phunyguyanyone alive? i posted a question earlier today and nobody picked up on it....  can anyone help me?01:28
phunyguyi am getting REALLY poor performance in teh program guide while using a dvico tuner01:28
_akuma624_what is "dvico" tuner - is that the brand name?01:38
phunyguydvico fusion02:12
phunyguyHD tuner02:12
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squish102on mythbuntu, i need to start a vncserver automatically under a users account when the machine restarts. where is the best place to put that?03:04
RobertMLaptopmythbuntu will start a vncserver for you.  It is in mythbutu control center.03:28
squish102RobertMLaptop i think that is x11vnc, which mine does already. I needed a different desktop to start a skype session in.03:30
squish102i have put it in rc.local : su squish102 -e vncserver and it seemed to work03:30
RobertMLaptopOnly possible issue is if you use the same user id as you main screen certan programs like firefox wont work in both windows.03:31
squish102ahhh, yip same user, but maybe i should create a different user so that i dont encounter that problem03:41
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MadChoprwhat kinda hdmi cards you guys buying for small boxes... i'd like to build a mini-itx box.06:34
CarlFKI may get a job at a place that uses those06:54
lagalast time i checked, mythbuntu didn't run on ARM ;)06:55
xukunis it possible to play blue ray movie with mythbuntu?15:15
jphillipxukun with some work yes15:26
xukunjphillip, thanks15:27
mustangghey.    I'm trying to get an ati remote working with no luck. is there some way to see that the receiver side is active or not?16:13
MythbuntuGuest43Hello I'm having trouble setting up my serial IR to change channels on settop box (iptv box)16:16
MythbuntuGuest43MCC > ENable an IR Transmitter16:17
MythbuntuGuest43from there i can select confituration and then it takes me to Nautils to select a config file16:18
MythbuntuGuest43i have the serial ir from mythtv wiki16:18
MythbuntuGuest43but which one do i use? lirc.hwdb, transmitter.hwdb, or is it one of the subfolders (transmitters, remotes)?16:19
mustanggWhen following the wiki here "http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/ATI_Remote_Wonder#Mythbuntu_8.10" , does it matter which option my ATI is set as,  kernel vs userspace?16:31
MythbuntuGuest43according to installation doc, the it says to runk dpkg-reconfigure lirc however the options here seem the same an MCC and there is no "serialreciver" or Servial receiver (variant)"16:36
MythbuntuGuest43Its on pg 115 of 8.10 installation manual16:37
MythbuntuGuest43According to wiki, "You have to load lirc_serial at boot. There are instructions in the HOWto links. The way I do it on Fedora is to edit modprobe.conf. Since you likely also have an IR receiver, such as on the hauppage cards, you need two lirc modules loaded, the lirc_i2c module for the IR receiver, and lirc_serial for the IR emitter. Again please see the details instructions in the links above.  Once the modules are loaded, you run two ins17:00
MadChoprwhat kinda HDMI video card are you guys throwing in yuor boxes?17:23
squish102ive got an onboard ati HD3200 one, that i am fighting with. i'm looking for a different one now :(17:29
squish102although i have got it all working, including sound. just not sure of the stability17:30
mustanggI simply can get any output from "irw"..  I've tried every method outlined in the various docs faqs and wikis, but the furthest I can get is to see activity from "mode2 --device=/dev/lirc0". I've tried various combination of lircd.conf (and lircrc) and restarted lircd dozens of times.      Can anyone suggest my next steps?17:37
dmanmorning folks17:44
mustanggOn the topic of remotes and lircd.conf: Should the code I see from a "mode2 .." be the _exact_ same in lircd.conf for each arbitrary keypress? Ex: in lircd.conf I have  0x000000000000020D for "1" but mode2 gives me 0x14e20d0000 ..17:49
dmansomeone mind taking a look at this to let me know if they see anything to fix http://pastebin.ca/130024517:51
tgm4883_laptopdman, DVBChan(2:0) Error: SetChannelByString(33): Failed to initialize multiplex options17:54
