ActionParsnipPirate_Hunter: if a new one hasnt been created you can delete the backup as its now redundant00:00
kestutis<Jack_Sparrow> thanks00:00
Pirate_HunterActionParsnip: ok00:00
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Tony333Hi! I think i have a problem with high RAM usage by Xorg in 8.10. Can anyone help me to resolve this ?00:01
Jack_Sparrowkestutis, I would worry about running as root to get something to work in wine00:01
kestutishow to work with wine as root?00:01
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help00:01
Jack_Sparrowkestutis, I would NOT advise it00:01
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kestutis<Jack_Sparrow> why not?00:02
ebabySlart: thought it was as messge said it was partioning. the choice are only the above I mentioned with the addition of (recovery mode) at the end of description they all say Ubuntu 8.10, kernel 2.6.27-7-generic one has (recovery mode) another has (on /dev/sda1)00:02
iluminator1011Can someone help me get my ricoh mmc/sd card working in ubuntu hardy?00:02
Pirate_HunterActionParsnip: yeah non were created again so you were right it isnt needed00:02
ebabySlart: which should I choose?00:02
Jack_Sparrowkestutis, Security issues.  WIne probably has Z mapped to /00:02
Slartebaby: well.. go with the default on.. usually the one on the top00:02
__MAV1Where can I get x11-inputproto v 1.4.4 (Currently Ubuntu has inputproto v 1.4.3)00:02
Laurencebhi, anyone know how I can install PCB?00:02
LaurencebI tried sudo apt-get install PCB00:03
dangerisgois it possible to create a windows install flash drive from within ubuntu?00:03
ebabySlart: I assume the first - yes - thanx00:03
kestutis<Jack_Sparrow> the security is not imporant. I am home user and don't have any imporant data...00:03
Pirate_HunterActionParsnip: thank you for the help im going bed now, goign to continue setting this system tommorow or should i say later on in the morning or afternoon00:03
Jack_Sparrowkestutis, Ask in #winehq00:03
ActionParsnippece out bro00:03
kestutis<Jack_Sparrow> i've already done it.00:05
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ebabySlart: orange bar is moving now - few seconds of darkness - 60% of screen has ubuntu brwn background above it is greyish garbled text - now dark - now the message box Ubuntu is running in low graphics mode00:06
Slartebaby: ok... and it wants you to select some kind of driver, right?00:07
Slartebaby: see if you can find a driver called VESA00:08
ebabySlart: it says "screen graphic card and input device setting could not be detected U will need to configure these yourself"00:08
Mike0020I want to install Skype on Intrepid, however the download page on skype.com only has the download for Ubuntu 7.04 - 8.04. I believe you can install Skype from Synaptic Package Manager, however I see four things related to Skype: skype, skype-common, skype-static, and skype-static-oss. Which do I install to get Skype to work properly?00:09
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto00:09
ebabySlart: if/when I click okay it pops up a box saying "what would u like to do 'run ubuntu in low-graphics mode' Reconfigure graphics' or troubleshoot the error - find vesa using this computer im typing on?00:10
iluminator1011how do you get a ricoh mmc card on dell laptop going?00:10
switchsevenAny experiences or advice on the best Remote Desktop solution > Ubuntu Server / Windows Client00:10
Jack_Sparrowebaby, what video card?00:10
Slartebaby: ok... try the low graphics mode00:10
jeremyI am having difficulty getting my microphone to work00:10
ethanblueacid are you there?00:12
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[TiZ]While trying to install drivers for my brother's rtl8187-based netgear wg111v2, I've somehow managed to fubar ndiswrapper. It won't list drivers anymore, and ndisgtk just freezes. Can anyone help?00:12
__MAV1found InputProto 1.4.4 here http://www.t2-project.org/packages/inputproto.html00:12
Brack10when you edit ~/.cairo-dock/current_theme/cairo-dock.conf settings and restart the dock, shouldn't the changes apply to the current theme?00:12
ethanblueacid: are you there?00:12
ebabyJack_Sparrow: via chrome9 HC IGP00:12
__MAV1I wonder how Ubuntu team managed to build Xserver with old Inputproto headers00:12
Brack10I know what you're thinking "ask in #cairo-dock"00:12
Jack_Sparrowebaby, thanks,00:12
jarcohello all i have some huge problems at the moment with my work pc. I installed linux on a seperate hard drive next to a windows xp install. I also installed grub on it. (ubuntu installer did it). now grub guves error 17. Also when i try to boot the ubuntu disk it gives me grub working. xp is not bootable from it. sais something about unsupported format. Also when i boot ubuntu it just gives me black screen. i hear the sound of ubuntu gnome boot00:12
jarcoing but just have black screen. i have agp ati 3850. Anyone knows ANYTHING that can help me?00:12
Slartebaby: that should put you at the normal desktop.. start a terminal and run "sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-openchrome"00:13
Tony333Memory usage increases by 120Mb after starting gdm (tried xdm too). Is it normal ?00:13
araenHello everybody00:13
TobiasGreenichAlright, I've been trying to install quickcam drivers, and I've been able to download and extract the driver, but when I try to compile it I get an error. I have a pastebin link to the log. http://pastebin.com/d5eb1bb3300:13
__MAV1Building-building X server :)00:13
ebabySlart: message says stand by one minute while display restarts shall I hit okay or keep waiting00:13
Slartebaby: nah. if there is an "okay" button try pressing it00:13
Zombie_GazI have a domain name I registered with zoneedit.com. Want to associate my machine with this domain (so I can use Apache to run www.mydomain.com). I have no idea how to do this... any help?00:14
[TiZ]Can anyone help me un-fubar ndiswrapper?00:14
araenI absolutly need your help ^^ I tried to install wifi on my eeepc later and it worked, but now (after restarting) I've an orange screen with a little gray square in left-up00:14
araenI can't do anything00:14
Jack_Sparrow[TiZ], Explain what you did in detail to get the best help undoing it00:15
araenCan you help me ?00:15
SlartZombie_Gaz: this is something you'll have to ask the domain vendor about.. they probably have some documentation for it00:15
jarcohello all i have some huge problems at the moment with my work pc. I installed linux on a seperate hard drive next to a windows xp install. I also installed grub on it. (ubuntu installer did it). now grub guves error 17. Also when i try to boot the ubuntu disk it gives me grub working. xp is not bootable from it. sais something about unsupported format. Also when i boot ubuntu it just gives me black screen. i hear the sound of ubuntu gnome boot00:15
jarcoing but just have black screen. i have agp ati 3850. Anyone knows ANYTHING that can help me?00:15
figueroa09any virtualbox pros out there?  mine is locking up when launching and taking over usbs from host.  I out in all the manufacturer and component00:15
ActionParsniparaen: try ctrl+alt+backspace00:15
Zombie_GazSlart: you mean zoneedit, the ppl I registered this domain with?00:15
SlartZombie_Gaz: yup00:15
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[TiZ]Jack_Sparrow: Well, I tried to install a driver using ndisgtk. Ndisgtk then froze up. I force quitted it, and now both ndisgtk and ndiswrapper -l just freeze.00:16
araenActionParsnip: in fact, my computer is lit now, it's a gnome error00:16
Zombie_GazSlart: I don't think so. I already have them with my ip... i feel that I need to do something on my side. I'll try tho.00:16
araenand it's "uglier" than later :/00:16
Jack_Sparrow[TiZ], Please just ask in the channel and be patient..00:16
ebabySlart: more grey matter -then blank (dark) screen -then more grey appears to be trying something now back to original Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode. Next...?00:17
SlartZombie_Gaz: you need to change the dns entry for your domain to point to your computer.. it's not something you can do on your side00:17
[TiZ]Okay, channel. I tried to install a driver using ndisgtk. Ndisgtk then froze up. I force quitted it, and now both ndisgtk and ndiswrapper -l just freeze.00:17
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Slartebaby: ok, open a terminal00:17
[TiZ]I can't sudo modprobe -r it anymore either.00:17
Slartebaby: it's in the accessories menu00:17
jarcohello all i have some huge problems at the moment with my work pc. I installed linux on a seperate hard drive next to a windows xp install. I also installed grub on it. (ubuntu installer did it). now grub guves error 17. Also when i try to boot the ubuntu disk it gives me grub working. xp is not bootable from it. sais something about unsupported format. Also when i boot ubuntu it just gives me black screen. i hear the sound of ubuntu gnome boot00:19
jarcoing but just have black screen. i have agp ati 3850. Anyone knows ANYTHING that can help me?00:19
ebabySlart: I am in the dark screen (hole) of the post resart. there is nothing here but an occasional dialog box re: low-graphics mode which keeps repeating itself. Is there a command I should issue?00:19
Mike0020I just installed Skype, however when my friend tries to invite me to a conference call and I click to answer it, nothing happens.00:19
Mike0020I'm using Intrepid btw.00:19
glymph!grub | jarco00:20
ubottujarco: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:20
araenI've this (about, sorry I'm french and my english isn't fluent) http://rafb.net/p/cDTluT17.html00:20
Slartebaby: hmm..try pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1, see if you get a terminal00:20
ActionParsnip!skyp | Mike002000:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about skyp00:20
glymphalso, have a look online for the meanning of grub error 17, jarco00:20
ActionParsnip!skype | Mike002000:20
ubottuMike0020: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto00:20
jarcook glymph00:20
computa_mikeHi guys - how can I suggest an idea for Ubuntu?  I don't want to raise a bug - it's more of an idea...00:20
Slartcomputa_mike: I think there something.. brainstorm?00:21
kkkduifjalsddis there a tool to search for a word in many pdf files?00:21
ebabySlart: That produced like a snowstorm of grey matter nothing else - still snowing...00:21
ActionParsnipcomputa_mike: same thing, you'll get contacted and they'll ask if its a desirable feature rather than a bug00:21
Mike0020ActionParsnip: That's just for recording and installing, I've already installed it and I don't want to record anything. I just want to use it.00:21
computa_mikei'll just raise it now...00:21
Slartebaby: ok.. try pressing Ctrl+Alt+F7 and see if you get the other screen back00:21
the_geremygood night for all00:21
araenNobody knows what I must do ?00:21
ActionParsnipMike0020: you can use it to make sure you have installed it correctly00:21
Slartebaby: or just Ctrl+F700:21
savvaskkkduifjalsdd: Applications > Accessories > Tracker search tool (if your tracker is on)00:22
mib_8hqxqbHi, can anyone tell me what kind of RAM to buy if I want to upgrade my eeepc 1000?00:22
Jack_Sparrowmib_2dc6mp, offtopic, please google it00:22
ActionParsnip!ot | mib_8hqxqb00:23
ubottumib_8hqxqb: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:23
mib_8hqxqbsorry Jack_Sparrow00:23
ebabySlart: back to screen with low-graphics box - think I pushed a different key to do it though00:23
TobiasGreenichJust asking again after a while, I've been trying to install quickcam drivers, and I've been able to download and extract the driver, but when I try to compile it I get an error. I have a pastebin link to the log. http://pastebin.com/d5eb1bb3300:23
IrishDavidhey, is there anyone who has got Sky player UK (through web browser) working in linux? it wants microsoft silverlight00:24
ActionParsnipTobiasGreenich: did you run ./configure first00:24
TobiasGreenichNope. I'm new at all this.00:24
ActionParsnip!compile | TobiasGreenich00:25
ubottuTobiasGreenich: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)00:25
kkkduifjalsddsavvas: what do you mean by "if your tracker is on"00:25
ebabySlart: find using this computer correct?00:25
Slartebaby: ok.. going with the "use low graphics mode" didn't work.. what else was there.. reconfigure settings?00:25
ActionParsnipTobiasGreenich: looks like you need kernel sources00:25
Slartebaby: find?00:25
Jack_SparrowTobiasGreenich, you are missing the headers. just as the error says..00:25
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zsquarepluscTobiasGreenich: check whick kernrel version they support with that module. it looks like it doesn't work with the version you have installed00:26
Slartebaby: oh.. you mean the vesa thing? nevermind that for.. we might get to it later00:26
savvaskkkduifjalsdd: System > Preferences > Search and indexing - tracker is a tool that indexes a lot of files on your system. It also looks into the files, whether they are documents or pdfs :)00:26
__MAV1How do I terminate console apps correctly ? Is Ctrl+Z a correct termanation of console app?00:26
Slart__MAV1: ctrl+c is the common way00:27
savvas__MAV1: ctrl+c00:27
ebabySlart: choice of 'reconfigure graphics' or 'troubleshoot the error' if I remeber correctly one (or both) bring up the Gedit app00:27
__MAV1thank you00:27
Slart__MAV1: I think ctrl+z is... eof or something00:27
savvasctrl+z takes it to the background00:27
Slartebaby: g with reconfigure graphics"00:27
Slartebaby: *go00:27
__MAV1how do I exit man program then ? Ctrl+C just beeps and does nothing00:27
hspaanssavvas: you mean stop the proces00:28
Slart__MAV1: q00:28
__MAV1I mean man <command>00:28
kkkduifjalsddsavvas: thx00:28
__MAV1cool, thank you00:28
ebabySlart: message box 'Stand by one minute while the display restarts...'00:28
mib_2dc6mpwhat I do not understand is do I have to go through terminal to get my soundcard working or can it be done some other way00:29
mib_2dc6mpI dont even know wher e to click to see if it is reognized in the first place00:29
dangerisgois it possible to create a windows install flash drive from within ubuntu?00:29
__MAV1If ctlr+Z is bring to background ho can I swithc to that app then ?00:29
UltrahexI need some help compiling and loading a module from source and how to deal with conflicts can someone help?00:29
savvashspaans: ctrl+z takes it to the background, it doesn't stop the process - in irssi at least :)00:29
Slartebaby: hmm..  it's been a while since I did this but I think you're supposed to get a little window where you can select drivers and such.. I don't really understand why it wants to restart the display... hmm00:29
__MAV1just wondering00:29
savvas__MAV1: type: fg00:29
ebabySlart: back to deep space 9 e.g. dark screen - a little grey matter here and there... I'll hit troubleshoot when the dialog box reappears ok00:30
__MAV1cool, thank you00:30
Slartebaby: do that00:30
ccvpjust got a wireless N usb adapter for $38.50 on ebay00:30
ccvpits $79 in bestbuy00:30
TobiasGreenichzsquareplusc: it says kernel 2.6.20 as the most recent one. Easycam won't install the drivers, it gives errors as well.00:30
Slart__MAV1: the job commands are listen in "man bash" if you want to read more.. now that you know how to get out of man ;)00:30
hspaanssavvas: with ctrl+z you generate a stop signal so little change of that00:31
__MAV1Slart: thank you :)00:31
Jack_Sparrowdangerisgo, ubuntu like any os can write the pieces required to make a bootable usb.  But as far as specifics on how to do it.. would be offtopic00:31
ebabySlart: choices: Review the Xserver log file, Review the startup errors, edit configuration file, archive configuration files - which do u suggest00:31
memphonow it works:D00:31
eegoreI keep getting this error in irssi when I try to connect to a server00:32
ActionParsnipmempho: was it bios related??00:32
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memphoyes, and the hard drive00:32
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memphonow i installed it on a ekternal device00:32
memphoand it works00:32
Slartebaby: ah.. this must be something new.. "edit configuration file"00:32
ActionParsnipmempho: sweet well, as long as you got a goal, wtg :D00:32
Jack_Sparrowdangerisgo, at the point where you would ask what to put where to get a windows usb install00:32
eegore Unable to connect server chat.freenode.net port 8001 [Cannot00:32
eegore          assign requested address:]00:32
memphothanks :)00:32
eegoreanyone have a clue?00:33
ccvpwhat the heck00:33
savvashspaans: oh, i see, thanks :)00:33
LtLeegore: irssi -n nick -c irc.greenode.net00:33
LtLeegore: irssi -n nick -c irc.freenode.net  oops00:33
ActionParsnipeegore: try port 666700:33
ebabySlart: brings up Gedit app:  xorg.conf00:33
w3rd_hey guys how do you open .7z in ubunu00:34
araenI've this mistake when I light my computer : http://rafb.net/p/A7OOhr43.html00:34
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ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME), Ark (KDE), or Xarchiver (XFCE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression00:34
ActionParsnipw3rd_: sudo apt-get install p7zip-full00:34
araenit's about gnome's daemons00:34
Brack10what's the linux equivalent of pstools psmon?00:34
Slartebaby: ok.. that's good.. see if you can find something called section "device"00:34
ActionParsnipw3rd_: 7z x file.7z00:34
jarcoanyone an idea how to fully reinstall grub like when u unstall ubuntu?00:34
w3rd_ActionParsnip: i have done this how do i initiate00:35
w3rd_let me try that00:35
MHz128After upgrading to a larger monitor, my screen resolution is no longer auto detected... I am forced to manually set it bootup... any ideas?00:35
MHz128each bootup00:35
mgolischIrishDavid: actualy yes00:35
Slartebaby: and in that part there should be a line starting with "driver ".. what does it say after driver00:35
ActionParsnipMHz128: what video card?00:35
ebabySlart: yes it says identifier "configured Video device" for Driver it says "vesa"00:35
Dexihey guys, im having trouble with the facebook chat plugin for pidgin. I have 2.5.3 installed in Home/dexi/  any help?00:35
mib_2dc6mpcan someone help me figure out my sound card (whether it is working) is there a place to go to check?00:35
MHz128ActionParsnip, nvidia 7300 le00:35
mgolischIrishDavid: on intrepid atleast00:35
ActionParsnipMHz128: run: gksudo nvidia-settings00:35
Jack_Sparrow!info pidgin00:36
ubottupidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.5.2-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 546 kB, installed size 1952 kB00:36
MHz128ActionParsnip, ya, Ive done that... it says it saves to the config file....... but it doesn't work00:36
Slartebaby: ok.. that should work.. but since it clearly doesnt we'll try "openchrome" instead00:36
mgolischIrishDavid: grab the moonlight download from http://www.go-mono.com/moonlight/ restart firefox and it works for me, the sky news video thing that is00:36
w3rd_how do you enable this : You will have to enable the component called 'universe00:36
ebabySlart: what commands shall I issue to accomplish this plz00:37
w3rd_i get that when i try and run 7z00:37
w3rd_is this a daemon??00:37
Slartebaby: just erase "vesa" and replace it with "openchrome"00:37
memphoActionParsnip: why dosnt i have internet? didnt set up it in the instalation00:37
jarcoanyone an idea how to fully reinstall grub like when u unstall ubuntu?00:37
Slart!grub | jarco00:37
ubottujarco: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:37
ebabySlart: done. close file/app?00:38
ActionParsnipmempho: you need to configure it00:38
eegoreno help00:38
memphohow ? :)00:38
Slartebaby: save, then close and restart.. lets see what happens00:38
mib_2dc6mpis anyone familiar with the pulse audio device manager?00:38
ActionParsnipmempho: use your connection manager, look in settings manager00:38
memphogot ubuntu server edition00:38
ActionParsnipmempho: http://projects.gnome.org/gst/00:39
ActionParsnipmempho: if you are in cli environment00:39
ActionParsnipmempho: you need to edit /etc/network/interfaces00:39
ebabySlart: restart command? or just push power button00:39
Slartebaby: try the restart command00:40
__MAV1How do I find all executable files in a directory recursevly ?00:40
ActionParsnipmempho: http://i1t1.com/?p=1200:40
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memphothanks :)00:40
ebabySlart: sorry but I am Mr super Newb what is that command?00:41
Tony333Repeating my question: Anyone know how to reduce X.org  memory usage ?00:41
kestutisi installed Adobe PS CS2. i open it with WINE. IT shows: "You are not allowed to continue because your account doesnt have the proper privileges. Please log in using an account with administrator privilegies and try again"00:41
hspaans__MAV1: man find will tell you : find /usr -type f -executable00:41
Slartebaby: oh.. sorry.. I thought you have some kind of restart button on the screen there.. but you can try pressing ctrl+alt+backspace.. that will restart X00:41
mib_2dc6mpdoes ubuntustudio come with alsa?00:42
ActionParsnipkestutis: try sudo00:42
=== DS-BrB is now known as DarkSmoke
Slartmib_2dc6mp: I think all ubuntu's come with alsa00:42
savvasTony333: sure, use XFCE or Fluxbox :)00:42
__MAV1hspaans: thank you!00:42
ActionParsnipmib_2dc6mp: it does but you need some special options compiling into it to make it work00:42
ebabySlart: wow got a flash of light almost ubuntu brown now a frozen beige screen - will issue restart commands now for the 1st time00:42
mib_2dc6mpcan you help me with my audio card00:42
Slartebaby: ok00:43
mib_2dc6mpI am going through this tutorial on getting my soundcard to work with ubuntu and it says I need to dl the alsa source, but wouldnt that come standard00:43
mib_2dc6mpit says: "The Installation  You need the linux-headers package for your current kernel to compile the ALSA drivers If you don't know what your current kernel is type this in the terminal  uname -r  You also need to download the ALSA source files from alsa-project.org, I recommend alsa-libs, alsa-driver, alsa-firmware, and alsa-utils, versions 1.0.12rc1 or newer"00:44
=== Guest47964 is now known as Danielbw_home
ActionParsnipmib_2dc6mp: you can download it via apt-get or go to the alsa site and grab the latest there00:44
ebabySlart: screen is frozen nothing takes00:44
Slartebaby: try the power button00:44
ActionParsnipmib_2dc6mp: you may find theres a link in the guide00:44
UltrahexDoes anyhow know how to figure out symbol reference problems when compiling modules.... thanks (i will give more detail if anyone knows what im talking about, or a better place to ask?)00:45
Tony333 savvas. well i tried following: 1. logout from x. 2. login into text console. 3. /etc/init.d/gdm stop (tried xdm too) 4. look on 'free -m'. 4. /etc/init.d/gdm start. 5. look on 'free -m'. 6. saw a 120 Mb difference. Thus, im not sure this is GNOME00:45
mib_2mkhxei had problem with old soundblaster card.  i did a modprobe to add driver (#snd-sb) and then simple change of Preferences>Sound from "autodetect" to ALSA00:45
ebabySlart: okay is off will push button again to restart00:45
mib_2dc6mpActionParsnip I am finding a whole bunch of alsa stuff in the synaptic manager00:46
ebabySlart: back to what I am calling Ubuntu choice window00:46
ActionParsnipmib_2dc6mp: sudo apt-get install alsa-source00:47
memphoWhats the command to edit files ? its not gedit00:47
ebabySlart: shall I choos something other than ...-generic such as (recovery mode) or (on /dev/dsa1)?00:47
skoozchanged resolution cant see top or bottom of screen00:47
ActionParsnipmib_2dc6mp: ftp://ftp.alsa-project.org/pub/driver/alsa-driver-1.0.18a.tar.bz200:47
ebabySlart: **sda100:48
Slartebaby: nah.. I don't think it will make a difference... try the trouble shooting again.. and view the xorg log00:48
memphoWhats the command to edit files ? its not gedit00:48
ActionParsnipmempho: nano00:49
chilli0hi all00:49
sangedit <name of the file>00:49
chilli0how can i use a usb network adapter instead of the onbord wireless? im on a laptop00:49
chilli0how can i use a usb network adapter instead of the onbord wireless? im on a laptop00:49
faileasI've got a ubuntu system i'd like to run CLI only *but* i'd like to have a few gui apps accessable to users using ssh x forwarding. is there any way i can run x in the background (or only when i need to)?00:49
ActionParsnipchilli0: disable the internal one in bios00:50
chilli0ActionParsnip:  is there a easyer way?00:50
faileaschilli0: if its supported, just plug it in and it should work, then select it when setting up networking i think00:50
ebabySlat: it does say  i can enter 'e' to edit the commands before botting or 'c' for the command line but I guess you know that already00:50
mib_2dc6mpI found all the asla source and firmware in synaptic00:50
mib_2dc6mpit is downloading00:50
chilli0faileas:  its pluged in00:50
chilli0but nothing diffrent happens00:50
mib_2dc6mpit says the next step is I haveto compile00:50
ActionParsnipchilli0: its a better idea as its not neded. one less complication00:50
node357how do you apt-get the sources for a program?00:51
Slartnode357: apt-get source00:51
chilli0so ActionParsnip just go into the bios and dissable the wifi?00:51
node357Slart: so like, apt-get source xchat ?00:51
faileaschilli0: dosen't show up on nm-applet?00:51
Slartnode357: indeed00:51
node357thanks Slart :)00:51
Slartnode357: you're welcome00:51
ChungwaAny advice on where to go or what guides to read for a Linux/Ubuntu newbie? I'm at the point where I tried installing a media player three times because I didn't realize I installed it the first time if that's any indication of my Linux/Ubuntu experience :)00:51
Ultrahexdoes anyone know how I would go about allowing multiple programs to access my webcam at once (possibly by relaying data) ?00:52
chilli0faileas:  i dont use that , i use wicd00:52
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mib_2dc6mpbecause I downloaded asla from synaptic, did it compile or do I still need to open the terminal?00:52
mib_2dc6mpcd alsa-driver-1.0.12rc1 make clean make mrproper ./configure --with-cards=intel8x0,mia --with-oss=yes --with-sequencer=yes make sudo make install00:52
memphoActionParsnip: how do i change what i have write ? :P00:53
chilli0brb gonna remove it from biso00:53
skoozi cant see my bar at top of screen after messing in screen resolution how can i chande it without seeing00:53
ActionParsnipmempho: ctrl + x00:53
ActionParsnipmempho: press y, then press enter00:53
mib_2dc6mpI have no idea what I am doing :(00:53
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yoyit2is there any way to install more then one thing at a time?00:54
Aji-Daha1amacbook pro 3.1, intrepid, 2-finger vertical scrolling doesn't work.  I have the appletouch.fdi from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro3-1/Intrepid and it still doesn't work00:54
abuyusuf_yoyit2, apt-get install app1 app200:54
mib_2dc6mpyea use the synaptic package manager00:54
ActionParsnipyoyit2: sure, sudo apt-get install app1 app2 app300:54
Slartyoyit2: nope.. afaik you can't run two instances of apt at the same time00:54
ebabySlart: as it was booting i did see some words saying: 8254 (or 8251) timer not found -and-  BIOS bug #81 - mean anything?00:54
abuyusuf_yoyit2, replacing app1 with first application and app2 the second and ..00:54
mib_2dc6mpdo I need to type this command : ./configure --with-cards=intel8x0,mia --with-oss=yes --with-sequencer=yes make sudo make install  if I downloaded the alsa from synaptic?00:55
Slartebaby: I don't think that is anything serious.. there were some posts about it on the forums and noone seemed to know what it was..00:56
ebabySlart: progress report - screen starts as brown then goes to beige and then freezes00:56
boonkerz_boonkerz: test00:56
Slartebaby: I'm kind of running out of time here... didn't think the via chrome would be so... non-cooperative00:57
Danuplease sorry the bother help with rmvb files, with totem, kaffeine, dragon dosn't play well, vlc doesn't play them at all and mplayer play them but "slow"00:57
mib_2dc6mpdo I need to type this command : ./configure --with-cards=intel8x0,mia --with-oss=yes --with-sequencer=yes make sudo make install  if I downloaded the alsa from synaptic?00:57
abuyusuf_mib_2dc6mp, no you don't need executing that command as synaptic install the package automatically00:57
Danuthe same with real player00:57
mib_2dc6mpbut I do need to type a command to get my audio card working?00:58
mib_2dc6mpit is an echo mia00:58
sethI have a hardware question for Ubuntu 8.1000:58
abuyusuf_!ask | seth00:58
ubottuseth: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:58
sethok thanks00:58
throwtI like my microdrive installation of ubuntu...  only 4gb but it's enough space00:59
mib_2dc6mpI need to know how to add my sound card00:59
sethI have Ubuntu 8.10 on a Dell Inspiron 1501 and as soon as I installed Ubuntu over Windows my CD Drive stopped working, any ideas?00:59
ebabySlart: I C what do you know about the latest version of Edubuntu as the OG owner was running that prior - any major differences that may shine some light?00:59
faileasthrowt: depends on what you have in there, and how often you clean your cache00:59
abuyusuf_mib_2dc6mp, what problem you face ? no sound ?00:59
mib_2dc6mpno, I just dont see it listed01:00
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Danuplease sorry the bother help with rmvb files, with totem, kaffeine, dragon dosn't play well, vlc doesn't play them at all and mplayer play them but "slow" and the audio come first that the video :S , the same with real player01:00
mib_2dc6mpit is an Echo Mia sound card01:00
throwtare there any filesystems that support compression?01:00
funkyHatIf I run `diff dir1 dir2 > changes.diff` what's the correct syntax to apply the the changes.diff to a slightly different version of dir1?01:00
Slartebaby: I've never used edubuntu but I think it's the same system as ubuntu but with some special applications installed and such..it probably has a site with more info about it01:00
ActionParsnipseth: does it boot the live cd ok01:00
skoozchange screen resolution ???01:00
mib_2dc6mpI just downloaded asla source and such from syaptic01:00
abuyusuf_seth, What let you say it stopped ? it have many cases, "door not open", "door open but not reading the disc", "error message appear", ..01:00
GoanHi. Is it possible to enable a feature in kubuntu hardyheron where you could just hover the mouse pointer over the mp3 file and it starts playing in the background, without actually opening the song in some player. I have seen that working on ubuntu.01:00
abuyusuf_seth, so please say more01:00
throwtfaileas: how do i clean the cache?01:00
ActionParsnipseth: what does: file /dev/scd001:01
JonathanEllisHi. I am having problems getting audio to work in Skype on Hardy. I have googled and found http://geekybits.blogspot.com/2007/10/microphones-and-skype-on-ubuntu-710.html and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype. But the problem I have at the moment is testing Sound PReferences in Ubuntu. When I click the Test buttons in Audio Conferencing I get an error message. Can anyone help with this?01:01
sethI cannot boot to anything the door does upon it just will not boot anything01:01
Slartebaby: what I was hoping to do was to install the openchrome driver.. it should work with your graphics card but since we can't seem to find a command line (ctrl+alt+f1 usually shows a command line, not just snow) we can't install it01:01
ChungwaOkay, so basically I'm lost. I can't figure out how to actually install some Linux games that I downloaded. I follow the instructions but I'm just a Linux newbie that I still mess it up, where do I go from here?01:01
faileasthrowt: apt-get autoclean cleans up the apt-cache01:01
skoozi need help on setting screen resolution01:01
abuyusuf_seth, what do you mean with boot? do you mean load ?01:01
faileasSlart: how abouy terminal?01:01
ActionParsnipseth: grab a paperclip or similar and you should have a small hole on it, stab in there and it will open01:02
mattbdChungwa: What extension do they use? Is it .deb?01:02
getxsickwhy ubuntu removes packages on the end of installation?01:02
JonathanEllisChungwa: Can you describe what you are trying to install and what you have done so far in more detail please01:02
chilli0ActionParsnip:  its not in the bois01:02
seththe door does open nothing loads01:02
ActionParsnipChungwa: what game you installing?01:02
Slartebaby: perhaps booting in recovery mode will work better.. it's worth trying at least01:02
chilli0how can i disable a wifi card?\01:02
Slartfaileas: huh?01:02
ChungwaWell, I tried to install Scourge and I was able to ./configure but then the instructions said make install and I could seem to figure that out01:02
mib_2dc6mpthis is so frustrating, do I need to do any terminal work after downloading ALSA from synaptic ?01:02
ActionParsnipchilli0: not sure then. Just ignore it then and install the usb one01:03
ebabySlart: perhaps my keyboard is not configured as a normal windows keyboard - it seems that I can start a command line after the reboot as the option is given01:03
b-manhello everyone01:03
GoanHi. Is it possible to enable a feature in kubuntu hardyheron where you could just hover the mouse pointer over the mp3 file and it starts playing in the background, without actually opening the song in some player. I have seen that working on ubuntu.01:03
Slartebaby: but ask the channel, mention your graphics card and that vesa doesn't seem to work for you01:03
chilli0ActionParsnip:  how can i ignore it?01:03
Chungwawhen I typed "make install" nothing happened01:03
abuyusuf_getxsick, that doesn't happen with every installition, but some times it do, for you being able to run your new installed application, some applications may be required to be removed01:03
mattbdChungwa: Do you have a link to the website for it?01:03
faileaswrong person ;p01:03
ActionParsnipChungwa: have you installed build-essential01:03
ActionParsnip!info scourge01:03
ubottuPackage scourge does not exist in intrepid01:03
JonathanEllisChungwa: What commands did you run to install it?01:03
getxsickabuyusuf_: but i mean about new installation from CD01:03
Slartfaileas: =)01:03
sethIt seems to me like the cd reader isn't moving01:04
abuyusuf_getxsick, when the packages removed ?01:04
Chungwahttp://scourgeweb.org/tiki-index.php is the website.01:04
getxsicklast 5%01:04
b-manUbuntu sucsessfully ported to nokia N800/N810 by me :D http://internettablettalk.com/forums/showthread.php?p=254257#post25425701:04
abuyusuf_seth, you hear no sound after putting some cd ?01:04
faileasSlart: you can use terminal for a cli. i tend to use yakuake or tilde cause i'm lazy ;p01:04
skoozcan i change screen resolution at boot01:04
ActionParsnipseth: its hardware then01:05
chilli0does anyone know how to disable a laptop wifi card?01:05
ChungwaJonathanEllis: I think I need to read more about Linux, I don't know what commands I ran or tried to run... I don't even understand why I'm typing in what I am most of the time in the terminal!01:05
sethabuyusuf, it sounds like it is trying to move but nothing happens01:05
Tumdiansudo ifdown [interface name]01:05
abuyusuf_seth, sure that the cd is good ?01:05
faileasChungwa: without some details of what you did, its hard to help you01:05
sethActionParsnip, why would it happen now though?01:05
Slartfaileas: not without a working graphics driver for X =)01:05
chilli0thanks Tumdian01:05
sethHave tried different CD01:05
JonathanEllis!installing software01:05
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:05
mib_2dc6mpwhere can I go to find out if my alsa is working right and to set my audio card up?01:05
faileasSlart: hmm, failsafe?01:05
ActionParsnipseth: what model system is it, maybe theres a tweak you need01:06
Slartebaby: I doubt the keyboard is the problem..01:06
sethDell Inspiron 150101:06
chilli0Tumdian:  how do i start it again?01:06
mattbdChungwa: I assume you followed the instructions on the website01:06
* faileas tries to remember what he ran on his old packard bell, which got stolen01:06
Tumdiansudo ifup [interface name]01:06
chilli0k thanks01:06
troythetechguyI need a super lightweight distro to install on an older HP laptop.  Recommendations?01:06
Slartfaileas: yea.. like that piece of...*breathe in.. . breathe out*.. failsafe X has once again failed to do anything useful..01:06
ebabySlart: okay I'll try the recovery mode this go around01:06
abuyusuf_!synaptic } JonathanEllis01:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:06
faileastroythetechguy: debian ;)01:06
Gneatroythetechguy: xubuntu, elivecd01:06
mib_2dc6mpam I being ignored because my questions are too basic?01:06
abuyusuf_!synaptic | JonathanEllis01:06
ubottuJonathanEllis: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto01:06
Gnea!patience | mib_2dc6mp01:07
ubottumib_2dc6mp: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:07
Slartebaby: do that.. see if it gets you a command line01:07
Chungwamattbd: I certainly tried to, but I think my problem is that I don't really understand a lot of linux lingo so I don't even know what 1/3 of the instructions are telling me to do01:07
chilli0Tumdian:  i get this01:07
chilli0chilli@chilli-laptop:~$ sudo ifdown wlan001:07
chilli0ifdown: interface wlan0 not configured01:07
ActionParsnipseth: http://www.ubuntu1501.com/01:07
faileasSlart: a friend got debian running on it, so not too much reason ubuntu shouldn't wrk01:07
JonathanEllisChungwa: Here is a guide to installing software https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware01:07
ActionParsnipseth: no fooling01:07
faileaschilli0: dude, pastebin ;)01:07
mattbdtroythetechguy: How about OpenGEU - pretty but v fast01:07
chilli0it was 2 lines01:07
Gneamib_2dc6mp: so what's the problem?01:07
JonathanEllisChungwa: Most of the time you use apt-get install <packagename> in a terminal01:07
sethI will see what is says thanks, ActionParsnip.01:07
faileasmattbd: have they updated to intrepid yet? ;p01:07
funkyHatlastlog mib_2dc6mp01:07
funkyHatarr sorry01:07
mattbdfaileas: Not yet01:08
Slartfaileas: mmm.. I'll be sure to mention that in the config file for X =)01:08
* faileas liked it when i tried it01:08
faileasSlart: lol01:08
ChungwaThanks JonathanEllis, I'll start reading up on some linux basics. I think I got over confident that ubuntu installed without any problems01:08
jarcowhen i try to start the ubuntu i just installed my screen goes black. I hear the sound of gnome booting but it aint working.i can however use command line with ctrl +a lt + f1. Any solutions?01:08
ebabySlart: it says press 'C' if I want a command line Is that what I want as it seems I can bypass the other choices and call it up01:08
lepassivehow to recover files deleted on windows file system using ubuntu ?01:08
faileasSlart: maybe try forcing it to vesa or vga at grub with cheatcodes?01:08
faileaslepassive: what kinda files?01:08
mattbdChungwa: Basically you need the stuff they ask for as dependencies to compile it. Maybe there's a deb package somewhere though01:09
