DanaGaAH... I see what was going on:00:10
DanaGradeon lies in the log, but actually gets correct dpi.00:10
DanaGradeonHD is the one that assumes 96, and passes it on to apps underneath it.00:10
DanaGI also had to add tormodvolden PPA to get the newer-but-still-Intrepid radeonhd.00:11
DanaGsoc isn't here anymore. :(00:13
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dookiefaceI'm having trouble installing ubuntu into my toshiba laptop00:43
dookiefaceit will load the options from cd00:43
johannes_hi, how do i get a n intel video driver (jaunty) on 8.10 installed, it doesnt show on synaptic...00:45
DanaGstupid nvidia 96 drivers... can't resume from suspend.00:52
DanaG... and they also make the LCD flicker at what seems like 30Hz.00:53
DanaGbug 31012601:00
ubottuBug 310126 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/310126 is private01:00
anderskThat's my bug; what about it?01:01
DanaGI'm wondering why it's private when it's been fixed.01:02
DanaG(It does make good sense to make it private before the fixing, judging from the changelog that closes it.)01:03
anderskIt isn't fixed.01:03
DanaGxorg (1:7.4~5ubuntu9) jaunty; urgency=low  * Disable terminal function entirely01:04
DanaGxorg (1:7.4~5ubuntu8) jaunty; urgency=low  * Disable terminal to prevent root access (LP: #310126)01:04
DanaGWell, once it is fixed, I'm curious to see what the report is about.01:05
crimsunugh, what a horrible "fix"01:05
DanaGOne idea: make it open a getty in the terminal window, so you still have to log in.01:06
DanaGAnd then get to anything else you need from there.01:07
DanaGHmm, I think I will file a wishlist bug: "HID devices on USB sound cards should control the USB sound card, not the default mixer"01:14
DanaGOr rather, give a choice.01:15
* DanaG goes off for food.01:18
Andre_Gondimi have one problem, i can't upgrade to jaunty, alway show this: W:Falhou ao buscar http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty-updates/Release  Unable to find expected entry  partner/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)01:19
* DanaG is back.02:00
* DanaG is pondering what to do with the old cardbus audigy2.02:01
DanaGSome other random thing: changing gnome from 147dpi to 146 or 145 makes it look surprisingly different.02:15
DanaGInteresting: it looks like the ADI1984 may be able to capture two different audio sources, separately, simultaneously.02:18
DanaGAt least, that's what I'd imagine it means, when I have two capture volume sliders and two capture source selectors.02:19
Armagguedeshow do i update from 8.10 to 9.04a2?02:26
crimsunsudo do-release-upgrade -d02:34
crimsunplease note that if you use either/both of fglrx or/and Nvidia that you will experience problems02:34
Armagguedescrimsun, are those the proprietary drivers?02:36
crimsunin that case, you're advised to wait until a further alpha, or, if you're comfortable and familiar with apt-pinning or holding, then pin xserver-xorg, xserver-xorg-core, xserver-xorg-input-evdev (and possibly xserver-xorg-input-synaptics if you have that hardware) to the older jaunty versions02:36
crimsunArmagguedes: yes, they are02:36
Armagguedeswhat if i just use the foss ones02:37
crimsunthen it depends on the hardware02:39
crimsune.g., my Nvidia hardware only works with vesa and the proprietary Nvidia drivers02:39
crimsuni cannot, therefore, use nv02:39
crimsunif you have intel graphics or other hardware capable of being driven by the FOSS drivers, then you're safe to some degree02:40
crimsunof course, there's no guarantee things will work. It is a rather unstable time.02:40
Armagguedeswhen isthe next alpha out?02:41
crimsun15 jan or thenabouts02:41
DanaGcrimsun: don't forget libdrm2 -- another thing to pin.02:42
Armagguedesok thanks02:42
Armagguedesi'll give this a shot anyway02:42
DanaGOh yeah, is there any standard time between committing a kernel fix and getting it in the repos?02:43
crimsunDanaG: true, but i suppose that's only directly applicable to fglrx02:43
Armagguedesone last thing:where can i find the config file for the Kmenu (i need to look at the list of installed apps)?02:43
DanaGFix committed.. but not yet in repos.02:44
crimsunDanaG: whenever the next upload is scheduled, likely in time for a3.02:45
DanaGOh yeah, and:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/26131802:50
