DaSkreechjennifer: no just need to fix your old one I guess ;)00:00
DaSkreechjennifer: did you try a new FF profile ?00:00
jenniferyeah and that worked fine for a few times. But when i logged out and logged back in; same problem popped up00:00
wesleyi have kde4.2 Rc00:01
arrrghhhso i tried to upgrade 4.1 to 4.2...00:01
arrrghhhand now 4.1 is borked.00:01
jennifercould it have something to do with getting a corupt file from my adept manager00:01
DaSkreecharrrghhh: Well you shouldn't have 4.100:01
arrrghhhis it better to just do a complete kubuntu reinstall?00:01
arrrghhhDaSkreech, why?00:02
wesleyi am using kde-nightly, and its now 4.2 rc00:02
DaSkreechwesley: Your driver has nothing to do with KDE00:02
arrrghhh4.2 rc was scheduled for release today.00:02
jenniferi am able to download files but when it goes to unpack them; i get a load error or something00:02
DaSkreechsaid who?00:02
wesleyDaSkreech you know which drivr i have ?00:02
DaSkreechjennifer: Hmm ? What upacking ?00:02
arrrghhhDaSkreech, so why shouldn't i have 4.1?00:02
DaSkreechwesley: No I would guess if it's a driver then lsmod would show ou00:03
DaSkreecharrrghhh: You just said you upgraded to 4.200:03
jenniferhang on i'll get the message in a second00:03
arrrghhhDaSkreech, well i tried.00:03
DaSkreecharrrghhh: How? what were you following ?00:03
arrrghhhit didn't complete the upgrade, and not even a dpkg-reconfigure -a fixed it.00:03
arrrghhhDaSkreech, there's directions on kubuntu.org00:03
DaSkreechOk and you are on intreprid ?00:04
wesleyOkay lol, the bug i reported is fixed within 2 hours00:04
jenniferThere was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages.00:04
DaSkreecharrrghhh: what package broke?00:05
DaSkreechjennifer: Umm ok what command is this from ?00:05
arrrghhhDaSkreech, at this point i'm not even sure.00:05
wesleyDaSkreech i tested my vga on 7.10 8.04 and 8.10 with glxgears and i am getting higher framerates with glxgears in ubuntu 7.1000:05
DaSkreecharrrghhh: run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to see00:06
DaSkreechglxgears is not a benchmark00:06
jenniferit said that it crashed because of a SIGABRT00:06
DaSkreechjennifer: you pressed ctrl+c00:06
wesleyBut on 7.10 and 8.04 it uses vesa driver and not intel, and thats kind of strange00:06
DaSkreechSignal Abort00:06
arrrghhhdpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.00:06
DaSkreechrun that with a sudo00:07
arrrghhhi tried running that, and it went thru a lot of crap and didn't finish.00:07
arrrghhhi'll try it again00:07
jenniferwhat does Ctrl + C do00:07
arrrghhhcancels the operation usually00:07
DaSkreechjennifer: abort00:07
arrrghhhit also copies00:07
arrrghhhif you're not in a console00:08
jenniferummm ok00:08
wesleywhats S3TC ?00:08
arrrghhhctrl-c?  copy?00:08
DaSkreechS3 texture compression00:09
DaSkreechOr the reason that S3 still exists today00:09
jenniferi am trying sea monkey00:09
DaSkreechjennifer: what command was that error from?00:09
arrrghhhUnknown media type in type 'interface/x-winamp-skin' - i get a lot of those unknown media types00:09
wesleyis that better S3?00:10
jenniferi dont know and i am havin the same issue on this browser00:10
arrrghhhjennifer, sea monkey is pretty much firefox...  just older and has more features, like the old netscape.00:10
arrrghhhWARNING: Failed to parse default value `??????????? ?????? ;gtk-theme-selector.desktop,???????????? ??????????? ???;default-applications.desktop,??????????? ????;gnome-cups-manager.desktop]' for schema (/schemas/apps/control-center/cc_actions_list)00:11
arrrghhhi get that, and a bunch of those media type unknown error.s00:11
jenniferso what do i try to get IE7 instead b/c Firefox isnt loading that site00:11
arrrghhhjennifer, ie7?  on linux?00:11
jennifersomeone told me that i could install it on here00:12
arrrghhhlike m$ would want that to happen00:12
arrrghhhhave you tried opera?00:12
jenniferi am just ticked off and no not yet00:12
arrrghhhi don't even know what the problem is00:12
DaSkreechwesley: S3 is acompany S3TC is an algorithim made by the company S300:13
jenniferi can load every freaking site but FF and i am really getting ticked.00:14
DaSkreecharrrghhh: Your filetypes needs to be regenerated?00:14
arrrghhhDaSkreech, beats the heck outta me00:14
arrrghhhand ie4... bleck.00:14
arrrghhhie6 is bad lol00:14
DaSkreechie for linux ;-P00:14
arrrghhhjennifer, you can load every site but FF?00:14
arrrghhhDaSkreech, yea, it's hilarous.00:14
DaSkreechjennifer: Hold up you can't load mozilla.org ?00:14
arrrghhhjennifer, so you can't load the firefox main website?!?00:14
jenniferi can on Firefox 2 but on the new one; it says not connected to the internet00:15
jennifera page load error00:15
arrrghhhare you behind a proxy?00:15
arrrghhhcheck your network settings in ff200:15
wesleyDaSkreech is there a program where i can change vga drivers ? KDE4.2 doesnt include it00:16
jenniferi have, everything is set to default00:16
DaSkreechwesley: Umm I can't think of any off the top of my head00:16
DaSkreechjennifer: in both?00:16
* djdarkman has no more energy drink left.... :(00:16
wesleybecause i am not sure if kubuntu is using the intel driver and not the vesa00:17
jenniferno just the new firefox00:17
arrrghhhjennifer, well check the one that works and compare it...00:17
jenniferok how do i check my network settings in Firefox 200:17
arrrghhhuhm prefs advanced network?00:17
jennifersometimes i can load FF on firefox 2 but not firefox 3 and vice versa00:18
arrrghhhyou're not making sense.00:18
DaSkreechjennifer: The old one has changed settings from the default ?00:18
DaSkreechwesley: try typing xrandr in the konsole00:18
arrrghhhif ff2 is working, then there is a config issue with ff3.00:19
DaSkreecharrrghhh: Could be a routing error in her network00:19
DaSkreechjennifer: So this isn't just with a few sites it's with all sites ?00:19
arrrghhhi guess but if ff2 works then...00:20
jenniferno i am only have issues with one site00:20
DaSkreechyou've told me two00:20
jenniferno only with one site00:20
wesleyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com:80/101388/ this is what i get00:20
arrrghhhfringe-forum.com works for me00:21
jenniferi am looking at my connection settings in firefox 2; it is set to direct connection to the internet00:21
arrrghhhin ff 3.0.5.  so there's some config issue with ff or some issue in your network.00:21
jenniferi have Sprint as my internet service provider00:22
jenniferi called them up; they said that it is nothing on their end00:22
DaSkreechfaileas: http://aseigo.blogspot.com/2009/01/42-rcs-tagged-trunk-is-now-43.html00:22
arrrghhhjennifer, it's probably not your isp.  i was saying YOUR network.00:22
=== gnuton is now known as gnuton_AFK
jenniferhow when i havent made any changes00:23
DaSkreechjennifer: How is your computer connected to the modem?00:23
DaSkreechThrough a router?00:23
wesleyDaSkreech i already read then, i reading the planet everday00:23
jenniferi have a sprint mobile broandband connection card00:23
DaSkreechwesley: Hmm ?00:23
arrrghhhjust because you haven't made any changes doesn't mean changes haven't occured (hardware, etc).  but, if ff2 ALWAYS works and ff3 NEVER works then it's a config issue with ff3!00:23
jenniferwhich is linked to the third line in my dad's plan00:24
DaSkreecharrrghhh: In any case what happened with dpkg command ?00:24
szrhawaiiDoes anyone know of a program style like KXdocker for kde 400:24
arrrghhhDaSkreech, looks like it failed.  i don't see how or why.  it asked me a TON of questions.00:24
wesleyszrhawaii look on kde-look.org there´s a plasmoid being develop00:24
DaSkreecharrrghhh: jennifer said sometimes FF2 works and FF3 doesn't sometimes FF3 works and FF2 doesn't00:24
arrrghhhthe last error was something about flash plugin for ff not working.00:24
DaSkreecharrrghhh: Wht questions ?00:24
szrhawaiiwhat is the name00:25
DaSkreechRun it again00:25
jenniferim going to delete FF300:25
szrhawaiiwhats the name wesley00:25
DaSkreechjennifer: --purge it00:25
DaSkreechjennifer: apt-get remove firefox --purge00:25
arrrghhhit asked me a ton.  like keyboard layout, whether i want home directories viewable by all, locale, etc00:25
DaSkreecharrrghhh: Woah what?00:25
wesleyszrhawaii something with dock, enough searhing kde-look00:26
DaSkreechdid you upgrade to a new version of kubuntu ?00:26
arrrghhhno i don't think so...00:26
arrrghhhall i did was "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a"00:26
szrhawaiiwhy would i go to kde-look for a program00:26
szrhawaiiim at kde-apps00:26
wesleyits a plasmoid00:26
jenniferits not lettin me do that00:27
wesleyyou wont find it at kde-apps00:27
ralphoer whats a plasmoid00:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about plasmoid00:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about plasma00:27
jenniferE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)00:27
jenniferE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?00:27
arrrghhhjennifer, do you have a package manager running?00:27
wesleyit doesnt know anything about plasmoids00:28
jenniferno i closed it out00:28
arrrghhhjennifer, something still has a lock on your dpkg.00:28
DaSkreechjennifer: you have something else running ?00:28
DaSkreechwith a package manager?00:28
jenniferjust the internet and messenger00:28
DaSkreechadept fix00:29
DaSkreech!adept fix00:29
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »00:29
szrhawaiiwesley is kooldock a decent program00:29
DaSkreechRun that command ^^^00:29
wesleyszrhawaii the link is a dock for kde400:29
arrrghhhDaSkreech, not me?00:29
wesleyszrhawaii, buy a mac00:29
DaSkreecharrrghhh: no jennifer00:29
jenniferok it worked00:29
DaSkreecharrrghhh: ok You are not supposed to get messages like that just for installing KDE00:30
szrhawaiiim not trying to buy a mac00:30
arrrghhhhrm.  i don't know what to do.00:30
DaSkreecharrrghhh: Run the dpkg again and paste bin the errors00:30
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)00:30
arrrghhhDaSkreech, tell me about it.  that's why i'm wondering if something is really hosed & if it would just be easier to reinstall kubuntu00:30
szrhawaiiim trying to see something but your no help since only plasmoids are there and im looking for a program which has nothing to do with a look00:30
wesleydocks on linux arent that great, maby you have luck with peachdock00:30
szrhawaiiwhats peachdock00:31
DaSkreechszrhawaii: You are mixing up plasmoids and themes00:31
DaSkreechThemes are look Plasmoids are functions00:31
DaSkreech!info peachdock00:31
ubottuPackage peachdock does not exist in intrepid00:31
szrhawaiiim just looking for the program to see what and how they compiled it00:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dock00:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about docks00:31
DaSkreech!info cooldock00:31
ubottuPackage cooldock does not exist in intrepid00:31
dr_willis!info wbar00:32
ubottuPackage wbar does not exist in intrepid00:32
DaSkreechHmm :-/00:32
arrrghhhDaSkreech, http://pastebin.com/d937a374 - there's the entire console output of dpkg-reconfigure -a00:32
wesleyszrhawaii ive tried using docks in kde4 but they either dont work, or not good config able00:32
szrhawaiii only like the raising of the icon style and trying to figure the coding and the way they comiled that part00:32
szrhawaiii really dont care to much for docks myself00:33
DaSkreecharrrghhh: sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree00:33
wesleyyou could make a second panel orso? stuff some icons in it ?00:33
arrrghhhE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.00:33
raminHi folks, Can I ask dummy linux questions here?00:33
szrhawaiidont want a second panel or a dock00:34
dr_willisramin,  sure..00:34
szrhawaiijust want to see the programs internals00:34
dr_willisramin,  the worse we can do is give you a URL to read  :)00:34
arrrghhhk i ran that command00:34
arrrghhhit's uninstalling flash i think00:34
raminI want to know which version of the Boost package is installed on my system00:34
jenniferok so now what do i do to purge firefox 3?00:34
dr_willisBoost? never heard of it..00:34
dr_willis!info boost00:34
ubottuPackage boost does not exist in intrepid00:35
DaSkreecharrrghhh: Right when that's done run the dpkg again00:35
wesleyszrhawaii then just look on kde-look, by plasmoids and karamba00:35
arrrghhhit's doing the update/dist-upgrade now.00:35
szrhawaiibut they really dont have the raise up and down look im looking for00:35
raminit's libboost I believe00:36
dr_willisramin,  fire up synaptic - search for it.. and look at the details00:36
arrrghhhwow looks like it finished00:36
arrrghhhreboot!  brb00:36
ramin@dr_willis where was this synaptic thing?00:37
jenniferwhere do i go from there...i entered that command and now how do i purge firefox?00:37
DaSkreechjennifer: Which command? sorry doing a few things right now00:38
wesleyDaSkreech kde4.2 rc is really better00:38
jennifersudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a                                                               »00:38
DaSkreechIt is00:38
DaSkreechjennifer: ah sudo apt-get remove firefox --purge00:39
arrrghhhk looks good00:39
jenniferit gives me the same message00:39
arrrghhhnow to try the 4.2 update again :S00:39
jenniferpermission denied00:39
DaSkreechjennifer: same error? that something is using the database ?00:40
jenniferit asks me 'are you root?"00:40
ramincould anybody help me? I just did sudo apt-get install libboost.*-dev libboost-doc libboost.*1.34.100:40
khakanejennifer: well are you?00:40
raminbut I couldn't find it on my system00:40
arrrghhhjennifer, are you sure?00:41
arrrghhhit wouldn't ask if you were root if you were... no offense.00:41
* khakane nods00:41
jenniferwell how the hell would i know00:41
khakaneby typing sudo first00:41
DaSkreechjennifer: did you put sudo in front of the command ?00:41
crimsunramin: find what precisely on your system?00:41
jenniferi got it00:42
khakanehow does it feel to be root00:42
wesleyJuk bug is still not fixed00:43
jenniferit didnt work...error processing00:43
arrrghhhDaSkreech, so i did the update again, and i get this - http://pastebin.com/d69feb0100:43
crimsunramin: err, you can't find "kubuntu"?00:43
raminUbuntu 8.04.1, kernel 2.6.24-19-generic00:43
raminthis is my system00:43
raminI can't find the library that I just installed00:43
raminI did it using apt-get00:43
crimsunramin: they're in /usr/include/boost/00:44
crimsunramin: (well, the headers are. the shared libs are in /usr/lib/)00:45
genii!info boost-build00:45
ubottuboost-build (source: boost-build): cross-platform build system for C++ projects. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0-m12-2 (intrepid), package size 356 kB, installed size 2364 kB00:45
arrrghhhjennifer, why the heck do you use clamav?00:45
DaSkreecharrrghhh: sudo apt-get install kdebase-workspace-bin00:45
DaSkreecharrrghhh: be nice00:45
khakaneand there are other packages that have not been configgured00:45
arrrghhhno really?00:45
arrrghhhi'm not trying to be mean00:45
DaSkreechWell ask questions in a nice way00:46
jenniferwhat is it?00:46
raminthanks! you guys are great00:46
DaSkreechjennifer: It's an antivirus for Windows00:46
khakanejennifer: i would apt-get remove havp00:46
DaSkreechkhakane: Agreed00:46
khakaneand then try again with removing firefox00:47
arrrghhhsorry i'm a little blunt.00:47
arrrghhhwhich is why i work in IT.00:47
DaSkreechI realise which is why I'm telling you to be nice00:47
jenniferi didnt know i had it00:47
DaSkreechjennifer: apparently :)00:47
jenniferok its removed00:47
arrrghhhi'll try :D00:47
jennifernow try to remove firefox00:48
DaSkreecharrrghhh: This is a forum where people are not confident in asking for help. You are trying to assist them but doing so in a way that scares them doesn't help anyone's intentions00:48
jenniferwell ir worked00:48
DaSkreecharrrghhh: How's that install working?00:48
arrrghhhDaSkreech, yea, which is the main reason people don't like trying to get help in these linux channels.00:49
arrrghhhwell i did another update00:49
arrrghhhlooks like it finished!00:49
DaSkreecharrrghhh: Don't make it worse :) make it better00:49
arrrghhhstill says i have one package to update...00:49
DaSkreecharrrghhh: Run it again then00:49
jenniferwhats x11proto-core-dev ?00:49
DaSkreechjennifer: A devlopers package if you are coding for X1100:49
arrrghhhDaSkreech, gwenview has been kept back.00:49
DaSkreecharrrghhh: No reason ?00:50
* genii feeds DaSkreech a cookie00:50
DaSkreechAww Gwenview is really nice00:50
jenniferi dont even know what it is so should i delete it?00:50
* DaSkreech wags his tail00:50
arrrghhhi don't need it.00:50
wesleygit://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel how do i get that inside ?00:50
DaSkreechjennifer: If you like. It won't assist you or harm you00:50
arrrghhhand it didn't seem to give a reason00:50
DaSkreechgenii: help wesley00:50
geniijennifer: It's not needed unless you're programming something that needs it00:50
DaSkreecharrrghhh: but .... it's nice :(00:50
arrrghhhjennifer, essentially it's something that is for developers only00:51
wesleygit-core ?00:51
arrrghhhDaSkreech, i like picasa :D00:51
DaSkreecharrrghhh: 3 ?00:51
wesleyand then git git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel  ?00:51
arrrghhhyes picasa 300:51
geniiwesley: You will have problems if you try to compile the souce code from there00:51
jenniferokay well thats taken care of now how to fix the site problem00:51
wesleyow and if i pick the for normal users ?00:52
arrrghhhbrb, gonna try kde again.00:52
DaSkreechjennifer: I still have no idea why that one site isn't working How reliably does it not work?00:52
geniiwesley: Have you tried yet instead adding the deb-src line for a later *buntu version then get/build xserver-xorg-video-intel       ?00:53
wesleyYour item cleared customs in NETHERLANDS at 7:13 PM on January 6, 2009. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.   FINALLY Gives some Kriek to DaSkreech and genii00:53
arrrghhhwell it looks pretty different00:53
arrrghhhso i'm assuming it's 4.2 :D00:53
jenniferi've never had issues with it00:54
wesleygenii now can you give that deb-src00:54
DaSkreecharrrghhh: In anything but Konversation try help _> About KDE00:54
DaSkreechjennifer: yes but since 3 days ago you have never been able to get on?00:54
arrrghhhlol xchat es no kde app :P00:54
jenniferi've had issues getting on. As soon as i go to log in..it messes my computer up00:55
arrrghhh4.1.85 (4.2 beta 2) evidently00:55
arrrghhhi was hopin for the rc, oh well.00:55
wesleydoesnt anyone want to port amarok 1 to kde400:55
geniiwesley: Which kubuntu are you currently on?00:55
crimsunare you serious about backporting amarok1 to kde4?00:55
crimsunamarok1 seems quite unmaintained00:56
wesleyyeah, its better then 200:56
arrrghhhwesley, why?  amarok 2 is sweet.00:56
arrrghhhi guess to each his own lol00:56
wesleyto bugged, and the gui, doesnt look nice00:56
DaSkreecharrrghhh: No RC00:56
DaSkreechas yet00:56
arrrghhhi thought that was today?00:56
geniiwesley: Then add to /etc/apt/sources.list a line:  deb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ jaunty main restricted universe multiverse00:56
DaSkreechcrimsun: That's a forward port00:56
geniiwesley: You might want countrycode in there as well00:56
DaSkreechAh right :)00:56
crimsunDaSkreech: yes, note the regexp =)00:57
DaSkreechwesley: It's a .0 release and the UI isn't final00:57
wesleyokay, because on moment i dont like how it looks, but i was joking about porting 100:57
wesleygenii why add my land code ?00:58
wesleybtw thats nl00:58
geniiwesley: Will likely be a faster mirror is why00:58
arrrghhhif you get a mirror closer to you, chances are it'll be faster.00:59
geniiwesley: That is if they have the jaunty on it yet00:59
wesleythey have00:59
wesleyits nl00:59
arrrghhhDaSkreech, i thought rc1 for kde4.2 was out today?00:59
DaSkreecharrrghhh: nope00:59
wesleyarrrghhh not its tagged ( the trunk is rc now )00:59
arrrghhhi thought i read that on the schedule.  those change tho ;)00:59
DaSkreecharrrghhh: http://aseigo.blogspot.com/2009/01/42-rcs-tagged-trunk-is-now-43.html01:00
jenniferwell i dunno what to do01:00
DaSkreecharrrghhh: Nope just attached the right date to the wrong thing01:00
jennifermaybe its the site itself when i go to log onto that account01:00
arrrghhhlol i see01:00
DaSkreechjennifer: what happens when you go to it?01:00
arrrghhhjennifer, and if it's ONLY that ONE page... it's probably the website.01:00
geniiwesley: Then make sure you have build-essential installed. Then do an   apt-get source xserver-xorg-video-intel  (somewhere under your home dir)  then cd xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.4.1         then the usual configure/make/make install    or so01:01
wesleyokay :)01:01
jenniferi go onto the site and login. it says thanks for loggin in and the page will redirect u01:01
jenniferit never does01:01
wesleyi have build things default, because i need to compile my wlan01:01
arrrghhhjennifer, do they have a link to click if the page doesn't automatically redirect you?01:02
wesleyfedora has it working my wlan, but i didnt like fedora i always come back by kubunty01:02
arrrghhhthey _all_ have in my personal experience01:02
jenniferi click it an nothing happens01:03
arrrghhhno popups blocked?01:03
wesleyhope i can build tomorrow my mini itx with kde4 on it01:03
DaSkreechjennifer: where does it normally redirect you to?01:03
DaSkreechwhat URL ?01:04
arrrghhhjennifer, well there's one sure-fire way to rule out FF problems.  try opera!01:04
arrrghhhprobably still fringe-forums.com01:04
jenniferhow do i get it01:04
arrrghhhjennifer, opera.com.  grab the .deb for ubuntu.01:04
wesleyhow the support on atom 330 dual core ?01:04
arrrghhhdouble click and install.  i don't know if it's in the repo.s01:04
sztomiHi. Does a port of oxygen theme for kde3 exist?01:05
wesleygoing have my first dual core machine and it only uses 8 wat01:05
wesleysztomi yes01:05
DaSkreechI don't know it works here :(01:05
dr_willissztomi,  i belive ive seen them on kde-look.org01:05
sztomiI keep looking :)01:05
jenniferdo i need to dwnload the package in TAR.GZ format01:06
DaSkreechjennifer: deb if possible01:06
sztomionly icon themes I see01:06
arrrghhhjennifer, don't take this the wrong way, but what made you try linux?01:07
wesleychecking for DRM... configure: error: Package requirements (libdrm >= 2.4.0)were not met:  genii01:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libdrm01:08
jenniferwindows xp crashed my computer twice01:08
arrrghhhjennifer, noble of you to try linux.  i hope you stick with it, it's a steep learning curve but well worth it!01:09
wesleyi have photo from my notebook when it had a bluescreen of dead01:09
sztomijennifer: you are lucky. I happened ONLY twice01:09
DaSkreech!find libdrm01:09
ubottuFound: libdrm-dev, libdrm2, libdrm2-dbg, libdrmaa-dev, libdrmaa1.001:09
DaSkreech!info libdrm201:09
ubottulibdrm2 (source: libdrm): Userspace interface to kernel DRM services -- runtime. In component main, is optional. Version 2.3.1-0build1 (intrepid), package size 253 kB, installed size 324 kB01:09
wesleyis kubuntu working on adept ?01:10
geniiwesley: You may have to d/l the source of each dependency as it comes up. This is the drawback of doing it this way01:10
DaSkreechwesley: no It's a dead project as of jaunty01:10
wesleyow, whats going be the next package manager /01:10
DaSkreechjennifer: You have a deb file?01:11
DaSkreech kpackagekit01:11
geniiI hope not CNR01:11
geniiDaSkreech: Whew01:11
wesleyoh lol it was slow on fedora kpackagekit01:11
arrrghhhDaSkreech, so adept is not being used in jaunty?01:11
arrrghhhi've never used kpackagekit...01:11
DaSkreechjennifer: sudo dpkg -i /path/to/opera.deb01:12
arrrghhhlol ubuntu i don't think would EVER use cnr01:12
wesleylooks good, but was kind of slow on fedora01:12
arrrghhhis gdebi a gnome thing?01:12
