vorlonhi, does anyone here have experience with IR blasters?00:09
vorlonI just picked one up from irblaster.info, and am unable to verify that it's functional at all00:10
d0netsFNim really newb00:11
d0netsFNbut i might be able to help00:11
vorlondo you have experience with IR blasters?00:12
d0netsFNi just got mythtv working on my ubuntu8.10 install with mceusb pvr 150 kit00:12
d0netsFNi just got mine working yesterday00:12
d0netsFNbut now im formatting again00:12
d0netsFNand installing mythbuntu instead00:12
vorlonhmm, but with mceusb, which I believe uses a different lirc driver00:12
d0netsFNim not sure00:12
d0netsFNyou might know more than I00:12
vorlonwhere did you find an mceusb?  The links I found in the howtos for those all dead-ended for me :)00:13
d0netsFNtry froogle.com00:13
vorlonhmm, k00:13
d0netsFNis that what you mean?00:13
abongile__I need help getting the windows mce remote working with mythbuntu, irw responds correctly to all the buttons on the remote but does not work within mythbuntu, please help!00:13
vorlonI guess so00:13
d0netsFNlike you want the actual product00:13
d0netsFNor a tutorial00:13
d0netsFNmy gf found the pvr150 on ebay for about 70 bucks00:14
d0netsFNit was the mce kit00:14
vorlond0netsFN: I'm interested in the mceusb product, in the event that this serial blaster doesn't work out00:14
d0netsFNoh you bought a serial blaster?00:14
d0netsFNi dont know much about that00:14
vorlonah; if mceusb runs $70, that's a much higher price point, and probably overkill anyway since I only need the blasting support :)00:16
d0netsFNno thats with a card though00:16
d0netsFNit was a mce kit00:16
d0netsFNpvr150 pci tv tuner00:16
d0netsFNthe remote00:17
d0netsFNthe ir receiver , and the ir blaster00:17
* vorlon nods00:17
Nixondoes the dvd rip function in mythtv work or is pretty much useless?01:12
NixonI keep getting no job or nothing left to do when it hits what appears to be intentional defects in dvd's01:13
Nixoncompuvest have pvr150's for 49 bucks01:15
Nixonbtw,  just commenting on the previous conversation01:15
Nixoncorrect me if I'm wrong here but wouldn't a hvr 1600 be a much better choice then a pvr150?01:15
Nixonthey are the same price at that 70 buck point01:15
vorlonI'm not looking for a pvr at all01:15
vorlononly an IR blaster01:16
Nixonbut anywho,  back to my question about ripping01:16
Nixonis it something that's just left over from the old days or can it still be used01:16
NixonI haven't set up a remote yet, I'm building still, partially running 1 input card,  I'm going to try a wiimote I think01:17
Nixonwhy not just get a serial blaster?01:19
Nixonare they no good?01:19
Nixonseems like I've seen them advertised for like 25 bucks01:19
NixonI think from reading back there vorlon, and I am by no means much more than a newbie, but you would need to look through "dmesg" maybe "lspci" and there are a few others including logfiles on your system and try to identify if the hardware has been recognised01:22
vorloner, I do have a serial blaster01:26
vorlonwhich means it's not going to show up under lspci :)01:26
NixonAnyone know if the dvd rip function of mythtv is still a useable feature? or should I be trying to look elsewhere for dvd rip functionality01:27
Nixonwhat about dmesg01:27
vorlonit's dumb hardware; dmesg isn't going to see it01:27
vorlonall dmesg shows is whether the modules are loaded correctly and being used01:27
Nixonwell, then with my knowledge, you are left to build a receiver decoder to see what ir is in the air heh01:28
Nixonagain I'm a newbie eh01:28
Nixonshort of replacing the ir diode with a visible light onw01:28
NixonI'll back off of this conversation tho as this is one of my next steps is to set that up01:29
d0netsFNis that 49 bucks for the mce kit?01:35
Nixonno I think it's just a card and driver disk01:37
Nixonstill those are obsolete items that are out of production01:37
Nixonthat's why I was asking about the hvr 160001:37
rhpot1991Nixon: if discs do bad blocks are copy protection then the mythtv ripper fails01:37
rhpot1991install gddrescue and use that01:37
rhpot1991ddrescue /dev/dvd <iso file> <log file>01:38
Nixonseems like all disks are using bad sector protections these days, I tried gddrescue on 2 disks but the result was mixed and not playable everywhere, although vlc handled the iso01:38
Nixonso multipass is better?01:38
rhpot1991really, I've never hit a disc that hasn't worked with that01:39
Nixondo you then transcode it?01:39
Nixonmaybe that's the diff, as I didn't do the logfile bit and only ran the one pass01:39
rhpot1991actually I lie, I hit one but it was an old concert video one so I assumed they just didn't follow specs or something01:39
rhpot1991no, I use isos01:40
rhpot1991the logfile isn't needed01:40
rhpot1991but it lets you resume01:40
Nixonyour iso's will play with mythtv's internal player?01:40
rhpot1991no reason not to use it and just delete it once you are done01:40
rhpot1991you can ctrl+C to kill it when its choking on nothing but bad bits as well01:40
rhpot1991normally will have all the good data then and will be playable01:40
rhpot1991some have menu issues01:41
rhpot1991but I can normally work around them01:41
Nixoncool,  I'll give it another shot01:41
rhpot1991!xine | Nixon01:41
ZinnNixon: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Configuring_Xine01:41
rhpot1991try that as well01:41
Nixonyeah my gdd'd iso's will play on vlc,  but not the internal... nor will they transcode on down01:41
NixonI'll give that a whirl with your command line01:41
rhpot1991Nixon: try other discs, you could have a badly damaged one or just one with real bad protection01:42
Nixonohh yeah one of them is serious protection.. well both I think01:42
rhpot1991actually I lied again, I had one I had to use some windows ripper on after ddrescue failed a few times01:42
rhpot1991vantage point01:42
NixonI wanted to try the hard ones01:42
rhpot1991but I normally have very very good luck with gddrescue01:43
Nixonthere's got to be ways around it,  without having to pay for anydvd01:43
rhpot1991there was some free ripper that worked there, windows only though01:43
Nixonmaybe referring to dvdshrink?01:43
rhpot1991I had to rip all the vob's then patch them then use dvdshrink to put them back together01:43
rhpot1991google the name of the dvd and add "rip" or "ripping" or something, if its a problem disc you should be able to find people discussing it01:44
Nixonyeah I don't mind multipart ripping, I just haven't found the way to do it01:44
Nixonthank you for the info I'll grab a 3rd older disk and try your command line01:45
rhpot1991if they are old they may do something silly like not follow certain standards which may give some players a fit01:45
rhpot1991in that case, try xine01:45
Nixonlatest harry potter won't even hardly play in my component dvd player the protection is so intense, well it won't play through the menu, you got to trick it01:47
