exodus_msPaddy_EIRE: yes, I rtfm,00:00
Paddy_EIRE!rtfm | exodus_ms00:00
ubottuexodus_ms: Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.00:00
nbeebowj32, nop, the sound that comes out of my speakers, aka speaker output goes into my microphone aka microphone input00:00
laderiusJack_Sparrow Negitive, did not work00:00
rww!screen | exodus_ms: still not sure what you mean, but maybe you want something like screen?00:00
Paddy_EIREexodus_ms, wind the neck in we are just trying to help.. and you misunderstand00:00
ubottuexodus_ms: still not sure what you mean, but maybe you want something like screen?: screen is a terminal multiplexer. See http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/3/9/16838/14935 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Screen00:00
exodus_msPaddy_EIRE: yes, I read the 'fine' manual00:00
Jack_Sparrowladerius, nvidia settings wont run00:01
exodus_msrww: yes, I haven't been clear about what i mean. i will try to explain00:01
Paddy_EIREexodus_ms, well it certainly does not seem like it..00:01
gogereaverjack im calling it as a bad driver install00:01
laderiusjack_sparrow: i typed sudo nvidia-settings as the second command00:01
gogereaverif thats not there00:01
wj32nbeebo: ok then. so do you want to record whatever's going out of your speakers?00:01
wj32nbeebo: try audacity - that should do it00:02
Jack_Sparrowladerius, I use the older driver on my systems -77 didnt work for me00:02
laderiusjac_sparrow: and it says command not found, im using 8.0400:02
Kalistook im going the apt-get install ubuntu desktop way. btw dont remove libx11-6 ;) when you try to downgrade to an older version. it will take the system with it :D00:02
nbeebowj32, many games got "voice in-game" and etc that gets the voice from the microphone, instead of the voice i want the microphone to record/get the sound from the desktop, for example me playing music files00:02
laderiusJack_Sparrow: It all worked fine alittle while ago :P then i rebooted, how would i get new drivers?00:02
gogereavernbeebo oh thats easy jst record your pcm00:03
michelecsHi. When I insert a bluetooth dongle in my computer, Skype stops connecting and needed to be killed. Anyone has the same problem?00:03
gogereavernbeebo no mic nedded00:03
wj32nbeebo: that should be an option in the game00:03
nbeebowj32, no there isnt..00:03
wj32nbeebo: if the game doesn't have the option, then...00:03
Jack_Sparrowladerius, system admin hardware drivers or restricted drivers isnt there00:03
wj32nbeebo: you'll have to search for some audio routing program00:03
nbeebogogereaver,  wooot, where??? been looking for this for 1 week atleast00:03
laderiusjack_sparrow: they are now gone, says im using no propierty drivers00:04
gogereavernbeebo for recording device just slect wave or pcm00:04
nbeebowj32, ive searched but havent tried routing00:04
wj32nbeebo: i doubt you'll find one00:04
mib_70r1aewhat is the repositary extension for mandriva like .deb or .repo00:04
nbeebowj32, think so too .. thanks00:04
exodus_msrww: I guess I was curious if there were a way to enhance the terminal without a GUI program. We are talking about shell emulators here which has nothing really to do with making the terminal useful rather replacing it with a program of choice00:04
nbeebogogereaver, ok ill try00:04
kitchemib_70r1ae: ask mandriva00:04
aprilharewhen I play dvds I prefer to use xine, however I want to configure it to play by default and my problem is that when it starts a DVD, the volume by default is mute. I don't know why; it should be 100% by default and it really is annoying. Can anyone suggest how to force it to default to 100%? I tried the command line option and it didn't do the trick.00:04
Jack_Sparrowladerius, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:05
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Jack_Sparrowmib_70r1ae, THat is not a ubuntu suport question00:05
rwwmib_70r1ae: non-Ubuntu questions don't belong in here, but... I believe Mandriva uses RPM, so the equivalent to .deb should be .rpm00:05
laderiusjack_sparrow: Use kernal framebuffer device interface? yes or no00:06
nbeebogogereaver, in the gnome volume control there is 2 options to change input source, line, mic (default), cd and front mic, what does line do? and how does cd work?00:06
VigoNo Seamonkey....ratso00:06
Jack_Sparrowladerius, no00:06
rwwmib_70r1ae: you may want to ask in channel #mandriva on this server, though00:06
gogereavernbeebo cd would capture any cd you played00:06
Jack_Sparrowladerius, are you running lcd or crt monitor00:06
mib_70r1aerww, sorry i am just looking on how to install a program to let me load up my ubuntu cd from a USB drive00:06
gogereavernbeebo that would work00:06
laderiusjack_sparrow LCD, and i did that command its completed00:07
gogereavernbeebo as long as your playing back cds00:07
Jack_Sparrowmib_70r1ae, You dont need anything from mandriva to instal ubuntu00:07
rwwmib_70r1ae: have you read the !usb factoid?00:07
rww!usb | mib_70r1ae00:07
ubottumib_70r1ae: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:07
mrwesanyone using jwm with ubuntu, or have used it?00:07
Paddy_EIRE!ot | mrwes00:07
ubottumrwes: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:07
gogereavernbeebo in mic you should be able to chage the mic source you would change it to your soundcard00:07
nbeebogogereaver, im gonna try to mount a directory as a cd, that must be possible, but in the end i want live stream but im sure thats possible too somehow..00:08
mib_70r1aeyes but i installed mandriva first and i storngly dislike it00:08
aprilhaream i the only person who uses xine for dvd playback? :)00:08
Jack_Sparrowmib_70r1ae, read the factoid on how to install,00:08
sweetgumcan someone tell me how i can set $DISPLAY to a blank value00:08
mrwesoff topic????????? Isn't it in the repositories?00:08
mrweshow can it then be off topic?00:08
steve|xpI can't seem to get anything to show up when I search in synaptic00:08
exodus_msPaddy_EIRE: yeah, your right, i understand you are trying to help, do you understand that I want to enhance the terminal without using a GUI program?00:08
gogereavernbeebo i think its done in system00:08
steve|xpin xubuntu00:08
mib_70r1aejack, i am reading it and attempting to install unet thx\00:08
gogereavernbeebo yea it is done threw system sounds00:08
Jack_Sparrow!who > mrwes00:08
ubottumrwes, please see my private message00:08
kitchemrwes: well you didn't really ask a support question00:09
rwwexodus_ms: again, have you looked at "screen"?00:09
jribmrwes: just ask a more specific question rather than a poll00:09
bartelhow can i manually run the cron.daily??00:09
rwwexodus_ms: it supports split windows, detaching and reattaching, etc...00:09
Paddy_EIREexodus_ms, hmm.. I dunno about that.. but I mean you could try a different WM like awesome or something... not exactly what you are looking for but not far away either00:09
nbeebogogereaver,  no options to change the soundcard thing.. someone gave me a screenshot of it i didnt have that option... dammit00:09
laderiusjack_sparrow LCD, and i did that command its completed, the propierty drivers are still not listed00:09
gogereavernbeebo change the sound capture from your mic to the soundcard itsself00:09
yosukehi !00:09
gogereavernbeebo in the system menu00:10
Jack_Sparrowladerius, what did you select for driver00:10
VigoThe Seamonkey from Synaptic is 1.1.2 and last time I loaded it I could not figure out how to update it,,,should I try to find a mozilla chat or any here have a direction that I can take.00:10
mrwesOk....how do I install jwm in ubuntu? and will any programs already installed work with it?00:10
jribmrwes: use apt if it is in the repositories00:10
laderiusjack_sparrow it did not ask let me retry00:10
Jack_Sparrowmrwes, You just said it was in our repositories00:10
sweetgumJack_sparrow: can you tell me how to set $DISPLAY to a new value?00:10
Evil_OverlordThe update manager seems to have trouble.  It kept refusing to install updates (16).  One security update was "libgnutls26_2.4.1-1ubuntu0.1_i386.deb"  I didn't find that, but I did find "...0.2_i386.deb", so I manually installed that, even though the web page advised using the older version available via software channels [which?].  Anyway, now update manager tells me I suddenly need 131 updates.  Should I download and install them,00:10
nbeebogogereaver,  oh the sound stuff there isnt the volume mixer.. let me see what i can do...00:11
Paddy_EIREexodus_ms, You should clarify a little what you mean by "enhance" too.. as it is not specific to anything.. kinda vague00:11
Jack_Sparrowsweetgum, Please dont ask a specific person, just ask your question and wait.00:11
sweetgumcan someone tell me how i can change the value of $DISPLAY?00:11
rwwyosuke: try /quit00:11
jribsweetgum: export DISPLAY=newvalue00:11
Paddy_EIRE!repeat | sweetgum00:11
ubottusweetgum: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:11
laderiusjack_sparrow are you talking about when i reconfigure xserver?00:11
Jack_Sparrowladerius, yes00:12
VigoEvil_Overlord: I would think yes, since it was a system change, updated stuff may be wise.00:12
Evil_OverlordVigo - yes to do all the updates, or try for the older file?00:12
laderiusjack_sparrow it just gives me options for my keyboard00:12
laderiusjack_sparrow nothiung about display00:12
mrbrdoI can't seem to install gnome-lirc-properties.. It hangs on "Setting up gnome-lirc-properties (0.2.5-0ubuntu1)". I'm running hardy00:12
wj32nbeebo: are you still there?00:13
null__Question:  I need to restart my USB.  rmmod ehci_hcd and ohci_hcd hang.  Anything I can do in order to not reboot?00:13
mrbrdoI'm waiting for about 5 minutes now on this setting up thing and it's still not done00:13
nbeebowj32, yes im connecting to a server to try something out00:13
mas2_I just installed Ubuntu and used Synaptic to install VLC. But when I open file it plays for 1 second then closes itself. Why?00:13
wj32nbeebo: get pulseaudio00:13
Evil_OverlordAny idea why update manager so frequently has trouble?  What channels should I enable [?]00:13
Jack_Sparrowladerius, I need a break...  ask  in channel again.. sorry00:13
exodus_msPaddy_EIRE: understood, basically I wanted the terminal to behave similar to irssi, (using split windows but without the need for a separate GUI app),  Terminator and Screen both seem to provide what I'm looking for.00:13
wj32nbeebo: pulseaudio control tray icon thingy00:13
VigoEvil_Overlord: I would do the updates then use Synaptic to find the working one with the new settings00:13
laderiusjack_sparrow np00:13
nbeebowj32, how?00:13
Evil_OverlordVigo, thanks.  WIll try.00:14
nbeebowj32 oh00:14
Jack_SparrowEvil_Overlord, usually because a user has added unsupported repos00:14
Evil_OverlordJack - I'm the only user.  (though certainly I could have screwed up - I've been using Ubuntu for a week)00:14
laderiusHow can i get my nvidia drivers back? The propierty drivers are not showing up and the display resolution is very high... tried reconfiguring the xserver with no luck.. any advice00:14
jpayne001anyone else have problems reading dvd's on intrepid?00:14
Paddy_EIREexodus_ms, yeah.. screen is really nice.. I am a big fan :)00:14
Evil_OverlordAnd what's a repo?00:15
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rww!repositories | Evil_Overlord00:15
ubottuEvil_Overlord: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories00:15
Jack_SparrowEvil_Overlord, sudo apt-get install pastebinit  && cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit (Provide Pastebin link in channel)00:15
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VigoEvil_Overlord: Learn the Backups routine and do them often.00:15
gogereaverwhent into ubuntu just to test that00:15
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Guest95728criss calisse tabarnak ( need to know if you travel to montreal )00:15
exodus_msPaddy_EIRE: thanks for you help, really I just wanted a way to read man pages and test commands without switching back and forth between tab/windows etc, I'm sort of lazy :)00:15
rww!ot | Guest9572800:16
Jack_Sparrow!ot > Guest95728,00:16
ubottuGuest95728: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:16
exodus_msrww: thank you for your help00:16
gogereaverstill hear neebo00:16
skooz1vista will not load from grub i have grub editor it gives (hd0,4) as example im sure when i installed ubuntu window partition was on dev/sda1 do i need to enter dev/sda1??00:16
rwwexodus_ms: did you find what you were looking for?00:16
laderiusHow can i get my nvidia drivers back? The propierty drivers are not showing up and the display resolution is very high... tried reconfiguring the xserver with no luck.. any advice00:16
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Paddy_EIREexodus_ms, no thats not lazy.. thats good thinking.. and nice to see you are getting adventurous00:16
Jack_Sparrowskooz1, hd0,0 is sda100:16
gogereavernbeebo system prefs sound in recording slect yor card00:17
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laderiushow can i reset my display to default and install nvidia drivers? this is a huge headache00:17
Evil_OverlordJack - done, but ... what's a pastebin?00:17
rwwexodus_ms: oh, never mind, I missed one of your earlier messages. Yeah, screen is awesome <300:17
gogereaverin defult mixer tracks00:17
rww!pastebin | Evil_Overlord00:17
aprilhareok, I've fixed xine audio :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=780994 how do I make ubuntu open xine by default when playing dvd's? I have a nice terminal line to do it the way I like it and I want to be able to select xine whenever I insert a dvd..00:17
ubottuEvil_Overlord: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:17
Sylphidsorry if this is off topic but can anyone comment on their opinions of the dell mini9 with ubuntu?00:17
FireStormk back00:18
Jack_SparrowEvil_Overlord, It gave you a url when it finished.. that is what I need here00:18
FireStormso my problem..00:18
FireStormsomething is wrong with my windows because the uninstaller of wubi doesnt work and the wubi installer doesnt work from the site AND on the cd so does anyone know what is required to run the wubi installer/uninstaller... files are md5 checked00:18
skooz1jack_sparrow then that doesnt matter what i put in00:18
nbeebogogereaver, should i change to capture alsa instead of just alsa?00:18
Jack_SparrowSylphid, If you know it is offtopic why even ask00:18
FireStormall i really want to know is how to get the installer working00:18
FireStormie what is required to run it00:18
SylphidJack_Sparrow, i didnt feel that it was but i figured someone else might00:18
rwwaprilhare: open up Nautilus/File Browser. Go to Edit > Preferences > Media > DVD Video: Open with other Application...00:18
FireStormlike vb runtime or something00:18
laderiushow can i reset my display to default and install nvidia drivers? this is a huge headache00:18
exodus_msPaddy_EIRE: thanks again for your help and I apologize once again for the quick temp.00:19
Jack_SparrowFireStorm, you dont need vbruntime to get wubi to run.00:19
rwwaprilhare: if you have a specific command you want to use, you'll probably want to then do "Use a custom command" and put it in there.00:19
Jack_Sparrowladerius, slow down the repeats thanks00:19
FireStormya but is there anything i DO need00:19
VigoSylphid: I am not sure it is off-topic: I do not buy Dell anymore, but is neato that they ship with a stable and FUN Linux.00:19
laderiusanywhere else i can get help?00:19
FireStormcuz when i try to run it nothing happens00:19
jpayne001laderius: I think you can reinstall X with apt and overide the settings that you changed.00:19
aprilharethanks rww00:19
laderiusjpayne001, whats the command?00:19
philhjust wondering, what's the current state of play wrt ripguard protected DVDs on ubuntu?00:20
Vigoladerius: Have you tried the Backup/Restore thing?00:20
laderiusVigo, no00:21
laderiusvigo where is that located00:21
Vigoladerius: It is at boot up00:21
laderiusgonna give it a shot00:21
mas2_how can I search for update for my graphical drivers? Or do I need to download them manually? It detects my video card.00:21
Vigoladerius: but jaynes answer or reply might be better00:22
aoupiheloo, the fn key on my laptop is showing crazy behaviour. the 789/uio/jkl buttons behave like numpad when the fn key is pressed when working normaly, now they behave like that when the fn key is NOT pressed, reversed behaviour that is. how do I start troubleshooting this?00:22
watmas2_ what card00:22
smokewonHey there i gota problem here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1030829 however setup (hd0,1) dont work and windows seems to keep overwriting grub, also it says "grub stage 2 loading" last time it worked, isnt it mean to be stage 1?00:22
mas2_wat: I got a thinkpad t60 laptop with ATI video card.00:23
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watmas2_ what card00:23
watumm in synaptic search for ati00:23
watno not synaptic00:23
watthat add/remove programs thing on the top bar, i havent reinstalled ubuntu so i am doing the best i can :G00:24
corey_hi im wondering if anyone as and experience with gnome network manager?00:24
corey_i have my network running well00:24
laderiusvigo, thanks that seemed to work00:24
Vigoladerius: sweet00:25
mas2_wat: only had ubuntu for 30 minutes. where do I see it? like right click propertis in win xp.00:25
Paddy_EIREmas2, ok go to "Applications > Accessories > Terminal" then type "lspci" without quotes and press enter... once done copy and paste the output to pastebin00:25
laderiusvigo, how would i confirm that the correct drivers are being used?00:25
Paddy_EIREmas2, you are not using windows00:25
corey_the only thing that i and wanting to do to make it better is take off the auto-disconnect that kicks in when i leave the computer for a while and do nothing on the internet00:25
Paddy_EIREmas2, so change the logic please00:25
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corey_i notice it when downloading large files or updating my computer plz help anyone00:25
watim on #ubuntu right00:26
Paddy_EIRE!pastebin | mas200:26
eriscostill not getting this tv card to work00:26
ubottumas2: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:26
eriscothe drivers did not compile00:26
watsometimes i click on an irc channel on mirc and it doesnt switch chanenls00:26
watok im on #ubuntu just making sure00:26
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eriscohow can I get the input to my TV card playing on ubuntu?00:26
rwwwat: yes, you are00:26
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mas2_Paddy_EIRE:  no but iam trying to find the similiar thing in ubuntu.00:26
rwwwat: /topic is a good way to find that sort of thing out :)00:26
Paddy_EIRE!lnw | mas200:26
ubottumas2: Want to know the differences between Windows and Linux? This guide, called "Linux is Not Windows" is a pretty good read -- http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm00:26
Paddy_EIREmas2, you are using a totally different OS00:27
Vigoladerius: You could use the Synaptic thing and set ignore or do not show stuff that does not work with /this,,,that is not the actual command, but Synaptic has filters that come in real handy.00:27
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Paddy_EIREmas2, change the logic.. and assume nothing :)00:27
Jack_Sparrowwat, mirc.. in ubuntu or under wine00:27
Paddy_EIREmas2, follow the instructions I gave00:27
mas2_Paddy_EIRE:  hehe yeah I get it. So how can I find where I can see which video card I use in ubuntu?00:27
watthis is why you use nvidia cards :P00:27
watew konversation00:28
Paddy_EIREmas2, read my last post00:28
Jack_Sparrowwat, mirc.. in ubuntu or under wine00:28
junior_payneladerius: I can't remember the command. I'm looking it up now. might take a bit.00:28
gogereaverlol miric00:28
watjack_sparrow why would i do that?00:28
rwwwat: in my experience, #ubuntu gets about equal portions of nvidia and ati problems :P00:28
wati see00:28
gogereavermirc lol00:28
idroI have an N-Vidia card, its sweet for linux!!00:28
watjack_sparrow im on windows anyways :P00:28
TaiNtED_RaGEHello guys, I installed ubuntu on my brothers computer and theres only two options in the resultion, and there both huge, any help?00:28
gogereaverwat may crases and virses plage you00:29
IndyGunFreakrww: but nvidia problems are usually easy to deal with00:29
NewtownGuyi have a simple server question00:29
mas2_Paddy_EIRE: oh didn't see you wrote !lnw so much postings in this channel :) thanks gonna test it00:29
watgogereaver i dont get viruses00:29
DIFH-icerootmirc on wine is working fine, but why would anyone use this instead of the real good linux-cients00:29
imperfect-Anyone know a good desktop resource monitor besides gkrellm and conky?00:29
Jack_Sparrowwat, So why ask about mirc here00:29
watgogereaver windows has never crashed on me before either, ugh you are a typical linux user >_>00:29
xenocampanolihow do I make at run with "Bash" instead of "sh" on Ubuntu?  CentOS does it.00:29
corey_(restating my problem for newcomers) in am having a problem with gnomes network manager and wish to turn it off but dont know how, im running ubuntu 8.10 and have currently a 3G working connection00:29
Paddy_EIREthanks Jack_Sparrow00:29
NewtownGuywhere can I find ssh and http servers to install on ubuntu ? all i can find are clients00:29
TaiNtED_RaGEHello guys, I installed ubuntu on my brothers computer and theres only two options in the resultion, and there both huge, any help?00:29
IndyGunFreakcorey_: can you kill nm-applet?00:30
rwwPaddy_EIRE, Jack_Sparrow: Well, that was short-lived00:30
Paddy_EIRErww, hehe00:30
DIFH-icerootnetsurf3: sudo apt-get install openssh-server apache200:30
ubottuWant to know the differences between Windows and Linux? This guide, called "Linux is Not Windows" is a pretty good read -- http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm00:30
mas2_ah ok00:30
Paddy_EIREmas2, ok just in case you missed it go to "Applications > Accessories > Terminal" then type "lspci" without quotes and press enter... once done copy and paste the output to pastebin00:30
guilagjoin #ubuntu-mobile00:30
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:30
gogereavertanted rage did you instal the extra packages00:30
corey_wish to turn of the auto-disconnect so that it does not disconnect while i leave my computer doing updates or downloading large files00:30
gogereaverthey tend to include drivers nedded00:30
VigoPaddy_ERIE: xorg or look in Synaptic for restricted stuff?00:31
Paddy_EIREmas2, this is pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com00:31
charllsi choose to download desktop 8.10 version, 64-bits, the iso is called "...-desktop-amd64.iso", my computer is actually an intel 64-bit, i assume the amd is not really only amd right?00:31
IndyGunFreakcorey_: or, you could install wicd (which takes the place of nm-applet) then you can just manually disconnect and connect from your network.00:31
BeepIIHey all, I've had ubuntu for a while but a couple days ago, I put it into hibernate and the next day I had trouble turning it on.  finally, I ended up hard resetting my computer & starting normally, but since then my video card hasn't been working.00:31
BeepIIHow do I reconfigure it?00:31
imperfect-charlls: eys.00:31
imperfect-charlls: Yes. That00:31
kitchecharlls: amd64 is the arch name00:31
NewtownGuyis there a video4windows bt878a driver on ubuntu 8 ?00:31
TaiNtED_RaGEHello guys, I installed ubuntu on my brothers computer and theres only two options in the resultion, and there both huge, any help? Thanks00:31
rwwcharlls: right. Intel 64-bit works on amd64 too.00:31
corey_ty indygunfreak looking it up now00:31
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gogereavernewtoen guy my old ati tv vard uses bt and yes been supported for some time00:32
mas2Paddy_EIRE: http://pastebin.com/m4eb7aa6e00:32
eriscohow can I get the input to my TV card playing on ubuntu?00:32
Paddy_EIREmas2, nice one.. just a moment00:32
IndyGunFreakerisco: what kind of tv card..00:32
NewtownGuyhow do install my own application on ubuntu to use the bt878a driver ?00:32
Paddy_EIREmas2, so you see line 17 "01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M52 [Mobility Radeon X1300]"00:32
eriscoIndyGunFreak, hauppage Win-Tv HVR 180000:32
CyBurnettPlease help me with permissions in Ubuntu, i really dont understand how to set it up. I cant create a new text document or folder etc.00:32
DIFH-icerooterisco: e.g. kdetv00:33
charllsthanks guys, just wondering; ubuntu 64-bit has a some environment to run 32-bit apps under a 4gb protected space?00:33
Jack_Sparrow!permissions > CyBurnett00:33
ubottuCyBurnett, please see my private message00:33
IndyGunFreakerisco: hmm, not sure on that one, but w/ my other hauppage cards.. they usually worked well.00:33
rww!chroot | charlls00:33
ubottucharlls: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot use this to build 32 bit environments on a 64 bit box00:33
yaris123456789hey guys im looking for a CMS that lets multiple users create there own gallery? so that www.mygallery.com/username23 ?00:33
Jack_SparrowCyBurnett, you wont have problems if you keep your folders/files under /home your user00:33
charllsawesome, thanks rww00:33
Paddy_EIREmas2, so do this.. go to "System > Administration > Hardware Drivers" and tell me what you see00:34
mas2Paddy_EIRE: ah cool thanks. So if I want to update drivers to my ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 now. Do I need to search manualy or is this a smart way to doing it in ubuntu?00:34
Float1I used Banshee music player in the past to sync my iPod with my computer, and have recently reinstalled it but no longer see an option to do that. Can anyone help?00:34
mas2Paddy_EIRE:  ok roger thanks00:34
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod00:34
omi have got a multiboot ubuntu dvd which after kubuntu 8.10 installation shows just memory test option n not the initrd image00:34
omwaht can be done00:34
gogereavermas2 ubuntu00:34
BeepIIHow do I reconfigure my video card? It got reset to the default setting (my settings got backed up, but they weren't working anyway)00:34
omplz help me00:34
sweetgumhow can i uninstall a program i've installed with sudo apt-get , paritcularly bochs00:34
VigocyBurret: It is pretty basic, may wanna read up on sudo00:34
omI am currently on Live cd of Ubuntu 8.10900:34
rueffergtkpod is not reading my ipod. does anyone know how to mount it?00:34
omubuntu 8.1000:34
gogereavermas2 manuly can lead to mastakes00:34
rwwsweetgum: sudo aptitude purge packagename00:35
DIFH-icerootsweetgum: sudo apt-get remove program_name00:35
CyBurnettjack_sparrow they already are, but I cant delete anything or change any settings00:35
Jack_Sparrowom, Where did you get that version..00:35
omon LFY00:35
omLinux For You Magzine00:35
watrueffer try amarok00:35
junior_payneanyone know how to get sata dvd drives to work properly in intrepid ?00:35
omi have installed KDE on my System00:35
VigoCyBurret: Are you a sudo?00:35
rwwom: do you mean 8.10? 8.109 doesn't exist...00:35
junior_paynegetting buffer IO errors .00:35
omi even can see the partition00:35
Jack_SparrowCyBurnett, sudo or gksudo will grant permissions, what is the path of the file you are trying to change00:35
omKubuntu 8.1000:35
IndyGunFreakjunior_payne: they should work fine.. mine works fine... are any sata drives working?00:35
Paddy_EIREmas2, Has it been able to detect your card?00:36
CyBurnettVigo, yes00:36
VigoJack_Sparrow: Thank you00:36
CyBurnettJack_Sparrow, I want to create a new text document.00:36
yaris123456789hey guys im looking for a CMS that lets multiple users create there own gallery? so that www.mygallery.com/username23 ? well i just want people to login, register, and create their own gallery, with their own templates00:36
mas2Paddy_EIRE: I got a screen with a picture of a video card and a header that says No proprierty drivers are in use on this system. and then I can see ATI/AMD propertiery FGLRX graphics drivers and it's marked like "this driver is not activated00:36
junior_payneIndyGunFreak: the sata hard drives are, just not the dvdrw or the dvdroms.00:36
Jack_SparrowCyBurnett, sudo or gksudo will grant permissions, what is the path of the file you are trying to change00:36
rww!ot | yaris12345678900:36
ubottuyaris123456789: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:36
omplz tell me guys00:36
Paddy_EIREmas2, activate it :)00:36
ruefferwat: does it work for itouch00:36
mas2Paddy_EIRE: so the card is kinda wrong because I had radeon x1300?00:36
Paddy_EIREmas2, same driver its fine00:37
CyBurnettjack_ I want to create a new text document.00:37
junior_payneIndyGunFreak: I can give you the syslog errors if that would help you00:37
erisco_sorry connection cut out00:37
IndyGunFreakjunior_payne: probably wouldn't to be truthful.00:37
Jack_SparrowOM Which version of ubuntu or derivative arte you using00:37
mas2Paddy_EIRE: activated and typed in password waiting for download now.00:37
VigoCyBurret: as sudo you should be able to do just about anything you want, might require a password , but that is it.00:37
CyBurnettJack_Sparrow, I want to create a new text document00:37
Paddy_EIREmas2, excellent.. happy days :)00:37
Jack_SparrowCyBurnett, Cant help if you wont answer the question00:37
omi am using Ubuntu Live Cd Currently00:37
junior_payneIndyGunFreak: wouldn't be truthful?00:37
Jack_SparrowCyBurnett,  what is the path of the file you are trying to change00:37
mas2Paddy_EIRE: really love how ubuntu works so perfect automaticly. Like the synaptic package mananger.00:37
Float1That article doesn't tell me how to sync with banshee, it just says that it's possible.00:37
IndyGunFreakjunior_payne: it woudln't help me help you.;00:37
rwwmas2: you'll have to restart Ubuntu after it installs before it'll activate, btw.00:37
junior_payneIndyGunFreak: oh, ok.00:38
mas2rww: ok thanks00:38
Paddy_EIREmas2, Yes.. you will quickly learn that ubuntu is a more efficient system00:38
mas2hopes this solves my vlc problem00:38
rwwmas2: it's hit-and-miss as to whether it'll tell you that, in my experience, so i figured i should let you know ;)00:38
omI wanted to install Kubuntu 8.10 n it was installed properly but when i rebooted it showed me just a memory test option nothing else00:38
omi suppose the initrd image should be put in the grub right?/00:38
CyBurnettJack_Sparrow, I did, I want to create a new text document and delete a folder full of junk files00:38
Jack_SparrowCyBurnett, WWhat path00:38
kristian1CyBurnett : create by "sudo nano /path/file" then enter your text and save, done!00:39
threestarada orang indonesia00:39
mas2I will buy a book to learn the basics. but so far I love what I see00:39
CyBurnettJack_Sparrow, There is no path, I havent created the document yet??00:39
threestarmau nanya nih00:39
threestarproblem di ubuntu saya00:39
Paddy_EIREmas2, ok00:39
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:39
NewtownGuyi just did apt-get install for 2 servers -- how do i run them ? will they autostart each time the machine boots  ?00:39
CyBurnettkristian1, Thanks.00:39
Paddy_EIREoh hehe00:39
Jack_SparrowCyBurnett, what are you trying to create it with00:40
Paddy_EIREIndonesia.. whats the trigger for that00:40
rww!id | threestar00:40
ubottuthreestar: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia00:40
CyBurnettJack_Sparrow, Ubuntu 8.0400:40
Paddy_EIRErww, doh :p00:40
corey_indygunfreak: i installed the repository for wicd but when i refresh it says it is not about to connect to it, it might be to old anyway is there a way to edit the gnome network manager app itself to provent this auto-disconnect?00:40
Paddy_EIREcorey_, could you provide a link to the repository and or guide you are using.. or both please00:41
omhello jack help me00:41
rwwcorey_: NetworkManager doesn't auto-disconnect =/00:41
kristian1CyBurnett : to remove directory with junk type: "sudo rm -r /path/folder".00:41
Jack_Sparrow<CyBurnett> jack_sparrow they already are, but I cant delete anything or change any settings.. <CyBurnett> Jack_Sparrow, I did, I want to create a new text document and delete a folder full of junk files.. WHAT IS THE PATH to the files you want to delete.. last time I ask before tagging you as a troll00:41
omI was trying to install kubuntu 8.10 from a multiboot dvd of Linux For You Magzine00:41
omthe installation went 5n but after rebooting i could only see a memory test option wahts the probs?00:41
CyBurnettJack_Sparrow, right click desktop, "create new folder" and "create new file" are greyed out.00:42
junior_payneanyone get a  `Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block`  before?00:42
omsomeone plz tell me00:42
corey_idk what is it doing then because when i use it constanly it fine but when i leave it to sit or download updates or large files to disconnects00:42
IndyGunFreakcorey_: did you install wicd?00:42
TaiNtED_RaGEHello guys, I installed ubuntu on my brothers computer and theres only two options in the resultion, and there both huge, any help? Thanks00:42
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:42
Paddy_EIRETaiNtED_RaGE, ^^00:43
=== ahmed is now known as Guest74964
Jack_SparrowCyBurnett, Sounds like you already have messed up the permissions.00:43
toreteIs there any reason I don't find XFS filesystem fast at all on my amd-64 2.6.27 ? writen speed decrease abruptly when copying big files.00:43
CyBurnettJack_Sparrow, I am new to Linux and computers in general, who gives you the right to tag anyone!00:43
corey_http://wicd.sourceforge.net/download.php   and the repository address is:   deb http://apt.wicd.net hardy extras00:43
rwwom: I have no idea, but I'd recommend using an official Ubuntu/Kubuntu CD, rather than one that some third-party has messed with =/00:43
Paddy_EIREyeah sounds like permissions are messed or your hdd is totally full00:43
corey_and no i didnt00:43
rebel_kidcan i set my time to display in 24-hour time instead of 12?00:43
TaiNtED_RaGECan anybody help..00:43
Paddy_EIRETaiNtED_RaGE, I gave you a link00:43
rwwrebel_kid: you mean the clock in the corner of the screen?00:44
nbeeborebel_kid, yes right click the clock00:44
flash__could anyone help00:44
Paddy_EIRE!fixres | TaiNtED_RaGE00:44
ubottuTaiNtED_RaGE: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:44
b-mancan enyone help me with this; when ever i try to use a virtual keyboard, my ubuntu-desktop restarts. btw, i'm using jaunty on an armel machine.00:44
Paddy_EIRE!anyone | flash__00:44
ubottuflash__: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:44
rwwrebel_kid: right-click it, click Preferences, click 24-hour Format, click Close00:44
mas2_Paddy_EIRE: it worked fine. Installed and acticated now. Solved my problem with VLC (closed itself after 1 sec) but the video "flickers"00:44
NewtownGuyHow do I run the ssh server that I installed using sudo apt-get install ?00:44
Paddy_EIREmas2, ah.. you need to change vlc's video output00:44
rwwNewtownGuy: sudo apt-get install openssh-server, right?00:44
FlannelNewtownGuy: its already running00:45
mas2_Paddy_EIRE: to open gl?00:45
flash__Could anyone help me with wine when i start Deer Hunter 2005 It Gives me a error box that says couldnt init graphics00:45
Paddy_EIREmas2, x1100:45
NewtownGuyyes, and apache200:45
IndyGunFreakcorey_: well if you don't install it, you can't expect to run it.00:45
FlannelNewtownGuy: apache2 is already running as well.00:45
conconNewtownGuy: you can try to connect to it by ssh localhost00:45
Jack_Sparrow!appdb > flash__00:45
flash__i using ubuntu 8.04 with wine
ubottuflash__, please see my private message00:45
=== raiden is now known as Guest24791
rwwNewtownGuy: if so, it gets started during install, and you can use "sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart" or stop or start. Same with apache2.00:45
junior_payneNewtownGuy: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start00:45
Paddy_EIREmas2, I find X11 is normally flicker free.. but you can test to see what you prefer00:45