DanaGIntrepid-Proposed has it fixed, but oddly enough, the 2.6.28 kernels do not.02:50
Armagguedesdoes multimonitor work yet in 8.10 or 9.04a2?02:52
RAOFArmagguedes: Depends.  It's consistently worked for me since Warty.02:58
Armagguedesi tried today with 8.04 andits bollocks02:58
Armagguedesok thansk anyway02:58
RAOFPresumably with nvidia?  You'll probably want to run "sudo nvidia-xconfig --twinview".02:59
Armagguedesis that with the foss or proprietary drivers02:59
Armagguedesok cheers buddy03:00
nomasteryodaRAOF, with  the nvidia-settings its simpler to make such work03:00
nomasteryodajust my experience03:01
RAOFnomasteryoda: With the xorg.conf generated by that command, dual monitors just work for me; have them plugged in at X start, and they'll come up.03:08
nomasteryodathat's a good thing to know03:08
JibbaDI have installed some deb packages and when I try to install other software with apt it always wants to remove them due to nothing depending on them, did this recently get turned up as far as aggressiveness?04:00
nomasteryodaJibbaD, would those .debs be from the ubuntu repos?04:02
nomasteryodai've seen the autoremove option04:02
JibbaDthings like python2.5-dev04:02
nomasteryodathat is weird04:02
JibbaDI thought so too04:03
nomasteryodabut then again it is a developing distro04:03
JibbaDill poke around some more and file a bug if it continues to happen04:03
nomasteryodawould not make sense unless there was a newer version04:03
JibbaDwell then it would upgrade them not remove them..04:03
nomasteryodai've moved over to sidux04:03
JibbaDis that the latest dev name for debian?04:03
nomasteryodaanother distro04:03
nomasteryodaits based on sid04:03
nomasteryodawith some tweaks04:04
nomasteryodanot as simple as ubuntu04:04
nomasteryodabut i still have my broken intrepid on here04:04
JibbaDwhat tweaks sid ran great when I ran that..04:05
nomasteryodai'm not exactly sure.. .but i use a script called smxi to setup nvidia and add latest kernel04:06
JibbaDI was just reading through the page a bit04:08
JibbaDnot a bad way to see how sid is chugging along it seems04:08
nomasteryodabut the cool part in ubuntu is nice04:08
nomasteryodathe dkms or whatever it is called for nvidia04:08
nomasteryodathe live dvd is awesome04:09
nomasteryodainstalls in 5min 35sec on this laptop04:09
nomasteryodathen the fun begins04:09
nomasteryodaon my dual-core desktop took 3min 10sec04:11
nomasteryodaand that's a kde desktop04:11
DanaGJibbaD: try this: sudo aptitude unmarkauto the_package_names04:13
DanaGthat is, list the packages you want to mark as not auto-installed.04:13
DanaGHeh, I figured out how to fix the blinking LED and the USB sound card volume control all at once:04:15
DanaG.... stick the control pod from my speakers on top of the sound card.  =þ04:15
nomasteryodaDanaG, lol04:22
DanaGmy speakers: Logitech Z-530004:23
JibbaDDanaG: thanks for the tip but it still wants to remvoe it04:25
JibbaDDanaG: eh looking at one of them there are dependencies not met hence the auto removal so lets just go with "developing distro wait it out" answer04:36
DanaGif you 'sudo aptitude', you can get more info.04:37
DanaGaptitude can be run without sudo, and it'll ask for password later when you go to apply with 'g'.04:37
JibbaDyeah that is how I saw the flags on the autoremove ones..idA04:37
DanaGhit m (lowercase) or M (capital) on those.04:37
DanaGI don't remember which sets manual, but the two (caps and lower) are inverses.04:38
JibbaDyeah that does it but ill just ignore them for the time being cause I don't want to have to babysit them..04:40
DanaGOnce either fglrx is fixed OR radeonhd or radeon get R600 acceleration... I'll be able to play neverball with the laptop.... and that is, with the laptop itself as the input device. =þ04:45
DanaGIt's rather amusing.04:46
JibbaDgood ol neverball04:50
DanaGAnd the lis3lv02d driver. =þ04:51
DanaGWhat a hideous name for an accelerometer.04:51
DanaGhttp://www.st.com/stonline/products/literature/anp/10807.htm -- datasheet for the chip itself.05:16
DanaGOh, and random: http://blog.laptopmag.com/hands-on-with-hp-mini-1000-with-hps-mie-linux05:18
ctkroekerI just upgraded to Jaunty, amongst various bugs, the most annoying is that fast user switching is broken. freazes. even if I just use the normal switch user, it freazes. compiz is disabled.05:22
