Odd-rationalekathryn: can you pastebin "lsmod"00:00
Odd-rationalekathryn: what exactly are you having troubles with your wireless? does it not connect? or not find any access points?00:04
JintoIt doesn't see the wireless card.00:04
S-i-Asrry the problem is still her00:05
S-i-Ai can't change the layout!!00:05
S-i-Aany idea?00:05
S-i-Ai mean keyboard layout00:05
Odd-rationaleS-i-A: i remember reading about some bug like that... i don't remember what was the fix...00:06
Odd-rationaleJinto: you mean it is not showing up in the network-manager applet?00:06
S-i-AOdd-rationale, which bug, is many many bug00:06
Odd-rationaleS-i-A: something about not being able to change keyboard layout in xfce...00:07
S-i-Ain launchpad00:07
JintoI'm completely new to linux, where would I find that?00:07
Odd-rationaleJinto: first. make sure that you have a notification area on your panel somewhere... then run "nm-applet"00:09
Odd-rationalekathryn: do you see the applet in the notifications area?00:12
JintoDefine 'notifications area'...00:12
Odd-rationaleJinto: be default. there should be a notifications area (aka system tray) next to you clock in th upper right corner. if not... right click panel, add to panel, and add notifications area...00:14
Odd-rationalekathryn: one more thing to try is to pastebin "iwlist scanning"00:14
S-i-Awhat is mean with XKBOPTIONS="lv3:ralt_switch"?00:15
S-i-Ais Alt to switch or alt+Ctrl?00:16
Aison`hello, can I install normal xubuntu on my eeepc 4g or do I have to use eeexubuntu?00:21
Aison`maybe all drivers are in normal xubuntu now00:21
Odd-rationalekathryn: do you have b43-fwcutter installed?00:21
Odd-rationalekathryn: and secondly, do what do you have in /lib/firmware ?00:24
kathryni do not, and in my attempt to install it says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99318/00:24
Odd-rationalekathryn: ok. check lib firmware first...00:25
kathrynit says /lib/firmware is a directory00:25
Odd-rationalekathryn: yes it is...00:25
kathrynthats all it says00:25
Odd-rationalekathryn: try "ls -R /lib/firmware" (it might spit out a lot)00:26
Odd-rationaleok. first make sure that you have all apt process closed: update manager, synaptic, add/remove, apt-get, aptitiude, etc... then try "sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter"00:32
Odd-rationalekathryn: ^00:32
Odd-rationaleor do you still get the same error message?00:32
kathrynits updating right now...give me a few minutes00:33
Odd-rationaleJinto: btw, the networkmanager applet looks like this: http://projects.gnome.org/NetworkManager/images/wireless-at-tealuxe.png00:42
Odd-rationaleyou don't have one on your panel?00:42
kathrynwe might after it's done updating...00:43
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Odd-rationalekathryn: ok. so the next thing i would try is to install b43-fwcutter. "sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter" if you have internet connection, select to set it up as well...00:54
JintoIt's working00:59
Odd-rationaleinternet and all?01:00
Odd-rationaleJinto: ?01:00
Odd-rationalecool! :D01:01
JintoThanks again01:01
Odd-rationaleenjoy xubuntu!01:01
warriorszis someone able to give me some installation support, problems changing from ubuntu to xubuntu with grub01:03
S-i-AOdd-rationale, thanx the solution was https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xkeyboard-config/+bug/259489/comments/301:03
Odd-rationaleS-i-A: hmm... interesting... glad it worked though...01:05
warriorszfamiliar with grub error 15?01:05
S-i-Ai don't know why under debian xfce or fedora xfce have not this problem!01:06
ThePubthere doesn't seem to be an "autostarted apps" concept under xfce, do I need to make a .xsession file?01:24
ethan2hey can anyone help me my wireless on my computer is not detecting my router01:29
ethan2please help01:29
ethan2is there anyone in this chat room that can help me???????????????01:36
Odd-rationaleThePub: Applications --> Settings --> Settings Manager --> Autostarted Applications ?01:59
ThePubthat a guess?  :)  no, not there.  gnome has something like that.  startup and sessions doesn't seem to give you a configurable list, just says "save running applications" or something like.  which needless to say doesn't inspire much belief.02:01
