Hobbseemwhudson: can your vague recollection remember when that was cherrypicked?00:00
Hobbseerecent or ages ago, or no idea?  ;)00:01
Hobbsee(wasn't asking for a particular month)00:01
gmbHobbsee: Just reproduced it meself. Whether it's with launchpad-integration or malone I can't tell.00:01
gmbHobbsee: I'll add a malone task for it and look into it properly in the morning.00:01
gmbThanks for letting us know :)00:02
Hobbseegmb: OK, cool.  I guess it is nighttime for you00:02
Hobbseeyou're welcome :)00:02
mwhudsonah, i was thinking of https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-launchpad-bugs/+bug/30930700:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 309307 in python-launchpad-bugs "apport fails to file bugreports" [High,Fix committed]00:02
mwhudsonwhich is a bit similar, a bit different00:02
gmbHobbsee: Just gone midnight... nice way to start the new working year :)00:02
* mwhudson needs to get lunch before his stomach eats itself from the inside, biab00:02
Hobbseegmb: ah.  if you wait, and refresh the page, it works.00:04
gmbHobbsee: Ah, patience was never my virtue...00:04
Hobbseegmb: neither, but I read the comments on the bug mwhudson pointed out, and the last comment said "wait, refresh, and it'll work".  Sure enough, it did ;)00:05
* Hobbsee assumes that means LP isn't generating the reports so quickly anymore, or similar00:06
gmbHobbsee: IIRC (and I may not) lp-integration uploads something to the librarian. The last part of the URL is some kind of librarian file ID hash for the debug data.00:07
Hobbseethat sounds reasonable.00:07
Hobbsee(based on what it says about it gathering data to send to LP)00:07
gmbThe way it behaves looks as though etiher a) the upload didn't complete before the lp-integration sent the browser to the +filebug page or b) the librarian is being shonky about new file ids.00:09
james_wgmb: launchpad is now for some reason requiring the title to be specified00:09
james_wadd "?field.title=foo" to the url apport sends you to and it works00:10
james_wthe only time apport doesn't set that is with the things like "Report a problem", not with the crash reports and the like00:11
james_wah, sorry, caught up00:11
james_wit was probably just refreshing then00:11
* gmb stops trying to type a coherent "wait and refresh" answer00:11
gmbjames_w: Doest lp-integration wait for the upload to complete before sending you to +filebug?00:12
gmbOh, English no work anymore.00:12
* Hobbsee hands gmb a beer.00:12
Hobbseetry that00:12
* gmb drinks00:12
gmbHobbsee: Much better, thank you.00:12
james_wgmb: I believe so, the "blob id" at the end of url is apparently returned by lp in a response header from uploading the blob00:13
Hobbseegmb: :)00:13
* Hobbsee removes the desk, too00:13
gmbSo the upload completes and then Launchpad sort of sticks its fingers in its ears and says "lalala, I can't hear you" for a bit.00:13
gmbMolto bene.00:13
Hobbseeit's virus scanning?  :P00:13
gmbHobbsee, james_w: Right, thanks. I'll update the bug report. Damn proprietary software.00:15
Hobbseecool :)00:15
jameshwhy would Launchpad do any virus scanning?  It isn't as if it tries to run attachments00:15
gmbStill, only seven-and-a-bit-moths to go.00:15
Hobbseejamesh: I was joking ;)00:15
Hobbseeare they crunchy?00:16
gmbHobbsee: Soft, with a chewy centre.00:16
gmbTaste of liquorice.00:16
Hobbseeew.  can't stand liqourice.00:16
gmbOh, I can't spell "month" but I can spell "liquorice"00:16
Hobbseepity, as they started to sound appearing00:16
gmbIt's catching.00:17
Hobbseeoh noes, oh noes!00:17
gmbRight, bug report updated. I'm off to bed before more of my brain fails.00:21
gmbI'll look into this first thing tomorrow.00:21
Hobbseeenjoy :)00:21
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MTecknologyHobbsee: ping pong03:44
jmlso, if a trac instance is running the Launchpad plugin, how do I get a Launchpad bug for an arbitrary trac bug?04:11
jameshjml: are you talking about the case where there is a Launchpad bug linked up?04:15
jmljamesh: well, I don't know if there's a Launchpad bug linked up.04:15
jameshjml: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/<tracker-name>/<remote-bug-id> might help04:16
jameshif there is a matching LP bug, you'll get redirected04:17
