macoer...oh. so you have an @ubuntu and an @kubuntu?00:00
Hobbseenhandler: you are using kubuntu.org, aren't you.00:00
Hobbseenot kubuntu.com?00:00
nhandlerRight, I am using kubuntu.org00:00
Hobbseegood ;)00:00
nhandlerIt was bouncing up until toda00:00
Hobbseecheck your spam?00:02
* Hobbsee also notes that setting your @ubuntu.com address as your primary has been known to cause problems in the past, but isn't sure it's still an issue now00:03
nhandlerHobbsee: I got your email. But for some reason, I still can't get any of the emails I send to nhandler@kubuntu.org00:04
* jpds points at the docs he wrote for these kinds of situations: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuEmail00:04
Hobbseejpds: oh, thankyou!00:05
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nhandlerHobbsee: Thanks for your help. They were getting put under All Mail and skipping the inbox. Another great gmail feature00:09
Hobbseenhandler: gotta love gmail's "features"00:09
* Hobbsee just autoforwards all mail from there00:09
Peng_Is it just me, or are both launchpad-users mailing lists still being used?00:18
mthaddonPeng_: there was a temporary problem with the redirect from the old list to the new one, but it's now been fixed00:20
soci uploaded a package to my ppa, but i got this error via mail:00:22
socCould not find person 'soc-nw-krg'00:22
socUnable to find distroseries: unstable00:22
socFurther error processing not possible because of a critical previous error.00:22
socwhat's wrong?00:22
Peng_mthaddon: Okay. :)00:22
Hobbseesoc: well, soc-nw-krg doesn't seem to exist, according to launchpad, and launchpad doesn't know about 'unstable', as that's a debian release name, not an ubuntu one.00:23
socmhhh ... i can't remember using anything of that ...00:24
Hobbseeyou would have, in dput.cf which you modified00:24
socmy .dput.cf looks like this:00:24
soc[soc-nw-krg]\n fqdn = ppa.launchpad.net\n method = ftp\n incoming = ~soc-nw-krg/ubuntu/\n login = anonymous\n allow_unsigned_uploads = 000:24
soc\n means break00:25
Peng_mthaddon: THanks for the quick response. :)00:25
Hobbseelook at where you have soc-nw-krg in that.00:25
socyes ...00:25
soc~soc-krg-nw is the url of my page on launchpad00:25
spivsoc: soc-krg-nw != soc-nw-krg00:26
Hobbseehttps://launchpad.net/~soc-nw-krg comes up as a 40400:26
socsorry, i'm stupid00:27
socsure, that's the mistake!00:27
Hobbseeoops ;)00:27
socnow i get "Already uploaded to ppa.launchpad.net" when i try to upload it again ...00:28
Hobbseeuse dput -f, but did you fix both errors?00:28
socthat distroseries error?00:29
socmhh, where can i correct "unstable"?00:29
socit's not in the dput.cf00:29
socah k00:29
Hobbseethen rebuild your source00:29
socwhat should it read instead of unstable?00:30
Hobbseewhich ubuntu release do you want to build for?00:30
Hobbseeintrepid?  jaunty?  hardy?00:30
soci hope the package gets included in jaunty00:30
socbut i hope to use it on my intrepid system00:30
Hobbseeso to test it out, start with intrepid00:31
Hobbseethen you can copy it to jaunty later, iirc00:31
socbtw, how can i get a package accepted in ubuntu?00:31
Hobbseenew package, or change to existing?00:31
socnew package00:32
socit doesn't exist in debian00:32
Hobbseehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing#Preparing%20New%20Packages, it appears00:33
MTecknologyHobbsee: Any chance you'd be able to do that little thing on the wiki for me? if you have time?00:34
MTecknologyhrm - what's making the LP people so busy?00:38
MTecknologyIt seems like all of a sudden it's taking a long time to get anything done00:39
HobbseeMTecknology: holidays, maybe?00:39
MTecknologywow - the worst part is that's an actual epiphany00:40
socHobbsee: mhh, the bug already exists ... so i basically have to write a shell script to fetch the source file from the git and clean it?00:40
Hobbseesoc: you need to put the package itself on revu - do a checkout from the git, iirc.00:41
* Hobbsee isn't overly familiar with git00:41
socah k00:44
CarlFKlp doesn't have wiki yet.  where is the appropriate place to put install instructions?01:06
CarlFKI am thinking either blueprint, check in INSTALL.txt, or maybe open a bug.01:07
jameshCarlFK: probably neither of those.01:25
maxbWhat sort of install instructions? I don't think launchpad is supposed to replace a project website entirely01:26
jameshCarlFK: I'd suggest one of (1) a file inside your branch/tarball, (2) the notes associated with the project release registered on launchpad or (3) the project description on Launchpad01:26