JonathanEllisChungwa: This is the same as installing using the graphical interface in |Applications|Add/Remove or using Synaptic if you know the package name. But this only works if the package is in a repository that is enabled in your ubuntu01:09
ActionParsnipseth: if you get your whole system updated it may help01:09
lepassivefaileas, avis*01:09
Slartfaileas: but go ahead.. ebaby is the one with the non-cooperative graphics card.. a via chrome 9.. vesa doesn't work, failsafe just restarts x, ctrl+alt+f1 doesn't show a command line (only snow)01:09
Slartebaby: go ahead..01:09
* faileas might suggest photorec, and possibly roadkil's file recovery if he has a linux box01:09
faileasebaby: tried the alternate disk?01:09
JonathanEllisChungwa: If you are trying to use make then it sounds like you are installing from source code which is slightly more difficult01:10
Gneamib_2dc6mp: according to what i've seen so far, you're trying to compile alsa in ubuntustudio?01:10
faileasSlart: lol, its a pain keeping track of who's saying what on a busy channel ;p01:10
Slartfaileas: =)01:10
mib_2dc6mpI think so01:10
mib_2dc6mpbut I found alsa in synaptic and downloaded it01:10
Gneamib_2dc6mp: well, I don't think that's really necessary01:10
JonathanEllisChungwa: And usually results in me swearing a lot whenever I try it! Usually its not necessary as the software is pre-packaged but it seems that Scourge is not packaged for Ubuntu01:10
Gneamib_2dc6mp: and alsa is installed by default01:10
ebabySlart: interesting: says: [ Minimal Bash- like line editing is supported. then grub>  - Your call...01:10
mib_2dc6mpI am trying to go through this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EchoMia01:10
ChungwaI may have been! Haha, I know I'm not really giving you guys enough information to help me - I don't even know what I was trying to do01:10
Gneamib_2dc6mp: what problem are you having with sound, exactly?01:11
lepassivefaileas, then photorec or roadkil01:11
mib_2dc6mpIt is supposed to help me set my audio card up01:11
ActionParsnipGnea: s/he needs to compile alsa01:11
mib_2dc6mpbut so far Gnea I cant figure out what I need to do01:11
faileaslepassive: photorec should be in the repos i thinl01:11
Gneamib_2dc6mp: which audio card do you have?01:11
GneaActionParsnip: okay.01:11
mib_2dc6mpEcho Mia01:11
JonathanEllisChungwa: Its OK. We have all been there. Me not too long ago. I am a bit of a newbie too01:11
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Slartebaby: ok, run this "sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-openchrome"01:11
sethI upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 then that's when it went out.01:11
seadyahI have a windows recovery disc that I received with my laptop. My computer currently has only Ubuntu on it. When I try to install Windows from the disc I receive an error that says "Hard Drive Not Found". Help, please?01:11
lepassivefaileas, thanks alot I hope that solves it01:11
mib_2dc6mpI didnt follow the guyide is the problem, instead of using terminal, I downloaded alsa source from synaptic01:12
mattbdChungwa: It's not in GetDeb or PlayDeb, which are the normal places to look for games01:12
lepassivefaileas, it's aliased to testdisk01:12
decomphi all, trying to do the 'recover ubuntu after winblows install hosed grub' thing. I am using knoppix to boot and reinstall grub however i cannot chroot to the mounted partition, it keeps telling me /bin/bash Exec format error? ive tried different things cant get it to work for some reason01:12
ChungwaMan, I used me a wiz on computers when I was in high school. Now turning them on seems difficult! I'll check out GetDeb and PlayDeb I think I need to just go slowly01:12
faileasseadyah: backup linux, get the dban boot disk and erase your hard drive, install windows, reinstall linux01:12
JonathanEllisChungwa: If you need more info than is in the article I gave you then google "ubuntu installing software"01:12
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, let's back up for a bit here - are you using 8.04 or 8.10?01:13
seadyahfaileas, I dban?01:13
ActionParsnipChungwa: apt-cache search game | less01:13
mattbdChungwa: Playdeb and Getdeb are really good resources so they may have a good alternative for you01:13
faileasseadyah: lots of recovery disk software fail on systems with anything other than the partitions they sell it with01:13
mib_2dc6mpGnea I am using ubuntustudio 8.04 32bit01:13
faileasseadyah: unfortunately yes01:13
JonathanEllisChungwa: Alternatively start less ambitious and try installing some of the games in the repositories. Use |Applications|Add/Remove and then select Games01:13
mattbdChungwa: UFO Alien Invasion is very good01:13
Gneamib_2dc6mp: could you please pastebin the output of the dmesg command?01:14
ChungwaI'll give those a try. Thanks all!01:14
faileas(and YES, i am telling you to nuke the contents of your disk, and there's a reason)01:14
seadyahfaileas, I did wipe the disc with a Safe Data Disposal program (iso) that is manufactured by the same company as my computer. That did not work.01:14
ebabyslart: error 27: unrecognized command01:14
ActionParsnipChungwa: frets on fire is decent too01:14
mib_2dc6mpGnea I am typing on my laptop next to the desktop, but I will try to type it01:14
b-manI've successfuly booted Ubuntu jaunty on my Nokia N800 internet tablet, guide on how to do it is here; http://internettablettalk.com/forums/showthread.php?p=254257#post25425701:14
faileasseadyah: well this has worked for me loads of times, you don't even need to run dban very long01:14
Slartebaby: did you chose the recovery menu choice?01:14
mib_2dc6mpoh wow01:14
Gneamib_2dc6mp: it might be easier if you install and use the pastebinit command01:14
fmooshouldn't the current xserver-org in jaunty be blocking xorg-driver-fglrx?  The ABIs aren't compatible.01:14
mib_2dc6mpthat is a lot of stuff01:15
seadyahfaileas, what is dban? (I'm a bit slow)01:15
b-manUbunt armel01:15
sethActionParsnip, I upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 that's when it messed up on me01:15
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abuyusuf_!pastebin | mib_2dc6mp01:15
ubottumib_2dc6mp: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:15
jarcob-man, u the first to ever do this?01:15
lepassivefaileas, unfortunately photorec doesn't have as GUI01:15
ebabySlart: no sorry thought you wanted  me to go straight to command line01:15
faileaslepassive: no it dosen't01:15
Gneamib_2dc6mp: check this out:  sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dmesg | pastebinit01:15
JonathanEllisChungwa: They may not be to your taste but perhaps installing something easier first may get you started and whet your appetite for something more technical, I dont know. There may be an easy way to install Scourge for all I know. Is there a #scourge IRC channel does anyone know or what support is available for Scourge?01:15
mib_2dc6mpGnea I will install the paste thing01:15
Gneamib_2dc6mp: it will upload it all in one fell swoop01:15
ebabySlart: so i typed 'c' and got what I described above01:15
ActionParsnipseth: not sure then, maybe the new kernel doesnt like your cd drive. are you on the intrepid kernel (run uname -a and give us the output)01:15
Slartebaby: ah.. my bad01:15
illmortalCan anyone assist me in getting my WMP54GS Linksys Wireless adapter to work with Ubuntu 8.10? I've looked up as much documentation as possible in regards to wireless adapters and Ubuntu but not working out.01:15
ChungwaI'll try just installing a bunch of stuff until I feel comfortable and go from there01:15
Slartebaby: just reboot and chose the recovery option01:16
lepassiveand RoadKil is windows only gosh01:16
mib_2dc6mpGnea ok I am trying that now01:16
ActionParsnipillmortal: is it usb or pci?01:16
Dexiw00t! I got it! :D01:16
sethLinux seth-laptop 2.6.27-11-generic #1 SMP Fri Dec 19 16:29:52 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux01:16
illmortalActionParsnip ^01:16
mmillmortal: use windows wireless drivers to achieve that01:16
skoozhow can i change display properties when i cant see top of screen01:16
faileaslepassive: most recovery software is windows based sadly01:16
JonathanEllisCan anyone help me get sound working on Skype? I have tried a bunch of stuff which I will detail if anyone replies, rather than flood the channel01:16
rwwI'm looking into doing backups for the first time. What do I need to backup? My utility has /var/ /home/ /usr/local/ and /etc/ by default; any others I should look at (and yes, I have read !backup :P)01:16
ActionParsnipillmortal: run lspci and it will tell you what chip it has, you can websearch from there01:16
illmortalmm because I don't have internet connectivity I cannot download wine01:16
troythetechguymattbd: thanks, i'll give it a try,01:16
seadyahfaileas, Lol, I found it. I like it.01:17
lepassivefaileas, any luck using wine with RoadKil ?01:17
ActionParsnipseth: yeah thats intrepid01:17
mmillmortal: well you're online... :)01:17
ActionParsnipillmortal: id get connectivity before worrying about apps01:17
MHz128Can Ubuntu control the number of lines scrolled with the mouses' scroll wheel? ie. set 1 notch to 20 lines etc... ?01:17
mib_2dc6mpok I did it Gnea01:17
illmortalRight, on windows.01:17
mib_2dc6mpIt gave me a few urls01:17
JonathanEllislepassive: I use http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page01:17
sudobashis there an official way to install VMPlayer in Ibex?01:17
illmortalActionParsnip which is what im tryin to do.01:17
Gneamib_2dc6mp: did you run it more than once?01:18
ActionParsnipillmortal: well you need the basics first01:18
illmortalSo open terminal and type, "lspci"?01:18
sethActionParsnip, Is there anyway of undoing the upgrade?01:18
faileaslepassive: never tried it on wine01:18
Gneamib_2dc6mp: it should just give you one... like http://pastebin.com/f8e9s8f0d01:18
b-manyes, for the it's, with full install01:18
b-manubuntu desktop and everything01:18
b-maneven xorg - on armel01:18
b-manusing usplash01:18
lepassiveJonathanEllis, thanks01:18
b-manand compiz.01:18
ebabyslart: brought up the grey Recovery menu screen choices being resume, clean, dpkg, fsck,root, or xfix...01:18
FloodBot1b-man: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:18
ActionParsnipillmortal: lspci will tell you what you have and you can websearch it in windows01:18
b-manno sound though..01:18
lepassivefaileas, well it launches with a reading error01:18
Slartebaby: ok, let's go with "root"01:19
mib_2dc6mpGnea ok here it is pastebin.com/f7c57ac2401:19
illmortalok and i need to search on how to install that chipset onto Ubuntu 8.10, ya?01:19
b-mansorry, i was in a little bit of a rush :(01:19
mmdoes anyone here have any experience of any other program similar to wine and what is the result?01:19
mattbdmm: I've used crossover games01:19
Slartmm: there aren't many other programs like wine.. with the exception of Cedega01:19
illmortalbrb, gonna log into ubuntu01:19
Dexiis there a way to make windows snap to each other in gnome?01:19
faileasSlart: and crossover, which for free for a week01:20
mmmattbd: what was ur experience?01:20
bahrAnybody in here who knows of an ATC Simulator for Ubuntu?01:20
Slartmm: ah.. and crossover of course, as faileas correctly pointed out =)01:20
mattbdmm: I found it a bit fiddly - I struggled to get it working01:20
mmslart: im looking to run warcraft 3 on ubuntu, any suggestions other than wine?01:20
Slartmm: I thought warcraft 3 worked pretty ok on wine.. or? have you checked the application database?01:21
mmslart: nope, errors ... wont load01:21
JonathanEllisChungwa: Did you have a look at http://scourgeweb.org/tiki-index.php?page=SCOURGE_Building_From_Source_nix and scroll down to the Ubuntu bit? There is some info there that I havent read yet01:21
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, found this:  [  113.849831] ALSA /build/buildd/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-2.6.24/debian/build/build-rt/sound/alsa-driver/pci/echoaudio/echoaudio.c:47: get_firmware(): Firmware not available (-2)01:21
albert748hey, any body know how to register?01:21
ActionParsnip!appdb | mm01:21
ubottumm: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:21
Slartebaby: and then try that command again "sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-openchrome"01:21
mattbdmm: If Wine doesn't work Crossover Games may be worth a try, but you have to pay for it01:21
Dexialbert748, register what?01:21
BWF89does anyone know what's gonna happen to the author of Xchat? He made the Windows version of his client proprietary software in violation of the GPL. So I'm using the Smuxi client instead.01:21
Slart!register | albert74801:21
ubottualbert748: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode01:21
ActionParsnip!register | albert74801:22
mib_2dc6mpGnea what does it mean, that I cannot use my card?01:22
mattbdmm: I think they do a free trial though01:22
mib_2dc6mpor I still have more stuf to install01:22
faileasBWF89: its a bit complex, it IS open source- you need to pay for his version but the code, other than the registration bit is free and you can compile your own01:22
albert748Dexi: register my nick name01:22
Gneamib_2dc6mp: it means that we need to find and install the firmware for your card - it looks like everything else is setup just fine for it (that HOWTO was for 6.06, and they usually roll those fixes into the next release, so 8.04 should have it set already)01:22
Dexiread above01:22
SlartBWF89: if I understand things correctly he's allowed to whatever he wants with his code.. gpl or whatever.. I think the questions was if all the code really was his.. but this  if offtopic for this channel01:23
Gneamib_2dc6mp: what is the output of this command please:  lspci | grep audio01:23
mib_2dc6mpGnea, this site is supposed to help with getting my card to work under ubuntu, I just dont know how to do it :( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EchoMia01:23
abuyusuf_!register | albert74801:23
ubottualbert748: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode01:23
BWF89@Failout and Slart: thanks for clarifying.01:23
ebabySlart: says xserver-xorg... is already the newest version 0 upgraded 0 newly installed 0 to remove and 210 not upgraded01:24
Gneamib_2dc6mp: see the top of that page:  ALSA for Ubuntu 6.06 with two sound devices: Echo Mia card plus on-board sound  and the bottom of the page:  EchoMia (last edited 2008-06-2701:24
rwwalbert748: you were sent the !register factoid yesterday, too. Did you miss it, or are you having trouble with it?01:24
mib_2dc6mpGnea lspci | grep audio did nothing01:24
=== albert748 is now known as what
sudobashis there an apt-get i can use for vmplayer?01:24
Joel_hi, im getting crackling noises and no sound at all whatsoever, can someone please help?01:24
whatDexi: what's the nickserv? is that #ubuntu? or FreeNode?01:25
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, how about:  lspci | pastebinit01:25
Slartebaby: hmm.. ok, lets go back to the menu.. type "exit" and press enter01:25
araenI did echo "blacklist ath5k" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist" and since that, I've an error at beginning01:25
abuyusuf_sudobash, apt-get install vmware-player01:25
araenit was for wifi01:25
ebabySlart: done01:25
Dexiwhat: its just a service, think of it like a bot01:25
mib_2dc6mpGnea : error no arguments specified01:25
araen(I've hardy heron and i've an eeepc)01:25
whatrww: yes, have some trouble...01:25
Slartebaby: then select xfix01:25
sudobashiwconfig wlan0 ap 00:1B:2F:E1:71:30 channel auto txpower 30mW01:26
sudobashPackage vmware-player is not available, but is referred to by another package.01:26
mib_2dc6mpGnea do I need to add -i01:26
Dexiwhat: it will be freenode-wide not just for this chan, if thats what you mean01:26
Joel_hi, im getting crackling noises and no sound at all whatsoever, can someone please help? I'm on 8.1001:26
Gneamib_2dc6mp: you sure you used the pipe '|' and not a 1 or I?01:26
ebabySlart: done got some words did something brought me back to Recovery menu01:26
whatDexi: for example, if I want to register to #ubuntu, what to do?01:26
sudobashvmware-player package has been removed?01:26
sethMy CD Drive acts like it wants to do something but does not. It makes a noise for about 1 to 2  minutes and then stops01:26
lstarneswhat: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup01:26
seadyahWhat's a good program to burn iso's?01:26
wj32seadyah: you can do it with nautilus01:27
ActionParsnipJoel_: run lspci to find out your exact sound card and do some websearching01:27
Dexiwhat, you dont register to a channel specifically, just to the network, follow the instructions nickserv gives01:27
Slartebaby: hmm.. ok.. I wonder if it fixed it.. try resume01:27
mattbdseadyah: Brasero01:27
Gneaseadyah: k3b01:27
Slart!burniso | seadyah01:27
ActionParsnip!burning | seadyah01:27
ubottuseadyah: To burn an ISO image of a CD in Linux, Mac OS or Windows, read the howto at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto01:27
ubottuseadyah: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto01:27
Joel_i did websearching01:27
nickrudseadyah, rightclick the iso, select burn01:27
meho_quick question how do i mount and unmopund iso image without using nautilus script so just the terminal01:27
mib_2dc6mpGnea yes, it says reqired arguments -i and then lists various optional arguments01:27
Naggieis Ubuntu availible in x86_64 architecture? If so, where can I find it?01:27
johninlexis there is anyone to help with a wireless problem01:27
Slart!mountiso | meho_01:27
ubottumeho_: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » or use the "gmountiso" package - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify downloaded ISO images using !MD5 before !burning.01:27
wj32!ask | johninlex01:28
=== what is now known as albert748
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about open-vm-toolbox01:28
skoozwhoops wrong key board01:28
ubottujohninlex: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:28
Gneamib_2dc6mp: that's weird, it works here just fine.... did you copy 'n paste?01:28
nickrudNaggie, releases.ubuntu.com/8.1001:28
geeksquadi have a problem i cannot play dvds in totem i already have the liddvdcss package and the error i will say next:01:28
ActionParsnipJoel_: whats the kline in lspc that relates to your soundcard?01:28
mib_2dc6mpas this chat is on a diff computer01:28
abuyusuf_sudobash, apt-get install open-vm-toolbox01:28
lstarnesNaggie: it's available for amd64, which is essentially x86_6401:28
ebabySlart: message said saving Vesa state before it exited now I am back to twilight zone of grey matter and dark screen of the not so distant past01:28
Gneamib_2dc6mp: can you ssh to it?01:28
abuyusuf_sudobash, try that, it's GUI for client of vmware01:28
=== Aryan is now known as Guest35876
mib_2dc6mpI typed lspci | pastebinit01:28
Joel_some intel card, 82801G High Def01:28
geeksquadinternal data flow error01:29
meho_sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint>  mount point would be cd0 or something01:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ich01:29
geeksquadis the error01:29
Naggiethanks, nickrud and lstarnes.01:29
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, let's try something else then:  lspci > lspci.txt && cat lspci.txt | pastebinit01:29
rwwalbert748: Sorry, my wifi card is acting up. If you need help, issue "/join #freenode" and ask in there. They'll be able to help :)01:29
albert748Dexi: thank you, I will have a try01:29
nickrudmeho_, no, mountpoint is a dir name. /mnt is traditionally used for temporary mounting01:29
Dexialbert748: good luck01:29
ethan2can somone please help me my computer is not detecting my ireless01:29
johninlexi have a atheros wireless card knowing that there inlies the problem  well I have tried everything01:29
ethan2please help me01:29
ActionParsnipJoel_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto?highlight=(hda)01:30
Gnea!wireless | ethan201:30
ubottuethan2: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:30
sudobashso it should let me install vmplayer?01:30
ethan2gnea: can you help me?01:30
ActionParsnip!vmware | sudobash01:30
ubottusudobash: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware01:30
Slartebaby: hmmm... I'm starting to run out of ideas to try.. and I'm running out of time01:30
skoozis there a way to set display setting on start up or something cant see top of my screen or bottom01:30
Gneaethan2: your best bet is to explain your problem in as much detail as you can, I'm sure someone here can help you.01:30
ActionParsnipskooz: you can set it in xorg.conf01:30
ebabySlart: back to "Ubuntu is running in low graphics mode"01:30
sudobashWHY use QEmu or VBox when VMware works better?01:30
Gneaethan2: also, check that URL out that ubottu ave you01:30
Gneasudobash: it doesn't work better in every circumstance.01:31
Slartebaby: mm.. the ever so helpful failsafe X01:31
wj32sudobash: some people have moral issues with using non-free software01:31
ActionParsnipsudobash: if they are "better" why do the other 2 even exist as no one would use them01:31
lstarnessudobash: qemu and virtualbox are open-source plus in many cases they work better01:31
ActionParsnipsudobash: there are advantages to both01:31
sudobashVMPlayer is free..............................01:31
ethan2gnea: yes ik but osmone just helped me form this and now my wireless doesnt work at all01:31
sudobashVMServer is free01:31
lstarnessudobash: but it is not open-source01:31
ebabySlart: via has a site where they have posted some drivers for other everex computers do u think those might work?01:31
Slartebaby: try asking the channel again.. I just don't know what more to try01:31
wj32FREE as in FREEDOM01:31
mib_2dc6mpGnea ok now we are in business: /f4ef29b01:31
mattbdsudobash:qemu is portable and vbox is easy to use01:31
Slartebaby: I have no idea.. it can't really get worse than it is01:31
Gneamib_2dc6mp: ok01:31
sudobashok then say some ppl have problem running non open source apps01:31
ethan2gnea: im runniing xubuntu and before i got wireless but it didnt work right and now i dont get it at all01:32
ActionParsnipsudobash: it is free, but no single application is "best" or "better" due to varying requirements and tastes01:32
mib_2dc6mpGnea I just want to say I really appreciate you helping me, I know this is taking a long time, but without your help I would be stuck01:32
ethan2gnea: i need help im new to xubuntu and i have no clue how to01:32
sudobashok but I have already set this guy up with VMplayer and he is 3000 miles away01:32
ethan2gnea: well get my wireless01:32
ethan2gnea: please help me01:32
geeksquad>i have a problem i cannot play dvds in totem i already have the liddvdcss package and the error is: "internal data flow error" please HELP!01:32
ActionParsnipsudobash: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Player01:32
sethActionParsnip: can you help me? I am at your mercy..lol01:32
sudobashand I set vmplayer to pull his dual booted partition.. is that possible in either qemu or vbox?01:32
abuyusuf_!vmplayer | sudobash01:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vmplayer01:33
ActionParsnipseth: you could roll back to the hardy kernel01:33
jarcohello. when i earlyer installed ubuntu it gave me a black screen in gnome. I tried command line with ctrl alt f1 and it worked. Now i need to reinstall for having kde. The live cd also gives black screen. i use ati hd3850 (i think) btw. Any thoughts or solutions?01:33
sethActionParship: how can you do that?01:33
sudobashcan vbox or qemu boot partitions and can the VMX be migrated?01:33
abuyusuf_!vmware | sudobash01:33
ubottusudobash: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware01:33
ethan2does anyone know how to get wireless detection on xubuntu?01:33
mattbdgeeksquad: Have you tried VLC instead? I find Totem a pain01:33
abuyusuf_sudobash, try the link above for manual install01:34
=== Aryan is now known as Guest53865
sudobashnevermind i got vmplayer back up01:34
geeksquadwhere can i get it on windows my linux system is out of internet01:34
wj32geeksquad: that's not easy, as vlc depends on lots of other packages01:34
geeksquadi can transfer the .deb01:34
ethan2does anyone know becuase i also get an error message from pigin01:35
wj32geeksquad: the problem is there are LOTS of debs you'll need to download manually01:35
geeksquadmy drive is 16 gb01:35
lstarnessudobash: I have booted a partition from within qemu once01:35
geeksquadhow many01:35
faileasgeeksquad: its more that its a pain in the ass to do01:35
mattbdgeeksquad: It can still be fiddly01:35
Jordan_Ugeeksquad: You can create a script that will download them all via synaptic01:35
skoozwhat do i need to type with xorg.conf01:35
ActionParsnipgeeksquad: you can install it off your install CD01:35
mattbdgeeksquad: You can run apt-cache depends vlc to list the dependencies01:36
ethan2"the irc server picked up a messgae it did not understand" i got that error message while using pigin can anyone help?01:36
wj32geeksquad: vlc-nox, libaa1, libass1, libvlccore0, libxinerama1, vlc-core01:36
nickrudgeeksquad, select it in synaptic; the script uses wget which you can get for windows and convert the script to .bat fairly easily iirc01:36
bulletmikebtw, happy new year yall01:36
wj32geeksquad: *vlc-data01:36
geeksquadmy linux system has no internet01:36
lstarnesethan2: pidgin's irc support is very incomplete01:36
wj32ethan2: get xchat01:37
sethSo exactly how do I roll back to hardy kernel01:37
ActionParsniplstarnes: works if you wanna type and read text, depends on what else you need01:37
bulletmikei use bittornado. whats the best torrent client for linux01:37
ebabyHello: trying to get help finishing installing 8.10 on everex stepnote nc1502 laptop video is via chrome9 HC IGP01:37
ethan2wj32: it will get rid of this error message?01:37
abuyusuf_!xchat | ethan201:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xchat01:37
geeksquadxchat is bad use chatzila01:37
wj32bulletmike: try deluge01:37
ubottudeluge is a Bittorent client, created using Python and GTK+, intended to bring a native, full-featured cliekt to !GTK environments such as GNOME and Xfce. See http://deluge-torrent.org/ for more information or the package 'deluge-torrent' in the package repositories.01:37
ActionParsnipethan2: if you just wanna send / recieve files and chat, its fine01:37
mattbdbulletmike: Another vote for deluge01:37
vileli8vesI'm having problems with mplayer and gnome-mplayer; can't get video to play when viewing mpeg files. I only get sound when viewing them in firefox.01:37
ethan2can anyone help me with a wireless detection problem?01:37
ebabyJack-Sparrow: still here?01:37
bulletmikehmmm...everybody seems to like deluge. I will try it out01:38
usr13geeksquad: Running a linux machine with no internet is like driving your car around only in the front yard.  :)01:38
ActionParsnipethan2: pidgin is fine01:38
usr13ethan2: We can try.01:38
bulletmikelol usr1301:38
geeksquadi am in vermont01:38
mattbdbulletmike: the version from the website is more up to date and they do a deb for Ubuntu01:38
wj32i agree01:38
bulletmikenice ..thanks maatbd&wj3201:38
ethan2usr13: the wireless network isnt picking up my router its only syaing "auto Eth0"01:38
Jordan_Uvileli8ves: Do you get an error from mplayer?01:39
geeksquadr u talking to me01:39
bulletmikedo you know a good script/program that can read mp3 tags ?01:39
usr13ethan2: auto eth0?01:39
vileli8vesnope. it opens the files fine.01:39
wj32ethan2: if you click on the network icon can you seek wireless networks?01:39
vileli8vesjust no video01:39
wj32ethan2: *i meant see01:39
ebabyInstaller runs fine but on reboot graphics goes haywire01:39
=== __Grim76__ is now known as Grim76__
ethan2wj32: i cnat clikc it01:40
skoozActionParsnip im at grub> xorg.conf01:40
ethan2wj32: i can only see it and it only wokrs when im wired01:40
ethan2wj32: i cnat get wireless01:40
ethan2usr13: yes auto etho01:40
wj32ethan2: how about right-clicking it?01:40
ActionParsnipskooz: if you are at a grub prompt your system isnt booting right01:40
usr13ethan2: System -> Network   click on Unlock01:40
wj32ethan2: i'm 100% you can click the network icon01:40
ActionParsnipskooz: you need to fix that before looking at xorg.conf01:40
wj32ethan2: *100% sure01:40
skoozwell how do u get to it01:41
ChungwaOh, I've got another question! Since I moved to ubuntu whenever I watch a video (avi divx) there are very slight lines (or is it pixelization?)on the video. Any idea how to make it look a little better (the video looking fine when I viewed it in Vista before my switch)01:41
wj32Chungwa: turn deinterlacing off01:41
usr13ethan2: And see if you can find a way to get it to conect to the particular essid of your wireless AP.01:41
skoozi can load ubuntu01:41
ChungwaHow do I do that? (I'm a COMPLETE newbie)01:41
ActionParsnipChungwa: have you installed video drivers and got codecs installed01:42
wj32Chungwa: oh wait you can't do that anymore01:42
ActionParsnipskooz: boot to linux, then run gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:42
wj32i swear you could turn deinterlacing on/off in totem before01:42
ChungwaActionParsnip: I did, yes. I choose the recommended drivers and downloaded some codecs for divx01:42
wj32Chungwa: in the View menu, is there a Deinterlacing menu item?01:43
ethan2i cant01:43
sethCan anyone tell me how to roll back my kernel from Interpid to Hardy?01:43
usr13Chungwa: What video player do you use?  What display adapter are you using?  What video driver are you using?01:43
ActionParsnipChungwa: maybe you ned a tweak for your video card01:43
Jordan_Useth: Did you upgrade?01:43
tbrockhey guys, what is a good nzb downloader for linux01:43
tbrockpreferably a gnome one01:43
sethJordan_U: Yes01:43
skoozhow do i boot linux01:43
wj32tbrock: what's nzb01:43
usr13seth sudo apt-get downgrade01:44
ActionParsniptbrock: nzb?01:44
mattbdtbrock: I hear good things about hellanzb01:44
usr13seth: Just teasing... sorry... couldn't resist.01:44
tbrockbinary news01:44
wj32skooz: have you got grub installed?01:44
tbrockok thanks matt01:44
ActionParsnip!grub | skooz01:44
ubottuskooz: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:44
mattbdActionParsnip: Newsbinz01:44
Jordan_Useth: You can boot from the old kernel by pressing escape at boot01:44
sethusr13: I came a hair to typing that in...lol01:44
ActionParsnip!info newsbinz01:44
ubottuPackage newsbinz does not exist in intrepid01:44
ChungwaOh, there is something about deinterlacing!01:44
wj32Chungwa: turn it off01:44
nickrudtbrock, pan supports nzb as well01:44
mattbdActionParsnip: He means he wants to download files from usenet01:45
skoozyes i can boot into ubuntu just cant see top or bottom of screen to see the menus01:45
sethJordan_U: Thanks.01:45
wj32weird, does anyone else see a View > Deinterlacing menu item in totem?01:45
Jordan_Useth: You probably don't want to do that permanently though, what problem are you having with the new kernel?01:45
usr13seth: Jordan_U has serious advise....01:45
Gneamib_2dc6mp: still there? sorry, had to take an important phone call01:45
sethJordan_U: My CD Drive isn't reading anything.01:45
ebabySlart: can you take a look at this link i found and let me know if this can do anything for me: http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=38635&d=118489192301:45
ebabySlart: it came from here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=50484901:45
Chungwawj32: It looks better now, thanks a lot!01:45
mib_2dc6mpGnea yes01:46
sethusr13: Thanks01:46
mattbdActionParsnip: Newzbinz are to usenet what torrent files are to BitTorrent01:46
wj32Chungwa: oh and also01:46
mib_2dc6mpI started going back to the beginning of the echomia support page01:46
usr13seth: No problem, the humor is free.01:46
skoozim at the grub menu to select ubuntu or windows01:46
wj32Chungwa: is it a DVD?01:46
mib_2dc6mpI am extracting the alsa firmware, driver and library01:46
tbrocknickrud: thanks man01:46
ChungwaNo, it's just an avi file01:46
sethusr13: I'll try to remember that.01:46
ActionParsnipmattbd: nice01:46
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay - not sure how much that's going to help, considering it's for an older version of Ubuntu.  I did notice this: 02:0b.0 Multimedia controller: Motorola DSP56361 Digital Signal Processor (rev 01)01:46
wj32Chungwa: you'll need deinterlacing on for most DVDs01:47
mib_2dc6mpGnea I noticed the synaptic did not have the libs, so I decided it would be best to do all 3 again (hopefully an overwrite of whatever synaptic did wont hurt)01:47
eseven73I cant find deluge in the repos is it just a ibex package? Im on Hardy01:47
wj32eseven73: download it from the website. it has the latest version01:47
Chungwawj32: I'll keep that in mind, thanks01:47
Gneamib_2dc6mp: well, if you can hold off on that for a bit, I'd like to see if we can find the firmware, drop it in and see if that works01:47
mattbdeseven73: It's as deluge-torrent, but I'd grab it from the website01:47
sethJordan_U: I have a Dell Insiron 1501 and the CD Drive worked fine until I upgraded to 8.10 and did all the updates.01:48
skoozcan i fix it?01:48
santry deluge-torrent01:48
Jordan_Useth: Did you upgrade via update-manager?01:48
sethJordan_U: Yes01:48
mib_2dc6mpGnea is there something I need to type in the terminal?01:48
johninlexcan anyone heme with a wireless problem please01:48
webbhawk_h4x0r42i run ubuntu on my home pc, but im not at home and on a windows machine.. and it seems to be infected with virus's... im wanting to do some work from this pc but be safe. I dont want my pwd's getting stolen or anyting and was wondering if i used ubuntu live cd.. would the possible virus's not be run from teh windows01:48
usr13johninlex: Will try...01:49
webbhawk_h4x0r42hope that makes sense01:49
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: Ubuntu won't get infected just because Windows has a virus01:49
gvsa123i'm trying to access our home network via ubuntu and installed samba. i've shared one of my directories in ubuntu for testing, but from the ms side, it's asking me for a username and password. i tried to use my login in ubuntu, but it doesn't work.. can anyone help?01:49
johninlexI have tried ndiswrapper and madwifi and cant get it to work01:49
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: the rule with computers is there's no black magic01:49
usr13johninlex: Just state your problem.  Someone is bound to know what to do about it.01:49
webbhawk_h4x0r42if there was a trojan or possible key capture program.. i would be safe using ubuntu live cd01:49
usr13what wifi nic is it?01:49
Gneamib_2dc6mp: well, I just found a few things that might help - they're a bit more up-to-date01:49
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: Windows programs don't run on Ubuntu01:49
ActionParsnipwebbhawk_h4x0r42: makes sense, if you boot to live cd, you can mount the windows drive and read the data01:49
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: Viruses, trojans, and spyware are windows programs01:50
mib_2dc6mpGnea that is excellent01:50
vileli8vesJordan_U figured it out. I needed to switch to gecko to get things working. mplayer just hates my system, I guess. thanks anyway!01:50
usr13johninlex: Which nic do   you have?01:50
Gneamib_2dc6mp: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49173501:50
mib_2dc6mpGnea I am open to whatver you want to tr01:50
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: Therefore viruses, trojans and spyware won't run on Ubuntu01:50
ActionParsnipwebbhawk_h4x0r42: the windows keylogger will not run as windows is not running, its linux01:50
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: Again, no black magic01:50
webbhawk_h4x0r42wj32:  so i thought right.. it would be much safer this way01:50
Gneamib_2dc6mp: still looking through it - looks like all you probably need to do is download and compile the firmware01:50
faileasgvsa123: depends on how you set it up01:50
webbhawk_h4x0r42wj32: i didnt get that saying you said.. no black magic one...01:50
usr13johninlex: lspci01:50
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: oh its just that some people think that computers do magical things01:51
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: never mind01:51
johninlexit is a theros wireless card  ar242x,  I have tried my windows driver01:51
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: what i said wasn't entirely true because there might be viruses and spyware for linux in the future01:51
gvsa123faileas: just installed samba, restarted the daemon, right clicked on one of my folders from /home and shared it.01:51
webbhawk_h4x0r42wj32: kk.. so i would be safe.. even if windows was infected01:51
sethJordan_U: I am going to reboot and try the older kernel.. Hopefully that will work.. Thanks01:51
=== Aryan is now known as Guest39485
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: but right now there's no viruses and spyware for linux (probably 1 or 2 actually)01:52
gvsa123faileas: i found it from the ms side but i can't access it... (so safe)01:52
webbhawk_h4x0r42wj32:  really u think so.. virus's for linux ?01:52
rww!virus | webbhawk_h4x0r4201:52
ubottuwebbhawk_h4x0r42: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2101:52
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: i mean in the wild01:52
faileasgvsa123: one moment there's a good howto on setting up samba i use01:52
webbhawk_h4x0r42wj32:  u think it could be possible in the future01:52
gvsa123faileas: is it this one? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20260501:52
ActionParsniprww: webbhawk_h4x0r42: there are a small few linux virii but they are not very wild at all01:52
loafersI have a .img file I would like to mount, is there a program to do this?  Or something to extract the contents?01:52
BWF89I think most anti-virus software for Linux isn't to detect Linux viruses. it's to detect Windows viruses so that you don't pass them onto your friends who use Windows.01:52
faileasgvsa123: no http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu-gutsy-samba-standalone-server-with-tdbsam-backend01:52
mattbdwebbhawk_h4x0r42: Linux is popular on servers, not just desktops01:52
wj32i agree with BWF8901:53
faileasloafers: i can't rememeber how to do it offhand but you're looking at something called loopmounting01:53
BWF89same with anti-virus software for Mac OSX.01:53
loafersI tried that but I think it only works for .iso files01:53
loafersmine is .img file01:53
webbhawk_h4x0r42is the "linux" community working to keep virus out .. even in the future01:54
loafersand cdemu doesn't support that file either i think01:54
mattbdwebbhawk_h4x0r42: They are very fast at patching known vulnerabilities compared to MS01:54
wj32loafers: have you tried mounting it using -o loop?01:54
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, what's the result of this command: dpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep alsa01:54
