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AdamDHis there an easy way to run a shell script from inside rules?01:27
copproit's a makefile; each line is a separate shell01:30
copproto run a script, just run it as you would from shell01:30
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TheMusovorian: Please do not forget to include all changes since the last Ubuntu merge when uploading a merge.02:03
RAOFcrimsun: Hi!  Is nouveau-kernel-source still on your todo list, or is it time to advertise again.02:44
RAOFNice coincidence with #ubuntu+102:45
crimsunyes, on my TODO02:45
crimsunoverrun with alsa and pulseaudio bugs, surprise surprise02:45
crimsunoh, and this alsa-plugins (lib32asound2-plugins) interaction with flashplugin-nonfree on 64-bit is a bit tragic02:46
crimsunnow that flashplugin-nonfree uses nspluginwrapper forcibly with the 32-bit plugin regardless of installation arch, we have a bit of a mess on Ubuntu02:46
crimsuni think what needs to occur is that ia32-libs needs to be fixed by removing alsa-plugins from it02:47
crimsunat the same time, it should depend on lib32asound2-plugins02:47
lfaraonehey crimsun02:48
crimsunotherwise, we've regressed to the release of hardy, where audio is nondeterministically inaudible, and pulseaudio and all other audio apps need to be restarted02:48
crimsunhi lfaraone02:50
RAOFcrimsun: The problem with lib32asound2-plugins is that it's built from a main source, so can't b-d on ia32-libs and so can't build the pulseaudio plugin.02:57
RAOFI don't expect ia32-libs to be promoted to main anytime this geological epoch. :)02:59
StevenKWhat does lib32asound2-plugins require from ia32-libs?03:02
StevenKPerhaps that needs to be split out too?03:02
crimsunapparently alsa-plugins has build-time magic to provide .so symlinks and to copy .pc for pulseaudio and dbus03:04
RAOFStevenK: It requires ia32-libs in order to get 32-bit pulseaudio libs to build against.03:08
StevenKRAOF: Right, so maybe we need to split out lib32pulseaudio or so ?03:09
RAOFYeah, that'd work.03:09
* RAOF wasn't thinking of the ogre model when he did the alsa-plugins biarch work.03:10
RAOFSo, who wants to take the review of nouveau-kernel-source off crimsun's overstreached TODO list?03:11
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* TheMuso will look into bi-arch pulse libs.03:32
TheMusoAlthough I don't look forward to implementing it. :p03:32
milos_good morning!04:32
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milos_how much it usually takes for one package to get sponsored?06:16
dholbachgood morning and happy new year!06:30
Hobbseehey there dholbach!06:31
dholbachhi Hobbsee06:31
iulianHiya dholbach!06:36
dholbachhiya iulian06:37
fabrice_spHi dholbach1 and happy new year also!06:47
fabrice_spoops: dholbach, no dholbach106:48
dholbachhiya fabrice_sp06:48
fabrice_spNow that I'm back from holidays, I will start again to request review for dvsdstyler package at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdstyler? Is there someone willing to have a look at it? It has already been reviewed by mok0 and siretart06:53
wikzI have uploaded a new package for spicebird, would someone like to revu it? spicebird is a collaboration client and it's based on TB3a2. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=spicebird07:06
fabrice_spwikz, will have a look (even if I'm not a MOTU, I saw some errors in your packaging)07:15
wikzfabrice_sp: thank you so much :)07:21
* Hobbsee does the 'upgrade to jaunty' dance07:44
* TheMuso corsses his fingers for Hobbsee.07:46
pwnguinive got a question about patches08:06
pwnguini recall seeing that you can put comments in quilt system packages' patches08:06
pwnguinis that unique to quilt, or does the standard unified diff format allow comments?08:07
didrocksHi everybody and happy new year \o/08:07
NCommanderpwnguin, the patch utility ignores anything that isn't proper diffs, so its not quilt specific08:09
pwnguin"proper diffs"08:10
pwnguinmeaning, anything that isn't the header or a chunk?08:10
pwnguinah. the manpage say patch skips leading and trailing garbage, so you can save a message and give it to patch without processing08:17
huatsmorning all08:35
* Hobbsee wonders why a jaunty dist-upgrade installs lilo by default.08:44
Hobbseeoh.   recommended by the kernel images. yay.08:45
orly_owlthe kernel recommends lilo? why?09:16
Hobbseeorly_owl: i've no real idea, although i remember hearing something about it being needed for some configurations?09:18
orly_owlsounds odd09:18
Hobbseei've asked in -kernel, but might be too early in the day?09:22
dholbachIs there anybody who would like to give a session about merging at the Ubuntu Developer Week? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep09:23
dholbachIs there anybody who would like to give a hands-on session about python packaging at the Ubuntu Developer Week? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep09:23
* directhex hands Hobbsee a fresh copy of elilo09:30
jpdsthekorn: re: lplib for requestsync: that's great work :)09:41
thekornjpds, thanks, hugdaylist and grab-attachments also done but not pushed yet09:42
thekornjpds, I think massfile is the only one which still depends on launchpadbugs09:42
jpdsthekorn: It's okay, mark the branch for merging when you think they're ready and I'll copy it across.09:43
thekornjpds, before merging this branch we should think about adding a tool for managing access tokens,09:44
jpdsthekorn: You write far better python than me :)09:44
jpdsthekorn: Good point.09:44
thekornmanaging right now would mean "creating access tokens" right now, but in the future it can also show you all your tokens etc09:45
dholbachthekorn: that'd be awesome! :)09:45
dholbachthekorn: that should probably be in a separate package - what do you think?09:45
dholbachI could imagine that a bunch of packages (not just development tools) would make use of it09:45
thekorndholbach, yes, maybe launchpadlib itself would be the best place for it09:46
dholbachjames_w: ^ what do you think?09:46
james_wI think you are probably right09:48
thekornok, I will think about such an token management tool later today and write a patch09:54
* dholbach hugs thekorn09:56
Hobbseedirecthex: elilo?  haven't heard of that10:31
directhexHobbsee, it's what us cool doodz with itanium use10:32
directhexHobbsee, i.e. for EFI-based bootings10:32
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Hobbseehrm, another open week11:31
Hobbseesome of those sessions look interesting11:32
* Hobbsee hopes logs appear in findable places.11:33
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directhexdoko__, do you have plans to package the new ironpython 2.0?12:12
