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nemoegoI have two ubuntu servers, alpha acts as DHCP/TFTP/NFS server from which beta does a TFTP boot with NFS root.  All this works ok, but beta will disappear from the network periodically: i.e. ping reports 'Destination host unreachable' and ongoing samba transfers timeout. logging in to beta locally and running a command will make it reachable again for a while. What's happening here?00:50
yann2nemoego > I had a similar issue once00:54
yann2are you using network bonding?00:54
nemoegoyann2: don't think so, that's using multiple interfaces with one IP, right?00:56
yann2my other question would be, is the server virtualized00:56
yann2a stupid guess could also be: you have an IP conflict somewhere and the switch gets confused00:57
yann2try assigning another IP00:57
nemoegothe nfs root was originally made with a virtual machine, but it's running on metal now, DHCP doesn't assign IPs in the range beta is in, and i think if I change IPs i will lose my NFS root, no?00:58
yann2well just check there is no conflict at swtich level00:59
nemoegoyeah, there are 6 machines on the network and the 2 have static IPs and the rest are getting dynamic IPs from the server properly01:00
nemoegoit's almost like beta is forgetting it has an IP until I force it to access the NFS share...01:01
yann2I bet it's more the switch that gets confused with the mac address :P01:02
yann2or maybe I'm wrong, but this is what I would investigate :)01:02
nemoegohow would I go about that?01:02
yann2when you say01:07
yann2 logging in to beta locally and running a command will make it reachable again01:07
yann2that command has to be network related?01:07
yann2or a simple ls is enough?01:08
yann2is it a manageable switch?01:08
nemoegosince it's an NFS root, any command forces access to the NFS server (alpha), also the first command takes 30-60 seconds, subsequent commands are instant01:09
nemoegoswitch is a cheap wifi router01:09
nemoegoalso, i notice this problem mostly because it interrupts my samba transfers to beta, so i'm communicating with the machine when it disappears01:11
msucoderHas anyone here fooled with webcamd before?01:48
danielm_mcyoza - is there an easy way to upgrade 32-bit hardy heron to 64-bit hardy w/o complete re-install?  URI plz... :-)03:49
pteaguesuggestions for a mail server simply for sending mail from a lamp server? debating postfix or sendmail08:43
Jeeves_never choose sendmail08:43
pteaguethat bad? or just no good options?08:45
Jeeves_echo, cat, |, netcat08:47
henkjanpteague: just stay with the default postfix install08:47
hadspteague: Postfix is easy and works out of the box on Ubuntu08:48
pteagueat this point i'd like to just get `php -r 'mail( "valid@email.com", "testing", "this is a test email." );';` to work :)08:48
* henkjan hands an exchange 2k3 install cd to Jeeves_ 08:48
pteagueum, which configuration thing should i choose? internet site, internet w/smarthost, satellite system... ?08:49
Jeeves_henkjan: Bah!08:49
pteaguei know when i'm behind cox i have to use their mail servers :(08:49
hadsInternet site usually if you're an Internet site :)08:49
pteaguethis is home file/web server ... & test server08:50
hadspteague: Then you'll probably want to use your ISP's mail server as a smarthost.08:50
pteagueprobably won't be receiving email except via fetchmail ...08:50
pteagueok, what should i use as the system mail name?  my main site's domain or cox.net ?08:52
pteaguethe smtp relay host i'm guessing is the smpt.isp.com mail server i need to send through09:00
AnAntHello, does ubuntu provide some web-based tool for managing the server ?12:26
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox12:36
_rubenAnAnt: ^^12:36
spiekeythis might be a little Off-Topic but i need some hints or opinions for NAS/SAN :)13:01
spiekeyi would like to save about 4-6TB. I could just use a Debian Box with a Raid5 controller and SATA. Or maybe just a JBOD attached by eSATA?13:01
spiekeyor should i not use a operating system at all and use an appliance?13:02
