null__Question:  How do I restart USB?00:22
steve|xpxubuntu doesn't seem to be recognizing my 256MB I put in my notebook00:25
calamaristeve|xp, does the bios recognize it?00:31
luis__hi guys02:32
luis__i am looking for a GNU/LINUX MASTER02:32
luis__the reasn is as follows:02:32
luis__i have had install 2 days ago xubuntu 8.10,  in order to use my epson stylus cx5600 i had to reinstall win and fo course i did reinstall again xubuntu02:34
luis__but then while surfing on internet i notice it was as slow as win so i did a check on win and to my surprise it really improve the speed on win, so the question is: why is this happening? isnt GNU/LINUX suppose to be a lot faster thna win???02:36
sourceluis__, so, what is the problem?02:36
luis__just say it02:36
luis__i did install on my sis and is fast, but in my pc is somehow really slow02:37
sourceluis__, ok, I need more information02:38
sourcememory, processor?02:38
luis__my pc has 1 Mega Ram 120 GB hd del evo d510 sff pentium 402:38
luis__2.e Ghz02:39
Sinistermy vol is so low i can barly hear it with head phones over my pc fan what could cause this ?02:39
source1 MB!!!?02:40
source1MB ram!!!02:40
luis__got confuse02:40
luis__how can i check the specification?02:40
sourcefree -m02:41
sourceaplicacions - system - gnome-system-manager02:41
luis__thks ok memory 1001.4 MiB Pentium 4 CPU 2.40GhZ02:42
sourcesystem monitor02:43
sourceluis__, the problem is for memory or processor02:44
luis__it says nothing about monitor02:44
luis__i dont know02:44
luis__all i know is the speed in xubuntu is really slow like 1 minute to download google web page02:44
luis__and if do the same page on win it takes a blink of an eye it use to be the other way around02:45
luis__ok like i was telling you source i dont know because if i want to download lets say google web page it takes about a minute but if i try the same on win it takes a blink of an eye and it use to be the other way around02:47
luis__mi speed connection is 1 Mega02:47
luis__so what would be the problem? amen is really weird that it only happens with xubuntu and it use to with win but now win has improve and xubuntu just dont i love xubuntu but sped is not nice at all02:50
luis__source would you take ver and see what the problem is ?????02:53
sourceluis__, ping www.google.com02:58
luis__lot of info03:00
luis__wich one should i give yu?03:00
luis__ok here some of it:03:01
sourceluis__, there you can see the speed of google respond you03:01
luis__PING www.l.google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.03:01
luis__64 bytes from iw-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=238 time=121 ms03:01
luis__64 bytes from iw-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=238 time=119 ms03:01
luis__64 bytes from iw-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=238 time=89.5 ms03:01
luis__64 bytes from iw-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=5 ttl=238 time=123 ms03:01
luis__64 bytes from iw-in-f99.google.com ( icmp_seq=6 ttl=238 time=112 ms03:01
sourceluis__, what browser are using?03:01
luis__is the "fastest" cause semonkey and epiphany are even slower03:02
sourcebut the problem is your conexion03:02
sourceyour memory is good03:03
luis__but see i got install firefox as well in win and there is very fast03:03
sourceif you see gnome monitor03:03
sourcehow many memory are using03:03
luis__no i have 1MB03:03
source1GB = 1024 MB03:03
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luis__in memory and swap history says 299.4 MiB (29.9%) of 1001.4 MiB03:04
sourcethat's good03:05
sourceI think the problem is your conection03:05
luis__yes i told you win is to be this way but now became really fast and this happens only with xubuntu03:05
sourcehave you ever tried with another browser?03:05
sourcefor example, opera03:06
tascilHeya again.  So I'm installing 8.10 on my box with an nvidia 8400GS video card.  I can only boot from the live CD in safe graphics mode, since not doing so will either drop me to a command-line or spew garbage on the monitor.  I need help installing the nvidia drivers, since I've tried both synaptic and envy and neither works.03:06
luis__i have seamonkey and epiphany03:06
luis__but they are even worst03:06
sourcetry with opera03:06
luis__the worst is epiphany03:06
luis__but is weird cause this is happening only with xubuntu wind did really improve03:07
