nDuffoh -- I'll hazard I put the check in at the top of my commit() method, *before* the paranoia bits. *sigh*.00:02
lifelessthat would explain it00:05
nDuff...so -- while I can edit it, I don't think I have access to close that ticket. Should I modify it to refer to the dirstate issue, or let someone with appropriate access close it and file a new/better ticket?00:08
lifelessthat ticket is fine00:08
lifelessI don't believe in churning bug reports, just editing them to be clearer ;)00:09
nDuffso, part of what I don't grok here -- if we store 'a' entries for things which are deleted in the current working tree, why does DirState._get_entry(0, fileid_utf8=file_id) return (None, None) when called from DirState.add(), rather than the entry indicating that the deleted file is absent?00:17
lifelesswell 'a' is absent00:17
lifelessbut the row can only go entirely if the name,id pair is not present in any tree00:17
lifelessso _get_entry could be the cause of the bug here, but I haven't looked into the bug in detail myself00:18
lifelessso the add should be changing the 'a' to 'd' or 'f' rather than adding a new row00:20
nDuffjust read through _get_entry, and its explicit behavior is to return (None, None) on 'a' cases... which makes sense for add()'s normal behavior, but makes it impossible to tell whether something is being introduced for the first time or "undeleted" (possibly in a new location)00:21
lifelessthere are other helpers IIRC, lower level00:22
* nDuff realizes that the first sentence of his last line could have been read as imperative... s/^just/I just/00:24
mrooneyHow might I un-add a file that I added accidentally? I don't want to remove the file, just un-add it from VC00:25
lifelessmrooney: bzr revert file00:26
nDuffmrooney, bzr rm --keep00:26
mrooneylifeless: I can try that, I haven't committed yet so I wonder what revert will do00:26
lifelessmrooney: revert because you want to put it back to the state it had before00:26
jelmerdoes Bazaar still use the Launchpad blueprint system?00:27
lifelessjelmer: so, what is the trunk for bzr-svn these days?00:37
lifelessjelmer: I don't think I've ever understood how you manage it :)00:38
jelmerlifeless, lp:bzr-svn00:38
jelmerlifeless, that points at 0.5 at the moment00:38
jelmerI've removed trunk because it kept confusing people00:38
lifelesshave you merged my threadsafe and is_locked patches?00:40
Peng_It's not thread-safe?00:41
lifelessPeng_: well, it triggered thread safety asserts in sqlite when I made loggerhead work on svn directly00:42
Peng_Ehhm, I hope bzr-svn never comes into play on my Loggerhead install then.00:42
jelmerlifeless, yeah, those have long been merged00:42
lifelesswell, it only would if you did e.g. bzr checkout --lightweight svn://... and then pointed logerhead at that00:42
lifelessjelmer: ok, I'll pull overwrite00:43
lifelessPeng_: its not having bzr-svn installed, its using loggerhead to examine svn repositories directly :)00:43
lifelessPeng_: and as jelmer says, the patches are emrged00:44
jelmerok, I registered the duck-branches spec, will expand it a bit more tomorrow00:56
lifelessjelmer: what we mainly do is discuss on the list00:58
lifelessand send patches to doc/developers/ describing things agreed on00:58
jelmerlifeless, yeah, I'll post it there when I've expanded it a bit more00:58
jelmerit's a bit too sparse right now, seems pointless to bore the list with it before necessary00:59
lifelesswell, discussion can be about concepts not actual prose :P00:59
lifelessI find sending in prose too early results in a very static, early-framed discussion01:00
jelmerit's already been discussed a bit earlier01:00
jelmerit's basically a follow-up of my local-branches plugin01:00
lifelessthat was while I was away I think01:00
jelmerYeah, I think so01:00
jelmerlifeless: it basically implemented local branches (git-style branches, if you will) by adding .bzr/branches/ and symlinking .bzr/branch to one of the branches in that directory01:01
lifelessspiv: oh, that reminds me, make sure your stream fetch stuff supports sending/requesting many start points. Repository.fetch doesn't - and that is a bug01:02
spivMany start points?01:02
lifelessthink multipush01:03
spivI think I know what you mean, but let's make sure I do :)01:03
jelmermoin poolie01:03
