asacfta: thats a new patch00:03
asacwe still have the review+ one00:03
asacsunil is the spicebird guy iirc00:03
asacfta: do you log every channel you join?00:06
asacfta: do you have the workshop logs?00:06
asacat UDS?00:06
asachmm ... maybe that was here?00:06
asacwhen was that?00:06
ftait was here00:06
asac11th dec?00:07
asacor 12th?00:07
fta11&12 dec00:07
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/100681/00:40
asacwhat woud that be?00:44
asac's/\+nobin.*//' ?00:44
ftano need, already covered00:45
ftafta@ix:~ $ echo 1.9.1~b3~hg20090103r22626+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~fta2 | sed -e 's/\+.*//' -e 's/~\([^~]*\).*/\1pre/'00:45
ftafta@ix:~ $ echo | sed -e 's/\+.*//' -e 's/~\([^~]*\).*/\1pre/'00:45
asacif i have to do 1.9.1+1+nobinonly?00:45
asacnot sure if its an issue ;) ... or if we want what is before first + anyway00:46
asacbut at least we should think a minute ;)00:46
ftait's fine, we want 1.9.1, not 1.9.1+100:46
asacyes ... and main use case for +1 would be later fixup of tarball ... in which case upstreawm version still is 1.9.100:47
asacfta: why not just do this on upgrade00:48
asacon upgrade can we see files of old package or not?00:48
asacthen just do that on upgrade00:50
asacand dig the accurate gre version from the "old" files00:50
asacfta: hmm ... actually this all reminds me that we should consider to add a new location in /usr/share/gre.d or something00:54
asacmaybe such a location exists?00:54
ftawhat for?00:54
asacfor the "in package" shipped conf files00:55
asac /etc is ment for admins ... not for packages00:55
asacas we can see with all the troubles we have00:56
asacso in perfect world, xul would look at ~/.gre.d/ /etc/gre.d/ /usr/share/gre.d/00:56
asacin that order00:56
asacah of course the env MOZ_GRE=/... is first00:56
fta/etc/gre.d/ is not our choice in the 1st place, it comes from upstream00:58
ftabut you're right, it's ugly00:58
asacyes i know ... thats why we need an upstream patch00:59
ftabut issues with /etc management are only debian based. we'll have to convince benjamin that it's wanted for everyone01:00
ftai can smell the r- from here :P01:01
asacis first01:02
asacseems to be on UNIX01:03
asacthen ~/.gre.config01:03
asacthen ~/.gre.d/*.conf01:03
ftaaren't the files only legacy?01:04
asaci dont suggest /usr/share/gre.conf ;) ... just gre.d01:04
RainCTI'm uploading adblock-plus 1.0 to Jaunty right now. Would be good if someone could test it once it has built :)01:11
asacfta: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100698/ ;)01:11
asacerr, more like http://paste.ubuntu.com/100699/01:12
asacstill -01:12
asacfta: what does redhat/suse do about /etc stuff?01:12
asacjust wipe everything on upgrade?01:12
asacRainCT: i guess a bunch of people use it :)01:15
asaci think i use it too01:15
asacso will just take  bit ;)01:15
ftaasac, no idea01:18
crimsunfta: (sorry to cut in; themuso and i are working on getting nightlies built of pulseaudio, alsa-lib, and alsa-plugins so it'll be easier to test for regressions)01:19
RainCTwell, I'm off now. Good night!01:24
ftame too, not enough sleep last night01:25
=== rzr is now known as rZr
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/100931/09:32
ftaobviously, it should be simpler09:36
asacfta: how about shipping the test_harness?09:47
asace.g. the test_all.sh09:47
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asacfta: Bug 312353 seems fixed according to bug10:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312353 in xorg-server "improper mouse hover behavior with links" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31235310:18
whiteasac: pop/imap ssl, pop, smtp, smtp/ssl, dragging messages within imap and into it, encryption/decryption/signing with enigmail works10:20
whitepreference tabs look ok to me10:20
whitenow i just need to find the config switch to change the language :)10:21
asacwhite: install a langpack and export LANG=you_LANG10:29
asacthen start10:29
whiteasac: one minor thing10:29
whiteasac: when i install all packages (except -dev and -dbg) i got a bit of an ugly gui part10:29
whitein one of the preference tabs10:29
whitebut it doesn't exist, if i only have icedove installed10:29
