05:29
phunyguyhmmmm Beer always makes it all better05:31
htpcscanned my channels :D05:35
phunyguyisnt that a great feeling?05:36
htpclets see if they work first05:36
phunyguyif it scanned the channels, it should be fine05:37
htpcdamn it, my comp can't handle hdtv05:38
Zinnhtpc: Please watch your language.05:38
htpcdamn is bad language now? >.<05:38
Zinnhtpc: Please watch your language.05:38
htpcok, tv sort of works05:41
htpcI can watch tv, but I only have about 1fps05:42
phunyguywhat is your cpu / video hardware?05:43
htpcamd 2400+05:44
htpcati 960005:45
phunyguythe cpu may be the bottleneck05:45
htpcjust did this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66118005:45
phunyguyhi-def content?05:45
phunyguyyeah that would fo it05:45
htpcdidn't even try hi def, its never worked on this comp, but in windows at least, I know I've had fine playback05:46
htpcok, brb, restarting x05:46
htpcok, much better frame rate05:50
htpcbut, theres a slight shaking (vertical I think) in the video05:50
phunyguythat was the same thing i noticed on my ATi video05:51
phunyguycrappy drivers05:51
phunyguybut also the 2400 can't help anything05:51
htpcwell, I'm not acually doing this for any reason05:52
htpcjust something to do with my old pc05:52
phunyguyi understand05:52
phunyguythats like me turning my old K6-2/500 into a jukebox05:52
phunyguyusing mpd and ncmpc05:52
phunyguyruns like a champ in the garabe05:53
htpcI don't like mpd05:54
htpctoo featureless05:54
htpceg, can't edit tags05:54
htpcalso, none of the clients are steller.05:54
phunyguyits a 500l05:55
phunyguycant ask too much of it.... like running X.05:56
phunyguybesides, all of the music is synch'd from my real collection of full FLAC albums05:56
phunyguywhich i personally make sur ethe tags are accurate05:57
phunyguysure the*05:57
hadsUse a tag edit to edit tags and a music player to play music :)05:57
phunyguythank youl05:57
phunyguympd rules05:57
phunyguyi actually use that at work too05:58
htpcphunyguy, in that case, why not just play music from whever your collection is?05:58
phunyguyrun it in tty105:58
phunyguybecause i am always restarting X05:58
phunyguytired of reloading my music05:58
hadsI use Amarok myself05:58
htpcyou can still run a cmd line client in a different tty05:58
phunyguyat home05:58
phunyguythat is the only cmd line client i use05:58
hadsAnd push audio round the house via pulseaudio05:58
phunyguyi push my audio around the house via a script running flac -d | oggenc blah blah blah05:59
hadsThat's data not audio ;)05:59
phunyguyin case my server is having issues05:59
phunyguyi still have ogg files on other PCs06:00
phunyguyruns as a cron job06:00
phunyguy(I do a little scripting in perl)06:00
bmathismy myth box is taking about 5 minutes to restart, its a fe/be combo and is on 24hrs a day... any suggestions on where to start looking to find out why? It didnt do this before.06:01
phunyguyyou had to say it - lol06:07
htpcI'm trying to use my wiimote with myth06:19
htpcbut I get: Socket connect error (control channel)06:20
htpcmmmm, tis a cwiid problem06:22
phunyguybut you dont have bluetooth06:30
phunyguycomon man...06:31
htpcI just plugged in a usb bluetooth adapter :)06:31
phunyguyhave you plugged it in before?06:31
htpcbut bluetooth is all working fine first go06:32
htpcwireless is still not getting a reception though06:32
phunyguydoesnt sound like it  :P06:32
htpcproblem is with my wiimote, it doesn't like pcs. have simlar probs on other comps soo06:33
phunyguyoooh nice perl reference06:34
htpcvi :P06:35
phunyguywell in Perl that is actually a command06:37
phunyguy$variable =~ s/foo/bar/g;06:37
phunyguyreplace all instances of "foo" with "bar" in $variable06:37
phunyguyi need a new monitor06:38
phunyguythis one has a really bad flicker effect06:38
phunyguywith solid colors06:39
htpcphunyguy, its a common extension to regular expressions06:39
htpcphunyguy, I think it originally was a vi command though06:39
phunyguywell i wouldnt doubt it06:39
