mateen_maldarhi all , i builded the kernel on ubuntu but it gives error modules.dep not found while booting the kernel that i built06:40
mateen_maldarcan anyone here tell me how to resolve this issue06:43
anderskWhat's the reason you built your own kernel?  That is almost never necessary. 06:44
anderskBut you might start by checking the documentation at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile 06:45
mateen_maldarandresk: i want to make modification to version that's why i compiled the kernel06:48
=== asac_ is now known as asac
rljhi all! a quick style question: i'm preparing a trivial patch to add a keyboard quirk (actually, i posted it to the list in november but got no feedback, so reposting now), but there's since been a similar patch added for another computer which adds a function atkbd_inventec_keymap_fixup which is identical to my proposed atkbd_hp_zv6100_keymap_fixup function.12:31
rljin my reposting now, would the preferred way be to: 1) add a #define atkbd_hp_zv6100_keymap_fixup atkbd_inventec_keymap_fixup or 2) duplicate both functions in case they would diverge later on or 3) rename the function and share between both quirk code paths? (the functions are all callbacks called when dmi matches are found)12:32
mjg59rlj: 312:33
cjwatsoncking: have you forwarded your ext4 patch to the Debian BTS so that their grub maintainers pick it up? It'd make it easier for me to get installer work done (there's a fair bit of translation involved so it's best done in Debian where possible)13:59
ckingcjwatson: I have not yet forwarded this (yet). 14:01
* pgraner notices cking is having problems forming coherent English sentences today...14:02
ckingHowever Tim uploaded this yesterday https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub/+bug/314350/comments/314:03
ubot3Malone bug 314350 in grub "Grub: Add support for ext4" [Wishlist,Fix released] 14:03
ckingcjwatson: ^^^14:04
cjwatsoncking: yeah, I saw that, I just wanted there to be a record of it in Debian as well so that I can say "hey, there's a bug for it" when other Debian d-i developers ask me how this ext4 stuff is supposed to boot then14:06
ckingcjwatson: Should I just create a Debian bug report and reference the patch - even if the patch may not apply cleanly to the Debian grub?14:11
cjwatsoncking: it's a good start14:14
cjwatsonI don't see an existing bug for it14:16
ckingWill do14:17
cjwatsonlooks like Debian grub2 already supports it as well but I have no idea whether it's ready to go14:17
cjwatsonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/101668/ <- basic untested installer support14:18
ckingcjwatson: looks reasonably sane to me at a glance14:21
cjwatsonI wonder whether libparted will explode or merely fall over gracefully14:22
ckinghopefully the latter14:30
* apw wonders how advanced the grub2 work is.15:01
apwdid we bottom out on when we might offer it as an option15:01
tjaaltonIIRC it was meant to be offered as an option in jaunty, and revisit the default bootloader again for jaunty+115:06
tjaaltonI'm interested in testing it on my preseeded installations15:07
apwcjwatson, are we doing anything with grub2 for jaunty?15:09
apw(installer wise)15:09
cjwatsonapw: it's on the foundations roadmap but at low-priority, so not sure yet15:09
apwfair enough, if it is on someones  map it is at least not forgottten15:10
Ngout of interest, which alsa and e1000e versions are in jaunty?16:49
TheMusoNg: alsa 1.0.18rc3 is the version, but there are some commits from 1.0.18 final.17:15
NgTnice, that's the answer I wanted :017:16
Nghopefully it has a new enough e1000e to support a 82567LF-217:17
rtgNg: whats is the PCI ID?17:28
Ngrtg: unknown, I've not bought the hardware yet, it's an Intel DG45ID motherboard17:28
rtgNg: drivers/net/e1000e/ich8lan.c: * 82567LF-2 Gigabit Network Connection17:29
Nghmm, I see people saying they've had to compile a newer e1000e driver than is intrepid, so maybe it's a weird variant17:30
rtgNg: this is Jaunty17:30
Ngrtg: ah, any idea which version of the driver it is though?17:31
rtgNg: drivers/net/e1000e/netdev.c:#define DRV_VERSION ""17:32
Ngk, thanks17:32
NCommanderrtg, if you have no objections, I'd like to merge in the patch from cjwatson after testing it so we can get d-i working for ARM18:06
rtgthe grub recommends patch?18:06
cjwatsonno, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2009-January/004042.html, just a few minutes ago18:07
