ScottKNCommander: I can look at the backport thing in an hour or two if you haven't.  What bug/package?01:01
NCommanderScottK, its in the backscrool01:03
ScottKNCommander: I'm too lazy to look.  If you want me to deal with it, the least you can do is scroll back for me.01:03
stdinbug 31455401:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314554 in strigi "New upstream release (strigi 0.6.2)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31455401:03
NCommanderNo wait01:04
NCommanderI was right01:04
NCommanderbug #31450401:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314504 in intrepid-backports "please backport choqok 0.2 from jaunty to intrepid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31450401:04
NCommanderoh come on01:04
DaSkreech!info choqok01:04
ubottuPackage choqok does not exist in intrepid01:04
DaSkreech!info choqok jaunty01:04
ubottuPackage choqok does not exist in jaunty01:04
DaSkreech!info gwibber jaunty01:04
ubottuPackage gwibber does not exist in jaunty01:04
NCommander!info hello jaunty01:05
ubottuhello (source: hello): The classic greeting, and a good example. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2-3 (jaunty), package size 19 kB, installed size 588 kB01:05
NCommanderOk, so the bot working.01:05
DaSkreechHooray someone packaged it! :)01:06
seeleyou know.. people are going to hate me for this, but the kde 4.2 notifications are kindof annoying01:10
seeletheyre much bigger than they used to be01:10
seeleyoure forced to look at them01:10
seeleyou have to stop what you are doing because they cover everything01:11
DaSkreechseele: I just kill plasma When they get on my nerves01:11
crimsunseele: hence my absolute incredulity at the idea of notifications, but i digress01:13
crimsun(i realise that i am an absolute corner case in that regard)01:14
seeleyoure threashold for wanting to know what is going on with your computer is just lower than others01:14
seeleif someone gets a mail every minute, i'm sure they don't want notifications for new mail01:14
seelebut people who don't probably like them01:14
seelei've got so many people on my contact lists that i get "this person is online" messages all the time01:15
seele(and i havent figured out how to turn them off)01:15
DaSkreechseele: Well you should like Jaunty then with sabdfl's new system01:16
crimsunwell, the computer information is just displayed differently; i use multitail in another terminal emulator. if something's really absolutely important, i'll notice anyhow, because the consequences tend to be catastrophic (e.g., battery exploding, computer rebooting, etc.)01:16
seeleDaSkreech: have you not been paying attention to any of the conversations that have been going on about that in here? :P01:16
DaSkreechCan't you just turn those off for Kopete ? I'm almost sure I saw abutton somewheer for that01:16
DaSkreechseele: aren't they supposed to kill the flood of notifications?01:17
DaSkreechThat's kinda 1/2 the point of doing it right?01:17
seeleDaSkreech: maybe some, but not all of them01:17
DaSkreechIt manages floods of notifications and makes them intangible01:17
DaSkreechThen kill libknotify01:17
seelethat's not going to stop frequency01:17
seeleit's going to provide fewer icons in the task bar01:17
seeleand might control some notifications so that they shouldnt happen.. which they probably shouldnt be notifications in the first place01:18
DaSkreechWhat bugs me with kopete is that if for some reason the notifications hit the edge of the screen then they stop the timer that removes them and you have to take them off manually01:19
* ScottK solves that problem by not using kopete.01:58
DaSkreechI keep being tempted to try that approach02:46
LaserJockbut Kopete is so nice otherwise02:47
DaSkreechYes but it would be nice if it was amarok awesome02:48
jjesse seele: i have taken some screenshots of kpackagekit in fedora for you will finish more of them tomorrow03:31
DaSkreech!info kpackagekit jaunty03:43
ubottuPackage kpackagekit does not exist in jaunty03:43
ScottKDaSkreech: It helps I don't use IM.04:40
paliHello, when I use suspend/hibernate from kmenu or /usr/sbin/pm-suspend (pm-hibernate), on resume doesnt lock kde4 desktop08:13
Lureis there a known fix for thsi debsign problem:08:46
Luregpg: problem with the agent - disabling agent use08:46
Lurenevermind, solved gpg problem09:04
freeflyingany news on the WML protocol of kopete in jaunty?11:56
Riddellwhat's WML?11:58
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
yao_ziyuan1i have a suggestion12:50
yao_ziyuan1currently, i can only enable "complex script input" when the system locale is set to chinese12:50
yao_ziyuan1i want the ubuntu way: even if system language is english, i can still enable complex char input (scim)12:51
yao_ziyuan1also, if system language is english, chinese characters in the taskbar are too light. and for small size chinese chars, wenquanyi-bitmapfont should be used.12:53
yao_ziyuan1i mean, there are two chinese fonts: wenquanyi-bitmapfont is a bitmap font for small sizes and wenquanyi-zenhei is a vector font good for large sizes12:54