DaSkreecharrrghhh: You can use it in Ubuntu right now01:12
wesleykpackagekit looks better then adept01:12
DaSkreech I liked adept :(01:12
DaSkreech Debtags ftw01:12
wesleyme to01:13
wesleyadept kde3 was the best01:13
DaSkreechI know01:13
arrrghhhadept kde4 kinda sucks...01:13
wesleythat kde4 version is dumb01:13
DaSkreechThe authour couldn't maintain it though01:13
jenniferits automaticly doing so01:13
DaSkreecharrrghhh: He wrote that in a few days from scratch to have it in time for the KDE4 launch01:13
wesleyif i typ vlc it doesnt find vlc01:13
DaSkreechasa favour since he doesn't use Kubuntu01:13
arrrghhhDaSkreech, wow really?  adept was being managed by one person?01:14
DaSkreechjennifer: Sweet :)01:14
wesleybut if i typ vlc player then its find vlc01:14
DaSkreechHe put real life stuff on hold so that Adept would have something the worked by the time kubuntu shipped01:14
jenniferthats weird01:14
jenniferit said it installed when im not seeing anything01:15
DaSkreechjennifer: not seeing anything ?01:15
arrrghhhjennifer, k-menu -> internet -> opera01:16
jenniferits not showing up01:16
jenniferi may have to reboot01:16
arrrghhhthat's the thing with linux01:16
arrrghhhthe _only_ time you should have to reboot the computer (completely) is with a kernel update.01:17
wesleyso the adept inventor leaves kde ?01:17
DaSkreechjennifer: alt+F2 -> opera01:18
wesleyis he still devolping free software then ?01:19
DaSkreechbut he's very swamped with his real life01:19
DaSkreechIf he has time I do not doubt that he will return to KDE work01:20
arrrghhha programmer with a real life?  no...01:20
wesleyi wish i could devolp for kde01:20
jenniferit didnt work01:20
jenniferi went to install it and nadda01:20
DaSkreechHe's online now if you would like to say something to hime01:20
DaSkreechjennifer: how did you install ?01:20
DaSkreechwesley: What prevents you?01:20
wesleyarrghhh they have to wifes and maby kids ( You  think a dev doesnt want those things )01:20
jenniferthe file is on my desktop so i click it. then click the install button01:21
DaSkreechoh ok :)01:21
arrrghhhwesley, joking...01:21
wesleyDaSkreech its hard, if i see al those lines ( Which maby isnt that hard if you learn, but i dont get it really how ypu do that make a app01:21
dr_williswhat are we installing? i missed it...01:21
DaSkreechfrom opera's site01:21
DaSkreechthey deb it up it seems01:21
Chris47Where we can get the list of driver wifi updated in 2.6.28 ^01:22
dr_willisi just do a 'sudo dpkg -i operawhatever.deb'01:22
DaSkreechwesley: ha ha those lines are an app :)01:22
dr_willisI was thinking they had a EULA you had to agree to.01:22
DaSkreechChris47: kernel.org01:22
DaSkreechOr kerneltrap.org01:22
DaSkreechI don't know01:22
DaSkreechdoes the kdebi have a  confirmation dialog?01:23
DaSkreechjennifer: whats the name of the file ?01:23
wesleyDaSkreech yeah i know that, and i know that you can take part of codes in you app, but it looks so complecated01:23
dr_willisheh -  the opers  download is 'file not found' here for me on ubuntu01:23
DaSkreechwesley: well it depends on your mindset. There are many things that you can do without coding to help KDE though01:23
wesleyI bug already01:24
DaSkreechjennifer: .deb ?01:25
DaSkreechjennifer: sudo dpkg -i ~/Desktop/opera_9.63.2474.gcc4.qt3_i386.deb01:25
wesleyso i did the make install stuff and like, so i bet if i wanna see effects i should restart xserver ?01:26
DaSkreechyo uten01:27
DaSkreech!test | kk01:27
ubottukk: sigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.01:27
=== gnuton_AFK is now known as Gnut[OFF]
geniiwesley: You might also want to run depmod01:28
jenniferthat worked01:29
wesleywhat does depmod ?01:29
geniiwesley: Adds the driver you just made to the list of ones it knows about01:30
sztomidoes any one know of a theme for kde3, kde4 AND gtk2, which is the same for all of them, and isn't qtcurve (which I dislike:P)01:30
dr_willisplastik   perhaps01:30
wesleyoh okay, i hope it worked01:30
sztomiI'll check it out thx01:31
jenniferit doesnt work01:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dosentwork01:31
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.01:31
jenniferit take me through but gives me a blank page01:32
dr_willisclarify a bit more?01:32
arrrghhhjennifer, i think that confirms it's the site.01:32
jenniferwell then there's nothing else i can do until the admin fixes it01:35
wesleygenii that source contained updated drivers ofcourse ? Are intel issues fixed? there was a bug that made the fps slow01:35
wesley9.04 is not is it ?01:36
geniiwesley: 1) As updated as you can get without going tortuous way of compiling bleeding edge from Xorg itself (after adapting libs etc for *buntu)  2) Dunno01:36
wesleygoing restart01:37
jenniferthanks y'all for the help01:37
DanuHello there's a script for Amarok 2 to know what are you listening?01:38
Danui mean, in irc for example the /media01:39
wesleyso i am back, and kde4.2 is lookinh amazing01:44
arrrghhh4.2 is a vast improvement over 4.101:45
frogonwheelswesley: certainly its starting to live up to the promise of 4.001:45
arrrghhhlol yea01:45
frogonwheelsarrrghhh: love the nick01:45
arrrghhhi'm excited for the final release01:45
arrrghhhfrogonwheels, lol not sure what to make of yours.  i've had this handle for about 10 years now!01:46
frogonwheelsarrrghhh: even better. Yay for tab completion.01:46
wesleybut there are still regression problems and stuff but further it looks good, only kwin may be a bit faster sometimes i believe01:47
frogonwheelsarrrghhh: and the chances of somebody typing arrghghhh and getting the exact combination is quite remote - brilliant01:47
arrrghhhindeed.  like the symmetry too?01:47
arrrghhhi've been a nerd all my life ;)01:47
frogonwheelsOne area I wish there would be improvements on is handling multiple screens with the xrandr integration01:47
* frogonwheels should probably get off his butt and log stuff.01:48
wesleythat still sucks if it are 2 different sizes01:48
frogonwheelswesley: well for me - even just getting 2 screens sucks. possibly an ATI driver issue.01:48
arrrghhhonce i got a new monitor & the nvidia driver setup my separate x-screen setup worked!01:48
wesleyfrogonwheels no worry i bet more then enough people are bugging on it01:48
frogonwheelswesley: oh - and restoring from fullscreen apps.. now THAT sux01:48
wesleyalt f301:49
frogonwheelswesley: nah - it doesn't restore the screen properly.01:49
frogonwheelswesley: it screws up all the regions totally.01:49
frogonwheelsyou get two viewports onto a virtual screen space.. but they overlap and are back-to-front and don't quite cover the full virtual space.01:50
wesleycan be, dont know that01:50
arrrghhhdo you use twinview frogonwheels ?01:50
frogonwheels.. usually have to log out , restart X server, log back in.01:50
frogonwheelsgoogling now01:50
arrrghhhfrogonwheels, it's either twinview or separate x screens.01:51
arrrghhhdepending on how you want the monitors to interace.01:51
frogonwheelsoh no - ATI - so not nVideo.. mergedFB01:51
Danuplease an script for irc of Amarok2 (/media, what are you listening)01:51
arrrghhhi didn't realize the terminology would be different!01:51
wesleyi have Intel onboard01:51
arrrghhhi thought twinview/separate X screen thing was an X11 thing not an nvidia thing.01:52
arrrghhhwesley, how do you have two monitors with a single head?01:52
frogonwheelshuh.. from ubuntuforums :  HowTo: Dual Monitors (Xinerama/TwinView/MergedFB)01:52
wesleyi have a vga port on my note book01:52
frogonwheelsarrrghhh: Xinerama is the X11 thing...01:52
arrrghhhfrogonwheels, i see.01:53
arrrghhhwesley, ah, didn't realize it was a laptop.  that changes things.01:53
frogonwheelsarrrghhh: sounds like TwinView and MergedFB are the emulation layers for Xinerama extensions for nvidia/ati respectively01:53
arrrghhhfrogonwheels, interesting.  i've always tried to shy away from ati... just a personal preference.01:54
frogonwheelsarrrghhh: huh.. MergedFB is the opensource and BigDesktop the ATI (firegl? ) proprietory drivers.01:54
wesleyarrrghhh but 2 monitors doesnt work that well with 2 different resolutions01:54
arrrghhhwesley, it does for me.01:54
frogonwheelsarrrghhh: yeah.. it was actually a bit of an accident.01:54
arrrghhhwesley, i have a 1440x900 screen and a 1920x1080 screen01:54
arrrghhhi'm NOT able to drag windows inbetween.01:55
arrrghhhbecause i use separate X screens.01:55
wesleyoh, now i dont need 2 screens01:55
arrrghhhbut even with twinview or one "big screen" i didn't seem to have issues.01:55
frogonwheelsarrrghhh: I've worked like that b4 when MergedFB REALLY was bad.. and I found it quite workable.01:55
wesleyyeah i have dutch localization build01:55
arrrghhhi heard ati support used to be exceedingly poor01:56
arrrghhhhopefully amd open sources their drivers!01:56
frogonwheelsarrrghhh: I actually have 3 monitors with the middle one shared between a Vista (boo hiss) box and my linux (ati) box :)01:56
wesleythats why i use intel01:56
arrrghhhprobably not tho lol01:56
arrrghhhwait you have a linux-vista-linux window setup?01:56
arrrghhhthat would just be confusing!01:56
wesleyIntel performancs pretty well01:57
arrrghhhintel is awesome.  i bought a server board with pretty much all intel stuff for that reason, i knew it would run linux well :D01:57
frogonwheelsarrrghhh: I have a keyboard switcher that switches my keyboard/mouse/monitor between 2 systems.01:57
arrrghhhwell they contribute a lot of code to the kernel!01:57
arrrghhhfrogonwheels, oh so you don't have 3 monitors01:57
frogonwheelswhich is always a good thing.01:57
arrrghhhyea kvms are nice01:57
dr_williseven if they can confuse things :)01:58
frogonwheelsarrrghhh: yeah 3 physical monitors.  1 is just vista, 1 just linux.. middle gets swapped.01:58
arrrghhhoh i see01:58
frogonwheelsarrrghhh: you have to turn the auto-detect montior config change on kde off.. or it gets confused01:58
arrrghhhi just have a 19" widescreen on the left, and a 42" widescreen on the right :)01:58
wesleyarrghhh i bought also a intel mini itx board with a atom 330 for 80 $01:58
arrrghhhthose new atom processors are cool01:59
arrrghhhmy buddy @ work has a new netbook with one of those processors01:59
wesleyyep they are, they dont use that much01:59
dr_willisI got an AcerAspireOne01:59
arrrghhhhe uses vista tho :S01:59
arrrghhhie8 beta01:59
arrrghhhyet he works on linux servers all day long haha01:59
wesleydr_willis i have bought the dual core atom01:59
dr_willisOpera 10 Alpha01:59
arrrghhhi didn't know they made a dual core atom haha02:00
sztomiis there a deb package for QGtkStyle?02:00
wesleyhopefully i will get linux on it without problems02:00
arrrghhhthey just keep addin cores.  they hit a wall with processor speeds02:00
arrrghhhwesley, it'll probably be smooth.02:01
arrrghhhunless they used a weird wifi card.  like broadcom!02:01
arrrghhhbesides, isn't that what livecd's are for?02:01
Danuno one knows a script for Amarok2 to do /media (not here of course)?02:02
dr_willischeck the web site for your irc client?02:02
arrrghhhyou want to control amarok thru irc?02:03
DanuMr. dr_willis i use Konversation02:04
Danuis to show what i'm listening like i did before with Amarok 1.402:04
arrrghhhwas that a plugin for amarok or for konversation?02:06
arrrghhhmr dr02:06
arrrghhhmister doctor willis!02:07
dr_willisI never use Konversation, or amarok.02:07
arrrghhhawesome response02:08
wesley__if i have 170 kb download how fast is my internet then?02:09
arrrghhhi'm hoping songbird will get on par with the things itunes does.  converting music would be relatively easy with ffmpeg backend on any os i would think....02:09
arrrghhhwesley__, are you speed testing it or downloading something...?02:10
=== Szadek_ is now known as Szadek
wesley__no, but when i read from providers 120 mbps, then you thing you can download with that speed02:11
maxmahemQuestion: Anybody else running KDE 4.2 beta having problems with their window decorations?02:11
wesley__uh without desktop effects ?02:12
wesley__blue shadows you mean and like ?02:12
maxmahemWith the desktop effects, it doesn't seem to be listening to my choices for decoration theme.02:13
maxmahemAnd the title bar changes color at random times.02:13
wesley__goodnight people02:13
wesley__going sleep02:13
=== kayetanadmin is now known as something132
maxmahemOh, another importnat ish question: is there I can set my remaining windows partitions to get mounted as umm... not as root? Also, can I still write to them?02:21
maxmahemThey are NTFS.02:21
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:27
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QTParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap02:27
OxDeadC0deanyone know what packages to install on 4.2b2 for debugging symbols for libplasma.so.3?02:31
JontheEchidnaOxDeadC0de: kdelibs5-dbg, I guess02:31
OxDeadC0dety JontheEchidna02:32
=== paul__ is now known as werenerd
werenerdDoes anyone else here hate Intrepid with a passion?02:46
werenerdI don't think I have ever been so frustrated with an OS as I am right now02:46
werenerdWTF is wrong with the Knetwork Manager?02:47
williamwhat's wrong with it?02:47
DaSkreechwerenerd: Don't read release notes do you?02:47
werenerdoh yeah I have,02:47
werenerdDaSkreech: I jsut can't believe I can't work around it02:48
werenerdKnetwork has been a POS for 2 releases now, but I am used to it02:48
p_quarlesthe more we have off-topic arguments with trolls, the more we miss actual support questions that we can help with :)02:48
DaSkreechTry not using knetworkmanager02:48
werenerdI have always been able to workaround it02:48
werenerdDaSkreech: I uninstalled it and now I cannot connect at all to a wired or wireless02:48
=== william is now known as kwilliam
werenerdp_quarles: you talking to me?02:49
werenerdDaSkreech: I tried getting tWicd to instal by adding it's repo. But that wouldn't work. Kept failing wo retrieve the listing.02:50
werenerdI am just about pulling my hair out02:50
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic02:54
kwilliamIs anybody else have the Zoom Kwin effect stop working after upgrading to KDE 4.2 beta packages?02:56
=== Fabaianin is now known as Fabianin
kwilliamWhen I try zooming in or out with Meta+= or Meta+-, it doesn't zoom, and the screen stops interacting until the zoom is set back to 100%.02:58
DaSkreechwerenerd: why don't you just quit knetworkmanager?02:58
=== fa is now known as Guest71369
maxmahemkwilliam: I have had quite a few problems with my effects after upgrading to KDE4.2 beta, the compis ccsm may help you reconfigure it.02:58
maxmahemThough it may introduce its own issues.02:58
werenerdI am trying to install wicd so I can use a wireless network. I uninstalled knetwork because they conflict02:58
=== jono_ is now known as jono
tylorwerenerd : good luck i uninstalled network manager once02:59
kwilliammaxmahem: um, I'm talking about Kwin's native zoom effect, not compiz02:59
maxmahemYeah, but I think you can manage it through there.03:00
kwilliamBut... I don't even have compiz installed. How would that work?03:00
bryan__hello all, i have a problem which i can not figure out. i am using a laptop, when i do livecd, sounds works fine, after installing the os the sound stops working.03:00
tylormaxmahem: look in System Setting=>Desktop>All Effects and you might be able to configure it03:00
dwidmannOkay, so I just got myself a RadeonHD 4670, and I can't seem to get it to bow to my will with regards to my monitors resolutions ... (the resolutions seem ... off)03:01
tylorsorry my last post was to kwilliam03:01
maxmahemI don't claim to completely understand it, but kwin includes a great deal of the compiz effects. I know that ccsm will let you reconfigure that effect.03:01
maxmahemsudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager should bring it in.03:01
kwilliami'll look into that, thanks03:01
=== kwilliam is now known as kwilliam|away
DaSkreechbryan__: check if your mixer is muted03:02
DaSkreechmaxmahem: it does not03:02
DaSkreechkwin has exactly 0 of the compiz effects03:02
arrrghhhi kinda wish kubuntu would follow the kde release cycle03:02
arrrghhhi don't really have any idea how much the kubuntu project depends on ubuntu tho.03:03
maxmahem:shrug: I must be wrong then. Though I know you can configure the meta+scroll effect he is talking about through there.03:03
werenerdDoes anyone know how to flush the Adept/apt cache?03:04
arrrghhhkwin should be configurable thru systemsettings, no?03:04
tylormaxmahem: in Mandriva if you enable Compiz then it disables  kwin effects, could be the same in kubuntu03:04
tylormaxmahem: just a coincidence that they are both "meta +"03:05
stdinone can't have compiz and kwin running, they are mutually exclusive03:05
=== kwilliam|away is now known as kwilliam
stdinDaSkreech: not true, it has several similar effects03:07
hatoyu_When I start up kdevelop error:cannot talk to klauncher03:07
=== hatoyu_ is now known as Hato
kwilliamKwin doesn't use any compiz effects, they've just re-implemented several of them03:07
kwilliamhey, is sound guy still there?03:07
stdinthat's why I put "it has several similar effects"03:07
maxmahemThe whole thing is rather mysterious to me. Is there any easy way to check what manager is running at any one time?03:07
stdinmaxmahem: if "pidof kwin" returns nothing, then it's not kwin03:08
tylortry "top -u <username>" and the effects should be pretty high on the list of cpu usage03:08
kwilliambryan__, have you tried messing with kmix?03:08
maxmahemHmm... seems I am running compiz then.03:09
kwilliamor, just pgrep kwin03:09
kwilliamor pgrep compiz03:09
kwilliamDaSkreech, are you running Kwin?03:10
DaSkreechstdin: But they are not compiz effects03:10
DaSkreechinstalling ccsm does nothing03:10
stdinDaSkreech: well, kwin is not compiz, so yes03:10
kwilliamIs anybody running Kwin with the 4.2 beta 2 packages?03:10
kwilliamI don't know if I write a bug report saying the Zoom effect broken or not.03:11
tylorkwiliams: not with beta, did you check System Settings=> Desktop>All Effects ?03:12
kuruminopaaa eai boa noite03:12
kwilliamYes, it's enabled, it runs but brokenly.03:13
kwilliame.g., nothing happens but if I activate the Present Windows effect, it start working03:13
kurumininstalei o Kurumin NG mto legal03:13
kwilliamuntil I click a window, and then it stops again03:13
genii!es | kurumin03:13
ubottukurumin: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:13
tylorkwilliam: ok then file a report but make sure one hasnt already been filed03:13
kwilliamtylor, should I file it in launchpad or bugs.kde.org do you think?03:14
tylorbugs.kde.org i would think03:14
stdin!pt | kurumin03:15
ubottukurumin: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:15
jimmy51_homehello... anyone had any luck with an nvidia fx5200 + kubuntu 8.10?03:16
maxmahemIsn't KDE 4.2 RC 1 supposed to drop like today or soemthing?03:17
kwilliamjimmy51_home: I had an fx5200 a long time ago, but haven't tested with the latest, no03:17
jimmy51_homei had integrated video working fine (except it sucked).  i popped in the nvidia card, booted, activated the restricted driver, rebooted, and now it hangs at Checking battery state and the screen flashes every now and then.03:17
tylorjimmy51: if you are not completely stuck on ubuntu, Mandriva support Nvidia from the LiveCD03:17
jimmy51_hometylor: i'm stuck :)  this is my wife's machine03:18
arrrghhhjimmy51_home, checking battery state?  in a desktop?03:18
DaSkreechmaxmahem: no03:19
kwilliamjimmy51_home: Is it using the *right* nvidia driver? I think their are three, based on how old the card is.03:19
jimmy51_homewell, it first attempted to use whatever adept + the hardware manager found03:20
arrrghhhand yes there are three03:20
jimmy51_homei downloaded the recommended 173.14.xx package from nvidia and ran it03:20
arrrghhhit's supposed to *recommend* the best one03:20
jimmy51_homeit said i had no kernel headers to match so it had to be compiled03:20
jimmy51_homeand failed to compile03:20
kwilliamwell, that's probably your problem there!03:20
tyloryea that would be it03:21
kwilliamum, now how to fix that? i'm not sure03:21
arrrghhhjimmy51_home, the nvidia way is not always best03:21
DaSkreecharrrghhh: kubuntu discussed that already03:21
jimmy51_homehehe, well, i tried the kubuntu way first03:22
arrrghhhyes they did!03:22
jimmy51_homeenabled the restricted driver it suggested03:22
kwilliamWell, are you more concerned about getting the computer to boot or getting the nvidia driver working?03:22
jimmy51_homedownloaded the package nvidia recommended03:22
jimmy51_homenvidia driver working03:22
kwilliamWell..... if you're not dead set on the fx5200, ATI has much better KDE4 support these days I'm told. ;-)03:23
OrbJinzoid install the 177.xx drivers03:23
jimmy51_homei tried to install 177.... it said my GPU was last supported in 17303:24
omarcoIs it possible to control what a shell script should do if it receives a "CTRL+C" (e.g. removing a pseudo lock file)?03:24
jimmy51_homeso i said no03:24
jimmy51_homeshouldi installe it anyway?03:24
OrbJinzoi thought it was supported guess not.03:24
DaSkreechkwilliam: Yes kwin03:24
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:25
OrbJinzolet me check the archived drivers03:25
jimmy51_homecan i do an apt-get install headers or something so it can compile a module?03:25
kwilliamDaSkreech: does the Zoom effect work for you with beta 2 packages?03:26
OrbJinzolinux headers right?03:26
DaSkreechkwilliam: it works03:26
OrbJinzoya i think the package is linux-headers03:27
kwilliamDaSkreech: hm. Do you have Active Desktop Borders enabled?03:27
=== jewel is now known as minus18_pundit
kwilliamNever mind, disabling Active Desktop Borders doesn't help me.03:29
OrbJinzohey jimmy whats the exact card?03:31
HatoWhen I install kubuntu 8.10 and I setup a static IP address the network manger is not working?03:31
DaSkreechkwilliam: Everything else works?03:31
DaSkreechHato: Read the release notes03:31
kwilliamDaSkreech: Magnifier is broken too... and snow. Everything else works.03:31
kwilliam(Using OpenGL, nvidia (ugh) card)03:32
* DaSkreech laughs03:32
DaSkreechkwilliam: You have zoom on?03:32
kwilliamDaSkreech: Yes03:32
DaSkreechAnd magnify ?03:32
kwilliamNo! lol03:32
kwilliamthat would be bad, lol03:33
kwilliamI think they have the same hotkey by default, don't they?03:33
DaSkreechYes that would be a good reason why they don't work :)03:33
kwilliamIt would indeed.03:33
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)03:34
kwilliami wonder...03:34
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat03:34
kwilliamaw, I was hoping it would say "no speaking in English please!"03:35
craver_Uptime: 1 days, 2 hours and 44 minutes03:35
jimmy51_homehmmm... i already have the linux-headers i guess03:36
jimmy51_homemaybe that's not the headers it wanted?03:37
genii10:37PM  up 526 days,  5:39, 5 users, load averages: 0.08, 0.06, 0.1003:37
* kwilliam hibernates laptop for week, claims uptime of >7 days03:38
stdingenii: best I can do is: 05:40:45 up 174 days,  9:06,  0 users,  load average: 0.12, 0.11, 0.0403:38
craver_Sysinfo for 'craver-laptop': Linux 2.6.27-9-generic running KDE 4.1.86 (KDE 4.1.86 (KDE 4.2 >= 20081221)), CPU: Intel(R)Core2CPUT5600@1.83GHz at 1000 MHz (3657 bogomips), HD: 37/105GB, RAM: 1727/1999MB, 146 proc's, 1.2d up03:39
geniiWe grow -ot ;)03:39
stdinok, enough with the silly scripts03:39
craver_damn, exiting channel03:42
qcjnanyone uses konversation instead of xchat, is there advantage ?03:45
tylori am using konversation03:45
tylori dont know of any advantaged03:45
* craver_ is using konversation03:46
qcjntylor: do you like it better then xchat03:46
kwilliamI haven't used xchat much, so I wouldn't know.03:46
tylorkonversation is all i have ever used03:46
kwilliamcompare the features listed on the websites?03:46
jimmy51_homewhere are the linux-headers stoared?03:47
jimmy51_homeit says to run make oldconfig && make prepare on them03:47
