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huatsmorning everyone08:30
pittihey huats, happy new year!08:36
huatshey pitti !08:36
huatshappy new year too !08:36
huatspitti: I wanted to talk to you about  a SRU I asked, and that you proceed08:47
huatssince I don't understand very well your answer :)08:47
huatsthe gcalctool SRU08:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 302915 in gcalctool "Please sponsor gcalctool 5.24.2 into intrepid" [Wishlist,Fix released]08:49
pittihuats: I uploaded it to Jaunty, but there is not enough justification for an SRU08:51
huatspitti: yeah that was my understanding :)08:53
huatsI assume that there is no chance to try to convince you ;)08:53
pittihuats: there is, but the current changes do not look like meeting SRU criteria08:54
huatspitti:  ok08:54
pittiand I'm trying to stop people from putting too much work into intrepid08:54
huatspitti: sure08:55
huatsI clearly understand that08:55
pittiwe put so much work into hardy.1, that intrepid became really bad08:55
pittiand now we put so much work into intrepid SRUs that we don't spend on fixing Jaunty08:55
huatsthe thing is that at least one of the fixes has been asked many times on LP... that is why I wanted to talk to you about that08:56
huatspitti: yeah I know, that is a real problem that we split the forces...08:56
pittihuats: right, then the SRU should be requested on that bug, not a sponsoring bug08:56
pittisince on the sponsoring bug there are no users who are affected by that problem who could help testing SRUs, or demanding an SRU in the first place, etc.08:57
pitti(separate "SRU" bugs are bad, which is explained in the policy as well, BTW)08:57
pittihuats: so if you feel it's important, please add a intrepid task to that existing bug, and sub u-sru there, please08:57
huatspitti: in fact, I asked the SRU (after talking with seb), and then with pedro at the UDS we answer some existing bug that they might be fixed in the next upload...08:58
huatsthat is why they are separated...08:58
huatspitti: ok08:58
pittihuats: (don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against *this particular* SRU, but I object to the flood of SRUs which still hit intrepid)08:58
huatspitti: I have clearly understand your point08:58
huatsat it is really a good one...08:58
huatsI'll talk with seb once he is online, and I'll tell you after :)08:59
crevettehello gents08:59
huatsthanks for your answers martin08:59
huatshello crevette08:59
crevetteHappy new year08:59
crevetteI hop the better for everyone and for me also08:59
huatsof course the better for you too ;)09:00
huatscrevette: are you attending the fosdem again ?09:00
crevetteno I think09:00
crevetteI will be difficult, and I need to keep some money09:01
crevetteI'm trying to order some stickers for GNOME and tee-shirts09:01
crevetteto have some goodies to sell09:01
seb128huats: I'm online for a bit, didn't see me join the chan? ;-)09:02
crevettesalut seb12809:02
seb128lut crevette09:03
huatsseb128: nope :)09:03
huatshello o/09:03
crevettehey hey andreasn09:04
andreasnhi crevette09:04
crevettehappy new year09:04
* pitti hugs seb128, bonjour and happy new year!09:04
andreasnthanks, you too!09:04
crevetteseb128, I packaged some GNOME tarball, and create a bug for sponsoring if you're interested with09:07
seb128happy new years09:08
seb128crevette: I was on holidays for almost 3 weeks, I've some thousand of mails, packages, etc to catchup on now, will probably takes some days09:08
crevetteseb128, yeah yeah09:09
crevetteI sure packaging is not you first goals in the coming week09:09
seb128new GNOME this week so I'll probably do some packaging and sponsoring09:09
crevettemy packaging sill be superseeded by new upstream release09:10
davmor2seb128: Happy new year back at you :)09:10
KeybukThe following people reported more than 250 bugs in 2008:10:33
Keybuk   454    Pedro Villavicencio10:33
Keybuk   402    Sebastien Bacher10:33
slomoseb128, mvo: does jaunty already use the new gstreamer codec installation stuff? :)10:34
mvoslomo: not yet, but we plan to10:36
slomook :)10:36