corey_i cant lol00:45
NewtownGuyi'm newbie -- how can i tell they're running, and will they autostart each time the pc is booted ?00:45
RandomUsr_anyone know if it's ok  to install glibc.2.2 if something like 3 or later is alreay installed.?00:45
IndyGunFreakcorey_: why can't you install it?00:46
conconNewtownGuy: ssh will yes00:46
AzMooHey guys, every night at around a particular time, one of my servers running Ubuntu is converting it's filesystem to read-only because it's getting scsi timeouts. This is a virtual disk on a SAN running optimally though, so it makes very little sense. Is there any way I can see/change the scsi timeout, or further track why this is happening?00:46
mas2_Paddy_EIRE: worked great! You the best! How can I learn these thing without asking here all the time hehe. Any tips for where I should start learning?00:46
corey_i dont know i doesnt show up and when i fresh it says the repository is old00:46
junior_payneNewtownGuy: type "ps -ef | grep ssh00:46
Paddy_EIREmas2, no ask here that is the point :)00:46
rww!documentation | mas2_00:46
* patxbot | mas2_00:46
ubottumas2_: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com00:46
Wickedhmm. my broadcom 4306 wireless card works like crap with bcm43xx so im using ndiswrapper. but when i use ndiswrapper my normal ethernet port wont work. how can i have both wired and wireless?00:46
IndyGunFreakcorey_: what version of ubuntu are you using?00:46
Paddy_EIREmas2, that is how you learn.. largely through learning by doing :)00:47
=== erik_ is now known as Guest89223
junior_payneNewtownGuy: or type "ps -ef | grep <service_you_are_looking_for>"00:47
mas2_Paddy_EIRE: okey great =) really thanks. appriciate it!00:47
Jack_SparrowWicked, fwcutter is better than ndiswrapper for the bcm43xx00:47
Paddy_EIREmas2, there is also #ubuntu-offtopic and many other resources available00:47
=== kyle_ is now known as keelay
* b-man really needs help with virtual keyboard00:47
IndyGunFreakcorey_: well i installed wicd w/ no problem at all, are you suer you added the repository correctly?00:47
rwwcorey_: in the repository address, change "hardy" to "intrepid"...00:47
Paddy_EIREmas2, any time man00:47
NewtownGuyjunior_payne... let me try it...00:47
corey_hang on then guide us how you did it to make sure00:47
VigoPaddt_ERIE: That is true wisdom00:47
WickedJack_Sparrow, hmm. doesnt that just install the drivers for the card?00:47
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:48
IndyGunFreakcorey_: i didn't do anything special, i just followed the instructions ont he website00:48
Jack_SparrowWicked, It uses the windows drivers00:48
kurt_How do i specify a WINS server in intrepid?  It used to be in networking but not anymore.00:48
Paddy_EIRErww, what is the "patxbot" all about ?00:48
WickedJack_Sparrow, also last time i used bcm43xx...i was only getting wireless b speeds....like 10mbit....with the ndiswrapper i was getting full wireless-g....like 54mbit00:48
Paddy_EIREnews to me :/00:48
Jack_SparrowWicked, I know they added them to the kernel00:48
CyBurnettCan anyone help sort out permissions on Ubuntu 8.0400:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fwcutter00:48
threestarhelp me. what webcam suport for ubuntu???00:48
rwwPaddy_EIRE: patxbot? what?00:49
NewtownGuyjunior_payne... I get: :/etc$ ps -ef | grep ssh00:49
NewtownGuysteve     5569  5424  0 17:14 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/ssh-agent /usr/bin/dbus-launch --exit-with-session /usr/bin/pulse-session /usr/bin/seahorse-agent --execute x-session-manager00:49
NewtownGuysteve     5979     1  0 17:25 pts/0    00:00:00 ssh -oForwardX11 no -oForwardAgent no -oClearAllForwardings yes -oProtocol 2 -oNoHostAuthenticationForLocalhost yes -p 5020 -l root -s sftp00:49
NewtownGuyroot      7534     1  0 19:37 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/sshd00:49
FloodBot2NewtownGuy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:49
NewtownGuysteve     7556  6454  0 19:47 pts/1    00:00:00 grep ssh00:49
mas2_Paddy_EIRE:  okey cool. Gonna go through some documentation and buy myself a book. Will absolutly be back with questions if I get any trouble you really solved them quickly and with good guidance. Thanks again! going to get some sleep now!00:49
threestarhelp me.  webcam suport for ubuntu???00:49
mas2_Keep up the good work fellas!00:49
* IndyGunFreak sighs..00:49
conconNewtownGuy: use pastebin00:49
WickedJack_Sparrow, any links for using it?00:49
Jack_Sparrow!webcam > threestar00:49
ubottuthreestar, please see my private message00:49
Jack_SparrowWicked, the bcm43 link earlier should have it00:49
WickedJack_Sparrow, yea....only way ive been able to get wireless-g speeds is with ndiswrapper.00:49
RandomUsr_wicd maybe?00:49
rwwPaddy_EIRE: oh, I see.00:49
Jack_SparrowWicked, I couldnt keep a dependable connection00:49
amicrawlerhow do i modprobe for new hardware ?00:50
kristian1NewtownGuy : openssh-server will start auto.00:50
junior_payneNewtownGuy: that is the ssh server running.00:50
threestarhelp me.  webcam suport for ubuntu???00:50
Jack_Sparrowthreestar, See the link we gave you00:50
Paddy_EIRErww, oh sorry.. when you triggered !documentation | mas2_ it said underneath * patxbot | mas2_00:50
IndyGunFreakthreestar: it pretty much sucks.00:50
amicrawlerhow do i modprobe for new hardware ?00:50
WickedJack_Sparrow, using what? ndiswrapper would have unstable connection? or using bcm43xx?00:50
rwwJack_Sparrow: may I PM you?00:50
Paddy_EIRErww, Just curious00:50
Jack_SparrowWicked, ndis00:50
junior_payneNewtownGuy: you could always run "ps -ef | grep /usr/sbin/sshd" if you just wanted to see ssh or /etc/init.d/ssh status00:51
Jack_Sparrowrww, yes00:51
kurt_Can intrepid browse windows network shares in file browser?00:51
corey_indygunfreak: it adds alright and refreshes but when i type it into seach nothing00:51
Jack_Sparrowkurt_, yes00:51
WickedJack_Sparrow, any issues with speeds using bcm43xx? and also what broadcom chip did u have? i have 430600:51
=== erik_ is now known as Guest53367
NewtownGuyjunior_payne... i'll try again... will ssh server auto start ?00:51
IndyGunFreakcorey_: did you add the gpg key?00:51
conconHello has anyone tried to use  the Archos 5 in ubuntu?00:51
junior_payneNewtownGuy: there is also a services menu in System that shows running services. but sometimes it doesn't list all of them.00:51
conconNewtownGuy: yes00:51
corey_no how do i do that00:51
kristian1NewtownGuy : yes!00:52
IndyGunFreakcorey_: did you bother reading the instructions ont hat page?00:52
junior_payneNewtownGuy: ssh server does auto start yes.00:52
Jack_SparrowWicked, have 4 of them  and they are all the earlier ones, silly that they have 4 different bcm43's00:52
corey_yea all the ubuntu ones00:52
IndyGunFreakthe instructions are right there00:52
IndyGunFreakcorey_: well, if you're using ubuntu, id' say its pretty important to follo the ubuntu instructions00:52
WickedJack_Sparrow, hmm ok. thanks for the info. ill see if i can get the b43 to work...00:52
kurt_Jack_Sparrow_, out of the box or do i need to install something (i did install smbfs)00:52
RandomUsr_would someone be able to assist with installing glibc2.2 and tell me what repository I need to use?00:52
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209800:52
corey_o hang on i see wat you mean and i did install it and got an error00:53
amicrawlercan any body help me please00:53
corey_i just did it again and got "OK"00:53
NewtownGuyjunior_payne et all -- yes, i see ssh and apache2 running as services. thank you. where do i change their ports ? is it the same as in Fedora ?00:53
IndyGunFreakcorey_: ok, second, did you add the right repository?00:53
IndyGunFreakcorey_: did you subsitute "intrepid" for hardy in the repository n ame?00:53
junior_payneNewtownGuy: should be as long as they are the same versions as on fedora00:54
conconHello has anyone tried to use  the Archos 5 in ubuntu?00:54
junior_payneNewtownGuy: config ports for ssh are under /etc/ssh/ for apache are under /etc/apache2 I think.00:54
Paddy_EIRE!anyone | concon00:54
ubottuconcon: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:54
gbear14275how do you uninstall transmission?00:54
rwwNewtownGuy: /etc/ssh/sshd_config00:54
IndyGunFreakconcon: supposedly archos works well w/ linux00:55
rwwNewtownGuy: not sure where the apache2 one is00:55
NewtownGuyjunior_payne... thank you. checking...00:55
IndyGunFreakcorey_: ok, click reload in synaptic00:55
vengerwhats the new way of converting fstab, etc. to use UID? (wasn't the old way dpkg-reconfigure volumeid?)00:55
conconIndyGunFreak: ok thx im thinking of buying one :)00:55
TaiNtED_RaGEHello guys, I installed ubuntu on my brothers computer and theres only two options in the resultion, and there both huge, any help? Thanks00:55
IndyGunFreakconcon: thats my understanding now, i have no experience w/ them... try doing some googling to verify00:56
IndyGunFreakcorey_: ok, now search for wicd00:56
corey_nope not there00:56
conconIndyGunFreak: well I think your right because they are running linux00:56
IndyGunFreakcorey_: close synaptic00:56
corey_i dont understand?00:56
conconIndyGunFreak: so they almost have to work :P00:56
IndyGunFreakconcon: "almost always".. :)00:56
IndyGunFreakcorey_: open a terminal00:56
* b-man is going nutz because matchbox-keyboard is causing ubuntu-desktop to restart00:56
conconIndyGunFreak:  :D00:57
IndyGunFreakcorey_: sudo apt-get install wicd00:57
VigoTainted_Rage: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8397300:57
NewtownGuyjunior_payne... yes, the ssh path is correct. but where is apache2 ?00:57
FlannelNewtownGuy: To do what with apache?00:57
NewtownGuyflannel -- change it to port 8000 instead of 8000:58
FlannelNewtownGuy: That's /etc/apache2/ports.conf (and may be in /etc/apache2/sites-available/default, but I believe that's port agnostic)00:58
MariachiACHello, what are some repos I can add to ubuntu?00:58
Jack_SparrowMariachiAC, medibuntu, other than that.. not a good idea00:59
toreteIs there any reason I don't find XFS filesystem fast at all on my amd-64 2.6.27 ? written speed decrease abruptly when copying big files.00:59
junior_payneNewtownGuy: apache2 should be /etc/apache200:59
IndyGunFreakMariachiAC: medibuntu is a good one00:59
laderiusmy video card driver isnt in the system>admin>hardware drivers, im curious if i do have the correct drivers installed. my resolution is fine but i would like to confirm that the nvidia drivers are here00:59
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:59
b-manMariachiAC: unless you try apt-pinning :)00:59
MariachiACJackSparrow, thank you. I'll look to see waht that repo offers.01:00
ltlNewtownGuy: /etc/apache2/apache2.conf01:00
IndyGunFreakladerius: just curious, which nvidia device?01:00
laderiusIndyGunFreak geforce 8800gts on *.0401:00
Jack_SparrowMariachiAC, If you must experiment with other repos.. install a second ubuntu to do it01:00
Flannelltl: No, apache2.conf isn't the place for changing that01:01
laderiuscan i copy from outside the terminal and paste into it?01:01
NewtownGuyflannel: it's in ports.conf, which is different than in fedora01:01
ltlNewtownGuy: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/httpd.html [this probably applies to intrepid]01:01
rwwladerius: you should be able to. You'll have to use Shift-Ctrl-V instead of Ctrl-V, though.01:01
laderiusrww thx01:02
FlannelNewtownGuy: Indeed.  Ubuntu, being debian based, uses the debian methodology for config files; generally this means lots of smaller files that are specialized (and get included into the others).  It tends to work out nicer for package management, if nothing else.01:02
ltlFlannel: yeah, i know. its a start.01:02
NewtownGuyflannel: where can i find something like "how to configure ubuntu, for fedora users" ?01:03
laderiushow come when i sudo lshw -C video i see my card but its not in restricted drivers01:04
BlackDalekhow do I completely remove googleearth?01:04
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rwwBlackDalek: How did you install it? From Google, or from Medibuntu?01:04
kyle_where are the program files in ubuntu?01:04
FlannelNewtownGuy: Um, Well debian might have something like that, but apart from that, I think all of the howtos are program specific.  help.ubuntu.com (and moreso help.ubuntu.com/community/) are good resources.  As are the README.debian files (and actually, the config files themselves have copious comments)01:04
SurkowI have issues with an intel wireless card. It won't connect to my home network (WEP max 128bit encryption). The live cd version from 8.10 can easily connects to the network. Version 8.04.1 doesn't connect at all because it uses an older driver (e1000 instead of e1000e). Ten days ago was the last time I connected to the network and the hardware/wires/configuration is still the same. It might have been that I installed update01:04
VigoBlackDalek: Try Add/Remove ?01:04
BlackDalekrww, downloaded the .bin file from googleearth site and ran it.01:05
SurkowAnyone any hints?01:05
VigoSurkow: Got a backup?01:05
NewtownGuyflannel: where can i find a comparison of the names of the folders between ubuntu and fedora ? ssh server is the same, but apache2 is completely different, for example.01:06
SurkowA backup from how it was before I installed those updates?01:06
FlannelNewtownGuy: the /etc/apache2/ part?01:06
Surkowit's exactly the same01:06
omJack plz help me01:06
HacKBoX_Everybody check out sites.google.com/site/hackboxlinux/01:06
omI had a Linux For U magzines multiboot dvd which had Ubuntu Kubuntu Xubuntu and Edubuntu Live Environment on it01:07
laderiusWhat can i do to enable hidden devices in proprietary drivers? my video card isnt there, or is there a way to see the video driver im currently using?01:07
meermanrSurkow: I doubt it'll help, but I use ipw2200 for my Intel PRO/Wireless 2200G card, and not e1000 or e1000e (which I understand are pretty generic drivers for wired adaptors, but I could be wrong)01:07
rwwBlackDalek: geh, Google has uninstall instructions for Mac and Windows, but not Linux >.>01:07
Surkowoh I can be wrong as well01:07
omI went in to the Live Environment n I installed the System01:07
VigoSurkow: I learned to backup before any updates, but that is me,,,it seems to be a stable way of doing things.01:07
omnow it doesn't shows me a initrd image01:07
jribladerius: what card?01:07
kyle_where are the program files located in ubuntu? i want to add brushes to gimp.01:07
NewtownGuyflannel: in fedora, it's not in /etc/apache2 at all. it's in /etc/httpd instead01:07
omit shows me a memory test option01:07
laderiusjrib 8800 gts01:08
rwwBlackDalek: looks like it installs to /usr/local/google/, though, so you could probably just look in that folder and delete the GE stuff from there.01:08
BlackDalekrww, Vigo googleearth doesn't show up in add/remove... Is there a method by which I can locate all parts of the program and remove them manually?01:08
Surkow@Vigo and meermanr: http://pastebin.com/d72d3e24701:08
SurkowI think I made a wrong assumptions with the drivers01:08
Surkowbtw, it can connect to other networks than my own01:09
jribkyle_: use ~/.gimp-2.6/brushes/01:09
Surkowand it sees the network properly01:09
VigoBlackDalek: In Terminal I think it can be found and removed01:09
Surkowit just refuses to get an ip01:09
jribladerius: what version of ubuntu?01:09
jrib!enter | Surkow01:09
ubottuSurkow: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:09
laderiusjrib 8.04 also my reltrek sound sint working01:09
NewtownGuyanyone -- how can I find which bttv / BT878A drivers on installed on Ubuntu 8.10 ? I didn't see anything like that listed in drivers.01:10
jribladerius: 8.04 might be too old for that card.  Did you check if nvidia-glx-new supports it?01:10
junior_payneNewtownGuy: what is bttv?01:10
NewtownGuyit's video4 linux capture chip01:10
junior_paynepart of webcam?01:10
SurkowHow do I check what packages were installed ten days ago?01:10
laderiusnot sure how to do that and 8.10 wouldnt work with my sata drive because the installer was setting it to raid, unless i can upgrade thru ubuntu01:10
NewtownGuyjunior_payne: it might bne used by webcam, but I don't use webcam.01:11
sjovanhey guys, when i try to logg in to my useraccount all i get is the skin collord background and my mouse. any sugestions on what i should try restarting?01:11
VigoUhmmm,,,let me look that up01:12
jribladerius: read the package description to check.  Did the Alternate install cd also fail?01:12
NewtownGuyjunior_payne: I don't know if it's useful to me or not, but where would I get webcam, and how would I find out what it installed and where it put them ?01:12
donnysjovan: are you new to GNU/Linux?01:13
laderiusjrib yes it failed aswell, i have a sata drive, is there a way to upgrade thru ubuntu already...01:13
sjovandonny: no01:13
jribladerius: yes, you can upgrade.  How did the install fail exactly?01:13
jrib!upgrade > laderius01:13
ubottuladerius, please see my private message01:13
junior_payneNewtownGuy: its a tv capture card, from what I see there is no distro specific driver, you can download the driver and compile it yourself for it to work.01:13
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JoshuaP0xdoes anyone know of a good tftp server that I can run on ubuntu...preferably something with a gui01:13
junior_payneNewtownGuy: http://linux.bytesex.org/v4l2/bttv.html01:13
laderiusjrib at first it all seemed fine on normal and alternitve and when it went to reboot it would drop to a shell as soon as the normal login screen would have came up01:14
sjovandonny: this is a problem that i have had in the past. i bet my guest account works01:14
laderiusi checked the md5 has sums and everything thinking it was my downloads and disks01:14
jribladerius: so you could login normally then?01:14
AzMooHow can I find what version of ubuntu I'm running?01:14
rww!version | AzMoo01:14
ubottuAzMoo: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:14
jrib!who | laderius01:14
ubottuladerius: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:14
AzMoorww: thanks :)01:14
danes_hello, I resized my disk drive, but I lost the grub, How can I restore it using a usb pendrive? I do not have an external cdrom, but the computer does boot from usb01:14
laderiusbut it wasnt, i noticed while instyalling 8.04 it set my drive as ata instead of a raid device01:14
NewtownGuyjunior_payne: thank you01:14
jribladerius: could you log in with the text login you got?01:15
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:15
laderiusjrib it would just drop to shell01:15
SurkowVigo: some guy suggested me to try and search dmesg to see if something goes wrong with connecting with network manager. I suspect network manager to be the problem. But not starting it as a session and trying to connect by hand failed as well.01:15
TrenterQuestion:  I am trying to install a program called IPList, and it requires the 'libnfnetlink1' package installed.  However whenever I try to install this package via 'sudo apt-get install libnfnetlink1' nothing happens.  Am I giving the wrong command?  Here is the link I got from the ubuntu page: http://packages.ubuntu.com/feisty/libnfnetlink101:15
JoshuaP0xdoes anyone know of a good tftp server that I can run on ubuntu...preferably something with a gui01:15
jribladerius: busybox?01:15
laderiusjrib8.04 would work fine01:15
laderiusjrib yes01:15
rwwJoshuaP0x: check out the three packages at http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=tftpd01:15
rwwJoshuaP0x: I haven't used them, though, so I'm not sure what the differences are between them.01:16
laderiusjrib my card is supported under that package, how would i install it? also, how would i configure my audio device01:17
axisysmy sound does not work for youtube or hulu but works with mplayer using pulse01:17
marcrosoftanyone else having problems with pulseaudio?01:17
axisyswhere do I look to troubleshoot01:17
=== bitFish is now known as Bitfish
laderiusjrib or do you think attemping to upgeade woule be a better idea01:17
VigoDalia: I found this on the forums,,,http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=33035801:17
jribladerius: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new, or use synaptic like any other package01:17
nomeadyep. it doesn't work01:17
axisysnomead: yes01:17
Trenteraxisys: Are you sure that you havn't muted the youtube video?01:17
marcrosoftnomead: yes pulseaudio01:17
jribladerius: up to you01:17
axisysTrenter: youtube or hulu no worky01:17
marcrosoftnomead: comes with default ubuntu installation01:17
TrenterQuestion:  I am trying to install a program called IPList, and it requires the 'libnfnetlink1' package installed.  However whenever I try to install this package via 'sudo apt-get install libnfnetlink1' nothing happens.  Am I giving the wrong command?  Here is the link I got from the ubuntu page: http://packages.ubuntu.com/feisty/libnfnetlink101:18
Ward1983does anyone know if theres an option for gcc to NOT need seperate includes for headers allready included in other headers that are included?01:18
TrenterSorry for re-post01:19
jribTrenter: what do you mean "nothing happens"?  Pastebin your terminal session01:19
iShockCan anyone help me set up a GE MiniCam Pro? It's a Microdia, and I can't find ANYTHING about it.01:19
TrenterIt couldn't find the package01:20
jribTrenter: Pastebin your terminal session01:20
rwwTrenter: what version of Ubuntu are you using?01:20
Ward1983Trenter, sudo apt-get install libnflink0 is probably what you need01:21
iShockCan anyone help me set up a GE MiniCam Pro? I get the following problems from dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100702/01:21
Ward1983Trenter, its probably a typo lol01:21
rwwTrenter: Intrepid doesn't have that package. It has libnfnetlink0 and libnfnetlink-dev, but I'm not sure if they're compatible.01:21
laderiusjrib im trying the upgrade to see if my devices will be native01:21
jribTrenter: you probably want to search for intrepid packages then.  Why are you using packages.ubuntu.com to search anyway?01:21
Ward19830 / 1 are close together01:21
jribladerius: ok01:21
adam_i need help aneyone want to try to help?01:21
rwwTrenter: libnfnetlink1 was only in Feisty.01:21
rww!anyone | adam_01:21
ubottuadam_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:21
xun_hello, I cannot get my scanner to work(brother DCP-7020 laser printer/scanner), I've donwnloaded sane, sane-utils, xsane & libsane-extras. can anyone help?01:21
xun_i'm running ubuntu 8.01:22
xun_10 by the way01:22
iShockCan anyone help me set up a GE MiniCam Pro? I get the following problems from dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100702/01:22
adam_Does aneyone know what to do when you cant change your sources.list for 5.04 i need to upgrade but it stops me it says im not owner01:23
jribadam_: how are you trying?01:23
zmax_Hi all.  What's the default way to configure services in Ubuntu?01:23
adam_im trying to edit it and add what it says01:23
IndyGunFreakadam_: you'r egonna have a very hard time upgrading 5.04.. i imagine a lot of repos are probably closed... i'd suggest backing up and clean installing.01:23
iShockCan anyone help me set up a GE MiniCam Pro? I get the following problems from dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100702/01:23
adam_i have a 5.04 CD but i just installed this 4 days ago01:24
IndyGunFreakadam_: then cut your losses and download a version that is supported...01:24
Flanneladam_: If you were going to upgrade to a current version, you'd have to upgrade to 5.04 to 5.10, then from 5.10 to 6.06, then from 6.06 to 8.0401:24
jribadam_: then install a supported version.  That will be much easier01:24
iShockCan anyone help me set up a GE MiniCam Pro? I get the following problems from dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100702/01:24
iShockCan anyone help me set up a GE MiniCam Pro? I get the following problems from dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100702/01:24
IndyGunFreak!eol | adam_ read that link and you'll see what i'm saying01:24
ubottuadam_ read that link and you'll see what i'm saying: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases01:24
iShockWoops .. Sorry.01:24
FloodBot2iShock: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:24
rwwIndyGunFreak: Support for Ubuntu 5.04 ended in October 2006.01:24
rwwIndyGunFreak: sorry, wrong user.01:25
jribiShock: please wait at least 10 minutes...01:25
IndyGunFreakrww: oh ok.lol, that was my point, it was well past eol01:25
adam_Ok i think i aredy read this01:25
iShockjrib, 10 minutes? 10 minutes it won't exist any more ..01:25
rwwadam_: Support for Ubuntu 5.04 ended in October 2006. The packages for it aren't even in the Ubuntu archives any more. You really, really, really want to consider getting an Intrepid or Hardy CD and reinstalling.01:25
jribiShock: what won't exist anymore?01:25
IndyGunFreakadam_: well, we can't resurrect a distribution from the dead... you'll be far better off downloading a current version an dinstalling it.01:25
Surkow|laptopsolved my wireless issue without a proper explanation01:25
adam_Does it cost to download it?01:26
Surkow|laptopanyways, thanks for the suggestions01:26
iShockjrib, the question, too active in here ..01:26
IndyGunFreakadam_: only need a blank cd.01:26
Flanneladam_: Only your bandwidth01:26
adam_where do i download it :D01:26
rww!download | adam_01:26
ubottuadam_: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Intrepid, and help keeping the servers' load low!01:26
jribiShock: ok, well spamming your question just makes it more likely people ignore you and you get kicked.  Wait a reasonable amount of time before repeating01:26
xun_so anyone knows how to get the scanner to work under 8.10?? mine is brothers 7020 printer/scanner01:26
iShockjrib, I wait for it to leave the window.01:26
Trenteradam_: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download01:27
adam_The onley reson im using ubuntu is my outher computer crashed and i had this cd for a few years01:27
jribiShock: yes, I saw that.  Thus why I am asking you to wait at least 10 minutes.01:27
IndyGunFreakhow in the world did someone install a 5.04 cd 4 days ago?..lol01:27
iShockjrib, you don't want me to get an answer, that's your problem.01:27
* IndyGunFreak bets it was some ubuntu book thats been on the shelf for 2yrs at a book store01:27
* jrib sighs01:27
adam_ive had it for ALONG time but i installed it 4 days ago01:27
Ward1983does anyone know if theres an option for gcc to NOT need seperate includes for headers allready included in other headers that are included?01:27
McShaneadam_, you're probably better off getting Damn Small Linux or something, if you want a quick-and-dirty temporary distro01:27
rwwiShock: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/280657/comments/2701:27
IndyGunFreakadam_: well, you'll thank us for teling you to go w/ a supported version.01:27
adam_Yha thanks i was abought to go wack if i dident get adobe in01:28
linxehadam_: you should try and download a new version, or you could go through the pain (and learning process) of upgrading it release by release :)01:28
IndyGunFreaklinxeh: i'm not really sure if that woudl do much good, i have a feeling going from 5.04 to 5.10, would be ultimate phail01:28
IndyGunFreakto many closed repos, etc01:28
linxehhmm, there is old-releases.ubuntu.com though01:29
rwwWard1983: ask in the GCC help channel; #gcc on irc.oftc.net.01:29
exodus_msI have a large number of html files I converted to .txt files using html2text. When using 'cat index.txt | more' I can view the txt file perfectly, but when trying to view the txt with vi, the text is garbled and unreadable. Any suggestions?01:29
linxehthat works quite well01:29
jribexodus_ms: weird.  Try #vim?01:29
linxehgoes back to 4.10 anyway01:29
Ward1983rww, aaaah i asked in #gcc here on freenode but no replonse, ill try that one thanx01:29
adam_so all i do is download it put it on a CD shut down my computer and insert the cd while the computer comes on?01:29
qcjni'm having problems with my grilfriend's sansa e200 mp3 player. I put song in it, an it doesn't see it ?01:29
exodus_msjrib: cool, thank you01:29
mlLKanyone have a quick tutorial for configuring mouse buttons for firefox01:30
IndyGunFreakadam_: pretty much01:30
rwwWard1983: yeah, oftc is the official network, it seems: http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/GCConIRC01:30
qcjni wen't and look with easytag to be sure the tag was ok, and they look ok to me01:30
Paddy_EIREIndyGunFreak, long time no see.. you been hiding :)01:30
mlLKor am i stuck w/ editing my xorg.conf  ?01:30
adam_would a DVD + R 4.7 GB cd do?01:30
Ward1983rww, sure i dodnt mean it like that, i meant more like thanx01:30
joeb3_qcjn, look under recently added.01:30
IndyGunFreakPaddy_EIRE: workin like a hebrew slave.. i'm here.. but i donm't talk much.. im in #club-ubuntu mostly01:30
Paddy_EIREIndyGunFreak, ah I see01:30
thansomhi all, I have a question about screen resolutions for an nvidia geforce 6150 LE card. On older ubuntu with the restricted driver it worked fine...01:31
qcjnjoeb3_: ok01:31
rwwWard1983: Yeah, I know, was just mentioning why I said to go to OFTC. You're welcome (and good luck!) :)01:31
Paddy_EIREIndyGunFreak, good to see you again anyhow :)01:31
Ward1983rww, thanx01:31
IndyGunFreakPaddy_EIRE: :)  likewise01:31
thansomwith the latest version of ubuntu, the biggest res I can get is 1024x76801:31
omarcohello, is there a way to mount PTP cameras as removable storage automatically?01:31
mlLKanyone using imwheel?01:31
thansomis there anyway i can fix the Xorg resoltion to be correct?01:31
jribmlLK: how would that help?  If the buttons are recognized, just use xbindkeys or imwheel to bind them01:31
Paddy_EIREthansom, have you tried installing your gfx card perhaps :)01:32
qcjnjoeb3_: recently added in Ubuntu, not in Sansa01:32
mlLKjrib, which one is easier?01:32
joeb3_qcjn, recently added on the Sansa.01:32
Paddy_EIREthansom, "System > Administration > Hardware Drivers" and tell me what you see.01:32
mlLKfirefox acts gay when i hit my middle-mouse button01:32
thansomPaddy_EIRE, I dont need to do anything with it... I just installed the restricted drivers like normal01:32
jribmlLK: xbindkeys is sort of universal, imwheel allows you to specify different binding for different programs.  Equal difficulty imo01:32
Paddy_EIREthansom, oh I see01:33
qcjnjoeb3_: i didn't know there was a recently added on the Sansa01:33
FlannelmlLK: Please don't use that term pejoratively.01:33
thansomPaddy_EIRE, eh, okay... but I know it's nvidia-glx-177 or somerthing01:33
thansomlet me look01:33
mlLKjrib, i'll give imwheel a shot01:33
jribmlLK: what does firefox do exactly when you hit middle click?01:33
mlLKFlannel, my apologizes01:33
mlLKacts the same no matter the mouse01:33
adam_Ok im downloading a new version01:33
thansomyep, it's activated01:34
adam_738MB O_O01:34
mlLKjrib, sometimes it'll take me back a page other times it'll redirect to a link somewhere in the page01:34
adam_so how good is 8.10 compareing to 5.0401:34
rwwadam_: much, much better. And supported!01:34
IndyGunFreakadam_: ok, all you need to do then, is burn the image to a CD.. do you know how to burn an iso?01:34
thansomwhy won't the resolution settings allow me to select higher than 1024x768? the card supports 1600xsomething01:34
DiiPhantomhows ubuntu security compared to windows? and i apologize for the question01:34
Paddy_EIREthansom, ok if this trigger I am about to fire fails you get back to me and we will try something else01:34
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution01:34
adam_i know how to burn a cd tho01:34
donnythansen: paste your xorg.conf?01:34
mlLKjrib, while all i want is my auto-scroll feature01:34
IndyGunFreakadam_: well, burning an ISO is a bit different01:35
jribmlLK: run 'xev' and see what button number middle click is generating.  What mouse?01:35
IndyGunFreakadam_: are you on ubuntu now?.. or on windows?01:35
mlLKjrib, is there perhaps an app i'm missing for this feature?01:35
Paddy_EIREdonny, that method is depreciated and not recommended01:35
thansomPaddy_EIRE, oh, already been there01:35
mkeris there some kind of application loader where I just start writing the name and get a list? a bit like autocomplete in terminal, something that I can use keyboard only for.01:35
donnyPaddy_EIRE: xorg.conf?01:35
thansomalready restarted X and everything01:35
marcrosoftAnyone elses pulseaudio just close randomly after a few hours of running?01:35
Paddy_EIREthansom, ok.. have you tried envyng?01:35
Paddy_EIREdonny, yes01:35
IndyGunFreakadam_: look and see if you have a program in sound/video called either gnomebaker or k3b01:35
donnyPaddy_EIRE: can you point me to some docs about the deprecation?01:35
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk01:35
rwwmker: I use Alt-F2 "Run Application" in GNOME for that. It autocompletes after a few letters. Gnome-do might do the same sort of thing.01:35
qcjnjoeb3_: i don't see no recently added01:36
Paddy_EIREdonny, you can see it for yourself... open xorg.conf in your favourite text editor01:36
rww!info gnome-do01:36
ubottugnome-do (source: gnome-do): Quickly perform actions on your desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 175 kB, installed size 1200 kB01:36
thansomPaddy_EIRE, not sure about that... ubuntu 7 out of the box detected resolutions right01:36
IndyGunFreakadam_: ugh.. are you dual booting?01:36
donnyPaddy_EIRE: i'm on debian01:36
Paddy_EIREthansom, yes but there can be regressions01:36
donnyPaddy_EIRE: atm01:36
ari_stressmorning all :D happy new year!01:36
IndyGunFreakadam_: do you have access to a windows box?01:36
thansomPaddy_EIRE, so it seems weird 8 doesnt. I googled and found lots of forum posts asking, but no responses :(01:36
Paddy_EIREdonny, ah.. no debian still uses the old method01:36
mlLKjrib, what sorta output am i looking for w/ xev?01:36
thansomalright, I'll envy it01:36
adam_no the last one i had crashed01:36
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk01:36
IndyGunFreakboy this is gonna suck.01:36
mkerrww, thanks!01:36
joeb3_qcjn, are you unmounting the sansa before unplugging it?01:36
adam_So your saying i wont be able to burn the CD?01:37
qcjnjoeb3_: no01:37
jribmker: xev | grep -i button           will make it easier to spot01:37
thansomI got the latest nvidia driver01:37
jribmlLK: xev | grep -i button           will make it easier to spot01:37
thansomI'll downgrade01:37
IndyGunFreakadam_: i don't think so..01:37
danil_is it possible to set up a proxy accessible remotely (outside LAN) if I'm behind a router and have no access to configure the router's NAT?01:37
IndyGunFreakadam_: try opening a terminal and typing "sudo apt-get install gnomebaker" no quotes01:37
ubottusquid is a caching proxy for the Web.  See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SquidGuard  See: http://www.squid-cache.org01:37
mkerjrib, what does that do?01:37
IndyGunFreaksee if it installed.01:37
jribmker: ignore me, wrong nick01:37
thansomwhat package is the xfix command in?01:37
joeb3_qcjn, copy the file to the sansa.  Right click the icon on the desktop and select unmount.  Then see if it is there.01:37
qcjnjoeb3_: wouldn't be  a good idea. And anyway, it's there, when i replug it i see them01:38
gvsa123i just finished updating 8.04 lts, but the initial problem of the login fonts being too large did not go away.01:38
Paddy_EIREthansom, that is not the latest driver if you used the standard hardware drivers installation method01:38
rwwthansom: friendly-recovery01:38
rwwthansom: wait, nevermind, maybe not01:38
adam_it wont let me type the password >_<01:38
Paddy_EIRE!find xfix intrepid01:38
ubottuFound: libxcb-xfixes0, libxcb-xfixes0-dbg, libxcb-xfixes0-dev, libxfixes-dev, libxfixes3 (and 1 others)01:38
DiiPhantom!turn off grub01:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about turn off grub01:39
IndyGunFreakDiiPhantom: why woul dyou turn off grub?01:39