doko__directhex: yes, but python2.6 comes first. go ahead if you want to do the update12:13
directhexjms@osc-franzibald:/tmp/IronPython-2.0$ mono ipy.exe12:16
directhexIronPython requires .NET 2.0 SP1 or later to run.12:16
directhexthis is gonna be fun12:16
doko__directhex: it's available in jaunty12:18
directhexdoko__, 2.0?12:19
directhexhm, doesn't seem to run12:24
milos_would somebody be kind and review my debdiff?12:47
nhandlermilos_: What is it for? And is it a simple one? (I only have a few minutes)12:49
milos_I am not in a hurry so, you can look at it when you have more time12:50
milos_nhandler, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/20901340/yagiuda_1.19.5%7Eppa1.debdiff12:50
milos_nhandler, it's about 3 lines of code12:51
nhandlerIs there a bug report?12:51
milos_yup nhandler https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/31284212:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312842 in yagiuda "yagiuda crashes in Ubuntu Intrepid" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:51
khashayarHi folks. I've been backporting ardour 2.7.1 for hardy and intrepid. It's the first time I attempt to do official backporting. Is there a backporter who could tell me what the next step is?12:53
nhandlermilos_: Well, looking at the patch, it is not perfect. For one thing, the syntax for closing a launchpad bug is (LP: #312842). Closes is for Debian bugs. Second, you need to get the the patch applied in jaunty before it can get into Intrepid. Third, your version is not correct. You want to look at the version currently in jaunty and just bump the ubuntu revision. You also should filter out the changes to config.sub and config.guess from you12:55
Laneyyou got cut: "from you..."12:56
* nhandler is starting to hate irssi12:56
stefanlsdmilos_: to add to nhandler - you have lines showing change where you've changed white space... (dont do that)12:56
stefanlsdmilos_: we want to make the diff as minimal as possible12:57
nhandlermilos_: Actually, it looks like the package is auto synced from Debian. Is the patch relevant to debian? If so, send the patch upstream12:57
nhandlermilos_: If not, you can subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to the bug report after making the changes. That will ensure it gets looked at12:58
* nhandler has to run now12:58
Hobbseenhandler: you want http://scripts.irssi.org/html/splitlong.pl12:58
maxbkhashayar: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports12:59
milos_nhandler, I don't know bout Debian. I would search it.12:59
stefanlsdnhandler: or, not talk so much :P12:59
milos_nhandler, ok I will try to fix this and will send again to ubuntu-universe-sponsors mailing list13:02
milos_stefanlsd, about lines with white space, I should just delete those lines from patch?13:05
khashayarmaxb: Thanks. I've built packages using prevu, and they're currently being built in ppa. Where do I find someone to take a look at them?13:08
Laneynhandler: I have a script which automatically splits lines taht get too long if you're interested13:09
stefanlsdmilos_: yeah, you can do that (or fix your source and redo the debdiff). either way13:10
Laneynhandler: Oh, you already got linked, nm13:10
voriankhashayar: are they new packages?13:19
vorianif so you can upload them to revu http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/13:20
hyperairnhandler: i've made the changes you've requested in codelite13:20
khashayarvorian: thanks, I'll check that out.13:25
khashayarvorian: sorry, they're backports, not new packages.13:25
Laneykhashayar: The backports wiki you got linked to explains it13:26
khashayarLaney: I've read that page, but there are some things I don't understand. Will investigate some more and get back here later, possibly with questions. Thanks again.13:30
vorianhi rrittenhouse13:34
rrittenhousehi vorian13:48
rrittenhousevorian, how are you?13:48
voriangood good13:48
jpdsthekorn: Do you know what could be wrong here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/100312/ - it's not working for me against staging either and I've redone the cookie file, everything..13:53
thekornjpds, I will have a look at it in about 10 minutes13:56
jpdsthekorn: I'm not in a hurry.13:56
* hanska waves14:00
* ScottK waves back.14:02
directhexhanska visiting ubuntuland again?14:12
directhexcome to steal our bugs? :o14:13
hanskadirecthex: nah :)14:13
hanskadirecthex: have some plans about becoming a MOTU too, some day14:13
soci could need some packing help ...14:13
soci would like to package the droid font for ubuntu/debian14:13
soccan someone help me?14:13
soci plan to start working on it in 50 minutes ...14:14
thekornjpds, which version of py-lp-bugs are you using? is it jaunty, intrepid or earlier?14:15
hanskasoc: what's your problem?14:15
sochanska: i never really did it before14:16
socso i decided to start with a typeface, because i don't have to compile anything and the dependencies are easier ...14:17
thekornjpds, what's the result of14:18
thekornpython -c 'from launchpadbugs.http_connection import HTTPConnection; h = HTTPConnection("path/to/cookie"); print h.needs_login()'14:18
socok, i'll be back in 45 minutes ...14:21
stefanlsdanyone have a pointer to why my watch file isnt working... looking for this  ftp://ftp.uk.linux.org/pub/linux/Networking/netkit/netkit-tftp-(.*)\.tar\.gz    and debug returns nothing - uscan debug: requesting URL ftp://ftp.uk.linux.org/pub/linux/Networking/netkit/  -  uscan debug: received content: [End of received content]14:55
bddebianHeya gang14:55
ScottK-desktopHeya bddebian.14:56
bddebianHeya ScottK-desktop14:58
stefanlsdfor info - it needs   opts=passive   before the ftp:// to do pasv ftp15:05
stefanlsdcould just be where i'm sitting15:06
RainCT_dholbach: hey15:11
dholbachRainCT_: hiya :)15:11
RainCT_dholbach: I don't arrive home until around 17:15 UTC on mondays :(15:12
dholbachRainCT_: ah ok - I guess I'll just pester the others then :)15:12
dholbachRainCT_: would you like to give another session during the rest of the week? :)15:12
RainCT_dholbach: I guess the Getting Started is supposed to be an intro for your session?15:13
dholbachRainCT_: a very general introduction with room for lots of questions about ubuntu development in general15:13
ScottKdholbach: Where do HoF bugs get put? Do I just tell you?15:17
stefanlsdcan i just start grabbing merges from mom?  i see we're past 25th dec. and still 106 merges left... and alpha 3 coming up15:18
dholbachScottK: yeah :)15:18
ScottKdholbach: Currently it looks like all my non-sponsor uploads are changed-by scott@kitterman.com and signed-by ubuntu@kitterman.com (even though both email addresses are on the key) so ALL my uploads get counted towards sponsored uplods.15:20