yao_ziyuan1this is how ubuntu handles chinese displaying, and kubuntu should learn from it12:55
aleiteHello guys!13:56
aleiteI compiled KDE from trunk. Does anyone know how to make kdm my default display manager?13:56
Riddellaleite: edit DAEMON= in /etc/init.d/kdm14:05
aleiteRiddell: There is no kdm file on /etc/init.d14:08
aleiteBut there is a gdm file. Should I copy it to kdm and try to edit?14:10
Riddellaleite: can do14:12
apacheloggerRiddell: is dpkg asking whether to change init scripts?14:13
Riddellapachelogger: or just edit the gdm one14:13
Riddellapachelogger: I don't follow14:13
apacheloggeraleite: or just edit the gdm one14:13
aleiteI am trying14:13
apacheloggerRiddell: will dpkg replace the file or will it ask what to do considering it differs from $installed gdm/kdm package?14:13
Riddellapachelogger: I expect it asks14:14
Riddelldepends if it considers the file a "conf file"14:14
aleiteCould any of you paste your kdm file from init.d for me on pastebin? There are many gdm parameters that I don't now how to change on the gdm file14:14
Riddellyes, it's listed in /var/lib/dpkg/info/kdm.conffiles14:15
Riddellaleite: http://www.kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/kdm14:16
apacheloggerRiddell: question is if the same applies for gdm ;-)14:16
Riddellor just install kdm, which will set all the right bits14:16
aleiteThanks Riddell14:16
aleiteIf I install kdm, it will install all kdelibs and kdebase... I just want to use the one I compiled from trunk14:17
Riddellapachelogger: it does14:17
aleiteWell, I'll reboot my system.. see what happens14:19
cbrme want14:23
Tm_Tcbr: I have it14:23
=== rdieter_away is now known as rdieter
sebasGuys ... it does NOT work14:24
Tm_Tsimple, built from svn14:24
Tm_Tsebas: I know14:24
Tm_TI have it, but I don't use it =)14:24
Tm_TI have been following it for months now14:25
sebasYeah, don't spread it then, unless people want  to hack on it14:25
sebasIt creates false expectations14:25
Tm_TI didn't spread, did I?14:25
cbrit doesnt work?14:25
Tm_Tcbr: work in progress, heavily14:25
apacheloggersebas: I heared Tonio likes to package stuff that doesn't work ;-)14:31
sebasYeah ... I'd be happier if it wouldn't be shipped until we say it works14:32
sebasI've already got a boatload of emails after my blogentry, telling me  that they want this and that, and that  I should think of a and b ...14:33
sebas95%  of those items we just didn't get around to yet14:33
* apachelogger suspected something like that14:33
Tm_Tsebas: sounds great =)14:33
apacheloggeryou know, the plasmoid managed to connect me once14:33
apacheloggerI dunno how, but it did :D14:34
Tm_Tapachelogger: it was me, not the plasmoid14:34
aleiteHello guys!14:34
* apachelogger starts build0ring kdelibs14:34
apacheloggeraleite: welcome back14:34
aleiteWell.. the script sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start worked14:34
aleiteBut it didn't start automatically14:35
stdinyou need start-up links14:35
smartersudo update-rc.d kdm default14:35
aleiteAnd now phonon doesn't work.. and I can't mount external devices...14:35
stdin"sudo update-rc.d kdm defaults 30 01"14:35
smarterbetter :]14:35
apacheloggeraleite: that is the price of using trunk :P14:35
aleiteI'll try14:35
smarterand there's a config file to change too14:36
smarterso that kdm is the default display manager14:36
smarterand gdm doesn't try to launch itself14:36
aleiteapachelogger: but trunk is so much funnier.. :D14:36
smarterapachelogger: you're faster than me :p14:36
aleiteI did that...14:36
apacheloggeraleite: I know :D14:36
apacheloggersmarter: you go package 4.1.4!14:36
aleiteBut now akonadi works perfectly!14:37
aleiteThat's good14:37
apacheloggernot that it would be useful though :P14:38
smarterapachelogger: I'll do once I've finished my homework && if ( $time != "10pm; utc+2" )14:38
smarters/!=/</ even14:38
apacheloggersmarter: $time >= I suppose?14:38
apachelogger=< is invalid in any language I know14:38
aleiteWell.. I'll reboot again and see what happens14:39
aleiteSee ya14:39
freeflyingRiddell: its wlm, mis-typed as wml :)14:40
aleiteHello guys14:42
aleiteIt Worked!!!14:42
aleiteWhat a magic command , this update-rc.d thing14:42
aleitePhonon still doesn't work but I think it is because I didn't compiled it with pulse-audio support14:43
Riddellfreeflying: I still don't know what that is I'm afraid14:43
aleitesmarter: thanks for the great tip14:44
apacheloggeraleite: pretty much so if you are running ubuntu14:44
freeflyingRiddell: msn protocol of kopete14:44
freeflyingRiddell: now is called window live messenger14:44
apachelogger~wp windows live messenger14:45
kubotuResults for windows live messenger: 1. Windows Live Messenger: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Live_Messenger | 2. Windows Live Messenger IM Control: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Live_Messenger_IM_Control | 3. Windows Live Messenger - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...: http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Live_Messenger14:45
kubotu[1] Windows Live Messenger 8.5 conversation window14:45
aleiteI still can't mount my external device.. I could when I used gdm14:45
