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bryce_pitti: you around?  I've a few questions for you on bug 26950905:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269509 in compiz "white screen on second session with compiz: pretends to have a second DRI capable head where it doesn't" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26950905:51
bryce_pitti: guess you're out; I'll ask on the bug06:21
pittibryce_: right, I'll answer on the bug07:19
didrocksmorning o/07:38
didrockshi mvo :)07:46
mvohey didrocks!07:50
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didrocksmvo: I have two gifts for you:07:53
didrockshope you will like them :)07:53
Tm_Twhat are those?07:53
didrocksTm_T: totem's gnome update, put in bzr07:58
Tm_TI see07:58
Tm_Twhat hew hotness I should look at?07:59
mvothanks didrocks - geting them now07:59
didrocksmvo: I made some dependency changes, nothing really risky but I think this is correct08:00
didrocksTm_T: for totem, you can look at the changelog, everything is in it. For other package, ask mvo & seb128 :)08:01
mvodidrocks: totem build fine, I'm checking the debdiff now (sorry that it took so long, got distracted)08:36
slomomvo: when are you going to upload the python-apt with gtk stuff? :)08:37
mvoslomo: its in experimental already and in jaunty too - its not a ideal time for it in sid I think :/08:37
mvoslomo: we still need some little backend script that can be run as like synaptic - so that we don't have to run the main gui as root. but thats trivial08:38
slomook :) but experimental is fine, i'll wait until that backend script exists ;)08:38
mvoslomo: I try to work on gnome-codec-install a bit every day, its a nice and fun project :)08:39
slomothanks :)08:39
mvoand I seem to have figured bzr-svn enough to not have to bother you with every single commit (I hope)08:40
slomoi could add you to pkg-gstreamer if you want08:41
mvoslomo: if that is ok with the team I'm fine with that too08:42
* mvo hugs glatzor08:43
slomomvo: what's the name of your alioth account?08:45
glatzormorning mvo and slomo08:45
mvoslomo: should be mvo08:45
slomohi glatzor :)08:45
didrocksmvo: no pb, take you time :)08:50
slomomvo: added you08:53
seb128hello everybody there08:55
seb128pochu: there? any news about the libproxy 0ubuntu1 version?08:55
didrockshi seb128, slomo and glatzor ;)08:55
seb128hey didrocks, did you do the other updates yesterday? ;-)08:56
seb128go go go pitti ;-)09:02
pittihey seb12809:03
seb128(just got a apport retracer service email ;-)09:03
pittiseb128: :-)09:03
seb128hey pitti09:03
pittiseb128: I'm having the hardy and intrepid ones catch up first, before I start working on jaunty09:03
seb128I guess there is a long queue09:03
pittiseb128: I noticed that we can't send mail from ronne :(09:03
seb128will be the second flood of the day09:04
pittiI updated the RT for this, but not sure when it will be done09:04
pittiso the polling will need to continue for a while09:04
seb128the first one was bug watch updates, we got around 500 of those during the night on desktop bugs09:04
pittibut I think until then we can work around this by adding a "ssh ronne test_if_running" into our .bashrc or so09:04
pittiand look into the log what went wrong09:04
didrocksseb128: yes, mvo is on it (lp:~didrocks/+junk/totem, lp:~didrocks/+junk/totem-pl-parser)09:07
didrocksmvo: I am in a meeting. will be available in one hour :)09:07
seb128didrocks, mvo: ok, thanks guys09:08
pittiseb128: oh, indeed, I got a bug watch updater flood as well09:10
mvoseb128: totem is in progress, some smallish stuff needs attention first I think, including a Vcs-Bzr header ,) - should we put it under ~ubuntu-core-dev or ~ubuntu-desktop, what do you prefer?09:11
seb128mvo: ubuntu-desktop would be cool, what do you think?09:12
pittiseb128: yay for bug 207072 fixed upstream09:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 207072 in gvfs "nautilus does not display samba shares for machines inside an ADS network." [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20707209:12
seb128pitti: indeed!09:12
seb128pitti: will be a bit short for 8.04.2 though09:12
seb128lut huats09:12
pittiwould really be nice, though, but yes09:13
huatshello seb128 and pitti09:13
mvoseb128: fine with me, we just need to keep in mind that people added there will have write access to the bzr branche09:13