spivRight.  multipush would want to transmit many heads.01:03
lifelesswell they may not be heads :P but tips, yea01:04
spivlifeless: oops, right.01:04
spivAt the moment I'm just working on the stream of records to push, so not (yet) changing the negotiation/calculation of which records.01:05
spivBut that goal is worth keeping in mind, thanks.01:05
igc1spiv: re your --no-plugins patch, why is this line needed?01:08
igc1args = ['--no-plugins'] + args01:08
=== igc1 is now known as igc
lifelessjelmer: did the url-syntax for colocated branches disucssion get finished?01:18
spivigc: just refreshing my memory01:20
poolie1with no context i'd guess it's so that they're not loaded inside a subprocess bzr01:21
spivigc: so that subprocesses spawned by the test suite don't load plugins.01:22
spivigc: which makes sense if you ran "bzr --no-plugins selftest ..." in the first place.01:22
spivigc: maybe not so good if you didn't pass --no-plugins to the original process...01:22
igcspiv: but why is that line unconditional?01:23
spivFor lack for a good condition ;)01:23
spivI think ideally it'd be "if <selftest was run with --no-plugins>:", but I'm not sure there's a good way to spell that.01:24
jelmerlifeless, no, that's still an open issue (in the spec as well)01:24
lifelesslooms want this01:25
lifelessspiv: bzrlib.plugin.SOMETHING01:25
jelmer(duck-branches are colocated branches, btw)01:25
jelmerhmm, colocated is actually a pretty good name for these things...01:30
poolie1i think colocated is good01:40
poolie1i think calling them threads might be good, if it doesn't cause too much confusion with looms01:41
poolie1or twigs :)01:41
=== abadger19991 is now known as abadger1999
poolie1jam, if you're still here01:47
poolie1spiv wants to change bdecode so that it decodes list types as tuples01:47
poolie1for easier use with keys01:48
lifelessjelmer: why not just use the current find_branches() api ?01:54
jelmerlifeless, that's what I mean01:55
jelmerlifeless, it doesn't know about colocated branches though (yet)01:55
lifelesswell you talk about a new container object01:55
jelmerlifeless, isn't find_branches() supposed to find all branches under a particular directory, not just the colocated ones?01:56
* igc lunch & off for the afternoon - see everyone tomorrow01:56
lifelessjelmer: yes01:58
jelmerlifeless, so that seems to make it very hard to iterate over all colocated branches without opening those branches *and* all non-colocated branches under the dir01:59
lifelessfair enough01:59
lifelessanyhow, I need to think on it a bit I suspect01:59
lifelessI'd like to get the url thing sorted01:59
lifelessthat is key to making things better IMO01:59
jelmerYeah, the URL bit is important to resolve, though I don't think the decision there will influence the rest of the spec very much.02:01
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Peng_beuno: FWIW, I think your Loggerhead ideas sound very interesting, as long as the interface for the JavaScript-impaired is still decently usable.02:30
beunoPeng_, I will promise to do my best  :)02:31
beunoideally, LH would be cheap enough to open up to googlebots and the likes02:32
beunoso I do want to expose as much information as possible02:32
Peng_beuno: I do open mine up to Googlebot. :P02:34
beunoPeng_, that's why you're my favorite  ;)02:35
hotdog0031AssertionError: no parent entry for: Trip back east/DDSCF0001.JPG in tree 002:42
hotdog0031seems to have deleted the parent folders without removing what was inside02:42
lifelessis that on commit? what version of bzr do you have?02:44
hotdog0031No, that's on bzr check, which is why I'm rather panicked at the moment. I have bazaar 1.6.1 right now- the one shipped with ubuntu. Should I try with a newer one?02:45
lifelesshotdog0031: that will be checking the local tree on disk I think. Can you do:02:47
lifelessimport bzrlib.workingtree02:48
lifelesst = bzrlib.workingtree.WorkingTree.open('.')02:48
=== Toksyuryel` is now known as Toksyuryel
hotdog0031No handlers could be found for logger "bzr"02:51
lifelesscan you file a bug please02:53
lifelesswith the output from check - and from ~/.bzr.log for the check - just delete that file before running check02:54
lifelessdon't panic though, I would be amazed if you have managed to get bzr to record something unusual in the history of your project02:54
