PrivateVoidhello pleia201:30
pleia2hey PrivateVoid01:30
PrivateVoidTomorrow night is the big night, heh?01:30
PrivateVoidpleia2, are you running the US LoCo team now?01:35
pleia2nah, it's sort of leaderless01:35
pleia2eightyeight was trying to take charge, but he's been busy with life lately01:35
PrivateVoidah... notice you changed some stuff....01:35
PrivateVoidI can assist -- if needed...01:35
PrivateVoidjust let me know.01:36
PrivateVoidpleia2, just fixed one part of the menu for ya01:37
pleia2thanks :)01:37
pleia2I might email eightyeight tonight, people are sorta getting antsy to get things rolling again01:37
PrivateVoidjust let me know... always willing to lend a hand01:38
PrivateVoidpleia2, will you be there tomorrow night?01:38
pleia2at the Americas Council meeting?01:38
PrivateVoidWe got our first newsletter out for NY01:38
PrivateVoidpleia2, yes, at the membership meeting01:39
PrivateVoidCool... I am looking forward to it with nervous anticipation01:39
somaunnproblem: W: GPG error: http://security.ubuntu.com intrepid-security Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>08:29
somaunncan someone help me resolve this08:31
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pusselgenerator /join #ubuntu-offtopic16:20
jribaptitude search '~i~nlinux-restrict'20:17
jribwoli: purge all that along with the two nvidia packages from before20:19
wolijrib, just for you to know, this is the current status of the issue http://paste.ubuntu.com/101266/20:19
wolijrib, from the restricted modules, there are three packages: 19, 21 and 2220:21
jribwoli: you are purging the 5 packages you got from http://paste.ubuntu.com/101264/20:21
woliok, I chose to purge the common one, and they are all getting removed.20:21
jribwoli: k20:22
jribI wanted you to actually purge them though20:22
woliwell, I purged one and they all got removed. Now, I purge the one in  aptitude search '~i~nnvidia' ?20:23
jribwoli: sure purge the others you got20:24
wolijrib, new status: http://paste.ubuntu.com/101270/20:24
jribwoli: it's not time to test anything yet.  Did you purge everything including the two nvidia packages?20:25
wolijrib, done purging.20:25
woliit was only one package...20:25
jribnvidia-kernel-common and nvidia-glx-new20:26
woliIt was not there this time. Legacy was instead.20:26
jribthat's impossible20:26
woliUh, no it was not sorry.20:26
woliIt just appeared as autocomplettion.20:26
woliso, done purging.20:27
jribwoli: ok, now 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new'20:27
woli!who | woli20:29
ubot5woli, please see my private message20:29
wolijrib (just pinging)20:29
jribok.  Now run 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg' and then 'sudo nvidia-xconfig'20:29
wolidont worry, I am alerted whenever someone posts a message in this channel.20:30
wolijrib, it asks me if I want to use the kernel framebuffer device.20:30
jribwoli: meh, try with 'no' for now.  You can do it over later and change it if you want20:32
wolijrib, em... it tells me to choose a keyboard but there are no options.20:34
jribwoli: you ran 'sudo nvidia-xconfig' afterwards?20:35
wolijrib, http://paste.ubuntu.com/101276/20:36
jribwoli: add a driver line and run nvidia-xconfig again I guess20:37
jribDriver "nv"20:37
woliI add it to the xorg?20:37
jribsure in the section "Configured Video Device"20:38
jribI assume xorg.conf wasn't changed by nvidia-xconfig20:38
wolijrib, this is my new xorg conf.. it doesn't have that part http://paste.ubuntu.com/101279/20:39
jribok, it just created its own I guess20:39
jribwoli: seems ok, reboot20:40
wolilow-graphics mode again.20:44
wolijrib, no drivers in use either in the hardware drivers20:45
woliusing vesa.20:45
jribwoli: pastebin 'lsmod | grep nvidia' and '/var/log/Xorg.0.log'20:45
jribwoli: did you install drivers manually or use envy before by the way?20:46
wolibefore, I had used envy once.20:46
wolibefore that, I installed them with the Hardware Drivers20:46
woliShould I uninstall the ones envy installed?20:46
jribwoli: yes20:46
wolilsmod grep thing returns nothing.20:46
jribyou don't have an nvidia module being loaded20:47
woliis that sarcasm?20:47
jribno, I mean we understand what the current problem is20:47
jribanyway, remove the envy one20:47
jribapt-cache policy nvidia-glx-new20:47
woliIt says that it is going to remove the glx new one...20:47
wolinow it is installing something mesa lib1gl or such20:48
woliI don't know why an uninstallation should download something.20:49
wolijrib, http://paste.ubuntu.com/101284/20:49
jribwoli: is envy done?20:49
woliNo.. it is still downloading a package.20:49
jribnvidia-glx-new was supposed to be installed before?  Did you try and it failed or just forgot to install?20:50
woliI installed it.20:50
wolienvyng uninstalled it.20:50
