LimCoreI would like to access #ubuntu in 2009 =)00:24
geniiLimCore: This is not the support channel00:28
LimCoregenii: ?00:36
FlannelLimCore: Based on your past behavior, the rest of the users don't want you to.00:36
LimCoreI just thought getting more feedback there to aid my bugreporting and development for ubuntu would be good00:36
FlannelLimCore: The issue has been discussed with you thoroughly.  I don't believe anything else can be added.  If you feel differently, feel free to state your case succinctly here.  Please don't repeat your previous sentiments however.00:38
LimCoremonths passed00:38
FlannelIf you feel there's nothing you can add to the previous discussions, please don't idle here.00:39
LimCoretoo long bans make no sense especially if they stand in way of cooperation in given foss projects00:39
FlannelLimCore: Again, if you have nothing additional to the previous arguments, please stop wasting the time of everyone, including yourself, and move along.00:40
LimCoreas I just said, the thing that time passed, is the new argument. you dont agree with it or what00:43
FlannelLimCore: Time passing means nothing.00:44
LimCoreinteresting policy then00:47
ubottuError: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.00:51
Flannelnickrud_: You've got one of that thar underscores00:54
nickrud_yeah, I'm at work. I'll log in at home since I leave in just a few minutes00:55
Mezeep, it seems like it was sunday only a couple of hourse ago01:00
Flannelsumo_su: What part aren't you sure about?01:03
sumo_sulanguage warning01:04
sumo_sucould you quote the bit where my language was inappropriate?01:04
Flannelsumo_su: A few people already have.  "bullshit" is generally considered profane01:05
sumo_suFlannel: i said "i'm not saying you are bullshitting"01:06
sumo_sufollowed by what i think is true01:07
sumo_sushould i use the term "talking BS" next time? or is that also wrong?01:08
Flannelsumo_su: No, obfuscated swearing still is.01:09
sumo_suok. i'm not a native speaker. is the BS word so bad?01:09
Flannelsumo_su: Are you under the impression that something like "Oh, well, I'm not going to say 'fuck it' but..." isn't swearing?01:09
sumo_sufuck means sexual intercourse. it's not family friendly01:10
sumo_sui mean... to use the word01:10
Flannelright, shit is also vulgar01:10
sumo_subut the verb bullshitting is a mean way of acusing somone of lying.. in simple words01:11
sumo_sui tried to avoid that impression by saying "im not saying you are.."01:11
Flannelright.  But it contains shit.  As such, it's still vulgar01:11
sumo_sui didnt notice it at all01:11
sumo_suthanks for pointing it out..01:12
FlannelNo problem01:12
Mezhmm, tried showing ubuntu to my mom earlier. She seemed interested, but, a little drunk.01:38
MezI'll try and catch her when she's sober01:38
Mezwas kinda amusing though - her ranting and raving and swearing at "the little man who's asleep" (the status icon for the sign in window for yahoo messenger)01:39
ubottuIn ubottu, rww said: !no, ubuntu+1 is <alias> jaunty01:58
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April -Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion01:58
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is the current release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81001:58
ubottuubuntu+1 is <alias> intrepid - added by LjL on 2006-11-29 22:24:59 - last edited by jrib on 2008-10-11 12:21:3301:58
Mez!no ubuntu+1 is <alias> jaunty01:59
ubottuYou are editing an alias. Please repeat the edit command within the next 10 seconds to confirm01:59
Mez!no ubuntu+1 is <alias> jaunty01:59
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is the current release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81001:59
Mez!no ubuntu+1 is <alias> jaunty01:59
Mez!no ubuntu+1 is <alias> jaunty01:59
ubottuI'll remember that Mez01:59
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April -Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion01:59