whiteasac: language pack works, tested with German10:32
asacopen all preference tabs and so on10:35
asacif thats good, you are ready to go i guess10:35
fta2<asac>  fta: how about shipping the test_harness? <= hm, i think i do ship test_harness10:35
whiteasac: so far so good, i'll do my debdiffing now over the binary packages10:35
whiteasac: do you want to have a last look over the advisory?10:35
asacwhite: no. looked good yesterday10:36
whiteok :)10:36
whitei'll do last checks and then upload, it will take a few days to get all archs i guess :/10:36
whiteasac: uploaded10:50
asacwhite: iceape also there now11:08
whiteasac: FTBFS on s390 :/11:08
whiteasac: http://paste.debian.net/25356/11:10
whiteasac: also i think we still should get a CVE id for mfsa2008-59, what do you think?11:16
asacwhite: s390 is known to be broken11:17
asacwhite: the porters replaced the machine that was initially used for etch with something new11:17
asacsince then some s390 guy does binary uploads for security11:17
asacread the team@ archive or ask jmm what to do11:18
asac(background: etch was released with s390 ... now security builder is s390x arch)11:18
whiteah got the thread on team@, thanks11:19
asacyeah ... thats what i thought too11:19
asacespecially since they thought "thats probably 100% compatible" and didnt even tell the security team11:19
asacuntil icedove and friends blew up ;)11:19
whiteasac: 12:16 < white> asac: also i think we still should get a CVE id for mfsa2008-59, what do you think?11:20
asaclet me check my data again11:20
whiteasac: re s390: wow, i mean wooooooow. I didn't read it carefully enough back then, but now i am somehow shocked11:23
asacwhite: ok i asked11:24
asac(on advisory)11:24
asacon sec list it was confirmed twice that -59 is the CVE ... asked if -47 is the same now11:24
asacprobably get back an answer in a few hours11:24
asacwhite: yeah. s390 is a mess11:25
asacwe should not allow archs for which the builders are not under physical control most likely11:25
asacat least not official11:25
whiteasac: yeah, in my notes I had MFSA 2008-59 and MFSA 2008-47 as the same issue, for both CVE-2008-4582 is valid11:30
whiteasac: although the description of CVE-2008-4582 is missleading as it reads like only windows is affected11:30
asaclets see11:31
asacthe redhat advisory guy is super responsive11:31
whitewho is it?11:31
[reed]B-something another?11:31
[reed]something like Brussels, but that's not it11:32
[reed]can't remember his name11:32
[reed]Josh Bressers11:32
[reed]that's it11:32
whiteah yeah, he's great :)11:32
asacJosh Bressers11:33
asacyeah ;)11:33
asacgreat guy11:33
asacnever sticks his head in the grounds ;)11:33
[reed]go him :)11:33
[reed]hmm, I was going to do something11:34
[reed]I can't remember what11:34
asac[reed]: wade through the wealth sg: bugs ;)11:34
asac(not through the backdoor ;))11:34
[reed]ah, now I remember11:36
[reed]I was going to land a patch11:36
[reed]yeah, something I wrote11:37
[reed]modifying default bookmarks11:37
[reed]all boring11:37
[reed]but needed to be done :)11:37
asac_the_bumberbumb quick!11:52
asacasac_the_bumber: what piece?12:05
whiteasac: ok, it looks like I'll do the iceape DSA as well13:50
asacnice ;)13:57
asacthats how it is ... once someone new wants to help out, the old crew - burned out as it is - leaves the ship :)13:58
whiteasac: this will be a shared adventure in the future, i can assure you ;)13:58
whiteasac: but for this round, I'll do it :)13:59
whiteasac: i wouldn't want to exclude all the other sec members from ice* fun :)13:59
asacyeah ... try to be hard about it :)14:05
asachistory shows that i burn out sec members rather quickly ;)14:06
asacwhite: has eric uploaded iceweasel yet?14:06
asacmozilla bug 39461014:07
ubottuMozilla bug 394610 in Password Manager "Content can corrupt stored passwords by injecting line breaks" [Critical,Verified: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39461014:08
whitedoes it have a CVE id?14:08
whiteasac: don't think so, but i am thinking about icedove/iceape now first :)14:09
asacthe bug above?14:09
asacyes ... but its fixed long time14:09
asacdolske: ;) can you rubber stamp 394610 please14:09
