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eolo999hi how do i change memory allocated to a vm? i tried virsh setmaxmem/setmem but i get this error: this function is not supported by the hypervisor: virDomainSetMaxMemory00:17
blackorgaeolo999, what virtualization technology are u using?kvm?00:29
eolo999kvm (sorry forgot)00:30
eolo999blackorga: kvm with qemu hypervisor00:30
xenocampanoliHow do I make at use "bash" instead of "sh"?00:30
xenocampanoliIt appears to do this by default on CentOS...?00:31
blackorgaeolo999, ok....i thought u use xen...00:31
eolo999blackorga: i tried "virsh -c qemu:///system setmaxmem guestname 512000" and that result in the error mentioned before00:32
eolo999blackorga: and "virsh -c qemu:///system setmem guestname 512000" results in "Invalid value of 512000 for memory size00:33
blackorgacan u go inside the virsh shel....00:33
blackorgatype "virsh"00:33
blackorgaafter that run "setmem guestname 512000"00:34
xenocampanoliHow do I make at use "bash" instead of "sh"?00:39
xenocampanoliHow do I make 'at' use "bash" instead of "sh"?00:40
jmarsden|workxenocampanoli: Put the commands into a bash shell script that starts with a line #!/bin/bash and tell at to execute that00:43
xenocampanoliWill it work if I just set SHELL=/bin/bash?00:50
xenocampanolimmarsden|work: Will it work if I just set SHELL=/bin/bash?00:50
xenocampanolijmarsden|work: Will it work if I just set SHELL=/bin/bash?00:51
xenocampanolijmarsden|work: It seems to, but I'm not sure that my test is correctly evidential.00:51
jmarsden|workI have no idea... try some code that uses bash arrays, maybe... sh won't work on those, for sure :)00:52
jmarsden|workat is specified to use sh, so I'd avoid trying to play games with it and put bash code in a bash script... seems simpler and safer00:53
xenocampanolijmarsden|work:  Okay, thank you.00:54
eolo999blackorga: sorry i just seen the answer... go and try..00:54
xenocampanolijmarsden|work:  at works by default using bash on CentOS.  Why would they force it to use sh on Ubuntu?00:54
jmarsden|workxenocampanoli: Read the man page... most likely on Centos sh is a link to bash?00:55
eolo999blackorga: error: Invalid value of 512000 for memory size00:55
eolo999i created the machine with 256MB...00:55
xenocampanolijmarsden|work:  That would be a good solution for me.  Is there any problem with just doing that, or would it be better to use som apt-get package to set it?00:56
jmarsden|workxenocampanoli: I'd not mess with changing sh into bash unless you are extremely sure it won't have other side-effects.00:57
jmarsden|workJust because Centos does something does not make that the POSIX-ly correct thing to do.00:57
xenocampanolixenocampanoli:  Yes, but POSIX-ly is not always helpful, and with the degenerate influence by know-nothings in the U.S.A. crony-capitalist system of numbskullians, I find it hard right now to trust anything that is an alleged standard.00:59
jmarsden|workOK... in that case, feel free to do whatever you want to your own servers, making them as non-standard as you wish -- just remembner it is you who must then support the results :)01:00
eolo999blackorga: i found a way01:12
eolo999Edit /etc/libvirt/qemu/machine-name.xml and then virsh define /etc/libvirt/qemu/machine-name.xml01:13
eolo999the you reboot the machine and... done!01:14
xenocampanoliNope, I cannot just assign SHELL.  That doesn't do it.  I really need to run at with Bash.  Is there no way to configure that?01:27
jmarsden|workNot that I can see from reading the man page.01:27
xenocampanoliI would think there would be a configuration in debian/ubuntu to just run stuff from bash.  After all, they used to do that.  Shoudl be a .deb file.01:28
jmarsden|workJust throw your code into a script with #!/bin/bash at the front... why will this not work for you?01:28
xenocampanoliIt doesn't work.  I tried that and it still runs sh.01:28
jmarsden|workThen you did something wrong.  I'll test here...01:28
xenocampanoliI tried the array thing you suggested and that proves it.01:28
xenocampanoliwhen I put an array assignment in there, it fails.01:29
xenocampanoliPerhaps I'll need to go through a regimen of making my top bash script a dash script.  I wish there was a pointer sheet for it.01:31
xenocampanoliLooks like the main thing is I cannot use export x=y anymore.01:31
xenocampanoliOther than that, my top script is pretty simple.01:31
xenocampanolijmarsden|work:  Did you verify what I'm seeing?01:32
jmarsden|workxenocampanoli: No.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/100712/  works fine for me.01:37
xenocampanoliOkay, thank you.  I'll take a look now.01:37
xenocampanoliI think if you look at this test you may conclude yours was faulty, and that I am right:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/100716/01:43
xenocampanolijmarsden|work: I think if you look at this test you may conclude yours was faulty, and that I am right:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/100716/01:44
jmarsden|workThat's my paste... where is yours??01:44
jmarsden|workOh, wait...01:44
jmarsden|workUmmm.  You need to give a complete example... there is no at command anywhere in there?01:46
xenocampanoliat -f tst.bash now01:47
xenocampanoliwhere tst.bash has that content.01:47
jmarsden|workNo, you totally missed the whole idea!01:47
xenocampanoliThat may be good.  At any rate, the script I gave won't run with at.01:48
jmarsden|workIf tst.bash contains bash code, then you do echo "`pwd`/tst.bash" >shtst.sh and then you  at -f `pwd`/shtst.sh now01:48
jmarsden|workIn other words, you wrap your bash code in a bash script, then run a sh script that runs the bash script.01:49
jmarsden|workYour example does not do that at all?01:49
xenocampanolijmarsden|work:  Yes, so you're still recommending the wrapper.  I have to agree that is the cheapest and clearest solution I can think of also.  Ugly, but relatively painless, and the only thing I could possibly afford to finish tonight before going home with all these things.01:50
xenocampanolijmarsden|work:  ?01:51
jmarsden|workYes; it works, it is trivial, and it will work on any Unixlike OS that has a /bin/bash, so it will work on FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc and I would expect also on Solaris... it's a simple and pretty portable solution...01:52
xenocampanolijmarsden|work:  That is what I'll do then.  Thank you for spending the time helping me with this.  I really appreciate it.  I'm on facebook.  Perhaps if you're in Belltown some time you could contact me to meet at CJs.01:53
xenocampanoliFor now, I need a break...01:54
jmarsden|workOK.  No problem.  BTW you could do something like for i in *.sh ; do mv $i `basename .sh`.bash ; echo $i >$i ; chmod +x $i ;done to create abazillion wrappers for all your scripts quickly...01:54