FlannelMez: you've still got your cinnamon roll02:00
MezI know :D02:00
ubottuIn ubottu, flash__ said: !no, ubuntu is A free debian-based operating system that is maintained by Canonical LTD.02:00
MezI'm hungry02:00
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com02:01
Mez@ignore flash__02:01
ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:01
Flanneloooh, is that how thats done?02:01
FlannelDag Nabbit Mez.  Now I want a cinnamon roll.02:02
MezFlannel: I think you need special acccess... stdin has giving privileges02:03
ubottuIn ubottu, flash__ said: !no, intelligent is the ubottu programming-ai02:03
Flannelapparently thats not how you do it ;)02:03
* Flannel wonders what succeeded then.02:03
Mez@help ignore02:03
ubottu(ignore <hostmask|nick> [<expires>] [<channel>]) -- Ignores commands/requests from <hostmask> or <nick>. If <expires> is given the ignore will expire after that ammount of seconds. If <channel> is given, the ignore will only apply in that channel.02:03
Mezhmm, maybe it doesnt apply to edits?02:04
FlannelHe'll tucker out soon anyway.02:04
Flanneloh, perhaps because theyre forwarded02:04
Flannel(maybe snagged before ignore?)02:04
FlannelI haven't looked at the code in forever02:04
FlannelInteresting question02:08
FlannelMez: Just because you ask doesn't mean you're not a stalker!02:10
MezFlannel: and I'm lazy :D02:10
FlannelI/.....m leaning more towards troll02:11
MezI dont think so02:12
FlannelI said leaning.  He's just... asking odd questions.  mind you, he's obviously younger, and I agree that having a random person send you a CD is a bit bewildering, but ...02:13
* Mez tries to persuade jono to come back to kde02:13
ubottuIn ubottu, rww said: !no, lts is <reply> LTS  means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The currently-supported LTS releases are !Dapper and !Hardy; the next will be 10.04 (per http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/146)02:25
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.02:25
Flannelmmm, No.02:25
FlannelAlthough maybe the first clause.02:25
PiciA wiki link would be nice. So we didn't need to use !lts and then !release and/or !eol 02:26
FlannelYou'd likely want to say 6.06 and 8.04 instead of dapper/hardy02:26
FlannelAnd, we do have a wiki page... which one is it.02:27
Picihttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases is the best one I can find/.02:29
Flannelmmm, I saw one that was color coded I thought.02:29
PiciPerhaps the one from sabdfl's blog: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/14602:30
FlannelNah, this was a wiki table02:30
FlannelI thought it was on huc/c though02:30
* Pici shrugs02:30
FlannelMmm, definate collective bot abuse there.02:33
* Flannel notes -ot is, at least, temporarily, like the -ot of yore. Maybe hard questions will keep coming.02:58
nickrudlaughing so hard I couldn't breath between the ha's02:59
=== nikrud is now known as nickrud
* Flannel normally wouldn't have done that... but...03:51
nickrudFlannel, that was totally proportionate. 03:51
Flannelnickrud: no, I know.  I just usually give one more warning03:51
nickrudmaybe a bit of bazhang is rubbing off on you, not necessarily a bad thing. I've been infected as well :)03:52
FlannelHeh.  He's threatening to report me! oh noes!03:53
nickrudroger_, what can we do for you?03:54
roger_who are you03:54
nickrudmy nick is just above. I've been around a few years03:54
roger_nickrud, some nub channel op kicked me for giving my opinion, i see this happening alot, ops abusing their privilages03:55
nickrudroger_, no, you were kicked for rudeness. More a matter of getting your attention than anything else03:56
roger_nickrud, the guy give me this channel and said, Feel free to direct complaints03:56
nickrudthat's what this channel is for03:56
PriceChildroger_: Do you have a support request about kde4?03:56
PriceChildroger_: If you haven't, then I believe that the operator's interpretation of your comment was correct.04:02