ThePubOdd-rationale: I figured it out, thank you though.  $HOME/.config/autostarted/02:09
ThePubjust put .desktop files in there.02:09
Kiptionanyone know why themes in $HOME/.themes doesn't work?02:10
ThePubKiption: last time I had that issues mcs-manager or whatever wasn't running02:11
Kiption6820     1  0 13:55 ?        00:00:09 xfce-mcs-manager02:11
Kiptionthat one?02:11
ThePubyeap :)02:11
Sinister`does it use less more or the same resources for a sound card thats plug in pci or on board ?02:28
ethancan somoen please help me02:34
ethani need help with my wireless02:34
ethanits not detecting02:34
ethanplease help me?02:35
ethansomeone anyone please help me?02:35
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Sinister my fan is too quiet what wires out of the 4 do i have to cut so it runs max rpm ?03:05
microlithhow do you get a wifi adaptor to try connecting to an access point again?03:12
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WDCI have XFCE over Ubuntu, not Xubuntu, and I cannot seem to add Desktops04:27
WDCCan someone please help?04:27
Odd-rationaleWDC: i beleive there is a settings in Appilcations --> settings --> settings manager to ad desktops...04:30
WDCOdd-rationale: No, you see I did that but they are not showing up04:30
Odd-rationaleWDC: what is there?04:32
WDCOdd-rationale: Just two that it's always had04:32
WDCOdd-rationale: I put 4 there, and they don't hsow up04:32
Odd-rationaleWDC: are you in an xfce session or gnome session?04:32
WDCOdd-rationale: XFCE04:33
linuxlerneris it yet possible to boot to ram AND use casper persistence?04:33
linuxlerneri found a post on pendrivelinux.com from 2007 that says that it was not possible then04:35
Odd-rationaleWDC: well, don't have xfce at the moment... so i can't help much more... sorry...04:36
WDCOdd-rationale: np04:36
linuxlernerWDC: are you using compiz?04:37
WDClinuxlerner: Yes04:37
Odd-rationaleoh. well that makes a difference...04:37
linuxlerneri had same problem yesterday04:37
Odd-rationalejust have to go to ccsm --> general options --> desktop size04:38
linuxlernerdo you have the compizconfig tool04:38
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion04:38
WDCThat's crazy04:38
WDClol thanks04:38
Odd-rationalei prefer compizconfig-settings-manager over simple-ccsm...04:39
linuxlerner! workspace04:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about workspace04:39
linuxlerner! viewport04:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about viewport04:39
linuxlerner! viewports04:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about viewports04:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about linuxlerner04:39
linuxlernersomeone did the viewports yest.04:40
ranfowsudo aptitude purge ~ilinux-image-.*\(\!`uname -r`\)04:40
ranfowanyone know why there is ~i before linux-image?04:40
ranfowany ideas?04:42
Odd-rationalewhere are you getting that command?04:43
WDCOdd-rationale: THANK YOU04:44
ranfowfrom a forum04:44
Odd-rationaleWDC: np04:44
linuxlernerlol it was the compiz-fusion channels bots that i was thinking about04:44
ballDoes it come with monkeys?04:46
ranfowan reply said it specified the package linux-image**04:47
ranfowball: do you ask me?04:47
ballranflow: sure :-)04:48
ranfowball: I don't know. may be not04:49
ballOkay, I'll try to get some via rsync then04:50
ranfowwithout "~i", the command just add one more return: writing extend state information04:51
tom1122I'm running eeeXubuntu. After a screwy update a week ago, I no longer have any wireless capable devices apparently. iwconfig and modprobe can't find anything, and i install linux-backports-modules to no avail. What went wrong?05:26
MorgwyrCould anyone help me find a howto on bridging network connections:05:33
MorgwyrI've been searching and searching to no avail05:33
mojohello everyone06:27
mojoI would like to ask for help06:27
mojomy Xubuntu 8.10 now lost sound even though lspci, dmesg indicates that the sound module is loaded06:27
mojocan some1 sit with me to help me out?06:27
illmortalDoes anyone know of a program that Ubuntu can use in order to find any hidden files or hidden partitions on a hard drive? My reformatted hard drive claims that 7GB of space is used atm and I don't know how.07:17