apacheloggerKDE trunk doesn't have integration for that stuff yet14:45
Riddellfreeflying: oh right, how confusing.  libmsn is still going through main inclusion, it needs a security review14:45
aleiteWhat stuff?14:46
freeflyingRiddell: thanks14:46
aleiteorg.freedesktop.Hal.device.PermissionDeniedByPolicy... it says when I try to my it14:47
apacheloggeraleite: yeah14:47
apacheloggerdolphin would have to authenticate that you are allowed to mount devices, which it can't do right now, because policykit-kde is not yet in trunk14:47
aleiteI see... it worked with gdm because it used their policies... I guess14:48
aleiteWhere is policykit-kde? wasn't it on playground?14:49
apacheloggeraleite: it would be weird if it worked with gdm though14:49
aleiteIt does14:50
apacheloggerthe authentification is done by the component that needs the permissions, not the display manager14:50
apacheloggerweird it is14:50
aleiteWhen I login though gdm.. I just click the device on that plasmoid and bang... it mounts14:50
aleiteWeird indeed14:53
apacheloggerScottK: bug 314504 got a diff14:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314504 in intrepid-backports "please backport choqok 0.2 from jaunty to intrepid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31450414:55
JontheEchidnaAny core-dev around that could take a look at bug bug 314554?14:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314554 in strigi "New upstream release (strigi 0.6.2)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31455414:58
Riddellfreeflying: I don't suppose you know of anyone looking at making a KDE frontend to ibus?14:59
apacheloggerwhat is ibus?15:00
sebasApple's local transportation system ;)15:01
Riddellapachelogger: scim replacement15:02
freeflyingRiddell: no, I don't15:05
freeflyingRiddell: I still doubt if it can replace scim even it will be re-implenmented in c15:06
Riddellfreeflying: why do you think it can't replace scim?15:07
freeflyingRiddell: it use the oringin data type of dbus, I think its limiation for a input method, especially those complex, like japanese15:09
apacheloggerNightrose: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/101691/15:09
Nightroseapachelogger: Qt version?15:11
freeflyingRiddell: and compare with imbus, you will find it is not so mature as a framework http://code.google.com/p/imbus15:11
apacheloggerNightrose: 4415:11
Nightroseapachelogger: can you send that to Ian? he b0rked that15:11
freeflyingRiddell: btw, do you have any suggestion on scim-sunpinyin? :)15:11
ScottKapachelogger: If you think the diff in 314504 is good, feel free to upload.  I'll ack it then.15:12
apacheloggerNightrose: what way would be best?15:13
Riddellfreeflying: convince upstream to licence as BSD?15:13
Nightroseapachelogger: email - everything else is mostly hopeless lately15:13
apacheloggerScottK: what is the preferred changelog entry?15:14
ScottKapachelogger: Something like * Source backport of ....  Changes from Jaunty:15:15
ScottKAnd then the changes.15:15
seeleRiddell: was Open Source Nigeria 2009 what you were talking about?15:15
ScottKThe revision should be the current Jaunty revision with ~intrepid1 on the end.15:15
Riddellseele: yes15:16
apacheloggerScottK: uploaded15:20
ScottKapachelogger: Uploaded == attached the debdiff to the bug or == dput to the archive?15:21
freeflyingRiddell: no other solutions? :)15:22
apacheloggerScottK: dput15:22
ScottKapachelogger: Great.15:22
Riddellfreeflying: include the original form and the compiler in the package15:22
seeleRiddell: certainly canonical would send you to talk about kubuntu there? :)15:23
ScottKapachelogger: Ack'ed.  Now if we just could find an archive admin to accept it.15:24
apacheloggerRiddell: please accept choqok in intrepid-backports15:24
apacheloggerScottK: thx15:24
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: does someone look at strigi already?15:24
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: + you should be doing 4.1.4 :P15:25
JontheEchidnadon't think so, or at least they didn't tell me :P15:25
JontheEchidna+ I did that yesterday before 4.1.415:25
ScottKNot /me15:25
* apachelogger reviews strigi15:25
JontheEchidnayay, pbuilder actually created the pbuilder without failing this time, unlike last night15:25
* apachelogger still thinks revu is better fitted for package updates15:26
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: where is your magical kde dependency tree chart?15:27
* ScottK thinks so too.15:27
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: kollide/tmp15:27
* JontheEchidna bookmarks15:27
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: got a buildlog for strigi?15:30
apacheloggergotta wait until kde4libs is finished then15:30
freeflyingapachelogger: prepareing ked-4.1.87?15:33
apacheloggerNCommander: btw, I just noticed that apparently the kubuntu-members-kde4 ppa is non-virtual15:40
NCommanderwait ... what?15:41
apacheloggerNCommander: k-m-4 seems to be building all arches, not just the main 315:41
* NCommander looks15:42
NCommanderapachelogger, it doesn't seem to here15:43
NCommanderapachelogger, what package are you looking at?15:43
