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dholbachhello my mobile friends!12:07
dholbachhappy new year!12:07
ograsame to you :)12:07
ogra.oO(no, i havent an idea about a developer week talk yet :P )12:07
dholbachwho would like to give a session about something mobile related at Ubuntu Developer Week?12:07
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep is the preliminary schedule12:08
dholbachsomething with hands-on experience would be nice12:08
dholbachlike testing mobile images or maybe something about hildon *shrug*12:08
dholbachI'm sure you have cleverer ideas than I do :)12:08
ograwe do UNR as well this release 12:08
ograso netbook people might be intrested ... 12:09
dholbachnjpatel is already giving a session, I just thought it'd be nice to have a lot of cool mobile stuff on there12:09
ograyeah, indeed ... i'll put it on the agenda for the IRC meeting 12:10
dholbachogra: thanks a lot12:10
dholbachmaybe something like "how to make sure <graphical application> runs nicely on small screens" or something12:10
dholbachmaybe we can even invite a few maemo folks to hang out there and help out there as well12:10
ograrewrite it :P12:11
dholbachawesome :)12:11
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jinja-sheepubuntu-8.04-umpc-i386 --> missing in action?16:35
dholbachogra: when is that meeting?16:44
jinja-sheepYeah.  Don't forget to invite me to the meeting too. :\16:59
dholbachjinja-sheep: the meeting is public and open to everybody17:00
jinja-sheepdholbach:  Great.  When is the next meeting tho? 17:00
dholbachogra: thursday 12 UTC?17:00
jinja-sheepYou dev?17:02
jinja-sheepDeveloper.  Contributer.  Part of the team.  Fanboy?17:02
jinja-sheepErr... Loyal supporter would be the better term. :317:03
dholbachI'm an Ubuntu Developer, but I don't work on Ubuntu Mobile17:03
dholbachI was just trying to pester somebody of the Mobile folks to add a session to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep :)17:03
jinja-sheepI signed up for an account on Ubuntu (Brainstorm).  Seems like everybody is rooting for pointless features one too many. :<17:06
jinja-sheepThis is Day 2 for me on that forum.17:07
jinja-sheepWhat languages do you know?17:08
dholbachGerman and English, bits of French and words in different languages I picked up here and there17:09
dholbachBrainstorm is awesome17:09
jinja-sheepI mean the programming languages.  Sorry. ;o17:10
jinja-sheepBut you... know lot of languages.  That's amazing.  Really.  I know two.17:11
jinja-sheepEnglish + Sign Language.17:11
dholbachwoah cool17:11
* dholbach -> call17:12
ogradholbach, right17:32
dholbachogra: the earlier you can add it to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep the better17:32
ograwe're all a bit drowning in arm and imagebuilding this month so i cant tell who can do anything yet 17:34
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