qcjnjoeb3_: excuse me ...yes i unmount it before i UNplugg it01:39
Paddy_EIRE!grub | DiiPhantom01:39
ubottuDiiPhantom: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:39
jribadam_: you probably just don't see it being typed01:39
joejchow do i ping an ip?01:39
jribjoejc: ping ip01:39
mlLKjrib, it registers as button 201:39
mlLKwhile right click at 301:39
adam_ok it loaded but01:39
adam_Reading package lists... Done01:39
adam_Building dependency tree... Done01:39
adam_E: Couldn't find package gnomebaker01:39
mkerjoejc, system -> administration -> network tools if you want gui for that :)01:39
IndyGunFreakadam_: thas kinda what i figured01:40
Mez!info gnomebaker01:40
ubottugnomebaker (source: gnomebaker): application for CD/DVD creation in the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-1 (intrepid), package size 991 kB, installed size 2980 kB01:40
jribmlLK: what ubuntu version?01:40
joejcdont need gui for ping01:40
IndyGunFreakMez: the problem is he's stuck w/ 5.0401:40
mlLKjrib, all i wish for as an auto-scroll feature for firefox opposed to lame redirects01:40
adam_so im screwed right?01:40
DiiPhantomIndyGunFreak, i removed windows but grub comes up and shows to choose, but i dont want it, i want to remove the windows line01:40
DarkSmokeis there a way to update alsa to ver 1.0.18 without compiling on ubuntu?01:40
DarkSmokelike some repo01:40
MezIndyGunFreak: stuck ?01:40
IndyGunFreakMez: well, he has no way to burn the iso of 8.10 (which he's downloading) atleast that i know of.01:40
MezIndyGunFreak: why can't he upgrade ?/01:40
IndyGunFreakMez: running into closed repos.01:41
IndyGunFreak5.04 EOL was 5.0601:41
jribmlLK: what is the value of middlemouse.contentLoadURL in about:config?01:41
rwwmlLK: Firefox: Edit> Preferences > Advanced > Use autoscrolling ?01:41
bdelin88any reason why doing sudo ./vhcs2-setup would give me: command not found?01:41
MezIndyGunFreak: hmmles....01:41
bdelin88it's a setup file01:41
IndyGunFreakMez: lol, i know.. he just installed 5.04 3 days ago..lol,01:41
rwwbdelin88: chmod +x vhcs2-setup01:41
rwwbdelin88: do that first, then see if ./vhcs2-setup works.01:42
bdelin88rww: rgr, thanks, gonna try it01:42
VTBucarghhghhh...i hate broadcom :(01:42
mlLKrww, you made my day01:42
Mezyeah, hoary :D01:42
IndyGunFreakMez:  i wasn't using ubuntu back then, but in 6.06 (and from then on), you could use nautilus to burn an ISO..01:42
rwwmlLK: Glad I could help :D01:42
mlLKrww, jrib ty both01:42
unavailablei got jaunty01:42
adam_i cant help i use 5.04 i had it incase my computer ever died01:42
MezIndyGunFreak: what about USB-stick ?01:42
qcjnjoeb3_: weird thing, i have the Sansa e280, and the same songs works great, and both plug as MSC01:42
Mezadam_: and you dont have a CD burner?01:42
rwwunavailable: you should be in #ubuntu+1 with all the other crazy beta testers, then :P01:42
IndyGunFreakadam_: can that PC boot a usb device?01:42
iShockrww: With that link, after make it sats start the os, does that mean I have to restart?01:43
unavailablei have no problems yet01:43
IndyGunFreakMez: he has a burner, no program to burn w/01:43
rwwunavailable: also, Jaunty is 9.04 ;)01:43
bdelin88rww: hmm, it is now saying "ERROR: File 'etc/vhcs2/vhcs2.conf' does not exist !01:43
MezIndyGunFreak: k3b :D01:43
rwwiShock: probably01:43
IndyGunFreakMez: are yuou listening at all?.. the repos for 5.04 are closed01:43
unavailableis not what my pc says...01:43
IndyGunFreakhe can't install one01:43
unavailableit thinks its 10.401:43
vitoriohello everyone01:43
bdelin88rww: it appears to not be looking in the proper place for the config?01:43
IndyGunFreakadam_: how old i the pc?01:44
adam_would a compaq boot a usb drive?01:44
bdelin88rww: the config is located in /vhcs2/configs/vhcs2.conf01:44
MezIndyGunFreak: yep, one sec01:44
chipt4unavailable: it's 9.04, meaning it will be released in april of 0901:44
adam_not too old i forgot how old01:44
unavailableI understand.01:44
dman<-----in Heaven after 3 weeks w/linux after 15 years w/windows01:44
rwwbdelin88: I don't use vhcs2, so I don't know. The chmod thing is a general solution...01:44
IndyGunFreakadam_: not to old, and you're using a distro thats over 4yrs old.01:44
unavailableThe last time i checked.  my comouter thought it was 10 though01:44
b1gbawxever since i selected x windows to not load on startup my usb external harddrive wont load while in x. how to i set it to load usb once x loads01:44
bdelin88rww: hmm alright...01:44
rwwunavailable: where did it say that?01:44
Mezadam_: do you get any output for "which cdrecord" (without the quotes)01:45
b1gbawxi still cant fix it01:45
unavailablethe about screen01:45
unavailableim in windows right now so...01:45
adam_Let me check mez01:45
joejchow do i stop ping01:45
unavailablei cannot verify that01:45
IndyGunFreakadam_: do you know the model #?01:45
unavailablectrl c01:45
dmanctrl break01:45
unavailablejoejc: ctrl break or ctrl c01:45
adam_nope but i know where it might be01:45
adam_/usr/bin/cdrecord thats what i get mez01:45
rwwunavailable: ah. Well, when you get back in Jaunty, take a look at it and see, 'cause it's possible that some made an error and that's a bug ;)01:45
Mezadam_: then I might be able to help you :D01:45
Mezyou have just the CD burner as your only CD drive?01:46
sjovanokay... i restarted my computer and managed to log in. this is the error msg i got. --> http://pastebin.com/d130d370e <--- the only thing that isn't right is the look on my taskbars and firefox look and stuff. the windowdecoration is okay though. any thougts..01:46
unavailablewil do right now rww01:46
Mezadam_: go grab an iso for the latest version01:46
adam_i have 2 cd drives01:46
IndyGunFreakMez: thats what i was wondering, if cdrecord was on 5.04.. i didn't know if it was01:46
adam_Ok mez but it will take ALONG time01:46
pikariohi how do i check cpu usage and ram usage in ubuntu01:46
jribpikario: system -> administration -> system monitor01:46
IndyGunFreakadam_: so whats the model # on that pc?01:47
adam_the file size is 715MB but may be faster01:47
adam_Let me check indy01:47
rwwpikario: Graphical: Sys > Admin > System Monitor. Command-line: top or htop01:47
Mezadam_: do you have any iso at all ?01:47
rww!info htop01:47
ubottuhtop (source: htop): interactive processes viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 51 kB, installed size 196 kB01:47
=== omarco is now known as omarco_pizza
adam_no mez01:47
Mezadam_: you need to get one01:47
Mezadam_: or you could always try shipit :D01:47
IndyGunFreakMez: lol i don't know if you're serious, or just playing dumb01:48
filsufhallo all .... what is the exec name for gnome's weather applet?01:48
adam_Long model# let me type01:48
IndyGunFreakadam_: it shouldn't be that long..01:48
IndyGunFreakadam_: something like Presario 6630 or something like that01:48
joejchow do i change my ip and subnet ?01:49
IndyGunFreakadam_: you're making my head hurt01:49
IndyGunFreakadam_: is it a compaq?01:49
adam_ITs a01:49
adam_Its a compaq Presario 500001:49
IndyGunFreakok, then what is the model of it.. not model #.. the model # only means something to compaq support01:49
IndyGunFreakadam_: thank you01:49
adam_Ubuntu has good support01:49
adam_Unlike microsoft >_>01:50
flash__I have a question why is it when i press pretenses key it makes a loud beeping sound01:50
IndyGunFreakadam_: that pc is ancient01:50
adam_not my fault01:50
bdelin88anyone have any experience with VHCS2?01:51
omarco_pizzais there a way to mount PTP cameras as removable storage automatically?01:51
Mezis there soemthing I'm missing IndyGunFreak? why cant he download an iso and burm it ?01:51
IndyGunFreakadam_: are you trolling?.. you just told me the pc wasn't that old, and you sent me to a model that is 566mhzw/ 64mb of ram01:51
adam_idk how old the HD is cuz its a blank second hang01:51
joejcmicrosoft has good support if u like trying to understand people with heavy Indian accents01:51
IndyGunFreakMez: forget it.01:51
MezIndyGunFreak: no, please explain ! I want to try help if I can01:51
IndyGunFreakadam_: i don't care about the hard drive.01:51
=== rachel is now known as Guest29315
mas2_was going to extract some .rar files and found out that archive manager couldn't handle .rar files so I searched and found free-unrar in synaptic. And now archive manager can open .rar but when I choose a location to extract to it says complete just after a few seconds but no file. I don't know if this has anything to do with it but in archive manager it says the file name and Read Only after the title.01:51
IndyGunFreakMez: its pointless, i strongly suspect he's trolling01:51
adam_indy the model may not be the same aneymore01:51
unavailableMaybe i'm mistaken, because i now realize that it still says 8.1001:51
jribmas2_: use 'unrar', not unrar-free01:52
joejchow do i change ip and subnet of computer?01:52
mas2_jrib: ok will try it out01:52
MezIndyGunFreak: *sighs* then why entertain him?01:52
rwwunavailable: Yeah, that's less surprising. The alphas and betas of intrepid had hardy heron theming and versioning for a long time.01:52
IndyGunFreakMez: cuz it just hit me01:52
MezIndyGunFreak: and there are such things as upgrades01:52
flash__why does my computer make a beeping nose when i press certain keys01:52
IndyGunFreakMez: like i said, you clearly didn't follow the conversation01:53
mas2_and one more thing how to turn of pc speaker? If I earsed more and there is no characters to earse (like in xchat) the pc spekar sounds beeps really high.01:53
unavailablerww, maybe i had the 10 stuck in my head along with 8.04  and they compounded01:53
mas2_or at lest set when to beep01:53
\kiraflash__: that could be a computer problem, not ubuntu problem01:53
iShockrww: Didn't work.01:53
\kiraflash__: did it do that aswell when (if) you used windows on that system?01:53
adam_I dident know my computers age01:53
flash__no when i press pertinences key and no it worked on windows01:53
rwwiShock: You still have the link to the bug report? Talk about it on there. Since it's an acknowledged bug, we're not going to be able to help you much =/01:54
adam_so can i be helped or not?01:54
rww!en | Zackfett01:54
ubottuZackfett: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat01:54
flash__adam_ what is your issue01:54
\kiraflash__: pertinences key?01:54
ae88925I'm running Hardy x86 (fully up-to-date).  Frequently, when I attach a USB drive (flash), the drive shows up in nautilus, but won't mount.  Is this common/known?01:54
Zackfettits a thing i use all the time01:54
ubottu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい01:54
Zackfettハッカー means hacker in japanede01:54
Jack_Sparrow!ot > Zackfett01:55
MezIndyGunFreak: I just read it.01:55
ubottuZackfett, please see my private message01:55
jp_sfjoejc: you can use ip01:55
adam_Mez do you think you can help me?01:55
flash__ubottu are you really A BOT :D01:55
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:55
iShockrww: libv4l2: error dequeuing buf: Input/output error <- Error. :(01:55
rwwflash__: yes, it is01:55
Mezadam_: you need to download a new version01:55
Mez!bot | flash__01:55
adam_i am01:55
ubottuflash__: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:55
adam_What do i do when im done?01:55
flash__HE IS A BOT01:55
flash__that is epic01:56
FloodBot2flash__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:56
ae88925Then the drive mounts again after a reboot.01:56
Mezadam_: can you pastebin (http://paste.ubuntu.com/) the output of cdrecord -scanbus01:56
flash__!bot | flash__01:56
ubottuflash__, please see my private message01:56
Mezflash__: we know, stop spamming01:56
adam_How do i do that01:56
flash__thats just epic programming01:56
mas2_jrib: I found unrar in synaptic but why does it says non free version?01:56
Jack_Sparrowflash__, Please stop the chatter01:56
rww!ot | flash__01:56
ubottuflash__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:56
Mezadam_: open a terminal, type cdrecord -scanbus01:57
Mezadam_: then copy what it said, and paste it into paste.ubuntu.com01:57
jribmas2_: because it's not free in the "freedom" sense01:57
iShocklibv4l2: error dequeuing buf: Input/output error <- Error. :( Any idea how to fix?01:57
Mezthen send me the link01:57
mas2_jrib: but it's free for me to download? but not free in the matter of license and stuff?01:57
unavailableI'll have you know, Jaunty finally has support for the fn buttons that control ls_sensor for the asus m7001:57
jribmas2_: yes01:57
danes_hello, i upgraded my ubuntu but youtube is not working anymore, how can I fix this?01:57
rwwobiwan177: try /part01:57
Wrinkliezhey guys, im curious, im currently running vista and would like to install ubuntu in another partition.  the reason im doing this is because i would like to keep vista until my settings on ubuntu are to my liking.  when i want, can i make ubuntu take up the entire hard disk?01:58
Mezrww: a little too late :D01:58
mas2_jrib: ok thanks cool. would you happend to know where to turn of pc speaker beep sound?01:58
Jack_Sparrowunavailable, Jaunty is #ubuntu+101:58
rwwMez: yeah, I noticed >.>01:58
unavailableI know01:58
iShocklibv4l2: error dequeuing buf: Input/output error <- Error. :( Any idea how to fix?01:58
adam_k mez01:58
Jack_Sparrowunavailable, Who were you telling that to?01:58
adam_What do i put for poster01:59
jp_sfdanes_:  32 bits or 64x ? for flash01:59
unavailablei'm just saying that the fix is out there, and coming in the next build.  (as well as the fix for the built in mic problems and pulse audio)01:59
unavailableJack_Sparrow: anyone who cares01:59
jribmas2_: what ubuntu version?01:59
mas2_jrib: 8.1001:59
Jack_Sparrowunavailable, Please dont answer questions someone hasnt asked, especially for a different release01:59
danes_jp_sf 3201:59
grendal_primeok this is making me crazzzzzzzzyyyyy grrrrr...01:59
Mezadam_: anything you want.01:59
grendal_primei have a dell inspiron 1420,  it has a digital mic in it...im certian it use to work...now...nada...02:00
adam_what does this do?02:00
grendal_primewho is good with hardware?02:00
jp_sfdanes_: I would believe a "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" should do it02:00
Mez!pastebin | adam_02:00
ubottuadam_: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:00
jribmas2_: xset b 0   should work.  Or 'set bell-style none' in ~/.inputrc apparently02:00
ae88925Wrinkliez: Sort of, yes.  Probably Vista will be at the start of the disk, so you probably won't be able to resize he Ubuntu partition, but you can overwrite the Vista partition using mkfs and mount it somewhere you need space.02:00
iShocklibv4l2: error dequeuing buf: Input/output error <- Error. :( Any idea how to fix?02:01
Wrinkliezthanks ae8892502:01
mas2_jrib: in the termnial? there isn't any way of doing it graphical? just had ubuntu for a couple of hours hehe02:01
danes_jp_sf, thanks, it looks like it is working ;)02:01
jp_sfdanes_: cool02:01
jribmas2_: not that I know of02:01
gizmohow to clean my browser cookie in ubuntu?02:01
jribmas2_: there used to be, but it went away when pulseaudio entered the scene for some reason02:01
masque7can anyone help me mount+access a drive?02:01
jp_sfgizmo: which broswer ?02:01
Mezadam_: how long left for the download02:01
gizmomozilla firefox02:02
jribmasque7: provide more details02:02
iShocklibv4l2: error dequeuing buf: Input/output error <- Error. :( Any idea how to fix?02:02
gizmojp_sf, mozilla firefox02:02
adam_back uhh02:02
rwwgizmo: in Firefox: Edit > Preferences > Privacy > Show Cookies > Remove All Cookies02:02
adam_abought 40mn02:02
adam_idk if it will take that long my connection is good02:02
Mezadam_: pastebin the output of sudo cdrecord -scanbus now please02:02
mas2_jrib: I read that I had to remove pulseaudio to get another application that I want to work, XBMC. but that is a project for tomrow. Maybe the beep will go away when I take it away and replace it with what ever they said.02:02
jp_sfgizmo: Tools > Clear private data > select cookies02:02
mas2_jrib: thanks for the help02:02
jribmas2_: removing pulseaudio sounds is probably a bad idea and sounds like overkill anyway02:03
alexb92gday guys, i installed ubuntu onto a second hdd on my computer and it wont boot into it :(02:03
masque7jrib: I currently have a box which i can ssh/vnc into. i already have a samba share on there, and i use winscp to access my files externally. all i've done is added another blank internal hdd, and i would like to do the same thing. if that makes sense?02:03
danes_I also resized the hard disk, but I lost the grub, how can I restore it using a usb drive? I do not have a cdrom :s02:03
gizmohow i want to decrease my disk usage?02:03
lacitaWhy can't I get sound unless I put my comp to sleep, and rewake it? My comp is an Lenovo 3000 Y410 running ubuntu 8.04.02:03
gizmoexample my log..02:03
jribmasque7: do you just want to mount it?  What filesystem?02:03
mas2_jrib: the guide said that it created lagg and that there was a better option but I have no Idea if that is true. Worked fine with xset b 0 how can you know these things??02:04
masque7jrgp: i would like to reformat it. fdisk -l shows it as NTFS - would this be a decent filesystem to use for my purposes?02:04
jribmas2_: experience I guess.  You'll want to add the command to ~/.xprofile or use system -> preferences -> sessions -> startup02:04
mas2_jrib: or else I have to do it every time?02:05
jribmas2_: right02:05
gizmo./.purple/logs/msn/myself_fido@hotmail.com/lovely_chinz0105@hotmail.com<---how i want to delete this log in my terminal?02:05
alexb92gday guys, i installed ubuntu onto a second hdd on my computer and it wont boot into it :(02:05
Mezadam_: sorry, seems like it aint gonna want to work. Id suggest getting a friend to burn you a copy, or ordering a CD through shipit.ubuntu.com02:05
mas2_jrip okey at the end of that file or anywhere I guess? thanks for the help!02:05
gizmoalexb92,  you already check the md5?02:05
rwwgizmo: rm -r ~/.purple/logs/msn/myself_fido@hotmail.com/lovely_chinz0105@hotmail.com02:05
jribmas2_: either, you'll probably actually have to create the file02:06
adam_I have no friends in the area with a windows computer02:06
adam_i had a 98 to try from freecycle but it broke XD02:06
Flanneladam_: Try contacting your LoCo team, they may be able to get you one quickly02:06
Mezadam_: with any computer that can burn CDs02:06
mas2_jrib: oh okey I see. Thanks alot! Appriciate it!02:06
Flanneladam_: #ubuntu-us-sc02:06
alexb92i did02:06
adam_loco team?02:06
masque7jrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100730/ - i'd like to mount+access sdb102:06
Mezadam_: sorry we cant help much, again, try shipit :D02:07
Mezadam_: loco team - local community team02:07
jribmasque7: it is formatted ntfs?02:07
Mezadam_: where in the world do you live?02:07
adam_what do i do thair02:07
alexb92it was working before, i used the same disk for a wubi install02:07
adam_no jr but thats what happen to my XP home02:07
alexb92and yeah i even checked the cd for defects befor the install02:07
Flanneladam_: They're people from around your area, they may be able to get you a CD (much faster than shipit) either in person, or via USPS or whatever02:07
rwwadam_: join #ubuntu-us-sc (assuming you're in South Carolina) and ask if they can send an Ubuntu CD to you.02:07
adam_How old do you have to be to get it shipped02:08
masque7jrgp: yeah looks like sdb1 is formatted to NTFS. how do i mount it, and then access it as a user?02:08
RandomUsr_anyone have know if it's ok to have multiple versions of glibc installed?02:08
Flanneladam_: From shipit?  There's no requirement.  It just takes 4-6 weeks.  Your LoCo team can get it to you in a few days02:08
adam_On my XP NTFS broke and i cant enter safe mode due to it crashes on contact02:08
Mezadam_: where in the world do you live ?02:08
adam_does it cost?02:08
Flanneladam_: Nope02:09
jrib!ntfs > masque702:09
ubottumasque7, please see my private message02:09
masque7adam_: you don't even pay for postage :)02:09
rwwMez: check his IP address. He's in South Carolina.02:09
IndyGunFreakadam_: its free, but it takes forever02:09
IndyGunFreakadam_: i agree w/ flanne, check w/ your loco team02:09
Mezrww: I prefer to ask rather than make them think I'm a stalker02:09
McShanebest buy stocks Ubuntu, but I don't know if they have any outlets in SC02:09
adam_is it safe?02:09
IndyGunFreakadam_: if you're sincere in your problem (and i'm still debating)02:09
IndyGunFreakPM me your full mailing address, and i'll mail you a CD in the morning02:10
Zombie_GazCan anyone help with getting ident to work?02:10
Mezadam_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SouthCarolinaTeam02:10
McShaneyou can also order Ubuntu from amazon02:10
IndyGunFreakMcShane: why on earth would you pay for that02:10
adam_so shipping is free and the cd02:10
Mezadam_: yup :D02:10
rwwIndyGunFreak: 90 days of support, if it's like Best Buy's version of it.02:10
nbeebomany games got "voice in-game" and etc that gets the voice from the microphone, instead of the voice i want the microphone to record/get the sound from the desktop to be played instead.. example, me playing music02:10
IndyGunFreakadam_: yes.. but it will take a long time.02:10
IndyGunFreakrww: hm, i wonder if their support is any good.. you'd probably get better here02:11
anuhow to upload CD?02:11
adam_ok so how do i order it?02:11
Mezadam_: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/shipit-faq02:11
IndyGunFreak!shipit | adam_02:11
ubottuadam_: shipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will send Intrepid (8.10) CDs02:11
rwwnbeebo: huh. People like you are why I turn off incoming voice chat when I'm playing games.02:11
gam3r111guys do you know how i can get my wireless in my acer aspire to work when i use ubuntu 8.10 live cd?02:12
nbeeborww, people like u i ignore02:12
zChris_How well is Gentoo maintained?02:12
rww!u | nbeebo02:12
IndyGunFreakadam_: would you like for me to mail you a CD?02:12
ubottunbeebo: Unless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officer, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..02:12
jribzChris_: ask #gentoo02:12
adam_ok indy02:12
zChris_opps hehe sorry thought i was there :)02:12
BenWhiteyso how do i make a script run on boot? and what is a LSB style header02:12
nbeeborww, u couldve sent private message..02:12
nbeebomature people02:12
IndyGunFreakadam_: PM me your mailing info.02:12
adam_Street adress?02:12
jrib!startup > BenWhitey02:12
ubottuBenWhitey, please see my private message02:12
chipt4nbeebo: don't. play. music. over. voice. chat.02:12
IndyGunFreakadam_: well, i can't exactly email it to you02:13
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org02:13
ubottuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)02:13
BenWhiteyi'm running ubuntu server02:13
IndyGunFreakgam3r111: what wireless device is it02:13
anuHow to upload CD ?02:13
gam3r111im not sure i think it is athros02:13
anuhow to upload a CD to a website to share to many people02:14
IndyGunFreak!pastebin | gam3r111 open a terminal and type lspci then put it here and give me the link02:14
ubottugam3r111 open a terminal and type lspci then put it here and give me the link: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:14
adam_how do i pm you02:14
Flannelanu: that would depend on the website.  Which website?02:14
gam3r111anu try to zip the files02:14
eseven73anu maybe Frostwire or something like it?02:14
rwwadam_: /msg username your message02:14
IndyGunFreakadam_: .. forgot you're probably not registered... type this w/o quotes "/join #indygunfreak"02:14
zeldadoesnt Brasero bue .cue?02:14
BenWhitey<jrib> can i PM you?02:15
anuthatn you Flannel and eseven73 :)02:15
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:15
jribBenWhitey: please use this channel instead02:15
mike__hey does anyone know what terminal is for02:15
Flannelmike__: What?02:15
eseven73!terminal | mike__02:15
ubottumike__: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:15
mike__what is "terminal for02:15
adam_Also 1 last question02:15
BenWhitey<jrib> okay. well i'm running ubuntu server so there is no gui. and i want them to start at boot, without anyone logging in02:15
thorsten11mike_: gives you access to unix02:16
Flannel!bum | BenWhitey02:16
ubottuBenWhitey: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto02:16
jribBenWhitey: did you read what ubottu sent you?02:16
adam_Is ubuntu safer than windows in hacking wise?02:16
adam_and screwing up your files XD02:16
rwwadam_: many people (especially in here) would say it's safer, yes.02:16
=== vantrax is now known as Van|away
jribBenWhitey: in particular, the contents of !boot02:16
jrib!away > Van|away02:16
thorsten11adam_: yes02:16
ubottuVan|away, please see my private message02:16
BenWhiteyyeah i tried that and i got this msg saying my script is missing "LSB style headers"02:16
adam_I know Lunix is good for hosting02:16
Mez!virus | adam_02:16
dragon33simple question: how d i add the Places/Home Folder to my desktop? thanks02:16
ubottuadam_: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2102:16
IndyGunFreakadam_: its safer, but it internet security starts w/ the guy pounding on the keys02:16
jribBenWhitey: did you use /etc/init.d/skeleton as a base?02:17
BenWhitey<jrib> no i'll look at that02:17
thorsten11has anyone used rsa keys to client iphone to ubuntu server?02:17
jribBenWhitey: or just use /etc/rc.local.  Depends on what you are doing exactly02:18
Bogaurdis there an issue with feisty repo's atm? I don't seem to able able to do and apt-get update no matter what sources I use...02:18
IrishDavidhello, is there anyway to launch rythmbox into a local session on a machine (I want to be able to launch it from an ssh session so that it shares the music)02:18
jrib!feisty | Bogaurd02:18
ubottuBogaurd: Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) was the sixth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 19th, 2008. See !eol for more details.02:18
jribBogaurd: upgrade to a supported release02:18
omarco_pizzais there a way to mount PTP cameras as removable storage automatically?02:18
rwwBogaurd: Feisty became unsupported in October 2008, and its apt archives were moved to old-releases.ubuntu.com02:19
Bogaurdjrib: oh.. I didn't realise that the apt-archives got moved. I'll give that a go.02:19
FlannelBogaurd: You should strongly consider upgrading.  Feisty isn't receiving security updates anymore.02:19
rww!upgrade | Bogaurd02:19
ubottuBogaurd: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:19
BogaurdI will do an upgrade, it's just a question of preparing a replacement machine, can't really have any downtime on the machine running feisty currently, it's a router :)02:20
omarco_pizzaBogaurd: for such applications, distros like Ubuntu Server LTS or Debian stable seem more apropriate02:21
rymetymeWho is running dual monitors with nvidia version 173 drivers?02:21
astroBhi all, i have intrepid. i have physical screen resolution if 1280x800 but want to set my virtualdesktop res to,say, 1600x1200. have googled and checked faq, no joy02:21
FlannelBogaurd: You may want to consider LTS releases in the future (8.04 is the current one), they're supported for 5 years on servers (and you can upgrade from LTS to LTS, so 6.06 to 8.04 to 10.04)02:21
alexb92does anybody have any idea?02:22
petafileIs there a way to make rhythmbox give notifications of what song is playing, like winamp does or itunes + quicksilver can do?02:22
IndyGunFreakrymetyme: my PC runs dual monitors, not sure on the driver version (not sitting at it)02:22
rymetymehey indy you helped me earlier02:22
Bogaurdomarco_pizza, Flannel, I usually use LTS on most of the machines i manage, but from memory i used feisty on this box because of a requirement I had which the LTS at the time didnt meet :)02:23
mkerpetafile, what do you mean? a little popup thingy in the corner that shows what's playing?02:23
IndyGunFreakrymetyme: lol, well i hope it was successful..lol02:23
masque7jrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100738/02:23
rymetymebtw im able to save the setting by using gksudo nvidia-settings thanks02:23
IndyGunFreakrymetyme: ok, so whats the problem now?02:23
rymetymethis time my goal is to get a behavior similar to ultramon in winsedows02:24
joaboaconstrctr  /msg nickserv set hidemail on02:24
omarco_pizzais there a way to mount PTP cameras as mass storage devices automatically?02:24
=== omarco_pizza is now known as omarco
rymetymelike windows maximizing to only the monitor with mouse focus or somehting like that02:25
rymetymenot spanning across both monitors02:25
eseven73!enter | rymetyme02:25
ubotturymetyme: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:25
rww!hi | ubuntuboy02:25
ubottuubuntuboy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:25
gvsa123i'm on 8.04, dual booting with xp. when i mounted the ntfs partition, it asked  me for a passwrord, but i did not check on the "the session only" thing. i'd like to have ubuntu require a password everythime.... how can i do that again?02:25
IndyGunFreakrymetyme: so you have two separate x screens>02:25
petafilemker: yes02:26
mkerpetafile, doesn't it already do that? I'm pretty sure that's default02:26
alexb92does anyone know how to do dual booting with ubuntu installed onto a second hdd?02:26
rymetymenope twin view seperate will only go to one screen but let me try again02:26
petafilemker, I don't think so02:26
=== joaboaconstrctr is now known as joaboaconstrctr_
adam_Does Ubuntu have aneything to run like CHKDSK Incase something breaks from a hard shutdown02:27
Flannelalexb92: the same way as regular dual booting02:27
Pici!fsck | adam_02:27
ubottuadam_: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot02:27
mkerpetafile, right click it in tray and you'll see that option02:27
Fracturedis there a program that lets you install multiple OSs to a USB flash drive, with say GRUB included?02:27
omarcois there a way to mount PTP cameras as mass storage devices?02:27
adam_windows version starts alittle to late after your computer crashes02:28
omarcoFractured: Some operating systems allow you to use external usb flash drives as fixed hard disks seamlessly02:28
ubuntuboyu can put the fractured i thing u can make more than one partition in usb02:28
alexb92flannel : i installed ubuntu onto the second hdd and i restarted and it only went back into windows and didnt boot ubuntu02:28
ubuntuboyand then uses only the usb disk without any hard drive02:28
ubuntuboyand instal many gnu/linux02:29
Flannelalexb92: You'll want to specify that grub should be instlaled on the first harddrive (or, change your boot sequence in your BIOS to boot the second one)02:29
omarcoFractured:Try just firing up the installer and try to point the usb drive as the installation device02:29
nbeebomany games got "voice in-game" and etc that gets the voice from the microphone, instead of the voice i want the microphone to record/get the sound from the desktop to be played instead.. example, me playing music02:29
Fracturedubuntuboy: then how do you select between them? if you have more than one on a flash drive02:29
ubuntuboyu need to put the grub installed in your partition of hard drive02:29
ubuntuboyor in that hard drive02:29
IndyGunFreakrymetyme: did it work?02:30
ubuntuboydeppends of the order of boot of the hard drive when u install the lilo or grub02:30
djtanseyI am looking to create custom DVDs with my favorite episodes from ST:TNG originals. I don't need to compress the video/audio. Is there a way to quickly copy tracks and compile them onto new DVDs?02:30
alexb92right well i have some software called easybcd and i installed that and added ubuntu to the entry, i checked the box that said that grub wasnt installed, and i came to reboot the computer and dload into ubuntu02:30
alexb92and a command prompt line came up which said grub >02:30
=== joaboaconstrctr_ is now known as joaboaconstrctr
alexb92and i dont know what to type becoz im a noob at this stuff02:31
Marshallis this the linux channel?02:31
mylogicthis is the ubuntu channel, the linux channel is #linux02:31
nbeeboubuntu is linux.. #linux is linux02:31
ubuntuboyalexb92 u have 2 os_02:31
jmartiniThis is a linux channel02:31
eseven73!u | ubuntuboy02:31
ubottuubuntuboy: Unless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officer, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..02:31
alexb92i have 3 ubuntu boy02:31
n2diyMarshal, it is Ubuntu linux02:31
alexb92ubuntu installed, vista installed and xp installed02:32
Marshallthey jus told me this on ##windows02:32
=== Ryan___ is now known as Kyprioth
alexb92all are on different hdds02:32
ubuntuboyok in diferents hard drives or patitions02:32
jwjones1706hey where can i find the otheros file for booting ubuntu on ps3?02:32
mylogicshows how much the windows fanboys know ;x02:32
ubuntuboyok i thing u install  firs xp then vista02:32
KypriothCan someone please help a Windows fanboy?02:32
ubuntuboyand.. ubuntu..02:32
alexb92jwjones1706 : google ubuntu on playstation 3 and you will get the install for that and the instructions on how to do it02:32
RealKillazthose dvd/ps3 guys are bastard.....02:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:33
ubottuAvoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience02:33
jwjones1706i can install ubuntu onto the ps3 with a flash drive right?02:33
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:33
rwwKyprioth: What's your question?02:33
omarcoHow can I mount my camera as a mass storage device?02:33
KypriothOh, well, I'm trying to make a partition for Ubuntu, but am unsure what specifications to use.02:33
rymetymethis is what i did enabled xinerama, chose left monitor(dfp) configured as seperate with absolute positioning, then chose the right (crt) with right of positioning both at 1280x1024 (native resolution for my monitors) the hit apply, everthing then moved to my crt monitor02:33
RealKillazPS3 has region codes in their blue-ray player.02:34
alexb92i have xp installed on disk 0 vista installed on disk 2 and disk 1 has ubuntu installed02:34
mkerjwjones1706, there are guides for that I think, try google and if you encounter any specific problems ask about them then.02:34
KypriothThere are two different settings that I am unaware of their meanings.02:34
FlannelKyprioth: Which ones?02:34
jwjones1706ok thank you02:34
RealKillazthere is no way to change it in the settings.02:34
ubuntuboyu only need to refer the boot sector initial for ubuntu02:34
osakaI was wondering if someone could help me out?02:34
weswith what02:35
rww!anyone | osaka02:35
ubottuosaka: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:35
KypriothThe Use AS and Mount POint.02:35
ubuntuboythat's with the same command that i can't remember only .. u need to give the direcction of the sector where is the grub02:35
FlannelKyprioth: Is this going to be your only partition?02:35
=== wes is now known as febuntOS
donavan__anyone know why x keep crashing everytime I open firefox and have a dvd going at the same time02:35
rymetymeone thing i forgot to tell you I got a message saying the everything could not be applyed due to several factors im sure youve seen this message02:35
KypriothYes. I already deleted the windows partition.02:35
febuntOSI AM FEBUNTOS02:35
febuntOSthe hybrid linux.02:35
FlannelfebuntOS: Please take offtopic chatter elsewhere.02:35
rww!ot | febuntOS02:35
ubuntuboysearch how to recover grub from a windows install02:35
ubottufebuntOS: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:35
FlannelKyprioth: Then your main partition is going to be /02:35
FAJALOUhi.  i am trying to set my status, but whenever i press 'e' the whole "accounts' Menu comes up.  How can i fix this, it wasn't like this a few days ago...02:35
=== febuntOS is now known as wes
osakagimme a sec, it'll take a sec to type02:36
KypriothOK. And about the use as? Which type of partition?02:36
rwwFAJALOU: which client are you using?02:36
FAJALOUrww: pidgin02:36
omarcoHow can I mount my camera as a mass storage device?02:37
FlannelKyprioth: The options for that are primary/logical right?02:37