qcjntylor: ok ! it's just that i m trying KDE, that i,ve install from Ubuntu, so i'm checking out the differences03:47
kwilliamqcjn: oh! I get it.03:48
craver_anyone running Jaunty + KDE 4.2?03:48
OrbJinzoHeh i use konversation cause im lazy03:48
arrrghhhi would not run jaunty yet03:48
arrrghhhmaybe in a vm03:48
kwilliamcraver_: Jaunty's not out yet is it?03:48
OxDeadC0deit's +103:48
arrrghhhlike alpha03:48
craver_how stable is it?03:48
OxDeadC0dego ask in ubuntu+1 or kubuntu+103:49
arrrghhhprobably not very lol03:49
OrbJinzoin a VM not very.03:49
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qcjnOrbJinzo: i'm lazy to, so i think i ll try it then :)03:49
craver_i'm bord already, need to play with something new03:49
tyloradd me to the lazy list03:49
kwilliamcraver_: lol03:50
VardimAnyone can talk in portuguese ?03:50
VardimI have a big problem when trying install ubuntu.03:50
Vardimcan anyone help me ?03:50
OxDeadC0dehmm, anyone know how to get debugging symbols loaded in 4.2b2? I install kdelibs5-dbg but then I run plasmoidviewer in gdb and i don't get any symbols for qt or plasma (both of which I installed symbols for..)03:50
Vardimnot really ubuntu and yes kubuntu03:50
Vardimerror 2203:50
jimmy51_homewhere are the linux headers stored by default?03:50
arrrghhh!pr | Vardim03:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pr03:50
kwilliamcraver_: Figure out how to set up a build environment and compile KDE4 from SVN for me then! ;-D03:50
arrrghhh!br | Vardim03:50
ubottuVardim: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:50
OrbJinzokde = crap crap03:51
OrbJinzoer 403:51
OxDeadC0dejimmy51_home /usr/src/linux-headers-kernel#/03:51
Vardimanyone can try fix a problem of me ?03:51
OxDeadC0de-generic even03:51
arrrghhh4.2's looking pretty promising.  they've made ridiculous progress in a year.03:51
tylorVardim: whats your problem03:51
OrbJinzois it still impossbile to cofigure and crashes?03:51
* craver_ agrees, 4.2 is a huge improvment03:51
arrrghhherror 22 is a grub error probably... can't boot.03:52
OxDeadC0deyea, 4.2 rules, and I'm trying to get the "Welcome to KDE 4.2" plasmoid up and running but when I give it animations it crashes and I want to find out why but can't get debug symbols03:52
craver_crashes when i access power management but nothing else.03:52
OxDeadC0deprobably something to do with me using ruby instead of c++03:52
kwilliamarrrghhh: I know, i went to file bug reports based on 4.1, and they were INVALID because it'd all been fixed in 4.2!03:52
OrbJinzoi still use 3.503:52
arrrghhh3.5.10 is "rock solid" for sure!03:52
qcjnok, i'm on Konversati0n03:52
kwilliamSo I installed the beta2 yesterday.03:52
OrbJinzoi like konversations interface though03:53
OxDeadC0dekwilliam we welcome you to 4.2b2 then, but, just so you know, RC1 will be out in a few days so be ready to upgrade again03:53
OrbJinzoalso the shell access is nice.03:53
VardimIm trying to install kubuntu 8.10 in a notebook Acer Aspire 5610, with assisted configuration (middle of the space to the / and what last to a /dev/sda5) and when is installing the process of instalation stops when "localizing your hardware".03:53
qcjnDoes it have  voice recognition03:53
craver_4.2 will probably be released this month for sure.03:53
OrbJinzoheh no.03:53
Vardimits stops unexpectly03:54
kwilliamOxDeadC0de: awesome! (maybe zoom will be fixed for me!)03:54
tylorVardim: sorry i have never heard of this problem before03:54
Vardimanyone can help me ?03:54
OrbJinzocould be a bad install CD03:54
OxDeadC0dekwilliam the kde zoom plugin? I use compiz for all that kind of stuff still ;)03:54
VardimOrbJinzo:  i hope that its not03:54
Vardimcuz is when is localizing the hardware03:54
kwilliamOxDeadC0de: Lol. Compiz is so last year </sarcasm>03:55
Vardimnot when copying flies or configuranting smth03:55
qcjn trying stuff03:55
Vardimive already tryed manual config, but the same problem03:55
kwilliamVardim: Kubuntu won't install?03:55
Vardimmb me hardware doesnt support this ?03:55
OxDeadC0dekwilliam it may be so last year :P, but it's still damn fast on my hardware where kwin is slow at the same effects, and offers so many more effects, but comes with it's bugs03:55
Vardimkwilliam: yes, it dst isntall.03:55
Vardimi do not know why03:55
Vardimthe cd is ok03:55
Vardimi ve burned in ubuntu, and downloaded in the official website03:56
Vardimi was using windows but pirate so i ve decided use something free03:56
OrbJinzoid try reinstalled with the english language pack then adding your native language./03:56
Vardimbut it DONT intall03:56
arrrghhhVardim, error 22 right?03:56
OrbJinzoya its a bad install03:57
OrbJinzoit cant find the partition03:57
Vardimwhich is the procedure for me install now03:57
genpfaultfor some reason when I continuously resize the System Settings dialog in kde4 it won't redraw/reflow until I stop moving the mouse; what's up with that?03:58
craver_partition table or boot sector is jacket03:58
arrrghhhVardim, you can fix this03:58
Vardimit configurated one swap automatctlly and and ext303:58
arrrghhhcan you get to the GRUB menu?03:58
OrbJinzoWhat i would do Vardim is reinstall using the english language then install portaguese03:58
kwilliamWhat? Why?03:58
Vardimi ll try03:58
OrbJinzothat depends if it even fully installed arrrg03:58
kwilliamError 22 is a GRUB problem right?03:58
arrrghhherror 22 is just a grub error03:59
arrrghhhit's probably the wrong partition03:59
Vardimbut why do it stops in the localizing hardware03:59
Vardimarrrghhh:  what would you do ?03:59
arrrghhhit stopped in the middle of the install?03:59
craver_boot off rescue disk03:59
Vardim80% of install03:59
OrbJinzobut he also mention it froze on localizing hardware.03:59
arrrghhhdid you verify the boot disc?03:59
arrrghhhboot from it and verify it.  if it fails, then there you go.  reburn at a slower speed.04:00
Vardimi ll try then verify the boot disc and install in english language04:00
minus18_pundit is there anyother way other then aptoncd to back up installed software? i want to include the codecs, the drivers.04:00
Vardimif the boot is ok i ll try with english language04:00
arrrghhhminus18_pundit, drivers?04:00
Vardimany another tip ?04:01
Vardimi ve unpluged my webcam04:01
arrrghhhVardim, that's the place to start.04:01
Vardimi ll try04:01
Vardimthanks guys04:01
arrrghhhgood luck04:01
OrbJinzohave a good one04:01
OrbJinzoi think im growing old04:02
OrbJinzoi forgot what i wanted to do now :(04:02
minus18_punditi want to backup my all installed softwares including the codecs and the printer driver04:02
OrbJinzoand im only 2404:02
kwilliamminus18_pundit: RemasterSys maybe?04:02
craver_i know this is a long shot but are there any packet radio guys here?04:02
OrbJinzopacket radio?04:02
kwilliamwhat IS that?04:02
kwilliamminus18_pundit: that makes a LiveCD of the current system... I haven't used it before though.04:03
craver_packet radio is what started the internet04:03
minus18_punditremastersys is remastering program. isn't it?  i just want to back up.04:03
minus18_punditi am lloking for an alternative to ptoncd04:03
minus18_punditi am looking for an alternative to aptoncd04:04
craver_i've got a project that requires a long range data connection in remote areas04:04
kwilliamminus18_pundit: Here I enlist Wikipedia: Remastersys is a free and open source script for Ubuntu-based operating systems that can:    * Create a customized Live CD/DVD (a remaster) of Ubuntu and derivatives.    * Back up an entire system, including user data, to an installable Live CD/DVD.04:04
kwilliamah well, it probably doesn't qualify as a replacement for aptoncd04:05
arrrghhhminus18_pundit, i usually have my /home in a separate partition.  reinstalls are a breeze.04:05
arrrghhhi save a few configs that i customized along the way, but that's it.04:05
OrbJinzohave a backup on old PC with many harddrives in it04:06
OrbJinzolike me04:06
kwilliamminus18_pundit: Most of the codecs are really easy to install now.04:06
arrrghhhi have a backup on a new pc with many hard drives :D04:06
kwilliamand the medibuntu repository04:06
OrbJinzowell im a recycler to04:06
arrrghhhand all the "drivers" you speak of are built into the kernel04:06
arrrghhhminus maybe nvidia/ati video drivers04:06
arrrghhhand crappy wifi drivers like broadcom04:07
DaSkreechqcjn: Xchat is better for scripting I would guess04:07
arrrghhhscripting?  xchat?04:07
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:07
kwilliamqcjn: Probably the easiest way to compare features is look at Settings > Configure Konversation04:08
qcjnho, i was just trying, cause in the configuration it had that...you know it's like a button, You have to push on it !:)04:08
qcjnok, had a fault04:09
qcjnyes it ,s in command line04:10
qcjncommand Aliases04:11
DaSkreechqcjn: you need to start it with a /04:11
qcjnok, like command in xchat04:11
craver_same for any irc client04:12
kwilliamCurrent weather for  : Temperature: , Pressure: , Wind:04:12
craver_Current weather for  : Temperature: , Pressure: , Wind:04:12
kwilliamoh. Didn't know about that.04:12
kwilliamQt: 3.3.8b04:12
kwilliamKDE: 3.5.1004:12
kwilliamkde-config: 1.004:12
* kwilliam thinks that's sweet04:12
craver_wish /slap still worked :(04:12
* kwilliam thinks it's too bad Konversation's not ported to KDE4.04:13
craver_Linux craver-laptop 2.6.27-9-generic #1 SMP Thu Nov 20 22:15:32 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:13
tylori am using konversation on kde404:13
craver_mm sorry, i'm running KDE 4.2 with konversation04:13
qcjnwell it doesn't seem to do nothing even with the /04:13
arrrghhhtylor, it runs but it's still a kde3 app04:13
kwilliamtylor, yes but it's not *using* KDE4.04:13
kwilliamIf you Help > About, you can see that.04:14
kwilliamor just //kdeversion04:14
tylori learn something new everyday04:14
craver_works fine either way04:14
khakaneIrssi 0.8.12 Linux 2.6.15-52-server i68604:14
arrrghhhwell lets get to porting04:14
kwilliamcraver_: yeah, but but but...04:14
arrrghhhtylor, it's all the diff between qt3 and qt4...04:15
kwilliamthere's got to be SOME reason that Qt4 is better04:15
jimmy51_homegeez.  i got the display to at least start KDE but now i've got no kybd and mouse :(04:15
arrrghhhkinda rewritten from the ground up as i understand it.04:15
kwilliamKonversation could have those sweet toolbars that resize when you move them. :-)04:15
craver_what happened to the emerald-themes04:15
kwilliamjimmy51_home: I will admit, that is strange. Generally, Linux supports keyboards. :-)04:19
qcjnok, the weather script don't work, but google works04:20
kwilliamaliases are also cool04:21
kwilliambug 1234504:22
kwilliamhm, uh.04:22
jimmy51_homekwilliam: yeah... strange.  i get some kind of crash on boot with a Call Trace and a don of mumbers being dumped04:22
kwilliamI meant auto-replace, sry.04:22
kwilliambug: 1234504:22
kwilliamah. no space04:23
jimmy51_homeright now the last line says 94.492508 <c0370000> ? netdev_exit+0x10/0x2004:23
qcjnit bring you to a page talking of a bug in konversation04:23
jimmy51_homedid i mess something up when i ran make oldconfig && make prepare?04:23
kwilliamreally? I just picked a random number, lol04:23
kwilliamjimmy51_home: I have no idea. I tried compiling a kernel once and failed.04:24
jimmy51_homemaybe i should try changing grub to boot to my older version04:24
jimmy51_homesince it looks like i killed this one04:24
OrbJinzosounds like me when i had to enable more then 3gigs of ram 32bit.04:25
qcjnno, i'm wrong, it's another bug about a printer04:25
=== kwilliam is now known as kwilliam|away
qcjnQt: 3.3.8b04:27
qcjnKDE: 3.5.1004:27
qcjnkde-config: 1.004:27
OrbJinzoQt: 3.3.8b04:27
OrbJinzoKDE: 3.5.1004:27
OrbJinzokde-config: 1.004:27
qcjnwe're like kids discovering the new toy script :)04:28
kwilliam|awaySysinfo for 'Swordfish': Linux 2.6.27-9-generic running KDE 4.1.85 (KDE 4.1.85 (KDE 4.2 Beta2)), CPU: Intel(R) Core 2 CPU         T7200  @ 2.00GHz at 2000 MHz (3990 bogomips), HD: 35/60GB, RAM: 1925/2023MB, 143 proc's, 13.21h up04:29
kwilliam|awayqcjn: yeah04:30
qcjni had a script on xchat that showed "now playing" from my mpd. But audio here didn't work04:30
qcjnSysinfo for 'qcjn-desktop': Linux 2.6.24-23-generic running KDE 3.5.10, CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz at 2660 MHz (5325 bogomips), HD: 173/251GB, RAM: 993/1011MB, 125 proc's, 5.15h up04:30
OrbJinzoCurrent weather for  : Temperature: , Pressure: , Wind:04:30
Hatohow can i fix the error :Cannot talk to klauncher04:30
=== kwilliam|away is now known as kwilliam
kwilliamHato: If I had a dime for every time I got that error...04:31
kwilliamThat is a GOOD question!04:31
kwilliamIs that a D-BUS thing? anybody know?04:31
Hatoyesterday everything is ok but now report this error when I use kedevelop04:32
kwilliamHato: well, I haven't gotten it in a long time.04:32
kwilliamJust when you start kdevelop?04:33
kwilliamor some other time?04:33
Hatokwilliam: not at start kdevelop It's happened when I click to expand the file tree04:34
kwilliamHato: wow. well, I'm no help to you then. That's odd.04:34
kwilliamMaybe ask on the kdevelop channel? I can't think what klauncher has to do with a filetree widget.04:35
Hatokwilliam: Thank you I try it04:36
jimmy51_homecan i remove/reinstall the kernel on my system from the livecd?04:38
jimmy51_home* Starting kernel log daemon...    [OK]       /n  Segmentation fault /n Segmentation fault04:39
jimmy51_homeand a ton o gibberish after that04:39
DaSkreechjimmy51_home: Yes04:42
jimmy51_homeDaSkreech: how can i do that?04:42
DaSkreechqcjn: The best part about konversation for me is alt+Ctrl+A04:42
qcjnwhat's to know to add aliases04:42
jimmy51_homeboot to livecd, run terminal, ... and say my system is mounted under /media/disk-104:42
qcjnDaSkreech: does it do something ??04:43
DaSkreechjimmy51_home: sudo chroot /media/disk-104:43
DaSkreechqcjn: Go Settings -> Notifications -> Somone wrote you nick in a message and check the last column04:44
jimmy51_homeassuming i get that far.... then what?04:44
DaSkreechjimmy51_home: You are now on your drive as if you had booted up and logged in as root except the kernel running is from the Live CD04:45
DaSkreechjimmy51_home: So do whatever you like or feel is needed04:45
jimmy51_homeapt-get remove linux-2.27-7-generic04:46
DaSkreechqcjn: Now anytime someone says your name just press alt+ctrl+A to pull konversation to the front04:46
jimmy51_homeapt-get install linux-2.27-7-generic ?04:46
DaSkreechjimmy51_home: sure04:46
qcjnDaSkreech: doesn't have a last column04:46
DaSkreechqcjn: so it doesn't have a first column either?04:47
qcjnthere's only one column04:47
DaSkreechqcjn: whats the column name?04:47
DaSkreechThere isn't a column to the left of that name Flash taskbar entry ?04:49
DaSkreechWell not named that but you get that tooltip when you mouse over it?04:49
qcjnyes it's events04:50
DaSkreechTo the left of events?04:51
DaSkreechThere are no columns with icons ?04:51
qcjnto the left, now cause i clicked, there is that icon04:51
DaSkreechok in the row that says Someone wrote your nick in a message click to put an icon there04:52
qcjnflash the task bar entry icon04:52
qcjni've just done it04:52
qcjnit's there now04:52
DaSkreechclick out to ok then minimize konversation04:53
DaSkreechor put it in the systray04:53
DaSkreechwhen I highlight your name press alt+ctrl+A04:53
DaSkreechqcjn: Hello!04:54
OrbJinzoi love that feature04:54
DaSkreechOrbJinzo: Great isn't it?04:54
qcjndo it again04:54
OrbJinzothe only thing that gripes is no autorejoin on kick04:55
=== mehmet is now known as Guest19238
OrbJinzoI got friend with a !random kick script.04:55
qcjni have to click on the X to close the window or the -04:55
DaSkreechqcjn: ok04:55
DaSkreechqcjn: Either. You can just open your browser or something04:56
DaSkreechAs long as konversaton isn't focused04:56
qcjnok, i close now04:56
DaSkreechqcjn: but pressing that should bring it back up to the front04:56
DaSkreechqcjn: you get an OSD when I say your name right?04:57
DaSkreechI think that should be on by default04:57
DaSkreechright OrbJinzo?04:57
qcjnwhen you say my name, the icon tray blinks04:57
OrbJinzothats what i have04:57
OrbJinzoi got sounds disabled04:57
DaSkreechqcjn: right. Pressing alt+ctrl+A should bring Konversation back up to the front when that happens04:58
qcjnif i do ctrl + alt+ A nothing04:58
OrbJinzoi do have a dumb question though04:58
DaSkreechSo if someone says something to you you don't even have to move your hands04:58
OrbJinzowhat key combo to move between virutal desktops in kde?04:58
DaSkreechqcjn: Compiz?04:58
DaSkreechOrbJinzo: ^Fn04:58
qcjndonT have compiz in kde04:59
DaSkreechhmm strange it should work04:59
qcjnhave it only in gnome04:59
qcjni ll just minimize to see, now05:00
qcjni've just seen that i have compiz tray, i've just started it. But nothing05:03
qcjnok, i've reload xwindow, and compiz works now05:05
qcjnthat ctrl + alt+ A, does it work with compiz or without compiz05:06
qcjnDaSkreech:  so ??05:06
qcjnanyone still here ??05:09
qcjnback in a minute05:14
jimmy51_homeDaSkreech: thanks05:27
jimmy51_homechroot let me remove and reinstall the headers05:28
bdizzleI think my computer hates my mouse05:28
bdizzleI have to click things two and three times, and even then, the window will disappear and I have to keep trying at it until it "sticks"05:29
NewbieI m back05:35
Newbiei ve installed the kubuntu05:35
Newbienow i ve got problems05:35
Newbiecan anyone help me ?05:35
dr_willisState the problem to the channel. be clear, concise, and verbose.05:36
Newbiei ve upgraded kubuntu but the packages aint runned05:36
Newbiei saw in adept to me go in the preview but there inst no preview there05:36
Newbiewhat do i need do to for install the packages of upgrade05:36
dr_willis'sudo apt-get update' 'sudo apt-get upgrade' is how i normally update/upgrade05:37
Newbieno no05:38
Newbiethe packages are already downloaded05:38
Newbie327 MB05:38
Newbiebut in the adept program it dont install05:38
Newbiehow can i do to install05:38
Newbiei dont need get it05:38
Newbieits already downloaded ...05:39
GreydMiyuSo?  Let apt-get determine that.05:39
dr_willis'sudo apt-get update' 'sudo apt-get upgrade' is how i normally update/upgrade - it will download them if needed.. if they are allready downloaded.. then it will use the ones doenloaded05:39
dr_willisUnless you are saying you MANUALLY downloaded the .deb packages somewhere...05:39
qcjndr_willis: they talked to me about ctrl + alt + A  in konversation. Does it work with compiz or without ??05:40
Newbiei ll try05:41
dr_willisNo idea. I dont use COmpiz :) if compiz has that key combo bound.. then it wont work in konversation.05:41
Newbiewhere is the shell of kubuntu ?05:41
Newbiecan u localize me05:41
Newbiei ve installed for the first time05:41
dr_willisKonsole = the default kde Terminal program05:42
Newbiei saw05:42
dr_willisor ya can install/run others...05:42
GreydMiyuyakuake = funfun05:42
OxDeadC0detry yakuake!05:42
GreydMiyuBut not good for persistent terminal windows.05:42
OxDeadC0dewhy? as long as xorg doesn't go down it's fine05:43
Newbieappeared a problem05:43
NewbieE: unable to lock the administration directory /var/lib/dpkg/, is another process using it ?05:43
Newbieappeared this05:43
GreydMiyuI mean in the sense where you want to have a terminal window to one side that stays on one desktop and not a console pulldown for quick terminal work.05:44
Newbiein the update and in upgrade both05:44
OxDeadC0deanother package manager program is running05:44
OxDeadC0deyou can only run one at a time05:44
Newbiei guess is the adpet05:44
Newbiei ll close the process05:44
GreydMiyuFor example I'm programming Python in vim in a terminal to the left of konversation.  I'd not want to do that in yakuake.05:44
OxDeadC0deoh, well, i prefer to do my terminal work on top of a web browser or text editor anyway05:44
OxDeadC0deI do that in yakuake all the time :P05:44
OxDeadC0demade an irc bot in python that way even05:45
dr_willisi like the 'terminator' gnome-terminal variant. :)05:45
OxDeadC0dehaha that's a cooler name05:45
OxDeadC0debut if I have a web browser open on top of the terminal I can be looking at api docs or examples as I do it05:45
OxDeadC0deer, underneath the terminal05:45
GreydMiyuDarn it, the downside of Mercurial, I forget where my repositories are.  :(05:45
Newbieyes it runned05:47
Newbiebut before i needed to use a dpkj --configure -a05:47
Newbiewhy ?05:47
xp-killerHOW DO I ACTIVAT THE UPNP,05:47
Newbiei guess was cuz a package of language that aint install05:47
Newbienow is ok is installing05:47
dr_williswhat 'upnp' ?05:47
dr_willisapt-cache search upnp to find a upnp server and install it perhaps?05:47
xp-killeryes upnp05:48
OxDeadC0dewouldn't that be part of iptables?05:48
OxDeadC0deer, does he want a server or a client?05:48
dr_willis'yes upnp' - dosent really answer much. :)05:48
xp-killerktorent says it hepl foward ports on my router05:48
Newbiewhy when i put su in the konsole and my key it says thats is incorrect05:48
Newbiewhy did i need make a dpkj --configure -a?05:48
Newbiewhat is dpkj ?05:49
MisterFlibbleit's dpkg05:49
dr_willisxp-killer,  ktorrent has a upnp plugin  you can enable in its settings05:49
werenerdDoes anyone here use wicd?05:49
xp-killeroh sorry i dint see the side to activat it05:49
NewbieMisterFlibble:  yes05:50
Newbiepkg=package ?05:50
Newbiedraw packages is this ?05:50
MisterFlibblestands for debian package05:51
OxDeadC0dedebian package05:51
MisterFlibblesilly question....is shipit not doing x86-64 anymore?05:51
MisterFlibbleor did they just hide it real good? is it coming back?05:52
NewbieMisterFlibble:  ty05:52
MisterFlibbleNewbie: You shouldn't invoke dpkg usually unless you know what you're doing05:53
MisterFlibbleand apt is not cooperating05:53
MisterFlibbleit has a lot of override switches that can easily break things05:53
balboa02Is it possible to resize the width of columns (in column view) in Dolphin on KDE 4.2 or have multiple columns page (ala Thunar or Nautlius's 'compact' mode)?05:56
xp-killerwho can help me with port conections? my downloads are not downloading how it sopose to do05:57
dr_willisIf you are refering to torrent ports. you could always manually set the router to forward the proper ports to the linux box06:00
dr_willisif the router supports 'upnp' then the upnp plugin for ktorrent is supposed to handle that auto-matically06:00
MisterFlibblexp-killer: You should have UPNP turned on, on your router and in the torrent client06:00
MisterFlibbleand they'll figure out the networking mess for you06:00
xp-killerMisterFlibble: my box dont have upnp06:04
dr_willisIf the router box does not have UPNP . then you are wasting your time :) manually forward the ports06:04
thomashello, I've just installed Kubuntu 8.10, and the sound isn't working.  The only sound I hear is the logout sound.  Nothing else works.  I've set my default device in the sound settings and tryed googleing for help.  I've installed the mediabuntu stuff as per the howto, and there's no change.06:05
dr_willismost new routers have the upnp features06:05
thomasI've seen other references to sound problems in 8.10, so I'm sure I'm not the only one... has anyone figured out how to fix it?06:06
dr_willisa lot depends on your exact sound card.06:11
thomassound blaster Live 5.1, plus onboard HDA Intel, plus some USB devices.  The SB Live 5.1 is the main card.06:12
GreydMiyuHuh, mine "just works".  It's an XGamer Live.06:12
GreydMiyuKDE 4.1 did have some odd issues with the startup sounds.06:12
dr_willisMy SB cards have all 'just worked'06:13
dr_willisyou may want to disable gtheonboard  in the bios.. been best to disable it befor you installed..06:13
dr_willis not sure about the 'plus some usb devices' :)06:14
MisterFlibbledr_willis: Not just new routers, my old Wireless B had it too06:14
thomasWhy wasn't this an issue before.  It worked on 7.10 and 8.04, as well as OpenSUSE06:14
dr_willisMisterFlibble,  mine does also.. but some times those old ones.. dont do it very well06:15