whiteasac: any news regarding CVE-2008-4582 aka MFSA 2008-47/MFSA 2008-59 yet?14:11
asacwhite: i will let you know once we know ;)14:12
asacsince  CVE-2008-4582 was already marked fixed14:12
asacin -4714:12
asacwe can probably leave it out of this adivory (just anme the MFSA for now)14:12
asacor lets wait till builds have finished to decide14:12
asaci am quite sure i get an answer soon14:12
whiteasac: now to the iceape advisory text :)14:14
whiteasac: i can probably just use the changelog as an indication, right?14:15
asacwhite: yes. the changelog is done with care14:16
asacso the CVEs/MFSAs are ok (except the one in question for -59 of course)14:17
ubottuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: January 06 2009, 14:35:56 - Next meeting: Server Team in 1 hour 24 minutes14:33
fta2Bug 31012614:56
ubottuBug 310126 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/310126 is private14:57
asacfta2: ok fennec now gets LICENSE file in upstream hg15:19
whiteasac: have to go offline now, will finish the iceape advisory tomorrow and get back to you about the DSAs16:58
asacsure. thanks!16:58
Jazzvaasac: ping17:53
Jazzvaa quick question about UIDs .. the chance that two extensions/programs get very similar UID are really low, right?17:54
Jazzvavery similar == differ in one character17:54
asaci think its many times more likely to get a collision if you remove one char17:55
asacthe growth is somehow exponential i would say17:56
asacbut thats just a guess ;) ... complexity theory is long ago17:56
JazzvaI'm asking because the guy that mailed us on the mailing list uses the ID that is very similar to FF's ID. So, I think that maybe he has the wrong FF ID in install.rdf, and that he is using it as the ID for his own extension in debian/rules. I'll just ask for a full paste of install.rdf. Thanks :)17:58
asacJazzva: oh. well if thats the case it shoudlnt matter17:59
asacthough people manually starting with ff id more likely end up with collision17:59
asacbut well17:59
asacif he has a chance to change that tell him to use the new syntax17:59
Jazzvawell, if he uses the wrong ID for FF, FF won't recognize the extension (that's at least my guess)17:59
asacthis gives him a good namespace and will prevent him from getting collisions17:59
Jazzvathanks, I will...18:00
asac[reed]: so who is best for js/ build system related superreview?18:18
[reed]js doesn't require sr18:19
[reed]r is enough18:19
[reed]jim's not technically a peer... let me double-check that his review is sufficient18:20
asac[reed]: ted forwarded to him18:20
asacits a fall out from 46758318:20
[reed]ah, then probably so18:20
[reed]I just asked crowder18:20
asac[reed]: why is brendan listed as js superreveiwer if js doesnt require it ;) ... http://www.mozilla.org/hacking/reviewers.html18:21
[reed]look under Exceptions18:21
[reed]"The JavaScript engine, like NSPR, is a closed CVS  partition containing mature code, with dependencies only on another closed CVS partition (NSPR). Module owner review suffices to change JS code."18:21
asacinteresting ... yeah. was tricked by the "js" in the superreviewers list18:21
asac[reed]: module owner review ... but ted isnt module owner i guess ;)?18:23
[reed]normal module-based review18:24
[reed]is what that means18:24
[reed]doesn't mean you have to get mo review18:25
asacok ;) ... but it reads different18:26
[reed]yeah, I know18:26
[reed]asac: you're go for landing18:29
[reed]either land it yourself or add checkin-needed keyword18:29
[reed]make sure you follow proper tree rules when landing if you do it yourself18:29
sebnerasac: do you know what's the name of the new of this new kompozer replacement things?18:32
sebnerweird sentence xD18:32
asacsebner: heh?18:32
asaci actually thought kompozer was the new one ;)18:32
sebnerasac: nah, it's outdated (2007)18:32
sebnerasac: fta found something new18:33
sebnerbut nothing stable yet18:33
asaci know its outdated ;) still i thought it was the "newer" one18:33
sebnerasac: newer als nvu18:33
asacprobably a resurrection as a xulapp18:33
sebnerbut there is something new in work18:33
asacnewer or better than nvu?18:33
sebnerasac: well, not stable yet but definately new18:33