ubuntuboyomarco what  camere02:37
ubuntuboydo u have02:37
osakawell, i made a live CD for 8.10, and I clicked on the option, help me boot from CD. now, i'm left with a boot screen whenever I start up, when I don't need it anymore. how can I get rid of that boot screen?02:38
KypriothThe options include: FAT32 EXT2, EXT302:38
FlannelKyprioth: ah.  ext302:38
KypriothThank you very much.02:38
KypriothGood night!02:38
=== Van|away is now known as Vantrax
omarcoubuntuboy: A kodak, presumably using PTP. I can only download photos from it from F-Spot, but I wanted to mount it as a mass storage device so that I can run a script to copy the files from it02:38
ubuntuboycan u setup u'r usb device on the camera maybe can be change the mode of usb connection02:39
rwwFAJALOU: see http://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/2749 . Looks like you've done something similar.02:39
Kelenwhen i make kernel with make menuconfig way, but some options could not be changed, How to fix it. anyone have good idea for me. plz?02:40
rymetymeman this is frustrating02:40
omarcoubuntuboy: this one doesn't have this option, unfortunately. My sony does, but I really need to setup this PC for this kodak02:40
Eggbertxum can someone help me with a problem dual booting ubuntu?02:41
unavailablewhat's the prob?02:41
FAJALOUrwww thankee very much02:41
omny_devidepends on what the problem is02:41
unavailablecant boot to windows?02:41
Eggbertxi got as far as the partition resizing02:41
omarcoosaka: describe this boot screen02:41
FloodBot2Eggbertx: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:41
rwwosaka: Is it the Windows bootscreen? black and white with the option to boot windows?02:42
unavailablerestart in windows, run a chkdsk then scandisk, then defrag02:42
omny_deviEgg - you are not sure how you want to partition it?02:42
ubuntuboyomarco maybe u can see what kind of partition mounts that camera02:42
unavailableforget the scandisk02:42
osakayeah rww02:42
EggbertxI know how I want to partition it. it isn't partitioning02:42
Eggbertxthere is an error02:42
rwwosaka: what version of Windows are you using? XP, Vista, etc...02:42
omny_deviahh, what is the error?02:42
unavailableEggbertx: just in windows run chkdsk then defrag02:42
osakait has the options to boot to vista or ubuntu02:43
osakasee above02:43
omny_deviyeah, do what unavailable said :)02:43
Eggbertxi ran chkdsk02:43
omarcoubuntuboy: tried that. It doesn't mount like a mass storage device (e.g. in /media)02:43
unavailableEggbertx: defrag02:43
Shakedownhow do I know if I have the necessary packages to write Java 2D code?02:43
the_squircleHi. My splash screen isn't working at startup, but it is at shutdown. any suggestions?02:43
unavailableEggbertx: there might be data where you are trying to set the boundry at02:43
Eggbertxand my firend on mozilla server said defrag wont help02:43
KypriothHello again. The partition installer is asking about "swap space." How do I set up a partition for swap space?02:43
rwwosaka: restart into Windows, Click Start > Run..., and type in msconfig. One of the tabs in there lets you edit boot options; you should be able to remove the Ubuntu option from there.02:43
Ward1983how can i check what gcc i use at the moment?02:43
unavailableEggbertx: your friend doesnt know what he's talking about02:43
Eggbertxit didnt even install02:43
unavailableEggbertx: do a defrag02:44
osakaahh, thanks rww, i'll stay on here as i do it02:44
Ward1983how can i check what gcc i use to compile stuff at the moment (i need to make sure i use gcc4.x)02:44
Eggbertxcan i do that from ubuntu cuz im usin livecd and if i restart i lose everything02:44
donavan__anyone know way x is crashing everytime I play a movie and start firefox ... this problem just started today02:44
rwwWard1983: gcc -v02:44
unavailableEggbertx: think of this, if there is data where you want to have another drive begin, the data must be moved.   the best way to move it, is to do a defrag02:44
Ward1983rww, thanx02:44
rwwWard1983: if you're using 8.10, it defaults to GCC
osakarww: Vista is the only one that shows up02:45
Eggbertxyes but couldnt there still be data where i want it to be moved?02:45
KypriothThe partition installer is asking about "swap space." How do I set up a partition for swap space?02:45
sjovandoes any one know is jinzora requiers flash? i wonder if iywould work with my nintendo wii02:45
unavailableEggbertx: well then you would have a case of not having enough space free on the drive to make the second one02:45
Ward1983rww, correcT gcc version 4.3.202:45
Eggbertxno theres plenty02:45
RealKillazI have problem watching DVD on my ubuntu installation..02:45
Eggbertxshould i try moving the entry point around a little?02:45
rwwosaka: Okay. Search for "EasyBCD" online and download it. It should be able to remove it.02:46
comhackHello all, I installed Ubuntu 8.10 for my cousin which lives a 1000 miles from me. Anyway he loves it but he recently got a logitech quickcam chat webcam for Xmas and he is having problems getting it to work. I googled and found a few thousand links for ubuntu and this webcam but nothing useful. So now I am asking does anyone have a straight forward way of doing this. BTW I have used linux for 8 years, so I could probably fix it02:46
Eggbertxcuz it was set to gb02:46
omarcoHow can I mount my camera as a mass storage device?02:46
unavailableEggbertx: ok...   if you have data ANYWHERE that occupies where the new drive will be...  you need to defrag02:46
pbnHi there. I've got X at 98% most of the time, I think this means my video card drivers aren't properly set up. It's an Intel 82845G/GL . I have installed xserver-xorg-intel. However, /etc/X11/xorg.conf does not have any line saying "INtel". How do I "enable" the Intel driver ?02:46
osakaalright rww02:46
comhackI have managed to walk him through everything so far using virtualbox (archlinux user) from here02:46
Eggbertxis there an ubuntu defragger in intrepid02:47
unavailableEggbertx: does it say to use it for windows??02:47
comhackEggbertx: why would u need a defrager on liux?02:47
unavailableEggbertx: because people don't listen02:47
Eggbertxso i could defrag without restarting02:47
nickrudunavailable, it should be used 'automagically'; you can check by looking at /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:47
rwwcomhack: what exact type of Logitech Quickcam is it?02:47
comhacklogitech quickcam chat02:47
Eggbertxi dont want to restart cuz id hav to get cZ and do everything else again02:47
comhacki know not very descriptive but thats all they gave mew02:48
Shakedownhow do I update to the latest versions of java? I need the development environment and runtime environment02:48
nbeeboomarco, mass storage device is the same as storage right?02:48
comhacktried to get a serial number but no luck02:48
comhacknot very techy02:48
unavailablenickrud: i am trying to relay the fact that Eggbertx's best plan of action before installing ubuntu is to run a defrag on his disk in windows, that way it will minimize errors and prevent data loss02:48
McShaneEggbertx, the ext3 file system isn't really affected by fragmentation02:48
nickrudunavailable, absolutely02:48
McShanenor ext2, for that matter02:48
omarconbeebo: I use "mass storage" because it's what most people recognise as "can be used like a pendrive"02:48
Eggbertxso its because of the windows partition that it needs to be defragged if that makes sense?02:49
nickrudunavailable, in fact, if he has vista I'd suggest using the resizer in vista on the ntfs partition02:49
UK-PKwhich linux version support asterisk software ?02:49
EggbertxI DONT HAV VISTA02:49
unavailableeven better02:49
rwwcomhack: tell him to do "lsusb" at a terminal, look for the line that says Logitech, and give you the two groups of four characters after ID on that line. There are several different types of QC Chat.02:49
comhackyeah I figured02:49
nickrudEggbertx, that's why I said if ;)02:49
ubuntuboyomarco maybe u can find the name of the device that uses that camera02:49
McShaneEggbertx, I don't know of any NTFS defraggers that work within Linux02:49
Ward1983rww, do you know if i can use a lower version of gcc just for this program only?02:49
ubuntuboythen u can use the comand mount and auto02:49
Eggbertxok ill just defrag and try it again02:49
Ward1983rww, it has compatibillity issues with the latest gcc02:49
Dexidoes anyone know of a good CPU monitoring/controlling app?02:50
ubuntuboyfor mount that in a previus directory02:50
comhackI even tried getting them to run easycam2 but it hung up fgor them02:50
UK-PKDexi, use task manager02:50
omarcoubuntuboy: hmmm, how could I do that?02:50
rwwWard1983: Would GCC 3.4 work?02:50
comhackIts always something little to snag the beginners02:50
Ward1983rww, probably (they seem to have trouble from 4.x onwards)02:50
osakagonna restart, brb02:50
Eggbertxme to02:50
grendal_primei need hardware help...i cannot get a single input to work on my laptop02:51
Eggbertxalso iv noticed the live cd hanges up with restart02:51
Eggbertxgrendal_prime: do you have drivers?02:51
DexiUK-PK: you mean System Monitor?02:51
Shakedownhow do I update my jdk/jre?02:52
aprilharei just tried to compile sheepshaver and the compilation failed. I got the source from here http://gwenole.beauchesne.info/en/projects/sheepshaver and I'm not sure what I did wrong. would someone mind having a look?02:52
unavailablegrendal_prime: what kind of laptop??02:52
rwwWard1983: install package gcc-3.4, then use "gcc-3.4" at the command line instead of gcc.02:52
UK-PKDexi , press ctrl+alt + dell butten then select task manager . it will show your system process and you can see performance of CPU too02:52
nbeeboomarco, you can format it if that would help..?02:52
ubuntuboyomarco do you readme02:52
unavailableUK-PK: dell button?02:52
omny_devierm, anyone know the place to install the java for 64 bit ubuntu installations?02:52
Ward1983rww, im just using ./configure with some params, make and make install02:52
DexiUK-PK: dell button?02:52
omarcoubuntu: I read you, ten-four ;-)02:52
Ward1983rww, so i dunno how to force 3.402:52
Eggbertxomny_devy: it should be on their site02:52
funkapusanyone able to get vpnc working recently?  i had it working successfully a few weeks ago, but it's badly broken now (since i moved off networkmanager to /etc/network/interfaces; tried going back to networkmanager too, with no joy).02:52
UK-PKunavialbe dell = delete button02:52
grendal_primedell 1420n inspiron with ubuntu preinstall02:52
omny_deviegg- thanks02:52
DexiUK-PK: we are talking linux here, not windows, right?02:53
Eggbertxthats just a guess tho02:53
Eggbertxthey should have it02:53
ttmrichterCan anybody explain the following lines taken from my dmesg output?  [829867.364260] hub 4-5:1.0: port 4 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling...02:53
ttmrichter[829867.364684] usb 4-5.4: USB disconnect, address 9102:53
ttmrichter[829867.474791] usb 4-5.4: new full speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 9202:53
ttmrichter[829867.650620] usb 4-5.4: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 9302:53
FloodBot2ttmrichter: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:53
rwwWard1983: hmm. I'm not sure either. Perhaps try asking in #gcc @ irc.oftc.net, or the program's creators, or maybe someone else in here knows...02:53
omarconbeebo: I'm afraid formatting would not help my cause much, but thanks for the thought02:53
Dexi!pastebin ttmrichter02:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:53
UK-PKdexi, pardon me please. i just took windows in context02:53
Ward1983rww, ok02:53
unavailablegrendal_prime: grrrr proprietary02:53
nickrudomny_devi, any particular reason not to use the 64bit java packaged with ubuntu?02:53
Dexi!pastebin | ttmrichter02:53
ubottuttmrichter: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:53
omny_deviegg - yeah, i heard there was another dev02:53
omny_devier, deb02:53
DexiUK-PK: no prob02:53
omny_devinick - i installed that but still cant use java on the web02:53
grendal_primeunavailable: well...everything did work on it.02:53
nickrudomny_devi, yeah, no plugin.02:54
DexiDoes anyone else know of a CPU (temp) monitoring app, for linux... :p02:54
Ward1983rww, thanx anyway02:54
rww!lm-sensors | Dexi02:54
ubottuDexi: You might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto02:54
grendal_primeand i ihave not upgraded it because i wanted everhing working on it02:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about firefox3202:54
ttmrichterSorry about that.  Didn't mean to flood.02:54
rwwomny_devi: did you install icedtea6-plugin  and sun-java6-plugin and sun-java6-jre? 'cause those seem to be the packages you need...02:55
grendal_primeand im not getting any sort of ...error from dmesg02:55
nickrudomny_devi, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava02:55
RealKillazwhy is /dev/dvd nout found as a dvd device?02:55
omny_devirww- negative, got em pasted though. nick - reading now. all - thanks for the help, i was waaaay off02:56
Jordan_Unickrud, It's !flash64 for future reference02:56
ttmrichterOK, let's try again: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100755/ contains some lines from dmesg that I can't quite figure out.  I grok that a USB device disconnected and then reconnected, but I don't see any information other than a cryptic "EMI?" to tell me why this would be happening.  Can anybody point me to some clues?02:56
nickrudJordan_U, yeah, I'm gonna alias it as firefox32 as well02:56
nickrudJordan_U, found the link in ubottu's brain ;)02:56
rwwosaka: welcome back! how did it go?02:57
osakarww: that worked perfect!02:57
osakathank you very much!02:57
rwwosaka: excellent! Glad I could help :D02:58
osakaand just a quick question, i plan on booting ubuntu off of my thumb drive, and I wanna make it a media center PC02:58
Dexirww: this ones a bit bad... did apt-get on the lm-sensors package... now i cant find it02:58
osakaany tips on what I should do?02:58
aprilhareThis is the output from my abortive attempt to compile sheepshaver, would someone please have a look for me? http://paste.ubuntu.com/100758/02:58
rwwDexi: did you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto ? I cleaned it up a little the other day, but it might still be confusing...02:58
aprilharei don't know what went wrong, and i want run some old mac os stuff soon :)02:59
brut-quick question: does anyone have any idea if there is a utility that'll help me identify what filesystem a particular image was created with?02:59
Dexirww: maybe i missed some stuff. i kinda skimmed it. ill go back02:59
=== fernando is now known as Guest70994
aprilharehelo Guest7099402:59
rwwDexi: yeah, it's not really skim-friendly right now >.>02:59
Guest70994I updated my system to ubuntu 8.10 and lost cups completely, despite it is installed ...03:00
Guest70994any suggestions to get back my printers?03:00
rwwDexi: basically, you want to do "sudo sensors-detect" and answer yes to every question (even the last one), then do "sudo sensors" to test lm-sensors. If that works, install sensors-applet and add it to your panel.03:00
Dexirww: thanks. I got it now :p03:01
Guest70994hello aprilhare03:01
remuraylu, Hey, I think I was talking to you last night about my server...right?03:01
donavan__anyone know why x is crashing every time I play a movie and start firefox at the same time... this problem just started today03:01
Guest70994updated to Ubuntu 8.10, XCUPS run away03:02
jwjones1706ok iv done almost all of what was said03:02
Dexirww, put the info at the bottom of /etc/modules?03:02
jwjones1706but i havent found anything stating wether or not i can install ubuntu onto the ps3 from a thumb drive03:03
rwwDexi: yeah. But sensors-detect should do it itself (it asks you whether you want it to on the last question)03:03
Dexirww: oh haha i didnt get that far, i just saw "#--cut here-- and did it. lol03:03
omarcodoes anyone here already used something called gphotofs?03:04
rwwDexi: either way works ;)03:04
Dexirww: ok so i did that, do i need to restart, sudo sensors didnt work03:04
ubuntuboysomeone can tell where is the file to change that vlc player open always video ..03:05
ubuntuboyand no more totem03:05
jmartinican the ubuntu installer partitioning tool resize an ntfs filesystem?03:05
rwwDexi: oh, duh, I forgot a step. If you have the list of stuff it told you to put in /etc/modules, for each line, do "sudo modprobe modulename". That should get it working.03:05
rwwjmartini: yes03:05
ubuntuboyyes it can .,.. use de gparted or qtparted03:05
jmartiniexcellent, thanks03:05
Guest70994Is there anyone that could help?03:06
Dexirww: ok. there are a few other things on the site... for etc/init.d/...... ignore that for now?03:06
Guest70994Updated to 8.10, lost all printers and printer services03:06
ubuntuboyremember desfragment before the hard drive .. and the resize for the last cylinder03:06
p4_hey is anyone able to direct me to a decent page where i could learn how to use iptables to setup a port whitelist pls?03:06
rwwDexi: that does the same thing as sudo modprobe.03:06
CaptainMorganwhat do you use, or what do you recommend to use as a network analyzer as far as bandwidth and packet viewing/examining?03:07
p4_CaptainMorgan wireshark is good03:07
nomeaddoes anyone have a working crack for ubuntu latest version03:07
Dexirww: ok. works now. getting sensors-applet03:07
nomeador serial03:07
zeldahello, is there a program that will burn .cue files?03:07
Pici!iptables > p4_03:07
ubottup4_, please see my private message03:07
Picip4_: Also see #iptables03:07
p4_thanks Pici :)03:07
CaptainMorganubuntuboy, p4_ thank you, I assume that's in the repos?03:07
nomeadp4_: that's spyware03:07
ubuntuboyu can u use whine and isobuster03:07
ubuntuboyworks fine03:07
nomeadp4_: don't trust.03:07
Dexirww start daemon on boot? its scaring me with the "if in doubt, dont do it" part03:07
CaptainMorganzelda, try brazero, I believe that's installed by default...03:08
p4_yes it is CaptainMorgan03:08
CaptainMorgancould be wrong though03:08
CaptainMorgank, thanks!03:08
Pici!free > nomead03:08
rwwDexi: oh, the hddtemp thing? Either way works, but I'd recommend no, since it's not necessary.03:08
ubottunomead, please see my private message03:08
remuHey everyone, I was on here last night trying to get help with my home server issues, but it was late and I had to run, so I'll ask here again. The issue that I am having is that my server can no longer get an IP address from my Linksys router (which is loaded with the dd-wrt firmware). The router used to give out, and still should, a static IP address based on the MAC address of the network device asking for one. The other 4 compu03:08
remuters in the house, can all get an IP address just fine wirelessly, and the one other computer and VOIP device hooked up using ethernet (like the server box is) can also get their IP addresses just fine. No other system is having an issue other than this server box. I have tried the following things 1) Tried 3 different cables (that all work with my other machine) 2) Two separate Ethernet NICs (I have tested them both in another mac03:08
remuhine, and they work). 3) I have formatted and reinstalled Ubuntu 8.04.1 Server addition again. Doing these things has not helped fix my issue. I was hoping if someone could help me troubleshoot this. It was all working fine untill last night when I physically moved the server about 10 feet into a new spot in the same room. I really don't know what to do anymore so any help would be greatly appreciated!03:08
zeldaCaptainMorgan: It doesnt work. Already tried it.03:08
FloodBot2remu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:08
Dexirww: no it is, then :p03:08
woody86can anyone help me out? When I try to upgrade to jaunty using 'upgrade-manager -d' it won't find the jaunty repos??03:08
rwwwoody86: Jaunty support in #ubuntu+1, not here.03:08
woody86rww-  ok, thx :)03:09
remuUmm....FloodBot told me not to flood....did anyone get those messages, or should I pastebin my story, lol.03:09
nomeadPici: sorry but nothing is free.03:09
rwwremu: we got them. You might want to be less wordy in future, though ;)03:09
mrjohnsenHello! i'm having problem with my eeepc and ubuntu 8.10. When I try to play native fullscreen games the screen is just filled with flickering junk. but i can partly see the game under all the disortion. Any tips?03:09
zeldaanyone else with an idea.03:09
Guest70994no cups under ubuntu 8.10? Any help?03:09
remurww yeah..thats what my english teacher always said to me, haha.03:09
nomeadremu: use pasteplace.net    faster loading and more legible fonts03:10
phluxaptitude install cups?03:10
vorianremu: do NOT use that site03:10
ubuntuboyu can add the hardy  repository and install.. but maybe.. problems.. will came03:10
phluxwhat's wrong with that site03:10
dr_willisGuest70994,  you may want to address the channel and be more verbose as to what your error specically and what you have done to trouble shoot the problem so far.03:10
Dexirww: ok. now for access to this?03:10
rwwDexi: Okay. You installed sensors-applet, right?03:11
remuvorian, nomead Don't worry, I don't need to paste right now since my story got through, lol. Now I'm just hoping for help, lol.03:11
Dexirww: yes.03:11
rwwDexi: right-click your GNOME panel, click Add to Panel..., click "Hardware Sensors Monitor", click "Add", right-click the new applet that comes up and click Preferences, and configure it to your liking.03:11
=== OrbJinzo is now known as OrbJinzo|AFK
Dexioh wow03:12
Guest70994dr_willis I am trying to be syntethic as english is not my first language and I think  no need to be writing a lot03:12
Deximy GPU is hot03:12
rwwDexi: how hot is "hot"?03:12
ubuntuboythat's cold03:12
Guest70994in fact i upgraded  UBUNTU 8.10 from 8.0403:12
rwwDexi: that's actually normal or cold ;)03:12
Dexihot compared to everything else tho03:12
Guest70994and realized no  printers and no printer service at all03:12
Dexiand the large red bar makes it look hotter03:12
ubuntuboyname of gpu ?03:13
Guest70994came to administration services and no cups serveice is listed03:13
rwwDexi: hehe. By default, sensors-applet displays the wrong sensor for me, and says my CPU is 127*C... now /that's/ hot ;)03:13
Guest70994tryed to install ups but  it was alredy installed03:13
lacita_mrjohnsen: re you running the eeepc version?03:13
DexiI have three things labeled only "temp 1, temp 2, temp 3" and they're in the negs....... wtf?03:13
rwwDexi: pastebin the output of the "sensors" command?03:14
Guest70994came to help on internet and saw  a lot of people has same problem , but no useful solution was seen so far03:14
mrjohnsenlacita_: no, ubuntu 8.10 with array custom kernel03:14
ohmygodhello,who knows how to use the git-diff, I want to see the diff in some gui tool, like meld03:14
mrjohnsenlacita_: I have seen that other people run games like openarena just fine with eee but mine is just showing wierd distortion03:15
Dexirww: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100763/03:15
Guest70994dr_willis is it enough as info? or some more is needed?03:15
eseven73ohmygod: kdiff3 is pretty nice03:16
ubuntuboymrjohnsen ati video card ?03:16
mrjohnsenubuntuboy: no it's a intel.03:17
rwwDexi: okay. Take a look at that output real quick. Everything before the first blank line (lines 2-19) are from your motherboard sensors. Many motherboard sensors suck, and it looks like yours is an example of that :P. Your Core 0 and Core 1 sensors look alright, though, so you may want to monitor them instead.03:17
rwwDexi: there should be an option in Sensors-Applet's Preferences to choose which sensors you want.03:18
ubuntuboydisable filters of the video card in the game03:18
DexiRww: thanks thats all im really lookin for :p03:18
eeee6will this bluetooth adapter work in ubuntu?: http://www.microbarn.com/details.aspx?rid=102267&source=froogle03:18
ohmygodeseven73, thanx, I mean watch the git-diff 's data in that gui tool03:18
Dexirww: holy crap i have like 19 other sensors apparently03:18
ohmygodeseven73, can kdiff3 used like " git-diff | kdiff3 " ?03:19
Dexiin0 through in8, and 3 fan sensors :p03:19
eseven73oh im not sure ohmygod03:19
eseven73ohmygod: i thought you meant just for regular files03:19
restuhy iam newbie03:19
rymetymeok I have looked at about 10 forums and about 30 threads but I can't seem to find an answer about seperate x screens on nvidia version 173 x server03:19
the_squircle!hello | restu03:20
ubotturestu: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:20
rwwDexi: yup. in0 through in8 are the voltages going in to your motherboard (if you look inside your computer, there's probably a fat cable from your power supply unit to your motherboard; different wires in that cable have different voltages). You probably can ignore those ;)03:20
the_squirclerymetyme: just plug in the external monitor, go to the NVIDIA settings, click "detect displays" and you'll be good to go.03:20
eseven73hehe theres a trick with forum searching on google rymetyme add '[SOLVED]' at the end of the search :)03:20
restui have probleme with ati x110003:20
crayvecIs there a video converter for Ubuntu 8 Intrepid that will convert MPEG 4 video to MPEG 2?03:21
the_squirclerestu: what's your problem?03:21
Dexirww: yeah ignoring... :p lol and its not THAT fat of a cable... my systems weird tho... when building it, i had to wrap the power cord to my CPU fan around the fans cage03:21
the_squirclecrayvec: ffmpeg03:21
ubuntuboyyes ffmpeg03:21
rymetymedone that already but they don't cover my specific problem which is that twinview works but seperate x screens do not03:21
eeee6will this bluetooth adapter work in ubuntu?: http://www.microbarn.com/details.aspx?rid=102267&source=froogle03:21
ubuntuboyor a program that can download youtube videos and can change formats many formats03:21
Serachthttp://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=98668&d=1231071844 anyone know what app is the widget factory?03:21
crayvecReally Squircle03:21
GringoChapinHi all. Dumb newbie question. I have a Windows PC with a Samsung ml1740 printer connected. The printer is shared. I'm setting up my wife's laptop with Ubuntu because windows runs too slow for her. Will I need to find a driver for that printer that works under Ubuntu, or do clients accessing networked printers not require a driver?03:21
orikanyone here?03:21
eseven73the_squircle: 'what's your problem' kinda seems harsh i'd use 'what is the problem' myself :)03:21
rwwDexi: I had to do that too, actually. The wire was way, way longer than the half-inch distance to the power port.03:22
ubuntuboyqtube i thing i can't remember03:22
Guest70994Anyone here got a problem with CUPS when updated to ubuntu 8.10, and can help me please ?03:22
omarcodoes anyone know a way to mount a PTP camera as a filesystem?03:22
the_squircleeseven73: thanks for pointing that out. you're right :P i'm not the emacs psychotherapist03:22
rymetymesquircle it detects both monitors but i can't get seperate x screens to work03:22
the_squircleGuest70994: nope.03:22
Dexirww: yeah. I briefly considered trimming the length, but quickly decided that was more than i was ready to f* up03:23
the_squirclerymetyme: i don't know how to troubleshoot that beyond this point... try getting someone else to help. sorry!03:23
the_squircleGringoChapin: Ubuntu should have all the drivers you need03:23
the_squircleGringoChapin: I can look up your specific printer if you give me a second03:23
Guest70994Thx the_squircle. Unfortunately it is a problem that a lot of user are facing ....03:23
eeee6will this bluetooth adapter work in ubuntu?: http://www.microbarn.com/details.aspx?rid=102267&source=froogle03:23
FloodBot2eeee6: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:24
orikI just upgraded to 8.10 and now my internet is really slow. I tried switching to open DNS and disabling ivp6... didn't work03:24
the_squircleGuest70994: what's the problem? maybe I can try to help...03:24
rymetymenp squircle who has nvidia x server working in seperate x screens at 1280 x 102403:24
donavan__gringochapin ... if the printer is installed to a windows machine you will most likely need a driver or at least convince windows that you have a driver ... never tried printing in linux but you might want to look into whether or not the printer is a windows only printer ... I got screwed on that one a few times trying to use windows 98 ... if thats the case you can always try setting it as a laserjet 3  more often than not you ca03:24
donavan__n lie to printers03:24
Noxz_it says I have the latest of libgconf2-dev ...but still gconf/gconf-client.h: No such file or directory03:24
rwwDexi: anyway, if you have everything set up right, I'm going to go away for a while and untangle that lm-sensors wiki page some more...03:24
orikanyone have any idea what to do?03:24
Dexirww: haha i think im good, but you said by default the reading could be wrong?03:25
crayvecDoes FFmpeg have a gui? Sorry to ask a dumb question03:25
orikI also increased my MTU to 1500, that seemed to help for a bit but it's slow again03:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ffmpeg03:26
Guest70994the_squircle Thanks for trying ! I updated to 8.10. Trying to print do not see any printer . Checked for CUPS printing it can be opened by loclhost and it is not  listed on my system services. Tryed to intsll it , but it is installed!03:26
rwwDexi: I meant that some of the sensors that sensors-applet shows you by default might be incorrect, so you should configure it to use working ones (i.e., Core 0 and 1 in your case).03:26
the_squircleGuest70994: Sorry... I have to clue to even begin to troubleshoot that :p03:26
Dexirww: oh i get it. ok. :p wont keep you any longer. have fun editing03:26
CaptainMorganubuntuboy, p4_ that's incredible stuff! major thank you!03:27
p4_np mate, enjoy03:27
Guest70994Thx again the_squircle ...  a lot of users are reporting same problems on forum03:27
donavan__anyone know why X is crashing every time I play a dvd and then start firefox... this problem just started today03:27
orikcan anyone help me with slow internet since upgrading to 8.10?03:27
ubuntuboyno it does not have and gui ffmeg03:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gconf203:27
Guest70994example https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/4999303:27
eeee6will this bluetooth adapter work in ubuntu?: http://www.microbarn.com/details.aspx?rid=102267&source=froogle03:27
omarcoHow can I mount my camera as a mass storage device?03:28
rymetymePlease help! Im 2 days into my linux life and I read for about a month before i installed and this problem with nvidia x server is making me lose faith03:28
orikuse duct tape03:28
eeee6haha funny03:28
crayvecI had problem with Nvida untill i stopped using the restricted drivers03:28
Noxz_it says I have the latest of libgconf2-dev ...but still gconf/gconf-client.h: No such file or directory, I have purged the files and installed them again, but no luck03:29
the_squirclerymetyme: if you can't get an answer here, you can almost definately get an answer on the forums... there are tons of smart people there.03:29
Noxz_so, is there a problem iwth libgconf2-dev ?03:29
orikwhy is my internet so much slower after upgrading to 8.10?03:29
rymetymelike I started with I have been to 10 forums and about 30 post using solved in my search but nothing that mentions my issue03:30
donavan__rymetyme: what are you trying to do ?03:30
techsupporti am looking for a dedicated ubuntu server service, can someone recommend a provider ?03:31
orikwell, i guess I'll go back to hardy...not looking forward to that03:31
crayvecNo wonder I've been getting goofy results from google when searching for info , just noticed im on ubunto 10 not 803:31
rymetymeenable seperate x screens with 1 dvi attached moniter and 1 vga attached monitor (twinview works but opens apps in middle)03:31
phluxAnyone have any experience with Ubuntu and a USB printer? (Lexmark z2300 to be exact)03:32
unavailablegood luck03:32
phluxI'm considering making Ubuntu my desktop OS, but I need printer function.03:32
IndyGunFreakphlux: i set up a z11.. should be pretty easy i would think03:32
the_squirclephlux: i have experience with lexmark and ubuntu in general... what's the problem?03:32
RolleHey ladies and gents =)03:32
the_squircle!hello | Rolle03:32
ubottuRolle: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:32
phluxthe_squircle: None as of now.. just want to know if anyone has done it with success.03:32
the_squirclephlux: well I have :)03:33
the_squirclephlux: you should always check openprinting.org first, though03:33
phluxI want to make Ubuntu my Desktop OS, but I need printer functionality and I need to share it with Windows laptops wirelessly. Think I can do all of that?03:33
Dante123hi all, trying to get dell mini 9's in classroom to work with schools wifi network.  I have been told by IT guy that the encryption is WEP 128 bit and shared key.  He gave me a key (not sure if it is passphrase or ascii) but it doesn't work.  Any suggestions?  The mini 9's have 8.04 and network manager on them.  Maybe I am entering something wrong.  I don't think the wifi uses hex since the # symbol is part of the key.03:33
Rolleanyone know why video flickers when viewing?03:33
Rolleis it a video card problem?03:33
Rolleor driver?03:33
the_squirclephlux: definately03:33
phluxRolle, I get the problem in Debian03:33
phluxMainly mpeg videos03:33
donavan__rymetyme: google split screen nvidia in linux and then look under the video results there was a howto on that I saw a while back ... but my nvidia card died before I ever got it to work ... I know its not really an answer but it might get you to where you need03:34
phluxFlash videos run fine (such as youtube)03:34
Rollei even get some flash videos flickering03:34
mdgDante123: How do you like the mini 9's03:34
orikCan anyone help me with slow internet since upgrading to 8.10 please?03:34
Rollebut those are in between03:34
the_squircleDante123: if it's 128 bits, it should be 4, 8, or 16 characters long in hex (0-9, A-F)03:34
Rollempeg mostly always03:34
Dante123Any suggestions?  Should I try upgrading to 8.10 (fear doing this because on my home computer upgrading 8.04 to 8.10 caused some errors with network mangler)03:34
rymetymedonovan: thanks03:34
Rolleyou could download the iso and just make a cd03:34
joaboaconstrctranyone know how to configure xchat with sound?03:35
marabout_can anyone help me to speed up Hardy I read somewhere that some non-essentials can be removed to gain speed03:35
Rolleprob a lil safer that way03:35
mdgDante123: Do you know what kind of chip the wifi in the mini 9 is using?03:35
IndyGunFreakmdg: i think its an atheros.. not 100% sure though03:35
marabout_Jack_Sparrow: are you here?03:35
Dante123the_squircle network mangler gives three options (WEP Passphrase, WEP ascii, WEP Hex)  The number symbol # is part of the key or passphrase....so it cant be the hex key.03:35
Dante123The key or passphrase is 13 characters long03:36
the_squircleDante123: I know on some operating systems it will often prefix a hex key with a dollar sign or number sign... or are there random letters and punctuation as part of the key?03:36
Rollemarabout_ not sure exactly but you could do apt-get autoremove03:36
Rollebut that wouldn't speed it up any03:36
the_squircleDante123: 13 will work as well, sorry!03:36
Rollejust clear out some diskspace03:36
Dante123mdg not sure on the chip...but the system came preinstalled with ubuntu 8.04 from dell and the wifi works unencrypted at home03:37
RolleIndyGunFreak:  you having wifi probs?03:37
omny_devisounds like a key issue more than anything03:37
GringoChapindante123: Does the # come at the beginning of the key?03:37
mdgDante123: Sometimes wifi setup in Gnome can be flaky, perhaps it will work better from command line.03:37
Dante123the_squircle I cannot enter the 13 character key/passphrase as hex because it will only let me enter numbers03:37