pittihey huats09:13
seb128mvo: the team has been created for that purpose in fact, we already had desktop-bugs for bug triagers09:13
mvoseb128: yeah, just checked the members, looks fine09:14
mvoseb128: would be nice if we could give ubuntu-core-dev implicit permission on the branches too09:14
seb128mvo: does launchpad allow to do that by setting one team as member of the other one or something?09:15
mvoI think it does, however I think its good asking first (#launchpad maybe) just to ensure it has no bad side-effects (like some sort of mail spamming or similar)09:16
huatsseb128: I have an answer for the gnome-keyring stuff (which is blocking for seahorse...)09:23
seb128huats: ah good, which one?09:23
seb128crevette: lut09:23
huatsit is a development stuff that upstream don't understand how we can have that09:23
crevettehello gentlemen09:23
seb128crevette: t'as corrigé ta maj de gedit?09:23
huatsso he asked me to debug a bit with him...09:24
huatswhat I will do of course :)09:24
seb128huats: what do you mean?09:24
crevetteseb128, non pas du tout09:24
seb128crevette: :-(09:24
seb128crevette: c'est une ligne à changer et tu bloques l'update09:24
seb128crevette: t'as commencé donc personne d'autre va la faire et elle est buggée donc peut pas être uploadée, ca serait bien de corriger ;-)09:24
crevetteah desolé09:25
crevetteje pensais que tu pouvais le corriger09:25
crevettece soir ca va ?09:25
seb128crevette: je peux le corriger si tu veux09:25
seb128crevette: oui09:25
crevetteseb128, si tu peux le corriger c'est super09:25
crevettelet continue in english09:26
crevetteI thought as you sent me the fix you were going to correct the package,sorry09:27
seb128huats: ok, I got the email09:27
huatsseb128: I have forwarded the email :)09:27
seb128crevette: that's ok, I was just telling you how to fix it so you can learn ;-)09:27
huatsseb128: if crevette is bit busy I can have a look :)09:29
seb128huats: there is other updates for you if you want to do some09:29
huatsok :)09:29
huats(i was saying that because I think I did a gedit update on my computer just before I realized that crevette already did it... but I am not that sure...)09:30
seb128huats: feel free to fix it, he opened a bug and did the changelog update but there is also a .install to update09:33
huatsseb128: no no09:34
huatscrevette: you need to learn :)09:34
seb128huats: want an another update to do?09:35
seb128hey tseliot09:35
huatsseb128: sure09:35
tseliothey seb12809:35
huats(well on the other side I might finish the anjuta one first... since I have some stuffs related like libgda)09:36
seb128huats: about gnome-keyring it's probably only failing because we use -Wl,-z,defs which enforce proper building, you told that to upstream right?09:36
seb128huats: you can try to comment the LDFLAGS in the rules and see if it builds otherwise09:36
huatsthat was something I was about to do this morning :)09:37
seb128huats: as you want, I prefer to focus on the standard desktop first and then on side applications usually ;-)09:37
huatsso I'll follow you order sir ;)09:37
huatsgive me something to do :)09:37
huatsI am on it09:39
huatsbtw seb128, have you worked on the 'new' desktop package page that norsetto initiated ?09:40
huats(I was wondering that during holidays :))09:40
seb128huats: not yet, but we should09:41
huatsseb128: ok :)09:41
seb128let's catch up on work and updates first and then we will work on the workflow ;-)09:42
huatsseb128: I was just asking :)09:44
huatsseb128: it gnome-keyring builds fine without that flags09:51
seb128ok, that was expected ;-)09:51
huatsso I can tell him that it builds fine without that flags09:51
huatsseb128: what do I do ?09:55
huatsI put the package without that flags ?09:55
huatsor I work with upstream in order to have a package with the flags ?09:55
seb128huats: let's wait a bit on upstream to reply, the bug should be easy to fix09:55
seb128huats: we use those flags for a reason ;-)09:56
huatsseb128: I know :)09:56
seb128so better to fix issues than to workaround09:56
huats(I was just asking)09:56
crevettehuats, the thing is I can only do updates during the night, and at work I can just talk but not package. feel free to correct my package if you want10:07
huatscrevette: I understand10:07