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:07
sourcetascil, there03:07
luis__what do you mean??03:07
source<source> try with opera03:07
sourceif opera doesn't work...03:08
sourceI hope works03:08
tascilsource: I've tried that.  It says that the drivers are installed and enabled, but trying to boot into the system still gives me reported configuration errors and I still have to boot into low-graphics mode.03:09
luis__no such thing as that on synaptic03:10
luis__no opera browser on synaptic03:10
luis__nothing also by terminal03:11
luis__whats T_T surce?????03:12
luis__opera nothing and T_T either03:12
luis__none of them on synaptic not on terminal03:13
luis__so any of the master want o see whats wrong in here pls?? this is a good challeng for you guys and also you help me :p mi ip address is: ni invite to take control over my machine and see why is his happening would you pls???03:15
craigbass1976When I want to shut down, I have to go Applications -> Quit, then shut down form the login screen.  How can I do it in one step?  Without sudo...03:21
ballhello j1mc03:38
j1mchi ball03:38
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nikolami got a bit not ordinary question.05:09
nikolamI made encrypted swapfile (swap mounted as file)05:09
nikolam"But I got message Starting early crypto disks.."05:10
nikolamThat lasts for ,say, at least 3 minutes upon system start05:10
nikolamDoes anyone know how to reduce that time?05:10
R1cochety is your swap encrypted?06:12
balljust in case l;;-)06:13
ballhello source06:29
ZeZudear god the dev packages are screwed in xubuntu-ppc64 for ps306:36
ZeZuthe stock compiler has a bug where it sign extends unsigned long long's and the cell-sdk goes nuts about bad libraries06:37
spasticteapotI have a very strange problem.06:38
spasticteapotUnder the default settings, Synaptic Package Monitor is not listing many useful packages.06:38
R1cochetTheSheep: are you around?08:07
R1cochetquestion about qemu08:07
Muhammad_SaadWhich is the best tool to create a custom live CD? I also want to add a few custom scripts.08:18
R1cochettry reconstructor08:25
Muhammad_Saadwill it allow me to add custom scripts?08:25
Muhammad_Saadand is it easy to use?08:25
R1cocheti dont know, yes: http://ubuntusoftware.info/distro.html , http://reconstructor.aperantis.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=29&Itemid=3908:26
generalsnusHi! We use Ubuntu for our students at our school, I want to block certain websites, Ive tried to edit /etc/hosts.. but ubuntu dosent seem to use that at all.. both hosts.conf and nsswitch tells me its looking in the hosts first.. but still it dosent seem like its beeing used at all08:32
rhavenngeneralsnus: install a web proxy would be my suggestion...invisible if you want08:33
rhavenngeneralsnus: or assuming you run a central DNS server and block outbound DNS just set up central "fake" zones and direct those do localhost or whatever08:34
generalsnusive tried "squid"..but thats just too much of "configs" to be done.. i just want to block a bunch of adresses08:34
generalsnusi have a list of 800 urls i wanna block08:34
rhavenngeneralsnus: just force all DNS requests to go through a central DNS server..firewall all outbound DNS requests not from the DNS server08:35
rhavennwrite a quick script to generate zone files08:35
generalsnuswe use a w2k3 for DNS.. but i havent used it much.. i dont really know how to set it up/change stuff08:36
rhavenngeneralsnus: how many linux workstations are we talking?08:36
rhavenngeneralsnus: how are you determining that it ignores /etc/hosts ?08:37
Muhammad_SaadR1cochet, which one is easier? Ubuntu Customization Kit or Reconstructor?08:38
generalsnuswell.. in hosts i write www.wanttoblock.com08:38
generalsnusalas ive tried a lot of stuff in hosts file08:39
smyruHello, is there a way to stop xfce-terminal from auto changing directory when new tab is created?08:39
rhavenngeneralsnus: works for me08:40
rhavenngeneralsnus: you running NIS or anything special? you edit /etc/resolv.conf or anything?08:40
rhavenngeneralsnus: howabout /etc/nssswitch.com ?08:41
R1cochetsmyru: what do u mean?08:42
R1cochetwhen i open a new tab it stays in the same directory as the last tab08:42
generalsnusresolv.conf = has x2 nameservers listed.   nsswitch has hosts: files08:43
