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[NikO]hi there19:01
ubottuSchedule for Etc/UTC: 05 Jan 20:00: EMEA Membership | 06 Jan 16:00: Server Team | 06 Jan 17:00: Kernel Team | 06 Jan 21:00: Community Council | 07 Jan 03:00: America's Council | 07 Jan 16:00: Foundation Team19:02
nizarus@schedule tunis19:12
ubottuSchedule for Africa/Tunis: 05 Jan 21:00: EMEA Membership | 06 Jan 17:00: Server Team | 06 Jan 18:00: Kernel Team | 06 Jan 22:00: Community Council | 07 Jan 04:00: America's Council | 07 Jan 17:00: Foundation Team19:12
McPeterhi there19:16
markvandenborreMcPeter: hi... (8pm UTC == 9pm for most of EU)19:16
McPeterah ok .. thanks :)19:17
MichaelGodawskiMcPeter, also for ubuntu membership tonight ?19:20
MichaelGodawskime too :) nervous?19:21
McPeterno :)19:22
mr_dxterI am also applying for membership... :)19:27
MichaelGodawskihey mr_dxter good luck to us all :)19:28
mr_dxteryeah... same to you ;)19:28
MichaelGodawskiI hope we get through... last time (many months ago) I waited 3 hours ...19:29
MichaelGodawskithere were many applicants and I was one of the last ones19:29
mr_dxterholy shit... :P19:29
markvandenborremany moons ago, the system was different19:29
markvandenborredon't worry19:29
MichaelGodawskibut the method changed19:29
MichaelGodawskiyes markvandenborre thats right19:30
mr_dxteryeah... i can imagine why... ;)19:30
MichaelGodawskiit was discussed on that very meeting when I waited so long19:30
mr_dxterAnyone else from Sweden by the way?19:30
mr_dxteri guess not :P19:38
mr_dxterso how does this work, the board go through each applying member one by one?19:38
[NikO]apply is not automatic19:39
mr_dxteri know ;) but do they go through each member one by one according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/EMEA ?19:40
mr_dxtercool.. thanks NikO :)19:40
=== ubottu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Current meeting: EMEA Membership Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 06 Jan 16:00: Server Team | 06 Jan 17:00: Kernel Team | 06 Jan 21:00: Community Council | 07 Jan 03:00: America's Council | 07 Jan 16:00: Foundation Team
mr_dxterso the meeting has started now? ;)19:49
[NikO]or not, depends if there is EMEA 'admin'19:49
drubinit is still early19:50
mr_dxteryeah i know, but the toptic changed to "Current meeting:..." so i guess that the meeting had aldready started :)19:51
* stgraber waves19:58
* forumsmatthew waves back19:58
stgraberI'm at work so I'll try to vote on as many candidate as I can but I can't promise I'll be able to do so for everybody19:58
forumsmatthewfair enough19:59
[NikO]anyway, happy new year all :)19:59
forumsmatthewhappy new year19:59
theseinfeldHappy New Year...19:59
MichaelGodawskithx [NikO]20:00
mr_dxtersame back to all you guys! :)20:00
mr_dxteri noticed that is 9 o clock... has the meeting "officially" started yet? :P20:01
forumsmatthewlet's see who is here from the approval board... me, stgraber... anyone else here yet?20:02
forumsmatthewPriceChild, Seveas : you guys at your keyboards?20:03
Seveasmarkvandenborre, poke20:04
forumsmatthewanyone heard from popey?20:04
markvandenborreah, here I am again20:04
forumsmatthewthat's almost all of us, shall we get going?20:05
forumsmatthewlong list today20:05
Seveasnothing from popey or phanatic. Were the available today?20:05
forumsmatthewphanatic sent an email saying he probably won't make it20:05
Seveasok, let's start. If popey arrives later he can catch up20:06
markvandenborrefine with me20:06
Seveasthe first four on the list are not here.20:07
mr_dxteri am here20:07
Seveasmr_dxter, ah, you should have put your real nickname on there20:07
mr_dxteri know, but dxter was allready occupied :(20:07
Seveasmr_dxter, ok, you're up first. Please introduce yourself in a few lines20:08
Seveasother candidates: please prepare a 3-line introduction in a text editor which you can paste when it's your turn20:08
Seveascouncil members: shall we remove schakenberg, Richard Verwayen and amitk from the list? The haven't shown up since adding themselves to the list20:08
forumsmatthewSeveas, yeah, probably20:09
