* seele imagines ScottK getting 5 of the same email in about 30 seconds00:22
ScottKAhhhh. For what?00:23
seelei just mailed a bunch of local mailing lists.. i imagine you are on 2 or 3 of them00:23
seelemaybe not all at once, they all got moderated, heh00:29
seeleRiddell: were the pics on your blog the only ones from UDS?00:31
seeleso disappointing when i see i have 3 articles to read and theyre all from the same person, just on different planets01:47
JontheEchidnaHa, so one of my dad's cousins had a bakery make/frost a birthday cake02:56
JontheEchidnawhat they got was an uncentered "Happy 43th birthday" cake in an illegible scrawl :P02:56
nhandlerJontheEchidna: I wouldn't have taken the cake. Make them remake it02:58
JontheEchidnamight have been worth it for the funny picture they took02:59
ScottKWas 43 the right number?03:04
ScottK42 seems better since that's the answer to the ultimate question about life, the Universe, and everything.03:04
* nhandler thinks it should have been 4203:04
* ScottK thinks nhandler is slightly too slow.03:04
ScottKAt least that's how it looks from here.03:04
nhandlerScottK: I am running irssi over ssh, it is a little delayed03:05
JontheEchidnaAny motus around that could revu this: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=plasmoid-kbstate ?03:05
nhandlerJontheEchidna: I'll look03:05
ScottKnhandler: I'm running quassel with a split client/core, so it's a little delayed.03:05
ScottKnhandler: Don't review it until JontheEchidna answers my question.03:06
JontheEchidnaJontheEchidna: it was the right number, it was the "th" that was the error03:06
* JontheEchidna dares somebody to say "43th" out loud03:07
ScottKInteresting, quassel-core just ate a message of mine.03:07
ScottK-laptopHmmm.  Is this thing on, because nothing I type in quassel is appearing.03:07
ScottK-laptopThere it is, just lagged.03:07
nhandlerScottK: Should we be build depending on debhelper >= 5.0.0 or just >= 5?03:08
LaserJockis there a KDE package/app responsible for special laptop keys?03:13
ScottKnhandler: If you don't need a specific version of 5, 5 is fine.03:14
ScottKLaserJock: I think so.  I don't know what it is.03:14
* ScottK looks at JontheEchidna, because he understands this KDE stuff.03:14
nhandlerScottK: But is it a big deal? I haven't been commenting on it for packages I've reviewed in the past. Should I have?03:15
ScottKnhandler: 5 == 5.0.0, so it might be worth a mention, but I certainly wouldn't not upload because of it.03:15
JontheEchidnaI don't believe it's a big deal, especially since we're well over debhelper 5 in the repos. I would change it if requested though03:16
nhandlerScottK: I could have sworn I read that 5 != 5.0.0. However, I am completely blanking on the name of the tool that compares versions03:16
nhandlerJontheEchidna: I'm more asking for myself than because of the package ;)03:17
ScottKdpkg --compare-versions03:18
nhandlerThanks ScottK03:18
nhandlerJontheEchidna: One thing you might want to mention to upstream is that there COPYING file is out of date. They have an old FSF address03:18
JontheEchidnaoh, actually that's the one I manually added. I suppose I should really just update svn03:19
JontheEchidnasince they graciously committed it ~20 mins ago at my request03:19
ScottK-laptopI'm starting to think kvirc is even less newby friendly than quassel.03:20
JontheEchidnaand I should probably add a get-orig-source while I'm at it03:20
ScottK-laptopIt has LOTS of options.03:20
LaserJockhmm, I told PowerDevil, or whatever the thing is, to Suspend to Ram when I close the lid, but it doesn't work03:20
nhandlerJontheEchidna: That was the next thing I was going to say03:20
nhandlerOther than that, it looks good.03:20
LaserJockneither does the suspend button and the power button turns off the laptop instead of asking me what I want to do03:20
ScottKJontheEchidna: Are you triaging powerdevil stuff too?03:21
nhandlerJontheEchidna: If you are doing a new upload now, ping me when you are done so I it does not lose the advocation03:21
vorianI still use guidance-power-manager03:21
ScottKLaserJock: You're on Jaunty?03:21
LaserJockScottK: yeah03:21
JontheEchidnanhandler: it'll take me a few mins to write up the get-orig-source script + update the tarball03:21
ScottKvorian: If you're on Jaunty, you've got power-devil running too.03:21
ScottKnhandler: Ping me after you re-advocate it.03:22
vorianright, but I have the same issues LaserJock has03:22
ScottKGot bugs?03:22
nhandlerScottK: Sure thing03:22
vorianno sleep03:22
nhandlerJontheEchidna: I should be around for a while03:22
ScottKSleep is for the weak.03:22
LaserJock... and the married03:23
LaserJockalthough perhaps one might say they're equal03:23
ScottKYeah.  Well one of the advantages of getting older is needing less sleep.03:23
LaserJockmy single buddies keep poking me about being an "old married guy"03:23
LaserJockI'm runnin' on 10+ these days :(03:25
ScottKLaserJock: Since you are vorian are having the same problems and he's all sleepy and stuff, would you please file some bugs.03:25
Hobbseeagainst what?03:25
* ScottK tries to remember.03:25
ScottKI think power devil is in kdebase-workspace.03:26
LaserJockok, I'll give it a go03:26
ScottKBut since I'm older than most pairings of two of you added up together, I'm allowed to be forgetful.03:26
LaserJockI'm a tad hesitant as this is like day +1 in KDE03:27
ScottKLaserJock: If anything's wrong with your bug report, we'll just blame vorian because he blew it off.03:30
voriani did not!03:30
JontheEchidnaswitching to virtual terminal 1 crashed X, most likely because I'm pinning nvidia-glx-96 and xserver-core03:31
LaserJocknixternal: you up?03:33
nhandlerLaserJock: He should be. It is only 9:3003:33
nixternalno, I am sleep typing...it is pretty cool actually03:33
LaserJocknixternal: I didn't see you on jabber03:34
nhandlernixternal: I wish I had that skill03:34
nixternalI see you on jabber03:34
seeleow ow ow03:42
seele"Konqueror You’re actually joking. Nobody intentionally goes online with something that has the bloat of Firefox and the functionality of Internet Explorer, while being tied to the kitchen sink of Linux desktops. More likely, you were using your file manager under the watchful gaze of Konqi, when you accidentally entered a URL in the file search field and discovered - surprise! - it can go online."03:42
JontheEchidnaKonqueror: because Firefox looks like ass in KDE403:45
JontheEchidnanhandler: just uploaded, it should be there soon03:46
nhandlerJontheEchidna: Ok, I'll look at it once more and then advocate it.03:49
