boredandbloggingmdke: what if a LoCo is starting up a mailing list for the first time?01:31
boredandbloggingtyche: ping03:33
tycheboredandblogging: pong03:35
boredandbloggingtyche: the linux ad thing03:35
boredandbloggingthink it might be more of an interesting thing if the whyubuntu.com thing takes off03:35
tycheI'm not sure I follow what you mean.03:36
boredandbloggingthe story itself is not ubuntu specific03:37
boredandbloggingsame with kernel 2.6.2803:38
tycheTrue.  But I don't pick the links.  In fact, I thought YOU put those two in there.03:38
boredandbloggingi'm gonna bet both of them will be Ubuntu related soon03:39
boredandbloggingbut the links that are there right now probably aren't appropriate03:40
tycheWell, pulling them won't  break my heart, any, if that's what you're worried about.  I just go through and try to find the meat, then spice it up to make it tantalizing.  :-)03:40
boredandbloggingnah, pull them03:40
boredandblogginghopefully we should have more news on whyubuntu.com soon03:40
boredandbloggingthere seems to be progress03:40
tycheFine.  they're gone.  (Well, ok, it'll take me a minute to get in and pull them, but you know what I mean).03:40
boredandbloggingawesome thanks03:41
mdkeboredandblogging: every loco is allowed an Ubuntu mailing list, as far as I know. Actually, some have two, with a second one for translations10:53
mdkeboredandblogging: https://lists.ubuntu.com/#Ubuntu+Worldwide+LoCo+Teams11:08
tychekennymc0: Don't worry about formatting Upcoming Meetings like the last time.  THAT was just a "one-off", because we were covering 2 weeks at once.15:28
tycheBut it's a royal bear to strip out, so that johnc4510 can send it out as an email.15:28
kennymc0good cause i looked at the coding that went into that and it didnt look like it would be fun15:38
kennymc0........at all15:38
tycheIt wasn't.  I had to make it up as I went along.  That it succeeded as well as it did was simply because of my outstanding wisdom and abilities in the face of adversity.  Hee hee15:43
johnc4510morning all15:48
tycheMorning, johnc4510.  Nice to see you up so early in the morning.15:48
johnc4510been up, but fixing the company breakfast15:48
nizarusmorning johnc4510 :) and tyche :)15:49
tycheIf myrtlebeachbums doesn't show up by 10:00, I'll do the rest of the stuff (ITP and ITB)15:49
johnc4510i think they are leaving wed. morning so i don't have too much longer15:49
johnc4510nizarus: morning15:49
tycheMorning, nizarus15:49
tychejohnc4510: I was going to ask how you were surviving.  But I think I'll save that one for NEXT week.  Hee hee15:50
johnc4510i have some stories, not as good as the spoon one but...15:50
tycheI'm patient.  I even have a doctor.  Hee hee15:51
tycheBTW, johnc4510, Nick had me pull 2 articles last night.  the one about the "I'm Linux" contest, and the one about the new kernel.  He said that they weren't Ubuntu specific.15:56
johnc4510yeah, i saw15:56
johnc4510well, he's right15:56
johnc4510i just knew they would be relivant soon15:56
johnc4510so i didn't see a big problem15:57
johnc4510but it's all good15:57
tycheYep.  Of course he waited until AFTER I'd written the teasers.  Hee hee15:59
tycheGood thing I don't have any personal stake in the teasers.  Pulling them doesn't bother me.  Nor does somebody editing or rewriting them.16:01
tycheMy concern is with the end result - the UWN going out in style!16:01
johnc4510i'm checking for any last minute additions then i can get started on what's still open16:02
johnc4510tyche: did you do the teaser for nick's blog piece on ubuntu in 2008?16:03
tycheNope.  that's ITB.  I wasn't going to start on ITP and ITB until 10:00, to give myrtlebeachbums a chance to get in there.  He said he'd be in this morning, but I haven't seen him yet.16:04
johnc4510k, np16:04
johnc4510tyche: i changed the mark blog piece around to expand it16:46
tycheThat's fine.16:46
tycheI'm working up from the bottom of ITB, right now.  I pinged myrtlebeachbums, earlier, and haven't gotten a response.16:47
johnc4510i saw16:47
johnc4510tyche: can you put in what you have done please?16:59
johnc4510i'm done to ITP17:00
johnc4510slow poke  hee hee17:00