mr_dxterWell, i am a Swedish Ubuntu enthusiast that has a buring passion for IT and past the last years, also open source and the community around it. I work as a IT consultant and i work primary with enterprise Windows and Ubuntu enviroments around the world focusing on central management and automated deployments.20:09
forumsmatthewI'm reading through the wiki/launchpad links now20:10
SeveasI'm going for -1. Your wikipage does not list any contributions you have made to Ubuntu20:10
forumsmatthewI'm going to have to agree for now. I see a lot of excitement, but not a lot of activity (yet...).20:11
mr_dxterok... my IRL and online contributions are not enough? :(20:11
Seveasmr_dxter, Ubuntu membership is based on a significant and sustained contribution to ubuntu and/or its community. To apply for membership, you must have made and documented this contribution. I'm not saying you're not doing anything but we can't see any of it on your wiki20:11
PriceChildIs there anybody that can cheer for your "active team participation" in those 4 teams? I see you joined several teams on launchpad at the same time.20:12
forumsmatthewI think you have great potential, and I definitely want you around't see anything, but I don20:12
forumsmatthewdon't see any evidence of your activity20:12
mr_dxteri respect that20:12
SeveasPriceChild, with a karma of one I doubt that20:12
PriceChildYeah... and joining several at the same time, two months ago... :/20:13
mr_dxterKarma is not everything... i didnt get any karma for all the hours i have spent with the Landscape team...20:13
forumsmatthewI'm -1, and hopeful that you can come back in six months or so with some activity and a few other people to vouch for you20:13
Seveasmr_dxter, landscape is a canonical project. Has nothing to do with the Ubuntu community20:13
forumsmatthewso we have something to base membership on.20:13
mr_dxteri understand20:14
markvandenborreyeah, /me too would rather have you gather some more evidence of activities... but please don't let that put you off!20:15
SeveasPriceChild, markvandenborre, stgraber: a vote please (or further comments)20:15
stgrabersorry, just came back. Looking at the above and the comments that were done, I'm going to follow with a -1 on this one. Please come back later when you have documented your contributions.20:15
mr_dxteri will.. thank you for your time :)20:15
forumsmatthewI look forward to seeing you again later20:16
mr_dxterme to, thanks :)20:16
Seveasmr_dxter, sorry to disappoint, and hopefully see you sson20:16
Seveas[NikO], you're up20:16
[NikO]I'm Nicolas Coevoet, i'm irc Admin/Operator on #ubuntu-fr* channels for years (4/5) now20:16
[NikO]I provide help, support and i do use a lof of my time to keep channels friendly, usefull and 'convivial'20:16
[NikO]i also maintain uBOTu-fr https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-fr/ubuntu-bots/ubotufr a supybot derivated which help user and moderator on #ubuntu-fr #ubuntu-es and at a moment #ubuntu-eu channels20:17
Seveas[NikO], are there any other #ubuntu-fr ops or the channel owner here to cheer for you?20:17
[NikO]i think Zic McPeter20:17
[NikO]perhaps some others, but lot of them use wiki testimonials20:18
SeveasI see the wiki testimonials, that's great20:18
Seveasand I'm leaning towards +1, but some cheers in here would help20:18
forumsmatthewThe testimonials are quite good20:19
Seveaswhen did you start contributing to #ubuntu-fr and when did you start ubotu-fr?20:19
Seveashey popey20:19
forumsmatthewyay popey is here!20:19
Zicmy apologies, I'm late20:19
[NikO]i start helping in #ubuntu-fr 4 years ago20:19
legreffiermine too20:19
legreffieri didn'got the mail20:19
[NikO]and host the first/only bot on #ubuntu-fr* channel at the same times20:19
Seveaspopey, (dxter has been 'handled', now on [NikO])20:20
Seveas<[NikO]> I'm Nicolas Coevoet, i'm irc Admin/Operator on #ubuntu-fr* channels for years (4/5) now20:20
Seveas<[NikO]> I provide help, support and i do use a lof of my time to keep channels friendly, usefull and 'convivial'20:20
Seveas<[NikO]> i also maintain uBOTu-fr https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-fr/ubuntu-bots/ubotufr a supybot derivated which help user and moderator on #ubuntu-fr #ubuntu-es and at a moment #ubuntu-eu channels20:20
McPetermine too20:20