jamesh(this is independent of any plugins on the remote system04:17
jameshI added that URL for the Ubuntu Bugzilla migration 3 years back04:19
jmland if there isn't, I guess I'll get a 40404:22
jml(cos that's what I got)04:22
jameshyeah.  And if there are multiple bugs, it gives you a list04:24
jameshyou can probably get a better answer if you ask at a different time04:24
* jml nods04:27
jmlgmb sleeps too much :P04:27
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faledI have heard that multi-PPA is coming, is that true?10:47
bigjoolsfaled: it's being implemented in stages and will start making an appearance soon10:48
bigjoolsit won't be fully operational for 2-3 releases of LP10:48
faledbigjools: the policy will be that each ppa have 1gb or the total will be 1gb or the policy is still not defined?10:49
faledI see10:49
bigjoolsfaled: currently we'll do the same quota over all the user's PPAs10:50
bigjoolsbut it can be increased on a case-by-case basis10:50
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faledbigjools: the Team-PPA have the same 1gb limit?10:51
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faledbigjools: thankyou for your answers13:07
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jcastrobarry: when you get a chance can you "reset" the mailing list request for ~ubuntu-pk? I declined them when I shouldn't have.15:32
barryjcastro: done.  we really should make you a mailing list expert so you can do this too15:33
barryjcastro: wait, you /are/ a mailing list expert, so i think you can do it15:33
jcastrooh, I just don't know how15:33
jcastrois there an admin page or something?15:34
CarlFKis there a way to change my lp username?  (other than creating a new account)15:43
andrea-bsCarlFK: sure: go to https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+edit15:44
CarlFKwill my PPA url change too?15:44
andrea-bsyes, it will, but I don't know if it will happen immediately15:44
bigjoolsif you have a ppa, changing your name would be bad15:45
al-maisanandrea-bs: in other words, yes.15:45
CarlFKbigjools: I havn't told anyone about my ppa yet15:46
bigjoolsCarlFK: does it have anything in it?15:46
CarlFK1 thing15:46
CarlFKI can delete/recreate it easy enough15:46
bigjoolsdelete it first before you rename15:46
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bigjoolsbut you'll need to upload a newer version15:46
bigjoolsthen you're good to go15:47
CarlFKwhere do I report bugs? like the dups in " You may have used your identifier on the following       sites:  http://www.ustream.tv/, http://www.ustream.tv/, https://sourceforge.net, https://sourceforge.net.15:48
bigjoolsCarlFK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug15:51
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CarlFKbigjools: I deleted from ppa, but dput errors: Already uploaded to ppa.launchpad.net15:58
bigjoolsCarlFK: increment the version15:58
bigjoolsyou can force it paste dput with -f, but Launchpad will reject it15:59
mptleonardr, has there been any discussion of how to handle performance-related bug reports?15:59
mptleonardr, I'm looking particularly at bug 106452 and bug 305630, both of which are general "please make Launchpad faster kthx"16:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 106452 in malone "Launchpad Bugs is slow to use/painful on slow internet connection" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10645216:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 305630 in launchpad "Please improve performance of launchpad.net" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30563016:00
mptflacoste, ^^^^16:01
mptNormally I'm all in favor of reporting bugs about problems rather than solutions, but "Launchpad is too slow" is a problem that needs lots of unrelated fixes16:02
mptShould there be a "performance" tag instead?16:02
CarlFKbigjools: debuild says gpg: skipped "Carl Karsten <carl@dell29.personnelware.com>": secret key not available16:05
leonardrmpt: a performance tag is a good first step, just gather together all the parts people complain the most about16:06
bigjoolsCarlFK: in the build log, or locally?16:07
bigjoolsCarlFK: so your signing key is not available16:25
CarlFKit was a few days ago :)16:25
mptleonardr, ok16:27