huatsbut master seb128 told you to learn, so learn ;)10:07
crevetteI would never find how to fix the package myself10:08
huatscrevette: I am sure you will10:08
crevettehuats, if you want to correct the package, seb told me to just remove the *.ui line in gedit.install, they get installed in gedit-common anyway now and it builds correctly10:10
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didrocks"huats> that was something I was about to do this morning :)" -> fake job :p10:49
huatsthanks didrocks10:50
didrocksy/w huats !10:50
didrocksseb128: if you have any other update in the pipe (and bzr-ianisation to do) that I can do this evening, just shout :)11:03
seb128didrocks: just ask this evening, the list will move during the day11:03
pochuseb128: morning :) here you have, please review it ;) http://emilio.pozuelo.org/~deb/libproxy_0.2.3-0ubuntu1.dsc12:24
seb128pochu: hey, thanks12:26
seb128pochu: want to do the mir for it too? ;-)12:26
pochuseb128: yeah I can do it, but later today12:30
seb128pochu: thanks12:30
seb128pochu: I've reviewed the package, good work12:30
seb128pochu: I'll sponsor the upload and ask pitti to NEW it12:31
seb128so it has a second review12:31
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pochuseb128: I can upload it myself, btw ;)12:31
pochubut feel free to upload it :)12:31
seb128pochu: do it please then12:31
seb128it doesn't build12:32
seb128it'll build on the buildds12:33
pochuI only built it in a Debian pbuilder12:33
seb128that's because it changes the configure and that triggers an autotools run12:33
pochuwhat's the error?12:33
seb128../../libtool: line 818: X--tag=CC: command not found12:33
seb128classic libtool issue when autotools are not ran in the right order12:33
pochuand it won't trigger it in the buildd?12:33
seb128but that's only because automake is installed and got triggered12:33
seb128no, automake will not be installed there12:33
pochuok, uploading12:34
pochuSuccessfully uploaded packages.12:34
seb128pitti: can I get you to have a quick look to libproxy in NEW? I already checked it but there is one file not under a standard license and I would like to have your opinion on that12:37
pochuseb128, pitti: this is the thread from my ITP in Debian which lead to a few concerns from a security POV: http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2008/12/msg00730.html12:44
seb128"mozjs.c:32:19: error: jsapi.h: No such file or directory12:45
pochumvo: hi! you have mail :)12:45
pochuseb128: I'll look at it tonight, need to run to the university12:46
* pochu waves at pedro_ :)12:47
seb128pochu: ok thanks, see you later12:47
pochusee you!12:47
pedro_pochu: hello!12:47
seb128asac: there for a xulrunner question?12:48
socseb128: are you here?12:50
seb128soc: hi12:50
socah cool12:51
socit's about #15739812:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 157398 in gnome-control-center "GNOME default DPI doesn't match X default DPI" [Unknown,Fix released]12:51
soci found the root cause of the problem12:51
seb128the xrandr code is using 96 dpi12:52
seb128so when you have used the xrandr capplet you get 96 dpi used12:52
sochttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/157398/comments/7 this is the comment i described the wrong behavior and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/157398/comments/8 describe the problem12:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 157398 in gnome-control-center "GNOME default DPI doesn't match X default DPI" [Unknown,Fix released]12:52
seb128that's not a bug12:52
seb128that gconf setting has been added back because there was too many bug configs12:53
socit's a bug that debian tries to hardcode it themselves12:53
seb128we tried to use the autodetected dpi some cycles ago12:53
seb128no it's not12:53
socbecause debian pathced the code in 2007 to handle that more gracefully12:53
socseb128: when did you try that?12:53
socbecause debian patched the code in 2007 to handle that more gracefully, i meant12:54
socso the debian code is duplicate12:54
seb128they patched what?12:54
socand makes debugging more complex12:54
seb128debugging of what?12:54
socthey try to detect the dpi and if the dpi is in an reasonable range they use, if not they hardcode 96 dpi12:55
socso it's useless to hardcode it in that debian file12:55
socbecause the first part will never get executed12:55