nixternalseele: ya, he didn't like Konqi, but KDE is his DE of choice...I like his epiphany quote :)03:50
JontheEchidnanhandler: I accidentally rm -rf'd the debian dir so I had to redownload the debian dir from revu :P03:50
seelefirefox annoys me but konqueror is much worse when trying to render something like facebook03:51
seeleand then there is the entire googleapp breakage03:51
nixternalya, I used Konqi forever...but I think the whole webkit/khtml fiasco kind of hurt it, as it is really junk in kde403:51
nixternalI have since been using ff3 and like quite a bit now03:52
nixternalespecially greasemonkey03:52
JontheEchidnaawesomebar and rss feeds in the bookmarks toolbar are the only 2 features I really miss in Konq other than superior speed, ram usage and rendering quality03:53
nhandlerJontheEchidna: The COPYING file doesn't look correct.03:53
nhandlerI would download the newer version (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.txt) instead of just modifying the one that was there03:53
JontheEchidnathat's the one upstream included in svn03:53
seelehmm.. julu is a bit choppy in konq03:54
nhandlerJontheEchidna: It looks old. For one thing, it says "Copyright (C) 19yy <name of author>".03:55
ScottK-laptopnhandler: If it's the upstream license, I wouldn't sweat it.  The license is the license.03:56
nhandlerScottK-laptop: I know. I'll still advocate. I'm just letting him know03:56
JontheEchidnaprolly would be better to let KDE know, but thanks :P03:56
nhandlerLet me just test build it, and then I'll advocate03:57
vorianneed a second review?03:58
JontheEchidnawould be much appreciated ^_^03:59
nhandlerScottK volunteered as well03:59
vorianok, nevermnd then03:59
ScottK-laptopJontheEchidna: What's the link on revu?04:00
* JontheEchidna must have missed scottk volunteering04:00
* ScottK-laptop looks.04:01
nhandlerJontheEchidna: Advocated04:01
ScottK-laptopnhandler: I don't see you're comment advocating.04:01
nhandlerScottK-laptop: Refresh04:02
ScottK-laptopGot it.04:02
ScottK-laptopnhandler or JontheEchidna: How much testing have you done that this actually works?04:09
JontheEchidnaI upgraded to jaunty the other day so I've done runtime testing04:10
nhandlerScottK-laptop: I'm not at my kubuntu station, I just test built it04:10
* nhandler figured JontheEchidna had tried running it04:10
* ScottK-laptop plays Konquest while it builds.04:11
JontheEchidnaKonquest rocks. A lot.04:11
ScottK-laptopnhandler: That might have been a good question to ask him.04:11
JontheEchidnaI always beat my little brother and he got mad...04:11
ScottK-laptopI've never actually played it against anything other than the computer.04:12
JontheEchidnathat was a long time ago though04:12
nhandlerScottK-laptop: You are right. I probably should have04:12
ScottK-laptopnhandler: Lesson learned then.04:12
ScottK-laptopJontheEchidna: It doesn't build against libplasma2, so you need to version the build-dep on libplasma-dev.04:16
ScottK-laptopnhandler: Is your advocation still good after he fixes ^^^04:18
JontheEchidnareupping right now04:20
JontheEchidnashould be up now04:25
nhandlerI'll readvocate04:25
ScottK-laptopJontheEchidna: Why won't it work with 4.1.80?04:26
ScottK-laptopIt is.04:26
JontheEchidnatechnically it'd work with 4.1.73 I suppose04:27
JontheEchidnaso no reason04:28
ScottK-laptopOK.  I'll adjust that and then upload assuming it builds.04:29
ScottK-laptopJontheEchidna: I think the language in the package description is a bit awkward.  I'm not blocking on that, but try and make it better for the next upload.04:30
* nhandler noticed that too04:30
nhandlerthe long description provided very little additional info04:30
* JontheEchidna wasn't quite sure how to elaborate on the short desc, to be honest04:31
ScottK-laptopJontheEchidna: If you don't mind, I'll work that a bit too then.04:32
JontheEchidnago right ahead04:32
nhandlerJontheEchidna: An easy way to elaborate in the lon description is to elaborate about what the modifier keys are and what the possible states are.04:33
ScottK-laptopAn accessibility plasmoid for KDE4 that shows the user the state of modifier keys to enhance the usability of KDE4 keyboard accesibility tools.04:36
ScottK-laptop 04:36
* JontheEchidna is going to bed in a bit04:36
ScottK-laptopAn accessibility plasmoid for KDE4 that shows the user the state of modifier keys to enhance the usability of KDE4 keyboard accesibility tools.04:36
ScottK-laptopHow about that?04:37
ScottK-laptopBTW, kvirc has something to protect from multi-line pastes too.04:37
ScottK-laptopIt automagically dumps you in an editor.04:37
JontheEchidnaoh, you can also modify the states with the applet via the mouse04:37
ScottK-laptopAn accessibility plasmoid for KDE4 that shows the user the state of modifier keys and enables state changes via the mouse to enhance the usability of KDE4 keyboard accesibility tools.04:39
ScottK-laptopJontheEchidna: ^^^04:39
JontheEchidnalooks good to me (tm)04:39
ScottK-laptopnhandler: ^^^04:40
* JontheEchidna out04:40
nhandlerScottK-laptop: Looks good04:40
nhandlerBut is it really the KDE4 keyboard accesibility tools?04:40
ScottK-laptopOK.  Done.  If it builds, I'm uploading it.04:41
ScottK-laptopseele: In kvirc if you double click on the notification it takes you back to the IRC window.04:41
ScottK-laptopJontheEchidna: Did you test the get-orig-source rule?04:49
ScottK-laptopsvn: File not found: revision 906383, path '/kdereview/plasma/applets/kbstateapplet'04:49
ScottK-laptopnhandler and JontheEchidna: The get-orig-source was missing a /trunk in it's path.05:00
ScottK-laptopnhandler: You really need to be checking this stuff when you review packages.05:00
* ScottK-laptop test builds again.05:02
HobbseeScottK-laptop: testing?  MOTU's don't do testing!  It's not in the spirit of being a MOTU!  Didn't you receive that memo?05:04
ScottK-laptopHeh.  Must have arrived after my bed time.05:04
LaserJockvorian: I filed bug #314270 about powerdevil, please add your details when you can05:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314270 in kdebase-workspace "Powerdevil doesn't seem to respect changes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31427005:05
nixternalok, what happened to my sound? It just stopped working05:14
ScottK-laptopnixternal: vorian took it with him when he got too tired and went to bed.05:15
nixternalhe must have..it just stopped working05:15
* nixternal thinks firefox killed it05:17
LaserJockhmm, so powerdevil just doesn't do *anything* here it seems05:40
LaserJockeven for default behaviors05:41
* ScottK-laptop looks at apachelogger and hopes he'll investigate.05:41