phunyguyvi has been around longer than perl06:39
phunyguyunfortunately i haven't06:39
phunyguyand if i went in another chat room and said s/soo/too, i might get laughed at  ;)06:40
* phunyguy is listening to Atreyu - Doomsday (Track 1 from "Lead Sails Paper Anchor")06:43
* htpc frowns: http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99337607:17
htpc"- If your bluetooth dongle doesn't work with your wiimote but does recognize the wiimote's bluetooth address fine, don't waste time reinstalling and fiddling with wminput or any other software. Simply try to find another dongle to test the wiimote. I have received multiple posts of people having non-working dongles and it turns out that there's no way to go around that, they just don't work! I have also received notice07:17
htpcthat Bluesoleil dongles don't work with wiimotes, go figure! They don't even work correctly in Windows, try to stay away from these dongles."07:17
phunyguylet me guess07:18
phunyguyyou have that dongle07:18
htpcBUT... I have had it working before07:23
htpc(not on intrepid though)07:23
htpcand, it only worked once, then I rebooted, and it didn't07:23
htpcbut, it did work once07:23
jakobHi I have a mythtv backend (host A) and a myth frontend (host B)09:38
jakobI want to watch tv and ripped dvd's on host B served by host A09:39
jakobI can connect to host A via host B09:39
jakobOn host  I use the exact db user as on A if I use the frontend on the backend host09:42
jakobIt seems like host B is connects ok to mysql and to myth port 654309:43
jakobhere is the problem09:44
jakobWhen I try to watch tv on host B from host A it tries to use a local ring buffer09:45
jakobresulting in errors like: 2009-01-04 10:45:41.824 PlaybackBox::play(): Error, /GetPlaybackURL/UNABLE/TO/FIND/LOCAL/FILE/ON/jakob-laptop/3100_20090102180000.mpg file not found09:46
jakobshouldn't it be attempting to fetch content from the myth backend using something like myth://hosta/3100_20090102180000.mpg09:48
jakobis there an option I need to enable09:49
hadsShould stream automatically09:49
hadsDarn, first day of work tomorrow.09:50
* hads goes to bed09:50
reppelHi, is 9.04alpha2 based on mythtv 0.22?10:07
jakobreppel: You can look in the repository I guess10:33
reppeljakob: it is not that easy11:02
reppeljakob: imho, launchpad is a mess11:03
sebrockis it possible to use hardy drivers for my GMA 3100 graphics instead of intrepid? The Intrepid ones creates massive tearing/vsync problems11:06
reppelsebrock: i confirm this11:08
reppeli have horizontal lines during playback11:08
reppelno idea about the drivers though :(11:09
sebrockyou got gma 3100 aswell?11:10
reppel00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)11:11
sebrockreppel, I have no problems in 8.04.1, it's just in 8.10... so the package is worse now11:11
reppelsebrock: yeah, me too, 8.04 was fine11:11
sebrockright so its not just the 3100 then11:11
sebrock0:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82G33/G31 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)11:13
sebrockgot a G33 mobo11:13
sebrocksucks, is there a bug report on this?11:13
jakobreppel: it is version 0.1911:14
reppelsebrock: didn't search for it, I'm lazily living with  it :)11:14
jakoband it is easy to see in the repository11:14
reppeljakob: you sure? The last released version (0.21) is from march 08!11:16
jakobno I'm not sure11:17
jakobit can change still before 9.04 is released11:17
sebrockreppel, I find it to be unwatchable...11:17
jakobbut right now it is11:17
sebrockIm gonna file a bug for this11:18
jakoblot's og packages are outdated in ubuntu :-(11:18
jakobif you want bleeding edge you sometimes gotta build it yourself11:19
sebrockif I enable OpenGL vsync it segfaults... fishy intel graphics I say11:25
wetwilly_would I be able to scan and find channels if the driver was not correctly installed for my dvb tuner? because I am able to scan, but not to view FTA..12:24
sebrockreturned to 8.04.1, hope 9.04 will do better12:25