CarlFKjamesh: project description is reasonable.01:35
CarlFKit's really just wget/tar/cd/cd/bzr branch lp.../01:38
CarlFKmaybe i can just link to head%3A/INSTALL.txt01:39
socwhat's wrong now?02:17
socttf-droid_1.00~b112-1.dsc: Section 'X11' is not valid\n ttf-droid_1.00~b112.orig.tar.gz: Section 'X11' is not valid\n ttf-droid_1.00~b112-1.diff.gz: Section 'X11' is not valid02:18
socFurther error processing not possible because of a critical previous error.02:18
socdoes it make a difference between X11 and x11?02:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about section02:19
socdamit ...02:19
socit takes hours to upload that again ...02:19
Hobbseeeverything else is, so..02:19
Hobbseeyou can build with -sd if you're not changing the original tarball, and it'll only upload the rest of it02:19
Hobbsee!section is <reply> Please see http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-archive.html#s-subsections for a list of valid sections that you can use in your debian/control file, for debian packaging02:20
ubottuI'll remember that, Hobbsee02:20
socUnable to find ttf-droid_1.00~b112.orig.tar.gz in upload or distribution.02:34
socFiles specified in DSC are broken or missing, skipping package unpack verification.02:34
soci give up02:34
socgood night02:34
CarlFKoh yeah... I changed my username.  so now bzr push doesn't....06:04
CarlFKhow do I straighten that out?06:05
jameshCarlFK: bzr push --remember lp:whatever06:05
jameshthat'll remember the new location for future invocations06:05
CarlFKhttp://dpaste.com/105863/   target:  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~carlfk/web2conf/badges06:08
spivCarlFK: you need to do "bzr launchpad-login carlfk"06:09
CarlFKPushed up to revision 48.   - thanks06:10
CarlFKhttps://edge.launchpad.net/~carlfk/+archive  installed python-poppler and it didn't apply the patch06:54
CarlFKI think it has something to do with odd build requirements: "apt-get build-dep python-poppler" errored: unmet depandencies06:55
CarlFKbut aptitude build-dep python-poppler installed what was needed06:55
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f4Hi, to use the "decentralized with human gatekeeper workflow" i have to set me as the owner of the trunk branch right?10:03
dlynchIs it possible to make releases without having any series or milestones? My project is modest - so far, I'm the only developer.10:03
f4i've got an unruly developper :)10:03
jmlf4: that's right.10:06
al-maisandlynch: what do you mean?10:07
dlynchal-maisan: I have read the documentation on series and milestones, which concludes by talking about releases10:07
dlynchdoes that mean I cannot make a release from trunk, without using series?10:08
al-maisandlynch: just a minute..10:09
dlynchal-maisan: thank you10:09
al-maisandlynch: I think you will need to have a series at a minimum.10:13
dlynchal-maisan: can i make my "series" be identical to trunk? :)10:14
al-maisandlynch: "trunk" is really the tip of your source branch and hence a "moving target"10:15
dlynchal-maisan: I understand that part. Does that mean I should get into the discipline of making a new series even if all it does is represent a snapshot of trunk? My project is currently so modest, that's all that a release amounts to10:16
al-maisanif all you want is trunk then there's no need for a relase either10:17
al-maisantrunk means bleeding edge10:17
al-maisana release has to be identified somehow and that's what a series is there for10:17
al-maisan.. and yes, just checked that, a product release requires a product series.10:19
dlynchthanks for looking into this10:19
al-maisandlynch: you are welcome.10:19
dlynchand one more thing: the documentation is generally excellent - it sure looks pretty too :)10:20
al-maisandlynch: oh, thanks :)10:21
al-maisanthat's very kind of you!10:21
f4what about PQM is there a good documentation about it somewhere?10:29
al-maisanf4: PQM is part of the launchpad-internal build/integration test infrastructure.10:31
al-maisanWhat would you like to know about it?10:32
f4how it works/how to use it with a laucnhpad project10:34
f4it looks interesting10:34
al-maisanf4: PQM is used by the team is bulding launchpad proper10:34
al-maisanthere is no need to use it with any projects *registered with* launchpad10:35
al-maisan.. by the team *that* is bulding launchpad proper ..10:35
LarstiQf4: the Bazaar team uses pqm, but I don't think it's possible to use pqm in a fully integrated way with launchpad10:37
asabilhi all10:38
f4ok i was expecting that since it's not really documented10:39