Nixonthere getting bad01:47
rhpot1991Nixon: its sad when the protection gets so obtrusive that a straight dvd player can't even play it01:49
dan2hey guys01:50
dan2I'm wondering if I could get a bit of help with this01:50
dan2on my haupagge tuner hvb950q, it seems to load driver right, and I installed the firmware in /lib/firmware01:51
dan2I get errors like this01:51
tgm4883_laptopdan2, looks like it didn't like your firmware01:54
dan2so what do I need to do01:54
dan2it's hvr950q01:54
tgm4883_laptopdan2, did you follow a guide or something?01:55
dan2it may have been for the regular 95001:55
dan2instead of the q01:55
tgm4883_laptopI have a regular 950, and have a guide for 8.1001:55
dan2nevermind, I think I got it01:57
dan2thanks anyway01:57
vorlonNixon: right, well, part of the point of trying to use irblaster.info as a vendor was to avoid having to mess around with soldering anything, so I'm not keen on that option :-)01:59
tyceis there a good support page for loading the air2pc firmware under mythbuntu 8.10?01:59
dan2tgm4883_laptop, so it's taking the firmware now, but it's not tuning into any of the channels02:02
dan2I know it's working02:02
dan2I yanked the antenna cable from my tv02:02
d0netsFNif i install mythbuntu02:05
d0netsFNthen ubuntu desktop02:05
d0netsFNshould i see applications, places, and system at the top?02:06
d0netsFNlike ubuntu02:06
superm1abongile__, i was saying ~/.lirc02:25
superm1look closely at what i typed02:25
d0netsFNhow do i get mythbuntu to look just like my ubuntu02:32
d0netsFNal i see is the applications menu02:32
tgm4883_laptopd0netsFN, boot up into gnome?02:33
tgm4883_laptopd0netsFN, on the login screen, click on sessions and then click on gnome02:35
dan2hey guys02:37
dan2if I have another ubuntu machine, how do I connect it with my new mythbuntu box to view the content locally02:38
superm1dan2, install mythtv on that other box02:39
d0netsFNthanks tgm4883_laptop02:40
tgm4883_laptopd0netsFN, np02:41
d0netsFNhrmm for some reason i cant get avant to work02:45
d0netsFNi click it from the applications/accessories menu but i get nada02:45
d0netsFNi don think i have compiz enabled yet02:48
dan2superm1, which package?02:54
superm1dan2, "mythtv-frontend"02:54
dan2I did that02:54
dan2I can't seem to connect to the other server02:54
dan2from this box02:54
dan2I checked the db passwords02:54
dan2that's good02:54
dan2I think it's trying to connect to localhost instead of the backend02:55
dan2where do I set Master Server settings?02:56
superm1on your backend comp02:56
dan2so what do I need to do in particular in there?02:58
d0netsFNhey i went to hardware drivers and installed the latest (recommended) driver02:58
d0netsFNand rebooted02:58
superm1dan2, the general page02:58
superm1change the two ip address boxes to be the ip address of your backend02:58
d0netsFNbut when i go to system/preferences/appearance/visual effects , the options are greyed out (i cant enable compiz)02:58
d0netsFNany ideas?03:00
d0netsFNhrmm is it not included with mythbuntu?03:01
superm1d0netsFN, nvidia or amd?03:01
d0netsFNok i did sudo apt-get install compiz-wrapper03:01
d0netsFNnow the visual effects options arent greyed out03:01
superm1ah okay03:02
d0netsFNbut i get "desktop effects could not be enabled" when i select extra03:02
superm1run nvidia-settings tool from the menus03:02
superm1and see if it shows any problems03:02
d0netsFNwhat am i looking for03:05
dan2man this is awesome03:05
d0netsFNnow if i could just get "watch tv" to work03:12
d0netsFNshould it work with just going through the mythtv-setup stuff?03:12
d0netsFNor do i have to do the database stuff like i did with ubuntu + mythtv03:12
superm1d0netsFN, you have to do mythtv-setup stuff03:12
superm1and then it will start working03:12
d0netsFNi did that03:12
d0netsFNno working03:12
superm1d0netsFN, you have to go through "all" sections03:14
superm1including general from start to end03:14
d0netsFNi did03:14
d0netsFNthis kinda sucks ,you have to install a bunch of stuff that should already be installed (pidgin, gnome-mount, etc...)03:14
rhpot1991d0netsFN: most people dedicate boxes to running mythtv, so they don't want all that fluff03:16
dan2ok... so this remote control.  any chance it works with this tuner on linux? Hauppage WinTV 950Q03:24
d0netsFNi just went through steps 1-6 again03:28
superm1dan2, well i know that tuner works in linux, that remote, that's probably a stretch03:30
d0netsFNso superm i dont have to do anything with creating a database with mythbuntu?03:31
d0netsFNwhen i had ubuntu and installed myth sep. i had to create a database and such03:31
dan2superm1, tuner works nice03:38
dan2seems to work better than the tuner in my samsung03:38
abongile__somebody help: whatis lircd.conf.mceusb? nano opens a blank/new file, whatis returns: nothing appopriate. I am newbie trying to get the mce remote working with mythbuntu.03:41
dan2alright... so...03:41
dan2how do I get this to scan my existing video collection in03:41
d0netsFNok hey03:42
d0netsFNwatchtv is progress03:42
d0netsFNi get blank screen with static noise03:43
d0netsFNso i think its on the wrong channel03:43
d0netsFNhow do i change the channel on the tuner03:43
vorlonsuperm1: do you have any experience with serial IR blasters?04:00
d0netsFNhow do i change the channel with ivtv04:01
vorlond0netsFN: manually? ivtv-tune04:02
superm1vorlon, yes I do.  mixed experiences due to some very difficult to discern hardware bugs, but yes some experiences04:03
superm1vorlon, what's happening?04:03
vorlonsuperm1: a difficult to discern hardware bug, I believe ;)04:03
d0netsFNwhats the syntax04:03
d0netsFNivtv-tune -c 3?04:03
d0netsFNnevermind i think the channel is right04:04
d0netsFNbut its all black04:04
superm1vorlon, so the best thing to simplify finding the problem is to take out other parts in the chain with lirc (eg dont chain lirc instances and configure a remote and blaster until you get the blaster working properly)04:04
vorlonsuperm1: I think the IR blaster I got is DOA; followed all the howtos, tested it on two different computers, everything looks good per dmesg, no sign that I'm getting IR; including testing with a digital camera whose CCD is sensitive to IR from remotes04:04
vorlond0netsFN: mm, could be a lot of reasons why it's black; but ivtv-tune -c 3 is correct syntax, yes - you may have to specify a frequency table as well, e.g., 'ivtv-tune -t us-cable -c 3'04:05
d0netsFNwell im getting sound though04:05
superm1vorlon, are you sure that you are using the correct io port and irq for your serial port then?04:05
d0netsFNi can hear its on the history channel04:05
d0netsFN(what i have my drecttv stb set to)04:05
superm1and are you sure that it's been enabled in the bios (i know dumb question, but you have to ask it :))04:06
vorlond0netsFN: may be an alpha channel issue; maybe something else04:06