thomasDoesn't this have to do with the new sound system in 4.1?06:15
MisterFlibbledr_willis: Thats where Tomato or DD-WRT come in06:15
MisterFlibbledefault firmware usually sucks06:15
dr_willisMy router is one of those that cant be updated that way. L:()06:15
dr_willis but its lasted me for 3+ years now... so  i may get a new one someday06:16
GreydMiyuMisterFlibble: Presuming you have a router with decent hardware to begin with *glares at his WRT54G ver 6*06:16
MisterFlibbledr_willis: I use DD-WRT Micro on a Linksys WRT54G version 606:16
dr_willisI got one of those Mini-linksys ones..  I forget the exact one.. but aparently its a pain to haxxor. :P06:16
qcjnmy mp3 player show's up in puppylinux but not in ubuntu KDE06:17
MisterFlibblethe Linksys firmware is horribly unstable, you constantly have to reset the router06:17
hatoyuI use kubuntu-nighty but the plasma-desktop widget is missing06:17
dr_willisI do have Debian on my NSLU2 :)06:17
GreydMiyuI didn't have to reset mine ever, it just was a pain in the butt, was overloaded easily and in general I preferred having my server do the routing before its power supply blew and took the MB with it.  :/06:17
MisterFlibblehatoyu: Development builds mean anything can happen, any thing can go wrong, at any time06:18
MisterFlibbleWill they release KDE 4.2 Final for Ibex?06:19
=== d is now known as Guest73081
hatoyuMinusSeven:  thank you06:20
hatoyuMinusSeven:  I see06:20
thomasdoes 8.10 use alsa?  ... or what?06:20
qcjncan i add my mp3 player, some way06:20
dr_willisYou could always mount it manually qcjn06:21
dr_willisqcjn,  you may want to try installing/running that ntfs-config tool and enable the 'removeable media' options.06:21
OxDeadC0dethe ppa launchpad kde4.2 is also missing debug symbols for plasma, unless they named them something else and didn't put them in kdelib's debug symbols since it's now part of kdelib :/06:22
lanoxx_someone in here how could help me fix my sound drivers?06:22
lanoxx_i downloaded an installed pack from asus.com which broke my sound completly, now i dont know how to get it to work again06:23
OxDeadC0deor unless I have "dll hell"06:23
MisterFlibbleOxDeadC0de: They also packaged the wrong build of kformula06:24
MisterFlibbleso you can't install Koffice06:24
OxDeadC0deI can use openoffice if I need office really, but not having debug symbols cripples my capabilities to investage bugs in software I'm trying to write on it for the next release06:24
OxDeadC0degah I need a new hd so I can compile it all myself...06:25
xp-killerwhats the default ports udp and tcp for ktrrent?06:29
qcjndr_willis: it sees another ntfs , but not my player06:30
OxDeadC0dewhat ever happened to the feature on game console where if you held down a bunch of certain buttons for long enough it'd reset06:31
xp-killeron the ps3 it existes06:32
OxDeadC0debah, i only have a ps206:32
xp-killerthen upgrade06:32
OxDeadC0dethat's like telling me to get a real job06:32
xp-killerstop feeding on momy tits and drink out your own bottle06:33
xp-killerwhats the default ports  for ktrrent? i change mine i want to put them back how it was06:34
OxDeadC0denever heard of google? smartass?06:34
xp-killerOxDeadC0de: u ever heard if u have the direct answer for someone who is strugling to help them06:35
xp-killerOxDeadC0de: just launch your ktorrent n give me the default ports06:36
xp-killerOxDeadC0de: if u help me some day i might help u06:36
xp-killerOxDeadC0de: i have an extra ps3 there u want it? ;)06:37
OxDeadC0dehaha I'll live, don't like games much anyway, they distract me from trying to write decent software that can hopefully help me get a job in it ;)06:37
OxDeadC0deeven though i want to write them... :P06:37
OxDeadC0deso atm, i'm a student06:39
xp-killerOxDeadC0de: is not just a game system06:39
OxDeadC0deI know, i've read the specs and reviews etc :P06:39
xp-killerOxDeadC0de: its does everthing u want it to do even cook food06:39
OxDeadC0demy laptop does that06:39
OxDeadC0defries eggs on cold days even06:39
xp-killerwhen u get cancer dont complain06:40
OxDeadC0deI already learned not to keep it on me06:40
xp-killerwait how u get a laptop and u cant even aford a ps3?06:41
OxDeadC0dehad jobs before06:41
xp-killerOxDeadC0de: wwhat laptop u have?06:41
xp-killerhad jobs befor ?lol06:41
OxDeadC0deturion x2 64 1.8ghz, 2gb 566mhz :| ddr2 sdram, low end nvidia geforce fx 6150-go igp, 120gb sata hd, extra sata slow06:42
qcjnhi' i'm ubntu kde, wan't to mount my mp3 player of 2Gb...This could be it Disque /dev/sdd: 2041 Mo, 2041012736 octets06:44
qcjndo i just do "mount /dev/sdd"06:45
Xperti cant use the amarok06:45
Xpertit needs codecs06:45
Xpertive installed the libxine1-ffmpeg06:45
Xpertbut it dont runned the sound yet06:45
Xpertwhat may i do ?06:45
solid_liqXpert: I thought you were an expert ;)06:46
Xperthow to put a fast iniciallization in the side of the K button to add applications06:46
Xpertim not a PC expert06:46
Xpertno help ?06:46
Xpertis just a nickname06:47
Xpertwhich codecs do i need to download ?06:47
Xperti ve trying apt-get install vlc06:47
Xpertbut atribute search is not working06:48
Xpertso i dont know the name of the package06:48
dr_willisvlc dosent really need codecs i thought06:48
Xperti trying online but didnt find06:48
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org06:48
Xpertwhat is the name of vlc ?06:48
dr_willis!info vlc06:48
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.9.4-1ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 1628 kB, installed size 3616 kB06:48
dr_willisits vlc :)06:48
dr_willisits in the multiverse repos06:48
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories06:48
Xpertah ok, i forgot that is case sensitive06:49
Xpertvlc run which kind of files ?06:49
Xpert!info vlc06:50
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.9.4-1ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 1628 kB, installed size 3616 kB06:50
cyberskobyisn't that stuff in kubuntu-restricted-extras06:50
dr_willissome are.. some are not06:50
dr_willisenable medibuntu repos.. install kubuntu-restricted-extras , and then install whatever else ya want from there.06:50
Xperthouston ive got a problem06:52
Xpertive installed vlc06:52
Xpertthe music apparently is running06:52
Xpertthe sound is rightly configurated06:52
Xpertbut no sound06:52
cyberskobyplug your speakers in06:52
Xpertcuz when i enter in the linux it makes sound06:52
Xpertits plugged06:52
cyberskobykk =]06:52
dr_willisbe sure vlc is set to use 'alsa' and not 'pulse audio' also in its settings... perhaps06:53
Xperti m getting grazie06:53
Xpertwhat alsa means ?06:53
dr_willisalso  ive seen some videos that use weird audio codecs tht dont have linux support.06:53
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:53
dr_willisalsa = sound sybsystem06:53
Xpertalsa output setted nothing happened06:54
pipegeekhowdy.... anyone in here know why qt4 apps would show up with empty menus, when run from a gnome session?  Running intrepid here.  Realize this might be the wrong room, but I thought I'd give it a shot.06:55
pipegeekmenus are literally empty (in qt4 designer and qdvdauthor)06:55
Xpertvlc dont play sound06:57
Xpertmb a system config bad ?06:57
Xpertbad system confi*06:57
Xpertsorry for my english06:57
Xpertno idea ?07:01
spekdrohelp me07:08
pipegeekspekdro, diganos su problema :P07:10
pipegeekmy spanish is just awful07:10
pipegeek:)  what up07:11
spekdrotengo mi kubuntu con un error de usr/bin/dpkg, --status-fd, 3, --configure, -a07:11
spekdroi have one error :P this error07:11
spekdroi need repair this07:11
spekdromi english is bad :P07:11
spekdrothe error is dpkg :@07:11
spekdrou cand help me?07:12
pipegeekque es el mensaje, palabra por palabra?07:12
spekdrothe actualisacion07:13
spekdroi dont can update07:13
pipegeekhehe, I give up.  Sorry, it's been too many years since I tried to speak07:13
pipegeekso, if a package was left in a broken state, or the package manager quit badly before it was done,07:13
pipegeeksometimes you end up with a package that's half-installed.07:13
pipegeekand synaptic/aptitude tells you this, and tells you to run dpkg --configure -a to finish the job.07:14
pipegeekso, what you need to do is to open a terminal, and type:07:14
pipegeeksudo dpkg --configure -a07:14
pipegeekand that should put things to rights :)07:14
spekdrowait hold on07:14
pipegeek(I hope)07:14
spekdro:P leet me see07:14
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:15
spekdroin synaptic ?07:17
spekdrodon see aplicar:@07:18
pipegeekOpen a terminal.07:19
pipegeeknow type:07:19
pipegeeksudo dpkg --configure -a07:19
spekdroot@ubuntu:/home/spekdro# sudo dpkg --configure -a07:20
spekdrodpkg: status database area is locked by another process07:20
pipegeekaha.  You need to close synaptic first07:20
spekdroa LOl07:20
spekdroroot@ubuntu:/home/spekdro# sudo dpkg --configure -a07:20
spekdrodpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 5053 package `kdeplasma-addons-libs4':07:20
spekdro `Depends' field, reference to `libqtcore4': version contains `)'07:20
spekdrothat is is running?07:21
pipegeekhold on a moment07:21
pipegeeksudo dpkg --clear-avail # (blanks that file)07:22
pipegeeksudo apt-get update # repopulates it07:22
=== Gnut[OFF] is now known as gnuton_AFK
spekdroa lol07:23
spekdrowait leet me se07:23
spekdrothis udo dpkg --clear-avail # (blanks that file)07:24
pipegeek(if it wasn't clear, you should type those two things into the terminal)07:24
spekdroit http://us.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid-updates/multiverse Sources07:24
spekdroReading package lists... Done07:24
spekdroThat it ?07:24
pipegeekthink so07:24
spekdrojejeje i goin to the apt:P07:25
spekdrohold on07:25
spekdroThank you bro07:26
spekdroso much07:26
pipegeekno prob :)07:26
spekdrowhat is u name07:26
spekdrowhere are u from :D07:27
spekdromy name is pedro:P07:27
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!07:27
pipegeeksorry, jussi0107:27
tuxwulfIs there doc somewhere that I can install kubuntu persistent on a USB drive?07:31
jussi01!usb | tuxwulf07:32
ubottutuxwulf: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:32
lolipopHelp, i got this error : su: Authentication information cannot be recovered , what can i do now? i cant event to modify any file without sudo access07:32
lolipopi was removing ldap authentication07:32
tuxwulfjussi01: Thanks again!07:44
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krioxhi ...08:31
krioxi've got  a little problem i looking for a icon that allow me to configure the splash wallpaper08:34
krioxand i search in the apparence menu' but i do not find08:34
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=== makinita is now known as maki
ActionParsnipyo yo yo08:55
makinitabuenas, un nuevo usuario de kubuntu os saluda08:59
makinitame lo habia instalado varias veces pero siempre sobre vmware en windows xp08:59
ActionParsnip!es | makinita08:59
ubottumakinita: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.08:59
makinitay he decidido utilizarlo como sistema operativo principal09:00
krioxsorry but in yours 8.04 kubuntu version there is this Personal Setting - Apparence & Themes - Splash Screen because i do not finf09:22
krioxi have not kde 409:23
ubottuTo change your KDE splash screen go to KMenu -> System Settings -> Splash Screen09:27
krioxiubottu no way09:31
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ActionParsnipkriox: does that fix you up?09:32
krioxi will try to customiza my kubuntu whit my logo09:33
GreydMiyuActionParsnip, the faqmastah.09:44
ActionParsnipi just have black belt googlefu and 2nd dan ask.com-chi09:46
ActionParsnipoooh new nvidia drivers in the updates09:46
MisterFlibbleYou can install the Nvidia packaged from Jaunty into Intrepid easily09:47
ActionParsnipim not touching jaunty09:47
ActionParsnipintrepid works fine09:47
MisterFlibblewell, I never said you install Jaunty, just the Nvidia driver package09:47
MisterFlibbleThe Nvidia driver in Intrepid has a bug in it that drives me nuts09:48
Tm_TActionParsnip: what version does it have now?09:48
MisterFlibbleI'm half tempted to just remove all of Ubuntu's stuff and dkms, and use Nvidia's installer09:49
ActionParsniphttp://gb.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid-updates/restricted nvidia-glx-177 177.82-0ubuntu0.1 [15.4MB]09:49
Tm_TActionParsnip: bah, old (:)09:49
MisterFlibblebut I'm lazy and DKMS will rebuild the kernel modules automagically, so tat tat09:49
GreydMiyuYeah, the jaunty one is surprisingly stable.09:51
ActionParsnipTm_T: work on my 6250 nvidia09:51
GreydMiyuAnd, added bonus, added a few fps to WoW under wine.09:51
Tm_TActionParsnip: sure, but I like my 18009:52
ActionParsnipTm_T: the heaviest game i play is frets on fire09:52
Tm_TActionParsnip: oh I don't do games much either, its about KDE4 fixes09:52
GreydMiyuY'know, after getting Rock Band 2 and playing that for quite a while I went back to FoF and was horrified at how touchy it is.09:53
Tm_TGreydMiyu: touchy as in "not that forgiving" ?09:53
Tm_TIIRC it requires more accuracy than others usually09:53
ActionParsnipGreydMiyu: its nice with the mhl mod09:53
GreydMiyuTouchy as in not forgiving at all.09:53
Tm_TI wouldn't say it a bad thing09:54
GreydMiyuWell, when i swear I'm hitting the strum at the right time and it's failing me out, pft.  Too darn touchy.09:56
ActionParsnipGreydMiyu: i find it ok and the wii version i have to play behind the music, mind you i play a proper guitar as well so its all weird to me09:57
ActionParsnipGreydMiyu: its great when the woman is getting her face on09:58
GreydMiyuYeah, I can imagine.09:58
StR|Sangrealplease, how should i install ooo3?09:59
ActionParsnipStR|Sangreal: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-To-Install-OpenOffice-org-3-0-in-Ubuntu-8-10-96449.shtml10:00
StR|Sangrealand how can i bring flash to run?10:03
ActionParsnip!flash | StR|Sangreal10:03
ubottuStR|Sangreal: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash10:03
MisterFlibbleNvidia 177 has a well known bug when running on a Geforce 76xx on KDE10:05
MisterFlibbleit will cause display corruption10:05
GreydMiyuHuh, that explains a lot.10:06
MisterFlibblethe bug is fixed as of 180.11 (beta)10:06
StR|SangrealActionParsnip, is the repository and the commands valid for Kubuntu os as well?10:06
StR|Sangrealit claims i have flashplugin-nonfree installed, but it is not so10:08
ActionParsnipStR|Sangreal: kubuntu is exatly the same as ubuntu but uses kde / kwin instead of gnome / metacity by default10:09
ActionParsnipStR|Sangreal: can you view flash based pages like: http://www.rathergood.com/blode210:09
StR|Sangrealnot really10:10
MisterFlibbleThe Flash player included in the AMD64 edition of Ubuntu is buggy and has to run in nspluginwrapper10:11
MisterFlibbleI find that the 64-bit Flash from Adobe works well (it's alpha though)10:11
ActionParsnipMisterFlibble: theres a native 64bit one at www.adobe.com10:12
MisterFlibbleActionParsnip: Yes, and the first thing you'll notice is how much smoother the video playback is, and the infamous grey box bug is gone10:12
cuznthttp://www.rathergood.com/blode2 <~~~ WHAT is that10:14
ActionParsnipMisterFlibble: tell me about it, i also apt-built my firefox too and its much slicker10:15
ActionParsnipcuznt: its some childish but funny anims10:15
ActionParsnipcuznt: http://www.rathergood.com/zoology10:15
cuzntIt's killing me OJ10:15
cuzntNew Stuff     * Communist Christmas   * Mummy's Tummy     * My Pussy Is Haunted    * Goblin Shark  and   * Miss U10:16
ActionParsnipits all good, check jamie and his magic todger, its hilarious10:18
OxDeadC0dehmm, rc1 was tagged, how long till there's an "ubuntu" release?10:23
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AdolaHello, I need some advice.10:34
=== ali_ is now known as COm_BOY
AdolaI found this cool site that proclaimed to have "The best Ubuntu Repo" and, it looks pretty cool.  However, it's only for Fiesty.  Do I really need a repo like that?10:38
SlimeyPetedepends whether you need the software that's in it10:39
AdolaWell, I love trying out new software, and this repo has alot of really cool stuff.10:40
AdolaBut, i'm running Intrepid.  Not fiesty.10:40
ActionParsnipAdola: if you are running feisty then yes, otherwise no10:40
AdolaBah, does anyone know of a big reop list for Intrepid full of useless software :P10:41
SlimeyPeteif you try to use a fiesty repo with a different version of ubuntu then you may run into serious dependency problems10:41
ActionParsnipAdola: technically the "best" repos are the official ones, as you know they are maintained by the ubuntu team themselves10:41
AdolaActionParsnip: Yes.  I know this.10:41
wesleyIs it true to play HD video you need a core duo 2.0 ghz ? ( Because i play 720 p with a celeron )10:46
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wesleyPeople that wrote that probaly use Windows, but then again10:49
MisterFlibbleAdola: You shouldn't run packages meant for earlier versions of Ubuntu if you can avoid it, and it's always best to get whatever you can from official sources10:49
thomasThanks for all the help with the sound issues10:50
MisterFlibbleI'm still perfectly happy with DVD, but call me when you can get a Blu Ray burner for $4010:50
AdolaMisterFlibble: Yes, thank you.10:50
thomasit turns out that I needed to create an /etc/asound.conf file10:50
AdolaBut, does anyone know of any really big repo's for Intrepid?  Like...With TOO much software ;P10:51
MisterFlibbleAdola: There was a group a while back that made a program called Automatix to get a bunch of stuff that wasn't in the official Ubuntu repos, but it modified shared libraries and messed other software (and later upgrades) up pretty badly10:52
thomasI'd write a bug report, as I did when I figured out how to fix a usplash in 7.04, however the same problem was in 7.10... so I don't think it would do any good10:52
AdolaOk, also.  Using "Proposed" software updates a good idea?  Like, checking the box under software sources10:52
Tm_TAdola: it's ok if you like to use packages which are under testing, aka not tested yet10:52
MisterFlibbleAdola: If there's a particular program you need and it's not in the repository, try getting a stand alone DEB package directly from the organization that makes the program10:53
AdolaMisterFlibble: Yes, I came into ubuntu too late for Automatix.  it's now dead.  I would love to try it out though.10:53
Tm_TAdola: no you wouldn't10:53
Tm_TAdola: it's highway to broken systems10:53
MisterFlibbleAdola: Proposed is usually safe but the packages haven't been thoroughly tested, you shouldn't keep it enabled as it can cause trouble10:53
AdolaNo, I don't really need just ONE program.  I just..Like having the options of easily upgrading.10:53
Tm_TAdola: also immediately unvoid a warranty10:54
Tm_TAdola: how adept or other package managers doesn't do it?10:54
AdolaAnd also, SVN?  I've asked someoneabout a bug in Kopete.  And they said the latest SVN edition of Kopete will fix it..How do I get that?10:54
MisterFlibbleTm_T: I really hate Adept, I have Synaptic installed :)10:54
thomasso, just to let you guys know that if you see others with sound problems tell them to jabber me mahasamoot@gmail.com, and I'll be happy to help10:54
Tm_TAdola: you have to build it, it's bit more complicated (:10:55
MisterFlibbleAdola: You shouldn't do that10:55
AdolaSo, don't use proposed?10:55
Tm_TAdola: it's up to you, proposed that is10:55
MisterFlibbleAdola: If the update you need is in proposed, you can enable the repo, grab only that update, and turn off the repo again10:55
AdolaWell, I have ummm, someone told me to get something to build the latest version of WINE through SVN.  I can't even remember the name of that program though.10:55
MisterFlibbleAdola: Wine has it's own repository with the most current build10:56
MisterFlibbleAdola: http://winehq.org/download/deb10:57
AdolaI've got wine.10:57
AdolaIs there a .deb of the svn version of Kopete?  Because, the bug has been bothering me for quite some time.10:57
DarkSmokei installed kvirc from their website because the kubuntu one is not up to date10:59
DarkSmokeon startup it gave me an error about DCOP server not running10:59
DarkSmokeand the kvirc systray icon is on the desktop instead of being in the systray10:59
rdalei'm trying to use usb-creator to make a 4 Gb kubuntu intrepid install, but it just hangs on startup (starting from the command line). do i need to initialize the usb stick first or something?11:00
ActionParsnipDarkSmoke: does a reboot help any?11:00
AdolaIs this how to get the latest svn version?11:00
DarkSmokeActionParsnip:  hmm didn't try to reboot11:01
manareHi, kmail systray tell me that I have 8 unread email, but its wrong. How can i _reset_ him. restart is not working11:01
ActionParsnipmanare: killall kmail then rerun it11:02
DarkSmokei'll reboot brb11:02
manarekilling no work ;(11:02
ActionParsnipmanare: ps -ef | grep kmail11:04
ActionParsnipmanare: kill its pid11:04
ActionParsnipmanare: kill it dead11:04
DarkSmokethe reboot helped :D11:05
manareActionParsnip: It'a couple of day that I have 8 unread mails. Lots of reboot, logins.11:05
ActionParsnipmanare: strange, gimme a sec11:06
ActionParsnipmanare: are allmails read?11:06
ActionParsnipmanare: but showing 8 unread mails11:06
manareActionParsnip:  I have 3 disconnect IMAP account. all have no unread mesg11:06
ActionParsnipmanare: try right clicking the inbox and marking all as read11:07
ActionParsnipmanare: that'll learn it11:07
manareActionParsnip: done and I tried to recreate cache and so on11:07
manareActionParsnip: but still 8 email11:07
manareActionParsnip: I dont want recreate accounts11:09
AdolaSomeone told me KDE 4.1 is WORSE than 4.2....Is it honestly?11:11
AdolaBeacuse, RC 1 for 4.2 is coming out in a few days.11:11
ActionParsnipAdola: its all individual11:11
AdolaActionParsnip: Could you please elaborate?11:11
MisterFlibbleAdola: KDE 4.2 is a bit temperamental at times11:11
MisterFlibbleit is useable though11:12
Tm_TMisterFlibble: no problems with it here11:12
Tm_Tthough, I'm already on 4.3 wagon11:12
MisterFlibbleI have things segfault sometimes11:12
Tm_Tthat's not because of KDE version I bet11:12
MisterFlibbleand hopefully Jaunty will support my webcam again11:12
Tm_TMisterFlibble: also, if you can reproduce, please report11:13
AdolaWell, how do I get it?11:13
AdolaWhat repo do I add?11:13
Tm_TAdola: see kubuntu.org11:13
ActionParsnipAdola: i thought kde4.2 was garbage but dont mind 4.1, i personally use fluxbox with kde apps, f you ask the next guy his/heropinion may be wildly different or near identical11:13
ActionParsnipAdola: there is no yes / no answer, its all an opinion which is neither right nor wrong11:14
AdolaThank you.11:14
MisterFlibbleI hate minimalism, KDE is better than GNOME in useability and resource use, but tends to be somewhat less stable11:14
* Tm_T is wondering when first huge borkages comes to 4.311:14
Tm_TMisterFlibble: it's all stable here11:15
MisterFlibblein my experience11:15
wesleyTm_T yeah 4.3 is not broken yet ( See the yet )11:15
Tm_Twesley: I know, yet11:15
Tm_Tas I'm using that branch (:11:16
wesleyhad it with 4.1 when i went to 4.211:16
ActionParsnipi love minimal, gets the job done without bows and bells cluttering the place up11:16
wesleysome weeks later the trunk started to break11:16
AdolaI like clutter.11:16
Tm_Twesley: didn't happen to me11:16
wesleybut its true that svn is now 4.311:16
ActionParsnipAdola: then you want kde with compiz and avant window manager11:16
mooperdGrrrrr, kde 4 is slow and clunky11:17
AdolaActionParsnip: I've got them all.11:17
mooperdcan I make it faster, it is rather frustrating11:17
AdolaExcept Avant.  I use emerald.  I've never even really looked at avant11:17
ActionParsnipAdola: god help you11:17
wesleykde4.2 is qiute good11:17
AdolaWhat's wrong with that stuff?  My desktop looks pretty :)11:18
wesleyrunning the rc already11:18
ActionParsnipAdola: i dont like clutter,i dont even have wallpaper11:18