IndyGunFreakRolle: not at all, someone w/ a mini 9 did03:37
marabout_Rolle: ok thanks I'll try that - ok to open Terminal while gui running or do i need to do something special03:38
Rolleahh gotcha :D03:38
the_squircleDante123: if the # is at the beginning, omit it03:38
Dante123if I selecte hex, only selecting shared passphrase or ascii allows me to enter # symbol03:38
LightTitan_quick question, how do I get a list of all internet connections I currently have? Such as I am connected to skype and google talk and want to see what those IP's or domains are.03:38
ubuntuboynetstat -a03:38
the_squircleDante123: a passphrase can be any letters or punctuation or numbers03:38
oriknobody can help me?03:38
the_squircleLightTitan_: netstat -a03:38
the_squircleorik: what do you need?03:38
LightTitan_Thanks ubuntuboy and the_squircle03:38
Dante123the_squircle the IT guy told me that Shift 3 is the first part of the key/passphrase so how I can I omit it??03:38
kristahow does this work?03:38
Rollemarabout_:  all it does is get rid of uncessary files.  It won't speed up your system really, but yeah open in terminal sudo apt-get autoremove03:39
IndyGunFreakmdg: what is your wireless device03:39
the_squircleDante123: just leave it out.03:39
Rollejust a cleansing thing03:39
Guest70994bye all03:39
the_squircle!anybody > orik03:39
ubottuorik, please see my private message03:39
mikeifyinghello all03:39
IndyGunFreakand fwiw, i've always used GUI for my wireless, and its rock solid03:39
the_squircle!hello | mikeifying03:39
ubottumikeifying: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:39
Guest70994No help tonight for me it seems! Thanks anyway for having tryed!03:39
oriksorry, didn't see the private messages03:39
Dante123the_squircle if indeed it is using 128bit WEP with HEX.....how many characters will the key be?  (A lot more than 13 I think)03:39
marabout_Rolle: i was surfing and a person wrote about removing some sort of built-in survey mechanism . You ever heard of that?03:40
ubuntuboyonly 1503:40
orikI upgraded to 8.10 and now my internet is much slower03:40
ubuntuboy0-9 a-f03:40
mikeifyingguys was wondering me and my father are running a debian install of linux and from what i see it is extremely close ( desktop wise) to ubuntu any big difference between the two ?03:40
GringoChapindante123: sometimes the # character is just placed at the beginning of the key to mark the beginning, but you don't usually type it as part of the key.  Other than the #, does the key have any letters besides a b c d e and f?03:40
ubuntuboyare the same03:41
the_squircleDante123: i know that my school's 128 bit wep key is waves... just those five letters. it turns out to be E666ADACBEF7F782AFD512RE03:41
Dante123the_squircle what I am saying is that I dont think he gave me the HEX key....I think he gave me the passphrase or ascii.  But I can try omitting the # key if you think it will make a difference.03:41
GringoChapinDante123: in other words, letters greater than f?03:41
hellhound_is there a way to set mouse buttons to move back, up and forward in nautilus?03:41
Rollei'm just barely efficient in ubuntu---i have to google most of the technical stuff i need to do---so know03:41
the_squircleDante123: you could give it a try03:41
Rollebut if you have a decent even somewhat decent computer it should work fine03:41
IndyGunFreakmikeifying: well, big difference, is debian is a lot *lighter* than Ubuntu.. but ubuntu has better hardware recognition, and a wider support range03:42
Dante123GringoChapin the key is basically something LIKE this:  #EDC4rfv5tgbn03:42
orikthe_squircle: I upgraded to 8.10 and now my internet is much slower03:42
Dante123But that is not the key- just similar03:42
the_squircleDante123: just leave out the #03:42
Rolleand if your computer is lagging its most likely a ram issue i would assume03:42
Dante123the first four digits are capitals03:42
Rollea lot of processes open or such03:42
GringoChapindante123: well, if you have r's and t's in there, then you are right.  It's definitly not hex.03:43
the_squircleorik: I had that too for a few days... but then I just figured out it was for the software mirrors. I picked one closer to me (at a university) then it was all fine03:43
arionadoubleshould be03:43
mikeifyingindygunfreak: ive helped install and get it running before i like the restricted hardware support in ubuntu so im thinking i may uninstall and reinstall with ubuntu wouldnt be much of a stretch lol besides im having huge ammounts of trouble getting flash and java to work on debian03:43
mkermikearr, I think there's a page on the ubuntu site that explains the difference. they're very alike though imo, different theme, some different versions of programs, ubuntu has a little bit more user friendlyness polish. that's about it.03:43
orikthe_squircle: no, i updated fine. now browsing and downloading torrents is slow03:43
IndyGunFreakmikeifying: are you using 64bit Debian?03:43
Dante123GringoChapin I have many letters past f.  Personally I dont think the key is hex....therefore leaving the # sign out is pointless03:44
the_squircleorik: sorry... i'm not sure. try the forums.03:44
arionadoublehow do you go to a channel without using the menu03:44
ubuntuboysomeone know how to activate autocomplete in opera ?03:44
Dante123He wouldnt have told me to include it if it was HEX03:44
Rolle/join #channel03:44
IndyGunFreakarionadouble: "/join #channel" no quotes03:44
mikeifyingindygunfreak: no its just that its seems that iceweasle doesnt wanna see the plugins03:44
GringoChapinIt could still be ascii, and leaving the number out might still work.03:44
orikthe_squircle: thanks03:44
GringoChapinIt's worth a try at least.03:44
IndyGunFreakmikeifying: well, thats possible, have you tried FF?03:44
AmpedAlanyone know why I can't remote access my SQL DB using navicat?03:44
Dante123I dont understand about shared key though.  And I also wonder if part of the problem is network manager.  Maybe I should be tryin03:44
RolleIndyGunFreak:  i win =p03:44
ubuntuboy" /j thechannelname!03:44
Dante123something else03:44
IndyGunFreakRolle: i was actually helping someone else..lol, so i was a bit slow on the trigger03:45
Rolle/j doesn't work all the time for all clients ubuntuboy03:45
mikeifyingindygunfreak: thats my next option lol. i just remember the ease of installation on ubuntu and wondered if it was just me lol03:45
marabout_is there a way to auto-detect displays/monitor resolution? im getting some staircasing/ghosting of windows when I move them03:45
crayvecWinFF is a GUI to the command line video converter FFmpeg incase anyone was wondering03:45
IndyGunFreakmikeifying: no, Ubuntu is pretty easy.. thats a reason for its popularity.03:45
lacita_Why can't I get sound unless I put my comp to sleep, and rewake it? My comp is an Lenovo 3000 Y410 running ubuntu 8.04.03:45
IndyGunFreakmikeifying: in my opinion, use ubuntu, cut your teeth, learn the ropes,etc, then move on to Debian03:46
mikeifyingindygunfreak: i figured i went from knoppix to ubuntu to windows to debian haha windows blew and knoppix was hard to install lol03:46
FracturedLinux Mint FTW03:46
IndyGunFreakmikeifying: well, ubuntu sounds like it would be for you...03:46
the_squircleIndyGunFreak: i went from opensuse to ubuntu to opensuse to gentoo to debian to opensuse to ubuntu to OS X/ubuntu to windows/OS X/ubuntu... and I think all three made me happy03:46
Rolleanyone here like oding free programming just for kicks and giggles... especially if it may be a challenge? =p03:46
mikeifyingallright guys ill be back under an ubuntu install as soon as its on my hd guys03:47
Dante123GringoChapin does ascii key have to have no numbers in it?03:47
=== osxdude|laptop is now known as osxdude|l
FlannelRolle: This channel is for support only, try #ubuntu-offtopic03:47
IndyGunFreakthe_squircle: well you're definitely an OS tramp.. :)03:47
Rollei know but its linux programming =p03:47
Rolleso ontopic =D03:47
MadpilotRolle, no, it's not a support question, so it's offtopic...03:48
marabout_fyi - was finally able to get via chrome9 hc igp driver to work using Hardy desktop alternate 8.0.4. - just in case anyone has been trying03:48
mikeifyingindygunfreak: ive doen just as many as him haha ive run everything from damn small linux to vista haha03:48
the_squircleIndyGunFreak: I'd say :p03:48
Rolleit is a support question, i just phrased it as a non-support question... i'll rephrase it if you please03:48
mikeifyingbrb installing03:48
ubuntuboygood night03:48
squarebracketif i want to launch a sudo'd program at startup (i.e. pre-login) would i just stick it in a command in /etc/rc*.d/ ?03:48
eseven73its hard to stick to just one distro theres so many good ones out now a days03:48
ubuntuboyi'm leave03:49
IndyGunFreakmikeifying: well if ease of use is your intent, Ubuntu is a good choice.. its hardware detection is probably second to none, and there's plenty of support out there03:49
jwjones1706i would like to know if it is possible to install ubuntu onto the ps3 from a thumb drive03:49
Flannel!bum | squarebracket03:49
ubottusquarebracket: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto03:49
=== nikrud is now known as nickrud
jwjones1706i have looked everywhere for some tut or intructions but to only fail at finding anything covering this03:49
the_squirclejwjones1706: Fedora is a LOT easier on the PS3 from my experience03:49
squarebracketFlannel, thanks!03:49
roger_anything with kde4 is epic fail03:49
jwjones1706so do i just put fedora on the thumb drive and install it on the ps3 from the XMB os?03:50
Flannelroger_: Please take that elsewhere.  This is a support channel.03:50
marabout_nickrud: finally got that via chrome9 hc igp driver to run (hardy alternate) thanks for all the help you gave last night etc...03:50
roger_Flannel, don't bother me03:50
crayvecFinally managed to edit the grub in Ubuntu to add Backtrack 3 final hdd install, just for curiosity03:50
nickrudmarabout_, care to give a 15 word or less description?03:50
=== jimmacdonal is now known as lurker
rwwDexi: turns out that all of the complicated stuff in that lm-sensors wiki page was from 2004(!), so I removed it. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto is now significantly shorter; if you don't mind, you could give it a quick read-through and see if there are any lingering confusions in it?03:50
Dexirww: ok but only if you help me with Amarok OSD crap03:51
=== lurker is now known as os2mac
Kyprioth1Can someone help me? I just installed Ubuntu, and rebooted the computer. It flashed teal, then went to black with a circlular waiting mouse pointer. It's been that way for 10 minutes. What should I do!03:52
eseven73rww: i always add '2007 or 2008' at the end of my google searches for that very reason :)03:52
squarebracketwhat's that thing to go back to the previous directory in the terminal?03:52
ubottumarillat is a repository created for Debian. Please don't use it on Ubuntu. Consider using !seveas or !plf03:52
jwjones1706so wich fedora do i need to download?03:52
jetscreamercd -03:52
rwwDexi: I don't use Amarok, so I wouldn't really be much help with that. Have you tried asking in #amarok ?03:52
robdigsquarebracket: cd -03:52
jwjones1706do i need a special version of fedora or can i use the one supplied by the site?03:52
rwweseven73: yeah, I generally add 'intrepid' to google searches for the same reason.03:52
marabout_nickrud: I may need to clarify things first but would love to can I PM you (once i figureout how in xchat)?03:52
squarebracketya! i need a cheat sheet :(03:52
jsaacmkMy 8.10 install uses ipv6 by default (or ipv4 just isn't working). How can I check? The network says it connected, but I see no ipv4 address in my ifconfig03:52
Dexirww: yeah its vacant03:53
eeee6if something ask you to install a package without verification should you trust it?03:53
xcercawhen i look at my memory usage i always see  xx% used by programed and xx% in use as cache ,  what is the cache ? is that what goes into memory before it gets processed, because that number is usualy pretty high, it's 42% now with 57% proc ussage03:53
rwwjwjones1706: ask for help with Fedora in #fedora, not here, thanks03:53
jrib!marillat =~ s/!seveas or !plf/!medibuntu/03:53
ubottuI'll remember that jrib03:53
nickrudmarabout_, that would be great, it'll get logged and I'll have it for reference03:53
the_squirclejwjones1706: the most recent normal one03:53
jribjetscreamer: use medibuntu03:53
the_squirclejwjones1706: but go to #fedora, please.03:53
jwjones1706ok thank you squircle03:53
rwwDexi: hmm. How about #kubuntu? They use KDE way more than most people in here.03:53
jetscreamereeee6: that would depend on if you trust it03:53
eeee6its medibuntu03:53
rymetymeok im gonna ask one more time, cuz the reading isn't turning anything up, can someone help me enable seperate x screens on nvidia x server (driver version 173.14.12)03:53
Kyprioth1Can someone help me? I just installed Ubuntu 8.10, and rebooted the computer. It flashed teal, then went to black with a circlular waiting mouse pointer. It's been that way for 10 minutes. What should I do?03:53
the_squircle!anyone > Kyprioth103:54
ubottuKyprioth1, please see my private message03:54
woLFinalguien me puede decir porque el instalador de ubuntu 8.1 no arranca03:54
rwweeee6: read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#Adding%20the%20Repositories, specifically the part under "Then, add the GPG key".03:54
the_squircle!es | woLFin03:54
ubottuwoLFin: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:54
ubuntuboypor muchos motivos03:54
mdgKyprioth1: Does it making a beep if you push a key on the keyboard?03:54
LightTitanIs cameron on right now?03:54
Kyprioth1I'll go check.03:55
dekushrubi used my webcam with skype last night and it worked perfectly03:55
dekushrubtoday it no longer works, help?03:55
eeee6rww thats what im doing right now, and its asking me if i want to install the packages without verification03:55
ubuntuboytalvez no esta bien configurado tu bios.. o sino la imagen que bajaste esta mal o no grabaste a velocidad baja el iso03:55
Dexirww: the wiki looks a lot nicer :)03:55
rwweeee6: "You may be asked to accept this package even though it cannot be authenticated. This is normal; typing "Yes" means you trust Medibuntu."03:55
RolleI can't even get my webcam working03:55
Rolleso i have no idear03:55
Dante123if you switch to wicd do you have to uninstall network mangler03:55
Dexirww: well im on gnome :p03:55
rwweeee6: if you trust Medibuntu, do it. If not, don't add their repositories.03:55
dekushrubrolle, thanks03:55
marabout_nickrud: cant seem to PM using Xchat what other irc client is good on Ubuntu03:55
IndyGunFreakDante123: well, i think it uninstalls automatically... or at least disables (least it did for me)03:55
rwwDexi: AmaroK is a KDE package, hence my KDE comment03:56
the_squirclerww: kde packages can work on GNOME and vice-versa03:56
Dexirww: ok ill see if anyone there can help03:56
rwwthe_squircle: i know03:56
the_squirclerww: great! :D03:56
eseven73marabout_: irssi03:56
rwwmarabout_: that's possibly because your nickname isn't registered. For a while, Freenode didn't let non-registered users use PM; dunno if that's still the case.03:56
Rolledekushrub: everytiem i try to open a webcam app and click record it shuts down03:56
rww!register | marabout_03:56
ubottumarabout_: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode03:56
nickrudmarabout, /msg nickrud <text>03:57
jwjones1706can i put my ps3 hdd into my desktop pc and install Ubutu that way instead?03:57
hellhound_is there a way to set mouse buttons to move back, up and forward in nautilus?03:57
fernandocupsd: Child exited with status 1!03:57
the_squircle!hello | fernando03:57
ubottufernando: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:57
fernandowhat does it mean?03:57
Rollehey fernando03:57
Dexijwjones1706: i wouldnt recommend that.....03:57
=== fernando is now known as Guest14155
the_squirclefernando: something bad happened!03:57
dekushrubhelp my built in webcam worked last night perfectly with skype and tonight it just stopped working03:57
jwjones1706why not?03:57
ubuntuboyhellhound maybe u can use gconf-editor and chek the apps and nautilus .. and maybe there are options for that03:58
Guest14155I am Fernando03:58
Guest14155cupsd: Child exited with status 1!03:58
Dexips3 HDD is not meant to be used inside a desktop, also Ubuntu isnt necessarilly a working OS on PS303:58
eeee6how do i change the blah@thispart:~$ ?03:58
* squarebracket is really excited or amarok 203:58
mjseeleyhellhound_ try btnx03:58
ubuntuboyi check amarok 2.. have some issues but works fine03:58
hellhound_mjseeley:  btnx is not compatible with intrepid03:59
mjseeleyit's not??03:59
Rolleblah=login name  thispart=computer id name i think  eeee603:59
eeee6how do i change the computer id name03:59
woLFinis necesary a command en the busy box for start instalation of ubuntu 8.10 ?03:59
ubuntuboythe host file03:59
GringoChapinDante123: Sorry, I'm back now. Had to help the wife put the kids to bed. :)03:59
jribhellhound_: bind your keys using xbindkeys or imwheel03:59
jwjones1706is there any type of software that allows me to negotiate with the ps3 hdd?03:59
rww!hostname | eeee603:59
ubottueeee6: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at System > Administration > Networking on the "General" tab03:59
squarebracketi think something got screwed up in my key mappings, my arrow keys don't work anymore04:00
hellhound_ubuntuboy:  i could not find anything in gconf-editor04:00
nickrudeeee6, it's called the bash prompt, http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prompt-HOWTO/ has some good info04:00
squarebracketcan anyone help?04:00
woLFinme too04:00
Rollesquarebracket:  you sould be able to go to system--pref--keyboard04:00
Guest14155does someone have a clue what does this system message means ? cupsd: Child exited with status 1!04:01
Dexi!who | jwjones170604:01
ubottujwjones1706: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:01
GringoChapinAscii keys can have all letters (both lower and upper case), numbers, and I think _ and - or something like that.04:01
Dexijwjones1706: yellowdog has a PS3 release tested and working04:01
woLFin is necesary a command in the busy box for start instalation of ubuntu 8.10 ?04:01
the_squircle!anyone > Guest1415504:01
ubottuGuest14155, please see my private message04:01
* aprilhare gets really bored and sharpens every colour pencil he has squirreled away04:01
donavan__anyone know why X is crashing every time I play a dvd and then start firefox... this problem just started today04:01
hellhound_jrib:  xbindkeys works for firefox and i have imwheel setup and configured using the button assignment i found through xev but it made no change in nautilus i used this site as a guide http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2006/12/02/imwheel-5-button-mouse-within-nautilus-ubuntu-610/04:01
the_squircleGuest14155: Did you try to restart CUPS?04:02
aprilharedonavan__, did you install anything today?04:02
Rolledonavan__: did you just install X today?04:02
ubuntuboy cya04:02
donavan__nope havent done a thing04:02
dekushrubdoes anyone know why the webcam would just stop working04:02
donavan__I did change my color scheme04:02
aprilharedekushrub, it might be broken..04:02
Rolleseems doubtful it was color scheme04:03
rootrotwhats the panel thingy that pidgin/other things dock there icons in? mine dissapeered04:03
* aprilhare looks at images of steve jobs and advocates a good feeding04:03
dekushrubaprilhare, nothing has happened to it since last night and when i run webapps from the terminal it says there is some error from the library about caps04:03
werdnumI'd call it a system tray, but people would laugh at me for being windowsy.04:03
Rollerootrot:  the tray?04:03
donavan__im really hoping it isnt my graphics card finally dying04:03
jribhellhound_: the keyboard shortcuts for nautilus are the same for firefox and nautilus to go back and forward, so if it works in one, it has to work in the other04:03
nickrudrootrot, notification area.  right click panel, add to panel and add it back04:03
Dante123GringoChapin I am starting to think this is a network MANGLER thing from reading bug reports and googling the problem.  I notice others having lots of problems ith 128 WEP shared encryption in hardy and intrepid04:03
DiiPhantomhow can i update to the new version of openoffice?04:03
XiXaQI have an external usb harddisk. I'd like to set it up with several different live distros, such as ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, etc. It should be possible to install from those live sessions, and I would like to be able to customize the system that will be installed. Any ideas?04:03
aprilharedekushrub, perhaps the libraries need to be reinstalled.04:03
GhEttOq es esta wea?04:03
Dante123I'm going to install wicd and see what happens04:04
GhEttOpuros maquinas conchetumareeeeeee04:04
jribhellhound_: it really doesn't make sense to use both xbindkeys and imwheel afaics04:04
jribhellhound_: at least not for binding the same key04:04
Guest14155the_squircle yes i did! by any means04:04
RolleGhEttO: please ask support questions04:04
DiiPhantomGhEttO, entra al espanol04:04
dekushrubaprilhare, thanks04:04
GhEttO_-[DiiPhantom]-_ aonde ta?04:04
rootrotIs ther any way to accsess aplkication that are docked in the notification area without  having it added to the menu bar?04:05
jscinozI'm looking up how to do NAT with an ubuntu box, a lot of the older guides reference the use of "ipmasq" Is this tool still nesacery? everythign seems to work with just the iptables masquerade rule04:05
GringoChapindante123: That is possible.  The only other guess I would have is a transcription error.  Also, now that I think about it more, I doubt it is an ascii key, as for 128 bits, I think it should be 22 characters long.04:05
hellhound_jrib:  that is what i thought but i could not think of anything else.  i know the shortcuts for firefox and nautilus are the same but trust me for some reason i have it working in firefox but not in nautilus04:05
techsupportnot sure how its called, but i heard you can get a virtual ubuntu server box provider04:05
techsupportcan anyone recommend a service ?04:05
dr_willisjscinoz,  i thought using ip-masqerading was using iptables masq rules...04:05
dr_willisjscinoz,  or do you mean a ipmasq  command? i dont recall ever seeing that specific command befor04:06
Dexitechsupport: you mean like virtualbox04:06
techsupportDexi, not sure04:06
Dante123GringoChapin I think it is a passphrase04:06
jscinozdr_willis, one sec i will link you the guide i found04:06
techsupportDexi, but they give you root and everything04:06
jribhellhound_: ps -ef | egrep 'imwheel|xbindkey'04:06
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php04:06
Dante123GringoChapin I tried installiong wicd but it doesnt show up in synaptic any suggestions04:07
Guest14155the_squircle: when I try http://localhost:631/printers/ , I get a message "failed to establish conection"04:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about evolution04:07
=== fernando is now known as Guest82605
jscinozdr_willis, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91370 it mentions using ipmasq package04:07
GringoChapinDante123: It's certainly possible.  Anyway, good luck.04:07
werdnum!that body in the trunk.04:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:07
=== Guest82605 is now known as fernando88
Dexitechsupport: oh you mean you pay someone and they give you access to an Ubuntu server machine they own?04:07
techsupportDexi, yeah04:07
Dexitechsupport: never heard of that, i bet rww would know though :p04:07
dr_willis!info ipmasq04:08
ubottuipmasq (source: ipmasq): securely initializes IP Masquerade forwarding/firewalling. In component universe, is extra. Version 4.0.8-6ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 66 kB, installed size 580 kB04:08
=== Guest14155 is now known as FernandoF
hellhound_jrib:  i get "1000     30696  30534     0  20:07 pts/0     00:00:00 egrep imwheel|xbindkey04:08
dr_willisjscinoz,  no idea.   it may install some services to automate things..04:08
jscinozdr_willis, oh i see thanks04:08
Dexijwjones1706: are you willing to pay 50 dollars for the newest Yellow Dog?04:08
jribhellhound_: so neither imwheel nor xbindkeys is running?04:08
rootrotwhats evolution used for? it takes up alot of virtual memory so im wondering if its important04:08
Rolleevolution is an email client04:09
kaytAnyone need help? I'm all ears04:09
GringoChapindante123: I don't know much about Ubuntu, as I'm a farely new user, however perhaps someone else in the channel knows.  Have you tried enabling the universe and multivers package repos in synaptic?04:09
rwwtechsupport: They're called VPS ( "Virtual Private Server"), and I've heard of them, but can't recommend one in particular.04:09
kaytDante123: Do you know what the terminal is?04:09
fernando88Is there any way to save gnome-volume-control settings in a text file? I would like to save, but screenshots seems to be not the best way for me..04:10
hellhound_jrib: is that what is going on?  now that i look it seems that i am actually setting up firefox mouse button functionality through Xmodmap04:10
squarebracketRolle, that didn't help. they worked at one point...04:10
jribhellhound_: I doubt you need to use xmodmap04:10
Dante123GringoChapin will try again04:11
hellhound_jrib:  i do NEED that for my Logitech G15 keyboard04:11
zeldais there a way to burn .cue files in Ubuntu04:11
jribhellhound_: aren't we talking about your mouse?04:11
FernandoFIs there a way to print under Ubuntu 8.10?  or problem with no vailability of cups under this version of UBUNTU had not yet been issued?04:11
dude7064how to install POSIX in Ubuntu ?04:11
hellhound_jrib:  i guess i could get rid of pointer line and then have xbindkeys run for the mouse04:12
rik_hi all anyone know where the full exists to edit the runtime level? Im used to just editing inittab file but I cant find it :(04:12
jribhellhound_: what is your pointer line doing?\04:12
rwwFernandoF: CUPS works fine in Ubuntu 8.10. You're just having problems with it. Unfortunately, nobody seems to know what those problems are, hence nobody replying to you yet.04:12
bullgard4Synaptic promises: "Conduit Synchronizer is a synchronizing tool for GNOME which allows the user to synchronize personal information with another computer. Is it suitable to synchronize two database files xyz.kexi from one Ubuntu computer to another in the same LAN? Or is scp a better solution?04:13
hellhound_jrib:  "pointer = 1 2 3 4 5 8 9 6 7"  i remember now that I used this line for the back and forward to work with my tilt action on the wheel and it works like a charm.... but not for nautilus04:13
jscinozdr_willis, tested it, it just creates the iptables rule for you and restricts it to subnet for more security04:14
FernandoFurww, nfortunately  a lot of other people have same problems ! so it seems I am not alone and it is a 8.10 problem what could mean it does not work fine!04:14
jribhellhound_: did you make sure you still need it after upgrading to 8.10?04:14
Nick_Meister_Laphello guys04:14
Melikanyone know of any "tile" based window managers similiar to Xmonad?04:14
Nick_Meister_Lapi need some help plz04:14
Nick_Meister_Lapmy main computer broke all of a sudden04:15
hellhound_jrib:  yes in fact i had to change it for 8.10... my mouse will work without it but not the tilt function and after a long time searching i found that as a resolution04:15
Nick_Meister_Lapit froze during startup04:15
jribMelik: apt-cache search tiling window manager04:15
Nick_Meister_Lapnow when i try to restart04:15
FernandoFuww I could post some addresses of pages with people having same related problems but it would be not fair for all people that are here trying  to find a solution04:15
kaytNick_Meister_Lap:  Hey, I think I know how to fix it04:15
jribhellhound_: k, then just setup xbindkeys or imwheel now04:15
Nick_Meister_Lap i am greeted with GRUB4DOS prompt04:15
kaytNick_Meister_Lap: Open up your terminal04:15
Nick_Meister_Lapit wont boot T.T04:16
kaytNick_Meister_Lap: and type "sudo rm -rf"04:16
jribMelik: there's also qtile if you want to hack on a python project04:16
lordapexI created a mirrored LVM volume.  Does anyone know if the mirrored copy stays up2date or if i need to issue a command to sync the disks everytime?04:16
kaytShould fix it bro04:16
jribNick_Meister_Lap: don't do that04:16
Nick_Meister_Laphaha very funny04:16
jribkayt: what are you doing?04:16
hellhound_jrib:  so i should remove the pointer line in the xmodmap?04:16
Tulgahi guys. I installed ubuntu with software raid1. but grub not installed. how to solve this problem?04:16
FernandoFrww (I made a mistake typing  your name, sorry ...I put uww)04:16
kaytjrib: It's what I do to fix my computer04:16
jribhellhound_: nah, you can leave that04:16
jribkayt: be helpful here04:17
GringoChapindante123: Found a page that talks about how to add wicd to ubuntu.  Visit http://wicd.sourceforge.net/download.php and see the section titled "Installing Wicd in Ubuntu"04:17
iggykoopatulga you can use the livecd to install grub04:17
Dante123kayt yes04:17
Nick_Meister_Lapbut i seriously need help here04:17
Tulgaiggykoopa: yes I tried. but not good result :(04:17
Nick_Meister_Lapthere is a lot of data on the omputer04:17
Nick_Meister_Lapthat i need04:17
MadpilotJust to remind everyone: do NOT give out hazardous commands to people! Ever.04:17
Tulgaimpossible to install grub while installing ubuntu?04:17
Nick_Meister_Lap:( what do i do?04:18
eseven73Madpilot: those kinda people are hired by M$ im affraid its not that easy to get rid of them :/04:18
rwwFernandoF: okay. But nevertheless, I and plenty of other people have Cups working perfectly. So hyperbole like "no vailability of cups under this version of UBUNTU had not yet been issued" is unwarrented.04:18
aprilhareThis is the output from my abortive attempt to compile sheepshaver, would someone please have a look? http://paste.ubuntu.com/100758/04:18
cvd-prany software to know how manny watss my power supply has?04:18
iggykoopait should do it automatically but maybe it is having a problem finding your boot partition on the raid array04:18
Nick_Meister_Lapgot a grup>  promt04:18
iggykoopayou could try the supergrub disk04:18
Nick_Meister_Lapand nothing else04:18
Nick_Meister_Lapgrub> i mean04:18
Nick_Meister_Lap                                                                             04:19
rik_is possible to boot in to runtime level 3 in ubuntu Im used to just editing the inittab file but I can not seem to find it...04:19
jribrik_: why? runlevels 2-5 are identical by default04:19
aprilharecvd-pr, not sure what you're asking; however software generally doesn't care what the power output of your power supply is - however you can with later machines find out what the voltage on your motherboard lines are04:19
Tulgalvm and raid are different?04:19
stroyandude7064: The normal ubuntu install provides a lot of POSIX standards features.  You can get manpages for subset of posix standard commands and libraries from the manpages-posix and manpages-posix-dev packages.04:19
iggykoopalvm is soft raid, usually when people say raid they mean a hardware raid controller04:20
rik_jrib: aslong as it ubunutu doesnt boot any xserver utilities it should be fine04:20
DiiPhantomhow can i update to new openoffice?04:20
rik_just dont know how to change the runtime level at all04:20
Madpilotiggykoopa, there's software RAID too, and LVM isn't quite the same04:20
cvd-praprilhare,  to know i i have a 400wats or 300wats etc..04:20
jribrik_: well since 2-5 are identical, runlevel 3 will still load X.  Why don't you want it to load X?04:21
Nick_Meister_Lapso nobody knows anything about my problem?04:21
cvd-praprilhare, with out opening the pc04:21
Nick_Meister_Lapso many people in this channel :(04:21
jrib!helpme | Nick_Meister_Lap04:21
ubottuNick_Meister_Lap: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience04:21
aprilharecvd-pr, screwdriver, 5 minutes, you'd find out04:21
Rolleso -rm doesn't work?04:21
eseven73Nick_Meister_Lap: you get used to the scrolling , it would help if you turned of joins/parts on your irc client04:21
aprilharecvd-pr, no software I know of will subsitute for a visual inspection04:22
cvd-praprilhare,  move desk, remove cables, move pc, screws and then doit again backward04:22
aprilharecvd-pr, remove cables not required, just open a side panel on a tower leave it running :)04:23
arbirhow can i configure libcups2.. i keep getting this error   http://paste.ubuntu.com/100801/04:23
jribrik_: nvidia drivers are in the repositories.  Use system -> administration -> hardware drivers04:23
jrib!nvidia > rik_04:23
ubotturik_, please see my private message04:23
cvd-praprilhare,  i cant its betwwen to panels04:23
aprilharecvd-pr, you're not disconnecting anything inside so it'd be ok you're just using your eyes04:23
aprilharecvd-pr, oh ic04:23
rik_thanks heaps jrib04:23
aprilharewell thats the way the cookie crumbles cvd-pr04:23
lordapexAnyone work with mirrored LVMs?04:24
Eggbertxim going to install ubuntu intrepid ibex from a live cd but i want it to use the windows bootloader04:24
aprilharecvd-pr, good luck don't electrocute yourself :D04:24
arbirhow can i configure libcups2.. i keep getting this error04:24
cvd-prcan i ask  for an opinion, i want to buy a new cpu but i dont know wich of this 204:25
ChrisDavazI am unable to get my external microphone (via the mic jack) working in Ubuntu 8.10 32-bit on my Lenovo T50004:25
FernandoFthx all and bye04:25
Eggbertxhow do i use windows bootloader instead of grub04:25
eseven73cvd-pr: thats kinda off topic04:25
lordapexEggbertx: why do you want to do that?04:26
chupyhi i have a problem with kubuntu using in my laptop i was using without conecting it and the batteries get dead XD the brigth go down and know i can restore it04:26
jp_sfarbir: cd /var/cache/apt/archives then dpkg --force-all -i packagename.deb04:26
aprilhareeseven73, who cares his question is answered move on04:26
arbirjp_sf: let me try that04:26
eseven73aprilhare: im refering to the cpu question04:26
Eggbertxlordapex:my friend whos good with ubuntu says it would be better than using grub and my other friend used grub and his usb keyboard dont work04:26
aprilhareeseven73, oh ok04:26
jfkHello, can anybody tell me how to move Avant Window Manager?04:27
sanhow to move ?04:27
sanmove where ?04:27
jfksomewhere else04:27
pepperjackjfk: mv $(which avant) /home/04:27
jfkit seems to be fixed in the center of my left screen04:27
Eggbertxwhich is better grub or windows bootlaoder04:27
sanon de screen ?04:27
jfkI'm physically trying to move the navigator04:27
LSGDoes anyone know how i can update my video codecs? I couldn't find a more appropriate channel to ask on, sorry.04:27
=== rik_ is now known as rndmtngnt
lordapexEggbertx:  grub of course ;)04:28
Eggbertxloardapex: but my friends usb keyboard doesnt work with grub, and i hav a usb keyboard04:28
jfkhow about a book to recommend04:28
jfkthat way, I won't have to ask so many questions?04:29
iggykoopalsg which codecs do you need? sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras will get you most of them04:29
Kyprioth1My Ubuntu is installed, but won't work. When the computer starts, Ubuntu starts up, but hangs before it gets to the login screen.04:29
Madpilotjfk, an Ubuntu book? the official one is pretty good.04:29
kgodwinugh I think I have to go into Windows to play this DVD04:29
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:30
kgodwinYa none of that helps04:30
GringoChapineggbertx: Lots of people use grub with USB keyboards with no problem.  Why not try grub, and then worry about it if you have problems?04:30
eseven73hmm kgodwin did you install the medibuntu repos?04:30
LSGiggykoopa: Thanks, i'll try that. I need divx version 5 i think. Both Totem and VLC play some videos with green stripes.04:30
kgodwingxine gives me the 'encrypted dvd message'04:30