woli33% of download...20:51
jribI have no idea what envy does, I just know it was never really a good solution20:51
woliubuntu should have JUST ONE software installer.20:51
woliI posted an idea to the brainstorm to merge the synaptic with the add/remove20:52
wolihope it gets approved.20:52
jribwell those are okay imo, synaptic is just like advanced mode of add/remove.  In the end they are both just frontends to apt20:53
woliwell, but I have applications that appear installed in one of them, but not on the other.20:53
jribthat's a bug then20:53
woliI really want to thank you for helping me with this.20:55
jribnp, I'm grading papers anyway so need a distraction :)20:56
woliAre you a professor?20:56
jribnah, grad student20:56
woliOperation complete. Would you like to restart your computer?20:57
jribwoli: install nvidia-glx-new first20:58
wolidone. reboot?20:58
wolior should I xconfig again instead?20:59
jribwoli: just check your xorg.conf to make sure it's still using nvidia20:59
wolijrib, using nv...20:59
jribwoli: k, run nvidia-xconfig21:00
woliit finally ran errorless21:00
jribk, reboot21:00
wolixorg.conf alright, rebooting...21:01
wolilow graphics mode again.21:04
jriblsmod | grep nvidia21:04
wolino output.21:04
jribapt-cache policy nvidia-glx-new21:04
wolihold on.21:04
jribwhat does 'sudo modprobe nvidia' do?21:05
wolijrib, FATAL: Error running install command for nvidia21:07
jribwoli: I'd purge those package we purged before and install it again as having the envy driver installed may have messed things up21:08
wolijrib, oh man21:49
jribwoli: eh?21:49
wolithe power went off for a while.21:49
jriboh, fun21:49
wolilook, I was wondering if I should instead run the xorg,conf reset command and then just install the drivers from the Hardware Drivers tools.21:50
jribwoli: hardware drivers is just going to install nvidia-glx-new anyway21:51
jribit's easier to troubleshoot using apt imo21:51
jribwoli: you can try of course.  See if the nvidia module gets loaded21:51
wolibut back in the days when I was installing my wacom, I messed up with the xorg a couple of times, and that was the way I fixed it.21:51
woliI will try, and if it does not work, I'll get back to you.21:51
woliwhich was the xorg.conf reset command?21:52
woliah nvm.21:52
wolijrib, FINALLY.21:56
wolisolved low-graphics mode problem and resolution.21:56
woliMonitor is now detected.21:56
wolisudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg21:57
wolinow, graphics drivers are not enabled i think.21:57
wolibut, my screen is slightly moved to the left.21:58
wolijrib : pinging.21:58
wolijrib, lsmod has still no output.22:00
jribthen we haven't really changed anything, you're just using nv for the driver22:01
jribI'd do the whole purge restricted and nvidia dance again since envy may have interfered before22:02
wolipurging legacy (it appeared in autocompletion again, so just to check) and new.22:03
jriband nvidia-kernel-common or whatever22:04
woliah ok22:04
wolinot installed, so not removed.22:04
wolinow, should i proceed with the glx-new?22:05
jriband linux-restricted*?22:05
jribspecifically, linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r) is purged?22:05
wolinot installed, so not removed.22:06
jribls -al /lib/linux-restricted-modules22:08
wolino such file or directory.22:08
jribk, you have a clean xorg.conf?22:09
jribie after running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg22:09
woliwhat next?22:10
wolicommand not found.22:12
wolishould i install glx new?22:12
wolii think there was a command to enable the drivers...22:15
jribmeh, it created its own now.  That's fine.  Let's see if nvidia gets loaded on reboot now22:15
wolimonitor is screwed up again/22:19
jriblsmod | grep nvidia22:20
jribis what we care about22:20
wolithe identifier in the xorg config is device0... shouldn't it be Configured Video Device?22:20
wolino output.22:20
woliits using vesa again.22:21
jribwoli: modprobe nvidia  throws errors still?22:26
wolijrib, check out this draft of xorg i made22:26
woliFATAL: Error running install command for nvidia22:26
jribwoli: xorg.conf isn't the problem.  If the nvidia module isn't getting loaded, xorg.conf isn't related22:27
jribwoli: uname -r22:27
woliwell, but xorg does affect my monitor.22:27
jribwoli: sudo depmod -a22:28
woliok, but first, i think you want to take a look at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/101345/22:29
wolirunning depmod..22:29
wolino output.22:29
jribwoli: sudo modprobe nvidia22:29
wolisame error.22:30
jribthere's this bug https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20/+bug/106217 but /lib/linux-restricted-modules/.nvidia_new_installed didn't exist before right?22:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 106217 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22 "Hidden file does not get removed when switching from nvidia-glx-new/nvidia-glx-legacy to nvidia-glx causing X not to start due to mismatch of versions" [High,Fix released]22:30