* Riddell gets onto the MIRs for qzion and qedje and google gears15:43
apacheloggerat least it copied loads of debs when I copied to another ppa earlier15:43
NCommanderI just see lpia, amd64, and x8615:44
apacheloggerhm, maybe it was a bug in soyuz then15:44
emonkeyapachelogger, btw sorry about the MIR for libmsn, i asked around for a security guy but didn't found any at all15:44
apacheloggeremonkey: there is a ubuntu-security team @ lp15:45
emonkeywhich isn't contacted by now?15:45
apacheloggeris, they are doing a review soonish15:46
apacheloggerchoqok on lpia intrepid-backports built \o/15:46
ScottKapachelogger: It'll still go to binary New.15:46
emonkeyo nice, so that task dont need any further attention from me?15:46
apacheloggerScottK: well, the buildds are pretty busy, so there is no quick availability anyway15:47
apacheloggeremonkey: nope15:47
emonkeyapachelogger, ok thx15:47
seeleis rc1 going to be packaged or just the 4.2 release?16:06
seeleis there any way to unupgrade? heh16:06
vorianseele: it will be packaged after 4.1.4 is done16:07
jjesse_format and reinstall to un upgrade?16:07
seelejjesse_: i was hoping to avoid reinstalling.  i dont know where my cdrom is atm :)16:08
seeleoh well.. i guess i'll have to deal with plasma crashing every 5 minutes until i find it16:08
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
seelei should know better by now to test on my work laptop16:08
jjesseseele: you coul create a liveusb and redo the install from there16:08
jjessei use a liveusb to install to my dell mini16:08
seelejjesse: oh good idea16:08
jjessedont know if the ubuntu liveusb crator works w/ kde only, i used the fedora one16:09
_neversfeldeunetbootin is a nnice tool to create a liveusb with KDE16:13
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
freeflyingRiddell: for sunpinyin, how about make a dfsg package? remove the whole data dir in source tarball16:22
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: dpkg-source: error: Version number suggests Ubuntu changes, but Maintainer: does not have Ubuntu address16:22
JontheEchidnaah, last release was a sync16:23
Riddellfreeflying: does that leave anything useful?16:23
freeflyingRiddell: users only need to donwload it from internet, then it works16:25
Riddellfreeflying: if you think that would be useful to people then by all means do16:25
* JontheEchidna steps away for a bit to prepare lunc16:26
seelejjesse: one thing i didnt think of.. can you downgrade kmail files once you import them to akanodi?16:38
Riddellseele: kmail doesn't actually use akonadi yet16:42
Riddellexcept for contacts16:42
seeleRiddell: so it was just the contacts?16:42
seeleah hah.. ok16:42
apacheloggerI think it didn't even import the contacts16:42
Riddellkorganiser uses it too16:42
seelewhat was the giant import process int he beginning for?  just korg?16:43
apacheloggerit just accesses them via akonadi, but they are not actually stored in it16:43
cbrwill kmail still want mysql server?16:43
apacheloggerseele: creation of the akonadi configuration to access the old resources16:43
apacheloggeror I am wrong after all and your data have been eaten by akonadi16:43
apacheloggercbr: yes16:44
cbrwhy can't it be integrated like in amarok or smth?16:44
seeleRiddell: kuser looks unlikely for jaunty.  dont know if you need to take it off the list?16:44
seelehopefully for 4.3, but that doesnt matter to kubuntu16:44
Riddellwe don't really have a list except the specs16:45
Riddellspec's don't tend to be edited once approved16:45
seeleok then16:46
LureRiddell: I have seen that you did not merge digikam with debian/expiremental package - was this intentional, or should I do this for beta8?16:53
apacheloggerwhy the heck is wiki.kde.org still alive?16:53
cbrwill kde autodetect audiocd's? or well, detect them at all for that matter16:54
RiddellLure: only that debian experimental is old, if it's worth the merge then please do16:59
Riddellapachelogger: this annoys me too16:59
Riddellcbr: I seem to remember apachelogger looking into that, needs a complex solid rule thing16:59
apacheloggerRiddell, cbr: it should already do that it just doesn't have actions assigned ... well actions beside opening it with dolphin17:00
apacheloggerthese actions require "complex" solid rules17:00
cbrimo it didnt for me in beta1 or beta217:01
cbrdidnt even display in the "new stuff" plasmoid17:01
apacheloggermight be something in the linux stack17:01
cbrvlc played it17:01
apacheloggercbr: the detection17:01
apacheloggerif solid doesn't know about the CD, KDE can't do anything, so I guess the issue is in hal's device polling17:02
cbrit shows for a data cd.. damn, dont have an audio cd to try atm17:04
cbralso, hardware eject button functionality is abort for some reason17:06
mluser-workAre there currently problems getting Atheros wifi cards working with Jaunty?17:07
apacheloggercbr: would only happen if the device is locked I think17:09
cbrwell i have it mounted and opened in dolphin17:12
cbrthat shouldnt stop it though?17:12
apacheloggernot sure17:17
apacheloggertechnically when it is mounted the device is locked17:17