NCommanderOh, cjwatson's here :-)18:07
rtgNCommander: never mind, just read the list18:07
cjwatsongrub recommends was from apw18:07
cjwatsonapw: I don't think lilo and grub should conflict - the kernel's postinst has special stuff to run only one bootloader installer18:09
cjwatsonit's not just whichever one was installed last or whatever18:09
rtgNCommander: done18:09
mjg59And lilo's useful even if you're using grub to boot18:09
cjwatsonapw: you might want to have both installed simultaneously while switching from one to the other (typically a delicate operation so you don't want the packages to refuse to install at the same time, making it harder for you to revert if stuff goes wrong)18:09
NCommanderrtg, I'll test it here.18:09
rtgmjg59: right, sometimes you use LILO for other devices.18:10
cjwatsongrub's postinst definitely doesn't overwrite the MBR and I don't think lilo's does either, generally18:11
apwcjwatson, i was intending on saying the same thing, moving from one to the other might require both for safety18:14
rtgapw: so, what is Hobsee complaining about? Does it bork the upgrade?18:15
apwsmb_tp, sru justification is in the bug, and pushed18:15
apwrtg i think there may be no reall effect other than scaring people cause it installled lilo18:15
apwi think all of the changes make sense overall18:15
apwas having both is generally not what is wanted unless it is specifically requested18:16
rtgwhat does the recommends order have to do with it if there is no net affect? 18:16
rtgdeleterious affect, I mean18:16
apwthat is why all of the changes are only targeted at jaunty18:16
apwi believe this is interesting only because we now install 'recommends' as part of an update by default18:17
apwand if neither is there, then the first of the | will be chosen18:17
apwand we primarily want grub, so mostly would have to swap it without the change, rather than only on wanting lilo18:18
apwcjwatson, about right?18:18
rtgapw: that not how I understand recommends. regardless of order, both packages get installed.18:18
apwthen we need to get cjwatson's input here18:18
rtgapw: according to hobsee's bug report, that is exactly what is happening.18:24
apwwell cjwatson's description i think says we install lilo cause of the depends, then the installer installs grub cause we are going to use it, and can't remove lilo cause its needed by the depends on the kernel18:24
apwi agree if both get installed as deps regardless of the | then yes the change seems pointless18:25
rtgin that case there is little difference between recommends and depends.18:26
apwwith 'install recommends' turned on its not at all clear that they are differnet really18:26
apwin effect, other than being able to --no-install-recommends 18:26
cjwatsonrtg: it's a recommends: lilo | grub18:27
cjwatsonthat means "one or the other"18:27
rtgcjwatson: but that is not what the bug is reporting. grub is already installed, but then lilo is sucked in.18:28
cjwatsonrtg: the order only had anything to do with it due to a ubiquity bug, and it's not *necessary* to fix the order to fix this bug; however, saying that grub is the preferred alternative seems to make sense these days18:28
cjwatsonrtg: grub is installed for a different reason18:28
cjwatsonubiquity *explicitly* installs grub, completely independent of the kernel recommends18:28
apwrtg, no that was an error in the report.  it was already installed in intrepid before the update18:28
apwwhat she saw was it being upgraded as the jaunty version is newer18:28
cjwatsonlilo is sucked in due to the recommends, although ubiquity should have removed it (but didn't)18:28
apwnot installed for the first time18:28
cjwatsonif it were "recommends: lilo, grub" then *that* would install both18:29
apwcjwatson, i am correct in saying that we confirmed that the lilo was installed in intrepid before the upgrade to jaunty, from her log files 18:29
rtgok, so  recommends _does_ behave in a logical way.18:29
cjwatsonlet's be clear though, swapping the recommends alternative order is not really to fix the bug that Sarah saw; it's simply because it makes more sense that way18:29
cjwatsonapw: yes (well, not directly from her log files, I went round and confirmed the bug elsewhere - essentially code inspection)18:30
apwi think with the change we will have to remove lilo less often when it wasn't needed rigth18:30
apwas basically we get one or the other, and must switch it if we were wrong in d-i18:30