lifelessoh also, if you have enough disk space handy you could do this to test:02:54
lifelessbzr branch . /tmp/clean; cd /tmp/clean; bzr check02:54
hotdog0031Ok. Thank you for your help, lifeless.03:01
LeefmcQuestion: I have a branch, and a working directory. Now i have made a 2nd branch to test some code, but how do i change my working directory from branchA to branchB?03:07
nDuffLeefmc, I think "bzr switch" (from the loom plugin) should do that.03:08
lifelessnDuff: switch is builting now03:09
Leefmcoriginally i got my working directory by checkout out branchA, but if i try to checkout branchB it gives me an error about .bzr already existing, etc.03:09
LeefmcnDuff: I need a plugin just to change branches?03:09
lifelessLeefmc: just 'bzr switch branchB'03:09
lifelessLeefmc: no, its in bzr core03:09
Leefmcah, k03:09
lifelessthe loom plugin extends the switch command to work with looms as well03:10
LeefmcInteresting, is it a bug that if you switch to a branch which has 0 revisions (no commits yet) that bzr leaves all the code from the previous branch in your working directory?03:13
lifelessLeefmc: did it output anything at all?03:14
Leefmclifeless: In regards to the switch? iirc, yes03:15
lifelessLeefmc: I'd guess it errored in fact:)03:15
Leefmclifeless: I did it multiple times, its not a singularity03:15
lifelessLeefmc: sure03:16
Leefmclifeless: At first i thought it was not working as i had assumed, because it was not removing the code from the previous branch. But then i made a commit to branchB and then everything worked fine. No problems really, just noting the fact :)03:16
lifelessLeefmc: uhm, file a bug ? :P I've not got anywhere near enough info at this point to say if its a bug thoough03:16
lifelessit may be refusing to operate or something03:16
LeefmcBoy i love DVCS'03:17
Leefmcwhat did i do before them..03:17
Leefmcnow i refuse to even work without them :D03:17
* nDuff has a working patch for his current pet bug.04:31
nDuff(well, working for the single, simple test case he's running against right now, anyhow)04:31
=== Mario__ is now known as pygi
poolie1which one?04:46
poolie1and congrats04:46
nDuffbug 31425104:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314251 in bzr "InconsistentDelta by recreating a known ID in a new location " [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31425104:47
nDuffhappened across it by doing something really stupid yesterday, then realized today that I could hit it through less-contorted use cases.04:47
poolie1i thought that might be it04:53
poolie1well done04:53
lifelesstime for me to call-the-day in a few minutes poolie04:55
* fullermd hopes this one is called Barbara.04:55
lifelesswell its more 'gee our early history was dirty'04:58
lifelessmy repo appears to have some significant differences in the early-early-early merge output results. I smell weave glitches that I've never repaired04:58
lifelessso I've been migrating branches across to bzr.dev 'clean' versions :P04:59
poolie1ah good05:03
poolie1we're looking at streaming rpc requests05:03
lifelesswell, I'm off see you tomorrow05:04
lifelessoh, I updated groupcompress to the 1.10 apis05:04
lifelesstests pass but thats about all I'm sure of :)05:04
poolie1oh, are you?05:05
poolie1off to see me tomorrow i mean05:05
lifelessI meant, I'll be here working tomorrow :)05:06
nDuffis selftest expected to run clean on bzr.dev? I'm seeing some errors which look like they shouldn't have anything to do with my patch.05:07
lifelessnDuff: we use pqm, so yes selftest runs clean05:07
nDuff...hrm, that's odd... oh, I think it may be testing my installed plugins.05:08
* nDuff reruns with --no-plugins.05:08
lifelessyes it will be05:09
fullermdI know I've always had a couple trivial failures.05:10
fullermdBut it's been forever since I ran it.05:10
poolie1andrew and i are just talking about whether streaming code should expose the chunking to the client/server05:10
poolie1ie is it a stream of bytes that happen to be chunked, or is it a stream of chunks with possibly meaningful semantics05:11
nDuffIs it OK if I do a blackbox test case for this, or is it strongly preferred that it be aware of/inspect the dirstate innards?05:25
poolie1one in workingtree_implementations would be nice05:27
