astrubharHey everyone.00:42
astrubharDoes anybody have experience installing suPHP on Ubuntu Hardy?00:43
yann2i use mod_fastcgi...00:58
yann2su_php is rather slow if you consider using in prod00:59
yann2but fastcgi is a bit buggy, but faster, make your choice :)00:59
yann2gotta go, good luck00:59
oracleofmisthey guys04:13
oracleofmisti want to make a lan all be able to connect using copanetwork.com as its domain, how would i set this up04:13
Kamping_Kaiserconnect to what?04:15
oracleofmistwould i have to setup my server with bind9?04:16
Kamping_Kaiserthat doesnt really answer my question04:17
Kamping_Kaisersince 'connect' is a very lose word, and could mean a whole heap of things04:17
oracleofmisti want all the computer on the network to be able to connect to eachother via ssh, etc using hostnames04:17
oracleofmistor if i have a local smtp server resolve smtp.copanetwork.com as the server on the lan04:18
Kamping_Kaiserany local dns server from dnsmasq through bind will let you setup the domain lookups. then you'll need to configure services on the systems to listen for the apropriate fqdn or hostname04:19
oracleofmistalright, this is a bit of a project for me as this area is new04:20
oracleofmistnow when i setup my ubuntu server i set it up on copanetwork.com  however my desktop was setup prior and is not setup with a domain04:20
oracleofmisthow would i configure it to be on the domain?04:20
Kamping_Kaiseryou can do one of two things, depending on how you want the network to function. either make the dns server do all the 'smarts' (eg, know which host is which), or tell each machine what its fqdn is, then the dns server is there to tell the rest of the network04:21
hadsdnsmasq is neat04:22
Kamping_Kaiserhads, i like it :)04:22
* Kamping_Kaiser is using it for this exact purpose, on his small network (it would be less neat trying to manage a Uni with it though :DD)04:22
oracleofmistso dnsmasq over bind9?04:22
Kamping_Kaiseroracleofmist, if you want to really understand dns, bind9 is where its at04:23
Kamping_Kaiserif you just want things to start working, dnsmasq might be a nicer solution04:23
oracleofmisti'm just wondering because i currently have 4 computers on this network and am planning on adding a couple computers each month so i want this to be easy to setup04:23
oracleofmisthowever handle large scale in the long run04:24
hadsHow large do you onsider large.04:24
hadsdnsmasq can do a lot of people's large.04:24
oracleofmistwell if i keep the existing infrastructure about 40 or so computers by the end of the year, with possible vpn04:24
oracleofmistis it easier to manage? i'm just wondering what the advantages are of each04:27
hadsWell if you want DHCP and DNS it will handle that for you easily.04:30
oracleofmistalready off to a bad start04:32
oracleofmistdnsmasq: failed to create listening socket: Address already in use04:32
oracleofmistthat was just installing it04:32
Kamping_Kaiserbecause bind is running04:32
oracleofmisti uninstalled bind9 but you are talking about something different?04:32
oracleofmisthow do i stop bind from running?04:34
Kamping_Kaiserdid you remove bind before installing dnsmasq?04:34
oracleofmisti did  apt-get purge bind904:35
oracleofmistdo i have to remove regular bind as well?04:35
Kamping_Kaiserthat would have errored. `apt-get --purge remove bind9` would be the proper command04:35
evarlasti thought bind conflicted with bind904:35
evarlastoh, nvmnd, there is no bind package anymore04:36
oracleofmistwell in either case it is gone04:36
oracleofmistprobably restart then?04:36
ScottKThe purge should have stopped it at well as removed it.04:36
* Kamping_Kaiser isnt convinced its gone.04:37
oracleofmistfrom netstat i don't see "bind" anywhere04:38
Kamping_Kaiseroracleofmist, do you see 'named' or 'dnsmasq'?04:38
oracleofmistno but i see named running from "top"04:39
hadsThat's not all of your netstat04:40
oracleofmistok killed "named" and dnsmasq starts04:40
Kamping_Kaiserso bind is still installed04:40
oracleofmistthat was everything put out by netstat04:40
oracleofmistthe only thing i excluded was one line above the top that has the titles for each column04:41
Kamping_Kaiseroracleofmist, fwiw, you should check you've removed bind904:51
oracleofmist_however i do see bind9-host and libbind9-40 installed04:57
smultronafter you `export` a env-variable, should it stick to that on subsequent logins?05:34
smultronhow do you get it to 'stick'?05:35
Kamping_Kaiseryou could add it to your bashrc if its just for you05:37
DoonzHey im lookking at a way to speed up internet browsing. Crurrently i have my xp bo running to my ubuntu box wich is the firewall and the dns server. What can i do on the Ubuntu box to speed things up?05:39
smultronDoonz: have you tested your internet speed from the ubuntu box and compared it to that on the xp box?05:40
Kamping_Kaisersetup a caching proxy presumably05:40
Doonzsmultron yeah its almost identical05:43
DoonzLike if i downlad a large file my speed is fine. but when im just browsing the web it seems sluggish05:43
smultronperhaps DNS or cache, like Kamping_Kaiser suggested05:43
Doonzsee i was kinda thinking caching on the ubuntu box. Right now the ubuntu box does all the dns fetching05:44
smultronsomething like squid cache would do05:46
Doonzok ill give that a shot05:47
uvirtbot`New bug: #313650 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "package mysql-server-5.0 5.0.67-0ubuntu6 [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/mysql-server-5.0.list] failed to install/upgrade: subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31365007:36
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J-_After a break from the server, I turned it back on and I found that sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart doesn't work. So, I cd /etc/init.d/ and networking isn't there. Is there a way to reconfigure the system to bring it back? My server still works both locally(with internal IP), and people say my website is working. Though, I can't access it through my LAN with either WAN IP, or domain name.11:46