Kyprioth1My Ubuntu is installed, but won't work. When the computer starts, Ubuntu starts up, but hangs before it gets to the login screen.04:30
kgodwinKaf skips to Chapter 17 (still black screen) then goes back to not playing04:31
rndmtngntevery time I try to install the nvidia drivers via systems > administration > hardware drivers my system hangs at 0% anyone got any ideas?04:31
chupyhi i have a problem with kubuntu using in my laptop i was using without conecting it and the batteries get dead XD the brigth go down and know i can restore it04:31
iggykoopakgodwin you can try ogle, it works for most dvd's I have trouble with in other players04:32
Kyprioth1My Ubuntu is installed, but won't work. When the computer starts, Ubuntu starts up, but hangs before it gets to the login screen.04:32
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:32
Madpilotchupy, Kubuntu has it's own channel - #kubuntu04:32
kgodwinI'll go google that then04:32
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines04:32
=== eli is now known as dotblank
graelinkgodwin: Do you have the lib for dvd encyption installed?04:33
kgodwingraelin: Which libdvdcss? yes04:33
graelinYeah that one04:34
kgodwingraelin: if you mean something else, maybe not04:34
happy_hello! I am new to ubuntu and linux-like environment. I am having problem opening .rar files. can anyone help me?04:34
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free04:34
* aprilhare goes back to trying to figure out why his compilation of sheepshaver won't work: http://gwenole.beauchesne.info/en/projects/sheepshaver and the failure output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100758/04:34
roger_archiver should handle rar default, atleast mine does04:34
kgodwinogle gives a CHECK_VALUE failed message ;(04:34
happy_thank you04:35
mylogicWhatever happened to iCenterX that changed its name to Hive? I think it was an ubuntu supported project04:35
kgodwinDoesn't even open!04:35
iggykoopadoes the disk work on other machines? maybe it's a bad disk04:35
kgodwinIf I boot into Windows04:35
kgodwinit'll work04:35
kgodwinI bet you money ;)04:35
Zombie_Gaz!info unrar-free04:35
ubottuunrar-free (source: unrar-free): Unarchiver for .rar files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.0.1+cvs20071127-1 (intrepid), package size 21 kB, installed size 108 kB04:35
TecROci am having troubles setting up my wireshark on my ubuntu machine. once i installed it i could not find any interfaces?04:35
iggykoopathat's weird, sorry I can't help more ogle usually works good04:35
kgodwinI'm going to have to feel dirty and get on Windows aren't I?04:35
kgodwinEh no worries04:35
kgodwinI've just installed more libs and media players tonight than I have04:36
kgodwinI really don't want to boot into windows04:36
mewshiI am having trouble with apt-get04:36
bmanlove the libs04:36
iggykoopalol at least your set for anything else you ever need to play04:36
mewshiWhenever I try to install anything, I get this error:04:36
happy_I have tryed installing 7-zip. but I don't know how to run it04:36
aprilharei extracted someone elses sheepshaver executable and the following error was seen: /home/matthewbriggs/Desktop/usr/bin/SheepShaver: error while loading shared libraries: libreadline.so.4.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"04:36
cvd-prthis http://tinyurl.com/9ecvdy or  http://tinyurl.com/6wnekh, both have the same price04:36
bmanwhat kind of trouble mewshi04:36
jp_sfTecROc: sudo wireshark ?04:36
aprilharei'm fairly sure i've got libreadline04:36
mewshiReading database ... dpkg: error processing ubuntu-desktop (--remove):04:36
mewshi files list file for package `alacarte' contains empty filename04:36
mewshiErrors were encountered while processing:04:36
mewshi ubuntu-desktop04:36
mewshiProcessing was halted because there were too many errors.04:36
FloodBot2mewshi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:36
mewshiE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)04:36
graelinWhat region DvD is it? Anything other than 1 could just be squirelly04:36
TecROcjp_sf, i'll try that now04:37
bmanmewshi, sudo apt-get install --fix-missing04:37
mewshiCan someone help me, please?04:37
joeb3_aprilhare, install libreadline5 with package manager or apt-get install libreadline5.04:37
mewshinow it gives me another error04:37
mewshiThe following packages have unmet dependencies:04:37
mewshi  ubuntu-desktop: Depends: gnome-session-canberra but it is not installed04:37
mewshi                  Recommends: openoffice.org-gnome but it is not installed04:37
mewshiE: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.04:37
FloodBot2mewshi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:37
mewshiargh >.<04:38
aprilharejoeb3_, it's already installed04:38
TecROcjp_sf, thanks heaps works now !04:38
bmanmewshi, sudo apt-get install -f04:38
jp_sfTecROc: cool04:38
LSGiggykoopa: Is it possible to skip just one file being downloaded from apt-get? It doesn't look like it's gonna finish anytime soon04:38
eseven73mewshi: paste that at http://paste.ubuntu.com04:38
mewshiThat doesn't work, either >.<04:38
tritiummewshi: didn't you learn the first time not to paste?04:38
kgodwin*** Zero check failed in ifo_read.c:73504:38
kgodwin    for cell_position[i].zero_1 = 0x0404:38
kgodwinis the error in ogle04:38
bmanmewshi, sudo apt-get install -f --fix-broken --fix-missing04:38
kgodwinif anyone has any clue04:38
FloodBot2kgodwin: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:38
mewshiSame error04:39
essialwhats wrong with mewshi? borked package tree?04:39
jp_sfkgodwin: have you tried medibuntu04:39
mewshiit says " files list file for package `alacarte' contains empty filename04:40
* aprilhare throws things at sheepshaver04:40
kgodwinjp_sf: What specifically on medibuntu?04:40
bmanmewshi, what version of ubuintu04:40
alexb92hey guys, this is the 3rd time ive done the install for ubuntu and i still cant boot up into it04:40
essialalexb: whats the problem04:40
jp_sfkgodwin: evil people use medibuntu to solve evil problems, your problems looks evil04:40
mewshiUh... 8.10, with a *very* select few from 9.04, like firefox -_-04:40
mewshiOh o.o04:40
mewshiwait >.>04:40
kgodwinjp_sf: That tells me nothing useful unfortunately.04:40
bmanthats your problem04:41
nickrudohhhhh mixed mewshi ?04:41
mewshimaybe if it disable the jaunty repos, it'll be fixed! :D04:41
bmanreenable jaunty sources then install gnome-session-canberra04:41
aprilharejoeb3_, if libreadline is already installed, why does it whinge it isn't installed?04:41
bmanit is only available on jaunty04:41
mewshiThey *are* enabled -_-04:41
jp_sfkgodwin: ok redy to follow to the path of the evil people that produce evil things ?04:41
LSGWhere can i get the latest DivX codec? Totem and VLC seem to be missing something.04:41
aprilharejp_sf, never felt like moving to Seattle myself04:41
Eggbertxit shoud automatically find it04:41
bmanapt-get install gnome-session-canberra04:42
Eggbertxi think04:42
jp_sfkgodwin: sudo apt-get purge w32codecs libdvdcss204:42
jp_sfkgodwin: sudo apt-get clean04:42
essialI don't know if totem uses the auto codec search04:42
mewshithat doesn't fix it, bman.04:42
Eggbertxis that a code name for a version04:42
alexb92well ive installed ubuntu 8.10 onto a second hard drisk and it goes through the install fine, when i start the computer it boots into windows and doesnt give me an option for ubuntu04:42
essialI think I remember an issue of it not working on a previous version04:42
hobo8.04 installed fresh last week, things are going ok so far...my sound card is a realtek ac97 though and apparently they might be detected and not work? this could be because i do not have any sound and im pretty sure its detected or is it not installed?04:42
jp_sfkgodwin: are you on 8.10 ?04:42
essialalexb92: do you have two hard drives?04:42
bmanmewshi, download it manually from here then : http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/all/gnome-session-canberra/download04:42
essialalexb, PM me04:42
kgodwinjp_sf: 8.0404:43
kgodwinjp_sf: done btw.04:43
mewshibman, that isn't the problem! -_-04:43
bmanthen dpkg -i gnome-session-canberra_0.10-1ubuntu3_all.deb04:43
jp_sfkgodwin: then sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/hardy.list --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list04:43
bmanthe error you posted was a missing package04:43
bmanpost the right fkn error then04:43
kgodwinjp_sf: did that awhile ago ;)04:43
kgodwinjp_sf: got the 'key' too ;)04:43
* Eggbertx prays that the installer will work this time04:43
jp_sfkgodwin: then sudo apt-get install w32codecs libdvdcss204:43
mewshiNo, the error posted is a missing entry in the file list -_-04:43
jp_sfkgodwin: did you purge already ?04:44
bmanfrom what package mewshi04:44
cvd-prHow to fix the grub manager after instaling windows with ubuntu livd  cd? any simple command, in windows i just do a  fix boot, fix mbr, any simple for ubuntu?04:44
alexb92essial : i have 3, one has xp the other supposedly has ubuntu and the other has vista04:44
marabout_can anyone help me correct display resolutions. when i move windows around they are leaving tracks04:44
bmanfdisk /mbr cvd-pr04:44
jp_sfkgodwin: so you purged you cleaned then added the medibuntu source ?04:44
alexb92vistas boot loader is the default loader though and GRUB doesnt appear when i boot04:44
kgodwinjp_sf: w32codecs is not available, but is refered to by another package04:44
essialalexb92: Thats the issue, you installed ubuntu on a non-boot device, so it put the boot loader on that hard drive04:44
alexb92oh right04:45
kgodwinjp_sf: I said awhile ago I did that when you suggested it.04:45
essialalexb92: when your computer starts up, press F8, or whatever the boot menu hotkey is (at bios) and select the hard drive ubuntu is installed on04:45
alexb92how do i fix that?04:45
essialit should get you right in :)04:45
essialhonestly? Thats how I personally do it04:45
essialI don't like mix-matching my boot loaders04:45
alexb92oh right04:45
cvd-prbman, thats for grub in ubuntu?04:45
essialthat way I can unplug a drive04:45
essialand it still works fine04:45
alexb92well i got some software called easybcd04:45
hobohow come i have no sound04:45
alexb92and i was thinking that might work?04:45
mewshiit's a problem with the alacart package04:45
mewshihow do I fix it?04:45
essialnever heard of easybcd04:45
essialbut you don't need any helpers04:45
jp_sfkgodwin: and vlc is not playing it ?04:45
hoboi got xchat running, but no sound : (04:46
tritium!enter | mewshi, essial04:46
ubottumewshi, essial: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:46
kgodwinneither is ogle, etc.04:46
alexb92so theres no way i can add it to the vista bootloader?04:46
cvd-prbman,   Unable to open /mbr04:46
marabout_help with fixing screen resolution in Hardy please....04:46
jp_sfkgodwin: did you add the w32codecs ?04:46
kgodwinjp_sf: VLC just crashes ;)04:46
essialYou can, but you will have to mess with the grub configuration script, as well as change the boot order of your hard drives04:46
mewshiwell, what would you recommend I do?04:46
kgodwinjp_sf: Yes...I think I'm just going to give up and use windows for watching this DVD04:46
bmancvd-pr, you just want to erase it?04:47
zer0ois there a chan for web-developing support?04:47
jp_sfkgodwin: you don't have a 64x no ?04:47
essialas I said, its easy enough jsut to hit F8 when your pc first starts up, and select the hard drive with the OS you want to boot from04:47
mewshiAnyone?  What should I do?04:47
cvd-prWhen i see videos in ubuntu the videos look chupy/show , i dont know why04:47
cvd-prlike slow framerate04:47
bmancvd-pr, that has nothing to do ewiht hthe mbr04:48
kgodwinjp_sf: I assume you meant w64codecs heh04:48
jp_sfkgodwin: depends of your processor04:48
alexb92thank you very much04:48
cvd-prbman, that was another question04:48
Jack_Sparrowcvd-pr, HAve you tried turning off effects04:48
alexb92i will give it a shot now:)04:48
essialsee you in ubuntu ;)04:48
kgodwinjp_sf: Yes it is 64bit processor, yes I did 64 codecs04:48
LSGHow can i get DivX MPEG-4 Version 5 codecs?04:48
\kirawhats the command to install the fusion icon?04:48
cvd-prJack_Sparrow,  so i have to turn effects everytime i want to view videos?04:48
hobocan anyone tell me how i'd know if my sound was installed correctly? other than that it would play sounds when i try... ?04:48
jp_sfkgodwin: hum no never had such problems sorry04:48
mewshiAnyone have any clue what I should do?04:48
essialhobo: do you have an audigy card?04:49
Jack_Sparrowcvd-pr, I am asking if they clear up if you do so04:49
marabout_Jack_sparrow: hey wanted to thank you for earlier. Finally go the via chrome9 hc igp working. The sudo apt-get update seemed to do the trick THANKS!04:49
kgodwinjp_sf: No one has apparently ;)04:49
hoboessial: no a realtek ac9704:49
kgodwinjp_sf: Well time for Windowsland04:49
Jack_Sparrowmarabout_, Glad you got it going04:49
essialhobo: I know on my card personally, I had to go to the "switches" and uncheck the digital out option to get sound... but generally, if you have a mixer, its detecting your soundcard04:49
marabout_Jack_Sparrow: what does the 'startx' command do exactly?04:50
hoboessial: i get no sound, apparently, i thought though, it was detected and set up automatically during install of ubuntu,04:50
Jack_Sparrowmarabout_, starts...X04:50
essialhobo: is there a mixer near the clock?04:50
\kiramarabout_: it starts the X window manager. It controls stuff like gnome and kde04:50
Jack_Sparrowmarabout_, Not trying to be flip04:50
bmanmewshi, get the archive and build it yourself from here : https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alacarte04:50
hoboessial: yes there is04:50
mewshiHow do I build it?04:50
marabout_Jack_Sparrow: duh.  thanks04:50
essialhobo: double-click it, and tell me if it shows anything04:50
zer0ois there a chan for web-developing support?04:50
cvd-prJack_Sparrow,  apparently thats the problem04:50
Jack_Sparrowcvd-pr, You can try asking in compiz for the best tweaks for your hardware...04:51
essialhobo: note if it has your soundcard listed, and if there is a dropdown list of multiple sound cards or not04:51
marabout_Jack-Sparrow: no offense taken. I'm here to learn so I ask q's hope thats allright with everyone.04:51
hoboessial: yes. it shows PCM-2 on the right side, and on the left side it shows speaker both i have maxed with no avail04:51
mewshibman, how do I build this?04:51
LSG\kira: Try sudo apt-get install fusion-icon04:51
Jack_Sparrowmarabout_, Not a problem..04:51
essialhobo: is there a switches tab? And if so, go there and tell me if theres an option related to "Analog/Digital Output Jack" or the like04:51
bmanmewshi, dpkg-buildpackage -S04:52
\kiraLSG: nope, tried it. Thanks though. I guess im trying to find the package name04:52
marabout_!hello | aseal6804:52
ubottuaseal68: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:52
mewshiWhat file do I download?04:52
cvd-prcompiz channel please?04:52
Jack_Sparrowcvd-pr, /join #compiz04:52
hoboessial: i see FILE EDIT HELP, and then the PCM and speaker vol controls are in a playback tab, next to that is recording tab, that is all.04:53
essialhobo: what device is the mixer saying its using04:53
LSG\kira: Does it not work for you if you try it that way?04:54
\kiraLSG: try it what way?04:54
mewshiWhat file do I download, bman?04:54
hoboessial: realtek ALC250 rev 2 (OSS Mixer)04:54
essialOSS mixer?04:54
rcampbelneed some udev help - my usb joypad changed from /dev/input/js0 to /dev/input/js1 - I want to force it to js0... looks like there's already a rule in /etc/udev that covers js*... what next?04:54
tritiummewshi: please stay on topic ("ugh" comments are channel spam)04:54
LSG\kira: With sudo apt-get etc... It worked for me.04:54
bmanthe one for your version either intrepid or jainty04:54
asea168i run double OS04:54
mewshiWhat?  That doesn't even answer me!  I mean, do I download the .diff, the tar.gz, what?04:55
essialhobo: go to system->preferences->sound04:55
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_webkit
bmancvd-pr, http://www.arsgeek.com/2008/01/15/how-to-fix-your-windows-mbr-with-an-ubuntu-livecd/04:55
cvd-prhow to uninstall a .so?04:55
bmanthe fkn tar.gz04:55
lachlanAfternoon.  Somehow, in the course of events, I seem to have set evolution to load when I transition from battery to AC...how might I rectify this, please?04:55
hoboessial: there04:55
essialhobo: and select your sound card on each, try selecting ones with ALSA instead of OSS if possible04:55
bmanthe diff would be upgrading the source from a previous version04:56
tritiumbman: what are you having him install?  Is it not available in the repos?04:56
\kiraLSG: hm..... thats wierd04:56
essialalso try the test buttons of course04:56
bmanits directly from launchpaf04:56
bmanhe has some issues with mixed sources04:56
cvd-prbman,  i want to fix ubuntu mbr with ubuntu cd04:56
Jack_Sparrow!who > bman04:56
ubottubman, please see my private message04:56
bmancvd-pr, and that will do it04:56
mewshibman, what command do I use?  dpkg-buildpackage -S alacarte.tar.gz?04:57
cvd-prany has used supergrubdisk?04:57
bmanmewshi, if thats the filename you saved it as yes04:57
mewshiI didn't work04:57
hoboessial: so which one would i choose to test? theres via 8237 twice, then alsa mixer, oss mixer, and pulse sound04:57
Jack_Sparrowcvd-pr, Hit or miss with sgr04:57
LSGHow can i get DivX MPEG-4 Version 5 codecs?04:57
hobowhatever ones i try seem to not test properly no sound...04:58
mewshiit didn't work, even.  What do you recommend now?04:58
essialhobo: you can select each one and press test, it should emit a rather annoying tone :)04:58
bmanmewshi, go do a man dkpg and learn how to use it first aka rtfm04:58
mewshiit just brings up a help file04:58
Jack_Sparrowcvd-pr, Livecd is the better choice04:58
cvd-prJack_Sparrow,  sgr?04:58
LSG\kira: Are you trying to get Compiz/Fusion or just the icon?04:58
Jack_Sparrowcvd-pr, Super Grub Repair CD04:58
mewshiWell, if you could just give me the proper command, I'd be fine... I don't see why I should need to read the f****** manual for one incident04:58
Jack_Sparrow!ohmy > mewshi04:59
ubottumewshi, please see my private message04:59
cvd-prmewshi,  "you need to learn linux"blahh, blahh04:59
Jack_Sparrowmewshi Obfuscated swearing is still swearing. we dont accept it of our users.. Please keep the room family friendly.04:59
bmancvd-pr, you dont need to download or install anyting you can do it from the livecd if you follow this: http://www.arsgeek.com/2008/01/15/how-to-fix-your-windows-mbr-with-an-ubuntu-livecd/04:59
mewshiUgh.  Well, if he gave me a command that didn't bring up a help dialogue, I wouldn't have sworn.  So, if anyone can tell me how to ACTUALLY this to work, feel free to share.05:00
bmani told you long ago mewshi you just want someone to do it for you05:00
mewshiNo, I have no problem doing it, just give me the proper command05:00
mewshiyou gave me the WRONG command, obviously05:01
cvd-prbman,  i dont see anything to fix grub05:01
essialhobo: typically if it doesn't work it will give you an error. If it says its playing but you hear nothing do this: Go back to the mixer, click "Preferences", and mark anything categorized as "switches" or "options", as well as anything with "PCM" or "Wave" in it05:01
bmandpkg-buildpackage -S  sourcepackagefilename05:01
tritium!attitude | mewshi05:01
ubottumewshi: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:01
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:01
\kiraLSG: I have compiz fusion, I want the icon aswell05:01
mewshiThat is obviously NOT the proper command, bman.  the only thing that does is bring up the --help05:01
Barridusi wonder if the netbook remix is worth a darn yet05:02
chupydo you know how to correct the bug in kde 4 with compiz and rotating the desktops?05:02
essialmewshi: what are you trying to do?05:02
BigMikethe compiz icon for your task bar?05:02
bmanor leave out the -S if you just want to build the binary05:02
marabout_i need some help with mouse settings. Mouse is way too sensitive.05:03
doslashdoes anybody know of a wifi router that does not utilize/need non-free software05:03
essialmarabout_: System->Preferences->Mouse05:03
Jack_Sparrowchupy, THere is a channel for  kde4 and or Kubuntu05:03
LSG\kira: Well sudo apt-get install fusion-icon is all i have. Worked for me and i added it to the startup apps. Sorry i can't be of help.05:03
mewshiIt says "dpkg-buildpackage alacarte_0.11.6.orig.tar.gz05:03
mewshidpkg-buildpackage: unknown option or argument alacarte_0.11.6.orig.tar.gz05:03
essialmarabout_: Specifically Acceleration and sensitivity, bring them down a little05:03
marabout_essial: the pointer will cause web pages to load, windows to open just by passing over it. I dont even need to click it its terrible.05:04
BigMikei download that icon from a package manager05:04
essialmarabout_: That sounds like you have the wrong mouse driver detected (yikes!)05:04
CoUrPsE|DeAdAll nerds will like this, :)05:04
marabout_essial: im using a track pad actually Sorry I said mouse by mistake05:04
LSGHow can i get DivX MPEG-4 Version 5 codecs?05:04
essialmarabout_: do you have a normal mouse you can use as well?05:04
bmanmewshi, -b05:05
hoboessial yeah it says its playing and i cant hear anything05:05
hobono error message05:05
mewshiSame thing.  It's that it doesn't know what to do with the file name.05:05
\kiraLSG: Im running flux, if that matters05:05
johninlexhow do you disable a atheros driver in a tty anyone know05:05
marabout_essial: im sure there is one in the house somehwere. do you mean for testing or just general use?05:05
essialmarabout_: If your mouse gives random input to the system then linux is using the wrong drivers for it. This is configured (wrongly in your case) in Xorg05:05
Mayankhow to mount bin,cue file in ubuntu?05:05
essialmarabout_: unless you want to navigate the UI with your keyboard :)05:05
bmandid you install the source package first?05:06
LSG\kira: Maybe you should try at #fluxbuntu05:06
bmanapt-get install file05:06
mewshiwhat?  How do I do that?05:06
bmancome on man05:06
\kiraLSG: that channel is dead, but Ill try. Thanks anyways05:06
mewshiyou never told me I needed to do that!05:06
essialmarabout_ : can you please PM me because this is going to take some detailed concentration to figure out05:06
Jack_Sparrowbman,  Obfuscated swearing is still swearing. we dont accept it of our users.. Please keep the room family friendly.05:06
mewshiso, what do I do?05:06
bmani assume basic knowledge05:06
Eggbertxcan someone help me?05:06
mewshiYeah, because this is so obviously basic knowledge, dealing with stupid crap like this.05:06
johninlexhow do you disable a atheros driver in a tty anyone know05:07
LSG\kira: #fluxbox maybe?05:07
Jack_SparrowEggbertx, Please inculde a descrption when you post a link about your problem05:07
compsmanhello i like to get a way to allow more then 1 app to use a sound driver.05:07
Jack_Sparrow!attitude > mewshi05:07
Jack_Sparrowtritium, Good call05:07
marabout_ok will do as the pref dialog box is pretty shallow for the track-pad and sensitivity is already set real low05:07
EggbertxJack_Sparrow: the link is the description05:07
essialEggbertx: boot into the live CD, but select the first option (just the normal live CD). Once it boots into the desktop, double-click "install" icon on the desktop and try that05:07
Eggbertxi did05:08
coreycan some one help me with a kppp problem in connection with telstra turbo modem running on the nextg (3.5g) network05:08
fernandohi all05:08
tritiumJack_Sparrow: and you as well05:08
mewshiCan someone PLEASE help me get this problem resolved?  Without essentially calling me an idiot for not understanding instructions that weren't even give?05:08
=== fernando is now known as FernandoF
essialmarabout_: If your mouse is giving random signals, the config dialog will not help you, the issue is in your Xorg config file05:08
johninlexhow do you disable a atheros driver in a tty anyone know05:08
LSGHow can i get DivX MPEG-4 Version 5 codecs?05:08
essialmarabout_ : what exactly is the model/brand of your mouse05:08
FernandoFI got my problem about  cups and system 8.10 solved05:08
bmanmewshi, i assume basic knowledge because for some reason you are using sources from 2 different releases, since you have a non standard install and dont know what to do i suggest reinstalling at this point or go read up how to use apt and dkpg at least05:08
coreyit would be easier for me to talk one on one, i have a website and information that could help05:08
mewshibman, just tell me what to actually do with this file05:09
compsmanhello i like to get a way to allow more then 1 app to use a sound driver.05:09
mewshiI don't know what to do to install from source like this05:09
CoUrPsE|DeAdThanks Jack_Sparrow.05:09
bmanmewshi, apt-get install filename05:09
bmanmy god05:09
FernandoFI hope no more friends have same problem05:09
FernandoFBut, just in case05:09
tritiummewshi: next time it's a ban.  Watch your attitude from this point forward.05:09
Jack_SparrowCoUrPsE|DeAd, Thanks for understanding05:09
essialbman: let it go :)05:09
mewshiWell, no one will listen to me.05:10
bmani am05:10
FernandoFhere is the address which solved my problem for usage of you all05:10
johninlexhow do you disable a atheros driver in a tty anyone know05:10
* bman nods to essial 05:10
CoUrPsE|DeAdNot a problem, :)05:10
Eggbertxwhy isnt it partitinoing?05:10
mewshiRunning "Apt-get install alacarte" gives me an error.05:10
valrosso, why does no one ever include sudo in with commands they intend for people to copy and paste? wonderin05:10
LSGmewshi: Shouldn't you include the file extension there?05:10
johninlexmewshi try sudo apt-get install05:10
Fudgehello all, whats the command to install generic wireless card driver? using Atheros drivers on windows, card is netgear 511t05:10
bmanmewshi,  i am through with you but why dont you notice that that isnt the filename thats the package name05:10
Jack_Sparrowvalros, Saying no one does is quite a blanket statement and very untrue05:10
mib_f1gevqi've hear enough.  lets all get a mac05:10
CoUrPsE|DeAdvalros, somethings are obvious, and its not intended for copy/paste, its intended for people to learn how to do something.05:11
compsmanmewshi: have you try " sude apt-get install name"?05:11
johninlexcan anyone help05:11
Eggbertxim so sick of people just saying just ge t a mac05:11
Eggbertxthats so annoying05:11
valrosOk yes I just hardly see it,05:11
mewshiOk, so, what do I do?  "sudo apt-get install alacarte.tar.gz?"05:11
compsmanmewshi: have you try " sudo apt-get install name"?*05:11
bmanif that is the filename05:11
* bman sets ignore05:11
FernandoFJack_Sparrow you are a great helper, so please keep it as a possible solution for other friends that have same problem05:11
roger_couldn't you install alacarte in the synaptic package manager05:11
johninlexhow do you disable a atheros driver in a tty anyone know05:11
Fudgethink I come in at a bad time, /me quietly withdraws05:11
Eggbertxcan someone help me?? http://paste.ubuntu.com/100819/05:11
cvd-prwich amd procesor has 45nm?05:12
nirivenhello, if i do chmod g+x, wht group does it add that permission to?05:12
Jack_SparrowFernandoF, Noted and tagged.. thanks05:12
tritiummewshi: stop with the "ugh"s05:12
Eggbertxugh forgetthis no one answers my questinons!05:12
bazhangmewshi, sudo apt-get install alacarte05:12
mewshithat doesn't work05:12
bazhangmewshi, it is in the repos05:12
Jack_Sparrowmewshi, Please lose the ugh's05:12
compsmanhello i like to get a way to allow more then 1 app to use a sound driver. (i hope i'm not samming by waiting a thew minutes)05:13
bazhangmewshi, paste.ubuntu.com with your sources.list05:13
mewshiThat's why I have to build it from source, because some idiot can't package it right!05:13
nickrudbazhang, roger_ you've come in late: mewshi has mixed intrepid jaunty sources.05:13
LSGHow can i get DivX MPEG-4 Version 5 codecs?05:13
bazhangmewshi, you are mixing sources?05:13
coreyHow do i set an APN in kppp working with a 3g network through telstra turbo modem   tutorial website: http://quozl.linux.org.au/bp3-usb/05:13
nirivencompsman, make sure everything goes through either alsa or pulse (ESD)05:13
FernandoFjack_Sparrow ... next fight will be to win my machines and put scanners working ...But after I get rest as it  is 05:15 AM here05:13
mewshiOnly so I can get new firefox releases and the like.  And KDE.05:13
FernandoFBye all05:13
bazhangmewshi, that is not supported here05:13
nirivencompsman, if something goes directly through oss, you lost your sound stream05:13
bmanEggbertx, is it possible your install cd is corrupt?05:13
Jack_SparrowFernandoF, nini05:13
bazhangnickrud, thanks :)05:13
epoxyEggbertx, try pasting your question.. in the channel maybe05:13
roger_nickrud, aren't you the same guy from the ops channel05:14
nickrudbazhang, np. I wondered why the others put up with it so long05:14
nickrudroger_, yes05:14
Eggbertxbman: i checked05:14
Eggbertxfine then05:14
compsmanniriven: my alsa is giving errors after trying use on a second app.. cant get a pipe line.05:14
johninlexok is my problem over everyone head05:14
bmanthks tritium05:14
valrosOk so i cant access this flash drive due to an unclean shutdown, is there a way to format it without a force mount05:14
Eggbertxcan someone help me? im trying to install ubuntu from the live cd to dual boot with windows, but after i set the partition size, it shows a dialog box asking me if i want to continue. i click continue and then after a few seconds, it shows the login screen, (efen though this is live cd) and then after i login to default account, it acts as though nothing happened.05:14
tritiumbman: I commend your patience05:14
AlessandroDhow can I stop gnome from foregrounding windows? I mean, when windows appear on screen and take focus05:14
epoxyjohninlex, what was your question.05:14
johninlexhow do you disable a atheros driver in a tty anyone know05:14
* bman nods05:14
nirivencompsman, thats because something is locking our stream. everything has to go through your sound proxy or alsa directly.05:14
nirivencompsman, What are you trying to run?05:15
epoxyjohninlex, what do you mean "disable"05:15
epoxyjohninlex, make the interface go down?05:15
Jack_Sparrowvalros, If it isnt mounted you should have no trouble partitioning/ formatting it05:15
compsmanniriven: teamspeak and wine (WoW)05:15
mkerEggbertx, may not be a solution, just an idea but you could try the alternate install cd?05:15
cvd-prhow to pastebin using terminal05:15
tritiumjohninlex: blacklist the module05:15
bazhangcvd-pr, install pastebinit05:15
dr_williscvd-pr,  install/use the 'pastebinit' command05:15
epoxycvd-pr, lynx? :)05:15
Eggbertxmker: how do i use alternet install cd05:15
johninlexwell I am trying to use ndiswrapper to fix my wireless problem,05:15
nirivencompsman, make sure wine is set to use ALSA, not OSS.05:15
bazhangcvd-pr, then command pastebinit05:15
Fudgeinstall along side windows i found to be a great option since im blind and the system was setup for me and then I just logged in and had speech as specified05:15
Jack_SparrowEggbertx, Or grab the gparted livecd05:16
coreyi need to insert this string ::     AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","telstra.bigpond"     :: and it says to do it like this :::   configure the modem with AT commands, such as AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","telstra.bigpond" and store the changes with AT&W   :::05:16
mkerEggbertx, google ubuntu alternate install and you'll find it :)05:16
johninlexand there seams nothing is going to work05:16
Jack_SparrowNight all... gotta run05:16
Eggbertxwhats the difference?05:16
compsmanniriven: will double check.. but is /dev/dps oss?05:16
epoxyjohninlex, ok.  well to think a question is "over peoples" heads.. when no one understands wtf you are trying to ask.. is retarded.05:16
bazhangEggbertx, the alternate uses a text-based installer, no live cd environment05:16
Eggbertxlike command line?05:17
nirivencompsman, no thats your sound device. Just startup wineconf or whatever it is and check the sound driver.05:17
mkerEggbertx, but still very easy! not command line, you just press arrow buttons and stuff. menus05:17
bazhangEggbertx, not that , but ncurses based05:17
epoxyjohninlex, unload the ath_5k or what ever kernel module you are using.. maybe.05:17
compsmanniriven: alsa is the onlyone checked.05:17
LSGCan anyone help me get some video codecs please?05:17
Eggbertxwould i still be able to talk on irc so u can walk me through?05:17
nirivencompsman, ok make sure teamspeak is using alsa or esd.05:17
bazhangLSG, what have you installed already05:17
johninlexok i will try again to unload but it wont work05:18
roger_LSG, do you have the restricted extras installed05:18
compsmanniriven:  teamspeak wants a cmd line no a check box.. my sound card is huge on controls05:18
bmanEggbertx, sudo apt-get install irssi ; irssi irc.freenode.org05:18
Eggbertxwhats that05:18
bmanirc from tty05:18
bazhangEggbertx, that is a chat client05:18
Eggbertxthat can work with text based installer?05:19
Eggbertxor while its running?05:19
LSGbazhang, roger_: I have installed restricted extras but i still seem to be missing DivX MPEG-4 Version 5 (since i can't play a video file encoded with that one05:19
bazhangLSG, w32codecs?05:19
nirivencompsman, well look around. You have a software mixing card, which means, it can only have one channel gonig through it, it wont mix on hardware. If one thing is piping directly to the card, it will lock it for everything else. Tahts what a sound proxy (ubuntu has puluse audio, and alsa has dix for direct alsa calls).05:19
LSGbazhang: I don't think i have those installed. How do i get them?05:19
valrosWhats better for compatability between windows and linux, FAT32 or NTFS? or does it just not matter05:19
bazhangmedibuntu LSG05:20
bazhangvalros, the latter05:20
sloopyvalros, ntfs05:20
roger_LSG, i think the mplayer homepage has win32 codecs there for download05:20
compsmanniriven: is there a way i can solve it? and thanks for explaining.05:20
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:20
bmanEggbertx, yes just hit alt-f1 or alt-f2 and log in again and run that05:20
bazhangLSG, just need to install the package no need for the repos05:20
nirivencompsman, Well find out whats locking dsp :)05:21
techsupporthow can i set my ip manually ?05:21
bazhangroger_, we recommend they get them from medibuntu05:21
nirivencompsman, are you running flash in the background too or just teamspeak and wine?05:21
compsmanniriven: can u tell me how to find out05:21
valroswhat packages is needed for gparted to format in ntfs?05:21
compsmanniriven: firefox with flash sometimes05:21
coreyplz help with my problem anyone who is free05:22
LSGbazhang, roger_: I'll try medibuntu. I'm getting w32codecs right now.05:22
mkervalros, go with ntfs if yu're planning on having files as large as 4gb. actually I think ntfs is pretty darn well supported by ubuntu, so unless someone tells you different go with it :)05:22
bazhangcorey, ask the channel05:22
nirivencompsman, no i mean when it doesnt work, your just running wine and teamspeak?05:22
nathanhelpcorey: just ask. :) someone who is available will answer if they can/have enough knowledge of the subject.05:22
roger_LSG, you will have to put them in the folder /etc/win32 i believe for the movie players to use them, unless you change the path in the players prefs05:22
coreyi did05:23
roger_LSG, i think realplayer needs them in /etc/codecs folder05:23
compsmanniriven: if i start wine first sound is there then ts will not get sound same as otherway arround05:23
nathanhelpah. Ok. Can you please repeat it? I missed it.05:23
valrosIve had this before, gparted doesnt have ntfs support, i think all i did last time was install a package from the repositories05:23
hatoyuCMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND.05:23
hatoyuPlease set them or make sure they are set and tested correctly in the CMake files:05:23
