Neremori've a problem with adept00:03
Neremorbtw. apt00:03
NeremorI messed up my software lists and would like to reset them to the default lists00:04
Neremori only added one or two00:04
Neremoris there a way to do that?00:04
s0101how does a correct mac adress look if i want to set up a new one? the question is how do i know what numbers to chose ?00:05
k4_s0101:  search the web for "mac adress prefixes"00:08
athlon1Do you know any linux suite for mobile Nokia E65?00:08
BluesKajNeremor , open adept /sources/edit software sources/kubuntu software or third party sources and highlight the sources you want to remove , click remove00:10
geniiBluesKaj: He didn't hang around :(00:10
BluesKajnice , another guy with no patience00:11
BluesKajI guess I was bust trying figure when he left ...seems to happen a lot ...instant gratification or nothing :)00:12
geniiBluesKaj: I figure the guy with the crashed upgrade isn't going to be back anytime soon00:13
StR|Sangrealis there still someone who could attend my problem with failed dist-upgrade ?00:15
geniiBluesKaj: Heh, irony00:15
StR|Sangrealwell i am on windoze now :(00:16
BluesKajStR|Sangreal , post your souces.list on pastebin00:16
StR|Sangreali cannot switch my wireless radio on00:16
StR|Sangrealthe kernel and the K are fine00:17
StR|Sangrealyet some settings went lost00:17
null__ugh fuck kubuntu it sucks so much compared to windowss!!!!!00:17
null__i need to restart my usb and i cant even do that00:17
StR|Sangrealand some apps of the previous distro are broken as well00:17
StR|Sangrealand - i am fully lost in k400:18
StR|Sangrealbut now the main plot turned into switching on the radio :)00:18
BluesKajgonna watch some tv ...relax my back00:19
genii!language | null__00:20
ubottunull__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:20
null__can you help me genii00:20
StR|Sangrealgenii pls could you first resolve my problem?00:20
geniinull__: I'm soon leaving, sorry00:20
geniiStR|Sangreal: Since the dependencies are all messy, it is almost impossible to fix. I suggest install fresh00:21
StR|Sangrealok, a general question00:22
StR|Sangrealwho thinks that .10 with k4 is better or worthier than .04 with k3?00:22
geniiStR|Sangreal: I'm currently sticking to my 8.04 / 3.5.10 box00:23
mister-tea-laptome too00:23
StR|Sangrealbut - probably k4 is how user oriented systems do will develop in the future, isnt it?00:24
geniinull__: "need to restart usb" is fairly vague. You have some specific usb device which doesn't work? etc. A more specific description and someone may know about your issue in detail and be able to assist (just not me currently)00:25
StR|Sangreali mean, i was fine with my .0400:25
StR|Sangrealbut as i updated and broke the system, how shall i cope with the fact that it all was in vain?00:26
geniimister-tea-lapto: Proast!00:27
StR|Sangrealok.. who recommends me to install a new stable intrepid instead of former .04 with the older k?00:28
ZehavaCould anyone tell me how to change my java classpath permanantly and globally please?00:29
* mister-tea-lapto buys the channel a round00:29
StR|Sangrealthanks :) where can i find a slovak intrepid distro?00:30
null__genii: Well, all my usb devices stopped working and I'm getting floods of crazy errors to syslog.  usb_storage is busy doing a cwd and wont die, so i can't remove usbcore.  trying to rmmod ehci_hcd hangs and i can't kill modprobe.  /etc/init.d/udev restart does not fix anything00:30
geniiZehava: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=217936&highlight=classpath00:31
Zehavagenii thanks00:31
geniinull__: The udev restart would also be your usb restart. So thats not going to help much. that it is the usb-storage might be some issue with external usb hd or usb stick00:32
null__my load is 15.xx with 10% cpu, and lsof confirms usbhid-up has about 20 files open (this happened due to a brown out which made my ups usb cry and it broke all usb); lsof also shows about 20 open for an lsusb i can't kill00:34
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.00:34
null__i have physically unplugged all usb devices00:34
null__also, my root hard drive is failing and i don't have a backup00:34
null__if i reboot i'll prolly lose everything00:34
geniinull__: Sounds like you have some possible hardware damage due to the brownout00:35
null__i have a backup on an external usb hd which now has a corrupt superblock i can't recover.  :)00:35
geniinull__: You can't   sudo kill -9 <pid-of-lsubs-process>   ?00:36
null__oh i've tried00:36
null__i've -9'ed every possible process00:37
null__anything related to lsusb, modprobe, and nut (the ups) won't die00:37
StR|Sangrealpls could sb advise me where to find a multilingual or slovak distro?00:39
geniinull__: Nothing immediate comes to mind as some solution.00:39
null__i'm going to kill this x session and see if that does anything00:39
geniiI need to be /away for a few hours now.00:40
StR|Sangrealpls does anybody know where to download a multilingual dvd with kubuntu 8.10?00:41
ZehavaIsn't there some sort of GUI for setting the class paths? I've used it before but can't remember the name and thi is a new install00:42
null__yeah that didn't help00:42
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore00:42
mister-tea-laptohmmm can't pm ubottu00:43
null__oh man00:44
null__i killed x, the music stopped, and now i can hear 'impending fan failure' from a hardware piece00:45
mister-tea-laptojussi01:  hey I can't pm the bot00:45
mister-tea-laptohe must be busy00:50
ralphokubuntu is king01:00
cmakladIs this the right palce to ask a question about crontab?01:03
kuruminboa noite01:14
StR|Sangrealis here anyone still active?01:19
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat01:19
bucketheadNo. No one is home.01:21
bucketheadUnless you ask a question, Then someone might magically appear.01:21
stodgeKubuntu 8.04, no sound from my usb audio device01:22
bucketheadhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting <- Start there.01:25
bucketheadIt should get you within hand grenade range.01:25
stodgeLet me see what kinfocenter says about it01:25
stodgeMaybe I should update my kernel01:25
stodgekinfocenter shows no module for the device01:25
bucketheadI believe there is a step in there to fix that.01:27
StR|Sangrealgoodnite kubuntu :)01:27
bucketheadThat goes back to the hand grenade range part. You'll have to sub out 'aptitude' for 'apt-get'01:27
=== luiz is now known as apow
Styx993is there a way to make kde put the stuff on the desktop actually on the desktop?01:29
apowon kde 4.2 there will be an option folder view as desktop i believe.01:30
apowbut so far I guess not01:30
bucketheadI like folderview, I've got one for a desktop, one for my media folder, and another for my file server.01:30
Styx993too many channels...01:31
apowCentral elements of the desktop experience have been improved to provide a better experience. These include grouping and multiple row layout in the task bar, icon hiding in the system tray, notifications and job tracking by Plasma, and the ability to have icons on the desktop again by using a Folder View as the desktop background01:31
Styx993so am i able to not use a seperate folderview widget?01:32
Styx993am i able to not use one?01:32
Styx993zomg theres a lot of channels01:32
apowanyone has a good solution for ATI + compositing? unfortunately xvideo sucks when used with compositing managers, and I like to see the ocasional movie, so no eye-candy for me.01:33
omarcois there a way to mount PTP cameras as removable storage automatically?01:33
denis_what are PTP cameras?01:36
omarcocameras that require the sad PTP protocol to transfer its pictures to another device01:37
DanuHello  why te screen blinker until become black?01:37
Danuwith kde 401:38
Styx993my cd drive sounds like its going to kill me or something01:38
omarcoI'm aware there's a way to mount them using a FUSE thing I found around, but I'm not aware how can I do to automount it this way :-(01:38
DanuHello  why te screen blinker until become black?01:39
Danuit blinks a lot01:39
JontheEchidnaDanu: just a second01:40
denis_omarco ah ok, I don't know any of them. Which brand do you have?01:41
JontheEchidnaDanu: http://blog.nixternal.com/2008.10.22/kubuntu-intrepid-dual-monitor-blinking/01:41
omarcoIt's a stinking Kodak01:41
denis_who uses Kodak?01:41
omarcosome Fujifilms and Canons also use PTP exclusively, which sucks01:42
denis_buy Canon or Leica ;-)01:42
denis_my powerhsot 75 works01:42
omarcodo you have to use a specific program or does a drive appear somewhere so you can copy your photographs like a pendrive?01:43
DanuMister JontheEchidna i don't have a dual monitor and i already did and nothing :(01:45
denis_no, just connect01:46
JontheEchidnait doesn't have to be dual monitors exactly, even an unconnected tv out port will trigger the flickering01:46
denis_omarco I use digikam01:46
Danubut i already did that before and it keeps blinking01:46
JontheEchidnaDanu: so you turned off the service, logged out and logged back in?01:46
omarcodenis_: Hmm, I think it uses PTP. Not sure if digikam also manages photos from mass storage devices (it probably should...)01:47
=== omarco is now known as omarco_pizza
Danui did that before like 2 weeks ago01:47
denis_omarco oh for sure, it only recognizes it as mass storage device, not as Canon...01:48
denis_version 2 is almost out01:48
omarco_pizzathen it should be mass storage. Lucky! :-P01:48
DanuAnyone has "downgrade" to KDE 3 on intrepid (i read in some place that it can be with some repositories)?01:49
denis_oh sorry, I meant 0.10 is almost out01:49
JontheEchidnaDanu: you might try upgrading to KDE 4.2, which doesn't have the problematic patch at all01:49
Danuis "beta"01:50
JontheEchidnait's still better than 4.1, I can assure you01:51
Danuok Thanks Mr. JontheEchidna01:52
JontheEchidnaYou're welcome01:52
=== yannick__ is now known as BBM-5
SiVA_iwlist ra0 scan shows the local ssids in my area. But the knetworkmanager utilitty does not find any ssids. How can I manually configure this?01:59
SiVA_or get knetworkmanager to recognize the ssids01:59
SiVA_how can I manually configure a wifi connection through the console?02:03
denis_hehe, good question02:03
SiVA_is that better? hehe02:04
SiVA_I'm trying to use iwconfig but I keep getting "set failed on device ra0..."02:04
DanuMr. JontheEchidna, Sorry the bother but when i try to upgrade says "it can't be install the actualizations", try a Parcial Actualization02:04
Danuand then when i click "parcial actualization" then nothing happens02:05
JontheEchidnacould you do a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade from the terminal and paste the output where it fails?02:05
denis_I think you mean parTial02:05
JontheEchidnadenis_: probably a translation02:06
Danusorry, partial02:06
Danui've been learnin' english since a month ago02:07
denis_oh wow, so your English isn't that bad!02:07
DanuThanks Mr. denis_02:08
denis_hehe, your welcome ;-)02:08
StR|Sangrealpls how to force an application prompt name of which i dont know, to run in sudo mode?02:08
denis_StR|Sangreal: I thin it should run if already installed??02:09
denis_think, sorry02:09
Danuthis delete KDE 4.1?02:09
StR|Sangrealwell i have an installed app i run through leftclick :)02:09
StR|Sangrealbut if i wanna give it administratorial rights, what should i do?02:10
Danumost than all is the space i have a little tiny HD, that's why i'm so concern with space02:10
denis_StR|Sangreal: start it in command line02:10
StR|Sangreali said i have no clue of its prompt name02:10
denis_StR|Sangreal: with "sudo" in front02:10
StR|Sangrealthats clear if i knew the prompt02:11
StR|Sangrealkdesudo "name"02:11
JontheEchidnaDanu: yes, upgrading to KDE 4.2 will replace KDE 4.102:11
Danuok Thanks Mr. JontheEchidna02:11
denis_StR|Sangreal: you can see the path when you right-click on the name and then go on "properties!"02:12
StR|Sangrealhm such a brilliant sollution ;)02:12
StR|Sangrealanother thing02:13
denis_thanks :-)02:13
StR|Sangrealhow can i defragment a fat32 windoze-rezident partition from linux?02:13
StR|Sangreal(cuz the windoze itself isnt willing to tidy up its mess you know :))02:14
denis_sorry, no f.... idea02:14
cmakladIs this the right palce to ask a question about crontab?02:14
denis_I don't know crontab.......02:14
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm02:14
cmakladWell my problem is setting the default email address. I changed that in the /etc/contab to something else other than root, but it still sends email to root...02:16
StR|Sangrealsorry thats not in my competence :(02:16
StR|Sangreali will check mine02:16
denis_StR|Sangreal:  why do you still use windows?02:16
StR|Sangreali sometimes have to share my laptop with newbies02:17
denis_StR|Sangreal:  I'm trying to get rid of it and I think I'm doing good :-)02:17
denis_doing what?02:17
StR|Sangrealand i havent got much experience with advanced linux features02:18
denis_well I think you just have to have a guest account02:18
denis_StR|Sangreal:  good thing is that you don't have to bother about killing the OS without the rights ;-)02:19
denis_sorry, you don't have to worry02:20
StR|Sangrealsome games and a computing algebra system i used were only licensed for win02:20
StR|Sangrealand it is a resitude from our scholar system as well02:20
denis_StR|Sangreal:  sorry, what's a resitude?02:21
denis_something like a rest?02:21
StR|Sangrealwould you prefer german/spanish/slovak? ;)02:21
denis_Deutsch bitte02:21
StR|Sangrealein ueberrest02:22
denis_aah, Überbleibsel :-)02:23
StR|Sangreali am not IT oriented02:23
denis_how come you speak so many languages?02:23
StR|Sangrealif you want we can talk over xmpp :)02:24
StR|Sangrealthis is a kubuntu channel :)02:24
=== omarco_pizza is now known as omarco
denis_xmpp....... I can offer you skype, msn, icq.........02:25
