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fbcHow do I uninstall the ubuntu-desktop meta package leaving only those required by the xubuntu-desktop meta package?00:54
juanantonioCan't you do it by Synaptic?00:55
juanantonioI have the inverse case, I have Kubuntu, and installed Xubuntu desktop and some packages of Gnome were installed00:55
ThePubfbc if you have ubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop installed if you remove ubuntu-desktop and then do an "apt-get autoremove" it should calculate the appropriate dependencies to remove.00:59
fbcjuanantonio,  yeah, but it will also uninstall those required xubuntu is any.00:59
fbcThePub, awesome thanks00:59
ThePuband if it doesn't, you can always followup with an install of xubuntu-desktop, right? :)00:59
fbcyeah, I guess01:00
ThePubthing is, that any programs you have installed that use gnome dependencies will keep them around.01:00
juanantonioOk, I tell you because I do nothing but experimenting, and my last one was installing LXDE and Xubuntu desktps, that's why01:00
fbcThePub, wel i want to get rid of those apps too. I'm sure if I unstall GNOME it will pormpt me to uninstall those as well.01:01
ThePubit generally will, yes.01:01
ThePubI just did that switch a couple days ago, tbh I don't recall what all got removed but it worked fin.01:02
ThePubthen again, I didn't install xubuntu-desktop but xfce4 meta package.01:02
fbcIs there any way to enable the single click behavior on the desktop?? I can't find it anywhere.01:24
AquinaDoes anyone have an idea why creating a starter on the desktop causes the window to self-close when entering a name for it?01:29
william56uhh, i just opened a folder to an automatically mounted cdrom drive that had been unmounted and is now being erased, and my file browser windows locked up. how can i unlock them without waiting for the cd to be erased, or just restart the whole process??01:32
ThePubfbc: can't say that I'm aware that's possible.  it's possible inside Thunar but I don't think on the desktop.  Kind of silly, but never bothered me.01:34
william56what's the name of the xubuntu browser?01:35
william56file browser01:36
ThePubby default the file manager is Thunar01:36
ThePubat least on current installs :)01:36
william56ahh, so killall thunar should do the trick?01:36
william56nvm, found it01:37
ThePubno clue what you're doing so can't say.  you could definitely try it I guess.  Thunar is capitalized.01:37
william56yea, i just noticed that running ps -e01:37
william56i was trying to kill the browser process, since it locked up01:38
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:39
william56would the minimal disk from that page be alright for installing xubuntu using a server on the lan as a repository?01:40
mcohenhi all, can anyone give me a hand lowering memory use in xubuntu?01:41
mcohenbasically a bare bones setup, no net connection, so no nm-applet or update-notifier01:42
freegomcohen, :O01:43
freegoso what do you want?01:43
mcohenwell, it's on a 128MB ram machine01:44
freegoinstall xubuntu in a old pc01:44
mcohenI know I know, below the minimum requirements01:44
mcohenit's already there, I just want to trim down some of the memory use01:44
mcohenfor example, I went to settings/pref, and told update-notifier not to autostart, but it did anyway01:44
fbcThePub, The reality is that I'm not a big fan of double-clicking especially since I've been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome.01:46
freegomcohen, 128MB is enough01:46
mcohenother examples - I had to install ubuntu-desktop package because it is needed by edubuntu-desktop, but I'm running xubuntu, so for example I don't need gnome-screensav and gnome-power-man to run at startup01:47
freegoxubuntu runs with 64MB01:47
mcohenhow do I get these processes to not start up01:47
freegoin xfce?01:47
AquinaHas someone an idea related to my question?01:47
freegoaplications - settings - autostart01:47
freegounmark all01:47
william56freego: you mean apps>settings>settings manager>autostarted apps?01:49
* freego isn't in xfce right now01:50
mcohenso I already tried that01:51
mcohenI unmarked update-notifier but it still ran at startup01:51
mcohendo I need tracking and indexing?01:51
mcohenwhat about this thin client thing01:51
freegommm.. I have not been using for 4 month01:51
mcohenand finally, what is PulseAudio01:51
freegomcohen, uninstall update-notifier01:52
ballit's a streaming audio thingumywhatsit I think01:52
ball;...perhaps also a software mixer/mux01:52
mcohenbest keep?01:53
mcohenalso, I heard there's a memory leak in xfce4-menu-plug atm01:53
ballbrb, recabling01:54
mcohenoh, it seems that removing update-notifier removes edubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop01:54