poolie1but blackbox would be better than none05:27
nDuffahh; I hadn't seen workingtree_implementations05:30
spivHmm, I thought at some point the *_implementations directories were going to be renamed per_*.05:35
* nDuff sends his patch off into the wild blue yonder^Wmailing list.05:50
nDuffShould a new version of a patch be sent to the ML in a new thread or as a reply?06:35
* nDuff doesn't know if bundle-buggy (or accepted etiquette) is particular about such things.06:35
Peng_nDuff: Replies work.06:38
nDuffPeng_, thanks.06:38
vilahi all07:01
* fullermd distracts vila with a pink elephant and rifles through his pockets for loose change.07:01
* vila search online dictionaries for "rifles through his pockets for loose change" 8-/07:02
* vila feed its own pink elephant in th mean time07:03
fullermdHow do you kill a blue elephant?07:03
mwhudsonwith a blue elephant gun?07:04
fullermdPfft.  Take all the fun outta it, why doncha   :p07:04
mwhudsonjust practising my regression to child hood07:05
fullermdWell, that's what we have version control for.07:05
fullermdbzr branch -rgrade:3 ...07:06
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fdvis bzr upgrade (from rich-root-pack to 1.9-rich-root) a heavy / slow command, and are there significant benefits of doing it?11:53
fdvwow, shelf doesn't map to shelve anymore. that was.. surprising12:24
asabilfdv: according to a mail from the mailing list, upgrading is very fast12:46
fdvasabil: great, thanks!12:49
asabilfdv: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.bazaar-ng.general/50718/match=upgrade12:50
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Oli``Trying to figure out why my files aren't showing up on my server. I've done (all locally): bzr init; bzr add; bzr push bzr+ssh://address/dir; bzr bind bzr+ssh://address/dir; bzr commit -m "init"13:46
lukswhat files are you expecting to show up?13:46
Oli``there is a new /dir directory on the server (and it has its own .bzr dir) but apart from that, it's empty =\13:46
Oli``I've got half a dozen files added locally13:46
luksthat's the way it works13:46
luksyou can run "bzr checkout ." on the server and use the push-and-update plugin to keep it up to date13:47
Oli``I'm trying to push the files onto the server...13:47
luksbut having a working tree is rarely a good idea13:47
lukser, I eam working tree on a server13:47
Oli``that's what I was forgetting!13:47
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vilalooks like PQM is blocked again... that's so 2008... I thought that upgrading bzr there had solved the issue but obviously not :-/14:52
=== menesis1 is now known as menesis
fullermdvila: It's still confused from the leap second   :p15:42
=== menesis1 is now known as menesis
EmmanuelHi, i am using bzr 1.10 and everytime i first push a repository on a network shared i get "bzr: ERROR: Could not acquire lock" , any idea what i do wrong?16:09
rockywhat's everyone's favourite way to mirror (pulling-only) an hg branch into a local bzr branch these days?16:34
rockybzr-hg looks non-updated16:34
jelmerrocky: fast import is probably the best choice at the moment16:37
jelmerI hope to update bzr-hg at some point, but bzr-git / bzr-svn have more priority for now16:38
Jc2kjelmer: :)16:41
Jc2kwhen bzr-darcs ;)16:41
jelmerhey Jc2k16:41
jelmerbzr-darcs would be interesting :-)16:41
fullermdThat's probably more dangerous than the LHC.16:41
jelmerIn particular, given that they have no particular ordering of history and we do16:42
jelmerfullermd: LHC?16:42
Jc2klarge hadron thingy16:42
fullermdThe thing that'll open a large rift in space-time and let face-eating dragons in to destroy the world.16:42
* jelmer fears that if he ever starts on bzr-darcs he'll end up rewriting bzr in haskell16:42
fullermdOr rewriting haskell in python.16:43
jelmerfullermd: haskell >> Python >-)16:43
fullermdThat's why it's a challenge   :P\16:44
=== ja1 is now known as jam
* awilkins rewrote Haskell in Haskell and it disappeared up it's own bottom16:48
enigma42Greetings all.19:04
enigma42If I'm using bzr-svn 0.4 on some clients and 0.5 on others, is the metadata from 0.5 going to confuse the 0.4 clients?19:04
jelmerenigma42: yes19:30
jelmerenigma42: confuse in the sense that they will not be able to parse that metadata and will probably ignore it19:31