PriceChild'Correct' is probably the wrong word, 'fair' would be better.04:03
roger_there is hundreds of people that talk off topic, just a moment ago someone mention about feeding their kids or w/e04:03
roger_so if your gonna kick me for off topic then kick em all04:04
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: !no, moo -v is <reply> There really are no Easter Eggs in this bot.04:04
PriceChildroger_: if you don't have a specific problem and need help with it, joining a channel and saying that an aspect of it is rubbish isn't a nice thing to do.04:08
nickrudroger_, you weren't kicked for being off topic, you were kicked for being rude. 'Flannel, don't bother me'04:08
roger_nickrud, yes i did say that, and i'm telling you now, don't bother me, if you and the rest of your lil ops here aren't useful to me then you are useless04:10
nickrudroger_, if you're rude to ops, you'll be rude to regular users, probably the noob ones, since you made a point of labeling flannel as such. that's what we won't allow. You're welcome to be rude elsewhere04:11
Madpilotroger_, so if everyone in ubuntu channels is so useless, why bother being in them at all? Nobody's going to mind if you just leave...04:12
nickrudroger_, people float off topic all the time. We try to manage that, without kicking where possible. More possible than not.04:12
nickrudroger_, unless there's something else, we ask that you not idle here. It's how we know who's looking for op help04:20
ubottuThe operation succeeded.05:11
bazhangclearly trolling05:14
nickrudno, just obstinate and pig headed and every other synonym for 'my way, my way'05:14
stdinMez: you ignored flash__ in #ubuntu-ops do it in /msg for global ignores or in the channel for channel ignores (I've updated the @help message to make it clearer)05:19
stdinMez, Flannel: (currently) everyone who can edit factoids can use @ignore, @unignore and @ignorelist05:21
* mneptok waves from 200906:10
Flannelmneptok: Is it still 2008 somewhere?06:59
elkbuntuFlannel, no, he's only recently upgraded from 197807:32
FlannelI know how he feels07:32
* Flannel is on a recent LTS upgrade.07:32
mneptokFlannel: i haven't seen Freenode in ~2 weeks. and still mega-lagged due to vacation time.07:55
FlannelAh, well, welcome back.07:55
kestutisCould i get unblocked in #ubuntu?08:51
jussi01kestutis: what did you do?08:52
elkbuntukestutis, do you know what a pastebin is?08:52
kestutisflooded the same question for about 10 times because nobody replied me.08:52
kestutiselkbuntu: yes, i know what it is.08:53
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines08:53
elkbuntu^^ those are our Terms Of Service08:53
kestutisOk.. So could i be unblocked now?08:54
elkbuntuno, because i am not convinced that you have read the guidelines or take them seriously08:55
kestutisI really know the rules. trust in me :)08:55
elkbuntui dont, because despite knowing the rules, you chose to flood and repeat, which are against the rules. hence, i cannot take you seriously08:56
kestutiselkbuntu: i just repeated a question. nobody replied. then waited for some minutes, then repeated again. and then repeat some more times08:57
elkbuntukestutis, our records show you have a history of doing this, and you're showing absolutely no acceptance that what you did was wrong09:00
kestutiselkbuntu: i understand that i was wrong, and i promise it won't repeat anytime.09:01
jussi01kestutis: Your ban will stand for another 48 hours at least. Between now and then please make sure you have read the guidelines, and the following bits of info. after that time is up, please pop back in here and ask again.09:05
jussi01!ettiquette | kestutis09:05
ubottukestutis: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubottu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !Caps, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...09:05
kestutisJussi01: Okay.09:06
Madpilot!info xchat09:18
ubottuxchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.6-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 315 kB, installed size 840 kB09:18