dholbachScottK: I'll check that - are both mail addresses in LP?15:20
ScottKDunno if you care about special casing that, but it doesn't seem fair.15:20
RainCT_dholbach: I was thinking about doing it the week before, but I think I'll be busy finishing my research project that week, so dunno..15:20
ScottKdholbach: yes.15:20
dholbachScottK: alright, I'll let you know15:20
dholbachRainCT_: oh... I was thinking about some session about a different topic15:21
AdamDHhey all trying to run a shell script from my make file with  $(shell scripts/patch) but I get scripts/patch: 23: /tmp/buildd/msp430-binutils-msp430-binutils-2.18-msp430/patches/msp430-binutils-2.18-msp430-cvs.0.0.20090105.patch: Permission denied line 23 is when it runs my function, I am running pbuilder build ../*.dsc as root15:26
AdamDHits chmodded +x as well15:27
maxbAdamDH: If it's within the diff.gz part of the source package, then you need to remember that diffs don't preserve modes. So, it won't be +x by the time the build actually runs15:29
AdamDHso I need to somewhere in my rules chmod it +x so it executes15:30
maxbThat, or run $(shell /bin/sh the_script) instead15:31
AdamDHthe script works perfectly when not been called by make! I will give that a go, thanks15:35
AdamDHstill get permission denied, now I get it when it reads in the /tmp/buildd/msp430-binutils-msp430-binutils-2.18-msp430/patches/msp430-binutils-2.18-msp430-cvs.0.0.20090105.patch: Permission denied patch15:36
socmhhh, sorry took longer to get rid of that snow :-/15:52
soci want to package the droid fontface, can someone guide me?15:52
voriansoc: have you read any kind of documentation yet?15:53
* vorian will show a couple of links if not15:53
pmjdebruijnsoc: how are they licenseD?15:53
socin https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete#Packaging%20From%20Scratch : The underscore, "_", between the package name (hello) and the version (2.1.1), as opposed to a hyphen, "-", is very important. The packaging tools will look for a file with that exact name. If you get it wrong, the result is that the tools will incorrectly assume that there is no original source at all and the package will be built as a Debian native package.15:54
dholbachdirecthex: do you think we could have a session at Ubuntu Developer Week about Mono Packaging? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep is the preliminary schedule15:54
vorianhow far have you gotten soc?15:54
socso my first question:15:54
vorianah :)15:54
soci have the font files, should i put them in an archive?15:54
soci'm just starting15:54
directhexhanska, what do you think?15:54
directhexor sebner or Laney15:55
pmjdebruijnsoc: are the android fonts Apache licensed? seriously?15:55
soci opened them with fontforge15:55
hanskadirecthex: pong15:55
pmjdebruijncool :)15:55
* hanska was going to bed15:55
soclicense states:15:55
directhexdholbach, possibly, just gotta bounce ideas off clever people like hanska first15:55
directhexhanska, bed? it's 4pm!15:56
hanskadirecthex: didn't sleep tonight :/15:56
hanska(5pm here though)15:56
pmjdebruijnsoc: use a current font package, like liberation as an example15:56
pmjdebruijnsoc: ttf-libration (for example)15:56
hanskadholbach: tell me :)15:56
socLicensed under the Apache License, Version 2.015:56
socpmjdebruijn: i alredy did that ...15:56
pmjdebruijnsoc: huh? well it should be simple enough then15:57
socbut i'm not really sure, what things i can reuse15:57
* hanska just saw the link, second, let me look at it15:57
sebnerdirecthex for mono packaging \o/15:57
Laneydirecthex: recruits to transition the libraries? ;)15:57
hanskaLaney: ahah right :)15:57
directhexhanska, you'll muck up your circadian rhythms if you go to bed early. anyway... ubuntu developer week is a week of exciting lessons for new devs (and new skills for old devs) on given topics15:57
directhexLaney, could be, could be :p15:57
dholbachhanska, directhex: we're going to have Ubuntu Developer Week again with a weel full of one-hour-long tutorial sessions15:57
sebnerdirecthex for mono packaing \o/15:58
socso basically i have to write a .dsc file and that diff file, am i right?15:58
dholbachI just thought it'd be great to demonstrate to people what's special about mono packaging and answer a bunch of questions15:58
hanskadholbach: on IRC? :)15:58
sebnerhanska: sure15:58
dholbachhanska: yep15:59
directhexdholbach, i agree15:59
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Prep is the preliminary schedule15:59
hanskadirecthex: you know I don't have connection where I study :/15:59
hanskadirecthex: and I'll leave again on 12 :/15:59
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek the schedule (and logs) of last time15:59
directhexhanska, crap, i forgot about that15:59
hanskadirecthex: I would've really joined you guys :/15:59
Laneyit's ok16:00
Laneyyou can record a video16:00
Laneywe'll play it at the start16:00
hanskaLaney: lol16:00
hanskaLaney: I can also call by phone, heh :P16:00
Laneydholbach has done MOTU videos in the past!16:00
hanskaLaney: well.. if I were to talk about mono packaging with some sort of screencast16:01
directhexthe ideal would be to get meebey involved, but he's been AWOL for a few days16:01
hanskaLaney: I believe that an open terminal and me typing commands (even if I could also record voice), that wouldn't be too exciting!16:01
LaneyIt'd excite me16:01
* hanska excites Laney 16:02
dholbachhanska, directhex: I think it'd be enough to have a small example or two, talk through it and answer heaps of questions16:02
Laneyfor sure16:02
hanskadholbach: I would've done that, sure, but I have internet connection only on weekends16:02
sebnermore like debian/control and rules magic16:02
dholbachhanska, directhex: and explain how to help out on the Mono Packaqing goodness16:02
dholbachhanska: right :/16:02
socso now i'm going to put the font files in an archive and call it ttf-droid_1.00b112.orig.tar.gz?16:02
sebnerhanska: remembers me on me ^^16:02
dholbachanybody else up for giving a hands-on session at UDW?16:02
hanskasebner: just because I'm at university :/16:02
sebnerhanska: university without internet. wired16:03
sebnerLaney: +116:03
hanskasebner: Uni has, my home there hasn't16:03
hanska(it's ~140km from here)16:03
* sebner wouldn't stay in a home without internet :\16:03
directhexslomo can help too. right slomo?16:03
Laneydirecthex: "How to package ikvm", right?16:04
hanskaLaney: \o/16:04
dholbachhanska: where do you live?16:04
socmhh the version is "Version 1.00 build 112"16:04
sochow should i translate that?16:04
directhexLaney, i need to perfect face-stabbing-over-IP i think16:04