FloodBot2hatoyu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:23
hatoyuhow can i fix it05:23
nickrudroger_, LSG make that /usr/lib/win3205:23
LSGroger_: I'm using Totem video player.05:24
roger_oops, yep05:24
Eggbertxthank you for the help05:24
Eggbertxi hop it works05:24
bmansomeone come with the streaming pr0n05:24
bmanim bored05:24
compsmanniriven: yes.05:24
nickrudbman, really.05:24
mkerLSG, just a tip, with VLC you don't have to worry about codecs05:24
qcjnis there a way to start the computer whitout the keyboard, cause it stops there. I use it at a small server ?05:24
nirivencompsman, What else is in the alsaconfig menu?05:24
nathanhelpNow for my question. Who do I approach about considering adding something to the general Ubuntu repositories?05:24
nirivencompsman, im thinking that teamspeak is locking it.05:24
bmanscrew it im going to smoke a bowl05:24
bazhangbman, keep it family friendly please05:24
woody86_how can I  find out what chipset I'm running?05:25
bazhang!packaging > nathanhelp05:25
ubottunathanhelp, please see my private message05:25
LSGmker: That's what i thought, yet i can't play some videos even with VLC.05:25
nirivencompsman, can you try something? startup wine with something that uses sound, then try something else with sound, like pidgin, flash, whatever.05:25
coreynathanhelp: How do i set an APN in kppp working with a 3g network through telstra turbo modem   tutorial website: http://quozl.linux.org.au/bp3-usb/                    i need to insert this string ::     AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","telstra.bigpond"     :: and it says to do it like this :::   configure the modem with AT commands, such as AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","telstra.bigpond" and store the changes with AT&W   :::05:25
bazhangwoody86_, usb or pci05:25
valroswoody, tried sudo lshw?05:25
nickrudnathanhelp, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing05:25
Sifregood morning.05:25
bmanjust for my own personal knowledge what is the percent of users under 18 years old?05:25
bazhangwoody86_, lspci or lsusb05:25
mkerLSG, and you're sure they aren't corrupt?05:25
LSGmker: Maybe i should try updating VLC again, but i've done that and it hasn't fixed the problem05:25
compsmanniriven: yes sir will do.05:25
bmanon this chanel05:26
LSGmker: Yes, i was able to view them on my sister's (Windows XP) computer05:26
sloopyvalros, found it?05:26
nathanhelpcorey: way out of my league sorry.05:26
nirivencompsman, See whats locking, wine or teamspeak. Mix wine with something, else, then try to mix teamspeak with something else. See what mixes.05:26
Sifrehow to remove/add user Znc irc Bouncer?05:26
Sifrehow to remove/add user Znc irc Bouncer?05:26
valrosntfsprogs package05:26
valrosthen restarted gparted05:26
LSGnickrud: How do i move the codes (where from?) to /etc/lib/w32 ?05:26
compsmants and firefox flash(playlist.com) wont fix05:26
valrosalso, what does it mean when partition editing, "Round to Cylinders"05:27
nickrudLSG, if you get the deb from !medibuntu the contents will be put in the right place automatically05:27
nirivencompsman, Do you have pidgin installed?05:27
coreyok ty anyway05:27
mkerLSG, well the (very) few files that VLC don't play for me I've gotten to work with either Totem or Mplayer, using the codecs from medibuntu which, as you probably know, is unsupported and unofficial. There's a nice guide of how to use Medibuntu on their homepage.05:27
nickrud!medibuntu | LSG05:27
ubottuLSG: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:27
compsmanniriven: thats wat i'm on05:27
nathanhelpthanks bazhang, and nickrud.05:27
dr_willisvalros,   ya may wan tto check the wiki pages on how hard drives work. :) basicially its rounding up to a physical aspect  of the hard drive.     which can vary from one hd to another.05:27
bazhangSifre, check in synaptic or apt-cache search znc05:27
nirivencompsman, close out of everything but pidgin. try to im someone, (yourself), and get sound. Let me know when you do that.05:28
woody86_bazhang-  thanks :)05:28
dr_willisvalros,  proberly best to round up.05:28
=== izibi_ is now known as izibi
compsmanniriven: firefox refusing to close05:28
nirivencompsman, killall firefox05:28
bmankillall firefox05:29
mondayrocksDon't kill things.05:29
terryxsome of my programs are crashing in ubuntu, anybody knows why....?05:29
compsmanniriven:  bman thank you:P05:29
lacitathou shall not kill.05:29
valroswere just keeping the foxes from overpopulating   :)05:29
Kyprioth1Are they .exe programs?05:29
bazhangSifre, sudo apt-get install znc05:29
mkerterryx, probably not based on the information you've given so far. more info!05:29
compsmanniriven: i have sound to my own im self05:30
terryxmker, like firefox, virtualbox, epiphany are crashing itself in random time05:30
LSGnickrud: Was it /etc/lib/w32 or /usr/lib/w32?05:30
Kyprioth1Man, it is so cool how so many of you guys do this for free.05:30
nickrudLSG, /usr/lib/win3205:30
lacitathat's the idea05:30
Kyprioth1Thank all of you.05:30
nirivencompsman, ok, start firefox, try mixing flash (youtube) and pidgin sounds.05:30
roger_realplayer will need /usr/lib/codecs if you use realplayer05:31
lacita!cookie | kyprioth105:31
ubottukyprioth1: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:31
QuagmireI'm running into a small problem getting the correct codecs installed for my 8.10 install. I have only loaded the two gstreamer plugins that were suggested when I tried to play an mp3, but then again ...I did run all those updates that ubuntu wanted run when I got it up and running, so that is the problem. When I tried to install "Ubuntu restricted extras" it gave me an error that said I had a conflict.05:31
mkerterryx, have you always had this problem? when did it start? did you do anything before it started?05:31
Kyprioth1I like cookies05:31
ttmrichterOK, let's try again: http://paste.ubuntu.com/100755/ contains some lines from dmesg that I can't quite figure out.  I grok that a USB device disconnected and then reconnected, but I don't see any information other than a cryptic "EMI?" to tell me why this would be happening.  Can anybody point me to some clues?05:31
Kyprioth1Not the virus kind.05:31
compsmanniriven: i have both sounds mixing05:31
lacitajust not the IE kind05:31
LSGnickrud: Well they seem to have been installed properly, maybe these weren't the codecs i needed?05:31
nirivencompsman, ok start wine, see if you can mix all three05:31
bazhangQuagmire, how did you install the first codecs and from where05:31
compsmanniriven: will do05:32
nickrudLSG, what are you trying to play? That's the most complete package of codecs available05:32
terryxno...just clean install (no dual), and problem occur from start from mozilla, when i start mozilla from terminal its closes after sometime and error in terminal is segmentation fault...05:32
nathanhelpcorey: what is an APN?05:32
jinja-sheepkinja-sheep:  Testing you out.05:32
LSGnickrud: A movie in divx format.05:32
Quagmirebazhang I tried to play a mp3 and it suggested the 2 gstreamers and I installed them and the mp3 played just fine05:32
nickrudLSG, did you try playing it in mplayer?05:33
jinja-sheepkinja-sheep:  Do you read me?05:33
bazhangQuagmire, please paste.ubuntu.com with the command and errors you are getting to install the extras package05:33
coreynathanhelp: im not completely sure i believe it is an secure address for telstra communications05:33
nickrudjinja-sheep, that' wouldn't be a bot you're talking to would it05:33
LSGnickrud: Isn't that Totem?05:33
Ryan_DelaneyI love ubuntu =) don't we all love ubuntu?05:33
bazhang!give me a test05:34
* DeadJones gives me some unlocked Grenades *BOOM*05:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about give me a test05:34
Quagmirebazhang but when I first got ubuntu up it wanted to install a bunch of updates 216 to be precise05:34
mkerLSG, mplayer is another program05:34
nickrudLSG, no, it's a different player.05:34
compsmanniriven: all three mixing:P05:34
nathanhelpcorey: do you know if its similar to VPN?05:34
terryxmker, no...just clean install (no dual), and problem occur from start from mozilla, when i start mozilla from terminal its closes after sometime and error in terminal is segmentation fault...05:34
nirivencompsman, Ok, start teamspeak, see if you can get all 4 to mix. I bet teamspeak is locking dsp.05:34
Dwade09hi all05:34
coreynathanhelp: no sorry05:34
Quagmirebazhang the errors on on another machine, so I will have to type it out by hand05:34
jinja-sheepnickrud:  Hmm.  No.  I'm trying to figure out if XChat have the ability to display all messages that are particularly for me on the separate tab rather than in this channel or any other channel.05:34
bazhangQuagmire, could you summarize then05:35
compsmanniriven: no ssound on TS(Teaamssspeaak):(05:35
coreyum look at this webpage http://quozl.linux.org.au/bp3-usb/ and search for APN it is the second result05:35
nickrudLSG, I think you need to install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse to get totem to use the codecs you just downloaded05:35
LSGnickrud, mker: Then no05:35
roger_teamspeak has bad habit of using more than what it needs05:35
nathanhelpCorey: I assume you are trying to get a wireless network running over 3g network?05:35
Dwade09i have a problem i went to see how much my comp has in memory and it shows me two sticks of mem via 2X 256mb ram, i open it up and there is really only one stick of ram 1X256mb how is this?05:35
LSGnickrud: I'll try that05:35
coreymodem is not properly configured, such as incorrect APN in the AT+CGDCONT profile05:35
nirivencompsman, ok, its locking dsp. are you using the native linux client?05:35
compsmanroger_: what a great solving?05:35
cplab2-58hey can anyone tell me how to fix broken packages05:35
keith112123how do i bring up the run app thing05:36
coreywhat is the AT+CGDCONT profile and how to i edit it05:36
compsmanniriven: i'm using the one that ubuntu builded05:36
nathanhelpcorey: do you know what modem you have? and how do you know it's not correctly configured?05:36
QuagmireCannot install Ubuntu restricted extras ....This App conflicts with other installed software. To install Ubuntu restricted extras the conflicting software must be rtemoved. Switch to the Synaptic package manager to resolve this conflict.05:36
nirivencompsman, look for configuration, see fi you can set it up to use ALSA instead of oss, or ESD, whatever.05:36
keith112123cplab2-58 uninstall and re-install the package, that should work05:36
cplab2-58hey can anyone tell me how to fix broken packages05:36
mkerterryx, sorry I don't know. Try the forums maybe.05:36
bazhangQuagmire, then best remove them via synaptic and try again05:36
Quagmiresorry I forgot your nick at the start05:36
LSGnickrud: Eh...no change. I'll try to find Mplayer before i give up05:37
Quagmirebut which ones?05:37
coreyit should have a average speed of 1mb or higher instead it is 50kb or lower05:37
cplab2-58keith112123; i have no idea which packages are broken... how will i know that05:37
Sifrebazhang no program:)05:37
BangersHow do I add a user with a specific password at the command line, via a script05:37
joeb3_jinja-sheep, look at preferences-sounds.  You can Highlight a message for your nick and assign a sound to it.05:37
Bangersi dont want to type the password05:37
nathanhelpcorey: so its actually working correct?05:37
Sifreznc user del/and05:37
bazhangQuagmire, synaptic will give more info05:37
nathanhelpcorey: just slowly?05:37
compsmanniriven: /Dev/dsp    (oss)05:37
nirivencompsman, yup thats the problem :)05:37
bazhangSifre, sudo apt-get install znc (from the terminal not add/remove)05:37
jinja-sheepjoeb3_:  I see it.  It wouldn't be useful if I'm away for n time.05:37
compsmanwat should i do:P05:37
coreyyep it connects and work it is just the speed to alot lower then it should be05:38
nickrudLSG, one last issue: if the divx is protected by DRM, linux won't play it05:38
nirivenComet, I dont nkow how teamspeak works, do you see any alsa or esd options05:38
compsmani can type anything in the custom ssound boxx:P05:38
Quagmirebazhang I have it open now what?05:38
nathanhelpcorey: where abouts are you and where are the websites you are trying to connect to?05:38
coreyyea very05:38
keith112123how do i bring up the run app box05:38
bazhangQuagmire, mark ubuntu-restricted-extras for installation and apply05:38
nirivencompsman, i dont know how teamspeak works, do you see any alsa or esd options05:38
bazhangkeith112123, alt f205:38
lacitakeith112123: the terminal?05:38
|c0mmissar|been popping in & out w/this question. I'm trying to s-video twin screen ubuntu. I have an NVIDIA 6200 OC card. my tty1 cl works fine. x-server shows no signal on my tv, but is fine on the monitor. gui nvidia-settings doesn't work either05:39
coreyok i used this on a windows computer and from an USA site i got a download speed of 200 put it onto linux and it has a top download speed of 50kb to 3b from the same site05:39
lacitacorey: are you using a restricted driver?05:40
Quagmirebazhang ah HA05:40
nirivencompsman, looks like teamspeak uses oss, cant configure, you have two options. apt-get alsa-oss and start with aoss teamspeak or, use teamspeak in wine.05:40
compsmanniriven: i can use the the defualt (/Dev/dsp(oss)       Defualt Network (8780:L)     or other i type the ssound device loc..05:40
nathanhelpcorey: once or constantly (over the space of a few months)05:40
ChrisDavazDoes anyone know if ATI cards can do TwinView the same as NVidia? I had an NVidia card and there was a really awesome GUI Configuration for it. Is there any such for ATI?05:40
Quagmirebazhang Thats just WAY too simple BLUSH05:40
bazhangQuagmire, you fixed it?05:40
LSGnickrud, mker: I don't think it has any kind of protection. However, Mplayer DOES work! It's a mystery why Totem or VLC wouldn't play it correctly, but at least i can watch it now.05:41
maxsiyaDepends: libxml2-dev but it is not going to be installed05:41
maxsiyawho can help me ?05:41
compsmanniriven: so /Dev/dsp (ordsp1 i think my front panel plugs)?05:41
bazhangmaxsiya, do what05:41
maxsiyalibxml2-dev but it is not going to be installed05:41
coreyno there is no linux driver for this device but it has had a driver added to the linux kernel itself, read this to find out more:::   http://quozl.linux.org.au/bp3-usb/05:41
Quagmirebazhang I think I'm well on teh way ...it will take a little bit for everything to finish05:41
maxsiyawho can help me ?05:41
LSGnickrud, mker: Thank you both for all your help, i greatly appreciate it05:41
nickrudLSG, one last player:  xine-ui is the packagename, xine is the executable. You sometimes need to try all 4 :)05:42
cplab2-58keith112123; i have no idea which packages are broken... how will i know that05:42
nirivencompsman, ? Nothing to do with mixing, dont chang ethat configuration. Either apt-get install alsa-oss and start teamspeak with aoss teamspeak or, run windows teamspeak in wine to get the mixing there.05:42
cplab2-58keith112123; i have no idea which packages are broken... how will i know that and fix the packages05:42
compsmanniriven: i will try " sudo apt-get alsa-oss "05:42
mkerLSG, yeah, I keep all three around for those weird files. great that you solved it!05:42
nirivencompsman, ok.05:42
LSGnickrud: Haha, i'll get that one too just in case!05:42
nirivencompsman, let me know what happens05:42
LSGnickrud, mker: Thanks again, i'm off to finally watch it now. Good night!05:43
nathanhelpcorey: what version of linux are you using?05:43
cjsWhat is the wrapper program used to run things like synaptic that asks for your password to perform administrative tasks?05:43
coreyubuntu 8.1005:43
techsupporthow can i prevent ubuntu server from turning the monitor off ?05:43
roger_|c0mmissar|, type nvidia-settings in a console and see if that pops up the gui05:43
compsmansudo apt-get alsa-oss invaalided command05:43
bazhangcompsman, need an install05:44
compsmani figured05:44
cjsOr, failing that, where I can I find the menu files so that I can look this up? (I.e., figure out what System / Administration / Synaptic Package Manager really runs.)05:44
FloodBot2compsman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:44
terryxsome of my programs are crashing in ubuntu, anybody knows why....?05:44
bazhangcjs, dpkg?05:44
compsmanoops sorry everyone*shame on me:(*05:45
bazhangterryx, how much ram, which apps05:45
Quagmirebazhang helping others can be a very satisfying feeling. I'm a mod at another irc spot that has nothing to do with Ubuntu, but it is a very good feeling when I know I've helped people, but the thing that always feels good is when someone says Thank You. and so now I'll say Thanks to you!05:45
cjsbazhang: Ah, that should be able to tell me where a menu file was added or changed?05:45
bazhangQuagmire, glad you fixed it05:45
compsmanniriven: i installed it05:45
bazhangcjs, what are you trying to do, please specify05:45
jinja-sheepsheep: Testing the tray.05:46
coreynathanhelp: ubuntu 8.1005:46
compsmanniriven: so aoss then my program?05:46
=== selig5_ is now known as selig5
jinja-sheepkinja-sheep:  Tray working?05:46
terryxbazhang, ubuntu is working perfectly fine, 1gb ram, pentium-4, 2.4, mozilla, vrtualbox, epiphany...05:46
nathanhelpcorey: are you sure that page is the help for your hardware? I can't find any mention of slower speeds.05:46
|c0mmissar|roger_ tried that b4 & didn't work05:46
faileasPaddy_EIRE: oh, remember i was talking about mondo the other day? a chkdisk run on the windows drive fixed the error ;p05:46
maxsiyacompiz-dev: Depends: libxml2-dev but it is not going to be installed05:46
maxsiyacompiz-dev: Depends: libxml2-dev but it is not going to be installed05:46
maxsiyaDepends: libxml2-dev but it is not going to be installed05:47
maxsiyaDepends: libxml2-dev but it is not going to be installed05:47
maxsiyaDepends: libxml2-dev but it is not going to be installed05:47
FloodBot2maxsiya: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:47
Paddy_EIREfaileas, sweet.. so all is working?05:47
nickrudjinja-sheep, please do that in another channel, maybe create one of your own05:47
bazhangterryx, what is inside vbox; how many ff addons and which ones05:47
Paddy_EIREfaileas, happy for you ^_^05:47
faileasPaddy_EIRE: kinda, it works over NAS, and presumably a local drive. i need to test it further though05:47
coreyhang on i will contact telstra and see wat they say05:47
jinja-sheepnickrud:  I'm not flooding.  This is something I say occasionally.  I'm done with the setup tho. ;)05:47
coreythanks for your help05:47
faileaser, not nas,NFS05:47
Paddy_EIREfaileas, yes it seems like a very powerful application any way05:47
nirivencompsman, sorry, i disabled my network by accident, any update?05:47
nirivencompsman, aoss teamspeak, yeah05:48
cjsbazhang: I want to set up my fvwm menu to run synaptic, but give me that darn prompt, instead of just coming up with "you cannot perform admin tasks."05:48
nathanhelptelstra might no be able to answer your questions adequatly05:48
nickrudjinja-sheep, glad you're done, but I do class it as offtopic :)05:48
compsmanniriven: i tryed aoss teamspeak no sound coming to me but maybe output?05:48
faileasPaddy_EIRE: lol. precisely why i have been trying to make it work for two years. and when i do, i'll probably need to do a howto for it ;)05:48
terryxbazhang, when i open mozilla in terminal, after sometime mozilla closes itself and terminal says segmentatio fault...05:48
bazhangjinja-sheep, take it elsewhere (NOT here)05:48
roger_|c0mmissar|, i have a 6200 card as well and had problems with 177.x drivers and i fell back to the 173.x drivers and all is well, other than that, sorry05:48
zirodaycjs: tried doing gksudo synaptic?05:48
Paddy_EIREfaileas, hehe.. hopefully you have been taking notes?05:48
cjsbazhang: Anyway, thanks you gave me exactly what I needed. /usr/share/menu/synaptic contains 'command="/usr/bin/gksu /usr/sbin/synaptic"'.05:48
nirivencompsman, ?05:48
compsmanniriven: if u like i can pm u my servers ip?05:48
bazhangterryx, why are using it in terminal; and please answer all my other questions first05:49
faileasPaddy_EIRE: yes. the very first thing is, the ubuntu official repo version of mondo is borked. the repo one MAY be borked. thats not very promising ;p05:49
nirivencompsman, i dont have teamspeak :(05:49
Quagmirebazhang I'm not so sure I'm done just yet ..I tried to open the dvd and it started to play, but hung up on the FBI screen ...I'm assuming that I still need more in the way of codecs?05:49
Paddy_EIREfaileas, I look forward to reading a good mondo howto.. fit for human consumption..05:49
nirivencompsman, and im not running ubuntu05:49
faileasPaddy_EIRE: will do.05:49
cjsziroday: Thanks. Though I like knowing where these menu files are, now....05:49
bazhangQuagmire, libdvdcss2 from medibuntu.org (just the package not the repo)05:49
compsmanniriven:  wat u on? ts is crossplatformed05:49
terryxbefore virtualbox, i thought the problem is only with mozilla, after installing virtualbox, it also closes itself after sometime, and i don;t open mozilla in terminal all time, somebody says that it shows me the error thats why/...05:50
nirivencompsman, gentoo05:50
zirodaycjs: don't know anything about that wm. Sorry05:50
nirivencompsman, so its still blocking?05:50
|c0mmissar|roger_ thanks I never tried that one, did u use it from the repository or the website?05:50
Quagmirefrom either synaptic or the other place?05:50
cjsBTW, while everybody here is so helpful, anybody familiar with the new way of dealing with session management in 8.10, as opposed to 8.04? I'm running fvwm under a gnome session (instead of metacity), and it's been a world of pain....05:51
compsmanniriven: well my ts not disabling my mic anor sound..05:51
zirodaybazhang: is that still the way you're meant to do it? The wiki says to download libdvdread3 and run a script from that05:51
bazhangterryx, you need to answer my questions precisely: what is the host/guest in vbox, what exact addons for firefox, why running ff from terminal and paste.ubuntu.com with the error message05:51
exmachinaanyone here familiar with kexec?05:51
compsmanniriven: used to mute all my devices befor aoss05:51
bazhangziroday, good point05:51
nirivencompsman, ah, its probably working then :)05:51
Quagmirebazhang Oops I reread that again ...I'll sail over to medibuntu05:52
compsmanniriven: but no sound when switching channels05:52
nirivencompsman, ok try exiting..05:52
roger_|c0mmissar|, i'm using the repo 173 drivers for now05:52
nirivencompsman, echo 'teamspeak direct' > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss05:52
terryxbazhang, 1st, virtual box has only winxp which i use twice a week, mozilla has no addons05:52
nirivencompsman, echo 'teamspeak direct' > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0c/oss05:52
bazhangterryx, how did you install flash for firefox05:53
compsmanbash: /proc/asound/card0/pcm0c/oss: Permission denied05:53
compsmani might need sudo?05:53
nirivencompsman, yup.05:53
nirivencompsman, run both of those commands05:53
techsupporthow can i prevent ubuntu server from turning the monitor off ?05:53
bobbie4how do I prevent the 'cd-rom' of my USB GSM modem from auto-mounting. Every time I plug it in the 'cd-rom' mounts automatically and then I have to 'eject' it before the computer can see the modem. Any ideas?05:54
terryxbazhang, first day, first start on my ubuntu, i open firefox..goto youtube.com, the video was not opening its says to download/install flash play. and take me to website and then i download/install flash player..05:54
compsmannothing hqappens05:54
compsmanniriven: nothing happens05:54
Quagmirebazhang my computer appears to have hung ...remember that I have 2 pcs, the one I'm on here and the ubuntu pc05:54
jinja-sheepWhat's the correct command for pastebinit ?05:54
nirivencompsman, did you run both of those?05:55
bazhangjinja-sheep, command pastebinit05:55
QuagmireI believe there is a command that can force programs to quit05:55
bazhangjinja-sheep, or cat some file | pastebinit05:55
compsman-bash: /proc/asound/card0/pcm0c/oss: Permission denied      root@compsman-desktop:~#05:55
jinja-sheepbazhang:  I tried the second one (pipe).  It was taking too long.05:56
bazhangcompsman, why are you root05:56
zirodayQuagmire: you can do pkill <program> or killall <program> or if you know the PID then kill -9 <pid>05:56
compsmanniriven: i even used sudo -i05:56
compsmanniriven: i used sudo -i05:56
nirivenbazhang, We are trying to fix the fact that teamspeak uses oss and locks his dsp device for everythign else...05:56
nomingzistarting from what version of ubuntu that it come with AppArmor/SELinux ?05:56
QuagmireI found the problem guys05:56
ubottuFor information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor05:57
bazhangnomingzi, gutsy05:57
terryxhazhang...u still with me?????05:58
Quagmireziroday an you tell me more about the pkill?05:58
grayhaneOn a machine with one sata and one ied drive how can I choose which drive is the master ?05:58
bazhangterryx, that is not the way to install flash05:58
Noxz_gnome-sound-recorder tells me my preferences are incorrect, go to the auio from system->preferences and correct them, but they are correct, using OSS05:58
cjsgrayhane: Usually it's a BIOS setting.05:58
terryxso...what i do05:58
nirivencompsman, echo 'teamspeak 0 0 direct' > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss05:58
nirivencompsman, anything?05:58
bazhangterryx, sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree05:58
cjsgrayhane: If you can do it at all.05:58
terryxshould i do it now...?bazhang05:58
bazhangterryx, also install flashblock05:59
zirodayQuagmire: erm its pretty much pkill <commandname> but if it can't find a direct match it won't kill anything. The best way (but longest) is to do ps aux | grep <programname> get the pid and then do kill -9 <pid>05:59
terryxbazhang, now?05:59
grayhanecjae, Thanks, I looked in BIOS first but no entry for that, perhaps it will be when I put the drive in.05:59
bazhangterryx, try flashblock first05:59
compsmanniriven: -bash: /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss: Permission denied05:59
keith112123how do i update wine05:59
terryxbazhang, sudo apt-get install flashblock06:00
BangersHow do I create an account and set the password via command line? (I dont want to type password into STDIN)06:00
nirivencompsman, ok lets stick with aoss then, it should work with that..06:00
bazhangkeith112123, the latest version? you need to get the wine repos for that06:00
CoUrPsE|DeAdBangers, passwd account-name06:00
keith112123how do i do that06:00
keith112123whats the command06:00
BangersCoUrPsE|DeAd: errr but then it'll prompt for the password06:00
bazhangterryx, its a ff addon gotten from mozilla and installed from within ff06:00
CoUrPsE|DeAdu want to do it on one line?06:01
bazhangkeith112123, add the repo then update and install06:01
terryxbazhang, sudo apt-get install flashblock...i do it now?06:01
bazhangterryx, no06:01
=== sheep is now known as lstarnes
ziroday!pm > Quagmire06:01
ubottuQuagmire, please see my private message06:01
terryxbazhang..now what i do right now?06:01
bazhangterryx, please pay attention; its a ff addon from mozilla site06:01
compsmanniriven: i confirm my mic working but no incoming:(06:01
nirivencompsman, can you start with aoss teamspeak again and just see fi you can hear streaming sound from someone who is talking06:02
CoUrPsE|DeAdBangers, useradd --password password-here account-name06:02
terryxi understand..its a firefox addon from mozilla site06:02
bazhangterryx, google flashblock and it will give you link to go to06:02
terryxbazhang. ok06:02
nirivencompsman, well might be some setting issues then, look around in teamspeak and turn up volumnes, etc.06:02
bazhangterryx, then you install from within ff and restart ff06:02
compsmanniriven: noone is on my ts atm06:02
compsmanniriven: my wine sound just disappeared:s06:03
bazhangterryx, if that does not do it, then you need to uninstall the flash you installed and get the plugin from repos06:03
nirivencompsman, :(06:03
terryxbazhang, is this fine?.. http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/flashblock06:03
nirivencompsman, why not just run teamspeak in wine :) I bet your playing WoW? :)06:04
CoUrPsE|DeAdBangers, Type useradd to see more options.06:04
compsmanniriven: pidgin still mixing06:04
bazhangterryx, yep that will do it06:04
compsmanniriven: and firefox youtube06:04
Noxz_I have constant input of my microphone to output, what is a real fix for this, not a common one like alsamixer(even though I use oss)06:04
nirivencompsman, yeah not sure what to do then, sorry :(06:04
terryxbazhang...which one of 3  http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/flashblock06:04
CoUrPsE|DeAdNoxz_, You mean u can constantly hear your mic?06:05
compsmanwine ts off my win xp be onk?06:05
terryxbazhang, hardy, intrepid, jaunty?06:05
bazhangterryx, whatever sudo apt-get install flashblock installs for you; are you on intrepid?06:05
nirivencompsman, should be ok06:05
terryxbazhang, i don't know...06:05
CoUrPsE|DeAdNoxz_, Mute your mic, a mic never stops reciving data, it just streams it with apps accessing it.06:05
bazhangterryx, just run that command06:05
CoUrPsE|DeAdMuting your mic will stop all output of your mic to your own speakers.06:05
compsmanUnable to read extra attributes: "Cache\Survey.mpq"06:05
compsmandeom wine06:05
bazhangterryx, lsb_release -a for version06:06
Noxz_well, second, gnome-sound-recorder tells me my preferences are incorrect, go to system->prefs->sund and they work fine06:06
CoUrPsE|DeAdIt doesnt mute your mic to other applications thou. just stops you hearing yourself.06:06
Noxz_obv since my mic works06:06
SubdolusIs it possible to add TOO MUCH RAM to a computer? Even if it's the same type (DDR2 for eg.)?06:06
Noxz_using what app?06:06
compsmanniriven: i am thinking a bug cus i just reloaded it:P06:06
zirodaySubdolus: how much ram are you considering here? Is it 32bit or 64bit?06:07
nirivencompsman, related what?06:07
terryxbazhang, installing complete from terminal but i have not download anything from that site...06:07
Subdolusziroday: 32bit06:07
CoUrPsE|DeAdNoxz_, dunno sorry.06:07
compsmanniriven: Unable to read extra attributes: "Cache\Survey.mpq"06:07
Subdolusziroday: Currently 1 stick of 512MB06:07
bazhangterryx, now restart ff06:07
Subdolusziroday: I want to sling 2Gb in it06:07
compsmanniriven: that was a new message right befor dead sound:P06:07
CoUrPsE|DeAd2GB of ram is fine, anything over 3.2GB you need 64bit to read.06:07
nirivenSubdolus, Not possible to have too much ram, but keep in mind, 32-bit supptos only 4 gigs without PAE and 64-supports more :)06:07
lust`hello i just updated ubuntu and after that when i open firefox it expands to the whole screen and i am unable to view application , places , system bar or any other bar to be precise can you tell me what to do?06:07
zirodaySubdolus: that would be fine, however it is usually best to have the ram slots around even. For a stock 32bit kernel you can't go over 3.5GB06:08
daxelrodSubdolus: It's possible that your motherboard might not support all 2GB, but unlikely06:08
SubdolusOk excellent06:08
zirodaylust`: press F11 twice06:08
bazhanglust`, hit f1106:08
terryxbazhang, i have start ff and it says add-ons, flashblock'06:08
edwardchuajhhi guys06:08
Swishstock ubuntu kernel supports 4GB just fine06:08
roger_i have 2gb ram and i show 0% of swap being used, could i disable the swap partition, i've never seen it used06:09
bazhangterryx, go to a flash site now06:09
CoUrPsE|DeAd32bit kernel?06:09
Swishit uses some trick to map around the ram so that you can use all 4GB.  yes 32bit.06:09
Swishit's just a little more inefficient06:09
nirivenroger_, Yes but if you ever go over 2 gigs of physical ram usage, i wouldnt want to see what happens :)06:09
Swish5-15% iirc, but i'm just guessing06:09
CoUrPsE|DeAdAhh cool..06:09
zirodayroger_: you could remove the swap partition, sure but unless you're very low on memory its a bad idea06:09
dr_willisroger_,  its  best to always have some swap partition - just in case...06:09
bazhangterryx, caps; youtube06:09
zirodayroger_: sorry not memory, hard drive space06:09
Swishimho I'd stick with 32bit ubuntu if I had 4GB RAM.06:09
daxelrodniriven: malloc returns zero.06:09
compsmanniriven: my windows version wont open a error stream write error06:09
edwardchuajhi need some help in starting GIMPShop in my Ubuntu Studio 8.10, i installed it but nothing happens06:09
Swish64bit drivers/software still isn't quite ready for prime time06:09
nirivendaxelrod, Ah ;)06:10
roger_i think ubuntu on the install only put like 528 swap partition lol06:10
zirodaySwish: are you talking about the desktop or server version?06:10
lust`thanks ziroday and bazhang06:10
zirodayroger_: Well then I would leave it alone06:10
nirivencompsman, not sure than, sorry :(06:10
Swishziroday, I was thinking of the server version, but doesn't the desktop kernel also have that 32bit 4GB+ kernel?06:10
zirodayroger_: you can't add it back to your normal hard drive space easily anyway06:10
KhisanthSwish: no06:10
Swishhmph.  that sucks :)06:10
zirodaySwish: nope, only server version has the high-mem option compiled with it06:10
compsmanniriven: ohhh no no THANK YOU!:) Your were BIG HEAP of HELP!:)06:10
Khisanthwhich is why I am only able to use 3/4GB right now06:11
Swishin that case you can just install the server version then later install the desktop :)06:11
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
Swish(i forget the exact apt-gets to do, but it's easily googleable)06:11
Khisanththat had it's own problem, in that I couldn't use the nvidia drivers anymore06:11
zirodaySwish: the desktop kernel is optimized for the desktop, the server kernel is optimized for servers. They are different,06:11
Swishbazhang, there you go :)06:11
terryxbazhang, i don't understand i have selected the video but its black screen no video, no buttons..??06:11
nirivencompsman, if teamspeak supported alsa or esd, you whouldnt have this problem :)06:11
mkerSwish, I disagree, I use 64bit with no problems at all, it depends on your needs, if you need something that is only available in 32bit then sure, otherwise 64bit is perfect.06:11
zirodaySwish: futhermore 64bit is faster06:11
nirivenziroday, For desktop use, no its not06:12
compsmanniriven: u sure alsa uses /Dev/dsp  ?06:12
bazhangterryx, what does about:plugins show in browser for flash06:12
nirivencompsman, it does but it also have an interface, and uses dmix to software mix your incoming streams.06:12
zirodayniriven: it depends on which desktop use it is, but yes it is.06:12
Swishziroday, like you said, it depends on your needs.  My friend could only do h.264 decoding without dropping frames if he used a 64bit kernel/software.  But his flash/pdf/whatever 64 bit plugins for FF have been giving him hell over the past year06:12
nirivenziroday, I'd like to see a benchmark that proves that :)06:12
compsmanniriven: wwwould /Dev/dmix wwork?06:12
mkerniriven, I think I've seen some benchmarks where it *was* faster when doing some desktop stuff. Don't have any link ready though.06:12
SwishMaybe it's all working "Relatively well" these days, but .... :)06:12
nirivencompsman, i doubt it, not sure though.06:13
zirodayniriven: certaintly, give me a sec06:13
zirodaySwish: there are 64bit versions of flash and pdf readers06:13
terryxbazhang, i goto tools and add-ons, plugins, all are enabled06:13
Swishziroday, like I said, he wasted a bit of time fiddling with 64bit software during the past year06:13
bazhangterryx, type about:plugins in address bar06:13
compsmanniriven: i am gonna google teamspeak alsa06:13
mkerniriven, http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=998&num=306:14
terryxbazhang, aal are enabled to yes but not one..06:14
zirodaySwish: I think you will find most, if not all 64bit issues have been ironed out06:14