ubottuThe operation succeeded.09:19
MadpilotOK, that's busted09:20
FlannelMadpilot: Heh, ping jussi01 about it09:20
Madpilotjussi01, when you see this - the bot isn't taking !info commands in PM - unless you're logged in (ie, an op)09:20
Flanneljust an editor, but whatever09:21
Madpilotwho runs the bot these days anyway?09:22
Flannelkestutis: Please don't idle here.  Thanks09:25
Madpilottonyyarusso, jussi01, anyone else: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots/+bug/31430209:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314302 in ubuntu-bots ""!info [packagename]" doesn't work in PM w/o being logged in" [Undecided,New]09:26
Madpilotat least that part of the bot still works :)09:27
FlannelMadpilot: I'm sort of disappoined no one responded in -ot, now I just look like a jerk.09:27
Flannel(rww's in my LoCo)09:28
FlannelSome guys been asking about a fraps application for ages.  He finally decides to clarify what on earth a fraps application is... and its an easy answer.09:41
Madpilotso what exactly is a 'fraps' app?09:43
* jussi01 waves to Madpilot09:43
FlannelSame sort of question:  "How do I make Ubuntu do what X does?"09:44
FlannelFirst followup question:  What on earth is X?  or What does X do?09:44
FlannelMmm, I realise that using X as a variable for a program name is a bad idea.09:44
elkbuntu$foo ftw09:45
Flannelelkbuntu: foobar is a bad name for a program name variable as well.09:46
stdinI use angle brackets10:27
stdin"what does <X> do?"10:27
FlannelOh no...10:27
FlannelThat's... one way to handle it10:28
stdinis richie posting links to other IRCs? (in #u)10:28
jussi01so we can chat to him here... again...10:28
MadpilotMyrtti is up, that means it's too damn late here... time for me to crash11:08
MyrttiI've been up since 0900½11:08
Madpilotwell, tis 0310 here - should have gotten off this box hours ago11:09
Myrttianyway, I'm off too.11:10
jussi01nini Madpilot11:11
* genii brews a fresh pot of coffee14:23
geniitritium: Note "brews"  vs "puts on"   ;)14:52
jussi01Seeker`: ping15:27
jussi01Flannel: ping15:28
* Pici sighs15:34
jussi01Pici: ?15:35
Picijussi01: Nothing in particular15:36
jussi01Pici: smile, life is good (or better than some)15:36
Picijussi01: Just working my way back into the daily grind (was on vacation for a week)15:37
PiciMyrtti: Hallo there15:38
Myrttihas there been any discussion on the issue of ASUS-tek?15:38
jussi01Not to my knowledge yet.15:46
PiciMyrtti: I've been pretty much afk for the past week. Is there soemthing in particular that you think should be discussed.15:47
Myrttijust wondering, since right before I took a time off from IRC there was some discussion about his stalking behaviour, following people in Facebook / Skype whatnot15:48
Myrttiand people judging me to be an idiot because I had him on facebook at one time15:49
Myrttijust asking, since he's nagging me to add him on Skype right now so "he could hear my voice"15:49
Myrttijussi01 can tell you how much I hate telephone calls and would rather gnaw my hand off than add him on Skype15:50
Myrttihim being ASUS-tek15:50
MyrttiI wish I could be impolite ass and tell him to sod off, but I'm too nice15:52
Dave2.wi n6815:53
MyrttiDave2: riding the fail boat, I see15:54
Dave2as awleays15:55
Dave2er, aways15:55
jpdsMyrtti: Couldn't you just block him?15:55
Myrttijust did15:56
jpdsDave2: Maybe something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/101112/ would help?15:56
* Dave2 has never particularly fiydn the need to alias 'em15:57
Dave2particularly, found.15:57
PiciMyrtti: I'll jot down a note about it.  I believe snuxoll had a similar issue as well. 15:58
MyrttiI really wish I could be an impolite ass, but I really really hate the idea of blocking people and tell them to sod off.15:59
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: wth? why did you remove that mibbit user?16:13
Jack_Sparrowjussi01, mib...16:13
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: and?16:13