sebnerbesides .. nvu is 200518:34
sebnerso everything is newer18:34
asacprobably not seamonkey-composer ;)18:34
asactechnically newer, but didnt really get new features for ages18:35
sebnernope, AFAIK something else18:35
sebnerfta will know when he is back18:35
sebnerasac: might be http://www.bluegriffon.org/18:37
asacmaybe ;)18:38
asaci am happy if i dont need to touch any HTML ;)18:38
asacmozilla Bug 46054818:40
ubottuMozilla bug 460548 in Build Config "Port |Bug 450983 - use leakThreshold for SeaMonkey testers| to Firefox" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46054818:40
ftasebner, yes, bluegriffon18:53
ftai didn't touch that in a while18:57
ftalast time i did, i posted 4 patches upstream, they rejected them as dupe because someone was already working on that18:58
fta..for about a year18:59
ftayet, not a single patch was ever produced19:00
sebnerfta: but upstream is still active?19:03
ftai suppose so, yes19:04
ftai can update my package but now, they finally produce some code to replace mine, but i need to patch it again19:04
asacfta: thats a joy ;) ... but there is also good new ... at least we got a r+ on the libxul patch ;)19:05
ftaasac, yep, told you yesterday ;)19:05
asaci mean 471359 ... that was today19:05
asacalso 471474 seems to move after i proddec mfinkle19:06
ftamozilla bug 47135919:06
ubottuMozilla bug 471359 in Build Config "trunk build broken with "libxul.so: hidden symbol `deflate' isn't defined"" [Major,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=47135919:06
ftamozilla bug 47147419:06
ubottuMozilla bug 471474 in General "fennec/mobile-browser hg tree lacks LICENSE file in top-level directory" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=47147419:06
ftaoh, ok. \o/19:07
fta\   /19:07
fta \O/19:07
fta  |19:07
fta / \19:07
asacwow ... thats art ;)19:07
ftaah, you cut me in half19:07
asacbut not that bad :)19:08
asacat least here on the screen19:08
ftaoutside of the build tree, all my tests complain with uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80520006 (NS_ERROR_FILE_TARGET_DOES_NOT_EXIST) [nsIFile.normalize]"  nsresult: "0x80520006 (NS_ERROR_FILE_TARGET_DOES_NOT_EXIST)"  location: "JS frame :: ./_tests/xpcshell-simple/test_update/unit/head_update.js :: <TOP_LEVEL> :: line 320"  data: no]19:12
fta[pid  9663] lstat64("/usr/_tests", 0xbf9625dc) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)19:13
ftawhere does that /usr come from?19:14
=== Jazzva_ is now known as Jazzva
* asac_the_bumber waves19:15
asac_the_bumberasac: bumb, testing new xul patch for the sigbus19:15
* asac waves at armin19:15
asacam i subscribed to the bug with the new patch?19:15
asacasac_the_bumber: also better track ffox 3.2 from central trunk ;)19:16
asac_the_bumberyeah but i haven't posted it yet19:16
asacthought i missed a bugzilla mail again (which i would find bad)19:16
asac_the_bumberbesides its not mine, its from other of the gentoo devs of the sparc team :)19:16
wikzfta: you once said that project.mk files can be included in the debain dir itself outside mozilla-descripts, does that have a build dependency on 0.12~fta2 or will 0.10 also support that?19:18
ftait's > 0.1119:18
asacwikz: where do you need it?19:19
ftaso >= 0.12~fta119:19
asacfta: isnt that in intrepid?19:19
ftai need you to sponsor it19:19
asacfor intrepid?19:19
ftait's in main19:20
asacso you want me to upload to jaunty?19:20
asacwhen did you ask me last time ;)?19:20
ftayes, but it's not closed yet19:20
asacnot nice to omit details that make me feel guilty/lacking behind ;)19:21
wikzasac  to have a get-orig target and the binonly.sh stuff and all19:21
asacwikz: to make your own package without touching it, right?19:21
wikzasac: I decided to create a no bin only pkg like you guys do19:21
wikzwe don't have the bandwidth to support extra stuff :(19:22
asacwikz: i would suggest that you include it, but dont use other features then the orig stuff ... in that way you can produce orig on jaunty and all is fine19:22
ftai have a few packages already hosting their own mozclient files, ff 3.1 & 3.2, xul 1.9.1 & 1.9.2, fennec, xul-explorer, instantbird and bluegriffon19:25