ProfFalkenspiekey: you might be better off looking a a server/server cluster that connects to a SAN backend via fibre-channel SCSI.  I've use infortrend int eh past and that seems to work pretty well if its of any help?13:09
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AnAnt_ruben: thanks13:54
vorianScottK: when would be a good time to cover the server migration you mentioned last week? :)14:13
ScottKNow isn't so bad.14:13
ScottKI did do a bit of work on it over my Christmas holiday, so there are some removals pending.14:13
ScottKCurrently we have DB4.2 -> 4.7 in the archive.14:14
ScottKThe goal is to get that down to as few as possible.14:14
ScottKCurrently 4.2 needs to stay due to some openldap oddities.14:14
ScottKzul: Did openldap ever get working on later than 4.2?14:14
ScottKMost things are on 4.6/4.7.14:15
ScottKSo the goal is to kill of 4.3/4.4/4.5.14:15
ScottKEach of them still has a few rdepends.14:15
zulScottK: probably I havent checked in a while though14:15
ScottKI did get to file a removal bug on one of them.14:15
ScottKzul: Could you add that to your Jaunty list of stuff to do?14:15
ScottKIt'd be nice to get that one out of Main and maybe even out of the archive.14:16
ScottKvorian: So look at the rdepends for each binary and then see if you can get them to work with a later version.14:16
ScottKYou can also look in Debian for patches as they were trying to do the same thing for Lenny.14:17
vorianScottK: is this just for jaunty? or 8.04+?14:17
ScottKvorian: Jaunty.14:18
zulScottK: you mean my never-ending-todo-list-that-grows-ever-bigger-by-the-second?14:18
ScottKzul: Yes or the "list-of-stuff-to-get-mathiaz-to-do".14:19
domashi! why the heck doesn't oprofile recognize vmlinux?14:21
domasroot@db25:/a# opcontrol --vmlinux=/boot/vmlinux-debug-2.6.24-22-server14:21
domasThe specified file /boot/vmlinux-debug-2.6.24-22-server does not seem to be valid14:21
* domas reviews 'opcontrol'14:23
domasah, found the problem %)14:24
domasdependancy bug14:24
domasanyone would know why rsync would be hitting sys% that much, with such profile: http://p.defau.lt/?hkE20oFLHK1UQYzFisbnMg14:26
ShoopufAny reason why I wouldn't want to run a sudo aptitude update/install/safe-upgrade?14:28
ShoopufAnd anyone know some good software to test the security of my server?14:29
a_okis there a way i can prevent apt from starting/ stopping services?14:31
a_okdaemons/init scripts whatever you want to call them14:31
ProfFalkenShoopuf: what kind of server is it? (DB/LAMP/LDAP?) there'll be a tool to test it!14:36
ShoopufProfFalken: LAMP14:37
domasI smell a regression somewhere :(14:39
ProfFalkenShoopuf: http://www.howtoforge.com/apache_security_testing_with_nikto - it's a bit old (dapper) but it refers to Nikto (http://www.cirt.net/nikto2) which will help you.14:40
ProfFalkenanyone in here know why I wouldn't be able to su from root to another user without typing the passwords?14:46
domaswhat the heck14:47
domasif I rsync single file, it is copied at 100MB/s14:47
domasif I rsync that same file as part of directory copy, it is copied at 10MB/s14:48
domasand most of time is spent in kernel14:48
ProfFalkenw00t! Fixed it - /etc/pam.d/su did not have "auth sufficient /lib/security/rootok.so". it all works now... :o)14:59
eolo999hi, "virsh -c qemu:///system shutdown machine-name" doesn't stop my machine...15:03
eolo999hi i cannot shutdown kvm machines!15:13
eolo999someone can help me?15:13
ShoopufProfFalken: oh dear ;P15:27
ShoopufGot it to run but don't understand most of the output. :P15:30
balleolo999: what kind of kvm machines?15:33
ShoopufIs there a way for me to password-protect one particular directory if someone tries to navigate to it with a URL?15:35
Shoopufi know there's a way but what's the best way :)15:37
ProfFalkenShoopuf: look into .htaccess files - they rock!  As for Nikto, I've not used it for a while but I'm sure Google can help you with the results... ;o)15:43
ShoopufProfFalken: yah i found the site that lists what each error is... http://osvdb.org/show/osvdb/309215:44
jussi01does anyone know how to fix locales stuff? http://paste.ubuntu.com/100395/16:01