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: thats the default nick from mibbit16:13
Jack_SparrowIt goes back a few days.. I just had a word with him over attitude and parting comments regarding mac16:14
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: no you didnt. that is my friend, joing for the very first time _ever_16:14
Jack_SparrowStraightened out and I extended my sincerest appologies to him/her...16:19
Jack_SparrowAnd my thanks to you for pointing it out16:20
Jack_SparrowWe have had a rude mib* here pimping MAC's...16:21
Jack_SparrowI will not make that mistake again..  :)16:22
stdinJack_Sparrow: just remember look at the real name/ident for mibbit users16:37
stdinJack_Sparrow: (and did you remove the ban?)16:37
Jack_Sparrowstdin, It was a kick not a ban.. and yes, I will look at real name for mibbit users17:02
stdinJack_Sparrow: floodbots autoban (real IP) when you remove a mibbit user17:02
Jack_SparrowSorr, for the lag, I was eating breakfast17:02
stdin[16:08]* ChanServ removes channel operator status from Jack_Sparrow17:03
stdin[16:08]* FloodBot2 sets ban on *!*@
Jack_Sparrowstdin, Is that only for mibbit users17:05
Jack_SparrowTHis is the first time I had had a mibbit user/issue17:05
Jack_Sparrownickrud, Hey.. morning..  17:09
Jack_Sparrownickrud, Were you aware that when you kick a mibbit user that the floodbots set a ban on the real ip?  NEws to me.. But then I am often the last to know..17:10
Jack_Sparrownickrud_ , At work it seems17:10
nickrud_yep. I like dropping in here for comic relief during the day ;)17:11
nickrud_Jack_Sparrow, and I had no clue about banning the real ip. Ouch. What to do, what to do?17:12
stdinNov 23 14:16:43 <LjL>   when the bots detect a ban or kick on a mibbit user, they ban at once17:12
stdinso it's been around since November probably17:12
stdinthe'll also kick/ban when a mibbit user floods17:12
Jack_SparrowProbably need to make sure all our ops are reminded of that17:13
Jack_SparrowI dont think flannel knows either17:13
nickrud_by real ip, you mean whatever source provided the mibbit client is blocked, including anyone else using/trying to use that source?17:14
stdinthe IP of the person using the mibbit client17:14
nickrud_oh, ok. That's not so bad then17:14
topyligettin people together for real life meetings is hell. i propose a ban for real life :(17:19
jussi01topyli: +1! especially people just for a drink :P17:19
topylidrinking gets my full support though, if only there wasn't all the other stuff that fills people's lives17:23
topyliall the dumb things we do when we could just sit around at pubs :(17:24
Jack_SparrowMore pubs need wifi17:24
topyliindeed. although mobile broadband is getting better too17:25
Jack_SparrowDo any of the options for connecting to the web through our phones work right.. bluetooth or wired.. any of em?17:26
topyliboth work fine17:26
Jack_SparrowAny tutorials? Suggestions? 17:27
topylithese days i prefer plugging in the cable, since bluetooth means less battery life on both devices17:27
topyliJack_Sparrow: plug in phone, click network-manager applet, connect <317:27
Jack_Sparrowty, I will look into it17:27
Jack_SparrowI dont have web on my phone, but I can add it17:28
* nickrud_ wishes he hadn't just read the last, it's one less reason not to carry a computer everywhere17:35
Jack_SparrowI would drop home phone and dsl if I add internet to cell phone17:36
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: you dont want to do that...17:37
jussi01its not _that_ fast17:37
Jack_Sparrowneither is my dsl17:37
Jack_SparrowIm thinking a new iphone and 3g17:37
Jack_SparrowT1 at the office if I need huge files17:38
* genii brews another pot of coffee18:55
nickrud_genii, what kind of coffee do you brew?19:02
geniinickrud: When available, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Otherwise usually Melitta19:03
Ursinhagenii, you're always brewing coffee :)19:09
Ursinhaevery time you announce that I have to get up and go get some coffee too19:09