vorlonsuperm1: yes.  I've tested on two systems, one of which I have a VGA console on and double-checked in the BIOS.04:06
vorlonon the other system where I don't have handy BIOS access, the UART shows up in dmesg at boot time and I know I've used the serial port in the past so it should still be good04:07
superm1vorlon, any method you have to test that the serial port itself hasn't been fried?  null modem cable between two boxes perhaps?04:07
superm1ah okay04:07
vorlondon't have a null modem cable handy, nor another box handy to plug it into04:07
vorlonhaving to move the boxes into the same room for testing would make me cross. :)04:08
superm1vorlon, then as a last resort, by chance have some spare low ohm resistors and LEDs sitting around?  you can always throw together a small test circuit04:08
vorlonsuperm1: haha no.  I went with irblaster.info to avoid having to do such things, falling into the "programmer with screwdriver" category. :-)04:09
vorlonsuperm1: let me bounce you an email, if you don't mind...04:09
superm1vorlon, ah.  yeah i actually have bought a blaster from them before too when i wanted one in a nice pretty case and all rather than the hack jobs i've done in the past04:10
superm1vorlon, sure04:10
vorlonsuperm1: forwarded04:11
d0netsFNhey what is the regular ubuntu vnc server?04:11
d0netsFNthe one that is in system04:11
d0netsFNas (remote desktop)04:11
vorlond0netsFN: vino04:12
superm1vorlon, one more possible thing is to turn on soft carrier support04:14
superm1vorlon, i've seen a weird mix of systems that need it and dont need it04:14
vorlonhmm, ok04:14
vorlonthat's a lirc_serial option, right?04:14
superm1yeah it's a boolean option04:15
superm1parm:           softcarrier:Software carrier (0 = off, 1 = on) (bool)04:15
vorlonalternatively, is there a good test case for testing the IR blaster using raw serial instead of lirc_serial, just to try to get it to light up?04:16
vorlonI'll play around with softcarrier and see if it makes a difference, thanks; but first I need to arrange dinner04:16
hadsHmm, Hardy and Intrepid seem to now have incompatible fixes versions.04:16
superm1vorlon, i'm sure that some hackery could be written up in pyserial if you'd so please, but at that point, you are almost better off grabbing a variable power supply and applying it directly to the pins of the blaster itself.04:18
superm1hads, on which mirror?04:18
superm1i theoretically just fixed mirroring on the us mirror04:18
hadssuperm1: nz.a.u.c - they are probably out of date, they always seem to be having trouble.04:18
hadsI'll check another.04:19
superm1hads, oh you're not talking about the mythbuntu mythtv fixes repo, you mean the normal archive04:19
hadsYeah, normal04:19
hadsI just noticed my frontend on this Intrepid desktop wants to upgrade the db04:20
superm1(mythbuntu weeklybuilds us mirror was broken for a while, and w/o access to it's SSH key I couldn't fix it until after holiday)04:20
superm1you sure you didn't accidentally add on a weeklybuilds repo on one of those machines?04:20
hadsNope, no weeklys04:20
hadsBut I just broke my diskless somehow so that's more of a priority now :)04:20
vorlonsuperm1: variable power supply... another item I don't have to hand. ;)04:23
dan2hey guys, so how come I don't see my video/media library other than recordings in mythfrontend04:24
dan2when connecting to the backend server04:24
hadssuperm1: According to packages.u.c hardy-backports has r18207 and intrepid has r1872204:26
superm1hads, yeah you can see more of that summarized here: launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythtv04:36
hadsNeat thanks. I always get lost on LP04:38
hadsYou know you have a bad memory when a google finds your own fix for a problem.04:38
superm1that's gotta be exciting though :)04:39
superm1abongile__, did you do what i told you earlier about this?04:39
abongile__Please advise again, I thought I did and followed everything you said, please help me.04:41
hadsI should probably update my master backend to Intrepid one day. Being different db versions isn't that convinient.04:41
d0netsFNany ideas why im getting black screen when i click watch tv04:41
d0netsFN(sound works though)04:41
superm1abongile__, i asked you to choose the mceusb remote in mythbuntu control centre and be sure to check the box to regenerate the remote button mappings04:41
superm1abongile__, after regenerating them, if buttons are still not working in your apps (but they worked in irw), then you'll have to manually modify the mappings in ~/.lirc04:42
abongile__superm1, yes I did that and its still not working in mythbuntu but irw recognises it fine as before, what do I do now?04:42
superm1abongile__, so which app is not recognizing keys, and which keys?04:43
abongile__would that be in the dev, etc, proc, local folders I have been all over looking for what you said.04:43
abongile__mythbuntu, but I have not checked it with Xine or VLC.04:43
superm1abongile__, so you mean the regular mythtv application?04:44
superm1abongile__, the main interface etc04:44
abongile__superm1, Only a few keys are recognised like stop which works as stop, back and exit.04:44
abongile__yes, the main interface04:45
superm1abongile__, okay so what keys aren't working?04:45
superm1(that you want working)04:45
abongile__superm1, back, info, mute, tv record, basically all the keys are not working as they should or at as expected.04:46
superm1abongile__, okay so what you'll want to do is quit mythtv and then run the "ircat" command on your mythtv lircrc file04:46
superm1ircat ~/.lirc/mythtv generally does the trick04:46
superm1it will show a blank prompt (similar to how irw worked) where you can press buttons04:47
abongile__ok, trying that now!04:47
superm1abongile__, so try pressing the buttons you know work and look at the output, then try the ones that dont work04:47
d0netsFNi rebooted and now i dont even get the black screen and audio anymore04:47
d0netsFNit just goes back to the menu04:47
d0netsFNoh wait04:47
d0netsFNi think its cause i dont have the storage partition mounted04:47
abongile__superm1, in which folder shall I find the right file ro run the ircat command on I see: lirc: /etc/lirc /usr/share/lirc04:49
superm1abongile__, the proper syntax would be this exact command:04:50
superm1ircat -c ~/.lirc/mythtv mythtv04:50
superm1meaning load config file ~/.lirc/mythtv04:50
superm1and check for buttons presses that match the mythtv application04:50
superm1you'll run it from your home directory (~)04:51
abongile__superm1, I get a usage message back04:53
superm1abongile__, then i might be off a little on the syntax ;)04:53
superm1try it like this:04:54
superm1ircat --config=/home/supermario/.lirc/mythtv mythtv04:54
superm1where supermario is your username04:54
abongile__superm1, that works like irw except it's not getting the keys right: stop = escape, ok=return, back a chapter=q, it doesn't look like it is recognising the remote correctly.04:58