zulsommer: ping16:02
ProfFalkenjussi01: dpkg-reconfigure locales16:02
jussi01ProfFalken: ahh, thanks!16:02
ballIs NFS the natural choice for serving up filespace from Ubuntu Server to Xubuntu?16:06
sorenball: Most of the time, I use Samba.16:07
sommerzul: yl16:07
sommerzul: err yo16:07
vorianScottK: what is the specific argument for apt-rdepends to work it's magic?16:08
ballHello soren, haven't seen you for about a hundred years.16:09
sorenball: I've never left :)16:09
ScottKvorian: apt-cache rdepends libdb4.516:09
zulsommer: where is the ebox stuff again?16:10
voriani thought it was apt-rdepends -r/b or something like that16:10
vorianthanks ScottK16:11
sztomi_17:08 < sztomi> I'm trying to establish an ssh connection between two ubuntu boxes. The problem is that whenever I set a static ip address on the server, it gets reset after a few  seconds. I managed to connect once, but a few minutes later, the connection was frozen, and when I checked, the static IP was reset on the server. Can you help me?16:11
sztomi_17:08 < sztomi> I'm trying to establish an ssh connection between two ubuntu boxes. The problem is that whenever I set a static ip address on the server, it gets reset after a few  seconds. I managed to connect once, but a few minutes later, the connection was frozen, and when I checked, the static IP was reset on the server. Can you help me?16:11
vorianIt looks like 4.6 is the one that needs work16:11
ScottKvorian: True, but it'd be nice to finish off 4.3/4.4/4.5 and get them removed.16:12
ScottKOf course those are mostly the hard ones left.16:12
ballsztomi_: did you tell your DHCP server to provide the same IP address consistently to the machine you're trying to ssh into?16:13
vorianScottK: all i see in .3/.4/.5 are libdb4.*-dev and db4.*-util16:13
vorian4.2 and 4.6 have a bunch yet16:13
ScottKvorian: You need to look at all the binaries.16:14
ScottKvorian: e.g. apt-cache rdepends libdb4.5++16:14
vorianahhh, ok16:14
* vorian is slow16:15
ScottKvorian: apt-cache showsrc db4.5 will show you a list.16:15
voriannod :)16:15
* vorian gets cracking16:15
sommerzul: in my PPA: https://launchpad.net/~asommer/+archive16:16
vorianholy moly, that's a bunch of stuff16:16
sztomi_ball: I forgot it: I'm trying to establish a point-to-point connection, so no dhcp.16:20
ballsztomi_: point-to-point between two machines in the same room?16:22
ball...or between two sites?16:22
sztomi_ball: same room16:35
sztomi_I want to transfer files from one box to another16:35
ballsztomi: are both machines on the same physical LAN?16:40
sztomithey are connected with a crossover ethernet cable16:40
ballah good16:40
ballDid you statically-assign IP addresses to the interface on each machine?16:40
sztomibut on the server it keeps reseting to dhcp16:41
sztomiafter a few minutes16:41
dinsdale07hello - I think I have a security problem on one of my server. I find this in the access.log for apache.16:42
dinsdale07213.155.227.229 - - [28/Dec/2008:23:03:09 +0100] "\x16\x03\x01" 501 412 "-" "-"16:42
dinsdale07what does the x16\x03 ... mean. I guess the 501 and 412 are the apache response codes.16:43
ballsztomi: okay, so you need to find out how to configure your box for static IP16:43
dinsdale07It looks as if a foreign IP has made a http request to another server.  - which is kind of worrieing.16:44
sztomiI did configure it. I even connected once, but after a minute or two it just reseted (only on the server).16:44
sztomiI did: ifconfig eth1 ipaddr16:44
sztomiifconfig eth1 down16:44
sztomithen up16:44
sztomiwhen I check it, it's there16:45
sztomibut one minute later, it isn't16:45
ballThat machine is not also connected to a LAN?16:48
ball(other than the two-node LAN formed by the crossover cable)16:49
sztomiit is16:49
sztomithere are two interfaces16:49
ballokay, my guess is the Ubuntu server box is confused.16:50
sztomieth0 is connected to lan16:50
sztomieth1 is the one I'm trying to connect with the other box16:50
ballHopefully someone here knows how to tell it to be a DHCP client on *only* one of its interfaces16:50