rhavenngeneralsnus: well, that should read hosts:    files dns08:45
rhavenngeneralsnus: again, how are you determining that the block doesn't work? using ping or dig or a browser?08:46
generalsnusit does.. just pointing out that fikles was first in line08:46
rhavenngeneralsnus: l08:46
rhavenngeneralsnus: *k08:46
generalsnusalso.. yeah..using browser to test08:46
smyruR1cochet: when you have a tab open in terminal and you are in lets say dir/a, when you hit Ctrl+T to create new tab, the new tab starts in dir/a08:46
smyruI dont like it , I would like to start in home by default08:47
rhavenngeneralsnus: try doing ping www.blockedsite.com   does it show the local IP?08:47
generalsnusif i ping.. i get respnse from
rhavenngeneralsnus: also, i wouldn't use is 127.0.X.X  replacing X with whatever valid IPs you want all are mapped to local interface08:49
generalsnushosts: www.blocked.site08:49
rhavenngeneralsnus: have you restarted the browser since changing? ie: did the browser cache old DNS info?08:50
rhavenngeneralsnus: assuming Firefox?08:50
generalsnustried restarting etc08:50
generalsnusit still resolves the adress08:51
rhavenngeneralsnus: well, firefox should honor /etc/hosts and /etc/nsswitch.conf08:51
rhavenngeneralsnus: the files comes before the dns in nsswitch right?08:51
generalsnuswhat other file can force it to use dns before files?08:51
R1cochetrhavenn: umm would firestarter work?08:52
R1cochetOption to whitelist or blacklist traffic08:52
rhavennR1cochet: never heard of it / used it08:52
R1cochetits a firewall for linux08:52
generalsnusi tried it.. but i couldnt get it to block any sites08:52
rhavenngeneralsnus: i don't know...that should really be it08:52
rhavennR1cochet: that's going to do IP only blocks08:53
generalsnusyeah.. and i have a list of 800 url's to block :p08:53
R1cochetu cant just out in the web address?08:54
rhavennR1cochet: no, not for iptables / firewalls in general08:55
generalsnusdamn.. hosts would be so simple08:55
rhavenngeneralsnus: if ping works then firefox is being screwy...what happens when you try lynx or just wget ?08:56
TheSheepanother option is to force a proxy and do all the filtering on it08:56
TheSheepit's the most common I think08:56
rhavennTheSheep: yeah, we covered that :)08:56
TheSheepah, ok08:57
generalsnuswell.. we currently use a proxy for our school.. but we cant administer it...  also its updated very seldom08:57
TheSheepset up your own08:58
TheSheep!info squid08:58
ubottusquid (source: squid): Internet object cache (WWW proxy cache). In component main, is optional. Version 2.7.STABLE3-1ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 679 kB, installed size 1748 kB08:58
R1cochetis there an option in firefox to block sites? or an add-on?08:59
rhavennstill be nice to figure out why firefox seems to be "ignoring" hosts file..it should work fine...used it plenty of times08:59
TheSheeprhavenn: probably it has the resolution already cached08:59
rhavennTheSheep: he says he restarted browser09:00
generalsnusive even tried to reinstall ff.. deleting profile folders etc09:00
TheSheepthen no idea09:00
generalsnusid love to use squid aswell.. but it seemed like quite a hassle to set up for a newbie like me09:01
TheSheepone trick to block everything except for a certain site (used in kiosk) is to enable proxy in firefox, and put the sites you want accessible in the 'no proxy' field09:01
TheSheepbut that's whitelisting, not blacklisting09:01
generalsnusyeah.. thats not gonna work09:02
rhavenngeneralsnus: we are editing /etc/hosts and running firefox on the same box, right? :)09:03
rhavenngeneralsnus: the only thing for DNS is /etc/hosts   /etc/resolv.conf and  /etc/nsswitch.conf    as long as   /etc/nsswitch.conf has    hosts:  files dns    (with files first) it should honor it..ping seems to work correctly, so i'm kinda lost09:08
rhavenngeneralsnus: how stock of a xubuntu install is this? any other changes / installs done?09:08
generalsnus8.10 Installed LTSP/NFS/Likewise   nothing that should change those setttings i belive09:09
rhavenngeneralsnus: firefox doesn't have a proxy setting set does it?09:12
rhavenngeneralsnus: preferences ->advanced tab -> network tab -> connections button09:13
generalsnusits on automatic... we need to use   wpad.headoffice.com.. so thats set up in the dns...09:15
generalsnusbut still.. hosts should be honored09:15