usr13johninlex: System -> Hardware Drivers  and look for everything that has Atheros in it. Tick the box in behind of ?Atheros Hardware Access01:54
eseven73I'm getting like 6 dependency issues with deluge-torrent in Hardy01:54
loafersI'll try it again01:54
ActionParsniploafers: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=14919701:54
mattbdwebbhawk_h4x0r42: Usually it gets done in a day or two, whereas it can be a long time in Windows01:55
rwweseven73: pastebin the specific errors?01:55
gvsa123faileas: oh that's fine. i've been able to setup using the link i sent, i was just hoping things were much simpler now. last time i had ubuntu was with feisty.01:55
webbhawk_h4x0r42and .. does the ubuntu live cd run pretty fast.. or would yall recomend a diff version to use01:55
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: i recommend you install ubuntu!01:55
bastid_raZorwebbhawk_h4x0r42; the CD will run considerably slower than an install01:55
loafersActionParsnip, thanks.01:55
mib_2dc6mpGnea I am typin git now01:55
mattbdwebbhawk_h4x0r42: I heard that Firefox vulnerabilties are patched in nine days on average while for IE it's over 200 days01:55
faileasgvsa123: what should interest you is that with the tdbsan backend, you can use your accounts on the box to access samba. ;p01:56
webbhawk_h4x0r42yeah but i cant. im not on my machine .. i have ubuntu on all my pc's01:56
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: oh i see01:56
eseven73rww: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99344/01:56
webbhawk_h4x0r42im at my grandmothers visiting..01:56
usr13johninlex: click the box in behind Atheros Hardware Access Layer(HAL) and Support for Atheros 802.11 wireless LAN cards and restart the computer.01:56
webbhawk_h4x0r42she can barley turn the pc on.. much less learn linux01:56
gvsa123faileas: from windows?01:56
mib_2dc6mpGnea I get quite a few things how to I create the web link01:56
wj32eseven73: have you tried running apt-get -f install01:56
eseven73not yet01:56
rwweseven73: what happens when you do sudo apt-get -f install"01:56
wj32eseven73: as it says in what you pasted01:56
=== maco_ is now known as maco
faileasgvsa123: yup01:57
Gneamib_2dc6mp: dpkg -l | grep ^ii | grep alsa > alsalist.txt && cat alsalist.txt | pastebinit01:57
rwweseven73: ah, okay. Try that and then try the install again and let us know if you still have problems :)01:57
wj32eseven73: i've had that error lots of times, and -f install has always fixed it01:57
faileaswell any account thats on the linux box anyway01:57
webbhawk_h4x0r42will the live cd be very slow.. hard to get some work done? im gona be working online.. on websites01:57
faileasgvsa123: i have one file server and a mix of linux and windows boxen- this setup works brilliently01:57
kgodwinwebbhawk_h4x0r42: It ran decently enough for me, but isntalling it is 1000% better.01:57
eseven73rww: wj32 its saying now i can install those libs, is it safe though?01:57
gvsa123faileas: cool eh.. i'd like to keep it simple for now. jsut me and my wife sharing/playing movies from each others' pc...01:57
wj32webbhawk_h4x0r42: well if ubuntu crashes for some reason you're going to lose all your work01:57
rwwwebbhawk_h4x0r42: it depends very much on your hardware, so we're not going to be able to tell you specifics.01:58
johninlexusr13 that would be easy if it was just a restricted driver,01:58
rwweseven73: pastebin the new output, please01:58
sethJordan_U: I rebooted and tried the older kernel and my CD Drive does not work..So I guess that means it is a hardware problem.01:58
mattbdwebbhawk_h4x0r42: If you really need a faster system you could use a lighter distro01:58
wj32eseven73: it usually gives that error if you were installing something and you interrupted it01:58
webbhawk_h4x0r42yeah .. puppy linux maybe01:58
mib_2dc6mpGnea /f9206dc801:58
webbhawk_h4x0r42dsl i heard about also01:58
mattbdwebbhawk_h4x0r42: I like Damn Small Linux, especially if you run it with the toram option01:58
eseven73rww: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99345/01:59
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mattbdwebbhawk_h4x0r42: Installs it to the ramdisk, slower to boot but runs really fast01:59
wj32eseven73: that just means its ok, just type Y and press enter!01:59
rwweseven73: yup, that looks fine. Go ahead and hit Y to continue and press enter.01:59
=== barata is now known as filsuf
eseven73ok thanks01:59
mib_2dc6mpGnea I am not seeing the alsa-libs in there, i am pretty sure I still need to compile them, though I downloaded them from the alsa site and extracted to the desktop, though there is nothing on the desktop (it is nice and clean)01:59
wj32eseven73: but you should still get the latest version from the website02:00
wj32eseven73: deluge-torrent.org02:00
mattbdwebbhawk_h4x0r42: Plus DSL downloads in a couple of minutes for most people02:00
webbhawk_h4x0r42mattbd: when i use a live cd.. can i install thing still or no. like if i needed a chat application could i d/l and install xchat02:00
eseven73wj32: yeah i did that first, then got the errors, so then i tried to install it from repos02:00
Gneamib_2dc6mp: do you get any results from this command?  ls -l /usr/lib/libasound*02:00
webbhawk_h4x0r42or some.. firefox extensions.. firebug and stuff02:00
wj32eseven73: the problem is you had to run apt-get install -f first02:00
mattbdwebbhawk_h4x0r42: Depends on the distro. In Ubuntu you can install it to your current session02:00
rwwwebbhawk_h4x0r42: on the Ubuntu LiveCD, yes; apt-get and synaptic work just like on a full install.02:01
wj32eseven73: not that the website version doesn't work02:01
mattbdwebbhawk_h4x0r42: But when you reboot it won't be there02:01
webbhawk_h4x0r42thats fine.. is there a way to create a custom livecd maybe02:01
mattbdwebbhawk_h4x0r42: Ubuntu Customization Kit02:01
eseven73wj32: so what exactly does sudo apt-get install -f do ?02:01
gvsa123faileas: are you aware of any package from synaptic that simplifies working "mshome"02:01
ActionParsnipeseven73: it fixes the packages by removing or adding packages so dependancies are all met02:02
Gnea!info libasound202:02
ubottulibasound2 (source: alsa-lib): ALSA library. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.17a-0ubuntu4 (intrepid), package size 347 kB, installed size 1228 kB02:02
wj32eseven73: i have no idea, but i presume it finishes installing packages it was installing before it got interrupted02:02
ActionParsnipeseven73: makes the system whole again02:02
Gneamib_2dc6mp: ^^^02:02
mattbdwebbhawk_h4x0r42: It can be gotten from uck.sourceforge.net and lets you remaster an ISO image02:02
gvsa123faileas: i'm hoping for something to tell a newbie: "oh just go to synaptic and install this package",.... lol02:02
mib_2dc6mpGnea let me chck02:03
=== zenith is now known as cwe_R
loafersSomeone gave me the link to mount .img file (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=149197) and it says to install "loop".  Where do I install "loop"?02:03
ac3_0f_spad3sis there such a thing as bare unix? can you install bare unix on a system?02:03
wj32loafers: you execute sudo mount -o loop [imgfile] [mount point]02:03
mattbdac3_0f_spades: Not sure what you mean02:04
wj32loafers: oops, its sudo mount -t udf -o loop [imgfile] [mount point]02:04
=== cwe_R is now known as cwe_santay
=== maco_ is now known as maco
Gneamib_2dc6mp: you can also see what package /usr/lib/libasound.so.2.0.0 belongs to like this:  dpkg -S /usr/lib/libasound.so.2.0.002:04
ubottuUNIX is an operating system created in the '70s, which has many direct derivates and inspired systems like Minix and !Linux. Most "UNIX-style" systems try to somewhat adhere to the POSIX standard.02:04
loaferswj32, I tried what was written in the thread and got the error:  wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0,02:05
mib_2dc6mpGnea when I typed the libasound* command I got 2 lines02:05
miguel__Hi all!02:05
wj32loafers: try replacing -t udf with -t iso966002:05
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, try out dpkg -S /usr/lib/libasound.so.2.0.002:05
mattbdac3_0f_spad3s: I know what Unix is, but what do you mean by bare Unix? Do you mean something minimal?02:05
eseven73Woah deluge is nice :)02:05
webbhawk_h4x0r42mattbd: have you had any experience with puppy ?02:05
ac3_0f_spad3syes mattbd02:05
rwweseven73: yes it is :D02:05
bulletmikewhen i type perl and hit return, it wont return anything. I have to do ctrl -c to break it. I installed the latest perl using apt-get. is there anything im missing ?02:05
chilli0hello all02:05
wj32!hello | chilli002:06
ubottuchilli0: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:06
chilli0how do i disable my mic from running all the dam time?02:06
ac3_0f_spad3ssomething very unhackable02:06
eseven73rww: im getting 1.1mb/s from a Arch linux iso :)02:06
loaferswj32, Same error.02:06
mib_2dc6mpGnea yea it says /usr/lib/libasound.so.2 for the fisr command, let me try the other02:06
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay02:06
Jordan_Ubulletmike: You need to type ctrl+D ( EOF )02:06
rwwbulletmike: that's how it's supposed to work. If you want to run a perl script, issue "perl filename.pl"02:06
mattbdac3_0f_spad3s:Maybe FreeBSD would be good for that02:06
wj32loafers: is it a dvd or cd02:06
chilli0if i make anysound my mic amps it lol02:06
ac3_0f_spad3smattbd is that minimal?02:06
sudobashHey is there a way to fsck a windows partition?02:06
bulletmikegreat. thanks rww02:06
loaferswj32, It's a cd image file from a book I have.02:06
sudobashntfs to be exact02:06
rwweseven73: Arch is nice too :D02:06
mib_2dc6mpGneathat last command gave me about 12 lines02:07
mattbdwebbhawk_h4x0r42: I have used it but prefer DSL02:07
eseven73rww: i cant get arch working on Vbox :(02:07
wj32i can't think of any CD specs besides UDF and ISO966002:07
rwwsudobash: http://www.linux-ntfs.org/doku.php?id=ntfsck : not yet, no02:07
eseven73or Opensuse only Ubuntu and win xp02:07
mib_2dc6mpGnea they are all lib(someething)02:07
Jordan_Usudobash: ntfxfix will fix some things, I'm not sure how much to trust it though02:07
rootHello all. :)02:07
wj32so it has to be some unknown format02:07
=== rebel_kid|zZzZ is now known as rebel_kid
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, so:  dpkg dpkg -S /usr/lib/libasound.so.2.0.0 | pastebinit02:07
=== root is now known as wfoster
loaferswj32, ok thansk for helping02:07
ebabyhello: can anyone tell me if this command can assist in correcting a graphics display problem in 8.10 - "sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst"02:07
mattbdac3_0f_spad3s: FreeBSD is very minimal out of the box, you pretty much install everything you want yourself02:07
=== wfoster is now known as wfoster_
wfoster_Hey all!02:08
Dexihey guys i got about 4 lines of terminal i need help with, pastebin?02:08
wj32ebaby: no, that's the bootloader02:08
wj32Dexi: go ahead02:08
ac3_0f_spad3smattbd can i install ubuntu on top of freeBSD?02:08
Jack_SparrowDexi, Pastebin. not in channel02:08
mattbdac3_0f_spad3s: If you want something unhackable OpenBSD is the way to go02:08
rwweseven73: perhaps ask for help in #archlinux on this server ?02:08
wfoster_wj32: rww: Remember me? From last night? Well, I went out and bought a Macbook today. No need to worry about that pesky sudo situation anymore.02:08
Gneaebaby: depending on what you put in it, perhaps02:08
ActionParsnipmattbd: if you want unhackable, disconnect network connectivity02:08
mattbdac3_0f_spad3s: No, it's a completely different operating system02:08
mib_2dc6mpGnea that didnt work: dpkg needs an action option, do we need that && cat thing02:09
Jordan_UActionParsnip: And the keyboard :)02:09
mattbdActionParsnip: lol!02:09
Gneamib_2dc6mp: yeah02:09
ActionParsnipmattbd: any system with internet connectivity has some chance of being hacked02:09
chilli0its im possable to get hacked w\o intenet thats why i recomend tesltra02:09
rwwwfoster_: I remember the name, but not the problem =/. If you're trying to say that OS X doesn't use sudo... umm, I hate to tell you, but it does.02:09
wj32Dexi: sudo mkdir /usr/local/plugins first02:09
ebabywj32: I came across this page: "https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/54867" that had that on it and I belive it could solve my problem(s) - do you mind taking a quick glance at it for me to confirm/negate... thnx02:09
linduxedoff toptic - will an acer travelmate most likely have a 65W powerpack or 90W?02:09
rww!ot | linduxed02:09
ubottulinduxed: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:09
linduxedmight also be 30W but i highly doubt it02:10
ac3_0f_spad3smattbd this is why im asking for something minimal. i would like something i can run ubuntu from02:10
wfoster_rww: Leopard OS X uses sudo? Well, at least it won't corrupt all the time like Wubi.02:10
mattbdActionParsnip: Yeah I know but OpenBSD is about as close to unhackable as anything you can find02:10
linduxedrww: thx02:10
wj32ebaby: i guess so, but didn't you have problems with graphics?02:10
wfoster_Is there a Apple or Mac channel?02:10
mattbdac3_0f_spad3s: So you want to be able to set up a minimal Linux system?02:10
mib_2dc6mpGnea what comes after the >02:10
Jack_Sparrowwfoster_, If you understood what wubi is and does you would not have used it int he first place02:10
mattbdac3_0f_spad3s: But using Ubuntu?02:11
ac3_0f_spad3smattbd may i pm you02:11
mib_2dc6mpGnea would it be libasound.2.0.0.txt02:11
mattbdac3_0f_spad3s: Sure02:11
ebabywj32: yeah all is well during the install ( i can even use firefox on web) but after install/reboot there is no display.02:11
Jordan_Uwfoster_: Yes, ##mac02:11
Gneamib_2dc6mp: well > is the output directive, so go ahead and make up a filename to put the infomration into - it can be anything you want it to be02:11
wfoster_Jack_Sparrow: What does it do then?02:11
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.02:11
wfoster_Jordan_U: Thanks.02:11
Jordan_Uwfoster_: np02:11
rwwwfoster_: Yes it does, yes it might, and if I were in less of a terse mood tonight I'd PM you some of the reasons why I switched from OS X to Ubuntu. But yeah, OS X discussion is off-topic for #ubuntu, so go to ##mac.02:11
Jack_Sparrowwfoster_, read the faq.  I wont use nor would I ever recommend it02:11
ebabywj32: it seems that the page is saying something about making sure the commands stick after restarting02:11
wj32ebaby: ok, then do it02:12
MatthiasMhi, after I upgraded to 8.10 every reboot the keyboard layout switches back to US instead of DE02:12
wj32whats the difference between one hash '#' and two hashes '##' for channel names?02:12
Shadow_Xisn't there an app that will allow me to use a VNC client on another computer to connect to my server and login to a brand new X session?02:12
Dexiwj32: ok i worked it into the right dir, now im getting this: http://pastebin.com/m16f3177002:12
rwwwj32: ask in #freenode02:12
ActionParsnipShadow_X: you can connect to servername:2 and it will load another x server02:13
ebabywj32: which I am assuming is wht my problem is... I tried it via root and got the message "(gedit:4379) : Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display"02:13
mib_2dc6mpGnea, I hope I did this right, /f7278fe9d02:13
wj32Dexi: why are you using sudo for make?02:14
Shadow_XActionParsnip: to i need to do any specific config on the server aside from allowing remote X?02:14
eseven73!gksu | ebaby02:14
ubottuebaby: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:14
wj32Dexi: just run make02:14
Dexiwj32: it said permission denied when i didnt02:14
wj32Dexi: that's weird. make should only compile the prog, not install it02:14
Gneamib_2dc6mp: looks good :)02:14
mib_2dc6mpGnea when I try it with dpkg -l it says no package found matching /usr/lib/libasound.so.2.0.002:15
Dexiwj32: its a weird thing its got going on... install directions told me to edit the first line of the makefile to my plugins dir and then type make, without ./configure first02:15
ActionParsnipShadow_X: nope, i think it just gets spawned, try websearching vnc to headless pc02:15
rwwDexi: which program?02:15
Dexirww "sessionsave" plugin for pidgin02:15
Shadow_XActionParsnip: thanks bro02:16
rww!vnc | Shadow_X: you mean a VNC server?02:16
ubottuShadow_X: you mean a VNC server?: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:16
Gneamib_2dc6mp: right, if you type: dpkg --help  you will see that -l and -S do 2 different things. so, it looks like your alsa libraries are in place - there's no need to worry about them, it's the firmware that's the problem02:16
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX02:16
ebabyeseven73: not sure what !gksu means as I am green02:16
rwwDexi: Ah. Yeah, it doesn't surprise me that plugins are weird.02:16
eseven73ebaby: it's a better method of using graphical apps as root02:17
wj32eseven73: he can't get his display working02:17
mib_2dc6mpGnea so I am guessing ubuntustudio either came with all the alsa, or when I downloaded it from synaptic it installed everything (though I never downloaded alsa-libs)02:17
Dexirww, i think i can make it work if i just copy the file, whats the terminal command to copy something from home/whatever to /usr/local/lib/purple-202:17
ActionParsnipShadow_X: http://forums.teamphoenixrising.net/showthread.php?t=3232502:17
rwwDexi: cp /home/whatever/filename /usr/local/lib/purple-202:17
Gneamib_2dc6mp: so let's concentrate on that:   find /lib/firmware/ -name "mia_dsp*" > mialist.txt && cat mialist | pastebinit02:17
rwwDexi: possibly with a sudo in front of it; and if it's a directory, do cp -R02:17
mib_2dc6mpGnea ok lemme do that02:18
Gneamib_2dc6mp: there is no alsa-libs in ubuntu, it's called libasound202:18
Dexirww ok, i think last time i did it wrong because it moved the whole dir but i didnt say -R idk ill go try02:18
ebabyeseven73; is there a way to get to "terminal"  from the recovery Menu?02:18
COMPLICE36hola a todos ^^02:18
wfoster_ebaby: Can't you access the top bar?02:18
Gneamib_2dc6mp: sorry, cat mialist.txt | pastebinit   lol02:19
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:19
rww!es | COMPLICE3602:19
ubottuCOMPLICE36: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:19
Jack_Sparrowwfoster_, We dont serve files02:19
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o02:19
mib_2dc6mpGnea I must be typing something wrong : find/lib/firmware/: no such directory02:19
shearHi! Can anyone help me with a problem I'm having mounting USB Mass Storage devices? Details of what I've done so far are here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=647622102:19
Dexirww whats the rename command?02:19
ebabywfoster: the top bar?02:20
rwwDexi: same as the move command: mv oldname newname02:20
Gneamib_2dc6mp: make sure there's a space:  find /lib/firmware/02:20
Dexirww: nevermind im doing it wrong anyway lol02:20
Dexiforget it, ill just ditch the plugin :-/02:20
Dexigonna go get some chili and come back later :D02:20
rww!terminal | Dexi: basic help on command-line usage (if you feel like reading through it)02:20
mib_2dc6mpGnea thats the prob02:20
ubottuDexi: basic help on command-line usage (if you feel like reading through it): The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:20
sudobashso ntfsck works?02:21
s3ais it possible to remove images off of pidgin ONLY on the window things on the bottom task bar?02:21
=== rebel_kid|zZzZ is now known as rebel_kid
s3aimages=people's display pictures02:22
Gneamib_2dc6mp: ?02:22
Raylzs3a: #pidgin02:22
s3ai want it to always show status on those window things02:22
rwwsudobash: did you read the link I sent you?02:22
s3aRaylz, k thx02:22
sudobashit looks like it is being distributed02:22
Jack_Sparrowshear, that is characteristic of an unclean mount or fsck detecting issues with the device02:23
Dexithanks rww ill make a point to get to that sooner or later02:23
eseven73ebaby: sorry i had to answer the door, you can get a terminal in recovery mode this way: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo#recoverymode02:23
mib_2dc6mpGnea now I get a keyboard interrpt find /lib/firmware/ -name "mia_dsp" > mialist.txt && cat mialist.txt | pastebinit02:23
Raylzhaha, just compiling the new gnome :)02:23
shearJack_Sparrow, I did run fsck, and posted the result in that thread02:23
mib_2dc6mpGnea am i supposed to take the -name out02:23
shearJack_Sparrow, do you know how to fix it?02:23
sudobashahhhh ntfsresize -fi /dev/hdXY02:24
Gneamib_2dc6mp: well, you're looking for anything that -starts- with the mib_dsp, so it needs to be "mia_dsp*"02:24
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot02:24
rwwsudobash: "ntfsprogs" is a collection of programs for managing the ntfs file system, and is available as an Ubuntu package anyway. ntfsck doesn't exist yet, but will eventually; in the meantime, install ntfsprogs and run the command on that page02:24
rww!info ntfsprogs02:24
ubottuntfsprogs (source: linux-ntfs): tools for doing neat things in NTFS partitions from Linux. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.0-1ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 262 kB, installed size 672 kB02:24
sudobashso ntfsprogs is obsolete but ntfsck is not ready yet?02:24
mib_2dc6mpGnea I added the * but I still get a keyboard interrupt02:25
Jack_Sparrowshear, for the best answers pastebin the output, dont make people search through a thread looking for it02:25
sudobashPackage ntfsprogs is not available, but is referred to by another package.02:25
Gneamib_2dc6mp: hrm, try it like this then:  find /lib/firmware/ -name "mia_dsp*"02:25
rwwsudobash: what version of Ubuntu are you using?02:25
sudobashwait my install must not be up to date cause it worked in california02:26
eseven73ebaby: oops i should have told you to skip down to like the 5th image, thats where it shows for terminal02:26
shearJack_Sparrow, without reading the thread, someone else trying to help won't know what has already been suggested to me02:26
sudobashntfsresize -fi /dev/hdXY    how well does this work?02:26
Jack_Sparrowsudobash, gparted live is a better bet02:27
peepsaloti'm trying to set up a raid 5 array as described here: http://bfish.xaedalus.net/?p=188  but when I run the commands to edit /etc/mdadm/mdadm/conf it says permission denied.  how can there be permission denied to edit a file if I am using sudo?02:27
mib_2dc6mpGnea that is what I have find /lib/firmware/ -name "mia_dsp*" > mialist.txt && cat mialist.txt | pastebinit02:27
sudobashi am trying to check fs from 3000 miles away02:27
rwwJack_Sparrow: that command is (surprisingly) for filesystem checking, not resizing.02:27
sudobashyeah it says it needs to be checked with chkdsk /F now02:28
mib_2dc6mpGnea I get a kbord interrupt catched02:28
Aji-Daha1amacbook pro 3.1, intrepid, 2-finger vertical scrolling doesn't work.  I have the appletouch.fdi from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro3-1/Intrepid and it still doesn't work02:28
mib_2dc6mpGnea I must be missing something in the command02:29
Aji-Daha1aany ideas?02:29
ebabyeseven73: I am trying to fix a prob where install is fine but after install and reboot I get no visual/gui/etc. I believe this page - "https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/54867"  describes what is happening to me but since I am new I am not 100% certain. your thoughts...02:29
sudobashany ideas on fixing the ntfs errors?02:29
peepsalotwhy does it tell me permission denied when I run this command?  sudo echo "DEVICE partitions" > /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf02:29
sudobashfrom 3000 miles away?02:29
Jordan_Usudobash: Again, ntfsfix *might* do it02:29
KoolDhow do you prevent the usb pendrives being auto explored?02:30
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Sleepin
Gneamib_2dc6mp: right, all I'm saying is, try it without doing the output and pastebin02:30
sudobashit says it actually just marks it as dirty02:30
JonathanEllis I have a problem getting grub to boot windows xp on an extended partition. Windows is on sda6 and grub comes up with error 12 when I try to boot it. The relevant section of my menu.lst is at http://pastebin.com/d6fa86776     Can anyone tell me how to boot windows from an extended partition using grub?02:30
sudobashso windows checks it02:30
mib_2dc6mpGnea oh ok02:30
gillroywhy is the current package for gnuoctave only version 3.0.0 (ubuntu 8.0402:31
sudobashso maybe if i mark it and restart it and set windows as default os to boot then it will chkdsk when it boots but will it fix errors?02:31
eseven73ebaby: im prolly the worse person in here to ask about display issues or networking sorry :)02:31
mib_2dc6mpGnea find /lib/firmware/ -name "mia_dsp*"  nothing happens02:31
rwwsudobash: the only reason to put yourself through the torture of ntfs is if you have windows. if you have windows, reboot into windows and then ask in ##windows for help.02:31
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, and I just tried it too like that - the "KeyboardInterrupt caught." means that pastebinit won't send an empty file02:32
sudobashwell i am 3000 miles away ubuntu to ubuntu trying to fix a dual boot XP partition : (02:32
mib_2dc6mpGnea so I need some drivers or something?02:32
Gneamib_2dc6mp: all this means is that there is no firmware installed for your soundcard at all - now that we have that confirmed, let's get the firmware02:32
ebabyJack_Sparrow: can you lend an ear?02:32
mib_2dc6mpGnea sounds good!02:32
PosterBoyCan someone tell me how to mount my windows partition please?02:33
PosterBoyim gonna get rid of windows for good02:33
JonathanEllisPosterBoy: You need to mount your win partion in linux?02:33
PosterBoybut i need to copy a few more files over first02:33
Jack_Sparrowebaby, Sorry, trying to watch the playoffs... just lurking to keep an eye on things02:33
rww!ntfs | PosterBoy02:33
ubottuPosterBoy: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE02:33
PosterBoyJonathanEllis, yes02:33
PosterBoyJonathanEllis, it was mounted before but i unmounted it in GParted and now it says i dont have permission to mount it anymore02:34
JonathanEllisPosterBoy: Ah, I see someone has helped you already02:34
ebabyJack_Sparrow: I understand thanks though02:34
Jack_Sparrowthanks for understanding02:34
sudobashmount -t ntfs-3g /media/disk /dev/sda102:34
Jordan_Usudobash: I think you have that backwards02:34
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, let's make sure your module is set correctly. do you get anything from this command:  lsmod | grep snd_mia02:35
Jordan_Usudobash: device then mountpoint02:35
eseven73hmm ebaby just curious, have you tried Hardy? and see if you still have this same issue?02:35
sudobashoops yeah02:35
JonathanEllisPosterBoy, sudobash: I think that should be sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /media/disk /dev/sda1  shouldnt it?02:35
sudobashlol yeah im intoxicated though02:35
sudobashso forgive me02:35
cdm10Has anyone had issues with time in f-spot? My photos show the correct time with every other app, but in F-spot they show the UTC time.02:35
JonathanEllisPosterBoy: If you put sudo before the mount command that will give you permission02:36
rwwJonathanEllis: sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/devicename /path/to/mountpoint (or replace ntfs with ntfs-3g if writing to the ntfs partition requried)02:36
mib_2dc6mpGnea I do02:36
Ultrahexdoes anyone know how I would go about allowing multiple programs to access my webcam at once (possibly by relaying data) ?02:36
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, let's unload it then:  rmmod snd_mia02:36
Jack_SparrowPosterBoy, sudo mkdir /media/driveblah then sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/driveblah substitute your drive for sda102:36
Gneamib_2dc6mp: sorry:  sudo rmmod snd_mia02:36
mib_2dc6mpGnea I get a send_mia, pcm, raw midi02:37
ubottubiotrox, please see my private message02:37
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay. basically what we're gonna do is remove the module, download the firmware, compile the firmware, install the firmware, and reload the module so that it sticks with the firmware02:37
mib_2dc6mpnothing happened02:37
mib_2dc6mplet me try the sudo again02:37
ethancan somone please help me i need help with my wireless and im using xubuntu and the xubuntu chat noone is helping me02:37
ethancan somone please help?02:38
cdm10!anyone | ethan02:38
ubottuethan: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:38
Gneamib_2dc6mp: you should get an error this time02:38
peepsalotsince when does using sudo not allow editing access on files owned by root?02:38
mib_2dc6mpGnea now I get error: Module snd_mia does not eist02:38
ethancdm10; i need help wiht my wireless02:38
StevenXHello all. Is there a program to record into mp3 the whatever goes into my laptops speakers? I want to stream a song from the web, such as youtube, pandora, or seeqpod and record it.02:38
ethancan you help me02:38
Gneamib_2dc6mp: good, that means you were able to unload it :)02:38
cdm10ethan: well, ask a more specific question02:38
Gnea!ask | ethan02:38
ebabyHelp - trying to correct via chrome9 HC IGP video card with Ubuntu 8.10 on laptop02:38
ubottuethan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:38
Jack_Sparrow!helpme > ethan02:38
JonathanEllisPosterBoy: Have you managed to mount that partition now?02:39
ubottuethan, please see my private message02:39
Aji-Daha1amacbook pro 3.1, intrepid, 2-finger vertical scrolling doesn't work.  I have the appletouch.fdi from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro3-1/Intrepid and it still doesn't work.  Any ideas?02:39
ethancdm10: my wireless router is not being detected on my02:39
peepsalotcan anyone hear me?02:39
Jack_Sparrowpeepsalot, You need to give more info02:39
eseven73hear you? this isnt Yahoo! Chat02:39
Jordan_UStevenX: With youtube you can just grab the .flv file from /tmp, it's not easy but for everything else you can use pulseaudio02:39
eseven73can we see you? yes.02:39
JonathanEllis!ask | peepsalot02:39
ubottupeepsalot: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:39
Ultrahexethan: its because your wireless router is most likely not broadcasting02:39
cdm10ethan: have you tried manually entering your wireless information?02:40
ethangnea and cdm10: the wireless network router is not being detected on ym computer i used ndiswrapper and somoen helped me take it of but my wireless is still nto wokring02:40
peepsalotJonathanEllis, i have asked three questions already, and no one has said anything02:40
mnHow do I send the value of a variable to standard output with POSIX scripting (I know I asked earlier, but I had to go right then)?02:40
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, you're going to want to go here: http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Main_Page  and get just the alsa-firmware-1.0.1702:40
StevenXJordan_U: thank you.02:40
Jordan_UStevenX: np02:40
mib_2dc6mpGnea I have it, I grabbed the firmware, source and libs and put the in a folder in my /home02:40
cdm10Gnea: what type of network card do you have?02:40
ethangnea and cdm10 and ultrahex: im using xubuntu though an di the xubuntu chat noone can help me02:40
peepsalotJack_Sparrow, I am trying to set up raid 5, and when I run the following command it says permission denied: sudo echo "DEVICE partitions" > /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf02:40
Gneaethan: we're going to need more information, please. we need to know the make/model of your laptop and your wireless card.02:41
ebabyhow can I make the settings stick after install - as graphics are fine during install but after they do not work02:41
mib_2dc6mpGnea time to compile?02:41
Jordan_Umn: echo $VARIABLE ?02:41
JonathanEllispeepsalot: I wasnt here when you asked - or at least wasnt watching the room. Others may not have seen your question either. What's the problem? Dont guarantee I will know the answer02:41
biotroxethan, the one didn't working is your wireless router or your wireless adapter?02:41
Gneaethan: please stop saying that noone can help you, we're trying. please, work with us.02:41
sartak_How good is the firestarter firewall?02:41
faileasIIRC its just a front end for the firewall thats already there02:41
Jack_Sparrowpeepsalot, I wont use raid (other than true hardware raid) so I cant help you02:41
ethangnea: the make is an hp pavilion zv60002:41
JonathanEllispeepsalot: Or alternatively noone here knows the answer02:41
Gneacdm10: think you meant that for ethan :)02:41
usr13ethan: lspic02:41
mnyes, ty Jordan_U02:42
sartak_I miss blackice firewall02:42
usr13tell us what wireless card it is.02:42
ethangnea: hp pavilion zv600002:42
Jordan_Umn: np02:42
ubottuFor information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS02:42
sartak_:(  was my fav02:42
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay - the only one you have to worry about is the alsa-firmware, you can get rid of the rest02:42
Jack_Sparrow!firewall > sartak_02:42
ubottusartak_, please see my private message02:42
JonathanEllisethan: I think that should be lspci02:42
Gnea!laptop | ethan02:42
ubottuethan: Laptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org02:42
cdm10Gnea: I did, sorry about that :)02:42
mib_2dc6mpGnea okay02:42
peepsalotJack_Sparrow, the question is mainly regarding the fact that i'm using sudo and somehow I still don't have permission to alter this file.  I thought that sudo gives you permission to do anythhing02:42
GodfatherofEireAny reason why a USB keyboard might suddenly stop responding, even though I didnt update or anything?02:42
Gneaethan: check out that 2nd URL and see if you can find your laptop listed there.02:42
PosterBoy"fuse: mount failed: device or resource busy"02:42
Gneacdm10: no problem :)P02:42
usr13ethan: lspci  sorry  typeo b402:42
Jordan_Uebaby: What happens when you d02:42
ethangnea: which url02:42
sartak_faster horses and younger women make the world go round gents02:43
Jordan_Uebaby: ... When you first boot after install?02:43
sartak_:O   haha02:43
mib_2dc6mpGnea I am rdy when you are02:43
Jack_Sparrow!ot > sartak_02:43
ubottusartak_, please see my private message02:43
Gneaethan: do you see the list of Laptop support sites that ubottu just gave you?02:43
JonathanEllisPosterBoy: What else do you have open that may be trying to access that partition?02:43
ethangnea: i have an internal wireless card through broadcom02:43
user_why ubuntu . . . Why not fedora or mandriva?  Isn't ubuntu as commercialized as any os people might hope to avoid?02:43
Jack_Sparrow!ot > user_02:43
ubottuuser_, please see my private message02:43
eseven73no trolling02:43
Gneamib_2dc6mp: sec02:44
ethangnea: yes my model is there02:44
ethangnea: what do i do02:44
PosterBoyGParted was open but is now closed02:44
PosterBoyother then that no idea, JonathanEllis02:44
ebabyJordan_U: no graphics just some grey matter afer a while a dialog box saying Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode due to inability to configure settings - I get options but no matter what I input the same things re-occur - grey matter dark screen02:44
Gneaethan: open them in new tabs, see if you can find out anything of how someone else was able to get their wireless working02:45
patxDear Ubuntu IRC Staff,02:45
patx I would like to request a ubuntu bot cloak for my bot, patxBot. He has a factoid option, so you can make whatever factoids you want. I do not care what ubuntu channel he runs on, any will do. My e-mail is patx@patx44.tk.02:45
GodfatherofEireAny reason why a USB keyboard might suddenly stop responding, even though I didnt update or anything?02:45
Jordan_Uebaby: What version of Ubuntu?02:45
Jack_Sparrowpatx, please join ubuntu-ops02:45
GodfatherofEireI just ran xinput list and its not listed02:45
ebabyJordan_U: the strange thing is that graphics run fine (beautiful) during install  - 8.1002:45
ethangnea: this site says to use ndiswrapper and i justt ook that off with someone else02:46
ealxI must convert an avi file to video dvd/cd02:46
ealxhow can I do it in ubuntu?02:46
ubottuethan, please see my private message02:46
JonathanEllisPosterBoy: Please put my name if you are trying to talk to me otherwise I may miss your post. Try sudo mount -t devicename mountpoint ntfs defaults,umask=007,gid=46 0 102:46
Jordan_Uebaby: Not sure what the problem is but try removing your xorg.conf so X configures itself02:46
illmortalCan someone please help me install my Wireless PCI network adapter? It's a BCM4318 chip set and this installation tutorial does NOT work: http://www.sampbar.com/2008/11/broadcom-bcm4318-ubuntu-intrepid.html02:47
ethanbiotrox: can you help me set up my wireless02:47
ebabyJordan_U: driver info says vesa is being used. switched Gedit file to openchrome but no real improvement. Trying to figure how to  make the settings that were used during install to stick afterwards02:47
palluhello all of you02:47
usr13ethan: What is the problem?02:47
mib_2dc6mpHoly bajesus this is scary, when I go to properties of my filesystem the contents is ticking up astronomically, is this nrmal?02:48
zionpsyferealx: Avidemux and k3b should do the trick, I have a link to a howto if you'd like02:48
ethanusr13: i just need help seting it up my wireless isnt working02:48
biotroxethan, is ur broadcom adapter is listed in the pci list?02:48
palluis there a way to lock my computer from and ssh session02:48
ebabyJordan_U: May I ask how to accomplish removing the xorg.conf02:48
usr13System -> Network   and Unlock02:48
ethanbiotrox:im new to this whole os, wheere do i go for that?02:48
palluwith gnome-screensaver02:48
JonathanEllisDoes anyone know the way to boot windows from grub when windows is on a logical partition in an extended partition? I think makeactive is causing an error 1202:48
biotroxethan, go to gnome-terminal, and type in sudo lspci02:49
Jordan_Uebaby: The thing is that they should stick, IIRC the xorg.conf configured for the live session is copied to the installed system02:49
Jack_SparrowJonathanEllis, Best to ask that in #Windows02:49
n8tuserJonathanEllis-> canyou post your entire menu.lst ?02:49
usr13JonathanEllis: MS Windows needs to be on the First Partition.02:49
PosterBoyJonathanEllis, it is now mounted. Thank you.02:49
dr_willisJonathanEllis,  ages ago  I recall there being grub options to 'swap' drives around.. but im not sure you can swap a logical to be a 'primary' and as far as i know WIndows  sort of demands to be on a primary partition. Not sure if Vista is still that way. Pretty sure XP was.. and Im VERY sure 95/98 had to be02:49
ethanbiotrox: ok i did now what?02:50
biotroxsee if your broadcom is there in the lsit02:50
JonathanEllisn8tuser: Relevant part of menu.lst is at http://pastebin.com/d6fa8677602:50
illmortalCan someone please help me install my Wireless PCI network adapter? It's a BCM4318 chip set and this installation tutorial does NOT work: http://www.sampbar.com/2008/11/broadcom-bcm4318-ubuntu-intrepid.html02:50
illmortalNdiswrapper gives an error that utils don't exist even after installing Ndiswrapper from LiveCD02:50