wolijrib, have you read this page? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia22:31
jribwoli: once upon a time, why?22:31
wolinah, just wondering if we should follow it.22:32
jribwoli: don't see anything there except depmod22:33
woliI removed all envyng packages.22:33
woliIt says there in the page that if one has used envyng, the hardware drivers will not interact.22:33
jribwoli: does it give a solution?22:34
wolibut jrib, i think I should download the restricted modules for it to work.22:34
jribthose are installed when you install nvidia-glx-new22:34
jribdon't follow this, but it's probably the same issuehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95077722:35
wolisorry, but the restricted modules weren't installed. I'm installing them.22:36
woliwe missed it there I guess...22:36
jribwhat exactly are you installing?22:36
woliIf the restricted driver remains unactivated after attempting to activate it in the Hardware Drivers dialog, you may not have the appropriate linux headers installed to compile the driver. Ensure that the linux-headers-XXX and linux-restricted-modules-XXX packages are installed, where XXX matches the version of the kernel you are using (linux-image-XXX).22:36
jribyou should have linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r) installed22:36
jriblinux-restricted-modules just pulls in those packages22:37
woliWell, linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-22-generic was not installed.22:37
jribthat's not possible22:37
jribnot if it was purged before and nvidia-glx-new installed22:37
woliWell, apt-get is downloading it right now.22:37
woliI did purged it22:37
wolitake a look at this, jrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/101347/22:38
woliThe card has now appeared again in the Hardware drivers.22:39
jriblsmod | grep nvidia22:39
wolino output.22:39
jribmodprobe nvidia22:39
wolisame error.22:40
jribsudo depmod -a22:41
jribmodprobe nvidia22:41
wolisame error.22:41
woliwhat does modprobe do?22:41
jribtries to load the module22:42
woliahh.. now i understand.22:42
wolithe module is not loadable. I know you knew that hehe.22:42
jribsudo insmod /lib/modules/[version]/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.ko22:42
woliSo, which module is it? nvidia-glx-new or what?22:42
jribsee if that works22:42
jribreplace [version] with whatever22:43
woliit threw no output.22:44
jriblsmod | grep nvidia22:44
jribyou seem to be having the same issue here then: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=950777 There's a workaround there with commenting a line in /etc/modprobe.d/lrm-video, but you should see if you can find a bug for it in bugs.ubuntu.com and see if there is a better solution22:46
woliso, should I not try that one?22:47
jribwoli: trying it to see if it works is okay.  I would just make sure there isn't a better solution before settling on it.  But if it does work, then you know more about the problem22:48
wolimodprobe returns no errors now.22:51
jribyou can try starting X if you have your xorg.conf setup for nvidia22:51
wolijrib, does that mean nvidia-xconfig?22:51
woli+ relog22:51
woliso relog/reboot?22:52
jribjust 'sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start'22:52
woli * Starting GNOME Display Manager...                                     [ OK ]22:53
wolinothing else happened.22:53
jribgo to tty722:53
woliwhat is that?22:53
jribwhere are you typing commands now?22:54
wolidamn i've spent all day fixing this.22:54
jribsudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart    then.  (bye)22:54
wolisame ting.22:57
* jrib refuses to believe22:57
woliLook, this is the real deal.22:58
woliI am going to get a new computer by tomorrow.22:58
woliThis one goes to my brother, who doesn't know if he wants ubuntu.22:58
woliI think I will just reinstall the whole ubuntu.22:58
woliIf he doesn't want it, then Ill wipe it out.22:58
woligoing to do a restart22:59
PrivateVoidI just ordered my new rig23:07
PrivateVoidgotta wait for it to be delivered...23:07
PrivateVoidand they list the shipping date as the 16th23:07
PrivateVoidwhole lotta anticipation23:07
wolijrib, hey.23:20
woliWell, I guess today is almost gone,.23:20
woliI will worry no more about this problem for I will reinstall/remove ubuntu from this computer, to install windows xp maybe. My brother is not very wise in that.23:21
woliI will recieve my new computer tomorrow afternoon, and till then, I will hold myself from all computer activities.23:21
woliThen the new age will begin.23:21

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