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* _MMA_ waves.12:49
_MMA_Man. *Quiet* in here today.16:53
thorwilbut you ruined it!16:54
_MMA_Some tinkering: http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/2787/newshirtvw1.png16:58
thorwil_MMA_: that very small bit of the uppermost logo stroke on the front is very unfortunate16:59
_MMA_thorwil: No. It wraps the side of the shirt. As illustrated by showing the front/back.17:00
thorwil_MMA_: what printing service allows that?17:01
_MMA_Most I work with. Just a special setup charge. Screen is no different.17:02
dilomothorwil: what do you think of the new contrast (on the right)17:04
lucazadefar better!17:04
_MMA_Damn. There things are always so hard for me to see.17:04
thorwildilomo: any differences outside of the entry and combobox?17:06
dilomoyeah thu buttons are a bit lighter and the range17:06
dilomothe others are still the same17:07
dilomoI was ondering if it is good idea to chnage the the check/radio17:07
thorwildilomo: to me, no other changes are even visible ...17:08
thorwili do prefer the lighter shadows in entry and combobox17:08
dilomothe buttons may not be very visible in the screenshot but17:09
dilomothey are when you use the theme17:09
thorwilnew versions of my jackalope sketch up at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Jaunty/AlphaBackgrounds17:13
thorwilkwwii: ^17:13
dilomothorwil: I like the firs one better because it clearly shows that this is work in progress17:15
kwwiithorwil: nice, but I cannot imagine that we will use green18:17
dilomohey ppl: Do you think that the color for the X is appropriate :)18:21
kwwiioh boy, I start travelling next week18:21
kwwiihi dilomo18:21
dilomokwwii: Happy new year!18:21
kwwiidilomo: I like the idea of the glow but I am not sure if it is implemented correctly18:21
kwwiidilomo: hehe, yeah...back to work after a long vacation18:22
kwwiiluckily tomorrow is a holiday in germany18:22
kwwiiwell, in bavaria18:22
dilomokwwii: lucky you :)18:22
dilomoyou live in bavaria?how are BMW doing ;)18:22
dilomokwwii: what do you mean about the glow?18:23
kwwiidilomo: sorry, I meant on the close window deco border, the color might need some tweaking18:23
kwwiibmw are doing pretty crappy right now, but audi and porsche are doing great :-)18:24
dilomokwwii: you mean the color is too ... purple? I think BMW are better because they have the bets engines18:24
dilomokwwii: btw when you will be free? I will send you the latest final changes of New Wave when you say.18:26
kwwiidilomo: I will start updating things soon...not sure exactly what I am doing first since we have reorganized the team18:30
kwwiidilomo: feel free to send me any updates18:30
kwwiiI will start building packages for updating intrepid (once I update my laptop to intrepid)18:31
dilomokwwii: thanks! Any news on what exactly are the ar team doing? Any new themes? I know of the notifications though.18:32
kwwiidilomo: right now I am working mainly on the notifications18:33
kwwiialthough today I did some stuff for launchpad18:33
dilomois it true that ubuntu will use plymouth splash technology in9.10?18:34
kwwiinot in 9.10 (except as an installable package/kernal combo)18:35
kwwiiwe are testing it out for the next release18:35
kwwiidepending on how everything works we will have it in 10.418:35
kwwiior perhaps 9.10 if everything works well18:35
dilomoWoW that is good18:36
dilomokeep up the good work gys! this time ppl will really to see some changes in Ubuntu18:37
* dilomo made mistake: ... will really want to see ....18:39
thorwilkwwii: well, i think we could have loads of fun with bringing in some green ;)  but the color is easy to change, the scan is b/w, color added with a layer set to grain-merge18:44

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