FloodBot1illmortal: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:50
n8tuserJonathanEllis-> nope, not enuff, post the whole thing please02:50
Gneamib_2dc6mp: sorry this is taking awhile, i just ran into a problem with my laptop02:50
JonathanEllisusr13: I had windows booting successfully on the second partition but it was a primary partition not extended02:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about b4302:51
ethanbiotrox: see if broadcom is there?02:51
Jack_Sparrow!info b4302:51
ubottuPackage b43 does not exist in intrepid02:51
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:51
mib_2dc6mpGnea np, I am thankful for your help so its all good02:51
Gneamib_2dc6mp: :)02:51
ubottuethan, please see my private message02:51
the_squircleDoes anybody know how to prevent Ubuntu from turning off the backlight when the room is extremely dark (and just keeping the brightness at the lowest level possible)? Is this possible?02:52
JonathanEllisn8tuser: Here it is http://pastebin.com/d6617393202:52
ebabyJordan_U: they dont seem to be. This page seems to be describing that: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/54867 - but typing the sudo command gets me "cannot open display"02:52
quinniGoogle: 怎样取消mlnet 自动运行呢02:52
biotroxethan, when u lspci, is the broadcom adapter is listed there?02:52
hbah427Anyone else having problems with the nVidia GeForce 6200 OC?02:52
mnWho needs help with Broadcom?02:52
usr13JonathanEllis: MS Windows needs to be on the First Partition.02:52
the_squirclemn: ethan02:52
JonathanEllisn8tuser: Most of this was built when I installed Ubuntu - Windows already existing on sda602:52
rww!cn | quinn02:52
ubottuquinn: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:52
biotroxmn, ethan need help with broadcom02:53
brohkenhey guys can someone help me with the battery settings on my thinkpad x61? i want my laptop to dim on battery (10% brightness) and go to 100% on AC power. also i want it to dim when idle, but "undim" when i touch the mouse. right now it dims on idle and doesn't undim.02:53
ethanmn: i do02:53
mnethan: what is the problem?02:53
ethanmn i need help seting up my wireless02:53
the_squirclebrohken: there are options for that in the power settings02:53
hbah427Anyone else having problems with the nVidia GeForce 6200 OC?02:53
mnethan: specifically02:53
ebabyJordan_U: should there be a space between "gedit" and "/boot..."02:53
ethanmn: my router isnt being detected02:53
the_squirclebrohken: there is "ac power" and "battery" settings02:53
demntWhen i am going to tunnel my webtraffic through a ssh tunnel to my server with putty, is there anything i need to do at the server side besides making sure that the sshd is running and AllowTcpForwardin is set to yes in the config? It won't work. Firefox says Finished loading page, but there is just a blank page there.02:53
ethanmn: i cant connect to my wireless02:53
mnethan: is your network being detected?02:53
zionpsyfer!anyone > hbah42702:54
ubottuhbah427, please see my private message02:54
the_squirclebrohken: set them differently, set one to dim, one not too... and all should be good02:54
mnethan: you have 8.10?02:54
biotrox!lspci | ethan02:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lspci02:54
Jack_Sparrowhbah427, I had to fiddle a bit on my 6600 oc02:54
n8tuserJonathanEllis-> try  root (hd0,0) for your windows02:54
brohkenthe_squircle, i know.... but it doesnt play nice. it only dims to 50% and it doesn't undim after idle02:54
GodfatherofEireSay, anybody know if theres way to get Warcraft 3 working on 8.10?02:54
ealxzionpsyfer, yes02:54
ethanmn. no just my wired network my wireless is not. and yes i have 8.1002:54
ealxcan you link the post?02:54
=== wfoster_ is now known as wfoster
ethanmn: but im running xubuntu and im here becasue noone in that caht knwos hwo to fix this02:54
fmartinserver irc.irc-hispano.org02:55
=== fmartin is now known as MrWebs
the_squirclebrohken: i'm having similar problems... it keeps turning off my MacBook Pro backlight (using auto-brightness light sensors) when the room isn't well lit... so... i'm afraid I can't be of much more help than that02:55
JonathanEllisn8tuser: You mean once the map commands have worked Grub will think its on hd0,0?02:55
CircsHow does one format a usb stick?02:55
mnethan:  I think Ubuntu comes with the Broadcom drivers installed.  However, you still need the proprietary firmware.02:55
JonathanEllisn8tuser: sda1 is actually my boot partition02:56
the_squircleHow do you prevent ubuntu from turning off the backlight when the room isn't fully lit?02:56
bastihow can i scan my lan for some ip? i have 192.168.1.x and i want to ping/scan every ip adress in that range in order to know if there is a computer02:56
JonathanEllisn8tuser: I mean /boot02:56
zionpsyferealx:  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/make-a-vcd-from-an-avi-using-avidemux-and-k3b.html    the install instructions miss part of the command, install them from synaptic02:56
hbah427I had 8.10,desktop effects didn;t work, did a fresh install of 8.04 and now I can't get desktop effects to work.02:56
rwwbasti: install and use zenmap02:56
=== vileli8ves is now known as meter
mnCircs: use gparted02:56
n8tuserJonathanEllis-> try   hd0,1 then ?02:56
Gneathat was weird... pulseaudio was taking up all system resources, then my keyboard was 'stolen' and the power LED started blinking green/amber02:56
quinnHow to stop the mlnet run automatically02:56
ealxzionpsyfer, i've installed avidemus now02:56
rww!info zenmap | basti02:56
ubottuzenmap (source: nmap): The Network Mapper Front End. In component universe, is extra. Version 4.62-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 793 kB, installed size 3244 kB02:56
rwwbasti: usage instructions at http://nmap.org/book/zenmap.html02:57
JonathanEllisn8tuser: Windows is on sda6. Thats why I have hd0,5 in there02:57
bastirww im installing it and wanted it to check it out before responding02:57
bastii can read ;)02:57
Jack_Sparrowhbah427, Not sure it will help.. but here is what I did for my 6600..   http://paste.ubuntu.com/99363/02:57
the_squircle!anyone > the_squircle02:57
ubottuthe_squircle, please see my private message02:57
hbah427Thanks Jack Sparrow02:57
Cadman21I'm need a good open source note taking program that runs well on ubuntu. I'm looking at Wikidpad now, has anyone used it?02:57
hbah427I'll give it a try02:57
n8tuserJonathanEllis-> you want to try it? or you're going to keep on insisting?02:57
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
zionpsyferealx:  Alright, now you need k3b if you haven't already installed it, then you'll be ready.02:57
hbah427Cadman21: why not use OOo or gEdit?02:58
the_squircleCadman21: http://evernote.com02:58
Circsmn: ty ty02:58
eseven73Cadman21: i tried wikipad i couldnt get it running, BasKet is really nice its a OneNote clone02:58
mnnp Circs02:58
maurerHey, does anyone know if the VFS gets file update triggers for networked filesystems?02:58
wfosterI'm fed up of Ubuntu, it's crap.02:58
wfosterBring on the Mac.02:58
maurerI'm trying to figure out if NFS/AFS will send signals to FAM02:58
Circsmn: Seems really obvious now... duh.02:59
GodfatherofEireCadman21, have you used Tomboy Notes?02:59
daniel66123hi i have a prbleme from my wifi card the speed is to slow and and im news on ubuntu and i dont no noting  plz help me02:59
illmortalah man... where's all the old skool people.02:59
rwwwfoster: This channel is for Ubuntu support only. Since you're using OS X, I'm hard-pressed to find a reason for you to be talking in here.02:59
eseven73illmortal: define 'old skool people'02:59
mib_2dc6mpGnea you stil around?03:00
Gneamib_2dc6mp: yes, had to wait for fsck to run03:00
JonathanEllisn8tuser: I would rather not repartition my drive unless absolutely necessary. And I have to reboot to try it. Im sorry if I seem doubtful - just want to understand what I am doing before I am doing it. Are you saying that the map commands will make Grub think hd0,5 is now hd0,0? That would make sense I guess so I will try it - but this is an old PC so it will take a good 10 minutes before I can get back into Linux after trying to boot windows so I ju03:00
Cadman21I'm looking for something kinda like onenote?03:00
mib_2dc6mpoh ok03:00
eseven73Cadman21: BasKet03:00
hbah427Cadman21: oh. You can google 'OneNote alternatives'03:00
=== eli_ is now known as dotblank
n8tuserJonathanEllis-> you can try it out, from the grub prompt or modify    rootnoverify   (hd0,0)03:00
Cadman21ok thanks I'll try looking at that03:01
=== ms_exodus is now known as exodus_ms
ebabyrww: he is probably just frustrated ( as I am) coming from a Mac environment and perhaps having probs w/Ubuntu... - I can relate03:01
daniel66123i have wifi probleme03:01
rwwebaby: he moved from Ubuntu /to/ a Mac environment03:01
the_squircleebaby: all mac users can relate, myself included03:01
hbah427eseven73: BasKet looks pretty cool. I'd give it a try if I had kubuntu03:01
the_squircleebaby, most people move the other way...03:01
JonathanEllisn8tuser: I didnt realised I can try it from the grub prompt. How? Can I test it without actually booting windows then?03:01
eseven73hbah427: you dont need Kubuntu or KDE03:02
n8tuserJonathanEllis-> press escape03:02
Gneaebaby: it's easy to understand, when you're used to having everything automated to work for you, to having to do work for yourself.03:02
eseven73you can run KDE apps in Gnome and visevera03:02
illmortaleseven73 people that used to be here a year ago and i've known for almost 5 years.03:02
rwwebaby: and announced it trollishly earlier. Hence me knowing that he doesn't want Ubuntu support.03:02
hbah427eseven73: I tried that with k3b. it barely worked.03:03
daniel66123quelqun parle francais ici ????03:03
the_squircle!fr | daniel6612303:03
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr03:03
ubottudaniel66123: please see above03:03
eseven73hbah427: well im telling you BasKet works fine in Gnome and Xubuntu03:03
n8tuserJonathanEllis-> anyhow if you dont like to invest your time, then we cant do much about it, a mere 10 minutes is not eternity03:03
hbah427eseven73: not doubting that.03:03
hbah427I'll try it then.03:03
JonathanEllisn8tuser: No its fine. I will try it - just curious how to try it from the grub prompt thats all03:03
Shadow_X_whats a good and easy to use FTP server??03:03
ebabycan anyone help me to get my  xorg.conf configured from the live session to make sure it is copied ( and working) on03:04
ebabyto the installed system03:04
eseven73FTP is not very secure03:04
hbah427Shadow_X_: find one closest to your area03:04
JonathanEllisMy only problem with 10 minutes is I will lose everything that has already been said here and I have an appalling memory :-)03:04
biouserwhat the heck kind of files can ardour open if not .ogg or .mp3...>03:04
Shadow_X_no, I mean one to install on my machine03:04
Shadow_X_for local network use03:04
JonathanEllisn8tuser: My only problem with 10 minutes is I will lose everything that has already been said here and I have an appalling memory :-)03:04
hbah427Shadow_X_: oh. sorry.03:04
eseven73!ftpd | Shadow_X_03:05
ubottuShadow_X_: FTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP03:05
zionpsyferShadow_X_:  Just my personal experience, but proftpd worked well for me.03:05
Mike2202I'm trying to use OpenDNS on Intrepid, I'm following the instructions on this page: https://www.opendns.com/homenetwork/start/device/ubuntu however when I use the command gksudo network-admin in Terminal, nothing happens.03:05
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, got your alsa-firmware downloaded and unpacked?03:05
the_squircleMike2202: did you just try to set the DNS in NetworkManager before following OpenDNS's instructions?03:05
n8tuserJonathanEllis-> you wont miss much, you are not here 24/7 so, you can miss lots of things too..03:05
the_squircleMike2202: that's the easiest way03:06
=== jiflipifli is now known as jifli
mib_2dc6mpGnea I downloaded it and extracted it to the desktop, but it put it in /home03:06
Mike2202the_squircle: No I didn't, where can I find NetworkManager?03:06
the_squircleMike2202: there should be a little network icon in one of your statusbars03:06
JonathanEllisn8tuser: No I mean I will forget what has been advised me already and what has been tried already. I am just trying to work out how to save the lines with my name in them into a textfile so I have the chat history before I reboot03:07
the_squircleMike2202: right-click that and go to edit connections03:07
Gneamib_2dc6mp: what do you mean? did you run ./configure already?03:07
mib_2dc6mpGnea no03:07
n8tuserJonathanEllis-> okay, i dont know how to do that with your chat client03:07
rwwMike2202: skip the network-admin step and do the stuff under "To avoid having your settings get revoked..." further down.03:07
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay... well, your desktop is in /home, so that's fine03:07
rwwMike2202: and then instead of doing the "sudo ifdown" line, do "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"03:08
sudobashwhat should i use instead of ndiswrapper03:08
mib_2dc6mpGnea should it look something like this? cd alsa-driver-1.0.12rc1 make clean make mrproper ./configure --with-cards=intel8x0,mia --with-oss=yes --with-sequencer=yes make sudo make install03:08
rwwMike2202: OpenDNS's instructions are out of date (those would have worked with Hardy, iirc) hence the problems.03:08
Gneamib_2dc6mp: let's make sure you've got everything else installed to:  sudo apt-get install build-essential ncurses-dev gettext linux-headers-`uname -r`03:08
Gneamib_2dc6mp: not yet03:08
Gneamib_2dc6mp: forget alsa-driver, don't need it03:09
Mike2202rww: Oh okay, thanks for your help. You too the_squircle.03:09
Gneamib_2dc6mp: the only thing to worry about is alsa-firmware, otherwise you run the risk of messing your system up03:09
JonathanEllisn8tuser: Found it. Now I can reboot with confidence!03:09
Blisterwhy cant I expand my ubuntu partition into the unallocated space on my hard drive ???03:09
n8tuserJonathanEllis-> okay, cool03:10
the_squircleBlister: you might not be able to do it while booted into ubuntu, try booting the LiveCD03:10
rwwBlister: are you trying to expand it while running Ubuntu from it? 'cause that won't work. You need to resize from a copy of Ubuntu not on that partition (e.g. from an Ubuntu/gparted live CD)03:10
Blisterok thank you both03:11
the_squirclerww: close enough :p03:11
mib_2dc6mpGnea it said reading package listts.. done, building dependency tree, reading state info... done note, selecting libncurses5-dev instead of ncurses-dev gottext is already newest version. E: Couldnt find package linux-headers-uname -r03:12
the_squircleHow can you prevent ubuntu from turning your backlight all the way off when adjusting to ambient light?03:12
Gneamib_2dc6mp: it's literal: linux-headers-`uname -r`03:12
=== eli_ is now known as dotblank
mib_2dc6mpGnea so i need to redo the command?03:13
rwwmib_2dc6mp: you need to use ` instead of '. ` is the key to the left of 1 on US keyboards.03:13
Gneamib_2dc6mp: yeah, make sure you include the ` and `03:13
wfosterSorry for my actions 10 minutes ago.03:13
jarco_what kind of themes can i download from kde look.org when i have the new kubuntu 8.10 installed with kde4.1? Only the 4.0 ones or also the ones under the menu title ẗheme manager"?03:13
the_squirclewfoster: try !sorry03:13
the_squirclejarco_: pretty much all of them.03:14
ubottuIt's ok, I can't stay mad at you. Those darned ewoks on the other hand...03:14
=== MTecknology is now known as jik0-
mib_2dc6mpGnea package linux headers not installed so not removed and it couldnt find my kkernel03:15
mib_2dc6mpGnea got it03:15
mib_2dc6mpGnea I had a space03:15
Gneamib_2dc6mp: nice job03:15
mib_2dc6mpGnea installing all sorts of stuff03:16
mib_2dc6mpGnea finished03:16
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, let's make sure the development files are installed right:  sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev03:17
mib_2dc6mpGnea done03:18
Kodo    /quit03:19
RukusXhey. I have looked on the internet, searched etc... but i cannot find any evidence to explain if there is any way to fix my slow HD to USB transfer speeds. Any ideas? i get an error message saying  " not running at top speed; connect to a high speed hub"  .  These slow speeds are annoying03:19
kestutisfirefox is full screen and i can't resize it03:19
=== jik0- is now known as MTecknology
dr_williskestutis,  hit F11 >?03:19
=== eli_ is now known as dotblank
the_squircleRukusX: Do you have any USB 2.0 ports?03:19
kestutisdr_willis: thanks03:20
aiuwI can't play YouTube videos and use mplayer at the same time. Any solutions?03:20
RukusXthe_squircle, i dont even think i have any that are not03:20
the_squircleRukusX: is the USB device directly plugged into the port?03:20
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, let's give this a go: cd alsa-firmware-1.0.17/ && ./configure && make03:20
wfosteraiuw: Keep one off, while you do the other? :P03:20
Gneamib_2dc6mp: let me know when it's finished and/or if there are any errors03:20
aiuwwfoster, I'd like to use both... :|03:21
RukusXthe_squircle, yes03:21
wfosteraiuw: I'm no good with Ubuntu, so I can't help you. I wish I could.03:21
wfosteraiuw: Anyone else will be happy to help you though.03:22
Gneaaiuw: what soundcard do you have?03:22
jimmy0i7help!! sound stopped working !!03:22
the_squircleRukusX: now... you're sure that both the device and the port is USB 2.0? If they both are... maybe it's the driver that Ubuntu is using for your motherboard and they're running at 1.1 speeds. That's all I can think of03:22
jp_sfRukusX: Try to add "pci=noacpi pci=routeirq" at the grub boot options03:22
aiuwGnea, good question. What command do I need to issue to see it?03:22
Gneaaiuw: lspci | grep audio03:23
wfosterjimmy0i7: Give us some more details, what do you mean it has gone. You can't hear any at all? Can you still hear the login noise?03:23
Gnea!sound | jimmy0i703:23
ubottujimmy0i7: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:23
mib_2dc6mpGnea no such file directory03:23
=== miguel is now known as Guest46481
Gneamib_2dc6mp: what?03:23
jimmy0i7wfoster, thats correct i can no longer even hear the log in sound and it started after deleteing windows partition03:23
aiuwGnea, Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)03:23
Gneaaiuw: that on a laptop?03:24
mib_2dc6mpGnea it doesnt like alsa-firmware-1.0.17/03:24
RukusXjp_sf, i added the pci=routeirq maybe i will try that noacpi.  What is peculiar, my speeds are quick, at least 3.7mbps until it seem the disk cache gets filled. then slows right down 1.1mbps03:24
aiuwGnea, yes.03:24
Gnea!laptop | aiuw03:24
ubottuaiuw: Laptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org03:24
the_squirclejimmy0i7: try running a fsck, make sure nothing got hurt on the Linux partition after removing the windows partition, maybe the sound driver's sector got damaged or something...03:24
Gneaaiuw: see if you can find it there - you may need to turn pulseaudio off03:24
wfosterjimmy0i7: Do you have pulseaudio installed? If so go to 'Terminal' then type 'pavucontrol'.03:25
jimmy0i7the_squircle, how do i run fsck ?03:25
RukusXthe_squircle, thanks for the help, but how would i change the driver? is that not part of my kernel? i've booted my last 3 to see if any difference and none03:25
wfosterjimmy0i7: Terminal > type 'pavucontrol' > Output Devices > Tell me if it says anything.03:25
Flanneljimmy0i7: The easiest way is to `sudo touch /forcefsck` then reboot03:25
jp_sfRukusX: 3.7 I think it is slow a usb 2.0 should be more than 10MB/s03:25
the_squirclejimmy0i7: do what Flannel says03:25
tim_quick question... been using Ubuntu for sometime, but have never had this issue.... got a new laptop, it seems to have loaded audio drivers, but I can't hear anything. A google yielded nothing.03:25
peepsalotis there something like the gnome-system-monitor resource graphs, which keeps historical data?03:26
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, you downloaded it to your Desktop, right? can you do this:  cd ~/Desktop/ && tar xvf alsa-firmware-1.0.17.tar.bz203:26
RukusXjp_sf, got ya. this is angonizingly slow03:26
wfosterjimmy0i7: Do what Flannel says, he knows more than mysrlf.03:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about netbook03:26
the_squircleRukusX: it wouldn't be part of your kernel... are you sure that it has the ability to perform any faster?03:26
the_squircleRukusX: Sorry... I'm no expert.03:26
Gnea!laptop > tim_03:26
ubottutim_, please see my private message03:26
RukusXthe_squircle,  yah. i've experienced speeds at arouns 10mpbs for sure03:26
Gneatim_: see if you can find your laptop there, a solution might exist03:26
Saviqguys, any idea where can I get help for Netbook Remix thingies?03:26
Flannelwfoster: I was just answering the03:26
Flannelwfoster: I was just answering the 'how do I fsck' question.  I haven't payed enough attention to know if fsck will fix something or not03:27
Gnea!laptop > Saviq03:27
ubottuSaviq, please see my private message03:27
the_squircleRukusX: I don't think I can help anymore... (i'm not an expert in much), but i'm sure someone else can... i'll do some googling for you though :)03:27
DJCanadianJeffanyone know how to low level format (write all 0's) using a ubuntu cd in live mode?03:27
RukusXthe_squircle,  sure. thanks for the help. :)03:27
brohkenhey guys can someone help me with the battery settings on my thinkpad x61? i want my laptop to dim on battery (10% brightness) and go to 100% on AC power. also i want it to dim when idle, but "undim" when i touch the mouse. right now it dims on idle and doesn't undim.03:27
SaviqGnea: yeah I'm actually looking for help for the ume-launcher thingy that's not specific to notebooks03:28
GneaDJCanadianJeff: yes03:28
mib_2dc6mpGnea, it doesnt like it, Moved the folder to the desktop and it is alsa-firmware-1.0.1703:28
mib_2dc6mpGnea got it03:28
DJCanadianJeffis there a bash command todo it?03:29
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, can you get there via terminal?03:29
mib_2dc6mpGnea i did the first command, the make command and it worked03:29
dr_willisDJCanadianJeff,  CAREFULL use of the 'dd' command :)03:29
Gneamib_2dc6mp: awesome. now:  sudo make install03:29
dr_willisDJCanadianJeff,  therrs also specic 'disk zero' and 'disk wipe' commands/tools out there.03:29
Logikosin windows if i press and hold ALT while typeing out a 4 digit ascii code such as 0044 ... it will output the ascii chr 44 which is a , if i remember right ... is there a similar feature in ubuntu?03:29
mib_2dc6mpGnea done03:29
DJCanadianJeffdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda    ???03:29
Logikosor i guess it would be a feature with gnome03:30
dr_willisDJCanadianJeff,  writing all 0's is NOT the same as a 'low level format' its just zeroing out the drive03:30
Gneamib_2dc6mp: now, try this:  sudo modprobe snd_mia03:30
GneaDJCanadianJeff: yes, that will do it.03:30
dr_willisDJCanadianJeff,  thats the basics of it.. you may want to use a BS size option.. be care full with that command and /dev/hda may NOT be right.. ubuntu normally uses sd##03:30
mib_2dc6mpGnea I did it, but nothing seemed to happen03:31
Gneamib_2dc6mp: that means it loaded. let's see the output of dmesg again:  dmesg | pastebinit03:31
RugxuloDJCanadianJeff, what are you trying to hide??   :-P03:31
DJCanadianJeffwhich is the best thing todo before installing a new copy of ubuntu... LLF? or writing all 0's?03:31
GneaRugxulo: it's not your place to ask.03:31
RukusXjp_sf, anymore ideas?03:31
Jack_SparrowDJCanadianJeff,  example              Create ISO of CD Rom... dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/$USER/Desktop/file.iso bs=2k03:31
RugxuloGnea, but I just did     ;-)03:31
mib_2dc6mpGnea /f3f0cfa8903:31
RukusXjp_sf, what does the pci-noacpi do for me03:32
GneaRugxulo: why do you want to know? ;)03:32
Rugxulo'cause it sounds like a lot of trouble for nothing03:32
RukusXjp_sf, what does the pci=noacpi do for me?03:32
DJCanadianJeffwhat do you mean trying to hide?03:32
Rugxulochances are nobody cares to spy on you anyways03:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:32
jp_sfRukusX: it route to PIC instead to APIC03:32
the_squircleRukusX: I did some searching, i've compiled the links here: http://linkbun.ch/668403:32
dr_willisDJCanadianJeff,  neoither one.. you can just delete the existing partitions.. and let the installer partiion, format.. no need to zero anything out.. and in this day and age.. ive NOT seen where a low level format is needed in years...03:33
the_squircleRukusX: hope it helps03:33
Cadman21can anyone help me install BasKet?03:33
RukusXthe_squircle,  thanks!03:33
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, we've gone from: [  113.849908] Echoaudio Mia: probe of 0000:02:0b.0 failed with error -2  to  [16878.662774] Echoaudio Mia: probe of 0000:02:0b.0 failed with error -503:33
RukusXjp_sf, more direct route03:33
mib_2dc6mpGnea :(03:33
Gneatim_: please talk here03:33
Gneamib_2dc6mp: we're not done yet :)03:33
eseven73Cadman21: 'sudo apt-get install basket'   do not use wOrDs like tHiS in terminal03:34
jp_sfRukusX: well ACPI will not be bothered and it could make a difference03:34
* tyta says Hello03:34
Aji-Daha1amacbook pro 3.1, intrepid, 2-finger vertical scrolling doesn't work.  I have the appletouch.fdi from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro3-1/Intrepid and it still doesn't work.  Any ideas?03:34
the_squircle!hello | tyta03:34
ubottutyta: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:34
Cadman21thank you03:35
tytaThank you all, I really am glad to be here and learn more about Ubuntu03:35
jp_sf RukusX: This said I had a Dell Laptop that suddenly switched to low write speed, and one day by plugging a external HD passeport I had my speed back again, not sure what happens03:35
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, let's try this again... this time, type:  make distclean03:35
the_squircleAji-Daha1a: I'm having the same problem. I also can't put two fingers on and right-click... it's probably something with the driver or touchpad configuration with HAL03:36
mib_2dc6mpGnea done03:36
tim_I tried the sites, but have no luck getting audio to work for an HP 1155 SE.. I think I might have a bad chip, but it DOES work on Vista dual boot.03:36
Aji-Daha1athe_squircle: try 3?03:36
Aji-Daha1athe_squircle: as it's set right now, two gives me middle click, three gives me right-click03:36
the_squircleAji-Daha1a: seems like no amount of fingers gives me any click... and I followed the instructions to the character.03:36
Gneamib_2dc6mp: this time:  ./configure --with-hotplug-dir=/lib/firmware/`uname -r`/03:37
the_squircleAji-Daha1a: with the exception of one finger03:37
RukusXjp_sf, its a dell laptop03:37
Aji-Daha1athe_squircle: interesting, I have the clicks, but not the scrolls03:37
ludditeif i cant get this wifi working iii gonna kill someone03:37
Aji-Daha1ait even doesn't move as I hold two fingers03:37
Aji-Daha1aso frustrating03:37
brohkenhey guys can someone help me with the battery settings on my thinkpad x61? i want my laptop to dim on battery (10% brightness) and go to 100% on AC power. also i want it to dim when idle, but "undim" when i touch the mouse. right now it dims on idle and doesn't undim.03:37
the_squircleAji-Daha1a: i have neither... i'm thinking of posting on the forums... nobody here knows.03:37
jp_sfRukusX: Latitude 620 ?03:37
the_squircle!anybody | brohken03:37
ubottubrohken: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:37
ludditeit was working then last night i did a kernel upgrade via synaptic - which broke everything03:37
RukusXjp_sf, its a dell inspiton 600003:37
Gnealuddite: you're in australia, right?03:38
brohkenthe_squircle, that makes no sense03:38
brohkeni did ask my question03:38
ludditeGnae - yes Sir03:38
zigzag71i wanted to know is i download several icons where do I need to store them so I can use them?03:38
the_squirclebrohken: you asked multiple times.... it's evident, beyond my help, nobody knows... try the forums03:38
Jack_Sparrowluddite, did you try getting one from backports or proposed and thats when you had a problem03:38
mib_2dc6mpGnea it did a lot of config.status creating03:38
rabelaiscan I manage dialup ppp sessions with network-manager in 8.10?03:39
the_squirclezigzag71: you can store them anywhere.. just drag the .tar.gz to the Appearance window03:39
ubottuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up03:39
Gneamib_2dc6mp: good. now, do: make && sudo make install  again03:39
jp_sfRukusX: on a inspiron I had to use a double USB cable entry to power an external HD, it was sometimes working and sometimes it wasn't03:39
ludditeJack_Sparrow - nope - it was just a normal upgrade on a fresh install of 8.1003:39
brohkenthe_squircle, check this out: does this tell you anything additional? http://img399.imageshack.us/img399/5711/screenshotconfigurationim4.png03:39
luddite216MB and 86 packages03:39
tytaWould anyone be able to help me with a simple wifi security issue?03:39
Gneatyta: only if you explain the problem03:40
the_squircletyta: ask your question, then we'll do our best :)03:40
zigzag71the_squircle they are in a zip can I still do the same thing?03:40
getxsicki have a problem with the sound for amd64...for my mplayer-32 works fine, but for every applications under 64 bits it's more like hmm infinitetely play/pause clicking03:40
tytaI can connect to my network when it is unsecured, but when I have it password protected, i can't connect03:40
mib_2dc6mpGnea it id all kinds of lines03:40
Gneamib_2dc6mp: bout the same as before?03:40
the_squirclezigzag71: i'm not sure. if it doesn't work, put them in a gunzipped tarball (.tar.gz)03:40
mib_2dc6mpGnea I think I caught a mia_dsp as it scrolled by03:40
jp_sfRukusX: I don't think it is related to your problem though :http://www.universaluk.com/acatalog/31780bigfr.jpg03:40
tytai have tried some sudo commands i found on the forums03:40
zigzag71ok thanks03:40
tim_All.. I've been running Ubuntu for sometime on a previous laptop everything worked great. I have a new laptop (HP 1155SE), and audio does not work. However, in Dual boot to vista it does. I've been to the support sites and see no mention of this model. Any ideas?03:40
mib_2dc6mpGnea probably about same as before03:41
Gneatyta: do you have the url(s) for the forums that you tried?03:41
the_squirclebrohken: that seems to be in order... but... i'm not sure... I'm not an expert.03:41
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, now do:  sudo rmmod snd_mia && sudo depmod -a && sudo modprobe snd_mia03:41
brohkenthanks man03:41
the_squirclebrohken: try doing it in the GNOME GUI for power management, see if that makes any difference03:42
RukusXjp_sf,  never even knew that existed.03:42
xd4anyone using evolution here? need to confirm something please.03:42
rabelaisJack_Sparrow: my question is that the instructions there on "for ubuntu, without installing additional software, using networkadmin" are no longer valid, there is no "modem connection" option in networkmanager applet 0.7.003:42
jp_sfRukusX: yeah same for me until I had the problem :-)03:42
Gneatyta: and are you using 8.04 or 8.10?03:42
exodus_msxd4: whats up?03:42
blamparshow can i stop nautilus from putting all my default folders in the places menu into a bookmark submenu when i bookmark my ftp with it?03:42
mib_2dc6mpGnea ok I did it03:42
Gneamib_2dc6mp: once again with the dmesg | pastebinit03:42
RukusXjp_sf,  my drive has external power tho03:42
tytado you need any information about my system?03:42
=== [e]Lement is now known as [e]Lement`dc
jp_sfRukusX: so you don't need that03:43
=== [e]Lement`dc is now known as [e]Lement
RukusXjp_sf,  ya thats right03:43
Gneatyta: please note at the top:  Intrepid Ibex (8.10) users don't really need this tutorial any longer for Network Manager supports the use of static IP addresses as of late.03:43
xd4exodus_ms,  I had a faulty evolution which used to crash periodically, i tried to reinstall it so many times, but each time i get a different problem03:43
Hbah427Still having a little trouble with nVidia GeForce 620003:43
Gneatyta: so I have to ask, what files did you wind up editting?03:43
mib_2dc6mpGnea /f41310cdc03:43
exodus_msxd4: are you using gnome?03:43
zc00giiwhen trying to play chess in 3D, I get the following error: No Python OpenGL support03:43
zc00giiNo Python GTKGLExt support03:43
tytai know, i read that03:43
tytai just don't know how i can connect03:44
Gneamib_2dc6mp: meh... try rebooting03:44
zc00giiany package(s) to fix that?03:44
xd4exodus_ms, as far i remember, evo 2.22 had a setup helper at the first start up whcih helps you set up, gmail specifically right?03:44
the_squirclezc00gii: try going to synaptic and searching for python opengl or something...03:44
xd4exodus_ms,  yes i am on gnome03:44
mib_2dc6mpGnea ok03:44
zc00giithe_squircle, I tried...03:44
jp_sfzc00gii: sudo apt-get install python-gtkglext103:44
exodus_msxd4: what is the problem you are facing now, does it pertain to setting up gmail?03:44
dr_williszc00gii,  that 3d chess thing. has never worked for me.. in the last 5+ releases.. :)  try what jp_sf  says..03:45
RukusXjp_sf,  well 18 more minutes until this transfer done... then i will reboot with my new values, i also added ehci_hcd and uhci_hcd to etc/modules in that order to see if that will help, by loading those modules at start up03:45
tytaI can select my network by clicking on the network mgr at the top, and it just circles around and around03:45
blamparshow can i stop nautilus from putting all my default folders in the places menu into a bookmark submenu when i bookmark my ftp with it?03:45
jp_sfdr_willis: have to admit that  the 3D view is crappy03:45
tytathen asks me for the key, which i enter, and it circles around more and more03:45
xd4exodus_ms, everytime i set up gnome, i get a different problem, in pop it does not fetch email, in Imap it does not store them locally althought i choose the option that lets evo do so03:46
RukusXjp_sf,  maybe i should leave uhci_hcd out, i know that loads03:46
jp_sfzc00gii: Then you will regret to have the 3D, but oh ok it is my own opinion :-)03:46
=== [e]Lement is now known as [e]Lement`dc
zc00giijp_sf: now I get No Python OpenGL support :\03:46
Gneatyta: so you didn't edit any of the files that it was talking about?03:47
xd4exodus_ms,  what i want to know, when you first used evo, did it come with this setup helper?03:47
tytai followed most of the commands in the thread03:47
zc00giijp_sf, it only fixed one error03:47
jp_sfRukusX: hum now I will keep it but yeah I hate those problem APIC and uhci_hcd is a real problem try the pci option03:47
exodus_msxd4: no, but I can show you how to get gmail up and running03:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about chesss03:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about chess03:47
s3ais there a LIGHT BLUE (instead of orange) human theme?03:48
tytasudo apt-get install wpasupplicant / iwconfig / iwlist scan03:48
Jack_Sparrow!fishing > zc00gii03:48
ubottuzc00gii, please see my private message03:48
tytai followed those03:48
davvsIs there any linux command to lookup what ip-address a given hostname has?03:48
jp_sfzc00gii: sudo apt-get install python-opengl03:48
xd4exodus_ms, i followed up the guide in ubuntuforums :/ if thats the same as what you plan to tell me :)03:48
Gneatyta: okay, good.03:48
Alex_21Hi, with Ubuntu, when installing, can I partition my disk if I already have Windows on the disk? Oh, and by the way, Good evening03:48
s3anot for the window border but for the desktop icons03:48
s3a(instead of orange icons)*03:49
mib_2dc6mpGnea restart complete03:49
the_squircleAlex_21: You sure can! It will guide you through shrinking your windows partition fine :D03:49
jp_sfAlex_21: to make it short: yes03:49
Jack_SparrowaleX-xx, YEs, but please defrag windows partition twice before resizing03:49
Gneatyta: make sure that the passkey that you set on the router is, indeed, the same one you're typing on the system03:49
Alex_21I know, but how, is htere a feature in the installer?03:49
RukusXjp_sf,  thanks for all the help. 1mbps transfer speeds are unacceptable! lol03:49
Jack_SparrowaleX-xx, yes03:49
the_squircleAlex_21: Yep03:49
xd4exodus_ms, how do i do a fresh install, with all the old evolution files being deleted? is there anything to delete other than the .config and .gconf files?03:49
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, let's go dmesg | pastebinit  once more03:49
exodus_msxd4: no, but the setup is basically the same, the difference is how you configure gmail to handle your mail afterwards, if you want to keep the files on the gmail server, the type of encryption etc...03:49
tytagnea: ok i am sure03:49
jp_sfRukusX: back in the 2000 years, yes I agree03:49
puppiesRcutehello i was wondering which version of vmware will work with my ubuntu system downloaded one awhilea ago and it wasnt the right install03:49
exodus_msxd4: you can remove and purge evoultion03:50
zc00giijp_sf: your right, that 3D is horrible :\03:50
Gneatyta: and which are you using: WEP, WPA or WPA2?03:50
Alex_21Is there a howto on how to dzo this?03:50
xd4exodus_ms,  you are using it with imap?03:50
jp_sfzc00gii: cool it is working , yeah 2D is the way to go03:50
puppiesRcuteany one know which version of vmware that will work with ubuntu03:50
puppiesRcutethe vmware player03:50
exodus_msxd4: no, I;m using gmail with POP03:50
Alex_21Virtualbox will for sure03:50
mib_2dc6mpGnea /f69aca79e03:51
GneapuppiesRcute: the latest03:51
ChungwaI love all things03:51
puppiesRcutetried virtual box and it always says some dumb error and will never work03:51
=== wiwin is now known as james
tytagnea: wpa personal03:51
zc00giijp_sf, it keeps changing to 2D :\03:51
kazagistarhow do I copy everything in one directory to another using command line?03:51
Alex_21Is there a howto on how to dzo this?03:51
tytaand ubuntu asks for wpa or wpa2 personal password03:51
Gneamib_2dc6mp: success! [  102.837642] ALSA /build/buildd/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-2.6.24/debian/build/build-rt/sound/alsa-driver/pci/echoaudio/echoaudio.c:2134: Card registered: Mia rev.1 (DSP56361) at 0xf7d00000 irq 1903:51
davvskazagistar: cp -r <dir> <newdir>03:51
puppiesRcutetrying to use windows on my ubuntu and virtual box never works always says some error03:51
Alex_21Like shrink a Windows XP Partition durring install of Ubuntu03:52
sysdocpuppiesRcute, I run vmware-server 2.o runs great03:52
darren_could some 1 please give me the best option to this scenario, 2 ftp folders private and public, 10 users both folders r in the main ftp folder that all users start at, i want to allow access to private by 5 users and public to the other 5 users, this was easy in windows by just adding the user name and ticking permissions... how would u do this in ubuntu03:52
davvskazagistar: or cp -r <dir> <targetdir>/03:52