ballI'm really interested in this because it's on my list of things to do this week.16:50
ProfFalkenball: dhclient ethx16:52
ballProfFalken: how do you configure that permanently?16:54
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sztomithis looks promising: http://dirn.name/2008/11/how-to-set-static-ip-on-ubuntu-810-intrepid-ibex/17:05
sztomibut what is that nameserver stuff for?17:07
Deepsyou can probably not worry about your resolv.conf if you're configuring a static ip on the same subnet as the dhcp pool17:08
Deepsalso remember to `ps ax|grep dhclient` and kill any dhclient processes that are running17:08
ballDeeps: these are two separate LANs though17:11
ballphysically separate17:11
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sztomiit works fine17:14
ProfFalkenball: I configure it in /etc/network/interfaces in the same way I configure a Debian Server.17:34
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finite9hello.  ive used CentOS for years and im moving to Ubuntu server, but im perplexed that when trying to install mdadm, it has dependencies on citadel-server, citadel-mta etc.  what is that???18:30
finite9those dependencies should not exist18:30
jmedinafinite9: did you ever try to install citadel?18:35
finite9no why?18:35
jmedinahere mdadm install without problems18:35
jmedinacould you pastebin your apt-get intall output?18:35
jmarsden|workapt-cache show mdadm | grep Depends:   # does not show a dependency on citadel here either...18:36
finite9yes, mdadm will install, but it also wants to install citadel-server which I do not want.  I do not understand why mdadm forces me to install a mail server.  it does not list citadel as a dependency in apt-cache showpkg, but it does have mail-transport-agant, and that probably depends on citadel18:37
finite9yep sure18:37
domashow to avoid kswapd deadlocks? :)18:37
finite9sorry not sure how to paste bin?  how do you do that or do you just mean paste it into this window?18:37
jmarsden|workfinite9: You should probably install ssmtp (minimal mail server) and then mdadm.18:38
jmarsden|workIt wants one se it can email you error when the software RAID fails...18:38
finite9ok..makes sense.  i used mailx on centos maybe that will fulill the dependency18:39
jmarsden|workBTW which version of Ubuntu server are you using; the Intrepid version of mdadm does not seem to have this dependency18:39
jmarsden|workmailx is not a mail server...18:39
finite9yepp it is a fresh intrepid installation with only xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-core and fluxbox installed on the base install18:40
jmarsden|workfinite9: For use of pastebin go to http://paste.ubuntu.com -- it is a way of providing many lines of info to IRC users without flooding the channel.18:40
finite9is that how you do it? just provide url---+18:41
jmarsden|workYes.  Ah, OK, it *recommends* mail-transport-agent ... try sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends mdadm18:42
jmarsden|workIf you really do not want an MTA18:42
finite9do I need the MTA to get local mail reports from mdadm?  I do want to receive mail about mdadm.  I was a bit confused...I realise now that mailx is not a mail server..  I was simply using the "mail" program on Centos to read local mail and see reports from mdadm18:44
finite9thanks for the --no-install-recommends tip. that did the trick, but what can I install as a base minimum to get local mail?  just ssmtp?18:45
jmarsden|workfinite9: ssmtp is for outgoing mail via some smarthost (such as your ISP's mail server)18:49
jmarsden|workIf you need a real local email server, you'd want something more like postfix and dovecot18:49
finite9jmarsden: thanks.  will check how CentOS is setup and install equivalent on Ubuntu18:57
muge2510o route to hos19:19
uvirtbot`New bug: #313960 in dnsmasq "Please update dnsmasq hardy packages to version 2.46" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31396019:46
uvirtbot`New bug: #291843 in pango-graphite (main) "firefox crashes like mad with double free or corruption (dup-of: 286119)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29184320:07