hanskadholbach: Palermo (university), Mazara del Vallo (home city, where I am now) --> Italy16:04
socor 1.00b112?16:04
dholbachhanska: ah ok16:04
directhexsoc, 1.00b112 works for me16:04
socah ok16:04
slomodirecthex: ikvm? no, packaging that needs more time than i currently have ;)16:05
hanskasoc: also something like 1.00~b112 wouldn't be too bad16:05
socso now i have the fonts in that archive16:05
socah ok16:05
directhexslomo, nah, ikvm is almost in reasonable shape now (!)16:05
sebnerdirecthex: anyways, you just need a simple example and show howto deal with the control and rules file (also howto patching the makefiles) and answering questions, that's all16:05
socttf-droid_1.00~b112.orig.tar.gz is the filename now ...16:05
hanskadirecthex: openpgp-sharp, it's a project of mine :)16:05
directhexslomo, an ubuntu developer week session on mono packaging. you've experience with one of the bigger examples16:05
sebnerhanska: with *good* makefiles? ^^16:05
hanskasebner: I wrote that by hand, so... but it needs monodevelop installed :P16:06
hanskasebner: however, I could make a preview-release-tarball16:06
sebnerhanska: heh16:06
slomodirecthex: ... like mono itself? or which one do you mean?16:06
hanska(with a sane Makefile)16:06
socdirecthex, hanska: or shouldn't i create my own archive? should i better download that "snapshot" file from git???16:06
socproblem is, that there are more things in that archive that i don't need ...16:07
directhexslomo, no, CLI packaging in general. just education for people, so they can package mono apps/libs more effectively. same as other dev week tutorials, really16:08
directhexslomo, i'd like to agree to dholbach's request, but i want to have people on-hand who are super smart & can answer real-world questions16:08
socdirecthex, hanska: should i use the generated archive from the git ( http://android.git.kernel.org/?p=platform/frameworks/base.git;a=snapshot;h=6b8721393400f8e98bb6c29d47b38c79be7ade32;sf=tgz ) which has many files i don't need or should i extract the fonts out of that archive, and place them in a new archive?16:09
dholbachdirecthex: I'm sure that having a few examples at hand you can talk about, knowledge about general packaging techniques and a few people you can ask on IRC if you don't know the answer yourself off-hand, that's fine :)16:09
hanskasoc: do you intend to package the whole platform as well?16:09
hanskadirecthex: I can give you my phone number *hrhr*16:10
socno, i just want to have a package for the font16:10
sochanska: just a ttf-droid with the fonts16:10
hanskasoc: then yes, make a separate source package, and state what you did in a debian/README.source file16:10
socah ok16:10
directhexhanska, i should make a README.source for ikvm!16:11
socok, then now i extract the files from my orig.tar.gz again16:11
hanskasoc: also, implement a get-orig-source target in debian/rules, which should grab the snapshot (the same exact revision you got), and mangle it appropriately to have the final tarball16:11
soccd into it and do dh_make?16:11
hanskasoc: sure.16:11
hanskasoc: remember, debian/README.source and get-orig-source in debian/rules.16:11
sochanska: that's the thing i don't know how to do16:11
hanskaget-orig-source should automatize all the steps you did to get the original tarball16:12
socbecause of that i asked, if i can just create my own source archive instead of cleaning up the original ...16:12
hanskasoc: sure you can, but you should give other users/developers the chance to get the same exact tarball you created16:12
hanska(as far as I'm concerned)16:12
directhexdholbach, let me try and get ahold of meebey, since he's been doing this stuff a few years longer than me16:13
dholbachdirecthex: if meebey can just hang out there or be around to answer the questions that you really can't answer, that's fine16:13
dholbachdirecthex: we'll have a bunch of really really new people there16:13
* hanska to bed, later guys!16:13
socmhh, i can't see how ttf-liberation did that ...16:13
dholbachand we're going to get them excited16:13
dholbachand it's going to be great16:14
sochanska: is the debian/rules a bash file?16:14
directhexsoc, it's a Makefile16:15
socwhat should get-orig-source do? just get the archive?16:15
socor overwrite the files locally?16:15
directhexsoc, download (or generate) an orig.tar.gz16:15
socah k16:15
socwhere should that orig.tar.gz be placed?16:15
directhexdholbach, if i can pin down meebey, i can check over things like suggested example packages, or times/days he'll be about, or things like that16:16
socin the source folder?16:16
directhexsoc, policy says in ../ i think16:16
socah ok16:16
socbtw. should i put the font files in my archive in a folder?16:17
dholbachdirecthex: awesome - the earlier we fix up the schedule the better :)16:17
socand do the font files need some special permissions?16:17
socor will fix the installer that for me16:17
socbecause atm the files belong to me, not to root16:17
directhexdholbach, hence [16:12] /me jumps up & down on meebey16:17
directhexsoc, your rules file should do any general cleaning up of things16:18
dholbachsomebody asked for a session about merging? anybody up for talking about merging?16:18
socah k16:18
soci'll guess i try it and then rinse and repeat :-/16:18
directhexi wonder how long to assign to heckling in a mono session...16:19
socttf-droid_1.00~b112$ dh_make -e soc@krg-nw.deThe directory name must be <package>-<version> for dh_make to work!16:20
socI cannot understand the directory name or you have an invalid directory name!16:20
hanskasoc: just what it says16:20
directhexsoc, when you extract foo 1.0's orig, it should go into a folder called foo-1.016:21
socso i have to call the archive ttf-droid_1.00~b112.orig.tar.gz, but the folder inside it ttf-droid-1.00~b112?16:21
soctype of package?16:22
socsingle binary, multiple binary, library, kernel module or cdbs?16:22
hanskasoc: single binary16:22
soceven if there are multiple *.ttfs?16:22
directhexit means "single binary package"16:23
* hanska really goes now16:23
socah ok16:23
directhexas opposed to lots of binary packages from one source16:23
socatm Licence states: blank16:23
socah ok, i understand16:23
sochow can i tell dh_make the licence?16:23
directhexgenerally your upstream should come with a COPYING or LICENSE file in the tarball16:24
socSkipping creating ../ttf-droid_1.00~b112.orig.tar.gz because it already exists16:24
socCurrently there is no top level Makefile. This may require additional tuning.16:24
socDone. Please edit the files in the debian/ subdirectory now. You should also16:24
soccheck that the ttf-droid Makefiles install into $DESTDIR and not in / .16:24
mok0soc: man dh_make16:24
socwhere do i have to place that file?16:24