jmarsden|workAs long as they all have #!/bin/bash at the top to begin with, of course :)01:55
jmarsden|workIf not you can do another oneliner to add it to them all, first...  anyway... have fun :)01:56
Xperiment62is there anyway i can have a usb mass storage device mount to /home/user/www/03:18
Xperiment62as i need to be able to have fat32 and ntfs drives auto mount for easy updating of files03:25
Tim__Reichharthi guys could anybody tell me the requirements for running your own DNS server03:40
sloopyTim__Reichhart, a spare amchine?03:41
Tim__Reichhartyea I got couple of them03:42
sloopyTim__Reichhart, what are you trying to accomplish? a router set up, or just a local dns server?03:45
Tim__Reichharti have 4 websites and I would like to get its own dns03:46
Tim__Reichhartand i already have a server03:46
sloopyahh more advanced then i am familiar, i am more knowledgeable in router/ localnet type dns server...03:48
sloopymay want to ask in #bind (IIRC)03:49
ShoopufNikto versus Snort?04:27
uvirtbot`New bug: #314267 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "package mysql-server-5.0 5.0.67-0ubuntu6 failed to install/upgrade: sub-processo post-installation script retornou estado de sa?da de erro 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31426704:55
Xperiment62is it possible to have ubuntu 8.10 server automount removable drives into a set folder?05:01
BangersWhat is required to get ubuntu-vm-builder to spit out an image that can be started in VMWare ESX?05:06
Bangers$VMBUILD vmserver hardy05:06
Bangersdoesn't work05:06
BangersBut it does work in VMWare Player/Server05:06
ShoopufWhat's better, Snort or Nikto?05:19
altf2othey don't seem to be directly comparable. Snort is a well known "IDS" (Intrusion Detection System) while Nikto appears to be a "Web Server Scanning Utility" that tests your site for various flaws\exploits. I'd say both a great tools to have in your arsenal.05:38
Shoopufaltf2o: oh i see, thanks for the clarification05:40
techsupporthow can i prevent ubuntu server from turning the monitory off ?05:41
altf2oanytime. I've been a long time fan of Snort however, so i'd definitely recommend learning it if an IDS is something you're looking to implement on your network.05:41
pteagueam i supposed to set up a static ip address in somewhere other than the /etc/interfaces file?05:49
pteagueer, that's what i meant05:50
BangersThen the answer is no05:50
pteaguei just installed intrepid yesterday... set it up in there, did an ifdown eth0; ifup eth0 ... it worked & then sometime today while rsyncing from my backup file server it lost network connection & for some reason it's using the dhcp assigned ip address again instead of the static address that i gave it during installation (& then later had to create in /etc/network/interfaces because installation didn't set it)05:52
pteaguei thought possibly it lost power sometime today, but if it had lost power then it wouldn't have the 3 screen sessions i had going still running >.>05:52
pteaguemaybe restarting with `/etc/init.d/networking restart` may prevent it from reverting again...05:55
nomingzistarting from what version of ubuntu that it come with AppArmor/SELinux ?05:57
Bangerspteague: how many NICs do you have?05:57
pteaguejust the 105:57
pteaguei'm not sure of the total file size count (i'm leaving the public directory out, which probably makes up about 1/3 of the size), but /home on the file i'm rsync'ing from is 758G & i'm wondering if that may be causing problems with the 256mb ram + software raid...05:59
pteague& yes, that's temporary until i can get mobos moved around05:59
Wickedhello all. running 8.04 server here and im having some funny issues all of a sudden. when i use "df -h" it stalls...and i have to open a new session. in ps aux i see *alot* of dupe process... heres a part of the output from ps aux http://pastebin.com/m414d7c806:29
Wickedtop says server loads are at 0 0 006:29
hadsDisk full?06:30
Wickedthats what i thought at 1st..so i rm'ed a fold that was a few hundred mb's...enough to not cause this06:31
Wickedbut now im just trying to find out why theres a million process's running06:32
Wickedheres the full output from ps aux....look how many times cron is running... http://pastebin.com/m5acf211f06:33
Wickedupdatedb is running like 5 times...but yet my load averages are at 0 0 0 ??...seems kinda funky to me06:34
Wickedi guess ill reboot it and do a packet capture here...see if anything fishy is going on.06:36
Wickedhuh. shutdown and reboot are not doing anything...06:42
Wickedsays systems going down for a reboot...but then nothing happens.06:42
Wickedhard reboot. awesome :(06:43
sloopyWicked, whats with the caps for /USR/SBIN/CRON ?06:46
Wickedno idea.06:46
sloopyWicked, some file (executable) would have to be there for a process to be listed, may want to investigate it06:48
Wickedfor sure.06:48
sloopyWicked, did you reboot the machine? 120 reset?06:49
Wickedyea. i hard to hard reboot it.06:50
hadsCRON is normal06:50
sloopyhads, with /USR/SBIN/ as the path? all caps?06:50
hadsgrep CRON /var/log/syslog.6.gz06:51
hadserm, without the dodgy tab completion :)06:51
sloopyhads, my u server is at home...06:51
Wickedok. im back in06:52
Wickedno funky look process's yet06:52
Wickeddf -h works....over 4 gigs free.06:52
sloopyhads, on my 8.04 laptop that shows nothing... i will google... google knows all, if you know the right question...06:53
Wickedonly thing that reall changed tonight was i installed gallery206:55
Wickedand was uploading a bunch of pictures when it stopped...so i took a look on the server thinking i may have run out of space....06:56
sloopyWicked, i found this via google...  http://serendipity.ruwenzori.net/index.php/2006/05/23/attack-of-the-undead-usrsbincron06:57
sloopyaltho its debian, the relations of deb make it an interesting avenue to go down...06:57
Wickedyea. ill read it over now thanks06:58
Xperiment62can i automount usb drives to the anon ftp directory?06:59
Xperiment62not looking for a how to guide at the moment, i just want to know if its possible to configure07:00
Wickedhmm they say the fix was to restart slapd .....whats slapd?07:01
hadsLDAP server07:13
domasmoin :)08:56
domasanybody hitting frequent kswapd deadlocks here? :)08:57
Xperiment62i know ive asked this a few times already... can i set up ubuntu server 8.10 so it automounts usb drives to a public ftp directory?08:59
domasfs-independent, lvm-agnostic, ..08:59
sorenXperiment62: Sure.09:01
Xperiment62thankyou... finally someone answered09:01
Xperiment62my next question... is it easy medium or hard to set up?09:01
sorenNot that hard, but not trivial either.09:02
sorenI suppose that makes it medium :)09:02
Xperiment62okay, thankyou very much soren... my hope in ubuntu server is not lost09:03