AdolaI've cluttred myself with widgets.11:18
wesleyonly still bugs with regression and like, but overall it looks good11:18
AdolaOr, plasma's.11:18
ActionParsnipAdola: not disimilar: http://apcmag.com/system/files/images/fluxbox.jpg11:19
mooperdwesley, I think I upgraded. I followed the instructions at the top of the page but it still says 4.1 on the login bit11:19
AdolaIs this your desktop?11:19
Adola(I'm on dial-up...Things take a while to laod)11:19
ActionParsnipAdola: although my slit is 100% not 66%11:19
ActionParsnipAdola: pretty much11:20
wesleymooprd did you use the ppa ?11:20
AdolaActionParsnip: I'm sorry...that's ugly O.o11:20
mooperdwesley: the ppa?11:20
ActionParsnipAdola: my systems can all run compiz with full bells and whistles, i just hate all that rubbish11:20
wesleyppa is beta 2 from kde4.2 and kde-nigthly is rc11:20
mooperdyes, I think ppa11:20
MisterFlibbleI have most of the internet programs that come with KDE uninstalled, Opera can do the work of half a dozen of them :P11:20
AdolaWell, I suppose I'm the perfect KDE user.11:20
AdolaI love clutter.  And shiney.11:21
mooperdbut Im not surte if I have it installed correctly11:21
wesleymust say compiz is lesss buggy then kwin composting11:21
mooperdhow do I use the RC?11:21
AdolaKwin sucks.11:21
ActionParsnipMisterFlibble: opera is awesome but keep firefox incase your sites dont support it11:21
manareis bluetooth support back in 4.2?11:21
AdolaCompiz is faster, betterlooking, and overall better.11:21
MisterFlibblewesley: Compiz slows down other OpenGL apps, bad11:21
ActionParsnipAdola: slooooow compiz11:21
AdolaYeah, then, you should REALLY have IE backed up too.11:21
MisterFlibbleI always left it off when I used GNOME11:21
wesleyBut using compiz with kde4 doesnt work good11:21
AdolaActionParsnip: I think compiz is blazing fast.  It's kwin that haults.11:22
ActionParsnip!info compiz-core11:22
MisterFlibbleI just use Kwin and deal with it11:22
ubottucompiz-core (source: compiz): OpenGL window and compositing manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.7.8-0ubuntu4.1 (intrepid), package size 178 kB, installed size 1096 kB11:22
ActionParsnip!info fluxbox11:22
ubottufluxbox (source: fluxbox): Highly configurable and low resource X11 Window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.0+deb1-8 (intrepid), package size 895 kB, installed size 3584 kB11:22
MisterFlibbleSabayon was using Compiz with KDE 411:22
MisterFlibblethat was a disaster11:22
ActionParsnipfluxbox is a whole host of apps for just 4mb and is light as a feather11:22
wesleyYeah thats because it will not work well11:23
ActionParsniphorses for courses11:23
wesleyKwin got composting in it, and running compiz is crap on kde411:23
AdolaYes, well.  I must be off to school.  Thank you guys for your help.  I'll upgrade to 4.2 if it's not TRUELY a disaster.11:24
wesleybut kwin improved in kde4.2, maby its because the intel bugs that it buggy11:24
wesley4.2 is better then 4.111:24
ActionParsnipAdola: if you want something more pretty: http://www.imgx.org/pthumbs/large/2489/exoduz_fluxbox.jpg11:25
webaskahello.. can anyone help me a little? you know there is such option in notebooks with vista...to press 11 so it can restore vista... i tried to install opensuse but it didnt worked well with notebook..so i messed up now..11:25
MisterFlibbleGNOME is turning into more of a trainwreck every release11:25
wesleyActionParsnip you know of the intel bugs ?11:25
MisterFlibbleUbuntu can only cover up so much of it11:25
wesleyGnome is just releasing the same crap every 6 months, they just play a new number after it11:26
ActionParsnipwesley: in which hardware, intel make a huge range of hardware11:26
wesleyintel gma 96511:26
mooperdHi, how do I check which version on kde Im using?11:26
MisterFlibblewesley: I know, it hasn't really improved in any way useful to me in at least 5 years11:26
MisterFlibbleI wonder what they've actually done to it, if anything11:27
ActionParsnipwesley: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=275450611:27
wesleyi am getting fps fron only aroun 110 , that isnt normall is it ?11:27
GreydMiyuOnly problem I have with 4.2 are the notifications.11:28
froggerBobHi, I got this problem where every TCP connection just stalls until timing out every few minutes. it's becoming impossible to download large files.11:28
GreydMiyuAnd the inability to have them just go away.11:28
andrew_vista rules11:29
MisterFlibbleyay for Netsplits11:30
wesleygreat kde is marking most of my bugs dulicate11:31
manareIs bluetooth support back in 4.2?11:32
GreydMiyuWell, are they?11:32
wesleyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/252094 ActionParship this bug i meant11:34
JohnFluxwesley: and is it a duplicate?11:34
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)11:36
GreydMiyuHm, bonus points to someone who can tell me why konversation insists on opening links in opera instead of firefox.  :/11:36
JohnFluxGreydMiyu: There's a 'default applications' in system settings11:37
JohnFluxGreydMiyu: what is that set to?11:37
hatoyuGreydMiyu: Settings > configure >general11:37
wesleyneeded to pay 26 euro tax for my intel motherboard11:37
froggerBobHi, I got this problem where every few minutes all TCP connections just drop in unison. what might be the problem?11:38
hatoyuGreydMiyu: opera '%u'11:38
GreydMiyu"in application based on its url"11:38
MisterFlibblethe best way to avoid paying taxes on that stuff here is to buy it online from an out of state company, and don't tell the state you live in that you bought it :)11:39
jussi01MisterFlibble: -offtopic please ;)11:40
=== nicolas__ is now known as Bou
GreydMiyuSince it wasn't either of those, any other suggestions/11:50
chakie_workhm, i installed a 8.10 on a laptop i have. the cd also had an included cd-only version for testing and there x.org worked fine with the native resolution and looked nice. after installing i have only garbled graphics and a console login12:03
webaskahow to delete all partitions without installing kubuntu ? is that possible?12:05
Aeon5717hello guys, I just upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10, and now i have kde4!!! can i somehow install kde3.5.10 on kubuntu8.10? My computer isn't strong enough to support kde412:10
tuehey, installed kde 4.2 beta 2 on intrepid, but now i cannot use msn in kopete (when i click add account there is no option for msn). Any ideas? is msn plugin being provided by another package?12:10
Aeon5717i cannot find kde3 in repo12:10
manareno msn plugin in4.2 beta12:11
Tm_TAeon5717: umm, KDE4 shouldn't be any heavier than KDE312:11
Tm_TAeon5717: and no, there's no KDE3 fro 8.1012:11
GreydMiyuAeon5717: KDE3 was removed in 8.10.12:11
Aeon5717Tm_T: i have a problem with video card (this is a laptop) intel i91512:12
Aeon5717when i play the movie now in kaffeine, it freezes every time a subtitle shows12:12
Aeon5717it is very annoying12:13
tuemanare: hmm. says so on the announcements page: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-2 . But well, its no biggie :-) .12:13
Aeon5717that did not happen in kde312:13
Tm_TAeon5717: have you turned off compositioning?12:13
Aeon5717any ideas?12:13
Aeon5717Tm_T: sorry, i do not know what that is. i never used kde4 before12:14
Aeon5717i disabled desktop effects12:15
Aeon5717let me check...12:15
Aeon5717no :(12:16
mooperdHello, how do I upgrade to the rc version of kde4?12:17
sehvenwhy does my resolution change back everytime i reboot?12:17
Aeon5717where do I choose a video driver that X uses?12:17
Tm_Tmooperd: see kubuntu.org12:17
Aeon5717perhaps it is using i810 instead of intel12:18
mooperdTm_T:  there is info about upgraging to the beta (which I have allready done12:18
Tm_Tmooperd: then rc packages aren't available yet12:19
mooperd) but I would like to get in on testin gthe nightly rebuilds12:19
Tm_T!neon | mooperd12:19
ubottumooperd: The Neon Project provides daily Amarok and KDE 4 trunk builds as packages for Kubuntu | See http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/User:Apachelogger/Project_Neon and http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/User:Apachelogger/Project_Neon/KDE/Info for more | Support in #amarok.neon12:19
Tm_Tmooperd: FYI: those packages are different12:19
mooperdneon? is this the fance pantst thing?12:20
marek_hi, what is the best app for recording video from tv card?12:21
=== maki is now known as makinita
makinitasoy nuevo en esto de kubuntu y tengo un problemilla con el xine12:22
makinitaejecuto el xine y veo pelis sin problemas, audio y video ok12:22
Aeon5717makinita: please use englosh in this channel12:22
makinitapero cuando cierro el xine y abro el amarok para oir mp3, no se oyen y tengo que volver a abrir el xine por que me deja el sonido en mute12:23
Tm_T!br | mooperd12:23
ubottumooperd: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.12:23
tuei have another question. I have a laptop (t60 thinkpad) with an ati x1300 graphics card. I also have an external monitor which has a higher resolution than the laptop screen. What i want is, to be able to plugin in the monitor, restart x, and have only the monitor displaying my desktop at the correct resolution. I would like to accomplish this with the fglrx driver. (When i use the vanilla, eg. dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg, xorg.conf this is how12:23
tueit works). If anyone has such a setup, which is working, i would very much like their xorg.conf in the pastebin or whatever.12:23
sehvenwhy does my resolution change back everytime i reboot?12:23
makinitai am going to find spanish help, thanks12:23
Aeon5717makinita: ok12:23
mooperdTm_T:mi aerodeslizador está lleno de anguilas12:24
Tm_Tmooperd: my mistake, ignore12:25
mooperdTm_T:Si me dijo que tenía un cuerpo bonito, se le mantenga en contra de mí?12:26
mooperdno probs :)12:26
genyi every body12:27
genyi'm tring to play midi with the sound card guillemot maxi sound on ubunto 8.0412:28
genyit dosn't work...12:29
genyhelp me please12:29
chakie_workseems a nvidia quadro card doesn't work too well in linux12:30
chakie_worknor does kubuntu manage to get my network card working on this thinkpad t6112:30
chakie_workthis seems to be a looong day... :(12:31
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning12:37
chakie_workdidn't know that configuring the network on linux is still a manual task...12:38
chakie_worki even see an e1000e network driver loaded but nothing uses it12:39
chakie_workand i have manually added the "alias eth0 e1000e" to /etc/modprobe.d/aliases12:39
chakie_worki have no idea what else to do...12:39
matt_dcan i mount an iso into a dvd12:41
matt_dif its the cd iso of kubuntu?12:41
matt_dwill it work in a dvd?12:41
tuechakie_work: have you tried it on a livedisk? i used to have all sorts of funky networking issues because of a broken installation. never figured it out, but a reinstall worked.12:41
chakie_worktue: no network there either12:42
mooperdwhats the kubuntu dev channel12:42
chakie_worki booted into the live version by mistake when installing. the graphics worked perfectly there too12:42
chakie_workbut without a network i can't get any gfx drivers installed12:43
chakie_worki remember having problems like this in 1994, but didn't expect to see them 200912:43
matt_danyone help me out?12:44
Malicwhat do you think about konserve?12:44
=== kalel is now known as Kal-El
tuechakie_work: strange... im sorry i dont think i can help you :-( .  it seems like the e1000e has some serious issues.12:46
chakie_worktue: yeah12:46
chakie_worki see that NetworkManager disables the eth0 device because of "reason: 2"12:46
chakie_workvery informative12:47
chakie_workthen i see ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready12:47
chakie_workargh, i've already wasted half a day on this. network-manager seems to be some POS12:52
mooperdIm using the 4.2 beta and have a few problems with it. the taskbar(If it is called that in linux land) keeps disappearing and the background does the same till I mouseover it. Im on Version 4.1.85 (KDE 4.1.85 (KDE 4.2 Beta2)) and qt is at 4.4.312:53
chakie_workthere isn't even any link light on the switch, so kubuntu seems to have totally dropped the ball on bringing up the network device12:54
mooperdchakie_work: er, I think you will find that link lights come up even if you dont have ram in the machine12:55
CrypTomhi all, I've got a strange effect on my kubuntu server (8.10), yesterday I've added about a thousand pupil accounts, some of them did not get the right primary group (but most of them are ok!). Now I'm no longer able to add a user to a group12:57
=== erots is now known as sdogi
sdogianyone fluent in java?12:57
CrypTomusermod -g group user           always tells me: unknown group blabla12:57
sdoginever mind :)12:57
CrypTomuseradd -m -g somegroup user      worked well yesterday, but today reports the same thing...12:58
tuechakie_work: this seems relevant. perhaps the links in the second post can be of help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=927943 . it appears to have been blacklisted for some time because it could corrupt hardware.12:58
tuechakie_work: damn i didnt even think that was possible....12:59
bryan_hello all12:59
Aeon5717i have a problem with a script. it does not execute on doubleclick, and it does when i run it in console with ./script.sh any ideas?13:00
Aeon5717hello bryan_13:00
tuemooperd: i also had a painting issue or two with beta 2. i suggest you might hold out untill rc1 which is due for the 13'th, since the problem may allready be solved.13:00
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
bryan_so, i finally made the jump to install kubuntu. i really wanted to do a dual boot, something went wrong and now my xp install is gone.13:01
Aeon5717bryan_: do you still have it on your harddrive?13:01
tuebryan: that sounds bad. do you know if the xp partition itself is gone?13:01
ActionParsnip!grub | bryan_13:01
ubottubryan_: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto13:01
bryan_tue: it appears so. the hard drive space has the full hard drive13:02
bryan_i had set it to do 20 gb or so and now it has the full hard drive13:02
tuebryan_: okay. this is very bad news. if linux is taking up all your hd space xp is most likely gone for good.13:03
bryan_tue: yes, i am quite aware of that. but all is good. i backed up what i wanted. and am ready to dive in to the open source scene.13:03
tuebryan_: when installing kubuntu, there should have been an option (i think after selecting the timezone) about partitioning the harddrive. you might have selected to use the full hard drive there....13:03
chakie_worktue: it was backlisted, yes, but i enabled it as the first thing i did13:04
bryan_tue: i had selected to keep the windows xp partition, and make the new one 20gb. I remember the option, but during install an error occurred, and i contiuned on, resulting in the wipe13:05
tuebryan_: phew :-) . I blew my windows partition the first time i tried to use linux back in the redhat 6.1 days and was quite pissed :-) . If you want to install windows, i think its possible to use kparted or some other application to resize your linux partition and then install windows, but usually its better to install windows before linux because windows will overwrite the bootloader.13:05
bryan_tue: yea... i was prepared for anything. it worked well when i did it at work, but not so much on the machine i really wanted it to work on... hopefully, wine is developed enough for the programs i need to run.13:06
chakie_workor no, the e1000e or e1000 drivers were not blacklisted at all, it was an eepro100 driver that was blacklisted13:07
chakie_worki see the darn device with "lspci"13:07
tuebryan_: dont know, i havent used wine in the last couple of years. i keep an xp partition :-) . man i would be pissed if the installer overwrote it.13:08
bryan_tue: yea but what can i do? being pissed wont bring it back.13:09
sehvenguys i have a prob13:10
tuebryan_: since i assume you just did a reinstall, i would properly install xp anew overwriting everything, and then try to install linux again and hope it didnt mess up this time.13:10
sehvencant seem to get the cube working13:10
bryan_tue: ok.13:11
eilemacan someone help me with mounting a ntfs drive on ubuntu13:18
bryan_does linux need a virus scanner?13:21
=== cecile_ is now known as KH
stdinbryan_: short answer: no13:22
=== KH is now known as KH2525
stdinlong answer: only if you plan to serve files to windows clients and want to protect them from potential viruses13:23
bryan_stdin: i didnt think so. but i did a search and some results turned up, so i wanted to be sure, before i got into a problem.13:23
bryan_stdin: and i dont plan to server any files. not from this machine. :)13:24
eilemacan someone help me with an ubuntu problem??? hopefully one on one?13:24
bryan_eilema: what is your problem?13:24
wesley__I need some help, i am trying to install kubuntu on my intel atom 330 machine ( totaly new, unformat ect )13:24
bryan_wesley: what is your problem?13:24
eilemaok bryan , when i try to open my second seagate harddrive on ubuntu it gives me "You are not privileged to mount the volume"13:25
eilemait is in ntfs13:25
bryan_eilema: oh, i am not sure about ntfs installs. i know its hard to mount those.13:25
wesley__I get kernel panic when starting the 64 bit live cd from usb13:25
bryan_eilma: because of the security13:25
chakie_workhm, eth0 was totally disabled in /etc/network/interfaces13:25
chakie_workadding it as "auto dhcp" at least makes the damn thing try to get an address for it13:26
eilemaive read on a bunch of forums how to do it, i just dont totally understand what their talking about13:26
chakie_workbut still no link13:26
eilemalie entering codes in the terminal etc........13:26
torkianohello all, anyone tried KCall? http://www.basyskom.de/index.pl/kcall13:27
wesley__I am installing a mini itx, but by starting the live cd i got all errors, and stuff, it was the amd64 live usb13:27
eilemai dont want to write to the drive just watch and listen to whats on it13:27
bryan_eilema: send me the sources you are using13:28
wesley__Can it be that hyper threading is a problem in linux ?13:28
wesley__the intel atom 330 supports hyper threading13:28
bryan_wesley: i would have no idea, can you run the check to see if the download has all the files.13:29
wesley__it worked on my notebook the live usb, but i going try 32 bit and jaunty13:29
MisterFlibblewesley__:Hyperthreading only helped the Pentium 4 because it wasted so many cycles anyway, it will do little or nothing for Core 2/Atom/i713:30
wesley__I have disabled it but, what will it do when i enable it13:30
MisterFlibbleprobably a little bit improve or a little bit hurt depending on the workload13:31
MisterFlibbleI wouldn't bother with it13:31
wesley__improvements are always welcome13:32
MisterFlibblethe execution pipeline on Intel/AMD's modern CPUs are nowhere near as insanely long as the Pentium 4's13:32
wesley__Oh jaunty live cd loads XD13:32
MisterFlibbleand they have more cache on the die13:32
wesley__i have 2x 512 chache13:32
wesley__its a mini itx pc13:32
MisterFlibbleHT would probably help a server a little13:33
MisterFlibbleit would probably do nothing or hurt desktop performance13:33
wesley__Seems the jaunty live cd works, but 8.10 not13:33
MisterFlibbleI don't use Ubuntu alphas, nuh uh13:34
MisterFlibblebad news13:34
wesley__I wanted to run stable, but i bet that the hardware is not supported in 8.10, because atom is new13:34
wesley__My notebook runs 8.10, but thats old hardware, atom 330 is kind of new13:34
MisterFlibbleIntel only has a skeleton crew writing drivers for Linux13:34
MisterFlibblesometimes their new stuff isn't supported for a year or more13:35
wesley__better then nothing13:35
MisterFlibbleAMD is better with Linux13:35
MisterFlibbleusually they submit drivers before the hardware is even out13:35
wesley__but the Dont like AMD, they suck13:36
wesley__AMD doesnt have intel intergrated vga13:37
wesley__Will 8.04.2 get updated drivers and stuff ?13:46
wesley__Guys ?13:51
Piciwesley__: 8.04.2 will just include things that have been pushed out in regular security updates. It is not a new release.13:52
wesley__Now, then i go unstable, nothing bad having the unstable already if its works13:52
wesley__I mean if 8.10 doesnt work then wil 8.04 also not, maby different distro but i like them not13:54
SlimeyPete8.04 might work13:54
SlimeyPetesometimes newer drivers introduce new bugs so using older ones can fix problems13:54
wesley__why would 8.04 work and 8.10 not? and 8.04 doesnt have updated kde13:55
robin0800wesley__: what about 9.04 already out as alpha 213:55
wesley__robin0800 thats what i installing now, and the live cd booted, desktop effects works, sound to, everthing works13:55
wesley__okay here something i wanna know, i have 2 gb memory how much swap do i need then13:57
Piciwesley__: Are you planning to hibernate the computer?13:57
Piciwesley__: i.e: suspend to disk?13:57
wesley__Uh not really, but it can be that i want to use it sometime13:57
Piciwesley__: Well, you'll need at least as much swap as ram if you are.  1.5 times is a safe bet.13:58
sehvenjust got my 8.10 running hours ago, cant seem to make desktop cube work13:58
sehvenhelp anyone?13:58
wesley__most time i just shutdown, i almost never hibernate, but i want everthing to work, and space on harddrive is more then enough13:58
wesley__so 4000 mb swap ?13:58
wesley__or or say 2500 ?13:59
wesley__how much should i need for root, 15000 should be enough ?14:00
Piciwesley__: 2500 is good, 10gb is fine for root.14:00
sehvenhelp with desktop cube pls14:01
Picisehven: Can you elaborate?14:01
wesley__so with 10 i would have enough space ?14:01
Piciwesley__: Yes.14:01
wesley__going make jfs systema14:02
wesley__jfs file systems from it14:02
sehvenPici, i want to use the desktop cube, but cant seem to get it to work14:02
wesley__jfs means more gb , ext3 takes big amount of gb away14:02
sehvenalready downloaded compiz stuffs14:02
Piciwesley__: You aren't going to find a lot of support if you have problems with your JFS install though, ext3 is the supported fs type for installations.14:03
Picisehven: Do you get an error when you try to enable it?14:03
wesley__never had problems before with jfs14:03
aleite Hello guys!14:04
sehvenit just wont do the cube thing14:04
wesley__you cant resize it, but thats it, jfs seems to be faster and got more gb14:04
aleite I compiled KDE from trunk. Does anyone know how to make kdm my default display manager?14:04
Picisehven: Then #compiz-fusion should be able to help you setup the proper settings to enable the cube14:05
Picialeite: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm14:05
sehvenoki Pici thx ^^14:05
aleitePici: I compiled it myself. I tried it but it says kdm is not installed14:06
sehvenoppps T_T accidentaly removed panel14:07
sehvenhow do i restore it?14:07
wesley__pici far i know is xfs not supported as root in ubuntu, but jfs is no problem14:07
wesley__werent they going to add ext4 to 9.04 ?14:08
=== jhutchins_kc is now known as jhutchins
Piciwesley__: I mean not supported as in you won't find many people with similar installs to help you with it. Whether the installer itself will install on jfs, I'm not sure.  And yes, ext4 support is in 9.04.14:09
Tex-Twil Hello, how can I disable the gdm login and use only a console login ?14:09
Tex-Twilkdm sorry14:09
wesley__No ext4 in 9.04 alpha yet14:09
wesley__jfs will install, i use it on my notebook to, if you compare jfs to ext3 then jfs is cleary better14:10
tivevenHello, what is what somebody can tell me how to desinstaller xubuntu14:11
eracamerhaba arkadaşlar14:13
wesley__when ext4 is out can you convert ext3 to ext4 then ?14:13
Picitiveven: Just install something else over it/reclaim the space with your other OS.14:13
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=== dYna is now known as basti
leifhey is konquer a good browser and wich back end do it use14:15
