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mcohendoes anyone know how to turn off ome applets that take up memory, make sure they don't start when the computer starts00:48
mcohenlike nm-applet and update-notifier00:49
crimsundisable them in the session00:50
mcohenI can kill them, how do I disable them?00:50
crimsunSystem> Preferences> Sessions00:51
crimsunor, you could remove their desktop files from /etc/xdg/autostart/00:51
mcohenif I'm using xubuntu, I installed edubuntu-desktop which installs ubuntu-desktop00:54
mcohenthat means I now have gnome on my machine right?00:54
mcohenah k, I can disable gnome startup services then01:01
mcohenin the interest of lowering memory footprint01:01
* LaserJock reads Brainstorm and gets depressed02:38
mike_hey there, anyone wanna help me out with a problem02:48
LaserJockmike__: if you throw out your question somebody may be able to help you02:54
nubaeLaserJock: why is kitten and klettres not in edubuntu04:52
nubaeboth are in main04:52
nubaewait kiten is universe, but klettres is in main04:53
nubaeshould be in edubuntu seed04:53
LaserJocknubae: what release?04:54
nubaeintrepid even04:54
LaserJockthere were some historical reasons I believe04:54
nubaeok, so maybe for jaunty it should be in there?04:55
LaserJockwe need to make sure it's not dropped from KDE04:55
nubaeI'm getting another rule then, just cause its in main, don't mean it goes in edubuntu :p04:55
LaserJockthat's true04:56
LaserJockit has to be in the seed04:56
nubaeright, just thinking about Jaunty now though04:56
LaserJockif it's still in Main I think it should be in the seed04:57
LaserJockso check to make sure it's still there and in Main in Jaunty04:57
nubaeit is04:58
nubae4:4.1.85-0ubuntu1: amd64 i38604:58
nubaeI thought a little more about linking something to the version, maybe we should link to the packages.ubuntu.com link?04:59
nubaeright well, hardy app list done now too05:07
nubaeI'll upload to the site05:07
nubaein terms of a web editor replacement for screem, there is also kompozer and quanta, for me, both have had problems, but just thought I'd mention it since bluefish is not a wysiwyg editor05:30
LaserJockyeah, we should look at what's the best05:31
LaserJockI would say for each addition/replacement/removal we should start a thread on the mailing list05:31
LaserJockI gotta run, getting to be bed time05:32
LaserJockcya tomorrow most likely05:32
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billbaltedubuntu addons don't  seem to work12:47
billbaltHow do I add the various edubuntu packages12:47
nubaehmm, not very pacient12:51
nothingmanhi, all14:47
Ahmuckgood morning16:13
highvoltagehi Ahmuck an LaserJockie16:31
LaserJockhow's my favorite South African?16:34
highvoltagedoing good thanks. just got out of the pool. the heat was killing me16:35
highvoltagehow are you doing LaserMan?16:36
LaserJockthe heat!16:37
LaserJockit's been freezing here16:38
LaserJockjust above 0 C right now16:38
LaserJockhighvoltage: I'm surviving. still trying to finish the PhD and save the world ;-)16:40
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highvoltageLaserJock: wow, that's cold. we must swap some C's.16:49
LaserJockhighvoltage: it got to around -15 C at the coldest here so far this winter16:54
LaserJockbut my parents has -31 C16:55
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LaserJockanybody heard of "Shoes", a programming learning environment18:27
alkisghttp://shoooes.net/ - no, I've only heard of scratch, http://info.scratch.mit.edu/Linux_installer18:32
LaserJockI was just reading an article on educational programming environments18:41
LaserJockand they mentioned Scratch, Alice, and Shoes18:41
alkisgThis one? http://www.linux.com/feature/15520318:42
alkisgI've only heard of scratch, it's very good, and better now that they have a linux version! :)18:42
LaserJockyeah, that's the article18:42
LaserJockwhat I liked about Shoes was it was written in Ruby18:42
LaserJockScratch is Squeak and Alice is Java18:44
LaserJockShoes also seems fairly open source18:45
alkisgWhat I liked about scratch is its environment, I haven't tried it in a classroom yet but I think the kids will be interested in it. Fortunately with the new books we're teaching I'll get to try it next year.18:46
LaserJockyeah, scratch is definitely more geared towards younger users18:49
LaserJockI think shoes might be good for secondary18:49
alkisgYou know, I'm not yet sure what primary vs secondary vs high school is... Primary = ages 6 to 12, secondary = 12 to 14, and high school = 15 to 17? I'm teaching to 12-14 year old kids...18:51
alkisgAlso, there are some countries where primary = 6 to 10...18:52
LaserJocksecondary is supposed to be roughly high school18:52
LaserJockI'm not sure where junior high would fit in exactly18:52
alkisg...so high school is 15 to 17? and junior high = 12 to 14?18:53
LaserJockwell, that's normally right in the US18:54
LaserJocknot sure in terms of primary, secondary, tertiary where junior high would fit18:55
LaserJockwe might want to put some age ranges on those18:55
alkisgAh, ok, so I'm not a secondary school teacher as I thought, I'm teaching in a junior high school! :) Good to know! :P18:55