seb128we tried during the gutsy cycle12:55
seb128the issue is not "not reasonable range"12:56
socmhh, then what is the issue?12:56
seb128but 80 dpi listed when the screen is 96 dpi for example12:56
socbecause gnome thinks the value in that %gconf.xml is set by the user, it doesn't even try to get the dpi from the xserver12:56
seb128read bug #11874512:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 118745 in xorg-server "Font sizes in Gutsy are affected by bad X.org DPI detection" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11874512:56
seb128soc: we did try the xorg way and rolled back due to the flood of bugs12:57
seb128soc: there is many configs where xorg just doesn't get it right12:57
socand then why use 96?12:57
socthat's just a random value which is almost never right anymore12:58
seb128because it's near of a correct value and create less trouble for most users12:58
seb128we don't have many users complaining12:58
socfrom my testing at least nv, nvidia and radeonhd get it right12:58
seb128I don't think "almost never right" is a correct statement12:58
soci'm sure about it12:58
asacseb128: yes12:59
seb128well, let's see xorg autodetection get it less right then12:59
seb128brb just restarting IRC to try something12:59
socseb: modern displays don't even have an integer dpi anymore, as well as they don't have the same dpi for the vertical and horicontal range13:00
seb128asac: pkg-config --cflags --libs mozilla-js lists -I/usr/include/xulrunner- is that normal?13:00
seb128soc: I'm not interested in this discussion, we get not complain using the current way, you tried your way you can read the bug and the number of duplicates13:00
socseb128: no complains?13:01
seb128soc: I don't really care what is right or not we do what is best to not annoy users13:01
soci see at last five different bug reports on that13:01
socand at least as many entries on brainstorm13:01
seb128soc: well, that's much smaller than the angry flood of users we had when trying the xorg way13:01
socit would be nice to maybe fix that issue once13:01
seb128asac: libproxy uses jsapi.h which is the unstable directory and pkg-config on mozilla-js, is that correct?13:02
seb128soc: what I got from the xorg team by then is that the issue can't be fixed on a lot of non modern hardware13:02
seb128soc: where the monitor doesn't communicate enough to the computer to get that value right13:03
socso then gnome falls back to 96 dpi, so what's the problem?13:03
asacseb128: what is libproxy?13:03
seb128soc: I can raise the issue to the next desktop team meeting or discuss it on #ubuntu-x and we can probably try dropping the set value again and see users reactions, maybe xorg does a better job now13:03
asacis that something (in future) important?13:04
socseb128: i'm sure that the situation has improved ...13:04
seb128asac: that's something GNOME 2.25 depends on, it's blocking GNOME updates in jaunty and my priority for this week now13:04
soccould you point me to the file where it gets hardcoded?13:04
soci thought the file was in gconf2-common, but it wasn't13:04
asacseb128: what elements of jsapi does it use?13:04
asacjust some constant or real abi?13:05
seb128soc: /usr/share/gconf/defaults/10_libgnome2-common13:05
socsoc: i will prepare patches, so the team has some facts to discuss about13:05
seb128asac: dget http://emilio.pozuelo.org/~deb/libproxy_0.2.3-0ubuntu1.dsc13:05
seb128soc: patch? it's dropping one line in a .gconf-defaults13:05
asacseb128: what part of gnome depends on it?13:05
seb128soc: no need to bother, I did set the value and know how to unset it, it just needs to be discussed, but thanks13:05
seb128asac: libsoup depends on it now, which is used by libgweather13:06
socanother thing to think about would be the standard font size13:06
seb128asac: it's blocking the gvfs update which fix samba active directory browsing, libgweather, gnome-panel and some other things too13:06
socnow, when the dpi is set correctly, it might be possible to set it to something "which sucks less"TM13:06
seb128soc: those discussions might be better placed on #ubuntu-x btw13:07
socbtw, when is the next desktop team meeting?13:07
seb128soc: next tuesday at 16h30 utc13:07
seb128on this channel13:07
socso yesterday was the last meeting?13:08
seb128asac: the source using it is mozjs.c13:08