mcohenis that ok, I think those are vrtual packages just designed to be dependent on everything in edubuntu/ubuntu01:55
sinboxthey ae meta package I think01:55
sinboxbut check first01:55
mcohenwell, it says it will only free 418kb of space, so they must be meta packages01:55
sinboxno need for them I think unless you're starting01:55
mcohenwhat about gnome-screensav?01:56
sinboxno idea sorry :)  but a gnome thingy for sure01:56
mcohenI mean, telling it not to autostart01:57
sinboxnn all01:57
fbcHow do you add a terminal icon to the desktop? what's the command that I put in the box. I tried term, but that was not it.02:05
fbcIs there and equivalent to ALT-F2 in gnome?02:05
fbcALT-F2 is the run dialog.02:06
fbcAhh it works in XFCE too..02:07
fbcHow do you add a terminal icon to the desktop? what's the command that I put in the box. I tried term, but that was not it.02:07
ballXubuntu's surprising: I'm running full screen video on a 550 MHz Pentium III box02:08
exadHello, I was wondering if its hard to get xubuntu on a usb thumb drive02:12
william56would it be hard for me to set up an apt repository so that i could do a net install of xubuntu from the packages stored on a regular xubuntu pc?02:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about reconstructor02:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about reconstructer02:13
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers02:14
R1cochetwilliam56: read above02:14
ron_othe thing is AptonCD can't reinstall your applications, but instead it can just creat a repository. You're better off just downloading all your applications to the appropriate apt cache and copying those files to a cd.02:15
ron_othen just copy them back.02:15
exadGot any info on getting Xubuntu to run on USB drive? Should I be downloading the alternate install cd?02:16
ron_oexad, there are plenty of tutorials for that. maybe not for xubuntu, but for at least ubuntu.02:16
ron_otoo bad k3b can't handle that automatically. I hear that Nero does.02:17
exadI found one02:17
ron_oit'll come, like all does.02:17
exadbut it's just not too specific02:17
R1cochetron_o: nero does what?02:17
exadso I dont know if I should download the desktop version or alternate install cd version02:18
exadany wise counsel?02:18
ron_oI hear that nero installs an iso to USB that's bootable.02:18
ron_oexad, most likely the main version will do. You won't be installing it entirely to a USB key. Just the important parts.02:19
william56thanks, R1cochet02:20
R1cochetwilliam56: did u read ron_o's post right after mine tho?02:20
william56yes, i think i'm gonna go with his advice02:21
ron_owilliam56, you can just use synaptic and download everything without installing it. You'll figure it out.02:22
ron_oif you purge your cache all the time.02:22
ThePubfbc: that's why I personally try to avoid. between keyboard launching and extensive use of shortcuts my hands rarely move from the keyboard. aditionally all the stuff I want to access are on a couple of drop downs from the main panel. going to the desktop just always felt wierd to me.02:23
R1cochetron_o, will that pull the dependencies as well?02:23
william56ohh, i just want the updates and new apps i've installed on this pc, plus all the non updated stuff from my latest version xubuntu cd02:23
exadk thanks02:23
mcohenthanks for the help guys,02:24
mcohenis there anything else I can remove to save memory in xubuntu?02:25
ron_oR1cochet, hmmm, I think it will. It should.02:25
william56okay, so i have a folder with a bunch of deb files on them, plus the xubuntu cd. anyone know of a guide for changing the minimal install cd so that it'll read packages from cd?02:25
mcohenThe majority of the memory is taken by xfce stuff02:25
ron_omcohen, don't use applets.02:26
ThePubfbc: you can supplement mousing by using the run dialogue at a very minimum (alt+f2 default).  a better alternative is something like gnome-do which can run anything in your menu by name, or personally I use gmrun which is just an enhanced run box.02:26
mcohenor a lot anyway02:26
fbcThePub, thanks02:26
ron_omcohen, how much memory you got?02:26
ron_ouse fluxbox man..02:27
ron_oit ain02:27
ron_oit ain't hard.02:27
ThePubit's definitely better than xfce in this case.02:27
ron_oa window manager that is very minimalist.02:27
ron_o128 ain't nothing.02:28
mcohenok, I can install fluxbox, how do I make sure it gets used, and stop xfce from running?02:28
ron_oI was using it with 312 or so of RAM and I was doing well in fluxbox, but as soon as I used xubuntu, it ran terribly.02:28
ron_omcohen, when you use your password, you can go into a fluxbox sesssion.02:29
