DanaGargh, for some reason, my rfkill actually kills the wifi card, so I have to reload the iwlagn module to get it back.00:57
DanaGIntel wireless best for Linux?  Not in my experience.  =(01:28
unavailableI commend you guys...  coming up for fixes for dang near everything02:00
unavailableanyone have any idea why my nvidia drivers are gone ??02:56
anderskProbably bug 308410.02:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 308410 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "Latest Xorg removes nvidia driver ... conflicting xserver-xorg-video-4" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30841002:56
unavailableso any fix yet?03:00
unavailablethat seems to go to a waiting list03:00
andersknvidia has not yet updated their drivers to be compatible with the new Xorg.03:00
anderskYou are welcome to try the 180.18 beta drivers from my PPA: http://launchpad.net/~anders-kaseorg/+archive03:01
anderskBut you will still need to set Option "IgnoreABI" "True" in the "ServerFlags" section of xorg.conf.03:01
woody86can anyone help me out? When I try to upgrade to jaunty using 'upgrade-manager -d' it won't find the jaunty repos??03:09
woody86'update-manager -d' **03:11
unavailablewoody if you have nvidia, and wish to have things work right, you may want to wait.03:12
woody86well I don't have nvidia :)03:13
anderskCheck your /etc/apt/sources.list.  Perhaps you're set up to use a mirror that doesn't have jaunty?03:14
woody86that's what I thought, but I have it to the main U.S. Server, does that one have the jaunty mirror?03:15
anderskus.archive.ubuntu.com?  Yes, that should be fine.03:15
woody86yup, let me set it again and try it out03:17
woody86this is what I get: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/100765/03:20
unavailableallright, I rebooted after install... then enabled drivers, do i need to restart the x session again??03:21
anderskunavailable: is X running or not?03:22
unavailablewell, i can see the desktop...03:22
unavailablebut do I need to REstart the session?? as in close it then openit again (restart ubuntu again?)03:23
anderskIf it's working, I don't see why you would need to.03:23
unavailablei cannot enable effects03:23
anderskWell, in that case, it's worth a try.03:24
unavailableis that broken with this build?03:24
anderskI'm using 180.18 with Compiz, so it should be fine assuming the 180 drivers support your hardware.03:24
anderskwoody86: try commenting out the lines in sources.list that reference jaunty-security and jaunty-updates.  Those don't exist yet.03:25
woody86andersk-  well thanks :) that seems easy enough03:25
woody86any idea when they will be enabled?03:26
anderskAfter the jaunty release.03:26
woody86ah, gotcha :)03:26
anderskWait, I also see references to "partner" in your log.  That's more likely to be the problem.03:26
woody86what's that? disable 'partners' too?03:27
woody86ok, well it's working so far, we'll see if it runs into any other problems03:30
anderskSure.  You can try re-enabling those repositories after the upgrade if you need them.03:30
woody86the 'partner' ones are still enabled right now, but I disabled 'security' and 'updates' and it's working fine now03:31
woody86*knock on wood*03:32
unavailablethat broke x03:32
unavailablei rebooted to a tty03:33
anderskAny useful debugging information will be in /var/log/Xorg.0.log.03:34
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unavailableit says that X11 does not exist03:52
anderskThat's an odd error.  Is there more context?03:54
woody86well, everything seems to be working fine so far :)04:26
woody86before my comp restarted, it said to run /sbin/lilo but it says "Fatal: Cannot open: /etc/lilo.conf"04:28
naught101anyone know how I can see what partitions exist on my system without fdisk -l?07:40
pwnguinanyone else have a wierd problem where clicking on the bookmark menu in firefox opens the bookmark this page dialog?08:36
lucentI uh just re-covered my OS software recently from a Stupid Human Trick involving rm -fr and a space between '/' with the rest of the path08:47
lucentnow running Jaunty Alpha 2 for the ext4 support in its given Kernel and also for grub2 that has LVM + ext4 support in the repo08:48
lucentwhat's still bothering me are the broken apps which do something with ipv608:48
lucentnow that ipv6 is built-in to the kernel I can't work around by blacklisting the ipv6 module - any tips or advice for me?08:48
lucentoh, also wondering how do I do an Alternate install from USB stick08:53
lucentand if a fix has been released yet for X.org08:53
lucentseems that X.org introduced a bug with firefox such that links trigger unpredictable cursor behavior08:54
x1250lucent, no fix for X and firefox yet. There's a post on ubuntuforums.org that discusses the ipv6 problem.08:56
lucentx1250: mind linking?  I've seen a few posts, none address the exact cause of why DNS takes so freaking long to resolve and which apps are broken or why08:57
lucentmost are the tune of "well don't use it lol omg just recompile your kernel duh"08:58
x1250lucent, I you've read them, then you've read them... :)08:58
lucentI'm excited for encrypted home directories to make an introduction08:59
x1250lucent, have you tried using the usb-creator with the alternate iso?09:00
lucentx1250: yes, I have and the installer boots but it can't find the cdrom, which is a fatal error09:00
x1250mmm, maybe you should file a bug report on that.09:01
lucentif I switch to a console and do some mount trickery, then I get a little further, but it dies because it can't figure out the release code name09:01
lucentwhy? the image is a CD image, not a USB image09:01
x1250it can be whatever you want it to be, if you file a bug report.09:02
lucenthm.  I'd rather not pollute the bug tracker09:03
x1250well, your choice, but eventually someone will...09:03
lucentactually I'm hoping for a way to do an installation to a single LVM partition09:04