socmhh, i have both a NOTICE file with Copyright, License, the "No warranties" paragraph and the full apache license text16:28
socand i have a README.txt with Copyright, License, the "No warranties" paragraph and a comment "This directory contains the fonts for the platform. They are licensed under the Apache 2 license."16:29
socwhich one is the right ne?16:29
savvasI think you have to add them all if you include all of those files16:30
socsavvas: afaik the debian distribution has some shared directory with all common licenses ... does that matter16:31
directhexsoc, common-licenses? are your files under Apache 2.0?16:33
savvasWell um.. you can add a note in debian/copyright:16:34
savvasOn Debian systems, the complete text of the GNU General16:34
savvasPublic License can be found in `/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL'.16:34
savvasat least this is what dh_make command creates :)16:35
savvascorrect directhex!16:39
savvassoc: I would just mention one by one which licenses are used for which files - just make sure you are allowed to package/distribute them using those licenses :)16:39
soconly apache2.0 is used16:40
savvasah cool then16:40
socwhat is the debian/watch file?16:42
directhexit's used by "uscan" to let the archive inform you of new upstream releases16:42
directhexi.e. DEHS (and whatever ubuntu equivalent exists) periodically uses the watch file to detect a source tarball newer than your packaged version16:43
socthe font was build by Steve Matteson16:44
socbut Google has the copyright and the trademark16:44
socso who should be "upstream autjor"?16:44
savvasthe best way to clear out copyrights and licenses is to contact the authors directly :)16:45
savvasthe project is on google code?16:46
socon kernel.org16:46
savvasah ok16:46
savvasI thought my watch file could help you :)16:46
savvasI'm playing around with fspy currently :P16:46
socdo i have to put the whole Apache license text in that file?16:49
socor is this enough?16:49
soc    Apache 2.0 License16:49
socThe Debian packaging is (C) 2009, Simon Ochsenreither <soc@krg-nw.de> and is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License, see `/usr/share/common-licenses/Apache-2.0'.16:49
superm1crimsun, what would you think about adding something to set the default Digital Input Source to be a digital device in the init script for alsa?  If it's available, it should work, otherwise it should fall back nicely i'd think..16:50
savvassoc: looks good to me. Here's an alternative: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100426/plain/16:59
socdo you think i can cite parts of the press release from ascender for the description?17:01
hanskasoc: "17:49 <soc> The Debian packaging is (C) 2009, Simon Ochsenreither [..]"17:01
hanskathe (C) has non legal value17:01
hanskasoc: the only recognized terms are "copyright", "copr." and "©"17:01
hanskasoc: so fix that to be "Copyright (C)"17:02
sochanska: i just took what dh_make generated :-P17:02
socthat wasn't my idea17:02
savvasthat's true17:02
hanskasoc: or, it would be better if you use "Copyright ©" (that's an utf-8 character, if you can't see it, it's the C in a circle)17:02
savvasSo, the debian version of dh_make uses "The Debian packaging is copyright (C)" ?17:03
soci can see it :-)17:03
socno problem ...17:03
soc"The Debian packaging is (C)"17:04
socnot even copyright :-P17:04
hanskasoc: add Copyright there!17:04
savvashanska: did you mention this to the maintainers of the dh-make package?17:04
socok, i did17:05
hanskasavvas: not yet, but it's a well-known issue among us Debianists :)17:05
hanskasavvas: there also was some thread on debian-legal17:05
socok, i have copyright and control17:10
savvas2 down, 98 to go17:11
savvasjust kidding :p17:11
socnext thing is the defoma file17:11
socttf-droid.defoma-hints i guess ...17:12
socubuntu doesn't have the package i need ... *argh*17:19
* soc fetches libft-perl from debian ..17:19
socno installable --- *grrrrrr*17:20
ScottKsoc: If there's a package in Debian that's not in Ubuntu there's generally a good reason why not.17:20
socah k17:20
soci need the file FreeType.pm for defoma-hints17:20
ScottKSo the first step would be to find out why we don't have it.17:21
socdefoma-hints truetype DroidSans.ttf17:21
socWait for second...17:21
socdefoma-hints Can't locate FreeType.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.0 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at (eval 4) line 2.17:21
socyes ...17:21
socthat would be good17:21
socit depends on perlapi-5.8.8 ... weird...17:21
sorensoc: Deleted in intrepid-release on 2008-09-05  (Reason: (From Debian) RoQA; buggy, orphaned )17:21
sorensoc: perlftlib, that is.17:22
sorensoc: ...which is the source package for libft-perl17:22
socso i can't use defoma-hints naymore?17:22
sorenI have no idea. I'm just telling you why libft-perl isn't there anymore.17:23
socyes, i see17:23
socbut that doesn't really help me :-/17:23
sorenWell, it tells you that Debian also doesn't have the package anymore, so you're hardly alone with your problems.17:24
jcfphi all. For sabnzbdplus I'd like to get ubuntu's libjs-mochikit updated. The current mochikit package (1.3.1) appears to be copied straight from debian. What's the best approach here? Ask the debian javascript maintainers?17:26
hanskajcfp: yes, please. As a Debian maintainer I'd like to keep the delta between the two distros as narrow as possible17:27
hanskajcfp: reportbug -B debian libjs-mochikit17:27
hanskajcfp: file a wishlist bug, asking for the version you need to be pushed in17:28
hanska(however, other guys' mileage may vary here, that's just my humble opinion.)17:28
Laneyjcfp: You might ask if they have an update in the works, or are planning one soon and offer to help them with it to speed it along17:29
jcfphanska: thanks, sounds good17:32
jcfpLaney: I'll try to ask nicely. The update itself appears simple though I know nothing about that git stuff etc.17:33
jcfpAfter that, will it automatically appear in ubuntu or should i ask/file a bug somewhere?17:34
socmhhh "Width = Variable" is certainly wrong for a monospaced font, isn't it?17:37
james_wjcfp: you will need to file a "sync request"17:39
ScottKjcfp: After it's in Debian you'll need to ask to have it sync'ed into Ubuntu as we are past the point in this release cycle where it's done automatically.17:40
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Laneyjcfp: looks like a pretty easy update. As it's team maintained, you could visit their IRC channel and ask if they mind you doing the update17:49
Laneyjcfp: Actually, it's already in their git!17:50
jcfpLaney: serious? I only checked at packages.debian.org17:51