ThePub128 is quite a bit actually :)02:29
ron_oThePub, for a bare minimalist firewall.02:29
ThePub(depending on the task)02:29
ThePubI'm only using 256 atm02:29
mcohenjust took a look at it, might be a bit too minimalist for my 11 yr old daughter02:30
ThePubno swap, nothing.. that's all I'm using.  :)02:30
ron_omcohen, you've a lot of work ahead. You sure you ...02:30
ron_ooh, sorry. yah.02:30
R1cochet612m for me :)02:30
ron_otoo minimalist..02:30
R1cochetbeing used02:30
ron_omcohen, what's she using it for?02:30
ThePubfluxbox is where it's at though.  with a little work you can have a great environment.  I'd suggest a different distro than ubuntu though02:30
mcohenbasically, the question is, what can I do to make this machine nicely usable for my 11 yr old running edubuntu programs02:30
ron_oThePub, nah, xubuntu is great with fluxbox. It doesn't interfere at all with it.02:31
mcohenI can connect to the net, but the machine will not be connected regularly, I want to set it up and then remove the PC card wireless02:31
ron_omcohen, wow.. I think edubuntu is pretty intensive for RAM.02:31
ThePubit's less the interface and more the extra baggage that ubuntu brings :)02:31
ThePubI'd find out what in edubuntu looks good and then consider installing debian02:32
ThePubgo with a net install and work up from a bare machine.02:32
ron_omcohen, since it's a standalone machine just install edubuntu to it and see how it fares.02:35
mcohenhmm, thanks02:35
mcohenI'll just see how it goes for the moment02:35
ron_oyou'll have to experiment.02:35
ron_otrying to advise you sometimes hurts you since I don't know your situation. To some folks waiting 10 seconds for a program to load is fine, and others forget it.02:37
ron_osys requirements:   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57462702:38
ron_oI'm really getting into virtualization, so going back to me old machine isn't plausible anymore.02:38
ballron_o: I want a new machine that's kitted out for that.02:39
ballRules out a Celeron or Sempron02:40
ballhello exad02:41
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* source is now playing disturbia - Rihanna02:55
exadhi ball03:20
likemindeadAnyone have any thoughts on Songbird?03:46
ZeZuwhere do bug reports go ?03:54
william56would it be hard to modify a minimal installer to install xubuntu's default packages plus any updates i have lying around from the cd?03:54
sourcewilliam56, not04:05
sourceyou can download netinst04:06
sourceand then install all of you want04:06
william56netinst, eh.. is there a package for it?04:07
william56oh, you mean the cd?04:07
sourcewhat do you want do to04:07
sourceto do*?04:07
sourcea minimal install of xubuntu?04:08
william56i want to install using a text mode installer with the packages stored on the disk, preferably ones copied from this pc04:09
william56the packages stored on the cd, that is04:09
sourceinstall xubuntu first, then install the packages04:10
william56how do i install xubuntu without packages? i can do that from the minimal cd?04:11
william56basically my isp has some major bandwidth issues, and i'm in need of a way to create a cd that'll install packages that are currently on my xubuntu graphical install cd, and run in text mode at the same time, as the minimal iso does (both of which i have)04:12
william56or just in need of a way to install via the minimal iso and copy the packages from the cd later? could i do that?04:12
guyiomon intrepid there is a wy to create bootable distros from a running one04:15
R1cochetguyiom: is there a tutorial on this04:20
guyiomno i just saw the app 2 h ago04:22
guyiomi ll refind he name04:22
R1cocheti think reconstructor04:22
R1cocheti had that app but never got around to using it04:23
guyiomshit i made a nistake with the usb-creator stuff04:28
william56would anyone mind telling me where the apt-get repo list is? i've decided to do a bare bones install from the minimal cd, and i'm wondering where the file is i need to edit to install packages from cd04:28
guyiomanyway i have to go bed here it's 5h3004:28
guyiomyou can add in your rep the cd instead of web link04:29
guyiomor a place inyour hd04:29
william56i was planning on doing that, wondering where the config file you add them to is04:30
R1cocheti have a disc in a dvd drive and i cant eject it05:02
R1cochetthunar doesnt show it in the drop down menu either05:03
R1cochethow can i get it to eject for me?05:03
microlithhas anyone run into an issue where an idle laptop will go into sleep mode immediately upon being unplugged?05:03
ballR1cochet: try "eject" at a $ prompt05:04
R1cochetball: thank you i tried it after i navigated into that directory and it wouldnt work05:09