tgm4883_laptop"is defined, but isn't attached to a cardinput." is odd too, as usually it tells you which card to fix.  I assume it doesn't because of the previous error17:54
dmanit's weird I do the setup based on this http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge_HVR-1600, although in the step to scan channels17:56
dmanit won't find them, so I have to use the mpeg card and it works17:57
dmanbut I still can't open front-end17:57
dmanweek 4 of trying to get this working17:57
dmananyone using a hauppauge 160018:00
sacamanoHey, question. I installed Mythbuntu, and I want it to be able to play videos/music off of an external hard drive. It recognizes it fine in the normal version, but I can't seem to figure out how to play from it from the frontend18:00
dmanI can't understand why myth would want me to use the DVB and mpeg if I dont have DV anyway, anyone have any idea?18:03
dmanthe setup wants the chan scan using the dvb, and finds nothing.  If I use the Mpeg instead if finds the channels18:04
dmankillall command for myth?18:14
dmanFatal Error: Audio not configured, you need to run 'mythfrontend', not 'mythtv'. Can't run mythfrontend either18:17
dmanis it possible to delete the mysql database and will myth auto recreate it?18:19
dmanor do I have to remove all traces of myth as well as mysql18:19
dman2009-01-05 10:18:15.490 Told to create a NEW database schema, but the database18:20
dmanalready has 17 tables.18:20
dmanIf you are sure this is a good mythtv database, verify18:20
dmanthat the settings table has the DBSchemaVer variable.18:20
dmanI guess all 61 users are afk18:20
dmanthanks anyway18:20
dmanwell I guess no help is better than no help at all18:28
elzappHi. I was wondering, is there a way to remove the "Watch TV" and "Watch Recordings" elements from the menu?19:02
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sacamanoHey, question. I installed Mythbuntu, and I want it to be able to play videos/music off of an external hard drive. It recognizes it fine in the normal version, but I can't seem to figure out how to play from it from the frontend20:06
sacamanoby normal i mean ubuntu20:07
sacamanoor mythbuntu not using the mythbuntu frontend20:07
jphillipsacamano user setup>media20:12
jphillipyou tell it the location of the files20:12
sacamanoi did20:12
jphillipso video for videos, and music for music20:12
sacamanobut when i went Media->Videos on the main screen20:13
sacamanoit still said no files found20:13
jphillipthen for videos you need to run the video manager20:13
sacamanosorry, im kind of a mythbuntu nub20:13
jphillipshould be on the first page under setup20:13
jphillipthat will find videos within that folder20:13
jphillipI don't do music so I dunno what happens there20:13
sacamanowhen i clicked on video manager20:14
sacamanoit just goes to a pretty blank screen20:14
sacamanosays Select: Edit20:14
sacamanoInfo- Action Menu20:14
sacamanoand other than that its empty20:14
jphillipwhat extension are your videos?20:14
sacamanoi believe .aiv20:14
sacamanosome might be .wmv20:16
sacamanoi have the non-free codecs loaded20:16
sacamanothey are in different folders, i dont know if mythbuntu scans recursively20:16
jphillipfor videos it does20:17
jphillipunless there is an option to enable that20:17
jphillipverify the file types are enabled20:18
jphillipshould prob verify permissions on the files as well20:18
sacamanopermissions are read/write20:18
jphillipshould be 755 with mythtv:mythtv as the owner20:18
sacamanounder the Setup->Media-Videos?20:18
jphillipmake that 77520:19
jphillipthere is a file type menu within there20:19
jphillipwhere you can enable, disable file types and specify players for each20:19
sacamanounder there theres like different ones20:20
sacamanoare they all enabled?20:20
sacamano.avi doesnt have ignore selected20:20
sacamanoi found it20:22
sacamanofor some reason .avi was set to ignore20:22
sacamanoAnother question, can any videos I have pull cover art/ratings and such from IMDB? If so, does it do it automatically or do I have to run something? It's connected to the internet.20:33