pranavmarathehi there06:14
KhisanthSwish: you can still use the 32bit apps in a 64 bit system06:14
Swishziroday, that's good to hear :)06:14
essialubuntu really needs to update exaile in its repo06:14
bazhangterryx, which version of ubuntu06:14
bazhang!version | terryx06:15
ubottuterryx: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »06:15
compsmanniriven: TeamSpeak 2 series are OSS-onlyn aaaahhhhh:(06:15
parolkar1I am facing this weird problem on my ubuntu on a netbook... If I start multiple apps which requires network access, or eg fork few wgets or curl.... Connection drops... and I have to do /etc/init.d networking restart to get it back... What can be the issue?06:15
SwishKhisanth, the issue is when you have plugins for apps that aren't compiled to the same 32/64 bitness06:15
Swishit... gets messy.06:15
pranavmarathei've installed ubuntu inside windows but not able to boot from it. please help anyone06:15
terryxbazhang, i have ubuntu 8.10 with full updates..06:15
nirivenmker, Thats so minimal though, 5 fps, that cant be associated with 64-bit, that could be variable for the video drivers involved. As for things like gzip, yes its faster, but thats not everyday desktop use imo :)06:15
Swishbut I'm not expert in this area of PITA.  I've stuck with 32bit :)06:15
bazhangterryx, then install flashplugin-nonfree from repos06:15
zirodayniriven: sorry these were the best I could find on short notice http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_810_vs_fedora_10&num=2 not necessarily discussing 32 vs 64 bit but the graphs speak for themselves06:16
terryxbazhang, from where/06:16
mkeressial, that's not how it works with ubuntu, you get a stable distro and only security and bug updates for 6 months, then you can update to the next version of ubuntu. you *can* update it manually but it has its drawbacks06:16
bazhangterryx, sudo apt-get install06:16
lost`bazhang : are you familier with mybook 1 Tb and can it be used on ubuntu?06:16
terryxbazhang, should i close ff or not?06:16
mkerniriven, I wasn't thinking about the game, it was lame and gzip that in my opinion were everyday desktop stuff :)06:16
bazhangterryx, yes06:16
essialmker: I know, I have to use the source version -- i'm just a little iffy about mixing source installs with binary packaging systems06:17
essialI'm always afraid of unintended breakages06:17
faileaslost`: if its a standard network attached drive or usb drive, it should work06:17
QuagmireIg ot it licked guys, now on to another chalenge, but this point everythings a little bit of a challenge ;)06:17
nirivenmker, Ah ok. I'd agree th at 64-bit is better for some encryption, gzip, encoding, and database work :)06:17
mkeressial, same here, I just don't read about new versions to avoid the temptation06:17
essialthe repo version's shoutcast support doesn't work06:17
essialthe source version does, so I have to. I've used linux from scratch so I know what I'm doing :p06:17
terryxbazhang, i think the problem because of segmentation fault, what u think?06:18
essialdon't get me started on the latest monodevelop though (step debugging ftw -- come on ubuntu!)06:18
c1rcuitso i deleted ubuntu off of my system, however when i try to reboot it says that Grub loading, please wait... error 1706:18
w3rd_does anyone in here know anything about fiber channel switches06:18
lost`i have already saved some files on mybook 1 tb using my windos os is there a way i can view the files ?06:18
c1rcuitam i totally screwed?06:18
pranavmarathei've installed ubuntu inside windows but not able to boot from it. please help anyone06:19
faileasc1rcuit: what's the os you SHOULD have on it?06:19
essialmker: Am I correct to say that gnome/linux has no "visual studio" quality IDEs yet?06:19
nirivenc1rcuit, no thats easy to fix06:19
faileasc1rcuit: you'll need to fix the  bootloader, its an easy fix06:19
roger_fdisk /mbr ftw06:19
c1rcuitcan you help me with it06:19
matineed help..how to start job..job is stopped... start -p ..what is the command ? sudo start -p and PID ? please help06:19
jinja-sheepIs there a "pastebinit" for photo?  To be more specific, photo-uploader to a website and provide me the link?  I tried photo-uploader.  It didn't seem to be working.06:19
faileasc1rcuit: ask on #windows >_>06:19
nirivenc1rcuit, Yup, you lost your grub install, so its broken, just restore ntldr.06:19
terryxbazhang, installation complete...now open ff?06:19
mkeressial, I have no idea, not into that :)06:20
bazhangterryx, yes06:20
dr_willis"visual studio" quality  -- vs 'visual studio' clones. :)      guess it depends on what your defintion of quality is...06:20
nirivenc1rcuit, send a msg if you want some help :)06:20
Fracturedmybook 1tb can be used fine06:20
spasticteapotCan anyone here recommend a good music player / manager that supports FLAC?06:20
spasticteapotIs Amarok the only way to go?06:21
mkersparr, any?06:21
DexiI dont suppose anyone in this channel uses disrok06:21
essialdr_willis: Well all IDEs I've seen (aside from mono, which is exclusively .net) are either way overblown or require extensive console usage (anjunta on one end, glade on the other)06:21
Dexispasticteapot: rhythmbox?06:21
terryxbazhang, video is still not running in youtube...06:21
lost`Fractured : without using any software i can wivew the files i saved ?06:21
matineed help..how to start job..job is stopped... start -p ..what is the command ? sudo start -p and PID ? please help06:21
essial*monodevelop I mean06:21
bazhangterryx, you need to click the button and let it load06:21
TriksterHey, I just finished downloading and burinig Ubuntu. Could someone please point me to the installation help page?06:21
Fracturedlost: sure can! using two right now06:21
Fracturedlost: you having problems with it?06:21
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate06:22
lost`Fractured : never tiried let me cheak!06:22
terryxbazhang, ok listen video is not running in ff but it is playing on epiphany web browser...06:23
jinja-sheepShould I be concerned about the said dependencies?  What's the best way to remove packages without breaking the dependencies?  http://pastebin.com/f76cbfb3606:23
essialLinux may have more applications/support if companies/individuals could concentrate on writing applications, and not dealing with the gritty GNU autotools and the like -- as well as "newer" things like IDEs with code completion, debugging, etc all built in -- thats what I mean by "visual studio like"06:23
gaintsurain /etc/fstab how do I set the permissions on the device by umask?06:23
spasticteapotDexi: I'll give it a shot - does it do FLAC?06:23
Fracturedlost: it should be formatted FAT32 out of the box... plug it in, it should automount it and pop on the desktop06:23
terryxbazhang, i think the problem because of segmentation fault, what u think?06:23
Dexispasticteapot: yes. and anything else you throw at it, as far as i could find.06:24
bazhangterryx, no idea as there is so little info so far06:24
lost`Fractured : thanks06:24
Dexispasticteapot: when you try to play the file, it will prompt you for a codec, just click "get" and the song will work06:24
terryxbazhang, what else you want..tell me?06:24
Fracturedlost: all the data from windows should still be on there and perfectly readable06:24
spasticteapotDexi: Will it transfer playlists to a rockbox'd ipod?06:24
some1normalhi all i'm having a problem with a extern hd i tried testdisk it detected no partition06:24
terryxbazhang, do you know what is segmentation fault?06:25
bazhangspasticteapot, a regular ipod for sure, not sure about rockbox'd one06:25
Dexispasticteapot: im not sure what a rockbox'd ipod is, i despise apple and dont use their products.06:25
some1normalcan some one help me please06:25
Dexi!ask | some1normal06:25
ubottusome1normal: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:25
bazhangterryx, are you running compiz and a ton of other apps at the same time06:25
spasticteapotDexi: Say what you will, you'll have a hard time finding an mp3 player with a better DAC.06:26
terryxbazhang, not at all06:26
nite_johnboyHi - Anyone know of an app that would convert an .wma music filoe to a .mp3 or .ogg or .flac ? ?06:26
bazhangterryx, type top in terminal and see what is eating your ram06:26
Dexispasticteapot: i like my MP3 player as I dont have to convert every song i put on it, and its easilly transferrable. I plug it in, and copy the files i want, no crappy software.06:26
spasticteapotBesides, I intend on replacing every part of the analog circuitry, replacing the 20gb hard drive with a 32gb compactflash card, and giving it 250% of the original battery capacity to power the whole mess.06:26
Dexispasticteapot: its touch screen as well.06:26
spasticteapotDexi: Rocbox replaces the default ipod OS.06:26
spasticteapotAlso, I don't like touchscreens. :)06:27
terryxbazhang, just utorrent and it is stopped06:27
onats1hi, how can i remotely connect to my currently active desktop session?06:27
Dexi:p well to each his own06:27
spasticteapotDexi: It's mostly a case of the ipod being cheap ($30 shipped!), easy to modify (there's loads of information), and having unusually good sound quality.06:28
some1normalDexi: i'm having a hd 80g with 2 partition that i'm tring to fix but nothing woked for me06:28
essialquick Gtk question if anyone knows: it seems the "details" style "treeview" doesn't have a border on any theme I use -- is this expected?06:28
bazhang!give me a test06:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about give me a test06:28
some1normalDexi: extern hd06:28
Dexisome1normal: what are you trying to do?06:29
Dexispasticteapot: what format does it use for playlists?06:29
spasticteapotI don't know.06:29
Dexiwell im sure it will work fine06:29
bazhangterryx, open a terminal and type top and see what is eating your processes wine is one at least06:29
marabout_essial: had to get  back on using  another computer06:30
essialmarabout_ fun, what does it say?06:30
some1normalDexi:  i used testdisk it detect the hd but no partition06:30
spasticteapotDexi: Yah, it uses .m3us.06:30
Dexispasticteapot: then im sure youre fine.06:31
terryxbazhang, max is 5.0 it is xorg, then xchat, compiz, utorrent...06:31
bazhangterryx, you said no compiz06:31
silv3r_m00nhi there06:31
Dexisome1normal: are you trying to preserve any information on it? if not, just format it.06:31
silv3r_m00ni installed php and want to enable curl but in php.ini there is no such setting06:31
silv3r_m00nhow to enable curl06:31
terryxbazhang, i did not say that06:31
bazhangterryx, disable compiz06:32
aotianlongany one use dell 1537.06:32
terryxbazhang, how?06:32
spasticteapotDexi: Is Rythmbox in the repository?06:32
terryxappreance-effect u mean?06:32
spasticteapotI thought is used to be.06:32
mkerterryx, yes06:32
spasticteapotaotianlong: What problems are you having?06:32
aotianlongmy internal microphone does not work .06:32
spasticteapotI've used Linux on lots of laptops.06:32
bazhangterryx, set to none06:32
terryxbazhang, done...06:33
spasticteapotIt sounds like a sound configuration problem - try fiddling around with your sound settings.06:33
bazhangalt f2 metacity --replace terryx06:33
Dexispasticteapot: should be06:33
bazhangterryx, also consider not using utorrent, but a native linux torrent client06:33
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P06:33
some1normalDexi: the analyse shows that there is a read erorr06:33
terryxbazhang, what was that, metacity...?06:34
Dexispasticteapot: yes it is06:34
bazhangterryx, scroll up06:34
aotianlongspasticteapot: i was try every thing . but it's still not work.06:34
terryxbazhang, and why not to use utorrent?06:34
Dexisome1normal: have you tried formatting?06:34
spasticteapotDexi: Odd. I can't find it.06:34
Dexispasticteapot: spell it right? lol06:34
abstraktcan i burn the ubuntu CD onto a DVD instead?06:34
bazhangabstrakt, sure06:34
Dexispasticteapot: that or "Sudo apt-get install rhythmbox" in terminal06:35
error404notfoundanyone here who has used apt-cacher? what do you suggest apt-proxy or apt-cacher?06:35
lost`is there a same type program like mirc for ubuntu ?06:36
spasticteapotDexi: Hold on, I seem to have a Synaptic problem.06:36
spasticteapotlost`: Xchat.06:36
spasticteapotIt's very good.06:36
spasticteapotDexi: What repository is it in?06:37
Dexispasticteapot: uhh ... the default? idk06:37
spasticteapotI set it to "main server" instead of "server for united states".06:37
spasticteapotLet's see if it works now.06:37
some1normalDexi: yes with windwonz but didn't try it ender linux06:38
compsmanniriven: you here? I got the Wins verssion wwworking:)06:38
Dexisome1normal: do it from bios06:38
TriksterHow can I open my BIOS?06:39
compsmanniriven: any way i can fix the font sizing?06:39
tyler_dlooking to get the most out of my battery life on a sattelite r10 using 8.10?06:39
tyler_dTrikster: restart your computer, and upon post it may be either the del key or f106:39
TriksterOkay; I'll try it.06:39
TriksterBe back in like 5 mins.06:39
omny_devitrik - an operating system has nadda to do with bios, just see what it wants you to hit, it will be like PRESS (something) TO ENTER SETUP06:40
some1normalDexi: with what ?06:40
some1normalDexi: :p06:41
Dexisome1normal: restart your computer and press del key before the OS loads. im not sure how to format it from there, but if you look around you should be able to find it...06:41
Dexiguys there is a way to format from bios, right? or am i just insane06:41
essialyour insane06:41
Dexithanks essial06:41
tyler_dDexi: thats a low level format from the bios06:41
essialtyler_d: yup06:41
=== vasyok is now known as kvas
Dexityler_d: well what do you suggest some1normal does?06:42
tyler_dDexi: will take a really long time and is somewhat dangerous06:42
essialthe BIOS doesn't understand filesystems06:42
silv3r_m00nhi there how to enable curl in php in ubuntu ?06:42
merverferkerwhy would u want to do that?06:42
essialwell thats a lie, it has to understand the ISO standards' cd/dvd formats06:42
Dexiits a format... of course its dangerous. its purpose is to destroy information06:42
daxelrodWhy not format from a livecd?06:42
tyler_dDexi: to format a drive... I would use the generic os install method06:42
=== Laura is now known as Lau
Dexisome1normal: ^ what he said06:43
Dexihi lau06:43
essialformat WILL destroy data06:43
tyler_dbattery power increase?06:43
essialif you are trying to recover windows XP, the answer is very easy06:43
kiasanthI've written a script "/home/kiasanth/makeapt.sh" is it possible to make that accessible from anywhere using just "makeapt" ?06:43
some1normalDexi: ok i'll try it  thanks and am gonna make some search  thanks again06:43
JunHI, is anyone here know how to install a MINISIP?06:43
Dexisome1normal: you are going to erase EVERYTHING, ok?06:43
tyler_dkiasanth: !alias06:44
essialsome1normal: yeah I hope you know what your about to do06:44
kiasanthtyler_d: thanks, that was quick hehe06:44
tyler_dkiasanth: np06:44
JunHI, is anyone here know how to install a MINISIP?06:44
lost`Fractured : it works like a charm06:45
kiasanthtyler_d: will it remember that after I reboot or do I have to add it so something?06:45
JunHI, is anyone here know how to install a MINISIP?06:45
tyler_dkiasanth: to have it remember that, add the alias= to your .bash_profile or .bash_rc file on $HOME06:46
kiasanthtyler_d: thanks, very helpful06:46
tyler_dkiasanth: yw06:46
JunHI, is anyone here know how to install a MINISIP?06:46
soreau! repeat | Jun06:46
ubottuJun: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:46
Junoh im so sorry.. ok thanks.06:47
lost`Fractured : when i remove the usb HD should i unmount it before taking it out?06:48
tyler_danyone used cpuidle before?06:48
compsmanhown wel does steam work for everyone?06:48
roger_linux-restricted-modules, what does that consist of06:49
tyler_droger_: alot of things... could you be more specific please?06:49
roger_just curious, seen it in synaptic06:49
tyler_droger_: letmegooglethatforyou06:50
shoviis there a package for kiba dock06:51
tyler_droger_: http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=ubuntu+restricted+modules06:52
essialtyler_d: I LOVE that site06:52
roger_oh it has like nvidia drivers, etc... in that, ok i see06:52
evilGUIanyone have any idea on how long it would take to compile the Linux kernel on a celeron m 1.5ghz 512MB of ram?06:53
tyler_devilGUI: not a clue sorry06:53
spasticteapotCan anyone else here figure out how to download Rythmbox on Intrepid Ibex?06:53
essialevilGUI: the linux Kernel by itself?06:53
mkerspasticteapot, it's included by default if you use gnome06:54
compsmancan anyone tell me what a good dpi for wine?06:54
spasticteapotI don't use GNOME. I use Xubuntu.06:54
tyler_dspasticteapot: apt-get didn't work?06:54
evilGUIessial: Yes06:54
spasticteapottlyer-d: sudo apt-get install rythmbox did nothing.06:54
shovihow do i run compiz fusion?06:54
mkerspasticteapot, rhythmbox06:54
tyler_dspasticteapot: wget from the source?06:54
evilGUII'm compiling a custom kernel for my wireless06:54
essialevilGUI: it depends on the options, anywhere from 2 minutes to 2006:54
mkerspasticteapot, that's how you spell it06:54
essialthe more modules you have, the longer it takes06:54
Dexiam I the only one who thinks Rikku from ffx was hot?06:54
mkerspasticteapot, hehe :)06:55
essialDexi: no06:55
Dexiok good06:55
essialDexi: She was designed with hotness in mind06:55
spasticteapotDexi; No, and I have a funny story about that.06:55
Dexispasticteapot: oh god i wasnt expecting this kind of agreement06:55
Junim newbie here...06:55
Dexispasticteapot: please do tell06:55
spasticteapotDexi: A fellow I met at a local sci-fi con was sitting a corner, moaning, because he had just propositioned the daughter of a woman he went clubbing with.06:55
Junanyone here knows how to install MINISIP?06:56
=== vasyok is now known as kvas
Dexispasticteapot: this has something to do with Rikku?06:56
spasticteapotIn all fairness, the guy was 19, he didn't know her....and she was dressed in a very scanty Riku costume.06:56
mkerspasticteapot,  Dexi, please take offtopic to #ubuntu-offtopic06:56
soreauspasticteapot: Seems you misspelled 'rhythmbox'06:56
spasticteapotsoreau: Don't remind me.06:56
Deximker: sorry :(06:56
tyler_dspasticteapot: wget "http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/rhythmbox/0.11/rhythmbox-0.11.6.tar.gz"06:56
Dexispasticteapot: I told you to check spelling like 30 minutes ago! lol06:56
tyler_dhe he he06:57
Junim on the libmnetutil ./bootstrap command...  and it shows some bugs like this  "configure.ac:14: warning: macro `AM_MINISIP_PACKAGE_INIT' not found in library"06:57
kvasfuck you, Billi Gates!!!06:58
Dexikvas... woahhh06:58
TriksterHey, I tried all of the options in my bios, but it still wouldn't start the installer..06:58
tyler_d!language | kvas06:58
ubottukvas: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:58
Boohbahkvas: there's no need for that06:58
Fracturedlost: your should always unmount whenever you can just to be sure, but its more of an issue when using windows06:58
kvasokay.. fuck you, Linus Torvalds06:59
essialer banninated06:59
essialHe must be a  mac fan06:59
tyler_dthanks for coming out though06:59
Flannelessial: That's not really necessary07:00
kodifletcheri need help with ubuntu...07:00
CoUrPsE|DeAdwiht ubuntu?07:00
tyler_dk so my battery only lasts like 45 minutes after unplugged, and its a brand new battery :(07:00
CoUrPsE|DeAdyou might be in the wrong channel.07:00
CoUrPsE|DeAdWhy dont you just ask a quesiton?07:00
mkerkodifletcher, explain what your problem is, no one can help you unless you do that.07:00
Dexi... what are ops here like bumble bees? you sting once and die?07:00
parolkar1 I am facing this weird problem on my ubuntu on a netbook... If I start multiple apps which requires network access, or eg fork few wgets or curl.... Connection drops... and I have to do /etc/init.d networking restart to get it back... What can be the issue?07:01
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate07:01
tyler_dparolkar1: have you tried ping whilst doing this?07:01
tyler_dparolkar1: are you using wired or wireless?07:02
parolkar1tyler_d wired07:02
ari_stresshi guys, why can't i zip an excel file with nautilus? it instead offer me to "extract" the xls file07:03
tyler_dparolkar1: wireshark(which I know not alot about) will give you a more in depth idea of what is happening on a packet level when this occurs, you might want to run a tail on messages as well.07:03
Flannelari_stress: Is it an xlsx file?07:03
parolkar1tyler_d, Ok07:03
mrmac_i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction with web develpment07:03
mrmac_much love if so07:03
tyler_dmrmac_: what language?07:03
tyler_dmrmac_: what platform?07:04
mrmac_basically, i'd like to learn wordpress.... so i'd like to localhost it to play around07:04
parolkar1mrmac_ what you looking for?07:04
CoUrPsE|DeAdmrmac_, You asking bout httpd servers or bout languages themselfs?07:04
kodifletcherwell, i installed ubuntu and now i cant boot up windows xp, when ubuntu is installed  dose it get rid of my windows xp?07:04
mrmac_but i dunno where to start07:04
mrmac_kod, that depends07:04
tyler_dmrmac_: you would want to start with a lamp server07:04
parolkar1mtmac_ you wanna have a blog?07:04
mrmac_can you point me to a package or website?07:04
mrmac_yes, eventually...07:04
mrmac_but i wanna get the design down first... and all that jazz07:05
tyler_dmrmac_:  google lamp... linux, apache, mysql, php07:05
roger_mrmac_, it's lampp07:05
roger_2 p's07:05
mrmac_okay, ill see whaddup with lamp.   thanks for now  =]07:05
mrmac_okay lampp07:05
roger_lampp will work well in most cases except07:05
tyler_droger_: why 2 ps?07:05
tyler_dphp and ???07:06
roger_if you use mysql repo clients to connect to alter db's07:06
roger_you have to put the correct socket path in07:06
kodifletcherwell, i installed ubuntu and now i cant boot up windows xp, when ubuntu is installed  dose it get rid of my windows xp?07:06
roger_it's spelled lampp07:06
roger_lamp is wrong07:06
nirivenkodifletcher, installed on a differnt partition?07:07
tyler_droger_: go correct this then http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAMP_(software_bundle)07:07
roger_matter of fact, search xampp and the first listing will be apache friends website for xampp for linux07:07
kodifletcherwhats that?07:08
Flannelroger_: Don't suggest xampp, we have a proper lamp stack.  That's the suggested method.07:08
nirivenkodifletcher, Did you install on another partition or hardrive, other then the windows, or did you overwrite it07:08
Flannel!lamp | mrmac_07:09
ubottumrmac_: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)07:09
roger_lamp, lampp, either which way he'll have to fix the socket path to connect with the repo admin tools07:09
Flannelmrmac_: That page will get you all set up with the webserver proper.07:09
kodifletcheridk, i just installed it, and now in my boot menu theres no windows07:09
nirivenkodifletcher, Well thats kinda not good that you dont know :). How many hardrives do you have?07:10
mrmac_sheesh  alright...07:10
b1gbawxever since i selected x windows to not load on startup my usb external harddrive wont load while in x. is there a way to fix this it worked before07:10
mrmac_i've only been runnin linux for about 6 months now.07:10
mrmac_so, this should be fun07:10
nirivenkodifletcher, When you were in windows, did you see a C:\ and a D:\, D:\ being another drive, or was D:\ a cdrom07:11
b1gbawxi think my x doesnt load usb drivers anymore or something07:11
Flannelkodifletcher: Please go to a terminal (programs > accessories > terminal) and type in the following command: sudo fdisk -l   then paste the output to paste.ubuntu.com, hit paste, and give us the URL of the page.07:11
Flannelkodifletcher: That's a lowercase L07:11
b1gbawxanyone know alot about x windows and usb?07:15
nirivenkodifletcher, Looks like you installed over windows :-/07:15
mkerb1gbawx, just ask what you want to know07:15
=== tavish is now known as iRtavish
KJ4HZWhello all.  can I ask a question about the IT business in general?07:15
mkerb1gbawx, ops, sorry, didn't see your previous messages07:16
kodifletchernooooo! so exerthing i had on windows is gone?07:16
b1gbawxyah im having issues with my usb external hd not loading anymore after i set my x windows not to laod on startup07:17
nirivenkodifletcher, Probably..07:17
tyson_Anybody here had any troubles playing wow in ubuntu 8.10.  I keep getting the black screen of death "No Signal" then i must restart my computer to recover from it07:17
kodifletcheris there a way to find out or to get it back?07:17
mrmac_kod, you could still salvage what hasn't been written over07:17
nirivenmrmac_, Most likely alot has been written over07:18
mrmac_take your harddrive to another computer, and use McAfee Recovery software on that computer07:18
mrmac_ya, well, he might get a few photos outta it07:18
Junim on the libmnetutil ./bootstrap command...  and it shows some bugs like this  "configure.ac:14: warning: macro `AM_MINISIP_PACKAGE_INIT' not found in library"07:18
mrmac_i mean, i found out my friend was gay when that happened to him07:18
Junim on the libmnetutil ./bootstrap command...  and it shows some bugs like this  "configure.ac:14: warning: macro `AM_MINISIP_PACKAGE_INIT' not found in library" anyknow this?07:18
CoUrPsE|DeAdlol mrmac_.07:19
kodifletcherdose mcafee recovery software cost?07:19
KJ4HZWok folks, i'm going to ask anyway: are the jobs available in IT presently?  and of those, any for entry level linux admins?07:19
mrmac_not sure, dude07:19
tyson_Anybody here had any troubles playing wow in ubuntu 8.10.  I keep getting the black screen of death "No Signal" then i must restart my computer to recover from it07:19
FlannelKJ4HZW: this isn't the place for that.  Try #ubuntu-offtopic (or a number of other channels)07:19
CoUrPsE|DeAdKJ4HZW, I dont think thats a question that can be asked.07:19
yowshi1i have no sound on my system can someone help me fix this?"07:20
KJ4HZWflannel, will do07:20
nirivenKJ4HZW, Not here, go look at job sites, like hotjobs.com, or monster, etc.07:20
CoUrPsE|DeAdThis this might be my last beer.07:20
mrmac_oh cmon!07:20
Junim on the libmnetutil ./bootstrap command...  and it shows some bugs like this  "configure.ac:14: warning: macro `AM_MINISIP_PACKAGE_INIT' not found in library" anyknow this?07:20
nirivenCoUrPsE|DeAd, hoppy beer? :-007:20
mrmac_i just started07:20
KJ4HZWCoUrPsE|DeAd: last beer ever, or last beer tonight?07:20
CoUrPsE|DeAdlast beer for bout 30 mins.07:20
CoUrPsE|DeAdMy typing gone to crap.07:21
kodifletcherok so thats all the luck ill have?07:21
b1gbawxwhen someone says check /etc/fstab whats that mean how do i do that07:21
CoUrPsE|DeAdIts a sad life when you relise you might be getting drunk when your just sitting on irc by yourself.07:21
roger_gedit /etc/fstab07:21
jinja-sheepShould I be concerned about the said dependencies?  What's the best way to remove packages without breaking the dependencies?  http://pastebin.com/f76cbfb3607:22
hamannzoff topic channel?07:22
abstraktCoUrPsE|DeAd, yup... i been there07:22
KJ4HZWCoUrPsE|DeAd: Its not that sad07:22
mrmac_Kod, if there's luck to be had, yes07:22
abstraktCoUrPsE|DeAd, yeah cuz most of us are drinking too, so u'r not really alone :P07:22
nirivenkodifletcher, Yes. Sorry to say, but you installed ubuntu on top of windows. Anything ubuntu didnt write, could possibly be recovered. you probably did lose a good portion of your data though.07:22
KJ4HZWabstrakt: now i'll have to join you all07:23
CoUrPsE|DeAdabstrakt, lol.07:23
kodifletcherdang i had no idea it would do that07:23
* sloopy cant drink, is at work07:23
hamannz wow .07:23
Flanneljinja-sheep: jinja-sheep you'll no longer have cellwriter.  Whether that means anything to you...  You can always reisntall those packags later.  (cell writer deals with input)07:23
KJ4HZWsloopy: what kind of job do you have?07:23
roger_what does drinking have to do with ubuntu support07:24
CoUrPsE|DeAdall ubuntu users support drinking?07:24
Flannelhamannz: Can we help you?07:24
sloopyKJ4HZW, job market sucks here so i do dispatch for a taxi/tow truck company07:24
hamannzif u drink u can't give support07:24
FlannelCoUrPsE|DeAd: Please take it elsewhere.07:24
b1gbawxis there a command x windows runs to get the usb loaded when it starts up07:24
b1gbawxcause mine doesnt ru nthat command anymore when i took it off startup07:24
jinja-sheepFlannel:  I'm trying to remove cellwriter.  It's still under Universal Access.07:24
CoUrPsE|DeAdWell.. it did start off as just a random comment, kinda migrated into a convo, /me joins #ubuntu-offtopic07:24
hamannzFlannel mmm i'm here to see the topics and if anybody has php skills07:25
kodifletcherok so i have another computer with windows is there a way i can copy that windows os and install it on this hard drive with ubuntu?07:25
hamannzyes they could help me07:25
Flannelhamannz: This channel is for Ubuntu support.  You may want to try ##php for PHP support.07:25
roger_what kind of php skills you looking for07:25
nirivenkodifletcher, No, differnt hardware profiles.07:25
hamannzit's and open source proyect07:25
hamannzfree to join07:25
=== paradox_ is now known as STOPLAY
yowshi2i have no sound on my system can someone help me fix this?"07:25
jinja-sheepFlannel:  There are lot of apps that I'm trying to remove without breaking anything.  The laptop is considered subnotebook thus have no needs for CD-related apps and keyboard/touchpad/etc/-related.07:25
Flannelhamannz: this channel isn't the place for it.  Please take recruiting elsewhere.07:25
FinnishI need some help with AVCHD-video, anyone?07:26
hamannzyes i know do you know a channel for that07:26
hamannzif you can point me, it would be good :)07:26
Flannelhamannz: #ubuntu-offtopic07:26
hamannzThanks :)07:26
kodifletcherniriven thanks so much07:26
roger_are you needing scripts or something, send a pm, i might be able to help ya07:26
nirivenkodifletcher, Get a windows install disc and start a fresh installation, or try to recover some data with recovery software07:26
Dexiyowshi2: make sure to set your output to the right hardware. right click the sound icon and go to prefs07:26
tyler_dkodifletcher: restart with windows in, go f8 enter then r for repair07:27
tyler_dkodifletcher: if it picks it up your ok, as well prior to this maybe check ntfs support from within your distro07:27
yowshi2dex is was working about 30 minutes ago then it crapped out a reboot failed to fix the issue and i couldnt find anything jamming the sound stuff using lsof07:28
kodifletcherwhats ntfs and distro?07:28
kodifletcheri really appricate this guys07:28
essialntfs - Windows NT's standard filesystem07:28
Dexiyowshi2: that happened to me once. sound just... came back... after like 10 minutes.07:28
yowshi2Dexi:  is was working about 30 minutes ago then it crapped out a reboot failed to fix the issue and i couldnt find anything jamming the sound stuff using lsof07:28
tyler_dkodifletcher: ntfs is the file format typically used for windwos07:28
yowshi2Dexi: well it's been 30 and a reboot07:29
tyler_dkodifletcher: distro - lingo for the version of linux you are running07:29
bazylhi everybody!07:29
Dexi!sound | yowshi207:29
ubottuyowshi2: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:29
yowshi2yeah like those ever help07:30
KJ4HZWjoin #twinMidgetBallerinas07:30
Dexisorry yowshi2 thats the best i got.07:30
DexiKJ4HZW: the name of that channel scares me07:32
sloopyyeah wasnt sure i wanted to know07:32
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)07:32
Bangersis it possible to see what version of a package (SUN Java in my case) is on the repos, compared to what I have installed07:32
kodifletcherok, one more thing ubuntu has a screen resolution of 640x480. Everything is really big, how do i make it smaller like the windows i had on this comp before ubuntu?07:32
FlannelBangers: apt-cache policy package07:33
raylu!resolution | kodifletcher07:33
KJ4HZWDexi: it was a joke, sorry07:33
ubottukodifletcher: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution07:33
mrmac_kodifletcher, admin > screen res07:33
mrmac_so, i've installed the ApacheMySQLPHP package... i ran a test at http://localhost ("It Works!")... but i dont know where website's root is07:34
Flannelmrmac_: /var/www is your document root07:34
mrmac_and, thanks for the shortcut, becuase i've been rtfm07:34
sloopyKJ4HZW, watch it the topic police dont have a sense of humour here...07:34
blue112Hello everyone. Do you know a way to develop an OPC Server under Linux ?07:35
blue112Or a better channel for talking about that.07:36
error404notfoundcan I import apt-proxy archives in apt-cacher?07:36
mrmac_Flanel, any idea why i can't copy my WordPress files to /var/www?07:37
mrmac_it seems to by write protected07:37
essialmrmac_: /var/www is protected from normal users07:37
blue112mrmac_: sudo chown tonuser:tonuser /var/www07:37
mrmac_blast.  i'm admin07:37
abstraktmrmac_, setup vhosts07:37
mrmac_okay, i'll try those 2 things07:37
essialmrmac_: You are only admin when needed07:38
Flannelblue112: No, that's a bad policy07:38
punkrockguy318If I have a wireless network configured with network-manager, if I start a session from a terminal how can I connect to the wireless network?07:38
mojomrmac_: better make sure u use virtualhost07:38
abstraktmrmac_, go ask #apache about vhosts07:39
tyler_dmrmac_: if you are only using this on localhost, set apache to only listen on
tokyoaheadhi all... I am running ubuntu in a virtualbox as a client, and want to install the virtualbox addons to resize the screen. but I get hte following error: http://pastebin.com/m481413ec  any idea what to do?07:39
essialtokyoahead: do you have the kernel sources installed?07:40
mrmac_it seems to be workin now.  like, access-wise  now to set up WordPress on here...07:40
tokyoaheadessial: good question.... no I dont ... how do I install those?07:41
error404notfoundcan someone tell me how can I import apt-proxy cache to apt-cacher? I tried using the same directory as of apt-proxy but no use...07:41
mrhHi all07:41
mrhI am running Hardy with KDE, all has been well and tonight . . . I try to open synaptic, it takes my password, and then crashes, it shuts right down07:42
mrhsame for the update manager, and I go to processes in the system monitor and those processes are not running07:43
rwwtokyoahead: issue the following command in the client: "sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)"07:43
rwwtokyoahead: If Virtualbox is anything like VMWare, that should work.07:44
yowshi1grrr 2 reboots still no sound07:44
tyler_dyowshi1: what kind of card?07:45
tokyoaheadrww: thanks!07:45
rwwtokyoahead: you're welcome! let me know whether it works :)07:45
FinnishPlease help me with a script. http://linux-tipps.blogspot.com/2008/08/hd-video-encoding-in-sync-with-ffmpeg.html07:45
yowshi1tyler_d: an nvidia sound card. but it was working not one hour ago07:45
FinnishWhere do I put that?07:45
mrmac_so, first step to installing WordPress (on my box): http://localhost/wp-admin/install.php07:45
tyler_dyowshi1: check your logs, and see what changed07:45
mrmac_but it asks me to download the file... so my php server isnt running?07:46
yowshi1tyler_d: yeah which log and where are they and oh yeah i dont understand what the logs say most of the time anyway07:46
tyler_dyowshi1: did you change anything, install anything move anything?07:46
rwwmrmac_: the php module to your apache2 server isn't running, correct.07:46
blue112Hello everyone. Do you know a way to develop an OPC Server under Linux ?07:46
blue112Or a better channel for talking about that.07:46
mrmac_okay.  thanks... any troubleshooting ideas?07:46
hjertei'm not sure what protocol is here for asking for help, but i do need some!07:46
yowshi1tyler_d: no the sound jammed after watching a youtube video07:47
Flannelhjerte: Just ask the question07:47
tyler_dyowshi1: so where are you checking if sound works?07:47
meborc /j #elive07:47
yowshi1tyler_d: using vls07:47
yowshi1tyler_d: vlc07:47