illmortalI'm checkin in partition editor and it doesn't show what exactly is taking up 7GB. And I don't quite know how to mount this drive to check if it has any content inside.07:20
R1cochetis it a new drive?07:21
R1cochethow big is the drive?07:21
R1cochetand it says u have 493?07:22
illmortalno it says i have 465 then shows 7.8gb is used.07:22
illmortalthus giving me a total of 458 free space.07:23
R1cochetand theres nothing on it?07:23
illmortal42GB of space taken from me is already pissing me off lol.07:23
illmortalnot that I know of... I just finished reformatting it.07:23
R1cochetopen a file brower and tell it to show hidden files07:23
R1cochetthat 42 is decimal to binary07:24
illmortali've gotta mount the HD first, which i forget how, of course.07:24
sourceit's ok07:28
sourceillmortal, the HDD is using NTFS?07:29
illmortalnope.... basically before the reformat i had 2 partitions on this SATA drive.07:29
illmortal1 was 50gb for Linux the other was like 410gb for space07:30
illmortali decided to reformat the drive and use the full drive as a storage drive. So I deleted the partition (both were ext2) recreated the partition as ext2, and format to ext207:31
sourcefat 32?07:31
illmortaland now all of a sudden i have 7gb of ghost data on my drive.07:31
illmortal<_< ext207:31
illmortalext2 only.07:31
danyaelxanybody here who knows where I can find a list everything that is in /dev in xubuntu and its ownership? I'm restoring a /dev that was accidentally chowned with chown -hR username /dev/ I have gotten some if not most of the ownership back to normal but I'd like to check if I've missed anything07:34
sourceanybody compiled kernel 2.8.28 in hardy?07:51
csc__please help me with usb-creator. i am formatting an usb disc in various way, but NO parition is recosgnized by usb-creator? what am i doing weong? in the first case i made a 250GB partition with fat32, bootable, in a second case a smaller one, in the third case I used an ext partition NONE is recognized by usb-creator. i am stuck. as last case i plugged in an old small usb stick and it was recognized immediatly. please help12:16
TheSheepcsc__: if you get no answer here, maybe try on #ubuntu or the forums, they might know more12:24
lufcGoddamn stupid pil e of SH!!!!!!!!!!14:55
lufceventually.. got back the system from Grub... OK booted Ubuntu.. still little tiny screen within a screen.. altered the .conf and put my video card in i810, default flatscreen monitor 1024*768... rebooted looking good.. big screen filling the monitor.. and Yup there it goes again LOOPING back to Log in!!!14:57
lufcIs this just a bug in Xubuntu http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg449074.html or what?14:58
knomelufc, have you tried with ubuntu?14:59
lufcnot yet butwhat about if I try 8.10 of xubuntu the xorg is updated is it any better at detetcing videoi stuff .. I mean damn PuppyLinux works first time out of the box.15:00
knomewhich version are you trying to install?15:00
lufcnearly 23 hours now look up15:01
knomelooking at the url you sent, looks like it's not a graphics issue15:01
lufcwell it works fine.. in a little box in the middle of my screen.. but the moent I try and put my card in the .conf it causes this loop15:02
lufcso now I'm at te login screen again..... if i login it'll lop back here teasing me with a full screen view of the desktop as it goes..15:03
knomelufc, your description doesn't really match with the bug report.15:04
lufcso i know its capabale of displaying it15:04
Sinisteris there anything faster or better than devede ?15:04
lufcwell I dunno what all I can tell you is as above..15:04
knomeSinister, supposedly not15:04
lufcbug report or not..15:04
Sinistertakes 2 hours sometimes15:05
knomeSinister, you have a lousy pc? *cough*15:05
knomelufc, did the live cd work in the correct resolution?15:06
lufcdunno never used it15:06
Sinisterpent 4 3.2 4gb ram 1.6tb hard drive space i think its ok15:06
knomeSinister, what are you trying to do with it then?15:06
lufcok gone into terminal15:06
lufcedited the .conf again15:07
knomeSinister, i don't know devede very well...15:07
Sinisteri want the best quality15:07
lufcmy edit of i810 had been overwitten by something and it ws running as "vesa".. edited it again.. log in as user....15:07