superm1abongile__, then that means you need to add extra subsections for those missing keys to that config file04:59
abongile__does that mean i run irw and somehow copy the right key mapping and paste in the lirc.conf file in /home/../lirc/mythtv?05:01
hadsHmm, I don't think the versions are incompatible, something's going on with my remote frontends.05:04
abongile__superm1, I can't get to a lirc.conf file from within the lirc folder05:04
superm1abongile__, it's not a lirc.conf05:05
superm1its just /home/user/.lirc/mythtv05:05
abongile__superm1, but then where do I find where the correct buttons are stored and how I append them to /home/usr/.lirc/mythtv?05:06
hadsOK, looks like it was bad config.xml files.05:07
superm1abongile__, open that file in a text editor05:10
superm1abongile__, and then look at the syntax05:10
superm1you can see more info by looking at 'man ircat' too05:10
hadsBah, I can't be bothered thinking about it anymore it's too hot. For some reason I suddenly needed extra permsissions that my mythtv mysql user didn't have.05:12
hadsUsing my personal user with full permissions lets the frontend startup.05:12
abongile__superm1, ok opened the file the buttons are there as responded to ircat, how do I get the right button mapping into this file? Should I back this one up, if yes how?05:16
superm1abongile__, so yes back up this file. copy it to another file.05:17
superm1abongile__, the missing button names should be found from irw05:17
superm1and the corresponding actions you do yourself.05:17
superm1tbh though, it's a little perplexing that anything is going wrong with a mceusb in the first place.  those things are so common (and *I* have one that works OOTB)05:18
abongile__superm1, I am as noob as one get's how do I back it up?05:18
superm1abongile__, what release of mythbuntu is this?05:18
abongile__8.10 intrepid05:18
superm1very odd...05:19
rhpot1991hads: if you delete the old config.xml and start a frontend, it should create a new (backup first!)05:19
superm1would you mind running "pastebinit ~/.lirc/mythtv"05:19
vorlonsuperm1: fwiw, no change with softcarrier=1 on my system with known-good serial port05:19
superm1i'm curious what got spit out for your file05:19
superm1vorlon, too bad :(05:19
hadsrhpot1991: Yeah, they are safe to delete.05:19
hadsrhpot1991: Even if it wasn't it's just connection info which you can put back again.05:20
rhpot1991hads: there is some unique ID in there as well, I never figured out where that came from05:20
vorlonsuperm1: no other guesses? :)05:20
hadsMine issue is something further than that though but I've worked around it now and will think about it later :)05:20
abongile__superm1, how so? I upgraded from an earlier releases, would that have an effect?05:21
hadsIt likely stems from me renumbering subnets here to implement VPN05:21
superm1vorlon, well there is a perplexing piece.  why are you using /dev/lirc1 instead of /dev/lirc0?  what's the other device you are loading as primary?05:22
superm1oh nvm, pvr350 w/ i2c probably05:22
vorlonsuperm1: that system has a receiver as lirc005:23
abongile__superm1, I have the following for irw irw: /usr/bin/irw /usr/share/man/man1/irw.1.gz, which would contain the filr with the right button keys?05:23
superm1vorlon, on your debian system, can you try to specify the sending device (even though there is only one device on the system)05:23
superm1abongile__, i'm saying to run irw to get your key names that you needed05:24
superm1abongile__, i was asking you to pastebin your ~/.lirc/mythtv to see if there was anything in there indicating why it was so empty05:25
superm1by default on 8.10 it should be a lot more plentiful05:25
abongile__irw responds correctly but how do I get those mappings into the /'lirc/mythtv file?05:25
superm1you have to manually add sections05:25
vorlonsuperm1: "specify the sending device" in what sense?05:25
superm1if they're not getting automatically generated05:25
superm1vorlon, like you did in the first case, -d /dev/lircd etc05:25
superm1vorlon, i've seen some unexpected behavior otherwise05:25
vorlonsuperm1: you mean on the second Debian system, then?  I could test that; but kernel debugging definitely shows the activity05:26
vorlon(as does strace)05:26
superm1vorlon, oh if you are seeing activity via those then nvm.05:27
superm1vorlon, i think at this point you'll have to rely on getting a new blaster from irblaster.info folk then05:27
* vorlon nods05:27
vorlonthanks for your time poking at it05:28
superm1no prob05:28
vorlonsuperm1: well, it's trivial to set DTR high with python-serial; to no effect.  guess I have to wait for the vendor. :)06:02
=== tgm4883_laptop_ is now known as tgm4883_laptop
d0netsFNim getting this "Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 35 bytes) in /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/modules/tv/includes/objects/Program.php on line 291"06:53
d0netsFNwhen i click listings in mythweb06:53
Shred00i'm wondering why no -dbg packages on the weekly updates.  i have a segfault in libmyth (calling XvShmPutImage) and want to file it but having the stack trace print meaningful data for libmyth would be helpful I'm sure.07:38
xukunhow all. is it possible to make a screenshot of only the network-manager icon?09:08
d0netsFNis there a terminal command for running a .jar09:17
abongile_hello all, I have been trying for a whilew to get my mce remote owrking with mythtv, I got help from superm1 but now I need to know how to gwt the correct button mapping from irw to the /`.lirc/mythtv file.09:51
superm1you have to manually add sections10:00
superm1you have to manually add sections10:00
abongile_I have been trying but don't seem to be getting it right.10:01
superm1 ,mooooooo10:02
abongile_super1, thank you for still being here: I can get right responses from irw and have copied all the info to /`'lirc.mythtv but does not work. I did not follow the syntax of the file for each button.  I tried it with record and remote stopped working.10:05
abongile_superm1, I removed my changes, saved the file and the remote is working as it was before.10:05
abongile_So how do I get the buttons which seem to be mapped well in irw into the /`.lirc/mythtv file.10:06
abongile_superm1, I tried to add a section for the record button, but the remote stopped working all together that is the buttons that were working before weren't anymore.  What do I need to know about addidng sections?10:08
abongile_what is the difference between the remote definifion in /usr/share/lirc/remotes/mceusb and that in /`.lirc/mythtv? I am trying to get the correct button mappings so that the remote works wirh mythtv (all buttons to work subest of buttons working)?11:07
superm1abongile, one is a remote definition file, one is a remote bindings file12:34
superm1eg one tells you what buttons are available, and one tells you what those buttons should do12:34