seb128soc: right, those are weekly meeting, usually at the same time but that might change after next one due to team reorganisations13:08
socah k13:09
socseb128: btw, why is the current wallpaper called "warty......png"?13:10
seb128soc: because we usually don't touch user configuration on upgrade and changing the name would break a working configuration for users which have that filename set in their config13:11
socah, ok interesting13:11
mvopochu: thanks, was having lunch13:11
seb128that's one of the thing we might consider trying to fix in upgrade tools at some point though13:11
seb128we still have evolution-2.2.desktop for the same reason13:12
seb128mvo: we forgot to discuss that at UDS, maybe at the distro sprint or next UDS13:12
pittipochu: so wpad will get disabled by default?13:12
pittiseb128: okay13:12
seb128pitti: danke13:13
soclast thing to that dpi-problem: that dpi input box in gnome-appearance-properties would be better placed in the gnome-display-properties13:13
socbecause many people are bausing that dpi-setting to change the font-size ...13:13
pittiseb128: in exchange, I'd appreciate if you could review calibre, since I uploaded it and thus can't NEW it13:14
seb128soc: right, that's a good point, should probably be discussed upstream though13:14
seb128pitti: sure, will do13:14
socdo you know if o maintainer of display-properties is around here?13:14
seb128distro maintainer or upstream hacker?13:15
socany one13:15
seb128the GNOME packages are team maintained, usually mvo or I do the gnome-control-center updates but that's distro work, not really upstream hacking13:15
socah ok13:15
seb128upstream guys are on #control-center on irc.gnome.org13:15
mvoseb128: hm? evo2.2?13:16
seb128you're welcome13:16
pittiseb128: the license looks fine to me; what do you see wrong with it?13:16
mvopochu: nice, thanks13:16
asacseb128: pkg doesnt even build here at all :/13:16
seb128pitti: nothing, I just wanted an another opinion, I'm never comfortable jugging licenses13:16
pittiseb128: it sounds fairly common (MIT license)13:17
seb128asac: libproxy?13:17
pittiseb128: it's just a slightly reworded MIT, yes13:17
seb128pitti: no need to have a COPYING for it or something right?13:17
pittiseb128: the license would need to be in src/plugins/xhasclient.c13:17
seb128pitti: is that required or not?13:17
asacseb128: anyway. please do something in this spirit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/101643/13:18
asacseb128: also remove xul dep then13:18
pittiseb128: required, and it is there13:18
asacmozjs is not a lib and cannot be supported13:18
seb128ups, closing wrong dialog13:18
seb128asac: url again please? ;-)13:18
asacseb128: use irssi in a screen ;)13:19
asac14:18 < asac> seb128: anyway. please do something in this spirit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/101643/13:19
pittiseb128: so all in all, package looks good to me13:19
pittiseb128: (accepted)13:19
* pitti -> lunch, bbl13:19
asacseb128: adjust build-deps accordingly. if there is an issue with disabling it ... we have to look/talk also with upstream13:19
seb128asac: http://people.ubuntu.com/~seb128/configure_check_for_dbus.patch.gz13:20
asacfrom the build failure it looks like the package needs to be re-libtoolized or something13:20
seb128asac: updated patch if you want to build it13:20
asacseb128: is that re-autostuff?13:20
seb128asac: the previous one fails if you have automake installed, that got run but it doesn't work correctly using the current libtool13:20
seb128asac: yeah, one configure.ac change (you get an error saying what to add if you run autoreconf and autoreconf run)13:21
asacok cool. will try. but mozjs is just a plugin so i guess it should be safe to disable for now13:21
seb128pitti: thanks13:21
seb128asac: ok thanks, yeah we don't need plugins, just the library13:22
seb128asac: it doesn't tell me if the bug is libproxy or a xulrunner one though ;-)13:22
asacseb128: spidermonkey folks know about this issue (they didnt know a few weeks ago) and understand that they need to do ABI tracking to become a real lib13:22
seb128asac: ie if mozilla-js is not the correct thing to pkg-config13:22
asacseb128: the bug is that libproxy tries to use a lib that isn't main-worthy13:23
seb128ok, fair enough13:23