xnvI just installed 8.04.1 and would like to configure the network. Is there a CLI or something I should use on 8.04 to configure the network?09:25
sorenThere's a configuration file.09:25
Xperiment62hehe, good thing i backed up that file09:26
Xperiment62wouldnt want to have to try each individual ip adress on my network09:26
xnvOK. I know on 8.10 things are different. No such worries on 8.04?09:27
sorenNow I'm confused.09:27
sorenxnv: It's the same on 8.10.09:27
xnvsoren: Then I don't want to edit /etc/network/interfaces09:27
sorenxnv: And 7.10, 7.04, 6.10, 6.06..09:27
xnvsoren: I think you're mistaken09:27
sorenxnv: Then you don't want to configure your network.09:27
sorenxnv: ....or you're in the wrong channel.09:28
sorenXperiment62: I don't think I understand?09:28
xnvsoren: On 8.10 it's in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections09:29
sorenNot in the server edition, it isn't.09:30
Xperiment62well im gonna be doing a fresh install on my server tommorow, and id hate to go to adn count up just so i can find it to ssh09:30
xnvsoren: Seems to be. Is it possible it was just installed as a separate package?09:30
sorenxnv: "it"?09:30
xnvsoren: The network manager09:31
sorenErr... Yes, network manager is a separate package. Everything is.09:31
sorenI don't think I follow.09:31
xnvsoren: You seem to be saying this network manager isn't on 8.10 server edition whereas I seem to be looking at a system that is 8.10 server edition that has it. We could both be "right" in the sense that 8.10 server edition doesn't _come_ with this network manager installed, but is still available.09:33
sorenOf course it's available.09:39
sorenYou can install anything on Ubuntu Server.09:40
sorenGNOME, if you're into that sort of thing.09:40
sorenUbuntu Server isn't a different product or project. It's just a different default install. And it uses ifupdown to configure its network.09:41
xnvsoren: Right and on the 8.10 desktop, the network manager is different by default. Apparently that's not true for server.09:46
soren"different by default"? What does that mean?09:47
xnvsoren: Forget it.09:48
jmarsdenXperiment62: See https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/network-configuration.html09:51
ShoopufIs chmod 770 ok for not wanting people to get http access to a directory?09:51
sorenShoopuf: Probably, but it depends on the ownership.09:54
Mal3kodoes anyone know the specific meta package name for these 2 perl modules: DBI & DBD::mysql?10:16
sorenMal3ko: Why do you think there's a metapackage for them?10:18
sorenIsn't libdbd-mysql-perl just what you need?10:19
andolMal3ko: Which will give you both; not because it's a metapackage but thanks to the way apt handles dependencies.10:24
ShoopufAnyone know where I put the "TraceEnable off" to turn off TRACE for my web server? I have a few config files here and gettin' confused :P12:24
Shoopufusing Apache :)12:24
Shoopufnot sure if i put it in apache2.conf, or httpd.conf, or ports.conf... or if it's gonna go within some tags12:25
andolShoopuf: If you want to keep your modifications separate from the standard configuration I'd put in httpd.conf12:32
andolShoopuf: Technically it shouldn't matter that much, since most conf-files are included from apache2.conf12:32
andolShoopuf: Still, putting it in ports.conf would just be weird :)12:32
Shoopufandol: oh, great :) i wondered about that.. unfortunately I already started putting stuff in apache2.conf... will start using httpd.conf12:33
ShoopufRecommend a good, fairly simple book on Ubuntu/Apache server administration? I heard one called Ubuntu Kung Fu came out, but haven't heard of many others.12:34
andolShoopuf: No idea, but I'd take a look on what O`Reilly has to offer. I usually like their books.12:38
Shoopufandol: hehe, yah. I just got an O'Reilly PHP book :) great read so far12:38
ShoopufThis Ubuntu Server is great so far :) Seems like all the important stuff is right there in aptitude12:46
Shoopufor is the term 'in the repository?' :P12:46
andolShoopuf: No matter what, it is really nice having all that software so easily availible :)12:52
ShoopufSomeone said try FreeBSD, but I was kinda turned off when they said it wasn't actually Linux, it was just another flavor of Unix? Or somethin'...12:53
Shoopufnot sure which opinions to listen to, everyone's got one :P hehe12:53
andolShoopuf: Nothing wrong with *BSD. Myself I prefer to use OpenBSD in some specific situations.12:54
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Achilleushello, my ubuntu kernel log daemon keeps restarting showing the console "stopping kernel log daemon .. starting kernel load daemon"13:34
domasthats logrotate13:39
Achilleusdomas, okay but why does it keep restarting ?13:40
domashow often?13:40
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Achilleusevery 10 mins I think13:41
Achilleusmore or less13:41
kinnazcan i use ubuntu server as desktop ubuntu installation ?14:11
kinnazdoes it use diffrent repos ?14:11
kinnazit seems i need to try it myself :P14:13
andolkinnaz: It is the same repos, just diffrent defaults.14:15
kinnazdoes the server edition configure my x ?14:15
kinnazor i need todo it by hand ?14:15
kinnazi have that ubuntu 8.10 server cd here, was wondering is it safe to use it for installation of my workstation14:16
kinnazor ill end up with just more trouble then the effort of burning new image14:16
andolkinnaz: That should work just fine. Simply install the meta-package "ubuntu-desktop" and you'll get the same stuff as if you had done a desktop-install14:17
kinnazah okey tnx, ill try it out14:17
andolkinnaz: Also, you might want to install the -generic kernel instead of the -server kernel.14:17
kinnazin the long run will prolly build kernel by hand anyways14:17
kinnazatleast in the old days14:17
kinnazi always ended up in recompiling the kernel14:18
kinnazhavent used linux for desktop for ages14:18
kinnazdunno how things are nowdays14:18
andolkinnaz: Not sure about the benefits of building your own kernel nowdays.14:18
kinnazcould be, in the old days14:18
kinnazit was in default missing14:18
kinnazntfs aswell that sound thingie14:18
andolkinnaz: Well, give the -generic kernel a try first :) It just might work out for you.14:19
kinnazwill do :)14:19
kinnazalsa yesyes14:19
kinnazalsa was that sound thingie14:19
kinnazdefault was oss14:19
ScottKUbuntu defaults to Pulse now.  ALSA is the old thing now.14:19
kinnazonly have heard about that pulse, havent had chance to touch it14:20
kinnazi wonder does it support 5.1 card aswell14:20
kinnazwhat have software filter for bass14:20
ScottKkinnaz: You might ask on #ubuntu-studio.14:32
ScottKOdds are they'll know more about sound stuff there.14:32
henkjanhmm, kvm + lvm is :(15:19
henkjanits crashing when using the virt-* tools15:25
yann2henkjan > can you report a bug?15:26
henkjanits #23187815:28