adrift98i'm about to ask a taboo question, but it's for good reason. How do i turn off the Xubuntu login screen. This is for a laptop that won't see the internet practically at all if ever...05:47
adrift98basically, i want my grandma to be able to boot up xubuntu and just end up on the desktop.05:48
balladrift98: unix (and therefore Linux) doesn't work that way05:49
adrift98sure it does. i've done it in Ubuntu05:50
weni think it should be achievable.05:50
william56i've done that, there's a 'login automatically' tic button somewhere05:51
adrift98i figured as much William, but i couldn't find it05:51
william56i think i did mine when i was installing, lemme look around..05:51
william56okay, go to applications>settings>login window05:51
adrift98ok thanks05:51
adrift98ah i see it05:51
adrift98security maybe?05:52
adrift98allow local systme admin login?05:52
william56that's what i'm looking at05:52
adrift98aha, well let me see if it works. thanks05:52
william56one second, is local system admin the user?05:52
william56that's odd05:52
william56is that the name you typed in during install?05:52
william56ohh, never midn05:53
william56yea, that should do it05:53
adrift98ok well we'll find out :D05:53
adrift98so odd that people are so paranoid about booting into an OS without a login. I understand the paranoia behind it all, but for those who will never be on any sort of network, it seems unjustified.05:54
william56okay, here's my question. during install from the latest minimal cd, it's made it to the 'detecting disks and other hardware' portion of it, and the screen just keeps going black then coming back to the detecting screen, without any other changes.. also i see killed instead of detect in the sentence 'detecting hardware, please wait...'05:56
william56any suggestions on what might be wrong or how to fix it?05:56
adrift98This is during the install?05:57
william56adrift98: yes05:58
william56i think it's because my hd is going bad.. but could there be another problem that i'm not aware of? i can get the pc specs if needed05:59
adrift98did you interupt the install procedure at any point? like did you plug in a cat 5 cable or anything like that while it was installing?06:00
william56i did the first time i was installing, but not the second time. and i don't think it came out during the installation, though it's possible06:01
adrift98i had a similar issue... i was installing and plugged in a network cable when it was looking for a network. It jacked up the install somehow and i had to start all over again. the second time around it worked flawlessly06:02
adrift98maybe 3 times a charm?06:02
william56i'll give it a go.. looking at the bios menu though, i'm not 100% sure that the hd is even detected06:02
william56but then again, that wouldn't be the problem if the bios wasn't detecting it, i guess06:05
william56it doesn't appear that it's gonna work on the third try either..06:36
ballThat's wierd, I can't ssh into my Xubuntu box06:50
ballI bet it tried to standby and couldn't.06:50
ballI should tell it not to try.06:50
R1cochetcan i run a livecd without restarting?08:31
TheSheepR1cochet: what do you mean?08:34
R1cochetwell im booted in xubuntu right now and would like to run a livecd without restarting and booting from it08:36
TheSheepwhat do you mean by 'run' then?08:36
R1cochetload the livecd and test drive it08:37
TheSheepI don't understand08:37
TheSheepR1cochet: you can run it in a virtual machine like vmware or qemu...08:38
R1cocheti would like to boot the livecd while still booted from my hdd08:38
TheSheepthat doesn't make any sense08:38
R1cochetok Nevermind then08:39
R1cochetthank you08:39
TheSheepwhat's the problem you are trying to solve?08:39
R1cocheti want to run a livecd i created without restarting and booting from disc08:40
TheSheepbut why?08:40
R1cochetto see if i like it without restarting08:40
TheSheepah, use a virtual machine then08:41
R1cochetcan u recommend one?08:41
TheSheepI like qemu personally, but lots of people use vmware08:41
R1cochetthey both work the same?08:42
TheSheeppretty much, vmware is more gui-driven08:42
TheSheepand proprietary08:42
ubottuqemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo08:44
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware08:44
R1cochetso i could install an OS and play games written for windows just fine on either?08:50
TheSheepR1cochet: virtual machines are usually much slower than the host machine08:51
TheSheepR1cochet: but yes, you can install windows or any other operating system on a virtual machine08:51
R1cochetthis should negate me needing a dual boot system then?09:05
TheSheepR1cochet: the virtual machine is much slower09:06
R1cochethow do i run qemu? i have it installed09:08