apacheloggeror rather, when an application accesses the mountpoint17:18
LureRiddell: it would just make future merges easier (when they get our of lenny freeze)17:18
RiddellLure: yeah, go ahead17:18
apacheloggerRiddell: -- Installing: /tmp/buildd/kdebase-runtime-4.1.4/debian/tmp/usr/lib/libkaudiodevicelist.so.4.2.017:25
apacheloggerdo you think that bump was intentional? KDE trunk also comes with 4.2.017:25
apacheloggeror actually does not17:25
Riddellhmm, mostly those .so versions are set globally17:27
apacheloggerRiddell: kaudiodevicelist is the only lib with version in kdebase-runtime17:28
apacheloggerit comes from phonon I suppose17:28
Riddellset_target_properties(kaudiodevicelist PROPERTIES VERSION ${GENERIC_LIB_VERSION} SOVERSION ${GENERIC_LIB_SOVERSION})17:33
apacheloggerRiddell: my bad17:38
Riddellapachelogger: did you build it against a newer kdelibs?17:38
* apachelogger kicks JontheEchidna for coming up with jaunty packages while we are doing intrepid packaging :P17:38
apacheloggerjaunty pbuilder17:38
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: at least strigi didn't flood my inbox with build failures ;-)17:39
ScottKapachelogger: And he didn't build with the wrong version of the tarball.17:39
apacheloggertrue ^_^17:40
* apachelogger restarts batbuild17:40
apacheloggerNightrose: amaork is becoming patch software17:42
apachelogger*amarok even17:42
seelewe have a few french speakers here right?17:45
seelewhat does douloureux, triste, and grave mean?17:45
seelegrave i think means serious?17:45
seelenot sure about the other two17:45
Riddellsomething, sad and serious17:45
Sputpainful ois the first17:45
ScottKSounds more German than French then.17:45
Sputno, that's not even remotely German :)17:46
Riddellso not positive words17:46
Sputthe middle maybe17:46
apacheloggergerman borrowed the 2nd one from french doesn't exaclty mean the same anymore though17:48
seelei don't get how this song is supposed to be played "sad and painful".17:48
* ScottK was being ironic about stereotypes and nationalities, not translating.17:48
Sputyeah, german "trist" is more "boring"17:48
SputScottK: I love how others think about us :)17:48
seeleugh.. and this one that is supposed to be serious sounds like the sad and painful one17:49
seelei guess i dont get french impressionism17:49
seeleweirdos :P17:49
ScottKSput: I actually know quite a few Germans and none of them fits the traditional stereotype.17:49
ScottKThese things lag.  It was probably a lot more true 50 years ago.17:50
Riddellseele: you need to play it while a dog knaws at your leg17:50
ScottKI do know that none of the German students that came to live with us (we've had 4) found the US to be at all like they expected.17:51
seeleand stoned out of my mind on opium maybe.  otherwise the dog would be seriously pissing me off17:51
ScottKseele: Absinthe.17:52
ScottKIt's legal in the US now, BTW.17:52
seeleScottK: that too17:52
seeleyes, but it is insanely expensive17:52
ScottKDunno.  I didn't buy any, just tried it at a friend's house.17:52
seeleyeah, there are some bars here in DC who have it and we've seen it in the state store17:53
* ScottK prefers to stick to Scotch.17:53
* Sput has coffee17:53
* Riddell coughs politely at ScottK 17:53
Sputeven though I know it will screw up my intestines again17:53
ScottKRight.  Coffee during the day and Scotch after the kids are in bed.17:53
JontheEchidnaWe have a liqour store right off the highway here. One step away from having a drive-through ;P17:53
ScottKBefore I moved in 2006 the closest liquor store to our house had a drive through.17:54
ScottKJontheEchidna: You're way to  young to know about such things anyway.17:54
* ScottK starts to worry about getting in trouble for encouraging the delinquency of a minor.17:55
ScottKThat is, or was, an actual crime.17:55
JontheEchidnaIt's like a huge store right next to the highway, pretty hard to miss17:55
JontheEchidnaa state store, of course17:55
ScottKWell back in the day, when I was about your age the drinking age was 18 and you'd be pretty close.17:57
seeleScottK: oh come on youre not that old are you?  or did you live in west virginia17:57
Sputwell, drinking age is 16 here and nobody really cares :)17:57
ScottKYeah, that's one way the US and Europe are very different.17:57
ScottKseele: I grew up in Kansas.17:57
ScottKAnd yes, I am that old.17:58
* ScottK has a younger brother who was legal for 6 months and then not for 2 1/2 years because the state legislature messed up the grandfather clause when they changed it.17:58
Sputundergrads coming from germany to the US have a lot of fun too17:59
Sputbeen drinking here for years, and then they get told they're too young to even enter a pub18:00
ScottKWe had that with the ones living with us.18:00
Sputon the other hand, undergrads coming from the US to Europe usually try to kill themselves18:00
* ScottK has lived outside the US for nearly 3 years at different times and still does not at all understand Americans outside the US.18:01
Riddellapachelogger: you have a note about packaging libmal?  it's already been packaged and removed http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=39454418:01
