gianmtguys what shall I do if bzr keeps on telling me to run bzr upgrade to get better performance when I push on launchpad but when I run it it says that I'm already at the laste version00:33
gianmtFormat <RepositoryFormatKnit1> for bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Epoppler-python/poppler-python/trunk/.bzr/ is deprecated - please use 'bzr upgrade' to get better performance00:33
gianmtbzr: ERROR: The branch format Bazaar-NG meta directory, format 1 is already at the most recent format.00:33
mthaddongianmt: what version of bzr are you using?00:44
mwhudsongianmt: what exact command are you running?00:49
crimsungianmt: are you actually providing the repo path? i was also receiving that message for my pulseaudio branch until i realised that i needed `bzr upgrade lp:~crimsun/pulseaudio/ubuntu'00:51
crimsunFWIW, the message "please use 'bzr upgrade'" *could* be a bit more informative00:52
gianmtmwhudson, I think I fix it, I was running it only on my local copy, I thought it would have fix also the remote copy00:52
gianmtcrimsun, yeah, then I've done that00:52
mwhudsongianmt: right, that was what i was suspecting :)00:52
gianmt bzr upgrade bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~poppler-python/poppler-python/trunk/00:52
gianmtshould be fine now00:52
gianmtthanks all :)00:53
NCommanderOut of curosity, who manages dogfood? (which team)00:53
gianmtg'nite all00:54
mwhudsonNCommander: soyuz00:54
kirklandbeuno: perhaps you might know who owns dogfood.launchpad.net?00:57
kirklandbeuno: NCommander was asking me, i pointed him here00:58
NCommander<NCommander> Out of curosity, who manages dogfood? (which team)00:58
NCommander* kirkland (n=kirkland@cpe-66-68-12-58.austin.res.rr.com) has joined #launchpad00:58
kirklandNCommander: ah, missed it, sorry00:58
NCommanderwell, unless you have a time machine00:59
NCommandernot your fault00:59
kirklandNCommander: its in my scrollback, i just missed it00:59
NCommanderkirkland, I said it before you joined ;-)01:00
stdinnope, kirkland joined, then you asked01:00
beunokirkland, the soyuz guys01:00
stdinyou has lag ;)01:00
beunokirkland, so you need to talk to cprov or bigjools01:01
kirklandbeuno: rock on, thanks man!01:02
kirklandNCommander: ^^01:02
* beuno keeps on rockin'01:02
* NCommander keeps on rocking in the free world01:03
maxbNCommander: Hi, I was just reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CruftBusters and wondering: are only members of the team supposed to subscribe it to bugs, or is it allowed for anyone to do that to request review from the team?01:03
NCommandermaxb, generally speaking, the cruft buster team are people who are a handy pool of volunteers to descend on some evil transition01:04
maxbAh. I've made a list of packages which have been FTBFS since before intrepid and am wondering what I should do with those bugs when I file them01:05
maxbin terms of making sure the right people see them01:06
NCommandermaxb, we already have the FTBFS page01:09
maxbwhere can I find that page?01:13
cprovNCommander: soyuz-team manages dogfood.l.n, what we can do for you ?01:44
NCommandercprov, I'm not sure I'm going to need anything anymore, I just came to a realization that something else can handle my needs without making the dogfood team run around in circles ;-)01:47
cprovNCommander: what exactly did you have in mind ?01:47
james_wmaxb: qa.ubuntuwire.com02:06
ScottKcprov: Is the copy of packages-arch-specific used by Soyuz publically available  anywhere?02:17
NCommanderScottK, it uses the one Debian uses02:23
afiestasyep! is there any way to remove a serie from a project ?03:02
beunoafiestas, not currently, no03:03
beunothere will be soon03:03
afiestasook! I'm gonna add this channel at autojoing :p03:03
savvasAdd an auto-question too :) "Is it done yet?" "How about now?" "And now?" hehe03:04
ovnicrafthi, can i download launchpad app?03:37
beunoovnicraft, you mean the code for Launchpad?03:38
beunoLaunchpad's code will be opened around July/August, but it's currently not available03:39
* beuno forgot the date which it will be opened03:40
ovnicraftwhere can i read more info about that?03:40
beunoovnicraft, it was announced during the last UDS, and more details will be published shortly on the Launchpad blog03:41
crimsunovnicraft: https://dev.launchpad.net/OpenSourcing03:42
ovnicraftis wrote in python?04:06
ovnicraftcrimsun, that is a great news04:07
beunoovnicraft, it's mostly python, yes04:07
ScottKNCommander: I understand that's the theory.  Since Debian changed p-a-s maintenance, I'm not sure.04:39
mvohi, I got a question about launchpad projects and their translations - will rosetta automatically pull the latest pot file for my project from bzr or will I have to do this manually? or will it use some other source (like the ubuntu package)?08:21
henningehi mvo, there is no automated update process implemented (yet).08:25
henningemvo: there is a blueprint for syncing with bzr https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+spec/rosetta-translates-branch08:25