rhavenngeneralsnus: well, a proxy will bypass any local DNS settings09:15
rhavenngeneralsnus: the proxy is doing all the DNS resolution09:15
rhavenngeneralsnus: no, it shouldn't09:16
generalsnusWell it does work on a windows computer.. if i edit the host file.. neither FF or Explorer can reach the site09:22
generalsnusso it does seem that local files is first in line after all09:22
generalsnusjust not on my nix box09:23
rhavenngeneralsnus: well, windows != nix :)09:25
generalsnuswould think that firefox behaved somwhat the same tho09:26
rhavenngeneralsnus: in your xubuntu set proxy to "none", restart browser and see what happens09:27
generalsnusthen i get no internet..cant reach any sites09:27
rhavenngeneralsnus: yeah, but the error should be different09:27
rhavenngeneralsnus: you have a internal only webserver? edit your hosts file to point blocked URL at that IP09:28
generalsnusyep.. that works..09:31
rhavennas in...disabled proxy, update hosts and firefox goes to your internal server?09:32
rhavennso, it's the proxy resolution09:33
generalsnussigh.. i dont see how this work.. was really confused.. when i saw that host file worked before proxy on winxp.. confusing09:35
rhavenngeneralsnus: without access to the proxy server it won't :(09:36
rhavenngeneralsnus: firefox uses the native TCP/IP stack..so it will follow the OS conventions on how resolution will work09:38
generalsnusso there is no-way of forcing resolutions on hosts file before dns when using proxy?09:39
rhavenngeneralsnus: check this key in about:config  http://kb.mozillazine.org/Network.proxy.socks_remote_dns09:40
rhavenngeneralsnus: also, Windows should honor the proxy setting as well..and let the proxy do DNS AFAIK09:44
generalsnusFF is set to: Perform DNS lookups on the client.09:44
rhavenngeneralsnus: yeah, i guess proxy overrides that09:45
generalsnustried both settings btw..09:45
rhavenngeneralsnus: well, as it stands i "think" your proxy stuff is working correctly and without access to the proxy server you're kinda SOL09:48
rhavenngeneralsnus: the whole point of a proxy is to centralize everything so people can't easily circumvent09:48
generalsnusok.. before contacting the admin that runs this proxy..  what should i ask for?  ask if its possible that the proxy lets me use local files first?09:50
rhavenngeneralsnus: no, it's the browser on the client side that makes this decision09:51
rhavenngeneralsnus: you would have to make the DNS / hosts blackholes on the proxy server09:51
rhavenngeneralsnus: or wherever it gets it's DNS from09:52
rhavenngeneralsnus: signing off..good luck09:57
bislihey all, i'm trying to get pyNeighbourhood to mount samba servers in xubuntu. Anyone managed this11:04
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disorderjoyI don't speak english very well14:17
disorderjoyin xubuntu 8.10 I have to change language on keybord...I need an italian keyboard14:17
TheSheepdisorderjoy: in terminal run 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup' and choose the layout you want14:23
TheSheepit will ask you for your password14:24
disorderjoythank you very much14:25
disorderjoymmm I nedd the language-type of keyboard and no the model...14:28
DasEihas anyone a link to a (hardware-wise) minimalistic ubuntu vm ?15:03
DasEidisorderjoy: hum ?15:07
The_Sorrowhi, i'd need a hand over here... my usermanagement seems to be broken :-/15:12
The_Sorrowi can't do anything over there somehow :-/15:13
vinnlThe_Sorrow, have you pressed Unlock?15:14
The_Sorrowthere comes an error message15:14
The_Sorrowi'll copy it15:14
The_SorrowCould not authenticate - An unexpected error has occurred.15:14
The_Sorrowi can just click "OK"15:14
The_Sorrowi tried starting user-admin with sudo, but there is the same problem15:15
The_Sorrowusers-admin, sorry, typo15:15
vinnlThe_Sorrow, and if you run it in a terminal, any messages?15:15
The_Sorrowas root?15:15
The_Sorrow** (users-admin:28210): CRITICAL **: Unable to lookup session information for process '28210'15:15
vinnlThe_Sorrow, no as a normal user15:15
vinnl(Well, doesn't really matter)15:16
wesolekcan anybody tell me how to set the global proxy settings in xubuntu 8.10?15:16
The_Sorrowvinnl: ** (users-admin:28667): CRITICAL **: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.15:17
vinnlThe_Sorrow, has this only occurred this session or have you experienced this before?15:17