crimsunnixternal: sound questions need http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh run (it's a bash script; make sure to execute it as such)05:42
nixternalalready there buddy :)05:42
crimsunnixternal: i'll likely need dmesg and sudo fuser -v /dev/dsp* /dev/snd/*, too05:42
nixternalhey, I ran the speaker test right, and I get this:05:42
nixternalPlayback open error: -16,Device or resource busy05:42
nixternalso I think the firefox crash killed it05:43
crimsunright, need alsa-info.sh and fuser05:43
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:45
crimsundoes quitting ktorrent help?05:46
nixternaldon't want to quit it, but I will try05:46
crimsunhopefully it's not being stupid and using plughw or hw05:46
nixternalgrr I hate you!05:46
nixternaldamn speaker test makes me jump everytime!05:47
crimsuni suppose i could modify Front_Left.wav to mutter something about a Vista lover05:47
crimsun(was it ktorrent?)05:49
kPbhello friends08:09
jussi01Kubuntu NIjas!!! PING!08:18
jussi01Ninjas even08:18
kPbany pykde developers???08:19
jussi01Kubuntu Ninjas, could we please have this put into the experimental PPA? please, please pretty please? http://vizzzion.org/?blogentry=83908:19
jussi01kPb: Im sure there are some, why dont you ask your question and see?08:20
kPbjussi01: thanx :)08:20
kPbwanted to know which packages are written in pykde08:20
RiddellkPb: apt-cache rdepends python-kde409:32
jussi01heya Riddell09:34
kPbRiddell: i mean which kde apps are written in pykde??09:40
ArbykPb: that command will give you a list of packages that depend on the pykde bindings09:48
Arbythat's a good start09:48
kPbok.. thanx09:49
jussi01can anyone tell me the actual proceedure to compile that new networkmanager plasmoid? or has someone done up/feels like doing up a little package for me?09:54
RiddellTonio was looking into it09:55
jussi01ok :)09:56
jussi01Riddell: how does one check out a peice of code from there anyway? it would be good to know for the future...09:57
Riddellit's in /trunk/playground/base/plasma/applets/networkmanager/  google for KDE anonsvn for how to do the checkout10:05
Lurejussi01: if you plan to create .deb package, you can use "svn export" to get just sources out10:09
Lurejussi01: build is pretty straightforward (with kde 4.2 beta/rc) and it works nicely for me (WPA-PSK) since couple of days10:10
Sputoh does it now? last time I tried, a couple weeks ago, it failed with wifi still10:12
Sputso I switched to wicd instead10:12
LureSput: it started to work for me 2 days ago (when coolo started to hack on it ;-))10:17
SputLure: cool, will need to try... I think I still have all that gnome cruft installed for nm, so it shouldn't be hard to give it another try10:18
jussi01Lure: so I only need hte code from there, no other deps that need compiling?10:19
jussi01Im on the packages from experimental ppa10:20
Sputjussi01: according to our ebuild, is has no other deps than nm 0.7 and current kdelibs10:21
jussi01excellent. now just to find the way to check it out on google :)10:21
Sputor anonsvn.ko10:21
jussi01Lure: feeling a little unknowledgeable... how does one build it? I dont see any read me....10:36
stdinkde svn trunk /playground/base/plasma/applets/networkmanager10:36
stdinkde svn trunk latest /playground/base/plasma/applets/networkmanager10:36
stdinI though I got that working10:36
jussi01stdin: err, what?10:37
stdinkde svn trunk10:37
stdinoh wait10:37
stdintrunk rev 110:38
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=1&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 1 | New repository initialized by cvs2svn.10:38
stdintrunk svn /playground/base/plasma/applets/networkmanager10:38
stdintrunk svn latest /playground/base/plasma/applets/networkmanager10:39
stdinI should know how to work the bot, I wrote the plugin :|10:39
stdin"svn co svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/playground/base/plasma/applets/networkmanager"10:39
stdinoh <insert expletive here> it!10:40
* Sput provides a handy list of tested expletives10:40
jussi01So, the NM plasmoid seems to work ok here :) lets hope that continues.11:15
etretyakjussi01: wow! does it provide all NM functionality wifi/ppp/3g/vpn?11:29
jussi01hrm... it has a few issues...11:29
Sputit's, as sebas put it, pre-alpha11:29
jussi01etretyak: it has all those listed...11:29
jussi01Sput: I couldnt have put it better tbh11:30
etretyakit lacks pptp vpn :(11:31
Sputjussi01: yeah, but your're not one of its developers :)11:36
Sputseabs is11:36
Sputmeh, wicd works well enough for the time being11:36
Sputalso that thing is gonna get solid integration and possibly be supported by the plasmoid at some point11:36
apacheloggerRiddell: I think devfil is working on digikam (ScottK reviwed it AFAIK so he might know more)12:46
apacheloggerRiddell: cool @ kde-nightly12:46
ScottKThere's a digikam-kde4 on REVU.  It's been quite some time since I looked at it.12:46
rbrunhuberIs kde4 normally working with the "nv" driver? If not is it planned to add support for this?12:47
Riddellshould work with any working X driver12:48
apacheloggerScottK: did laserjock use the intrepid powerdevil?12:50
ScottKapachelogger: No.  Jaunty.12:50
apacheloggerthere should be a status page12:51
rbrunhuberRiddell: I have massive trouble e.g. the "run command" and the start menu are only painting the black frame but no contents.12:51
apacheloggerlisting what is supported12:51
apacheloggerif that is pretty red it ought to be broken ;-)12:51
apacheloggerRiddell: 4.1.4 goes backports => proposed => updates again?13:00
ScottK-laptopapachelogger: I think we can go straight to -proposed this time.13:01
jussi01apachelogger: got a min for pm?13:03
apacheloggerfailed to parse13:03
Riddellapachelogger: as ScottK-laptop says I think, we should check with the release team though13:07
* apachelogger thinks Riddell checks with them while apachelogger fixes k-d-t for releases to $series-$something13:08
JontheEchidnaYay, pinging people pays off: bug 30806013:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 308060 in libmsn "Include libmsn in main" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30806013:51
Riddellwell, hopefully13:53
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: do we have a mir for GGL btw?13:58
JontheEchidnaThis time around packaging we need to compile a list of components that need MIRs on a wiki or sumthin13:59
apachelogger+ GoogleGadgets: Google Gadgets library <http://code.google.com/p/google-gadgets-for-linux/>14:00
apacheloggerNeeded to build plasma scriptengine for google gadgets14:00
apachelogger+ libmal, 0.40 or higher: libmal Development Library <http://jasonday.home.att.net/code/libmal>14:00