LarstiQf4: if you'd want you could set it up yourself, but indeed, it's a bit underdocumented10:40
LarstiQpeople have been known to succeed though :)10:40
f4i was using https://code.launchpad.net/bzr as a "template" for my own project (to see how they work) and they use it10:41
LarstiQright, we do10:41
LarstiQf4: the way that is set up, the canonical trunk branch is controlled by pqm and lives at http://bazaar-vcs.org/bzr/bzr.dev. lp:bzr is then mirrored from there10:42
f4but anyway i don't need it. we're only 2 working on a small project, should be a few more in a few weeks/month but not much10:42
f4i was just curious :)10:43
LarstiQright, pqm is overkill in that situation :)10:43
f4but i think i'm going to act as gatekeeper because my mate keeps pushing untested/incomplete code on the trunk branch10:46
f4and it's still interesting to manage it like a big project even if it's not :) i'm still a student i'm here to learn :)10:47
LarstiQf4: human gatekeeper sounds like a good solution10:51
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f4one more question, my mate is creating many small branches instead of going on with the same one for a task, but he claims he's keeping the same. in fact he uses bzr pull to get last trunk revision before he works11:15
f4is that the reason? he should be merging trunk into the feature branch right?11:15
LarstiQf4: the situation isn't clear to me11:20
f4well it looks like this http://bluebox.selfip.com/vrac/bazaar_bad.png while it should look more like this http://bluebox.selfip.com/vrac/bazaar_good.png (sry for bad quality "image hack" ^^)11:28
LarstiQf4: neither is particularly wrong11:29
LarstiQf4: in general, there is no right or wrong approach, you can use the workflow you want11:29
f4the branch i linked ont the second picture are related to the same task11:29
LarstiQf4: however, there seems to be a difference of opinion on what workflow you two want to use11:29
f4tash which has a blueprint11:29
f4only the first one is actually linked to the blueprint (the red one)11:30
f4no we agreed on that, in his head he was doing the second picture :)11:31
f4so the "problem" is that he's doing pull instead of merging the trunk in his branch i suppose11:32
LarstiQI still don't see what the problem is11:39
f4the problem is there is 3 branches while he though he was working on the same one11:48
f4he though he was doing the same as the branch going from rev 25 to 2811:51
Hobbseethankyou, launchpad users mailing list, for the spam.12:41
* Hobbsee thought the DC ran a spam filter12:41
beunoHobbsee, you mean the autoreply?  ;)12:42
Hobbseebeuno: by subject only, it appears.  the content doesn't look to be an autoreply ;)12:45
Hobbseeapart from the fact that it's very late, it looks rather non-autoreply-ish12:45
beunomore noise12:49
beunobarry, did anything change in the ML settings for lp-users?12:50
Hobbsee...and there goes the second one12:50
=== mrevell is now known as mrevell-lunch
Hobbsee...and the third.12:52
* Hobbsee wonders hwy they're sending to lists.canonical.com12:52
barrybeuno: yes, elmo fixed the forwarding yesterday so now it's working the way it was supposed to :)12:54
beunobarry, why weren't we getting these annoying emails before?12:55
beunowhere some users blocked and not migrated over?12:55
barrywhat annoying emails?12:55
beunovacation and away replies12:55
Hobbseewhich are actually trying to sell things12:56
barrybeuno: can you check the list copies and be sure they have a Precedence: list header?12:56
barryare you seeing them only when you try to send a message to the list?  i didn't see any on my test yesterday12:57
beunobarry, Precedence: list12:57
beunothe one from: consultoriatelecon@hotmail.com12:57
beunoto: launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com12:58
barryokay, so our lists are doing the right thing, but those vacation responders are broken12:58
beunopossibly, but I wonder why *now*12:58
beunomaybe because those users are now subscribed and they weren't before?12:58
barryif on the old list the email address was linked to a lp user, we subscribed that address to the new list12:59
barrybut there were lots of new subscribers to just the new team/list13:00
barryso it's very possible you're getting the bounces from them13:00
superm1Hi guys, i can't seem to figure out how to delete a team from LP.  Is the UI missing for it, or am I just missing it?13:01
beunobarry, cool. So now we start blocking users?  :)13:01
al-maisansuperm1: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/4713:02