mvoslomo: where is the upstream vcs?10:36
mvoslomo: or should I use the packages in experimental?10:36
slomomvo: http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/pkg-gstreamer/10:36
slomothat's the same as in experimental though... oh, and the updated gnome-app-install is in pkg-gnome (and experimental) :)10:37
mvoslomo: the python-apt in bzr has gtk widget stuff now too (so you can get rid of the synaptic dependency soon)10:37
mvoslomo: what patch was needed for g-a-i? just disabling it?10:38
* mvo nods10:38
glatzorhello slomo10:39
glatzorslomo, I would like to help out on gnome-codec-install. Where do you host the repository?10:39
slomoglatzor: http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/pkg-gstreamer/experimental/gnome-codec-install/10:39
slomoif you have an alioth account i can add you :)10:40
glatzorslomo, The gstreamer support could be added easily to python-apt.10:40
slomowhat would you like to have in python-apt?10:41
glatzorslomo, so you don't need to do all the regex work10:41
mvoslomo: could you please apply http://paste.ubuntu.com/100226/ ?10:41
glatzorslomo, but I am not sure if element is the correct term10:41
slomoyeah, that would be great :) also what should definitely be done is moving the packages searching into another thread ;)10:42
slomomvo: thanks10:42
glatzorslomo, I did a small test at UDS and the search was quite fast. I would guess a second10:43
slomoglatzor: it's even faster in another thread because now i'm polling the main loop every n packages ;)10:44
slomoglatzor: and if you add support for this into python-apt you need one method for every new control field (i.e. 6 or 7) ;)10:45
glatzorslomo, I would like to deal this with parameters10:46
glatzorslomo, apt.Package.hasGstreamerPlugin(self, type, structure, version=None)10:47
glatzorslomo, that is what I am currently doing in my local branch10:47
glatzor        @type:      Can be of value encoder, decoder, element, urisink10:47
glatzor                    or urisource10:47
glatzor        @structure: Can be the caps in case of decoder or encoder or the10:47
glatzor                    name of an element, sink or source10:47
slomoor that, yes ;) but this will mean that python-apt will depend on python-gst0.10... that's no problem?10:48
seb128Keybuk: hey we rock ;-)10:49
glatzorslomo, we try to import gst and if it is not available the method will not work10:49
glatzorslomo, so in the end it will be a suggestion in the debian terminology10:49
glatzorslomo, mvo oh, I have to leave for my train to work! See you later10:50
Keybukseb128: you do indeed ;)10:50
mvoslomo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100231/ <- and this one please (plus svn add README)10:51
slomodone :)10:54
mvoslomo: is there a reason it does not use glade (or the new gtkui stuff)? to keep dependencies lean etc?10:58
slomomvo: IMHO the ui is simple enough to not use glade11:00
mvoslomo: ok, thats fine, I was just curious11:01
seb128hey pedro_, happy new year!11:18
* pedro_ hugs seb12811:18
* seb128 hugs pedro_11:18
pedro_seb128: happy new year to you too!11:18
pedro_mvo: hello!, happy new year ;-)11:19
mvohey pedro_! happy new year11:19
slomoseb128: please sync gtask from debian/unstable :)12:02
* Keybuk makes a song about Evolution12:32
Keybuko/~ 15 unread mails in the folder12:32
Keybuko/~ 15 unread mails in the folder12:32
Keybuko/~ you take one down, err there isn't one12:32
Keybuko/~ rm folders.db12:32
* pochu waves :)12:37
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seb128hey pochu, happy new year13:09
pochuseb128: happy new year to you too!13:13
pochuhope you enjoyed your holidays ;)13:13
seb128pochu: very much thanks13:14
seb128pochu: you?13:14
seb128pochu: any news on libproxy since before the holidays btw?13:14
pochume too, had good times with my 1 year old nephew :)13:15
pochuseb128: I feel it's ready to be uploaded, but there were some security concerns in debian-devel about libproxy I wanted to investigate13:15
pochuseb128: but the packaging is done13:15
seb128ok good13:15
seb128do you have the files somewhere?13:16