wikzasac: but reviewers ask for a get-orig target and all that stuff and since we only host the spicebird code and not the entire TB trunk, I dunno how to create a get-orig target even with moz devscripts.19:25
ftaff anx xul could serve as examples19:25
wikzfta: I modified the tb3.conf files but the problem is we don't host the entire code. One needs to checkout mozilla_TAG_THUNDERBIRD_3_0a2_RELEASE ,then our trunk, merge them both. run a patch script. is it possible to do this with 0.10 ?19:27
asaci think thats what m-d-s is designed to do ... plumbering sources from many trees together19:28
asacand stirring around ;)19:28
ftaour ff fetches does something like that already, the 2nd branch is for the branding19:28
asaclater multi-multi-patchsets on the fly and taking  over the world from there19:28
asacthat should be a good start ;)19:29
wikzfta: I will look into ff3.conf, right ?19:29
ftalook for 3.1 or 3.219:29
ftadirectly in the ff branches, not in m-d19:29
wikzasac: lol, I am a python dev here and switching from python to perl to bash confuses the hell out of me19:30
wikzfta: alright19:30
wikzfta: we don't host any non free code, if you may want to host our conf files too at a later stage :P19:30
ftayou mean, your conf/mk files inside m-d ?19:32
ftathe plan is to remove them all from m-d19:32
wikzfta: oh and ...?19:32
ftahost them in each package19:32
wikzok ok19:33
ftaso when you want to update them, no need to update m-d19:33
wikzfta: MOZCLIENT_POSTCOCMD is the one right ?19:33
asacwikz: you probably need a bunch of vars19:33
fta+ 2 variables in debian/rules19:34
wikzfta: done those19:34
ftaMOZCLIENT_PROJECTDIR    := $(CURDIR)/debian/mozclient19:34
ftathat it19:34
wikz:) I read your readme19:35
ftagreat ;)19:35
ftayes MOZCLIENT_POSTCOCMD. it's a shell script.19:36
wikzasac: sunil was asking me if so many DEB_CONFIGURE_USER_FLAGS are really required. He generally doesn't like them.19:36
wikzfta: after installing, sb doesn't come up in the default mail apps or in the right click>send to menu! what could be the fix?19:42
asacwikz: we need speicific configure flags. a general statement doesnt help ;)19:50
wikzfta: will m-d 0.12 make it to debian testing also because I will eventually have to pursue that too?19:53
asaclenny? probably not19:55
asacwe should upload it once its released though19:55
asacyou never know when debian releases ;)19:55
wikzasac: lol19:57
wikz asac: if 0.12 has not made it to jaunty and I have a build dep on 0.12 it will essentially mean I'm stuck up till then?20:01
asacwikz: as i said: dont make it a build depend; just include it optionally in rules20:04
asacthen you just need to produce tarballs in jaunty20:04
asacbut can build everywhere20:04
wikzasac: okie dokie20:04
ftawikz, did it work?20:10
wikzstill dloading sources :)20:11
wikzfta: will let you know :)20:11
asacdamn ... experiencing long nfs hangs20:15
wikzfta: earlier in the day,  I ran lintian against my binary pkgs, http://paste.ubuntu.com/101260/ Can you suggest which ones I need to fix and which ones I can ignore20:16
ftadebian-changelog-file-is-a-symlink => i'd say ignore for ubuntu. *If* it was for main, we would care about every single byte for the CD. For universe, it doesn't matter much.20:18
asacThe tree is OPEN.However, 1 box is orange and 5 are burning, so this might not be a good time to check in -- check with the sheriff.20:18
ftaspelling-error-in-description: i usually fix that20:18
ftaimage-file-in-usr-lib: we don't care in ubuntu. it's too pedantic and too much work for the maintainer.20:19
asacin ubuntu we have a shaking automagic to replace equal files with symlinks20:20
asacso this debian-changelog- thing probably doesnt happen if built on debian20:20
[reed][02:18:52PM] <fta> spelling-error-in-description: i usually fix that <-- error in what?20:20
asac[reed]: package description ;)20:20
ftaexecutable-not-elf-or-script: bad; fix absolutely. look at my xul 1.9.1 branch for an example20:20
[reed]ah, whose fault?20:20
fta[reed], go back to sleep20:20
asac[reed]: lintian is a policy check tool that you can run against package binaries and sources20:20
[reed]it's 2:20pm!20:21
[reed]ah, lintian20:21
asac[reed]: and it spits out more or less sensible warnings/errors20:21