superm1al-maisan, that's for closing accounts though, is it valid for teams too?13:03
al-maisansuperm1: I think so.13:03
superm1al-maisan, no in the change details section of the team, there is nothing on deactivating it13:04
barrybeuno: on python.org we get medieval on people with broken replybots :)13:04
al-maisansuperm1: OK .. let me find out more.13:05
superm1i should clarify; i dont want to just remove myself from the team.  i want to remove the team from existing13:05
superm1i'm the team administrator13:05
beunobarry, that's the spirit!13:05
al-maisansuperm1: that's understood.13:06
superm1i've gone through and removed all members of the team (including myself) and all team memberships and still nothing is presented anywhere in the UI that I can find for removing the team: https://edge.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu-trunk13:14
sinzuisuperm1: make a request (ask a question) to at answers.launchpad.net/launchpad. An Admin can deactivate the team13:15
superm1sinzui, ah great thanks.13:15
sinzuisuperm1: The process of deactivate is an admin privilege because the changes a lot of users, bugs, etc...13:16
superm1sinzui, even for teams though?  I would think that teams wouldn't be commenting on bugs, and at least an empty team wouldn't require changing any users13:17
sinzuisuperm1: They can be subscribed to bugs, blueprints, answers. They have translations powers too13:17
superm1ah.  all things i never used the team for i suppose13:18
balorIs there any way to create a new project in lp so that I can upload my local bzr repo?  i.e. I don't want to import (because the bzr repo is not on a public server)13:47
superm1yeah shouldn't you be able to make a project and just bzr push?13:48
balorsuperm1: What's the link to make a project?  I can only find to register a branch13:49
superm1balor, https://launchpad.net/projects/+new-guided13:50
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Shred00somebody advised I come ask here: can we have the production of -dbg packages enabled for PPA builds?  it helps greatly with reporting crashes if stack traces have symbols.14:13
al-maisanShred00: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/28520514:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285205 in soyuz "Soyuz needs to be able to process and publish ddebs" [Medium,Triaged]14:21
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adiroibanhi guys. do you know where I could find the Launchpad OpenID plugin for moinmoin ? the same one used on help.ubuntu.com/community ?15:01
andrea-bsadiroiban: help.ubuntu.com uses the default MoinMoin plugin for OpenID support15:02
fjlacosteandrea-bs: not sure of that15:05
andrea-bsfjlacoste: I have the same in my MoinMoin instance15:05
adiroibanit's moinmoin 1.7 ?15:05
fjlacosteadiroiban: the default OpenID plugin should work, but if you want Launcphpad team support, that extension hasn't been pushed upstream yet15:05
adiroibani thought it's 1.615:05
fjlacosteandrea-bs: the default extension lacks team integration15:05
=== fjlacoste is now known as flacoste
adiroibancan I get the LP plugin from downstream ?15:06
andrea-bsflacoste: is there a team integration for MoinMoin?15:06
=== salgado is now known as salgado-lunch
flacosteandrea-bs: yes15:09
flacosteandrea-bs: you can use launchpad team in ACL15:09
flacostebut this hasn't been released yet15:09
andrea-bsflacoste: cool, could you tell me when will it be released? I can't find anything on dev.launchpad.net :(15:11
flacosteandrea-bs: don't know yet, i'll take to the people doing it, last month we released the Dupal extensions, the Moin ones should follow soon15:11
andrea-bsthanks, flacoste15:12
adiroibanflacoste, can we have the unrelease code ? I would like to integrate it into our loco wiki page15:13
flacosteadiroiban: can you file a question on answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion about this?15:14
adiroibani'd do this right away15:14
flacosteadiroiban: that way we could track it there, i'll ask the guys who are in charge of that process to comment on it15:14
adiroibanok. No problem. I was thinking the code is somewhere in a bzr branch and it's just me who can not  find it15:15
coolbhaviPlease see : https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/31430815:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314308 in linux "USB 2.0 too slow " [Undecided,Incomplete]15:16
coolbhavibug was not reported properly so I changed the package and description and asked for more info15:17
al-maisancoolbhavi: yes, ..?15:18
coolbhavibut rude and arrogant answers15:18