denis_theisd at gmx.de02:25
omarcoDoes anyone here ever used gphotofs or fusermount? I'm in desperate need of help03:07
=== OrbJinzo is now known as OrbJinzo|AFK
mr_clarkIs there a built-in gui tool for mounting nfs shares in Kubuntu 8.10?03:20
omhello guys03:25
omI have installed Kubuntu 8.1003:25
omI have a problem tht after installation i only got memory test option on the grub so i went in through normal ubuntu live cd03:25
omnow i edited the grub.conf03:26
ombut waht abt the vmlinuz file how to edit it03:26
omi copied the initrd image file to /boot03:26
ombut waht abt the vmlinuz file03:26
omhow to obtain it?03:26
mr_clarkom, do you have any kernels installed?03:28
ommr clark03:33
omi installed the os from an magzine multiboot dvd of ubuntu03:33
omi am unable to boot in03:33
omthe kubuntu03:33
mr_clarkom, So the only kernel option you see is the memory test?03:36
=== erling is now known as WAILTER
denis_good night03:38
omthnks to some pages i visited to google03:38
omi am downloading vmlinuz an initrd option03:39
omactually i had initrd file03:39
dr_willisI would think you may want to download  a kubuntu iso and reinstall. that may be much faster then trying to figure out how come grub got messed up.03:39
dr_willissounds like their multiboot dvd - has issues03:39
omi had it in the / then i copied in /boot then i edited few lines in /boot/grub/menu.lst03:39
omdear friend i am in India it takes lots of time to download03:40
dr_willisIf i recall right some times the one in / is a link tot he one in /boot/03:40
omthe speed is 40 kbps03:40
omya symlink03:40
omguys am i going right by downloading this03:40
dr_willisIf you had a vmlinuz then you got one.. You just need to be sure the grub menu.lst is accessing it in the right place03:40
omi have 3 paritions in the Samsung harddisk03:41
omtht is sdb1,2,303:41
om1st is Linux Kubuntu03:41
omn 2nd is Extended one03:41
om3rd is Swap03:41
omso waht do i write is03:41
omi am sorry for writing tht way i knw ur eyes must be paining by reading this way03:42
dr_willisgrub starts counting at 0.03:42
omsorry guys won't repeat it03:42
erlinga question?03:42
dr_willisfirst hard drive is hd0, first partition would be hd0,003:42
omso my 2nd hdd would be hd1,003:42
erlinghow can i change the channel in this irc .. i am new i kubu03:42
dr_willisThat would be fiurst parttion, 2nd hd.03:42
=== erling is now known as WAILTER
dr_willisWAILTER,  /join #CHANNELNAME03:43
EagleScreenom I think you have reason: hd1,003:43
omhd1 represents my 2nd harddisk right?03:43
dr_willis'grub starts counting at 0' is the thing to rember.03:43
EagleScreenom are you trying to install Kuubntu or what??03:43
omi have installed kubuntu on 2nd hdd03:43
dr_willisaparently hes trying to fix a - messed up install...03:44
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:44
omi have downloaded a initrd.gz03:44
omnow may i paste it to /boot03:44
dr_williscp command is the normal way to copy files.03:45
EagleScreenyes, paste it to /boot03:45
omi don't have untar or something right?03:45
EagleScreenbut, why did you downloaded a initrd.gz different than installed with Kubuntu?03:45
omdr willis03:46
omi got this dvd from a magzine which didn't have a vmlinuz file i suppose03:46
omit had a initrd file in /03:46
omalso it may had vmlinuz file i didn't saw03:46
ombut then i downloaded this file03:47
EagleScreenvmlinuz file is the Linux kernel binary compressed image03:47
omso should i untar it?03:47
EagleScreennegative it is not necessary03:48
omso should i just copy the file?03:48
EagleScreencopy the file to / or /boot, you decide03:48
omnow i have initrd an vmlinuz03:49
ombut their versions are been mentioned03:49
omwould it take it03:49
omfrom the files03:49
EagleScreenreally I do not understand why are you doing all this03:50
dr_willisthe menu.lst must have the proper file names.03:50
dr_willisEagleScreen,  aparently some magazine multi-boot-dvd messed up and dident install properly03:50
omdr willis03:50
omu tell me waht may i do now03:50
omi have the files03:50
omdownloaded from a site03:50
dr_willisI would think it may be faster to boot a live cd, chroot into the installed system. and install a new kernel with apt-get03:50
EagleScreenom, first please, open /boot folder, and tell us what files is there03:51
omi am currently on a ubuntu live cd03:51
dr_willisom copy them to the right place. fix menu.lst to load them  with the proper name/place/path.. and reboot and se eif it works.03:51
dr_willisor chroot to the installed system. and try a 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get upgrade'  may install the latest kernel and fix it all for you03:51
ubottuhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot use this to build 32 bit environments on a 64 bit box03:52
ommay i paste them?03:52
dr_willisHmm.. need to track down a better chroot basic guide03:52
dr_willisom  try it and see.. I would sugegst learning the terminal very soon.03:52
EagleScreenom as you want, use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ to paste things03:52
omya i knw tht03:52
nick__hello all, how do I share a folder with another client in my local network at home?03:53
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209803:54
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.03:54
nick__i try and it will not allow, maybe i am doing it wrong03:54
nick__its a link from kde, to gnome03:55
omdr willis03:56
EagleScreenom did you use command ls to paste that? please use 'ls -l'03:56
dr_willisnick__,  a quick an easy way to get files back/forth from 2 ubuntu machines is to use ssh/scp and sshfs also03:56
nick__what info do i put in the areas and where do i find that info03:56
DexiAnyone know how to fix an OSD that displays below all other windows?03:57
EagleScreenom i supuse that vmlinuz is which you downloaded03:58
omwaht happened ?03:58
omis tht wrong one?03:58
EagleScreennot, only for confirmation, and the file initrd.img is also you downloaded inst it?03:59
omya the .gz file04:00
omwaht happened plz tel me04:00
omwaht may i do Eagle Screen?04:00
EagleScreenlets tets that kernel you has been downloaded04:00
omn waht abt the old initrd file04:00
omwhich has the version with it04:00
EagleScreenopen a text editor as root, and open file /boot/grub/menu.lst04:01
omafter it04:01
EagleScreenpaste it04:01
EagleScreeni am not sure if that kernel will boot on a installed system, but you can test04:02
omu mean the whole file in the pastebin?04:02
omi suppose u want the entries04:03
EagleScreenbabyredgold #kubuntu-it04:03
ommay i paste the entries/04:03
EagleScreenyes om, the entries04:03
dr_willis'apt-get install pastebinit'04:03
dr_willispastebinit /path/to/file04:03
dr_willis those 2 commands will make life a LOT easier :)04:03
dr_willisapt-get install pastebinit, then 'pastebinit /boot/grub/menu.lst'04:04
omokay just a sec04:04
omhere it is04:05
EagleScreenwhat om04:07
omi suppose u would say to change the name of the vmlinuz file in the menu.lst04:07
omis the downloaded vmlinuz file correct one?04:07
ombecoz it doesn't has any symlinks04:08
EagleScreenwait a momment..04:08
omyes for the change of name in the menu.lst now u would paste the right contents n type the pastebin url to me am i right04:08
omso i m changing my /boot/vmlinuz -2.6.27-7-generic to just vmlinuz04:10
omn initrd.img -2.6.27-7-generic to initrd.gz?/04:10
EagleScreeni am going to paste what you should type in my opinion04:10
omi m waiting04:11
nick__networking: every time i attempt to transfer files from one machine to the other, it disconnects the network connection and reconnects back again over and over04:11
EagleScreentry booting it04:11
EagleScreenom if this does not fix your problem, you have to use live CD to start session in your installed system and install the current kernel in repositories04:13
EagleScreencoming back soon04:15
omrebooting myself04:18
EagleScreenSysinfo for 'kairi': Linux 2.6.27-9-generic running KDE 4.1.85 (KDE 4.1.85 (KDE 4.2 Beta2)), CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual  CPU  T2390  @ 1.86GHz at 800 MHz (3724 bogomips), HD: 46/226GB, RAM: 1919/1999MB, 136 proc's, 51.12min up04:20
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!04:22
=== drmrhorse is now known as DrMrHorse
omkarhello Eagel04:29
omkardr willis04:29
omkarit made it04:29
omkari m in to my Kubuntu04:30
omkarthnks to GOD04:30
omkarits done04:30
omkarn thnks u people to04:30
omkari am in KDE 4.104:30
omkarnow a little issue is there abt Graphics04:30
omkarit runs very well on normal Board Graphics04:30
omkarbut i haven't used my geforce 620004:30
epimethcongrats :-)04:32
=== epimeth_ is now known as epimeth
dr_willisnow learn to use complete sentances on IRC and stop using  ENTER 1000x more then its needed04:33
epimethdr_willis: I think its human nature... you can't force us to go against our animalistic instincts!!!!04:34
epimethugh... where *is* everyone... I'm bored04:35
dr_williswatching TV. ;04:36
epimethwhats on?04:37
epimethand how do I add keywords to ubottu?  I'd like him to respond to !echo :-)04:40
zer0ohi guys, is there a chan for web-developing support?04:47
szrhawaiineed to know where to put the color file for my kdm theme anyone know the location of it I forgot it04:52
szrhawaiianyone out there04:53
szrhawaiiman did everyone die in here cricket cricket so i have this ksrc file i want to use for my kdm login box and forgot the file location of the other default ksrc files and was wondering if anyone knew where to go in order to put my new one in it04:55
szrhawaiiguess ill keep searching me files04:59
=== joe is now known as Toufel
szrhawaii_anyone know where the default ksrc files are for the kdm05:09
Alan_LockwoodI droped 1600 files on the desktop and i have 1600 plasmoids as icons, how can i delete them?05:11
szrhawaii_you trying to delete the desktop plasmoids05:11
szrhawaii_isnt that the base of the new kde 4.1 though05:12
szrhawaii_i swear the panel itself soley runs on the plasmoid style05:13
szrhawaii_or are you just deleting the icons05:13
szrhawaii_if your deleting or doing anything with icons its usr/share/icons05:14
szrhawaii_thats mainly where you will find your default icons and other icon sets05:14
szrhawaii_not sure if it will delete the desktop icons05:15
szrhawaii_for the plasmoids though05:15
szrhawaii_dwidmann you in here05:15
dwidmannszrhawaii_: actually yes05:16
szrhawaii_hey do you know where the file location to add a color file to my kdm list05:16
dwidmannszrhawaii_: a color for the **kdm** list? hmm, let me poke around a bit and see if I can find it05:17
szrhawaii_alright thanks i knew where it was in 3.5 but i not sure its the same in 4.205:18
kalmafuck off05:18
dwidmann!language | kaima05:18
ubottukaima: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:18
szrhawaii_someones having a bad day05:20
dwidmannszrhawaii, maybe something to do with .........share/config/kdm/backgroundrc?05:21
szrhawaii_ill check that out05:21
dwidmannor perhaps just /etc/kde4/kdm/backgroundrc05:22
szrhawaii_the etc one isnt it it should just be a folder with ksrc files in them05:24
szrhawaii_the other one i dont have a directory to05:24
dwidmannszrhawaii_: hmm, well, there isn't any kdm related directory with kscrc files on my system...05:25
szrhawaii_so i gotta manually configure it in05:26
szrhawaii_i know in kde 3.5 they had a file to put it in05:26
szrhawaii_but that was after i downloaded the kdm manager05:26
dwidmannFor the regular desktop color scheme I probably know where to put it, but I don't know with regards to kdm, for it I've only done whole themes05:27
szrhawaii_the desktop one is an easy on05:27
szrhawaii_its the kdm one i am more interested in05:27
szrhawaii_but thanks for the help though05:27
szrhawaii_hey dwidmann kdisplay does the kdm color right05:29
dwidmannhrm, not sure *checks*05:29
dwidmannI guess you could try putting some things in /usr/share/apps/kdisplay/color-schemes and see if it picks up on it though eh?05:31
hatoyuWhere can i change my system font size setting?05:31
szrhawaii_in the system settings hatoyu05:32
stdinSystem Settings -> Appearance -> Fonts05:32
hatoyuszrhawaii_:  thank you05:32
szrhawaii_its in appearance05:32
szrhawaii_thats where one is05:32
dwidmannszrhawaii_: hmm, by the looks of what I'm seeing in kdm, maybe it just uses the desktop color schemes?05:34
dwidmannszrhawaii_: because I see it listing things like honeycomb and obsidian coast and such in kdm05:35
szrhawaii_yeah i noticed that also05:35
szrhawaii_maybe its a home/. type of file05:35
hatoyuhow can I fix it :05:37
hatoyuCMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND.05:37
hatoyuPlease set them or make sure they are set and tested correctly in the CMake files:05:37
hatoyuI want to install kdelibs 4.1.8005:38
hatoyuI have install qt4.4.305:38
dwidmannhatoyu:  but have you install libqt4-dev?05:40
hatoyudwidmann:  yes I install the it05:41
dwidmannhatoyu: and maybe libdbus-qt-1-dev05:42
hatoyulet me try it05:42
dwidmannhatoyu: or maybe you could just do the really easy thing and "sudo apt-get install kde-devel" or maybe "sudo apt-get build-dep kdelibs"05:43
szrhawaii_i asked which one he was using05:44
hatoyui want to install KDE 4.2 beta /kdelibs 4.1.8005:44
szrhawaii_heres a how to05:45
szrhawaii_hatoyu http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-kde-42-beta-in-ubuntu-810-intrepid-ibex.html05:45
hatoyuszrhawaii_: thank you05:45
dwidmannhatoyu: that would still pull in everything you need to build it, or should anyway05:45
dwidmannhatoyu: anyhow, that's how I did it ... I've got an svn build from < a week ago05:47
szrhawaii_hey dwidmann how do i force quit the find files/folders window05:47
szrhawaii_the killall isnt working05:48
dwidmannszrhawaii_: try hitting ctrl+alt+escape to bring up xkill, then click on it05:48
dwidmannszrhawaii_: or try killall -s kill05:48