Jeeves_henkjan: So it's lvm + libvirt15:28
Jeeves_Not lvm + kvm15:28
henkjanJeeves_: you are so right :)15:28
Jeeves_uhuh :)15:29
Jeeves_libvirt + iscsi is supported15:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jeeves_++15:29
Jeeves_But only gives you fully filled pools15:29
yann2mmmh works using iscsi as raw disk but not lvm?15:29
RoyKhi all. I've setup an ubuntu server 8.04 LTS and all seem to work well, but on every single startup it gives me the recovery menu, which is rather bad15:55
RoyKthat gives me the options resume,dpkg,root and xfix. X is not installed (it's a server after all) and there are no more package errors15:56
jnubuntuyou might of set up grub with the default option as recovery mode15:56
RoyKwhy does this happen?15:56
jnubuntuyou might of set up grub with the default option as recovery mode15:56
jnubuntu 15:56
RoyKI'll check15:56
RoyKsysadmin must hav been drunk :P15:57
* RoyK slaps RoyK 15:57
RoyKI'm new to ubuntu server, having been running debian for ages. A recovery menu for single user mode isn't what I was expecting15:58
jnubuntucan you upload your /boot/grub/menu.lst somewhere?15:59
RoyKnot a problem15:59
jnubuntuor email it16:00
RoyKproblem solved16:00
RoyKI know my way around menu.lst, I just misunderstood the recovery mode menu - never seen that on other distros16:00
jnubuntuit is unique and helpful16:00
RoyKLTS seems like a good idea :)16:03
RoyKI know several larger companies that have been running other distros for their servers that are moving to Ubuntu server 8.04 LTS16:04
RoyKso I think perhaps it's about time to ditch debian in favour of that16:05
jnubuntui cant stand debian16:05
jnubuntureleases way to unpredictable16:06
RoyKI've been running debian for - what - seven or eight years, so I feel at home with it16:06
uvirtbot`New bug: #314411 in apache2 (main) "logrotate cron spams when only apache2.2-common installed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31441116:10
jdstrandkirkland: fyi-- I updated help.txt for screen-profiles and requested a merge17:18
kirklandjdstrand: excellent, thanks.17:18
jdstrandkirkland: btw, I'm sure you are aware of this, but the mappings don't work too well on the console17:19
kirklandjdstrand: which ones?17:19
kirklandjdstrand: nijaba has been working on this17:19
jdstrandkirkland: they work fine in gnome-terminal, but if I login to tty1, the Shift-Tab/C-PgUp/C-PgDown don't work17:20
kirklandjdstrand: interesting ... i'll have a look17:21
jdstrandkirkland: I'm using the latest from your ppa, not bzr, so maybe I missed an update17:21
jdstrandkirkland: basically, I went through basic help and tried everything on the console17:21
kirklandjdstrand: ah, thanks for testing ...  i'm just about to shift my focus to screen-profiles for a bit, and get everyone's contributions rolled in17:22
kirklandjdstrand: i'll update the ppa's at that point17:22
jdstrandkirkland: C-Shift-Del doesn't work either17:23
jdstrandkirkland: function keys are fine17:23
jdstrandkirkland: there is an odd issue with 'F4' )create new window)17:24
jdstrandkirkland: if I do F4, then type in 'foo' as the title, it creates it, but shifts the prompt to the right one character17:25
jdstrand(and the cursor)17:25
jdstrandkirkland: pressing Enter rights it again, but seems something is leaking through17:25
* kirkland tries17:25
jdstrandkirkland: my niggles aside-- this is highly cool stuff! :)17:26
kirklandjdstrand: hmm, F4 worked okay for me on the console, but not shift-tab17:27
jdstrandkirkland: all function keys work on the console17:27
jdstrandkirkland: but, F4 does the one character shift17:27
jdstrandkirkland: everywhere17:27
kirklandjdstrand: i don't understand "one character shift"17:28
jdstrandkirkland: do F4, backspace 4 characters (to replace bash), type 'foo', press Enter17:29
jdstrandkirkland: press Enter a second time and you'll see clearly the prompts don't line up17:29
kirklandjdstrand: oh, on the command line itself17:29
kirklandjdstrand: ah, that is strange17:29
jdstrandkirkland: you should see the cursor is shifted too17:30
kirklandjdstrand: i do ... very strange17:30
kirklandjdstrand: my biggest annoyance is that i can't get more than 4 tabs17:30
kirklandjdstrand: it goes foobar17:30
kirklandjdstrand: i'm highly interested in a fix17:30
* jdstrand 17:31
* jdstrand nods17:31
jdstrandfwiw, I really am liking this a lot, but IMHO it'll need to work perfectly to be used as a default17:32
kirklandjdstrand: thanks, i'm hoping it gets there17:34
kirklandmathiaz: regarding https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-target/+bug/28410717:41
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 284107 in partman-target "Filesystem on iSCSI should have the _netdev option in /etc/fstab" [Medium,Confirmed]17:41
kirklandmathiaz: this is no longer necessary, right?17:41
jdstrandkirkland: fyi, in case you pulled rev22 for help.txt, I made another refinement (rev23)17:42
kirklandjdstrand: i hadn't pulled yet, i'll grab r2317:42
jdstrandkirkland: cool17:43
mathiazkirkland: correct - _netdev is no longer needed in jaunty17:43
kirklandmathiaz: good, thanks, i'll mark that bug invalid.17:44
mathiazkirkland: as iscsi block devices are treated as local block devices.17:44
mathiazkirkland: right - adding a note about the actual implementation (ie iscsi block device are local block device)17:44
kirklandmathiaz: okay, will do.17:45
kirklandmathiaz: done!17:46
kirklandmathiaz: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-target/+bug/284107/comments/517:46
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 284107 in partman-target "Filesystem on iSCSI should have the _netdev option in /etc/fstab" [Medium,Invalid]17:46
AlanGuys, is there something I'm missing?  Both machines I have Ubuntu Server installed on seem to have a braindead Python installation that is incapable of performing filesystem operations correctly17:53
kirklandAlan: ubuntu version?17:53
Alan8.04 on one, 8.10 on another (I think)17:53
Alanhow would i find out for certain?17:54
uvirtbot`New bug: #246324 in lvm2 (universe) "initramfs-tools lvm2-hookscript won't include lvm.conf and claim devices it shouldn't " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24632417:55
Alanfound it17:56
AlanI'm running 8.10 Intrepid on both17:56
Alankirkland: ^^17:58
kirklandcat /etc/issue usually tells you17:59
kirklandAlan: what's an example of something broken?17:59
jmedinait is better to use lsb-release -a17:59
jmedinalsb_release -a18:00
kirklandjmedina is correct, i suppose18:00
Alanlet me see if i can narrow one down18:02
AlanI'm having odd problems of files not being moved / deleted / created, but with different programs, and maybe stupidly assuming they are related18:02
Alanand they are things that I've had working unchanged completely perfectly with other distros' releases of python 2.518:03