seb128I'll sponsor the upload this week13:16
pochuseb128: they are in pkg-gnome13:16
seb128ok good13:16
pochubut if you want I can prepare a -0ubuntu1.dsc13:16
seb128that would be nice, until it's accepted in debian better to not use -113:16
huatsseb128: regarding the gnome-keyring issue, I've just had a quick look at the svn, and the call to that undefined macro are all from the last commit... I thing that they are just the result of a mistake... (since the macro is defined nowhere). I am waiting for the answer of the upstream13:20
seb128huats: ok good13:20
crevettethanks seb128 for the uploads13:43
seb128crevette: I didn't do sponsoring yet, that's probably a thanks to dholbach for those13:43
crevetteah okay :)13:43
seb128I'm still catching up on mails and bugs13:43
seb128crevette: btw if you can open the bug before doing the update so you can close the bug in the changelog13:53
seb128crevette: I just closed the gedit update bug13:54
crevetteah thanks13:54
crevettethat's what said huats to me, next time I'll do that in this order13:54
crevetteso I'll put the bug number in the changelog13:54
huatsseb128: waiting for the gnome-keyring / seahorse stuff, I'll have a look at the new anjuta...14:04
seb128huats: ok14:04
seb128huats: oh btw be careful with the gnome-keyring upgrade, I did package 2.25.3 before the holidays, they changed the session handling and that was breaking the guest account login on my config that's why I didn't upload14:37
seb128huats: I didn't investigate and didn't want to upload before running in holidays either14:38
seb128huats: could be fixed in the new version though14:38
huatsseb128: ok I'll have a close look at that...14:38
seb128huats: just make sure you can still start your session and a guest one ;-)14:38
huatsok :)14:39
huatsI'll do as soon as it is fixed :)14:39
pittiseb128: let me know if you need my help with updating gdm-guest-session15:05
pittiseb128: I mean, if it needs adaptions to new -keyring/-session, I'll do that15:05
seb128pitti: is gdm-guest-session doing anything special? I didn't think to blame it but rather took that as a gnome-keyring bug15:06
pittiseb128: not "special" in the keyring sense15:06
pittiseb128: (/usr/share/gdm/guest-session/guest-session-setup.sh)15:06
pittiseb128: maybe it uses some new privilege, and trips over apparmor?15:07
pittidmesg check might be worth a look15:07
pittiif it's not that, I don't know15:07
seb128pitti: I'll try again and let you know if I figure something15:07
* pitti hugs seb12815:07
* seb128 hugs pitti15:07
* pitti goes back to fixing apport15:07
seb128pitti: is there a writable user directory for the guest user?15:07
pittijaunty broke it15:07
pittiseb128: it gets a temporary home, of course15:08
seb128I guess there is nothing specific about the permissions there that could create an issue15:08
pitti/tmp/guest-session.12345/ something like this15:08
seb128anyway I'll try the new version and ping you back if required15:08
seb128vuntz: hey15:23
vuntzseb128: hola15:24
seb128vuntz: happy new year!15:24
seb128vuntz: had good holidays?15:24
vuntzseb128: bonne année aussi15:25
vuntzand of course, good holidays ;-)15:25
seb128vuntz: good15:27
seb128vuntz: did you get any feedback on the libapplet change?15:28
vuntzseb128: nope15:28
seb128ok, I'm wondering if I should do the update or still wait a bit ;-)15:28
vuntzI think it's looking fine from the GNOME side, especially with the new tarballs that will come this week15:29
seb128going to roll new tarballs this week btw? or there was no change since the previous ones?15:29
vuntzunsure about the outside world15:29
vuntzI'll roll tarballs15:29
seb128would have been nice to start the year quietly and not under new tarballs ;-)15:29
seb128ok, will wait for those then before starting on the updates15:30
vuntzheh, lazy you! :-)15:30
seb128hey, I admit, I'm lazy ;-)15:30
seb128do you really have changes or do you just roll new tarballs to keep packagers busy? ;-)15:31
huatsseb128: I think he want to busy distributors...15:33
seb128yeah, me too15:33
huatsand happy new year vuntz btw :)15:33
vuntzhuats: hello15:36