Sinisterdual boot should only mean boots for both feet09:08
R1cochetcant find it09:08
TheSheepR1cochet: it's a command line utility09:10
TheSheepR1cochet: there are some graphical frontends09:10
TheSheepqemulator, qtemu, qemu-launcher09:11
TheSheepbtw, if you install kqemu, it will be faster09:11
R1cochetis there a tutorial that can explain where to go from there?09:18
TheSheepproably, I'd check the forums and google09:19
R1cochetTheSheep: do i need both kqemu-common and kqemu-source?09:28
Sinistercan you play WMV in 64 bit ?09:29
TheSheepR1cochet: I don't know exactly09:29
TheSheepSinister: there are w64codecs in the medibuntu repository09:30
R1cochetSinister: yes09:30
TheSheepSinister: not sure whether they include your particular codec09:30
Sinisterdont work09:30
R1cochetthough on some hdwmv the sound doesnt play but the vid is fine09:30
Sinisteri installed w64 still wont play09:31
TheSheepwmv is a general file format, it can be encoded with various codecs09:31
Sinisteri just installed vlc and it wont play them09:34
FlyOnTheWallerm, I have an icon on my panel that says "no network connections"09:47
FlyOnTheWallall fine and dandy, if it was a local machine I'd just assume the network card is down and try to probe some modules09:48
FlyOnTheWallhowever, it's an ltsp solution09:48
FlyOnTheWalland everything else is working, including the ssh connection to this screen09:48
Sinisteris it set for the right card ?09:58
R1cochetif i clear this directory: var/cache/apt/archives will i be ok?10:03
TheSheepR1cochet: do apt-get clear instead10:05
TheSheep(or clean?)10:05
R1cochetTheSheep: thank you10:18
alienkidhello I am new to Linux and just installed yesterday, and now I want to network with my 2 windows machines using samba14:48
alienkidI have samba all set up but I can't see them, they can see and use my files just fine but I can't see thiers14:49
ballhello alienkid14:49
ballYou have folders shared on the MS Windows machines?14:50
alienkidMy windows install on this machine can see them, just not Linux14:50
alienkiddoes it matter if I "installed inside windows"?14:51
ballIf you can mount the Windows boxen from Linux, probably not.14:51
alienkidI don't know if I can mount them14:51
alienkidI also don't have a connect to... menu in places14:52
sinboxtry and seek: pyneighborood14:52
sinboxshould help14:53
alienkidin synaptic or add/remove?14:53
sinboxnot sure check them out14:54
alienkidcan't find it14:55
sinboxtrue just checked it's not in the repositories, you'd have to build it if you wanted it, sorry14:56
alienkidknow any other why?14:57
sinboxsorry I don't, am on ubuntu rather than xubuntu right now, and my samba shares don't quite work properly either: am a bit clueless on that14:58
ballI suppose I could try it.  I have a Windows box (my wife's) in front of me and a Xubuntu box (mine) beside me.14:59
alienkidok thanks for trying. breakfast14:59
ballbon apetit!14:59
sinboxone thing I'm thinking is you might need an extra for your windows machine to see the ext3 partitions on your linux machine14:59
sinboxoopss missed him14:59
ballsinbox: he's going the other way as I understand it: mounting Windows shares from a Xubuntu box15:02
Nallemangnome-powermanager seems to be very buggy for me right now. Is this a common problem?15:22
ballNalleman: I don't know about Gnome, but my machine can't standby or Hibernate15:23
Nallemanball, can you change screen brightness? my computer hangs up if i tries to15:24
ballThis is a desktop15:24
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ballWhat's the right package for serving up :0 via VNC?16:07
cody-somerville !vnc16:12
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX16:12
ballcody-somerville: um, that's okay as far as it goes, but doesn't tell me which of the VNC packages does the job I'm after.16:14
ballhello Ahmuck16:14
Ahmuckhi ball16:14
Ahmucki need to boot from a live xubuntu cd and access a crashed hard drive16:14
Ahmuckis that possible in xubuntu?16:18
Ahmuckor is there something special i need to do16:18
Ahmuckk, gtg16:21
ballAhmuck: yes, it's possible16:22
ball(should be)16:23
Ahmuckdo i just mount it, or can i access it directly upon boot up from the live cd?16:23
Ahmuckubuntu needs to create a Rubuntu cd16:23
AhmuckRescue *buntu16:23
ballI would expect to have to mount it manually16:25
ball(mount it read-only)16:25
Ahmuck-Jrk, i'm back16:35
Ahmuck-Jrlive cd.16:35
Ahmuck-Jrhow do i mount this windows drive again?16:35
ballmy guess would be something like "mount -r /dev/sda1 /mnt"16:41
ball(then look for your files in /mnt)16:42
|ntegra|hey y'all17:12
|ntegra|this is working good, but I don't seem to have a webcam yet17:12
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras17:13