Alanhmmm, scratch that, one of them is my problem :|18:06
Alanalthough I don't know why what it's depending on doesn't work18:09
Mal3kohas the bug of not detecting multiple cores in linux-rt been fixed?18:09
AlanBasically i've taken 2 things from one server and put them on another running the same software, but one is misbehaving consistently18:09
Alanand the only common thing is that they've both moved to Ubuntu server and they're both Python18:10
andolAlan: Perhaps they rely on paths not present by default on an Ubuntu-server?18:12
cxohow do you pick another apt mirror from the console?18:14
andolcxo: edit /etc/apt/sources.list18:16
cxoi was hoping for a nice long mirror list to comment out/in18:18
andolcxo: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors18:20
cxowhats the equivalent to chkconfig?18:23
cxostart/stop services at boot18:23
Alanandol: not as far as i can tell :|18:24
AlanAlso, one of them was really annoying, seems a file lost a character somewhere, so not related to anything else :(18:25
Alanunfortunately an unexpectedly elusive bug...18:25
jmedinacxo: update-rc.d18:25
kirklandjdstrand: Bug 314441 ....18:30
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 314441 in ecryptfs-utils "upgrade to 68-1ubuntu2 causes console logout to hang" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31444118:30
jdstrandkirkland: yes?18:32
kirklandjdstrand: um, ugh?18:32
kirklandjdstrand: i'm trying to reproduce18:32
kirklandjdstrand: is it only on the console?18:32
kirklandjdstrand: what about ssh?18:33
Faust-Ci was wondering how do you guys manage multiple servers18:33
Faust-Csuch as updates, and so forth18:33
jdstrandkirkland: I have an encrypted ~/Private. I am logged into via gdm so everything is mounted. I Ctrl-Alt-F1 to a console. login. exit. go back to Ctrl+Alt+F1 and it is hung18:33
Jeeves_ery usefull server tools here: http://www.brendangregg.com/specials.html18:34
jmarsden|workFaust-C: You can create yourself a local mirror using apt-mirror if you have a lot of severs to update.18:34
jdstrandkirkland: I know have 3 ttys hung :(18:34
zulmathiaz: what do you think of having php 5.2.8 for jaunty18:34
Faust-Cjmarsden|work: yeah i was thinking that18:35
Faust-Cfbsd has a similar setup18:35
cxonot the XJS Jeeves_?18:36
Faust-CJeeves_: nice link btw18:36
jdstrandkirkland: I can't say for 100% sure that it was 68-1ubuntu2 that caused it, as I don't usually drop to a console, but it is definitely happening with it18:36
jdstrandand I've never seen it until today18:36
kirklandjdstrand: okay, i just installed a fresh, up-to-date Jaunty vm, and i cannot reproduce your console hange problem19:46
kirklandjdstrand: if i have multiple 'dustin's logged in, i do get the "Sessions still open, not unmounting" message, which is expected19:46
kirklandjdstrand: but then i get a console login prompt again19:46
jdstrandkirkland: hmm...19:47
kirklandjdstrand: i have one real machine here, running jaunty19:48
kirklandjdstrand: i cannot drop to a console on this system at all19:48
kirklandjdstrand: or get to gdm19:48
kirklandjdstrand: i only have ssh access to the system19:48
fduplessishello all19:48
fduplessisif anyone here can give me a hand with bind9, I'd appreciate it. need some examples. pm me!19:49
fduplessiscan anyone help with bind9 on 8.10 server? pls pm me19:53
kirklandfduplessis: post your questions, and someone will help if they can19:53
fduplessisroger that19:53
frojndHello there19:54
frojndI've been trying to make a connection for a while now and I'm running out of ideas..19:54
jmedinaconnection to what?19:55
frojndI've edited /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolf.conf for static IP but no luck..19:55
frojndjmedina: to the www :)19:55
frojndI can't ping the router19:56
frojndI can't ping any other IP19:56
fduplessisi have bind9 set up (basic) and apparently working. i need to add various cname and A records and would like to make sure I'm doing it correctly. also need some advice on securing it. have been following the ubuntu docs and community docs here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto and here: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/dns.html19:56
frojndI get ping: unknown host19:56
fduplessiswill these basic guides suffice?19:56
zoopsterfduplessis: for a basic dns setup, yes. If you need more in-depth, I would use your favorite search engine...there are a ton of bind docs out there that go in-depth into dns setup19:58
frojndthis is the output of resolf.conf and interfaces: http://pastebin.com/m37f91035 any ideas ?19:58
fduplessisyeah i've been reading all day, would be great if someone could take a look at my files19:59
uvirtbot`New bug: #314494 in samba (main) "Cant install samba" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31449420:01
zoopsterfrojnd: you cannot ping the gateway?20:01
finite9hi! im still struggling with setting up a GUI on Ubuntu server (intrepid)... I have minimal X working by running xinit with Fluxbox (works ok on console), but I want to VNC to the server so I can run headless, so I change vnc4server's xstartup config file and change twm to /usr/bin/fluxbox.  I run tsclient to get VNC session and it connects OK and shows Fluxbox, but VNC does not grab the mouse pointer and my cli20:02
finite9ents GDM session hangs until I manually kill vncviewer and tsclient.  Does anyone know why the vncviewer hangs?20:02
frojndzoopster: nop20:03
frojndzoopster: I get Network is unreachable20:03
frojndzoopster: I'm pretty sure cable is plugged in since the light blinks at the boot20:03
zoopsterfrojnd: interesting...that was my next question20:04
frojndzithough now isn't on on the switch..20:04
zoopsterfrojnd: is the cable plugged into the correct network20:04
frojndzoopster: yep20:05
zoopsterfrojnd: and is the cable good? - your files look correct20:05
frojndzoopster: I'll make another check of cables20:07
zoopsterfduplessis: you may have better luck on the forums with a review of your dns files...if you have a problem come back here20:08
frojndzoopster: cables are ok20:11
vorianScottK: about?20:13
BrimstarAny comments or suggestions for a person who's always been a redhat admin about to setup their first Ubuntu box (server or otherwise)?20:17
NafalloBrimstar: yum does not exist20:18
bobbydhi, I'm using ubuntu-virt-sever on a core2 chip with vmx support, but paravirtualisation isn't available in the GUI, any ideas on how to debug it?20:18
bobbydBrimstar: just get the ubuntu server iso and learn apt20:19
bobbydaptitude is your friend20:19
Brimstarbobbyd:  ISO is burned onto disk and getting ready to do my first install.  Any reason to install the GUI if you're mostly dealing with Apache, PHP, and MySQL other than the web application that's going on it?20:20
bobbydapart from it being very nice :)20:21