vuntzseb128: there's no change in gnome-panel, actually15:37
seb128see ;-)15:37
seb128huats, pochu: does any of you want to do a mir for libunique? it's required to build the new nautilus15:49
huatsseb128: pochu, I am ok to do it... but since I have never done one before it might take me a bit long15:53
seb128huats: you never did one before? good idea to do one now then ;-)15:53
seb128huats: it's pretty easy, just follow the wiki template15:53
huatsseb128:  yep :)=15:53
huats(i am looking at it now)15:53
huatsseb128: so count on me15:53
huatsseb128: I'll start doing it tomorrow15:54
seb128pitti: you will have time to do this mir review today or tomorrow or should I try to ping somebody else in the mir team? there is no real hurry but nautilus 2.25 depwait on it so would be nice to unblock that this week15:55
pittiseb128: whoever gets it first, but please ping me when it becomes urgent; next days should be ok16:18
seb128pitti: ok thanks16:19
seb128mvo: would it be possible to automatically detect the upgrades interrupted by the user and not send those as bug?16:19
mvoseb128: intrrupted via ctrl-c ? should be doable16:21
seb128mvo: and could you look at bug #306095? I think that's a known duplicate and you had a patch for that or something16:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 306095 in gnome-applets "package gnome-applets-data 2.24.1-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30609516:21
seb128mvo: yes16:21
mvoseb128: hm, that should be fixed alrady, strange.16:28
seb128mvo: could you reassign it to the right component at least?16:28
seb128I don't think that's a gnome-applet issue16:28
mvoand yes16:29
mvoreassign> yes16:29
mvognome-applet issue> no16:29
mvoreassinged:  subprocess post-installation script killed by signal (Interrupt)^M16:30
seb128mvo: that's NOTABUG then? ie, user did ctrl-c because that was taking a while?16:41
mvoseb128: I suspect so, however it may be scrollkeeper hanging and the user was desperate16:42
seb128mvo: you don't like to close bugs ;-)16:42
seb128mvo: that's the sort of bugs I do close usually16:42
mvoseb128: go ahead :)16:43
seb128mvo: done16:46
didrocksseb128: (hi), if you have anything that you really want to sort out to get my hands warmer, do not hesitate :)16:51
seb128hey didrocks16:51
seb128didrocks: nothing urgent but there is enough GNOME updates to do to keep you busy if you want to do some ;-)16:51
didrocks(btw, I just hope it's warmer in our home than in Paris currently :))16:52
didrocksseb128: for sure, give it now ;)16:52
didrocksor do you want i seek for them?16:52
seb128didrocks: any preference? there is gnome-games gnome-control-center totem and some others16:53
seb128they will probably roll tarballs later today and tomorrow too16:53
didrocksok, beginning with gnome-control-center, then totem :)16:53
didrocksseb128: thanks :)16:54
seb128didrocks: mvo put g-c-c in bzr so bonus point if you use it16:54
didrocksI will get them :)16:54
didrocksI don't see it in https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop17:00
didrocksmvo: thanks17:03
mvodidrocks: I'm happy to merge it from your branch and upload when its ready :)17:06
didrocksmvo: ok, will give it a try and push in my bzr/code lp account, then, request a merge to yours, right? :)17:08
mvodidrocks: yeah, request the merge via irc, then I do it right away17:08
didrocksno pb, I think I will just take some time has I have to understand how it works (only debian/ directory, the source is not included, etc.). I previoulsy use bzr only for my personal work, not the bzr-builddeb plugin :)17:10
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philsfI want to confirm Bug #212098, but I'd like to be sure I'm not missing something here. Anyone here familiar with the samba/libpam-smbpass issue?23:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 212098 in nautilus-share ""easy" file sharing not notifying about logout/login" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21209823:45
philsfguess I'm in the wrong timezone23:49

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