lufc,.. looped back to login again15:07
lufcback into terminl edit the .conf15:08
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution15:09
lufcedit out all the pci stuff and board stuff. jus put driver i81015:09
lufclog in15:10
lufclooped back15:12
lufcit never ends15:12
lufcnot very helpful or intuative this?15:12
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines15:13
lufchow do i get back to the graphics setup options15:13
knomedid you read the link15:13
knome~10 rows back15:13
knomeand can you login with a lower resolution?15:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mannersback15:14
lufcoh that one doesnt work either!15:14
knome!resolution | lufc15:14
ubottulufc: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution15:14
knomethe last link15:14
lufcthanks I'll try that15:15
lufcTo restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » <--- sorry this is not being accepted syntax error15:22
knomewithout << and >>15:23
knome?dm == gdm15:23
knomei have to go now15:23
knomei hope you'll get help15:24
lufcthanks mate15:36
lufcoooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. +this+ looks promising15:36
lufcYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! at last15:51
lufclogged in on the desktop.. no looping full screen15:51
lufcnearly 24 hours later heheh now for bed!15:52
lufcthanks all... night night15:52
dayo_do gnome themes work on xubuntu? i'm trying to change my theme, but i can't seem to find any except for the ones at xfce-look.org, and those16:07
dayo_they're not what i'm looking for16:07
ThePubdepends on what you mean by "gnome themes".  gnome uses a different window manager so the metacity themes won't work on xfwm that I'm aware of.  icon and gtk+ themes though are not window manager-specific so there should be no issue.17:51
ThePubdayo_: didn't realize how much time had gone by :)17:52
robilei just installed xmms over synaptics but i cant find it in my start menu :o -> where should the  program be located? i dont find it in /usr/bin ]-:18:07
nitro2k01Not sure how linux organizes it files (I'm more into BSD) but try /usr/local18:10
nitro2k01/usr/local/bin even18:11
robilenitro2k01, thx ill take a look18:11
ThePubif you've installed xmms it should be listed in the package database.18:17
likemindeadRhythmbox, Banshee, Amarok, or _________ ? What do you prefer in Xubuntu?18:17
ThePubquickest way to tell from the commandline would probably be dpkg:  dpkg -l xmms18:17
ThePuband dpkg -L xmms would list the files and their locations18:17
ThePublikemindead: mpd, it works anywhere I am ;)18:18
sinboxis it xmms or xmms2 robile ?18:18
likemindeadmpd? New to me.18:19
robilesinbox, xmm218:19
ThePubit's a player daemon with a zillion frontends.18:19
robileThe-Kernel, thaaaaaaaaanx, that command rox! i will write it down18:19
sinboxmpd sounds good, apparently it can stream to icecast2 as well18:19
likemindeadA bit over my head, I think. But cool sounding.18:19
likemindeadThe latest Banshee is working best for my large library.18:20
The-Kernellol no problem18:20
sinboxOK I haven't tried xmms2 robile  so can't really help, I guess you'll have to RTFM on this, but same as mpd it's a demon and you need a frontend to tune into it if I read correctgly18:22
robilei already found it sinbox but thx18:22
likemindeadIN BLACK?18:57
* likemindead plays air guitar ;D18:58
guyiomhaha sorry for the useless comment19:00
likemindeadHmm... apparently The-Kernel is not an AC/DC fan. :(19:01
* likemindead is away: I'm busy so STFU.19:09
sinboxtsk tsk: language19:16
* likemindead is back (gone 00:09:58)19:19
likemindeadJ/K LOL ZOMGWTFBBQ!!1!19:19
likemindeadAnyone here use XSane?19:20
likemindeadI'm getting weird errors when I open or close it but it seems to work fine. :-/19:20
sinboxI have no problems except it won't scan unless I resize the scan area19:21
sinboxotherwise I get errors19:21
likemindeadKnow of any decent alternatives or is XSane pretty much it?19:22
sinboxwell, truth be told: I haven't look ed for alternative, in the end it works fine19:22
sinboxand Canon is not the best manufacturer for linux drivers19:23
sinboxthey are seriously well hidden on their websites19:23
likemindeadAh. I'm using an HP Officejet. Used the latest hplip too.19:23