Seveas+1, 4 years of help on irc and excellent testimonials20:20
PriceChildI think [NikO] has always been great when I've interacted with him about #ubuntu-fr. Any big plans?20:20
Zic[NikO]: is one of the main operators on #ubuntu-fr* channels, his work contribute to moderation and virtual animation (principally with help)20:21
forumsmatthew+1 from me20:21
Zicso, +120:21
legreffierI +1 too because i <3 [NikO]20:21
[NikO]davromaniak, any report about my work on #ubuntu-fr* :)20:22
popey+1 based on those testimonials20:22
SeveasPriceChild, can I consider your last statement to be a +1?20:22
legreffierhe's (almost) always happy and the bot is great20:22
PriceChildYep, +1.20:22
legreffierand he kicks ass :D20:22
Seveasok, congrats [NikO] and welcome aboard!20:22
[NikO]thanks a lot all :)20:22
davromaniak+1 for [NikO], he's a great member, his bot is great, law prohibits human cloning, and it's a shame, :)20:22
PriceChilddearie me what a cheer...20:23
SeveasMcPeter, you're next on the list20:23
[NikO]lol davromaniak :)20:23
Seveasalso good testimonials20:23
McPeterI'm Pierre Pavard, i'm irc Admin/Operator on #ubuntu-fr* channels for 3 years now. I make different tutorial on doc.ubuntu-fr.org and maintain .i help a lot in next version of ubuntu-fr.org portal, with css/xhtml/php strict compilant20:24
McPeteri also provide pastebin for ubuntu-fr user and wiki backup in case of ubuntu-eu failure20:24
SeveasMcPeter, can you link us to some wikipages you're particularly proud of?20:24
McPeteron fr wiki20:24
forumsmatthewpas de problem20:25
Seveassome of us do understand french :)20:25
forumsmatthewonly enough to get in trouble in Paris20:25
McPeterhttp://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/lamp <-- at the end20:25
[NikO]McPeter, do a lot of help, step by step, i spend a lot of time for that on main #ubuntu-fr channel20:25
* stgraber is looking20:25
McPeterscreencast to install easy lamp20:25
Seveasscreencasts ftw20:26
ZicMcPeter is, like [NikO], one of the main operators of #ubuntu-fr channels, and he wrote somes tutorials about LAMP server, PulseAudio's problem and fixing, and he develop somes tool on ubuntu-fr-secours.org (paste, sourceslist generator, screencasts...)20:26
[NikO]he also provide with #ubuntu-fr-devweb team a lot of work for drupal integration, css themes20:26
popey\o/ screencasts#20:26
Seveaslong contribution to irc, good contributions to doc and to webteam. +1 here20:26
Ziche also works on the ubuntu-fr.org's Drupal20:27
forumsmatthewagreed. +120:27
popey+1 here too20:27
markvandenborrewatching the video right now20:27
PriceChildI'm going to +1 along with the great cheers.20:27
Seveasstgraber, ?20:27
legreffierthe only guy that can save the ubuntu-fr world , from mIRC. +1 indeed :)20:28
McPetermIRC ? oO20:28
McPeterlegreffier, rhoo :)20:28
stgraberlooks good20:28
stgraber+1 even20:28
popeythese french.. they're quite... passionate! :)20:28
markvandenborreMcPeter: bleh, nano20:28
Seveascongrats McPeter20:28
markvandenborrenano is for wussies! :p20:28
Seveaswelcome to the club20:28
davromaniakdd rocks, :D20:28
* forumsmatthew likes nano and must be a wuss :)20:28
markvandenborreno, really, welcome to the club, congratulations20:29
McPetermany thanks all :)20:29
SeveasMichaelGodawski, you're up20:29
MichaelGodawskiMy name is Michael Godwski. I am 23 years old. I am studying history of art and sociology. Not the usual “geek”, as you can see from my studies. Using Ubuntu since the 7.04 release and am in the Beginner Team and Unanswered Post Team since the 7.10 release. Recently I am also active in the Education Focus Group, writing courses and holding classes. However the most hours I spend on the forums helping new users and20:29
MichaelGodawskiwriting tutorials on my Ubuntu Website.20:29
Zic(g'night everyone)20:29
SeveasMichaelGodawski, why are you writing tutorials on your website and not on the wiki?20:29
MichaelGodawskisome are written extra easy for beginners, also I write them when I work on the Absolute Beginner Talk, to document the best solutions20:30
SeveasI see no reason not to have that on the wiki or help.ubuntu.com, would be very useful :)20:31
popeyhaving looked at a few of them, they're very nicely written tutorials20:31