xd4exodus_ms, i will do a fresh install again, i will come back to you to take the configurations, give me a couple minutes03:52
Gneamib_2dc6mp: let's check some other things:  cat /proc/asound/cards | pastebinit03:52
exodus_msxd4: let me rephrase, I'm using evolution to read my gmail, I have the account setup as a POP account on the evolution side03:52
the_squircleAlex_21: you don't need a howto! It's really easy... do the install and it'll hold your hand through it!03:52
codeshahhey guys, how do I check where a package installed all its files? i.e. I am trying to see java6 installation files03:52
liquidHello all03:52
exodus_msxd4: if youwant to completely remove evolution and make sure that you clear any files that might be causing you difficulty, do a remove and then purge from the command line03:53
the_squircle!hello | liquid03:53
ubottuliquid: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:53
Gneamib_2dc6mp: also, try using the mixer to up the volume and, if necessary, unmute anything and see if any sound will work03:53
liquidQuick question I need to find out what graphics card I have in my lappy, whats the terminal command to do so, or where else could I find this out03:53
puppiesRcutek downloaded one and it wasnt the right install for my system there is several downloads i just cant figure out which one works im blond totally03:53
mib_2dc6mpGnea /f47aae65903:53
tonyyarussoliquid: lspci should do it03:53
mib_2dc6mpGnea so you want me to fire up some audio and see if it orks?03:53
liquidThank you tonyyarusso03:53
Alex_21I need to know exactly what to do, as this is a clients PC, and I am VIP, so I need to give my assistant clear directions03:53
Gneamib_2dc6mp: yeah - might have some problems with pulseaudio, but go for it03:54
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puppiesRcuteim so not good with linux yet in new03:54
davvsliquid: lspci | grep -i vga03:54
the_squircleAlex_21: there is a radio button that will say "shrink partition xx (windows) and make this much room for ubuntu.... I could look for a howto if you want.03:54
codeshahhey guys, how do I check where a package installed all its files? i.e. I am trying to see java6 installation files03:54
tonyyarussoAlex_21: On the partitioning screen, you want the option that says something like "resize sda1 and using freed space".03:55
jp_sfAlex_21: http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=669059&seqNum=203:55
liquiddavvs, already found it thanks buddy, now another question03:55
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Commie_Cat
tonyyarusso!dualboot | Alex_21, also see03:55
ubottuAlex_21, also see: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:55
zionpsyfercodeshah: dpkg -l <PACKAGE NAME>03:55
exodus_msxd4: is there anything you want to save from your evolution setup?03:55
RukusXjp_sf,  oh yah, what if i disabled synchronous mount? i'm using gome and i dont find an option to disable that feature...  would it help?03:55
tytagnea:  any ideas?03:55
liquidHow is the beta driver from nvidia 180.17?03:55
Jack_SparrowAlex_21, run the installer on any box up to the partitioner and you will see what we are talking about.  It will offer to automatically shrink windows and install ubuntu in dual boot03:55
xd4exodus_ms,  no, i just want a fresh evo that can fetch my messages from gmail03:56
the_squircleAlex_21: here is the Ubuntu documentation: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GraphicalInstall03:56
zionpsyfercodeshah: scratch that, it's dpkg -L03:56
n8tusern8tuser  one thing I can also suggest, do the steps of resizing windows partition and then shutdown and reboot to windows again to make sure you can still boot to windows03:56
Gneatyta: try WPA203:56
exodus_msxd4: then 'sudo apt-get remove --purge evolution' then reinstall03:57
the_squircleliquid: i used it, broke everything... but that's just me03:57
n8tuserAlex_21-> then and only after would I start the new install of ubuntu03:57
BLuEACiDHello guys I got a question03:57
tytagnea: i'll set the router to wpa2 wireless security, restart ubuntu and try to connect03:57
tonyyarussoBLuEACiD: in the mail?03:57
the_squircle!hello | BLuEACiD03:57
ubottuBLuEACiD: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:57
ebabycan anyone help me to get my install settings to stick after reboot/install from 8.10 LiveCD?03:57
mib_2dc6mpGnea trying to see if there are any media files that come standard as I have not put any on here03:57
kazagistarright, let me restate my question... I am trying to move all the files from an ISO to a partition... one is mounted as dir1 and one as dir2... how do I copy the contents over?03:57
Gneatyta: sounds good03:57
tytathanks, i'll let you know03:57
liquidthe_squircle, I cant find any other ones on the nvidia site03:57
the_squircleBLuEACiD: Just ask!03:57
jp_sfRukusX: hum not sure, what kind of usb cable are you using03:57
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:57
liquidthe_squircle, and my graphics driver from unbuntu just hit the fan03:58
dominiki installed another operating system and now the bootloader doesn't work, how can I fix this?03:58
ebabyGraphics are fine during install but dont remain after reboot03:58
Alex_21Thanks a million03:58
kazagistarI already mounted the ISO03:58
RukusXjp_sf,  i'm pretty sure its for usb 2.0 good point.... should try another cable03:58
the_squircleliquid: it'd be better to fix the ubuntu driver... what's wrong with it?03:58
n8tuserkazagistar-> once the iso is loop mounted, then you can copy the contents of it like any other files or directory03:58
Alex_21Good day. Shaw bash03:58
tonyyarussokazagistar: the cp command with the -r (recursive) option.03:58
jp_sfRukusX: do you have one with a cylinder ? you know the round thing close to one end03:58
BLuEACiDI have uploaded a video to youtube and it has been uploading for like 3 hours and the video is like 150 mb, its only 2 minutes long, is it never goi.ng to upload? Usually on winblows it uploads really fast, is this a ubuntu problem? I upload pretty fast to not sure whats going on03:58
Gneamib_2dc6mp: if you go to System->Preferences->Sound then click on the 'Sounds' tab03:58
kazagistarbut I tried, and it made a /dir2/dir1 folder03:58
jp_sfRukusX: those are anti-noise something sometimes they are shipped with high end SLR camera03:59
liquidthe_squircle, Well it was super weird, it was running great then there was like 35 megs of updates updated restarted like asked and then I saw all these beautiful colors on the screen03:59
Gneamib_2dc6mp: then click on 'login'03:59
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jp_sfRukusX: I don't know, just to try it03:59
BLuEACiDI have uploaded a video to youtube and it has been uploading for like 3 hours and the video is like 150 mb, its only 2 minutes long, is it never going to upload? Usually on winblows it uploads really fast, is this a ubuntu problem? I upload pretty fast to not sure whats going on03:59
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:59
the_squircle!flood | BLuEACiD03:59
ubottuBLuEACiD: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:59
Jack_SparrowBLuEACiD, Please hold down the repeats03:59
darren_could some 1 please give me the best option to this scenario, 2 ftp folders private and public, 10 users both folders r in the main ftp folder that all users start at, i want to allow access to private by 5 users and public to the other 5 users, this was easy in windows by just adding the user name and ticking permissions... how would u do this in ubuntu sorry to repeat03:59
the_squircleBLuEACiD: don't flood03:59
liquidthe_squircle, did something dont know what got it to work and now its acting weird, the ubuntu driver is disabled03:59
kazagistarso everything was in the folder inside the partition, instead of in the partition itself03:59
zachbWhen using the liveCD installer, how do I install to a disk other than /dev/sda?04:00
BLuEACiDMy bad04:00
ChungwaWhy do people type "!word" here? I do not understand this!04:00
PseudoOnehi, my makefile doesn't seem to be generating a ru.gmo file for gettext on 'make'. what might cause this?04:00
the_squircleliquid: what does it say in the restricted drivers section?04:00
ubottuA comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant - Try also joining #ubuntu-bots and asking BestBot04:00
Jack_SparrowChungwa, that is how we trigger the bot factoids04:00
the_squircleChungwa: it's a bot04:00
RukusXjp_sf,  unfortunately i dont have another usb cable to try, i'm not at home. but i hear you. altho. i am pretty sure i used this cord before and achieved decent speeds. tahts why its in my breifcase04:00
liquidthe_squircle, Where would I find this section?04:00
ChungwaI totally don't understand :P04:00
the_squircle!ubotu > Chungwa04:00
ubottuChungwa, please see my private message04:00
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mib_2dc6mpGnea no sound04:01
xd4exodus_ms,  do i have to deete any config files manually after the purge or no?04:01
tonyyarussodarren_: You can do it a few different ways.  1) create a "group", add the 5 to that group, and set permissions to allow access from that group.  2) Set up group definitions on a per-folder basis and whatever else you want within the configuration of whatever FTP server software you're using.04:01
[RIP]GallowsHai Im new to compootres  why do my ffaverot gaimes not work in this?04:01
the_squircleliquid: System > Prefrences > Drivers (or something like that.. it's the menu)04:01
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php04:01
dcidertrying to find a fix for some nvidia 96.43.09 drivers. when i run in normal or extra visuall effects i loose the window border. the "fix" "Option"AddARGBGLXVisuals""True"" fixes this but now i loose my text in amarok untill i do a mouse over....im running ubuntu 8.10 and an nvidia Ti4200.04:01
RukusXjp_sf,  ok file operations done. rebooting now.  see you soon. thanks!!!04:01
jp_sfRukusX: I agree, I think it is not your cable, but at least you have learned two things one there are double entry usb cable to give more power to unpowered usb gadget, and all cables are not equal the cylinders one are supposed to be more reliable04:01
the_squircle[RIP]Gallows: are they windows games?04:01
liquidthe_squircle, I checked there and none are checked04:01
tonyyarussozachb: you can use the "manual" partitioning option04:01
exodus_msxd4: no, purge should take care of all files and dependencies as well, if you still have .conf file remaining you can rm or cp them to another directory04:02
zachbtonyyarusso: No, it only lets me use /dev/sda04:02
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, pulseaudio is probably in the way then. go back to the Devices tab set the Playbacks from Pulseaudio Sound Server to ALSA04:02
Gneamib_2dc6mp: and try it again04:02
RukusXjp_sf,  brb i'll keep u updated04:02
tonyyarussozachb: then it only recognizes sda and something is wrong.04:02
Shadow_X_how do I force ssh (the program, not the server) to add the new key of a server to the whitelist on my client?04:02
the_squircleliquid: feel like trying the [Recommended] (i think it's 177) driver? or are you (rightfully) scared? It's working fine for me...04:02
[RIP]Gallowsyesss my games not work04:02
zachbBut I'm *using* the other drives04:02
the_squircle[RIP]Gallows: if they're windows games, they'll only work in windows04:02
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:02
darren_tonyyarusso; so groups is the best way, i dont understand point 2, do u have some docs or www i could look at regarding that04:02
the_squircle!games > [RIP]Gallows04:02
ubottu[RIP]Gallows, please see my private message04:02
mib_2dc6mpGnea nothing04:03
PseudoOneanyone here know why 'make' wouldn't generate a GMO file for gettext? The makefile says it should but make fails because it can't stat it. :\04:03
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:03
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:03
mib_2dc6mpGnea I even tried slecting Mia in the devices04:03
Jack_Sparrow!fishing > BLuEACiD04:03
ubottuBLuEACiD, please see my private message04:03
Alex_21Hi, can you please tell me how to start up the audio installer on the alternate install CD? Please04:03
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zmiscThere seems to be a problem with the genisofs command on Ubuntu, it fails to build DVD image files with the file structure created by dvdauthor04:03
zachbI have read/write access... to the other drives...04:03
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[RIP]Gallowswhy make linux if its not works liking to windows04:03
liquidthe_squircle, I could try it again.. Scared NO, its all in good fun. I dont have anything on this lappy except linux04:03
Jack_Sparrow[RIP]Gallows, It isnt windows...04:04
the_squircleliquid: I would try it... but that's just me.04:04
xd4exodus_ms,  ok done remove, now i just type sudo apt-get install evolution?04:04
exodus_msxd4: yes04:04
Jack_Sparrow!appdb > [RIP]Gallows04:04
ubottu[RIP]Gallows, please see my private message04:04
liquidthe_squircle, Lets try it04:04
[RIP]Gallowswhy is not windows?04:04
tonyyarussodarren_: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html describes the installation of vsftp and the location of the configuration file, and between the man page and the (extremely frequent) comments in the config file it's pretty self-explanatory iirc.04:04
tonyyarusso(it's been a while since I did it)04:04
[RIP]Gallowsyou speak forwhere bushman?04:04
Jack_Sparrow[RIP]Gallows Please dont troll, you will be removed04:05
Alex_21Hi, can you please tell me how to start up the audio installer on the alternate install CD? Please. I need it for the fact that I am Blind04:05
liquidthe_squircle, Lets do the restart04:05
dominikhow do I tell the computer to boot from the bootloader?04:05
liquidthe_squircle, BRB04:05
the_squircleliquid: the moment of truth...04:05
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, let's kill pulseaudio then - open up a terminal and type:  sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio stop04:05
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mib_2dc6mpGnea when I switch sound play back to my sound card and click test I get audiotestsrc wave=sine freq =512 ! audioconver ... Could not get /set settings from/on resource04:05
[RIP]Gallows? I'm sorry my englesh not for this what you say?04:05
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the_squircle[RIP]Gallows: what language do you speak?04:06
tonyyarussoAlex_21: I've never actually done it, but offhand I want to say there's an option something like "press F4 for other installation options", and it's under there.  I *think*.04:06
exodus_msxd4: --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/99388/04:06
[RIP]GallowsI am slavitchnian04:06
mib_2dc6mpGnea am I still online04:06
jarco_what is a good player in kubuntu to stream video (for example: wmv files) Inside firefox?04:06
strAlanCan someone help me with a problem stemming from the xserver updates http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=102960704:06
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mib_2dc6mpGnea guess so, had to plug laptop in here04:07
tonyyarussoAlex_21: you may need someone else to do the first two or three keypresses before you're able to continue from there on your own.04:07
the_squircle[RIP]Gallows: there might be a Ubuntu support channel in your language. try that if you're having trouble understanding.04:07
joejchow do i use telnet?04:07
dominikubuntu won't boot I need to edit the boot sector of the hdd I suppose, to have it point to the grub again please help04:07
darren_tonyyarusso; im using proftp will it be the same kind of thing04:07
mib_2dc6mpGnea ok I killed it04:07
[RIP]Gallowsmy welcome for you helping me.04:08
Alex_21Ok, thanks04:08
the_squircledominik: you can use the CD to boot to ubuntu, and re-install the bootloader in ubuntu04:08
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, now type:  alsamixer  and make sure your Master and PCM are turned up and are not muted (MM)04:08
mib_2dc6mpGnea still cant hear anything04:08
the_squircleliquid: how'd it go?04:08
liquidthe_squircle, Seems to be working great04:08
liquidthe_squircle, Kinda weird04:08
the_squircleliquid: but is it working ok?04:08
tonyyarussodarren_: likely similar at least.04:08
[RIP]Gallowshow find channel?04:09
jarco_what is a good player in kubuntu to stream video (for example: wmv files) Inside firefox?04:09
dominikthe_squircle please elaborate i have booted into linux via the way you described now how do I reinstate the bootloader?04:09
tonyyarussojoejc: You don't.  Telnet is inherently insecure.  Use SSH isntead.04:09
the_squircle[RIP]Gallows: it's #ubuntu-__04:09
darren_tonyyarusso: ok ill try it out thsnk you so much04:09
dominikthe_squircle: prefereably so that it also sees tha other os I installed04:09
the_squircle[RIP]Gallows: like for French, #ubuntu-fr04:09
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat04:09
[RIP]Gallowsi undurstend04:09
joejci dont need secure04:09
the_squircledominik: it'll do that when you reinstall it04:09
mib_2dc6mpGnea I dont know how to use this mixer04:09
eseven73go to that link [RIP]Gallows04:09
the_squircledominik: it will see all your new operating systems04:09
[RIP]Gallowsmy welcome for your helping me04:09
PeoplesAdvocateanyone here use aircrack-ng?04:09
Gnea[RIP]Gallows: what language do you speak good?04:10
xd4exodus_ms,  when i start the newly installed evo in the terminal it starts up with a notification in the console that says :  killing old version of server, and google group not found04:10
dominikthe_squircle: just do sudo apt geT?04:10
liquidthe_squircle, Yeah seems to be, like I said it was very weird, wasnt working lines and bright colors and then I did a hard shutdown and then it wouldnt even display the bios so I thought the RAM in the card was shot and then removed the batt and it started right up but wasnt 100% and now its 100%04:10
the_squircledominik: nope. it's somewhere in the administration menu about booting...04:10
exodus_msxd4: does evo start up?04:10
the_squircleliquid: great to hear :D04:10
mib_2dc6mpGnea I have 2 lines and 4 monitors04:10
tonyyarussojoejc: Even if you don't need it, you should get in the habit of using better protocols unless you need compatibility with a device that doesn't support them.  If the latter is the case, 'telnet serveraddress' should be all you need to do.04:10
xd4exodus_ms, yes, i am configuring it now with what you pasted me04:11
liquidthe_squircle, Dell im telling you.. If I ever see that DUDE YOUR GETTING A DELL kid im going to kick him lol04:11
exodus_msxd4: ok04:11
the_squircleliquid: I feel your pain... two dells and I gave up.. got a MacBook Pro and i've been fine lol04:11
the_squircleliquid: but dells are always iffy04:11
PeoplesAdvocateanyone here use aircrack-ng?04:11
[RIP]Gallowssctechnya !  Kaboch! I find this!  you own my debt!04:11
amuroj #linux04:11
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dominikthe_squircle: cant find it : (04:12
the_squirclePeoplesAdvocate: I HAVE used aircrack... but...04:12
Jack_Sparrow[RIP]Gallows, PeoplesAdvocate Please seek help for aircrack elsewhere04:12
liquidthe_squircle, I kinda agree, ive hard 2 dell lappys no problems what so ever and my old boss got the same one color model everything the same and he had problems left right and center04:12
jarco_what is a good player in kubuntu to stream video (for example: wmv files) Inside firefox?04:12
Jack_Sparrowsorry rip04:12
PeoplesAdvocatei have, cant get into the aircrack irc04:12
xd4exodus_ms,  in the smtp options are you sure it has to be ssl not tls ?04:13
[e]LementxChat keeps locking up...04:13
[e]LementCan't figure out why04:13
[e]Lement8.10 upgrade was my worst decision ever...04:13
mib_2dc6mpGnea I have a to nof mixers some are red most are empty04:13
joejctonyyarusso, i just want to do stuff to my tivo whatever the best way to do that is just tell me how04:13
exodus_msxd4: yes04:14
the_squircledominik: i'm not in ubuntu right now... sorry... but see this article: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto#Backup,%20Repairing%20and%20Reinstalling%20GRUB04:14
the_squircleliquid: i guess you get what you pay for...04:14
tonyyarussojoejc: Not having a tivo I wouldn't know what it's capable of, although I would imagine it can do ssh...  Is there a manual somewhere you could check?04:14
marsha(e)Lement, I just had the same problem with x-caht04:14
L1Qu1DzI need help connecting to wifi on ubuntu 8.10 with atheros chipset04:14
liquidthe_squircle, I guess, well thank you for the help sir04:15
the_squircle[e]Lement: it's xchat, not 8.1004:15
joejci dont think so04:15
jp_sfPeoplesAdvocate: it's on freenode so shoud be aircrack-ng04:15
the_squircleliquid: anytime :D04:15
marshaso I switched to irssi just now04:15
ljsoftnetdoes ubuntu 8.10 support FAT file system?04:15
joejci have the ip and port i need i just dont know how to connect to it04:15
Odd-rationaleljsoftnet: yes04:15
the_squircle!atheros | L1Qu1Dz04:15
ubottuL1Qu1Dz: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:15
amuroof course linux suport fat04:15
the_squircleljsoftnet: yes, it does04:15
xd4exodus_ms, same problem, it is not asking for my password, thus no mail is fetched04:15
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, open another terminal and try this:  cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp  do you hear any static?04:15
the_squircleljsoftnet: all operating systems support fat04:16
ljsoftneti have an MP4 player with FAT file system how do i make ubuntu detect it?04:16
Jack_SparrowL1Qu1Dz, try following this thread here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=986072   product: AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter.. Post #10 in that forum04:16
tonyyarussoljsoftnet: Although it should be noted that you can not install Ubuntu with the main system partitions on FAT, but it can use it otherwise.04:16
the_squircleljsoftnet: does it detect it when you plug it in?04:16
tonyyarussoljsoftnet: Which player?04:16
exodus_msxd4: check your PM04:17
ljsoftnetwhen i connect it with the USB it doesn't detect it04:17
illmortalGuys I'm tryin to follow this guide: http://www.sampbar.com/2008/11/broadcom-bcm4318-ubuntu-intrepid.html  and I cannot continue @ step 604:17
illmortalCan someone please assist me on this?04:17
mib_2dc6mpGnea nothing04:17
getxsicki have a problem with the sound under my new laptop04:17
marshagetxsick:  What kind of problem?04:18
the_squircle!cowsay-#ubuntu-offtopic > liquid04:18
ubottuliquid, please see my private message04:18
getxsickthe sound is cutting04:18
illmortalanyone able to help me?...04:18
illmortalanyone at all <_<04:18
getxsickwhat i realized is...only works under mplayer04:19
the_squircleillmortal: what are you trying to do?04:19
jarco_my mplayer video is flikkering insqnely04:19
Jack_Sparrow!helpme illmortal04:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:19
ranfowanyone knows option "~i" in aptitude?04:19
the_squircleillmortal: don't just give us a link04:19
Jack_Sparrow!helpme > illmortal04:19
ubottuillmortal, please see my private message04:19
getxsickbut e.g. first i have to kill aplay welcome.wav to get it worked under mplayer04:19
jarco_my mplayer video is flikkering insanely. Anyone has an idea how to solve it? I am playing a wmv file ,,04:19
getxsickand it only works under mplayer04:19
liquidthe_squircle, Very funny04:19
t35t0rhow do i open multiple files with mplayer in order?04:19
the_squircleliquid: i thought so04:19
illmortaltryin to follow the guide on that link... and the guide i think is incorrect unless im not following right, step 6 is telling me to put a file into a specific directory that I have no permissions for (sadly) and the other commands give errors04:20
marshagetxsick: sounds like you have some missing gstreamer files04:20
liquidthe_squircle, Its acting up again I switched windows and it started to go alittle04:20
RukusXjp_sf,  still slow04:20
Gneamib_2dc6mp: hrm... gksudo gedit /etc/default/pulseaudio   and change PULSEAUDIO_SYSTEM_START=1 to PULSEAUDIO_SYSTEM_START=004:20
the_squircleliquid: you should install cowsay... just run cowsay MOOOO or something... semi-entertaining... or you can make the cow say DELL SUCKS or something...04:20
jp_sfRukusX: :-( hum04:20
getxsickmarsha: i installed all which i have on my other notebook04:20
Gneathe_squircle: lol04:20
liquidthe_squircle, I'll have to check it out04:20
RukusXjp_sf,  ya i know. get that error. not connected to hi speed hub04:20
mib_2dc6mpdo i need to turn the static of04:21
colton1hey can anyone help me with the resolution setting for my dell latitude d610?04:21
=== [e]Lement is now known as [e]Lement`dc
Gneamib_2dc6mp: sure, just press ctrl-c04:21
jarco_my mplayer video is flikkering insanely. Anyone has an idea how to solve it? I am playing a wmv file ,,04:21
the_squircleliquid: is it the graphics card itself?04:21
mib_2dc6mpGnea and now tye that whole string at once?04:21
tonyyarussoillmortal: You will need to use sudo for copying the file to /etc/init.d/ and again when running the script.04:21
colton1no i can get the drivers working04:21
Gneamib_2dc6mp: yeah04:21
liquidthe_squircle, Maybe how could I check04:21
jp_sfRukusX what lsusb is telling you ?04:21
colton1but it wont show the native resolution of my monitor04:21
the_squircleliquid: .....04:22
the_squircleliquid: i have no clue :p04:22
liquidthe_squircle, glxgeears?04:22
tonyyarussoillmortal: actually, maybe not on the second step, if he wrote the script exactly as copied in the post.04:22
liquidthe_squircle, Stumped you huh04:22
Baxany one know where I can find a guide for setting up an extended desktop on Feisty Fawn with an ATI graphic card?04:22
the_squircleliquid: might work... but...04:22
colton1max i can get it 1024x76804:22
the_squircleliquid: you did04:22
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illmortaltonyarusso, this command: sudo update-rc.d wifi.sh defaults gives an error that "update" is not a command04:22
liquidthe_squircle, I want something to max out the gpu and the ram on the card04:22
liquedIs there a update or fix to getting my atheros chipset to work with Ubuntu 8.10? I dont need any docs to tell me how to connect...04:22
liquidthe_squircle, I did what?04:22
the_squircleliquid: stumped me... try looking for a benchmarking thing that'll run in linux... that should max things out04:23
the_squircleliquid: i have to run, but I hope you figure your problem out eventually04:23
jp_sfRukusX: lsusb do you see a 2.0 root hub  line ?04:23
=== marsha is now known as nabit
liquidthe_squircle, Thanks buddy enjoy what your going to do04:23
ebabyanyone able to assist on xorg.conf stuff04:23
tonyyarussoillmortal: "update" alone is not, but "update-rc.d" is.04:23
the_squircleliquid: sleep is fun :)04:23
mib_2dc6mpGnea I think I did it, I typed it verbatim except for the and between pulseaudio and change04:23
WDCHello. I have XFCE installed over regular Ubuntu, and I can not seem to add desktops04:24
illmortaltonyyarusso also.. I'm having a hard time tryin to copy the file into that folder. I assume I need to use terminal instead of dragging/dropping the file into the folder. I don't know the command to copy a file and paste it onto a different directory.04:24
mib_2dc6mpGnea the screen went kind of grey and I enered my pword04:24
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getxsickhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/99394/ - here is output of mplayer which generally works fine04:24
=== [e]Lement`dc is now known as [e]Lement
WDCHello. I have XFCE installed over regular Ubuntu, and I can not seem to add desktops, Can someone please help?04:24
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:25
tonyyarussoillmortal: copy is "cp", so what you'll use is 'sudo cp /path/to/source/file /path/to/destination/'04:25
RukusXjp_sf,  ya i see four 1.1 and one 2.004:25
illmortaltonyyarusso the file, "wifi.sh" is located in my desktop04:25
mib_2dc6mpGnea now I have an issue with my soundcard, must be a conflict with pulseaudio: could not get/set settings from/on resource04:25
illmortalok thanks tony04:25
=== [e]Lement is now known as [e]Lement`dc
illmortalim gonna log back into ubuntu, and attempt to copy that file and move onto the rest of the steps. brb04:25
jp_sfRukusX:L unplug the cable and then type sudo modprobe -a echi_hcd and reconnect to it04:26
nbeebohow do i do so the sound i hear on my desktop goes into the microphone without having one?04:26
liquedWhy did Ubuntu dev release 8.10 if it didnt work with atheros cards...04:26
RukusXone sec. right after this tranfer. 5 minutes04:26
kazagistarhow do I copy an install cd to a empty partition, and then boot from it, so I can overwrite the rest of the system on my no-cd no-floppy no-usb system04:26
RukusXjp_sf,  one sec. right after this tranfer. 5 minutes04:26
jarco_my mplayer video is flikkering insanely. Anyone has an idea how to solve it? I am playing a wmv file , . First time on kubuntu ...04:26
GeezleIs there a quick way I can check what refresh rate my video card is capable of?  I just got a new monitor and I'm not sure 8.10 is detecting it properly.04:26
jp_sfRukusX: ah 5 minutes yes you transfer a 300Ko image I presume04:26
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, were you able to save the file okay?04:27
RukusXjp_sf, ? transfering 700mb avu file04:27
nbeeboGeezle, im no pro but i think its all up to monitor04:27
Gneamib_2dc6mp: next, you'll need to do this:  sudo update-rc.d -f pulseaudio remove04:27
jp_sfRukusX: kidding ...04:27
mib_2dc6mpGnea I dont know if it saved or not04:28
Leitehi peeps04:28
Geezlenbeebo: Thanks, I was a little afraid of that.  I should be refreshing at 75hz but I can only get up to 51hz04:28
tonyyarussoGeezle: Best way is to download the manual, although I also thought refresh rate was only on the monitor's side.04:28
refeferhey there guys, anyone know of a way to force grub to install to a different harddrive?  I have a problem where I'll install ubuntu on one sata drive and grub will install itself on another, and then refuse to boot.  any thoughts?04:28
liquedIf anyone knows of how to get my wifi atheros in 8.10 plz help me.04:28
Flannel!grub | refefer, first link04:28
ubotturefefer, first link: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:28
Gneamib_2dc6mp: check it:  cat /etc/default/pulseaudio04:28
refeferFlannel: I'll check it out, thanks mate04:29
=== _acyd_ is now known as acydlord
mib_2dc6mpGnea I removed pulseaudio04:29
Geezletonyyarusso: thanks.04:29
jp_sfRukusX: what is your kernel version while googling it I found https://bugs.launchpad.net/gvfs/+bug/19776204:29
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay were you able to make that 1 a 0?04:30
GeezleSo next, does anybody know how I can straighten out my refresh rate if my monitor isn't being detected properly?04:30
mib_2dc6mpGnea I dont know what you mean04:30
tonyyarusso!fixres | Geezle, should be under this bit04:30
ubottuGeezle, should be under this bit: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution04:30
RukusXjp_sf,   2.6.27-10-generic04:30
Gneamib_2dc6mp: in the /etc/default/pulseaudio file04:30
Gneamib_2dc6mp: changing the PULSEAUDIO_SYSTEM_START=1 to PULSEAUDIO_SYSTEM_START=004:31
Geezletonyyarusso: cool, thanks04:31
Hbah427I HATE the restricted drivers manager04:32
jp_sfRukusX: yeah so try the modprobe -a echi_hcd04:32
mib_2dc6mpGnea I typed it, I dont know if it worked, but we just removed pulse audi didnt we04:32
nbeebohow do i do so the sound i hear on my desktop goes into the microphone without having one?  ------ if u understand what im saying but dont know the answer can u help me rephrase? i suck at it lol04:32
jp_sfRukusX: sudo modprobe -a echi_hcd04:32
Leiteeverytime i boot my pc, when it goes to grub loadiþng page, i need to manually edit the path ie. sda (0.0) or sumthin like that. Otherwise it doesnt load up the ubuntu 8.10. How can i set (030) to be my default choice?04:32
eseven73I hear such negative things about pulseaudio, why did Ubuntu add it? and why dont they just remove it ?04:32
Gneamib_2dc6mp: yeah, go ahead and reboot again04:33
RukusXjp_sf,  ok done. now what04:33
=== [e]Lement`dc is now known as [e]Lement
jp_sfRukusX: unplug modprobe -a echi_hcd replug04:33
=== [e]Lement is now known as [e]Lement`dc
mib_2dc6mpGnea rebooting, hopefully we get some startup noise04:34
eseven73woah someone had a meltdown04:34
punzadahe must be trolling ... right...?04:34
eseven73more than likely04:34
Leiteeverytime i boot my pc, when it goes to grub loadiþng page, i need to manually edit the path ie. sda (0.0) or sumthin like that. Otherwise it doesnt load up the ubuntu 8.10. How can i set (0,0) to be my default choice?04:34
jp_sfRukusX: and now your speed is ?04:34
=== cjae is now known as what
punzadaLeite: sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst04:35
punzadayou can edit it in there04:35
jp_sfLeite: edit your grub I think pressing e on the grub menu you can edit it04:35
Leitethank you punzada04:35
RukusXone sec04:35
mib_2dc6mpGnea no boot up sounds :(04:35
=== what is now known as x86arch
Leiteyeah i can edit but after rebootin i have to do it all over again04:35
RukusXextremel pathetic04:36
punzadayeah edit the menu.lst file04:36
RukusXjp_sf,  extremely pathetic04:36
punzadait'll be persistant then04:36
jp_sfRukusX: hum04:36
RukusXjp_sf, 1.9mbps04:36
BellinXFelonis there anyway to burn a dvd quicker than devedee04:36
Gneamib_2dc6mp: alright - do you have an account where you can upload pictures to?04:36
eseven73k3b maybe04:36
malcolm_my movie player shuts opens the file n shuts down when i try to play a video file..04:36
=== miguel is now known as Guest9338
mib_2dc6mpGnea no04:36
RukusXjp_sf,  MB/sec lol04:36
^Manuhi people04:36
^Manui have display driver problems it seems..04:36
^Manumy xorg.conf is virtually empty, what's the story with that?04:37
jp_sfRukusX: I have no idea, by chance can you try the same hard disk on another machine will it be faster ?04:37
Gneamib_2dc6mp: alright, i'm going to ask you for some screenshots - http://imageshack.us is free04:37
mib_2dc6mpGnea I wonder if it is the slections in the sound prefs or the asla mixer, I didnt change anything in it because I wasnt sure what i was loking at04:37
^Manui have an intel IGP X4500HD, and i installed the xserver-xorg-video-intel package..04:37
^Manuand nothing..04:37
RukusXjp_sf,  i could try on my g/f's XP machine. its NTFS04:37
^Manui'm stuck in 640x480..04:37
^Manunot sure where to go from here..04:37
FloodBot1^Manu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:37
Gneamib_2dc6mp: right, and I'm not sure what options you have, and the only way to check is via screenshot04:38
mib_2dc6mpGnea ok I am signing up04:38
nbeebomib_2dc6mp,  u dont need to sign up04:38
RukusXjp_sf, i'm getting burnt out about this, and most of this, i have tried previously, to no avail... i'll keep watching that bug report.04:38
tim_what's the coolest thing people are doing in Ubuntu tonight?04:39
RukusXjp_sf,  thanks for all the help tho04:39
jp_sfRukusX: sorry couldn't help you more try the forum though04:39
Hbah427tim_: fixing my dang nVidia GeForce 6200!04:39
nbeebotim_,  hanging out in #ubuntu-offtopic and asking that question... not me though im banned04:39
=== qbmaniac is now known as qb|away
GreedyBhello. I've read so many different ways to backup.. I'm not sure which direction I should take04:39
GreedyBany suggestions?04:39
mib_2dc6mpGnea ok I am ready, what do you want me to capture?04:39
RukusXjp_sf,  lol i hate forums. but i will search them. lol04:39
Hbah427Hard drives are the way to go.04:39
tim_join #ubuntu-offtopic04:39
mib_2dc6mpGnea asla mixer and the sound prefs?04:40
Flannel!backup | GreedyB04:40
ubottuGreedyB: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning04:40
GreedyBHbah427: oops I wasnt very specific.. I meant programs and methods04:40
Hbah427If you don't want to pay for that you can always pick up a spindle of blank DVD's and go to town04:40
Gneamib_2dc6mp: just press the Print Screen key04:40
Geoffrey2hey, I was looking at a number of desktop screenshots, and I noticed a number of applications (calendar, weather forecast) right on the desktop.....what would I look for in Synaptic to find them?04:40
Gneamib_2dc6mp: yes, alsamixer and sound prefs04:40
mib_2dc6mpGnea right, what do you want me to capture (have open)04:40
GreedyBGeoffrey2: screenlets I think04:40
Hbah427or gDesklets04:41
RukusXGeoffrey2,  i use screelets. wanne see my screenshot?04:41
Hbah427Anyone have any idea what might be wrong with my nVidia GeForce 6200?04:41
Gneamib_2dc6mp: get 'em both if you can04:41
tytaHi Gnea, i'm still having wireless trouble04:41
tytaI think it may be driver related04:41
Gneatyta: okay, were you able to give WPA2 a go?04:42
tytayes i set my wireless router to wpa204:42
Gneatyta: and is the system able to hook up to it via ethernet?04:42
jp_sfHbah427: Nvidia, propriatery drivers no ? ve you tried System>Administration>Hardware drivers ?04:42
mib_2dc6mpGnea ok I did it and image shack gave me a url04:42
tytayes, i suppose i could go upstairs04:42
mib_2dc6mpGnea they all seem to be thumbnails04:42
Gneamib_2dc6mp: should be able to click on one to make it bigger04:43
Gneatyta: okay, because you're going to need to pastebin some things04:43
mib_2dc6mpGnea it is img216.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshots2.png04:43
malcolm_hi i have video player problems tried vlc xine movieplayer they shutdown when attempting to play a video04:43
Gneamib_2dc6mp: i don't see it :(04:44
nbeebomalakhi, run vlc in terminal and ull get an error messege04:44
Gneamib_2dc6mp: what is the url for the thumbnail?04:44
Hbah427jp_sf: I've spent all night going from Hardy to Intrepit and back, using both OS's with the proprietary drivers. Once I do that, however, after I click two or three times, the system freezes and I have to reboot.04:44
^Manunobody can help me here?04:44
Gnea!ask | ^Manu04:44
ubottu^Manu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:44
^Manui dont understand what kubuntu thinks it's doing with xorg.conf anymore :(04:44
^Manui asked the question above..04:44
^Manuabout a page up04:44
ljsoftnetanybody knows where to buy ASUS eee pc online? im from the philippines04:45
mib_2dc6mpGnea that sucks04:45
nbeebo^Manu, i think it does the same as ubuntu..04:45
^Manuwhich is>04:45
^Manuxorg.conf is virtually empty..04:45
nbeeboaka totally empty?04:45
^Manui installed xserver-xorg-video-intel and it didn't seem to do anything.04:45
Hbah427ljsoftnet: have you tried eeepc.asus.com?04:46
linuxlerneris it yet possible to boot to ram AND use casper persistence?04:46
evowill<^Manu> are you sure you have the correct location?04:46
Jordan_U^Manu, Ubuntu lets X do as much autoconfiguring as possible04:46
mib_2dc6mpGnea try img122.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotmo3.png04:46
Gainwould you guys recommend KDE or GNOME04:46
imperfect-Anyone know if rsync can preserve NTFS permissions??04:46