apacheloggerNeeded for KPilot's Avantgo conduit.14:00
apachelogger+ opensync, 0.38 or greater or higher: OpenSync Development Libraries <http://www.opensync.org>14:00
apacheloggerNeeded to provide syncing functionality in KDE PIM applications. Necessary to compile kitchensync.14:00
apacheloggerthat is what my todo sezs14:00
apacheloggerbut I think opensync is dropped meanwhile14:00
apacheloggeris indi updated to 0.6 yet?14:00
Riddelldoesn't seem to be14:01
JontheEchidnaVersion: 5:0.5-0ubuntu614:01
JontheEchidnaalso eigen214:02
JontheEchidnamight have to wait for final release or so14:02
JontheEchidnaeigen2's currently in its 5th beta14:02
=== rdieter_away is now known as rdieter
apacheloggerwe could ask Benoît when they plan to drop the final14:04
apacheloggerrdieter: ping14:04
rdieterapachelogger: hiya14:04
seeleTonio_: ping14:04
apacheloggerrdieter: I just killed my browser, sec ;-)14:06
apacheloggerrdieter: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=442443 is https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/285831 is https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1807214:07
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 442443 in kdebase ".doc files have ? (question mark) icon" [Low,Assigned]14:07
apacheloggerdfaure fixed it yesterday14:07
rdieterapachelogger: yay14:08
Riddellqzion and qedje also need MIRks14:14
apacheloggeroh dear14:16
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: are you motu yet?14:16
vorianhe needs one more vote apachelogger14:16
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: nein, dholbach +1'd me yesterday though14:16
* apachelogger pokes nixternal so nixternal pokes his council friends to vote14:17
apacheloggerRiddell: are you doing new queue today?14:18
Riddellapachelogger: oh aye, thanks for reminding me14:19
apacheloggerRiddell: please take a look at choqok, I'd like to have it backported to help upstream aggregate feedback14:20
rgreeningapachelogger: I need your l33t skillz14:27
apacheloggeroh dear14:27
rgreeningI am trying to port the konqueror_flash_installer to konq 4.214:29
rgreeningthe old patch contains a lot of 3.5 specific depricated calls14:29
seeleScottK-laptop: say there was testing done on the notifications system.  would you accept the results, regardless of what they may be?14:30
ScottKseele: I know I'm not going to like clicking and nothing happening.14:31
rgreeningScottK, seele: I agree. I thing the ubu idea is wrong14:31
ScottKseele: If the process for getting stuff in is followed (spec'ed, agreed, etc.), then I won't like it, but I won't revert it.14:31
jjessei would agree/echo ScottK as well14:31
apacheloggerclickability is non-spec stuff IMHO14:32
jjesseis there research/study behind removing the clicking on notificaitoins or is it just a groups opinion/view?14:33
apacheloggerthere certainly should be an interface for clicking, if the specific desktop implementation allows access to it or not is an implementation detail14:33
seelergreening: i never said it was wrong14:33
jjessewow i can't spell today14:33
seelejjesse: design theory says it makes sense14:33
ScottKjjesse: My research is me trying to click on the damn things and getting annoyed when nothing happens.14:33
seelethere is probably some human factors research on attention and alerts, i dunno what it says14:33
rgreeningapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/101071/14:34
jjesseScottK: that is my research as well14:34
seeleScottK: but that's not to say a different part of the system is broken that could be fixed.  you might not care you can't click on the notification if something else happens14:34
rgreeningapachelogger: thats my updated patch, but requires getting kde3support and qt3support linking. I can't seem to make it work.14:34
jjessei would agree there are some things i don't want to have to click to clear, ie removing power cord going to battery mode, network changes14:35
ScottKseele: I think the premise is flawed.  The idea that if you can't click on the notification, you're relieved of the obligation to decide and it's more 'fun' is just backwards.  You still need to decide if you want to get more information/interact.14:35
rgreeningseele: I know, I did though. I think have the ability, but let the DE/app choose if it is correct to expose/use.14:35
jjessebut stuff like chat/irc i would like to respond14:35
ScottKIt's just harder if clicking doesn't produce a useful result.14:35
ScottKjjesse: I agree with the idea of not clicking to clear and it just going away after a time.14:36
seelergreening: that doesnt help kubuntu when we're nicely asked to enable it by default14:36
ScottKseele: Then we just nicely say, "No thanks, it's not a very KDE approach to the problem."14:36
seeleScottK: we had this discussion already.  we might not have a choice in the matter14:36
ScottKseele: BTW, AFAIK we haven't been nicely asked.  It's been announced.14:37
jjesseScottK: i think we might not have achoice as it becomes a more Canonical sponsered distro vs a KDE distro14:37
ScottKseele: Just as the Pope doesn't always speak Ex Cathedra, I don't generally assume Mark Shuttleworth has his sabdfl hat on unless he says so.14:37
seelebut the thing is.. if we dont start looking at this thing and providing input, we're going to be stuck with whatever they give us14:37
seeleat least if we start figuring out how it has to change to fit KDE it gives us a chance to make it better when they do say DO THIS OR DIE14:38
ScottKseele: I don't see where we've been asked for input.14:38
* seele slaps face14:38
ScottKBTW, my blog post yesterday was an attempt to provide some feedback.14:38
* seele adds a head desk in there too14:38
rgreeningseele, take off the glasses first. No need to break them14:38
ScottKseele: If it's already been decided and we're going to be forced, then there's really no need to waste time discussing.14:39
jjessescottk: i think we are be asked for it14:39
seeledesign is never final.. if they want to call themselves designers then they better learn the word Iterative14:39
ScottKOK, then what's the venue for the discussion about this design?14:40
seelethe internet i assume14:40
seelepeople are paying attention to posts because there are cross blog responses14:40
jjesseit would be nice if there was a mailing list14:40
rgreeningWithout It it simply becomes erative (as in iiritative, slurred by a drunkard)14:40
seelergreening: without it would be design hubris14:41
apacheloggerrgreening: http://websvn.kde.org:80/*checkout*/trunk/KDE/kdelibs/KDE4PORTING.html?revision=87226414:41
ScottKseele: That never happens aroud here.14:41