MichaelGodawskiif you think that I can easily move them to the wiki no problem :)20:31
markvandenborreI'm a bit confused... you say you're in the beginners team since 7.1020:32
markvandenborrebut the launchpad page says 2008/11/2820:32
MichaelGodawskiyep, I am responsible for the confusion20:32
PriceChildWas there any reason for creating your own website in the first place?20:32
Seveasmarkvandenborre, the ubuntuforums beginners team perhaps?20:32
MichaelGodawskislow one after the other :)20:32
popeyit is explained on his wiki page20:32
MichaelGodawskii had to do a break... my former nick was janquark, it is also stated on my wiki20:33
Seveasah right20:33
MichaelGodawskiPriceChild, I thought my tutorials were not good enough for the official wiki20:33
popeythey are MichaelGodawski in my opinion20:33
Seveasforumsmatthew, can you say anything about MichaelGodawski's contributions to the forums?20:34
MichaelGodawskibut I wanted to link to them if needed, thx popey20:34
markvandenborresorry, overlooked it20:34
PriceChildBut that's what is great about a wiki, even if you don't think its the best it could be, you can put your stuff on there and work with others to make it better.20:34
forumsmatthewI feel good about the tuts, the application in general, and am +120:34
forumsmatthewHe has a lot of posts in the forums helping people20:34
forumsmatthewand I know the people leaving the testimonials20:34
Seveasgood to know, as I don't know them :)20:34
Seveas+1 from me20:34
popeyMichaelGodawski: i will happily help you migrate them to the wiki20:34
* Joeb454 is here to give "cheers" for MichaelGodawski too :)20:34
markvandenborreI feel a bit mixed about keeping this stuff outside the channel20:34
PriceChildMichaelGodawski: from your website: "By using Ubuntu you also accept to act according to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct" - I don't think that's quite true.20:35
popeyPriceChild: its an interpretation :)20:35
MichaelGodawskiit should be :)20:35
* drubin is also here for MichaelGodawski20:35
popeyI am going to +1 because I believe he has made a sustained contribution to ubuntu both on the forums and in the form of tutorials (wherever they are hosted)20:35
PriceChildThe CoC says "be nice", everyone should follow it regardless of whether they use Ubuntu or not imo. But its not a requirement.20:36
MichaelGodawskiPriceChild, I can change this sentence :) accordingly to your suggestions20:36
Seveaspopey, yeah, the location of a contribution shouldn't really be relevant. It's good to have discussed it though, we may see more good wikicontent soon now ;)20:36
* forestpixie is here for him too20:36
markvandenborreI tend to +1, just please try to integrate your stuff with the rest of the docs20:36
MichaelGodawskisure markvandenborre20:37
popeyMichaelGodawski: mail me alanpope@ubuntu.com and I'll help you migrate content to the wiki if you need it20:37
SeveasPriceChild, your vote please20:37
MichaelGodawskiwill do popey20:37
SeveasPriceChild, ?20:39
PriceChildI'm going to give a -1 on this. I do hope you move your work onto the wiki and would like to see that the best it could be.20:39
SeveasPriceChild, any particular reason for the -1?20:39
Seveasjust the location of the docs, or other reasons?20:40
PriceChildThe location of the docs mainly.20:40
MichaelGodawskisure PriceChild and thx for your opinion20:40
PriceChildBut congratulations I think :)20:40
Seveasthat makes it a 5/1 split decision, so you still made it20:40
Seveascongratulations and welcome to the team!20:40
MichaelGodawskithx to all :)20:40
popeywell done MichaelGodawski, make sure you mail me to keep PriceChild happy :)20:40
Joeb454'grats MichaelGodawski20:41
Seveastheseinfeld, you're up20:41
MichaelGodawskithx all20:41
theseinfeldHi all!20:41
theseinfeldLinux user since 1994, Debian and then Ubuntu user since breezy...20:41
theseinfeldSenior Software Architect in Elektrobit, Special Terminals & Solutions dealing with Linux for Moblin and done some Ubuntu mobile contributions as well.20:41
theseinfeldAlso, I have been active within ubuntu on various projects as well on the bug reporting, forums, wikis but mostly on the free open source community. I am also member of the Ubuntu-Ro and FOSS of Finland.20:41