ThePubI think you're pretty well stuck with Sane, even if it'll drive you the opposite.19:25
sinboxin san E.T. is good for me19:25
ron_owhat's the command to use for xubuntu to switch desktops?19:42
ron_oI'm trying to set up my own shortcuts but for the life of me I can't find the command to do so.19:43
likemindeadCtrl+Alt+right or left arrow19:43
ron_ono, the command.19:44
ron_oI can type 'ctrl + f1'19:44
ron_oto 'f4' and it will work.19:44
ron_oI know that xfce is trying to be gui based. But sometimes a simple file is just plain easier to manipulate like in fluxbox.19:46
ThePubSettings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts tab19:51
ThePubTo edit the default set you have to first click "Add" and name the changes.19:52
ThePubwell that's not what you want, sorry19:52
ThePubsame concept, but it's "Window Manager", then the "Keyboard" tab :)19:52
likemindead(I'm using Compiz, BTW...)19:56
ron_oThePub, I'm asking for the command. you can't do anything without a command. i know all that.20:17
ron_oin my shortcut keys file I see nothing suggesting the command to change desktops.20:17
sinboxadd one?20:18
ron_ono, chage desktops with shortcut key.20:19
ron_othere is one built in, but I'd like to change it to my own.20:19
ThePubunlike fluxbox, xfce actually has a good shortcut editor if you use it.  there's really no advantage to editing the file.20:19
ron_oThePub, I am.20:19
ron_owhat's the command for changing desktops. :/20:19
alienkidHi I just installed xubuntu and My external speakers aren't working20:20
ron_othere's xflock4 to lock the screen and xfrun4 to run a command.20:20
ron_oalienkid, are headphones working?20:20
alienkidlet me cheek20:21
ron_orun $aplay -l to see if your OS detects your sound card.20:21
ron_oback to the other: what command to switch desktops?20:21
sinboxsorry not on Xfce right now ron_o , but if you are editing the shortcuts you can possibly create your own?20:22
ron_othat's what I want. :)20:22
csc__is there some who can explain why usb creator does not accept/recognize usb hard drives and only allows usb optical stickys?20:23
alienkidwhen I try to run  $aplay -l the terminal tells me: "bash: -l command not found"20:24
ron_othat's an Elll   'l'20:24
ron_otype in $aplay and see what you get.20:24
alienkidnothing happens20:24
ron_othat's an 'l' after a k right?20:25
ron_o'l' as in Lemon?20:25
sinboxyou're not putting the $ in there are you?20:25
alienkidI was20:26
ron_othat just denotes it's command line is all.20:26
ron_oskip the $20:26
sinboxand without it you get results?20:26
ron_owhat prints out? "don't quote it20:27
ron_odoes it recognize your soundcard?20:27
ron_odoes your headphones work?20:27
alienkidat least I think so20:27
ron_oquote one line of it.20:28
ron_oI just didn't want you to paste too much here. :020:28
sinboxyeah, the spambots are watching us20:28
alienkidcard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 1: ALC883 Digital [ALC883 Digital]20:29
ron_ook.. os it's probably in your mixer.20:29
ron_otry $xfce4-mixer20:29
alienkidwhat would it be called in the mixer20:29
alienkidok volume control came up20:30
ron_oprobably HDA intel.. but don't know.20:30
ron_oput everything to max..20:30
ron_oand see ifyou get sound then.20:30
alienkidfound it20:31
ron_othen just fool with it like I do. :)20:31
alienkidmy speakers are making breathing like noises after raising frount20:31
ron_othat has to do with your sound card and or speakers. Not xubuntu.20:32
sinboxmake sure the source is also turned up20:32
ron_oas long as you get sound, you're on your own. :)20:32
* sinbox usually turns everything up to 1120:32
alienkidhow do I test them?20:32
sinboxwhat are you actually playing CD mp3 line in?20:33
sinboxerm let me check if I have enough lecky to start a 3rd machine, brb20:34
bjorn_hi, I turned off the xfce4-panel so now i only got a desktop backgrund. How can i start the panel up in the "default" way again=20:41
sinboxerm start a terminal somehow and type: xfce-panel in it20:45
sinboxoops no xfce on the other machine20:46
bjorn_sinbox, i can but when i close the terminal it closes with it. I want to run it in the background20:47
sinboxadd & at the end of the command line20:48
sinbox"&" without the qoutes20:48