geniiJ-_: You have no /etc/init.d/networking ? Is your /etc partition maybe getting corrupt is my wonder12:27
J-_genii: How can I see if that's the problem?12:27
J-_Or, at least, does anyone have /etc/init.d/networking in 8.04? Would be awesome if I could copy, and re-add it. If I can12:28
geniiJ-_: Boot to recovery and run fsck on it comes firstly to mind12:28
Kamping_Kaiserthat file is in 'netbase', and i'm not sure how you'd have any networking without that file. i can only assume you've rm'd something you shouldnt, or that genii 's suggestion of a fsck is in order12:29
shubuntuhi, i have two tlds for the same domain name. i want them to load the same pages and one to be an alias for the other. I set it in the Vhosts_ispconfig.conf file but it's not working, help please?12:45
Kamping_Kaiserwhat is 'it', what provides that file?12:45
shubuntuit's basically a file that is included in the apache2.conf12:46
shubuntuit is used by ispconfig (a web control panel)12:46
shubuntuthe domain.com works when aliased for www.domain.net12:46
shubuntuwww.domain.com doesn't work12:47
Kamping_Kaiseri've just added both into the top of my vhosts, so cant comment on that file setup sorry12:47
geniishubuntu: PErhaps ask in #apache12:51
shubuntudid that12:52
shubuntuno answer12:52
* Gargoyle stumbles into 2009. Hello! :-)14:36
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ballHow do I configure Ubuntu Server to be a DHCP server on one interface only?17:18
ballumm... how do I check what version of Ubuntu Server I have installed?  uname -a just tells me about the kernel17:31
jtajiball: lsb_release -a17:31
ballAh, I'm all ibexed up then.17:33
ballI have to go, time to feed my daughter17:37
ballThanks jtaji17:37
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ballI think I need more network cards.18:17
Deepscan never have too many18:17
ballI suppose I could scrap one of my oldest machines and re-deploy the NIC from that.18:18
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Jeeves_adns: /etc/resolv.conf:2: invalid nameserver address `2001:7b8:3:2c::1:53'19:23
Jeeves_That's strange19:23
ballJeeves_: are on an ipv6 network?19:27
Jeeves_And resolving works, usually19:29
ballDoes the :: between 2c and 1 signify 0 ?19:31
Jeeves_it's the AAAA-record of nscache1.bit.nl19:33
ballI have to go.19:46
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backenfutterCall to undefined function mysql_connect()20:32
backenfutterHow do I get rid of that?20:32
ProfFalkenbackenfutter: programming language?20:33
backenfutterextension=mysql.so is commented in20:33
backenfutterstill I get the error20:33
ProfFalkenbackenfutter: have you installed php5-mysql?20:34
ProfFalken(it's an obvious one, but still catches me out every so often!)20:34
backenfutternope, and it seems that was the missing link ;) thx20:34
ProfFalkenlol :o)20:34
ProfFalkenno probs, glad to help!20:34
finite9can someone please help me with what is hopefully a simple solution?  I really need a GUI on Ubuntu Server and the wiki says to install xserver-xorg and xserver-xorg-core then either openbox or fluxbox, but how do you start X after installing these?  Starting fluxbox just says cannot connect to X server?20:37
ProfFalkenfinite9: usually just type "startx" at a cmd-prompt, however you may need other packages...20:37
finite9startx wasnt installed20:38
ProfFalkenhmmm, that'd do it, can't remember off the top of my head which package you need for that, but once that's installed you're probably up and running...20:38
finite9I tried "sudo Xorg" and that seems to start basic X but then I tried to start fluxbox again from tty2 and it still says cannot coonect to xserver20:54
ProfFalkenfinite9: check out your .xinitrc - should have a line in it that starts fluxbox...20:54
ProfFalkenfinite9: if it's not there, add it! :oP20:54
finite9ok, thanks!20:55
pteaguewhat's the suggested fs for lvm these days?22:13
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TTT_TravisHi, I have an old ubuntu server with a few drives setup as an LVM, I moved those drives to my new server and copied the config file and the mount line from the FSTAB but now when it mounts all of the files are read only and are highlighted green on the server22:27
pteagueit's been a while since i looked at lvm...  doesn't lvm use more than just fstab to define things?  have you gone through the process of pvcreate, etc ?22:33
pteaguehmm... maybe you don't need to run pvcreate on the drives... but i'm wondering if you need to set up the volume groups & such22:34
TTT_Traviswell they were already setup on the old server, i just copied the same lvm config files to the new one22:35
TTT_Travisit mounts right, and I can see all of my files, but I just can't change anything22:35
pteagueok, so you did copy the lvm configs & not just /etc/fstab ... have you looked at the lvm config files to see if they're using the correct dev ids for the drives?22:36
TTT_Travisyes I copied both, but ill check the dev ids22:37
pteaguei know when dealing with mdadm for software raid i've had issues even in major updates of ubuntu-server with the drives ending up with different ids which screws things up & i have to regenerate the software raid22:37
pteaguei'm currently going through http://tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/ , but it's not been updated since 2006... not sure how much lvm or any of the filesystems have changed since then22:40
hadsShould be still valid22:40
pteaguei'm just wondering if ext3 works well with lvm or if i should use something else22:41
pteaguethen again i'd also like to mess around with zfs...22:43
TTT_Travisthe physical volumes in the LVM config do each have IDs but what would that have to do with them not being writeable23:03

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