ubottuDebian bug 394544 in ftp.debian.org "ftp.debian.org: please remove libmal from unstable and testing" [Normal,Closed]18:01
Riddelland opensync seems not to have a stable release18:02
apacheloggerRiddell: cmake complained about it at some point18:02
apacheloggerthat is all18:02
Riddellyeah, we can ignore it18:02
Riddellbug 31477818:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314778 in google-gadgets "Main inclusion for Google Gadgets" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31477818:03
ScottKSput: Once when I was in Ireland I was told, "I'd always figured there were Americans like you, I'd just never met one."18:03
ScottKThis was meant as a good thing.18:03
Riddelldon't worry Americans, Obama will save your reputation I'm sure :)18:03
ScottKWell almost all my Americans abroad horror stories are pre-Bush, so that won't do it I don't think.18:04
seelei blame TV.  if all i knew of America was our media then i'd probably think theyre a bit strange too18:06
jpdsseele: I think douloureux is painful.18:06
jpdsOh, damn, Sput already said that.18:06
Sputwell, we used to love America over here, until Bush came and destroyed everything18:06
seelejpds: yeah, unfortunately i'm having a hard time understanding how to play this particular piece as "painful"18:07
* apachelogger finds english weird thanks to it crowd :P18:07
Sputamazing how fast he managed to destroy the US' reputation in the world18:07
seelei dont think a dog gnawing on my leg is the right kind of pain18:07
Sputseele: no, that's bad education.18:07
apacheloggerSput: luckily obama held a speach in berlin now everything is good again? :P18:07
Sputand I don't think he'll be able or even willing to fix things18:08
apacheloggerright the "ick bin ein bärliner" was missing18:08
Sputit's not like the US plan to give up their plans for world domination, obama will just try to package that message nicer18:08
apacheloggeryummy berliners18:08
ScottKIf that's a kind of sausage, then I'm in.18:09
Riddellit's a kind of doughnut, Nightrose bought one for me specially18:09
Sputno, it's a sweet roll filled with jelly and powdered with sugar18:09
ScottKOh.  That'd be good too.18:09
ScottKYeah, I'd eat that.18:10
Sputso that explains the jokes that many germans still make about JFK saying "Ich bin ein Berliner"18:10
Sputeven though we understood and loved his real message :)18:10
seelenot much jelly in that jelly dounut18:10
ScottKseele: Agreed.  It'd do though.18:11
Sputseele: not supposed to18:11
seeleScottK: oh, i'm not saying i wouldnt eat it.  because i would18:11
seeleSput: sorry, i'm used to doing things super sized18:11
* seele plays up the american stereotype18:12
* ScottK recalls that coming up before18:12
Sputseele: well, the dough is tasting delicious by its own, I prefer being able to taste some of it without having everything covered in sweet jelly :)18:12
seelethur's not enuf sugar in this thang.  pass tha cool whip mum18:13
apacheloggerSput: go search a pic of a mohnknödel :P18:13
seeleoh and "Add Cheez Pleez"18:13
apachelogger.!!!~~~~>Bat build WARNING: either this package is in incredibly good shape, or there isn't enough data to gather for the report18:14
apacheloggerI love that message18:14
seeleugh.. 5 notifications just to open that link18:14
apacheloggerSput: that is an abomination18:14
seelenow see.. that's got some filling in it18:14
* apachelogger demands original viennese mohnknödel18:15
Tm_Tapachelogger: how about karjalanpiirakka?18:15
apacheloggerseele: imagine that thing about twice the size with about 80% jelly + butter and poppy seed on top of it18:16
apacheloggerthat is what you get in austria for dessert ;-)18:16
apacheloggerin vienna anyway18:16
seelesounds good to me.  i like the sweets18:17
apacheloggerTm_T: looks way too healthy18:17
SputI'm not a huge friend of sweet stuff18:17
SputI like my chocolate with 99% cocoa too18:17
seeleah yeah, i'm a snob when it comes to chocolate.  i prefer the darker stuff and strongly dislike "candy" chocolate like hershey's18:18
apacheloggerthat reminds me18:18
apacheloggerto the batcave!18:18
seeleoh yes, that is good.  i've had some with curry powder and macha tea too18:19
jpdsYay for fluid-width: http://www.kubuntu.org/18:20
apacheloggercan't follow18:22
ScottK-laptopseele: I'm reminded of the Bill Cosby quote, "I am proud to be an American.  Because an American can eat anything on the face of this earth as long as he has two pieces of bread."18:22
seeleRiddell: what does this mean (in the desktop team meeting minutes):  * Kubuntu/KDE app plans were not sufficiently fleshed out to assess18:23
seelestatus. This should be resolved by the next meeting.18:23
seeleScottK-laptop: ah haha and i had a sandwich today for lunch too :)18:23
ScottKIt comes from an old stand up routine of his about a trip to Italy.18:24
SputScottK: "bread"18:24
* ScottK wishes he could remember which album it was on.18:24
Riddellseele: it means they don't know what'll happen or when, I did get an e-mail from rick spensor asking for more information but it's basicly up to dbarth what he wants the DX team to commit to18:25