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juanantonioThere someone?21:01
sinboxsort of21:01
juanantonioI had installed Kubuntu 8.04, but I have installed xubuntu desktop from the repos, it is very cool and fast21:02
Elven__hello everyone21:02
juanantoniobut how is that changing my system? Have I the same kernel and system number?21:03
Elven__can someone give me a little hint? how can i install xfce 4.6 to ubuntu intrepid?21:03
sinboxjuanantonio, same as, just the desktop environment changed21:03
juanantonioElven, I am so new, but I run Adept or Synaptic and I installed Xubuntu desktop from the repos21:03
juanantonioSinbox, so i have Xubuntu 8.04 and Kubuntu 8.04, both the same, both 64 bits and so on21:04
Elven__juanantonio: yes, i know, but it will install stable 4.4.2 xfce and i like to test 4.621:04
juanantonioOk, then I can't help you, hehehe, I advised I am so new in Linux and even newer in Xubuntu21:05
Elven__thats ok ;)21:05
sinboxguess you might have to compile it Elven__ or it might be in the beta repositories (sorry don't know how to enable those)21:06
Elven__sure i am looking for beta repositories but cannot find them :(21:06
charlie-tcaElven__: I think it is in proposed21:07
sinboxask in #ubuntu maybe, more people in there21:07
Elven__ok thanks21:07
juanantonioHow can I see the volume circle in the taskbar? I can't just do it by Adding element to panel21:09
charlie-tcajuanantonio: what version of Xubuntu are you using. Normally, right-click the panel and select "Add new item"21:11
juanantonioYes, but I can't see it21:12
juanantonioI use 8.04 and click that21:12
charlie-tcashould be volume control21:12
juanantonioYes, but I click and nothing happens21:14
charlie-tcaLooks like a speaker with a line along side it?21:14
juanantonioI can see up a door, time, transmission item, network and date21:14
charlie-tcaI believe that is a bug then21:15
charlie-tcaYou could report it in launchpad, if it is not already21:15
juanantonioI don't know, if I enter my nephew's session, I can see it ;)21:15
charlie-tcaIt may be conficting with another applet.21:16
j1mcjuanantonio: can you try adding the volume applet to the panel?21:16
juanantoniocharlie, but you know what, I have kubuntu and downloaded Xubuntu desktop, and you know it is not completely compatible, or i think so21:16
sinboxshouldn't really make that much difference as you only run one at a time though (or am I over-positive on this?)21:17
juanantonioI have dragged the item and now it is working, thank you21:17
alienkidHi back again21:17
j1mchi alienkid21:18
j1mccharlie-tca: hello.  :)21:18
charlie-tcaHi j1mc21:18
juanantonioSinbox, that's not correct, I exit and open one or two sessions depending on the programs I am using ;)21:18
alienkidRight now I am trying to network with my brothers Windows XP computer21:19
sinboxoh ok juanantonio21:19
juanantoniofor instance, I prefer instant messeging from KDE and Kopete, but if I am downloading something or web browsing, Xubuntu is very efficient21:19
charlie-tcajuanantonio: I hope it stays when you restart. I remember seeing a bug report on that, and they have to drag it to the panel each restart21:19
juanantonioNo problem, last time it started and the only difference is that I entered KDE session before sliding to Xfce21:20
alienkidfollowing the guide in the xubuntu doc I type "$sudp smbpasswd -1 [myuesrname]" it then asks for my password but I can't type my password(i.e the only key that works is enter)21:20
sinboxalienkid: the password does not appear, just type it and then press enter21:21
alienkidI have but it refuses it21:21
alienkidwould a reboot help?21:22
alienkidok I am just going to stop bugging you guys becuase it seems I have to do everything 3 times before it works21:23
alienkidso bye again21:23
sinboxyou're not bugging us alienkid21:23
juanantonioYes, it is perfect now. The only difference now between KDE and Xfce sessions is only that in KDE I have Compiz running and customized21:23
alienkidok i'll come back if I need more help21:24
sinboxcompiz: wow, I can't run that on the machines I've got :)21:25
NallemanHow is system sound turned off21:27
Nallemanthe annoying "beep"21:27
j1mcNalleman: do you mean the beep?21:27
juanantoniosinbox, I have a powerful machine, but Vista is like Sauron: its needs have no end21:28
