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FreeSoulhi guys! can anybody tell me why there are no more daily build images?17:09
ograFreeSoul, ? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mid/daily-live/20090106/ has an image apparently17:12
ograhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-umpc/daily-live/20090106/ as well17:12
ogra(though the latter will vanish soon)17:13
FreeSoulogra: oh wow :) is was looking here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mid/intrepid/17:13
FreeSoulmany thanks for the link ogra :)17:15
playyahi everyone17:18
ograhesy playya 17:20
ogra*hey even17:20
FreeSoulbefore trying... my mid has a microSD slot.... do you think it may boot from it?? anybody tryed?17:27
persiaFreeSoul, Depends entirely on the hardware: some devices can boot from SD, and some can't.  If you have a BIOS, check that.  If you don't, check the board docs, or your bootloader.17:36
FreeSoulpersia: i've a BenQ MID S6... i can't check this things at the moment... i think i'll give it a try17:36
persiaThat *ought* have a BIOS, which should allow you to configure boot devices.17:37
FreeSoulpersia: on boot i see a bios splash screen but i've never tryed to enter the bios :) at the moment i have not an usb keyboard... i can't even try17:38
persiaFreeSoul, Well, when you get a chance then :)17:38
FreeSoul:) sure17:39
mcgrofI tested mid and umpc daily images on an eepcs 2g (surf), loaded fine, however neither installed. The MID failed due to an installer failure and the umpc failed due to lack of disk space (2GB only).18:59
mcgroflooks nice though18:59
mcgrofdoes both mid and umpc use Network Manager? I failed to check18:59
mojocafehello everyone. good evening or good morning depending on where you are :)19:03
persiamcgrof, What was the installer failure for MID?19:04
persiamojocafe, Hello.19:04
mojocafehi persia :)19:04
mcgrofpersia: some python jiberisish with fonts all mangled up so it was hard to read. Will try to take notes next time.19:05
mojocafethis is my first time in here. can i ask a question about Flash under ubuntu-mobile?19:05
persiamcgrof, If you could, that'd be great.  It shouldn't do that, and when it does, it's usually resolveable.19:05
persiamojocafe, Certainly.  Ask anything you like.  No promises that someone has the answer.19:06
mcgrofpersia: sure, interesting -- so you've heard of success cases on the eeepc with mid?19:06
mojocafei hope that the question will not be too silly as a lot of *nix people do not like Flash :)19:06
mcgrofI thought it was a partition issue but I checked the built in SD HD was not mounted19:06
persiamcgrof, Actually, no.  I've only heard about umpc on the eeepc.19:07
persiaThat said, I don't know why it wouldn't work, and am curious.19:07
persiamojocafe, Just ask :)19:07
mcgrofpersia: would you happen to know if mid and umpc run Network Manager?19:07
persiaYes, they both run Network Manager.19:08
mojocafeAre there any mobile devices allready where ubuntu mobile runs on?19:08
mcgrofpersia: good -- know if that's Moblin requirement?19:08
persiaNo idea, actually.19:08
mcgrofpersia: know who would know, or should I try the lists19:09
persiamojocafe, There's two different flavours of Ubuntu Mobile: the MID and UMPC.19:09
mojocafemmmh. do they have fennec as web browser? or better: does the web browser support Adobe Flash?19:09
persiaI've seen a number of MIDs and subnotebooks running one or the other flavour: should work on most recent Intel-based devices.19:09
persiaFor 8.10 both used midbrowser, as fennec wasn't ready yet.  Dunno if fennec will be ready for 9.04.19:10
persiaI think midbrowser supports the flash plugin, but I'm not sure.19:10
mojocafedoes the midbrowser support Flash?19:10
mojocafeah ok, thanks.19:10
ograit does19:10
ograits just firefox with ui changes19:10
mojocafeah ok. Is there somewhere a list showing what devices ubuntu mobile runs on?19:11
persiamojocafe, It should work on nearly anything.  What device do you have?19:11
mcgrofwhat is the hard drive size requirements for both umpc and mid?19:12
mojocafeI have the n800. But i am not exactly thinking about the device itself but more of the display. I am the head behind www.mojocafe.net and would like to know if upcoming devices with mobile ubuntu will be supported....19:13
mcgrofon the final installation, my umpc installation failed due to size, maybe without swap it'll fit19:13
mcgrofmojocafe: n800 doesn't run intel atom IIRC. It has an OMAP processor19:14
mojocafeI luv Ubuntu19:14
mcgrofthe OMAP proc is a TI processor, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Instruments_OMAP19:15
persiamcgrof, Generally the recommendation is for 4GB space: you may have to juggle a bit to make something work with 2GB.19:16
persiaAlso, most of the work to make the mobile flavours architecture-independent has been completed, so with 9.04 it might be possible to run on something else.19:16
playyai install ubuntu mid on my eee. i finally got it19:16
mojocafeit worked out?19:16
persiamojocafe, Ah, I see.  The plan is to support nearly anything with >= 192MB RAM, >= 4GB secondary storage, and >= 800x480 pixels.  Dunno if this will ultimately be successful.19:18
mcgrofpersia: the installer doesn't seem to let me juggle currently, so it seems a custom image would be required19:18
persiamcgrof, Or just use the installer to run something like debootstrap on the target, but yes, you'd have to do something special.19:19
mojocafepersia: :) you got it .... the RAM and HD is not very important as the Flash files are very small. I think they have an average size of 10 kb. But the screensize is my first priority. And as i read so much about ubuntu-mobile i wanted to check if it allready runs on a device.19:19
mcgrofpersia: well I have debian now, but I liked the GUI interface umpc had going, not sure what I'd have to do to get from a deboostrap to it19:20
persiamojocafe, I know it runs on several devices.  I don't remember the names of them all now.  There was a session at UDS where people brought their hardware to show off, and there was quite a variety.  Also, people mention all sorts of devices in this channel, some of which I've never seen.19:20
persiamcgrof, debootstrap a base system.  Install ubuntu-standard.  Then look at the dependencies of ubuntu-mobile (apt-cache show ubuntu-mobile), and install whichever applications you need.  I think ubuntu-mobile-default-settings has most of the special interface stuff.19:22
mojocafeok. thanks a lot guys. see you later.19:22
mcgrofpersia: nice, thanks for the tip, I'll do exactly that, and I guess document it somewhere19:23
persiamcgrof, Note that you probably have to install a *bunch* of applications to make it work how you want, but I suspect there's a couple things you could drop that might save space for your custom installation.19:24
mcgrofpersia: sure, like ooffice19:25
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