ScottKRiddell: Is there an IRC channel or something to chat with these DX folks or are they just pitching patches over the transom?18:26
Tm_TScottK: #ubuntu-desktop ?18:26
RiddellScottK: macslow and tedg are on #ubuntu-devel, davidbarth doesn't seem to be on today18:26
Tm_TI hate this, so much to do, so little time18:27
ScottKTm_T: Seems like a Gnome place.18:27
Tm_TScottK: true, don't listen to me18:27
Tm_Tjust if I could do Ubuntu/KDE/whatever developing for living18:27
Riddellwell it's all gnome so far, the most I think they'll do for this cycle is get kmail or whatever showing notifications on gnome18:28
ScottKDoes Kmail do notifications?18:28
ScottKI seem to have managed to have that disabled.18:28
Tm_Tnew mail18:28
apacheloggerit is off by default18:28
Tm_Tfor example18:28
apachelogger+ it is not working in kontact18:29
ScottKThat'd explain it.18:29
apacheloggerdunno why though, very weird issue18:29
Tm_Tapachelogger: uh?!18:29
ScottKAt least on my 4.1.3 Kmail isn't working in Kontact.18:29
Tm_Tapachelogger: does here18:29
* Tm_T is using svn trunk18:29
apacheloggerme too18:29
ScottKI click on the mail thingy in Kontact and Kmail opens up in a new window.18:29
apacheloggerTm_T: didn't work when I tried it a couple of days ago18:30
Tm_Tapachelogger: how did it fail?18:30
apacheloggerScottK: if you have kmail in tray it will not embedd18:30
ScottKOK.  Must be that then.18:30
apacheloggerScottK: or in general if a kmail process is running that is not bound to kontact it will not embedd18:30
Tm_Tapachelogger: hmm, does here18:30
* ScottK isn't using Kontact much right now.18:30
* Tm_T is using Kontact in a way that only Kmail has tray icon18:31
* apachelogger isn't using kontact until it stopped crashing all the time again :P18:31
Lureapachelogger: it does not crash that often for me anymore (max once per week)18:33
seeleapachelogger: imap :(18:33
Tm_Tseele: what about it?18:33
seelethat's one of the crash issues18:33
Tm_Tsomething I could reproduce?18:34
apacheloggerseele: pop3 looses data18:34
seeleapachelogger: YIKES! i've never had that happen to me18:34
ScottKapachelogger: How so?18:34
apacheloggerbesides, I wouldn't want to download all that crap18:34
apacheloggerseele, ScottK: see kdepim bugs in launchpad18:34
Tm_Thmm, we have meeting soon?18:37
Riddellnone planned18:38
seeleTm_T: some guy didnt get his intrepid CD and used the email to reply to Mr. Jonathan18:41
apacheloggerI did get mine, otherwise I probably would have to do the same18:41
jjesse_hrmm never got my intrepid ship it cds :(18:42
Riddelland annoy me by insisting on using titles?18:43
* ScottK had to make two special requests. The first time got all Ubuntu.18:44
Tm_Tseele: bah, cheating18:46
Tm_TScottK: we always fail to get our special requests even when we go and spread ~800 discs or so18:46
Tm_TRiddell: we really should get sabdfl to Assembly next summer18:47
* apachelogger hates when a notification times out so fast that apachelogger can't read it18:47
seeleTm_T: you mean Akademy?  not the e.V. Assembly?18:48
RiddellAssembly the big Finnish computer do I think18:48
Tm_Tseele: I mean finnish computer event called Assembly18:48
seeleah, oops18:48
Tm_T5 000+ people spending 4 days in one place with events, competitions and stuff18:48
Tm_Tlots of old hacker and demo culture stuff going on18:49
seelelike HOPE and CCC?18:50
seeleexcept not as security focused18:51
Tm_Thmm, not at all like that I guess18:51
Tm_Tseele: "huge lan party" some people say18:51
ryanakcaHurra, www.kubuntu.org is now fluid width :)19:18
Tm_Tryanakca: great news <319:18
* apachelogger doesn't notice anything19:19
* JontheEchidna either19:19
ryanakcaThere's a max-width... make the window smaller19:20
ryanakcaHmmm... screenshot in the masthead goes down when it's too small... I should probably up the min-width by 100px; no?19:21
ryanakcaOr just update the masthead to the current ``latest news''? 8.10 is two-month old news ;)19:22
JontheEchidnathen I probably have a good resolution. :)19:24
apacheloggermeee tooo19:24
ScottK-desktopryanakca: Did you get the FAQ stuff I sent you in too?19:26
ryanakcaScottK-desktop: completely forgot about it, sorry, thanks for reminding me. I'll stick it in the wiki and add a link to it from the FAQ19:27
ScottK-desktopryanakca: OK.  Some of that stuff I think should go in the FAQ proper, but but wiki is good for most.19:28
* ScottK udates krusader.20:02
ScottKupdates even.20:02
Tm_Tapachelogger: hi20:07
Tm_Tapachelogger: got any luck with Qt ?20:08
* Tm_T still fails to make sense to it all20:08
apacheloggerTm_T: didn't came round to take a look at it yet20:09
Tm_Tapachelogger: roger20:09
jcastroapachelogger: does choqok support identi.ca/laconica?20:15
apacheloggerjcastro: not yet, but the developer said that he's probably going to implement them20:16
apacheloggerthe design certainly supports it20:16
jjesse_apachelogger: it looks cool20:16
jcastroapachelogger: there's a ton of us on identi.ca already, we could use one more!20:17
jjesse_wasn't rgreening going to port gwibber to QT?20:17
jcastroiirc there was a branch someplace20:17
* apachelogger is still too much influenced by Amarok, so <3 twitter :D20:17