* [reed] goes back to work20:21
asac[reed]: ^^20:21
asaclike those ;)20:21
asacwikz: you can override the lintian warnings20:21
ftapostinst-has-useless-call-to-ldconfig: well, somewhat obscure. cdbs fault i would say, there's not much you can do20:21
asacyou have to include the #DEBHELPER# placeholder i think20:22
asacat the end of the file20:22
asacbut i think i already looked and that doesnt fix it20:22
ftamenu-icon-not-in-xpm-format: fix it20:22
wikzfta: definitely20:22
asacdo we ship .xpm for official branding?20:22
asaci think you can ignore it20:22
ftanot anymore20:22
asacat best ship it in .svg format ;)20:22
ftaxpm is deprecated upstream20:22
asacif possible you can add .xpm for really old systems20:23
asacsvg is the preferred format for modern menus20:23
ftayep, but moz ships png20:23
asacbut often hard to get ;)20:23
asacsure ... copyright reasons ;)20:23
asac(blind guess)20:23
wikzasac: prasad had plans of implemeting the entire calendar module in svg :) and scrap the lightning extension for sb20:24
tonyyarussosebner: BlueGriffon will replace KompoZer, but not until at least fall.20:24
wikzfta: thanks for the review20:24
ftaasac, care to look at my testsuite thing?20:25
* fta testing a wifi liveradio20:26
ftakind of nice20:27
asacwhite: so that thing turned out to be caused by MFSA shuffling20:28
asacwhite: -59 will get a CVE soon i think20:28
ftaasac, where is Components.classes defined?20:37
asacfta: nsComponentManager i would guess20:41
asacnot 100% sure how its mapped to JS20:41
ftatracking my bug20:41
BUGabundogood evening everyone!20:42
BUGabundofta: found a nice symptom20:42
BUGabundohaving only one browser open, and clicing on a link will just open a tab from the opened browser20:43
BUGabundoit used to open the default browser if it was closed, even if a diff version browser was open20:43
ftayes, same bug20:43
ftaone of the two from yesterday20:44
BUGabundoplus that that I mention on the email20:44
BUGabundothat x-www-broswser shows no 3.20:44
asacBUGabundo: one trick is to use a different profile name for 3.120:45
BUGabundolet me chek20:45
BUGabundosame name: "new"20:45
ftaasac, care to look at this one ? i mean, the Profile field ignored for concurrent versions20:49
ftaasac, otherwise, i'll revert my profile change. too bad, it was cleaner20:50
asacfta: i looked into it20:50
asacfta: its not a bug20:50
asacfta: it checks for the profile name20:50
asacnot the profile path20:50
asacprofile path would be a "new" feature20:50
asacprofile name == -> start firefox -P and create a new profile20:50
asacthe name you choose there is the name matched20:51
BUGabundolet me rename my profile for 3.020:51
BUGabundoand try some debuging20:51
ftaasac, you mean it look at Name, not profile name20:51
asacfta: so we need to add a new field "profile_path"20:51
asacfta: it looks at the profile name ;)20:51
asaclike "default", "test"20:51
asacmaybe its "name" in the struct20:51
asacfta: yes. thats not the profile used in the code20:52
asacso yes. its Name ;)20:52
asacerr no20:52
asacits not name20:52
ftait is used.20:52
asacits really profile :)20:52
BUGabundono change here20:52
asaclike what is in ~/.mozill/profiles.ini20:52
asacso wehave:20:52
asac1. Name20:52
asac2. Profile (e.g. the name "default" unless you use the profile manager to create a new one)20:53
asac3. (not) profile path (the Profile= variable parsed from application.ini)20:53
asacwriting a patch should be rather simplish20:53
asacbut r- most likely ;)20:53
ftahm, even in ff3.0, add a Profile=Foo/Bar, start it, it will create and use ~/.foo/bar20:54
asacwell ... we should match the full-path-to-profile i guess20:54
asacfta: nobody doubts that Profile is used20:54
BUGabundoasac: I tried your idea for weave, but can't make it login at all!20:54
asacfta: its just not the "profile" variable you see in XRemoteClient to find the firefox window ;)20:54
BUGabundono idea why, and labs mozilla forum or IRC didn't help20:54
asacfta: if you didnt even look at that code, then sorry for the confusion ;)20:54
asacfta: http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/widget/src/xremoteclient/XRemoteClient.cpp#45520:55
asacthats the code that finds the running app20:55