superm1and it's not /.lirc/mythtv, it's ~/.lirc/mythtv or /home/user/.lirc/mythtv12:34
abongilesuperm1, I am still struggling with it, I even saw your post on ubuntu forums but I still have the problem.  My issue is I don't know how to add the sections as advised.12:36
superm1abongile, can you post your ~/.lirc/mythtv file to a pastebin and I can try to help explain it?12:38
abongilehow do I get to pastebin?12:38
superm1that command i told you:12:39
superm1pastebinit /home/USER/.lirc/mythtv12:39
superm1it will send the file to a pastebin for you12:39
abongileI have it returns: http://pastebin.com/f480e198a12:40
abongilesuperm1, in the second section I was trying to add sections as advused and was trying to see what would happen.  The mute button for example is recognised and confirmed on screen but the audio doesn't actually mute.12:47
superm1abongile, so it looks like you added the section between lines 13 and 1912:47
superm1so the way you did it is a little wrong12:47
superm1abongile, for starters, the Mute button is already defined below.  so is the more button12:48
superm1abongile, also each "section" only gets one button12:48
superm1so search the file for the other definition of the "more" button.  To make that a power button, you would just replace "button = More" with "button = Power" and what you want it mapped to12:49
superm1you don't actually put in those hexadecimal that you get from irw, just the "names" from irw12:49
abongilesuperm1, in irw names and hexidecimal numbers are given, do I just replace button names with those indicated in irw?12:51
superm1abongile, exactly12:51
superm1abongile, well that and what you want them mapped to12:51
superm1abongile, but make sure you search the file for if the button is already listed.  a lot are12:51
abongilesuperm1, but omitting the hexidecimal?12:51
superm1abongile, right12:51
abongilesuperm1, how will I know what goes in the config line? e.g. mute config=i?12:54
superm1abongile, well that's the button on the keyboard that it's mapped to12:54
superm1it's currently mapped to the pipe ( | )12:54
superm1which is the proper button for it to mute while watching tv12:54
superm1a majority of these mappings should be right12:54
abongilesuperm1, ok let me try!12:55
lagaalright, i'm going home. ttyl13:00
superm1cya laga13:00
Shred00anyone who manages the packaging of the weekly builds around?13:55
superm1Shred00, yeah......13:56
Shred00superm1: ahh.  bonjour mon ami.13:56
superm1i just fixed the US server's mirroring today13:56
Shred00superm1: great.  not sure what was wrong, but great all the same.  :-)13:56
Shred00superm1: wondering about -dbg packages... are they produced from current packaging?13:57
superm1Shred00, it was because we tried to turn on trunk builds, and in the process it broke the mirroring of fixes AND trunk builds not working13:57
superm1Shred00, ah unfortunately not.  the PPA's don't maintain debug symbols like regular buildd's do13:57
superm1normal buildd's create ".ddeb" packages for every build that get published on ddebs.ubuntu.com13:58
superm1Shred00, you can pop in #launchpad, or on launchpad-users ML though, and request them to add this.  I think it would benefit a lot of packages to have them available for debugging purposes13:58
Shred00-dbg packages are even part of the standard repos so ddebs.ubuntu.com is not even needed13:58
superm1well -dbg packages and .ddebs are a little different13:59
superm1ddebs get installed automatically when an app crashes to generate a crash report13:59
superm1using the apport system13:59
Shred00i filed a bug with the myth devs on a segfault and i just know that they will either ask for more details in the stack trace or just ignore the bug altogether as not enough info.13:59
Shred00which irc server is #launchpad on?14:00
superm1Shred00, well at this point, you can apt-get source the mythtv package, and make a minor change to the debian/rules file to turn on debug symbols and rebuild it on a ppa i suppose14:00
superm1for a more immediate solution14:00
superm1this server (freenode)14:00
=== N1X0N is now known as Nixon
Shred00superm1: yeah, i knew of that route, just trying to avoid it.  :-(14:12
Shred00er, :-)14:12
superm1Shred00, if you've got some ideas about how we can improve this (but still share the same packaging that goes into the archive), we'd be all ears14:14
Shred00superm1: maybe i don't understand all the bits and pieces but wouldn't simply enabling dbg packages on PPA be the solution?14:15
superm1Shred00, unfortunately you have to juggle performance or debugging ability if you enable it across the board14:16
superm1the thought process before was that most the people using the PPAs will be looking for tweaks from those weekly builds, not for debugging problems14:16
Shred00superm1: i don't think having debugging symbols in a separate package impacts performance, does it?14:17
superm1Shred00, well putting them in a separate package no, but there is no separate package right now since the shared packaging is used for the archive and weekly builds14:18
superm1the archive uses the ddebs instead14:18
Shred00superm1: i don't think i'm following along.  i don't really care whether it's -dbg packages or ddebs.  the main repos seem to carry the -dbg packages just fine.  but again, i'm probably missing the bigger picture.14:20
superm1Shred00, yeah the push for the main repos is to not use -dbg packages, so you should be seeing less and less of them showing up14:21
superm1Shred00, so i suppose how about this.  for the weekly builds we apply a patch to build -dbg packages?14:21
superm1yup that's exactly the problem! :)14:22
Shred00almost 2 months old.  not likely anything will happen with that bug14:22
superm1well not soon at least.14:22
superm1Shred00, i'm not sure on the exact handling of how to re-add -dbg symbols to a package.  Have you done this before?  If so and you can supply a patch to the packaging that would be used for weekly builds, i'd be glad to integrate it14:23
superm1at least how to re-add them so that the PPA doesn't strip them again..14:23
Shred00no, i have not really dealt with building them either.  :-/14:24
Shred00but i do have a package here in my source that does...14:25
superm1Shred00, so it should boil down to adding a new package to debian/control, and then some lines to debian/rules for what to jam in there14:25
Shred00i'd hope it's even easier than that.  let me check...14:26
Shred00sadly, you are correct14:26
Shred00i'm looking at the pulseaudio-0.9.13 package14:26
Shred00oh, wow.  very nice, brief debian/rules14:27
mustanggHello again. I would like to know if my (recognized & working with irw) remote control should automatically work in myth, or if there is some additional setup required. IF so, what ?15:30
jphillipmustangg ~/.lirc/mythtv file needs to match the button names in your /etc/lirc/lircd.conf15:31