nbeeboGain, gnome..04:46
Gainand what are the major pluses of both04:46
Odd-rationaleGain: that's a heated question... :P04:46
evowillGain: I like gnome04:47
jp_sfHbah427: could be a lot lot of things could be AGP conflict etc etc cpu speed,04:47
Gainya, I used gnome previously when i had ubuntu installed04:47
eseven73imperfect-: i think so try the GUI for rsync 'sudo apt-get install grsync'04:47
^Manuwhat location?04:47
Gainbut KDE 4.1 looks damn nice04:47
Odd-rationaleGain: my advice is to try both... use the livecd of ubuntu and kubuntu... and see shich one you like better...04:47
Gainwant to give it a shot04:47
^Manuevowill: location of what?04:47
bcgrownI have an Nvidia video card but for some reason Synaptic now wants to install Geode display drivers.  How do I tell it to stop asking me?04:47
evowillGain: a google search might bee of great use :-)04:47
GainOdd-rationale:  are there any GNOME apps only?04:47
^Manujordan: so why isn't X autoconfiguring my video properly then?04:47
mib_2dc6mpThus stu=inks, none of the links imgshack provides work04:47
Gainor will they work across both04:47
jp_sfHbah427: do you have compiz running ?04:47
eseven73imperfect-: it has all kinds of options you can choose04:48
bcgrowner by Synaptic I mean "Update Manager"04:48
rshakinhey anyone installed this on a supermicro h8dce04:48
Jordan_U^Manu, X should use the intel driver if it's available, you can also force it to use it by adding an explicit line to your xorg.conf but you shouldn't need to04:48
Hbah427jp_sf: I do not.04:48
evowill<^Manu> I will send you a PM04:48
Hbah427It won't work no matter what.04:48
^Manuwhy wouldn't it use it?04:48
^Manuokay, thx04:48
Gneamib_2dc6mp: holy... that's a lot of options04:48
Odd-rationaleGain: both gnome/gtk apps and kde/qt apps will work on either gnome or kde... or xfce for that matter...04:48
tristanmikeHey all. I just made the jump to 8.10 and my surround sound isn't working, can someone give me a hand or a link to get it up and running. SoundBlaster LIVE 5.104:48
mib_2dc6mpGnea oh did you get the piic to work?04:48
^Manujordan: it seems to be available.. i installed the package..04:48
tristanmikeWas working 20 minutes ago on 8.0404:48
^Manuwhat else can i do?04:48
Gneamib_2dc6mp: yeah, the second one worked04:49
Gneamib_2dc6mp: it looks really.... weird04:49
Hbah427I have a Compaq S4100NX, 2.5GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor, 1GB of RAM and an Al-in-one card reader and DVD bruner stolen from an old computer04:49
sandeepokay, I'm new and I really need help!04:49
Gneamib_2dc6mp: like it's missing some selections in alsamixer.... there aren't anymore to the left?04:49
jp_sfHbah427: when you crash have you find anything in syslog ?04:50
Gnea!ask | sandeep04:50
Hbah427It's a PCI card btw04:50
ubottusandeep: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:50
Hbah427I should probably check syslog...04:50
nbeebohow do i do so the sound i hear on my desktop goes into the microphone without having one?  ------ if u understand what im saying but dont know the answer can u help me rephrase? i suck at it lol04:50
Jordan_UGnea, Try "alsamixer -c 0"04:50
Hbah427However, I'm kinda new...04:50
sandeepThanks, I have just installed version 1 of ubuntu weaknet and I can not get the wifi netowrk to work properly.04:50
mib_2dc6mpGnea no just 2 lines04:50
GneaJordan_U: he's only got 1 entry.04:50
DigitalFizJordan_U, is that like stereo mix in windows?04:51
Jordan_UGnea, Even with the "-c 0" ?04:51
jp_sfHbah427: yes you need to digg in syslog, but it is very verbose, at least it will gives a hint to what the problem is04:51
yaroMy locale seems to have randomly changed from American English to British English. My spellchecker keep smaking my correct spelling incorrect as a result. How to fix?04:51
mnnot as soon as you install that04:51
mnIf someone has krfb and has invited me to control their desktop, how do I do that?04:51
Gneamib_2dc6mp: can you turn them up?04:51
mib_2dc6mpGnea there is a ton more to the right though04:51
Gainok last question, are there threads to show people's desktops. I am looking for some ideas on customizing my own04:51
Jordan_UDigitalFiz, It's how you get to the actual settings for the card rather than the pulseaudio volume controll04:51
mib_2dc6mpGnea just more mixers and meters04:51
Gneamib_2dc6mp: i see that, and that's what's strange. I've never seen 'monitor' so many times like that.04:52
tyta_linuxGnea:  I have connected to my wired network04:52
mib_2dc6mpGnea yea that seems FUBAR04:52
sandeep Ifind the previsous version of ubuntu weakner labs works perfectly.04:52
gaz_Why could i easily apt-get bitchx this morning and now I can't?04:52
gaz_Was it taken from the repository?04:52
DigitalFizJordan_U, ah thanks because i been looking for a way to do stereo mix so i can feed my skype conversations over the radio04:52
linuxlernerbecause you need install04:52
mib_2dc6mpGnea what do you want me to turn up?04:52
rshakinis there an easy whay to install a keyboard layout04:52
linuxlernerapt-get install bitchx04:52
gaz_yes yes04:52
gaz_i know04:52
Flannelgaz_: It hasn't been in Ubuntu for good long time.  It has some serious security issues that weren't going to get fixed.04:53
yaroMy locale seems to have randomly changed from American English to British English. My spellchecker keep smaking my correct spelling incorrect as a result. How to fix?04:53
gaz_why could i easily apt-get install bitchx this morning... and now?04:53
Gneamib_2dc6mp: both of the Lines04:53
gaz_Flannel: but it's so pretty. ;)04:53
mib_2dc6mpGnea done04:53
Gneatyta_linux: okay, sudo apt-get install pastebinit04:53
Flannelgaz_: Did you just upgrade?04:53
rshakinnm figured it out04:53
Gneamib_2dc6mp: see if you can:  cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp  now04:54
Geoffrey2yep, it's screenlets, thanks04:54
Flannelgaz_: Check otu irssi instead.04:54
linuxlerneris there like an install help channel04:54
gaz_I just reinstalled ubuntu this afternoon. Came on to get all my programs... and i couldnt' get bx!04:54
ccvpwhat the heck04:54
Flannelgaz_: Which version of Ubuntu?04:54
Gneamib_2dc6mp: also, is this a PCI card?04:54
tyta_linuxgnea: thanks, i did that, it's finished04:54
Jordan_Ulinuxlerner, This is probably the place to be :)04:54
mib_6kv9rldefinitely the place to be04:55
gaz_irssi... okay04:55
tyta_linux+1 on place to be04:55
mib_2dc6mpGnea no such file (u think it goes bye bye with pulseaudio?)04:55
linuxlerneris it yet possible to boot to ram AND use casper persistence?04:55
nbeebolinuxlerner,  not ubuntu no. not last time i checked and asked04:55
v4vijayakumarhi, when linux 2.6.28. is coming to ubuntu ??04:56
Gneatyta_linux: iwconfig | pastebinit04:56
Jordan_Uv4vijayakumar, 9.0404:56
mib_2dc6mpGnea yes04:56
linuxlerneri found post from 2007 that said it wouldnt work04:56
Gneamib_2dc6mp: hrm.... lsmod | grep snd_pcm_oss04:56
bcgrownI'm on 8.04 with an Nvidia video card, everything working peachy.  Now update-manager wants to install Geode display drivers??  How do I tell it I don't want them so they will stay out of the "updates available" dialog?04:56
linuxlernerbut that was also for 7.XX04:56
Gneamib_2dc6mp: this one? http://www.echoaudio.com/Products/Discontinued/Mia/index.php04:57
tristanmikeHey all. I just made the jump to 8.10 and my surround sound isn't working, can someone give me a hand or a link to get it up and running. SoundBlaster LIVE 5.104:57
tristanmikeHey all. I just made the jump to 8.10 and my surround sound isn't working, can someone give me a hand or a link to get it up and running. SoundBlaster LIVE 5.104:57
FloodBot1tristanmike: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:57
mib_2dc6mpGnea that is it04:57
Jordan_Ulinuxlerner, I don't see off hand why it shouldn't. Have you tried?04:57
mib_6kv9rlbcgrown: i have nvidia too, and let the upgrade go thru; no harm done...04:57
jp_sfv4vijayakumar: you can install it if you want System > Administration > Synaptic Pack Manager > Search linux-kernel04:57
Gneamib_2dc6mp: wow...04:57
nbeebohow do i do so the sound i hear on my desktop goes into the microphone without having one?  ------ if u understand what im saying but dont know the answer can u help me rephrase? i suck at it lol04:57
mib_2dc6mpGnea what04:57
tyta_linuxGnea, i got an error "no arguments specified'"04:57
Gneamib_2dc6mp: never seen it before, i'm flabbergasted lol04:58
tyta_linuxGnea, lo / eth0 / pan0 say no wireless extensions04:58
Gneatyta_linux: how do you get your wireless card to initialize?04:58
Mayankwhy my firefox closes itself...?04:58
mib_2dc6mpI have 2 degrees in music, but I cant figure out how to get ubuntu studio audio to work :(04:59
linuxlernerJordan_U: no i have not tried it yet04:59
bcgrownmib_6kv9rl:  any idea why they are on the list?   i just dont want it to screw up my X set up which i have finally got exactly the way i want it...04:59
Mayankwhy my firefox closes itself...?, any random time..04:59
v4vijayakumarjp_sf, Jordan_U: thanks, but I am not in hurry. I can wait for 9.0404:59
Gneamib_2dc6mp: did you get any results from:  lsmod | grep snd_pcm_oss?04:59
jp_sfv4vijayakumar: April I think and yes it is a better idea, as otherwise you will have a problem of dependencies05:00
tyta_linuxum i think i use the wl driver05:00
mib_6kv9rlbcgrown:  no idea.  they just popped on my 8.04 list yesterday.  i figured i could always remove them... good luck05:00
tyta_linuxbefore the network password idea, i could just boot up, and connect with no problem05:00
bcgrownmib_6kv9rl: ok thanks05:00
Gnea!ot | SABDFL05:01
ubottuSABDFL: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:01
bcgrownside note for anyone :  is it possible to have updates auto-applied without clicking the "install updates" button?05:01
Gneabcgrown: yes.05:01
mib_2dc6mpGnea yes05:01
ebabylooking for help on installing 8.10 on stepnote nc1502 installs fine with A+ graphics but on restart graphics crash and dont reappear05:02
hckyplayer024Hi im having a problem with network manager finding my wireless network05:02
Gneamib_2dc6mp: and any results from this:  ls -l /dev/dsp*05:02
bcgrownGnea: and how would I do that?05:02
tyta_linux024, me too05:02
tyta_linuxit's busy in here tonight05:02
Gneatyta_linux: what's the make/model of the laptop05:02
tyta_linuxDell Inspiron 172105:02
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:03
wolf_pupwhats another dock like app similar to cairo-dock?05:03
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org05:03
mib_2dc6mpGnea crw -rw ----+ 1 root audio 14, 3 2009-01-03 21:35 /dev/dsp05:03
Gneamib_2dc6mp: I have no technical degrees, yes.05:03
hckyplayer024well im just wondering why its finding other wifi networks and not mine.05:04
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay. check to see if you're part of the audio group:  id05:04
Gainhi, what office application do you guys use? IS there one that has a decent looking interface05:04
Gain(preferabily NOT openoffice)05:04
SABDFLwhat's your story, morning glory?05:04
mib_2dc6mpGnea couple lines were produced05:04
Gneahckyplayer024: is your router set to broadcast the SSID? are channels overlapping?05:04
faileasGain: well there's koffice, and scattered gnome office apps (abiword/gnumeric)05:04
GneaSABDFL: do you have any Ubuntu-related questions?05:04
SABDFLGnea: yeah05:05
Gainfaileas, koffice is for KDE?05:05
Gneamib_2dc6mp: okay, see if it says 'audio' anywhere05:05
SABDFLGnea: may i ask them?05:05
hckyplayer024gnea: yeah my network isnt hidden. and I have no problem connecting on my macbook pro, just the ubuntu desktop05:05
mib_2dc6mpGnea it does05:05
FlannelSABDFL: please do05:05
faileasGain: ya but you can use it in gnime too05:05
Gainis it better than open office though05:05
mib_2dc6mpGnea 29(audio), 30 (dip)05:05
faileasbetter is relative05:05
Gneahckyplayer024: weird... what wireless card are you using?05:06
ebabyeverex stepnote nc 1502 not found on /hardwareSupportMachines - works fine during install just want to make install settings stick after restart...05:06
CyBurnetttrying to run "Haiku" on vmware player in Ubuntu 8.04 but get "insufficient permissions05:06
Gneamib_2dc6mp: and when you type:  cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp   it errors out?05:06
Gainthing that pisses me off about openoffice is how terrible the interface is05:06
jp_sfGain: There are a lot of alternatives have you tried Lotus symphony ?05:06
SABDFLalright, well on ubuntu last night i was pitching a woo with a pachuco (a mighty fine pip), but it turned out the frail was a moll, so the damn rascal left tracks and made the kiss off... taking my ubuntu box with her.05:06
jp_sfjp_sf: StarOffice Lotus Symphony Abiword05:07
hckyplayer024Gnea: Wusb54GC. Ive connected to my network at home just fine using ndiswrapper but then when I brought my computer to my dorm it doesnt see my home network05:07
mib_2dc6mpGnea dev/dsp: No such file or directory05:07
tristanmikecan someone please help me with my surround sound ?05:07
faileasCyBurnett: try sudo chown <username> -R /path/to/haikuvm (the r might be small. the path is where the vm is)05:07
Gainjp_sf, well check em out thanks05:07
caimlasdoes anyone here know anything about the i/o scheduler used by default in ubuntu, and why doing anything under high disk I/O might be painfully slow on a laptop?05:07
GneaSABDFL: what do we look like, a detective agency?05:07
ebabyits using the file: "xorg.conf.new" can anyone help me to set it up correctly?05:08
FlannelGnea: That's not necessary05:08
GneaFlannel: he could just be really miffed about someone stealing his stuff05:08
mib_2dc6mpGnea do you think we have any chance of geting this working?05:09
Gainjp_sf, which do you use? Star office?05:09
jp_sfebaby: sar is your friend it will gives you plenty of information if you don't like it try ksar a graphical frontend05:09
ebabyI know Ubuntu will work on this machine as it was running Edubuntu prior I just dont know how to get the settings to stick - help05:09
jp_sfGain: no OO05:09
douglashello.  i've been having some problems with my mouse having a mind of its own.  i installed 8.10 fresh on a toshiba satellite 3005 s307.  it is most noticeable in firefox but it also happens in kyle.  mouse works fine in winxp.  any ideas?05:10
faileasGain:  / jp_sf: staroffice IS openoffice05:10
jp_sfGain: but I'm an agnostic I use sometimes Abiword Lotus symphony too05:10
raylujp_sf: seriously?05:10
ebabyjp_sf: not familiar with sar can you hip me to it as I am a fresh around here05:10
jp_sf <raylu> jp_sf: seriously? ?05:11
Gneamib_2dc6mp: at this point, I'm not sure... I suppose you could try turning all of the selectors in alsamixer up and see if you can hear anything... do you have hydrogen installed?05:11
ebabyjp_sf: i assume you mean type sar into terminal to get the info I need?05:11
raylujp_sf: you use abiword lotus?05:11
caimlasOn intrepid my laptop gets very unresponsive (think: like when copying to a floppy disk in Windows) when I've got any sort of disk i/o load. does anyone here know anything about the i/o scheduler used by default or some way to give the UI and desktop applications i/o preference (as was more of a default back in older kernel versions, it seems)?05:12
jp_sfraylu: I do yes and I think it is a good alternative Lotus symphony that IBM gives for free yes05:12
ov3rfl0wI have a problem with the compiz fusion. Or better, the erase window effect it works, but not properly.05:13
jp_sffaileas: Staroffice =! Openoffice05:13
br3ndenWhats wrong with this scp command?  scp user@domain.com:/home/user/file.tar.gz /home/user/file.tar.gz05:13
faileasjbernard: openoffice is a fork from staroffice05:13
faileaser jp_sf even05:13
ov3rfl0wI had write some html code, but some how it's gone.05:13
mib_2dc6mpGnea I have audio05:13
mib_2dc6mpGnea I started JACK05:14
mib_2dc6mpGnea I just took a guess05:14
mib_2dc6mpGnea I wonder if I ought to reinstall pulseaudio?05:14
Gneamib_2dc6mp: at this point, pulseaudio isn't going to make the slightest bit of difference.05:14
mib_2dc6mpGnea ok05:14
Gneamib_2dc6mp: see if you can get hydrogen to work with or without jack05:15
amuropulseaudio sucks05:15
Gneaamuro: amen.05:15
evilGUIhello if I install Ubuntu to a external usb hd will it put the MBR on my main drive?05:15
amuroit doesnt allow more than one app have sound05:15
ludditei have a laptop that wifi isnt working on - ethernet isnt either - so i downloaded 4 .deb files that are dependancies to install - but where should i put them to be installed as dependancies from teh disk and not the internets?05:16
PriceChildamuro: that sounds more like an oss app having stolen the soundcard to me than pulseaudio shenanigans05:16
PriceChildamuro: and pulseaudio does wonders for me. I personally think its great.05:16
nbeebohow do i do so the sound i hear on my desktop goes into the microphone without having one?  ------ if u understand what im saying but dont know the answer can u help me rephrase? i suck at it lol05:16
ebabyjp_sf: command tells me i need to get 1 of 2 packages - sysstat or atsar which is the preferred choice?05:17
CyBurnettfaileas, Thanks but didnt work as it says no such file or directory05:17
amuroPriceChild, on my desktop, i killall pulseaudio then all my sounds work happily together05:17
Gneaamuro: by default, it does not. sadly, ubuntu does not do a decent job of setting pulseaudio up the way that some other distros do. it is a problem that we're trying to address.05:17
jp_sfebaby: systat05:17
amuroi just use alsa for all sound05:17
tbrockguys, what is the best package for flash support in firefox05:18
tbrockthe adobe one?05:18
jp_sfebaby: you drive is not dying no ?05:18
mib_2dc6mpGnea I had a jack audio error: could not connect to JACK server as client05:18
tyta_linuxI guess I'll have to post on the forums05:18
jp_sfebaby: all recent harddirves support smartd05:18
tyta_linuxThanks anyway for you're time everyone05:18
faileasCyBurnett: you need to change the 'path/to/' to the directory the files for the vm are05:18
badcatgreetings all, and happy new yew year. does anyone know a way i can access my computers BIOS from within linux instead of rebooting?05:18
jp_sfebaby: a must read http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/know-when-your-drives-are-failing-smartd05:18
GneaPriceChild: I can't get pulseaudio to work decently at all. I have tried, and it just doesn't work right, no matter what tutorial I try to follow off of the ubuntu forums.05:19
mib_2dc6mpGnea i am sure it is my error as I learn how to use jack05:19
CyBurnettfaileas, Yes I did that but didnt work05:19
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash05:19
tristanmikecan someone please help me get my surround sound working in 8.10. I just upgraded from 8.04 and now my surround sound no longer works. Please and thanks.05:19
exodus_mstyta_linux: good luck, thank you for using #ubuntu, come back again05:19
mib_2dc6mpGnea I just think it is weird that I have t fire up Jack to get audio at all05:19
amuroGnea, completely remove pulseaudio and set everything using alsa05:19
Gneamib_2dc6mp: jack is one of those tricky apps that you need to get the jackd up and running first05:19
amurotbrock, flashplugin-nonfree05:20
jp_sfbadcat dmidecode05:20
tbrockwhy is that one the best amuro05:20
ov3rfl0wHow can I exec my text editor that I just have lost? For some way and how I put the cursor at the window and move a little bit. Then it's gone.05:20
mib_2dc6mpGnea hmm not sure if I opened Jackd or even saw it in applications05:20
eseven73amuro: that's what i did, i too had one pulseaudio issue after the other, so i just completly uninstalled it, sound issues went bye bye :)05:20
amuroeseven73, yes pulseaudio sucks05:21
Zombie_GazAnyone can help with Apache2? I can see it working through http://localhost but I can't access pages via my ip address.05:21
amuroi dont know why when alsa works perfect, then they mess with pulseaudio?05:21
eseven73well i dont thin it sucks i think its what Gnea was saying a bit ago about its more an issue of how ubuntu sets it up than anything else05:21
MenZaZombie_Gaz: Your local IP address, or your broadcast IP address?05:21
jp_sfbadcat: sudo dmidecode05:22
LawnGnome1I still cannot read these itty bittyy letters05:22
amuroany op here?05:22
ebabyjp_sf: failed to fetch http://...  - any other cmd to get the packages05:22
DigitalFizim having a weird issue, when I reboot ubuntu it comes up and all the apperence stuff is set to none and i have to set it back to advanced and go into compiz settings manager and set all my settings again like the cube and the rotation stuff  anyone know why? it happened after some recent updates05:22
nckanyone experiencing idle cpu temp is higher under intrepid than previous version or OS?05:22
MenZaamuro: What do you need an op for?05:22
ebabyjp_sf: harddrive failing is that your take on the problem...?05:22
badcatjp_sf, thanks will give it a try05:22
amuroi wanna file a complain05:22
amuroadmin abuse05:22
eseven73I'd kill to be an op here or any large channel for that matter :)05:22
MenZaamuro: Please try #ubuntu-ops, amuro05:22
jp_sfebaby: no but who knows a harddrive that dy is something frequeent05:22
sheena1updated recently to Intrepid. was using Hardy before. youtube videos now play the first 2 seconds, then quit/freeze. I can jump the video ahead (clicking on the play bar) and it will play about 2 seconds from that point and do the same.05:23
mib_2dc6mpfor some reason I am only getting one chanel to work my left speaker is not doing anything05:23
MenZamib_2dc6mp: It might seem a little obvious, but is the volume on the left channel muted or turned down?05:25
ebabyjp_sf: as weird as it sounds that would almost be easier to deal with than having a picture perfect install only to reboot to the Twilight zone on your screen - so I assume failed to fetch means that the machine cant access the net or the files are no longer at that location?05:25
eseven73is there a way to get irssi to show the channel without having to re enter the channel?05:25
jp_sf<ebaby> jp_sf: failed to fetch ? sysstat05:25
ov3rfl0wHow can I exec one file that is in /home/paste/file.txt, for example?05:25
Gneamib_2dc6mp: is that with jack?05:25
Flanneleseven73: you mean /names? or /topic?05:25
MenZaeseven73: As in, automatically join the channel upon starting it?05:25
faileasLVM is a bit annoying to set up05:25
ebabyjp_sf: yeah that's the message i got05:25
ov3rfl0wAt the terminal, of course.05:25
tristanmikeAnyone good with sound ?05:25
BlackDalekDoes anyone here know how to add Soulseek buddies on Nicotine? Isn't Nicotine supposed to use the SoulSeek network?05:26
eseven73no i mean show like 130005:26
MenZa!anyone > tristanmike05:26
ov3rfl0wno, no05:26
ubottutristanmike, please see my private message05:26
=== rebel_kid|zZzZ is now known as rebel_kid
sheena1anyone update to Intrepid and find some bugs with youtube?05:26
jp_sfebaby: sorry to ask again what happens if you type : sudo apt-get install sysstat05:26
ebabyi'll try again "apt-get syssat" right?05:26
mib_2dc6mpGnea I closed Jack and just have Hydrogen going05:26
eseven73MenZa: i know theres a couple irssi scripts that show user count, but i was hoping it was built in maybe05:26
Zombie_GazNeed help with Apache2... I can access my index.html from http://localhost but not from my ip addresss. Help?05:26
MenZaeseven73: I'm still not entirely sure what you're trying to.05:26
amurosheena1, the youtube bug probably the flash05:26
Flanneleseven73: At the bottom of /names it gives the total.  Also, there's a plugin you can get thta'll give you a total all the time in your menu05:27
ov3rfl0wIt's not that. I have one file open, but It's gone of my screen.05:27
MenZaZombie_Gaz: As I said before - is this your LAN IP, or is it your broadcast public IP?05:27
tristanmikeI just would like to get my surround sound working on a fresh install of 8.10 on a SoundBlaster 5.1. I don't understand PulseAudio05:27
sheena1amuro: youtube videos now play the first 2 seconds, then quit/freeze. I can jump the video ahead (clicking on the play bar) and it will play about 2 seconds from that point and do the same.05:27
mikehey does any one know where to get music for music player05:27
eseven73Flannel: thanks thats what i was trying to get at05:27
Zombie_Gazpublic ip... i'm trying for.05:27
ov3rfl0wAnd I didn't no how come back.05:27
amurosheena1, check your flash version05:27
MenZamike: http://creativecommons.org holds a lot of freely-licensed music.05:27
amurosheena1, the newest is version 1005:27
MenZamike: Another source is your local music shop. :)05:27
Zombie_Gazbut both i suppose. all i can get to work is localhost /
Flanneleseven73: Look into the "usercount" plugin05:28
mib_2dc6mpGnea I wonder if it is something in that clunky alsamixer05:28
MenZamike: You could also check the Magnatune store integration in Amarok and Rhythmbox, or the Jamendo store.05:28
Gneamib_2dc6mp: check your preferences in the audio tab, make sure the output driver is set accordingly05:28
sheena1amuro, i'm checking now.05:28
jp_sfZombie_Gaz: you need to specify the IP for the server to accept connection05:28
eseven73Flannel: ok ty05:28
mikeare they free05:28
Zombie_Gazjp_sf: go on...05:28
the_dark_warrioWhat is the variable which keeps locations for libraries? It seems the variable got changed, since no lib is found on /usr/local/lib anymore...05:28
MenZamike: No, they require you to purchase the music.05:28
mikeok good05:28
jp_sfZombie_Gaz it is called port ip binding05:28
illmortalAnyone know how to obtain gparted? Synaptic Package Manager doesn't have it on list.05:28
tom1122I'm running eeeXubuntu. After a screwy update a week ago, I no longer have any wireless capable devices apparently. iwconfig and modprobe can't find anything, and i install linux-backports-modules to no avail. What went wrong?I'm running eeeXubuntu. After a screwy update a week ago, I no longer have any wireless capable devices apparently. iwconfig and modprobe can't find anything, and i install linux-backports-modules to no05:28
tom1122 avail. What went wrong?05:28
jinja-sheepWhere do theme packages usually store the themes in?05:28
tom1122^ Shite, sorry.05:28
MenZaillmortal: sudo apt-get install gparted. It should be in Synaptic, though.05:29
jp_sfZombie_Gaz: vi /etc/apache2/ports.conf05:29
Mayankwhy my firefox closes itself...?, any random time..05:29
sheena1amuro: add remove tells me it's downloading from version 9 link. should i go to the adobe homepage?05:29
nickrudthe_dark_warrio, try running ldconfig , that rebuilds lib relationships. See /etc/ld.so.conf*05:29
illmortalMenZa, I think I have to add new repos or something in Synaptic <,<05:29
amurosheena1, yes goto adobe page05:29
matiHi guys..do you know how to set up ubuntu as IDS ?05:29
MenZaillmortal: Doh. It's installed by default.05:29
jp_sfZombie_Gaz: and then Listen x.x.x.x:80 as an example x are your IP right ?05:29
amurosheena1, the one in ubuntu repos is old05:29
ebabyjp_sf: final message is "could not resolve 'us.archive.ubuntu.com'05:29
the_dark_warrionickrud: thanks, I will take a look05:30
MenZaillmortal: System → Administration → Partition Editor - my bad.05:30
amurosheena1, get the .deb file from adobe homepage05:30
Zombie_Gazjp_sf: ok... so this is my REAL ip not my local ip (ie: 192.168.x)05:30
sheena1amuro: it's going now. that should fix the problem?05:30
jp_sfZombie_Gaz: depends... too late05:30
illmortalnp got it :P05:30
the_dark_warrionickrud: Thanks ;) that did the trick05:30
MenZaillmortal: I'm not... completely sure it's installed by standard. In any case, if it isn't, it can be installed with `sudo apt-get install gparted` and run from the menu I described before.05:30
amurosheena1, maybe05:31
sheena1amuro: do i need to uninstall the old one or anything? does it do all that on its own?05:31
amurosheena1, i cant garantee05:31
LawnGnome1Ok, back,,sorta...any fixes for SeaMonkey in the works?05:31
ebabyjp_sf: it seems it was unable to get all that it needed as 40.8kb of archives were needed and it gave that error mssg05:31
amurosheena1, yes u have to completely remove the old one first05:31
amurosheena1, there is a tutorial how on the internet05:31
eseven73Mayank: what sort of extensions are you running? that would be my first guess, you could try to backup your .mozilla folder and delete it, and rerun firefox to see if that helps, but please back it up before you do this!05:31
sheena1amuro: can you link me there? i'll google it..05:31
jp_sfebaby: is the machine you are using irc ?05:31
illmortalMenZa, ya I did the apt-get install gparted and "partition editor" popped into the admin menu, so good to go :P05:31
amurosheena1, http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-install-flash-player-10.html05:32
MenZaillmortal: Excellent. Be careful, though; it's a WMD.05:32
Mayanki have done that before, eseven73, what u think, should i download mozilla (windows version), and run use that in future?05:32
MorgwyrHey everyone. I'm trying to get a network bridge  on my laptop, bridging the wireless and the wired. Any suggestions on where I should go/05:32
mib_2dc6mpGnea I can also change the mixer from Mia (alsa) to a variety of things05:32
ebabyjp_sf: no I am using another machine for this irc - the other could access net during install though05:32
nbeebohow do i do so the sound i hear on my desktop goes into the microphone without having one?  ------ if u understand what im saying but dont know the answer can u help me rephrase?05:33
jp_sfebaby: seems it lost connection05:33
tom1122I'm running eeeXubuntu. After a screwy update a week ago, I no longer have any wireless capable devices apparently. iwconfig and modprobe can't find anything, and i install linux-backports-modules to no avail. What went wrong?05:33
eseven73Mayank: hmmm no running things in wine is not the answer... you're on 8.10 i take it?05:33
MenZanbeebo: What you'd like to know is how to mix your output channel (e.g. speakers) to work as a microphone, effectively perceiving any sound you play as a sound played into the microphone.05:34
Mayankyes, eseven7305:34
nbeeboMenZa, yes thats correct thank you...05:34
illmortallol MenZa05:34
ebabyjp_sf: my hunch is to figure out a way to make the settings that the machine used during install to stick after the restart. any tips on getting that to work05:34
mikegriffinhello, i did a dist-upgrade and some fonts that appear in dpkg are not available to things like firefox, do i need to do something with defoma?05:34
illmortalOh MenZa, quick question.. what's Linux-Swap for?... Because I'm about to delete the partition as for some reason it's given 5gb05:35
MenZaillmortal: 5GB seems a bit excessive. It's like ... virtual RAM.05:35
mikegriffinillmortal: you have about 2G of RAM?05:35
MenZaillmortal: How much RAM do you have?05:35
mikegriffintypically you want 2x physical ram05:35
illmortalYeah I have 16GB of RAM actually <,<;05:35
Mayankeseven73, what software i use in ubuntu for mobile connection, wammu is fine?05:35
newbie-ubuntumy ubuntu laptop seems to be slow . can someone please help me out05:35
throwtdont delete it05:35
amuro16GB of ram?05:35
mikegriffinillmortal: i would leave it at at least 5G05:35
throwtkeep the 5gb of sap05:35
MenZaI agree with throwt.05:36
mib_2dc6mpThe Weirdest thing just happened Gnea05:36
illmortali wasn't sure05:36
amuroillmortal, u dont need swap at all05:36
MenZaPersonally, I don't do the whole swap thing, but it's good practice.05:36
mikegriffinamuro: lies05:36
amurosudo swapoff05:36
Fezzlerfor some reason my Network set up disappeared today.  All I can think of is A) someone is hacking my system, B) installing bsc did something05:36
mib_2dc6mpGnea I unplugged the speaker that wasnt working and the other speaker doubled in volume05:36
matido you know how to set up ubuntu as IDS ?05:36
DoonzHey im lookking at a way to speed up internet browsing. Crurrently i have my xp bo running to my ubuntu box wich is the firewall and the dns server. What can i do on the Ubuntu bax to speed things up?05:36
FezzlerI mean the wireless AND wired set up - GONE05:36
Gneamib_2dc6mp: o.O05:36
amuromikegriffin, if u have 16GB of ram u dont need swap05:36
Gneamib_2dc6mp: well, at least it's trying to work lol05:36
mikegriffinDoonz: pay your isp more money?05:36
mikegriffinamuro: wrong05:36
illmortalok amuro <,<05:36
MenZaDoonz: Just a piece of advice; in case this yields no answers, try #ubuntu-server - it's more a server-related question.05:37
Mayankguys, what i use for mobile (sony), wammu, gammu or both?????????05:37
MenZamikegriffin: Please none of that sarcasm here.05:37
Fezzleroff the panels05:37
Doonzits a 25/1 line05:37
tristanmikeCan someone help me get my rear speakers working under 8.10 and a SoundBlaster 5.1. It was working fine on 8.04 before I upgraded this evening. Thanks in advance.05:37
amuromikegriffin, i have 3GB ram, when i turn off swap, everything runs fast05:37
arquebuscan anyone point me to info on installing php/mysql/apache on ubuntu?05:37
Doonzok thanx Menza05:37
eseven73Mayank: not sure sorry, im still trying to find a fix for your firefox :)05:37
Gneamib_2dc6mp: I'm gonna see if I can't get this pulseaudio thing to work right05:37
illmortalalright so with 16gb of ram, i don't need swap or do I still need? I have 5TB of HD space as well but just wasn't sure about swap...05:37
mikegriffinMenZa: when was i sarcastic?05:37
flubuntuhi all... i have a ps3 in need opf a and dlna or media server; alot out there but which media server to you suggest for PS3 i have ubuntu 8.10 and 8.04.. thanks in advance!05:37
MenZa!apachemysqlphp | arquebus05:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about apachemysqlphp05:37
MenZaarquebus: Give me a sec to find the link05:37
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)05:37
tristanmikeflubuntu: I use MediaTomb05:37
illmortalLAMP FTW!05:38
Gneamib_2dc6mp: I've been fighting with it for months now, it's getting redundant05:38
eqnixill: you'll never need swap unless you plan on using 8+gb of ram at any given time05:38
arquebusnickrud thx05:38
MenZahttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP <- arquebus05:38
illmortalok cool05:38
flubuntuis elisa compatable05:38
amuroillmortal, set up a swap partition but turn it on when u really need it, but i doubt u need swap05:38
flubuntuwith ps305:38
ebabyjp_sf:  I read that using the cmd "sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst" might get the settings to stick but I get an error mssg when I enter that  not sure why though05:38
illmortalalright sweet :D05:38
mikegriffinamuro: that is bad advice  illmortal: you should leave swap on05:38
nickrudebaby, you should use gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst05:38
tristanmikeflubuntu: if you're asking is it compatible with the PS3, yes. I stream all my music, movies and photos to it05:38
Dead1hi every body05:39
illmortalwell can I minimize it?... like say to 2gb of swap?05:39
mikegriffinillmortal: if you think you are swapping too much as confirmed with vmstat, you might play with systcl vm.swappiness, try 3005:39
nbeeboWhat I'd like to know is how to mix your output channel (e.g. speakers) to work as a microphone, effectively perceiving any sound you play as a sound played into the microphone.05:39
arquebusMenza- thx05:39
amuromikegriffin, i have 3GB ram and i turn off swap, nothing happen05:39
Dead1well this is my firs time on this05:39
MenZaarquebus: Welcome.05:39
RukusXjp_sf,  i don't know man. hooked it up to gf's comp to chkdsk /f and then noticed... "This device is nbot running at hi-speed,  if you connect this to a usb 2.0 hub... etc.."  message. maybe i need a new cord? i might just invest in a high quality one.05:39
mikegriffinamuro: great, good job05:39
eqnixBoxee.tv is a lot better than elisa05:39
eseven73LAMP is so easy in 8.04 anyways, if anyone would like a link for the howto just hollar, I got my LAMP set up in like 15 mins and I'm not a guru :)05:39
MenZaDead1: Welcome to #ubuntu.05:39
mikegriffinMenZa: that *was* sarcasm05:39
Dead1hey suo05:39
fgchi guys...don't know if anyone here is experienced with pgplot 5.2, but trying to install on ubuntu 8.10, but get errors with gcc-3.4 and g77-3.4...do i need to just start from scratch with an install of 8.04?05:39
flubuntuthanks tristanmike...05:39
tristanmikeflubuntu: check out their home page, you can also install it via synaptic05:39
faileasRukusX: its not the cord05:39
Dead1y just download ubunto for games05:39
nickrudamuro, in general, bad advice. You're welcome to use what you like, but don't advise Works for Me™05:39
Dead1look great05:39
mikegriffinnickrud: thank you!05:39
faileasRukusX: its either you have a cheap USB hub, or an older system05:40
RukusXfaileas,  what is it?05:40
tristanmikeflubuntu: you have to make a couple of changes listed in the webpage, be sure to read it05:40
MenZaDead1: This channel is only for support requests - any other discussion can take place in #ubuntu-offtopic :)05:40
arquebuseseven- please Id like the link to your howto on lamp05:40
eseven73k one sec05:40
nickrudmikegriffin, that Works for Me™ is handy ;)05:40
RukusXfaileas, its a 2 year old HP running XP and a 3 year old Dell running Ubuntu05:40
faileasin general though, short of popping in a PCI USB card, there's not much you can do, RukusX05:40
Dead1so u have to go out..05:40
mikegriffinnickrud: swap is A Good ThingTM05:40
faileasRukusX: which box is giving the error?05:40
RukusXfaileas, your assumptions that i am at my ends here, beilders me05:40
faileasstill, swapping the cord dosen't do anything ;)05:41
eseven73arquebus: http://lijamez.wordpress.com/2008/06/02/lighting-up-lamp/05:41
mikegriffinany clues on my font issue?05:41
mikegriffinhello, i did a dist-upgrade and some fonts that appear in dpkg are not available to things like firefox, do i need to do something with defoma?05:41
arquebuseseven73: ah big thanks05:41
eseven73Mayank: i havent forgotten about you05:41
nickrudmikegriffin, bitmapped fonts?05:41
MenZamikegriffin: Have you logged out and back in?05:41
mikegriffinMenZa: rebooted to new kernel05:41
mikegriffinnickrud: opensymbol05:41
ebabynickrud: i get "cannot open display" when I enter that cmd05:41
nickrudebaby, are you running that in a terminal on the desktop?05:42
RukusXfaileas, XP recognize it as "not being connected to a USB hi speed hub and lists ones available (which is all of them) and Ubuntu drives me nuts eith speeds of 1.1mb/sec and tell me " not running at top speed; connect to a high speed hub"05:42
RukusXeith = with05:42
faileasRukusX: what device?05:42
fgcis there serious errors with installing gcc-3.4 and g77-3.4 on ubuntu 8.10?05:42
RukusXExternal Hard drive05:42
ebabynickrud: yes i booted into recovery and entered the root and am typing commands into the terminal05:43
faileasRukusX: is the external drive USB 2.0 compatable? >_>05:43
eseven73Mayank: can you close all firefox out, and type 'firefox' in a terminal and pastebin some of the errors if any?05:43
RukusXfaileas at least the packaging claimed it was.05:43
nickrudebaby, so you're typing into a console, rather than running the gui?05:43