wetwilly_why are u not using 8.10 ?12:26
wetwilly_hmm, guess the driver is broken. now I am unable to scan and dmesg spits out: mantis stop feed and dma12:30
jdugganhrm guys... since i've upgraded from 7.10 to 8.10... my tv (HD LCD) keeps blanking the screen when its not in use.... i've turned off the screensaver in xfce settings and i've tried forcing dpms on via a terminal... doesnt have any affect?15:44
jdugganwhat else would it be??15:44
jdugganmaybe i need to set DISPLAY first15:44
jduggan  Monitor is in Suspend15:46
jdugganjduggan@mythbox:~$ DISPLAY=:0 xset -dpms dpms force on15:46
jduggandoesnt help? is that not the right flags to use?15:47
jduggannope tried all combinations no workie15:58
jduggananyone like to make a suggestion? :P15:59
styelzyou mean it wont turn back on ?15:59
jdugganit will if i hit the keyboard.. lircd doesnt wake it up15:59
jdugganbut the poitn is i want to know whats causing it15:59
jdugganif all the dpms features are off16:00
jdugganand if i force on and its still not coming on...16:00
styelzhave you tried turning it off in the Power Management.. set turn monitor off to never16:00
squish102anyone know how to get two x11vnc screens started on mythbuntu. i set up first one with control panel, but now would like another one on a different port?16:01
styelzjduggan: this might help if you havent already seen it. http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/DPMS16:18
styelznight ya'll16:18
jdugganalready read that, but thanks16:22
Guest61643Does anyone know of a good tutorial on how to optimize playback settings?16:28
RobertLaptopQuestion I am getting a gpg error when I try to use http://uk.weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org/mythbuntu/ubuntu is there a fix in the works or an updated GPG file I should use?16:51
lagasuperm1, Daviey: ping - what's the matter with the broken GPG key?16:55
RobertLaptoplaga is that related to my question?16:59
jjwin2kOo I get a siganture error for  http://uk.weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org hardy Release17:19
RobertLaptopI get it for 8.10.  The usa repo has no updates of myth.  uk has updates but fails gpg tests.  Sounds like something is broken in the repo.17:21
jjwin2kk thx17:21
Tumiehi guys, i followed the steps on http://www.mythbuntu.org/existing-ubuntu ,, but my whole system is Mythbuntu now,, that is not what is viewable on the bottom of the page,, on the bottomof the page i see an image with only Mythbuntu as a programm.. how can i delete mythbuntu and get my old ubuntu desktop back (without losing files) ?????????18:02
lagaTumie: log out, select a different session in GDM, log back in18:03
phunyguydoes mythfilldatabase usually take forever and a day?18:04
phunyguyTumie: what were you using before?18:04
phunyguythis is very simple.18:05
phunyguynormal ubuntu?18:05
* phunyguy pokes Tumie18:07
Tumiei were using Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop18:08
Tumiedifferent session in GDM?? what is GDM?18:09
Tumiephunyguy: are you still here?18:13
phunyguyyes you just need to log out and change session type back to gnome18:20
thomas__phunyguy: thanks :)18:23
phunyguyi take it that worked :P18:23
thomas__i almost thought that i needed to reinstall everything..18:23
phunyguyoh, never!18:23
phunyguythat is the beauty of ubuntu18:23
phunyguycan switch between "flavors"18:23
thomas__didn't know that (a)18:24
squish102can i use x11vnc to open a new desktop? or should i be using vncserver for that?18:24
phunyguyactually that is linux in general, but moreso with ubuntu18:24
phunyguyshould be able to squish18:24
phunyguyi always used freenx though18:24
squish102i use x11vnc to take over the primary display, but i want a different display18:24
phunyguyruns like remote desktop so it caches the gui bitmap info - etc18:24
squish102ok, freenx... thanks18:25
squish102phunyguy, i need a new gui screen to run only skype. so i need someing very light18:28