bobbyddepends if you want to pretend you're in minority report or not :)20:21
Brimstarbobbyd:  I prefer to pretend the GUI doesn't exist on Linux systems usually :)20:22
bobbydas you wish20:23
BrimstarTempted to install the GUI just to see it, but hate to do that then reinstall again to get the build I'd prefer20:25
bobbydwell, just run from a live CD to see it :)20:26
BrimstarSome other time since that's not really something I need for work related stuff.  Mostly a Windows admin these days, but spent a lot of time with RH in the past20:28
bobbydyou maybe won't get the compiz stuff, but you can install the drivers under the live CD (if it's e.g an Nvidia card) just to see it20:28
BrimstarJust about every machine I could run it on is ATI based20:28
bobbydBrimstar: the recent open sourcing of their cards' microcode should mean you have better drivers soon then20:31
bobbydeven now they're better than the were20:31
BrimstarSystem I'm installing right now has an older Intel model I believe.20:32
frojndcables are fine..20:57
frojndbut it just wont conenct.20:58
zoopsterfrojnd: when you say won't connect...it will not negotiate with your switch? If you reboot, do you get any details in the logs? I had a weird problem when first setting up a server that the connection would die and nothing I did would fix it, except a hard reset...not sure why...but once I had it all set, i never saw problems again21:01
zoopsterfrojnd: this problem was ONLY when I changed the network details...strange, but...21:02
onesandzeroshello all.  I'm a little fuzzy on this backports idea.  each version of ubuntu has a point where they stop updating stuff, right?  I've got gutsy server here, and I use it to run primarily Request Tracker and MediaWiki.  apt-get update/upgrade doesn't show any updates for these two or much of anything else, eventhough I know there are newer versions out there.  I was looking in http://packages.ubu21:08
onesandzerosntu.com/gutsy-backports/ , but I don't see newer versions of these two packages.  Is that all just community-provided stuff?21:08
kirklandjdstrand: okay, i've merged your screen-profiles changes21:25
kirklandjdstrand: do i need to do something in launchpad to mark your proposal as "merged"?21:26
kirklandjdstrand: nm, i found it21:26
jthomasdoes anyone know how to get around a server which cannot install 8.04.01 Server?  I am getting an error after hanging at, "Retrieving binutils-static-udeb    2%" and I've found the bug report but no fixes.  I need 8.04 for a client's project.  Bug report here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/148466 but no fix.21:26
jdstrandok, I knew it was in there somewhere...21:26
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 148466 in linux "Won't boot on a DELL Poweredge 2500" [Undecided,Fix released]21:26
jthomasyeah i know; any workarounds tho?21:27
jthomassomeone got it booted with 'mini iso' but i have no idea what that is21:27
Martin|XPgood afternoon my friends21:28
psyferrehey folks, i just installed ubuntu server 8.1 and it had an option to automatically install a "virtual machine host".  I did so, but I can't find anything that looks like a virtual machine host :)  Does anyone know what it installs and how you turn it on, so to speak?21:29
kirklandpsyferre: it installs the infrastructure required to run Kernel Virtual Machines21:30
kirklandpsyferre: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM21:31
kirklandpsyferre: you should verify that your hardware supports kvm21:31
kirklandpsyferre: run "kvm-ok"21:31
psyferrekirkland: ahh, thank you.  I thought it was going to install vmware or Xen or something21:32
kirklandpsyferre: KVM is similar in principle to vmware and xen21:32
psyferrekirkland: i was searching the system for some sort of setup script I was supposed to run post install.21:33
psyferreThanks, I'll check out the link21:33
kirklandpsyferre: kvm is more the official, chosen virtualization platform for Ubuntu21:33
kirklandpsyferre: do you have another ubuntu system?21:33
kirklandpsyferre: perhaps a desktop system?21:33
psyferrekirkland: yes, I have several other ubuntu servers all running vmware21:33
psyferreno desktop systems that I use regularly21:34
kirklandpsyferre: if so, you can install ubuntu-virt-mgmt there21:34
kirklandpsyferre: and then attach to the kvm hypervisor on your ubuntu server21:34
kirklandpsyferre: and deploy kvm virtual machines there21:34
psyferrekirkland: verrry interesting21:35
peppe__hi all i have this problem21:35
psyferrekirkland: I'll check it out, thanks21:35
kirklandpsyferre: good luck21:35
kirklandpsyferre: note that there's also #ubuntu-virt21:36
psyferrekirkland: thanks :)21:36
peppe__i know someone help me?  http://pastebin.com/m562ea9d321:36
kirklandpeppe__: this perhaps isn't the best channel to address this problem21:37
psyferrevery cool, thank you21:37
peppe__i have this problem in only my ubuntu server21:39
peppe__infact in my ubuntu gutsy it work normaly21:39
jthomaspeppe__ i googled the last line in that pastebin and got this http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5015421:39
Martin|XPjoin #ubuntu-server,021:41
kirklandnijaba: are you around?21:42
kirklandnijaba: i'm working on your screen-profiles merge21:42
nijabakirkland: I am21:42
nijabakirkland: how can I help you?21:42
kirklandnijaba: okay, i merged jdstrand's and nxvl's first, since those were simple21:43
kirklandnijaba: i'm curious about welcome.txt21:43
kirklandnijaba: looks like that info is in doc/help.txt21:43
nijabakirkland: let me check, I thought I had removed it21:44
kirklandnijaba: oh, i was looking at your first merge21:44
kirklandnijaba: perhaps i should grab both of them21:44
nijabakirkland: I thought I hed only one branch which needed to be merged21:44
kirklandnijaba: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/screen-profiles/+activereviews21:45
peppe__jthomas thanks now look21:45
nijabakirkland: weird, binding welcome is marked as merged21:45
kirklandnijaba: okay, i'll mark that one merged21:45
kirklandnijaba: okay, now just one https://code.edge.launchpad.net/screen-profiles/+activereviews21:46
kirklandnijaba: okay, i'm going through that one now21:46
nijabakirkland: I do not agree with jdstrand last addition to help.txt.  It is fully rudundant with screen by default, for which we now have a helper function, IMO21:49
jdstrandnijaba: which part?21:49
jdstrand(I made a lot of additions to it)21:49
nijabajdstrand: "Use 'screen -r' to reattach to a detached screen"21:49
jdstrandnijaba: I was unaware of additional functionality21:50
nijabajdstrand: if you install screen by default, there should be never any need to do a screen -r21:50
jdstrandnijaba: I was trying to think about the first time screen user21:50
nijabajdstrand: right, it was not merged21:50