szrhawaii_the ctrl+alt+esc isnt working05:49
szrhawaii_even that didnt do it05:49
dwidmannszrhawaii_: if it were it would just change your cursor to an x or something ... it's kind of odd if it's not working though05:50
szrhawaii_nah same cursor05:50
dwidmannszrhawaii_: of course it can be run manually with the xkill command05:50
szrhawaii_in terminal05:50
szrhawaii_that worked05:51
dwidmannszrhawaii_: or from krunner, doesn't really matter where you run it from05:51
szrhawaii_the cursor does change to an x thats wierd05:51
szrhawaii_i wonder why they dont allow any real mods to the kdm anymore05:53
szrhawaii_except the theme way05:53
dwidmannszrhawaii_: I guess because it's more consistent and easier to distribute/share, is what I'd assume05:57
szrhawaii_yeah maybe05:58
szrhawaii_hey dwidmann is a svg file a compiled file or something i can just make using gimp06:07
szrhawaii_like a png or jpeg06:07
dr_willisScaled Vector Graphics06:08
dr_willispng/jpg are bitmapped graphics.06:08
dr_willisnot 'quite' the same06:08
szrhawaii_can gimp produce that file if i add it on the end of it when i save it06:09
szrhawaii_or will it not work06:09
dr_willisgimp does not edit 'vector' graphics.. so No.06:09
szrhawaii_so what would i use06:10
dr_willisdia, and other  vector graphic editors06:10
faileasinkscape i think06:10
dr_willistry apt-cache search svg06:10
szrhawaii_ill just look through the package manager06:10
dr_willisI recall there being some other SVG editors out. not all were GPL.06:10
szrhawaii_thanks im trying to find a way to make my own kdm06:11
dr_willisYou mean make your own kdm theme?06:12
dr_willisI recall some SVG editor that had a 'tiger' as a mascot.. but cant rember its name..  googling. seems to imply that Inkscape is very well done however06:13
dr_willisthat may be one i was thinking of :)06:17
szrhawaii_there is a file here that said it was a plugin for gimp that made svg files now its a stand alone program06:18
dr_willisive never really messed with SVGs  other then to set them as my wallpaper :)06:19
dr_willisso cant really advice much on the topic06:19
szrhawaii_my gimp was making files svg files as a standard file in 3.506:20
szrhawaii_now its a different format06:21
dr_willisI imagine thers some way to get bitmap type images to be svg's but you proberly lose the main benifits of SVG files..06:21
szrhawaii_yeah theres a thing called autotrace which was a plugin for gimp before06:21
szrhawaii_now its a stand alone program06:21
szrhawaii_so that might be one to look at06:22
dr_willisNot sure what you are really trying to do.. I mussed the core problem...06:22
szrhawaii_im just changing the background in my oxygen theme06:22
szrhawaii_for now06:23
szrhawaii_just to get things started06:23
dr_williswell good luck.. i dont mess with kde4 much06:25
szrhawaii_someone has too lol06:25
aotianlonganyone use dell 153706:29
aotianlongwhy the internal microphone not work06:29
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aotianlongany solostion.06:29
szrhawaii_dr_willis that autotrace thing is nice06:31
szrhawaii_all i got to do is change the filename and it works06:32
szrhawaii_i got nothing06:33
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Ced_hey, does anyone know how i execute a .exe as root? I've been a while off ubuntu and i forget how to >_>08:30
Ced_I have wine, i just need to know how to execute it as root08:30
jussi01Ced_: why would you need that?08:31
Ced_To install an application08:31
jussi01Ced_: you still shouldnt need to execute it as root08:31
jussi01Ced_: all of wines "hard disk" is in your user folder08:31
Ced_Hm, odd, well, can you tell me how to do it anyway, so i can be sure?08:32
jussi01Ced_: no.08:32
Ced_Well, the problem is that it says it doesnt have permission to install files08:32
jussi01Ced_: which app?08:33
Ced_Adobe illustrator08:33
jussi01Ced_: all I can suggest is to ask in #winehq08:33
Ced_Ok, will do, thanks for your help!08:34
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szrhawaiidwidmann you still in here08:46
dwidmannszrhawaii: yeah, I"m back again, I was downstairs watching a movie earlier08:46
szrhawaiioh hey do you know how to get the webcam option to work in the kopete08:47
DrayakirHi. I have a very newb-ish question. I recently installed kubntu, and I love it... but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to open a CD.08:47
dwidmannszrhawaii: not really, I don't have a webcam08:48
szrhawaiihave you heard anything about that08:48
szrhawaiii got the window now just not the pictures08:48
dwidmannszrhawaii: not really08:48
szrhawaiiyou know anyone who might08:48
dwidmannDrayakir: maybe it's not automounting them, try running the command "mount /dev/scd0" and see if you can't get at the files then08:50
dwidmannszrhawaii: 'fraid not08:50
szrhawaiik ill try that08:50
DrayakirIt's not that there's an iautoRun on it, it's that there's just a slew of files. But I'll give it a shot, thanks08:50
hatoyuI have install kde-nighty but when I build kdevelop 408:51
hatoyu ERROR: the installed kdelibs version 4.1.3 is too old, at least version08:51
hatoyu  4.1.85 is required08:51
Drayakirmount: block device /dev/scd0 is write-protected, mounting read-only    Is that good or bad?08:51
szrhawaiitry the ppa08:51
szrhawaiitry the ppa hatoyu08:51
szrhawaiifor the dev files08:51
szrhawaiior try dwidmanns way through terminal08:52
szrhawaiifor dev files08:52
hatoyuand I biuld kdelibs 4.1.8508:52
hatoyu  Installed: 20081229+svn903070-0neon108:52
hatoyuI think i have install the newest kdelibs08:52
szrhawaiidid you try the sudo apt-get install way he told you earlier also08:53
szrhawaii4.1.3 is the kdelibs for kde 4.108:54
hatoyunow I have install kde 4.2 beta08:55
szrhawaiiis it still not the newer kdelibs08:55
hatoyuYeah I know08:55
hatoyuHow can I get the kdelibs 4.1.85 easyly08:55
szrhawaiido you want the rpm package08:56
hatoyuyes that's ok08:56
StR|Sangrealhola all here!08:56
StR|Sangrealplease, i need some help setting up my new kubuntu .1008:57
szrhawaiiyou got i386 or x86_6408:57
hatoyuszrhawaii: can you give me url08:57
dwidmannDrayakir: it's just saying that CDs are read only, it's fine08:57
szrhawaiiwhich version you need i386 or 6408:58
szrhawaiithere you go08:58
szrhawaiithats what i found so far08:58
szrhawaiiits made from fedora08:59
dwidmannDrayakir: seeing as that seems to have been the problem, there's a file we can edit to take care of it. Run the command "kdesudo kate /etc/fstab", press ctrl+f and search for "scd0", on the line for it, remove the word "noauto"08:59
hatoyuok I will try it08:59
szrhawaiihatoyu heres one for ubuntu jaunty https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/i386/kdelibs-bin/4:4.1.85-0ubuntu208:59
hatoyuszrhawaii: I download it now09:00
StR|Sangrealplease, how should i set up my internet connection after reinstalling OS? the wireless network is connected, ip is detected automatically, but i have proxy server and it doesnt seem to trigger09:01
szrhawaiihatoyu hey you have kubuntu huh09:01
szrhawaiii found the ppa for it09:01
szrhawaiiif you want that instead09:01
szrhawaiiits easier to upload09:02
hatoyuszrhawaii: what ppa?09:02
szrhawaiithe repo09:02
szrhawaiideb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main >if you through this in your repositories than it will load up in your package manager09:02
hatoyudeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/project-neon/ubuntu intrepid main09:03
szrhawaiideb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main09:03
hatoyulet me try it09:03
szrhawaiithats the one from kubuntu09:03
szrhawaiihatoyu this is where i got it from http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-209:03
szrhawaiiits under instructions09:04
StR|Sangrealpls is there sb to advise me how to successfully configure my proxy settings for apt and the rest of the system?09:08
sam_can you move directories from one server to another with scp or just files09:12
JohnFluxsam_: man scp;   that shows a -r option09:13
JohnFluxsam_: to copy recursively (i.e. the whole directory)09:13
sam_JohnFlux: thx so : scp -r /path/to/directory user2@host2:/path/to/endlocation should do it - i'll try that09:15
JohnFluxsam_: something like that09:15
StR|Sangrealplease, could sb help me here?09:27
StR|Sangreali need a hint how to configure my network connection (its a wlan over proxy)09:30
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StR|Sangrealplease, is there sb to advise me in configuring my connection?10:11
rene_my tork is still not working..10:12
MatisseAfter changing /boot/grub/menu.lst  my system always starts with ash ! what now ?10:27
ActionParsnip1starts with ash?10:29
Matissesome kind of secure mode, because no root partition is found10:29
ActionParsnip1Matisse: does it boot ok with the other kernels (if you have any) in the list?10:30
StR|Sangrealtry set default to 010:30
Matissewhich default ?10:30
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StR|Sangrealthe default num10:31
StR|Sangrealwhich tells which configuration should be booted10:31
ActionParsnip1Matisse: compare it to the original and see what has changed10:31
rene_and my tork?10:32
StR|Sangrealor simply check which config you want, and its number you should put for the default10:32
Matissewell, i could try, but if I remember correct,  there were 3 times the same boot options10:32
ActionParsnip1Matisse: you didnt backup the original?10:32
StR|Sangrealyou deleted elder kernel configuration?10:32
StR|Sangrealand maybe hence the default value is missing10:33
MatisseI cant change it in ash10:33
StR|Sangrealfirst of all, if you can restore the former file, do that, and do comment instead of deleting10:33
* Ash-Fox cannot be changed.10:33
ActionParsnip1Matisse: boot to recovery mode (esc when grub loads) and select a failsafe kernel10:33
MatisseNow I'm running knoppix, but I don't find the directory with the real devices10:33
ActionParsnip1!grub | Matisse10:34
ubottuMatisse: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto10:34
MatisseStR|Sangreal, I have a file with the old settings :)10:34
StR|Sangrealjust replace10:35
StR|Sangrealwait i must mount my linux partition10:35
ActionParsnip1Matisse: rename the faulty menu.lst and reinstate the original so you can boot gracefully, then compare the files by eye10:36
StR|Sangrealafter upgrading to intrepid i cannot connect to the net via wlan...10:36
Matissewell, you're right. Actually I tried to fill in the correct UUID but blkid didn't work in the ash shell10:37
ActionParsnip1StR|Sangreal: run lspci and lsusb, one line will identify the device, you will need to reinstall the card again for the new system and/or kernel10:37
Matissethx for illumination :)10:37
Matissei'll try it10:38
ActionParsnip1Matisse: wtg for backing up the original10:38
* ActionParsnip1 wished more folks would backup original conf files10:40
StR|Sangreali have upgraded to intrepid and my wlan connection fails on approaching the proxy10:42
StR|Sangrealhow should i fix it?10:42
ActionParsnip1StR|Sangreal: is it usb or internal?10:43
AS|Sangrealthe wireless module is internal10:44
AS|Sangrealand appears to be working correctlz10:44
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: then run lspci and you will see what chip it has, you can then install drivers for that chip10:44
AS|Sangreali mean the connection is set up10:46
AS|Sangreali can loin and ping the dhcp10:46
ActionParsnip1can you ping your wireless acess point?10:46
AS|Sangrealbut i cannot ping the proxy10:47
AS|Sangrealand sth is wrong cuy eg icq doesnt need http proxz but doesnt work10:47
AS|Sangrealand adept neither10:47
ActionParsnip1ok, can you ping
AS|Sangrealdont know, i have to reboot10:48
AS|Sangrealwhz that address?10:48
ActionParsnip1its an ip10:48
ActionParsnip1of www.bmezine.com10:48
mfilipehow do I do to downgrade to kde3?10:53
ActionParsnip1mfilipe: you must compile source afaik10:53
AS|Sangrealbut the proxy is surely online and working cuz i am using it on mz windoze station10:57
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: sure, but is there any authentication needed to use the proxy?10:58
ActionParsnip1if you can access your access point fine then its gonna be hard to diagnose10:58
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ActionParsnip1is it 100% necessary to use this proxy?10:59
AS|Sangrealzes it is10:59
ActionParsnip1can you ping the proxy?10:59
ActionParsnip1by name and ip10:59
AS|Sangreali cannot ping the gatewaz11:00
AS|Sangrealnor the dhcp11:00
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: can you connect to anything at all?11:01
AS|Sangreali have mz adapter online11:01
ActionParsnip1whats that?11:01
AS|Sangrealit has detected the network, accepted password and logged in11:01
AS|Sangreal(i mean the hardware)11:01
AS|Sangrealbut i do not see anz network places and have destination net unreachable11:02
ActionParsnip1do you get an ip address?11:02
ActionParsnip1ok, i'd suggest renaming the /etc/network/interfaces file and rebooting11:03
ActionParsnip1so you can re-establish the link11:03
AS|Sangreali dont understand11:03
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: that file contains settings, if you rename it you will get a stock set of settings (blank) you can then reconnect to your access point11:04
ActionParsnip1as if you'd never connected11:04
AS|Sangrealhm what is the path, ?11:06
AS|Sangrealshould i even create a new blank file for it?11:06
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: no its automatically done for you11:06
AS|Sangrealwtf i cannot see anz files after launching kdesudo dolphin11:08
AS|Sangrealnor from windoze11:09
rene_TORK IS RUNNING!! after 5 days working.. what a simple misstake.11:10
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: sudo mv /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces_old11:11