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seb_kuzminsky"bzr shelve foo.c" is giving me a new error:21:33
seb_kuzminskybzr: ERROR: This tree contains left-over files from a failed operation.21:33
seb_kuzminsky    Please examine /home/seb/work/bioserve/bionet2.bzr/trunk/.bzr/checkout/limbo to see if it contains any files you wish to21:33
seb_kuzminsky    keep, and delete it when you are done.21:33
seb_kuzminskythis is with 1.1021:33
seb_kuzminskyall other bzr commands (up, diff, commit, etc) all work fine21:33
seb_kuzminskythe limbo dir is empty21:33
seb_kuzminskyi remove limbo, and it complains about pending-deletions/ in the same place21:36
seb_kuzminskythat's also empty21:36
seb_kuzminskywhen i remove pending-deletions, it recreates limbo and complains about it, and leaves behind a lock...21:37
lifelessare you on windows?21:38
lifelessalso, I'll brb grabbing food21:38
seb_kuzminskythis is on intrepid21:39
seb_kuzminskysee you after food ;-)21:39
seb_kuzminskyif i break the lock, then remove both limbo and pending-deletions, it complains the file i'm trying to shelve is not versioned21:40
seb_kuzminskybut bzr log and i both think it is  ;-)21:40
jamlifeless: ping21:41
jamseb_kuzminsky: You need to remove both limbo and pending deletions at the same time21:41
seb_kuzminskyi tried that ^^^21:41
jamah, I missed the final part21:42
jamso... is the file versioned? Are you sure the name is correct? was it recently added, etc?21:42
seb_kuzminskyit's in the repo, the name is correct21:42
seb_kuzminskyit's got a couple of commits on it, as shown by "bzr log"21:42
jamseb_kuzminsky: what does "bzr st" say about it?21:43
seb_kuzminsky  hab/alsa/cb-stream-subscription.c21:44
jamoh, are you in "hab/alsa" directory and just giving "bzr shelve cb-stream..." ?21:44
seb_kuzminskyoh, shelve works if i do it from the checkout root21:44
jamI think there may have been a bug in 1.10 where 'bzr shelve' didn't handle relative paths properly21:44
jamI'm pretty sure that is fixed in bzr.dev21:45
jamand 1.11rc1 is this Friday21:45
seb_kuzminskyok great!21:45
seb_kuzminskyyay for short development cycles!21:45
seb_kuzminskythanks bzr guys!21:45
beunoseb_kuzminsky, you can use the bzr nightly PPA if you want bzr.dev in a nice package21:45
nDuffFriday? hmm...21:46
seb_kuzminskyright-o, i think i'll do that21:46
* nDuff wonders if his patch [bug#314251] is likely to make it through the review/merge cycle in time.21:47
lifelessjam: pong22:00
Haffi___if there are a few people in separate locations (some using Windows, some Linux) working with a few python files, is bazaar a good choice as a vcs?22:00
beunoHaffi___, it's a fantastic choice22:01
Haffi___beuno: Should I keep the files on a server and let the users access them via SSH/sFTP?22:02
igcnDuff: I'll take a look today if lifeless or someone else doesn't22:02
beunoHaffi___, yeap, that's probably the best way to do it22:03
Kobazwhat's the plugin that you can select individual blocks of a file to be part of a commit22:03
Haffi___beuno: OK, thanks. I think the five minute tutorial pretty much covers this then!22:04
beunoHaffi___, awesome. Let us know if we can help with anything.22:04
Haffi___beuno: Thanks very much, this seems like a very friendly community22:05
Peng_Kobaz: bzr-interactive, IIRC22:08
Peng_Kobaz: But you can also shelve and unshelve the changes. (bzrtools, and now built-in)22:09
beunohiya poolie22:12
jamlifeless: it looks like vila was able to wedge pqm again by submitting a branch from lp22:17
jamAs near as I can tell, it finished with "success" but then hung, as it hasn't started processing the rest of the queue22:18
lifelessjam: have you grabbed a LOSA?22:18
jamI don't even know what one is22:19
lifelessspm/mthaddon etc22:19
jamThough I've seen the acronym before22:19
spmjam: we're wonderful people :-)22:19
mthaddonspeak for yourself22:19
spmwedged pqm? chasing.22:19
spmherb and myself are wonderful. mthaddon is simple *AMAZINGDUDEs!*22:20
* fullermd would campaign for a new job title if he were a losar...22:20
mthaddonhey, we campaigned hard for that job title...22:21
lifelessjam: while I can fix, I'm kindof a second-tier for pqm; if they can fix it they should: because they do nice things like logging issues, maintaining the machines etc22:21