jdstrandnijaba: that is a big if :)21:50
jdstrandnijaba: as it operates now, it is not run on login21:51
nijabajdstrand: but the purpose of the exercise, IMO, at least as soon as the package screen-profile is installed21:52
jdstrandnijaba: therefore, I removed the 'exit' part of detach and exit, and added screen -r so people knew how to reattach21:52
jdstrandnijaba: IMHO, improving the screen experience is foremost. if that can be made excellent, then we can consider screen by default21:53
kirklandjdstrand: i agree with you on that point21:54
nijabajdstrand: 2 against 1 -> you win ;)21:54
jdstrandthere are several little niggles that need to be worked out, and I'm not 100% sure that screen is a good default if for no other reason than scrollback. I think people would complain21:54
nijabajdstrand: did you try scrolling back?21:55
kirklandjdstrand: actually, we've turned "scrollback" on21:55
jdstrandI was using the version in kirkland's ppa, so I may not have the latest and greatest21:55
kirklandnijaba: thanks for changing the runtime dependency to python-newt21:56
kirklandnijaba: which is in main :-)21:56
kirklandjdstrand: we'll get you a hot new one soon :-)21:56
nijabakirkland: hopefully as that was not fun :)21:56
kirklandjdstrand: let me get all of this fresh goodness whipped into shape21:56
jdstrandI'm no screen export, but trying to leave scrollback on and actually using the terminal is fairly painful21:57
kirklandnijaba: i'm going to accept the default 'welcome' window for now, but i'd like to come up with an easy way to disable that, once you've seen it a few dozen times :-)21:57
nijabakirkland: hmm, first time it is launched for example?21:58
kirklandnijaba: well, it might be nice to leave it there until you say, "I don't want to see this any more"21:58
jdstrandif there are any people like me, that screen is highly helpful and will need to be seen more than once21:58
kirklandnijaba: like most gui programs with their "Show hints on startup"21:58
nijabakirkland: in which case show the menu directly? ok21:59
nijabakirkland: should I create a ~/.screen-profiles file to store this type of users settings?22:00
kirklandnijaba: hang on, let me get your current work merged first :-)22:01
* kirkland can't keep up with the Great niJaba the Hutt!22:01
* jdstrand is very curious about scrollback on by default22:01
nijabakirkland: I am just thinking about it, waiting for your merge to be done to start a new branch ;)22:01
kirklandnijaba: :-D  sure22:01
* sbeattie can't imagine screen *without* scrollback...22:02
kirklandsbeattie: my life was much worse, before i figured out screen with scrollback22:02
nijabakirkland: In my todo, I have:22:02
nijaba1/ allow selection of of keyboard mapping sets22:02
jdstrandok, so how do you enable by default without it being all crappy all the time?22:02
jdstrandkirkland, sbeattie?22:03
nijaba2/ allow change of default escape22:03
sbeattiejdstrand: define "all crappy"?22:03
nijaba3/ Dynamic help text construction22:03
kirklandjdstrand: can you describe your "crappy" scenario?22:03
nijaba4/ allow discard of welcome by default and go directly to the menu22:03
nijabakirkland: anything else?22:03
kirklandnijaba: those are good so far22:04
kirklandnijaba: for (4), i have an idea22:04
jdstrandkirkland, sbeattie: maybe I am enabling it wrong, but I have always used 'Ctrl-a Esc' which does the 'copy mode'22:04
kirklandnijaba: we could drop "screen -t welcome 0 screen-profiles-helper" out of windows/default22:04
jdstrandis there a better way?22:04
kirklandnijaba: put it in a windows/welcome22:04
kirklandnijaba: and have that added/pruned out of the user's .screen-windows file or some such22:05
nijabakirkland: yep...22:05
kirklandnijaba: i'm going to rename "bash" to "shell", for obvious reasons22:06
nijabakirkland: makes a lot of sense, yes22:07
kirklandnijaba: and i'm going to rename windows/default to windows/common22:07
kirklandnijaba: to match profiles and keybindings22:07
sbeattiejdstrand: hrm, that's how I enable it as well, though I never actually make use of the copy-paste functionality22:08
jdstrandsbeattie: right-- and if you start to type into the terminal while in scrollback mode, doesn't it pop out with 'copy aborted'?22:09
sbeattieBTW, in my screenrc, I add this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/101329/ so that ctrl+a + '-' + [0-9] takes me to windows 10 to 1922:10
jdstrandsbeattie: eg-- I enter scrollback mode, then do 'ls'. bam 'copy mode aborted'22:10
jdstrandI am confused how scrollback can be on be default if I can't use 'ls' :)22:10
jdstrandkirkland: there ^ is my crappy scenario ;)22:11
kirklandjdstrand: how are you "entering scrollback mode"?22:11
kirklandjdstrand: shift-pgup?22:12
sbeattiejdstrand: well, it either barks at me or tells me I've escaped the dungeon, but that's cuz I'm sufficiently dorky enough to have enabled nethack mode.22:12
jthomaspeppe__ look at what?  new pastebin?22:12
jdstrandkirkland: I'm using screen-profiles (ubuntu) and do 'C-g Esc'22:13
nijabajdstrand: did you just try to shift-pgup?22:14
kirklandjdstrand: can you just shift-pgup?22:14
nijabajdstrand: the following was added to allow it:22:14
nijabatermcapinfo xterm ti@:te@22:14
nijabadefscrollback 1000022:14
jdstrandnijaba, kirkland: nothing. but again I have the ppa version22:14
kirklandjdstrand: okay, i'm running 1.222:14
peppe__jthomas in the middle of the strat22:15
kirklandjdstrand: let's circle back once i release this one22:15
nijabajdstrand: yes, but that should be there already...22:15
jthomaspeppe__ whats the link?22:15
peppe__the link of my pastebin?22:15
Deepsooh, screen-profiles looks nice!22:15
jthomaswhat do you want that I look at?22:15
sbeattiehrm, I wonder how shift-pageup plays with ttys, as shift-pageup also scrollsback there.22:16
nijabajdstrand: could you modify "termcapinfo xterm ti@:te@" -> "termcapinfo xterm* ti@:te@", relaunch and try again?22:16
jdstrandnijaba: profiles/common does have termcapinfo xterm ti@:te@22:16
nijabajdstrand: there is a big for it, IIRC22:16
jthomaspeppe__ what do you want me to see?22:16
jpdskirkland: What will be in the screen-profile package? Different .screenrc's?22:16
kirklandjpds: sort of22:16
peppe__jthomas my problem is this http://pastebin.com/m3b303f9622:17
nijabajdstrand: see bug #30939322:17
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 309393 in screen-profiles "Can't scroll with shift pgup/down" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30939322:17
peppe__sorry for my english22:17
jdstrandnijaba: sorry, no dice22:17
jthomasso your computer ( doesn't have anything on port 808022:17
jdstrandnijaba: termcapinfo xterm* ti@:te@ in /usr/share/screen-profiles/profiles/common, correct?22:18
nijabajdstrand: yep22:18
jdstrandnijaba: yeah, doesn't work.22:18