coolbhaviesp : https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/314308/comments/415:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314308 in linux "USB 2.0 too slow " [Undecided,Incomplete]15:19
al-maisancoolbhavi: I see .. somebody will look into this.15:19
coolbhavilook at the whole comment by expanding the links15:19
al-maisancoolbhavi: please explain what you find so offensive about that comment .. I believe the user was using that quote as a signature and it was not specifically targeting you.15:27
al-maisanI understand that it may have hurt your feelings but that comment does not appear to be outright and intentionally offensive.15:28
coolbhavial-maisan, I know him pretty well15:35
coolbhavial-maisan, yup, his signature is only his name15:36
* al-maisan looks at that comment again15:36
CarlFKcan I see the code that builds PPA binaries ?15:37
al-maisanCarlFK: what do you mean?15:37
al-maisanthe build system?15:37
CarlFKwhat I get from my PPA is not what I get when I apt-get source and build it local15:37
al-maisanhmm .. what are the differences?15:37
CarlFKthe patch isn't applied15:38
coolbhavial-maisan, okay leave it he is a beginner and I ve marked it incomplete :)15:38
CarlFKhttps://edge.launchpad.net/~carlfk/+archive  Intrepid is the only one I have tested15:38
al-maisancoolbhavi: thank you very much .. I believe this is the best course of action .. give him the benefit of doubt15:38
coolbhavial-maisan, :)15:39
CarlFKI think it has something to do with odd build requirements: "apt-get build-dep python-poppler" errored: unmet dependencies, but aptitude build-dep python-poppler installed what was needed15:40
al-maisanCarlFK: did you apt-get source from the PPA?15:40
CarlFKal-maisan: yes15:40
al-maisanhmm .. that's a bit odd.15:40
CarlFKthe upstream version has no patches.  I have 1 patch that adds 2 chars.  so pretty easy to track15:40
maxbCarlFK: Your package has an odd version number. How can it be based on 0.8.1-2 when unstable and jaunty only have 0.8.1-1 ?15:43
CarlFKmaxb: " increase the Ubuntu version number and add a suffix of ~ppan " https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Versioning15:45
maxbShould probably have been 0.8.1-1ubuntu0~ppa1 in this case15:46
al-maisanCarlFK: my guess is that it's related to the unmet "build-dep python-poppler" dependencies15:46
CarlFKal-maisan: cept then it should have errored, not build a binary15:47
maxbAlso, ideally your package would be in .orig.tar.gz and .diff.gz form - but it has accidentally ended up transformed into single-tarball form15:47
al-maisanCarlFK: please point me to your PPA15:47
CarlFK https://edge.launchpad.net/~carlfk/+archive  Intrepid is the only one I have tested15:47
al-maisanCarlFK: so, what were the unmet dependencies that apt-get build-dep complained about?15:51
CarlFKal-maisan: give me a sec - I think I have a fresh ibex box..15:51
maxbCarlFK: It is an error to include a hyphen within the release portion of the version number. That is why your packaging has gone into single-tarball style15:52
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maxbCarlFK: Your patch is not being applied because you have improperly integrated quilt into debian/rules15:55
* mpt is getting confused by duplicate bug report messages15:55
CarlFKmaxb: that wouldn't surprise me.15:56
CarlFKal-maisan: my ibex install was waiting for me to confirm disk partitioning... so that's gonna be a few min (u-server, so maybe 10 min)15:56
al-maisanCarlFK: fair enough .. but I believe maxb found the root cause of your problem anyway15:57
CarlFKmaxb: shouldn't the PPA build process have aborted?15:57
maxbNo, because your rules file was genuinely configured to not apply the patch! :-)15:59
CarlFKso whad I do wrong?16:00
maxbCarlFK: configure should stay depending on configure-stamp. configure-stamp should get an extra dependency on $(QUILT_STAMPFN)16:01
CarlFKI remember wondering about that16:02
mptal-maisan, seen <https://launchpad.net/cs-112---assignment-6>? :-)16:10
* al-maisan looks16:10
bigjoolsha - does someone want his homework done for him?16:11
mptbigjools, I see the top contributor is someone else :-)16:11
=== salgado-lunch is now known as salgado
al-maisanstrange project indeed :)16:12
al-maisanThis person "david" seems to be an aspiring "project manager" :)16:13
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Kmosftp.launchpad.net is down ?16:16
Kmoscan't upload to PPA16:16
al-maisanKmos: any error messages?16:17
Kmosppa.launchpad.net i mean (connection refued)16:17
