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crevettegood morning and happy new year07:58
crevetteit seems X became crashy in jaunty after intel was updated07:58
tjaaltonbryce: should we sync libxcb/libx11 prereleases, they have the lockless stuff merged in07:59
crevetteI didn't had time to report a bug though07:59
brycetjaalton: if you think it's all reasonably stable08:00
tjaaltonbryce: maybe I should try it myself then :)08:00
brycethe lockless stuff would be nice to have but not if we're going to risk incurring new bugs for jaunty08:00
brycecrevette: what version are you on?08:01
tjaaltonno new bugs in debian, but I doubt that many use it08:01
brycecrevette: and also what video card model is it?08:02
brycecrevette: anyway, gather a full backtrace from the crash and file a bug both in launchpad and upstream08:03
brycecrevette: make sure to include your Xorg.0.log and output from lspci -vvnn08:03
crevetteI have the latest available updates but I'll gather all necessary information and I'll produce a bug report if it happen again08:03
crevetteah same idea :)08:03
brycecrevette: what's the video card model?  (lspci | grep VGA)08:04
crevetteintel X310008:04
crevetteI'll provide you that once back to home08:05
tjaaltoncrashy after which update? the intel has been the same version for weeks08:05
bryceah, 965.  I've got a jaunty system on 965 and haven't seen crashes so far08:05
brycebut maybe not exactly the same chipset08:06
brycetjaalton: I'm assuming crevette's using 2.5.1-1ubuntu708:06
crevettetjaalton, it seems I saw an update yesterday, but it is true I cannot find one in the jaunty-changes08:07
crevettedon't loose your time on me08:07
crevetteI'll do some investigation tonight08:08
brycetjaalton: being on -ati with no XAA or EXA kind of sucks08:09
brycethinking about trying out alex's r6xx/r7xx acceleration branch...08:10
tjaaltonbryce: that's a long road.. you need to start by patching the kernel08:11
bryceouch yikes08:11
brycemaybe I ought to just buy a r5xx card...08:12
brycehmm actually I could do all that...08:15
tjaaltonbuy a new card or..? :)08:27
brycepatch kernel, etc.08:27
brycehowever a new card is only like $5008:27
tjaaltonyou also need to use radeonhd, -ati doesn't have support for it08:29
tjaaltonat least not yet08:29
brycewell, I guess I'll get a 5xx card for now and can always play with the 6xx card once -ati has acceleration support08:32
bryceyow, nearly up to 250 -intel bug reports08:41
tjaaltonI've been cleaning up xorg08:53
bryceit's been growing for a while08:55
brycenice seeing xorg back down to 20008:55
tjaaltonthere are still ~150 bugs that should be assigned to another package08:56
tjaaltonxorg should only have packaging bugs or maybe some MASTER bugs for stuff that can't be fixed anytime soon08:57
tjaaltonand if the header even hints at nvidia/fglrx then those should be cleaned up immediately :)09:00
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brycetjaalton: yeah it'd be sweet to get xorg down to the 50 or so that are actually xorg bugs.  I think we'd be able to get those bugs sorted out easier without all the other stuff to distract23:59
bryceplus I bet that'd help in finding dupes to other bugs already filed against the driver packages23:59

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