The_Sorrowit's on this machine, so no network-problems or whatsoever15:17
vinnlThe_Sorrow, no I mean, has it occured to you after a reboot?15:18
The_Sorrowalso before... uhm, was about 6 days ago i think15:18
vinnlwesolek, you might be able to do that in nm-connection-editor15:18
wesolekshould I just type that in the terminal?15:19
The_Sorrowvinnl: i tried adding a new user before this happened, it also succeded, but somehow, since then it just won't work15:19
vinnlThe_Sorrow, then I wouldn't really know how to solve it, sorry :(. You might try and seek help in #ubuntu for this, as it doesn't really sound restricted to Xubuntu to me15:19
vinnlwesolek, yep15:20
vinnl(wesolek, it's supposed to be in the menu but the developer didn't take Xfce into account...)15:20
wesolekvinnl, I just did, and I can't see anywhere any proxy settings for that connection15:20
The_Sorrowusers-admin is not a just-XFCE4.0 app? if not, then thanks for the tip, i'll take a look there :)15:20
vinnlThe_Sorrow, nope, it's not15:20
vinnlwesolek, then I wouldn't know, that sounded like a logical place for it :(15:21
The_Sorrowok, thanks for your help :)15:21
vinnlyw :)15:21
wesolekvinnl, let me reboot and I will see then, as updates through update manager worked fine, but command: sudo apt-get update, will not connect to any servers15:22
wesolekvinnl, still nothing15:31
wesolekit won't download the proprietary drivers15:31
vinnlwesolek, what's the error message?15:32
wesolekvinnl, no message, just a big error sign15:33
wesolekbut it's not connecting i can see that15:33
vinnlwesolek, and no Details pane or anything?15:33
wesoleknope, just OK15:34
wesolekI can run it again but it takes some time before it returns the error15:34
wesolekI can give you the error message when I try to run: sudo apt-get update15:35
vinnlwesolek, ah, that would be good :)15:35
wesolekso far it only says: 0% [Connecting to gb.archive.ubuntu.com (]15:36
wesolekstill the same15:37
wesolekoh, hold on... got a message15:37
wesolekvinnl, I sent you a pvt message15:40
vinnlwesolek, in Applications->System->Software Sources, when you select "Other..." in "Download from:", and then click "Select Best Server", does it find anything?15:41
wesolekI've tried that before (found some info on one of the forums) but it didn't make a difference15:42
wesolekI can try again now :)15:42
vinnlwesolek, OK, I'm being stupid here :P15:43
wesolekit says: no suitable server was found15:43
vinnlwesolek, in Synaptic, you can go to Settings->Preferences, then under the Network tab you can configure your proxy :)15:44
wesolekplease check your internet connection15:44
wesolekI did that15:44
vinnlAnd it still doesn't work? :S15:44
wesolekI did first15:45
wesolekand it runs the updates from the update manager15:45
wesolekbut not from the terminal15:45
wesolekand it won't download the drivers from the proprietary drivers15:45
wesolekstill nothing :(16:00
wesolekI just don't know how to change global proxy settings for this connection16:00
wesolekor any other for that matter lol16:01
wesolekis there an application that can manage it for me?16:01
vinnlwesolek, there might be something in here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto#Setting%20up%20apt-get%20to%20use%20a%20http-proxy16:01
vinnlwesolek, the "BASH rc method" is apparently global16:02
wesolekyeah, and that one doesn't work16:02
wesolekonly applications that I can change the settings in work16:03
wesoleksynaptic works as I can change the setting16:03
wesolekso is firefox16:03
wesolekI don't understand why x-chat works then, haven't changed anything in here16:03
vinnlAnd have you tried the "APT configuration file method"?16:03
wesolekthat link you sent me worked!!!!16:09
wesolekI thought you meant something else by "BASH rc method"16:09
wesolekI did what it said and it worked!16:10
wesolekthan you ever so much!!!16:10
vinnlWell, congrats :)16:10
wesolekthank you ever so much!!! (I meant)16:10
wesolekhave a great day16:10
vinnlSame to you :)16:10
wesolekmy joy was too early16:21
wesolekhardware drivers still won't work16:21
vinnlWhich ones?16:21
wesolekNVIDIA v.177 (recommended)16:22
wesolekit won't connect to download16:22
wesolekI thought a reboot would fix it, it didn't :(16:22
wesolekI checked it in Synaptics, and it showed that driver as installed16:23