DanaGOne reason I went with ATI this time: (radeon || radeonhd) > (nv || nouveau)05:26
ctkroekerI have an onboard intel card05:26
Armagguedesif i do "sudo do-release-upgrade -d", is there any way to have some sort of verbose mode?05:28
Armagguedesbecause i assume it starts downloading the packages but only shows a blinking cursor05:28
Armagguedesit shows now05:31
DanaGIs there a way to prevent Xorg from grabbing a certain device?05:39
somaunnhello people08:07
rwwsomaunn: evening again! Now, what was it you wanted to know about Jaunty?08:08
somaunnevery thing that can help me08:11
somaunncause i want to be a part of ubuntu progress08:11
somaunni want to contribute08:12
somaunnand sometime it's a little bit difficult to find info08:12
x1250somaunn, what do you need?08:14
somaunnwhat is bazaar, really08:16
x1250haven't used it.08:17
somaunnis it a concurent technology of packagekit ?08:17
x1250are you bored? :P08:19
somaunnthe thing is i want to know more on what going on ubuntu from now till the next release08:22
somaunnyou see08:22
somaunncuz i want ubuntu to be main OS in my Job08:23
somaunni mean in my work place08:24
x1250somaunn, if you want to participate, then install jaunty. Also, you can always contribute on launchpad.net with bug reports.08:25
x1250somaunn, this is the jaunty forum: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=35208:28
somaunni saw the alpha of jaunty just now and i'll try to down08:28
x1250somaunn, try it, but I remember not long ago people complained because it was buggy. If it doesn't work, you can always install intrepid and do a: update-manager -d08:29
somaunni hav intrepid08:36
x1250somaunn, you can upgrade using update-manager -d, if you want08:37
somaunn& now i want to build a mirror cuz it has many problem08:37
somaunnby upgrading or downloading softs08:38
somaunnhere in south africa08:38
CarlFKI just read man apt_preferences - kinda lost.  how do I pin https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/xorg/1:7.4~5ubuntu309:52
x1250CarlFK, try http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-apt-get.en.html, section 3.10. Also, holding the package may do what you want. Like $ aptitude hold mypackage09:58
somaunnproblem installing realplayer1109:59
CarlFKx1250: what's the difference between pin and hold?10:03
x1250CarlFK, hold will make the package hold its version between upgrades. It makes the package not upgradeable.10:07
CarlFKPackage:  xserver-xorg; Pin: version 1.5.3-1ubuntu1 - apt-cache policy xserver-xorg;10:20
CarlFK  Package pin: (not found)10:20
CarlFKwhy does it say (not found)? https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/2:1.5.3-1ubuntu110:21
CarlFKdo I need the 2: for version?10:21
x1250pastebin the file10:28
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x1250CarlFK, you say you want Pin: version 1.5.3-1ubuntu1 for xserver-xorg-core, which is ok, but from where do you want to get that version? Current version is 2:, and thats the version in the repos. If you want 1.5.3, you must provide a path (repo) to that version.10:35
CarlFKhmm, xserver-xorg isn't xorg-server/2:1.5.3-1ubuntu110:35
CarlFKI am trying to get nvida working, yesterday someone here said: it works fine with the current fglrx & nvidia drivers if you pin to the previous versions of xserver-xorg, xserver-xorg-core, xserver-xorg-input-evdev, 7.4~5ubuntu5, 1.5.3-1ubuntu1, 2.0.99+git20080912-0ubuntu6, respectively10:37
x1250are those intrepid versions?10:38
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CarlFKi got the feeling they were built for jaunty10:39
CarlFKbut that says xorg, not xserver-xorg - same thing?10:44
x1250afaik you can only get the current version from the repos, unless I am very wrong.10:46
x1250CarlFK, again, afaik you need _another_ repo with the version you want to pin.10:49
CarlFKyeah, I see what you mean10:51
CarlFKhttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/x/xorg/  if it isn't in there, I cant get it from there :)10:52
vegaupgrade from 8.10 to jaunty on a dell latitude d610 on its way.. we'll see what happens11:25
x1250vega, good luck :)12:26
DomiXhi, does someone use jaunty and Xorg? It does not work with vmware, I just get a blank screen12:28