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: you dont need dolphin11:11
AS|Sangrealbut it is a huge problem11:11
AS|Sangreali cannot access mz files11:11
AS|Sangrealit sazs couldnt connect to klauncher; the name org.kde.klauncher was not provided by anz .service files11:13
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: sounds like you have more issues than you thought11:13
AS|Sangrealactuallz i have no clue what went wrong11:14
ActionParsnip1thats only when you kdesudo dolphin from what ive seen11:14
ActionParsnip1use the cli command to rename the file and reboot11:14
AS|Sangreali have corrupted the update from hardz to intrepid. then i downloaded the dvd and installed. after the installation the net doesnt work and sth what wanted to be downloaded could be11:15
ActionParsnip1did youo md5 check the dvd iso as well as verify the disk once burned?11:15
ActionParsnip1and was it all ok?11:16
AS|Sangrealthe distro source is probablz fine11:17
ActionParsnip1how did ou corrupt the upgrade from hardy?11:17
frogonwheelsnybody know what causes ksmserver to stop responding to calls?11:17
frogonwheelsdid a qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer saveCurrentSessionAs saved11:17
AS|Sangrealsome packages collided with x modules running and didnt execute, thus i had a szstem sth between11:18
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: sounds like a corrupted install then11:18
frogonwheelsthen .... /KSMServer sessionList   doesn't show 'saved' inthe list.. just 'default' and 'saved at previous logout'11:18
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: due to these collisions11:18
ActionParsnip1frogonwheels: ive no idea personally, i'd try a little later11:19
AS|Sangrealdidnt help11:19
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: you could boot to failsafe console after adding your install dvd as a repository and run: sudo apt-get --reinstall install kubuntu-desktop11:20
AS|Sangrealwhat shall i add?11:21
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: add you installation dvd as a repository11:21
AS|Sangreal(would this solve all possible failures of the instl process?)11:21
frogonwheelsok.. so killall ksmserver was a bad move. (It's ok - I get why)11:21
frogonwheelsdid anybody answer me while I was restarting?11:22
ActionParsnip1frogonwheels:  ive no idea personally, i'd try a little later. differrent users in here n all11:22
frogonwheelsActionParsnip1: yeah.  I seem to recall I had this problem when I first tried kde4 on debian11:23
frogonwheels.. btw it works now I've restarted...11:24
frogonwheelsbut I think it's a problem that it hangs somewhere in the middle of a logout call..11:24
ActionParsnip1frogonwheels: fixes lotsa stuff ;)11:24
frogonwheelsActionParsnip1: yeah. not much help when 1/2 the point of doing it was to save my current session and bring me back to where I was... *sigh*11:25
AS|Sangrealgot stuck onto scanning disc on inex files11:25
AS|Sangreal-nothing said11:25
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: sounds like a bad disk11:25
ActionParsnip1frogonwheels: you have historys all over the place11:26
frogonwheelsActionParsnip1: yeah -not critical. just annoying.11:26
ActionParsnip1AS|Sangreal: you may also want to fsck your partitions from livecd11:27
AS|Sangrealthe installdvd should be able to checksum itself shouldnt it?11:29
AS|Sangrealok i am hashing the disk,11:35
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.11:36
AS|Sangreal!de | ubottu11:37
ubottuAS|Sangreal: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.11:37
AS|Sangreal!patience | ubottu11:40
ubottuAS|Sangreal: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines11:40
jussi01AS|Sangreal: please dont abuse the bot.11:43
Malicwhich backup programs do you use with kde? is there a comparable one to time-machine für mac os-x?11:44
AS|Sangreali have checked the distro dvd and it is fine11:50
AS|Sangreali will apparentlz reinstall but i expect to get into the same situation whence i have already done this so far11:51
jussi01!backup | Malic11:57
ubottuMalic: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning11:57
faileasi didn't know there was a mindo factoid11:59
rene_somebody knows how i can change tork server manuelly? i mean not only chnage the server automatickly, i want to choice one12:04
xioolihi, could you please tell me what are the counterparts of zenity and gnome-osd in kde?12:04
snikkerhow ccan i convert .amr file to .mp3 or .ogg?12:08
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darkenergyany bluetooth developments in intrepid so far?12:24
AS|Sangrealthanks to all12:40
AS|Sangrealmy second installation seems to be selfstanding :)12:40
ReptileHow do i change the standard plasmoid background from black to transparent12:43
rdalei want to install kubuntu on an hp network that is currently running mandriva off a usb drive - is it possible to do it directly from the internet?12:51
rdale^hp network^hp netbook12:51
johannes_how do i install a jaunty package for one driver only, without replacing the rest of the packages12:52
jussi01!install | rdale12:52
ubotturdale: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate12:52
jussi01johannes_: you dont. Using packages from other versions breaks things...12:53
rdaleubottu: ok thanks - i've been searching around, but they don't seem to talk about running an install from a machine that is already running and connected to the internet12:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:54
jussi01ubottu: is a bot12:54
ubottuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.12:54
jussi01rdale: have you another machine with ubuntu handy`12:54
rdaleyes, i have a macbook running intrepid on the same network12:55
jussi01rdale: 2 ways to do it then. make a bootable USB or netboot from an iso on the intrepid machine12:55
jussi01rdale: I strongly suggest the bootable usb12:56
jussi01very simple to do12:56
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:56
rdalejussi01: yes, a usb sounds best, but the shops are closed where i am because it's a holiday. i think i'll try putting an iso in a directory on my other machine and install from that12:57
jussi01rdale: and you cant use the one that mandriva is on?12:57
johannes_with the Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 i have got the problem that the screen flickers when typing prssing one key , like changing focus12:57
johannes_does anybody have an idea?12:57
rdalejussi01: well that would wipe mandriva, but i could do that yes12:58
jussi01rdale: true, but yeah.12:58
jussi01rdale: so on the intrepid install do: sudo apt-get install usb-creator12:59
jussi01rdale: then settings -> create a usb startup disk13:00
rdaleand usb-creator will do everything if i just put the mandriva usb stick in the machine running intrepid?13:00
jussi01rdale: self explanatory from there13:00
jussi01rdale: youll need an iso to create it from13:01
rdaleif i need to download an iso anyway, so installing from an iso on disk today, and buying another usb stick specially for kubuntu tomorrow sounds the best option13:02
darkenergyrdale: you could save an image of the usb stick for now13:03
rehmanmy konquerer is not opening any page. pleas help13:03
rehmanany linux master here, please?13:05
k4_rehman: please open konqueror from a konsole and ceck the output13:06
k4_rehman:  perhaps some proxy stuff13:06
rehmanhow to open13:06
rehmanfrom konsole13:06
jussi01rehman: open konsole, type: konqueror13:07
=== iria is now known as irinha
k4_rehman:  this is just for bug finding - normally you dont do this13:17
=== rainer is now known as pixl77
Skrot-hi. is there a known bug in (k)networkmanager where clicking on either a WiFi or Ethernet connection doesn't do anything? The application doesn't seem to react at all14:05
=== leif is now known as leifdk1978
ActionParsnipSkrot-: do both devices work?14:09
ActionParsnipSkrot-: do you get ips etc14:09
=== vitopio is now known as vitopio_
Skrot-also, when I plug in the ethernet cable knetworkmanager suddenly reacts14:10
Skrot-and connects14:10
ActionParsnipok cool14:10
ActionParsnipso when does it stop14:10
Skrot-it stops whenever I want to connect some WiFi network, I click the desired network and nothing happens14:11
Skrot-it works on occation though14:11
ActionParsniptry something else like wifi radar14:11
ActionParsnipive seen a tonne of issues with knetwork manager14:12
ActionParsnipin here14:12
Skrot-also, if I get lucky and get to connect a WiFi, connecting to ethernet again by GUI (without unplugging and plugging) won't work :)14:12
ActionParsnipyou could sudo ifdown eth014:13
ActionParsnipthen try connecting to the wifi14:13
Skrot-I figure this must be a bug in knetworkmanager or the networkmanager deamon. Before I reinstalled with a clean 8.10 I had a dist-upgrade to 8.10 from 8.04 with the same issue14:14
vbgunzhow many times should root *ASK* for the password here? -> sudo touch rootfile; sudo -k; echo "hello" | sudo tee rootfile >/dev/null; cat rootfile14:16
ActionParsnipvbgunz: once14:18
ActionParsnipvbgunz: if its not, put it in a script and run the script with sudo14:19
ActionParsnipwait, whats sudo -k?14:19
vbgunzActionParsnip: hmm. I thought it should ask twice. isn't this what sudo -k is for?14:19
vbgunzActionParsnip: removes timestamp14:20
ActionParsnipyeah thats the one, then twice14:20
vbgunzbut that line only ever ask for my password once and everything runs... I don't get it and thought I come in here and ask14:21
ActionParsniptry using && instead of ;14:22
ActionParsnip&& = run if last step passed14:22
ActionParsnip; = run this command next14:22
mooperdthing look horrific14:28
mooperdKDE 4.1 is glitchy as hell14:28
mooperdfirefox runs like a troll14:28
JohnFluxmooperd: kde4.2beta is looking pretty nice14:30
JohnFluxmooperd: quite a lot of the bug have been ironed out14:30
ZehavaI have phpmyadmin set up and working, and I'd like to get phpbb3 working with it, but I can't seem to get the phpbb to show up in the browser, any suggestions?14:32
mooperdJohnFlux: how do upgrade to beta?14:34
geniimooperd: look in the /topic14:34
JohnFluxmooperd: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-linux-install-kde-42/14:35
JohnFluxmooperd: oh, or the link in the topic :-D14:36
skulltechany other aussie ubuntu fans here?14:37
=== skulltech is now known as skulltech__
=== irctest is now known as dasisteintest
=== dasisteintest is now known as irctest
=== irctest is now known as testirc
skulltech__i am lookinbg for someone who can help show me the ropes with a few things using a ubuntu intrepid os14:42
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:43
faileasskulltech__: be specific, and someone may know. unless its obscure as hell ;p14:43
skulltech__im looking for help with the new ubuntu14:43
faileasskulltech__: what part of it?14:44
skulltech__wat apps to use for specific uses14:44
skulltech__like i know how to use the apps just not sure of the names of them14:45
HappySmileManThere is a handbook on the livecd listing the most common apps and their Windows equivalents14:45
skulltech__is there a way to access said handbook without the llivecd?14:46
HappySmileManskulltech__: http://www.kubuntu.org/doc/7.10/about-kubuntu/C/index.html14:46
HappySmileManThat's an older version of it14:46
StR|Sangrealhola! how can i upgrade to OOo3?14:46
HappySmileManAbout a year old14:46
BluesKajskulltech__ , the best thing to do is to check adept and type in what the app does that you want like video or burn or ...14:46
HappySmileManBut it's almost the same14:46
thefishanyone mad much luck with plasmoids and kde4.2? just about all of them error out for me with "could not find requested component: xyz"14:47
shadowhywindhay all is there a way to mount a folder with a VIDEO_TS folder as a cd?14:49
geniishadowhywind: I usually just use in Kaffeine: File...Open Directory14:52
* genii brews a fresh pot of coffee14:52
shadowhywindgenii heheh i never even thought of that thanks!14:54
geniishadowhywind: np14:55
BluesKajI wonder if anyone has been successful VLC streaming/converting a dvd to a folder ?14:56
Zehavawhat's the command to copy a full directory please14:56
jussi01Zehava: cp -R14:57
StR|Sangrealpls, how can i upgrade to ooo3?14:58
Zehavathanks jussi0114:58
JohnFluxZehava: if it's for backing up, using the -a option as well to preserve permissions, owner, etc14:58
mahasamootI'm having trouble with sound14:58
ZehavaJohnFlux I appriciate that14:59
mahasamootI'm running 8.10, amd6414:59
jussi01Hrm, I just stabbed myself again :=)15:00
StR|Sangrealwhat sort of trouble?15:01
geniijussi01: Trying to scratch under the cast? ;)15:01
jussi01cripes... -> #kubuntu-offtopic. sorry!15:01
sam_hi wanting to connect to ADSL modem to a single kubuntu box, i have 3 NICs on the router and am using firehol for my iptables config15:18
snarksteranyone know how to adjust the autofsck to include my jfs partition?15:18
sam_snarkster: sorry, wish i new15:20
snarksterthank you.15:20
snarksterit checks my system partiton just fine, just seems to hang up on the jfs.15:20
snarksterso periodically I get no /home found and back to login screen again15:21
snarksteris there a cfg file for autofsck?15:21
wesleyWho will go to FOSDEM?15:23
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!15:23
setuid_w00tMy icon for /home/myUsername/Desktop is showing up as a question mark in Dolphin.  Any idea why this would have happened?15:29
cuzntbecause there is no icon for it?15:36
setuid_w00tcuznt: I'm pretty sure there used to be an icon for it.15:38
cuzntdoes it work when you click on it?>15:39
StR|Sangrealsorry for a trivial question, but how can i get adobe flash into my firefox and|or opera?15:47
jussi01StR|Sangreal: install the package flashplugin-nonfree15:48
StR|SangrealPrevádzam fpdownload.macromedia.com na IP adresu...