Mayankno error i think...ok..wait05:43
RukusXfaileas i'm not using the usb cord that was supplied with it05:43
faileasRukusX: shouldn't matter05:43
reportingsjrIf I upgrade to the next version of ubuntu will it delete/mess up any of my programs?05:44
eseven73Mayank: the terminal should spit out all kinds of stuff when you run 'firefox' from it05:44
Mayankyup...no error05:44
nbeeboWhat I'd like to know is how to mix your output channel (e.g. speakers) to work as a microphone, effectively perceiving any sound you play as a sound played into the microphone. To the extend of broadcasting audio files trough means of thy service ventrilo unt voice-in game.05:44
Mayankand nothing in terminal05:44
ebabynickrud: yes as there is no gui for me after the restart following install05:44
nbeeboextent* lol05:44
eseven73Mayank: ok try to surf a bit and keep watching terminal for errors05:44
Zombie_GazCan anyone help me with Apache2... I can only see my web page via http://localhost not via my ip address.05:44
nickrudebaby, gedit only runs when the X is running, and you have a graphical desktop. You can use nano. And if you're using the recovery console, you don't need sudo because you're already root.05:44
newbie-ubuntuguys anyone here with some vmware expertise to help me out05:44
faileasZombie_Gaz: check if the ports are open05:45
fgci've been reading the forums and from what i can tell, it's because g77 is no longer supported and gfortran is however pgplot suggests f2c and other fortran compilers don't compile some code that g77 can, which is needed with pgplot05:45
Mayankok..i do that...u tell me what i use for mobile..wammu, gammu or both download/install, eseven73?05:45
faileasnewbie-ubuntu: might wanna try the vmware channel as well05:45
newbie-ubuntuthanks faileas05:45
reportingsjrIf I upgrade to the next version of ubuntu will it delete/mess up any of my programs?05:45
nickrudZombie_Gaz, you mean the local network ip or the internet ip?05:45
eseven73Mayank: one sec05:45
Zombie_Gazfaileas: explain. i have gone into my router and make a port range forward for 8005:45
faileasreportingsjr: hopefully no05:45
colton1i need some help please, i have a ATI Mobility Radeon X300 and the highest resolution i can get is 1024x768...i should be able to get 1400x105005:45
mib_2dc6mpGnea for some reason it seems that both of the speakers are on the same line, even though they are stereo left and right05:45
Zombie_Gaznickrud: internet ip AND local network ip05:45
faileasZombie_Gaz: try another port. lots of home isps block port 9005:45
reportingsjrfaileas: hopefully? hehe. That's good enough for me :)05:46
RukusXfaileas, i am dumbfounded then05:46
mikegriffinnickrud: i think i found it in dpkg ttf-opensymbol.postinst05:46
faileasRukusX: ditto i'm afraid05:46
caimlasOn intrepid my laptop gets very unresponsive (think: like when copying to a floppy disk in Windows) when I've got any sort of disk i/o load. does anyone here know anything about the i/o scheduler used by default or some way to give the UI and desktop applications i/o preference (as was more of a default back in older kernel versions, it seems)?05:46
mikegriffinif [ "$1" = "configure" ] && [ -x /usr/bin/fc-cache ] && [ -e /etc/fonts/fonts.conf ]; then05:46
mikegriffin        fc-cache -fs05:46
Zombie_Gazfaileas: i'm on port 8005:46
nickrudmikegriffin, that looks nomal ...05:46
mikegriffinnickrud: i wanted to figure out how to regen05:47
getxsicki use x11 video, and under gmplayer i have blue borders in full screen mode, for mplayer they are black ones, how to set them to the black in gmplayer?05:47
fgcis there a better channel for me to be on with questions relating to installing pgplot?05:47
eseven73Mayank: hmm from what i can tell Wammu is just the frontend for gammu, but i'm really not an expert on mobile stuff :)05:47
RukusXfaileas running a well due chkdsk on the drive with my XP machine. its taking some time. I'm sure its got some problems to fix. i should defrag it too05:47
fgcwell not pgplot but g77- and gcc 3.405:47
ebabynickrud: ok so then I am not sure which cmds to use then perhaps you can give me an assist as you may have explained why these cmds were not working - I am at: root@dawoud-ubuntu-latop:~#05:47
mikegriffinfgc: pgplot is not in apt..05:47
Mayankso i download both..thanx:)05:48
faileasRukusX: try jkdefrag for that ;)05:48
tristanmikeCan someone please tell me if Ubuntu 8.10 supports surround sound ? Thanks05:48
mikegriffincaimlas: cat /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler05:48
RukusXok thanks05:48
thompaim getting a failure of fsck on boot to check sda2 my swap partition. Does it need to do that?05:48
mikegriffinshould be completly fair (cfq)05:48
fgcmikegriffin: yeah i know...pgplot is easy enough to install if g77 and gcc 3.4 is, i added universal to my repositories05:48
fgcbut still no luck with those05:48
reportingsjrhow do I upgrade to the next version with apt?05:48
mikegriffinfgc: since its not in apt, its likely people here dont know it05:48
Flannel!upgrade | reportingsjr05:49
ubottureportingsjr: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:49
nickrudebaby, ok. if you want to edit menu.lst, try typing    nano /boot/grub/menu.lst05:49
faileasnickrud /  ebaby : you need a sudo there05:49
fgcmikegriffin: thanks man...is it easy enough to downgrade to 8.04 or is a complete re-install needed to do that?05:49
nickrudfaileas, not in recovery console ;)05:49
faileasfgc: complete reinstall05:49
faileasnickrud: oops >_>05:50
nickrudfaileas, heh. been there, done that :)05:50
ebabynickrud: i believe that is what i want to do as this page: "https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/54867"  pretty much describes my probs and give some (possible) fixes for it.05:50
fgcfaileas: cool, thanks man...thought that would be the case...few more hours of fun to be had then :)05:50
fgcfaileas and mikegriffin thanks guys...much appreciated05:50
faileasi was paying attention to the slightly annoyingly complex ubuntu cli install i am working on ;)05:50
faileas(lvm is a pain to set up IMO )05:50
mikegriffinfgc: gnuplot no good?05:51
thompaerror im getting unable to check sda2 with fsck, but it is swap05:51
nickrudebaby, so you found the kernel options that enable your machine to install, now want to add them to menu.lst?05:51
GreedyBAnyone here use Exaile!?05:51
matiI see you talk a lot about sound drivers..how to install those..I could not find on asus website ?05:51
fgcmikegriffin: well this is for a friend who needs pgplot for their physics research...i'll find out, but i bet he doesn't know, hence me setting up his linux box :P05:51
Nautilus__i setup a lamp stack and things have been going good, but I put in some <iframe> code and FF tells me the browser doesnt support frames... what the heck would do that?05:52
mikegriffingnuplot may be a good replacement and is very common05:52
eseven73Mayank: some forums are suggesting maybe java is to blame for the crashes in firefox, go here to see if your java is working (if you see a dancing logo its working) http://www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml05:52
fgcmikegriffin: thanks mate...i'll try to find out, i know if that is fine then all would be good...thanks very much for your time05:52
tristanmikeCan someone help me get my rear speakers working under 8.10 and a SoundBlaster 5.1. It was working fine on 8.04 before I upgraded this evening. Thanks in advance.05:53
mikegriffinfgc: np, its in apt btw05:53
tristanmikeI'm having a hard time with Pulse Audio05:53
fgcyeah i noticed gnuplot there05:53
mikegriffinnickrud: that fixed my font issues completely (fc-cache -fs)05:53
centr0whats the log file to check any errors at reboot?05:53
caimlasmikegriffin, looks like it's [cfq] at the moment.05:53
nickrudmikegriffin, if you can track down the update that broke that, you should file a bug. Good luck :)05:53
mikegriffincaimlas: that is fine generally05:54
caimlasmikegriffin, is that the "desktop" scheduler, then.05:54
mikegriffinnickrud: i went from gg to jj with apt :)05:54
mikegriffincaimlas: yes05:54
nickrudebaby, :)05:54
ebabynickrud: well the article describes what is/was happening to me - install goes fine graphics works but after restart no graphics so I assume that if I can use the settings that were used during install and get them to stick then I am in business. This is not my forte so any assist U can give would be a lifejacket05:54
mikegriffincaimlas: new default, old was anticipatory05:54
Paradigm_Shiftis there any update on when the nvidia driver problem will be resolved?05:54
caimlasmikegriffin, out of curiosity, you wouldn't happen to know if newer hard drives don't report dma info via hdparm?05:55
npopedid Broadcom actually come out with a driver for bcm43xx cards?  I am looking at Broadcom STA driver???05:55
npopeParadigm_Shift: what is the Nvidia problem?  Mine works fine with the latest updates???05:55
nickrudebaby, ok. I can help you add that stuff to menu.lst. You said you booted into recovery mode; you got the blue screen and selected recovery console (or words to that effect)?05:55
Mayankjava is enable in mozilla setting but in that site java is not enabled, eseven73?05:56
nickrudebaby, just want to make sure we're working from the same starting point05:56
Paradigm_Shiftnpope - I have  a 6600 that worked fine with Hardy. Now with Ibex the nvidia glx drivers fail at boot up05:56
caimlasmikegriffin, hmm that's helpful, thanks.05:56
ebabynickrud: yes it gave options of ubuntu 8.10 straight or recovery Yes05:56
caimlasmikegriffin, by old, you mean in hardy, I take?05:56
nickrudso now you have a totally text screen?05:56
ebabynickrud: yes right now i am at GNU nano 2.0.705:57
npopeParadigm_Shift: is that a known problem ?05:57
nickrudwith menu.lst open in it, I assume.05:57
Paradigm_Shiftnpope - I believe so05:57
mikegriffincaimlas: no in 2.4 kernel05:57
ebabynickrud: File: /boot/grub/menu/1st05:57
mikegriffincaimlas: you can tune it in /sys/block/sda/queue/iosched/05:57
GneaPriceChild: HRM, I can get pulseaudio to work, but sound skips.05:57
mikegriffincaimlas: look at quantum and queued05:58
eseven73!java | Mayank get the sun java...05:58
ubottuMayank get the sun java...: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository05:58
* Gnea considers skipping sound to be 'not working right'05:58
nickrudebaby, ok, look for the line # defoptions=quiet splash05:58
Gneait should be fluid and free of error, just like ALSA makes it sound.05:58
Paradigm_Shiftnpope: what confuses me is that if all was well with 8.04, why would moving forward create the problem? There are a lot of users that are impacted.05:58
spionlalais there a way to have autocomplete-on-tab (like in terminal) in the alt-f2-application-starter ?05:58
=== danny_ is now known as srvrsyde
caimlasmikegriffin, interesting. I've got a quantum (value '4') but no queued in there.05:59
mikegriffinspionlala: in gnome? it seems to wait until the command is unambig05:59
npopeParadigm_Shift: this is interesting.  I am doing some googling right now.  Have they located the problem05:59
mikegriffincaimlas: me too..05:59
ebabynickrud: yeah looke dfor it but it is not here options are (for example:) ^g Get Help ^O Write out ^R Read file etc...05:59
spionlalamikegriffin, yes in gnome, unambig huh?05:59
caimlasmikegriffin, ok, so that sounds normalish, then :P05:59
nickrudebaby, no, in the file menu.lst05:59
eseven73Mayank: i also think theres a sun-java6-plugin or something search synaptic package manager for JRE you'll see what i mean. install that as well05:59
caimlasmikegriffin, any idea what the value in quantum indicates?05:59
spionlalamikegriffin, when i push tab in there , my focus jumps to the next element inside the window06:00
mib_2dc6mpGnea thanks for working with me, I have no idea where I stand on getting things working properly, hopefully with a fresh start tomorrow I can read through the ubuntustudio wiki and make heads or tails06:00
caimlas(and where'd you figure out all this stuff from? that resource would be useful)06:00
Paradigm_Shiftnpope: I believe that the release notes mention the problem.06:00
Gneamib_2dc6mp: you're welcome. i'm going to try and get pulseaudio working tonight, might even write a HOWTO.06:00
mikegriffincaimlas: re: hdparm on sd use sginfo -I06:00
tristanmikeCan someone help me get my rear speakers working under 8.10 and a SoundBlaster 5.1. It was working fine on 8.04 before I upgraded this evening. Thanks in advance.06:00
Paradigm_Shiftnpope: Why there is a problem I can not say.06:01
tristanmikeI'm having a hard time with Pulse Audio06:01
ebabynickrud: thought I was there How do I get [to] there06:01
caimlasmikegriffin, even if it's an IDE (ATA) disk?06:01
mikegriffincaimlas: quantum is the number of requested placed on a dispatch queue per cycle06:01
mib_2dc6mpGnea i will look u up tomorrow06:01
Mayanki i do that eseven7306:01
mikegriffincaimlas: no use hdparm -I06:01
mikegriffincaimlas: requests*06:01
nickrudebaby, hit ctl-X , and exit nano, without saving any files06:01
Gneatristanmike: i'm trying to get pulseaudio to work right here... so far, sound just crackles (i only have a 2-speaker system at the moment)06:01
Gneamib_2dc6mp: i may or may not be here, but i'll be around06:02
mikegriffincaimlas: is this a desktop or server06:02
tristanmikeGnea: I've got 5 speakers and the sub... everything was working just fine on 8.04 but now I can't get my rear speakers to work06:02
caimlasmikegriffin, for whatever reason, the drive isn't receiving commands from hdparm (saying they're not supported)06:02
Gneatristanmike: you upgraded to 8.10?06:02
caimlasmikegriffin, it's a laptop. older thinkpad x30, IDE interface06:02
mikegriffincaimlas: you have a raid controller?06:02
tristanmikeGnea: yeah :(06:02
caimlasmikegriffin, ubuntu detected/set it up as sda, for whatever reason.06:03
ebabynickrub: ok back to root@dawoud-ubuntu-laptop:~# assuming that is wher I should be after hitting ctl-X06:03
mikegriffintry sg and see if the wrapper deals with it caimlas06:03
jinja-sheepWow! Ubuntu Support IRC!06:03
caimlasmikegriffin, sg driver isn't loaded, so... nfi why it got sda as a device name.06:03
npopeParadigm_Shift: ooo, i see.  I belive that is a problem with the proprietary drivers Nvidia provides and not actaully something Ubuntu developers can do something about06:03
tristanmikeGnea: I've had no problems since way back in Hoary.... now I can't get it to work :(06:04
mikegriffindebian did it to me back when i was checking out lenny06:04
caimlas... d'oh, sorry mikegriffin, needed to sudo06:04
nickrudebaby, yep, you exited the program :) Now, again, run  nano /boot/grub/menu.lst . Once you've done that, tell me the beginning of the first line on the screen, so I can make sure we're in the right file06:04
mikegriffincaimlas: word06:04
jinja-sheepThis is great.  I wrote a script -- for mounting / unmounting encrypted openluks -- I'm curious if one know how to bypass the sudo 'password' for the said script?06:04
mikegriffinjinja-sheep: use sudo with no password..06:04
mikegriffinfor that one command!06:04
Flanneljinja-sheep: You can modify sudoers so that particular command won't require a password.06:04
christer_can anyone maybe help me with a newbie problem? trying to get a game called egoboo to work. but i can't figure out how to edit the settings files06:04
ebabynicjrub: that is where i ended up after typing that cmd Let me try it again06:04
mikegriffinjinja-sheep: you might also put the user in the disk group06:05
rdvadeHello, Can someone explain to me what exactly exempts Ubuntu from being a completely free distro (in the eyes of the FSF). I'm Having a discussion about this issue and I'm struggling to find a solid answer on exactly which parts are non-free (on a clean install). I thought it was the trademarks or perhaps how Ubuntu facilitates the use of non free software - but I feel I'm missing something.06:05
Gneatristanmike: read this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SurroundSound06:05
tristanmikerdvade, you should probably check off topic06:05
nickrudebaby, just being cautious. this is a critical file, gotta be sure we don't muck it up06:05
Paradigm_Shiftnpope: I realize that the nvidia drivers are proprietary. What puzzles me is that if all worked well under 8.04, if the nvidia driver did not change then the problem seems to be with 8.10.06:05
mikegriffinrdvade: www.gnewsense.org06:05
christer_when i try to save a file in etc\egoboo it says i dont have permission06:05
tristanmikeGnea: thanks, great starting point... I was looking for something like this.06:05
npopeParadigm_Shift: its not a problem.  X server is newer in 8.10 and not compatible with the Nvidia drivers06:06
nickrudchrister_, you need admin privs;  gksu gedit <file> will do that for you06:06
christer_nickrud: thanks!06:06
npopeParadigm_Shift: Nvidia needs to update their drivers to work with the new X server... I do not think they are going to do that though06:06
mikegriffinnpope: so there is no way to use nvidia binary drivers in jj atm?06:06
refeferhmm, read through grep information on ubuntu, but it didn't solve my problem.  Any ideas how to specify during the install which physical harddrive it installs on?06:06
npopejj atm?06:06
mikegriffinjaunty at the moment, sorry06:07
Paradigm_Shiftnpope: do you know what changed in x server?????06:07
spionlalawhats the name of the application that "alt-f2" starts?06:07
ebabynickrub: black screen title bar is white left says GNU nano 2.0.7 Middle says File: /boot/grub/menu.1st  cursor is blinking below and then bottom of screen has two runs of text beginning with ^G Get help endiing with ^T To spell   with many choices in between06:07
jinja-sheepFlannel + mikegriffin :  http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Disable_root_password_and_gain_su_sudo_with_no_password  -- Is that this?  The second codebox under "Editing /etc/sudoers"06:07
npopemikegriffin: not at the moment.  unless nvidia decides to update the driver.  the open source nv driver will work for most things... but unfortunatley no 3D06:08
rdvademikegriffin: thanks for taking the time06:08
tristanmikeGnea: ok, so the 5.1 test works fine06:08
nickrudebaby, what's at the very top?06:08
jinja-sheepErr, I mean the third.06:08
mikegriffinrdvade: not a problem06:08
ebabynickrub: **rows06:08
npopeParadigm_Shift: they changed a lot of things.  I can not pinpoint one specific thing that made the driver to be incompatible.06:08
mikegriffinnpope: it seems to work but even flash draws slowly :(06:08
ebabyNickrub: very top says GNU nano 2.0.706:08
nickrudebaby, let me rephrase, does the 3d line start with # menu.lst06:08
Flanneljinja-sheep: No, you want to instead specify NOPASSWD for a specific command, let me find a page06:08
mikegriffinFlannel: would the disk group not work?06:09
npopemikegriffin: :(06:09
nickrudebaby, brain fart on my part, asking for the first line.06:09
Paradigm_Shiftnpope: thanks. :)06:09
Flanneljinja-sheep: http://www.gratisoft.us/sudo/man/sudoers.html#nopasswd_and_passwd06:09
ebabynickrud: no that phrase is nowhere to be found where I am presently06:09
Flanneljinja-sheep: (That's actually from the man page)06:09
tonyyarussoI'm trying to pair a bluetooth headset with my ubuntu machine.  However, in the gnome bt preferences, only the Input service has an "Add" button for devices - Audio only has one for remove.  Any idea why?06:10
mib_2dc6mpGnea you still around?06:10
caimlasmikegriffin, can you think of anything which might cause X (with xfce) to become almost entirely unresponsive while (for instance) processing triggers during an apt-get install? by 'totally unresponsive' I mean "mouse input is lagged and jumpy to the degree of multiple seconds, keyboard input sometimes takes a good 10s to print to display, task switching appears blocked"... and maybe a way to get around it? it's infuriating an06:10
caimlasd reminds me of how windows "performs".06:10
jinja-sheepFlannel:  Lol. I resort to websites more than man pages. >_>06:10
jinja-sheepFlannel:  Will take a look at it.06:10
mikegriffincaimlas: bug in kernel with your chipset possibly, have an older one?06:10
nickrudebaby, ok then we have a problem. oh. it's menu.Lst, not menu.ONE.lst06:10
Flanneljinja-sheep: You'll find a good deal of the more complicated man pages include examples and copious (sometimes to its own detriment) documentation06:10
ebabynickrud: closest things is File: /boot/grub/menu/1st  which is at the very top to the left of GNU nano 2.0.706:10
Gneamib_2dc6mp: yeah06:11
mikegriffinFlannel: would the disk group not work?06:11
mib_2dc6mpGnea I just had a last thought, so my sound card comes with a mixer, I am wondering if there is a way to just set alsa to defaults or even not use it06:11
ebabynickrud: lol06:11
fivecan someone help me, i have a bootdisk.exe program for making a win98 bootdisk, i need the disk to install win98 in virtualbox yet i have no floppy drive so i need to virtualize a floppy drive in order to create the boot disk and boot for virtualbox06:11
caimlasmikegriffin, an older chipset? yeah, it's been around for a while. this is a P3M 1.2GHz w/512M, all intel chipsets (except wireless which is a prism/orinoco minipci).06:11
mikegriffincaimlas: have an older kernel around?06:11
Flannelmikegriffin: That depends on what he wants to do.  But the biggest issue is he wants to make it work for the specific command06:11
Gneamib_2dc6mp: well, were you able to use the card in windows?06:11
mib_2dc6mpGnea yea I used it06:12
mikegriffinFlannel: i see, thanks06:12
fivebasically im looking for a program that will create a virtual floppy disk in linux06:12
ebabynickrud: so I exit again and then type "nano /... but with .Lst as in capital 'L'  ?06:12
caimlasmikearr, nothing 'older' no... I've had this problem for a while, pretty much since 2.6 I think.06:12
Flannelebaby: No, lowercase l06:12
nickrudno, small L none One06:12
LawnGnome1five: Set CD rom as first boot device in BIOS06:12
caimlaser, ^ mikegriffin06:12
Gneamib_2dc6mp: then there must be a way to get the audio out in a properly balanced stereo via ALSA... just not sure how06:13
ebabynickrud: you mean to say not one but L (lowercase)i.e.  'l'06:13
nickrudebaby, yes06:13
fiveLawnGnome1(!) it is set that way, i recieve a falure no bootable medium found, so i need to have a boot disk06:14
caimlasmikegriffin, though it's become particularly irksome of late. I did install ubuntu 8.04.1 (when previously I didn't have that .1 version) on a new drive (old failed) and upgraded to intrepid the other day.06:14
mib_2dc6mpGnea yea I started to tweak it06:14
mikegriffincaimlas: gotta run sorry06:14
mikegriffinnight everyone06:14
caimlasmikegriffin, thanks for the help06:14
biouserso what are the options for simple editing of mp3's?06:14
alex_Hello does anyone know of a gui that can rip a dvd to one unadulterated mpeg 2 file?06:14
mib_2dc6mpGnea it seems that I just use line 1 and then I found that vmixer 8 nd 9 control the balance06:15
mib_2dc6mpGnea but not the way I would like06:15
faileasalex_: i think handbrake is supported on linux, and would do the job06:15
Gneamib_2dc6mp: it's going to take some time06:15
biouserI am having big trouble with pulse audio and audacity, ardour doesn't like compressed formats and it overkill for what I am trying to to (and won't play sound with pulse audio either)06:15
nbeeboWhat I'd like to know is how to mix your output channel (e.g. speakers) to work as a microphone, effectively perceiving any sound you play as a sound played into the microphone. To the extent of broadcasting audio files trough means of thy service ventrilo unt voice-in game.06:15
StarwizDoes anyone know how to partition my harddrive in ubuntu?06:15
LawnGnome1five: hrmm,, try resetting BIOS by removing the battery?06:15
mib_2dc6mpGnea maxed 8 and 9 make left channel dominant, reducing 8 and 9 bring right channel more dom06:15
Paradigm_Shiftalex_: try k9copy06:15
Gneabiouser: audacity doesn't support pulseaudio06:16
biouserStarwiz gparted06:16
StarwizI tried that06:16
alex_does k9copy try to reencode the dvd?06:16
faileasStarwiz: you can do it while installing, or using gparted, which is on the live disk06:16
biouserGnea right06:16
ebabynickrub: ok here we are -back to civilization- I C menu.lst06:16
StarwizGparted didn't work... It wont let me resize.06:16
Gneabiouser: are you looking to disable pulseaudio?06:16
alex_I just want the program to rip it to one file instead of 10 vob files06:16
Paradigm_Shiftalex_: you can do a straight copy to ISO or to MPEG406:16
nickrudebaby, ok now look for # defoptions=quiet splash06:16
solotim[Problem: mount.cifs] I used mount.cifs // /meida/folder -o username=some password=some. and it sucessfully mounted the target, but all the utf8 folder name has been turned to "?????" , so, guys, what should i do ?06:17
alex_paradigm_shift doesnt that reencode the video to mpeg 4?06:17
Starwizgparted doesn't let me resize a partition... What do I do? lol.06:17
fiveLawnGnome1(!) thats not gonna work, the iso i have of win98 is not distrubeted commercially it is a modified version therefore i need a msdos promt to install from, meaning i need a virtual floppy disk application to preted to create the boot disk06:17
jinja-sheepFlannel:  I got it.  But how do I know if this is working -- Not the limited time of 15min or so.06:17
Paradigm_Shiftalex_: if you do a straight copy it does not re-encode. You can rip to mpeg 4 as well.06:17
biouserGnea well, I was hoping to work with it if I can make some simple edits on some mp3 with some other program06:18
nickrud!piracy | five (we don't do that here)06:18
ubottufive (we don't do that here): piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o06:18
tristanmikeHow can I get my 5.1 surround to work with 8.10. I've verified the sound card is detected, and sound is going to each speaker fine using "speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6 -l1 -twav" However, Rhythmbox for example, won't play in more than 2 channels. I was using 8.04 earlier this evening and it was working fine. Now that I upgraded I can't get it to work. Any help is appreciated.06:18
ebabynickrud: not visible  is there more to the screen e.g. can i scroll down otherewise it is not here06:18
fivenot piracy i own win 98 key, the disk is so old it will not boot im booting a modified version of one i own06:18
nickrudebaby, yes, page down/up and cursor keys work06:18
alex_pardigm_shift: does straight copy rip the dvd to one file I can play ina media player?06:18
Paradigm_Shiftalex_: alex_: http://k9copy.sourceforge.net/06:18
alex_or to multiple vob files06:19
LawnGnome1five" ahh,,Look at the DOS pages? I seem to remember a workaround for that, but cannot recall exactly what it is now.06:19
nickrudfive, had to check ;)06:19
babarabbashi everyone06:19
Mayankhow to downlolad rtcw-enemy territory in ubuntu?06:19
babarabbasis there any firewall which can block Porn sites from my PC06:20
ebabynickrud: ## Stat default Kernel Options ## ? or keep scrolling?06:20
Paradigm_Shiftalex_ the straight rip recreates the DVD (rips to VIDEO_TS folder with vob, ifo, bup files just like on the DVD itself06:20
kiteliuHI I just tried ubuntu 8.10, got problem with bluetooth mouse, any success story there?06:20
Paradigm_Shiftyou can also create an ISO of those same folders/files06:20
fiveLawnGnome1(!) ill look around some more and come back if i cannot find anything, so far all i can find is virtual floppy drives for windows, ive attemped launching them with wine but the drivers will not initialize06:20
ebabynickrud: **start06:20
Mayankhow to downlolad rtcw-enemy territory in ubuntu?06:21
nickrudebaby, further down, maybe 20 lines or so06:21
ebabynickrud: sorry found it06:21
LawnGnome1five, okee dokee,,I think there is a /command that is a workaround to that06:21
babarabbasDanGaurdian is a Parental Control Software, but I want to do it through a built in Firewall06:21
nickrudebaby, now add the options you used to that line. Don't change anything there already, just add the new stuff06:21
fiveLawnGnome1(!) losetup?06:21
alex_paradigm_shift: I guess what I'm trying to get is a program to rip the dvd to one mpeg2 file since the dvd is mpeg2.  I dont want to re-encode, but at the same time I dont want an iso copy.  Is there a program that will let me do this?06:21
kiteliuAny kind heart teach me how to use bluetooth mouse under ubuntu 8.10? There seems to be a bug with this version of ubuntu.06:22
eseven73Mayank: try this http://ubuntusoftware.info/games/rtcw/06:22
Gneabiouser: have you tried this: padsp audacity06:22
xorandwhat's going on with the repos? W: Failed to fetch http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/multiverse/m/mpeg4ip/libmp4v2-0_1.6dfsg-0.2ubuntu3_i386.deb06:22
xorand  500 Server Error06:22
zirodayxorand: try a different one06:23
babarabbasGuys, is there a way to Parental Control my ubuntu through a well known Firewall06:23
biouserGnea let me reinstall audacity reall fast and try06:23
xorandi have06:23
zirodayxorand: are you connected to the internet?06:23
zirodaybabarabbas: as in block certain websites?06:23
xorandziroday, duh how else would i be chatting06:23
zirodayxorand: and you are certain not a single other server works...06:24
babarabbasyes block the Porn sites06:24
StarwizDoes anyone know how to partition a harddrive with gparted???  Mine won't resize them :|06:24
LawnGnome1five, you still here?06:24
nickrudxorand, try more servers. It's be odd that they'd all be having internal errors06:24
ebabynickrud: done (can't remember if I did "edd=on" but I typed it in anyway have not hit enter yet so let me know its been like 24hrs on this things so its getting a little fuzzy...06:24
biouserhttp://pastebin.com/m34601915 <--- Gnea06:24
fiveLawnGnome1(!) yup06:24
babarabbasZiroday: Yes block the porn sites06:24
xorandziroday, I'll try the main server...06:24
LawnGnome1five, http://forums.speedguide.net/archive/index.php/t-78366.html06:24
biousermaybe there is something in there06:24
xorandfirst time ever this happened though06:24
fiveLawnGnome1(!) thnx06:24
zirodaybabarabbas: yep, look into a program named dansguardian06:24
LawnGnome1five, that is one of the fixes that I once used, or very much like that06:24
nickrudebaby, you'd best be sure, since this could break your boot. Do you mean edid=on? Don't quote me on this, cuz I'm clueless about your actual issue, just helping you make this change to menu.lst06:25
zirodayxorand: you could contact your loco, they should know what may have happened to the server06:25
babarabbasok, DansGaurdian is a Parent Control Software, but can't we do it through any built in firewall06:25
mojocan I ask question about Xubuntu here?06:25
babarabbasZiroday: that way I will get my hands on a firewall as well06:25
ebabynickrud: it is "edd=on" I'm pretty sure I did  hit enter or...?06:26
Commie_Caryparental controls06:26
biouserGnea so audacity wants to use OSS?06:26
^Manuwhere does apt store the debs it's downloaded?06:26
jinja-sheepmojo:  Sure.  You might have better luck with #xubuntu06:26
Gnea!xubuntu | mojo06:26
ubottumojo: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels06:26
zirodaybabarabbas: sorry I don't follow, you install dans guardian and it filters out the unwanted sites for you? Is that not what you want?06:26
^Manui need to back them up, reinstall, and the reinstall all my packages without having to download them again.. :/06:26
Commie_Caryany parent who is willing to invade there childs privicy is a bad parrent06:26
nickrudebaby, now that you've made the change, just hit ctl-X and save the file.06:26
Flannel!aptoncd | ^Manu06:26
ubottu^Manu: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers06:26
Gneabiouser: snd_pcm_oss.ko should make that possible, it's just looking for a /dev/dsp device06:26
babarabbasZiroday: Yes that's what I want06:26
thinkpaduserhey guys.  if a kernel patch fails, should the sources be re-installed/unpacked before future attempts at a patch?06:26
Flannel^Manu: but, /var/cache/apt/archive/06:26
zirodaybabarabbas: right, dans guardian does that06:26
^Manui have no cd drive..06:26
babarabbasZiroday: I have read about DanGaurdian06:27
biouserGnea should make what possible, what should I do?06:27
^Manui just need to copy them to another partition this once/06:27
faileas^Manu: /var/cache/apt/archive06:27
tytaGnea (and others) PLEASE see my thread at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103003306:27
ebabyCommie_Cary: not true06:27
faileasFlannel: beat me to it ;p06:27
tytaI really need some help06:27
^Manuokay thanks06:27
tristanmikehow can I get the old alsamixer instead of the new pulse audio one via the terminal ?06:27
Commie_Caryebaby, very true lets take this to pm06:27
^Manuany debs in there it will find instead of downloading them?06:27
tristanmikeI only get one option under Pulse Audio, but I want to make other changes ?06:27
jinja-sheepbabarabbas:  ray    rushmore = NOPASSWD: /bin/kill, /bin/ls, /usr/bin/lprm06:27
jinja-sheepbabarabbas:  I mean this -- http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/dansguardian06:27
boanybody help, i have problem starting postgresql:insecure directory in $ENV{path} while running with -T switch at /usr/share/postgresql-common/PgCommon.pm06:27
Flannel^Manu: not necessarily.  You should look into aptoncd, it'll make it easier06:27
zirodaytristanmike: there is a command line version called alsamixer06:28
^Manuor perhaps its possible for me to update an 8.04 install without reinstalling?06:28
^Manufrom a disc06:28
^Manuie, no internet06:28
biouserbo how are you starting it?06:28
^Manuflannel: no cd drive.06:28
Flannel^Manu: The alternate CD, yes.06:28
tristanmikeziroday: right, but when I use it, I get Pulse Audio with one option, but I want the "old" alsamixer06:28
Flannel^Manu: aptoncd works with USB too06:28
^Manualternate cd will update? :/06:28
jinja-sheepManu:  That's fine.  Save the ISO.  Transfer the image.06:28
biouserbo or just starting the daemon06:28
bobiouser: star it from webmin06:28
Paradigm_Shiftalex_: there are only a few dvd ripping programs. Look at k9copy and dvdrip06:28
babarabbasZiroday, Jinja-sheep:I think a built in firewall which is well known can also do the trick, this will I will also get to know how to configure a firewall06:28
BossmanbetaI see that ubuntu 8.10 is out of beta, is there a plan to offer an <upgrade> button for a 1-click upgrade, as they did from 7.10 to 8.04 ?06:29
Flannel^Manu: yes, the alternate CD can be used to upgrade06:29
Gneabiouser: the snd_pcm_oss kernel module makes /dev/dsp in relation to the ALSA device, i'm not sure how that work with pulseaudio just yet...06:29
biouserbo just starting the server or starting a shell/interface to it?06:29
Commie_Caryebaby, I pmed you06:29
ziroday!upgrade | Bossmanbeta06:29
ubottuBossmanbeta: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes06:29
^Manuare you saying it wont work if i just copy the stuff in /var/cache/apt/archive somewhere else for the mean time?06:29
Gneabiouser: but http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup might have the info you're looking for06:29
Mayanki want to play full enemy territory (ubuntu version) in my ubuntu, someone tell me steps please?06:29
jinja-sheepbabarabbas:  Ubuntu don't need firewall.  If you have router, configure it from there. or
FlannelBossmanbeta: There already is actually.  You just have to configure your 8.04 to ask about all upgrades, instead of just LTS ones. (It's a second tab in software sources)06:29
biouserGnea so I can get something with apt, okay thanks06:29
xorandok, I went to the source of all goodness (main server) and the problem went away :)06:29
Commie_CaryMayank, you mean linux verison ubuntu is a linux distro06:29
ebabynickrud: after clt-X and then Y hit enter when it says " file Name to Write: /boot....lst" ?06:30
mnIs there anyone here that would assist me with remote desktop connection?06:30
Gneatyta: !laptop06:30
BossmanbetaFlannel, I see...06:30
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org06:30
nickrudebaby, say yes. It will write out the same name it loaded as06:30
unr3a1hey all06:30
xorandmn, what's the problem?06:30
Gneatyta: sorry about that, just read your post06:30
unr3a1how can I exit the xserver in ubuntu and get to just a command line?06:30
Commie_CaryMayank, well use correct terms06:30
zirodayunr3a1: you can do ctrl + alt + f106:31
Mayankcommie_cary, correct terms means?06:31
FlannelBossmanbeta: Since you're not required to upgrade to 8.10 (since you can go straight from 8.04 to 10.04), it's the best way to handle it.06:31
zirodayunr3a1: to get back its ctrl + alt + f706:31
ebabynickrud: that is what I am seeing I guess  and then?06:31
racarteri installed kubuntu-desktop package on ubuntu, but now the loading screen has the kubuntu logo when starting the computer, how do I replace this with the ubuntu logo?06:31
nickrudCommie_Cary, more polite, please. Not everyone knows the right terms06:31
Commie_CaryMayank, the verison that owkrs on ubuntu would work on any linux system in fact any *nix system06:31
Commie_Caryso you linux or *nix verison06:31
nickrudebaby, you've saved?06:31
DavekongDoes anyone know a good CLI app like pidgin with gtalk and aim support? if not cli at least a single master window that plays nicer with a tiling wm06:31
unr3a1ziroday:  but will that shut the xserver down?06:31
ebabyCommie_cary: cant see or didnt get the PM06:31
Flannelracarter: sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so06:31
mnxorand:  I am trying to help this guy and it refuses my connection every time.  He is hooked directly to his modem and I am behind a router.  he set up the remote desktop connection (system > preferences, etc) but I still can't connet06:31
BossmanbetaFlannel, 10.04? u mean the next LTS?06:32
racarterFlannel, thanks06:32
zirodayunr3a1: to shut it down you can use the command sudo /etc/init.d/x11-common stop06:32
racarteri have no idea how people know these things..06:32
BossmanbetaFlannel, It's the 3rd tab by the way ... and I see I have "Long term support releases only" selected.06:32
Gneatyta: have you seen these: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1014341 and http://ohioloco.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=60009706:32
jinja-sheepDavekong:  Use finch.06:32
FlannelBossmanbeta: 10.04 is scheduled to be the next LTS, yes.06:32
Mayankcommie_cary, so tell me the steps plz...what to download..?06:32
unr3a1ziroday: alright.  then sudo init 6 to reboot back into it06:32
jinja-sheep!info finch | Davekong06:33
Davekongjinja-sheep ok thanks06:33
ubottufinch (source: pidgin): text-based multi-protocol instant messaging client. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.5.2-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 199 kB, installed size 724 kB06:33
ebabynickrud: typed clt-X and then Y. cursor is now flashing at the end of "file Name to write:  /boot/grub/menu/lst06:33
nickrudebaby, hit enter06:33
BossmanbetaFlannel, is there any reason to try 8.10? I prefer LTS releases (but other than that preference I mean)06:33