x1250DomiX, maybe related to this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/30146312:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 301463 in xorg "Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha 1 : X fails in Virtualization" [Undecided,Incomplete]12:35
vegax1250: upgrade done, everything seems to work12:37
vegathere was a few errors about vim-* packages but other than that nothing12:38
x1250vega, great to know. Did you use update-manager -d ?12:39
mvovega: could you make the upgrade logs available with the vim failures? I would be interessted to have a look12:39
vegasure, what's the log file?12:39
DomiXx1250: it was working on 8.10, btw I update my 8.10 to 9.0412:44
x1250DomiX, I think the guys at ubuntuforums.org had a related discussion, but I'm not really sure.12:45
DomiXok, I will take a look, thanks12:47
x1250DomiX, the jaunty forum is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=35212:48
punkrockguy318How can I install the nvidia drivers in 9.04?13:56
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Sonicadvance1I'm having a problem trying to install a vmware product, when I run the bundle file it says "/VMware-Player-2.5.1-126130.x86_64.bundle: line 288: /vmware-installer: No such file or directory" Has anyone figured out how to fix this?17:53
Supersaiyan_IVHas anyone here tried Nvidia VDPAU with ffh264vdpau codec with any success? (Nvidia driver v180.18)18:57
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Armagguedeswhere do i report jaunty bugs?19:29
BUGabundoArmagguedes: hi19:29
BUGabundoArmagguedes: for ubuntu?19:29
BUGabundojust mention the package version19:30
BUGabundobest way to do it: ubuntu-bugs -p PACKAGE19:30
Armagguedesi don't know the package19:30
Armagguedesfor instances, my panel doesnt work19:31
Armagguedesit doesn't show window icons and all icons (tray, recycle bin, kmenu are moved to the left hand side and i cant move them around)19:31
BUGabundolet me check for it19:31
BUGabundoI don't use Kubuntu19:32
BUGabundoso I'm a bit way from my "safe waters"19:32
Armagguedesalso, after i upgraded the system was fine, but after rebooting it got REALLY slow19:33
BUGabundoArmagguedes: what GPU?19:34
Armagguedesnvidia 8600 mobile19:36
Armagguedesi think19:36
Armagguedesbut i'm using the foss drivers19:36
BUGabundothere are currently no support for Proprietary driver anyway19:37
BUGabundoI haven't upgraded xorg 'cause of that19:37
Armagguedesi wasnt thinking of using prop drivers anyway19:37
Armagguedesi just think its weird it worked superfine after upgrading but before rebooting19:38
Armagguedesanyway, how can i report bugs (especially when i don't know what the problem package is)?19:41
BUGabundothere is a command that will help you find the package19:44
_Zeus_I can't install nvidia-glx-180 in jaunty, any idea why?19:44
BUGabundobut I can't remmber it from head19:44
BUGabundo_Zeus_: no support for proprietary driver at current time19:44
_Zeus_BUGabundo: any workarounds that you know of?19:44
BUGabundoxorg was updated but no suport from drivers yet19:44
BUGabundo_Zeus_: downgrade xord19:45
_Zeus_i will try that19:45
_Zeus_thank you19:45
_Zeus_how do i do that?  get a package from packages.ubuntu.com?19:45
_Zeus_the intrepid one?19:45
BUGabundosynaptic and force older version19:46
BUGabundoby presing ctrl+f19:46
_Zeus_only one version available19:48
BUGabundohumm try from LP source19:49
_Zeus_as in code.launchpad.net/xorg?20:00
BUGabundolp.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg or something20:00
_Zeus_ok, found it20:03
_Zeus_now i have to compile it i take it20:03
_Zeus_How can I install what I dowloaded?20:14
pop79is 9.04 stabe enough for me to try and test?20:19
_Zeus_probably not20:19
Unksiif you have to ask, no20:19
pop79so, i shouldnt upgrade?20:20
Unksiits not stable until april20:20
pop79are there any developers here?20:21
Armagguedeshow do i choose between graphical manager (kdm or gdm)?20:29
Armagguedesi want kde to use kdm and xubuntu to use gdm20:30
anderskTry dpkg-reconfigure gdm20:31
Supersaiyan_IVHas anyone here tried Nvidia VDPAU with ffh264vdpau codec with any success? (Nvidia BETA driver v180.18)20:31
marcowill Vista's UDF 2.5 formatted optical media be supported on Jaunty?20:34