StR|SangrealPripájam sa k fpdownload.macromedia.com||:80... zlyhalo: No route to host.15:50
StR|Sangrealdownload failed15:50
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs15:54
CrunchyFerrettLet the record show that Kubuntu does NOT approve of the HP-G50 laptop out of the box.15:56
stanley_hey guys i installed compiz so i can change my window decorations...but I have no idea how to run it...an icon doesn't appear in the start menu, can anyone tell me what to do??15:59
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs16:00
bjorn_Where can I buy a computer with kubuntu preinstalled?16:09
geniibjorn_:  Dell and System76  both offer Ubuntu preinstalled. From there you can install the Kubuntu desktop16:10
bjorn_genii, ok. But i would like to have a system with runs smothly, everything tested. no bugs etc.16:11
geniibjorn_: They will be running Ubuntu smoothly. If you change to KDE desktop there may be issues with Compiz or so, but everything else that worked under Gnome should also work under KDE16:13
viliHello, how do you turn X off?16:23
vilicant install my drivers :(16:23
Tm_Tvili: what drivers you16:24
Tm_Tre installing?16:24
geniivili: Logout. Then from login screen choose "console login".  After text login do: sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop   (or use kdm-kde4 if you have kde4)         then do the driver command, whatever that is.     Then after:   sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start   (or again, kdm-kde4)16:25
geniiTm_T: Nvidia likely16:25
CrunchyFerrettWhat is the command to tell me which version of Kubuntu I'm running?16:25
geniiCrunchyFerrett: lsb_release -a16:26
CrunchyFerrett!cookie | genii16:26
ubottugenii: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!16:26
* genii munches16:26
CrunchyFerrettI remember THAT trigger, if nothing else!16:26
flodini'm trying out kde by installing kubuntu-desktop16:30
flodinand i note that it's really slow16:31
flodinespecially the "desktop" plasmoid that comes up when i log on16:31
flodindragging the scrollbar updates at maybe 2 fps16:31
CrunchyFerrettflodin: My expierence has been that KDE4 requires approx the same system resources as Vista Home Premium16:32
flodinother programs are a bit laggy but not anywhere near as slow as the plasmoid16:32
CrunchyFerrettif you can't run Vista, then KDE4 is gonna be slow. But that's just my thought.16:32
flodinwell gnome was running fine with all the desktop effects enabled... and this is a dual-core 2ghz system with 1gb ram and an nvidia 8600 card16:33
flodinif this is normal, then fine i'll just go back to gnome and be happy. But it seemed to me more that something is not working as it should16:33
flodinit's not using tons of cpu when i scroll around either16:34
CrunchyFerrettflodin: I retract my earlier statement. You should have more than enough horsepower.16:35
flodincould it have to do with me running gdm as desktop manager? I'm a bit stumped16:36
flodini get 60 fps according to the fps meter effect plugin16:36
flodinoh. when i scroll the plasmoid it drops to 6 fps16:37
BluesKajflodin install htop and see what's using cpu and mem16:38
geniiBluesKaj: I already suspect having Desktop Effects enabled is his resource hog16:39
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
flodinit's X16:40
BluesKajyeah, it can be ...i have 2G Ram and if i turn compiz on , it slows things a bit but really enuff to be annoying16:41
BluesKajnot really16:41
flodinusing 100% of one of the cpus16:42
CrunchyFerrettI surrender. Anyone have a tip on getting the Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x to work?16:43
BluesKaji used the cube thing to show my daughter some the 'effects" that compiz/emerald can do , but it's strictly for whizbang fun , other wise it's quite useless for me ...some use it for showing several diff apps that are open simultaneously .16:43
flodinmostly it's running fine though, it's the plasmoid that really kills performance16:43
flodini can drag a maximized transparent window around at 60fps16:44
flodinit's the same when i disable desktop effects16:49
flodinoh. Looks like some known problem http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=8786516:51
toni_hola a todos16:52
toni_soy nuevo en qué página puedo encontrar informacion?, gracias16:53
toni_hola :)16:55
tomaz_in_napppl, from day 1 of kubuntu 8.10 I have a broken libfam-devel on  repositories, Its`s my db that`s broken or anything else?16:57
bdizzlefor some reason I keep getting Error 16 when I boot. I reboot, then get  Error 18, then reboot again, and get Error 18 - cyllinders exceeded by BIOS or something on GRUB16:59
bdizzleanyone know how to fix this?16:59
bdizzleI've got two physical hard drives on my computer, about 5 partitions + swap + home17:00
cuznti think it means it can not find grub17:03
cuzntbut that is way above my head17:04
BluesKajbdizzle , check  /boot/grub/menu.lst17:04
cuzntbdizzle might be on a live cd i imagine17:05
bdizzleno, I'm not17:05
* cuznt stfu's now17:05
aleksandarhello, i am using hardy, a week ago a had an option to upgrade do 8.10 in adept, now it is gone. I would like to upgrade. how do I do it?17:05
bdizzleBluesKaj: I'm at menu.lst now17:06
bdizzlewhat am I looking for?17:06
binMonkeyhi, guys.  i just updated wicd and now my wireless doesn't connect at boot up.  i re-entered my encryption settings.  is there a file i need to edit, too?17:08
=== tupac is now known as Tupac_Shakur
genii!tr | arathorn17:20
ubottuarathorn: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.17:20
BluesKajbdizzle , post you menu.lst on pastebin , so we can check it out17:20
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)17:22
BluesKajgenii , i can't spot anything out of the ordinary on bdizzle pastbin post , can you ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/101156/17:28
SiVA_I have two laptops. One works with net, the other doesn't. The other one is a fresh install17:29
bdizzleI haven't had any problems like this for a few months. It started when I transfered over the contents of my laptop hard drive onto my desktop17:29
bdizzleso now the hard drives are a bit full17:29
SiVA_when I right click on the knetworkmanager globe on the working laptop, I see "Deactivate Connection->Disable Wireless". But I don't see that Disable/Enable wireless option on the new laptop17:29
geniiBluesKaj: I'm not sure about the uuid line by itself. Usually in that spot is somethng like "root            (hd0,0)"     or so17:30
SiVA_even tho iwlist ra0 scan shows my router, the usb wifi seems to be working. Do I have to do something to "enable wireless" in kubuntu 8.10?17:30
geniiBluesKaj: This may be some change from 8.04 -> 8.10 however17:31
bdizzleyeah, I am running 8.10 I think17:32
geniibdizzle: You currently on a livecd or so on same box?17:34
bdizzleI managed to get it to boot after a few hard reboots (ie, ctrl + alt + del at GRUB)17:34
geniibdizzle: So this error is on the drive which is the copy?17:35
bdizzlehold on, I'm not quite sure what you mean17:36
bdizzlethe first physical hard drive is an 80 GB hard drive, containing Windows XP on one partition, and random data files on the other17:36
bdizzlethe second physical hard drive is a 320 GB hard drive, split into three parts. The first two partitions of about 100 GB contain my data from my laptop of my hard drive, while Kubuntu is installed on the third partition17:37
geniibdizzle: You said earlier: "Error 16 when I boot. I reboot, then get  Error 18, then reboot again, and get Error 18 - cyllinders exceeded by BIOS or something on GRUB"  and also: " It started when I transfered over the contents of my laptop hard drive onto my desktop"17:37
bdizzlethat would probably all be occuring on the second physical hard drive17:38
geniiIf you just used for instance dd from one drive to another then put that drive in another box which maps cylinders/heads different, would explain17:38
bdizzleyeah, I did try to do a direct copy over17:39
SiVA_can someone please help me with my wireless problem? When I right click on the knetworkmanager it shows my device but says "Wireless disabled"17:39
geniiWork, AFK17:40
BluesKajSiVA_, click on the globe icon in the panel ,edit connections17:40
bdizzlewell, hopefully come saturday, I will have my laptop back and I can determine whether or not I need to copy everything back over, or I can just straight delete it off17:40
bdizzlehopefully the problems will end then17:41
SiVA_BluesKaj: I did that, but my router isn't showing up. ALthough in the console, iwlist ra0 scan does show it17:41
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
sehvencan anyone help me on my first install?17:43
BluesKajSiVA_, if I remember correctly , there's an optional wizard that scans for dhcp/router , then it wll ask for an option to encrypt wep or wpa , then a password17:46
SiVA_BluesKaj: Right.. you mean the New COnnection Wizard? Problem is, it doesn't find my router. Why wouldn't it find my router, when I can clearly see it using the console?17:48
SiVA_if I knew how to configure manually through the console, I'd be all set17:49
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:50
sehveni need help installing kubuntu17:51
SiVA_shouldn't there be an entry in my /etc/network/interfaces for the particular device?17:51
SiVA_there isnt.....17:51
EagleScreensehven just ask your questions17:52
sehvenok thx17:52
sehveni want to install kubuntu with my xp in same hd but in separate partitions17:52
geniiSiVA_: If you want network manager to be able to configure it, no entries there in /etc/network/interfaces   - or else network manager believes it's a manually configured device and does nothing with it17:52
sehvenbut during setup my balls run off when i was asked about partitions17:53
sehvenwas afraid myt overwrite my xp17:53
sehvenand i dont know how to select where to install kbuntu17:53
EagleScreensehven do you know any about partitions and partitioning a disk?17:53
BluesKajSiVA_ my prob is that i din't have a prob with wireless when i ran kubuntu live cd on wife's laptop , and i was able connect with 2 clicks and a password , so I'm kinda useless in this situation :(17:54
geniisehven: Did you run the install from inside of Windows (wubi) or from booting to the livecd ?17:54
sehvenlive cd17:54
SiVA_genii: Ok, nothing is in there except 'lo'. when I right click the networkmanager I see my device listed byt it says "Wireless disabled". I can sucessfully scan routers on the console though17:54
sehvenwas trying to install 8.1017:54
EagleScreensehven how many partitions do you have now in your hD?17:54
SiVA_sehven: You need to free up space in your XP partition first... use XP disk tools to change the size of your partition (if there's onlyu one). Then you can use that free space in ubuntu setup17:54
geniiSiVA_: Does:   ifconfig                           show wlan0 (or ath0 or whatever your wifi interface is named)17:54
janahi there...17:55
sehvenonly 2 EagleScreen17:55
SiVA_ifconfig shows ra0 yes.. it's a usb wifi device. Other people have had success with it17:55
SiVA_genii: yes it does17:55
sehvenSiVA_ i have 2 partitions already, 18/1817:56
SiVA_genii: Using iwconfig I am able to set the essid and pass key.. then I tried running ifconfig ra0 up but it doesn't fetch an IP address from dhcp17:56
SiVA_sehven: Are they both used by XP?17:56
geniiSiVA_: Did you:  sudo dhclient ra0                     ?17:56
EagleScreensehven are they C: and D: (Windows fortmat) and sda1 and sda2 (Linux format)??? and what are you using them for???17:56
sehventheir both ntfs too17:56
janai'm trying to slow down cpu fan but without any luck... main problem is that i can load powernow-k8 getting this message FATAL: Error inserting powernow_k8 (/lib/modules/2.6.24-22-generic/kernel/arch/x86/kernel/cpu/cpufreq/powernow-k8.ko): No such device17:57
SiVA_genii: that's a new one for me... so I configure the device using iwconfig then issue this command to get an IP?17:57
janasry cannot load17:57
sehvenEagleScreen its C: and E: and sda1/sda5 was shown17:57
geniiSiVA_: If it has no entry in /etc/network/interfaces like: iface ra0 inet dhcp                 then yes17:58
EagleScreensehven are you using now Linux on Live CD?17:58
sehvenstil on xp17:58
geniiWork, AFK 2-3 minutes17:59
SiVA_genii: Ok, so how would I automate this every time the computer starts?17:59
BluesKajactually sehven , if you run the kubuntu install, choose the manual partitoning option , then choose how much space you would like to use for kubuntu ext3 , and a small amount of space for a swap file. usually a 1G swap will do17:59
EagleScreenif you have only two partitions and they are sda1 and sda5, you have a singular partition table, it would be useful that you boot Live CD, use konversation to enter in this chat and paste us the output of 'sudo fdisk -l' command18:00
eduardo_tengo problemas con hi5 y firefox18:00
sehvenyes i saw that, was going to select the whole drive e: for ext3, but was wonderin about the next empty slot with \18:00
eduardo_alguien podría ayudarme?18:01
* BluesKaj backs off , too many cooks18:01
sehvenok ill try18:01
geniiSiVA_: The usual way is to put the connection info into /etc/network/interfaces18:01
sehvenlol hope i dont get lost inside linux ^_^18:01
sehvenbrb thx18:01
BluesKajthe / is your main kubuntu home partition18:01
EagleScreeneduardo_ visita kuubntu-es para hablar en español18:01
rabxmay I ask a question ?18:02
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:02
geniiSiVA_: There's an example in posting number 3 here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1204518:03
rabxrunning Mirc under Wine in Ubuntu. How can I change the window fonts in the channel windows. all I have tried has come to no avail18:04