zirodayunr3a1: um no, you can do sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start06:33
Commie_CaryMayank, you need to get Quake 3 arena(however you wish ;)) then follow the instructions in the zip file06:33
zirodayunr3a1: in fact to stop it you should do sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:33
tristanmikeHow can I get my 5.1 surround to work with 8.10. I've verified the sound card is detected, and sound is going to each speaker fine using "speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6 -l1 -twav" However, Rhythmbox for example, won't play in more than 2 channels. I was using 8.04 earlier this evening and it was working fine. Now that I upgraded I can't get it to work. Any help is appreciated.06:33
FlannelBossmanbeta: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/810overview goes over whats new.  I'm personally sticking with 8.04 (of course, I just upgraded to 8.04 from 6.06 a week ago)06:33
ebabynickrub: thanks now I am back to "root@..."06:34
Commie_Caryebaby, -_- join #1235467784 and well talk06:34
BossmanbetaFlannel, That must've been a heck of a jump :)06:34
Mayankcommie_cary, u mean quack 3 arena is better..?..so tell me how to download this..06:34
mnxorand what do you think?06:34
unr3a1ziroday: ok, and I can do this from a terminal window, or after I have logged out of xserver into the command line?06:34
cparmanHi, is there a fix for the WPA issue in the Wireless network connection utility?06:34
biouserbo are you trying to run Django?06:34
Commie_CaryMayank, no you need to downlaod that then download enemy terrtiory06:34
nickrudebaby, ok, one step left.   run     update-grub .  that will add those options we just entered to the kernel lines, the ones you edited by hand during startup06:34
bobiouser: it does not work06:34
Commie_Caryand its a commerical game06:34
FlannelBossmanbeta: 2006 and 2007 (and a little of 2008) was a good couple of years for FOSS maturity, yes.06:34
Commie_Caryso sense I cant do anything iilegal here06:35
zirodayunr3a1: anywhere you want, but if you to issue sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop your current xsession will close and you will lose any unsaved work on it06:35
mikehey does anyone know another chat server i can download for ubuntu06:35
Commie_CaryI canrt tell you how to get thqat06:35
Mayankcommie_cary, ok..so tell me06:35
BossmanbetaFlannel, so I won't have to do an intermediate upgrade to 8.10 to reach 10.04, I can jump straight to 10.04 from 8.0406:35
unr3a1ziroday: thank you06:35
eseven73Flannel: did anything break when you did that?06:35
jinja-sheepFlannel:  I forget to make a notice.  Thanks for the sudoers.  I'm just using nopasswd for all sudo.06:35
FlannelBossmanbeta: Right.  You can go LTS straight to LTS06:35
Commie_CaryMayank, its commerical and you have to buy it06:35
BossmanbetaFlannel, nice -- thank u sir.06:35
Flanneljinja-sheep: That's a bad idea, but it's your machine.06:35
Commie_Caryfrom a store06:35
Flanneleseven73: Nothing actually.06:35
Flanneleseven73: I spent two days backing everything up, and stuff went off without a hitch06:35
eseven73Flannel: nice06:35
biousermike client or server?06:35
nickrudracarter, Flannel dreams truth about linux. That's how he knows all this stuff ;)06:36
jinja-sheepFlannel:  Why is that?  I'm the only one in the family using linux.06:36
cparmanHi, is there a fix for the WPA issue in the Wireless network connection utility?06:36
LawnGnome1mike: you can also use the IRC in many mozilla things06:36
Gneacparman: what WPA issue?06:36
Mayankcommie_cary, no no, i don't want to buy it, just tell me good game for ubuntu to download06:36
BossmanbetaFlannel, last question - when is 10.04 expected to be released (roundabout)?06:36
mikeok thank you.06:36
zirodayBossmanbeta: April 201006:36
Bossmanbetaziroday, thank u06:36
FlannelBossmanbeta: Ubuntu names are year.month, so 10.04 will be released in april of 2010 (likely the last thursday)06:37
bobiouser:insecure directory in $ENV{path} while running with -T switch at /usr/share/postgresql-common/PgCommon.pm line 65406:37
Commie_CaryMayank, you asked how to install enemy territory tyou needto buy the base game(quake 306:37
Bossmanbetaah Flannel didn't know that.06:37
Commie_CaryMayank, if you want a good game try urban terror instructions are on the download page06:37
Bossmanbetanow I understand the versioning numbers.... :)06:37
cparmanGnea: I don't see the WPA option when I choose the wireless security menu06:37
biouserso how can I TOTALLY restart ALL sound, devices, drivers, layers06:37
thinkpadusercparman:  wpa_supplicant?06:37
cparmanIt's installed06:37
zirodaybiouser: reboot your computer?06:37
cparmanthis is a new 8.10 installation06:38
Mayankcommie_cary, which download page?06:38
zirodaycparman: nm detects what type of network it is, if it can't do WPA it won't show WPA06:38
boanybody help, i have problem starting postgresql:insecure directory in $ENV{path} while running with -T switch at /usr/share/postgresql-common/PgCommon.pm line 65406:38
thinkpadusercparman:  mine worked out of the box with an Atheros card...06:38
BossmanbetaFlannel, I suppose if I understood the versioning logic ... I would have known by inference that 8.10 was already released... since it's Jan '09 :)06:38
refefergah, ok.  Here's the situation: I would like to install ubuntu on my main machine, but for some reason my cd/dvd drive freezes when trying to boot from the cd.  So, I try unetboot for a flashdrive install, except that grub retardedly keeps installing the mbr on the _flashdrive_.  any thoughts on what the heck I can do?06:38
Mayankurban terror is good game? and free?06:38
cparmanI do have WPA configed on my wireless router06:38
|c0mmissar|ok have a question, I have the latest version of ubuntu & installed an NVIDIA GForce 6200 OC Video Card. I'm running an S-Video output to my Tv & want to twin screen my puter. It works for tty1 but when I ctrl+alt+F7 my tv says no signal. monitor is fine. it won't output x. can anyone help me?06:39
cparmanthats what is so disturbing06:39
LawnGnome1referer: Did you try the web installer?06:39
thinkpadusercparman:  did you check for additional drivers in the Hardware Manager thingy?06:39
Commie_CaryMayank, http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=urban+terror&l=106:39
=== sauvin_ is now known as Sauvin
zirodayrefefer: there is an option when installing on where to put grub, its under advanced options on the last screen. You need to specify your hard drive06:39
cparmanI have a iMac that picks WPA up ject fine06:39
Gneacparman: what path are you using to make the selection?06:39
=== danny is now known as srvrsyde
refeferziroday: really, using the alternative cd/unetboot?06:39
ebabynickrud: had a temp screen freeze prob jumbed the gun as I exited found myself in recovery mode and then hit normal install06:39
zirodayrefefer: thats using the livecd06:40
nickrudebaby, I did not understand that06:40
biouserwhere are the master docs for audio in ubuntu?06:40
Gneacparman: you should also note, that WPA is now vulnerable to convernational attack, WPA2 is safer06:40
zirodaycparman: it could also be the wireless drivers don't (yet) support WPA06:40
refeferziroday: sadly for me, I can't use the livecd: it freaks out my monitor06:40
cparmanGnea: I just click on the network icon at the to of the screen and choose my SSID06:40
biousermaybe I need to take the bull by the horns myself :(06:40
ebabynickrud: waiting for it to reboot now. Will I need to go back to nano /boot... to check to see if the modification that was made was saved?06:40
thinkpadusercparman:  you may need a restricted driver enabled06:40
zirodayGnea: WPA has some cracks but it is still secure :)06:41
cparmanI can do WPA2m just as well06:41
Gneacparman: okay, you'll need to do a bit more than just that. you have to right-click on it and Edit Connections, go to the wireless tab, select your SSID and edit that06:41
nickrudebaby, if it boots to gui, you're good to go. If not, we'll take a look.06:41
zirodayrefefer: erm I am not certain where the option to install grub is on the alternate cd. Sorry06:41
Gneaziroday: if there's a way to break it, it's not secure :)06:41
tristanmikeHow can I get my 5.1 surround to work with 8.10. I've verified the sound card is detected, and sound is going to each speaker fine using "speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6 -l1 -twav" However, Rhythmbox for example, won't play in more than 2 channels. I was using 8.04 earlier this evening and it was working fine. Now that I upgraded I can't get it to work. Any help is appreciated.06:41
cparmanGnea: waht to do a remote session? I can show what I do06:42
wj32how can i get xchat to remember my irc password?06:42
refeferziroday: appreciate the input, at least it gives me some hope ; )06:42
=== kevin__ is now known as uvacav
Gneacparman: no need for that06:42
ebabynickrud: No such fortune it rebooted to gobbledey gook Im in Recovery menu now  back to root huh06:42
eseven73wj32: click "EDIT" on the server, in the server list.. you'll see a spot to add passwords...06:43
biouseraudacity not only doesn't support pulse audio but basically guarantees that you will need to reboot if you try to open audacity while pulse audio is running06:43
Gneacparman: just choose the 'wireless security' tab and select WPA & WPA2 Personal06:43
Gneabiouser: yeah, pulseaudio sucks.06:44
nickrudebaby, ok. nano /boot/grub/menu.lst , look for a line like kernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.27-11-generic root=UUID=3d432ab1-9dc0-4313-a3f4-29db352cb3eb ro quiet splash (near the end) your additions should be at the end06:44
wj32eseven73: where's the server list?06:44
unr3a1ziroday: maybe you know.  I am looking to change the amount of vram my video card is set to use.  do you know how to check to see  how much vram is in use right now, and how to adjust it?06:44
biouserGnea why do I have it then? b/c it will theoretically someday be good?06:44
eseven73wj32: File menu06:44
LawnGnome1tristanmike: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3934536 maybe?06:44
zirodayunr3a1: nope sorry06:44
Gneabiouser: maybe. do you use audacity on a regular basis?06:45
eseven73wj32: i dont have xchat right in front of me at the moment, so im just going by memory, but I know its in the server settings06:45
wj32eseven73: yes, it's in the docs, but i can't figure out how to open the server settings06:45
wj32eseven73: "network properties" as they call it06:46
nickrudwj32 under Xchat->Network list?06:46
unr3a1ziroday: ok,. thank you06:46
wj32eseven73: ah found it. it's in preferences06:46
wj32eseven73: thanks06:46
biouserGnea I am just looking for anything to make simple edits on mp3 files06:46
unr3a1well, I am out for now06:46
tristanmikeLawnGnome1: problem is when we run alsamixer on 8.10, we get Pulse Audio, and for me, that's only one option, "Master". I need to get to the "old" alsamixer06:47
ebabynickrud: mines quite different UUID is 4cfd1241-bdda...   nonetheless the additons that I made are NOT there at the end of the string06:47
nickrudebaby, did you run   update-grub   ?06:47
|c0mmissar|ok have a question, I have the latest version of ubuntu & installed an NVIDIA GForce 6200 OC Video Card. I'm running an S-Video output to my Tv & want to twin screen my puter. It works for tty1 but when I ctrl+alt+F7 my tv says no signal. monitor is fine. it won't output x. can anyone help me?06:47
eseven73wj32: also if you type /set  you'll see a million settings you can play with too ,06:47
tehquicknessbiouser: Have you tried audacity?06:48
tytagnea, i'll check it out tomorrow.  thanks everybody for all your help06:48
wj32eseven73: thanks06:48
tyta=) gnight06:48
biousertehquickness causes total crash with pulse audio06:48
Gneabiouser: audacity is, for all intends and purposes, the best way to go with it. you can always turn pulseaudio off while using it:  sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio stop06:48
tehquicknessbiouser: ouch. hmmmm06:48
ebabynickrud: no I had a screen freeze (on this computer) before I saw your post06:48
Gneatyta: good luck, later06:48
LawnGnome1tristanmike: Uhm,,I have seen some of the Alsa bytes in the synaptic thing, let me look again...06:49
sysdoc|c0mmissar|, have you installed nvidia-settings?06:49
nickrudebaby, ok, exit without saving, then run   update-grub . then  look in the file again, see if it was added to the kernel line.06:49
tehquicknessbiouser: What all do you need? Just a cutting and pasting sort of deal to trim and join mp3s?06:49
=== Leppers_ is now known as Leppers
biousertehquickness stuff like that and maybe a fade-in, fade-out.. maybe rezound will work?06:50
tristanmikeLawnGnome1: it's good06:50
thinkpaduserbiouser:  audacity is best06:50
eseven73one thing that convinced me to switch from xchat to irssi is irssi's '/lastlog <search word goes here>' feature , priceless :)06:50
tristanmikeLawnGnome1: I fiddled with some buttons and got it finally06:50
biouserthinkpaduser it is slow, buggy and crashtastic on this machine06:51
LawnGnome1tristanmike: Yipeeee!06:51
tristanmikeLawnGnome1: seems it's a couple of things06:51
Son_of_DemetriusSome1 please give me a link to your fav Linux/Ubuntu Tutorial...for beginners...like for a  real life dummie beginner :) thx06:51
ebabynickrud: just to be sure as there are a couple of kernel lines  what should be directly above this particular kernel line?06:51
nbeeboWhat I'd like to know is how to mix your output channel (e.g. speakers) to work as a microphone, effectively perceiving any sound you play as a sound played into the microphone. To the extent of broadcasting audio files trough means of thy service ventrilo unt voice-in game.06:51
tristanmikeLawnGnome1: it would seem that 1) I had to ensure that the switch "SB Live Analog/Digital Output Jack" needed to be Unchecked06:52
LawnGnome1tristanmike: Usually is, that is what happens on overlays and stuff.06:52
nbeeboSon_of_Demetrius,  u dont really need one with ubuntu and other noob friendly distros...06:52
|c0mmissar|sysdoc I have installed the latest nvidia drivers...same thing?06:52
nickrudyeah, like title & uuid (or root)06:52
ubottuAcronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.06:52
wj32!u | nbeebo06:52
ubottunbeebo: Unless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officer, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..06:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about beginner06:52
biouserGnea sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio stop give me nothing back as if I hit enter on the command line06:52
ebabynickrud: because i am at the section ## End Default Options##06:52
biouserI guess I will need to reboot like a windoze n00b06:52
nbeebovolunteer anyone? read the "u factiod" anyone?06:53
eseven73Son_of_Demetrius: you'll learn more in this channel, than if you were to read 100 Ubuntu HOWTO blogs, just hang in here like a few hours a day :)06:53
Son_of_DemetriusI lost you guyz there06:53
sysdoc|c0mmissar|, no install nvidia-settings06:53
LawnGnome1That ubottu is funny06:53
nickrudebaby, yes, that's where it should show up, below there, any lines that start with kernel but are not in (recovery) sections06:53
cparmanI think is has something to do with my notebooks wireless adapter06:53
tristanmikeLawnGnome1: 2) I had to adjust some sliders06:53
earthmeLonAnybody have any suggestions as to why if I put my volume control below 50% it mutes my speakers?06:53
HavworxI have been reading quite a but of material on how to properly use the zsh shell.06:53
tehquicknessbiouser: hmmm I am looking to see what I can find06:54
tristanmikeLawnGnome1: sad that it doesn't detect it by default. Thanks for the kick in the pants in the right direction06:54
tristanmikeLawnGnome1: I've been frustrated for hours.06:54
sysdoc|c0mmissar|, if you have it installed System>Admin> Nvidia X server settings06:54
HavworxearthLon: you'r going deaf06:54
cparmanGnea: I think is has something to do with my notebooks wireless adapter, I just can't get it to connect at all. The wired eth works fine.06:54
|c0mmissar|NVIDIA OpenGL Driver requires CPUs with SSE to run.06:54
|c0mmissar|The current CPU does not support SSE.06:54
|c0mmissar|Segmentation fault06:54
LawnGnome1tristanmike: any help that I may have assisted with is my pleasure.06:54
Son_of_Demetriuseseven73..this is not my comp here...I don'y have the luxury of spending a dew hours here...sorry:(06:54
ebabynickrud: yes  acouple  of sections that are grouped together e.g. title uuid kernel initrd - yeah I see what I changed "acpi=off" etc...06:54
darren_is there any thing in ubuntu that allows file/folder permissions similar to windows (this is the only fault im finding but 1 that id like to be able to use)06:55
eseven73Son_of_Demetrius:  :(06:55
Son_of_Demetriusmy typing sux as usual lol06:55
nickrudebaby, ok, now try a reboot again. Your changes will take effect with the next boot06:55
|c0mmissar|it's not opening06:55
darren_i dont want to use goups if possible unless i can assign a user to multiple groups06:55
wj32darren_: yes, the thing I hate most about standard linux is that security sucks06:55
wj32by security i mean the theoretical stuff like ACLs06:55
tristanmikeLawnGnome1: lost it :(06:55
wj32of course practically windows sucks at security06:56
biousertehquickness okay I won't quit yet06:56
biousertehquickness but a reboot is inevitable at this point06:56
biouserI am going try rezound06:56
sysdoc|c0mmissar|, Which driver did you install?06:56
wj32darren_: try using a filesystem which supports ACLs like XFS or JFS06:56
biouserand ecawave perhaps and see if I can get anything06:56
Son_of_Demetriuslost...that's my handle...copyright infringement here :)06:56
tehquicknessbiouser: maybe try Jokosher Audio Editor06:56
LawnGnome1tristanmike: reset it and make a backup/?06:56
ebabynickrud: resume normal boot from Recovery Menu or do an actual 'physical power button shutdown and restart?06:56
|c0mmissar|the latest linux driver on Nvidia's website06:56
darren_wj32: could you expand on that please (also i dont htink it sucks)06:57
nickrudebaby, physical button shutdown and restart.06:57
tristanmikeLawnGnome1: got it now... but it crackles very slightly06:57
MenZa|c0mmissar|: Why don't you use the repository-one?06:57
sysdoc|c0mmissar|, yea, what MenZa said lol06:57
|c0mmissar|like apt-get it?06:57
wj32darren_: you don't think just having the simplistic model of user, group, and world sucks? well, some filesystems support ACLs, if that's what you're looking for06:57
MenZac0nfl|ct: System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers06:57
MenZa|c0mmissar|* ^06:57
rebel_kidanyone know the ubuntu package for postgresql server? apt-cache searches are pulling way to much to find reasonably06:58
MenZa!info postgresql | rebel_kid06:58
wj32darren_: i'm presuming you want to assign permissions to specific users06:58
ubottupostgresql (source: postgresql-8.3): object-relational SQL database (supported version). In component main, is optional. Version 8.3.5-0ubuntu8.10 (intrepid), package size 218 kB, installed size 256 kB06:58
LawnGnome1tristanmike: Could be anything from a bad cord to a bad program,,I am going with cord or a mouse in the house. :o06:58
^Manuthere's something wrong with the kubuntu 8.10 iso :/06:58
darren_wj32: just makes it difficult haha. yes thats what i want to do06:58
MenZa^Manu: What makes you say that?06:58
^Manui downloaded it, burned a disc, and it wont boot..06:58
^Manu8.04 and 9.04 iso's both work fine..06:58
^Manubut i had deleted the 8.10 iso since the disc i made (assuming the disc was stuffed)06:59
Demios`my life is complete06:59
MenZa^Manu: Have you checked the md5sums of the downloaded iso and the burnt disk?06:59
tristanmikeLawnGnome1: well, I'm gonna tackle that another day, again, thanks for the help. There's good karma for you ;)06:59
wj32darren_: what filesystem do you use?06:59
^Manuso i just downloaded a new 8.10 iso..06:59
Demios`it's like i'm really back in high school06:59
^Manuand burned it to a new disc..06:59
LawnGnome1^Manu: I did the web installer thing, worked great06:59
wj32darren_: or to make it more specific, what filesystem is the file/folder you want to control on06:59
^Manuand it's broken in exactly the same way..06:59
darren_wj32: ok i dont know what im using, i just installed ubuntu haha06:59
eseven73^Manu: whats in 8.10 so much that you cant do without?06:59
^Manuthe intel gfx driver.07:00
^Manui can try 9.04A207:00
Letter_ZEvery time I try to open an admin tool(Login, Synaptic Package Manger etc) it will just say its opening for a few seconds, then it wont open. Whats wrong with it?07:00
MenZa^Manu: 9.04 is not yet ready for production systems.07:00
^Manuwould people seriously recommend against that?07:00
wj32darren_: ok then i'm assuming you're using ext3. that does have support for ACLs i think. you'll have to use command line tools to set ACLs though07:00
^Manuhow broken is it?07:00
Letter_Z(8.04 by the way)07:00
MenZa^Manu: Quite broken.07:00
nickrud^Manu, best advice about 9.04 is in #ubuntu+107:00
MenZa^Manu: What speed are you burning the CD at?07:00
^Manuwell its weird.. must be a problem with my hardware or dvd drive or something, but the 8.10 iso produces disc's that wont boot.07:00
^Manu8.04 is fine, 9.04 is fine..07:01
darren_wj32: ok ill look into that on good old google thanks07:01
wj32darren_: try getfattr and setfattr07:01
^Manuit boots to the 'try live cd' 'install kubuntu' menu..07:01
ebabynickrud: rats! its the same grey matter Man this is some serious frustration no wonder some Linux heads get paid so much paper... LOL any suggestions as the  [in]famous "ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode window has popped up - as usual07:01
eseven73^Manu: try burning it slower if you havent already been down that road.07:01
^Manuif i do anything, it tries to read, and fails..07:01
nickrudebaby, what video card do you have?07:01
^Manuyeah i have, and like i say, the other iso's work fine..07:01
darren_wj32: my package manager shows i have acl installed07:01
^Manuand i've tried downloading kubuntu 8.10 twice, from 2 different palces.07:02
wj32darren_: you need the "attr" package07:02
^Manui'm surprised.07:02
|c0mmissar|allright I have the 177 recommended Driver installed already, it's the same one on Nvidia's  website07:02
darren_wj32: and how do i get that?07:02
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:02
Jordan_Uebaby, Can you boot the machine while staying on IRC?07:02
=== jupiter is now known as Guest36095
MenZa^Manu: Burn at the lowest speed possible, and check md5sums.07:02
FloodBot1Guest36095: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:03
wj32darren_: actually, try google. i'm not so sure the "attr" package is what you're looking for07:03
ebabynickrud: via chrome9 HC IGP -running everex stepnote nc1502 1.5ghz 1.5gb ram07:03
^Manuthe iso's fine.07:03
darren_wj32: ok will do cheers mate07:03
^Manui've burned it at half speed..07:03
Rapture^Manu: If burning at 1x doesn't work, try 4x instead (some drives have issues at 1x and really burn at 2.1-3.8x07:03
^Manuno difference.07:03
wj32i thought Guest36095 got banned?07:03
eseven73Guest36095: stop please.07:03
danyaelxHi! i have fucked up big time i did a sudo chown -hR username /dev insteda of chowning /media/disk by typing to fast for my own good. Where can I find the info needed to restore /dev?07:03
nickrudebaby, ah, that danged chrome. No, I don't know much about that one at all.07:03
^Manui can burn 8.04 and 9.04 at max speed and it works fine..07:03
wj32danyaelx: just chown them back to root:root07:04
ebabyJordan_U: I'm on this IRC via a Mac G4 tower on the desk next to the machine I'm trying to get Ubuntu on07:04
danyaelxwj32 thats all I need to do?07:04
wj32once i chown'ed half my filesystem to wj32:wj3207:04
wj32danyaelx: yes, if chown is all you did07:04
^Manui'm seriously surprised, but i think my tests are conclusive :/07:04
Son_of_DemetriusHey guyz can I get some video codecs somewhere outside of the Ubuntu download archive..like some external mirror...senseless question or what?07:04
Dexihas anyone ever heard of an LCD monitor flashing its indicator light and buzzing while un-plugged?07:04
danyaelxyes only chown07:04
wj32danyaelx: surely you don't own any "files" in /dev07:04
eseven73!medibuntu | Son_of_Demetrius07:04
ubottuSon_of_Demetrius: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org07:04
wj32danyaelx: try chown'ing back to root07:04
Rapture^Manu: do you have access to a different burner (i.e. different machine)?07:04
danyaelxwj32: thanks your a real savior07:04
^Manutrying to get a different drive now07:05
wj32danyaelx: don't thank until you've tried it and it works07:05
ebabyJordan_U: although to be correct Ubuntu is on it. it just wont display correctly outside of the installer07:05
nickrudebaby, dpkg -l xserver-xorg-video-openchrome : you'll get back several lines, what 2 chars does the last line start with?07:05
nickrudAhadiel, Jordan_U you know chrome?07:05
nickrudAhadiel, sorry07:06
Son_of_Demetriusubottu...that's over my head...sorry...let me explain...I've got audio playback on CD...but no audio playback on DVD...what should I do?07:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:06
danyaelxwj32: have restored the ownership now. Do I have to rebbot the system to check if it works ?07:06
eseven73!codecs | Son_of_Demetrius07:06
ubottuSon_of_Demetrius: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:06
ebabynickrud: give me a sec as I will need to reboot to get to to recovery menu choose root or...07:06
eseven73you need codecs Son_of_Demetrius07:06
Jordan_Unickrud, The browser or the component of a browser?07:06
RaptureHow can i setup Ubuntu-Server to automatically mount a Fat32 USB HD and allow sharing in Samba?07:06
nickrudebaby, you can just hit clt-alt-f2 to get a console. ctl-alt-f7 to get back to gui07:07
wj32danyaelx: did you set ownership to root:root07:07
wj32danyaelx: not just root07:07
danyaelxyes root:root07:07
nickrudJordan_U, no, the chrome video driver. Last I worked with it it was flacky07:07
wj32danyaelx: then reboot and see07:07
Letter_ZEvery time I try to open an admin tool(Login, Synaptic Package Manger etc) it will just say its opening for a few seconds, then it wont open. I'm on 8.04, whats wrong with it?07:07
ebabynickrud: I'll try it again doesn't always work for me those cmds07:07
Jordan_Unickrud, Don't know anything beyond hearing of it07:08
RaptureLetter_Z: Did synaptic/update manager crash at some point?07:08
nickrudvery few work on it07:08
LawnGnome1Letter_Z: are you sudo?07:08
danyaelxwj32: okay hopefully it works =) reboting now07:08
wj32danyaelx: wait07:08
Son_of_DemetriusI've been to the link guys...but I don't know how to install the codecs.how do I install the codecs...I've got a rar file full of codecs07:08
wj32danyaelx: this is important!07:08
^Manudifferent drive.. also doesn't like it... :/07:08
Jordan_Uebaby, Try going to a console and running "sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop" then "startx"07:08
ebabynickrud: ok here at recovery menu back to root or...07:08
^Manui'm gonna install 9.0407:08
Son_of_DemetriusIs it because it's Windows based?07:09
danyaelxwj32 yes?07:09
nickrudebaby, try what Jordan_U just suggested first07:09
^Manui've been trying to get 8.10 to boot for ages..07:09
Letter_ZRapture, no, this all started after Firefox crashed not long ago, since then Ubuntu has been having all sorts of problems. Lattyware I'm admin if that's what you're asking07:09
^Manuits stuffed..07:09
eseven73Son_of_Demetrius: 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras'07:09
wj32danyaelx: chown tty* to root:tty07:09
duanedesignRapture: maybe this will help  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65398107:09
nickrudebaby, boot back to bad graphics if you're not there07:09
RaptureLetter_Z: even after a reboot, it won't open?07:09
Jordan_Uebaby, Try it from a normal boot though, not from recovery mode ( or at least not as root )07:09
dciderSon_of_Demetrius: have you synaptic restricted?07:09
Letter_ZRapture, I tried a reboot, didn't work07:09
nickrudebaby, it's getting late here for me ...07:09
nonix4How exactly does hardy-proposed work in practice? As in if I'd want just the kernel & related packages from there?07:10
=== john is now known as geeksauce
tristanmikethanks again LawnGnome1 :D07:10
RaptureLetter_Z: try opening a terminal and doing a sudo apt-get update. see if it is locked07:10
danyaelxwj32: chown  tty* root:tty or chown -hR tty* -hR?07:10
Flannelnonix4: You don't want to use it.  People upload stuff there, and it may be unstable, may not have all of its depends available, etc.07:10
Son_of_Demetriuseseven...you make perfect sense...but I'm not online at the moment with Ubuntu up and running...so how can I transfer files...I'm a little confused as to what to do07:10
ebabynickrud: okay you guys lost me theres a lot of type flying around what should I try07:10
ebabyJordan_U:okay you guys lost me theres a lot of type flying around what should I try07:10
wj32danyaelx: its just chown root:tty tty*07:10
Letter_ZSudo is still working fine, it has been the entire time I've had this problem07:11
nonix4Flannel: well, looks like stable got some updates w/ kernel parts for it still being only -proposed :/07:11
eseven73Son_of_Demetrius: also Medibuntu is not a rar file, on its website it shows you that you need to edit your sources.list a bit, and after you do that it becomes 'apart' of your repos just with a load more codecs and other goodies :)07:11
geeksaucei'm having trouble getting my display to work in widescreen mode.  any advice?07:11
RaptureLetter_Z: right, but is apt-get working?07:11
nickrudebaby, clt-alt-f2 , log in, run sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop , then run startx07:11
marvyhi guys07:11
eseven73Son_of_Demetrius: ohhh i think you were having this issue yesterday......ummmmm lol good question!07:11
Letter_ZRapture, yes07:11
Jordan_Uebaby, Are you booted normally right now or in recovery mode?07:11
illmortalDoes anyone know why after formatting my HD it shows that 7gb is used on the formatted HD?07:11
ebabyJordan_U: I'm at the recovery Menu right now07:11
Letter_ZRapture, its not just Synaptic, I can't access any admin tools.07:11
eseven73Son_of_Demetrius: i believe wj32 recommended AptOnCD remember?07:11
wj32danyaelx: and after that, chown root:root tty0 tty1 tty2 tty3 tty4 tty5 tty6 tty7 tty8 tty907:12
eseven73we had this convo yesterday07:12
Rapturepgrep synaptic?07:12
Letter_ZAnd I can only access a few preferance tools07:12
eseven73or day before was it?07:12
LawnGnome1tristanmike: My pleasure, is good to be back on land,,,NOT07:12
danyaelxwj32: wait one second I have to do it standing in /dev right?07:12
Raptureor pgrep sudo07:12
Son_of_Demetriuseseven...I've had this issue for the past week lol...still tearing my hair out...or what's left of it...lol07:12
wj32danyaelx: and then chown root:dialout tty07:12
nonix4Flannel: libsensors4 to be exact - what I want is the coretemp module...07:12
wj32danyaelx: this is all just in case...07:12
eseven73dont give up :)07:12
Jordan_Uebaby, OK, choose to continue booting normally and when X fails to start correctly go to a console with ctrl+alt+f707:12
^Manuwell i put it down to the hardware doesn't like the kubuntu 8.10 disc, or my dvd burner doesn't like the iso..07:12
Letter_ZRapture, what?07:12
Jordan_Uebaby, Make that ctrl+alt+f1 :)07:12
^Manueither way, there's definitely something slightly wrong with the 8.10 iso..07:13
Son_of_DemetriusI won't...I'm a stubborn old fool07:13
^Manuall the others work perfectlyt.07:13
wj32danyaelx: see pm07:13
LawnGnome1http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=475051&highlight=synaptic+fails  That is the route to take,,I think for synaptic failure07:13
RaptureLetter_Z: try pgrep synaptic or pgrep sudo and see if there are any 4 digit numbers returned07:13
rodolfoHi! I'm trying to run a .rmvb media file. It seems Totem does not have the appropiate codec to do it. Searching for this codec through Totem's codec finder has not worked out, because there is no codec for this file type on the repos. Whato do I do? Should I look for the win32codec?07:13
Roeyhi all07:14
Roey my webcam says it supports 1600x1200 and 30fps; I chose more conservative settings but luvcview says it can't get those:   Frame size:   960x720 (requested size 1024x768 is not supported by device).  What's going on??07:14
Son_of_Demetriusbrb...coffe is finished pecolating...ahhh!07:14
Roeyhey Rapture07:14
Roeyand ashvala07:14
Letter_ZRapture, there are a heap of 5 digit numbers returned for pgrep sudo, but nothing for pgrep synaptic07:14
illmortalDoes anyone know why after formatting my HD it shows that 7gb is used on the formatted HD?07:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about win32codec07:14
Rapturehmm, try lawngnome's link07:14
ludditethe ubuntu 8.10 iso you download needs a update of about 213MB. is there a way to get this all in one ISO? so you dont have to do a synaptic update?07:14
Son_of_Demetriuswow...I so totally suck at the keyboard...brb :)07:14
eseven73!Medibuntu | Win32codecs is in the Medibuntu repos....07:15
ubottuWin32codecs is in the Medibuntu repos....: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org07:15
edgherhi, anyone using emaxx780g mobo on ubuntu?07:15
geeksauceany way to manually run the display detection thing?07:15
rodolfoeseven73, by doing this, will totem be capable of running .mp4 files as well?07:16
Letter_ZRapture, I just did "sudo synaptic" and it opened fine...?07:16
ebabyJordan_U: ok  when I press those keys nothing happens immediatlely except more intermittent white noise on screen finally after holding for a while I get the "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics" window/box07:16
illmortalDoes anyone know of a program that Ubuntu can use in order to find any hidden files or hidden partitions on a hard drive? My reformatted hard drive claims that 7GB of space is used atm and I don't know how.07:16
eseven73Son_of_Demetrius: easy on the "BRB's and AFK's" they concider it flooding , dont wanna see you getting snapped at :)07:16
RaptureLetter_Z: i have no idea... for me all I had to do was reboot or kill the hung process07:16
eseven73rodolfo: im not for sure, but what would it hurt to try?07:17
LawnGnome1eseven73: Nice to see you again, and thank you for all the detailed and concise help.07:17
rodolfoeseven73, it wouldnt hurt dude just ASKED YOU07:18
Son_of_Demetriuseseven...what's AFK's?07:18
eseven73Son_of_Demetrius: 'away from keyboard'07:18
Rapturewhen I plug in my USB HD into my Ubuntu-Server box and do a mount /dev/sdb /media/WD250, it complains the directory doesn't exist... isn't mount supposed to create/demolish directories for me?07:18
TakyojiI'll be repartitioning my secondary harddrive. Would ext3 or ext4 be more reasonable? Or would something else fit best?07:19
eseven73LawnGnome1: heh np07:19
shrihow to increase the time in the dual boot. i want to give the user some more time to choose between windows and linux and i want default windows07:19
ebabyif I press okay the dialog box comes up with three choices: Run ubuntu in low graphics mode..., or Reconfigure graphics, or troubleshoot the error07:19
geeksaucei can't get my display drivers to work in any other mode than 4:3...any known solutions07:19
Son_of_DemetriusAm I offending people here...I'm sorry..I don't yet know the rules...I'll stick to strict english then :(07:19
_MattBI'm trying to mount a 7TB NTFS partition for read/write in Interpid, is this even possible?07:19
Rapture7TB!?! didn't know they made drives that big...07:20
eseven73rodolfo: yeah, no what i meant by that is it would be ok to install medibuntu, it wouldnt ruin anything :)07:20
shavinGuys i am using ubuntu on pen drive. I tried punjabi language on bootup and now even if i choose english at boot up the language still remains punjabi. How do i revert back to english?07:20
=== pc01 is now known as imoet_cutezzz
ebabyJordan_U: all three will only start a repetitious back and forth of dialog windows07:20
_MattBRapture, it's part of a software raid array07:20
Rapturei'm jealous07:20
eseven73rodolfo: please let me know if it works07:20
_MattBbasically, it was setup as an ISCSI SAN device, but now I want to convert it to a NAS type device07:20
kaneda__MattB; if the partitions are visible in ubuntu, then answer should be yes (for read)07:20
kaneda_not sure about write07:21
Rapture_MattB: look into ntfs-config (allows read/write of NTFS)07:21
rodolfoeseven73, yeah OK. sorry...I'm pissed...Update Manager has come with too many unnecessary packages and I have to download a ton of useless video drivers, mixed up with useful stuff...it's a mess this Ubuntu installation >.<07:22
faileasshri: you can edit /boot/grub/menu.lst make sure the xp partition is first in the list and set the value for timeout as needed07:22
Takyoji_MattB: This might assist you: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions07:22
eseven73You're frustrated, its cool rodolfo I understand all too well trust me07:22
LawnGnome1How can I get the firewall to work on a non sudo account? I typed the admin pass thing and all,,,07:22
_MattBTakyoji, thx07:23
RaptureDoes Ubuntu-Server support auto-mounting of USB hard drives?07:23
Takyoji_MattB: Otherwise if it doesn't provide write privileges, you can unmount it, then remount it with "-o rw" to the end of the command.07:23
Son_of_DemetriusWhat does 'Can't Mount CDRom mean?  Yesterday, I had to manually shut down becuse I couldn't eject my cd07:24
eseven73rodolfo: im kinda a minimalistic person myself, i dont like to have to install a million libs just to get something working, especially since im very very low on Harddrive space :/07:24
ebabynickrud:  you mentioned " clt-alt-f2 , log in, run sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop , then run startx" can you elaborate07:24
TakyojiI actually deal with an NTFS partition myself regularly, which wasn't writable each time I'd boot, thus I'd keep remounting it with write privileges (until I found out about /etc/fstab, which is for automatically mounting file systems)07:24
nickrudebaby, ctl-alt-f2 takes you to a console, the stop shuts down the currently running gui, and startx starts it a different way07:25
_MattBi'm still trying to figure out what the partition is, fdisk doesn't work with GPT.. and parted I can't seem to figure out the name of the device07:25
Takyoji_MattB: Install GParted, and see if you can find the partition.07:26
ufk_hi. i created an svn repository. i do svn checkout and i get the message "checked out revision 0" but it does not create the directory .svn and allows me to add more files to it. any ideas>/07:26
hole_I just came for a difficulty rating. By any chance, has anyone ever started a mud?07:26
Sa[i]nTHow do I get dock apps and screenlets? What's a good proggy for that?07:26
riscoanybody know, how to hard reset?07:27