leifis it a webkit or14:16
stdinkonqueror can use webkit or khtml14:17
tivevenPici: I do not want to ecraser because I want to gain(win) some memory of storage14:17
torkianoleif: I'm using webkit with konqueror and seems great14:18
torkianoThere is a PPA with webkitkde here:  deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/paulo-miguel-dias/ubuntu intrepid main14:19
wesley__stdin do you know what i best can use jfs or ext3 or doesnt that mather? i know you cant shrink jfs but jfs is faster and more gb14:20
mooperdHello, I have the beta version of kde 4.2 running and Im getting all this strangeness on the task bar http://www.moonet.co.uk/kde4.2.eurgh.png. I have tried both the open source and nvidia drivers and get the same effect. Its not really harming usability but it is darned ugly.14:21
wesley__hmm that is nvidia related, sure of it, i dont have that on my intel vga14:22
kalelciao a tutti14:22
kalelnon riesco a condividere l'hard disk con virtualbox sapete aiutarmi?14:23
Tm_T!it | kalel14:23
ubottukalel: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)14:23
mooperdwesley__: I have tried both drivers and get exactly the same effect14:23
stdinwesley__: depends what you want to use it for. generally ext3 is fine14:24
wesley__stdin just downloading, but on internet there are bechmarks that say that ext3 is slow and like14:24
stdinwesley__: ext3 is fine, the bottleneck is the hardware (HDD)14:26
wesley__but why does ext3 take more space then say jfs ? I know ext3 is default and best supported under linux, and even Windows14:28
leifis there a way to see wich engine i run in konquer14:28
sehvenwats shortcut for console?14:29
sehveni lost my desktop14:29
stdinleif: the one with kubuntu is khtml14:29
sehvenand panel14:30
stdinsehven: Ctrl-Alt-F# where # is 1 - 614:30
stdinor Alt-F# from another console14:30
leifok so is it posible to change for webkit14:30
stdinwesley__: it doesn't take that much space, and a journal is a good thing14:31
Tm_Tleif: you need package called webkitkde14:31
wesley__stdin can i convert ext3 later to ext4? because on the moment i can not choose ext414:31
leifahh that one i have thanx14:31
Tm_Twesley__: can14:31
leifthanx Tm_T14:31
wesley__Tm_T how would that go? will there be a tool for ?14:32
Tm_Twesley__: few commands and changing mount parameters and done, I believe14:32
Tm_Twesley__: nothing you should worry until it's time14:32
wesley__isnt that hard? but ubuntu 9.04 has already ext4, can gparted convert orso ?14:33
Tm_Twesley__: no, nothing hard I believe14:33
stdin"The ext3 filesystem is forward compatible with ext4, making it possible to mount an ext3 filesystem as ext4 and use it as such." Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext4#Backward_compatibility14:33
kalelragazzi scusate se sono italiano14:34
MisterFlibblewesley__: According to Eric Sandeen, you can mount an ext3 volume as ext4, but you have to choose whether or not to enable extents, which will destroy backwards compatibility with ext3 (but they're ext4's biggest feature)14:34
kalelsapete aiutarmi con le cartelle condivise di virtualbox?14:34
MisterFlibbleif I understood him right14:34
Tm_T!it | kalel14:34
ubottukalel: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)14:34
kalelcommand virtualbox folder condivise14:35
wesley__But i gues that converting would be hard ? or mounting? because you will need to edit that file14:36
MisterFlibblewesley__: XFS has been in the kernel for quite some time, its what I use, it had some problems with Linux 2.4 being stupid, but it has always worked well for me in recent 2.6 kernels14:36
stdinwesley__: no harder than converting ext2 to ext314:37
MisterFlibblewesley__: No, it's just an option as part of the command to mount it14:37
wesley__XFS and JFS seems to be better, but overall ext3 got more features, so that where i think that maby its better to pick ext3, so i can shrink14:37
MisterFlibbleif you think you may want to go back to ext3 later, don't enable extents14:37
MisterFlibbleJFS is basically abandoned14:37
wesley__lol i am using it on my notebook14:38
MisterFlibbleand it is incompatible with SELinux (Ubuntu uses AppArmor though)14:38
MisterFlibbleThats why you can't use JFS in Fedora or Red Hat14:38
wesley__ow, but those bechmarks are confusing most times14:39
sehventhat was a close one14:39
MisterFlibbleReiser and JFS are basically abandoned, ext3 is a freaking dinosaur, ext2 is worse14:39
MisterFlibbleXFS is the only decent filesystem the kernel supports14:39
MisterFlibbleExt4 will be up there with XFS though14:39
sehvenmy balls almost ran off again losing panel ^_^14:39
wesley__But you cant use it as root, but i see ext3 as the ntfs from Linux14:39
MisterFlibbleand XFS has a defragmenter, (Ext4 will eventually)14:40
MisterFlibblewesley__: Easy, make a /boot partition as ext314:40
MisterFlibbleit only has to be maybe 300 megs or so14:40
wesley__can xfs be shrinks ?14:40
MisterFlibbleor you can use LILO14:40
MisterFlibbleLILO can boot XFS, GRUB is just fairly stupid14:41
wesley__i have 1 tb14:41
MisterFlibbleno, XFS can't be shrunk14:41
MisterFlibbleyou can grow it, but not shrink (xfs_growfs)14:41
wesley__xfs is faster then ext3?14:42
MisterFlibblewesley__: It wastes less space and it blows ext3 away on most disk operations14:42
MisterFlibblethe downside is GRUB is stupid, and XFS can't be shrunk14:42
wesley__JFS can be used as root14:43
MisterFlibbleand you never have to do a fsck because the system does one as it mounts the filesystem14:43
MisterFlibbleit's so quick you don't really even notice14:43
MisterFlibbleyeah, but IBM essentially has 1 guy working on XFS, in his spare time14:44
MisterFlibbleso you tell me where it's going :P14:44
MisterFlibbleI mean, JFS14:44
MisterFlibbleJFS should not be used, I'm surprised it's still an option14:45
wesley__getting crazy XD, so what shoul by partition table be ?14:45
MisterFlibblemeh, I just give a few hundred megs of ext3 to /boot, however much SWAP I need, and the rest to XFS on /14:46
MisterFlibblemake sure you get the xfsdump package when you get a moment14:46
wesley__is it safe using xfs ? because it isnt supported to root14:47
MisterFlibbleyou can mount your root file system as XFS14:47
MisterFlibbleit's not supported on /boot though14:47
MisterFlibbleunless you use LILO14:47
wesley__so how much should be the boot ?14:48
MisterFlibblewell, Ubuntu will happily litter your disk with an unlimited number of old kernels14:48
MisterFlibble(and their boot images)14:49
wesley__few gb then ?14:49
MisterFlibbleso a few hundred megs, and make sure to remove your old kernel packages and modules every so often14:49
wesley__100 mb you suggest ?14:49
MisterFlibbleFedora leaves two old kernels behind14:50
MisterFlibbleI wish Ubuntu did that14:50
=== leandro is now known as leandrosdfg
MisterFlibbleI do 300-35014:50
MisterFlibbleI've never had a problem14:50
wesley__is that enough ?14:50
wesley__but you need to remove old kernels14:50
MisterFlibblewell, if you have an insane amount of space you're not going to use, you can give it more14:50
MisterFlibbleI just prune the old kernel packages now and then, in Synaptic14:51
wesley__1 tb i said14:51
wesley__my mini itx has a 1 tb hitachi hd in it14:51
MisterFlibbleOr like I said, you can use LILO as your boot loader14:52
MisterFlibbleUbuntu does give you the option14:52
wesley__9.04 doesnt give much options ( a bug )14:52
MisterFlibblethen all you need to worry about is your root file system and your swap file14:53
wesley__i make / and a /home and swap maby better using ext314:53
MisterFlibblewell, doesn't 9.04 support Ext4?14:53
wesley__not in alpha 2,  its the only live cd you have for kubunty14:54
MisterFlibbleI thought manual partitioning was broke on the alpha 2 livecd14:54
wesley__uh not really it kind of works, only editing doesnt work, but have a complete emty table14:55
MisterFlibbleXFS was ported to Linux from IRIX14:56
wesley__whats irix ?14:56
MisterFlibbleand IRIX is still better than Linux in some ways14:56
MisterFlibbleSGI's version of UNIX14:56
wesley__has it kde ?14:56
MisterFlibbleno, it used CDE I think14:56
wesley__then its no try14:57
MisterFlibblewell, it 's not free14:57
MisterFlibbleit's not open sourced14:57
wesley__its microsoft friend14:57
MisterFlibbleand it never was meant for a PC14:57
LinuxApeAnyone use usb-creator?14:58
wesley__yeah me works14:58
MisterFlibbleit was just one of the proprietary UNIX systems left over from the 80s/90s14:58
MisterFlibbleHP and IBM still have their own too14:58
LinuxApewesley__: I tried it today - gets as far as the Starting Up dialog and hangs there.  Ever see or hear of that type of behavior?14:59
wesley__dont knoe14:59
wesley__Going name my mini itx Dexter14:59
wesley__my notebook names Grimmjow15:01
wesley__Swap can be added always later ?15:04
wesley__i have left 2500 to make swap later15:06
sergio__ciao a tutti15:09
sergio__mio primo login, e mio secondo giorno di kubuntu15:09
wesley__only germaan englisch support15:11
sergio__ops sorry15:11
sergio__I thought about it later15:11
sergio__I have a question, though15:12
LinuxApeFigured it out - had an ext3 filesystem on the usb drive instead of vfat.15:13
galathalionany nice mediaplayer?15:13
galathalionamarok kinda sux15:13
LinuxApegalathalion:  Have you upgraded to the new version of Amarok?  It's quite slick.15:14
galathalionwhat version?15:14
sehvenhelp desktop cube dont work!15:15
galathalionLinuxApe: no, how do i do that?15:15
=== sora is now known as Guest66449
LinuxApeIt's not in the repositories yet, but there are instructions on kubuntu.org on upgrading.15:15
galathalionamarok just keep crashing15:16
somekoolhi there, my kubuntu system does not detect my 2GB of ram, anyone can help ? I did a grep HIGHMEM in /book/* and the running kernel seems to support up to 4GB15:16
LinuxApeinstructions here: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/amarok-2.015:17
somekool /boot/*15:17
torkianoMisterFlibble: Here is a good fs benchmark between ext4 ext3 XFS and reiser: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ext4_benchmarks15:25
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inocencioola boa tarde15:32
MisterFlibbletorkiano: XFS kicks butt for as old as it is, it's like 17 years old and still beats Ext4 as often as Ext4 beats it :)15:32
torkianoMisterFlibble: yes, seems to be a good fs. I'll try it ;-)15:33
torkianoAnd wait for brtfs...15:33
MisterFlibbletorkiano: It takes the pain out of working with large files and directories15:34
MisterFlibblemove/copy/delete, stuff Ext3 will leave you waiting on forever15:34
MisterFlibbleI just wish they'd fix GRUB15:35
MisterFlibbleI'm not really sure why distributions switched from LILO to GRUB, when LILO works so much better15:35
MisterFlibblepolitics I imagine15:36
_lummkashif stop privat messages.15:36
torkianoAnd is XFS suitable for external hard discs?15:36
_lummask here if u got troubles15:36
=== studio_ is now known as VictorDekola
torkianoI guess that yes, isn't it?15:38
MisterFlibbletorkiano: Yes, but MAKE SURE you have the thing properly unmounted before you yank the USB/Firewire cord15:38
torkianoMisterFlibble: no problem, is a fixed-external disc (1TB)15:38
aloneahow do you make you trash can into a black hole (as when you delete something, it actually deletes)? I was told once upon a time, but forgot how.15:40
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torkianoI have a 2.6.27-10 linux kernel ¿CAn I use a ext4 filesystem?15:43
WIZARDSLOVAKanyone here?15:47
MisterFlibbletorkiano: No, Ext4 isn't officially in the kernel til 2.6.2815:47
MisterFlibbleFedora has been shipping Ext4Dev, which is the development version of Ext4, but you don't want to mess with that15:48
WIZARDSLOVAKi got a question , i have PC dual boot xp and suse,and i wanna chanfe suse for kubuntu , what should i do?15:48
wesley__So i have install kubuntu 9.04 succesfull15:48
cuzntsimply install kubuntu15:48
ubottu#ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India15:49
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion15:49
MisterFlibbleWIZARDSLOVAK: Format the partitions Suse is on and give them to Kubuntu :)15:49
wesley__ive chosen for all safety just ext315:49
wesley__Pici like i told 8.10 didnt want to start15:49
WIZARDSLOVAKwhat about grub loader?15:50
MisterFlibbleThe Kubuntu installer should take care of that15:50
MisterFlibbleit's been a few years since I've dual booted15:50
WIZARDSLOVAKone more quesstion15:50
wesley__But it seems to work god 9.04, so i can life the next months with alpha15:50
WIZARDSLOVAKis kde4 in kubuntu stable?15:51
WIZARDSLOVAKi did use linux for 2 months so i am out of picture15:51
MisterFlibbleKubuntu 8.10 has Kubuntu 4.1.2, and will update to 4.1.3 when you grab your first round of patches15:51
MisterFlibbleerrr KDE 4.1.215:51
MisterFlibblethat is15:51
wesley__you can update to kde4.2 beta 2 if you want looks better and is stabler15:52
WIZARDSLOVAKwell i remember when i installed suse kde4 was unstable15:52
MisterFlibblethere's experimental KDE 4.2 if you want it, but I don't recommend it unless you're willing to deal with bugs :)15:52
kashif__gnome is better15:52
WIZARDSLOVAKnah i want stable version of kde4,15:52
Piciwesley__: I was just saying that 9.04 is offtopic for this channel and that #ubuntu+1 is the proper place to discuss it :)15:53
wesley__kashif gnome is fooling all it users15:53
MisterFlibble4.1.3 then, it hasn't given me problems15:53
WIZARDSLOVAKback in suse i had problems with xserver when i had kde4 , when i switched to kde3 no problems whatsoever15:53
wesley__Pici i am not really going discuss it, i just run it on that machine15:53
Piciwesley__: Roger that15:53
wesley__but i really think that gnome just release ever 6 month the same gnome15:53
MisterFlibbleWIZARDSLOVAK: KDE 4.0.x was premature, 4.1.x has worked out most of the issues15:54
wesley__KDE4.2 has matured really15:54
wesley__running it on my notebook15:54
WIZARDSLOVAKMisterFlibble  thank you15:54
leif?? how do i get the beta15:55
WIZARDSLOVAKi have kubuntu in my virtualbox but its not the same as  reall pc15:55
MisterFlibbleadd the repo15:55
MisterFlibbleinstructions are on kubuntu.org15:55
wesley__leif you can get beta from kubuntu.org or add the kde nightly repo and install kde-nightly, that keeps up with svn, thats what i use15:56
WIZARDSLOVAKone think i dont like about all linux, its game support15:57
WIZARDSLOVAKothervise linux rulez, windows sucks15:57
MisterFlibbleWhere is the nightly repo?15:57
seelehas anyone else had problems with plasma with 4.2 beta 2?16:00
WIZARDSLOVAKwhat would be  most important directories for kubunut?16:00
WIZARDSLOVAKswap , /home  , /boot???16:00
sehvenmy desktop cube wont work! help!16:00
aloneahow do you make you trash can into a black hole (as when you delete something, it actually deletes)? I was told once upon a time, but forgot how.16:07
WIZARDSLOVAKman i would love to help you but i am kinda newbie in kubuntu16:09
sehvenis your dcube working?16:10
sehvenim also new to kubuntu16:10
sehvencant get it to work16:10
WIZARDSLOVAKwell i didnt install kubuntu on pc yet16:10
WIZARDSLOVAKi have it on vbox tho16:11
WIZARDSLOVAKhow you do dcube?16:11
sehvenconfig it16:11
sehvenjst download all compiz stuff first16:12
WIZARDSLOVAKwell you need min dual core cpu for it right?16:12
WIZARDSLOVAKi have p4ht16:12
sehvennop dont think so, but not sure16:13
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
aloneamy dcube works I think. is that where when you switch apps it spins sorta like a cube?16:13
sehvencause i used a proggy to do it in xp16:13
sehvenyes alonea16:13
sehvenmine doesnt16:13
WIZARDSLOVAKooo thats dcube16:13
sehvenwhat did you do?16:13
WIZARDSLOVAKi always wondered what it is16:13
sehvenyes wiz desktop cube16:14
WIZARDSLOVAKsorry noob here lolz16:14
aloneaumm...nothing. actually now that I think of it, I don't think compiz is on cause I can't figure out how to get it to load on startup.16:14
sehvendont worry i jst made it up16:14
sehvenim using 8.1016:14
sehvenwhats your hotkeys for dcube?16:15
aloneaI just alt tab16:15
sehvenu using kde4.1?16:16
sehvenmy  alt+tab shows diff animation16:16
ingerashuhi everyone16:17
ingerashucan anyone help me ?16:18
ingerashui have a problem...16:18
ingerashui heard about a program which lets windows to run in virtualbox and make use of linuxs' files16:19
ingerashuyou see linux partitions in virtualized windows16:19
WIZARDSLOVAKyou gotta install "guest additions"16:21
ingerashuthat is its name?16:21
WIZARDSLOVAKwhen u open os in virtualbox , click device and "install guest addidiotns"16:22
WIZARDSLOVAKthats when you use VirtualBox not Vmware16:23
webaskahow to delete allmost all partitions and delete grub..16:23
ingerashui'll try it now16:23
WIZARDSLOVAKyou wanna format your drive?16:23
ingerashuis there any way to resize that drive in virtulabox?16:24
ingerashui choose it to small...16:24
ingerashuand  i dont want to reinstall windows again16:24
webaskai want to delete all partitions except 1..and from that one to load recovery system(vista-notebooks)16:24
WIZARDSLOVAKingeranshu ,, i dont quiet understand wht you wanna do16:25
ingerashui say it again16:25
ingerashui installed xp with virtualbox16:25
ingerashuand i choose 3gb for the hdd16:26
ingerashubut it's too small16:26
ingerashuand i want to enlarge it without remaking the xp16:26
ingerashuit took 1gb with no reason16:27
ingerashuxp is about 800 mb16:27
=== hannascott is now known as hannascott_NA
ingerashuand shows me 1.3 gb free16:27
ingerashuinstead of 2.216:27
WIZARDSLOVAKsorry man but as far as i know VB there is no suck a action to resize disk16:27
WIZARDSLOVAKyou gotta make new and reinstall xp16:28
ingerashubut if i install guest additions, cant i use the wine drive from linux? :D16:28
WIZARDSLOVAKin VB you choose shared folder16:29
ingerashui'll try it now to see16:29
WIZARDSLOVAKthats the foler you will be able to use btv os and VB os16:29
ingerashui have more questions about different things in ubunt :D16:30
ingerashuwould you help me?16:30
WIZARDSLOVAKwell i am newbie and i use kubuntu lol16:31
WIZARDSLOVAKask and if i can help you i will , if not me i am sure someone here will16:31
ingerashui use ubuntu for 3 days....16:31
ingerashuabout cairo-dock16:31
ingerashui saw a movie on youtube16:32
ingerashuabout a plugin16:32
WIZARDSLOVAKsince i use linux i alway used IRC as my support and 99% it did help or solve my problem16:32
ingerashuparabolic plugin16:32
ingerashuand i want it16:32
ingerashubut i didnt find any help on google16:32
ingerashuis it a cairo theme?16:32
WIZARDSLOVAKwhat is that plugin for?16:32
ingerashumakes cairo-dock more cool16:33
ingerashunice effects16:33
wesley__4.872 FPS  is this more then 4000 or 4 fps only ?16:33
WIZARDSLOVAKcheck repos16:33
WIZARDSLOVAKits 872 fps better then 400016:34
aloneahow do you make you trash can into a black hole (as when you delete something, it actually deletes)? I was told once upon a time, but forgot how.16:35
Boupress shift when deleting16:35
wesley__so i habe 4.872v means 4872 fps16:35
=== rob is now known as Guest43995
Boualonea: press SHIFT when deleting, it will delete without storing into trash.16:36
ingerashuwhat's the best configuration on virtualbox?16:37
ingerashubecause when in started, my comp process slow16:37
WIZARDSLOVAKwell what are  your pc specs?16:38
ingerashu1 gbram, athlon 2800,nvidia fx 520016:39
ingerashuquite old16:39
ingerashubut it works great so far16:39
WIZARDSLOVAKlol i got same video card16:39
trojkolkahello hello anyone knows when amarok 2.01 hits the kubuntu-members-kde4 repos?16:39
WIZARDSLOVAKwell if you set up too big specs for vbox it will take power from your pc16:39
WIZARDSLOVAKwhat i do i never put more then 45% of my actuall RAM16:40
WIZARDSLOVAKit works pretty good16:40
WIZARDSLOVAKi can watcj simpsons and still work on vbox16:40
ingerashuwell i putted 500 mbram ,128 mb for video16:40
WIZARDSLOVAKooooo so u used all your video memory16:41
WIZARDSLOVAKput 32 or 6416:41
=== fysaen is now known as Guest59208
ingerashubut it wont see ugly?16:41
WIZARDSLOVAKu use all your memory for vbox , there is nothing left for you os , then your pc is slow as shit16:42
WIZARDSLOVAKi never used more then 6416:42
jussi01!ohmy | WIZARDSLOVAK16:42
ubottuWIZARDSLOVAK: Please watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!16:42
cuzntmy poop is never slow16:42
ingerashuand you can play games like dota?16:42
ingerashuor something like that16:43
WIZARDSLOVAKwell u cant play games in vbox os16:43
ingerashuwhy not?16:43
Guest43995maybe if it was very old16:43
=== fysaen_ is now known as fysaen
Guest43995with a software renderer16:43
Guest43995but it'd be slow :P16:43
WIZARDSLOVAKvbox doesnt support 3d yet16:43
=== Guest43995 is now known as __rob__
=== vonkleist__ is now known as vonkleist
ingerashugood to know16:44
__rob__get vmware workstation, it supports DX816:44
ingerashuin ubuntu i cand install anything16:44
WIZARDSLOVAKonly reson i did dual boot was games16:44
ingerashuso whats the difference between vmware and virtualbox?16:45
__rob__i play wow on ubuntu, c2d 2gig, 2gig ram, nvid8600gt16:45
__rob__vmware isnt free, i dunno about vbox16:45
ingerashuits free vbox16:45
WIZARDSLOVAKvbox is free16:45
__rob__that'd be the difference then16:45
aloneaBou: There is a way to make the trash basically not exist. so when you send something to the trash it goes literally nowhere. Its safer this way.16:46
WIZARDSLOVAKi personally prefer vbox over vmware16:46
ingerashui can play cs in ubuntu16:46
ingerashujust with wine16:46
__rob__vmware player is free.... but its not good16:46
ingerashubut dota i cant16:46
__rob__i use wine, was about to suggest it16:46
ingerashuwhen i enter the game16:46
__rob__dota = warcraft 3 yeah?16:46
ingerashuappears "out of range 65kz"16:47
WIZARDSLOVAKi never used wine16:47
__rob__you looke donline?16:47
ingerashuif i use it  windowed  works16:47
ingerashubut it like half the screen16:47
ingerashuthere's no good like that16:47
__rob__i had to make a few tweeks to get wow to work16:47
ingerashuyes but with vmware16:47
ingerashunot wine16:47
__rob__no thats with wine16:48
__rob__and it can hit upto 80fps16:48
ingerashuwhat tweaks?16:48
__rob__turnin off particle effects was one, runnin in opengl was another16:48
__rob__and a few things to reduce the graphics quality16:48
ingerashurunning wine in opengl?16:49
ingerashui mean wine applications16:49
__rob__running wow with opengl in wine16:49
Boualonea: "safer" is relative :), but yes I see what you mean. I've always use Shift though.16:50
__rob__if you can use openGL as your renderer its alot faster16:50
ingerashuwell i'll search the net for that16:50
ingerashuone problem solved16:50
__rob__but i think WC3 was software renderer16:50
__rob__because it worked on mac16:50
ingerashuso wont work?16:50
__rob__well its not direct x16:50
__rob__which is a good thing16:50
__rob__it's possible it is openGL16:51
ingerashuwell i'll search for it till i find whats about it :P16:51
ingerashuabout vbox16:52
ingerashuif i delete the fixed drive16:52
__rob__what are you running?16:52
ingerashuit will add the free space to my linux partition16:52
ingerashuubuntu 8.1016:52
__rob__in a virtual machine?16:52
ingerashuthis is my os16:52
__rob__ahh ok16:52
ingerashui gave up xp16:53
__rob__well install wine, then install WC3 an run it16:53
ingerashui had recently too many problems16:53
Arv3nHi guys.16:53
__rob__i've decided to go linux for a week16:53
ingerashua had one virus16:53
Arv3non kde 3.5, how can i get the taskbar to be one line only?16:53
ingerashuthat i couldnt get rid of16:53
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!16:53
ingerashui had zonealarm firewall16:53
sun_what is irc16:53
__rob__ah, i was usin vista, probably shouldnt say it in here but i love vista, but the new kde had me curious16:54
Arv3n!google irc16:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about google irc16:54