al-maisanCarlFK: this seems to be unrelated to building/uploading .. your secret gnupg is not there .. do you have a backup16:46
al-maisanif so, please restore $HOME/.gnupg from backup and try again.16:47
CarlFKal-maisan: looks there to me: http://dpaste.com/105637/16:48
maxbCarlFK: Do gpg --list-secret-keys16:48
al-maisanCarlFK: what maxb said ^^16:49
CarlFKhttp://dpaste.com/105639/  (key listed)16:49
al-maisanCarl Karsten <carl@dell29.personnelware.com>16:49
al-maisanCarl Karsten (pythonista) <carl@personnelware.com>16:50
al-maisanCarlFK: ^^16:50
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CarlFKal-maisan: where did I specify my keyid?  80E61AF4  (i remember doing it, but can't see where now16:55
al-maisanwhich email address is used in the debian/changelog file?16:56
al-maisanin the top-most stanza?16:56
cprovCarlFK: `debuild -S -sa -k0x80E61AF4`, maybe ?16:56
maxbCarlFK: Is @dell29... a real email address? Looks like an autogenerated hostname16:57
maxbYou should probably fix that email address in debian/changelog and/or debian/control16:57
CarlFKdell29 is my local box, so no16:58
CarlFKthis fixed it: debuild -S -sa -k0x80E61AF416:58
al-maisanthat's good news :)16:59
al-maisanthanks cprov !16:59
cprovCarlFK: set your ~/.devscripts with DEBSIGN_KEYID="80E61AF4", it will be the default.17:00
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nemosooo, you know, an easy way to support CSS but not JS is to simply add the hide class (or hardcoded display: none style, whatever) to those expand/collapse in JS :-/17:10
nemothis comment tossed out there after hitting https://launchpad.net/~pktoss/+archive and discovering I had to disable CSS to see the packages.17:10
nemooh, and it'd be really really really nice if launchpad exposed an ID for comments so that I can link to a comment in the context of the bug using the hash.17:14
nemoeven nicer if it included a link for that, but there isn't even an ID if I view source17:14
mptleonardr, done17:38
homyHi! Is more than one day in the "Needs Review" status for uploaded Translation files normal?17:59
mrevellhomy: It can be, yes. New files require manual review and at this time of year there may be a small backlog. danilos can you confirm?18:03
beunomrevell, AFAIK danilos is on leave until next week18:03
mrevellthanks beuno18:04
homyok, so I guess I'll just wait some more. Thanks.18:05
beunohomy, we'll try and get the proper people aware of it, but it may take a little bit while everyone catches up   :)18:06
jcastrobarry: when you get a chance if you could point me on how to do the list admin stuff18:06
soci want to upload my source package to my ppa, to try it, how can i do that?18:41
milos_i have register a project by mistake on launchpad. How can I delete it? I don't need it.18:52
beunomilos_, which project?18:52
milos_beuno, https://launchpad.net/mmilos18:52
beunoherb, mthaddon, can one of you nuke it  ^18:53
GoundyGuys I initialised a branch on launchpad ... etc. Now when I do commits and then: bzr push sometimes it just work18:53
mthaddonbeuno: sure18:53
Goundybut sometimes It returns error: no specified location18:54
beunomthaddon, thanks18:54
milos_beuno, mthaddon thanks!18:54
Goundyand I've to do: bzr push lp:~project/branch18:54
Goundyhow come ?18:54
beunoGoundy, sometimes?  the first time you have to specify the location, from then on, for that branch, it will remember18:54
mthaddonmilos_: can you ask a question on LP asking for it to be deleted and let me know the URL of the question so I can verify you're the owner of the project?18:54
milos_mthaddon, ok18:55
Goundybeuno well sometimes it works and sometimes it ask me for location that's weird :/18:55
beunoGoundy, it is. It shouldn't. This is the same branch all the time?18:55
Goundybeuno yup :/18:56
beunoGoundy, I can't think of anything that would do that18:56
beunoare you using different users?18:56
Goundybeuno no one unique user18:57
beunoGoundy, what version of bzr are you using?18:57
beunoalso, take a peak in ~/.bazaar/locations.conf18:57
beunoand see if the location for the branch is set18:57
Goundybeuno 1.1018:58
Goundywow beuno I've no locations.conf :/18:58
Goundybeuno well look there's no problem I'll reinit a new local branch and retry with a fresh checkout18:59
Goundythanks ;)18:59