geniiUrsinha: Yes :)  I drink quite a lot of it in real life. Lately I am doing it here as sort of an /back or "I'm alive"19:10
=== bluesmoke_ is now known as bluesmoke
Flanneljussi01: What's up?20:10
FlannelJack_Sparrow: Yeah, it's not a bad feature, just one you have to be aware of (it'd be nice if theyd do it on kick or remove, but not both)20:10
Jack_SparrowNot a bad feature.. just was not aware that it did it20:12
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)20:22
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)20:22
geniiWhoa. Looks like a dozen bots or such20:28
stdinmore like 10020:48
geniiI saw at least 12 in #u  20:49
stdinyou missed the other 88 in #ubuntu-unregged ;)20:49
stdinwell, there were 98 unique joins of similar nicks in there20:50
geniiAll separate hostmasks from what I could see... probably zombies20:51
nickrud_useful naming convention20:52
geniinickrud: I thought so as well20:52
Seeker`jussi01: pong20:54
MTecknologyAnybody know what the link is ubottu uses to update the factoid db?20:55
PiciMTecknology: http://ubottu.com/ubuntu.db20:55
MTecknologythanks :)20:56
stdinit's actually linked to on the factoids.cgi page20:56
geniiHeh, I didn't know ubottu has their own domain20:56
stdinwe got it a little while ago20:57
Picijussi-01 was tired of being inadvertantly hilighted.20:57
geniiI don't blame him20:57
stdinthat's why the db is full of tinyurl's :p20:57
stdinactually I think I've cleaned all those, but the bot's config still has some20:58
Seeker`where is jussi01 when you need him20:59
stdinSeeker`: anything I can help with?21:01
Seeker`stdin: he pinged me earlier21:02
Seeker`contentless pings \o/21:02
jpdsIRC Council people please look at -meeting, just in case.21:06
* Myrtti yawns21:36
Myrtti♥ naps21:36
Myrttialso, ♥ phone calls with the boyfriend21:37
Seeker`bluesmoke: can we help ypu?21:46
stdinbluesmoke == Amaranth afik21:49
Seeker`hmm, likely story21:51
jpdsSeeker`: He is.21:58
Seeker`hmm, likely story21:59
Myrttihello aib, how can we help you?22:15
aibmyrtti, are you cross-joined in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-devel?22:15
Tm_TMyrtti: hi22:16
Myrttino, should I be?22:16
aibi asked a question in #ubuntu-devel, but the weren't around. i asked it in #ubuntu and was kicked22:16
aibi was told #ubuntu is not for testing22:16
Seeker`you should'nt join channels while you are cross, its asking for trouble22:16
aibthey didn't know i had asked in both, i just wanted to know if myrtti had access to the logs22:16
aibhere is the question i asked. i will let you judge.22:17
Myrttianyway, I'm back to bed22:17
MyrttiTm_T: good night :-)22:17
Jack_Sparrowaib, We all have access to the logs22:17
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:17
aibi am getting an assembler segfault during compile which suggests that the assembler uses a different version of libopcodes than which is being linked against. and the version of libopcodes on my system is suspciously new. /usr/lib/libopcodes- http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-help/2009-01/msg00047.html22:17
Slartgood evening everyone22:17
ubottuCharitwo called the ops in #ubuntu (EvilBOT on-join spambot)22:17
Slartubottu, the kind and loving bot that he/she is, doesn't respond to the !info command in pm any more.. 22:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:18
Slartyea yea22:18
aibjack_sparrow, then perhaps you should read them and re-assess your behavior22:18
aibi stand by my claim that you abused your power22:18
jribSlart: wfm22:18
Seeker`aib: I think your attitude was a bit off22:18
aibi was attacked22:18
aibfor no reason, my content was purely technical22:19
jribJack_Sparrow: what did he do?22:19
Seeker`2009-01-06T22:13:57 <aib> if you have a problem with that, maybe you should leave the channel;22:19
aibthat is out of context, please post the entire conversation. its not that long.22:19