Kmosit worked yesterday :)16:17
al-maisanplease show me your dput conf file16:18
bigjoolsal-maisan: I can't get to it either16:18
bigjoolspoppy is probably down16:18
bigjoolscprov: ^16:19
al-maisanKmos: what bigjools said.16:19
Kmosal-maisan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/101125/16:19
Kmosah :)16:19
al-maisanthanks :)16:19
coolbhaviCheck your network (111, 'Connection refused') while trying to upload to PPA16:25
al-maisancoolbhavi: thanks for the hint .. we are already looking at it.16:26
coolbhavial-maisan, :)16:27
ahasenackhey guys, quick question: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/landscape-client/+bug/306360 is not listed at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/landscape-client even though one task is not yet resolved. How can I change that?16:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 306360 in landscape-client "Update landscape-client package to 1.0.25" [Undecided,In progress]16:31
beunoahasenack, I think that's a bug in Launchpad16:34
beunoBjornT, gmb?16:34
RainCTI'm getting "Connection failed, aborting. Check your network (111, 'Connection refused')" trying to dput to a private PPA. Some days ago I had no problem with this. Any idea on what may be the problem?16:35
gmbbeuno: Looking...16:36
beunoyou *can* see it if you look at "All bugs ever reported"16:36
bigjoolsRainCT: we're on it16:36
RainCTbigjools: so it's not only me?16:36
coolbhaviRainCT, +116:37
bigjoolsRainCT: unfortunately correct16:37
RainCTOK, thanks16:37
ahasenackbeuno: but that includes the closed ones?16:37
gmbahasenack: The task that would appear at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/landscape-client has been resolved - it's Fix Released.16:38
gmbahasenack: I think that that page only shows...16:38
ahasenackgmb: so I need to change the task that is tracked to the other one?16:38
CarlFK~$ ftp ppa.launchpad.net16:38
CarlFKftp: connect: Connection refused16:38
gmbahasenack: Ah hang on, I might be talking out of my hat.16:38
CarlFKis that me, or does it go off line now and then?16:39
coolbhaviCarlFK, +1  seems ftp is down16:39
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CarlFKcoolbhavi: thanks.16:39
ahasenackgmb: my confusion is that there doesn't seem to be a simple way to list all open bugs against a package. That was my intention with the https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/landscape-client URL16:39
gmbahasenack: Right... Ah, I see the problem now.16:40
gmbahasenack: So, this is sort of a bug, sort of not.16:41
alefterisHi all. Is there a way to search all launchpad ppa with a package name?16:41
gmbahasenack: The problem is that because the bug has been targetted to a series (Jaunty and Intrepid in this case) the original task is no longer considered a task (that's why it says "status tracked in... blah").16:41
bigjoolsalefteris: not right now, no16:41
gmbahasenack: So when you look at just the package page it will show you only the ones assigned to the package, not the ones targetted to a particualr series (well, it might show the ones for Jaunty because it's the current series; I haven't established that for sure yet).16:42
ahasenackgmb: so, how do I change where the status is tracked?16:43
gmbahasenack: Well, I was right; the Jaunty tasks will show up at +source/landscape-client (because it's the current series). (see https://bugs.staging.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/landscape-client for an example)16:46
gmbahasenack: As for changing where it's tracked, I'm not sure you can.16:46
gmbSince Jaunty is the current series for Ubuntu, so that's where the changes are tracked for the Ubuntu package.16:47
gmbWhich, yes, is a bug.16:47
ahasenackgmb: yeah, because that means I'm better off opening another ticket for intrepid instead of another task at that ticket16:47
ahasenackgmb: because or else the ticket just "disappears" from the bug listing as was this case16:47
gmbahasenack: For tracking purposes, yes, which sucks massively.16:48
gmbAbsolutely blows.16:48
ahasenackgmb: ok, is there a bug open for it? If not, should I open one?16:48
ahasenackgmb: I'm not even sure how to search for this in launchpad to see if there is a bug already open or not :)16:48
gmbahasenack: I'll file a bug about this (or find if there is one; *someone* must have seen this before)16:48
ahasenackgmb: cool, many thanks!16:49
gmbahasenack: Sorry it had to bite you.16:49
ahasenackgmb: now that I'm aware of how it works, it's ok for the time being16:49
ahasenackgmb: thanks for the help16:49