milos_mthaddon, https://answers.launchpad.net/mmilos/+question/56446 would this be enough or I need to specify more info?19:00
mthaddonmilos_: that's fine, thx19:01
milos_mthaddon, great :)19:01
mthaddonok, that's done19:01
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beunoGoundy, maybe there's a permissions problem?19:05
beunodo you have a ~/.bazaar dir?19:05
beunodoes your user own it?19:05
Goundybeuno yep: drwxr-xr-x   2 goundy goundy     4096 Jan  4 05:13 .bazaar19:06
beunoGoundy, and if you try to push now, does it know it's location?19:07
Goundybeuno hold a second pushing19:07
Goundybeuno yes it works but it'll break later :/19:08
beunoGoundy, when it does, take a peak at ~/.bzr.log19:08
beunoyou can also try and find an error now19:08
Goundybeuno okay ;) thank you man19:08
beunoif you remember roughly when it happened last time19:08
soci have uploaded a source package to launchpad, how long will it take until it shows up in the webfrontend?19:08
beunosoc, once you get the SUCCESS email, maybe 10 minutes19:09
beunoGoundy, if you run into it again, feel free to hop into #bzr and we'll try to figure it out  :)19:09
socah ok19:10
Goundybeuno Okay Next time it happens I'll past up my logs and come to ask on bzr channel ;)19:10
Goundythanks again19:10
GoundyTime to sleep ;)19:10
GoundyGood night19:10
maxbOoh, signed PPAs are on the way? Is there progress information on how may PPAs have had keys produced yet anywhere?19:11
beunomaxb, it's being tested on a few, not sure when it's planned to be deployed on all projects19:12
beunojust *today* all the developers got back from a 2 week break19:13
maxbOh :-/.  news.launchpad.net hinted that it was just an automated process that needed to complete churning through all the PPAs19:14
ScottKThat was how it sounded to me too.19:14
beunomaybe that's the case, I know I've had to add the key for a few of them19:15
beunobut I'm not sure on the status19:15
beunomaybe the process was paused during the holidays in case any problems arised19:15
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maxbhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/125103 -- "We are depending on some hardware rearrangement for being able to generate all (1k8) keys needed. That will be done soon.".  Ah.19:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 125103 in soyuz "ppa archives are not signed" [High,Fix released]19:17
beunothere you go19:17
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TABASCOCould somebody please explain what "sprints" are?19:38
TABASCOLike it's mentioned here: http://news.launchpad.net/12-days-of-launchpad/day-two-sprints-and-meetings19:39
MTecknologySo - there's no way to import a lists.ubuntu.com mailing list to LP - is there?19:40
gsuvegive updatet my gpg key, how long i need to wait if it works ?19:41
leonardrTABASCO: a sprint is a real-world event where people get together in the same room and do intense work on some project19:41
MTecknologygsuveg: usually it's immediate19:41
leonardrlaunchpad helps you put sprints together19:41
TABASCOleonardr: Mhm, okay. That is a little weird...19:42
gsuvegMTecknology, thanks, sound like pebkac :)19:42
TABASCOleonardr: We are currently trying to translate this for the German Issue of the UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter :)19:42
MTecknologygsuveg: as much as it sucks, it's usually the case - wait 15min just to be sure. There's a way you can search for your key too19:43
leonardrTABASCO: it's a term of art in the agile world, so there is probably a standard german translation for it19:43
gsuvegPermission denied (publickey).19:43
MTecknologygsuveg: http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/ <- you can search keys here19:44
gsuvegMTecknology, thanks19:44
MTecknologyCoudl I get simebody to hide one of the contact emails for my team?19:44
MTecknologyElse I can add a question and request it if that's preferred. We're switching from lists.ubuntu.com to LP19:45
gsuvegMTecknology, moment. for bzr push i need gpg not pgp19:46
gsuvegMTecknology, or?19:46
MTecknologyyup - gpg19:46
MTecknologypgp is proprietary iirc19:46
gsuvegbut keyserver not for gpg ? :)19:46
MTecknologyI wonder if I'm wrong... My keys are in ~/.gnupg/19:49