sacamanoAnd would it try and match movies to titles20:33
sacamanoive ripped most of my movies to .avi20:33
jphillipsacamano in the video manager you hit the right arrow (or M I think) and it pulls up a menu which has the search imdb option20:52
sacamanoty a lot jphillip20:57
mustanggFolks, about remotes and IR: can I assume if there is output from "mode2" (per a forum thread) that unresponding "irw" is due to config file error and such..?21:09
sabhainmustangg, I've only seen unresponding "irw" when the lircd.conf and hardware.conf are incorrect21:20
sabhainor if LIRC itself has failed to load or crashed21:21
jphillipmustangg yes you need to correct your /etc/lirc/lircd.conf to include the buttons before they will show up in lirw21:22
mustanggjphillip/sabhain: would you fellas know if the code I get from mode2 is the identical code I should have in lircd.conf? e.g.: 0x14d5000000 in mode2 and 0x000000000000020D in the lircd.conf file... ?21:26
jphillipdo any of your buttons work?21:27
mustanggnothing works right now, but I have seen it working (wrongly mapped though) with my previous if badly mangled installation of mythbuntu.21:29
jphillipI think the numbers don't directly match up21:30
jphillipI've always used a somewhat working config and then used it to discover keys that didn't work and just added the ending numbers21:31
jphillipyou should try irrecord maybe?21:31
mustanggok wasn't sure if it mattered. I followed the wiki here <http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/ATI_Remote_Wonder#Mythbuntu_8.10> but it simply doesn show any keys at all.21:31
mustanggI've stayed away from irrecord so far because all the tutorial-type material available uses preexisting files and such.21:33
jphillipirrecort is pretty straight forward, you just push buttons and tell it what that is21:34
jphillipbut my understanding is it doesn't work for everything21:34
mustanggI'll give irrecord a try and see if I can get anything working.. Thanks fellas.21:39
jphillipmustangg that or get a somewhat working config and adjust from there21:42
mustanggI've tried at lease three supposed working config files, but none have any effect when I run irw..21:45
jphillipdid you sudo /etc/init.d/lirc reload sudo /etc/init.d/lirc restart after changing the config?21:53
jphillip2 seperate commands there21:53
jphillipI'm not entirely sure the reload is necessary21:53
jphillipin a perfect world it should only need one or the other, but it doesn't hurt to be safe when you are having issues21:54
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mustanggyeah, restart irc that way each time. multiple times even when I forgot if I did/not ;)22:03
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abongile_hello, looking for help with Windows MCE remote with mythbuntu. irw picks up all the keys correctly but in muythbuntui only a sbuest works, please help, there are many other problems to solve.22:40
lagaabongile_: you need to add the missing keys to your .lircrc. best idea is to add a new include statement and create a new file22:41
lagaor you can try asking google for a ready-mady lircrc, but it'll have to match your lircd.conf22:41
abongile_I am newbie but I have been up and down the net and have taken a loo at hadrware.conf and lircd.conf files in both the remote seems to be listed.  How do I go about doing what you suggest, I am a really to things linux.22:44
tritiumsuperm1: are you aware of anyone packaging http://download.silicondust.com/hdhomerun/hdhomerun_config_gui_20081231.tgz for debian or ubuntu?22:44
superm1tritium, not aware no22:44
superm1i heard of it and started to look at it and saw there is a bit of a messy build system22:45
tritiumNor am I.  The gui would be a nice thing to have.22:45
superm1that depends on the source of hdhomerun-config22:45
superm1tritium, want to package it :)?22:45
tritiumAh, really?  I've not looked at it.22:45
tritiumsuperm1: possibly so22:45
tritiumI'll take a look at it.22:45
superm1tritium, if you can't make it in time for when jaunty closes for new packages, we can always put it on the mythbuntu testing PPA for those interested22:46