Sonicadvance1I'm having a problem trying to install a vmware product, when I run the bundle file it says "/VMware-Player-2.5.1-126130.x86_64.bundle: line 288: /vmware-installer: No such file or directory" Has anyone figured out how to fix this?20:55
Sonicadvance1I seem to have a problem with my tmp folder21:34
Sonicadvance1overflow              1.0M  124K  900K  13% /tmp21:34
Sonicadvance1Only 1MB?21:34
pop79not much talking goes on here, eh?21:40
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DanaGyay: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/26787522:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267875 in hal "rf_kill interface not available for iwl3945, iwl4965 in 2.6.27" [Undecided,Fix released]22:19
DanaGyay: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/25093822:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250938 in acpi-support "acpi-support should let laptop-mode-tools run properly" [Undecided,Fix released]22:22
DanaGyay as in yay, it's fixed.22:22
DanaGback out switch to native 64-bit Flash?  Why?22:28
Supersaiyan_IVDanaG, yay indeed, especially iwlagn22:37
crimsunDanaG: i've already discussed that issue22:49
crimsunDanaG: essentially, it appears the community-supported flashplugin-nonfree will always be wrapped using nspluginwrapper (and thus will use the 32-bit one)22:49
crimsunDanaG: the Adobe-supported adobe-flashplugin will install native plugins without nspluginwrapper22:50
DanaGOh, I see... those two packages are now different.22:50
DanaGI didn't realize that before.22:50
crimsunthere will be a bit of a gap until adobe-flashplugin actually offers a release, supported 64-bit version22:50
crimsunAdobe's redistribution terms require actual release, supported versions, not alpha/beta/RC22:51
DanaGOh wait... so since the 64-bit native is still beta, it won't be using that one for now?22:54
DanaGcrimsun: is there a way to do the equivalent of this, but have it load whenever the device appears instead of just at start?  :23:00
DanaGload-module  module-mmkbd-evdev device=/dev/input/by-path/pci-0000:00:1d.2-usb-0:1:1.3-event-  sink=alsa_output.usb_device_10f5_200_noserial_if0_sound_card_0_alsa_playback_023:00
DanaGAnd can the device= part use wildcards?23:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dist23:01
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April -Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion23:01
crimsunDanaG: don't know offhand if there are such triggers23:02
DanaGI made a combination of a udev rule and a hal fdi file to free up the input device and make it readable by all.  (I see no danger in letting all users read from a keyboard with only volume-up, volume-down, and mute.  =þ23:02
Delvienhmm, seems a meta-index file is "malformed" when updating.23:06
DelvienW:Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty-security/Release  Unable to find expected entry  partner/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)23:06
crimsunDelvien: makes sense. jaunty-security doesn't mean anything since jaunty isn't even released.23:08
Delviencrimsun :D , doesnt complete the upgrade though, no other error messages :x23:09
DanaGYay, now I can volume-control my two devices separately.23:10
DanaGThere's still that LED, though.... /me slaps "Voyetra Turtle Beach" for thinking a sound card needs to BLINK.23:10
DelvienGuess I can try just DLing the CD and mounting the iso23:11
Delviencrimsun is there anyway to skip that index file ?23:14
Delvienlooks like a random "bug" since 12-31-0823:16
ym1hello happy new year23:26
ym1I would like to make myself a present, a laptop that just work under ubuntu+123:27
ym1suspend/resume included  :-)23:27
ym1There is several contenders on my list : system 76 (gazelle or pengolin), lenovo (T500)  and dell (xps)23:28
ym1I would like to know first if I am missing an excellent laptop ? and then get some feedback from users of one of these 3 laptops.23:29
x1250ym1, you're asking too much for alpha software?23:32
x1250ym1, take a look to the dell forum for ubuntu stable: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=34223:33
ym1x1250: ok thank you23:39
ym1I am going to ask on #ubuntu23:39
ym1I am assuming that if the current version works it will be the same for the next one23:40
x1250ym1, that should be the case.23:40

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