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines16:54
ingerashuand if i turned it off after 15 seconds my computer was blocked16:54
Arv3naw, man. =/16:54
__rob__i do not like XP16:54
ingerashui like ubuntu desktop effects :)16:55
ingerashunice job with them16:55
sun_I like KDE!16:55
__rob__i find this (kubuntu8.10, kde4.1) a bit laggy16:55
ingerashuwhats the difference between kde and gnome?16:55
__rob__doesnt feel that responsive16:55
__rob__the window manager16:55
__rob__the guts are the same16:56
__rob__but the pretty bits are different16:56
ingerashuso what do you suggest to be the best os?16:56
__rob__i prefer vista, but everyones different16:56
ingerashui mean linux os16:56
ingerashudont like at all vista16:57
__rob__ahh i dunno, kde4 is nice so far, we had a fight last night, had to hard reboot :(16:57
Arv3ndoes anyone know how to make kde 3.5 have a one line task bar?16:58
__rob__an like i say feels sooo laggy16:58
__rob__Arv3n: you tried resizing it?16:58
Arv3ni dont want it at size 35.16:58
Arv3nthats too small, i just want a one line taskbar.16:58
__rob__i dunno then, im on 4.116:58
Arv3n4.1 sucks, go 4.216:58
Arv3nyou won't regret it. (H)16:59
__rob__i upgraded last night maybe i do have 4.2 :P16:59
Arv3nim not kidding, either.16:59
Arv3nyou probably have 4.1.316:59
Arv3nyou gotta add the kde experimental ppa16:59
__rob__4.2 not stable yet?16:59
__rob__ah il wait then, not be long16:59
Arv3n4.2 beta 2 is not "officially" stable16:59
=== gilles is now known as Ghost4
Arv3nyeah, good decision. it comes out at the end of january.16:59
__rob__yeah il just wait then17:00
=== jewel is now known as minus18_pundit
ubuntu_how can I mount /dev/hda1 somewhere on Kubuntu?17:00
__rob__ubuntu_: theres some file you can do it in, i cant remember it sorry17:01
sun_how long it takes to upgrade KDE?17:01
__rob__depends on your internet conenction17:01
ubuntu_no just temporary17:01
Arv3nmkdir /mnt/directory_name17:01
DarkSmokemy firiend wants to isntall kubuntu17:02
Arv3nmount /dev/hda1 /mnt/directory_name17:02
DarkSmokebut she doesn't know anything about formating and partitioning17:02
Arv3noh, make sure its sudo at the front.17:02
DarkSmokeis there some step by step guide with pictures how to do it?17:02
__rob__if you have ubuntu you just do apt-get install kubuntu-desktop17:02
DarkSmokeno no17:02
DarkSmokeshe uses windows17:02
DarkSmokebuit wants to change to kubuntu17:03
__rob__use wubi then, wubi is awesome17:03
__rob__oh she doesnt wanna dual boot?17:03
DarkSmokeshe wants to change.17:03
__rob__its not hard to install, i wouldnt bother with a guide17:03
__rob__ubuntu is renowned for its ease of installation17:04
DarkSmokeoh yeah17:04
__rob__take maybe 30 mins17:04
DarkSmokeif you live in my island you'd knew how ignorant maltese people are17:04
wesley__how can i get ext3 converter to ext4 ?17:05
ubuntu_it says that Ihave not enough permissions to read17:05
__rob__i gotta reboot after updates brb17:05
__rob__ubuntu_: use sudo?17:05
WIZARDSLOVAKok people17:05
sun_how about KDE417:05
WIZARDSLOVAKi am out to switch suse for kubuntu17:05
khakanegood choice17:06
ubuntu_the drive is mounted i just can't open it17:06
wesley__so how can i convert ext3 to ext4 ?17:08
ingerashustill anyone here ? :D17:11
ingerashuin pidgin17:11
ubuntu_I have a mounted drive but when I click to browse its files it says something about permissions. what can i do?17:11
ingerashuyou have an ignore list?17:12
ingerashuor in kopete17:12
=== rob is now known as Guest62776
=== Guest62776 is now known as __rob__
ubuntu_I have a mounted drive but when I click to browse its files it says something about permissions. what can i do?17:13
__rob__have you mounted it with permissions for all users?17:13
__rob__how did you mount it?17:13
ubuntu_how to do that?17:13
ubuntu_sudo mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/kokos17:14
__rob__who was talkin about games in kubuntu under wine? im gettin 155fps in wow atm :P17:14
__rob__maybe you could try chmod 777 on the folder you mounted it to17:14
ubuntu_sudo chmod 777 <folder> ?17:15
__rob__so: sudo chmod 777 /mnt/kokos17:15
__rob__yeah i think17:15
ingerashuyou use pidgin or kopete?17:16
ubuntu_I get the same error17:16
geniiubuntu_: The permissions of the root of a hard drive device/partition are always made owned by root in the udev system. You need either to have mount options which change this, or else a folder there which the user you are running as owns17:16
__rob__im usin emseme atm, kopete kept droppin connection an disconnecting :S17:16
ubuntu_i am currently using kubuntu live CD17:16
ingerashudont you know if there is an ignore list in pidgin or kopete?17:17
Tm_Tingerashu: there is in Kopete atleast that kind of functionality in some protocols17:17
ingerashuin kopete17:17
__rob__there is in kopete17:17
ingerashuit shows me their id's17:17
ingerashuin messenger17:17
ingerashui had 300 at ignorelist17:17
ingerashubut now17:18
ingerashusome of they entered on me17:18
=== C is now known as Guest66974
=== linuxbox is now known as d3L
=== d3L is now known as fragadELic
ubuntu_I need some help please I am in a serius situation I have to recover my files17:19
Xpertgood afternoon, I have some doubts.17:19
Xpertfirst, i ve download by the official website mozilla firefox 3 and i m not able to install it using the bash, can anyone help me and say the procedure17:20
Xperti looked for some foruns and there they say that would have a firefox-installer.bin but in the folder there is no installer17:20
Tm_TXpert: why you would do it that way?17:21
Xpertthere is only firefox-bin17:21
__rob__Xpert: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.017:21
PiciXpert: What version of (K)ubuntu are you using?17:21
XpertPici: 4.117:21
Xpertkde 4.1 kubuntu 8.1017:21
Xpert__rob__:  i ll try17:21
PiciXpert: The firefox in the repositories is already 3.0.  You shouldn't need to install it from a bin fine.17:21
Xpertbut i would like to learn how to compile the program too17:22
=== fysaen is now known as fysaen|away
__rob__ubuntu_: maybe you should look into a file called /etc/fstab google it then edit yours, an remount using it17:22
PiciXpert: The .bin contains the binary version, it is already compiled.17:22
Xpertok i ll try17:22
Xpert__rob__:  how i update the fstab17:22
ubuntu_I am using live CD does this matter?17:22
Xperti ve already did this in the past, but i dont remember anymore17:23
__rob__Xpert: that wasnt to you17:23
__rob__Xpert: that was for ubuntu_ he's tryin to mount a drive17:23
__rob__ubuntu_: actually dude why dont you just recover the files as admin?17:23
__rob__what os you using?17:24
__rob__do sudo dolphin17:25
ingerashucan anyone help me with that messenger question?17:26
Xpertit runned __rob__ ty17:26
__rob__ingerashu: sorry man i ditched kopete :P17:26
ubuntu_command not found17:26
__rob__Xpert: see if you can get into the folder now17:26
Xperti saw in foruns the name of the package as mozilla-firefox-locale-pt-br17:26
ingerashuit's a problem for me17:26
Xpertdid it changed of name ?17:27
ingerashuin kopete i see all the id's17:27
Xpertcuz my apt-get search doesnt run17:27
Xperti dont know why17:27
Xpert__rob__: how i do this ?17:27
__rob__Xpert: i couldnt serch either :S17:27
ingerashuof those that were in my ingore list on messenger17:27
Xpert__rob__:  i m using a site to do this17:27
__rob__ubuntu_: sudo dolphin?17:27
Xpertit searchs for names of packages i can post for u if u want17:27
__rob__nah its k17:27
__rob__i normally use the apt package manager17:28
__rob__but commandline is easier in irc :D17:28
Xpertanother doubt17:28
ubuntu_like I said I am using live CD dolphin may not be available17:28
Xperthow can i create a fast inicialization pannel at K side17:28
Xpertlike windows17:29
Xpertto put my favorites prograns to open fastly17:29
Xpertinto the main pannel17:29
__rob__ubuntu_: what file manager is on it?17:29
__rob__Xpert: what you runnin kde4.1?17:29
ingerashuseems the google is man's best friend17:29
ubuntu_konqueor (something like that)17:29
__rob__Xpert: in the K menu you can pin stuff to the favourites17:30
=== Guest66974 is now known as C
__rob__ubuntu_: then sudo konqueror17:30
=== C is now known as Guest52116
__rob__i hate konqueror17:30
=== Guest52116 is now known as trainleader
Xpert__rob__:  ok ill try17:31
__rob__Xpert: thast what i've done, its nice an tidy17:31
genii__rob__: Do not suggest to people to run gui apps like konqueror with sudo instead of kdesu/kdesudo. This makes it impossible for them afterwards to run it as their normal user17:31
wesley__very helpfull arent they on #ubuntu i asked about ext4 do get shouted that ext4 isnt stable and stuff17:31
ubuntu_well I finally can browse to /mnt/kokos/ but I see no files or folders whats wrong?17:32
fragadELicwhat's the "best" irc linux client to use?17:32
__rob__genii: hes booting from a live cd, he only wants to recover some files17:32
geniiXpert: Use kdesu or kdesudo and NOT sudo17:32
wesley__fragadELic i say konversation17:32
genii__rob__: Regardless, please use correct syntax17:33
fragadELicany1 know how to use konversation with tor (torify)? or have some links17:33
=== K is now known as Guest22630
ubuntu_is it because is ntfs?17:33
__rob__genii: i didnt know about kdesu, im just trying to help the guy17:34
genii__rob__: I understand :) It's just that others may also try this and then find the app unusable afterwards, causing unneccesary problems.17:34
Xpertis there any program like emule in linux17:35
Xpertwhats the name of the package17:35
Xpertwhat is the best ?17:35
Pici!p2p | Xpert17:35
=== fysaen|away is now known as fysaen
ubottuXpert: Peer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information17:35
__rob__i never used any under linux17:35
Xpertwhat is the best package17:35
Xpertktorrent for torrent files17:36
PiciThats up to you to find out.17:36
=== Guest22630 is now known as K
* jpedroza likes ktorrent17:36
Xperti need a p2p17:36
PiciXpert: See ubottu's message above.17:36
=== K is now known as Guest94539
__rob__i think thats one of the problems with open source, the sheer volume of stuff to try out17:37
Xpertwhich is the package of thunderbird mozilla17:38
Xpertthe last version17:38
__rob__Xpert: you used the apt package manager?17:38
__rob__you can search in it17:38
__rob__an install whatever you want17:39
Xpert__rob__:  u mean adept ?17:39
__rob__yes :P17:39
Xpertwhere i go to see the package manager ?17:39
Xperti dont like adept17:39
__rob__i never click now, i just type in what i want in the k menu17:39
=== K is now known as Guest75526
Xpertwhat do u recommend me17:43
Xpertamule or xmule ?17:43
=== evgeny is now known as dark_diver
ubuntu_well I finally can browse to /mnt/kokos/ but I see no files or folders whats wrong? is it because is ntfs fs?17:45
khakanentfs works great17:47
khakaneubuntu_: does that drive show up in df?17:47
ikoniawesley__: you didn't get shouted at17:50
ikoniawesley__: you got advised that if you wish to do it you should to it on your own as the situation is not supported as the tools you want to use are still in development17:50
ikoniawesley__: you then got pointed to the development channel of #ubuntu+1 - which you didn't join17:51
ikoniawesley__: so please don't say things that didn't happen17:51
starenkahello. any idea how to run shell script on bad login attempts (either gui or cli)17:51
=== K is now known as Guest62944
=== Guest62944 is now known as haha
wesley__I was not talking about you ikonia but Gnea17:56
khakanewesley__: just go to a coffee shop, smoke some weed, come back and try again17:58
khakanethat's what i would do anyways..17:58
wesley__i dont use drugs17:58
khakaneweed aint no drug ;)17:58
ubottuSome things are inappropriate for #kubuntu. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)17:58
wesley__it it , a light drugs17:58
geniijussi01: Beat me to it...17:58
kilanihi i need to install my printer but it isnt workind17:59
kilanican someone help me17:59
wesley__hehe mini case is closed, is it save to remove fans ?17:59
wesley__those fans make more sound then the hd18:00
geniikilani: What printer make/model, and how does it connect ? (usb/serial/parallel/ network)18:00
khakaneif its a mini case i wouldnt go unplugging fans18:00
kilanigenii: it is connected through usb18:00
kilanihp officejet551018:01
wesley__i did look if there where no cables in the fans, but i seems the vga on the intergrated chip makes some sound, not so much as a normall pc ofcourse18:01
khakanewesley__: gpu fan may be going out18:01
=== hannascott_NA is now known as hannascott
=== haha is now known as Hedda
geniikilani: Do you have package called   hplip   installed?18:03
kilanigenii: yes it is installed18:04
wesley__khakane, but is that save ?18:05
khakanewesley__: depends on how "good" the card is, if its an older card, sometimes you can get away with heatsink only no fan18:05
khakanebut i would look at replacing the fan or the card, but of course, check to make sure thats the problem first18:05
khakanestick your thumb on the fan, see if the noise goes away (while its running of course)18:05
wesley__the noiits a intel 945 orso18:05
geniikilani: When you added a printer, you got choice of printers and did not specifically see 5510 there?18:06
=== Hedda is now known as C
wesley__good idea i going see to that, i have a rear fan to ( if it would get to hot then a pc shutdown automatic ?18:06
=== C is now known as Guest33423
ubuntu__jeez i just destroyed my grub loader18:07
ubuntu__how can i reinstall it?18:07
=== Guest33423 is now known as suko
ubuntu__where should i install it?18:07
genii!grub | ubuntu__18:08
ubottuubuntu__: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto18:08
kilanigenii: problem is that i cannot find it at all when it is connected18:09
ubuntu__i had xp dual with suse and wanted to switch to kubuntu/xp18:09
ubuntu__now i cant boot none18:09
ubuntu__i have live cd and i need to install grup18:09
ubuntu__apt-get install grub ??18:10
=== suko is now known as gleader
wesley__khakane i dont know if they sound is less more when stopping him, because you hear the hd then18:10
geniiubuntu__:See the first link in the message from ubottu18:11
ubuntu__when i type "apt-get install grub" i get answer "grub is already newest version"18:11
ubuntu__so grub is installed18:11
ubuntu__when i click to change grub setting i get "/boot/grub/menu/1st does not exist"18:13
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
Xperti m back18:13
Xperti m with a problem with amule18:14
Xperti m trying to download xmule but it dont finds the package18:14
PiciXpert: xmule does not appar to be in the repositories.18:15
Xpertok Pici18:16
eagles0513875i need some help with smbfs im trying to mount a remote windows partition on linux and i wrote a script when i did it last but now for some reason its not working i have smbfs installed already18:18
eagles0513875is there something wrong with this sudo smbmount // /mnt/WindowsShare -o username=jonathan,password=623xvnqh48,rw18:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about smbfs18:19
eagles0513875!info smbfs18:19
ubottusmbfs (source: samba): mount and umount commands for the smbfs (for kernels >= than 2.2.x). In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.2.3-1ubuntu3.3 (intrepid), package size 1343 kB, installed size 4156 kB18:19
eagles0513875can anyone help me18:20
eagles0513875nm its working18:21
Xpertwhat are the best players of videos ?18:22
Xpertlike windows media player of bsplayer for windows18:22
ubottuUbuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications18:22
eagles0513875Xpert wrong thing18:23
eagles0513875wait see the 2nd link18:23
eagles0513875where it says multimedia applications above18:23
=== rob is now known as Guest29848
jussi01!players | Xpert18:28
ubottuXpert: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs18:28
Xpertjussi01 xmms2 is like winamp ?18:30
Xpertfor windows18:30
jussi01havent really used it much18:30
Xpertwhich is the exactly name of the package18:30
Xperti need it18:30
Xperti only use apt-get install18:30
jussi01!info xmms218:30
ubottuxmms2 (source: xmms2): Client/server based media player system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5DrLecter-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 13 kB, installed size 56 kB18:30
PiciXpert: audacious is the player most like winamp on Ubuntu18:31
Tm_Tand Noatun most like it in KDE18:31
b0nnhrm, how do I find my cdrom and mount it?18:33
zwergmoun /dev/crom /mnt/cdrom18:33
zwergmount /dev/cdrom0 /mnt/cdrom018:34
b0nnItasks for a fs type18:34
b0nnWhen I specify vfat as the type I get:18:37
b0nnmount: block device /dev/scd0 is write-protected, mounting read-only18:37
b0nnmount: /dev/scd0: can't read superblock18:37
Xperti have a problem18:43
=== ahmed is now known as Black
Xpertive installed xmms2 but it doesnt apper in multimedia button ?18:43
Xpertany solution ?18:44
wesley__look i can put that noisy fan off the temperture keep now around 4418:44
Xpertanyone can solve my problem ??????18:48
Xpertno helpers on ?18:53
wesley__bartek van Belgie ?18:53
Tm_T!helpme | Xpert18:54
ubottuXpert: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience18:54
XpertTm_T:  i need to install thunderbird18:55
alissonalguem brasileiro??18:55
Xperteu sou18:55
Xpertpreciso instalar o thunderbird18:55
Xpertqual o nome do pacote18:55
alissonqual tus distro18:55
Tm_T!br | alisson18:55
ubottualisson: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.18:55
Xpertubottu:  is there #kubuntu-br ?18:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:56
alissonainda to apanhando aki18:56
Xpertboa tarde18:56
Tm_TXpert: alisson: please use english here18:56
alissonqual o linux para thunderbird18:56
Tm_T!thunderbird | Xpert18:57
ubottuXpert: Thunderbird is a free email client, capable of close cooperation with Firefox (both by the Mozilla Foundation). To make Thunderbird links open in Firefox, see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=6042718:57
XpertTm_T:  ok i ve installed now19:01
dwidmann_laptoperm, what's the appropriate way to run the badblocks command19:03
dwidmann_laptopI'm hoping all of this output is just due to user error, lest I'm in trouble19:03
javitoxno speak englesh19:04
barteksprichts du deutsh?19:05
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.19:06
ralpho_ Gui lah hui te ha19:11
alissonalguem sabe como faço pro soundkonverter converter pra MP319:12
Polynomial-CHello. I'm trying to help a friend fixing a somehow broken update from kubuntu-8.04 to kubuntu-8.10 and am now stuck with the kernel. It seems like all installed packages were updated to the versions from 8.10 but theinstalled kernel image is still the one from 8.04 and I cannot figure out which package I have to install to get the new default kernel from 8.10.19:17
geniib0nn: cdroms do not have a vfat filesystem. Usually they are iso9660 or udf19:18
geniiPolynomial-C: Did do: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade                           ? the dist-upgrade is what causes the kernel versions to increment19:19
Xperthow do I install xmms2 ? and run it19:19
Xpertits already installed but it doesnt appear in the k menu19:19
Xpertmultimedia menu19:19
Xperti tryed alt-f2 xmms2 but didnt run19:19
Polynomial-Cgenii, no, I did "apt-get update" but not "apt-get dist-upgrade". I will try that now.19:20
geniiXpert: If in Konsole you type:  xmms2 --help               does it tell you the command opetions, or say "file not found" or so ?19:24
geniibartek: deutsche:  /join #kubuntu-de19:26
XVampireXYou people know,  KDE 4.2 still got tons of bugs :D19:29
XVampireXbut it's getting better19:29
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
Polynomial-CXVampireX, it was the same with kde-3 until kde-3.419:31
filip__Unpacking replacement smbclient ...19:31
filip__dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/smbclient_2%3a3.2.3-1ubuntu3.4_i386.deb (--unpack):19:31
filip__ corrupted filesystem tarfile - corrupted package archive19:31
filip__dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)19:31
filip__Errors were encountered while processing:19:31
filip__ /var/cache/apt/archives/smbclient_2%3a3.2.3-1ubuntu3.4_i386.deb19:32
filip__E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)19:32
filip__what to do?19:32
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geniifilip__: Please don't paste more thann a couple lines at a time into this channel. Use pastebin in this case19:34
genii!paste | filip__19:34
ubottufilip__: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)19:34
filip__can you help me?19:34
geniifilip__: At any rate. Delete the corrupted file in the cache, then try install again19:34
geniifilip__: eg:   sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/smbclient*19:35
filip__genii: thank you very much19:36
filip__that help19:36
geniifilip__: You're welcome19:36
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XVampireXPolynomial-C: Yeah, but the bugs in KDE 4 right now... lets just say that it could be called beta quality release (Not many crashes just that certain things like missing icons... and a bug with krunner) are not getting fixed it seems in KDE 4.219:37
Polynomial-CXVampireX, I didn't test anything later than 4.0.5 but that was the worst kde-release I ever gave a try.19:38
Polynomial-Cgenii, "apt-get dist-upgrade" solved every remaining problem. Thank you very much :)19:39
=== julian is now known as _Ju|ian
=== brent is now known as BrentDC
geniiPolynomial-C: You're welcome19:41
=== LeeJunFan_ is now known as LeeJunFan
OuZohi, apt-get update is not obaying my /etc/apt/source.list19:47
OuZoi changed the server to download from & it still uses the old one19:47
XVampireXby the way it's /etc/apt/sources.list19:48
XVampireXalso make sure you change it via root19:48
OuZo$ less /etc/apt/source.list | tail -n 319:49
OuZodeb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid-security universe19:49
OuZodeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid-security multiverse19:49
OuZodeb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid-security multiverse19:49
OuZo$ sudo apt-get update19:50
OuZoErr intrepid Release.gpg19:50
OuZo  Could not connect to ( - connect (113 No route to host)19:50
OuZoErr intrepid/main Translation-en_ZA19:50
OuZo  Could not connect to ( - connect (113 No route to host)19:50
OuZo0% [Connecting to (]^C19:50
=== erwin_ is now known as vaiursch
OuZoso its trying to connect to an internal apt-cacher server, but that server's IP has changed... so i made it apt point to the default server19:50
OuZobut it still tries to use the old one19:51
wallabeeHaving trouble using a new usb wireless mouse. Any help appreciated.  This is what settings tell me:  http://www.imagehosting.com/host.php19:52
JannoTTMy kubuntu install hangs on 90% at doing some usb stuff. When i googled it it lookd like some very old bug. Dating back to 7.04. When i started live cd without splash screen it complaind about me not using 8139too driver and not able to enumerate usb port 6 or something like that.19:53
jayhunold!paste | OuZo19:54
ubottuOuZo: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)19:54
wallabeesorry disreguard that last link.. here's what i get:  http://img57.imageshack.us/img57/2126/20412350ic4.png19:54
geniiOuZo: : Please don't paste more thann a couple lines at a time into this channel. Use pastebin in this case19:55
jayhunoldOuZo:  less /etc/apt/sources.list19:55
geniiOuZo: If you are using some caching server which is not transparent, edit your /etc/environment   or ~/.bashrc to reflect this19:56
blobbylolhi, i can't start kde anymore, when i enter my login, that does not start kde but that comes back to the login screen. If i type startkde in the terminal, i have $DISPLAY not set or cannot connect to X server ; i've seen that my hd was full 0 Ko free, so i've freed 2 Go but kde still does not start19:56
OuZomy enviroment looks standard19:57
OuZo$ cat /etc/environment19:57