jcfpSo all there's to do is file the sync request in launchpad17:51
Laneyjcfp: No, they need to upload it17:51
Laney(to debian)17:51
Laneymaybe they haven't finished doing it yet, you should pop over and ask how you can help17:51
jcfpah. last stupid question: which is their irc channel?17:53
jcfpLaney: I tried the update locally, just for testing with sabnzbdplus, and it appeared (to me that is ;) no further changes would be needed... but we'll see.17:55
pochuthere's #debian-java on OFTC, not sure if that's the one you're looking for17:55
jcfpok thanks all17:55
LaneyTheMuso, crimsun: I'm seeing symptoms of that pulse race bug again. Have you heard/experienced similar elsewhere?17:56
soccan i delete every file in the /debian folder that i don't use?18:00
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coolbhavihi james_w18:10
directhexdoko__, FYI, ironpython depends: mono >= 2.218:10
james_whello coolbhavi18:11
socok, i have built the package18:27
soci got one error18:27
socmake[1]: *** Keine Regel, um »clean« zu erstellen.18:27
soc"No rule to create clean" or something like that ...18:27
socis that bad?18:27
maxbA clean target is mandatory: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-source.html#s-debianrules18:28
maxbdh_make should have supplied you with an example one18:28
soci deleted that ...18:29
soc#!/usr/bin/make -f18:32
socinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk18:32
socinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/makefile.mk18:32
socthis is my rules file ...18:33
socithought this was enough18:33
maxbHm. It is supposed to be enough.18:35
maxbPerhaps your problem is more complex than a single line of error can explain18:36
jpdsthekorn: I'm using intrepid, but tjaalton tried both.18:37
thekornjpds, the output of the command I gave you would be intresting,18:38
thekornjpds, I'm about to leave, can you please file a bugreport against py-lp-bugs with the result18:39
soci want to upload my source package to my ppa, to try it, how can i do that?18:39
jpdsthekorn: I get False.18:40
thekornjpds, then you should not get this error :)18:41
thekornI'll check the logic behind it again tomorrow18:41
khashayar1Hi, I've been talking to the ubuntustudio guys about becoming their backporter. There's a bugreport on launchpad requesting a backport of ardour. I've successfully built backports of 2.7.1 for hardy & intrepid in my ppa (and locally with prevu), and I've read the wiki page about backporting. Still, I'm a bit confused what the next step should be. There's the bugreport, there's the package, but what's the next n18:42
AdamDHcan any one tell me why http://www.pastebin.ca/1300274 this is running configure make and make install but nothing is there in the package after the .deb has been created18:45
jmarsden|worksoc: Once it builds cleanly on your own machine and in a pbuilder, you can use dput to upload it to your PPA... https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA18:45
socjust read it, thanks, yes18:45
_MMA_ScottK: If ya can help out khashayar here that would rock.18:47
socalthough i don't understand why it doesn't build cleanly18:47
soci let cdbs handle that ...18:47
ScottK_MMA_: Sure thing.18:47
maxbkhashayar1: You need a better/fixed IRC client, or you need to manually avoid saying things longer than ~400 characters18:47
ScottKkhashayar1: What bug do you have?18:47
ScottKThat too.18:47
socbtw, do i need to set some permissions on files in the debian folder?18:48
socor is this done automatically?18:48
khashayar1Oh, sorry maxb, I'll try to think of that. New to irc.18:48
_MMA_bug 29928718:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 299287 in hardy-backports "Please backport Ardour 2.5" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29928718:48
maxbkhashayar1: You got truncated at "....but what's the next n" - better IRC clients will autosplit long lines into multiple messages18:48
khashayar1maxb: Thanks, I'll try to find something better (using pidgin now).18:49
khashayar1_MMA_: thanks18:49
khashayar1ScottK: I've built packages for hardy and intrepid.18:50
ScottKkhashayar1: OK.  Did you test that the work?18:50
khashayar1That is, I've backported ardour 2.7.1 successfully. The packages are in my ppa.18:50
khashayar1Yes, they work well for me.18:50
ScottKkhashayar1: You said you'd filed a bug?  What bug?18:50
khashayar1(Quick tests though)18:50
_MMA_ScottK: Above.18:51
ScottKFor backports that's considered sufficient except in special cases.18:51
khashayar1ScottK: I'm hoping to be able to backport ubuntustudio related packages on a regular basis.18:51
ScottKkhashayar1: Please put the exact version/revision you tested in the bug.18:51
ScottKkhashayar1: Did you have to make any changes to the package?18:52
_MMA_It's for 2.5 but 2.7.1 is latest and in Jaunty. But scons in Hardy/Intrepid is a pain. So hopefully this can work.18:52
khashayar1For intrepid, no changes at all.18:52
khashayar1For hardy, I had to make two small changes.18:52
ScottKIntrepid already has 2.5.  Did you do 2.7?18:52
ScottKif the package needs changes then you need to provide a debdiff for that too.18:53
khashayar1ScottK: Yes, 2.718:53
ScottKOK.  Are you trying to get 2.7 in both or 2.7 in Intrepid and 2.5 in Hardy?18:54
khashayar1Alright, I'll read up on debdiff. Should that debdiff be attached to the bug report?18:54
khashayar12.7 in both18:54
khashayar1Well, hardy's my priority.18:54
ScottKOK.  Bug  says 2.5.18:54
ScottKWe need to have both because we don't want Hardy to have a higher version than Intrepid.18:54
khashayar1Yes, I thought so, that's why made both.18:55
khashayar1Should I file a new bug concerning 2.7?18:55
ScottKkhashayar1: Just edit the existing one.18:55
khashayar1Alright, let's see what I can do.18:55
ScottKYou can actually do both Hardy and Intrepid backports in one bug in the future using also affects.18:55
khashayar1Good to know.18:56
_MMA_ScottK: Thanx for the help.18:56
ScottKNo problem.18:56
ScottK_MMA_: NCommander can also help on backports stuff too.18:57
khashayar1By the way, I didn't file that bug (_MMA_ did). I assume that means I can't edit it?18:58
_MMA_Ahh... That's right.18:58
_MMA_khashayar1: Done. (refresh page)18:59
khashayar1Thanks :-)19:00
khashayar1I found a debdiff howto. I'll read that first, and then I'll post on the bug report. Thanks a lot for your help, ScottK.19:02
ScottKkhashayar1: No change.19:03
ScottKSorry.  Doing too many things at once.19:03
khashayar1Haha, I see that :-)19:03
sochmmm, i have uploaded a source package to launchpad, how long will it take until it shows up in the webfrontend?19:07
cody-somervillesoc, did you get an accept e-mail?19:10