LaserJockwell, I don't know exactly18:56
alkisgI don't know if even age ranges will cover it. E.g. we use Lego with kids 12-14 years old, while other countries use Lego only on primary schools18:56
LaserJockI know elementary would be primary and high school secondary, but the middle I don't know18:56
LaserJockwe might need to ask RichEd18:59
alkisgAh, I just asked my wife, she visited the US last year. We have 6 + 3 + 3 years in schools, while you have 5 years elementary, 3 middle school (=junior high) and 4 years high school19:00
Ahmucki'd like to see a python learning environment19:02
LaserJockalkisg: that's right19:03
LaserJockAhmuck: that would be very cool indeed19:03
alkisgAhmuck: Yeah, me too.19:04
LaserJockwe did have work on a python teaching app that would "grade" python19:04
alkisgAhmuck: did you manage to solve your network problems?19:05
Ahmucknot yet.  i dropped back to thin clients for the time being19:06
alkisgAh, ok19:06
Ahmucknow that the fat client script is bug free, i'm going to try a test in a vm first19:06
LaserJockAhmuck: what were you going to use fat clients for?19:06
Ahmuckthen if i get good networking there, i may backup users directories and overwrite the system19:07
Ahmuckartrage, blender, kdenlive, etc.19:07
LaserJockand not do local apps?19:07
Ahmuckwhat do local apps19:07
AhmuckSDL is a problem19:08
Ahmucki'm looking at a number of apps, and i've tried them on the tihin client side, and they don't work19:08
Ahmuckbut blender did not work on the fat client side either19:09
Ahmucki've got mixed feelings about ltsp19:09
alkisgI think when multiseat is ready, it'll be much more powerfull than ltsp19:10
alkisgBut 'till then, ltsp is fine for non-graphic intensive applications19:10
Ahmuckshoes looks so kewl19:14
Ahmuckmultiseat ?19:14
Ahmucki'm really after multi-seat19:14
Ahmuckif i can't get that, then ltsp fat clients19:14
LaserJocklocal apps should give you decent results for graphic-intensive apps though shouldn't it?19:17
Ahmuckit may, i don't know.  i've not tried local apps19:18
Ahmuckartrage is a windows program via wine19:18
Ahmuckit's slower, but it does work19:18
LaserJockI would think you'd try local apps before fat clients19:18
Ahmuckdid nubae drop out of the fat client arena?19:19
Ahmuckdid i miss something?19:19
LaserJockI don't know19:19
Ahmuckone of the problems iwth thin clients is SDL19:19
Ahmucki'm having problems with that19:20
LaserJockright, but local apps are local apps19:20
LaserJockI would think it would help19:20
highvoltageLaserJock: -15C? -31C? that's insane!20:05
nothingmanhey, you were talking about educational programming environments20:05
* highvoltage didn't realise such cold places can be inhabitable20:05
nothingmanGuido von Robot is one in python20:05
nothingmanI use that with my students20:06
nothingmankind of fun, making up the worlds in it20:06
nothingmana good challenge besides the actual instruction part20:06
LaserJocknothingman: cool20:07
LaserJockhighvoltage: it's only that cold for a while20:08
nothingmanLaserJock, it's that cold where you live?20:09
nothingmanI mean, I'm in upstate NY, and it's not that bad here :-P20:09
nothingmanrelatedly, has anyone seen today's XKCD?20:10
LaserJocknothingman: it was that cold at my parents house in MT20:11
LaserJockit was -15C here20:11
AhmuckLaserJock: point me to local apps?20:12
Ahmuckbtw, shoooes looks really neat20:12
LaserJockAhmuck: stgraber would be the best to talk to20:16
highvoltagenothingman: today's xkcd was awesome :)20:17
LaserJockI haven't had "spit goes clunk" but I've had it basically freeze before hitting the ground20:18
Ahmuckis there a place to download them?20:20
LaserJockAhmuck: download what?20:20
Ahmucker, download "local app:20:20
LaserJockit's a part of LTSP20:20
Ahmuckack, my typing is terrible today20:20
Ahmuckah, ok.  i'm fumble around20:20
LaserJockyou basically install the apps into the chroot20:21
LaserJockso they are available on the client20:21
nothingmanLaserJock: isn't that just the fat client Ahmuck was trying to make?20:26
nothingmanI might be confused20:26
LaserJockthey're a bit different I think20:27
LaserJocka fat client has a hard drive and a local install of the OS20:27
LaserJockbut often gets $HOME from the server and things like that20:28
Ahmuckum, not nubae's fat client20:28
Ahmuckit uses the proc and mem from the client, but everything else is done on the server20:28
LaserJockah, then he's actually doing local apps20:28
Ahmuckand it can use a swap partition on the client as well20:28
Ahmuckiirc, local apps allow you to customize the app menu so that you can have fat and thin clients booting20:38
LaserJockwell, my history of it is that what you call "fat clients" is local apps20:39
LaserJockwhich includes the app menu working right20:40
LaserJockthe use of fat clients I'm used to is to mean a client which has a hard drive and locally installed OS, but relies on the server for some services20:41
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LinusUAnyone that can help with local apps on ltsp?22:14
LaserJockLinusU: you can ask your question here or perhaps even better would be #ltsp22:21

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