seelei give up14:42
ScottKseele: It'd  be nice if someone were to show up and say something like, "Hi.  I'm from the desktop experience team and I'd like to discuss notifications with the Kubuntu developers."14:42
apacheloggerScottK: they discussed it with aseigo IIRC14:42
jjessei agree but i don't think that is something that seele can change?14:42
apacheloggerafter aseigo blogged :P14:43
jjessesomething that Riddell would have to take up14:43
ScottKapachelogger: And you saw his blog post, right?14:43
jjesseso we don't beat seele up too much14:43
apacheloggerScottK: I saw ... but TLDR14:43
ScottKseele: I'm not actively trying to piss you off, I just don't think this entire thing has been well communicated and I'm really not sure how to interact with the initiative.14:43
ScottKapachelogger: The short version is, "Dear lord, No, but I'm glad you're trying to think up new stuff."14:44
rgreeningapachelogger: yes, I know, thats what I used to update the patch. However, it was near impossible for me to convert everything to kde4 isms.. so I had to revert some things to kde3 depricated classes for the interim, until either we a) decide to drop the patch completely or b) have more time to re-write it in kde4. I'd like to get it at least running in its current state, to give us time to test it and the ioption to update it later.14:44
jjessei think that is the problem both with kubuntu and ubuntu is no one knows how to communicate14:44
* ScottK decides to slap nhandler around a little just for a break from the arguing.14:45
apacheloggerrgreening: IIRC the plan is to have update-notifier-kde (or whatever it will be renamed to when kpackagekit arrives) suggests the user to install k-r-e, which makes the patch mostly obsolete IMHO14:45
ScottKnhandler: Next time before you advocate a package that has a get-orig-source rule, check that it actually works.14:45
ScottKapachelogger: Any ideas on how to get libnotify to look Kubuntuish?14:47
apacheloggerrgreening: TBH I think the functionallity should be implemented upstream on a generic level ... $plugin not available => search a desktop file that provides information which $package on $distro provides $plugin => show message to user suggesting to install $package ... or even provide an option to install it if $distro also provided an application in the desktop file14:47
rgreeningapachelogger: Riddell asked to have the patch looked at. The other item is also being done but a seperate case, as its more general and system wide.14:47
ScottKSpeaking of notifications and stuff.14:47
rgreeningapachelogger: thats what this patch was initially designed for. It missed getting in upstrewam before 4 hit14:48
apacheloggerScottK: don't know about it's themeing capabilites14:49
rgreeningapachelogger: can you help me at least figure out why its failing on linking/finding the kde3/qt3 support libs?14:49
apacheloggerrgreening: are you sure you add the support stuff to the right target_link_libraries?14:55
apachelogger+what is the linking error anyway?14:55
rgreeningI just checked my old build log.. it's not there... doh14:55
rgreeningI'll have to start up the buold again.14:55
rgreeninglet me do that and paste it for you.. thanks14:55
* ScottK notes Debian is going to fix libkdegames4/5 in KDE4.2. 14:58
ScottKWe ought to do the same, I think.14:58
RiddellLure: I uploaded digikam beta 7, leaving you to do beta 8 due out shortly and kipi-plugins14:59
ScottKapachelogger: ... during kde 4.1 libkdegames.4 become libkdegames.5 but the package stick as libkdegames415:00
RiddellLure: also check with devfil about his plans15:00
ScottKThat's from #debian-qt-kde15:00
ScottKapachelogger: I think we ought to make sure we stay in sync on library package naming.15:00
LureRiddell: will do15:00
apacheloggerScottK: sure15:01
apacheloggergo for it I'd say15:01
* apachelogger is wondering if lintian shouldn't start whining about that15:02
ScottKSo whoever does kdegames for the RC should fix that ....15:02
apacheloggerScottK: just commit to the branch15:02
ScottKapachelogger: Good point.15:02
smarterrgreening: still working on a kde4 port of the flash patch?15:06
smarterI've ported a whole app(Kvkbd) from kde3 to kde4 so maybe I could help you a bit (:15:06
apacheloggerbroken icons15:07
smartervnc on localhost?15:08
apacheloggerrdp to remote I'd say15:09
* apachelogger is pretty sure that the bug is KDE unrelated anyway15:09
apacheloggermaybe one of ubuntu's fancy X patches that improve performance so much15:09
apacheloggerbug 29146215:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 291462 in kdenetwork "KDE4 desktop in Intrepid is unacceptably SLOW on standard GPUs (Intel GMA9x5 for example) and totally unusable via remote sessions (VNC and NX)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29146215:10
smarteralso, fwiw, I've packaged for myself the latest beta of eigen(using uupdate), and nothing seems to be needing changes15:10
apachelogger2. is that at least15:10
apacheloggersmarter: so why don't you package it for universe? :P15:10
smarteroh, didn't realize it was in universe :p15:11
smartercan do the update if you want15:11
smarterand thanks to these X patches, users say that Kubuntu packagers are a bunch of idiots which manage to turn good KDE into something unusable and then they switch to another distro15:12
LureRiddell: talkin about MIR: I plan to package liblensfun and libopencv and they would need MIR too to get used by digikam/kipi-plugins15:13
RiddellLure: Debian's msp has an intent to package on liblensfun, dunno if he's done anything about it yet though15:13
rgreeningsmarter: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/101071/15:14
LureRiddell: will check in debian channel15:14
smarterrgreening: any particular problem?15:14
rgreeningsmarter: thats the patch I need to update. It contains a few kde3 and qt3 depricated classes which ihad no idea on how to convert/update15:14
apacheloggerNCommander applied for core-dev15:15
* apachelogger didn't even notice -.-15:15
ScottKWell at the rate things go, there's no need to notice at all quickly.15:15
smarterrgreening: some good docs(if you haven't already checked it): http://doc.trolltech.com/4.4/porting4.html http://websvn.kde.org/*checkout*/trunk/KDE/kdelibs/KDE4PORTING.html15:16
rgreeningsmarter: read those, and applied what I could.15:16
smarterrgreening: also, trunk/kdesdk/scripts contains some useful script for automatic porting, seehttp://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/KDE4_Porting_Guide15:16
smarterand qt has a nice qt3to415:17