mvohenninge: thanks, so the workflow would be to manually upload the pot on each string change?08:26
henningemvo: yes, that is the current situation.08:26
mvothanks for confirming henninge, not ideal but at least I know now that I have not overlooked a checkbox or something :)08:27
henningemvo: the next likly step will be tackled is to sync with branches hosted on launchpad08:27
henningemvo: That would save the upload but I don't know about automatic08:28
mvohenninge: great, most (all?) of my stuff is hosted there :) any (rough) time estimates? is it [ ] weeks [ ] months [ ] years away?08:28
henningemonths [x]08:28
mvothanks :)08:28
henningeI'd say, but there is no definite timeline yet ... ;-)08:29
henningemvo: vou're welcome08:29
mvoits fine, just wanted to get a idea if its worth building some script magic or if its around the corner anyway so not worth bothering08:29
henningemvo: have a look at this, then: https://edge.launchpad.net/lp-translations-tools/08:30
mvohenninge: thanks, I have something similar here, but *much* less well documented and a lot less options ;)08:32
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* mpt goes to report a bug and finds it's already been reported by some "Matthew Paul Thomas" person11:23
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CarlFKwhats a good way to script adding a ppa to sources.list?15:28
CarlFKsomething like sudo (echo >>/etc/apt/sources.list)15:29
bigjoolsuse "sudo tee -a"15:29
Davieyecho "deb http://ppa.launchpad/etc main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jackjones-ppa.list15:29
Davieyis _one_ way15:30
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superm1hi guys, i've got an arch All binary package defined in debian/control that seems to not be getting added by the PPA build for i386 or amd64.  can someone take a look?  the package is nvidia-180-libvdpau-dev on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~superm1/+archive16:27
superm1i see references to it in the build logs as being a built binary, but LP doesn't seem to add it16:27
bigjoolssuperm1: gladly, I like the look of that package :)16:28
superm1thanks bigjools16:29
bigjoolssuperm1: ok so the build's completed, you just need to wait a bit longer for the publishing cycle to start16:31
superm1bigjools, bug doesn't the status say "published" already?16:31
bigjoolsthat's just the source16:31
superm1oh, that's confusing. i see16:31
bigjoolsyeah it is a bit16:31
superm1perhaps two different status bits would be a good idea "Source published" and "Binaries published"16:32
bigjoolssome sort of indication of which packages in which arches are published would be good16:34
bigjoolsif you file a bug I'll get it looked at16:34
superm1against soyuz?16:35
bigjoolsyes please16:35
superm1okay will do16:36
superm1bigjools, i filed the bug, but are you sure that's what it was?  It's been 30 minutes since the build finished and both the resulting binaries pages don't show a reference to the package (https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~superm1/+archive/+build/829489 and https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~superm1/+archive/+build/829490 )16:51
bigjoolssuperm1: let me check again16:51
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bigjoolssuperm1: I can see them published ok, e.g. http://ppa.launchpad.net/superm1/ubuntu/pool/main/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-180/16:53
superm1bigjools, but not for the latest build (ppa8)16:54
superm1that's the one where i made them arch all16:54
bigjoolssuperm1: I can see ppa8 in there16:55
superm1for libvdpau-dev?  i just see ppa4 and two ppa6's16:55
bigjoolsah that one, sorry16:55
bigjoolssuperm1: right, there's no such package built16:56
superm1but look at the amd64 build log, you'll see it referenced in the changes file16:56
superm1and it's listed in debian/control too16:57
bigjoolsI see it16:58
bigjoolsdoes it work if you build locally?16:58
superm1let me give it a quick shot16:58
bigjoolssuperm1: ok so it's in the changes file Binary: header but there's no actual file referenced16:59
superm1bigjools, hum well that's odd, it looks like even with "sbuild -A" it's not showing up locally either.  well i guess i've got some other problem with the package then that i'm not realizing.  sorry for the chatter, but thanks for taking a look17:04
bigjoolssuperm1: no problem, good luck :)17:04
NCommanderhey cprov17:23
superm1bigjools, fwiw i found the problem, the original packager must have not anticipated arch independent packages because they blurted -s's in the rules file in a few places, so updating that resolves things17:29
bigjoolssuperm1: great17:30
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krowOk, feeling like a n00b,... anyone have the URL to add a new project to LP?18:54
beunokrow, https://launchpad.net/projects/+new18:55
krowbeuno: Thanks!18:55
pochuno help contact? :)19:09
pochudanilos: hi! I uploaded a bunch of translations templates for a lot of languages for emesene, and they are still in "needs review". when I uploaded them, I show a message saying they would be automatically checked, though. Does it take much for them to get through?19:10