spmjam: is unwedged. vila may(?) need to resubmit 'Rev 3924: (vila) Fix 313498...'22:23
jamThough I thought you might be interested in the fact that vila has repeatedly wedged things by submitting branches from lp22:23
fullermdPQM doesn't like htpp:// branches?22:25
james_wit's got a childish mind and just giggles when it sees one22:27
jamfullermd: that would be hhtp, vila doesn't do htpp :)22:27
fullermdI think I'll claim "I knew that", and merely mismistyped it...22:28
Haffi___Hi, I'm having some trouble with publishing my branch via sftp, I guess this is not strictly a problem with bazaar because I get the error message: Connection refused22:31
Haffi___Does anyone know of a way to circumvent this?22:31
beunoHaffi___, what command are you running to push the branch?22:32
lukswell, the first obvious question is: is there a ssh/sftp server running?22:32
Haffi___luks: Yes, and I have checked the dependencies, they are all there22:32
Haffi___I can access the server remotely, but not from inside (if that makes sense to you)22:33
beunoHaffi___, what command are you running to push the branch?22:33
spiv"Connection refused" sounds more like a network configuration issue than a software dependency issue.22:33
nDuffHaffi___, you should have the SFTP URL using an address you can use at the ssh command line22:33
Haffi___ bzr push --create-prefix sftp://haffi@[my_ip]/~/Code22:33
nDuffHaffi___, ...if you can't use the address you're trying to deal with from inside your network [a NAT issue, maybe?], then you should work with your IT folks to get an address you *can* use from where you're working.22:34
Haffi___nDuff: Yes, I'll have to check that out. This is actually just a server running in my home :)22:35
* beuno -> home22:35
mwhudsonwhen will bzr info bzr+ssh://.. not say22:35
mwhudsonRepository branch (format: unnamed)22:35
Haffi___Sorry you guys, I was just using the wrong IP address22:36
Haffi___should of course have used the internal one instead of the external one...22:37
NfNitLoopHmm.  So someone decided to make a portion of SVN /trunk read-only (because it has been relocated to another repository).22:39
NfNitLoopI figured, fine... I'll just bzr co http://svn/trunk; cd trunk; bzr merge ../mybranch; bzr rollback read-only-dir;22:40
NfNitLoopI bzr commit; to my local repo, make sure that no files in read-only-dir were changed in that revision...22:41
NfNitLoopthen try to bzr push back into svn/trunk.22:41
NfNitLoopBut I get an error message regarding accessing some file in read-only-dir.22:41
NfNitLoopI'm assuming, to set some svn:prop on it?22:41
NfNitLoopany way to avoid that?22:42
NfNitLoop(oops.  'revert', not 'rollback'.  sorry, been touching SQL)22:44
Haffi___One more question for you guys; if the branch is published via SSH, should I make an account for every user that is working on the files or can they all use the same username?22:46
nDuffHaffi___, just from a sysadmin best-practices perspective, it'd probably be better to make separate accounts -- that way you can revoke just one user's access if someone is fired / leaves the project / whatever, without needing to distribute a new password22:47
nDuffHaffi___, that said, nothing about bzr inherently dictates one policy or the other.22:48
NfNitLoopOh, Google had my answer for me:  bzr dpush22:49
Haffi___nDuff: Thanks, there are only three of us working on this, so if bazaar doesn't care if there are many people using one username then that is simpler for me :)22:49
Haffi___nDuff: Well, then again, it's impossible to track who did what...22:50
spivYou can also use the script in contrib/bzr_access to limit access of particular SSH keys.22:50
nDuffHaffi___, if everyone is well-behaved and sets their identities through "bzr whoami", that information will be attached to the changesets22:50
spivEven better, if everyone is *really* well-behaved their revisions will be gpg-signed.22:51
Haffi___nDuff: Oh, that's nice. I thought the ssh/linux username was used for that22:51
nDuffHaffi___, I'm presuming that they're doing the actual work on their own, remote systems, running "commit" there, and just pushing up to the central server; their identity on the system where they did the commit is attached to that commit, wherever it may be pushed later.22:52