asachence we dont ship it at a static location ... so -rpath wont work ... so we cannot allow mozjs things in13:23
seb128I will let those guys sort that then13:23
asactell them that spidermonkey folks know about that issue ... they can support them by asking for ABI/API policy and proper SONAME in bugzilla ;)13:24
seb128ok ;-)13:25
seb128asac: thanks for looking into the issue13:25
seb128vuntz: hey14:16
seb128vuntz: so gnome-panel 2.25.3 doesn't build ;-)14:16
seb128vuntz: clock.c:2737: undefined reference to `bonobo_ui_component_set_prop'14:16
seb128vuntz: known issue?14:16
vuntzseb128: hrm. weird14:18
vuntzit does build here14:18
vuntzlet me finish something and I'll look at it14:18
seb128vuntz: we use -Wl,-z,defs so you probably dropped the -llibbonobo but still use some symbols which is wrong14:19
seb128or -lbonoboui14:19
seb128or whatever defines the symbol you are using ;-)14:20
vuntzseb128: libpanelapplet-2.0.pc contains libbonoboui-2.014:25
seb128vuntz: is that .pc used when building gnome-panel?14:25
seb128vuntz: circular depends? ;-)14:25
vuntzseb128: well, I think libpanelapplet-2.0-uninstalled.pc is used when building gnome-panel, but it still contains libbonoboui-2.014:27
vuntzso something is wrong somewhere14:27
vuntzI think I know14:27
vuntzjust need to add LIBPANEL_APPLET_CFLAGS and LIBPANEL_APPLET_LIBS to all applets14:29
seb128PKG_CHECK_MODULES(CLOCK, pango >= $PANGO_REQUIRED gtk+-2.0 >= $GTK_REQUIRED glib-2.0 >= $GLIB_REQUIRED gio-2.0 >= $GLIB_REQUIRED $LIBECAL_REQUIREMENT libglade-2.0 >= $LIBGLADE_REQUIRED librsvg-2.0 dbus-glib-1 gweather >= $GWEATHER_REQUIRED)14:29
seb128vuntz: that would work14:29
vuntzactually we already have LIBPANEL_APPLET_CFLAGS for the clock14:29
seb128vuntz: where?14:30
seb128vuntz: right, you don't have the LIBS though14:31
seb128which is what create the ldd issue14:31
vuntzyep, will commit the fix in one minute (building to make sure it's okay)14:32
seb128vuntz: thanks!14:33
seb128vuntz: thank you ;-)14:36
* seb128 hugs vuntz14:36
seb128vuntz: you don't have the patch handy somewhere by any chance?14:36
seb128sucks that viewvc doesn't have the changeset, you need to get the diff for each file there14:37
vuntzseb128: http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/gnome-panel?view=revision&revision=1143514:37
vuntzdon't have more than this14:38
seb128ok, let's middle click14:38
seb128vuntz: that's ok, I was just being lazy ;-)14:38
tedgseb128, pitti: Hey guys.  So the pidgin folks basically messed up their DBus bindings in that many of the functions were signed when they weren't supposed to be.  They're planning on fixing it in the next release.  Not a huge deal, but do I need to build a FUSA package that says not the newest version for Intrepid?14:44
seb128tedg: "that says not"?14:45
tedgseb128: > x  && < y instead of just > x14:45
seb128no, we will not upgrade pidgin in intrepid so no need to change fusa there14:45
pittitedg: you mean if someone tries to locally install a newer pidgin?14:45
pittithat won't help I think14:45
pittisince a local "sudo make install" won't use dpkg dependencies14:46
tedgI was more worried about backports and/or PPAs.14:46
pittiif we ever do a backport, we need to backport fusa, too, though14:46
pittitedg: either way, I don't think we should (and ever did) do SRUs just to guard against prospective backports, etc.14:46
tedgOkay, sounds good to me (less work :) )14:47
seb128vuntz: confirming that the change works correctly ;-)14:54
seb128_opening a guest session crash my laptop on jaunty, yeah for unstable distros or maybe not ;-)15:06
seb128_could be that the issue is not specific to the guest session but just when opening a second session but I don't want to crash my box again just to try15:06
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mvoseb128: I bet its a issue with the second X15:08
seb128normal user switching seems to work but when closing the other session the computer is good to reboot15:31
glatzormvo, I added the packaging to aptdaemon, policykit support and a small executable demo application15:45
mvoglatzor: nice15:46
glatzormvo, it has the meaningful name gaptd-client :)15:46
mvoglatzor: how different (other than the prefix) is the dbus interface compared to pk?15:47
mvoglatzor: is it in your ppa?15:47
glatzormvo, I am thinking about adding a compatibility layer - if this was the intention of your question15:48