AdamDHany one mind taking a look at this and telling me why its not installing anything into the completed deb? I have used the same install line from a previous package I did and cannot see why it will not work in this case, http://www.pastebin.ca/1300274, bugging me as I cannot see anything wrong19:12
AdamDHeverything completes with out an error19:13
khashayar1ScottK: I've updated commented on the bug report with a debdiff, a link to my ppa, and some other info.19:13
ScottKkhashayar1: What's the bug for Intrepid?19:13
=== khashayar1 is now known as khashayar
_MMA_ScottK: I though tit could be done for multiple releases? Though my bug was only for Hardy.19:20
ScottK_MMA_: It can, but I thought he said he'd done a separate bug already.  Just use also affects to add intrepid-backports19:20
_MMA_I don't think he filed another. I'll let him chime in.19:21
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lfaraoneDo sync requests tke a while to process once ack'd by motu?19:31
jpdslfaraone: archive admins are bake from holiday.19:32
jpdsSo it shouldn't take too long now.19:32
lfaraonejpds: kk, thanks.19:33
* lfaraone has a tendency to pester, and is trying to ensure I don't.19:34
khashayarScottK: Sorry, I was gone for a while there. No, there's no report about intrepid. Just the one mentioned here.20:05
ScottKkhashayar: Then add intrepid-backports using also-affects.20:05
ScottKkhashayar: Does Intrepid need the changes too?  If so, another debdiff.20:06
khashayarNo changes for intrepid, I only changed the changelog for that.20:10
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cody-somervillewho maintains mdt?20:57
Adri2000is it maintained?20:57
* cody-somerville croaks.20:58
Adri2000cody-somerville: launchpad says wgrant and I'd say maybe lucas as well21:04
cody-somervillewgrant, lucas: ping21:04
cody-somervillewgrant, lucas: compare-versions seems to get tricked if there is multiple versions of a package in an archive21:06
oliver_g_I'm quite new to Ubuntu packaging and would like to package a Gedit plugin I've made21:20
oliver_g_and there are some questions about this...21:21
oliver_g_maybe someone can help me with this?21:21
jpdsoliver_g_: It's best to just ask away, and those who can help will help :)21:22
oliver_g_for start, there is no version number, so is it ok to just create a version number like "git20080105-1" ?21:22
jpdsoliver_g_: I would go for: 0.0~gitYYYYMMDD-1 .21:23
directhexand use the date, not a git hash (i've seen that before o_o)21:23
jpdsThis way you wouldn't need an epoch for the first release (ie. 1.0).21:23
oliver_g_doesn't the ~ sign give problems later when extending the version to 0.0~gitYYYYMMDD-1~ppa1 ?21:25
directhexoliver_g_, no.21:25
jpdsNot at all.21:25
oliver_g_or is it ok to have as many tildes in the version as needed?21:25
oliver_g_ah ok21:25
jpdsoliver_g_: And if it is an Ubuntu package not in Debian, it should end in -0ubuntu1.21:25
oliver_g_right... that's another question: how do I decide for which system the package is?21:26
oliver_g_should I create different control files for Debian Lenny, Ubuntu Hardy, Intrepid...21:27
oliver_g_(that was probably a somewhat dumb question because it shows how I didn't grasp the very basics, but anyway :-)21:28
oliver_g_in essence, after going through the examples in PackagingGuide, there's a source package as result... Is that package Intrepid-specific, or Ubuntu-specific, or would it basically work with every .deb system?21:30
jpdsoliver_g_: Sometimes it can be exactly the same, depends on the package.21:30
jpdsoliver_g_: There are no dumb questions, everyone had to start off at one point.21:32
oliver_g_So if I create a package from scratch and want to get it into Ubuntu repos, I add -0ubuntu1 (for bookkeeping), and if it later goes into Debian, the -0ubuntu1 part is removed but the package can otherwise remain the same?21:32
jpdsThe package would need a -1 entry in the changelog after the -0ubuntu1 one.21:33
AdamDHhi, been on this allmost 5 hours now, any ideas why this http://www.pastebin.ca/1300420 rules is not installing anything into the completed deb? I get no errors etc21:33
AdamDHi get a few dh_install: Compatibility levels before 4 are deprecated.21:33
jpdsAdamDH: echo 5 > debian/compat .21:34
AdamDHbut it still goes onto dpkg-deb: building package `msp430-binutils' in `../msp430-binutils_msp430-binutils-2.18-msp430-cvs.0.0.20090105_amd64.deb'.21:34
jpdsAdamDH: And make sure you Build-Dep: debhelper (>= 5).21:34
AdamDHjpds where do I run that? in the TLD of my package folder?21:34
AdamDHi am using allot of dh commands in my rule but there is nothing including anything or setting anything is this right?21:35
jpdsAdamDH: You just need a debian/compat file with a number between 5 and 7.21:35
maxbAdamDH: Is your "cd src && $(MAKE) install prefix=$(CURDIR)/debian/msp430-binutils/usr" line being executed and if not why not?21:36
AdamDHyes its been ran21:36
AdamDHI can see the output from it21:36
maxbThen, why isn't it doing anything?21:37
AdamDHthe deb is just empty21:37
AdamDHit all runs with no errors apart from the ones about compatability levels21:37
maxbYou are running dh_install twice, that doesn't sound right (though would not cause this problem)21:38
serialorderI want to replace pt.po in the source tree with a better transation and call it pt_PT.po. The package uses quilt for its patch system. There is also a pt.gmo file do I also need to remove that as well? If so should I removed pt.{po,gmo} using the patchsystem or just delete them from the source tree?21:39
AdamDHmaxb there are no errors as usally it would stop if there was a make error21:40
AdamDHit just runs and gives me an empty deb21:40
AdamDHat a quick glance installing fr.gmo as /tmp/buildd/msp430-binutils-msp430-binutils-2.18-msp430/debian/msp430-binutils/usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/bfd.mo21:42
AdamDHso install is running21:42
maxbAdamDH: Your problem is that you have not set the debhelper compatibility leve.21:43
AdamDHjust set that and re ran it and it built the package, never spotted that21:43
maxbIn the ancient fallback compatibility level that you are currently using, debhelper expects the package files to be installed somewhere else21:43
AdamDHdo i have to have a compat file or can I set it in the rules file?21:44
maxbYou should have a compat file21:44
maxbThere is a way to set it in the rules file but it is deprecated, so don't do that21:44
AdamDHthanks maxb and jpds I have a working package now21:44
jpdsAdamDH: Brilliant. :)21:45
AdamDHi will create a compat file with 5 in it21:45
AdamDHi can use the same rules to build the others with some slight mods21:45
=== `Chris is now known as Chris`