mustangghey jphillip. Those are case-sensitive I guess?15:35
neoneddyHas anyone tried the new 9.04 version of mythbuntu?15:35
bogus-8.04 or 8.10?15:41
jphillipmustangg not sure, doesn't hurt to match them up15:41
jphillipneoneddy 9.04 is alpha 115:42
jphillipvery very early in the release cycle15:42
neoneddyIt's alpha 2 now .. see title15:42
mustanggjphillip: doing that right now. And if I remember correctly, you were one of those suggesting I try irrecord to get past my config problem - thanks.!15:42
jphillipno prob mustangg15:42
neoneddy but yeah I'm just asking.. is it any good?... it's ahrd to find any good information on what's new or changing15:42
jphillipto my knowledge not all that much is different at this point, some of the things in the testing ppa will be in there, but you can just get them from the testing ppa15:43
neoneddymaybe I'll jsut install it ona VM and see what I find15:44
neoneddyI'd love for dvd burning to finally "just work"15:44
neoneddyI supose I could file some bug reports and all that15:45
jphillipmythtv packages are slightly newer, but the weekly builds should be working as of last night15:45
jphillipneoneddy feel free, testing is always good15:45
bogus-how is the geforce 2 support in mythbuntu 8.10 nowadays btw?15:46
neoneddyright now to burn a dvd, I have to modify the startup script to remove a .ICEauthority file.. and  at the moment it's burning PAL dvd's..   sorry that jsut blurted out15:46
tgm4883_laptopjphillip, not that you are too wrong, but it's alpha 215:48
jphilliptgm4883_laptop yep I know, been corrected already15:50
jphillipI guess I missed the release notification15:51
tgm4883_laptopyou should subscribe to our RSS feed ;)15:51
tgm4883_laptopor are twitter feed15:51
tgm4883_laptopor our identi.ca feed15:51
jphillipthat would involve me signing up for things15:51
tgm4883_laptopi'll sign you up, just send me your SSN and CC info ;)15:52
superm1bogus-, non existant afaik15:52
jphillip /msg tgm4883_laptop 555-555-5555....15:53
tgm4883_laptopwow thats mine too ;)15:53
dan2what do you guys recommend for a remote control and setup?15:59
superm1dan2, ms mceusb 2 remote16:00
superm1they're quite good and work out of the box16:00
jphillipI second the mceusb16:00
jphillipone second16:00
jphillipinfo there as well16:02
dan2will this work? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1688012100216:03
tgm4883_laptop+1 on the MCEUSB216:03
jphillipdan2 maybe, I'd recommend just spending the extra $6 on the one I pasted and it will work out of the box16:04
marl_scothi there, anyone around able to help with a problem streaming myth recordings via VLC? when i start vlc with its http interface, i can connect to it, but cant browse any videos, it just shows an empty folder/file list, if this is the wrong place to ask could someone direct me to the rite place? thank you16:10
dan2jphillip, ordered16:10
d0netsFNhey could someone help me?16:26
d0netsFNi installed mythbuntu last night16:26
d0netsFNand for some reason i cant ssh from my g116:26
d0netsFNi get this brief warning message and then it disconnects16:26
lagawhat is a g1?16:33
d0netsFNandroid phone16:34
lagadoes it work from another computer?16:35
neoneddyI got in my from my iPhone easily ... you have to type "yes" usually for the keys or whatever16:35
d0netsFNsee i never get the key16:35
d0netsFNlemme try uninstalling connectbot16:35
d0netsFNit works locally from my laptop16:36
d0netsFNyea that worked16:40
d0netsFNi need to talk to the maker of the client16:41
d0netsFNits something to do with needing the key again16:41
d0netsFNbut i shouldnt have to uninstall to get it, yow ming?16:41
neoneddyd0tnetsFN be glad all your input doesn't goto the terminal and is executed anymore :-)16:46
mustanggWith "storage groups", is there an easy way to add an additional location for myth to automatically save ripped DVDs?16:50
mustanggbecause I have no problem adding additional storage group locations, but there is still only the one spot to which I can point myth for the actual work part..16:52
MadChopryou guys putting video cards with HDMI ports into your 'puters??16:57
MadChopror how are you getting your video signal from your computer to  your TV?16:59
MadChopror is thre a better place to talk about this kinda stuff that i should be in?16:59
Shred00MadChopr: depends on the tv.  on my standard svideo-in tv, i use an nvidia fx5200.  on my lcd i use dvi.17:06
Shred00there is also regular vga if your tv has that17:06
MadChopri'm looking to purchase a new tv.. we got an old old tv... with just a coax hook up so i'm gonna get a lcd tv; what tv should i get ?  what tv do you have that has dvi?17:07
d0netsFNnoneddy lol yea i know17:08
MadChoprgotta run brb17:08
MadChoprer bbiab.. meeting forgot17:08
d0netsFNoh he left17:08
d0netsFNlata yall17:08
CRXLPYI did an apt-get upgrade last night and it uninstalled mythtv and wont reinstall due to liblame0 not being installable. though apt tells me that libmp3lame0 has replaced liblame0 and it is installed17:10
Shred00MadChopr: maybe i have a dvi->hdmi cable, but most LCDs have HDMI on them today.17:12
CRXLPYnow I am seeing errors about the source weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org/mythbuntu-trunk/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/Release having a malformed relese file17:13
superm1CRXLPY, can you apt-get update and try once more?17:16
superm1it should have been taken care of a little bit a go17:16
CRXLPYstill get the fail on the weeklybuilds source17:16
superm1CRXLPY, okay i'll repoke it17:18
superm1CRXLPY, oh trunk...17:18
superm1that's a different story.  we're pushing around  trunk builds right now.  the URL on the website needs to be updated as it will  be changing17:19
CRXLPYshould I remove that source and add the non-trunk weeklybuilds?17:20
superm1CRXLPY, modify the source to be mythbuntu-trunk-0.22 instead of mythbuntu-trunk17:20
superm1we'll get the website updated momentarily17:20
CRXLPYok, I just got an update notification. updating now. non of the downloads are mythtv related so far17:26
superm1CRXLPY, they're literally building right now, so they won't come in for another couple of hours17:27
superm1CRXLPY, but they should be working from now forward (in theory ;))17:27
CRXLPYok, I understand17:27
CRXLPYthanks for the info17:27
CRXLPY I had a day off and was gonna clean out my recordings, but with no mythtv working, I guess housework it is......LOL17:28
CRXLPYit just pulled in mythtv-common from weeklybuilds superm1 ;)17:32
CRXLPYhmmm, It asked me to reboot, now no X.....  I have an Xorg.0.log that ends with a backtrace17:40
CRXLPYthis is a system that started as a hardy and I upgraded to intrepid using apt-get. maybe I need to clear out my sources and start fresh??17:44
=== N1X0N is now known as Nixon
CRXLPYevery update has removed more than the last, now I dont even have X. apt-get update has no errors now, but apt-get upgrade(or dist-upgrade) finds no pkgs to install17:49