j1mcNalleman: this page explains how to do it:  http://tinyurl.com/29kuqw21:29
j1mci've done that myself, and know that it works.21:29
juanantonioand besides, I had a worm in Vista and shifted to Linux, i don't want to know any more of Vista...only, to play ;)21:29
j1mcNalleman: I recommend adding, "blacklist pcspkr" (without the quotes) to your /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist file21:30
j1mcyou can just add "blacklist pcspkr" to the end of that file.21:30
j1mcthat will keep it away between reboots.  if you want it to go away now, just enter, "sudo modprobe -r pcspkr"21:31
sinboxI like this best on your link j1mc : “the system beeps for a reason–it’s trying to tell you something–you should leave it on.”21:31
Nallemanjlmc thanks21:31
alienkidI set up my SMB password but the network places folder isn't in places21:33
alienkidalso I can't find network settings in applications -> system21:34
charlie-tcaalienkid: network settings in not used anymore starting with 8.1021:34
alienkidah outdated doc then...21:35
charlie-tcaRather, Network and Network Tools21:35
j1mcalienkid: you can install gnome-network-admin21:36
sinboxI find samba very hapahazard on my 7.10 :/  I haven't given it a proper try on 8.04 yet21:36
j1mccharlie-tca: what is Network Tools?21:36
charlie-tcaUsed in 8.04 and below to ping, whois, check what the connection is, etc21:36
charlie-tcaIt installed in Applications -> system21:37
alienkidso is there any way to follow along with the doc using the new tools and if so which ones21:37
charlie-tcaWhat doc21:37
alienkidxubuntu doc21:37
robilei installed xmms2 over synaptics but there is no GUI - what can i do? :-(21:38
charlie-tcaWhat is the URL?21:38
alienkidform the Firefox addressbar21:39
NallemanNow i would like to turn of the "drums" and those sounds. i suppose its in a menu somewhere but I cant find it21:39
charlie-tcaConnecting to the internet?21:39
sinboxrobile, check this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=16236921:40
robilesinbox, thank you21:40
sinboxah those drums........ loging sound are great not21:41
charlie-tcaalienkid: do you have the Network manager in the panel?? Looks like two computers...21:41
j1mcNalleman: "sudo aptitude remove ubuntu-sounds"21:42
charlie-tcaright click it and left click "Edit connections"21:42
charlie-tcaShould be one for eth0?21:42
alienkidauto eth0 yes21:43
sinboxj1mc, how would you go about changing the login sounds though (and ideally make them user specific)?21:43
charlie-tcaLeft click it, then click edit21:43
charlie-tcathen click the last tab, change from auto DHCP to manual21:44
j1mcsinbox: applications > settings > login window  (will require you to enter a password) > accessibility21:45
charlie-tcaclick in the addresses window, then click Add21:45
j1mcsinbox: not sure if it can be set user-specific, but i don't think so21:45
charlie-tcaType in the ip address, click in the hilight under netmask, add it, click the hilight under gateway and add it21:45
sinboxwoldn't have thought so either but I thought I'd ask j1mc21:46
charlie-tcaThen click in the white area of addresses again or it won´t save the gateway21:46
alienkidhow do I figure out the gateway and and netmask? Also of which macine??21:47
charlie-tcaIf you are using Static IP, you assign it. The gateway is the ip of the router you use21:48
charlie-tcaNetmask is normally
alienkidhow would I find them though?21:49
Nallemanthunar does not seem to support tabs, is there any other file browser application that does (still lightweight)21:49
charlie-tcaalienkid: I don´t know. You should be able to enter the router configuration and find it there. You can try21:50
charlie-tca192.168.0.1 for most routers, for Linksys21:50
alienkidalso what is it for the machine running Ubuntu or  the one running windows(the IP address I mean21:51
charlie-tcaj1mc: The docs are out of date for 8.10 Connecting to the Internet.21:51
charlie-tcaGateway and netmask stay the same for both21:52
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juanantonioNalleman, try PC Man Folder21:52
charlie-tcaalienkid: Are you running both machines at the same time21:52
juanantonioor something like that, it is the one coming with lXDE desktop21:52
