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ikoniagents what is the correct process to delete a wiki page from https://help.ubuntu.com ?19:45
jpdsikonia: Remove its content?19:56
ikoniajpds: I wanted to remove the whole page20:25
ikoniabasiclly the page is nonsense and not worth the effort of making it a real doc as it's just nonsense content, yet can be quiet dangerous20:26
jpdsikonia: My guess is only sysadmins can do that.20:30
ikoniathat would seem logical,20:30
ikoniaI couldn't get the owner to delete it (I believe that is an option) I'll speak to the site admins20:31
Flannelikonia: get rid of the bad stuff (even if thats the whole page) in the meantime20:32
jpdsikonia: You can contact the SA team at rt@ubuntu.com .20:33
j1mcum, i think you can just delete the page20:33
j1mcyou don't need a sysadmin to do it20:33
j1mcoh, sorry... it's not on wiki.ubuntu.com, but help.ubuntu.com?20:34
j1mcwhat is the url?20:34
j1mcping ikonia20:34
j1mcikonia: ping.  :)20:34
jpdsHmm, I can see a "Remove spam" option.20:37
jpdsAh, not allowed to use that option :)20:38
ikoniathere is a "remove page" option too, but I only thing thats the owner20:39
j1mcikonia: what is the url?20:42
ikoniaj1mc: grabbing it20:45
ikoniaj1mc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizationFromScratch20:46
ikoniaj1mc: I've put as many warnings and santisied it to as least danger as possible20:46
ikoniabut to be honest - it's nonsense20:46
j1mcikonia: looking, thx20:52
FlannelWhy wouldn't you just use the alternate CD in expert mode?20:52
FlannelOr even just the alternate CD to install a CLI, then add/subtract20:53
ikoniaFlannel: the guy who wrote it was trying to troll20:56
ikoniaFlannel: he was an idiot20:56
ikonia(to be blunt about it)20:56
Flannelikonia: Just edit away the entire page, and put "use the alternate CD" or whatever.20:58
ikoniaI'd rather get rid of it20:58
ikoniasee what j1mc thinks20:58
ikoniait serves no purpose, and actually what he's wrote doesn't work at all20:58
ikoniaso I'd rather get rid of it as a "nonsense" page as it doesn't do what it says, it's dangerous and no-one really wants/needs it20:59
j1mcikonia: i thought i would see a delete button of some kind, but i don't see one.21:13
ikoniaj1mc: I can see one, but I can't hover over it21:34
j1mcyes, it looks grayed out.21:36
ikoniaI'll mail one of the admins21:37
ikoniaseems the best approach21:37
Rocket2DMnwhat are we looking at?21:39
ikoniaRocket2DMn: a nonsense wiki post21:45
Rocket2DMnoh no, not another one of those21:46
Rocket2DMnis it on the community wiki or team wiki?21:46
Rocket2DMnthat shouldnt even be on the community wiki21:48
Rocket2DMn"This document could potentially cause damage to your system and will have many errors in while it is is currently in development."21:48
Rocket2DMnif it's not safe, it really shouldn't be on the community docs21:49
ikoniaI've put as many warnings as possible on it and removed as much danger as possible short of re-writing it21:50
ikoniabut as the topic is a.) missed by the document b.) dangerous c.) not needed seems sensible to get rid of it21:51
Rocket2DMnnot sure id even want it on the team wiki, but that area is more of a sandbox than the community docs21:51
ikoniaI'd just want it gone21:51
ikoniaI'll drag a mail to the wiki admin21:51
Rocket2DMnah mdke isnt even here21:53
* Rocket2DMn considers deleting the page himself22:02
Rocket2DMnguess we better wait to see what our wiki god has to say about it22:06
* ikonia summons wiki god22:22
jpdsikonia: Who?22:22
ikoniathe wiki god22:22
Rocket2DMnlol yeah that would be mdke, a few of us act as his humble servants22:24
jpdsikonia: Well they're not living up to their name.22:25
Rocket2DMnah, this team just needs some love, thats all22:32

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