asacit lacks a match and a field in window for the profile path imo20:55
asacthat could even replace "profile" ... but i guess we need to keep it for legacy purpose20:55
asacthat aProfile is the name of the profile (e.g. "default" and not the Profile= from app.ini)20:56
asacBUGabundo: not sure what my idea was here20:58
BUGabundoasac: to sync diff profiles and diff PCS21:01
BUGabundoBUGabundo, it's likely you need to build the component yourself, yes.21:02
asacdont see anything in the forum there21:08
asacBUGabundo: what error are you getting?21:08
asacproblem loading hte component?=21:08
asacare you using i386?21:08
BUGabundo64 bits jaunty21:11
BUGabundoxpi (32 bits?) got installed! but nothing works!21:11
BUGabundoany click on any option will do nothing21:12
BUGabundoreading now on how to build 64 bits to install it21:12
asacBUGabundo: yes. thats expected21:12
asacthey dont have 64 bits most likely21:12
asacrun 32bit ffox21:12
* BUGabundo mumbles that's why 64 never takes off21:13
asacbuilding shouldnt be that hard21:13
BUGabundoasac: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Weave/Building21:16
BUGabundoasac: do I really need http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/xulrunner/nightly/latest-trunk/ ?21:18
BUGabundoor will the one I have installed (1.9.0,1.9.1 & 1.9.2) do?21:18
BUGabundoasac: fta: http://paste.ubuntu.com/101303/21:27
BUGabundocan you guys take a look21:27
ftayou need libnspr4-dev21:28
ftaand probably libnss3-dev too21:29
BUGabundofta: I have  both21:31
BUGabundoalready had them from when I instaled an older version21:31
ftathen you need to specify nspr-config --cflags somewhere21:34
ftain the Makefile21:34
BUGabundostupid question where?21:34
ftastupid answer: donno, i don't have your sources21:35
BUGabundoeasy anwser!21:35
BUGabundohg clone http://hg.mozilla.org/labs/weave21:36
ftai'm currently uploading something big21:36
BUGabundoit aint that big21:38
BUGabundobut I can wait21:38
asacBUGabundo: use pkg-config --cflags libxul nss21:42
asacand --libs21:42
asacfor both21:42
asacthe build instructions seem simple enough ;)21:42
BUGabundoyou have to go SLOWER than that21:43
BUGabundofor me to keep up21:43
ftain src/Makefile21:43
BUGabundoI did this21:43
BUGabundo make sdkdir=/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel- xpi21:43
BUGabundobut it failed so I changed to
BUGabundoand it worked up until those errors21:44
ftaedit src/Makefile, line 215, add at the end of the line  $(shell pkg-config --cflags libxul nss)21:44
BUGabundo"  libs := $(patsubst %,-l%,$(libs))" ?21:45
ftayes, this one21:45
BUGabundoyou missed a coma ','21:45
BUGabundo  libs := $(patsubst %,-l%,$(libs)),$(shell pkg-config --cflags libxul nss)21:45
ftaoops, not --cflags but --libs21:45
BUGabundotrying now21:45
ftano coma21:46
BUGabundo  libs := $(patsubst %,-l%,$(libs))$(shell pkg-config --libs libxul nss) ?21:46
ftawith a space in between21:46
BUGabundo  libs := $(patsubst %,-l%,$(libs)) $(shell pkg-config --libs libxul nss)21:46
ftaand line 222, add the version with --cflags21:47
BUGabundojust got the tail of the log21:47
ftaseems fine21:47
BUGabundo              -include xpcom-config.h $(headers) --cflags21:47
BUGabundono ?21:48
fta-include xpcom-config.h $(headers) $(shell pkg-config --cflags libxul nss)21:48
BUGabundo              -include xpcom-config.h $(headers) $(shell pkg-config --cflags libxul nss)21:48
BUGabundosuccess weave-0.2.96.xpi built21:49
BUGabundodo I need to remove the old one ?21:49
BUGabundofta: any idea why firefox is failing to restart from the addon button?21:50
BUGabundoit just closes!21:50
BUGabundoahhh Segmentation fault21:50
ftaprobably the same bug again. i just fixed it21:50
BUGabundo*** e = [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80570016 (NS_ERROR_XPC_GS_RETURNED_FAILURE) [nsIJSCID.getService]"  nsresult: "0x80570016 (NS_ERROR_XPC_GS_RETURNED_FAILURE)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://browser/content/utilityOverlay.js :: getShellService :: line 310"  data: no]21:51
ftaask asac, he knows that better than I do21:51
asacBUGabundo: start with a clean profile to test the .xpi21:52
asacwho knows what the other 32 bit extension caused ;)21:52