uvirtbot`New bug: #309539 in samba (main) "firefox 3.0.4 / 3.0.5 + libnss_wins ibex netswitch samba = firefox crash (dup-of: 286119)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30953920:11
pteague_worki'm liking some of the new changes in intrepid :)20:16
ubotturaid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto20:43
MatBoyhe guys I'm figuring out if I shall use Debian or Ubuntu for a web/mail/dns server... this because of sudo20:45
MatBoyI have build my own management script and I don't want to sudo everything20:45
MatBoyI mean in my script20:45
andolMatBoy: What does sudo has to do with the choice Debian vs. Ubuntu? You can go either way with both distributions.20:50
MatBoyandol: I need to change my script ?20:50
MatBoyI need to sudo all stuff20:50
MatBoyor is there a way to get around it ?20:51
andolMatBoy: why would you need to change your scripts?20:51
MatBoyandol: because every command needs to be a sudo command ?20:51
andolMatBoy: why?20:52
aurigusnot if you run the script as sudo20:52
MatBoyandol: because I need to restart apache, change configfiles, all from scripts20:52
MatBoyaurigus: yes, but how would you want to do that ?20:53
MatBoyI mean, I can make a user, sysadmin20:53
andolMatBoy: Take a look inside /etc/init.d/ Do you see any sudo in them?20:53
MatBoythat user should not need to enter teh rootpassword everytime... or itś SUDO password20:53
MatBoyandol: apache restart requiers sudo20:54
andolMatBoy: yes, but you were talking about having to change your scripts. Just because you use sudo to run a script doesn't mean you have to change it.20:55
MatBoyandol: why not ?20:55
andolMatBoy: But yes, if you really prefer a normal root account, there is nothing stopping you from enabling it in Ubuntu.20:56
MatBoyandol: no, why don't I need to edit my scripts ? every command needs "sudo"20:56
zoopsterMatBoy: apache restart requires sufficient permissions to restart...sudo provides that without compromising the security of the system to an extreme20:56
MatBoyzoopster: yes, but itś nicer to do stuff as root so you never have issues with config files, restarts, so on20:57
andolMatBoy: Because, if you start the script with sudo, everything launched from inside that scripts inherits the same permissions.20:57
aurigusMatBoy: if you run the script with sudo, any process forked with that script is already sudoed20:57
aurigussomeone please correct me if i am wrong, i am a relative ubuntu noob20:58
MatBoyaurigus: but you might understand how many scripts I have ?20:58
eolo999hi someone knows a way to !!*&*#$%@! shutdown a kvm machine?20:58
zoopsterMatBoy: you can do things as root if you wish...not smart, but all you need to do is change the root password and what aurigus says is true20:58
eolo999virsh doesn't work20:58
aurigusthe system attached to the kvm?20:58
andolaurigus: You've gotten it right.20:58
aurigusandol:  ah good. I am more familar with RH based systems :)20:59
MatBoyzoopster: I will not discuss the security issues as I know huge companies like ebay/google use root a lot and see the disadvanatages too of sudo from time to time... so20:59
eolo999aurigus: Kernel Based Virtual Machine20:59
aurigusah, darn duplicate acronyms20:59
andolaurigus: same kernel, same security model :)20:59
zoopsterMatBoy: then simply change the password...Ubuntu creates a hash for the root password by default...you can change it if you wish20:59
zoopstereolo999: you should be able to kill it's process, no?21:00
eolo999zoopster: so easy?!21:00
DeepsMatBoy: so just run the scripts as a root user, instead of your unprivledged user?21:01
zoopstereolo999: the beauty of KVM over XEN for sure21:01
DeepsMatBoy: if you run scripts that need root privs as a non-root user, you need sudo. if you dont want to use sudo, run the scripts as a privledged user21:01
DeepsMatBoy: that, mind, is exactly the same in debian and in ubuntu21:01
DeepsMatBoy: unless you setuid the processes your scripts call21:02
DeepsMatBoy: *that* would be a security issue21:02