juanantonioNalleman, PCMan File Manager21:53
adrifthello everyone. I have a few issues I was hoping someone could help me with in Xubuntu, and please excuse my chat etiquette as I don't use IRC all that much anymore. Problem 1: I just lowered the resolution and I'm finding that the wallpaper now looks sorta fuzzy, as though the color settings have been set lower with the change in resolution. Is anyone aware of this sort of issue, and is there a way to fix it?21:53
Nallemanjuanantonio, ok, will do21:54
juanantonioNalleman, it works very fast, and lloks similar to Thunar21:54
charlie-tcaadrift: is it an LCD?21:54
adriftits an old Dell laptop21:54
charlie-tcaA lot of LCD's have fixed resolution for the best image. Any change makes it fuzzy21:55
adriftdarn. the fixed resolution was just too tiny.21:55
adriftok well thank you Charlie21:55
charlie-tcago in and change the dpi setting.21:56
alienkidcharlie both machines are on21:56
adriftthe dpi setting? where would that be?21:57
charlie-tcaadrift: Applications -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> User Interface21:57
alienkidI found the command to see IP address and things it's "ifconfig"21:57
alienkidin a terminal21:57
charlie-tcaadrift: Font DPI21:57
charlie-tcachange the number to bigger for bigger fonts, I think21:57
adriftcharlie-tca ok i'll try that. thank21:58
charlie-tcano problem.21:58
charlie-tcaalienkid: Yes. Does that give the gateway and IP you wanted?21:58
alienkidI can't understand what it printed out21:59
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)21:59
charlie-tcaPaste it to pastebin and I'll look at it21:59
charlie-tcaNormally for two systems, either you let DHCP handle it or you assign the IP addresses yourself22:00
charlie-tcaAccording to that, you are connected using IP, Netmask is, I don't see a gateway22:02
charlie-tcaYou should have the internet up and running22:02
charlie-tcaYour gateway is probably by that, since the Broadcast Address is
alienkidinternet is but I can't see my windows machines22:04
charlie-tcaThat's different. Install pyneighborhood22:05
charlie-tcaThen I don´t know how to make it work after that.22:05
alienkidso I can change method back to automatic22:06
charlie-tcaIf that works, yes.22:06
charlie-tcaJust hit cancel if the window is still open22:07
alienkidalso how can I stop ubuntu from beeping every time I try to move past the end of a line of text22:07
charlie-tcaMine don´t beep. Which program? or is it all of them?22:07
alienkidand search boxes in firefox22:08
charlie-tcaXChat is Settings -> Preferences -> Sounds; turn off the item you don´t want to hear.22:09
juanantonioGo to KDE, bye22:09
charlie-tcaFirefox I don´t know.22:09
charlie-tcaTo turn off the speaker, scroll xchat up to j1mc telling how.22:10
alienkiddinner bye22:11
charlie-tcaYou´re welcome. I´m glad I could help. Good luck22:11
adriftcharlie-tca: I changed the dpi and it looks a lot better now. Thanks. ok I have a second question. I'd like to add an icon or two to the desktop. As far as I can tell though, there are only a select few file/launcer icons that you can add to the desktop. Is there a way to add more?22:14
Nallemannow that i downloaded my new file browser (pcmanfm) how can i make it default?22:20
robileis there a way (plugin?) to get xmms to show a window in which other playlistS are shown? to be able to switch between the playlists?22:26
ThePubadrift: what do you mean by "an icon"?  you want to put folders, files, or something on the desktop?22:29
Nallemancan I make click default for opening files?22:30
Nallemansingle click that is22:30
adriftThePub, essentially, yes22:31
adriftah he's gone22:31
adriftwelcome back ThePub22:32
adriftanyways, to answer your question. yeah, that's sorta what i was getting at. I wanted to be able to launch swiftfox from the desktop.22:32
ThePubI've never had occasion to want to do that, and it doesn't appear as easy as dragging from the menu.  Although you can drag any file from the file manager to the desktop as a copy, link, or move.22:36
adrifthmm... i guess the question then is how to add swiftfox to the file manager so that I can drag it from there to the desktop.22:38
juanantonioHello, I am back again23:05

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