fullermdAnd if everyone is poorly-behaved and fakes their whoami identities, the system account that added the revs isn't stored anywhere so it wouldn't matter anyway.22:52
spivHaffi___: it'll default to username@hostname if it isn't set explicitly -- but the whoami info is only used when generating a revision, which wouldn't be happening on a remote system anyway.22:53
Haffi___nDuff: Your description is quite accurate...22:53
NfNitLoopHrmm.   Even dpush is failing...23:07
NfNitLoopSubversionException: ("CHECKOUT of (file in read-only-dir) : 403 Forbidden23:08
NfNitLoopwhy would it need to be checked out?   it's already been 'bzr pull'ed into the local repo, and no local changes exist...23:08
enigma42jelmer: Does bzr-svn look at the "bzr:*" properties for the most recent revision, or does it look at the value of the properties in past revisions?23:25
enigma42jelmer: A related question: Is there a clean way of removing all the bzr metadata from an existing svn repo and starting over?23:27
Haffi___Hi again, just a silly question. I have created a test project, added some files, edited some and commited the changes. When I try to branch from another computer I just get an empty folder but not the contained files. What am I doing wrong?23:35
beunoHaffi___, did you run "bzr add"?23:36
Haffi___beuno: yep23:36
Haffi___on  the server that is23:37
beunoHaffi___, are you pushing to the other PC, or branching?23:37
Haffi___I'm trying to fetch the newest versions of the files to the other computer23:38
beunoHaffi___, so you're running "bzr push"?23:39
Haffi___yes, I ran that command on the server23:39
beunoHaffi___, pushing to a remove location doesn't create a working tree (the actual files), it just creates the repository (a .bzr directory)23:40
beunoif you branch *from* it, you will get the files23:40
beunoalso, if on the server you run "bzr checkout .", it will create the working tree for you23:40
beunobare in mind that it won't update the working tree every time you push23:41
Haffi___it says that the .bzr file exists23:41
beunoHaffi___, maybe it's just "bzr checkout"23:42
beunoI forget  :)23:42
Haffi___that actually gave the same results...23:42
NfNitLoophaha, yes.  just 'bzr checkout'23:42
NfNitLoop`bzr checkout .` says to check it out ... into the current directory.23:43
Haffi___Ok, I went into another directory and ran bzr checkout ../Code (where the files are). I just get an empty folder23:44
lifelessHaffi___: what does 'bzr log ../Code' show?23:47
Haffi___lifeless: nothing23:48
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lifelessHaffi___: you haven't committed, or you haven't pushed23:50
Haffi___Ok, let's say I'm on my PC. I create a project (bzr init), I add a file, I edit it, run bzr add, and run bzr commit. Then I push this project via sftp to my server. with 'bzr push --create index sftp://...'23:52
Haffi___then I check the server to see which files are there, and there's just the directory, no files23:52
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Haffi___Can anyone spot what I'm doing wrong?23:54
NfNitLoopHaffi___: you're doing nothing wrong.23:54
NfNitLoopwhen you push over (S)FTP or HTTP...23:54
NfNitLoopbzr doesn't construct the "working copy" of your files, because that would double (or more) the network traffic required.23:55
NfNitLoopall it does is update the revisions in the .bzr directory.23:55
NfNitLoopnow if you bzr branch from that sftp location to your local computer, a working copy will be created on your local filesystem.23:55
NfNitLoopIf you *want* a working copy on the server, you can ssh to the server and do 'bzr checkout .'23:56
NfNitLoop(in that dir)23:56
nDuffHaffi___, it creates a .bzr directory that contains everything you pushed; it's all there, but hidden.23:57
spivIn short: "bzr push" pushes branches, not working copies.23:57
Haffi___yep, I noticed that23:57
nDuffHaffi___, folks can branch or checkout from it, so you should be all good.23:58
NfNitLoopHaffi___: the nice bit is that the .bzr directory is compressed, so it's smaller than a working copy too. :)23:58
Haffi___Ok, now it works23:59
Haffi___Well, I can go to sleep then :)23:59
Haffi___Thanks you guys, this is an excellent community, very friendly and helpful.23:59

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