rtgcjwatson: if neither recommends package is installed, will it then pick the first one?18:30
cjwatsonrtg: one reason why people are suddenly complaining now is that lilo was fixed to deal with large kernel/initramfs combinations, but that fix breaks old BIOSes, so it asks a debconf question on upgrade18:31
cjwatsonwhich rather surprises people who didn't know they had lilo installed in the first place18:31
cjwatsonrtg: yes, it will18:31
rtgok, now I think I understand.18:31
cjwatsonapw: scrolling back, you said "can't remove lilo cause its needed by the depends on the kernel" - actually not, we're perfectly able to remove it since it's only a recommends, we just weren't even trying18:32
cjwatsonand that's the difference between recommends and depends18:32
cjwatsonwith recommends, you can say "no, you fool, I don't want this" and that will be respected. If you try that with depends then the packaging system will whine at you for the rest of your natural life18:32
rtgapw: ack'd18:33
apwso the short form is ... we install the first one on the Recommends: line, we then work out if we need a different one and if so install it, we then _should_ remove the one we don't need which we don't18:33
cjwatsonI'm sure there's a truly ancient bug report about the recommends ordering18:33
cjwatsonapw: right18:33
Nafallocjwatson: nice! :-)18:33
apwthanks ...18:34
NCommanderrtg, I've kicked off a test build with cjwatson's change to make sure all the udebs will get properly built18:34
cjwatsoncf. bug 43531 for background on why the kernel recommends a boot loader, although be rather careful about taking action on that report as the interactions (as we discovered today) are REALLY subtle18:36
ubot3Malone bug 43531 in linux "Kernel isn't very useful without a boot loader, but doesn't depend on one" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4353118:36
apwi have updated hobsee's bug to include the a NOTE that the problem is subtly different to how it was reported18:37
NCommanderrtg, I have to ask, does CONCERNECY_LEVEL actually work correctly? It's behaving a little ... strange18:38
rtgNCommander: it only works when its spelled right18:39
NCommanderrtg, :-P18:39
rtgNCommander: if not specified, its -j(NR_CPU*2)18:40
NCommanderWell, I'm building from my ARM board, but I want to offload via distcc to the PC18:41
NCommanderI'm getting hits in the distccd.log, so it seems to be working18:41
rtgare you using .intrepid-env ? (should be .jaunty-env)18:42
NCommanderI just ran dpkg-buildpackage with the correct environmental variables exported18:42
rtgNCommander: you can do that to, I'm just lazy.18:43
rtgthough, to be honest, I haven't used distcc in awhile.18:44
* NCommander has been dependent on distcc to build KDE on his NSLU2 ...18:44
rtgI have this monster dual quad core that is quite swift.18:45
NCommanderOffloading ARM builds to the x86_64 makes them palletable18:45
NCommanderit would be too slow any other way18:45
apwNCommander, does that mean we could have a crosscompiler based buildd?18:49
NCommanderapw, we do/did that for m68k for ages18:50
NCommanderapw, you still need your host architecture thing for things that can't be cross-compiled obviously, but considering I got my NSLU2 to build KDE in the same time it took the buildds ....18:51
apwwould that mean we could ahve arm builds in ppa's18:51
NCommanderapw, er, not quite, because you still need an ARM host18:51
apwah yes18:51
NCommanderapw, that being said, maybe we could convince IS to put QEMU in a XEN instance, and then the cross-compilers in it18:52
apwrtg, are we planniing on another kernel upload before alpha3 ?18:55
rtgapw: yep - I hope to include Ben's work regarding ACPI suspend.18:55
apwcool.  thanks18:57
rtgNCommander: what is the console baud rate on this board?18:57
NCommanderThat should get you to the redboot prompt (if it starts trying to find bootp info, hit Ctrl-C to kill it and it will fall back to local booting)18:58
rtgthat's a ridiculously high baud rate.19:00
cjwatsonNCommander: generally we've been very reticent to rely on cross-compilers for buildds; the human effort required to babysit them generally seems to exceed the machine time you save19:00
cjwatson(factoring in the extra cost of human attention)19:00
cjwatsonoh, geez, am I going to need a serial console when I get one of these board?19:00
cjwatsonI was kind of hoping for VGA out19:00