pochudanilos: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/emesene/trunk/+imports19:10
Ursinhahenninge, ^19:22
henningepochu: Imports are processed by an auto-approval script.19:25
henningepochu: the script tries to guess the language from the file name19:25
henningepochu: I am not sure if the filenames are good for that, although they  contain the language code.19:26
henningepochu: let me check ...19:26
pochuhenninge: thanks a lot19:26
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gsuvegbeuno, hi19:43
gsuvegbeuno, i have a solution....19:43
gsuvegbeuno, with a new ssh-key its works.... (and edit the .ssh/config)19:44
henningepochu: yep, the filenames should have been just the language code to get approved automatically, like "zh_TW.po"19:49
henningepochu: did you upload them in a tarball, btw?19:49
pochuhenninge: yes19:50
pochuhenninge: I can reupload them with the correct names19:50
henningepochu: no, that would create extra entries19:50
henningepochu: although ...19:51
pochuI can put the current ones to "deleted"19:51
pochuhenninge: but if you can accept them, that would be awesome too :)19:51
henningepochu: yes, deleting was my idea19:52
henningepochu: it is either your work in renaming the files or my work in approving them manually ... ;-)19:52
henningepochu: but I'd suggest you rename the file to be consistent with future uploads.19:53
pochumakes sense19:53
henningepochu: no need to include the template again, btw, as it has already been  imported.19:54
pochuhenninge: sure. thanks a lot for looking into it :)19:54
henningepochu: pleasure19:56
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mtaylorhow do I tell ~vcs-imports nevermind... I didn't really mean to do the import thing20:12
mtayloroh, maybe I did'20:13
mtayloreveryone stop paying attention to me20:13
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cprovNCommander: hey21:22
NCommanderhey cprov21:23
cprovNCommander: can I help ?21:23
NCommandercprov, I had to ask you for something, but my mind went *bink* and I can't remember :-/21:24
cprovNCommander: ehe, no problem.21:25
maxbcprov: hi, is it documented anywhere where Soyuz gets its Packages-arch-specific from, and how often it gets it? I'd like to be certain I'm looking at the exact same version that Soyuz is.21:34
cprovmaxb: we use the debian P-a-s as it is.21:35
cprovmaxb: http://buildd.debian.org/quinn-diff/Packages-arch-specific21:35
maxbThanks - that was what I was wondering - did it get it by http, cvs, or git21:35
maxbupdates propagate automatically?21:36
* maxb is pondering a P-a-s masked binaries report21:37
cprovmaxb: cvs, every 15 min21:37
maxbah... and what about the fact that P-a-s is no longer maintained in cvs? :-)21:38
cprovmaxb: you might be thinking about https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/31195221:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 311952 in soyuz "Packages-arch-specific blocking of a single binary blocks the entire source package" [Medium,Triaged]21:38
maxbyup, I filed that bug :-)21:38
cprovmaxb: cvs still up-to-date, but we will migrate to the http interface soon21:39
maxbcprov: Are you sure cvs is still up-to-date? Looks to me like http and git have changes that cvs does not21:41
cprovmaxb: no, I am not sure.21:43
maxbok then. I've diffed the various sources - cvs is stale21:44
maxbthis is useful information, I shall use the stale version in working on my reporting script for now, then :-)21:44
cprovmaxb: right, quite a lot of changes.21:49
ScottKcprov: What's the English version of infinity's comment on the p-a-s bug?22:30
ronnyany plans to lower the response times of launchpad?23:10
ronnyi geting something betwen 3-10 seconds peer request23:10
ronnythats killing the usability23:10
spivronny: yes.  See all the bugs tagged 'performance' in the bug tracker.23:13
f4a dev made a mistake on my project, and committed and pushed to his launchpad branch23:48
f4to restore to last revision i do bzr uncommit then i have to do bzr push --overwrite ?23:48
danserwhen I delete a project on launchpad, will its name become available for other users again?23:49
mwhudsonyeah. that works23:49
f4because a normal push says "No new revisions to push." (which is right)23:49
mwhudsondanser: *you* can'23:49
mwhudsont delete a project23:49
mwhudsonbut, yes, aiui23:49
f4mwhudson, your first line was for me? ^^23:50
danserah, okay, in that case: could a launchpad admin change the ID of 'atlantis' to 'stipvis'? afaik, there are no links to project pages yet.23:50
mwhudsonf4: yeah23:50
f4ok thanks then :)23:50
mwhudsonspm: can you handle danser's request?23:50
spmmwhudson: sure23:51
danserspm: if it's more work than deleting a project, deleting is ok to me too - I'll just recreate it with the new name23:51
spmdanser: is about the same :-)23:51
spmdanser: https://edge.launchpad.net/stipvis23:53
danserspm: great, thanks!23:53

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