viniciustsantosspeaking only in english?00:24
ym1Happy new year !!21:40
ym1As a new year present  I would like to make myself a present21:40
ym1guess what ?21:40
ym1a laptop that just work with ubuntu21:41
ym1when I say works I mean 100%21:41
ym1suspend/resume included  :-)21:41
ym1There is several contenders on my list : system 76 (gazelle or pengolin), lenovo (T500)  and dell (xps)21:43
ym1I would like to know first if I am missing an excellent laptop ?21:44
ym1If not what are your opinion about them ?21:44
crimsunyou're likely to get better recommendations on the forum, in #ubuntu or #ubuntu+1, or on a mailing list22:44
ym1crimsun: Thank you23:23
ym1I am going to try it out now23:24

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