mvoit was :)15:49
glatzormvo, aptdaemon doesn't handle package objects (currently)15:50
glatzormvo, but I am not sure if it is worth the work, since session-installer will already deal with PackageKit session interface, which will be used by the client applications (e.g. abiword installing plugins)15:52
glatzormvo, the rich package manager in Ubuntu/Debian  e.g. synaptic, g-a-i, update-manager are a lot more advanced than the PackageKit ones15:53
glatzormvo, adding the Terminal signal to PackageKit by a patch would be doable, but patching all the clients to show the terminal and deal with debconf question and file conflicts without forcing the user to the terminal widget would be a quiet unpleasant work15:57
mvoglatzor: right, I agree -  the session interface should be good enough and the use cases are usually limited15:59
glatzormvo, oh, I should propose a change to the package details api of PackageKit to support an end of maintenance field16:01
mvogreat idea16:01
mvo(distro meeting - I'm a bit slow to repond)16:02
crevetteseb128, as you did the gedit update, can I help you with something this evening once back home?17:07
seb128crevette: you can do the vino or vinagre update if you want17:10
crevetteokay, I'll do both if you want17:10
crevetteand If I can17:10
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crevettehey ladies & gents19:20
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didrocksplop crevette19:35
crevettesalut didrocks19:36
pochucrevette: there's no gtk-vnc 0.3.8 in jaunty yet...19:52
pochupitti: I'm looking at the WPAD issue19:52
crevetteyeah I saw19:52
seb128pochu: there?20:28
pochuseb128: hey20:28
seb128pochu: hello20:29
seb128pochu: I did some changes to libproxy during the afternoon20:29
pochuyeah, I've seen your upload mail20:29
pochuthanks for fixing it!20:29
* pochu is looking at the WPAD stuff right now20:30
seb128pochu: updates the autotools part of your patch to work when using the new libtool, stopped building the xulrunner code (it depends on a lib which is not stable enough yet) and fixed the shlibs right now20:30
pochuupstream has told me he'll accept a patch to disable it by default20:30
seb128pochu: don't specify the debian revision in build-depends, depends or shlibs if not required, ie you added -1 there20:30
pochudid I?20:31
seb128which doesn't bring any value since that the same that no revision in debian20:31
seb128but it broke the -0ubuntu1 upload20:31
seb128pochu: the shlibs in your rules had the revision specified yes20:31
pochuthanks, I'm removing it from svn20:32
seb128I noticed when building libsoup, it depends on a version not available ;-)20:32
seb128ie on the revision 1 where we have 0ubuntun20:32
seb128pochu: you think you can do the mir tonight?20:33
seb128pochu: it's blocking GNOME in jaunty right now20:33
pochuseb128: is it? it's not a blessed external dependency yet...20:33
seb128pochu: libsoup, libgweather and gvfs depends on it20:34
seb128pochu: or rather libsoup depends on it and gvfs uses libsoup-gnome which uses libproxy20:34
pochuseb128: I'll at least start it, and if possible finish it too20:34
seb128pochu: if you don't finish it let me know and I'll do the remaining work tomorrow20:35
seb128crevette: the changelog syntax is lp: #number, the gedit bug didn't get closed because you didn't have the # I think20:38
crevetteyeah I seen that afterward20:38
crevettewell, I hope I'll educe the number of mistakes20:38
seb128that's alright, everybody needs to learn ;-)20:40
seb128fta: there? do you want to do the cairo 1.8.6 update?20:41
crevetteseb128: vinagre is stuck due to a dependency on latest libgtk-vnc20:42
seb128ah right20:42
ftaseb128, ok. nothing to merge from debian ? no patch you from git you need ? I remember i needed one for mozilla, i'll recheck20:44
seb128fta: debian has 1.8.6 in experimental if you want to base the update on it, not sure about firefox you probably knows better about that20:46
ftaok, i'll have a look at debian too20:47
crevetteseb128: I tried to build vino in pdebuild and I have a question20:48
seb128crevette: just ask then ;-)20:48
crevettereading the autogen.sh output I saw it did have keyring support despite having gnome-keyring-dev as build-dep20:48
seb128I think that's a configure option20:49