CRXLPYI guess the repo's are in flux now, servs me right for being a linux user (LOL) if I was a windows user I would have ignored the update notice and still had a "working system"(if any windows system is "working")17:51
tgm4883_laptopCRXLPY, just a sec, I know there is a kick button somewhere here ;)17:52
CRXLPYcool tgm4883_laptop superm1 said things were getting settled on the server side, I probly just rushed it. didnt mean to sound crabby or impatient17:53
CRXLPYtgm4883_laptop so I use hardy in the source definition for trunk even though I run intrepid? (refering to the new sticky post in the forum)18:06
=== tgm4883_laptop_ is now known as tgm4883_laptop
tgm4883_laptopCRXLPY, what part says that?18:08
tgm4883_laptopI need to know so I can write it better18:08
CRXLPYok, one sec18:08
CRXLPYstep 2 of enabling the respository for trunk18:08
CRXLPYinstructions show hardy in the line for both us and uk mirrors18:09
tgm4883_laptopyou mean at mythbuntu.org?18:09
ZinnWeekly builds are available for MythTV 0.21 (Stable) and MythTV Trunk 0.22 (Unstable, use at your own RISK) for Hardy and Intrepid.  See http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds for more info.18:09
tgm4883_laptopCRXLPY, so is this the confusing part "The repository is available on two mirrors. Choose the mirror closer to you. If you are using something other than Hardy, please change "hardy" to the release that applies to you (hardy, intrepid, jaunty, etc)."18:10
CRXLPYDUH!!   sorry tgm4883_laptop I am moving through to many systems atm. I did not rtfm verywell18:11
* CRXLPY retreats behind the sofa18:12
tgm4883_laptopso it's good then?18:12
MadChoprso do most people use a DVI -> HDMI cable to get the signal from the computer to their TV?18:13
tgm4883_laptopMadChopr, I do on one TV, the other has a VGA input18:14
CRXLPYyeah tgm4883_laptop it's just fine. I should have read it better18:15
CRXLPYbut I still have a broke system.  are the updates in the pipe today that will get my system working again? not only do I not have X, I cant even run nano, I get an illegal instruction error18:17
CRXLPYvi works though18:17
MadChoprtgm4883_laptop: thank you very much; if i'm going to get a brand new television; should i get the kind that has HDMI connectors?  or should i get some other kind?18:20
CRXLPYthe more options the better MadChopr18:21
MadChoprCRXLPY: okay, thank you; is HDMI the best though?18:21
MadChopror is it more complicated than that?18:22
tgm4883_laptopmore complicated18:22
MadChoprokay, figures so :)18:22
MadChoprbut essentially all i need is a video card that has DVI output and then buy a DVI->HDMI cable and i'm set, correct?18:23
MadChopri mean, if i also buy a TV that has HDMI18:23
tgm4883_laptopif you do that, either make sure that the TV will accept audio from another connector while it has hdmi in active (which I doubt will happen) or get a video card that will do hdmi out for both video and audio18:24
tgm4883_laptopor if you have a seperate sound receiver, it doesn't matter than much I guess18:24
MadChoprtgm4883_laptop: interesting; what if route my audio from the laptop to a stereo, woudl that still be okay to have HDMI running just video from my computer?18:24
MadChoprtgm4883_laptop: right on, thank you for your help18:24
MadChopri kinda figured i'd route the sound some other way18:25
MadChoprmost tv speakers are the sukkage18:25
CRXLPYwell I am grabbing the 9.04-a2 amd64 iso. since this sys was installed using the standard 8.01 cd I bet there is some 64/32 arguement happening. I will just install on top. now to start locating the files I need to back up, too bad I cant use the awesome backup scripts since I screwed up the upgrade aparently18:27
MadChoprwill any DVI->HDMI connector do, does anyone have any recommendations?18:28
CRXLPYthanks for the fast feedback guys. I will let you know how things came out18:28
Tempest2khi im new to myth how can i setup channels for satalite (freesat UK) does not seem to be options for satalite as the dvb-t cards work ?18:28
Tempest2ki have a skystar 2 pci card that seems to be detected by the hardware18:29
superm1you were trying to do an i386->amd64 conversion?18:37
CRXLPYsuperm1 actually no18:42
mustanggfellas, I was asking about a way to have multiple DVD "rip-to" targets - seeing as there is the newish storage group functionality now.. Any ideas?18:42
superm1what happened then?  illegal instructions are most likely to happen when you are trying to run instructions not intended for your CPU?18:42
CRXLPYI ran apt-get upgrade last night, using the same sources I have had for atleast 2mos, it started removing myth-anything and cant reinstall due to liblame0 being uninstallable18:44
CRXLPYa few min ago I run apt-get upgrade after correcting my trunk entry and it pulls in mythtv-common but after the requested reboot (to 2.6.27-11) I now have no x and get that error when I try to run nano18:47
CRXLPYI have started moving all the lists from /etc/apt I will write new ones by hand. where can I find what sources should be listed in an intrepid install?18:49
CRXLPYall sources, not just weeklybuilds18:49
CRXLPYif I try to startx I get a backtrace18:54
CRXLPYif I do a new install w/o formatting will that leave me with a broken system?19:03
dan2when I'm in the tv guide on myth19:04
dan2how do I jump channels?19:04
superm1CRXLPY, interesting situation.  i'm not sure what caused all that breakage...19:06
superm1CRXLPY, if you do a new install w/o formatting, it should overwrite any broken stuff19:06
CRXLPYbut I would need to reinstall from the 8.01 cd the system started with?19:07
CRXLPYI dont want to lose my database and be left with 300GB of cryptic *.nuvs19:07
superm1CRXLPY, oh i see19:08
superm1backup your mysql database then19:08
=== N1X0N is now known as Nixon
CRXLPYI am rebooting now, since it seems I will need to reinstall, I figured I would try the other microsoft method too ;)19:10
CRXLPYwell well well. after a reboot I am back in X!!!!    I made no changes or installed anything. just rebooted again19:14
CRXLPYstill no myth :(19:15
superm1CRXLPY, well no myth is more resolvable19:16
superm1CRXLPY, check and make sure the packages are installed now19:16
CRXLPYnow upgrade tells me about a bunch of mythtv-themse but no mythtv is installed19:17
superm1CRXLPY, yeah myththemes were just uploaded :)19:18
superm1CRXLPY, so reinstall mythtv hopefully19:18
superm1in the future if you are offered to upgrade that removes a lot of packages, it means mirrors are updating likely, and hold off a little19:18
CRXLPYit still fails on liblame019:19
CRXLPYI will superm119:19
CRXLPYI made the error of assumption. when I saw things in the remove list, I "assumed" they were in the install list as well19:20
superm1CRXLPY, can you type apt-cache policy liblame019:21
superm1and provide that output in a pastebin19:21
