tjaaltonbryce: exactly my point. it's just too easy to let xorg get filled up08:07
brycetjaalton: yep I agree08:07
brycetjaalton: today I've been really taking advantage of my busted up jaunty desktop08:07
tjaalton"advantage" :)08:08
bryceI had this weird mouse cursor flickering in firefox, found a patch for it that solved it, and uploaded :-)08:08
tjaaltonoh taht08:08
tjaaltonso you didn't use git then, because it has the tip of 1.6 branch ;)08:08
tjaaltonwhich fails to build a source package because of change xquartz stuff08:09
brycenah, I looked at the real patch but it looked pretty involved, so just put in the much simpler workaround patch for the time being08:09
tjaaltondon't think 1.6-branch has it yet08:09
bryceyeah, doesn't sound like it.  So when it does, we can drop this patch.08:10
tjaaltonjust wondering what to do in git08:10
brycethe workaround patch has been working perfectly so far for me08:11
brycealso sorted out a bug where right clicking on urls in gnome apps wasn't loading right in firefox08:12
brycethat turned out to be a glib bug.  I made a workaround patch but didn't root-cause it08:12
tjaaltonok, has worked for me08:12
bryceit seems to have something to do with gvfs08:13
brycemaybe something isn't quite kosher with my setup08:13
bryceanyway, whatever, another annoyance eliminated :-)08:14
tjaaltongood :)08:21
tjaaltonafk, to the skating rink ->08:39
* bryce chuckles08:40
brycesounds fun08:40
tjaaltonyep, it was10:05
tjaaltonit's across the street, so easy to go to :)10:05
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tjaaltonbryce: ati dithering stuff regression on intrepid, bug 31432611:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314326 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "new radeon and ati libraries dont work with my X1300 " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31432611:04
superm1bryce, is AMD aware of any ABI problems that will be happening for jaunty so that they have time to plan appropriately?16:09
seb128tseliot: could you look to bug #314406? it's g-s-d crashing in jaunty due to your change17:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314406 in gnome-desktop "xrandr plugin of g-s-d crashes on startup" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31440617:03
* tseliot has a look at the report17:03
tseliotseb128: ok, I think I know how to fix it. When do you need the fix?17:06
seb128tseliot: no hurry there is not so many jaunty users yet17:07
tseliotseb128: ok, I'll add it to my todo list. Thanks for reporting17:07
tjaaltonsuperm1: AIUI yes they are19:42
brycetjaalton: I've modified the colorization and accounting on http://bryceharrington.org/X/PkgList/versions_current.html a bit, to better distinguish better when we're in sync with debian, but they're behind upstream (since there's so many packages in that state currently)22:14
bryce(gets rid of a lot of red for us :-) )22:15
anderskIs it intentional that xft 2.1.13-2 was synced rather than merged into Jaunty?  The sync dropped two patches that I believe are still needed (bug 305399). 22:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 305399 in xft "xft 2.1.13-2 sync dropped libXft-2.1.10-lcd-filter-3.patch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30539922:18
bryceandersk: thanks, I'll upload22:24
tjaaltonbryce: so lime means that we are in sync with debian but not upstream, and blue means we are not in sync?22:29
tjaaltonwith either22:30
bryce(still tinkering with colors a bit)22:31
brycetjaalton: correct22:32
bryceI'm adding another color to distinguish between needing merges vs. syncs to experimental22:32
brycealso I corrected needs-merge vs. needs-sync; for some reason I'd not gotten the logic right for ubuntu packages22:33
brycewhile I'm at it, any other change requests for this page?22:34
tjaaltonnothing I can think of22:35
bryceactually, blue means we're not in sync with experimental22:39
brycedark blue means we need to merge with experimental, light blue means we just need to sync22:39
brycered/orange means we need a merge/sync with unstable22:39
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tjaaltonyeah, didn't notice it was explained at the bottom22:57

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