rgreeningsmarter: the problem is I am not all that intimate with KDE/Qt coding, so much of it is based on scanning exisitng apps for help.15:17
smarterwas the same for me when I started porting (:15:17
rgreeningsmarter: the auto porting uses the depricated clasees, like what I did15:17
NCommanderapachelogger, I pinged you on IRC and asked you to CC it O_o;15:17
apacheloggerhm, and I was sober at that time?15:18
smarteryou can start by enabling -DKDE4_DEPRECATED (not sure if it's exactly that one, google will tell you) to get warning about deprecated classes and what you should use15:18
smarterthe scripts in kdesdk are supposed to port to the new api automatically, but I never managed to do anything good with them :P15:18
rgreeningsmarter: can you look at the patch?15:18
smarterI looked a bit15:19
rgreeningall the qt3 and kde3 classes are what need updating15:19
rgreeningsmarter: like I tried to port the listview stuff but got lost...15:19
apacheloggersmarter: they never worked for me either, not in a productive manner anyway15:20
apacheloggerNCommander: how many uploads did you do yourself?15:20
rgreeningI wish there was a good KDE4 programming book :)15:21
smarterrgreening: never ported that class, and I don't really have the motivation to download and build kdelibs :p15:21
jjessewrite one :)15:21
smarterqt4 book + techbase is enough imho15:21
NCommanderapachelogger, what do you mean uploads done myself?15:21
rgreeningsmarter: lol... are you renagging on your offer to help15:21
NCommanderapachelogger, universe uploads or?15:21
Riddellhmm, kmail depends on akonadi but kmail doesn't actually use akonadi yet15:21
apacheloggerNCommander: how many uploads did you do to universe since you are motu15:21
NCommanderapachelogger, over 50, since15:22
NCommanderI think15:22
* NCommander isn't sure if thats total, or just universe15:22
NCommandermy brain isn't quite awake yet15:22
rgreening~facts about smarter15:22
kubotuI know nothing about smarter15:22
smarter~facts about rgreening15:22
kubotuI know nothing about rgreening15:22
rgreeningoh my...15:22
apacheloggerRiddell: the dependence comes from libkdepim I guess ... kaddressbook uses akonadi15:22
rgreeningkubotu has amnesia15:23
LureRiddell: kmail checks addressbook on startup -> akonadi15:23
* Lure thinks akonadi might be an issue in kdepim 4.2 (for otherwise very good kde 4.2)15:24
jussi01apachelogger: did you migrate and forget kubotu's memory?15:26
apacheloggerno, I think the database is responsible15:27
Riddellakonadi-kde depends on akonadi-server, kaddressbook should probably depend on akonadi-kde15:27
apacheloggerberkeley is just horribly unreliable15:27
apacheloggerRiddell: technically kaddressbook could also use resources from gnome, if there were any15:28
Riddellhmm, hardy and intrepid new queues havn't been cleared for 8 weeks15:45
Riddellharshness from the motu council16:06
ScottKFrom or for?16:09
nixternalapachelogger: poking for what?16:21
apacheloggernixternal: voting on JontheEchidnas motu app16:21
Riddellcanonical desktop team meeting in #ubuntu-desktop if anyone is interested16:29
=== JLP_ is now known as JLP
nixternalapachelogger: yes, daniel sent a ping email out last night to the other members who have been MIA since UDS16:32
seelecolomar: we might as well talk about kpackagekit in here :)16:33
colomarseele: yup, makes sense16:34
seelehas anyone else been testing kpackagekit?  colomar and i have been having problems getting it to work16:35
jjessekpackagekit is being used by fedora-kde16:36
jjesseworks fine in my fedora vm16:36
Tm_Tseele: I never got it built16:36
jjesseby fine i mean its very slow16:36
seelejjesse: when you have time, do you think you could take some screenshots of the install package process?  it's failing for me so i dont get to see what the feedback after the package is installed16:37
jjesseso can16:37
* jjesse makes notes16:37
colomarThat would be cool. Best would be a shot for every step from pressing "apply" to the end of the process16:37
jjesseyou could download fedora 10 kde and run the live cd to take all the picturs yourself :P16:38
seelejjesse: but you practically volunteered!16:38
jjesselol i know16:38
seeleRiddell: is this the new time for desktop meetings?16:38
Riddellseele: no I think it's one off, stil16:39
Riddellstill expected at 16:0016:39
seelecolomar: if you are still looking for projects to work on, after this we could work on kuser16:39
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
seelethe volunteers who were working on it before have disappeared and i dont want to wait until 4.4 to get a new kuser UI16:39
jjessebtw is anyone doing documentation on kpackagekit?16:39
jjessenoticed there is nothing in doc/ in kde svn16:40
jjesseand no help file16:40
colomarjjesse: And while you're at it, could yo as well do a shot of a package removal process if it's different than installing? ;)16:40
seelejjesse: all things considered, you might want to help us poke tonio to get it working so you dont have to do this :)16:41
colomarseele: Yeah, I can work on that as well, sounds fun16:42
seelecolomar: cool.  i dont think it will be in time for jaunty, but it would be nice to get a first release in 4.316:43
seelecolomar: ellen and i and another designer did some functional requirements, but havent started on any design yet (that is what the other designer was supposed to do..)16:43
colomarseele: Is it interaction design only or graphical design as well? Since I'm not really a graphical designer...16:46
seelecolomar: wireframes are probably as far as we would go.. so layout of widgets, but not making icons or anything16:46
colomarseele: Fine, wireframes are fun ;)16:49
seeleso confused..17:04
seele1) i thought an edge kde had over gnome was that all of our apps are pretty good aboutusing knotify17:04
seele2) knotify provides more information than "you have a message" so you can get what you need without talking to the app again17:04
seele3) because of 1 and 2, there would be no reason to maintain patches to the apps17:05
apacheloggerall 3 correct17:05
seeleso the only thing we need to do would be to make sure ted's new DBUS classes work and then create a plasmoid to replace the system tray17:05
apacheloggermaybe we are just not understanding the target17:05
seeletheyre talkinga bout patching apps.. there should be no reason to patch apps?17:05
seeleam i just not understanding this?17:06
apacheloggerthere shouldn't ... at least I don't see a reason why there should be a reason17:06
* seele looks at Riddell 17:06
Riddellright, it should just be a patch to knotify17:07
Riddelldbarth is thinking gnome-ish17:07
Riddellit's probably not a trivial patch to do it right (not large, just fiddly)17:07
