idroHey All00:39
idroSo basically I wanna make some cool artwork but not to sure where to go. any advice ?00:40
_MMA_"_Only_ if you don't record with a JACK application, 16 and 24 bit integer formats are also acceptable." HUH!? :) Um, why?17:31
_MMA_(mostly the 1st part)17:32
thorwil_MMA_: if it comes in via jack, it already is 32 bit float17:33
thorwil_MMA_: i want to avoid conversions17:33
thorwilsomeone recording with Ardour and sending me a 16bit integer export would be ... unfortunate17:34
_MMA_Well that's up to them. Just the blanket JACK statement struck me funny. :)17:35
* _MMA_ sticks his finger in kwwii's nose.19:54

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