gsuvegfor bzr push i need ssh or gnupg ?19:50
beunogsuveg, ssh19:51
gsuvegthen .ssh/19:51
gsuvegbeuno, how can i test is ?19:51
gsuvegwhats wrong ?19:51
beunogsuveg, try: ssh bazaar.launchpad.net -vv19:51
beunoand see where the error is19:51
beunohave you added your public key to your launchpad profile?19:52
gsuvegbeuno, yepp. thanks19:52
gsuvegof course19:52
gsuvegdebug1: Authentication succeeded (publickey).19:52
beunogsuveg, and have you told bzr your Launchpad login with:  bzr launchpad-login username ?19:52
gsuvegbut i've chane my ssh key19:52
gsuvegits cashed maybe?19:53
beunonot by bzr19:53
gsuvegNo shells on this server.19:53
gsuvegConnection to bazaar.launchpad.net closed.19:53
beunoright, that's normail19:53
gsuvegits sound goog ?19:53
gsuvegthats right19:53
beunowhat does bzr say then?19:53
beunotry adding: -Dhpss19:53
beunoto the bzr command19:54
gsuvegPermission denied (publickey).19:54
beunoand take a peak in ~/.bzr.log19:54
gsuvegbeuno, i put it pastebin19:56
gsuvegbeuno, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/100541/19:57
beunoah, bzr is blowing up19:58
beunowhat version of bzr do you have?19:58
gsuvegBazaar (bzr) 1.6.119:58
beunoand you installed from a package or from source?19:58
gsuvegi think package ;)19:59
gsuvegyes package19:59
gsuvegim renstall19:59
beunogsuveg, sounds like a bug in bzr, care to file it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr19:59
gsuvegbeuno, cool :)20:00
gsuvegbeuno, im reinstall and we see20:02
gsuvegif same error bugreport20:02
beunogsuveg, cool, thanks20:03
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gsuvegbeuno, same :((20:06
gsuvegi cry20:06
beunogsuveg, are you on Ubuntu?20:07
gsuvegno hack20:07
beunowell, file the bug, and we'll see if any of the bzr developers can help find the problem20:07
gsuvegif i good remember ;)20:07
beunoI've never seen that traceback20:07
gsuvegbeuno, loog python on /usr/lib20:08
gsuvegnot opt or usr/local20:08
gsuvegmaybe pebkac ;)20:08
gsuvegbeuno, thans anyway20:10
beunogsuveg, np. File the bug with the traceback, and we'll figure it out20:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314149 in bzr "bzr crashed in branch and push with lauchnpad" [Undecided,New]20:11
gsuvegi need test it on my acer one :)20:15
NCommanderQuestion, for build-deps, do I have to wait for something to be published before dependencies can load it?20:22
jkakarrockstar: Heya.  Is there a way for me to remove a rejected branch from a project's merge proposal queue?20:26
gsuvegthanks for comment20:29
gsuvegin few min im test on acerone20:30
rockstarjkakar, set the merge rejected, or supersede it.20:30
gsuvegthis is fresh intrepid20:30
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jkakarrockstar: How do I do that?  I've just discovered that I can delete the merge proposal, but that will lose the history, right?20:35
jkakarrockstar: I'm trying to reject this proposal: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jkakar/lazr-js/editor-typo-fail/+merge/251320:36
rockstarjkakar, when you're looking at the merge proposal, you see the status as Needs Review.20:36
jkakarrockstar: Yes.20:36
rockstarjkakar, you should see an edit link there.20:36
jkakarrockstar: I tried changing the status, but there was no 'Reject'.20:36
rockstarjkakar, it's Rejected apparently20:37
jkakarrockstar: I see 'Work in progress', 'Needs review', 'Merged' and 'Resubmit'.20:37
rockstar*sigh* Apparently I get to see extra stuff.20:37
rockstarjkakar, so call it Resubmit.20:37
rockstarOr, supersede that proposal with a new one.20:38
jkakarrockstar: Looks like 'Resubmit' superceded the merge proposal and created a new one. :)20:39
MTecknologySo - how can I view archives of the mailing list?20:39
* rockstar facepalms20:39
jkakarrockstar: I guess I can delete this merge proposal now, without affecting the previous one.20:39
rockstarjkakar, yeah.  I should look into why you can't set it as Rejected.20:40
jkakarrockstar: Yep, that worked.20:40
jkakarrockstar: Thanks! :)20:40
spmMTecknology: go to the groups page; click on the "Mailing list archive" link. eg: https://edge.launchpad.net/~launchpad-users ==> https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-users/20:41
MTecknologyoh - ty20:43