nijabait worked for didrocks...  weird22:18
jthomaspeppe__ don't worry about your english, its fine :)22:18
sbeattienijaba: that just gets me the terminals scrollback, not screens scrollback22:19
jthomaspeppe__ is this still vlc issue?22:19
nijabasbeattie: yes, that what is intended22:19
jdstrandsbeattie: I think that would be quite good actually22:19
sbeattieas in, do dmesg in win 0, switch to win 1, then shift-pgup gets me dmesg output.22:19
jdstrandoh, heh, maybe not :)22:19
peppe__I run vlc server for transmission over http on port 8080 so i run another vlc on
sbeattieblech. when I scrollback, I want the history in the window I'm in.22:20
* jdstrand nods22:20
peppe__but i recive this error22:20
jthomasdo you have a firewall blocking access to localhost:8080 ?22:20
peppe__i have set iptables22:20
jdstrandsbeattie: scrollback from another window in counter-intuitive22:20
nijabasbeattie: right, but at least you can scroll back the last command, which is better than nothing...22:21
peppe__i set iptables but i dont set it for vlc22:21
jthomasfor port 8080 to either send, or recieve ?22:22
jthomasmay need to be open for both.  or try turning off iptables to see if that fixes it, then you've found the isse22:22
peppe__i dont set port 808022:22
* sbeattie wonders how irssi does it, since it gets scrollback right.22:22
peppe__so the firewall block the port22:22
jthomasbut is it blocking all non-enabled ports?22:22
jthomasthe firewall may block the port, not certain22:23
peppe__how do i unlock the port?22:23
jthomasyou're running iptables?  same as with the others.22:24
nijabasbeattie: it is the program that traps the kb event, IIUC22:24
jthomasotherwise, I don't know of the top of my head :(22:24
peppe__yes i use iptables22:25
peppe__and i work in a vnc session22:25
jthomasyes i know.  Try clearing the iptables list (iptables -F) BUT that will erase ALL rules, so make sure that you know how to reset them.22:25
nijabapeppe__: ufw is a nice way to setup your iptables nicely...22:25
jthomasotherwise, I am not certain peppe__maybe google for it22:26
jthomasufw isn't iptables, is it??22:26
Deepsit's a frontend for iptables22:26
nijabajthomas: it certainly is based on it, isn't it jdstrand?22:26
jthomasno kidding, nice.  i thought it was a totally different thing.22:26
jthomasso 'ucf open 8080' isn't it?22:26
peppe__so i use "ucf open 8080"??22:28
jthomas'ucf allow 8080' perhaps?  Not certain peppe__ google it.  I've not used ufw22:28
nijabajthomas: are you talking about ufw? then "ufw allow 8080"22:29
jdstrandjthomas, nijaba: ufw is a frontend to iptables22:29
jthomasor, as I mentioned before, turn off iptables (iptables -F) to remove all to see if thats the problem or not22:29
jdstrandjthomas: sudo ufw status22:29
jdstrandjthomas: if it says 'not enabled' it isn't in your way22:29
jthomastalk to peppe__ jdstrand, he needs assistance with allowing localhost:8080 access22:29
jdstrandpeppe__: ^22:29
peppe__if you use iptables -f blocks network22:30
jdstrandpeppe__: you can see if you have any firewall rules with 'sudo iptables -L -n'22:30
Deepssurely `ufw status` returning 'firewall not enabled' simply means you're not using ufw, rather than that there's no firewalling?22:31
jdstrandDeeps: that is correct22:31
jdstranduse 'iptables -L -n' to see the raw output22:31
jdstrand(no matter what firewall frontend you are using)22:31
heath|workI have to do a distro upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04 .... is this possible with do-release-upgrade22:32
jdstrandheath|work: it's not only possibly, it the recommended method22:33
* jdstrand can't type22:33
peppe__i run iptables -L -n and so?22:33
jdstrandpeppe__: that command will show you your filtering rules22:33
jdstrandpeppe__: if there are none, then a firewall *on this host* is not the problem22:34
heath|workjdstrand, will it upgrade straight to 8.10 or can I make it go to 8.04?22:35
jdstrandheath|work: do-release-upgrade will not skip releases22:35
heath|worknice! thanks22:35
peppe__there are any rule, but there isnt 8080 or
espacioushi im having troubles with DUPLICATES when pinging from my ubuntu server.22:36
espaciousit was not doing that.22:37
espacioushow can i check what is wrong.22:37
jdstrandpeppe__: can you rephrase?22:37
peppe__in output there is no rule with port 808022:38
jdstrandpeppe__: please paste the output in http://paste.ubuntu.com22:40
peppe__I have to post the output of my Firewal?22:40
kirklandnijaba: please use tab's for indentation in screen-profiles in the future23:13
kirklandnijaba: and the use of the $profiles global variable inside of the other shell functions in select-screen-profile is highly frowned upon23:14
kirklandnijaba: i'm going to parameterize it23:15
LamoI've installed bugzilla via apt and the created a sym link from /var/www/ > /etc/bugzilla3 and can pull up a page on http://localhost/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/index.cgi however I have no way of logging in? sorry for my ignorance but I can't find any docs on how I create a user.23:16
nijabakirkland: I'm not sure I get your second remark...23:17
kirklandnijaba: global variables are generally frowned upon, when programming in a functional manager23:25
Xperiment62hello everytone23:44
Xperiment62i have a problem during the install for server 8.1023:49
Xperiment62it asks me to insert the intrepid ibex server install cd23:50
Xperiment62which is currently in the driv23:50
geniiXperiment62: I've seen this on all install cd when it cannot figure out what driver to use for the chipset controlling the cdrom drive (notably some sata controller chips)23:51
Xperiment62im using all IDE23:51
Xperiment62is there anyway to get past this screen?23:51
Kamping_Kaiserit tends to happen more on older gear too23:51
cxohow do you setup NICs from the console?23:52
geniiKamping_Kaiser: Yes23:52
Xperiment62ive had it installed on this machine before23:52
cxodo you have to edit /etc/network/interfaces manually?23:53
geniiXperiment62: As a fast workaround I'd suggest external cd connected by usb. The default install knows about usb-storage by default23:53
Xperiment62ill give it one more go23:54
Xperiment62if it doesnt work, ill go find my IDE to USB gear23:54
geniicxo: man interfaces     has syntax of the entries in that file23:54
cxowhat a pain23:54
Xperiment62providing i can boot from usb23:54
Kamping_Kaiseriirc you can also specify the driver to load on boot prompt, but i could be totally wrong on that23:54
cxohow do you get rid of the disclaimer at login?23:56
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Kamping_Kaiserprobably /etc/motd.tail, but that may vary depending on your version23:57
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Xperiment62oooh, looks like it may be working this time23:59

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