superm1!pastebin | CRXLPY19:21
ZinnCRXLPY: when pasting more than 5 lines of data please use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you don't flood the channel.  Then please post the link in the channel.19:21
CRXLPYok, i know pastebin :)19:21
Tempest2kcan anybody help with satalite chanel setup in myth i cant seem to scan for any satalite chanals19:22
dashcloudTempest2k: do you mean US satellite?19:28
crxdvrsorry for the delay superm1, had to deal with a furball.....   http://pastebin.com/m30f8db6819:29
crxdvrsuperm1: this is apt-config dump http://pastebin.com/m63516fb319:33
CRXLPYa month or so back I had to fix the ffmpeg (mpeg2video) encoder issue. not sure if that involved a custom compile of liblame. I followed steps in a forum post, but I cant find it now19:35
CRXLPYbtw in case it wasnt obvious crxdvr and CRXLPY are both me :) . I might type from either superm1, just depends which desk I am closest to19:37
superm1CRXLPY, can you remove that liblame0 package?19:40
superm1then install libmp3lame019:41
superm1it's the proper package19:41
CRXLPYsuperm1 acording to apt that is how it stands already. liblame0 is not installed and libmp3lame0 is installed19:43
CRXLPYit has said that from the start19:43
superm1oh sorry, i guess i read that wrong19:44
CRXLPYshould I uninstall libmp3lame0 and reinstall it?19:44
superm1why is /var/lib/dpkg/status showing liblame0 then19:44
superm1did you not purge it?19:44
CRXLPYif it was part of the forum's fix for ffmpeg, then I did it. I have not purged anything unless told to in steps.19:46
CRXLPYwhen I upgraded from hardy to intrepid should I have done some purging?19:46
crxdvrsuperm1:  this is the output for "apt-cache policy libmp3lame0" http://pastebin.com/maba04f619:49
superm1CRXLPY, hmm. well try dpkg --purge liblame019:50
superm1just in case that's why dpkg status is showing it19:50
superm1then show the output of apt-get install mythtv19:50
crxdvrok superm1 here you go , I had to add to the orig pastebin.  http://pastebin.com/m79e1305820:06
crxdvrstill fails on liblame0 btw20:07
CRXLPYI apologize for being slow with replies, I know how that can make help dificult. I am all yours now so you wont need to wait 15min for a reply20:09
Tempest2kcan anybody help with satalite chanel setup in myth i cant seem to scan for any satalite chanals20:17
superm1crxdvr, i think i understand a little better now what's happening...20:18
superm1once the versions on the trunk ppa finish building and repos update with the new version, it should be taken care of20:19
superm1are you on UK or US mirror?20:19
superm1okay yeah, can you just let this sit for a bit and check back tomorrow?  the builds need to be repushed to the trunk because they failed to build, so in case anything else happens causing future build failures (it's been a long day trying to get things sorted), no use sitting around for it20:21
superm1the cause of the confusion is the old build on there is about 4 months old for trunk20:21
superm1and there as a lame migration since then20:21
CRXLPYyou are having a fun day arent you?20:21
CRXLPYthanks for taking the time to look superm1. I will wait till tomorrow then20:23
superm1CRXLPY, well multitasking, but yeah this was supposed to be a quick thing to get done before i left for work earlier this morning :)20:23
Tempest2kdo you need another program or something it works with dvb-t but not dvb-s20:24
superm1Tempest2k, try in #mythtv-users20:24
superm1looks like no one in here knows much about satellite with myth20:24
Tempest2kwill try thnx20:25
CRXLPYI was googling about it Tempest2k but since I dont have sat I am outa range here20:25
mustanggand I don have access to a compatible DVB card so using my sat with myth doesn't work.20:26
mustanggCan anyone please point me to some proper FAQ/info about storage groups?20:27
CRXLPYmustangg I googled "mythtv storage groups"20:29
mustangghmm, I only got a few getting-old threads when I tried that.. Well, great - thank you.20:31
mustanggURK! It seems to lack the specifics I need to answer my own question.  You see, I already have added the additional storage element to the backend, call it mnt2 if you will. My problem is that mnt1 is getting full and there is only one path for video rip saves. So how do I get myth to use both now?20:34
tgm4883_laptopmustangg, for video rips?20:34
mustanggyeah, for my DVDs.20:34
tgm4883_laptopyour talking about the mythvideo dir right?20:34
mustanggI think mythvideo is the default, yes.20:34
tgm4883_laptopin mythvideo, the synax for using multiple directories is "/path/to/dir/1:/path/to/dir/2"20:35
tgm4883_laptopthe : is the seperator20:35
tgm4883_laptopyou should try that and see if it fixes your issue20:35
tgm4883_laptopI myself don't use it though, as I rip my DVD's on my lappy20:36
mustanggand will it still use he correct posters location?20:36
tgm4883_laptopyea the posters location is a separate dir20:36
mustanggexcellent. Ie made the config changes and hopefully I can finish ripping my vids in time for bed ;).. thanks.20:44
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mustangghello again. Wondering if anyone has seen the problem of "ghost" entries in the video list, just a number (the hash?) Can't lookup info for it and can't  seem to delete it. Anyone know what this is called - and how to remove them?23:27
tgm4883_laptopmustangg, I haven't seen this, but I assume you could delete them directly from the db23:28
mustanggthey seem to appear if you try and rip a disk to a drive which either has no space or hasn't properly mounted. The rip goes all the way to the end- IF your temp location has sufficient space. Then when it tries to write to the final destination - poof!23:31
tgm4883_laptopseems like a bug23:31
tgm4883_laptophave you filed a bug?23:31
mustangghaven gotten that far. I didn know if it was an old problem or just me . :)23:32
tgm4883_laptopsounds like it doesn't check that the file was successfully copied23:32
tgm4883_laptopwhich IMO is a bug23:33
tgm4883_laptopthats where it should be23:33
mustanggok, once I work out how to remove them, I'll try and make some new ones.23:34
mustanggif that work- I ĺl file a bug re[prt/23:34
mustanggok, so where should I look to remove them . Is there a second method outside video manager?23:37
tgm4883_laptopafaik, just the db23:37
tgm4883_laptopif you installed phpmyadmin, it would be in the videometadata table I think23:37
mustanggnever used it - how do I execute it?23:46
tgm4883_laptopyou have to install it on your mysql server then go to http://mysqlserverIP/phpmyadmin23:47
mustanggok next stupid question. It isn' t autoconfigured if I grab it with apt?23:50
tgm4883_laptopshould be23:53
mustanggmaybe I selected the wrong server during interactive setup... apache.. ?23:53
mustanggaha. ok will try again and get back.  thank you.23:56

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