nubaeso being a member of edubuntu bugsquad means one gets all bug reports from a seed in edubuntu :-)00:04
nubaestraight to one's email box00:04
nubaelove it00:04
LaserJockwell, we have to specify the packages, but yeah00:05
nubaeI suppose its the only way to keep updated00:05
LaserJockthey don't change all that often00:06
LaserJockso it generally works00:06
nothingmansorry, had to leave the library00:58
nothingmannow I'm home and on to stay00:58
nothingmanso where's that list of tasks?00:58
LaserJocknothingman: we're still building it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu/Devel/RoadMap00:59
LaserJocknothingman: what kinds of things are you interested in?00:59
nubaebut for one, we could do with adding recommended apps in particular areas to the edubuntu wiki01:00
nubaewith a comparison to what one would normally use under windows and what the replacement app is under linux01:00
nubaeI think we really need to target price concsious windows users looking for alternatives01:01
nubaethats why I think wubi is important on the cd too01:02
nothingmanwhose site is titled, "Careful with that axe, Eugene!"?01:02
LaserJocknothingman: that's sbalneav's01:02
nubaeah :-)01:02
nothingmanhave any of you heard of the Syracuse, NY company making "Fiddlehead" machines?01:08
nothingmanbasically multiseat Linux with a python script to load VirtualBox with any OS inside01:08
LaserJockI've not heard of that01:10
nothingmannow that I'm home, I got one of the laptops so I could enter the serial number on nexlink's web site01:13
nothingman"no downloads found" is the only reply I get for typing it in01:13
nothingmandoes anyone know who makes the H2Insyde BIOSes?  my laptops use it, and some netbooks do01:14
nothingmanthe Acer Aspire One, for instance01:16
LaserJocknothingman: I don't, do you have an Aspire One?01:27
nothingmanno, but I work at RadioShack, and we have one there01:34
nothingmanso I've been studying it like mad01:34
nothingmanoh, never mind01:35
nothingmanthe stupid logo has a circle01:36
nothingmanit's also out of order01:36
nothingmanI thought maybe it was h2o insyde01:36
nothingmanit's "insyde h2o"01:36
LaserJockI've been reading Christopher Dawsons ZDNet Education blog01:37
LaserJockhe just got one01:37
nubaeI tested a couple of them for olpc.at01:38
nubaeruns ubuntu real fast and works wonderfully with sugar01:38
nubaebest netbook on the market right now01:38
LaserJocknubae: have you tried the Dell Mini 9 as well?01:39
nothingmanso, I installed Ubuntu LTSP from the Alternative disk02:30
nothingmanonto an older Dell02:30
nothingmanplenty of RAM, Intel graphics02:30
nothingmanit freezes when I log in02:33
nothingmanany thoughts02:33
LaserJocknothingman: on the client or on the server?02:37
nothingmanon the server, actually02:50
LaserJockhmm, that doesn't sound good02:51
LaserJockyou might google around a bit for the Dell model  and ask #ubuntu02:52
LaserJocki gotta run though so I'm not much help :(02:52
nothingmanno prob02:52
nothingmanwas nice chatting!02:52
nothingmanmy email's joshuaalm AT liamg.moc02:53
nothingmanI know the bot's working, so...02:53
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LaserJock== Edubuntu meeting in 1hr! ==16:59
LaserJockI thought it was going to be in like 4 hours, don't know what I was thinking17:01
sbalneavLaserJock: Here?  Or in #ubuntu-meeting17:04
LaserJockin #ubuntu-meeting17:04
LaserJockso it gets logged there17:04
* LaserJock frantically trying to finish the strategy doc17:08
LaserJockeverybody ready for the meeting?18:02
sbalneavLaserJock: Ready, willing and able18:07
LaserJockok everybody ---> #ubuntu-meeting18:08
LaserJockRichEd: ping18:11
RichEdLaserJock: pong18:11
RichEdand a happy new year etc.18:12
Lnsis this chan like, hanging out in the hallway during class?18:15
sbalneavSmokers hallway18:27
Ahmuckmeeting now ?18:47
Ahmuckhere ?18:47
LaserJockin #ubuntu-meeting18:47
LaserJockalkisg:  ^^18:47
alkisgAh, right, thanks! :)18:47
LaserJockI'm gonna have to go mostly IRC-silent for a while19:59
LaserJockI really really gotta get this dissertation done and IRC is a wonderful time sink20:00
LaserJockI'll be in good email contact though20:01
LaserJocknubae: this is part of my "get edubuntu-devel jumpstarted" plan ;-)20:01
Ahmucksorry, i had to step away21:11
Ahmuckfrom the meeting21:11
LaserJockcalimer: you around?21:19
calimeryep, hi!21:19
LaserJockcalimer: I'm just watching the Sandbox youtube tutorial21:20
LaserJockvery nifty stuff21:20
calimerah awesome21:20
calimerbtw we have an edubuntu version just sitting and waiting21:20
LaserJocka package?21:20
calimerI really want it in there but the person packaging it is taking a while21:20
calimerthis is a version that meets debian free standards21:21
LaserJockdo you know if the person was able to get a package onto REVU?21:21
calimerthey just have been "busy" I guess, for some time21:21
calimerI think you gave me a bunch of recommendations previously that I wrote down as far as people that might help package it21:22
calimerI need to track them down21:22
calimerI have personally used it to teach in various schools and the kids LOVE it, and this is elementary kids to college21:22