|ntegra|knowing ubuntu that'll be a cool as tutorial17:14
|ntegra|ball: where you at?17:14
ballIllinois, USA17:17
|ntegra|cool, >auckland,NewZealand17:17
|ntegra|cool, I was pretty happy when xubuntu gutsy worked out-of-the-box with my wireless card17:24
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:24
Sinisteri see i can add a program to my bottom panal that slows down my cpu is there any think that speeds it up ?17:30
|ntegra|thats overclocking which is done in the bios not (usually) the operating system17:33
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility17:34
Muhammad_SaadHow can I install a basic command line system from Xubuntu 8.10 desktop (live) CD?18:18
Odd-rationaleMuhammad_Saad: you have to use tha alternative disc... the live cd does not let you install a command line system18:29
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent18:29
Muhammad_Saadthere is a file in the CD /preseed/cli.seed. What is that for?18:34
Odd-rationaleidk... you'd probably have to ask cody-somerville...18:38
fbcHow do you take a screen shot? I press prtscn and nothing happens, and I don't see the snapshot acessory like i used to have with ubuntu.18:41
sinboxmight be a bit late but did you take a look at this Ahmuck : http://ubuntu-rescue-remix.org/18:41
investigate_911i'm trying to write "17th of November" in abiword, but the "th" does not float above. how do i format it?18:42
fbcinvestigate_911, I don't know of a way to do that in abiword..I'd like to know too..18:43
investigate_911i'll check their site for info.18:44
investigate_911... and their irc18:47
charlie-tcafbc: To take a screen shot, add the screenshot applet to the panel18:50
charlie-tcaThen you just click on the camera18:50
fbccharlie-tca, do you know how to invoke that from the command line? That way I can map it to a keyboard shortct, like my print button?18:52
charlie-tcaSorry, I do not18:52
Ahmucksinbox: thx18:55
Odd-rationalefbc: try scrot. a command line tool to take a screenshot...18:59
fbcOdd-rationale, ok thanks18:59
anotherGIs there a list of files one needs to backup to be able to restore a (X)ubuntu system?19:21
anotherGI thought `dpkg --get-selections` and /etc would be enough, but just now I had to (?)19:21
anotherGedit /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local to add some locales and now I wonder what else19:21
anotherGmight be hidden at some obscure place?19:21
robiledoes anyone know a plugin for xmms to show the available playlists in an extra window or so?19:34
alienkidhi guys I found a way without pyneighborhood to view windows shares with samba20:14
alienkidmy grabing smb4K you can view windows shares20:15
cody-somervilleThat sounds like a KDE app20:15
alienkidit is but it still seems to work20:15
alienkidwhere in the applications menu would pyNeighborhood be?20:16
alienkidI installed it to but can't find it20:17
tascilHeya.  I'm having a problem installing a video card (it gives me static after the Xubuntu splash loader); can anyone help me?20:17
Pres-Gasstatic? Like a TV static?20:22
Pres-Gas...it actually moves like that?20:22
tascilWell, static-ish.20:24
tascilThe lines of the splash screen are mixed up and interlaced.20:24
Pres-Gasahhhh, did you enable anything like compositing?20:24
tascilI think it's trying to load gdm (the screen blacks out three times briefly during startup), but it hangs up after that with the messed up video.20:25
tascilI did, but here's the thing.  I was using the onboard video, shut off the computer, put in the card, and now it does this.20:25
tascilCould it be that I just need to go back and install the drivers?20:25
* Pres-Gas scrolls up the window...20:26
Pres-GasDid I come in after you mentioned installing "the card"?20:26
alienkidhow do I replace the annoying beep the internal speekers make with something like what windows does when you try to backspace when theres nothing to backspace?20:27
tascilSorry, I may not have been that clear.  >.>20:27
Pres-Gastascil, I think it is me...need more coffee.  I see it now20:27
tascil<nod>  I have an AMD64 processor, and I'm trying to install an NVidia 8400GS card.20:28
Pres-GasAre you able to use the onboard video still?20:28
tascilLet me try; I should be able to.20:28
tascilOkay, had to take out the card, but it appears to boot up fine.20:32
tascilYes, it works.20:33
Pres-GasYou should look through dmesg and see if your nvidia card was detected, and also look through your /var/log/Xorg.0.log20:34
Pres-Gassee what they say...20:34
tascilI had to take the card out.  It wouldn't recognize the onboard video.20:34
Pres-Gasokay, there should be more than one file named Xorg.0.log20:35
Pres-Gaslook through them both20:35