oliver_g_I've got another question... When developing some app, the code goes into a version control system, so there's a definite location for original code... But for the debian/ directory files, there is no such location, right?21:53
* serialorder is sad wants to answer my question ;(21:53
oliver_g_I mean the files in debian/ are hard to make (same as for the app code) but there is no central repository for those files?21:54
maxbAdamDH: You might consider renaming all those -time-stamp suffixes to just -stamp. That would more match the general convention I've seen in other packages, and also reflect the fact that they are more stamps of a certain step being complete, than anything to do with time, particularly21:59
maxbserialorder: Do you know what a .gmo file is? I don't off-hand21:59
AdamDHmaxb:I will do that, any other tips for the rules file? I have to remove some files that are made because they are part of the normal binutils package22:01
serialordermaxb, they are the compiled translations generated from a po file22:04
maxbAdamDH: You are hardcoding the --build and --host architectures, that's definitely a bad thing22:05
agent47acan someone name a source package off the top of their head that uses a docbook file to generate a man page with docbook-to-man?22:06
maxbserialorder: eww. Nasty that the source ships compiled files22:06
maxboliver_g_: Most packagers will keep the debian/ directory in a version control system too22:07
maxbserialorder: I suppose then you'll need to add the pt_PT.po in a quilt-patch, and maybe just patch the build system to ignore the pt.po? Or let it be installed as well, but then delete it from the installation shortly after the "make install"22:09
AdamDHmaxb yes just noticed that will change it22:11
maxbYou don't seem to be using PACKAGE_TARGET for anything22:11
maxb--prefix=/usr is the default for almost all packages, consider omitting it22:12
maxbAre the CC and CFLAGS definitions actually doing anything? I doubt it.22:12
maxbWhat is the remove-patch target for and does it really want a stamp file?22:13
maxboh, sorry, I have just seen the use of CC and CFLAGS22:14
AdamDHCC and CFLAGS are been used22:14
AdamDHCFLAGS are needed for gcc422:14
maxbMy personal opinion is that it would be clearer not to use variables for CONFIGURE_ARGS, CC, and CFLAGS, since they are expanded only once, in fairly simple circumstances22:15
maxbOverriding prefix= in "make install" is not the recommended way to do it. DESTDIR is the standard make variable for this purpose. I would hope binutils would support it?22:16
AdamDHyes I dont think the prefix=is required22:17
AdamDHI can do it with the configure flags22:17
maxbThat's an even worse way to do it.22:17
maxbSome packages will hardcode their configured paths into scripts and or binaries.22:17
maxbThe correct way to do it is to configure for the *installed* location, and use the DESTDIR make variable to install into an alternative directory22:18
maxbThe clean target currently does not actually clean up22:18
maxbThe binary-indep target builds no packages, so there is no reason for it to depend on build and install22:19
maxb"confiure" (sic) is misspelt in .PHONY22:19
maxbRight, I'm done :-)22:19
AdamDHthanks maxb I will inplement all of that and see where I go from there22:21
AdamDHis usr the correct path to install it to?22:22
AdamDHcan I use say /opt/msp430 and ensure its exported correctley22:22
maxbAn official distro package should definitely fit under the /usr hierarchy and stay away from /opt.22:24
serialorderagent47a,  btpd does I also found a bunch of other packages that do in google with the search string 'build-depends: docbook-to-man'22:25
AdamDHmaxb even a cross compiler?22:31
maxbYes. Here is an example for a different architecture: http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/binutils-avr22:32
crimsunsuperm1: RE: 'Digital Input Source' -> can we assume, though, that people will want that instead of 'Mic' or 'Front Mic'?22:38
superm1it's got nothing to do with that22:39
superm1separate mixer items22:39
superm1it's a matter of analog vs digital, not "which analog"22:39
superm1crimsun, ^22:39
crimsunexcept for on the codecs where options for 'Digital Input Source' _offers_ 'Mic' or 'Front Mic'!22:39
superm1then presetting "Digital Mic 1" wouldn't harm them as the command to set the default would fail22:40
khashayarI've been trying to learn some packaging recently, so I've been having a few rounds with lintian.22:40
khashayarWhat's one supposed to do with with "binary-without-manpage", if there's no manpage provided?22:41
crimsunnot necessarily, because 'Digital Mic' and 'Digital Mic 1' have both been seen as input choices22:41
crimsunyes, obviously if the latter isn't an option, it will fail nicely22:41
superm1so perhaps then setting "Digital Mic 1" followed by "Digital Mic"22:41
superm1so that if it uses the former it works, and then falls back to the latter if that's what's used22:41
AdamDHmaxb so how do i rewrite this so I dont have prefix as that example uses it as well cd src && $(MAKE) install prefix=$(CURDIR)/debian/msp430-binutils/usr22:42
crimsunsuperm1: i say go ahead and make the change; we can sort out any mess before 15 jan22:43
superm1crimsun, okay will do, thanks22:43
maxbAdamDH: $(MAKE) install DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/msp430-binutils22:48
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superm1crimsun, something else i've wondered, is there any sane way for filtering extraneous mixers from even being offered at all?  Things like analog loopback mixer?22:58
crimsunsuperm1: oh man, that's crazy talk22:59
superm1crimsun, haha22:59
crimsunsuperm1: yes, one could selectively blacklist certain mixer elements in the driver, but deciding which are extraneous would be contentious23:00
crimsunsuperm1: which really implies, "why expose those controls at all"? and that's a slippery slope23:00
superm1crimsun, ah i can see what you'd mean there.23:00
superm1crimsun, well i suppose as the "defaults" get set better, the need for users to go and check tons of mixers in the gnome tool will decrease, so those will at least be hidden more and more so23:02
AdamDHthanks for all the help maxb23:04
AdamDHonce I have done this gcc should be half the work23:05
AdamDHthere are no man pages for this apart from the offical binutils ones will that be fine to try and get it submitted?23:05
Laneyyou should write ones for any new binaries23:10
AdamDHI will add that to my todo list but testing can still happen even if there are no man pages23:21
AdamDHany one spot anything I have missed http://www.pastebin.ca/1300531 the package build and tests out ok23:56

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