BUGabundonew profile for FF3.121:55
asacifeq ($(arch), x86)21:56
asacprobably should be something like21:56
asacifneq (,$(filter $(arch),x86 x86_64))21:56
asacin line 22221:56
asacand not the change you did above21:56
asacerr 22321:56
asacyes in the same file ... revert what you changed and try that ;)21:56
BUGabundoifeq ($(arch), x86)21:57
BUGabundobuilding again21:57
BUGabundofor new xpi for new profile21:57
asacBUGabundo: check that when building that you see the -fshort-char thing in compile line21:58
asacotherwise you Makefile mods are wrong21:58
ftacrimsun, help! E: asyncmsgq.c: Assertion 'pa_asyncq_push(a->asyncq, &i, TRUE) == 0' failed at pulsecore/asyncmsgq.c:164, function pa_asyncmsgq_send(). Aborting.21:59
ftacrimsun, it's killing me21:59
BUGabundoasac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/101323/21:59
BUGabundocan't see it!21:59
asacBUGabundo: you have to do a make clean22:00
asacafter changing build flags in makefiles22:00
BUGabundoI did!22:00
ftahm, hm clone is killing my wifi radio too22:00
BUGabundoI think22:00
BUGabundoI just rerun the command22:00
BUGabundoasac: $ clear; make sdkdir=/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel- xpi22:00
asacBUGabundo: no you didnt22:00
asacthere is no make clean22:00
asac ;)22:01
asacyou just ran an incremental build22:01
asacnot a clean one ;)22:01
BUGabundoline 2122:02
BUGabundoits there22:02
BUGabundoasac: is it fine now?22:02
BUGabundocan I install it?22:02
asacthat isnt the compile line22:04
asacfor me it doesnt build with 1.9.022:04
asacnspr/nss missing in cflags22:05
BUGabundono idea22:05
BUGabundoworked for me22:05
BUGabundoas you can see22:05
ftai made you add it22:06
asacfor me it worked22:06
asacBUGabundo: do a:22:06
asachg diff | patch -p1 -R22:06
asacthen apply the patch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/101331/22:06
BUGabundoI thought asac meant AFTER the changes22:06
asacBUGabundo: first make clean22:07
asacthen revert your changes (the hg line)22:07
asacand then apply patch22:07
asacand try to build again22:07
* BUGabundo is confused22:07
* BUGabundo warns noob alert!22:07
BUGabundoI'm too tired!!! worked all day, now trying to do some OpenGL stuff (not going that well)22:08
BUGabundoand now all this trouble just to build a xpi??22:08
BUGabundonot worth!22:08
BUGabundoI'll move my profiles to a windows 32 bits machine22:08
BUGabundoand merge from there!22:08
BUGabundoor wait for mozillateam to package it on a PPA22:08
asacBUGabundo: do you have a weave account?22:09
BUGabundoa 2.x22:09
asachow did you get it?22:09
BUGabundojust recovered my pass22:09
BUGabundono idea!22:10
BUGabundohave it for a long time22:10
BUGabundosince early weave builds22:10
BUGabundobut I also have a local apache with webdav22:10
BUGabundoworking, to do a local merge and not on server!22:10
BUGabundobut it seems I need a weave account anyway :(22:11
ftaBUGabundo, ff3.1 fixed and ready. upgrade22:11
BUGabundowhy did we build a 2.96 when there is a 3.0?22:12
BUGabundoapt-get update & upgrade22:12
asacseems you cannot create new accounts22:12
asacwhat a bastard ;)22:12
asachave to setup my own webdav22:12
BUGabundoquite easy22:12
BUGabundoafter I found the proper wiki22:12
BUGabundoyou can use mine, if you need it22:13
BUGabundoI can't use it anyway22:13
asacapt-cache search webdav apache22:13
BUGabundofirefox-3.1 (3.1~b3~hg20090103r22626+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~fta1) jaunty; urgency=low22:13
asacah its included by default22:13
asacin a222:13
BUGabundooh come on!!! even I know that22:13
BUGabundoits a module for apache22:14
BUGabundoyou just need to enable it22:14
BUGabundoand run the creation of the dav dir22:14
BUGabundoasac: http://linux.about.com/od/ubusrv_doc/a/ubusg27t08.htm22:15
BUGabundojust ln -s the module from available to enable22:16
BUGabundoasac: here is a better one http://www.digital-arcanist.com/sanctum/article.php?story=2007042710125062222:18
fta"-10°C, feels like -17.9°C"22:23
BUGabundo6º C outside! feels like 20º inside!22:27
ftaI still hace 5-7cm of snow from yesterday22:28
ftaall frozen now22:29

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