DeepsMatBoy: `sudo su -` will give you a root shell in ubuntu, at which point you can assign a root password.21:02
Deeps(and stop using sudo)21:03
NafalloDeeps: sudo -i is the offical practise actually :-)21:03
Deepssudo -i, sudo -s, sudo su -, sudo bash, so many options21:03
Deepsthe 'correct' sudo way to define your root pass would be sudo passwd root21:04
Deepsi guess21:04
NafalloMatBoy: check man sudoers. if your scripts are in the same directory it would be a few chars and you could sudo without password. not that I would recommend it...21:04
Deepssudo smells, eitherway21:04
eolo999zoopster: thx21:05
zoopstereolo999: no problemo.21:06
Nafallosudo is awesome if you know how to use it ;-)21:06
zoopsterNafallo: that is the key...us impatient people can barely RTFM21:06
DeepsNafallo: do you check your $PATH and ensure whenever you use sudo that you're calling /usr/bin/sudo?21:06
DeepsNafallo: whenever you're away from your terminal, do you make sure it's locked so nobody can use it?21:07
NafalloDeeps: the locking, yes. the path... if I have it in scripts.21:07
Deepsi mean when you're using a terminal21:07
NafalloI use my laptop and ssh mostly :-)21:08
Nafalloif I have to serial or so, I log out once sshd is up again :-)21:08
Deepsbecause if you dont check your $PATH or dont explicitly call /usr/bin/sudo (opting for 'sudo' instead and letting your $PATH get you to /usr/bin), then your at as much risk as if you enable passwordless sudo21:08
Deepsyour userlevel account is compromised, your PATH is altered, sudo ends up taking you to ~/.hidden/sudo for example, which is a nice wrapper that stores your input and feeds it to the real sudo so you dont realise21:09
Deepsofc if your userlevel account is compromised through password breakage, attacker doesn't need to go that far either21:09
NafalloI realise the dangers, yes.21:10
Deeps(this is true of attempting to break into root through su as well mind)21:10
Deepsmy point being that passwordless sudo isn't really much of a risk unless you're actively monitoring against this kind of attack21:10
Nafallosecurity through obscurity once you choose the level you're confident being at.21:10
Nafalloif I'd like to have a secure server I would disconnect all cards and lock it in a bunker...21:11
Deeps(this pretty much being the justification openssh/debian has for enabling ssh root logins by default)21:11
lukehasnonameAnyone read "Pro Ubuntu Server Administration"?21:12
Deepswhile i'd argue against that, as 'root' is a known login, while my username is not. however, unless you treat your user account as a privledged account, assuming that once someone gets into your account they'll effectively have root privs, and protect it accordingly, you're at risk21:12
MatBoyDeeps: mhh, you know most enterprise CP solutions even do stuff as root ?21:16
uvirtbot`New bug: #314173 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.2.3-1ubuntu3.4 failed to install/upgrade: Unterprozess post-installation script gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31417321:16
auriguslukehasnoname: link?21:18
DeepsMatBoy: yep, because the people operating their servers know what they're doing. sudo's great for people who dont. minimizes the risk of stuff going wrong. is more of a hinderance than useful if you know what you're doing though.21:18
aurigusthen nope21:18
lukehasnonameI read the "beginning" book, and it was alright, had some info I didn't know before. I think the "Beginning LTS" book he put out had some productive updates.21:18
MatBoyDeeps: I kinda know what I do ;)21:19
MatBoybut Ubuntu has newer packages than debian has...21:19
MatBoyand in my opinion ubuntu is faster than debian from time to time21:19
DeepsMatBoy: ok, 'sudo's still nothing to make a choice between debian and ubuntu though. package versions, stability, drivers, those'd be things to look at.21:20
MatBoyDeeps: yes, but I want to leave the system as native as it can be21:20
MatBoyUbuntu wins in packages ;) for sure21:20
Deeps"as native" means?21:20