BluesKajwhy run mirc ?18:05
rabxbecause its easy for me to script18:06
=== jw_ is now known as jaws2
SiVA_genii: thanks. How can I turn my networking on and off after making changes to /etc/network/interfaces withofut restarting my computer?18:07
BluesKajhaven't run mirc in 4 yrs so I've forgotten a lot ...never ran scripts in it anyway18:07
* BluesKaj wonders what scripts ppl run in mirc18:10
rabxah ok fyi Im an op/botmaster in a channel on another network , so I really need to be able to script quickly without having to do stuff in tcl18:10
rabxhence the use of mircscript18:10
BluesKajmaybe you should ask in #mirc18:11
SiVA_genii: dhclient keeps sending out broadcasts to but doesn't get an ip :(18:11
SiVA_I notice after running it ifconfig shows a new entry: ra0:avahi and it has some strange inet addr18:12
rabxdoubt they would know, but Ill try Thanks bud18:12
geniiSiVA_: Apologies on lag, work required me. To restart networking without reboot, usually:   sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart18:12
geniiSiVA_: Conceivably your wireless router is not broadcasting it's ssid18:13
SiVA_the laptop I'm on now uses 8.10 and I used the network manager to configure it successfully. I have another laptop too here that worked out of the box18:14
SiVA_anyway I can install the gnome network manager tool and try that?18:16
geniiSiVA_: Not sure how well that works under KDE18:16
ohzieCan I make gqenview no open up inside konqueror, and instead open up in a different window?18:17
KupariHello, how can i find my real IP address, ifconfig shows
ThomasDKupari: your external ip? go to a site like www.myip.dk18:26
ohzieCan I set konqueror so that it's click-to-select and double-click to open?18:27
ThomasDKupari: or your local? cause in that case it is what ifconfig tells you it is ;-)18:27
ThomasDohzie: jes, somewhere in kcontrol18:27
ThomasDohzie: in kde 3.5 anyway18:28
ohziethomas_, :/18:28
ThomasDohzie: just use control to select a file18:33
ThomasDyou get used to it ;-)18:34
ohzieThomasD, I double-click out of habit, and then the file opens twice.18:36
ohzieI'd rather just make it work the way I want it to.18:36
SSJ_GZohzie: KDE3 or 4?18:37
SSJ_GZohzie: Hehe18:37
ohzieSSJ_GZ, :318:37
ohzieTo be honest, xfce4, with konqueror as my file manager. Frankly, nautilus and thunar both suck.18:37
ohzieA lot.18:37
SSJ_GZohzie: Open System Settings, go to the Mouse section (you can do a search for it).  You'll see the setting you want.18:38
ohzieand I haven't played with dolphin much yet. :\18:38
ohzieOh thank god. :D18:38
=== darkadmiral is now known as Darky
=== Darky is now known as DarkAdmiral
SSJ_GZHehe :)18:40
SiVA_holly sh1t18:40
DarkAdmirali wonder why there is no kde4 rc1 released :(18:40
SiVA_after 2 days of kicking and screaming, I finally got the network going!!!!18:40
vladimir__Всем привет.18:42
geniiSiVA_: Congrats :)18:42
genii!ru | vladimir__18:42
ubottuvladimir__: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke18:42
geniivladimir__:  /join #ubuntu-ru18:42
vladimir__Народ подскажите пожалуйсто как попасть в delphin под rootом18:42
SiVA_genii: I gave up on the USB device, and went back to the PCMCIA card. It didn't work at first... for some strange reason I have to plug it in, take it out and plug it in again for it to work : /18:42
SiVA_off now to get the mac going. thanks genii18:43
geniiSiVA_: Best luck18:44
holycowwhat is the kde pdf reader?  i don't see kpdf in the repos any more18:46
=== richard is now known as Guest34896
dabearholycow, okular18:50
aloneaok, I though my volume buttons didn't work, but I found that they actually do, but its controlling the PCM channel instead of "front". How do I change this?18:51
aloneaDaSkreech: hello18:53
aloneaI got it to go to right channel, but is there any way to get the light change on mute to work? it used to turn red when its muted.18:55
=== orly is now known as Guest99773
Benny1981BEHi there... I'm using Ubuntu for the first time and I would like to know if any of you have any advise for me ?18:57
aloneabe patient18:57
holycowdabear: danke18:57
Benny1981BEis it that slow ?18:58
dabearwhat should be slow?18:58
aloneaif you have problems, try fixing them one at a time. Do not be afraid of the terminal and have a willingness to learn. Do expect things to magically happen.18:59
alonea*dont expect18:59
Benny1981BEwell... i prefered "Do expect" but anyway...18:59
heapyhello !18:59
aloneaslow? the OS? no, it shouldn't be.18:59
Benny1981BEis it known to generate a lot of problems ?18:59
DaSkreechHi alonea18:59
DaSkreechholycow: okular19:00
aloneaproblems are generally users wanting things configured a different way. As for hardware issues, that really depends on what you have and what you are trying to do.19:00
heapyjust thought i would pop by and say announce im trying kubuntu hardy for the first time19:00
heapyso far, so good :)19:01
DaSkreechHi Benny1981BE how are you?19:01
DaSkreechheapy: Welcome!!19:01
aloneaheapy: intrepid has support for the updated kde versions, hardy does not as far as I saw.19:01
Benny1981BEI see... so if I'm using it well it should work well... right ? ^19:01
aloneait should. The system is very stable for me on my not so good laptop19:02
DaSkreechBenny1981BE: A simple rule of thumb I follow is that the first 2-3 weeks suck19:02
DaSkreechAfter that it starts to get comfortable19:02
heapyits sound alonea, im quite happy wiv kde 3.5, i need a stable system and kubuntu has that sussed as far as im aware wiv hardy19:02
StR|Sangreali just thought that DaSkreech is sth like a welcoming bot ;)19:02
aloneaheapy: ah yes, if you are using 3.5, then  intrepid isn't necessary.19:02
DaSkreechAfter like 2 months most things work so well you just stay. They pretty much work better as you go along and understand more19:02
Benny1981BEgreat :) that's good news. Thanks a lot for your time19:03
DaSkreech!hi | StR|Sangreal19:03
ubottuStR|Sangreal: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!19:03
heapyi have been playing around wiv open suse 11.0, and tbh, kbuntu has it wooped19:03
seeledoes the kde4 network manager come in the beta?19:03
DaSkreechheapy: Yeah KDE 3.5 is quite stable19:03
StR|Sangreal(with no offense, it is great to maintain a friendly atmosphere in here, seriously)19:03
DaSkreechseele: caffeine.nu ?19:03
seeleDaSkreech: uh yes?19:03
DaSkreechWhat's .nu ?19:04
seeledunno, not my server19:04
DaSkreechoh hi seele :-)19:04
DaSkreechStill doing Quassel tests?19:04
aloneaBenny1981BE: and if you have any issues, people are usually around to help out. Most common stuff I see is wireless cards and video cards. For me, if I can get those to work, other issues are trivial to fix if they exist at all19:04
seeleno.. i'm trying to figure out how to use the kde4 network manager in the kde4.2 beta for kubuntu :P19:04
DaSkreechalonea: true. You'd think with such a focused problem pool it would be solved aleady :)19:05
DaSkreechseele: RC is out soon?19:05
DaSkreechThe network manager is a plasmoid now correct?19:05
heapyhere is a quick question, does anyone have a lexmark printer working wiv ubuntu?19:05
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows19:05
heapysound lad19:05
holycowDaSkreech: thats funny you mention two weeks19:05
DaSkreechtry the hardware support link19:05
holycowwe here have a 2 day, 2 weeks, 2 months rule19:06
DaSkreechWhy's that blessedbeef?19:06
aloneaDaSkreech: really. what depresses me is drivers for my vid card suck in windows as well as linux, though compiz is wonderful. Its just wine is a never gonna happen for me.19:06
DaSkreechThe first two hours don't count? :(19:06
StR|Sangrealsorry to disturb... how could i painlessly install gnome for trying into my distro?19:06
DaSkreechalonea: What Video card?19:06
DaSkreechStR|Sangreal: Which distro?19:06
holycow2 days to just kindas learn the basics, where icons are, what apps to use,  2 weeks to iron out about 80% of all workflow and technical issues, 2 months to resolve 99% of all workflow and technical issues19:06
StR|Sangrealkubuntu intrepid19:06
holycowit pretty much is dead on for most users19:07
aloneaDaSkreech: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)..*cries*19:07
DaSkreechholycow: Yeah if they survive the first two hours :)19:07
DaSkreechalonea: Didn't they have updated drivers for that recently?19:08
robilewhats the command to show all processses? ax ps or sth. like that19:08
aloneaDaSkreech: yeah, and they made things a little better, but 3d apps in wine are very unstable and often crash the xserver19:08
geniips aux19:08
robileos ax19:09
DaSkreechrobile: ps aux19:09
robilekeke :p19:09
genii(this shows users as well)19:09
DaSkreechall processes from all users even if they don't have a parent terminal19:09
=== blandon is now known as JO-LUIS
aloneaDaSkreech: and intel didn't make very good drivers for windows either. I searched the card once and oh my the list of angry people goes on and on19:09
DaSkreechWEll Wine is wonky what 3D games are you trying?19:10
aloneaDaSkreech: in native linux, its actually pretty good. Guild Wars and WoW. Both gold or plat. games. Guild Wars I can't even get to the logon screen before the xserver crashes.19:10
heapybbs lads have a nice evening19:11
aloneaDaSkreech: WoW runs for about 5 minutes, then gets very slow until it freezes. not to mention the graphical mess ups19:12
DaSkreechhave you tracked where the leak is from?19:12
DaSkreechWine X or the drivers ?19:12
aloneaDaSkreech: I can't. I have to sys rq. Doesn't the log dissapear after that?19:13
DaSkreechHmm Not sure I should find that out :)19:13
aloneaDaSkreech: heh. and don't get me started on the windows issues...lets just say changing settings that on other cards would improve framerates has no effect whether you raise them or lower them.19:14
DaSkreechcan't be that hard to get a none Intel card19:16
Bauldrickis there a command line 'network manager'19:16
hyper_chBauldrick: there's the /etc/network/interfaces file taht you can manually edit thruoght the command line19:17
aloneaDaSkreech: a none intel card?19:18
DaSkreechOh wait19:18
DaSkreechLaptop huh?19:18
aloneaDaSkreech: laptop...19:18
aloneaand when I got it, to get the better card was I think 200-300 more.19:19
Bauldricki need somebody...19:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:22
rolf29anyone who can tell me how to use beryl insted off compiz fusion on kde 4.1??19:22
aloneaBauldrick: ^_^. Was continuing on there.19:22
Picirolf29: Beryl is no longer supported.19:22
Picirolf29: In fact, Compiz Fusion is a merge of the Beryl and Compiz projects.19:23
rolf29i cant get the windows to burn up and such whit compis fusion19:23
rolf29the windows efect is enabled but wont take action..19:24
DaSkreechrolf29: What do want to do that for?19:25
rolf29when i open a window i want it to fold like a plane, but it dosent work..19:25
DaSkreechrolf29: take it up in #compiz19:26
Pici!fr | wanted7419:33
ubottuwanted74: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr19:33
wanted74 i quit sorry19:34
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Guest94352can anyone tell me if there's BCM wireless support in Ubuntu 8.10 ?19:40
=== Guest94352 is now known as HReiser
aloneathere should be. Mine worked out of the box, though some cards may need to be ndiswrapped like before.19:48
HReiserwhat module do you load?19:48
HReiserI have BCM431219:48
aloneaHReiser: i have same card and it worked out of box with hardy and intrepid19:49
HReiserI booted from the live CD and didn't see any wireless. shoulded do something in plus?19:49
aloneaHReiser: well, I don't know about the live cd, but you can't assume it will read hardware the same off of the disk compared to when it installs and configures your hardware.19:50
=== familia is now known as Dangerous_
HReiseralonea, thank you. How can I be sure I have the same wireless card?19:51
HReiseri'm not sure 100% about that19:51
alonealspci in terminal19:51
aloneaHReiser: this is the card I have: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01)19:52
HReiserone second to check this out19:52
HReiser03:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11a/b/g (rev 02)19:53
tueHello. I have just installed kubuntu 8.10 on my laptop. I would like to use an external monitor, ie. not a dual head setup, just so that when the external monitor is plugged in and xorg is restarted the external monitor is used. I got an ati x1300 card, so i figure i should use aticonfig to generate the correct xorg.conf?19:53
HReisershould be ok then...19:53
aloneaHReiser: hopefully. the support seems much better than it used tobe19:53
HReiseralonea, thank you very much!19:54
HReiserlet's hope we won't use ndiswrapper19:54
aloneaHReiser: its a pain.19:54
HReiseroh yes19:54
HReiserbelive me19:54
HReiserthe first thing when I brought my new laptop was: a intel wireless19:54
HReiserfirst thing belive me19:54
HReisernot a thing about the CPU or smth :D19:55
HReiserIntel all the way19:55
HReiserIntel has much better coverage19:55
* HReiser chroot /jail/Hans_Reiser /home/Hans_Reiser !!!19:56
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=== alonea_ is now known as alonea
aloneahate it when my nick ghosts...back now20:01
HReiserwhat do you mean?20:01
HReiserit's a AFK or smth?20:01
aloneaHReiser: me? by ghost? I switched internet and it didn't release me from the server. so you have to kill your ghost.20:04
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michiguten abend20:12
Pici!de | michi20:13
ubottumichi: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.20:13
michisorry, i thought this is the german channel. i just upgraded from hardy to intrepid and there are some things different20:14