tritiumFair enough.  When is the deadline?22:46
abongile_laga how do I add a new include statement and creat a new file.  I am a real new to things linux.22:46
lagasuperm1: did someone work out the gpg key breakage on the UK repo?22:46
superm1laga, gpg key breakage? did pegasus expire?22:46
lagasuperm1: no clue.22:46
lagaabongile_: you'd use an editor. www.lirc.org has documentation on the file format22:47
lagaabongile_: the mythbuntu manual might have something as well, but i'm not sure on that one22:47
superm1tritium, lets see.. i think featurefreeze is the last point when new packages get accepted.  feb 19  (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule )22:47
tritiumThanks, superm1.22:47
abongile_laga, go there now, thank you!22:48
lagaabongile_: let me know if you run into problems22:48
superm1tritium, welcome.  let me know if you'll need someone to revu it22:48
tritiumsuperm1: I certainly would.  I've not been MOTU for years now.22:48
abongile_Laga, just gone through the LIRC website, went through the supported remote comtrols config files and did not find anything under microsoft or phillips and found something under mceusb (http://lirc.sourceforge.net/remotes/mceusb/lircd.conf.mceusb) but I do not know what toi do with it or whether it would be helpful to me,23:02
lagaabongile_: i was referring you to the file format for the lircrc files :)23:08
abongile_laga, I don't think I know what format they are but they end with .conf, the config file on lirc website seems to be the right one but I don't know what to do with it.23:10
superm1mceusb should be supported OOTB23:16
superm1just pick it in the postinst, mcc, or ubiquity23:16
superm1oh wait i just read above.  so propbably lircrc neesd some work as indicated above23:16
superm1see ~/.lirc/* and ~/.mythtv/lircrc23:17
abongile_laga, as mentioned in my lircd.conf the remote is named there, today my hardware.conf file seems to be empty and I don't know what to do with the RC-6 conf file from lirc website.23:17
abongile_superm1, I am using ubuntu 8.10 what folders would I find these /etc, /dev I am a newbie and don't really know my way around the system or command line at this stage.23:21
MythbuntuGuest95Hello I'm having trouble getting serial ir blaster working23:21
MythbuntuGuest95I have been following several differnt guides to no avail23:21
MythbuntuGuest95I think it has to do with /dev/lirc*23:23
MythbuntuGuest95apparently there will be 2 /dev/lirc0 and /devlirc1?23:24
MythbuntuGuest95I have tried to mannuall edit a lot of things go get this to work since MCC doenst seem to stick settings23:24
abongile_laga, just got my hardware.conf file and the remote seems to listed there,l though nothing seems speified under the irblaster section.  Still do not kjnow what to do with the conf file from lirc website.23:26
abongile_superm1, the lirc folder has the following: hardware.conf  hardware.conf.old  lircd.conf  lircd.conf.dpkg-old  lircmd.conf23:29
superm1abongile_, don't do anything with the conf from the website23:29
superm1are you using mythbuntu, or just standard ubuntu?23:30
abongile_superm1, I am using mythbuntu and have installed the kde desktop.23:32
superm1abongile_, okay then go into mythbuntu control centre, select the mceusb remote23:32
superm1and have it regenerate button mappings23:32
abongile__laga, superm1, somebody out there please help!23:42
superm1abongile_, i told you what to do to reset back to normal state.  once you are there you just need to modify the files in ~/.lirc/* like I said23:44
abongile__superm1, just checked /etc/mythtv folder there's no lircd file and /etc/lirc does not contain a mythtv folder or file.23:46
MythbuntuGuest95According to installation manual sudo dpkg-reconfigure setserial says that it is depricated but editing /var/lib/setserial/autoserial.conf says to use it using dpkg23:49
abongile__superm1, you said to wait I did, you said to go myth control centre I did, you said to look at ~/lirc/* I did and told you what was in there you said to look at ~/mythtv/lirc, what did I misse?23:50

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