Deepsubuntu has more recent versions yes, but newer isnt always better, really depends on what your server's purpose is21:20
MatBoyDeeps: install packages and keep settings as the system sets them by default on OS level21:21
MatBoyI see controlpanels even package their own packages for apache which I never liked21:21
MatBoyand don't understand21:21
Deepsyou'll need to check the packages in debian and ubuntu's default configurations to see if they suit your needs, you'll probably find little difference between debian and ubuntu packages mind21:21
MatBoyyep true, but I trust Ubuntu more these days if I may be honest21:22
Deepswhatever makes you happy21:22
MatBoyDebian left me in the dark on Userlevel (WS) the first time, and server was not that nice also :)21:22
MatBoyDeeps: Ubuntu ;) why do you think I'm here ?? :p21:22
Deepsdebian is designed for servers, ubuntu was designed for desktops21:23
Deepsyou can get a gui for debian but it's not very well polished21:23
MatBoyDeeps: true, but Ubuntu server is very perfect !!21:23
Deepsagain, depends on your needs21:23
lukehasnonameI'm having a huge internal conflict21:23
lukehasnonameOpensolaris vs. Ubuntu for my test environment21:23
MatBoylukehasnoname: take some paracetamol :D21:23
Deepsi find it's good enough for most of my needs, but not all21:23
lukehasnonameCrossbow, ZFS and Sun's docs are so nice21:24
MatBoyDeeps: what ? debian ?21:24
lukehasnonamebut Ubuntu is Linux, and it more used, with more tools21:24
MatBoyDeeps: and you prefer debian in some cases ?21:24
Deepslukehasnoname: there's a ubuntu/opensolaris crossover distro, opensolaris kernel, gnu userland with ubuntu packages21:24
DeepsMatBoy: yep21:24
Deepslukehasnoname: so you get native zfs while sticking to familiar toosl21:24
MatBoyDeeps: I know what you mean... but Ubuntu holds more SW21:24
Deepsthat might be the one21:25
Deepssounds right21:25
Deepsi've heard they lack the resources to actually make it worthwhile, but that may just be dirty talk from solaris fanboys21:25
zoopsterlukehasnoname: nexenta is correct21:26
zoopsterDeeps: Everyone is lacking resources...I've been talking with their CEO and they seem to be doing quite well even signing on some interesting new vad's21:27
lukehasnonameIt's always saddened me that one of  the most functional and inspiring open source projects, Ubuntu, restricted itself by using Linux instead of BSD (Solaris wasn't open at the time).21:28
Deepsi might apply, nobody i can see is hiring21:28
Deepsall my interviews in the last 3 months have been "we'd love to take you on, but we've just halted all new external hires, sorry!"21:29
Deepswasting my time21:29
lukehasnonameDeeps: same with my main internship opportunity this past month21:29
Deepssucks dunnit21:29
Deepsgonna start calling them all up again tomorrow though, see if the new financial quarter reopens opportunity21:30
lukehasnonamewhere do you live, and what job are you looking for?21:30
Deepscurrently at my parents home in spain, just came from 3 months in dublin, moving to the uk end of the month to try my luck there21:31
Deepsand anything with linux systems and/or networks21:31
lukehasnonamethe job part, as an intern21:31
Deepsalthough i'm biting the bullet and getting MCSE certified before i leave21:31
Deepssince there's more windows jobs than linux jobs these days21:31
lukehasnonameprobably a good call21:31
Deepsand right now a job's a job21:31
lukehasnonameI'm going to get CCNA21:31
lukehasnonameand maybe look into LPI or some other Linux cert21:32
lukehasnonamealong with the college degree I'm working on21:32
lukehasnonameI'm also constantly on the lookout for good business ideas, to start on my own21:33
* ProfFalken is off to bed... good night everyone...21:34
uvirtbot`New bug: #314170 in freeradius (universe) "Freeradius package outdated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31417022:05
geniiIs Diameter supposed to be superceding Radius?22:20
Deepsdiameter = 2r22:22
geniiDeeps: Heh. I meant the one here rather :)  http://www.opendiameter.org/22:25
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