lucentto get my all-in-LVM setup I had to install the traditional way, then do my administration task from a livecd usb boot environment09:04
lucentit works though09:04
lucentx1250: what is the x.org / firefox bug anyways?09:05
lucentgrowing pains, or is it a regression09:06
x1250on the bug report someone said it was X's fault, and that a patch was available for the next release, but who knows... :)09:07
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rbrunhuberI have jaunty with the nv driver on a thinkpad t61p with nvidia quadro fx 570m. And i have massive problems with kde4.2.12:36
rbrunhuberThe run program and the kde start menu are no painted and a lot of pictures in firefox are not shown. can anyone confirm this?12:37
BUGabundo_workrbrunhuber: there is no suporte for proprieatry drivers currently on jaunty12:37
rbrunhuberBUGabundo_work: I know that is why I'm using the "nv" and not the "nvidia" driver.12:39
BUGabundo_workmiss read12:39
rbrunhuberBUGabundo_work: That is also the problem with my google queries. Google seems to treat the two terms like synonyms12:40
Hewpwnguin: bug 18731313:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 187313 in firefox "[MASTER] right click (with button release) might activate random popup-menu-item" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18731313:05
k4_is this the dev channel for ubuntu ?14:16
BUGabundo_workk4_: yes14:22
k4_my atheros card does not work anymore with 9.04 , is this the right place ?14:23
k4_the ath9k driver does not support it, and 2.6.28 does not have the ath5k driver anymore14:23
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jnubuntuwhen i try to update ubuntu, it asks me to REMOVE upstart, ubuntu-minamil, startup-tasks, system-services.16:13
jnubuntuand asks me to install sysvinit16:13
BUGabundo_workjnubuntu: don't FORCE the upgrade!16:14
BUGabundo_workuse update-manager to upgrade safely16:15
BUGabundo_workand don't do parcial updates!!!16:15
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mvojnubuntu: with what tool do you get this?16:17
mvojnubuntu: jaunty? or intrepid? or intrepid->jaunty?16:17
BUGabundo_workI think its Xorg mess!16:18
jnubuntuapt-get upgrade doesn't try to remove those or install sysvinit16:24
Cpudan80Hello all17:00
Cpudan80I am currently working on Interpid -- but I need to download the source for wpa_supplicant for JJ17:00
Cpudan80how can I do that...?17:00
unavailableallright, yesterday... i noted that the xorg broke my nvidia, and someone here directed me to a beta nvidia.18:28
unavailablethat broke x18:28
unavailabletotally,   startx  results in an invalid path error18:29
CarlFKunavailable: pretty sure x/nvid needs an update from nvid18:38
unavailableyes but how do I update from cli without x??18:39
CarlFKi have a gf2, needs v96.  I was told downgrade x or wait for nv to release a new binary18:39
CarlFKunavailable: my guess: apt-get install xorg18:39
unavailableno net connection18:39
CarlFKI think that will un install the conflicting nvidia package18:39
unavailableeven though the cable is in18:39
CarlFKifup eth018:40
CarlFKmore guessing, but this is the stuff I would try...18:40
unavailablei think i'm just gonna drop back down to intrepid for a while...18:40
unavailablethere's nothing too important on that install anyway.18:41
CarlFKdo you know if the nv driver will let me switch to the svid port?18:41
CarlFKdon't need both ports, just the svid is fine18:41
x1250Cpudan80, you need to add the jaunty "main" repository to /etc/apt/sources.list, then: apt-get update && apt-get -t jaunty source wpasupplicant. But if you really don't need the source and just the deb package (binary), then do a: apt-get -t jaunty install wpasupplicant19:39
x1250Cpudan80, you may need to add other jaunty repositories, depending on wpasupplicant dependencies, and where are they (in what repo)19:41
x1250oh, I missed sudo.19:43
Cpudan80I figured that much19:43
Cpudan80But that sounds dangerous19:43
Cpudan80as I am on an Intrepid install and dont want to break it19:43
x1250well, its the safest way of getting a jaunty deb package... :)19:45
x1250Cpudan80, note that doing all of that will not upgrade your box to jaunty. To get a package from jaunty you need to use the "-t jaunty" part, so it is pretty safe. It will only get wpasupplicant and its dependencies.19:53
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karlpi can't get flash to work20:10
karlpi do aptitude reinstall flashplugin-nonfree and i get this20:11
karlpdownload or license refused20:11
karlpThe Flash plugin is NOT installed.20:11
x1250karlp, what version of flashplugin-nonfree ? apt-cache policy flashplugin-nonfree20:12
karlphmm, aptitude purge flashplugin-nonfree and aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree seemed to install it20:13
karlpi'll see if firefox works with any flash sites (i.e. youtube) again20:13
karlpit's the latest one. ubuntu3 or something20:13
karlpnvm works now20:14
karlpanyway, i don't get why ubuntu does these releases. i always have breakage with every update, so i just try (in spite of all warnings contrary) to use the latest20:14
lucentkarlp: I would do dpkg-reconfigure flashplugin-nonfree20:15
karlpi used to stick with the 6 month releases but i got burned by dapper -> edgy, then again from edgy -> feisty (to a lesser degree). feisty -> hardy was a lot better, but i was hoping for kde 4.1 so i went with hardy -> intrepid almost immediately20:15
Picikarlp: If you are using Jaunty (Which is what this channel is for) then you should be expecting breakage.20:15
karlpintrepid -> jaunty at least looks a lot nicer20:15
lucentkarlp: or apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree; apt-get remove --purge flashplugin-nonfree20:15
lucentlooks nicer?20:16
lucentit looks the same20:16
karlper, kde at least. i don't use gnome20:16
karlpanyway problem resolved, back to work20:16
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