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[NikO]happy new year14:11
[NikO]warning on "AgentUbuntu"14:21
grobda24Hello. Can a link to the Ubuntu wiki GE article be added to the ubottu Google Earth help item ?15:08
jussi01!bot | grobda2415:10
ubottugrobda24: Hi! I'm #ubuntu-irc's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots15:10
jussi01grobda24: see the usage info on how to suggest factoid fixes15:10
grobda24jussi01, :) "!no, <factoid> is <fact>" ?15:11
jussi01grobda24: ;)15:11
PriceChild[NikO]: is currently up for membership in -meeting if anyone wants to cheer for him.20:17
[NikO]cheer :)20:30
[NikO]is there for an ubuntu/member cloak ? :p20:30
nizaruscongratulations [NikO] ;)20:33
[NikO]thanks :)20:33
McPeterme too :)20:34
jpdsMcPeter, [NikO] congrats.20:48
[NikO]thanks jpds :)20:48
McPeterthanks :)20:48
[NikO]it's time to hl for a ubuntu/member/ cloak :)21:16
jpds[NikO]: C'est vrai.21:16
jpdsnalioth: Can you please look into [NikO]'s and McPeter's cloak when you have the time? Thanks.21:18
MichaelGodawskihello anybody from the irc council here .)21:22
jpdsMichaelGodawski: Cloak? Link to your Launchpad and please register your nick as described here: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup21:25
MichaelGodawskiok link is here: https://launchpad.net/~michael.godawski21:25
jpdsLooks good, now you just have to make sure your nick is set up with an alternative nick and email address.21:27
jpdsYou can check by doing: "/msg NickServ info".21:27
jpdsMichaelGodawski: The info on the freenode.net page.21:28
MichaelGodawskiEmail      : noemail (hidden)21:28
[NikO]or /msg nickserv help set21:28
MichaelGodawskishould I register one more time?21:28
jpdsMichaelGodawski: See /msg NickServ help set email21:29
MichaelGodawskiwill do now21:29
MichaelGodawskinow the info gives: MichaelGodawski has requested an email address change to michael.godawski@googlemail.com on Jan 05 21:29:35 200921:30
jpdsYou'll have to check your email for the confirmation code.21:31
MichaelGodawskido it right now :)21:31
MichaelGodawski michael.godawski@googlemail.com has now been verified.21:31
jpdsCool, now does the nickserv info show anything about grouped nicks?21:32
MichaelGodawskino I cannot find a group. I have only two registered nicks I guess:   Nicks      : MichaelGodawski janquark21:34
jpdsOk, prefect.21:35
jpdsMichaelGodawski: You'll have to wait for a member of the IRC council to come around now.21:36
MichaelGodawskiok thank you for the help jpds21:36
jpdsMichaelGodawski: Und, herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch!21:37
MichaelGodawskida spricht jemand deutsch :) danke21:38
jpdsI'm afraid I can't manage Polish.21:38
MichaelGodawskilol no problem :)21:38
MichaelGodawskipolish is much more difficult21:39
jpdsAll languages are. :)21:39
MichaelGodawskitrue... :)21:39
MichaelGodawskido you perhaps know who is a irc council member ?21:40
[NikO]jpds, sure, but to be understood, english is better :)21:40
[NikO]MichaelGodawski, forget highlight, just wait :)21:40
MichaelGodawski:) how long....?21:40
MichaelGodawskiit is getting dark in old Germany21:41
jpdsNot too long, we just have to wait for them to come back to their keyboards.21:41
[NikO]htop ~family ~ubuntu ~irl | echo21:41
MichaelGodawskitis is a code ?21:41
[NikO]no a joke21:42
jpdsMichaelGodawski: He probably typed that into the wrong terminal.21:42
MichaelGodawskialmost got me :)21:42
MichaelGodawskii cant wait... is it bad behavior to ping jussi zero one, I think he is one of the important guys ?21:44
jpdsMichaelGodawski: He's been idle for 3 hours, that's the problem.21:45
MichaelGodawskiok the next on the list would be elkbunt and a u :) I guess21:46
* [NikO] dislike hl21:46
jpdsThey're all idle, mate. I checked. :(21:46
MichaelGodawskiok I see I have to be patient....21:47
jpdsMichaelGodawski: Isn't life all about waiting? :)21:47
MichaelGodawskiwaiting for godot21:47
arualavihi jpds :)21:48
jpdsarualavi: hola.21:49
arualavijpds, quanto tiempo, how are you doing?21:49
jpdsarualavi: LANG=ca || LANG=es ?21:50
jpdsarualavi: Not too bad. Yourself?21:50
arualavijpds, fine thanks21:53
arualaviLANG=mess :-P21:55
jpdsarualavi: Good to hear :)21:56

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