theseinfeldthose are my three lines20:42
Seveas-1. The main contributions you list on your wikipage are in packaging of packages I don't think I can judge well. Maybe the MOTU route is a better route to membership for you https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU20:42
theseinfeldOther than this, I am also Assistant Professor, and used Ubuntu in my classes, so, I guess that will count as advotating...20:43
popeysome interesting teams you're a member of there theseinfeld :S20:43
Seveastheseinfeld, while we appreciate advocacy, it's also very hard to judge without some sort of evidence (photos, reports)20:43
theseinfeldHmm, that is one work I did and I am still doing...20:43
forumsmatthewI'm going to have to -1 for the same reasons as Seveas for now...I would like to see more evidence20:44
PriceChildI agree with Seveas.20:44
forumsmatthewSorry, all. I have to go. My son just woke up and needs me20:44
Seveasforumsmatthew, ok, see you next time! Thanks for being here20:44
PriceChildhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers gives information about the membership route for developers (ubuntu contributing developers)20:44
* popey stops rattling the cot20:44
theseinfeldSeveas, that is true. I cannot give you internal access to laboratory documents though :(20:44
PriceChild(I have 15 minutes)20:44
theseinfeldbeside that, I did contribute to some documents, help in the IRC, bugs, etc.20:45
popeyI have to agree with Seveas, it's difficult to gauge developer contributions for me. I would recommend the MOTU route also.20:45
markvandenborreis there anyone around to cheer for you20:45
Seveastheseinfeld, then you should document that on your wikipage. We cannot guess that :)20:45
theseinfeldcprov, adiroiban for ubutu-ro20:46
theseinfeldI know couple of other guys, like crazybyte, DoruHush, elkbuntu, lool, ogra, persia20:46
cprovright, I did work and with Peter on the artoolkit debianization and I think he has valuable knowledge on that area (augmented reality / video applications)20:47
theseinfeldperhaps even popey might remember me from some revu things one year ago...20:47
* popey has never done any revu stuff :S20:47
popeyunless it was when I was dreaming of course20:47
Seveastheseinfeld, then please document all these things on your wikipage, or use the MOTU route to membership if your main focus is packaging20:47
theseinfeldperhaps I confuse you with another name, sorry...20:48
theseinfeldSeveas, the MOTU was for one package, a library that I am developer (libdc1394) that was lagging behind20:48
=== crazybyte is now known as crazy_penguin
Seveasmarkvandenborre, stgraber: can I have a vote please?20:49
=== crazy_penguin is now known as mad_slackie
theseinfeldI am not sure if I will go more than couple of packages that I help20:49
=== mad_slackie is now known as crazybyte
theseinfeldI have done some work on the libdc1394 packaging that went back to debian (my work020:49
stgraberSeveas: -1 based on the above comments20:49
markvandenborre+- ... 0 ... would rather see you go the MOTU way20:49
theseinfeldthan later to ubuntu20:49
markvandenborreand document stuff better20:50
Seveastheseinfeld, I'm afraid that the lack of documentation made us say no today, but please document all your contribution and gather some cheers from other people on your wikipage and you could be accepted next time20:50
theseinfeldthanks for your time20:50
markvandenborreI'm a bit torn here...20:50
popeyor go the MOTU route :)20:50
markvandenborreoops, sorry, message was meant for a friend20:50
SeveasLast available person on the list today is xdatap20:50
theseinfeldas I said, MOTU is perhaps too much for my digestion :D20:50
xdatapmay i go?20:51
Seveastheseinfeld, see you in a couple of weeks/months when you've finished your wikipage!20:51
Seveasxdatap, yes20:51
xdatapLaunchpad account: https://launchpad.net/~xdatap1  ||  Wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PaoloSammicheli20:51