socdoes someone know how long it will take to restore uploading?16:49
bigjoolsnot yet16:50
al-maisanalefteris: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/20316:51
bigjoolssomething filled up the disk, the admins are investigating16:51
alefterisal-maisan, thanks :)16:54
alefterisal-maisan, the results listing is not very usufull though, it would be nice if the packages where listed16:55
bigjoolsalefteris: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/28095816:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280958 in soyuz "Package page doesn't show PPAs for that package" [Undecided,Triaged]16:57
maxbooi, does anyone know how far off signed PPAs are? Just roughly days/weeks/months?16:58
beunocprov, ^16:58
bigjoolsmaxb: days16:58
superm1Hi guys, for the purposes of an automated package builder, how long does the publisher take to publish a .orig.tar.gz on a PPA?  We're doing builds for hardy and intrepid, but only want to upload orig.tar.gz once, so the first upload will have orig.tar.gz, and second wouldn't16:58
bigjoolssuperm1: up to 20 minutes16:59
superm1bigjools, okay so sleeping for say 25 minutes should be a safe estimate then16:59
bigjoolssuperm1: as long as it is accepted, yeah16:59
superm1there's no cirumstances that it will be larger right?16:59
bigjoolssuperm1: can you wait for the acceptance mail or is that not an option?17:00
superm1bigjools, well it would be a bit difficult to do so the way the job is cronned, so a static time would be a lot better17:00
bigjoolsif it's not, add your voice to bug 305331 :)17:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 305331 in soyuz "XMPP Messages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30533117:00
alefterisbigjools, this is not related to my complain.. what i said is that the result listing of the ppa search doesn't list by package name, but by uploader17:00
bigjoolsalefteris: ah I see17:01
bigjoolssuperm1: we process them every 20 minutes, so give it 30 in case there's unforseen delays and you should be ok17:01
superm1bigjools, okay great.  and yes that bug would be awesome.  i'll add a comment17:01
cprovsuperm1: for the record, reusing the orig in a subsequent upload is immediately possible for all source uploads. It doesn't require the source to be published on disk.17:04
bigjoolsof course, good point17:04
cprovsuperm1: it won't be possible only if the source get stuck on queue (for ubuntu uploads)17:04
superm1cprov, oh so, there wouldn't be a rejection for a .diff.gz/dsc only on the second upload if it was immediately after?17:05
cprovsuperm1: no, assuming the previous upload was accepted.17:06
superm1cprov, ah wonderful, then we'll just nuke the sleep between uploads.  thanks!17:06
cprovsuperm1: right, dput will block and upload processing is serialized. It should work, let us know if it doesn't.17:07
superm1cprov, okay thanks17:07
cprovsuperm1: you are welcome.17:08
ahasenackgmb: once you have the bug number (either by finding an already filed bug, or filing a new one), could you let me know? I would like to subscribe to it17:11
gmbahasenack: I've filed it as bug 31443217:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314432 in malone "It's impossible to see all the bugs that affect a package if some bugs are targeted to one or more series and the Master task is closed" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31443217:11
ahasenackgmb: cool, thanks17:12
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cproval-maisan: it's already fixed.17:12
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superm1Daviey, ask cprov^17:15
Davieycprov: when was it fixed?17:15
Davieycprov: About an hour ago, i could only get it working using passive ftp17:15
DavieyIs that related?17:16
cprovDaviey: fixed 5 minutes ago, I'm not sure if the passive-ftp issue was related.17:16
cprovDaviey: probably not.17:17
Davieymeh, i was getting conenction refused - oh well i've changed my settings to passive and it seems to be working.17:17
cprovDaviey: check w/o it, it should work as well.17:21
Davieycprov: will do, when i next push in 20 mins17:21
cprovDaviey: great, thanks.17:22
Davieycprov: yep, non passive worked fine then - i guess it was related.17:28
cprovDaviey: probably. Anyway, all fixed now.17:28
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CarlFKum... looking at my build logs: WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!18:07
LaserJockcan somebody give me details on who's allowed to see private bugs?18:12
beunoLaserJock, whoever has permissions on the project, or is subscribed to the bug18:12