vinnlwesolek, which method did you follow in the link earlier?16:23
wesolekbash rc16:23
wesolekI also thought it was global16:24
wesolekI think it's only global for applications from terminal16:24
wesolekor I'm confused16:24
vinnlThat shouldn't be the case16:25
vinnlDoes the Hardware Drivers Manager say which package it's trying to download?16:25
wesolekit gives me a few options16:26
vinnlDo you see the name of the recommended package?16:26
wesolekI managed to install broadcom wireless, but it wasn't trying to download it, just activated it16:26
wesolekyes, and the recommended one is NVIDIA accelerated graphics drivers (version 177)16:27
wesolekwhen I click to activate it, it tries to download & install16:27
vinnlwesolek, can you show the output from the details pane when you try to activate it?16:27
wesolekbut then it stays on 0% and after a while is shows this little window with that red error sign and an OK button, doesn't display a message16:28
wesolekrunning it again16:29
wesolekit used to show me a message16:29
wesolekearlier today16:29
wesolekbut it was just the same connection issue as the apt-get update16:29
vinnlwesolek, you can try downloading the packages manually... http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia%20177&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all16:31
wesolekyeah, the same: red error icon and then just "close" button16:31
wesolekin synaptic?16:32
vinnlwesolek, no, just using Firefox, and then you can install them manually16:33
wesolekhow do I know which one is the proper one?16:33
jack_jgo to this webpage to find out how to get Xubuntu with Compiz. It Works! http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com/2007/12/09/xubuntu-compiz-pretty-pretty-xubuntu/16:33
vinnlwesolek, you'll need all three packages from [restricted]16:34
wesolekok I can try that :)16:34
wesolekI got this: same version is available in a software channel. You are recommended to install the software from the channel instead.16:40
vinnlNever mind that, just install :)16:40
wesolekwhat's the software channel?16:40
jack_ja repository or apt list16:41
vinnlIt's also knows as "repositories" or "software sources", it's where Synaptic et al. download the software from16:41
vinnl(And which you can also access using packages.ubuntu.com :))16:41
wesoleklol I downloaded those 3 files and run the first one to install. Now it's trying to connect to download additional 3 packages, and of course, it's not connecting only staying at 0%16:42
vinnlwesolek, perhaps you can download those using Synaptic?16:43
wesolekit returned a message: could not download all required files. Please check your internet connection or installation medium16:44
jack_jget you firewall right then16:44
wesoleklet me check synaptic16:44
wesolekjack_j... glad you trying to help but I'm behind proxy server and I don't know how to make xubuntu know that globally16:45
wesolekthis is the problem16:45
jack_jwell get in front of your proxy or set up your proxy.16:45
jack_jmaybe you could use linux mint.16:46
wesolekit's a university proxy16:46
jack_jit is another of my favourite linux distros16:46
wesolekget real jack_j, please16:46
jack_jwell tell ur uni16:46
wesoleksure I will16:46
jack_jwesolek u suck16:46
vinnlHey, please keep it friendly16:47
wesolekand you're very helpful jack_j16:47
wesolekoh don't worry vinnl, I am friendly :)16:47
jack_jkeep the noise down16:48
inntegragood day 2 u all guys16:49
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!16:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about oh,hi16:51
wesolekI can't get it to work vinnl16:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about as_in_hello16:51
jack_j!ok then16:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ok then16:51
inntegrai need some help pls. i got a laptop toshiba satellite L36-SP1011 i just install xubuntu 8.10 but i got no sound i already set up sound service and i got it at 100% but no sound can some body help me on this pls?????16:51
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!16:52
jack_jubottu said hello to me16:52
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:52
wesolekinntegra, I've got the same problem (different laptop though) but right at the moment I've got even bigger issue lol16:52