NCommandercjwatson, yeah19:00
NCommandercjwatson, there is one19:00
NCommandercjwatson, but at the moment, its not quite usable19:00
cjwatson(and keyboard in, obviously ...)19:01
NCommandercjwatson, its got USB ports19:01
cjwatsonguess I'd better find a serial cable for the moment19:01
NCommandercjwatson, I bought a 20 dollar USB/Serial null modem cable19:01
rtgARM cross compiling is pretty well tested '19:02
rtg'cause its the only way you could do it.19:02
cjwatsonnot for most packages in the archive19:03
cjwatsonfor the kernel, maybe19:03
cjwatsonthere is a large swathe of packages in the archive that simply won't cross-compile sanely19:04
cjwatsonand nobody has particularly cared about getting them going on arm; but it matters for us since we're building the whole archive19:04
cjwatsonallocating lots of human attention to making them cross-compile versus just throwing more hardware at the problem isn't really such a good use of resources as it seems on the face of it, IMO19:04
cjwatsonand we've already got over the initial hump of building the whole archive for armel, so it'd be silly to change now19:05
rtgoh, I wasn't advocating that. 19:06
apwi was only interested in those options for ppa stuff which needs a 'protected environment'19:06
cjwatsonyeah, the lack of ppa is awkward19:06
cjwatsonrtg: what would be the best feature to test for when asking the question "is this filesystem ext4", do you think?19:07
cjwatsonI was going to go with extents, but that's an EXT3_ symbol (although it doesn't seem to be supported by fs/ext3/ in the kernel so maybe it's ok)19:07
rtgcjwatson: inode size19:08
cjwatsonrtg: hmm, that doesn't seem to be one of the feature bits though?19:11
cjwatsonrtg: or do you mean EXT4_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_64BIT or EXT2_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_META_BG or something?19:11
rtgcjwatson: what are you looking at? something already on the disk?19:12
cjwatsonrtg: yeah, I'm looking for a feature flag I can test in libparted to return the proper filesystem type19:13
cjwatsonlike, for ext3 it tests for EXT3_FEATURE_COMPAT_HAS_JOURNAL19:13
cjwatsonwhich is a pretty obvious "this is ext3" marker19:13
cjwatsonit's in libparted's probe code19:14
rtgI think EXT4_FEATURE_RO_COMPAT_EXTRA_ISIZE is exclusive to an ext4v file system. The inode size is 256 as opposed to ext3 128.19:14
cjwatsonwe actually create ext3 with inode size 256 nowadays19:15
cjwatsonbut I can buy extra_isize, that appears to be a feature we don't turn on for ext3 according to /etc/mke2fs.conf19:15
cjwatsoncool, thanks19:15
anderskI think EXT4_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_EXTENTS is the important one. 19:15
rtgcjwatson: yeah, how about one of the incompatible flags?19:16
cjwatsonok, fine by me19:16
cjwatsonI just wasn't sure what ext4 people considered to be the important thing about ext419:17
rtgI'm a little confused about your goal. Is it to determine how to detect and mount the file system?19:17
anderskhttp://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Ext4_Howto says that turning on the extents feature is how you convert an ext3 filesystem to ext4. 19:17
cjwatsonrtg: basically yes. libparted determines how the filesystem will show up in the installer's partitioner19:19
rtgok, so you're looking for a bit that says it can _only_ be ext4.19:19
cjwatsonI'm going to have mkfs.ext4 do the actual hard work, but I need some minimal support otherwise the partitioner falls over entirely when dealing with ext4 filesystems19:19
TheMuso1/c -all20:26
rtgNCommander: i hate RS/23220:36
NCommanderrtg, redboot does know how to work over telnet20:36
NCommander(although I'm not quite sure it works on this board)20:37
rtgits booting and requesting DHCP, just can't get the console20:37
NCommanderrtg, push ctrl-C during DHCP to cancel that, and then push it again to get to the RedBoot prompt20:37
NCommanderrtg, are you using minicom?20:38
rtgI mean, I cannot get anything out of the console. wrong NULL modem20:38
lureanybody here know how to fix lvm root after today's udev package? I am left in BusyBox with no clue...21:29
jbarnesugg has anyone fixed install-kernel yet?23:26
jbarneserr /sbin/installkernel23:27
jbarneslooks like /sbin/installkernel is just missing a call to do the mkinitramfs -o /boot/initrd.img-${ver} ${ver}23:33

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