Riddelland apps like amarok or konversation don't use knotify for reasons I don't know, probably artistic17:08
seeleeven amarok 2?17:08
Riddellnot as far as I know, it does its own on screen display thing17:08
* ScottK mumbles about mysql 5.1 again.17:08
apacheloggerknotify doesn't have sensible dialogs for the amount of information amarok and konvi spit out17:09
apacheloggerthat is the reason they came up with their OSD17:09
apacheloggerIMHO the usecase of notification is different from OSD anyway17:09
seelesigh.. amarok has been doing there own thing since the beginning17:11
seelei shouldnt be surprised17:11
RiddellScottK: what's new?17:25
ScottKRiddell: I think we aren't going to get mysql5.1 if we don't get behind it and push.  Not sure who will do that (I don't have time).17:25
* ScottK is just about to head out for $WORK meetings.17:25
RiddellI'm not clear on what parts mysql needs, if it's only the one static lib file I'm hoping that'll make it easier to get in17:26
* ScottK neither.17:26
* ScottK just knows releasing without Amarok 2 will be bad.17:26
Riddellbeen looking at akonadi and actually it doesn't need much of mysql at all17:26
ScottKRiddell: I'm in part anxious to get this moving so we can kill kdebindings for KDE3.17:27
Riddellyep, amarok 2 is a priority for me too look at17:27
ScottKSo it'd be wonderful is, say, some Kubuntu dev who happened to work for Canonical might get some Canonical server team people to focus on helping with getting akonadi/mysql/amarok sorted.....17:28
ScottKDunno who would do that though ?17:28
ScottKWell I need to run off.  See you all later.17:30
Riddellhappy meetings17:30
RiddellI think I know what needs done for akonadi after looking at it today, amarok tomorrow17:30
ScottK2 hours driving there, 2 hours meetings, 2 hours driving back.17:30
ScottKAt least it's all billable.17:30
seeleScottK: where are you going? Philly or BFE Virginia?17:32
seelew/in 617:32
apacheloggerRiddell: akonadi really only needs a working mysqld, pretty much everything else is done via qt-sql17:36
apacheloggerRiddell: and amarok only needs 5.1 with a -dev package + libs + runtime data17:36
apacheloggerthat said, we don't need a working 5.1 mysqld, we just need the -dev and libs to build amarok and the runtime data to make it start17:37
apacheloggerof course it would make most sense to have a working 5.1 mysqld used by akonadi because we don't have duplicated runtime data then17:38
Riddellserver team don't want 5.1 as their mysql17:39
Riddelland two mysqls is I'm told a major security burden17:40
Riddellso we need to strip down the 5.1 for amarok to a minimum to have any chance of it getting in17:40
Lureapachelogger: amarok uses embedded mysql, right?17:41
apacheloggerLure: yes17:42
Riddellshame that amarok and akonadi use mysql in such different ways17:42
LureRiddell: any explaination by server people why 5.1 is no go? breaks other packages?17:42
RiddellLure: too buggy I believe17:42
Riddellupstream (off the record) still recommends 5.0 I'm told17:43
LureRiddell: yeah, heard that 5.1 is not the best release ever...17:43
apacheloggerRiddell: when akonadi got started only mysql 5.0 was around and 5.0 has a crappy embedded implementation17:43
apacheloggerRiddell: I think we need 6 files in usr/include and a couple of libs to build amarok17:49
apacheloggerI am not sure how much we can strip from the runtime requirements17:50
apacheloggerNightrose: couldn't you just have used the akonadi approach?17:50
Nightroseyou can ask aides about how much you can strip17:51
apacheloggerNightrose: just thinking about it ... the Amarok release script could could invoke createTar() twice, passing arguments for the tar suffix and stuff that needs to be dropped17:58
apacheloggerthat would also require less haxx0ring I guess17:58
apacheloggerNightrose: btw, I think I'll drop release.rb17:58
Nightrosehmm yea- but i needed to edit the cmake file and a cpp file anyway17:58
apacheloggerreplace it with command line arguments17:58
Nightrosehmmm I likes my GUI!17:59
apacheloggerNightrose: tell lfranchi to implement that crap properly17:59
Nightrosehe said he'll look into it17:59
apacheloggerthere is a macro for optional add_subdirectory IIRC and the cpp can probably get some ifdef18:00
seeleis the 4.2 beta fairly stable?18:00
JontheEchidnaI'd say it's just as stable as 4.1.3. The new features have a few rough edges, but it is stable18:02
Riddellapachelogger: I uploaded kdebase-runtime today, is there a bzr branch I should have edited?18:07
apacheloggergypsy branch kdebase-runtime18:07
apacheloggeror bzr branch lp:~kubuntu-members/kdebase-runtime/ubuntu18:07
apacheloggeroi vei18:07
apacheloggerRiddell: the tool I wrote for bzr handling18:08
apacheloggersee kubuntu-devel list18:08
apacheloggerRiddell: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2008-December/002580.html18:09
apacheloggerit's also part of kubuntu-dev-tools (lp:~kubuntu-members/kubuntu-dev-tools/trunk)18:09
seeleweird.. when upgrading to 4.2 beta, myswl asks me to set the root password twice?18:26
seele3 times now!18:31
apacheloggermaybe mysql is in a funny mood18:34
Riddellit does like to make sure you set a password18:37
seele3 times is a bit excessive18:39
seelehmm.. is there an upgrade wiki page somewhere to keep notes?18:40
Riddelldon't think so, go ahead and make one18:40
apacheloggerseele: this won't stick anyway18:42
apacheloggerakonadi gets a more fitted mysql package to depend on18:43
Riddellvorian: what's the purpose of the .tar.gzs in kwin-style-dekorator ?18:51
vorianRiddell: they are themes18:59
seeleew, system tray ate some icons19:16
=== seele changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Wecome to #kubuntu-devel | Test Upgrading! https://wiki.kubuntu.org/IntrepidKDE42Upgrades | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuJauntySpecs | Merges! http://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html http://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html
apacheloggerNightrose: you should dump 1.4* from ktown and cleanout unstable completely19:21
DaSkreechIs there an RC this week?19:24
apacheloggerDaSkreech: of?19:28
DaSkreechnot released today?19:29
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Wecome to #kubuntu-devel | Test Upgrading! https://wiki.kubuntu.org/IntrepidKDE42Upgrades | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuJauntySpecs
Riddellmerges are over19:30
RiddellDaSkreech: tagged, maybe19:30
DaSkreechOh it was tagged today19:31
DaSkreechFor some reason I thought it was released today19:31
DaSkreechAs I understand it Knetworkmanager is now a plasmoid?19:31