heapydoes this error msg mean anything to anyone? - signal 8 sigfpe? - i was just lookin at ebay using konqueror and got that error20:17
michicould anybody here please help me installing w32 codecs? medibuntu does  not work like on hardy heron20:17
omarcodoes anyone know of a software to crop photographs that offer similar functionality to the Crop tool from Photoshop?20:19
ghostcubehy guys ! i want to know how i can get jackd as source to my systemsettings  or  is this not possible on kubuntu ?20:22
heapymm i only seem to get this sigfpe error when loggin into ebay? issit cus it asks to dload java?20:22
BluesKajmichi , w32codecs...there is no space ..medibuntu hardy has be replaced with the new version source20:22
BluesKajhas to be replaced with20:23
BluesKajomarco , try the gimp20:23
jihaHow can I change colors and icons for kde3 apps when only kde4 systemsettings is delivered with ubuntu 8.10 and no more kcontrol?20:24
jihaany ideas?20:24
BluesKajjiha , that's a tough one ...there is a way but it involves reinstalling the OS20:25
kayetanadminDAMN i am on the KUBUNTU 120:26
kayetanadmini need help on UBUNTU20:26
omarcoBluesKaj: tried it, it's cropping tool is too simplistic and cubersome, and it doesn't offer any redeeming functionality20:26
kayetanadmincan someone help me20:26
jihaBluesKaj: How does it work?20:26
kayetanadmini am really strugglin here cos i got no sound but sound card is detected20:27
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=== the is now known as something132
jihaBluesKaj: Do you have a link to a howto or such?20:29
something132hello [ep[;e20:29
something132i need help with ubuntu 8.1020:29
PSiL0something132: join #ubuntu20:30
BluesKajjiha , I saw alink on google a while back but it looked like a lot of work ...i'm used kde4 now20:30
jihaBluesKaj: The problem is that there are some apps that are not yet ported. Like kile.20:31
* jiha has an idea.20:31
jihaI have an .kde folder from ubuntu 8.04 with the correct settings for icons and colors.20:31
jihaMaybe copying works.20:32
BluesKajjiha . it looks available in adept20:32
BluesKajkile that is20:32
jihaBluesKaj: kile is still a kde 3.x app, afaik20:33
BluesKajjiha , just change the icons in icon settings on the desktop or panel20:33
jihaBluesKaj: With systemsettings?20:34
jihaThat does not work :-(20:34
BluesKajno , right click on the app , choose icon settings then click on the icon in the dialogbox20:36
BluesKajyou'll sees adropdown list od choices20:36
jihaBluesKaj: But I don't mean the app's icon. I mean *all* icons within the app's toolbars etc that can't be changed.20:40
=== JackWinter_ is now known as JackWinter
BluesKajjiha , sorry,  dunno how to help with that20:45
=== thedman is now known as thedman_
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots20:53
DaSkreechomarco: Gwenview and digikam as well as Krita can do that21:08
wadHi, folks. I'm trying to figure out how to clone the display on my laptop, so I can use an external monitor at the same time as my laptop screen.21:13
wadHow can I tell what resolution I'm currently in?21:13
omarcoDaSkreech: Thanks, I'll have a look at those :-)21:14
geniiwad: xdpyinfo should tell you21:18
wadah, thanks!21:19
nicklas_lol it was just me to check the channel21:19
wadAh, that does!21:20
=== Greeny_ is now known as Greeny
=== Greeny is now known as Greeny_
wadgenii: So... When boot up with the external CRT unplugged, I get the display on my laptop screen, at 1400x1050. When I boot with the CRT plugged in, I get the display on it, at 1280X1024.21:21
wadWhat I want to do is get both of them, all the time, at 1400x1050. Is this possible?21:21
geniiwad: Not sure. Does the crt support that?21:22
wadSure, it's a CRT, not an LCD. :)21:22
wadAt least, I suppose it does... gonna check the specs. Viewsonic G81021:22
geniiwad: http://www.monitorworld.com/Monitors/viewsonic/viewsonicg810.html   reports 1600x1280 possible21:24
wadI found that too. :) But does it support 1400x1050?21:24
wadI would assume it would.21:24
heapydoes this error msg mean anything to anyone? - signal 8 sigfpe? - i was just lookin at ebay using konqueror and got that error21:25
wadgenii: Do you know how linux works? Why doe I get both displays active when I'm logging in under KDE, but not after I log in?21:25
wadSome freaking xorg.conf thing, no doubt. That xorg.conf is just baffling.21:25
dr_williswad,  what video chipset is this anyway?21:28
wadSome Intel chipset... it's a Lenovo T61 laptop.21:28
geniiwad: Besides which the Xorg people are going away entirely from using it as well21:28
* wad looks it up.21:28
dr_willisThere are Thinkpad specifi linux forums - i recall...21:29
wadgenii: I hope they will replace it with something more usable?21:29
wadI'm a hard-core computer geek of several decades, and even I can't figure it out.21:29
dr_willisive very little hassles with configuiring  my xorg.conf :)21:29
dr_willisbut it does pay to tinker with it.21:29
geniiwad: As I understand it's supposed to end up where udev just tells X binary whats attached and no conf files21:30
wadI spent a whole day fiddling with it a while back. I'd set it up, and it would do seemingly random things instead.21:30
wadgenii: That would be nice... as long as it gives the user control!21:30
dr_willisOf course now a days - its getting more and more minimal.. so when it works like you want its great.. when it dont.. You are back to  trying to undo the automatic stuff21:30
wadyeah. *shudder*21:30
geniidr_willis: Yup21:30
dr_willissounds like windows. :) eitehr it works.. or its a pain...21:31
wadAnyhoo... So should I play with xorg.conf to try to get this to work?21:31
wadThe core problem is that I don't understand how it works.21:31
dr_willis:) but at least under linunx you can go back to the old xorg.conf if ya want21:31
wadFor some reason, when I boot without a monitor attached, it uses 1400x1050 on the laptop display.21:31
geniiwad: You could make a tradition entry for the crt with the H and V refresh raes21:31
wadWhen I boot with the CRT attached, I get both displays, up to the point where I've logged in... then the laptop goes dark, and I have the CRT at 1280x1024. STRANGE!21:32
dr_willisive also noticed with external monitors - some times the pc/mb/bios/chipset try to  be 'smart' and do things what they think is the right way21:32
geniiwad: Then it would try to use highest common value both crt and lcd support21:32
wadgenii: I've already got that, I think.21:32
wadI want a cloned display, same thing on both screens.21:32
wadThat's why I want 1400x1050 on the CRT.21:32
dr_willisyou are cloning a wide screen to a non wide screen? or was the LCD not wide screen?21:32
wadNo wideness here. :)21:32
dr_willisthat must be an Old laptop. :)21:33
wadNaw, it's fairly newish.21:33
waddual-core CPU, 160GB HDD, 4 GB RAM.21:33
wadOr maybe 2GB RAM...21:33
dr_willisi dont even recall seeing any in stores lately thats not wide screen21:33
dr_willisive never had a CRT that could do  1400x1050  either21:33
wadI think a CRT can do whatever you send it, as long as it's lower than the max.21:34
dr_willisits possible its a limit of the video card that it cant do the higher res's with  2 moniotrs.21:34
wadYou can fiddle with the controls on the front of the monitor to correct the aspect ratio as needed.21:34
waddr_willis: That's a good point!21:34
dr_williswad,  well with some CRT's perhaps.. but i wouldent guarentee that.21:34
* wad nods.21:34
dr_willisI dont even have a PC with a CRT any more21:34
wadYeah, yeah. But I do... I'm not as rich as you guys, able to afford the latest gear. :P21:35
dr_willisand Most of those laptops /makers may make assumptions on  assuming the user will be attatching a projector to the external vga.21:35
wadShould I start with the xorg.conf, you think?21:35
wadI'm going to reboot.21:36
geniiwad: http://www.mepis.org/node/11112    has a bunch of what seem valid modelines for this monitor in the xorg.conf example21:37
geniiwad: One of which is: Modeline "1400x1050" 129 1400 1464 1656 1960 1050 1051 1054 1100 +HSync +VSync21:37
heapyhas anyone come across a signal 8 sigfpe error ? i got this when looking at ebay...21:37
dr_willisebay? You meay to say your browser crashed with that error while looking at ebay.com ?21:42
ICeBallQuick question, is the new alpha able to run in mc virtual machine? I tried to start it and right after it loads hardware drivers, the screen goes green, then the screen messes up and freezes21:47
BluesKajalpha ?21:47
leandro_Hi, I would like to change my keyboard layout. But not just on kde, onthe wholew system21:48
ICeBalljaunty witht the new kde21:48
leandro_How do I do that?21:48
ICeBallkde 4.2 beta21:48
wadI figured it out!21:49
Tm_TICeBall: FYI there's not much support in Jaunty yet21:49
wadxrandr --output VGA --mode 1280x102421:49
wadthen xrandr -s 1400x105021:49
ICeBall@leandro go to control center and regional i think, w/e has the flag icon with it.21:49
leandro_but I waqnbt that the change affects all the system21:50
leandro_including coinsole21:50
leandro_and kdm21:50
leandro_I know how to change on kde, but I want ti change on the whole system21:50
ICeBallTm_T ty, another question, I had osx86 on my system, then installed windows in another partition, will gparted be able to recognize hfs?21:50
ICeBall@leandro then you need to download a locolized version, or durring install choose youre language and keyboard layout, etc21:52
DaSkreechICeBall: #ubuntu+121:52
ICeBallDaSkreech: ty21:52
leandro_yes... btu I changed my keyboad and don[ t want to reinstall the system21:52
DaSkreechThere should be a way to do that system wide I think21:52
DaSkreechconfigs in /etc ?21:52
leandro_I am pretty sure that there must be a way, but i do not know in which file21:53
ICeBallYeah, i think there is a eaier way though, i forget the pkg name, but something like langlib-xxx, where xxx is language21:53
ICeBalli cant member though21:53
genii!info language-selector-qt21:54
ubottulanguage-selector-qt (source: language-selector): Language selector for Kubuntu Linux. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.17 (intrepid), package size 21 kB, installed size 132 kB21:54
* genii brews a fresh batch of coffee21:55
geniiI think you may need as well language-support-<language-code>     possibly language-support-translations-<language-code>21:56
ICeBall!info server21:57
ubottuPackage server does not exist in intrepid21:57
ICeBall!info gparted21:57
ubottugparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.8-1ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 342 kB, installed size 2212 kB21:57
leandro_xorg.conf for example do not have layout configured there21:58
ICeBallWhat would work better as a work station including lampp, gnome or kde?21:58
ICeBallor would it really matter?21:58
leandro_Does anybody knows where xorg reads config for keybvoard layout21:59
ICeBall!info xorg-config21:59
ubottuPackage xorg-config does not exist in intrepid21:59
geniiICeBall: Doesn't really matter. Most real servers should actually run headless though21:59
ICeBallgenii: ty, yeah i know, but my teacher does not know linux well enough for that :P.22:00
geniiICeBall: Then whatever desktop you like, with firefox so they have something familiar to use on whatever web control panels you install later22:00
wadYep, this works. I get 1400x1050 on both displays, cloned. :)22:01
wadThanks for your help, guys.22:01
wadxarndr is the right tool.22:01
ICeBallgenii ok ty, and on the side, what is that thing called in gnome, its like that 3d box to switch between apps?22:01
geniiwad: Well, you did the figuring out part :)22:01
wadYeah, but you guys were great moral support. ;)22:02
geniiICeBall: I think you mean "compiz" but not certain22:02
ICeBall!info compiz22:02
ubottucompiz (source: compiz): OpenGL window and compositing manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.7.8-0ubuntu4.1 (intrepid), package size 35 kB, installed size 68 kB22:02
ICeBallgenii: ok yeah, ty for the help22:02
geniiI have to go /away now,  I'll be /back in a couple-few hours22:03
ICeBallgenii: can you use compiz on kde?22:03
ICeBallkk, cya22:03
geniiICeBall: Not easily on the newer kde422:03
ICeBallbut on 3?22:03
ghostcubehttp://dot.kde.org/1170773239/1170778900/1170862970/1170863051/kcmphonon5.png  can anyone help me to get this in 8.10 ?22:03
ghostcubewhat am i missing for jackd in source list22:04
ICeBallghostcube: what is exactly missing?22:04
ICeBallor what do you want22:04
ghostcubeif i start jackd i cant see it in the xine phonon backend list as a available source22:05
ghostcubeand i dont know how to manage this here22:05
ICeBall!info jakd22:05
ubottuPackage jakd does not exist in intrepid22:05
ICeBallwell thats now help :P22:05
ICeBall!info jackd22:05
ubottujackd (source: jack-audio-connection-kit): JACK Audio Connection Kit (server and example clients). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.109.2-3ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 88 kB, installed size 412 kB22:05
ghostcubei have the packages all works fine but i cant use this with phonon like on the screenshot22:05
ghostcubeand need to know what iam missing22:06
JontheEchidnaI think ubuntu disables the jack xine plugin22:06
ICeBallOO, i think that its also youre sound card, i have the same one22:07
ICeBallits a bogger sometimes22:07
ghostcubeJontheEchidna, oh22:07
JontheEchidnathey did so to fix this bug: https://launchpad.net/bugs/20360522:07
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mercutio22hi. Whats the packager manager name for KDE4?22:12
JontheEchidnamercutio22: adept22:13
mercutio22JontheEchidna> where is it to be found?22:14
JontheEchidnawhere in the menu?22:14
mercutio22and the terminal app?22:15