seb128look in the debian directory, in the rules20:49
crevettethis need to be forced20:49
seb128not sure now but I think we didn't do it and for a reason20:49
crevetteI'm adding libunique support as vino add that as dependecy and it was off too20:49
seb128right, that lib was in universe, that changed now since nautilus use it though20:50
crevette--enable-avahi \20:50
seb128gnome-keyring is an issue because if your gnome-keyring is not unblocked that will break the vnc connection or something20:50
seb128it'll block on somebody to enter the gnome-keyring password locally20:50
crevettebut why there is no switch like --enable-keyring=no20:51
crevetteah perhaps detection is not automatic ?20:51
seb128upstream doesn't enable it by default either I think20:51
seb128so you just need an option if you want to use it20:52
crevette[use gnome keyring for storing password [default=no]] in configure.in20:52
crevetteso does it makes sense to keep a dependency on keyring if we don't use it20:53
seb128there is one?20:53
seb128pochu: ^ do you know about that?20:54
crevettelibgnome-keyring-dev is in buil-depends20:54
pochuI guess you can remove it20:56
seb128I would say that too20:56
pochujust check if it disables anything else20:56
pochu  [ Loic Minier ]20:58
pochu  * Disable GNOME Keyring support as per discussion in GNOME #344839;20:58
pochu    closes: #421222.20:58
crevetteseb128: how do check build locally ? you use debuild ?20:58
ubottuGnome bug 344839 in Server "Vino should use gnome-keyring to save/get password" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34483920:58
seb128crevette: debuild20:58
crevetteseb128: I'm trying pdebuild but it put a really mess in the source directory, I end wih files owned by root :/20:59
crevettepochu: where did see that ? in debian changelog ?20:59
crevetteah yeah20:59
seb128crevette: that should not be an issue21:00
crevetteI wonder if I have to add --enable-libunique in rules, as it is stated to be automatically detected21:02
crevetteseemed to not work in pdebuild21:03
seb128crevette: look to the config.log in the build directory to see why it's not enabled21:04
cjseb128: hey there.  we mentioned you when you were away.  someone was asking about the maximized totem problem (bug 283592)21:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 283592 in totem "bacon_video_widget_set_fullscreen" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28359221:18
crevetteseb128: by the way there is  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/metacity/+bug/31252221:20
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The connect operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/312522/+text)21:20
seb128crevette: you should subscribe the sponsor team if that's not done so those are listed correctly21:20
seb128cj: what about it?21:20
cjseb128: there was a repro.  here, I'll paste the log... moment...21:50
seb128cj: better to comment on the bug21:50
seb128cj: so whoever read the bug will get the details21:50
crevettecj: are you sure you pasted the right conversation (I'm refering to https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/metacity/+bug/312522/comments/8) to the right bug?22:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312522 in metacity "[sponsoring] Please upload metacity 2.25.89" [Wishlist,Confirmed]22:06
pochufta: we should fix bug 295490 for Intrepid too (see bug 309640)22:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 295490 in liferea "Liferea doesn't start with "Aborted" error." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29549022:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 309640 in liferea "[Intrepid] liferea 1.4.18-0ubuntu2 seg faults with xulrunner" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30964022:16
ftapochu, yep, feel free, it's the same patch22:18
pochufta: should we use the one from 295490 or from 309108?22:19
ftapochu, 30910822:21
cjI'm not22:41
jng1hi all.. can anyone point me at the code for the jaunty notification system?23:01
maxbnotification system for what?23:46
johanbrjng1: I've been looking for that too. Not sure if any code exists yet. At least not anywhere public...23:48
AmaranthThe demo at UDS was just that, a demo23:56
AmaranthNo real usable code exists, afaik23:56

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