tascilum, where?20:36
Pres-Gasin /var/log20:36
Pres-Gasthe Xorg logs are a tad hard to read at first...there is explanation at the top of the file20:38
tascilAlright, but what am I looking for?20:39
Pres-GasSee if there is any errors involving the video card of even if it mentions nvidia20:40
Pres-GasHmmm...one more thing...I want to make sure we are talking about the same thing...are you getting issues after the xubuntu boot screen BEFORE gdm or after gdm?20:42
tascilIt never gets to the login screen; it does the startup procedure with the xubuntu splash page with the loading bar, displays some text (something involving init.rc or something, I forget), the screen blacks out, displays the same text, repeats the previous two things another two times, displays the messed-up screen, then hangs up.20:43
tascilI think it's getting issues when it gets to gdm.20:43
* Pres-Gas wonders if it would behave on the live cd...after the nvidia card is installed...20:45
tascilI tried that.  I put in the card, booted from the live CD, and got a slightly different, though still messed-up, result.20:45
Pres-GasThere are some bios-es that have options on using internal video or card...did you need to or have you looked at that when installing the card?20:46
tascilI don't know anything about that.20:47
R1cochettascil: i had similar problems with the livecd. try running it in safe grafx mode20:47
tascilMaybe I'm spoiled from the whole plugin-and-play culture.20:48
tascilR1cochet: how?20:48
R1cochetwhen the screen comes up asking if u want to try/install/memtest/.........20:48
R1cochetone of the f-keys brings up an option for safe grafx mode20:49
tascilLet me try it.20:49
tascilNope; still get a messed-up image.20:54
Pres-GasR1cochet, are you using the OSS nvidia drivers or proprietary?20:54
R1cochetim on nvidia1.7720:56
Pres-GasI have not run into that type of issue with my nvidia cards...but then again, they are not added after market either.20:57
R1cochetmine is20:57
calamariI would like to set by desktop to be my home directory.. is there a way to do that?21:48
calamarione odd thing is that I do not seem to be able to delete the Desktop directory, it is recreated instantly21:49
Odd-rationalecalamari: i don;t think there is a way to do that in xfce... you can do it in gnome though... and i beleive kde plasma will let you do something similar...21:50
calamariwell I was going to just set a symlink Desktop to ~21:50
calamariany idea what app is watchdogging the Desktop directory?21:54
Odd-rationalethunar perhaps...21:54
tascilOkay, I want to reinstall xubuntu from scratch with an nvidia 8400 graphics card.  The live CD won't get past the boot loader screen (it gives me some messed-up interlaced garbage).  I have a monitor hooked into the VGA port on the graphics card.  I am not able to install from the live CD.  Any help?22:01
Odd-rationaletascil: try the alternative disc...22:03
Odd-rationale!alternative | tascil22:03
ubottutascil: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent22:03
tascilOkay, thanks.  Hopefully this will work.22:05
stuart__Anybody know if firestarter auto starts at bootup22:11
Shaba1what is firestarter?22:40
Odd-rationalei gui, easy to use firewall...22:41
Odd-rationale!info firestarter22:41
ubottufirestarter (source: firestarter): gtk program for managing and observing your firewall. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.3-6ubuntu4 (intrepid), package size 407 kB, installed size 1988 kB22:41
invisimeso, which problem should I describe first? my sound issues or my external hard drive issues... hm...22:47
crimsunjust describe them both22:47
invisimeno sound.22:47
invisimehad it on initial install, it's gone now.22:47
invisimeusb external hardrive won't mount.22:48
invisimeused to, doesn't anymore.22:48
crimsunok, RE: sound, run http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh using bash, and tell us the url22:48
calamariwhat's the mount error message?\22:52
calamarilol.. my character console font is insanely large22:54
calamariit's like it is in the wrong graphics mode22:54
tascilugh.  continuing from before: I tried installing using the alternate CD, and it said that one of the files was corrupted and could not install (this was after freshly burning and verifying the CD).  Going back to the normal live CD, when I try to "install xubuntu", it drops me to a commandline ("ubuntu@ubuntu:~$").  Any help with where to go from here?  I just want to install Xubuntu with my graphics card.22:56
calamaritascil: this could be completely wrong.. but I noticed that for a previous system of mine the bios was hosed somehow and I couldn't boot off the cd reliably.. it'd boot and crash randomly22:57