apacheloggerjjesse_: Qt20:17
jjesse_sorry :)20:18
LaserJockI would love to see a Qt identi.ca client20:18
* ScottK loves it when that happens.20:19
ScottKSat back down at the desk after being away for awhile and there was the end of the test build.20:19
* ScottK 's wife detected an unauthorized facebook acount (via Google I think) belonging to $ELDEST_CHILD last night.20:22
* ScottK just got done adjusting firewall rules and will now wait for $ELDEST_CHILD to wonder why she can't get to facebook.20:23
apacheloggerinternet access monitoring ftw20:23
seeleah hah20:23
seelei take it she's not going to leave her car for the test, is she20:23
* apachelogger has about 5 social networking sites blocked due to request by $MOM20:23
apacheloggerit also keeps me from getting dragged ;-)20:24
ScottK$MIDDLE_CHILD thought she was safe making a myspace account from her friend's computer a couple of years ago.20:24
ScottKThat didn't work out so well for her either.20:24
ScottKI always think it's funny hearing about kids knowing more about computers than their parents.20:25
LaserJockman, I've never had that temptation20:25
seelewhen $ELDEST_CHILD turns 18, does she get facebook back or does she have to go to panera to do it from free wifi?20:25
LaserJockI have a facebook account, but it seems so pointless20:25
Tm_TLaserJock: same problem20:25
Tm_TI just don't use it20:25
ScottKseele: She can live by her rules when she's self supporting.20:26
LaserJockif I want to waste time I hop on IRC20:26
* ScottK knows a bit about that.20:26
Tm_TScottK: glad I don't have that problem yet20:26
apacheloggerLaserJock: lol20:26
ScottKMy brother has 3 girls the oldest of which is 8.20:26
seelei hear kids are cute until theyre 12, and then youre just waiting for them to leave the house20:27
ScottKEvery time I start with teenage daughter stories he puts his fingers in his ears and says, "I can't hear you."20:27
Tm_Tseele: false20:27
ScottK12 is a good average.20:27
Tm_Tseele: they're cute until they're yours20:27
seeleTm_T: lol20:27
Tm_Texcept my daughter <320:27
ScottK$ELDEST was advanced.  Hit it around 10.20:28
seeleshe must be <1220:28
Tm_Tseele: 8 weeks soon20:28
seeleScottK: two extra years.  lucky you20:28
seeleTm_T: ah, you have about 2 years before all you hear is "NO!"20:28
Tm_Tanyway, I have very good experience with kids20:28
ScottKOTOH, $MIDDLE is 14 and just getting there, so it balances out.20:28
Tm_Tseele: nah, she'll learn it much earlier20:28
seeleScottK: and then you have the cute $YOUNGEST for a few more years at least20:29
* Tm_T used to work with trouble childs20:30
ScottKseele: yes.  She seems to vacilate between 5 and 25.20:31
ScottKShe has glasses too, as of Monday, so she's doomed to be smart.20:31
* apachelogger once had glasses...20:34
* JontheEchidna haz glasses20:36
seelelooks like the rain stopped, gotta get some groceries20:37
* Tm_T uses classes just to reduce brightness mostly20:37
jjesse_so smart people have glasses?20:37
Tm_Tas my iq is around 15020:38
jjesse_hrmmm what about contacts? :)20:38
* ScottK thinks so, he says as he looks at the screen through his glasses.20:38
Tm_Tjjesse_: what contacts?20:38
jjesse_if i wear contacts does that make me as smart as people who wear glasses?20:38
Tm_Tthere's no ducktape involved20:39
Tm_T+t I guess20:39
apacheloggerTm_T: classes don't make you smart, neither do methods20:40
Tm_TI know (:)20:40
apacheloggertime for some scooby-doo20:43
=== rdieter is now known as rdieter_away
* Lure just survived unbootable jaunty - luckly workaround from BusyBox helped22:00
* Lure is happy, did new upload to universe after exactly 9 months since last one ;-)22:33
Riddellwhat's wrong with them having facebook accounts?22:36
Tm_TRiddell: IIRC you need parents permission if your underaged22:37
ScottKRiddell: Nothing.  The deal is though that we have to have access to them.  This new account we don't.22:37
ScottKTm_T: Actually not.  You do need to be, I  think, 13.22:37
Tm_TScottK: oh, interesting22:37
nhandlerTm_T: That is the requirement for most forums too22:37
ScottKThis is more having hardass parents who keep an eye on things.22:37
Tm_TScottK: some web services here in Finland have quite strict 16-18 age limits on that22:37
LureRiddell: btw, when did digikam/kipi-plugins drop to universe?22:37
=== wonderful is now known as SteveS
RiddellLure: not sure, the comment in the seed file says #  * (digikam)  needs kdebase-kio-plugins22:39
LureRiddell: probably because it is kde3, and intrepid was kde4-focused...22:46
LureRiddell: anyhow, it helps me as I can upload myself ;-)22:46
Lureeven though we have plently of kubuntu-coredev's now! ;-)22:47
LureRiddell: where did kdeprint package go in kde4 and what replaces it?22:48
JontheEchidnait went bye-bye22:49
JontheEchidnakde4 apps now use the Qt4 printing stuff (not as featureful as kdeprint was, but...)22:49
JontheEchidnathere is a kde-printer-applet that shows available jobs when things are being printed, and system-config-printer-kde takes care of configuration22:50
LureJontheEchidna: ok, will remove it then from recommends22:54

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