xdatapHi everybody. My name is Paolo Sammicheli from Siena, Italy. I started contributing in Ubuntu on November 2006 mainly within the Italian LoCo Team. Inside the LoCo Team I've been doing translations, contributing to the web site and I'm one of the administrators of the Italian Marketing Team (Gruppo Promozione). I've been contributing translations also for upstream projects (GNOME, freeciv.org) and I'm a member o20:51
xdatapf the Siena LUG where I'm Free Software Evangelist since 1999. I also attended last UDS in Mountain View where I had a lot of fun meeting incredible ppl. In the future i will continue to work on Italian Marketing Team spreading the verb and... who knows? Maybe packages?20:51
Seveascheers from mdke and hattory. Will be hard to say no20:52
Seveasxdatap, I'd like to see some more documentation about what you do for the -it team though20:54
popeywhat is the utoon team for?20:54
Seveas+0 here, testimonials good, documentation not so20:54
xdatappopey: it's growing. a guy from italian it's a cartoon designer. we are trying to make some strips20:54
popeyexcellent, compete with xkcd or userfriendly? :)20:55
xdatapSeveas: what kind of documentation? I'm in web site team, workin on site20:55
xdatapSeveas: and in Gruppo Promozione i'm one of the admin20:55
Seveasxdatap, yes, but what kind of things do you do? Maintain drupal? Write php? Style with css?20:55
Seveasjust some more details. I don't doubt that you do good work, but I'd like to know what you do :)20:56
popeyxdatap: i thought I recognised your photo, you were at UDS in SFO?20:56
Seveaspopey, yes, see wikipage ;)20:56
xdatappopey: yes, we met ad comunity track20:56
popeyit was rhetorical Seveas :p20:56
popeythought so20:56
xdatapSeveas: let me find pages for italian marketing team, that is the most evident work20:57
xdataphere's the blueprint tree i made for gruppo promozione: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-it/+spec/promozione-goal20:57
xdatapeach blueprint it's related to a project followed by a project manager20:58
markvandenborresorry guys, really have to go... +1 from me20:58
Seveasxdatap, for how many of those projects are you the manager?20:59
xdatapSeveas: actualy i follow "LUG Partnership"20:59
xdatapSeveas: it's a huge work because the project want to put in contact the 150 LUG of Italy with Ubuntu-it. Not easy at all. someone don't like us so much21:00
Seveasah duh, it says right there in the image21:00
xdatapSeveas: and then supervisioning all project, talking in our mailing list21:01
Seveaspopey PriceChild stgraber, are you ready to vote?21:01
popeyxdatap: were you sponsored to UDS by canonical or did you get other funding?21:02
PriceChildI'm torn for the same reasons as Seveas I'm afraid. +0. Would be great if you could get a little more info on your wiki page about what they are cheering you for.21:02
xdatappopey: i payed myself my expenses and i'm very proud of it (someone called me crazy)21:02
SeveasPriceChild, I'm actually leaning towards +1 now, given the added info21:02
stgraberyeah, I tend to agree with Seveas too, +0 as well21:02
popeynice one xdatap21:02
PriceChildI've got to run in a couple of mins sorry & won't be able to stay throughout the next candidate.21:02
popey+1 from me.21:02
SeveasPriceChild, this is the last candidate :)21:03
jpdsxdatap: I'd say. ;-)21:03
SeveasI'm changing to a +121:03
* PriceChild thinks21:03
* popey notes the lights start to dim21:05
Seveasis PriceChild thinking that hard?21:05
* popey puts mor dilithium crystals in PriceChilds ear21:05
Seveasmoar dilithium!21:06
PriceChildRight ok I'll go +1. They are great cheers.21:06
xdatapyay! Thanks everybody!21:06
popeycongrats xdatap21:06
SeveasThat makes 4 +1 and one +0. Welcome aboard xdatap !21:07
adiroibanxdatap: congratulations!21:07
xdatapthanks again! :)21:07
* popey twitches every time someone puts a + in front of 021:07
Seveasend of meeting, thanks for being here!21:07
popeygood work guys21:07
MichaelGodawskithank you again guys21:07
Seveaspopey, -0 is rather not but won't object, +0 is indefferent but no objections21:07
* popey pops off21:07
popeywhat about -0.00 ?21:08
popeyand +0.000021:08
Seveasannoying mathematician21:08
popeycorrect, you get a gold 021:08
jpdsxdatap: Congrats :)21:08
xdatapthanks jpds :)21:09
xdatapleaving, bye bye21:12
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