Jack_SparrowHe was asking people to test on their system his problem. he was told there were better channels as we frown on testing in the support channel, he suggested that if I didnt like it that I leave22:19
aiband how many commands have you suggested users 'test' on their system?22:20
aibthere is no real difference between 'support' and 'testing'22:20
aibthey are both troubleshooting.22:20
aibyou frown on that?22:21
SlartI'll go back to stalking #ubuntu.. someone give ubottu a hug or something. Thanks22:21
Jack_Sparrowit will compile the php svn module, which fails on my system because the assembler was linked with a different version of libopcodes than the linker now has access to...22:21
aibyes - a problem with ubuntu22:21
Jack_Sparrowthere are many better places for you to go with that issue22:21
jribmaybe this is a misunderstanding.  aib just seemed to have some problem executing 'pecl ... blah' and wanted to know why22:22
jribam I off?22:22
Jack_SparrowHe was kicked after he got abusive22:23
aibno, not really off. but the answer to the why involves figuring out if my system is broken22:23
aibcompared to someone elses22:23
aiblibopcodes is fairly low-level22:23
aibthe "abuse" was aggravated22:23
jribI agree your response wasn't really appropriate aib, even if you disagreed with Jack_Sparrow's remark22:23
aibbut you know, he could have just run the command. and that's all i really have to say having pointed out his abuse of power.22:24
jribbut I think the question he asked was okay.  Make it clear you are asking for someone with knowledge of the command to confirm the operation fails for them as well 22:24
aibi'm going to set up a virtual machine. it will cost me hours, but i won't get kicked.22:24
Seeker`stdin: ping22:29
stdinSeeker`: contentless pong22:30
Seeker`stdin: pm?22:30
jussi01errr, Jack_Sparrow?22:31
nickrud_hahahahhaha I knew this was just the moment to take a moment from work22:31
Jack_SparrowKeyboard fell over while I was answering the door22:32
nickrud_Jack_Sparrow, suuuuurrre. 22:32
Jack_SparrowJust not my day22:32
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: is a spammer in disguse really22:33
Seeker`he is biding his time22:33
Seeker`when we all stop looking he will fill the screen with ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++22:33
nickrud_just gathering tools and access, just you wait22:33
Seeker`the pointy +'s of doom22:33
Jack_SparrowSpam is my secret thing..  22:33
Jack_Sparrowbbl, I need to WOK the dog..22:35
nickrud_hm, reminds me I'm hungry22:35
Seeker`Jack_Sparrow: tasty?22:36
=== Seeker`_ is now known as Seeker``
=== Seeker`` is now known as Seeker`
Seeker`stdin: shiny server22:50
stdinjust be careful for now, it has low memory22:51
Seeker`i'm only planning on running irssi22:52
stdinSeeker`: yeah, but it only has 270MB RAM :p22:53
stdinMem:           270        266          4          0          8        14422:53
Seeker`irssi isn't *that* much of ahog :P22:53
Seeker`what else does the box do?22:53
stdinthe server is LAMP too, and apache + mysql can be a hog22:54
stdinthe bots alone use about 100MB22:56
Seeker`will it be getting an upgrade?22:57
stdinI hope so ;)22:58
jussi01Im still here (sadly). yes, it will be getting an upgrade or Ill find other hosting22:58
stdin270MB is quite a difference from the 2026MB we have now22:59
Seeker`jussi01: you fail at sleep?22:59
jussi01Seeker`: epic fail23:00
Seeker`whatsw rong?23:00
stdinsleep is for the caffeine-deprived23:00
jussi01Seeker`: just cant sleep. too much on my mind.23:00
Seeker`hopefully nothing too serious23:01
* genii brews a fresh pot of coffee23:02
jussi01Seeker`: actually it kinda is. But anyway. :(23:02
Seeker`genii: glad to see you've stopped wearing them23:03
Seeker`jussi01: :( Think of fluffy things, like sheep23:03
Seeker`or shiny things23:03
Seeker`or, even better, shiny fluffy things23:03
Seeker`foil sheep!23:03
geniiSeeker`: My sartorial tastes have changed...23:03
geniiCloud computing!23:03

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