LaserJockbeuno: would that include bug supervisors?18:12
LaserJockor do you need to be explicitly subscribed18:12
beunoLaserJock, I'd expect the bug supervisor to see them, but I don't know for sure18:13
beunopermissions is a blurry area for me  :)18:13
LaserJock*cough* that's why you make lists *cough*18:14
beunoright, one of the plans is to have all permissions in one page, and you can configure them from there18:14
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CarlFKso if my ppa build fails, I can't apt-get source it?18:24
bigonhi, is there any plan to add rmadison support to ppa?18:25
james_wbigon: it appears you could script it with the api18:32
bdmurrayIs the assigner of a bug task tracked anywhere other than the the activity log / table?18:33
james_wfor source package at least18:33
james_wbdmurray: assignee, or the person that created the task?18:33
bdmurrayjames_w: the person that assigned the bug task to an assignee18:34
CarlFKmaxb: can you help me out - brain is getting overloaded, and I have 20 min before a meeting... really like to get this fixed before then. rules/results: http://dpaste.com/106056/18:35
CarlFKperhaps cookies and coffe for lunch was not part of a well balanced breakfast...18:36
LaserJockbeuno: a bug supervisor doesn't seem to be sufficient18:50
LaserJockthat's a tad problematic :(18:50
bigonI'm trying to use python-launchpadlib (example https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib) and I get a time out when connection to the stagin service19:01
james_wbigon: I've got a quick ppamadison here if you like19:18
bigonjames_w: oh it would be nice19:19
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Pres-GasOkay, I have an Inspiron Mini 9 that is completely freezing when trying to join up with a wpa 2 enterprise g network.  I am getting no usable logs it freezes so hard.  Whare should I start in reporting this kind of bug?19:29
rockstarPres-Gas, I think #ubuntu-bugs could probably help you more.19:30
Pres-GasI am not sure to ping wpa-suplicant, or NM, or the kernel19:30
Pres-GasThe problem was how to start reporting it, you know, rockstar?19:30
Pres-GasIf I get usable logs, that would help19:31
rockstarPres-Gas, yeah, I understand.  #launchpad is more for specific issues with Launchpad though.19:31
rockstarIt's a common mistake though.  We should fix that.19:31
Pres-GasExcellent, and I thought so...I have been on launchpad for a bit...but forgot about the bugs channel19:31
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CarlFKhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~web2-conf/  there should be about 20+ items there19:43
CarlFKat least 5 open ones.  whered they go?19:44
CarlFKhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/web2conf/+bugs  there they are19:45
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maxbCarlFK: Got it to work in the end? I was afk20:09
CarlFKmaxb: i think so20:09
CarlFKin meeing... will get back to in in 30 min or so20:09
iulianHiya. I'd like to remove a project created by me some time ago. I initially created it to maintain some scripts using Bazaar. The project is 'iulian' (https://edge.launchpad.net/iulian). I believe it is not worth to keep it if I don't use it anymore.20:11
maxbiulian: I believe you need to file a request in https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad for that to happen20:15
iulianmaxb: Ah-ha, thanks!20:17
iulianWill do that.20:17
bigonjames_w: do you have already put the code somewhere?20:56
james_wbigon: I didn't20:56
james_wI wanted to see if it was going in to u-d-t, or whether I should write my own credentials handling routine20:57
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JaearessIs there an open source system similar to Launchpad available? One that can be hosted by a company internally and that brings together all the pieces that Launchpad.net does?22:25
maxbooi, why does launchpad do everything over https ?23:26
beunomaxb, yes23:28
beunoexcept code browse (aka loggerhead)23:28
jmlmaxb: there are plans to allow http access, iirc.23:30
jmlthere certainly *were* plans.23:31
maxbIt's not a problem for me, I'm just curious why it does it23:31
jmlmaxb: aiui, it's because a) we need https for secure authentication, b) it makes information on LP reliable as information *from* LP (which can be important for things like security bugs), c) mixing plain http and https takes a fair bit of dev work, so all https is easier.23:42

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