LaserJockcool yeah, let's target getting that into Universe for Jaunty21:23
calimerif you check out the sandbox interview there is some work from the kids at the summer camp21:23
Ahmucklink to video ?21:23
calimerI don't know what that means but I'm on board!21:23
calimerhere is the tutorial21:24
LaserJockFeature Freeze is Feburary 19th so we need a package a bit before then21:24
calimerand here is the interview21:24
calimerif you have any specific e-mail addresses I can hit I will send it out today21:24
calimeras a note I started working on this for kids that were in my after school program at an elementary school21:25
calimerso for me the reward really is just getting it to the kids21:25
LaserJockcalimer: basically we need to get the package up for review by the MOTU before the 19th, preferably at least a week before21:25
calimerwell I have the zip just sitting there, it just needs to be packaged21:25
calimerand maybe 2.3 can get packaged in the non free version?21:25
sbalneavLaserJock: You pingied me?21:25
LaserJocksbalneav: yeah, just wanted to catch up21:26
calimeror repo i mean21:26
sbalneavI'm at work atm, you gonna be on tonight?21:26
LaserJockcalimer: how non-free is it? can we distribute it freely?21:26
LaserJocksbalneav: yeah21:26
calimer2.3 has some content that doesn't fit the debian free license21:27
calimerbut yeah you can distribute it freely21:27
LaserJockok, then I think that should be ok for Multiverse21:27
calimerI also came across an awesome site recently that has all debian free textures21:27
calimerso I want to update the debian free version with those textures if I can21:27
LaserJockI would suggest first doing the free one, then the non-free version should be pretty easy21:28
calimeropenfootage.net I think for anyone else21:28
calimeris there anyone you know that you think would do it?21:28
calimerthe packages from my end are all set21:28
LaserJocklet me poke #ubuntu-motu a little21:28
calimerbut they need to be converted into the linux packaging deal that I don't know much about21:28
calimerI should probably update the code database for the free one at some point21:29
calimerit might take some time though21:29
LaserJockcalimer: do you have a download link for your dfsg-free version?21:46
LaserJockcalimer: is it possible to create the free version from your regular version?21:46
calimernot a public one but yeah its on my webpage, let me grab the link21:47
calimerits kinda old codebase wise21:47
calimerbut I don't know how long it would take me to update it21:48
calimerand this is a lot better than nothing21:48
calimerand anyone if they really like it they can just get the 2.3 version :D21:48
LaserJocknow this version pretty much is just missing "content" stuff, right?21:50
calimeryeah it basically has all the non debian free content removed21:51
calimerand it is an older codebase21:51
LaserJockso Sauerbraten and Cube2 source is debian free?21:52
calimeryeah zlib21:52
calimerfor some reason that version that page seems like it is dated much older than it should be21:53
calimerthat file I mean21:53
calimerbut I'm pretty sure that's where I put the updated version21:53
calimerI had to update the license to meet all the good ol debian free stuff21:54
calimerand had some help21:54
LaserJockthere's still some stuff that we might need to take care of21:55
calimeryeah that's fine I'm willing to do whatever21:56
LaserJockhow do I build this thing? :-)21:58
calimerthere is a makefile21:59
calimerin src22:00
LaserJockok right, I see it22:01
LaserJockcalimer: you might want to email ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com22:04
LaserJockI'd love to package this up for you but I really just don't have time unfortunately22:04
calimerhow long does it usually take?22:04
LaserJockthat varies tremendously22:04
LaserJockfrom real fast to ..... forever :-)22:05
LaserJockbut I'll try to put some pressure on it ;-)22:05
calimerI just want to get it out to the gremlins :)22:05
calimerI get to watch them use it first hand and see how happy they get, both boys and girls22:05
calimerso it is really rewarding to hear about other kids enjoying it too22:06
calimergoing to put that message to the ubuntu list on the todo22:06
calimerI think if I can update the codebase that'd be awesome22:07
calimereven if it has textures that aren't super pretty at least it has all the features22:07
calimerand people can always add in their own easily22:07
calimerrelatively easily anyway :D22:07
LaserJockwell, getting something in helps22:08
LaserJockpeople can try it out, get excited, etc.22:08
calimeryeah and even just check out the videos22:08
LaserJockeven if it's slightly outdated to start with22:08
LaserJockit's fairly easy to update things22:09
calimeryeah people were into much older versions of what was in that code22:09
calimerespecially if we can make it obvious that 2.3 also exists22:09
calimermy local library is interested too and I want to try to get it in the local museum because it can be used to recreate historical landscapes22:11
calimerpeople could take a 3D tour through historical sites22:11

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