rockstarjkakar, glad to have helped in some twisted and rather broken way.  :)20:43
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NCommanderCan PPAs handle u-debs?20:53
NCommander(i.e., if I was to toss d-i into a PPA, would I get back udeb's properly?)20:53
MTecknologyIf any LP admins could find some time to answer launchpad/+question/56455 I would really appreciate it.20:56
cody-somervilleNCommander, best way to find out is to try ;] (I hypothesis that it can and will)20:59
NCommandercody-somerville, fun, since it seems I'll have some d-i hacking in my future21:00
gsuvegbeuno, same error on my acer one21:04
beunogsuveg, that's *very* odd21:06
beunodo you have access to any other branche sin launchpad?21:06
gsuvegbeuno, but this is very pure install21:06
gsuvegbeuno, not realy21:06
beunogsuveg, *maybe* it's a problem with that branch, but I'm just guessing21:07
gsuvegbeuno, i can give u access21:07
gsuvegto test21:07
beunogsuveg, alright, go for it21:08
gsuvegmsg me plz usename and password :D21:08
gsuvegsry :)21:08
gsuvegonly username21:08
beunooddly enough  :)21:08
jkakarrockstar: Interesting side effect of 'Resubmit' was a 'no gpg signature' failure from PQM because I'd originally bzr push'd the branch up.21:09
rockstarjkakar, are you sure that's what did it?  I get those notifications all the time.21:09
rockstarI'd like to be able to track them down.21:09
jkakarrockstar: I'm not sure, but I just got this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/100575/21:10
jkakarrockstar: I do know that I never signed the branch with bzr send or anything like that.21:10
rockstarjkakar, yea, I get those emails randomly all the time.  Landscape just barely started using PQM, right?21:10
gsuvegbeuno, finisht21:13
jkakarrockstar: We're not using it yet, though I think it's almost ready for us to switch over.21:13
rockstarjkakar, that might be what's causing it to.  Maybe those all powerful LOSAs are configuring it or something.21:14
jkakarrockstar: Could be, but this was for the lazr-js project, not Landscape.21:15
rockstarjkakar, I don't see anything specific in that error that points to lazr-js21:16
spmjkakar: rockstar: we've generally seen those when your gpg key's primary email is different from the one you send from. If memory servers. pqm doesn't seem to deal well with multiple emails per key21:16
spm... errr did that actually come across as coherent?21:16
rockstarjkakar, it's just a generic error.21:16
rockstarspm, that makes sense, is coherent, and points to the fact that pqm is a a steaming pile o' shite.21:17
spmrockstar: be fair! I've known some very nice steaming piles o' shite! ;-)21:18
rockstarspm, you've met my in-laws!?21:18
spmI have my own :-)21:18
gsuvegbeuno, tahnks21:23
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macoi'm a member of the launchpad-users group.  i receive the messages sent to the launchpad-user mailing list hosted by launchpad.  confusingly, messages i send to the list are being moderated as if i wasn't a subscriber to the list (even though i am).  any ideas what's up?22:14
jmlbarry: ^^22:14
macooh...makes sense...barry's irc nick is barry22:16
barrymaco: yeah, i'm sooo creative :)22:16
barrymaco: what's your lp id?22:16
macobarry: maco.m22:18
barrymaco: is it possible that you're sending your messages from an email address that's not tied to your ~launchpad-users membership?22:18
macobarry: no, sent it with the one i use for launchpad22:18
barrymaco: oh, i recognize you now :)  hi!22:19
macohaha hi22:19
macoby the way, can i count you in for a local bug jam during the global bug jam?22:20
barrymaco: i'm a bit stuck because i can't view the members of launchpad-users team (we have a bug for timeouts on teams with large memberships)22:20
macooh...could it have anything to do with the migration that happened with the team?22:21
barrymaco: it's possible, yes.  have you gotten explicitly approved since the migration?22:21
barrymaco: once you've been approved for a specific list, you should never get moderated again22:21
barry(i.e. once approved, always approved)22:22
macono, i didnt get a 2nd approval email after migration22:22
macobut you can see on https://launchpad.net/~maco.m/+participation that i'm in the team...22:22
barrymaco: were you a member of that team before the migration?22:24
