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juliuxr/w 2316:21
hubuntuhi there21:07
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huayraguys I'm thinking og a marketing campaign for Ubuntu. I want to kickstart it this weekend21:08
huayraor maybe next week21:08
huayrait involves basically many elements of our community, but it is meant to show Ubuntu as an option for professional users21:09
huayraand not so professional too ;)21:09
huayraso, anyone interested in the details?21:09
huayraI'll be here for a couple of hours... let me know21:11
huayrait involves a marketing campaign, an ad, a storyt/page adapted for Ubuntu LoCo sites (drupal), and the source for the whole material that's to be uploaded to SpreadUbuntu21:12
meoblast001hi huayra 21:21
meoblast001huayra: i would love to know21:21
huayrahi meoblast001 21:44
huayraok, basically a guy I know saw this ad in a magazine and got a good idea21:45
huayrahave you seen the less than fries or less than coffee Microsoft ads?21:45
huayraThey have been running a campaign for like 4 years21:45
huayraso I thought we could try something similar to that, but take the community angle21:45
huayraSo I am working on it right now, but I want to get big attention to the campaign21:46
huayraand so we need the LoCo teams to help out ;)21:46
huayralet mw help you get an idea of what I mean21:47
huayrathe picture in the ad was made by us21:48
huayra@ FreeCode21:49
huayraso, in an understandable language: http://www.ubuntu.ec/ruben/images/ubuntu/marketing/indesign%20package/freecode_sasm_trykk4Compressed.jpg21:50
huayrasee that link and you get the idea of the ad21:51
huayrain the ubuntu.no site I am working with a preview of the LoCo site, but I'm having some javascript trouble21:51
huayrawhat do you think?21:52
huayrathe svg produced by indesign21:52
huayrais not that good, but has all the elements21:52
huayraMy plan is basically to make the code so people can just drop in in their drupal install as an article and change the links and text, publish all the elements so people can freely use it and announce the whole thing in the planet21:58
huayrafrom there it should spread preety fast21:58
huayraideas? 21:58
meoblast001oh sorry21:59
meoblast001what you said21:59
meoblast001huayra: does that come in english?22:01
huayrawell the text in the image is English22:01
huayrabut I have to change the "where the cookie crumbles"22:02
huayraand the text in the page will be in English, of course: http://freecode.no/cupofcoffee22:02
huayraI have this beta ;)22:02
meoblast001the MS ad is not available in english22:02
huayraI'm not sure22:34
huayrabut they have this: lessthancoffee.co.uk22:34
huayrathey have run that campaign for 4 years22:34
huayrameoblast001 ?22:40
meoblast001oh sorry22:41
huayranp, I just want feedback22:41
meoblast001ahh ic22:42
meoblast001sounds cool22:42

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