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erichammondHi, I'm requesting IRC cloak as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/Cloaks with launchpad https://edge.launchpad.net/~esh06:17
jussi01nalioth: PriceChild ^^^07:25
PriceChilderichammond: done08:40
PV_Workhello any irc council here today? I would like to get my IRC cloak activated20:56
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PriceChildHey PV_Work, can I have your launchpad page please?20:56
PriceChildPrivateVoid: ^20:56
PrivateVoidAre you on the list PriceChild ?20:57
PrivateVoidJoseph price?20:58
PriceChildPrivateVoid: the list?20:58
PrivateVoidI just didn't recognize the names with nics21:00
Pici'the list'21:00
PriceChildPrivateVoid: all done.21:03
PrivateVoidthanks PriceChild21:05
PrivateVoidgotta run home now...21:05
PrivateVoidsee you around later.21:05
Rocket2DMnHey, I was told this was where I should go to get my ubuntu member cloak? Am I in the right place?22:11
jpdsRocket2DMn: Yes, could we please have a link to your Launchpad page?22:17
Rocket2DMnsure, https://launchpad.net/~rocket2dmn22:19
jpdsnalioth, PriceChild: Cloak for Rocket2DMn please.22:20
jpdsRocket2DMn: And congrats on the membership :)22:22
Rocket2DMnthank you.22:23
Rocket2DMnI'll just idle in here until I get pinged, there is no rush :)22:24

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