JontheEchidnakonsole is the name of the terminal app22:15
JontheEchidnaboth are in the "system" submenu22:15
mercutio22JontheEchidna> I think I don't have it. Which packages do I have to install to have the regular KDE applications?22:15
kaponoanyone know how to work your pod tuch second gen on ubuntu?22:16
mercutio22I think I am using metacity as my window manager in compiz, which is the KDE one?22:16
JontheEchidnamercutio22: you're using intrepid, right? If so, installing kubuntu-desktop should give you a standard KDE4 install22:17
BattleStarJesusHow do I configure specific users to not be displayed on the login screen?22:18
DaSkreechBattleStarJesus: From System Settings22:20
mercutio22JontheEchidna> thanks22:23
JontheEchidnamercutio22: you're welcome22:23
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!22:33
DarkriftXanyone here know where i could find a tutorial/guide on compiling mencoder from svn?22:33
DarkriftXgoogle isnt treating me well22:33
khakanetreat it like a prostitute22:34
DarkriftXall i get as resutls are "compiling ffmpeg" and if i use -ffmpeg, i get "compiling mplayer"22:34
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DaSkreechDarkriftX: Why are you compiling ?22:35
DarkriftXi was told to compile the latest mencoder for a script im running22:35
DarkriftXwell "compile svn mencoder" was what i was told22:35
david_edmundsonheh, how old was that document though....22:35
=== Guest37312 is now known as teste
DarkriftXwasnt a document22:36
DarkriftXwas someone telling me to do it22:36
DaSkreechwhere did you get the script22:36
david_edmundsonDarkriftX: mencoder is part of mplayer (kinda)22:36
DaSkreechand how old was it?22:36
administrator_hey all22:36
DarkriftXdays old DaSkreech22:36
administrator_having a pretty serious problem here...  adept throws a sig11 whenever i try to update repos22:36
DaSkreechWhat do they need from the svn mencoder?22:36
DarkriftXthe script is to encode video for a device that is less than 2 months old22:36
DaSkreechadministrator_: do it from the command lin22:36
administrator_if i try to sudo apt-get update from the cli i get an error too22:37
DarkriftXi have no idea, i just try to do as told so if it doesnt work its not my fault lol22:37
DaSkreechDarkriftX: ah that would be it22:37
administrator_DaSkreech: sudo apt-get update, right?22:37
DaSkreechDarkriftX: sudo apt-get build-dep mencoder22:37
DaSkreechadministrator_: yes22:37
administrator_DaSkreech: that throws a serious of errors about repos not being updated, signatures are invalid...  and tells me to run apt-get update again22:38
administrator_*series of errors, i meant to say22:38
=== teste is now known as RobertBRA
administrator_W: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy/Release22:38
administrator_The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 222:39
administrator_this *just* stopped working.  ive been using it as a termserver (ltsp) and everyone that uses it does so with restricted privileges so i dont see how its possible...22:40
DarkriftXDaSkreech: done22:40
administrator_the idea to reinstall adept crossed my mind, but i cant seem to install anything since the repos are out of date, creating a kind of chicken and egg problem22:41
DaSkreechadministrator_: The issue is beneath Adept22:41
DaSkreechWhat happened before this22:42
DaSkreechDarkriftX: pull the svn or latest tarball of mencoder22:42
administrator_DaSkreech: absolutely nothing.  three people were using ltsp as restricted users22:42
ubuntu_howdy.  how can i get the UUID of a drive?22:43
administrator_...  for a few weeks...  before that everything was fine..  seems the repos becoming outdated triggered this22:43
ubuntu_(i'm trying to set up FSTAB)22:43
DaSkreechadministrator_: When did it start?22:43
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)22:43
DaSkreechadministrator_: What release is this? Hardy?22:44
ubuntu_thanks DaSkreech22:44
administrator_DaSkreech: yeah..  hardy is 8.04 right?22:45
DaSkreechwell the repos are not outdated then it seems that your hard drive has forgotten the GPG signature of the repos22:46
DaSkreechwhich could mean a few things22:46
DaSkreechbut lets do some tests first22:46
administrator_DaSkreech: sure22:46
DaSkreech run sudo apt-get update with adept close and pastbin the poutput22:46
DaSkreech !paste22:46
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)22:46
administrator_DaSkreech: you fixed it somehow...  i guess the 11th time was a charm22:47
administrator_i tride an apt-get upgrade adept right before that (pulled out of my butt), maybe that fixed it somehow22:47
DaSkreechHa ha :)22:47
DanuHello i have a weird problem when i Try to search something in Google with Konqueror it doesn't open, just says : document html and ask me to save it or open with another browser :S22:48
ubuntu_ok, next question... i'm editing menu.lst and i see the following for my main entry:  http://pastebin.ca/130124422:48
ubuntu_i don't remember there being a line for uuid before.... is that my problem?22:48
dr_willisthe newest grub stuff can use UUID.22:49
dr_willismine does look different.. but its from a upgrade, not clean install22:51
Danuit's really strange :S what happen why doesn't open?22:51
administrator_DaSkreech: thanks, gotta run22:54
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DanuAnd by the way, Mr. JontheEchidna Thank you so much, i finally solved the problem upgrading to KDE 4.222:56
DaSkreechWhooo KDE 4.222:56
JontheEchidnaDanu: great :)22:56
Danuplease anyone knows about this Konqueror stuff?22:57
DaSkreechWhich stuff?22:57
Danuok here i go again :  i have a weird problem when i Try to search something in Google with Konqueror it doesn't open, just says : document html and ask me to save it or open with another browser :S22:57
dr_willissearch something in Google with Konqueror  -> meaning you go to google.com and type in a seradh item?22:59
DaSkreechDanu: gg: searchterms does that ?23:00
Dario_Andreshi: do anyone knows if there are debug symbol packages for KDE 4.1.85 for Kubuntu PPA repo ?23:04
=== mike_ is now known as redcat
michidoes anybody here know, which driver i need for my gforce 4 mx 440?23:05
DanuMr. DaSkreech yes23:05
stdinDario_Andres: yes, the packages end in -dbg (eg: kdelibs5-dbg)23:05
DaSkreechDario_Andres: There should be just append -dbg to whatever package you want it for23:06
DaSkreechmichi: nv should work23:06
Dario_Andresthere aren't for me , just for an user asking for them in the KDE bugtracker :) ... he needs the kopete debug symbols.. are they build? is kdenetwork-dbg or kopete-dbg ?23:07
Dario_Andresthanks in advice23:07
michihow can i install it? the hardware manager does not work. no activation of the nv driver23:07
Dario_Andreshe said something like: Kubuntu 8.10 updated via PPA.23:09
Dario_AndresThe dbgsym package is only for KDE4.1.223:09
Dario_Andresmaybe he doesn't have the proper repo activated...23:09
geniiDanu: In Konq if you go to Settings...   Does Save View Profile       say "Web Browsing" or instead, "File Management"         ?23:10
DaSkreechJontheEchidna: that's correct isn't it? 4.2 packages should all have a dbg package ?23:10
JontheEchidnait's per-module23:10
Dario_AndresJontheEchidna: thankyou very much :)23:12
JontheEchidnaDario_Andres: You're welcome23:12
DanuMr. genii what?23:12
JontheEchidnaDario_Andres: Oh, I've seen you at b.k.o23:13
JontheEchidnakeep up the good triaging work :)23:14
geniiDanu: In Konqueror, When you click on where it says "Settings" across the top. The submenu opens. One of the items onthe submenu says either: Save View Profile "Web Browsing"  or else: Save View PRofile "File Management"               which one does it say?23:15
Dario_AndresJontheEchidna: oh, thanks, we are at report-cleaning frenzy there :P23:16
* DaSkreech hugs Dario_Andres23:16
Dario_Andreswhy so much love? :D23:16
IceBallQuick question, when i try to load the live cd, it goes through the loading bar, then it goes to a black screen that prints out I/O buffer error, and gives sector numbers over and over again?23:17
DaSkreechDario_Andres: Entomophobia ?23:17
DanuMr. genii Web Browsing23:17
DaSkreechyour Cd is either screwed or your Cd Driver doesn't like the kernel23:17
IceBallhmm, if i run the cd test will it tell me?23:18
michiwhich nv driver do i need for my 3d support? nvidia-glx-96,  nvidia-glx-71,  nvidia-glx-177, or  nvidia-glx-173?23:18
Dario_AndresDaSkreech: I had to look at the translator and then the dictionary to enjoy your comment T_T ... thanks :D23:18
DaSkreechDario_Andres: We don't like bugs :)23:19
DaSkreechIceBall: Something like that :)23:19
IceBallDaSkreech ok ty23:19
DaSkreechmichi: 173 i think23:19
michi137 for gforce 4 mx 440?23:20
DanuMr. genii it says Web Browsing23:20
geniiDanu: OK, thanks23:20
Danuthis is so weird!23:21
DaSkreechDanu: Shift button not stuck?23:21
SzadekKubuntu experimental repo doesnt update so long time ... its only beeing updated on beta3 possibly ? neon project may be too unstable for my taste ............23:24
DaSkreechmichi: Sounds more reasonable23:24
geniiDanu: Perhaps try the steps outlined in post number 4 of here: http://forums.scotsnewsletter.com/index.php?showtopic=1070923:25
DaSkreechSzadek: Neon or the beta reo ?23:25
Szadekthe beta ! neon is maybe ( i dont have feedback from who uses ) unstable .23:25
DaSkreechSzadek: new one ships this week you will have an update very shortly23:26
Danui'll be right back23:27
Szadekohh kool then =) .I like to see how it is going the progress ... but i dont want my desktop to be crashing every single action i do , thats why i dont use neon packages .23:27
Szadekthanks DaSkreech23:27
Szadekfor the info =)23:27
DaSkreechSzadek: ha ha you know that they have been in bugfix mode for a while right?23:27
DaSkreechSo if anything neon should be more stable23:27
Szadeki like to see that progress ... not talking about new stuff =)23:28
Szadekor maybe not i just dont know23:28
Szadeklike i said i have no feedback from the people using neon23:28
DaSkreechIn any case you should have RC within a week23:30
DaSkreechThen two weeks later Final23:30
DaSkreechFollowed each month by more bugfixes23:30
DaSkreechReally at that point you'd want to jump off neon as they are now in break stuff like crazy mode :)23:30
jenniferhey folks23:38
jenniferi have a bit of a problem acessing a certain website which up until three days ago I never had an issue with23:39
faileasDaSkreech: i assume you just remove the repos and update to 'jump off'? ;p23:39
faileasand wait for the official ones to catch up?23:39
jenniferi've tried everything from pinging it to re installing Firefox yet nothing seems to work23:39
DaSkreechWhich site?23:39
dr_williscould be a site/server issue ?23:40
DaSkreechfaileas: Yeah shut them off like a day or so before23:40
DaSkreechWell before the tag23:40
DaSkreechThe final package would be a higher build number than yours so you update to final23:40
DaSkreechworks here23:41
jenniferi haven't been banned or anything from that site23:41
DaSkreechwhat do you see when you go there?23:42
jenniferit never loads; i type in the address and the page never loads23:42
jenniferso i go to another browser, same thing23:42
jennifersometimes i able to get onto the site but when i go to log in; it takes me to the 'Thanks for logging in' screen and is suppose to redirect me. Even when I click the button to do so; it never loads23:43
DaSkreechSo it loads up?23:43
DaSkreechDump your cookies I would guess23:44
jenniferi have tried that23:44
jennifernothing works23:44
jenniferis there some command that i could use in Konsole to bypass this issue?23:44
AdolaKopete won't tell me I'm spelling words wrong anymore.  And, I know I still suck just as bad at it.23:46
dr_willisworks here. under FF/windows vista at least :)23:46
jenniferi just have linux OS23:47
jenniferi havent changed anything to my comp and up to three days ago everything was fine.23:47
DaSkreechAdola: What version of KDe ?23:48
DaSkreechjennifer: Tried it in Konqui?23:48
dirk_does anyone else here have trouble using comcast for apt-get?23:48
jenniferyeah but the page doesnt load all the way23:48
AdolaDaSkreech: 4.123:48
DaSkreechAdola: 4.2 fixes that23:49
DaSkreechErm? all the way?23:49
jenniferit gives me on the bottom of the page; fringe-forum.com contacted, waiting for reply23:50
AdolaDaSkreech: It was working, just yesterday, I'm not sure what I may have done.  But, it doesn't "underline" words that aren't spelled right now.  Is there nothing I can do aside from upgrading?  (I'm on Dial-up, that's not so easy you know)23:50
DaSkreechjennifer: Works fine here23:50
DaSkreechtry from konsole w3m http://fringe-forum.com/forums/index.php23:51
jennifercould i have a bug or something in Firefox23:51
jenniferhow do i do that23:51
DaSkreechAdola: Oh I thought you meant it never did it there is a Spelling button you click to start it again23:51
jenniferkonsole w3m23:51
AdolaDaSkreech: Just figured it out thanks to someone in #kopete.  It was a simple rightclick.23:51
DaSkreechjennifer: in konsole type w3m fringe-forum.com23:52
DaSkreechAdola: Right that was it23:52
AdolaThank you!23:52
jenniferthat works23:53
jenniferbut i cant do anything23:54
DaSkreechjennifer: ok so it's not your computer IP that's messing it up23:55
wesleyHow can i check which gma driver i am using ?23:55
jenniferwhat is this page i am looking at?23:56
DaSkreechjennifer: It's the forum23:57
DaSkreechIt's a terminal based web browser I use it when i need to browse through something fast23:58
DaSkreechi.e. Without loading flash java or images23:58
jenniferwell i would like to do it the old way so how can i fix it?23:58
jenniferget a new web browser?23:59

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