tycheSlow, nothing.  I've done 3 teasers in 15 minutes.  All I have to do is put them up.17:01
johnc4510k  thx17:01
johnc4510thx tyche17:03
tycheOK, bottom three ITB are done.  That leaves myrtlebeachbums 6 entries to do.17:03
johnc4510ok, we'll have two membership board meeting to work on next wk. highlighting new members17:05
johnc4510EMEA and Americas17:06
tycheYea, I saw, when I added in the recurring events to the Fridge calendar.17:06
johnc4510i thought the Get involved thing turned out ok too17:06
johnc4510i'm going to add it to the template17:06
tycheYea, I liked that.17:06
tycheI thought you did a good job of presenting it.17:07
tycheWe may be preaching to the choir, though.  The people that read the UWN are the ones that are already participating, in one form or another.17:07
tycheBut it can't hurt to add it in, and it might even help people realize that there are more opportunities than they realized.17:08
johnc4510i thought the same thing, but new people reading it will get some direction on participating i think17:09
tycheI know that I had entirely the wrong idea of what participation meant, when I first was looking and found that page.17:10
tycheI think it needs a bit of work.  But I don't know who's in charge of it to make suggestions to.17:11
johnc4510ask joey maybe17:11
tycheHmmm.  That's an idea.  Or jono, maybe, since it's really a community type of thing.17:12
johnc4510you'll be more likely to catch joey i think17:13
tycheYea, the chances there are somewhere between slim and none.  Hee hee17:13
tycheBTW, did my comment to Marks blog finally show up?17:14
johnc4510don't see it yet17:14
tycheNM.  It's still flagged for moderation.  I can't understand that.  I'm the most moderate of people there is.  LOL17:14
tycheIf you don't believe me, just look at my picture.  ROFL17:15
tycheNice expansion on Mark's blog17:16
johnc4510i need to talk with someone on the forums about starting up their reporting again17:18
johnc4510maybe matthew17:18
tycheWhat do you think of the proposal to add corporate blogs to the Planet?17:18
johnc4510not sure, if they stick to the outline of rules, it will probably be ok17:19
johnc4510no adds etc17:19
tycheyea, that and the CC oversite.17:19
johnc4510i think we'll have to see how it goes after it starts up17:20
tycheAlso, they want an Ubuntu member to be the responsible person for the blog.17:20
johnc4510but there will have to be some give on membership i think for that. and that is touchy at least with me17:21
tycheI don't see why there should be any give on it.  Members are ones who, in one way or another, contribute in a significant way in an on-going manner.17:22
johnc4510maybe they will have folks that are already making a sustained contribution17:22
johnc4510i don't know17:22
johnc4510that really the only point i'm concerned about, and they surely have put some thought into that already17:23
tycheWhat do you think of my going back through the UWN's and putting together a web page of glossary terms?17:23
johnc4510instead of what we're doing now?17:24
johnc4510on a weekly basis17:24
tycheno, more as a general thing, where people that aren't necessarily reading the UWN could go for definitions.17:24
johnc4510not sure, i haven't thought about that17:25
tychePlus, it would make it easier for me in one respect, as I'd always be using the same definitions (pulled from there) for repeated instances on different UWNs17:25
johnc4510that's true17:25
tycheAnd I see a LOT of repeats.17:26
johnc4510ask nick for an opinion17:26
tychePlus, if I'm not available, that would provide a resource for anyone else having to take it over.17:26
johnc4510if it would make _your_ work easier, i'm all for it17:26
johnc4510ok, i'm going to step away for a few and let you guys catch up17:27
johnc4510bb in about 30 mins.17:27
tychehey, I have to think of the whole thing, not just my job.  But what happens if I get run over by a bus?  Oh, wait . . . I'm no longer a bus boss.  Hee hee17:27
boredandbloggingmdke: right, what I'm asking is, can new LoCos host their mailing lists on LP instead of lists.ubuntu.com? Or if a LoCo wants to set up a 2nd list for administrative purposes, is it ok for them to use LP lists? When we were discussing hosting the Fridge mailing list on LP back in April 2008, there was a policy of not recommending LP lists to the Ubuntu community for various reasons. Do we17:38