apacheloggerTrue (we're really happy that phonon doesn't require gstreamer, which gets the19:31
apachelogger3 As from all of our developers (Atrocious abysmal abomination) ;).19:31
DaSkreech and not to be released as a part of KDE 4.2 but will have versions usable by distros?19:31
apachelogger<3 arklinux19:31
DaSkreechWhats so bad about gstreamer?19:32
apacheloggerit gets 3 As :P19:32
DaSkreechI got 3 As during my time in high school too :)19:32
Riddellbero doesn't like gstreamer19:34
DaSkreechApparently :)19:35
Riddellapachelogger: choqok all good19:48
* apachelogger hands Riddell a cookie19:48
LaserJockso is this knetworkmanager plasmoid going to be in Jaunty?19:51
RiddellLaserJock: that's the plan19:53
Riddelltonio was packaging it19:53
JontheEchidnaI think it might need policykit or something, cuz I can't get it to work here19:53
seeleare there a lot of broken plasmoids or was it just me?19:53
JontheEchidnasome of the ones in universe were probably removed during the upgrade to 4.2 since they haven't been updated for 4.219:54
seeleJontheEchidna: near half of them.  i began listing them on the wiki page i created and then stopped because it was every other one19:55
LaserJockhmm, kmix doesn't seem to remember my audio level settings when I logout, is that a common/known thing?20:00
JontheEchidnaworks for me (tm)20:00
* JontheEchidna wonders...20:01
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/20:01
JontheEchidnaunrelated :P20:01
LaserJockI do get some sort of error message when I log in20:02
LaserJocksaying something about  a sound device not working or something and that it's going to use pulseaudio instead20:02
JontheEchidnaapparently there's a hal bug which makes it detect audiocards that aren't audiocards20:03
JontheEchidnaso it falls back to pulseaudio, or whatever else is next in the list20:03
LaserJockI see20:03
JontheEchidnait's funny when the "fake" audio card has the same name as the real one20:04
LaserJockwell, I think that could be the situation I have20:04
LaserJockwhen I go into Multimedia in system settings I see my card and pulseaudio20:04
JontheEchidnadon't know if that's related to your volume issues20:05
JontheEchidnaseele: all those plasmoids you listed should be working fine. (and I know they did when I upgraded). Could you make sure kdeplasma-addons is at version 4.1.85?20:07
seeleJontheEchidna: how do i do that?20:07
JontheEchidnaapt-cache policy kdeplasma-addons20:08
seelehuh not installed :)20:08
seelewhy would they show up in the list if they arent installed?20:09
seeleoh damn, i lost my notes content20:11
apacheloggerneversfelde: wanna file a backport request for choqok?20:11
colomar(This might be a stupid question, but: Are packages in ppa repos always unsigned or did I just not find out where to get the keys?)20:11
neversfeldeapachelogger: sure, but I have never done this before20:12
NCommandercolomar, currently unsigned20:12
JontheEchidnacolomar: they're always unsigned20:12
NCommandercolomar, thats being changed however20:12
NCommanderSome PPAs already have keys20:12
JontheEchidnaNCommander: nice20:12
NCommanderJontheEchidna, check out cprov's if you want to see a signed PPA20:12
apacheloggerneversfelde: just search for the intrepid-backports project on launchpad, file a BR against it "please backport choqok $VERSION from jaunty to intrepid" then mention that it built in my ppa (https://edge.launchpad.net/~apachelogger/+archive/+build/828616/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-i386.choqok_0.2-0ubuntu1~intrepid0~ppa2_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz) whith changes to the cdbs build-dep and adding a quilt build-dep (because intrepid cd20:14
apachelogger quilt for kde4 apps)20:14
apacheloggerneversfelde: then poke NCommander to approve the backport20:14
colomarThat's definitely a good thing. I always feel a bit nervous when installing unsigned packages, like I'm back to windows where I just had to trust that what I'm downloading is actually what I wanted instead of something malicious ;)20:14
apacheloggerand maybe he is kind enough to upload as well20:14
NCommanderwait what?20:15
neversfeldeapachelogger: ok20:15
* NCommander just got volunteered for something20:15
NCommanderI can feel it :-P20:15
Nightroseseele: check the plasma-appletsrc file - maybe it is still in there20:16
colomarNCommander: You're an OSS-developer, you're used to that, right? *g*20:16
NCommanderno, I just hang around here too often20:17
* seele hugs Nightrose 20:18
neversfeldeNCommander: ping20:25
NCommanderneversfelde, semi-pong20:25
neversfeldeNCommander: it would be great, if you would approve Bug #31450420:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314504 in intrepid-backports "please backport choqok 0.2 from jaunty to intrepid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31450420:26
neversfelde:) if you have the time20:26
NCommanderScottK, mind looking at that for me?20:26
apacheloggerNightrose: does 2.0.1 look like that: http://www.finex.org/files/94472-1.jpg20:44
Nightrosemaybe 2.120:45
JontheEchidnathat's a mockup off of kde-look20:45
JontheEchidnaor it looks similar to one20:46
JontheEchidnalooks nice though20:46
knusperfroschwill there be a kitchensync package for 4.2?21:09
JontheEchidnanew strigi upstream release21:28
Riddellnew amarok too21:28
apacheloggeramarok is already building21:28
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: wanna jump at strigi?21:28
* apachelogger continues social networking meanwhile :P21:29
=== fregl_ is now known as fregl
knusperfroschhooray, no kitchensync for 4.2 :( http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/release-team/2008-November/002662.html21:31
=== rdieter is now known as rdieter_away
DaSkreechWhat is with Amarok Mockups and Careless whispers?21:46
* DaSkreech tries to rationalize knusperfrosch's :( with the hooray21:47
* JontheEchidna testbuilds new strigi21:48
JontheEchidnakde rev 87248221:49
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=872482&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 87248221:49
ghostcubehi can i ask you if its pkanned to bring back the jackd support to the xine-lib package ?22:15
JontheEchidnayou'd have better luck in #ubuntu-devel, kubuntu doesn't really touch that type of stuff22:17
ghostcubeok :)22:17
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: bug 31455423:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314554 in strigi "New upstream release (strigi 0.6.2)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31455423:27

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