newz2000hey Turl, got the message about popcon. I'll ask around who manages that, it's got my webmaster@ address at the bottom but that's incorrect.16:39
Turlok newz200016:41
newz2000Turl: when you have a chance, can you tell me what is broken? I don't use it so it's not obvious to me.16:41
Turlnewz2000: the graphs are broken. just look at them :p16:41
newz2000or I can get you in touch with the maintainer16:41
newz2000Turl: define broken16:42
Turlerm, not useful, extremely compacted and unreadable16:42
newz2000ah, yes, I agree16:42
newz2000Turl: what's this popcon2 you mentioned?16:42
Turljust for the record, a friend an I are making popcon216:42
Turlit's a better popcon, let's say16:43
Turlbased on the data you provide16:43
newz2000Turl: would you mind getting in touch with mvo@ubuntu.com about this?16:43
Turlabout popcon2 or popcon?16:43
newz2000his name is Michael Vogt and this is under his wing16:43
newz2000though it's been handed around a few times.16:44
newz2000He'd *probably* welcome some community assistance16:44
Turlwe're an independent project, actually. it's not meant to replace popcon.ubuntu.com, just analyze it's data16:44
Turlwe've a launchpad page, let me search for it...16:45
newz2000are you working with Siegfried Gevatter?16:45
newz2000(cf: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/293132 )16:46
ubot3Malone bug 293132 in ubuntu-website "Raw popcon data" [Undecided,New]16:46
Turlnewz2000: nope, I'm working with Vadim, I think you know him from the maillist16:46
Turlnewz2000: https://launchpad.net/popcon216:47
Turlwe're not using the raw results, though16:47
Turlwe use some preprocessed one you offer (by_inst iirc)16:48
Turlbtw, do you think we'll have any problem with canonical? I just ask, because we're named "popcon2" and it's very similar to popcon16:49
newz2000no, that's not a prob. That came from debian iirc.16:50
newz2000it's an open source package I believe16:50
Turlok, nice16:51
Turlnewz2000: should I write in a formal style to  mvo@ubuntu.com?16:51
newz2000no, he's a nice friendly guy just like me. :-)16:51
Turlok ;)16:52
Turldo you think it would be possible to get canonical's sponsorship on this project newz2000?17:03
Turlwith sponsorship I mean a link on popcon saying something like "this data is analyzed on popcon2" or similar17:04
newz2000hey Turl, I can't answer yet, I'd suggest getting popcon2 more complete and then we can evaluate it.17:11
Turlok :)17:14

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