boredandbloggingstill have that policy?17:38
johnc4510boredandblogging: morning bud17:43
mdkeboredandblogging: I thought I had answered the question, but yes we still have the policy, and local teams should use lists.ubuntu.com17:44
mdkeboredandblogging: if a local team wants more lists than the Ubuntu list-masters are prepared to give them, then I think that they are free to use any mailing list provider they like, whether Launchpad, freelists or other.17:45
tychejohnc4510: See glossary of terms for the reason why I was thinking about a separate page as a general reference.17:45
mdkeboredandblogging: but the starting point is an Ubuntu list17:45
johnc4510tyche: looking17:46
tychejohnc4510: You guys are ganging up on me.17:46
johnc4510tyche: i see. the only thing i don't want is just a link to a page there instead of the terms17:47
johnc4510i don't want the readers to have to consult a link to get the info17:48
tycheNo, no!  I wasn't implying that.  Just that it would make a general resource and reference, as well as making it easier for me to use the same definitions over and over.17:48
tycheWell, me or whoever.17:48
johnc4510ah, well then ok    go for it17:48
johnc4510sorry i misunderstood17:48
tycheNow, the NEXT question is, where would I put it?17:49
johnc4510just make a wiki page for your use17:49
johnc4510hang on17:49
tycheAnd I don't fault you for not understanding.  The concept lends itself to missunderstanding.17:49
johnc4510something like that17:50
tycheI would have said all that except the -terms on the end.17:50
johnc4510np use that instead if you want17:51
johnc4510you should get kennymc0 to help you go back thru the past issues if that's what you want to do17:52
tycheKK.  I'll get it started, then data-mine back through previous issues for terms that are better defined, or are not already included on the page.17:52
tycheYea, I could do that, too.  HEH HEH HEH17:52
tycheBTW, did you see kennymc0's explaination concerning the bug stats in the -az channel?17:52
tycheThere now exists a Glossary page for the UWN and any others that care to reference it.  It can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/glossary.  This is a work in progress (and I don't expect that it will ever leave that state).18:03
johnc4510tyche: are you doing the ITP ??18:04
tycheNo, myrtlebeachbums is, as far as I know.  Drag him up here and find out.  Hee hee18:05
boredandbloggingmdke: thanks18:20
boredandbloggingjohnc4510: hey18:20
johnc4510how goes the good life?18:20
boredandbloggingjohnc4510: heh18:21
boredandblogginggetting ready to record a podcast18:22
johnc4510myrtlebeach should be about ready for membership, you want to look at his wiki?18:22
tycheNote:  There are now 13 Glossary terms in this week's UWN.  and 18 in the Glossary page18:32
johnc4510kennymc0: ping18:43
johnc4510i added to the template the brainstorm top 5 of the wk.18:44
johnc4510i've been adding them myself for the last several issues18:44
johnc4510i want you to start adding them to your other stat reporting please18:44
johnc4510all the info is there18:45
johnc4510tyche: i added a teaser on the forums reaching 1 million threads18:46
tycheOh, REALLY!  Is that total, or just since they revamped and archived?18:46
johnc4510i think total18:47
tycheno link?  Or is that "gleaned from various sources".  Hee hee18:48
johnc4510yeah, i just picked it up and wrote it18:50
johnc4510we should link to the main forum page though18:50
johnc4510i'll add it18:50
johnc4510tyche: i'm going to get some lunch then add the welcome and "in this issue"19:11
johnc4510we're almost there19:11
johnc4510thx guys19:11
nizarusjohnc4510, we need a solution for wiki links including a space19:12
nizaruswhen doing copy past the link will be incorrect19:12
johnc4510can you give me an example nizarus19:13
nizarushttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue123#Tunisian Team19:13
tycheIn the case of the ENIS event, I would drop off the #ENIS, etc.19:13
nizaruswhen i copy past it the link is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue123#Tunisian19:13
