[NikO]hi there08:52
[NikO]anyone available for a cloak ? :)08:57
jussi01[NikO]: for you?08:58
Rafik[NikO]: congratulations!09:00
jussi01[NikO]: if its for you, then you should know to post your LP page here... :D09:01
[NikO]thanks jussi01 :)09:01
jpdsjussi01: Can you take a look at the requests above too? :)09:55
jussi01jpds: Im not a gcs, youll need nalioth or PriceChild09:55
jpdsZic: 'jour.09:55
jpdsjussi01: You're not?09:55
Zicjpds: bonjour :)09:55
jussi01jpds: not that Ive been notified of...09:56
McPeter[NikO], i post mine too :)10:08
[NikO]congrats McPeter10:08
* [NikO] hides10:08
McPetereu ... s/[NikO]/jussi0110:08
McPeter[NikO], rhoo10:08
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[NikO]is someone is available to put ubuntu/member cloak ?17:04
[NikO]Gary perhaps ? :)17:05
Gary[NikO]: you need to talk to nalioth17:06
[NikO]ok. sorry for the hl17:06
jpds[NikO]: hl?17:11
jpdsAh, thought so.17:11
nalioth[NikO]: what is your LP page?18:16
[NikO]and for mcpeter18:22
[NikO]pong nalioth :)18:28
[NikO]lag ? :)18:48
Rafik[NikO]: whois yourself, you already got the cloak :)18:49
[NikO]sorry :)18:49
McPeterthamks nalioth19:46
MichaelGodawskihello any irc council here :)22:36
McPeterhi MichaelGodawski ... ask nalioth for your cloak22:37
MichaelGodawskiwill de McPeter thx22:38
MichaelGodawskihey nalioth :) can you please activate my ubuntu cloak?22:38
McPeterMichaelGodawski, re - give your launchpad page to nalioth22:38
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MichaelGodawskiok one sec22:40
MichaelGodawskinalioth, here my lp site:  https://launchpad.net/~michael.godawski22:42
McPeternow you must wait :)22:46
McPeternalioth, maybe away22:47
MichaelGodawskiok McPeter will wait :)22:48
McPeter-NickServ- Last addr  : n=michael@ubuntu/member/michaelgodawski22:49
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McPeteri chcek your nick info now and i see it22:50
McPeter/ns info MichaelGodawski22:51

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