barrymaco: i.e. team, not necessarily list22:25
macoyes, i was on both the team and the list22:25
macoand when i look at https://edge.launchpad.net/~launchpad-users it says i'm a member and subscribed22:25
barrymaco: that's definitely odd22:26
barrymaco: if you were a member of the team, your posts to its list should never be modified22:26
macoor....oh wait a second22:26
barrymaco: unless it had a huge attachment?22:26
macook im confused22:26
macoi got the mailing list message to which i replied from the @lists.canonical one22:26
macoand THATs the one that sent me a bounce email22:27
macobut i *am* subscribed to that one too...and have been for months22:27
barrymaco: launchpad-users@lists.canonical /should/ be forwarding to launchpad-users@lists.launchpad.  it's possible there's a glitch in that setup though22:28
macobarry: you know the message from shirish that you just replied to?22:28
barrymaco: yep22:28
macok, i was trying to reply to that22:28
macoright, cuz it worked for you22:28
barrymaco: dang. i didn't save shirish's original22:29
barrybut yeah, that one went through22:29
barryvery strange22:29
barrymaco: can you forward me the bounce you got, with full headers?22:30
macodoes normal forwarding include full headers?22:30
barrymaco: depends on you mail client ;)22:30
barrymaco: yikes.  i knew you were going to say that :)  i'm not sure, give it a shot22:31
macoer, the forward preview doesn't look like it. maybe i can put the email in a tar or something22:32
barrymaco: maybe save the message and send me that file?22:33
* barry should really fire up evolution once in a while22:33
macothat's what i did22:34
maco(that means "sent" by the way)22:36
barrymaco: got it.  looking...22:36
barrymaco: okay, that's downright bizarre22:37
barrymaco: i have no idea why that happened to you22:38
barrymaco: do you still have your original response to shirish's message?  if so could you also forward that to me the same way?22:38
MTecknologyIs it possible to pull only one portion of a bazaar branch?22:52
macoMTecknology: i think you can just add on to the path22:53
macolike if the branch includes trunk/foo/bar you could pull branch/trunk/foo/bar22:53
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MTecknologyaight - ty22:54
MTecknologymaco: you're an LP admin, right?22:58
maconot at all!22:58
macoif you wanna bug me about ubuntuforums, i can sometimes help there22:59
MTecknologyI was going to pester you about hiding a contact email22:59
maconope you have to find one of the people that comes to this channel for reasons other than complaining that something broke23:00
MTecknologymaco: that's what you do?23:02
macoMTecknology: in this channel? yes. i came here to complain that something mailing list related broke for me.23:02
rockstarMTecknology, maco is always complaining!  :)23:03
macorockstar: yes, it's what i do bests :P23:03
macoi'm very good at misspelling too!23:03
rockstarI often make words plural that shouldn't be, to illustrate the silliness.  I saw nothing wrong with your initial statement.23:04
MTecknologyI'm just learning about the mailing list - I like it23:05
mkanatgmb: ping23:13
MTecknologyHow do I add a series to a branch?23:35
rockstarMTecknology, it actually works the other way around.23:54
rockstarYou add a branch to a series.23:54
rockstarOr, rather, link a branch to a series.23:54
MTecknologyI think I stumbled my way into getting it... even though the names don't line up right - oh well23:55
nhandlerIs there a way to see what email address an @ubuntu.com or @kubuntu.org address is forwarding to?23:56
MTecknologynhandler: not unless they reply to it or you get an admin to tell you23:57
MTecknologynot likely an admin will tell you23:57
macoif youre logged in and they allow their email addresses to be visible on their user page, then you can guess its probably one of the listed ones23:57
nhandlerIt is my address I want to check23:58
macocouldnt you just email yourself?23:58
macoand see which it goes to?23:58
nhandlerAfter becoming an Ubuntu member, I set my primary address to my @ubuntu.com address. I just became a kubuntu member, and sending mail to that address neither bounces or makes it to my inbox23:59

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