tycheWe actually covered the annual seminar on FOSS in Tunisia, too.19:14
nizarusthe correct link is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue123#Tunisian%20Team19:14
nizarusspaces must be replaced by %2019:14
nizarustyche, it will be great if the enis event is reported to the UWN too :)19:16
mfmboredandblogging, Hi! Can I still add something to the UWN123?19:17
mfmHey, cool Number!19:17
boredandbloggingmfm: sure19:17
mfmIn the Wiki? or are you working on it?19:17
tychenizarus: We've already got something in there on it19:18
nizarushi boredandblogging :)19:18
johnc4510mfm: no ones in the wiki right now19:18
boredandbloggingmfm: just add it to the wiki19:18
johnc4510boredandblogging: can you help nizarus19:18
johnc4510not sure i can19:18
mfmjohnc4510, wrong, I am19:18
johnc4510mfm: lol19:18
nizarusjohnc4510, sorry haven't seen that you are going to lunch :(19:19
johnc4510just not sure what answer i can give you19:20
johnc4510maybe boredandblogging can help19:20
boredandbloggingnizarus: yeah, the %2019:20
boredandbloggingwhats the problem?19:20
boredandbloggingThe %20 aren't showing up?19:21
nizarusboredandblogging, all links here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue123#Tunisian%20Team are broken19:21
nizarusnote that i added %20 to the above link to get it ok for you19:21
nizarusis there any solution for that problem instead of manually replacing spaces by %2019:23
boredandbloggingdon't use spaces in links?19:24
boredandbloggingwhich isn't reasonable19:24
boredandbloggingin the browser, the links for fine19:25
nizarusboredandblogging, these links are automaticly gnerated by the wiki, when the link is in the same page they works19:25
boredandbloggingis that Issue123#Tunisian Team link used elsewhere?19:25
boredandbloggingright, so who would be linking to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue123#Tunisian%20Team?19:26
nizarusand in that section the link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/TeamReporting#Ubuntu-tn at the 4th edition of the annual seminar on FOSS Tunisia19:26
nizarusshould be https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/TeamReporting#Ubuntu-tn%20at%20the%204th%20edition%20of%20the%20annual%20seminar%20on%20FOSS%20Tunisia19:27
nizarusand the second one https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/TeamReporting#ENIS Event 8.1219:27
nizarusshould be https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/TeamReporting#ENIS%20Event%208.1219:28
nizarushard work !!19:28
* nizarus have to put this on mind for next reports :)19:28
johnc4510-laptopmfm: you done adding to the UWN now??21:22
mfmjohnc4510-laptop, yes21:23
johnc4510-laptopcool  thx21:23
mfmI was just looking through the contributions to our german version and found some links that didn't appear int the UWN21:25
mfmthey do now ;)21:25
nizarusjohnc4510-laptop, can we add more details on "Tunisian Team Events in December"21:37
nizarusn December, they completed the first of 2 phases of migrating the National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS) to Ubuntu. This first phase included presentations to students, teachers and technical staff of ENIS[1] and installing ubuntu on 150 PC.21:38
johnc4510-laptopsure go ahead and add it21:39
johnc4510-laptopyou've got about 5 mins. before i publish21:39
* johnc4510-laptop anyone around that can help me with the mail lists ??22:06
johnc4510-laptopthey seem to be down22:07
johnc4510-laptopbeuno: ping22:07
beunojohnc4510-laptop, hiya22:08
johnc4510-laptopmail list trouble22:08
beunowhat seems to be the problem>22:08
johnc4510-laptopno confirmation on the issue i sent to the -news list22:08
johnc4510-laptopand i can't get to the admin page22:08
beunoI'm in the admin page22:09
beunoand your email isn't being held for moderation22:10
johnc4510-laptopok, i got to the admin page22:10
johnc4510-laptopdon't know what was wrong22:10
beuno"the internet"   ;)22:11
johnc4510-laptopnew issue of the UWN is out: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue12322:23
johnc4510-laptopok all we're done for another week. thx for a great job :)22:51

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