vinnlwesolek, ehmm... So now the proxy doesn't work anywhere anymore? Does the file ~/.bashrc still contain your edits?16:52
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP316:53
inntegrathxs anyone else pls?16:53
inntegrait is selected16:53
vinnlinntegra, see some of the links from ubottu  above16:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about becca16:53
wesolekthe proxy works everywhere I set it, vinnl, so the apt-get update works, synaptic works, and updates work16:53
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)16:53
vinnlwesolek, that's really odd... And you can't install nvidia-glx-177 from Synaptic?16:55
inntegratheres no alsa options just this: #0: HAD ATI SB AND DEFAULT those are the ones that i haver16:55
wesolekvinnl... sorry I was just trying to do the kernel one first...16:56
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!16:56
wesolekvinnl, there is only nvidia-177-modaliases16:57
wesolekand it's installed16:57
vinnlHmm... Is that after a quicksearch or did you use the Search button? Quick search has the tendency to not show all results :P16:58
wesoleknormal search did not return anything17:00
vinnlwesolek, OK, and when you go to Settings->Repositories, is "Proprietary drivers for devices (restricted)" checked?17:01
vinnlIf not, check it and reload :)17:01
wesolekit's checked17:02
wesolekhas been17:02
vinnlwesolek, which version of Xubuntu are you using?17:02
wesoleklast one17:03
wesolekjust downloaded it this morning17:03
vinnlwesolek, hmm... Perhaps a "Reload" to be sure?17:03
vinnlI'm getting desperate :P17:03
wesolekyou want me to reboot?17:03
vinnlwesolek, no, to click "Reload" in Synaptic17:04
wesolekoh ok17:04
vinnlYou mean still just one search result?17:04
wesoleksearch again and still nothing17:05
wesolekno results17:05
vinnlNo results?17:05
vinnlNot even the modaliases thing?17:05
wesolekoh, yes, they're there (quick search though)17:06
vinnlAll four of them? :)17:06
wesolekyes, plus other things17:06
vinnlOK, well, installing nvidia-glx-177 should do it17:07
wesolekhow can I include my desktop into my sources?17:07
vinnlYour desktop?17:08
wesolekthen I could try and run it from apt-get install17:08
wesolekyeah, desktop, or any place on my hdd17:08
vinnlAh :P17:08
vinnlI don't think you're able to add a folder on your drive as a repository17:08
vinnlOh wait, perhaps...17:09
wesolekoh :(17:09
wesoleksuse could17:09
vinnlYou could open the folder in a terminal window, then run "sudo dpkg -i ./*.deb"17:09
vinnlSuSE uses a different package manager... And perhaps Ubuntu can as well, but not that I know of :P17:09
vinnlOh, btw, you don't need the -dev package, so I'd delete that beforehand17:10
wesolekok let me try17:12
wesolekvinnl, check your priv17:15
wesoleksorry vinnl, everything died on me lol17:25
wesolekok you go do some sports and I will work on it for a bit17:27
wesolekthanks for all your help!17:27
vinnlYou're welcome :)17:27
vinnlBye now17:31
jack_jvinnl does football17:34
inntegraagain guys sorry but i did some things with sound follow some instructions but nothing seems to work so is there someone who can help me to get sound on this toshiba satellite pls????17:56
inntegrastill no sound17:56
jarnosinntegra: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544917:58
fbcI want to restore my computer to fresh load without wiping the drive and reloading. Can it easily be done?19:25
zoredachenot easily19:42
c2tha_drizzleanybody available to help a complete noob with an external hard drive problem?19:52
fbcc2tha_drizzle, what's the problem?19:54
c2tha_drizzlei've got xubuntu running on an ancient dell and the hard drive is plugged in but i cant find evidence of it any where.19:55
c2tha_drizzleexternal seagate drive, if thats important.19:55
fbcc2tha_drizzle, how is the drive partitioned?20:00
fbcc2tha_drizzle, what kinda computer did you originally format it in? xp? If so it's probably NTFS and your will need the NTFS tools loaded into XUBUNTU to see the drives20:00
c2tha_drizzleactually it was windows 98.20:04
c2tha_drizzleis it the same tool?20:05
fbcif it was windows 98 then they should be FAT32 or FAT16.  Thye should automatically be recognized by xubuntu...20:07
c2tha_drizzleif it is recognized i can't see any evidence of it is there some way i can check?20:08
fbcTry adding the mount applet to your panel to assist you with mounting partitions that are recognized if xubuntu does not do it automatically.20:08
