NCommandercool, another channel for my AJOIN list!16:14
jbaileyNCommander, Fun.  What will you port to? =)16:15
NCommanderall of them!16:16
persiaAll of them?16:17
NCommanderEvery architecture shall have an Ubuntu port!16:17
jbaileyWho needs a PMMU? =)16:24
persiaWhat experimental ports are in progress?  I've heard whispers of m68k and mips, but nothing too complete for either.  Anything else?16:26
jbaileyNone as far as I know.  I hadn't heard of m68k or mips.  Arm seems likely.16:29
persiaarm seems fairly complete: only a few hundred packages left to go.16:30
persiahttp://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ says about 800.16:31
persiam68k seems oft-rumoured, but I've not seen code.16:31
persiamips has some skeletal code I've seen, but I think not enough of a team yet.16:31
persiaI know one guy in Osaka who wants a SH port, but I don't think he'll finish it.16:33
jbaileyThe problem with arm/mips/m68k is that those targets probably don't want a full desktop.16:33
jbaileyUbuntu isn't well suited to that at the moment.16:33
persiaDunno about MIPS or m68k.16:34
persiaI'd run Ubuntu UMPC on my Zaurus if 1) the processor was one of the arm-supported kernels, and 2) I hadn't broken the battery leads a few months ago.16:35
persiaI think I read about a MIPS netbook as well.16:35
persiaRight: the Belco Alpha 40016:36

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