tascilcalamari: I don't think that's the problem.  I've done this before cleanly, and it won't work now.22:58
tascilI have an Nvidia 8400GS card, and I want to install Xubuntu.  I should be able to pop in the graphics card into the PCI slot, pop in the live CD, and boot from it and install, right?22:58
invisimecalamari, I think I was being a touch inaccurate when I said it wasn't mounting. there's a message that gets broadcast when I plug in the usb drive.22:59
calamariI have a 7800 or something like that.. the free video drivers would not work for it22:59
invisimecrimsun, http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=9d37a7e6446464f00c9eda620358243009b8a69f (sorry that took so long.)22:59
calamarihad to use the nvidia22:59
tascilRight, but I can't get to the point of installing the drivers.23:00
tascilIf I try to boot from the live CD, it loads the linux kernel, boots up Xubuntu (with the loading bar), then after a few lines of output gives me an interlaced garbage-form of that same loader screen.23:01
tascil(or, in this last case, it drops me to the ubuntu command-line, which is utterly useless.)23:01
tascilAfter having to abort mid-install off the alternate CD, I have no working system on my computer.23:01
calamarihow ar did the alternate cd go before proclaiming there was an error?23:02
calamarinm you answered it23:02
tascilSetting up software; it was right after the HTTP proxy prompt.23:02
tascilIt got to 6%, hung for a while, then proclaimed an error.23:02
tascilyeah, so, I'm now using the live CD, I chose "install Xubuntu" (where I do not try it out first), and it drops me to a command line.23:05
tascilwhy, and how can I actually install xubuntu?  Try a new live CD?23:05
invisimebtw, calamari, the error I get on plugging in the usb xternal drive is "device descriptor read/64. error -110"23:14
calamariinvisime: I'm sorry, that is completely unfamiliar to me23:15
calamaritascil: the "install xubuntu" choice is still going to grphics mode.. so that one probably won't work either23:16
calamaritascil: the alternative cd is relly the way to go.. not sure why it failed halfway thru tho23:16
invisimeif it helps any, I started having the problems after I designated one of the partitions on the external to be a boot partition and tried to boot from it. (unsuccessfully)23:16
tascilcalamari: Nor do I.  I was using an older live CD, so I'm going to make a new live CD and try that.  We'll see.  I see no reason for why this graphics card is messing everything up, since that's the root of all my problems.23:17
calamarianother option might be to use a different graphics card to install then switch back23:17
tascilI have no other graphics card.23:18
tascilAnd going from the onboard to the card didn't work.23:18
tascilLike, I feel as if I need someone to walk me through the whole process, since I'm almost at a complete standstill.23:18
tascilLike, do other people have their card in the box too when they install the OS?  Or do they put it in later?23:19
* source now playing green light - John Legend23:19
calamariyou are able to install without the graphics card.. on the builtin?23:22
calamariif that works.. do that, then put in your card after the install23:22
tascilI did.23:22
tascilAnd gdm wouldn't start.23:22
calamariright you need to reconfigure X to use a different driver23:23
tascilAnd because of that, it kept hanging up, and I couldn't get to a command line, so I'd have to take the card out to get the computer to work at all.23:23
calamarisince most likely your built in card isn't nvidia23:23
tascilI did, though; I installed the nvidia graphics drivers, and reconfigured the xorg.conf file, and then the onboard card wouldn't work.23:23
tascilso then I was up the creek without a paddle, and here I am, trying to get a vanilla install of xubuntu.23:24
calamariwhen you get this going again, I recoomend a copy of tomsrtbt23:24
calamarithat way you can access a command line at least23:25
tascilwhat's that?23:25
calamariold boot floppy23:25
tascilech.  I don't have any floppies.23:25
calamaribunch of utils23:25
calamarithey probably make a cd version now23:25
tascilokay, it still dropped me to a command line with the new live cd.23:33
tascilI'm going to install xubuntu using the onboard graphics card.23:33
tascilafter I get it installed, where do I go from there?23:33
calamariI do not know.. you already did what I'd try23:34
calamarihowever, you may want to stop gdm from automatically starting23:35
calamarithen if things go wrong at least you shouldn't hang23:35
calamarialso don't forget about booting into recovery mode23:35
calamari(esc on boot)23:36

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