squish102i want skype to run in it's own screen and started up automatically. i dont want it interfering with mythtv18:28
squish102freenx sound like a good candidate still?18:28
lagai'd try vncserver...18:28
* laga afk18:28
thomas__phunyguy: can i also install kubuntu as add-on.. (with session ? )18:41
phunyguyok folks, here is another pesky issue I can't shake and I need to know if i am doing something wrong.18:42
phunyguyI have a Dvico fusion HD card...18:42
phunyguyvideo looks great, but when watching TV and then trying to go into program guide, it takes forever for the guide to come up and there is like a 30 second lag time from when i press a button to scroll up or down18:43
phunyguyi can't figure it out18:43
phunyguywhen watching my dish tv on the PVR-150 card it works great!18:43
phunyguybut not the hd card18:43
phunyguyCPU is a dual core amd 2.4 gig18:45
phunyguy2 gigs ram18:45
phunyguyonboard 8200 video18:45
cloakableIs there a guide anywhere about setting up a master backend using a preexisting MySQL server? I have a LAMP box I'd like to use for the database.19:14
_akuma624_just finished loading mythbuntu 8.0420:03
_akuma624_not exactly WOWed by the picture quality20:03
_akuma624_here is a list of my setup20:04
_akuma624_:::: hardware ::::20:04
_akuma624_P4 @ 2 GHz20:04
_akuma624_1.5 GB RAM20:04
_akuma624_300 GB IDE HD20:04
_akuma624_NVIDIA VID CARD20:05
_akuma624_WINTV - PVR 15020:05
_akuma624_:::: TV SIGNAL - IN ::::20:05
_akuma624_any suggestions?20:06
dashcloudI'm not sure what you mean by picture quality20:06
dashcloudI've got a D11 box as well, and connected over S-Video it looks fine20:06
dashcloud(unless the PVR 150 is a much crappier version of the 250)20:07
jakobHi I have a mythtv backend (host A) and a myth frontend (host B)20:10
jakobI want to watch tv and ripped dvd's on host B served by host A20:10
jakobI can connect to host A via host B20:10
jakobOn host B I use the exact same db user as on A if I use the frontend on the backend host20:11
jakobhere is the problem20:11
jakobWhen I try to watch tv on host B from host A it tries to use a local ring buffer20:11
jakobresulting in errors like: 2009-01-04 10:45:41.824 PlaybackBox::play(): Error, /GetPlaybackURL/UNABLE/TO/FIND/LOCAL/FILE/ON/jakob-laptop/3100_20090102180000.mpg file not found20:11
jakobDo I need to set a switch?20:11
dashcloudthere's an option for always stream or something like that I believe- hope that helps you20:13
jakobthanks I'll try to find it20:13
derek__I recently purchased a mediagate mce remote model number gp-ir02bk and am having trouble getting it configured using mythbuntu control centre20:23
derek__Does anyone have any experience with this remote or know where I can look to get the help I need..?20:24
derek__I can do sudo cat /dev/lirc020:26
derek__and when I press buttons on the remote it shows up on the terminal20:27
derek__irrecord however says it is receiving an invalid signal20:27
MythbuntuGuest77I have Ubuntu server and mythbuntu-desktop installed. Looks like everything is fine but when I try to record something from mythweb, nothing gets recorded. Strangely at backend log everything looks fine. Any ideas?20:39
MythbuntuGuest77Where should recordings save at default?21:11
hadsI believe /var/lib/ somehwere, you can check in mythtv-setup21:12
MythbuntuGuest15Anyone here have xbox 360 playing recordings?21:17
MythbuntuGuest15I need some help21:17
MythbuntuGuest15recordings only show up under music and don't play21:17
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest15, you probably won't be able to do that, the 360 only supports a handful of codecs and mpeg2 isn't one of them.  If you have an mpeg4 encoder it might work.  Either way, you will need a different UPNP server because the one built into myth doesn't support the 360 correctly21:55
hadsSilly 36021:58
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ZinnSorry I don't know about hauppauge23:34
ZinnSorry I don't know about stats23:34
ZinnI am alive.23:34

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