wallabeeblobbylol: i had the smae problem you may need to get rid of more than that for it to start19:58
blobbylolwallabee: before i only had 1 Go free and that worked19:59
wallabeeblobbulol: i was able to log in once but it ran updates and when i logged back in it was back to not able to login19:59
geniiOuZo: You want it to use an internal proxy, or to bypass the proxy and go direct to the url?19:59
OuZogenii: either, i just want to install software for now20:00
OuZolets say the main external repo20:00
OuZohere is my list http://paste.ubuntu.com/101834/20:00
geniiOuZo: The proxy it was using previously... squid or so?20:00
blobbylolwallabee: what did you do ?20:00
geniiOuZo: OK20:01
OuZobut its bypassing all proxies now20:01
OuZo$ cat /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01proxy20:01
OuZoAcquire::http::Proxy "http://";20:01
wallabeeblobbylol:  i'd recommend getting rid of some unused packages via aptitude and rm'ing a little more data and see if that helps.. although i have an 80gb hd and it somehow got filled up even though i only had a couple data filesa nd a couple cd's worth of music so if anyone knows how that can fill your hd up id like to know..but i had to end up reinstalling (bummer i know)20:02
geniiOuZo: If thats the only line in the apt.conf, just rm the file. Also you could uninstall apt-cacher20:02
blobbylolwallabee: i don't think i have to free more than 2 Go20:02
wallabeeblobbylol: wish i could be more of a help but just sharing my experience20:03
geniiOuZo: (or at least stop it's service)20:03
blobbylolwallabee: ok thanks20:04
OuZothe apt-cacher runs on the server... the clients just go to a url as told...20:04
OuZothere is no service to stop on clients20:04
OuZoas far as i know20:04
OuZobut its bypassing all proxies anyway20:05
SilverRookcan anyone help me with my install of 8.10 it keeps giving me the busybox prompt when i try and boot from livecd20:05
OuZo& still looking for a server...20:05
OuZowhich doesnt make sence to me20:05
OuZoits completely ignoring the sources.list20:05
wallabeeHaving trouble using a new usb wireless mouse. Any help appreciated.  This is what settings tell me: http://img57.imageshack.us/img57/2126/20412350ic4.png20:05
geniiOuZo: The client likely gets it's info from the server by dhcp or so.20:06
OuZothis client is a laptop with a direct internet connection...20:07
geniiOuZo: Try then: sudo dhclient -r eth0 (or whatever adapter name)           sudo dhclient eth0            and then see if ifconfig shows proper connection info20:07
OuZo$ ifconfig eth1 | head -n 2 | tail -n 120:09
OuZo          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
SilverRookcansomeone help me pls20:09
SilverRookwhen installing 8.10 i get busy box - and when i install in text only mode i get your cd is not in the drive20:10
geniiOuZo: OK, that looks good. Maybe there are additional files in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d   directory or so, which has the proxy specified20:11
=== ubuntu_ is now known as NicEXE
OuZonope, iv looked into all of them & they are harmles & have nothing to do with proxies :(20:12
CymewHave someone managed to install the flash10 beta on AMD64?20:12
geniiSilverRook: This happens when the installer cannot find a driver for the chipset controlling the cdrom. Like some sata controllers. find your chipset and modprobe the driver, or try set bios to have sata drives in "compatible" mode, or try install from external usb cd unit (which installer knows about by default)20:12
geniiOuZo: This one is a puzzler then20:13
SilverRookgenii i also get graphics crash when i try and install on my other system20:13
SilverRookbut 8.04 worked20:13
OuZoit sure is genii, i was reading man apt for a what to manually specify servers to go to... but doesnt seam like that is an option20:14
SilverRookboth intel and AMD64 versions crash20:14
geniiSilverRook: Graphics issues are not my strong area. But as for the cd not being found, see my above explanation and possible solutions to try20:14
SilverRookok thanks for that20:14
geniiOuZo: That is set in the apt.conf file usually (or by manually adding the proxy as a url in the sources.list deb lines)20:15
CymewOr for that matter any 64 bit flash at all? Is it still 32 bit Firefox & plugins that's the solution?20:15
geniiOuZo: Global proxies are usually set in the conf file of the daemon doing the caching (quid, etc)20:15
wallabee TDYFUIH20:15
wesley__SilverRook intel works great, only low fps but does that say something ?20:15
OuZoyeah, but everything is now set to what the original was20:15
geniiOuZo: Also you can set system-wide proxy by way of environment, but this has not been done in your case20:16
SilverRookwesley__ it does the normal kubuntu load bar gets all the way to the end and then i get diagonal scrolled graphics crash20:16
NicEXEI am in a complicate situation: I have a non-bootable-virtual-hdd (propably because its corrupted) and I want to recover some files. I am currently using Kubuntu live cd on VirtualBox. I mounted my virtual HDD on /mnt/kokos but when I browse to /mnt/kokos no files or folders are appearing. Is it because it's NTFS? (I am using Kubuntu 32 live CD 7.04 on virtual box)20:16
SilverRooki have 8.04 on my hdd at the min on a dual boot and that boots fine20:16
OuZoiv changed lots of things, im going to reboot & get back to you genii, thanks for the help thou20:16
geniiOuZo: You're welcome. If you discover whats the source, please enlighten us :)20:17
wallabeeHaving trouble using a new usb wireless mouse. Any help appreciated.  This is what settings tell me: http://img57.imageshack.us/img57/2126/20412350ic4.png20:17
wesley__SilverRook there are some bugs related to performance issues, but i really dont know what a intel vga is supposed to get, but i know aero runs on it20:18
SilverRookwesley__ yeh i have had it running on a friends dell machine but i get it home and it wont run on mine20:18
SilverRooki have tried both intel and AMD6420:18
SilverRooksame error on both discs20:19
SilverRookand the other pc i have.. the dvd drive isnt supported by the sounds of it20:19
NicEXEI am in a complicate situation: I have a non-bootable-virtual-hdd (propably because its corrupted) and I want to recover some files. I am currently using Kubuntu live cd on VirtualBox. I mounted my virtual HDD on /mnt/kokos but when I browse to /mnt/kokos no files or folders are appearing. Is it because it's NTFS? (I am using Kubuntu 32 live CD 7.04 on virtual box)20:19
wesley__Do you get on the desktop? Because i would care if the loadbar is messed up in the live cd20:19
geniiNicEXE: Have you tried asking your question in the #vbox channel yet?20:19
SilverRookno it fails just as its about to load desktop from the live cd20:20
Cymewnone? Shit. Time to go the long way and reinstall everything related to Firefox in 32 bit versions then I guess.20:20
NicEXEgenii: I'll do it now20:20
geniiSilverRook: You could try appending:  vga         to the kernel load line of the cd20:20
SilverRookis that the same as pressing F4 and telling it to use safe gfx mode ?20:20
SilverRookcuz i have done that20:21
geniiCymew: Please, try to keep the channel family friendly and be careful of bad language :)20:21
SilverRookwould it help if i uploaded a video of the machine loading ?20:22
vltNicEXE: What does `fdisk -l /dev/your/virtual/hdd` tell you?20:22
geniiSilverRook: Yes, pretty much the same result. A video of it loading won't be too enlightening, I wouldn't bother20:22
wesley__genii the intel atom 330 works really good20:23
SilverRookall i wanna do is install a kde4 portable desktop onto my new shiny sandisk cruzer 16gb :D20:23
NicEXECannot open /dev/hda120:23
wesley__SilverRook searh on live usb in adept orso20:24
=== brent is now known as BrentDC
SilverRooki'm thinking of booting the live cd on this one (the one i have xp running on) and installling in text mode20:25
wesley__You know what i did, i just picked the unstable and gues what worked for me20:26
SilverRookdoes kubuntu wqith kde4 support sli ? - do you think that could be causing the gfx probs ?20:27
wesley__my new pc is installed via usb and i did put 9.04 on it20:27
wesley__sli ?20:27
SilverRookyeh i have opteron 180 (overclocked) on abit an8sli fatal1ty board with 2x nvidia 6800 ultras running in sli20:28
SilverRooki'm gonna pop the hood and remove one of the cards and see if that fixes it20:29
DanuHello i have a strange problem : must of my videos are rmvb, and SMPlayer (Mplayer too) is the only player that play them correctly adn it has work great since time ago, but today i try to open one video and has no sound at all20:31
Danuand the weirdest is that i try to open the same one in gnome and the sound work :S20:32
wallabeeHaving trouble using a new usb wireless mouse. Any help appreciated. I've heard of a program called lomoco but dont know much about it. This is what settings tell me: http://img57.imageshack.us/img57/2126/20412350ic4.png20:34
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geniiAway for a bit20:36
=== ghost is now known as Guest12720
=== Guest12720 is now known as sevenseeker
=== bruno_ is now known as Ashkal
wizardslovakmy dragon player doesnt play .avi20:39
wizardslovakwhat should i do?20:39
Decadencehnmmmm quiet20:40
nicolaqualcuno sa dirmi come vedere un dvd con kaffeina?20:41
Tm_Twesley__: yes?20:42
wesley__just my lauchpad account, ive put a mug on it20:42
Tm_T!ot | wesley__20:43
ubottuwesley__: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!20:43
wizardslovaki just falled in love with kubuntu20:43
wizardslovaki wont use suse ever again20:43
wesley__dont be so harse, it links to lauchpadf20:43
k4k4wizardslovak: lol20:43
Tm_Twesley__: doesn't matter (:20:43
wizardslovakapt-get <---best command ever20:44
wizardslovakbtw is there a side with basica kubuntu commands? something day-to-day use20:44
Tm_T!commandline | wizardslovak20:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about commandline20:44
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal20:44
Tm_Twizardslovak: ^20:44
wizardslovakTm_T: thank you20:46
wizardslovakone more think20:46
wizardslovakhow can i add codecs for kaffeine?20:46
Tm_T!mp3 | wizardslovak20:46
ubottuwizardslovak: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats20:46
Tm_Twizardslovak: also, kubuntu-restricted-extras package20:46
wizardslovakas i said apt-get <---best tool ever20:48
Tm_Twizardslovak: try wajig20:48
wizardslovakwhats "wajig"?20:48
zer0ohi guys kopete doesn't send any file, i do all the steps but no window appears, neither to me nor to the contact i want to send the file to... ???20:49
wizardslovakhow do you guys use dcube?20:49
ubuntu_hi all20:49
wizardslovakwhat are keyboard shortcuts?20:49
wizardslovakcommand to update system?20:51
ubuntu_fuckers what's up??20:51
jussi01!ohmy | ubuntu_20:51
ubottuubuntu_: Please watch your language, attitude and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!20:51
ubuntu_ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  hoe20:51
wizardslovakapt-get upgrade ??20:54
wesley__kids ? that bot is crazy kinds dont come here20:55
wizardslovakwonder where20:55
wesley__yeah me to20:55
wizardslovakkids are playing with XP machiens20:55
wesley__Not all20:55
jpedrozawizardslovak: Mine play with Kubuntu20:56
jpedrozawizardslovak: and edubuntu20:56
wizardslovaknice , too bad i dont have kids yet20:56
wesley__I make deals with my little brother that he may use my pc if he lets him download20:56
wizardslovaklol my brother always b*tches when his comp is broken, like its my fault20:56
wizardslovaki never used his PC20:57
zer0ohi guys kopete and pidgin don't send any file, i do all the steps but no window appears, neither to me nor to the contact i want to send the file to... ???20:57
wesley__wizardslovak, my girlfriend blames me for breaking her mac21:00
wesley__i said, a mac cant be broken21:01
wesley__going put this notebook off21:01
wesley__go on my new pc21:01
=== luiz is now known as apow
wesley__man what make it noise that mini itx21:02
wizardslovakwhere in kubuntu can i find compizconfig??21:03
=== silvestro is now known as silvestro__
christakeris there any way to make kde 4 start menu transparent???21:05
=== christaker is now known as NLinuz
wesleyi am back, and i need help, i wanna control my fan speed, it rocks skyhigh now21:08
=== Daisuke-Ido is now known as Daisuke_Ido
XenThraLError: API mismatch: the NVIDIA kernel module has version 177.80, but this NVIDIA driver component has version 177.82.  Please make21:11
XenThraLsure that the kernel module and all NVIDIA driver components have the same version.21:11
XenThraLNVIDIA: Direct rendering failed; attempting indirect rendering21:11
XenThraLanyone know how I can fix that?21:11
wallabeeI need help with a wireless mouse.  System Settings---->Keyboard & Mouse---->Mouse-->Mouse Receiver      :    You have a Logitech mouse connected, and libusb was found at compile time, but it was not possible to access this mouse.  This is probably caused by a  permissions problem - you should consult the maual on how to fix this.21:12
=== The__Compiler is now known as The-Compiler
wallabeewhat manual is the question?21:12
ingerashudoes anyone know where to download cairo-dock themes?21:14
ingerashui cant find anything21:15
=== popof is now known as popof__
csc_is there anyone running a live usb with persistence?21:17
wesleyyes you can make that easy with special tools21:20
csc_wesley, are you running it?21:21
csc_wesley, can you give me the output "of mount | grep casper" please ?21:21
wesleyhuh no i am not using it right now21:22
=== Danu is now known as Danu_Flanders
nicola_mi date il server in italiano21:29
nicola_esistono le java per kubuntu21:32
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)21:33
=== erots is now known as sdogi
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr21:43
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Pentarex1Hello I have one question is the commands on ubuntu are the same in Kubuntu (e.x. sudo apt-get install luvcview)21:51
krioxhi ..21:52
krioxhave someone experience whiyh recostructor on kubuntu 8.04?21:53
rickestPentarex1: yes21:55
Pentarex1rickest: 10nx21:55
andypls1what's the proper irc channel to talk about internet domain names?21:56
sourcemakerIs it possible to define the alignment of the panel icons? When I position a extra panel on the left screen (top to bottom) the icons are aligned horizontal... instead of vertical22:00
NmLinuzhello. where is stored my kde themes? In which directory?22:06
Aisonhmm, bluetooth is not working at all here ;)22:11
AisonMy phone can't even find my PC22:11
Aisonbut I know that my bluetooth stick works with linux, it worked on a gentoo machine22:12
AisonBroadcom Corp. A-Link BlueUsbA2 Bluetooth22:14
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots22:14
Aisonsudo hcitool scan  works22:15
AisonI find my phone, but kbluetooth seems to suck on new intrepid22:15
Aisonwhen I install some dev packages with apt-get build-dep22:21
Aisonthey are removed allways with apt-get autoremove22:21
jeff_if anyone can help me turn off desktop effects in KDE it would be greatly appreciated22:30
JontheEchidnajeff_: in Intrepid?22:30
jeff_i have tried out a few ways that people have suggested on forums but they havent been any hhelp22:30
JontheEchidnayou've tried turning it off in system settings?22:31
haegridhi guys!22:31
jeff_i cant see anything when KDE loads, so i cant change it that way22:31
JontheEchidnaopen up ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc22:31
jeff_i have tried to reset it through the terminal but all the instructions to do so seem to be out of date22:31
JontheEchidnaand then change compositing=true to compositing=false22:32
jeff_you see thats the problem...thats not there22:32
JontheEchidnaoh, nevermind22:32
JontheEchidnain the compositing there should be "enabled=true"22:32
JontheEchidnachange that to "enabled=false"22:32
jeff_give one second to get there ill need to reboot22:32
jeff_but if memory serves me ther isnt anything like that in there for me22:33
JontheEchidnalook for [Compositing]22:33
JontheEchidnain that section there should be "enabled=true"22:33
jeff_i have [$version] [desktop] [plugins] and [windows] but no [compositing]22:34
glkaslegwhat is repository for oo3.0?22:35
jeff_under plugins it reads kwin4_effects_coverswitchEnables=false ...which used to read true before i changed it but it didnt seem to change anything22:35
JontheEchidnathen compositing shouldn't be enabled22:36
JontheEchidnadoes anything appear if you press alt + f2?22:37
JontheEchidna(when you're in KDE)22:37
jeff_one second ill try22:37
JontheEchidnait's entirely possible that plasma is crashing when you log in22:38
glkaslegdoes anybody know if there is a repository for openoffice.org 3.0 in kubuntu hardy?22:39
jeff_alt f2 turns bring up a white boy in the middle of the screen, but all i have is a blank screen with a blank white box in the middle of it22:40
jeff_*brings up a white box22:40
JontheEchidnaa white box, interesting22:40
JontheEchidnaanyway, plasma is probably crashing. To solve that you can rm ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-appletsrc22:41
jeff_just did that, how do i launch kde from the terminal now?22:43
dr_willisYou mean the kde desktop? 'startkde' launches everything normally22:44
jeff_thank you22:44
glkaslegthis is the repository for openoffice.org 3.0 in kubuntu hardy: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/openoffice-pkgs/ubuntu hardy main22:45
jeff_still having the same problem22:48
* dr_willis dosetn knwo what the original problem was.22:48
jeff_cant see anything in kde when i log in22:49
jeff_i did rm ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-appletsrc and looked at ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc to disable desktop effects but nothing has worked so far22:50
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JontheEchidnajeff_: if you add a user with "adduser", can that user log in and have everything work?22:51
dr_willistry a new user - see if it works for them.. if so . then yes. it does sound like a user config issue for you rother user.. You could as a temp fix rename the whole .kde dir.22:51
dr_willisbut you will lose all your kde settings that way22:51
dr_williswell not loose. :) you could start copying them back I guess to the new made .kde dir.. but it may be easier to just  start from scratch22:52
jeff_i wil try22:52
jaimehello, quick question22:53
jaimewhat's the technology that is used to render help in UI toolkits/applications22:54
jaimeI'm not talking about man pages, readme files22:54
jaimesomething along the lines of .chm (Windows)22:54
jeff_kde works for the new user22:55
jaimeIf I were to write a UI application in linux, how do I integrate help into the application22:55
jaimein Open Office how is the help option implemented, when you click on the menu option (HELP) and then choose OpenOffice.org Help, how is that implemented?22:57
jeff_so if i dont care about my kde settings i should just rename the .kde dir?22:59
kjhkhello all23:01
dr_willisjeff_,  renaming it will be a 'restoreable' way to reset them back to defaults :)23:04
jeff_alternativly i could just delete it?23:04
jeff_and why does it say $DISPLAY is not set or cannot connect to the X server when i type startkde23:05
dr_willisand how are you starting it? from a CONSOLE? or where exactly?23:06
dr_willisif you use kdm to login, you dont need to mess with 'startkde' -  just renaming your .kde* dir will reset the kde settings23:07
jeff_ya from the console, after renaming it from there since i failed to make my new user a sudoer23:07
dr_willisYou would use 'startx' to start up X :) or restart the KDm service23:07
jeff_thank you startx was the way to go23:08
jeff_thank you dr_willis and JontheEchidna...things are working again23:09
jpedrozaI just asked this in OpenOffice.org chanel, but it seems it might be a KDE/Kubuntu issue. I can't seem to get OpenOffice to show fonts in dialog boxes. They show up everywhere else, just not dialogs. I am runing OOo3 under Intrepid.23:10
jeff_im such a noob, but im kind of ok with things breaking that way im forced to learn a bit about how things actualy work23:10
jpedrozaHas anyone else seen this?23:10
JontheEchidnajpedroza: using an older nvidia?23:10
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: Most current NVIDIA drivers, but using 2 monitors.23:11
knioletjpedroza: it works fine on my computer (kde 4.1/intrepid)23:11
knioleti have an intel graphics card though23:11
JontheEchidnathere is a problem with the nvidia-glx-96 drivers where text in most kde3 apps and openoffice is invisible23:11
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: The nvidia drivers seem to be my biggest issue these days.23:12
JontheEchidnayeah, the nvidia dudes forgot to backport the fix from the latest drivers when making the driver compatible with xserver 1.523:12
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: I haven't seen this issue with any other apps, just OOo.23:13
stnormalI'm getting buffer errors when I try to run the liveCD or install (ver 8.10). The LiveCD will boot all the way, but the install program closes as soon as it's opened, where as the install option hangs when X first opens23:18
stnormalor, maybe not... huh... the buffer errors were still there, but this time when I boot into the LiveCD the install program worked. Weird23:20
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dr_willisdirt on the cd? stnormal ?23:33
stnormalnah, i tried burning a new one23:33
stnormali suppose it could be a bad torrent, but the self-diagnostic thing in the install menu said that everything was kosher23:34
wallabeeI need help getting a logitech cordless optical mouse to work.  It seems to be a permission problem. It tells me to consult "the manual" to fix the problem but im not sure what that is.  http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/121/87882236tk8.png23:38
wallabeeIve searched threads for hours but dont know the proper settings for the permissions (if that is the problem) so if anyone has any help would be much appreciated.23:41
wallabeelsusb shows the receiver connected. Ive also heard of programs like locomoco and logitech_applet but not sure these are of any use.23:44
* dr_willis wonders what manual they are refering to.. 23:45
dr_williseery mouse ive had ya just plug in and it works.23:45
dr_willisthis is a normal usb wireless mouse? Not bluetooth?23:45
wallabeewondering about the same manual.. but yes just a normal usb wireless mouse23:46
wallabeeit seems like it should just work but apparently has some issue with permissions (i believe in libusb)23:47
dr_willisSo the mouse does not work at all?23:48
wallabeeunfortunately no.23:48
wallabeebut it recognizes the receiver which has a little "connect" button but pressing this does nothing.23:49
wallabeeit seemed to be a common problem for kde user with logitech cordless mice over several releases of kde but i haven't found a viable solution23:50
dr_willisI think the mouse AND the reciever both have a connect button23:52
stnormalthe exact buffer error I get is basically: end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 142520023:54
stnormalBuffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 35630023:55
wallabeeit seems the users that did have sucess changed some permissions this was the closet solution i found http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/permissions-problem-mx510-optical-mouse-378482/23:55
stnormaland it repeats a number of times before the "setting preliminary keymap" stage, and after the "loading hardware drivers" stage23:55
stnormaleach with a different time stamp23:56
wallabeei dont see a connect button on the mouse .. when i press the connect on the receiver it makes the red optical light flash a few times like its syching or something23:56

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