fbcYou can also install/load GPARTED to check if the drive is properly partitioned and formatted/etc20:09
c2tha_drizzlehow to i put the mount applet on my panel.  I'm not sure what half of that means :)20:10
Sinisteriv been making dvds i switch it so its 8 gb dvd and fill the disk in k3b then switch it back to 4.7 and its 157% but it burns them and they look great anyone else ever try that ?20:11
fbcc2tha_drizzle, well you should see file systems that are listed as not mounted correct?20:16
c2tha_drizzlein the file system, checking.20:18
c2tha_drizzleperhaps i just don't know where to look. when i open file system it shows a bunch of folders, but nothing idicates to me what is mounted and what is not.  Should i be looking in the dev directory, or home? i'm just not sure where to go, i'm sorry to say.20:21
vinnlc2tha_drizzle, you can add the mount applet to your panel by moving your cursor onto a panel, right clicking it and selecting "Add New Item", then picking "Mount Devices"20:22
c2tha_drizzleyes when i do that, thank you by the way, i can see two drives that are not mounted, the third external drive isn't listed.20:25
c2tha_drizzleit shows a floppy and a cddrom drive only.20:25
vinnlIs it connected via USB?20:25
fbcc2tha_drizzle, hmm then your hardware is not being detected20:25
vinnlTry running an "lsusb" in a terminal window20:26
fbcc2tha_drizzle, your usb1.1 port may not read the usb2.0 drive controller20:26
vinnlfbc, does that happen? 0.o20:27
fbcvinnl, yeah, i've seen it a couple of times with old machines..20:28
c2tha_drizzlewhen i run the lsusb thing, itcomes up on the terminal, it says bus 001 device 004 id 0bc2:0502 seagate rss llc20:28
vinnlBut it's still not detected? Sometimes running that command makes Xubuntu recognise drives it didn't before...20:28
fbcvinnl, they were created when the the usb was a very loose standard and proper adoption was rare... in some cases it could be fixed by a bios update.20:29
vinnlfbc, ah, thanks, I learn something new every day :)20:29
fbcc2tha_drizzle, try a bios update for your motherboard20:30
c2tha_drizzleok.  that is way beyond me!  how do i do that?20:30
fbcc2tha_drizzle, if your hardware is not discovered after that you may have another issue... Have you tried to confirm that port works?? have you pluged a usb mouse into that port?20:30
fbcc2tha_drizzle, Bios updates are usually very simple you create a floppy then reboot the computer with the floppy in it and it updates the bios...20:31
vinnlc2tha_drizzle, have you tried it under other operating systems? If so, did it work for those?20:31
c2tha_drizzleit works, i'm currently running a usb hub with a wireless adapter on it.20:31
c2tha_drizzleit did work with my windows computer.20:32
vinnlThen it's probably not the BIOS, fbc?20:32
fbcok, then it will probably be that issue... DELL usually will prompt you create a floppy to update your computer..  It may still be the bios... remember the usb2.0 may only swith down to usb1.1 if it detects afully compliant device20:33
fbche may have to do a bios update to make his usbb port fully 1.1 compliant20:33
c2tha_drizzleis there a place where i can get step by step directions to do that, so i don't have to take any more of your time?20:35
fbcthe should be one on the dell site where you download the file and creates the floppy..20:40
fbcc2tha_drizzle, http://support.dell.com20:41
c2tha_drizzleokay. cool. thank you.20:41
c2tha_drizzleyou've been a very big help.20:41
fbcc2tha_drizzle,  then find your model20:41
fbcc2tha_drizzle, no problem20:41
cody-somervilleWHO WANTS XFCE 4.4.3?! :D21:08
vinnlI DO! :)21:09
vinnlThough 4.6 would be even better :P21:09
cody-somervillevinnl, go test it. its in intrepid-proposed21:09
vinnlRight away :)21:10
vinnlHmm, the xfce4 package wasn't even installed21:12
vinnlcody-somerville, and I only get offered an update for xfce4-dict after enabling intrepid-proposed21:12
vinnlcody-somerville, could it be that I already had it?21:28
arualavivinnl, me too22:01
vinnlarualavi, NCommander just told me that you'll already have it if you have intrepid-backports enabled :)22:02
arualaviah ok, I have backports enabled too.22:04
robilewhats the name/command for the xfce terminal?22:56
robileah got it22:57
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